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TCESDAY, t JULY 18, 1886.
The polls Will be opened tbia eve
ning at 0 o'clock at (lie following
pla:oa in the city to elect delejatw to
the Democratic County Convention to
be held on Thursday:
Firl II 'ard Corner Main end Jack
6on b rcats.
Snvnd Ward Court House.
Third Ward At Quigley's ottiee,
Admin street.
Fourth Ward No. 357 Second street.
Fifth Ward. Beale Street Market.
Sixth Ward. Street car stable, Main
Seventh Ward. M. Smith's grocery.
Eighth Wanl. Near Poplar Street
Minili Ward. Fifth and Greenlaw
. Tenth Ward. Opposite Miafiflsippi
ud Tennetsee depot.
The government of Shelby county
lor (be next two and eight year ia in
volved in the election on the fifth of
August and this Is a matter of deep
concern to the people. They should
rise to the importance of this election.
The first business in hand is the elec
tion ol delegates this evening. The
Etreatn cannot rice higher than the
fountain and the complexion of the
nominees will di pBnd upon the dele
gates elocUid thia evening. The grave
and ovcr.-hadowiog considerations in
volved !n the election uhould not Le
lo.t sight of, and every man who feels
an Interest in the futnie of Shelby
county will be at the polls tonight
aidii:g in the election of the best
men for delegates. We cannot be
lieve that in an election of such iin
jior'anceaa that to be held this even
in?, that good citizens will lomain
at home and permit the ma
chine politicians, who ara always on
hand with farces organized, to eloct
delegates in the interest of combina
tions. Honesty, ability and the en
iorceinent of the law are to be the
watchwords of the canvass, and we
must have a ticket that will inspire
the confidence an I enthusiastic sup
port of the people, and such a ticket
will not be nominated unless good
men are elected as delegates this
The clearing house table on the
business page of this morning's Ac
PKM. shows, as might be expected, de
creased totals. The week was broken
by the Fonrl.ii of July holiday, and
the excessive hot weather naturally
obstructed business opeiatlons. The
total clearings amounted to an in
crease of 3.9 per cent, over the corres
ponding time in 1885. Leaving out
New York with Its Block epecu'atlouB,
there was a ducrea'e of 2.0 per cent.
There is nothing diuoncnting in these
figures; the time and condition of
'h'ngs amply explain the change,
substantial Improvement ia in
' id by the revival of the com
j' ial spirit,'aud by the confidence
is felt lit Ujb foil trade. This con-
tnce- nas woaupportoi trie previous
. .eok'a clearings, which reached a
tarter ' aggregate than any similar
period since the first week in Febru
ary. Naturally also the condition of
the money market waa easier; bank
era' ba'ances at New York loaned at
11 to 3 J per cent., averaging about
2 per cent., bnt the banks were de
manding 3 per cent. That three
banka held over 110,000,000 of the
$11,000,000 surplus, accounts for the
BtitT asking. Large puichasea of
American securities for European ac
count last week caused a decline of a
cant a pound in foreign exchange.
A continuance of thia foreign demand
cannot be counted upon, owing to the
deranged e'a'.e of allver and the low
supply ot gold In the I'ank of Kng
lnod. Silver, like sinners, holds ii
the downward road ; it declined again
last week, Bulling at 44 7-16 penco an
on '-co, linking the bullion value
of the Bllver dillar 75.02 cent,
ai-cmling to the New York ChroniU.
The cond. lion of silver in India prob
ably accounts for tin fresh decline
Furmjrtj than two yeu-s India has
befn ovmst:ke with silver; the re
sult is now roan in the exchange
India con no I tills wera rspoitei by
cabla lis. week at a decline of .'.H1 t-f
a pwnny oa the rupee. It is also a '.in
pnet-d th it ihs accuinu'atlon of go'd
in Uarmany wai arily brought abaut
byaa't-a of Ge.min lilver tbalrrj ia
Lmd jn. Speculation iu wl.i.at lua
bit's lenevcJ, owing to report I of
S'riois (lamias ti tin crop from
drouth in the North it, and on
Thursday prices advanced lu Cuican
from 75 ti Kj cents a binl.el, but it
has ducliaid Bin:,-. The Chronicle
n;;n: ' If tli a Lomloa market were t)
support our a iv.uice, the rnwiii'mt
v;i n'd bmipw.irl and 3U'.;imeI, but
n t1 c ,riai. t a'e of the a lv.ir mar.
ke, ami i i tt,,. i out! i ion 'f
hi ujcr p.-ouuciug itiin
trVs. Mci.) w. vim bills rests, n
ay.-t ti cxp;rt any v ii.Hidervblo re-r-ppriM-."
T-m Yuk HuUn.niu
p:iU crop nVoiti ' rather mixed."
WmIith l.hnois, ja'ltt of Michigan,
Fasti rn I nve, S.utheru Miumsota
WtMlcrn Wia-oiis n, end h c ililies I -joid
St. Paul are Buffering from
lir iiith, and there are places reported
as "litjia"y drying up." North-rn
Minnesita, howiwr, and Northern
Dakota have had rain, and ara lining
wtT. Ojrn is generally reported to
be iu excellent condition. Taking the
whole cr.p, the impression appears to
be tba'. the loss, at the oubdde, will
leave the country 400,000,000 biiihels,
which will leave a good surplus for
the foreign market. The Chronicle ex
poses the folly of any new attempt to
resume wheat (peculation, and bats:
"This effort, If persisted In, would be
the fourth attempt of the kind within
as many years, each of the previous
ones having served solely as a source
of profit to India and of loss to Amer
icamaking for India a market to anil
her produce at fair prices, while keep
ing back the bulk of our surplus to be
ro'd et the end of the Beaton
fr what it will fetch." That
paper adds: "With regiri to general
bmlnes', it is und.uY.edly and de
cidedly on the increase. Profit! are
smsll beyond question, and this is a
common complaint, but sales are act
ive and stocks of gcoJs are light, while
belter prices are antic'pated as trie
s; as on progresses." The aggregate
railroad earnings during the month of
June are highly Baiisfactiry, the ag
grega'e earnings for fifty-two roads
amounting to $19,008,8)12, against $17,
774,801 last year, an increase of $2,
133,!98, or over 12 per cent. Only ten
out of fifty-five roads report a decrease,
and only two of them amount to as
much as $10,000. The report for the
six montlis of the year shows earnings
for fifty-seven roads of $125,287,353,
against $117,034,881 last year, an in
crease of $7,352,472, or nearly 7 per
cent. Only fifteen roada are behind
their record for last year, and seven of
them reported gains for tho month of
June, bo that the number showing a
decrease for the yoar promises to be
still farther reducod.
The ofloit of the AvtUanche to con
vince the Democrat, who have co
operated with their parly fur nearly
half a cotitury in opposition to the
principles of protection that they are
mis'aken in suppotingthe Democratic
party hostile to protective tariffs, is as
abnird as the attempt to prove that
the Baptists do not favor baptism by
immersion. If there is any one feature
which distinguishes the Democratic
patty above and beyond all others, it
is opposition lo protective tariffs.
From 1830 to 185(1, the questions of
bank and tar ill were the leading is
sues between the Whigs and Demo
crats the Whigs favoring a national
bank and a tariff that would protect
our infant industries the Democrats
opposing, both on grounds of ex
pediency and constitutionality. The
old citizens who engaged in politics
during the-days ot the grand old
Whig party remember the issues
made, can still repeat the arguments
used on both olden, and ara amazed at
any attempt (o prove that tne Demo
cratic party has not always opposed
the principles of protection. Hince
the war the Democratic party has
gradually renewed its allegiance to its
old traditions. Tilden squirely planted
himself on the platform, "We de
mand that all custom houee taxation
ehall be only for revenue," and was
elected President of the United S ates
by a la'ger majority of the popular
vote than that which elected Cleve
land. The 130 Democrats ia Congress
who' recently voted for the Morrison
bill did bo because they were opposed
to the principles of protection as em
bodied in the present "inlquitloua"
war tariff. Tho Democratic news
papers in every part of the
Union that denounce the reo
rtancy of the thirty-five Democrats
who joined the 122 Republicans in
refusing to discuss, amend and im
prove Morrison's bill with the view of
relieving the people as promised are
oppotcd to protective tariffs. Ia every
part of the country, Democrats are ex
posing the fallacy ot the AvtUanche' $
position, by declaring themselves in
unmistakable language against the
principles of protection.. Only a few
daya aince the Democrats of Iowa in
State convention resolved, "that ti im
pose taxes for any other purpose than
the taisingof the necessary revenue for
the support of the government is un
congtitu'ional." On Saturday last the
Democrats of Oocke county .Tenno.-see,
held a hubs convention and resolved
"that, we oppose high taxes, protec
tive tariff, monopolies of every char
acter, and centralization of national
power, as the direct enemies of the
laboring muses, and dangerous to
the progress and tt ability of the gov
ern irrent." Tire Hqrreuie Court of the
United States has decided that tixce
ara as-.sM?d exclusively for publlo
purposes and cannot be levied for
private uses. Kveu Mr. itandall
rays that there is no warrant in the
conttilnt'on for levying duties for
protection. Yet we are told that
the Demccra'ic party has never op-
pwnl protection. During the last aix
mouths the reliable Damocrats in Con
g't-ss have day after day oppoted pio
tect:on ; showed that protection does
not protect the people ; that the farmers
and riianofii'tarers will be benefited
by a reduttioi of impost dotiea to the
revenue standard; and still a Demo
caliap KS tb it Democrats are net
ormwd to the principle ol protec
ti n. In a firtutu i-ilicle we propose
slioairg by the debates In Congress
t kt tLe D ;nio rats oppose! tho turifl
of 112 bBcaurta it re:ogn'zl the prin
cri;l.a of pr jlicli in, and aecured its
r.peui In ISP, on the ground if this
very objit on; and, further, we will
fh jw by extra to that in every can
va in Tennefc from 1830 t lS'fl
t' k Derini'Tdtt, on the stamp ami in
(bur jbYetitions, mads oppoaitlon to
a rotative taril! a leading insuo in
every po'jiical contest.
4HI-d bjr Hi. Majvr of Ik '!
lll-.T...-r,.- Mlll . J.llw 12 J. W
Dickinson, jj., Mayor of AraaosasOity,
snot ami instantly ailleil vv.u. nog
vin ire (cokri-d i iheie Ha'.urdav evening,
It fieeiue that lingglrgi and aoolhirr
coioreii niauwere lixbting, wrien iota
n)n ordered thern to dtalst. but Hug
if i Din niid no attention to him. Dick'
inson drew his niaUjl and Died with
la'al reault. 1 ha killing ia considered
unius'iflahle, am Iluvginga was reputed
to lie a
very peaceable man.
Bio Hi kiar.s, Tax . July 12.-B. W.
Morrow, hberrfl and tax collector for
Jiowaru and adjacent coutiuta, caa
fled lo part onkuowu. lie Is short
in hia account b'kiiH $."KKJ. Monew
waa uadttr $10,000 bonds lar killing
Kugen Coatea, near btiltounUll, It
is utiievej be ia in MeiitQ.JI
Letter From the Dnke of Argjle
James Kelly's A mil j sin
of the Tote.
London, July 12 Lord Fa'ifbury
bas made overtures to Lord Darting
ton lor the formation i f a coalition
Ministry, whose programme shall in
clude a local government hill for
Kngland, Scotland, Ireland and Walts.
The rural farm bill, empowering la
borers to acquire small holdings, re
form and extension cf the ar;isan's
dwelling act, including dwellings of
farm laborers, a measure for the
cheaper transfer of lands and the
appointment of a select committee to
inquire into the admini-rtrat on of the
Ooverament of India, with the view
of jiving the natives increased local
control. If Lord Hartington ss'oots
to the formation of a coalition Minis
try, the Cabinet will include Mr.
Goschen, Sir Henry Jamea and the
Duke of Argyle, but not Mr. Cham
berlain. MR. LABOUCHBB8,
in an interview today, (aid : "I am
confident that Gladstone will risigu
and that the Conservatives will take
office. Any coalit'on between the
Tories atd Ucionisls cannot last 20
miiintes,(Jbaniherlan andCaine are the
only two woith cousidemig. The Lib
eral defeat arieea from Glads'one's fail
ure to make the? laud bill clear, Radi
cals not seeing the ftrce of bujiug out
the landlords The cry of "Tiireeacrps
andacow"rias not done any good. It
would have been bettdr to hava lalked
of "ha f aa ecreand a calf." The la
borer would understand ttrnt I do net
think that the Tor its wilt adopt a
home rule policy, it Is net to their in
terest to eeitle the Irish question, but
rather to keep it ojioo. The Tories
usid Olumbftflai nicely but he doea
not sue it. They will tbrow him over
wben it futts them. It will be a long
time bt-fre the Iriah question Is set'
tied. It cannot po?sib y be eet ltd by
thefnext, Parliinent. The counties
a now nothing of tho ouestion. when
they have been educated tiled' tone
will wio, hands down. Thia will t o
the great work of the Radicals in the
immediate fu tire.
publishes in today's Times a letter
concerning the United States and Ire
land. He fays that doepito the na
tional sympathies there is a profound
ignorance in England and in the Uni
ted S ates respecting each other's con
stitution. He admits bis own igno
rance at the beginning of the Ameri
can civil war ia sympatlvxing with
the South. He says the sympathy of
the Americans for the Irish in their
present straggle arises from the error
of thinking of Ireland as an American
ttta'e ana i tint Jvighaa ara withhold
ing from Ireland powers similar to
(lioso possessed by the different States
of the American Union. "Nothing,"
says the Duke, "cou'd be more erro
neous than this idea." Referring - to
the r'ght of each of the United Stites
to a due share of the general powers
of Congress end to tho checks in its
powers of Belf-goveroment, which each
State allows, he Bays Mr. Gladstone's
i -.i-i-i. . i .i i
proposal vioiiv.uh v:.iu iubhb granu
principles, "for the corrupt and im
moral bargain bamaues Ireland from
the Imperial councils and surrenderj
the minority entirely into the hands
of tti a lonil majority. " "Americanaj"
ha adds, would perhaps hardly believe
tnlH. put it la Btnctly true. The pre
tended limitations and restraint)
ajtainst local tyranny are quite illu
sory." The Duke then appeals to
Americana to clearly understand the
Union!st contention, namely, "that it
has been for Ireland's sake solely that
the Unionists have given oppesiton to
Mr. Ulaustono s Irish scheme.
The letter concludes as follows: "It
is the Unionists and not the members
of the government who are fighiiog
lor the liberties ot the Insa people,
Even jf Mr. Farneli were immoitsl, or
if his party represented a far larger
numerical majority of the Irish people
than it really does, neither he nor
tbey would have a right to dispose ol
the constitutional null's ot Ireland,
We don't desire to see Irelond re
duced to the condition of being but a
a tnbntsry province and banished
from the imperial counsels. Neither
can wo see tier endowed with power
ovor her own people which no civit
l.sd government ought to have or ask
We desire lo eca her continuo sharing
in the deliberations which tho elo
qnenco of her eons has so often
The Timet tays thatthe British elec
tions amount to a mandate from the
people to the Conservatives and
Unionists to form a atroug aid dura
ble coalition government. "Patriot
ism demands," the Times says, "a
llartington-Salisbury administration,
assuring the nation's future."
N)ither party has made any gains
in the rnrliamontary elections today.
The lion. R. T. O'Ntil (Conservative)
was re-elec'ed for Middle Antrim by
a vote of 4021, against IKI3 for Mr. Mc
Kelvy, Ills l'arnellite opponent. In
the last election the district was given
uncjnteRted to Mr. O'Neil. Lord
F.rnst llamiltm (Conservative) wes
re-elected for North Tyrone over Mr.
J. ( ). Wylie (Llbotal) by 3210 to 2877.
In tho Inst election John Dillon tin
iucces'fully renter td this district
against Lord Hamilton. The vota
turn btood 3345 to 2022, 171 more than
J. II. O'Doherly (Partfollito) 1ms
been re ele ted lor Noith Donegal
over Lien'. -Col. II. II. A. S'ewart, by
a vols of 42ii3 to t'14, The same can
didates contented t' o d's'rict at the
latt election, when they ohtaintd r
sriective y 4 ,07 and 052 voles. The
Tories liow have elected 201 randi
dtt, the I'nioiii ti mi, the Libera's
154 and ti e lVr,.e lit s 71.
The llmlou " Hernia-" 1'lfcnrr.
Ronton, Maih., July 12. The Herald
com r.pondent cab.es from London
this evening: 'lbs Uniouls'a bvo a
majority of 131 over the combined
GladHlunltfl and Nationalist vote. The
C'jwervaiivea have a plurality of 75
over the Liberals of every pattern,
and, aa stated above, a clear lead of
two over all the other parties and sub
divisions ombined. Eighty-eight
tonntiluenciea Lave atill to report.
Tar Ma raiall laJnrcd-Tha
HmiII of arclftaaaru.
Pittbiibiio, Pa., July 12. A terriflo
mine exploaion occurred about 4:30
o'clock yeaterday afterooon at Bnchtel,
U , aainall village about three mile
east of Nelaonvllle, which reault sd in
tba lueUnt death of one man and the
fatal Injury of saveral others. John
Bin Brothers A Patterson, of the new
Piiiaburg mine, was preparing to start
up today. The coal ia thia mine has to
be gotten out by ir.achlr.ery. Yesterday
afierncon a leak was discovered in the
compresced air receiver which furn
ished the motive power, and Charles
JI. Johrson and Tom Wiliiams went
into the mine about 2"0 yards tore
pair it. They neglected to turn off
the pressure, and in attempting lo
stop up the leak the end cf the re
ceiver burst into fragments, knocking
the machinery about and tearing up
things generally. Following is a
list of tho killed and wounded: Tbos.
Williams, instantly killed; Charles II.
Johnron fatally iojured,Jobn Hal'am,
fatally injured. The excitemsnt ia
the village was intense. As the un
fortunate men were brought out of the
mine the groans and shrieks wera
heartrending. Thomas was repairing
the leak and Johnson, one of the
owners of the mine, was holding a
light, and the others looking cn when
the explosion occurred.
Kaonir Strike Oat Fifteen Men
Heanlta of League and Associ
ation Gamea.
CuABLBbTON, S. C , July 12. Mem
phis defeated Cliarlts'on without
much difficulty today by the following
ecore :
CHARLESTON. AH. R 1! ii. P O. A. R.
Kappell, 3d b 5 0 0 1 1 0
Gilman, c. 1 4 0 0 3 0 1
Crowley, r. f 4 0 1 0 0 0
Phillips, B. 8 3 10 14 0
lirosmao, 2i b 3 0 1 2 4 0
Powell, 1st b 4 0 1 10 0 0
Gardner, If 3 1 0 0 0 0
McVey, c... 4 117 12
Sull.vau, p - 3 0 1 0 7 0
Total 34 3 5 24 17 3
MBMPOIS. A 11. R. B H. P.O. A. E
Black. I. f 4 0 0 1 0 0
ManDing.B.s 3 2 12 2 0
McKorley, 3d b ... 4 2 2 1 0 0
Broughton, c 4 2 1 10 5 1
Andrews, 1st b... 4 0 1 13 0 0
Shea, e. f 3 0 0 0 0 0
Fiuselbach, r. f... 2 0 0 0 0 0
Phelan, 2d b 3 0 0 0 2 1
Kncuff, p 3 0 0 0 15 0
Total 30 6 5 27 21 2
Charleston 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0-3
MemphiB 9 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 -6
Summary: Eerned runs Memphis,
1. TwO'base hits Bronghtoo, Total
base hits Charleston, 6; MemphiB, 6.
Laft on bases -Charleston, 6; Mem
phis, 2. Bates stolon BroBnan, 1 ;
McVey, 1. Struck out Sullivan, 7;
Knouff, 15. First base on bails
Charleston, 4; Memph's, 2. D mble
playa Phillips, Brosnan, Powell, Man
ning and Andrews. Wild pitcoes
Hiilnvan, 1; Knouff, 1. Passadbads
McVey,3. Time of game 2:10. Urn
piie Hengle.
NHHhvllleCnu't llent Any Club bnt
iHl'KCIil. TO Till APPEAL. 1
Atlanta, Ga., July 12. Atlanta de
feated Nashville today before an audi
ence ol 3000 peop'e by a Bcore of 5 to
3. The game was a nun' interesting
one and was clotoly contested through
out. Shaffer and Mappes wera toe
bo tery for Atlanta and Taylor and
Hellruan ftr Nashville. fc'c:ro by
Atlanta 1 0 1 1 0 2 0 0 0-5
Nashville... 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0-3
Nnvaiianli Increasing; Her Lead.
Ispaoiai. To tub arpaaL.l
Savannah, Ga , July 12. The game
this afternoon between Macon and
Savannah was very pretty. A heavy
ehower cams up just aa the first in
ning opened and it was feared that
there would be a postponement. It
pafsod off in a few minutes, however,
and the remainder of the evening was
uleanwt. The boya bad a wet ball
to play with, which occasioned some
errors. Savannah won by a ecore of
0 to 4, as to I lowa:
Savannah... 5 000001 0 0-6
Macon 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 04
Standing of the atom hern aagn,
The following is the correct stand'
ing of tho League club?, deducting
from Charleston and Savannah games
won in tho preecnt series from Ghat
tanooga and Augusta:
W S3 fi 5
v name r : i3
i :
: : n
: : a
1 Savannah 32 22 .603
2 Atlanta 34 25 .576
2 Macon 31 2!i .553
4 Nashville 30 25 .545
5 Memphis 29 2ti .527
(i Charleston 27 32 .457
llineblill Note.
Chicai3, 8; St. Louis, 4.
Boston, 0; Weshington, 5.
Kansas City, 2; Detroit, 10.
Loi'isvu.i.B, 14; Baltimore, 3.
New York, 6; Pi iladulpbis, 7.
Pittsiiuko, 2; Metropolitans, 4.
St. Louis Browns, 10; Athletics, S.
The Court 8 reet nine wcredufeated
by the Adams street Ueds Sunday by
a score ol , to .
Auui'sta Xew: "We predict that
tho penuaiit will be won by oae of the
fallowing cluos: unitrieston, insii
villeor Memphis.''
PorR thousand was offered by the
Athletics to the Savannah manage'
ment for the relosao of Collins, Fields,
Uillen and Miller, and the offer was
declined. So says tho Nashville Un
inn. With duo respect to tho f'niori
wo are bcuud to rerord the conviction
that ihe cNdnliiy of its baseball edi
tor hes been impos?d upon.
t'oufrrciire of llie Nl. l.naln niHtrirl
liiiporlant llnulnphn.
St. Loris. Mo., July II. A Turn
Verein Cunfeienco of the Ss. Louis
Distric', e iiibraciug all the aocieties
of the city and several adjacent towns
in Missouri and Illinois, was held
here today, at which busineea of im
portance to tue lurn verein at large
was transited. The following per
sons were then elected member of
the PundoBvert or Central Board of
the United States: Hugo Galtimer, Dr.
Starklon, W. Hertung, R. Boeasemet
ter. O. G. Rathman. Huga Mench.
J. ToenBfelde, F. O. P. Tidemann and
Oacar Hoefer.
Halghla of Pythias Uraad Lodge.
Toronto, July 12. The Knights of
Pythias divisions continue to arrive
and the principal streets have bril
liant appearance aa the uniformed di
viaions, led by their hands, match
along. The Beception Committee are
at their wits end to find accommoda
tions for several divisions which were
not expected.
Sabworlb lor Ue Appeal."
The Hila and a (Jaurter Record
urokeii uy isinuette i be Brigh
ton Beach P. aces.
Chicaoo, III, July 12. Fine
weather, good track and a large at
tendance wtr the features of today at
waerjitigion rara.
First Race. Three-quarters of a
mile Martere: Alleuncnv. Sador
Boy, B?rtha C , Antelope. Truant. Al
imony, Cairns, Brown Bread, Son
beam. Sailor BjyBertha C, Alle
gheny and SuDbeam led in turn, the
latter goi'g to the fiont in the stretch
ana winning eaBiry iy one Jengtn;
Allegheny second. Truant a rai
thircf. Timo U17. No Mu uals
sold on the winner. Allegheny pa d
Second Race. Sjven-eiebths rf a
mile. Star era: Our iVitnd, Fronie
Louise, Nora M., Cuban Qaeen, War
renton, Wahoo, Revenge, ltosiere.
Cuban Queen, one lengih in f ont,
With Warrenton second, made the run
ning to the end, Warrenion jutt win
ning by ba'f a head : Cuban Uucea
stood, Nora M. a bad third. T.ine
l.2t. Mntuale paid $21 30.
Third Have. One and one-ouarter
miles. Starters: Atblcne. Escort.
Socks, Jim Guest, Idle Pat, Kinnette,
Buchanan, Governor Bate, Her!og38,
Jim Douglas, IJxile and Grey Cloud.
jon-s:ar,ers: runkaand Al ee. Ath
lono led by one leneth: Jim Gueit
recoiud the Hame io front of Binnette,
third. At the end cf ihroe-quaiters of
a mile Atblone was done, Binnette
taking the lea ), BuchananJim Doug-
ia3, i!.xiie ana Jim Uuett close toeatb-
er. Binnette was not headed, and
won handily by one length; Jim
Guest Bicmd. Buchanan third. Time
2 :07 J. Mutuals paid $13 60.
fourth Race. Three quarters rf a
mile. Starter: Lycurgus; Grace Le,
Maiy Eiiis. Euopira, Tyoo, James
McKinney, Tom Barlow, Nimblefaot,
Luna Brown, Herrr e:t', Kildare,
Moonlight, Surprise, Skcbeloff, Main
Powers, Lislad, Katata, Fred Wonl
hy. FVed Woolley, two lengths in
fron cut out. the run inn?, with Hen
rietta, McrvE lis nnd Lsland close
toge hor tt tt;e head of tlie burch.
Toeie was no ci ar gs to well up in the
8 re nn, wneio iSKoue oil anil Moon
light came np with a rneh. Skobfloff
won by a head, Fred Wo Hey fecond ;
Moonlight, third. Time 1:1(1. Mu
tuals paid 133 20.
tilth Race One mile. Stirtfrs:
f-hadow, Ed Gilman, Kennebec, Wy
andotte Chief, Annawan, C & G (late
"Ten Thousand"), Warfellow, L'era,
iaay Jongioiiow. iVennebet! soon
had four lengths the bfst of it, with
Llera Eecond and C. & G. third. There
was no change for thiee fourths of a
nrle, when Shadow went to the front
followed byO. & G. aid Llera, and
there was a close race to the finish,
Shadow winning by a head; C & G.
eecond, Llera a close third. Time
144J. Mutuals paid $28 50.
The following are the en'rioa and
weights for tomorrow's races:
First Race. Three-quarters of a
mile. Freeman (116). Parnell (115),
Biomerang (118), Pearl Jennings
(115), Tnny Pastor (117), Billy Gil
more (120), Mystic (118).
Second Race One mile end one
sixteenth. Mollie Bawn (10(i), Mollie
McCarthy's last (10(11, Wicklow (118),
Clonee (115), Tariar (108), Unique
(118), Probus (105), Hattoo (10.!).
27it'rd Race. The Hyde Parkatake;
three-qnarter3 of a mile. Lizzie
Krepps (110), Gracie D. (102), Jennie
T. (114), Carey (113), Nellie C. (102),
Jim Gore (117), Poteen (117), Duke
of Bsnrbon (113), Pendennis (105),
Grisette (107), Rightaway (105).
Fourth Race. On mile and one
eighth. Jim Nave (93), Anna Wood
cock (103), VergieHearne (101), John
Sullivan (91), Aileo (107), Lycurgua
(94) -.Tax Gatherer (05.
Fifth Race. One mile and one six
teenth. Baaconefield (115), Mod
esty (110), Lepanto (103J.
Brighton Beach Races.
Brighton Beach, N. Y., July 12.
The attendance was very large and
the track in splendid condition. The
sensation of the day was the winning
of the fourth race by Bill Brien, who
paid to his backers f 341 20 for J5.
First Race Thm-quarters of a
mile. Marsh Rf don won by half a
length; Burgomaster second, Belle B.
third. Tinip 1:17L
Sicond Race. Three-quarteis of a
mile. Biecuit won by a neck; Lord
Coleridge second, Huron third. Time
Third Race Selling race, seven
eighths of a mile. Km mot won; Lord
Beaconstield tecond, Brunswick third.
Time 1 :!10.
Fourth Race. Pii'8?, three-fourthsof
a mile. Bill Brien won by three
fourths of a length ; F.olic second,
Hazard third. Tune 1 :lfi.
Fiftli Race July cup, for all ages,
mile and three-fourths. Barnum won
by a half length ; Nettle second, Com
pensation third. Time 3:0S,'.
Sixth Race. Selling race, mile and
an eighth. Ernest won by a half
length; Malaria eecond, Woodflower
third. Time 1:57.
Serenth lace.Onn mile. Weaver
won hv a half lergth ; Valley Forge
second, O ivette third. Time 1:11.
Knllrnnil Kreliiln THrlllx Ileliicrl
by i lie a oiiniiliolon.
Jackson, Miss, July 12 Saturday
the Kailroai Commission, ffter sev
eral conterenci'8 with representatives
of tho roads, prcmulgateJ a freight
tariff for the Illinois Central railroad
covering the rate of tho road in this
Stite, including a general reduct'ou
on cjtton. Tlie commission, by a
ritlo which they adepts), ap
ply the r;itei promuigutid to
eight coming from points without
the State to pain's wiibin, and to that
shipped fio;n points within to points
without ou Bny of the iincs in this
Statu which extend to i(s limits. The
fright tariff of the Vicksburg and
Meridian railroad was reduced,
also th t of the M it sis
sippi and Tennessee railway.
The reduced fraixht tariff of tlie
Memphis, Birminsbnm and Atlant c
railroad, submitted within the past
few days, was approved.
The existing rates of the Natches,
Jackson and Columbus railroad were
also approved.
The promulgation of freight tariffs
for the other roads waa postponed un
til the next .meeting of the commis
sion, which will be held July 20th.
Electrical Storm at Dlaoa.
Dixon. III., July 12. An electrical
storm of a very destructive nature,
accompanied by bail and rain, paesdd
through this section last night. Great
damage baa been done lo crops of all
kinds, especially the fruit crop, which
will be a complete failure.
IcConnick lowers !
Potaan Victim.
Cared bj S. 8. 8.
S. S. S. vs. POTASH.
I hnv had blood poion for ten jewt. I know I hare taken one hundred bottlea of
Iodide of potanb In that time, but it did me no good. La?t eusiser my face, neck, body
and limbs were covered with aores, and I conld scarcely use my arms on account of rheu
matism in my -houldem. I took K. 8. 8., and it has done me mora good than all other medi
cines I hare taken. My face, body and neck are perfectly clear and clean, and my rheu
matism le entirely gone. I weighed 116 pounds when I began the medicine, and I now weigh
153 pounds. Uy first bottle helped me greatly, and gave me an appetite like a etrong man.
I would sot be without S. 8. 8, for several times Its weight in gold.
.JiC. B. MITt'llJI.L, Vf. sJd St. Ferry, New York, j
Flavoring Extiacts, Sjrupe, ItaUiu I'owdera, Ttdlct Art cli', Etc., Etc.
OS Toffarwon ti-rff.'
iCrab Orchard Water
H(?fTiinp CmbOrchfird Salts in nmJed parka(rp
1AM1S KtLLT, DI. T.,
ICeview. I lie MltuallwH himI Frl
KoconrHKed, Jt'otwIiliatKiidin
PrMrnt He'oal,
Glagiw, July 10 Special to the
New York Herald: The defeat of the
government threatens to become a
rout S3 far as England is concerned.
Gladstone's appeal for justice to Ire
land and reconciliation with the Irish
people has been acswered by ao
unmistakable refuse!. But Scotland
and WaUs, to their honor, bave pro
nounced in favor cf peace and jos ice.
However, there is one ijleam of hope
amid the sbalows of defeat. Tue
popular vote in Great Britain ia favor
of home rule has been encrmouB. Oae
million British c t'zens bave recorded
their opinion in tlie ballot boxi 8 that
Ireland should ba grant d home rule.
Thi marks c!early the greet s rides
made by the home rule government,
aided by the public opinion of tbe
world. When the number of voters
who have declared aeainst Gladstone's
plan is examined, it is found
that only 1,100,000 have dec'ared
against that particular form. A
coange of one vote in every
twenty-one voters wou'd bave made
home rule triumphant along the
whole line. When one looks bank to
the state cf public opinion in Great
Britain on this question enly two
years ago, the progress made seems
marvelous. Speaking here (oday with
an experienced Scotch politician, he
itated that in his belief the triumph
of home rule was certain within a
eliort period if only the Irish people
kept cool under defeat and proved
themselves capable of intelligent etlf
control. From what I have observed during
the progrrssof the electoral campaign
in Scotland, I am convinced the wora
ing eluFSrS need only a little mere ed
ucation on the snbjact of ss!f govern
ment for Ireland to induce tuein to
support a satisfactory schema far es
tablishing a parliament in Dublin.
Had the election been no-tponed till
October, Scotland would have given a
majority of fifty Gladstonians, instead
of a probable majority of t'jirty.
Owing to (lack trade immeme num
beis of workmen had ihaoged tl.eir
retider-cec, causing a great loss of
votes to the popu.ar party. For ex
ample, in fc-t, Kollox div fion, 1000
men had changed their homes, their
reaidenca?, and the greater part could
not bo found. The Gladatnnian can
didate was defeated in th;s division by
on'y eigfcty-nine votes.
Perhaps the moet remarkable fact
about toe elec'ion is that notwith
standing tbe frenzied appeais to tbe
Bii'ish public to lave the empire, tbe
t til poll in the present contest is
fully 20 per cent, lower than in the
lust election, even on the eide cf the
vittoiious nartv. This is accounted
for, liret, by the lorn of vo.es owing to I
the abstentions of discontented JLioer
a's; second, the lossol votes by work
ing mou's removal', es juBt stated.
As I nredicttd. te mincimil lcseis
in the present tight hive bteii thef
Wuig erccuttrs, uuy oeuig nwruy
niinihed between the Giadstonian
Knd'cals ami the Tories, entirely to the
profit cf the laMer. Ths feelin
egtinst them in the Libera' party is
mos'. tit'er, end a sj pg.vnst what is
populerly known as the "Chamber'ain
Ou nil eides one bears declaralum of
hatred and i romlses Divergence on
all the eectdcrs at t'.e next election,
wbii-h m?n begin abesdy ti look for
ward to, appcrently lorfeltirg lnw
many tricks the Tories may play on
their simple allies by the aid ol Hart
ington, news of whojeelectinn ia just
received, and Chamberlain. The
Tories are now in ths po ition they in
trigued with tbe Irish party at the last
election to secure, by an alliance with
Farnel'. Churchill and Salisbury
could now control the destinies of the
British Kmpire for (even years. The
two really Bolid Parliamentary parties,
the Tories and Farnellites, have now a
workine majoritv of forty-two over
both Wbigs and llidica's. Sixteen
Parnellite saats remain to be filled np,
while the Tories are still increasing
their majority. The combined Irieh
and Tory parties will probably have a
majority of sixty over all sections of
the Liberal party.
On tbeotner hand, the Unionists
and Tories only agreed on defeating
Gladstone's proposal. They are cer
tain to break up on a side issue, while
aaainatthe combined Liberal and Iriah
vote the Tories will bs impotent.
inereiore, meirouij uupc igi; tuug
biuumOT thtmld not enitiw our Sptnflc
with Ou nmunmt imitation, mbititubi.
potash and merany mtxtum which an got
ten up to til, not on thtlrtwn merit, but on
th merit of our remedy. An Imitation U
alwayt a fraud and a cheat, and they thrive
only at they can tUalrom theartietiimitated.
TreatlM on Btood and Skin Diteaui mailed
free. For tale by all druygisti.
Drawer 3, Atlanta, Ga.
AltemedvforAll Piseawsof thnI.lrr4Klft-j
aeym. Atonaaeb and aftowia. A pumtivri
cure for Unnpls, BIMist Headacne,!
Jonatlpatlon. lXwe, 1 to 2 teamiuonliils. I
at IDhih
lot lil rtH. No frontline antra ailn Intmllcl
leae of roaer rfstson eonci'iat'ng the
Irish poplM i nd ea!hlish:ng an alli
ance witu tl e Pa: ne litce. 'lhis will
not take place immediately. That
W'inid be t hi shami-lees. But probably
ht fore eir. m nihs Silisbury will bring
in a borne rule meietire calcula'ed to
secu e IriBh support. Tbe central fact
of theiittiation will be the 1100 mem
bers elected by E&glnnd, Scotland,
Wales and Ireland rn a dirent home
rule is;ue. Tba. fact cannot be ignor
ed by any constitutional statesman.
The Irish cause is more hopeful than
it seems, when judged by tLe election
returns. Jamss O'Kelly.
Celebration of the Ifleta Anniver
sary of the Event.
London, July 12 The anniversary
of the battle of the Boyne was ushered
in at midnight in Belfast by tbe peal
ing o bells and the playing of drums
and fifes by Oianntmen. The streets
are decora1 ed with tligs and arches.
The day promises to be celebrated
with unusual enthusiasm. A mob of
borne ruieis in Belfast toned a fire
br gade while the latler was at work
extinguishing a fire. The mob was
dispersed by the police.
At New York.
New York, Ju'y 12. The Orange
lodges of this city and Brooklyn, today
celebrated tbe 196th anniversary of
the battle of Bivne by an excursion
to Cold Spring Grove. They had no
parade but quiitiy made their way in
groups to the s: earner and two
barges which conveyed them there.
Slight DIMurbance at Belfast.
Belfast, July 12. During the
Orange celebration of the battle of the
Boyne here to-day, a Blight row waa
occasioned by the parsage cf the pro
ceesion through one of the itreets.
One peison waa injured.
Olebratlon at Chicago.
Chicago, III.. July 12. The
Orangemen of this city had a street
parade this morning, to commemorate
the battle of tbe Boyne. It was the
Hut parade of the character held in
Chicago for many years. About 100
marchers were iu line, and af:er pa
rading through the business district
of the city, they took a train to one of
the suburbs where a formal celebra
tion will occur.
At JUoblln.
Duulin, Ju'.y 12. An Orange soiree
was given in the Rotunda this even
ing and was attended by 2000 persons.
The had was guard d by police. Thou
sands cf Natioua'hts tunounded the
building. Many plausrdB were posted
with the inecription: "We will pay
you Orange doga in Irixh coin the one
long debt which Irelond owes all
bra g;rti of the Bpyne."
In riinmlfi.
Toronto, July 12. The anniversary
of the bat'ie of .ho Bjyne wa9 cele
brated today by tho Oranpemon in
Canada on a much largdr ec tie than
nsual. At Barri;, Bohcaygaon, Port
Stanley, Peterboto. Bo'lavide, Kings
ton, Ot'awa md Halifax fie re were
larie gaiheringa, procssaions and
meetirg?, at which addresses wore de
At a l.lflle Horn let In WUconxIn
4'nnvenrtlie Dlncniie.
Mii.WAiKEK, Wis, July 12.-A1-vicf
8 received late lpsr. night from
Waterford, a hamlet of 500 penple in
Kacine county, jutt bsyondthe border
of Milwaukee county, are that tbe
stranga dissao which rna-le its appear
ance there a few days agoia spreading.
Two deatlis hve occurred, and six
others are expected momentarily. For
ty people bave been stricken with a
violent form, and many with a milder
phase of tbe disease. Tbe people are
terror stricken and tbe village is be
ing rapidly deserted. Tbe stores are
barred, tbe f choo'a closed and sur
rounding towns have virtually quar
antined tbe place. The State Board of
Health today made an Investigation
and found tbe malady species of
virulent typhoid . fever. Its attack
prcduces delirium.
Heavy Kalaatorm la lex a.
Fort Worth, Tex., July 12. Tbe
northern part of Texas waa visited by
heavy rainstorm this afternoon,
which did thousands of dollars worth,
oi good t3 farmer and tattle men,

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