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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, July 13, 1886, Image 8

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1 1
and after Hit 2. 1HM, isaenger tralna on
thia maa win run wuuwi
Lnl.. ....
,. 0..,
4:30 p.m
6:H9 p.m
10:03 p.m
1:10 a.m
9:S0 a.m
7:21 a.m
4:17 a.m
1:13 a.m
Barriaon .
1:44 a.
11:14 p.m
Jlhel..,. .... F
Baton Reuse.......
Kw Orleans ...H..
t:2S a. ml HsM p. in
6:14 a.m 7:M p.m
htm Orleans ...
:() a, ml oil" p.m
A With all llnei entering Memphis.
S-With M. A N. W . R. R. for llolena.
0 For tlreenville and lluDtlniton, and all
Arkatsaa point.
B-With V. M. and V., 8. P. Reilroede,
Jr-Witb N., J. A 0. R. R. lor tlatohei and
J irk ten.
F For FoinU on tha Branch,
(r With itetmera lor liayou Sara.
H With railroad! diverging ior Florida!
Texan and CoastlnoinU.
J AS. M. KDW A RI8, V. P.andO. M.
A. J.hJiAPP. fl. P. A.
Hlaalaslppl and TaM.-Tralni
nova aa follawa: New Orleane nail arrival
dally at t:25a.in.i leavea daily at 5:00 p.m.
Newport Rewe and Hleslaalppl Val
y, Tralni move ae follows! imt Una
laaraa at 10 00 a.m.; M. Louii fast Una
leavea at 5;8C p.m. I Faat Una arrlvee at 1 :3u
p.m. ; St. Lotii faat Una arrivee at 8:06 a.m.
Loalsvllhi and Nashville Tralni
Fiove a followat Fast mall arrival dully at
lis a.m. i leavei at 10:10 p.m. i mail leavel
iiily at 1(1:8 a.m.i arrival at 4:00 P.m.
rownavllfe eoeommodettoro leavai daily1
except Sundsy, at 6:00 p.m. i arrival daily,
leapt Sunday, at 8 :&0 a.m. (itandard time).
eeaphli and Little Beck. Tralni
nova aa falowa (eentral itandard tima):
So. lleaveidaily at 4:20 p.m. i arrival at
9:66 p.m. Jo. 8 leavai at 6:66 a.m. i arrival
et:S0a.Di No. 5 (freight) leavai Hopeneld
dally (eioeat Bunday) at 6:06. a.m. I arrival
eirMt (Kansas t'lty, prlngr
eld aadHJemphls) Tralna laavaM. and
T. depot M foilowi: No. 4, Kaniaa City ax
preaa, leareiat 10:46 a.m.) No. 3, Kaneia
, Oltr expreee, arrival at 3:30 p.m. No. 2,
Kaiaaa City mall, leavai at6:00n.m.l No.tl,
Kaniai City mail, arrival at 8:46 a.m. No.
S, 8t. Lonii and Chicago eipreaa, laavai at
-liOOp.n.i Ne. 1, St. Louie and Chloaaoex
preet, arrival at 8:45 a.m. Ia affect Sunday,
April II. 1HH6.
Memphis and Charleston Tralni
mova M foilowi i Through expreei leavel
J ally at 10:20 p.m. Hall and ei prose leavel
ally atlOKWa m. Bomervllle aooommoda
tlon leavel dally, except Sunday, at 5:30
p.m. through expraai arrival daily at 6:26
a.m. AWI and eipreaa arrival dally at 8:40
S.m. eVmervlfle accommodation arrival
ally, axaept Sunday, at 8 ;30 a.m.
Memphis, Mrmlng-ham and Allan
tie H oil t Springe Route Tralni move aa
fallow!) No. 1 leavel Memphii dally at 8:46
I m.t arrival at Holly Spring! at 5:58 p.m. I
Wo. 3 leavai Holly Springe dally at 0:00
.m., arrival at Memphii at M :16 a.m. I No.
leavea llemphie dally at 7:16 p.m., arrival
at Holly Ipringe at 11. 4 p.m.) flo.o leavai
ony Borings aauy ai iio a.m.! arrival at
aempMI at nun a.m.
Wiihixqtok, July 13, 1886, 1 a.m
Indications: For TenneHaee, fair
weather; Btatlouarr tempeiaturo.
For Arkansas, fair woathur; Btalion
ary temperature.
For Alabama, Mimirpi, Louitiana
and Texat: Local Mini, foOowed by fair
vxather; ttcUumary trmptraturt; variable
For Teimewt: Fair wtallwr; ttatiorwry
trmperature; varialiU vcindt, gmeralty
For Arkamu: Fair vxalhrr; tlalumary
trmjieraturt; mrialU wind.
af eLrorolofloal airport.
Mimfhib. Tax., July 12, 1886.
Bar. I Titer. iWimUWUM
7:00 a.m.
11:00 a.m.
8:00 p.m.
7KK) p.m.
10:00 p.m.
29 942
88 0
29 931
Maximum temperature, 91.
Minimum temperature, 73,
Ozone, 11 a m., 2.
Bainfall, 0.00.
la (he (totlaa Kealoa.
BianAL BtuiTioi, U. 8. Akmt,
July 12, 1888-0 p.m.
Division of teleKrami and reports tor
he benefit of commerce and apicul
ture. Cotton region bulletin for the
twenty-lonr hours ending July 12th, at
i oVlook p.m.
ktKMrRig Dia
Taicr. Memphis
41 rand Junction...
Tuscumbia .........
Paris. M
Uolly Springs
iHm 3H3' E
DIHTHICM. gg-jgg. b.
a a a
B B -
Wilmington 90 70 .57
Charleston 92 70 .27
augUDUt 90 07 .10
Savannah 02 71 .19
atlautu 9U OS ,itl
Sdontgomery 91) 08 .10
Mobile 01 70 .
New Orleans 91 7(1 .51
Galveston 01 72 .05
Vicksbnrg 92 71 .01
Little Kokk 92 70 .
Memphis 91 08 .00
Bums 1092 835 1.8(1
Mesnw 91 ' 70 .10
Primary polls open from 0 to 8
O clocK today.
The printers' picnic at E;tival
Park hist niht was nmircetm.
Pilot Fortune by Kmi.'y Kead and
JNVjc York Ftirhum i'uxir for Augu-t
nt Mautfoid'e.
A Hatidifomit ji.'d rit, f uind at
the Cnpt.mi IIouhc, awaits an owner
at the 8 ation House.
The Cinfe.li rle Hi-Xorieil Afsi
elation will I, old their r.nlnr monthly
meeting to.-iight at No. 3) Mudisou
Nineteen corner grocery l eepnrs
were sriestul by the police yf-stcrihiy
for toll lug wh.Hky wit hunt city h
cense, and obliged to put up $25 for
feit each.
A force of workmen are engaged
in tearing up and rearranging the
swers and drains on the Custom
House grounds. The grass, which
was set in tufts, lias spread and now
makos almost a solid coat of gieen,
Gtorge B. Morrla was put on trial
in the Un.ttd H atee Cotitt yestfrJay
charged a ith intimidating H. D. Fox. I
W. 1). Fields and W. E. Kay, wit- J
nsstct against him In an illicit whisky
case. Morris was arrested at Obioa
(Station by Deputy Marshal J, W.
Th BraUlreet Agency reports 153
failures in the UniUnl States for the
week ending July 9, lsHO, against 174
last year. CanaJa had 12, against 34
lalt year. The total in the United
States from January 1 to July 9, 186,
is 5588, sgaiOBt 6-131 in 18S5, a decline
of 843 this yejr.
At the meeting of Blnfl City Lodge,
No. 22, AnclentOrdorcf United Work
men, the following oflictrs ware in
stalled for the term ending Jane 30,
1887: Henry Atkins. P. M. W.; T. 8.
Ford, M. W.; Jas Smith, F.; J. H.
Thompson, Recorder; Sol. Harpman,
Financier; L. V. Hoffman, Guide;
Max Colin, I. W.
The qua'turly report of tha Asy
lum for the Poor and Insane, ol Shelby
county, for the qnarter beginning
April 1st and ending June 30, 1H83, is
as fo'lows: Remaining irom previous
quarter, 198; sans admitted, 110; in
sane admitted, 20; total under treat
ment, 326; aanedismitsed, 111 ; insane
dismissed, 17 ; total nnrr bei- diimisf ed,
128; sane died, 20; insane died, none;
total number died, 20; total number
remaining, 178; average per day, 188.
The elegant new Domestic sswing
machine, in which all the hi.lc'eis of
tickets to the Irish home rule picnic
will have a chance, bas been placed
on exhibition at Menken's dry goods
itore. This useful as well as orna
mental article will be a valuable ac
quisition to any household, and every
one shou'd avail themselves of the
opportunity of purchasing a ticket for
the benefit of a good and righteous
canse. and in bd doing will bo alfordnd
not only a day of great pleasure at Fes
tival Park, but a chance to secure a fine
sewing machine,
The committee appointed to con
sider questions connected with the
water company met yesterday after
noon. Messrs. H. A. Montgomery and
H. r. l'atterson, on behalf ol the Leg
islative Council, and Means. T, J. La
tham and William 6. Bruce on tbe
part nf the water company. William
M. Fatrington was selected by (he
above gentlemen to act with the com
mittee, and presided as chairman of
the meeting. Alter a lull interchange
of views the committee recommend to
the Legislative Council to currs'der a
proportion to be made by the Mem
phis water uompany lor tlte sale oi
i s plant to the city, or to make a new
contract for supplying the city and iU
inhabitants with au abundance of
pure and wholesome wator. thesou'es
ol supply to be designated by tbe city.
Bole Agents for Horace It. Kelly
, to.'s Key West Cigars.
The trade supplied at New York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on hand at the following stands con
trolled by ns: Gayoso Hotel stand,
Peabody Hotel stand and 310 Main
street. Fresh shipments received
weekly. i. a am arson a co,
J. . Watson, of Milwaukee, is
at Gayoso Hotel.
Chas. Lkwis, of New York, is at
Gaycso Hotel.
Matt Coin and Wifk, of Boston,
are stopping at Gayoso Hotel.
Mrs. M. E. IIaruis loft last evening
to pay a visit to Los Angeles, (Jal.
Capt. T. F. Tom tc and little son left
last night for Hale Hprioga, Tenn.
Mrs. Robert G a mow ay left last
night for Syracuse, N. Y., to visit re
B. Btirnhbru and wife left Sunday
for Waukesha, Wis., to be away until
Bob Cash's gin at White Station
ai partially burned Saturday night.
The loss was about f2uuu.
B. W. Wrbnn, general paioenger and
ticket agent Kait Tennessee & Georgia
U. K , is at the Gaycso Hotel.
Mr C. D Williamson, of Sauth
Carolina,is visiting Rev. S. O. Caldwell
and other relatives In the cr.y.
Mb. T. P. Fortune has returned
from his old home, Hickman, Kt.,
whore be bas been paying a visit.
Cou A. G. Grkoorv, N. W. Mason
and K. G. Tompson of Augusta, Ark.,
are stopping at tbe Gayos3 Hotel.
Tue Rev. Thomas J. Weldon, of
Cape Girardeau, Mo, is in the city, a
guest of the reverend Father J, Yeale
ot M. ratrtck a.
Miss BurriB Skldkn, of Memphis,
who tins been visiting Mrs. h. A. Gar-
spy, on lttiswll s'reot, Ktat Nfwhville,
left Wednesday morning for Old Point
Miks Katk TnoMwox, of Memphis,
will he with Mint lleimley, ol Mash
ville, until Thnrsday morning, when
phe lenveB for Old Point Comfort to
join frionds.
Tint Menken local in Sunday's Ar
I'Ral contained a few nbtmid errorn
The wortit wna that emoting "bent 21
yaid wide tdieetlng, 2je." Thercjwi rt
ninny inquiries nbimt (hat nliceting,
hut all pt r.ions who thought rerumsly
about it oniHt have known thnt it was
an error oi tho "intelligent comple
ter." Tint Florence (A!n.) Oazrltt says:
We notice in tho Memphis Ai-i-kai,
the nniiiu "f our yeung friend( Mr.
Sift ttel 1). Weakley, jr.,nB a cnndidiite
for llio D imocrRtic nominuti n an
At'orm-y tiiietBl of thnt city. Sain is
a sen ni Florence, of whom Fiorencs
is justly proud. He is a yont-g m.in
of ability, integrity nnd high legal
atUiniiic nl, ami us trunt lie may win
the prlzu he Bitt-kf.
Wintku Walker, who left Mem-phine.-r
y in ritny for D.diiis, Tex., died
suddenly of congf Htion of the bowel-)
tt CiTe. Tex., on the 9 h instant. He
wtw hoin near Souili Florence, Ala.,
in isrj, was a brother of our former
towiirtiiuw, William V. Walker, and
fwght in the Confi-detalo anny
(Ninth Vissireippi) for fmtr year.", en
tering the amiy nt Canton, Mim.
Since tbe war he sutccs-dnlly followed
tlie coniiiiission m'd grin bn-'iiufn at
(iitlvosti'ii, and last July formed a
piu-tner.'hip here ttith L. A. Scar
broiigli. Accomplished, witty, genial,
lovable, he nttrui tfd to himsi If a lv at
ol frletida, ti whom his death was an
lint xroi ted shock. His Intt act wis
to u'it to a relative hero; and to in
close tonu a'tneheof the Aiteal a
copy of the Dallas ,V'-
Closing prices, cf Auut options at
OhicHuo ytsteuUy : Pork, $9 77J; !nd,
Id f7J ; clear rib bid-s, id 17J; corn,
I'Sjc; wheat, 81 j.-; oils, !!9ja.
Visitor? on 'Cbn'igs yeturday:
John Dempsey, Saulshury, Tenn. ; B.
11. J. Kimbroiinh and wile, Miaa. ; H.
C. K'lubrough, Ark. ; Mis. U. J. Cms',
Bart'bti; A. B. Fe'll, Gill's station,
B. K, Imbarrl, C.tncnrdin : . W.
H. Arplnnton, Littln Rock; 11. It.
Veigh, Anola. Ark.; Mis Carroll,
lliBiett C;tv : MissLiirtl a King, city:
A. B. Fcr.ell, GillV Station.
Go to the Nataturium for c car water
Owing to the immense ruth on
yesterday in response t9 our ad
vertisement in Sunday's isius of
this paper (many of our custom
ers'unable 'io be served), we have
com-ludi d to repeat
Offered, and adviee everybody in
Memphis to carefully
or tii at mil.
You will find immense induce
ments offered in our
Ready Made Salt Department
Sach as are not likely ti be re
peated soon again.
in our
Colored Dress Goods Department,
Handkerchief Department,
Gents' Furnishing Department,
Ribbon Department,
Domestic Department,
Hosiery Department,
special prices in
White Wash Fabrics,
Figured Linen Lawns,
Percales and Sateens
remember our
EVERY Ntllisnai AT
Our patrons will please bear the
above notice in mind and try to
arrange their shopping; hours ac
The Natatori'im is open.
Db. O. D. mith, Veterinary Sur
geon, JNo. 01 Hi aroe street.
P. M. Btanl. .-, funeral director and
embalmer, o& : ' .wlison street.
Db. 8. J. Bell, veterinary surgeon,
No. 378 Main street, at Elwards's
Cleab Water hot and co!d baths,
25c, at tbe Turkish Batbbouse, Ho,
222 Second street, near Adams.
Miss Lewrllyn will take pupils in
elocution during the summer
Dalsarte method. Call at No. 89
Adams street. '
See the gratifying announcement,
elsewhere, of tbe old, tried and auo
cessfal Workingmen'i Building and
Loan Association.
Be sure and attend the commit
sioner'a sale of two beautiful lota 1 n
the Harbert subdivision, Tuesday at
neon, corner of Main and Madison
The Herbal Chill Cure, the beet
tonloand antl-parlodls known. A eartalu
and mraoura fur chilli. Prioatl par bot
tla. Band itimpi for oironlara. Any rot-
Iran ra (Iian, Addraii John 0. Kaoker,
ijnobbara. Va.
Go to the Natatorium.
John M. Bradley.
A eelt made voting man with all the
elan of the potition, wilh no high
dictatorial voices to force his claims
but simply nfter a vlgoroui pull rest
ing upon iiis oar and depending upon
that Rrtiit-rong public to austain him in
his ellorte. Fully qnalfled, with in
tgtiiy utiimpeached ho conius be
for th people of Shelby. His record
hutotofore is aa bright aa the noon dny
sun j his coniiectipns both sncially
and fiom h;s biiHiiioss stnudpoint
have been Biiih that no llaw couid
uppcar. Jno. M. lir.idley is the coiai
ing man for the position BOU)(btjr
sud the iijoplo o! Sliolby can rest Si
Biired that ttistr trunt "in him will
never b betrsyod. L?t them 11 rally
for Hindi)' aud put at least into tac
thai to ation of olliee. alpuo,
Order".Hullonl Made Me5ali."
Owinn to chano of i:ttiK9 we aro now
prcj anei to rontriict (or presont or
lutnro delivery of Alabama eplint coal
at reduced lntto.
I'hcs A t'o.'n aiiti(tiBti.n li.ok
Kt.:re and i i-culnting iiUraiy has re
moved troin No. 3ltl Second to No. 411)
Main e'.ieet.
lu I lift lxnr tlil I,jm.
We dialer in t rsd and politic, btit
we are a unit all the same on the dc-sirahlt-ne-
of h tine bend of Lair. If
you mourn the loss of this blwaiutf
and oriiMiiiL'tit, n bottln or (wo f
l'arker's llsir Hideam will lrtAke you
look as you did in Hih dear dd ilayn.
It Is worth trying. The only sljindnt d
50 cents article foi the hair.
A Dilll SON A 1, lilVEilS.
PiTTtnPHfl. July 12. Nielli Hivru' ,r
feet 4 inebt's on tV.ti isa-tija nnd AiiliuK.
Weather clesr aad warui.
W nKUN(i, J ttly 12. N ;t;l it liivr 2
ftel 1 uicli on the eaiixo nnd f alii m;.
Wealhur clear and wivnii.
Kfcw Omi.kan. July J 2. NirM De
parted : L. Wood and tow and Jo:u
F. Walton and tow, Ohio nvr,
VussiTito, July 12. Xwjht -IV-parted
- lity of tVii i nnd Ci:y of N.it
itt., St. l..iuiii; Mary llou-ton find
City of r-'t. liouis, New Orlo.wp.
.-fU'l-iMitK, .Inly 12. Xipit -lllver
fallit't:, with 7 feet in tho iivial and -1
feet 10 inche? on the lai!. Weather
char imd warm. Ur.-onew lull. Ar
rived: 1', P. I'l-.enck, Cult ibiiati.
Sr. l.oi.'ifi, J aty 12, Niyht R:'ver
failen 2 im-he.J, uml ttum-s 12 lent
on the K tiiBH. Weather clear a'ld hot.
Arrived: Arkansas City, Vicksbtirp. ,
No dep;iimri of regular patketw. j
CaikcJiiIv 12-:'itrht K:ver21 foet
S inches on the L-aoe nrd fa! line. !
neat tier clear anil liyt. Arrived: An- !
aie P. Silver, .v. 1,-mif, (i I'.m. Do-
inrtt-l: Future V.'.y and t'i'K''s. New I
OrK.nnH. , I
Peabaxtj Btl.
0. B. OALLOWAT A CO Panraiiroa.
KU 2 6t) and 3 par day, aci-nrJina to
iia and looation of room etxcial
ratal mada.
R V Porter. Frk
J I) Dnher, Va
F Q Mc-davonk. Ark
A flur.n. Ark
H R McVeigh, Ark
W I) lUikin". ArK
M Mitohall, Kf
J W .Mclirath. N Y
J V Piazza, Mitf
X L, walker, t
II D Hodie. Ark
R Yerger, Mim
Wade Wood, K
C J rtmith, Tenn
R K Irett, Mo
J U lime, N J
J A Lewia, Mo
Mr' t raricerac, 311(1
W lirinael, Tenn
J L Loirka, lenn
W H Thorjinnon, Mo .
M llaaa, Ohio
V M-jwe. Mo
EM rr, Min
C I) r-herman, N Y
A Mctlregor, Ark
M A An'lrem, Tenn
MUf K llunium, Tenn
K E Smith, Mo
L B MuConnico, Tenn
B 8 Ceetle, Mo
K K Ariernathr, Ens
W Barnett, Kr
W U Lamar, D C
J PCurd. Ky
.1 Klel, Va
W M IlailegroTe, Md
K Kenjaoiin, 0
CH Cccbran.Ill
J Putman tw. Atk
M K Koae, Art
0 H Carter, Tern
TP .Inhniton, Tenn
L B Brown, Ala
W L Boyd, Ky
W II Flynn, Ky
S. II. I'hillini. Tenn
Mrs louna, La
W O Huiiliea, Ark
A W (llo.-tr, Tenn
M J Friebnrg, U
L White. Kv
J !larri, O
II IMewuitn, IN J
CH.bholl,y, Mid
Matter Tohin, Tann
J J Bailor, N Y
I) Rnberta, Ala
J V Payton, Ala
J Y Karl.ee, Tenn
E D SUtor, Mifii
X R Thome, Tenn
H K Onry. La
w ti . i , : ., -
J 8 McVeinh, Tenn
W U bwooee, ieun
5 Brown, Ala
W Walker.Tenn
O Kettman.Tenn
J II Lanier, lenn
Master Lanier, Tenn
i Buchanan, Tenn.
The Hew lTOo.
Ratal, 12 60 to 4 per day, aoeordint to lega
tion ol roomi.
E Lehman, Tann
A Lea, Tenn
J 8 Uolllna, Mo
I Cowan, Mail
8 Morea, Ky
J B Bootha, Mini
Wm Keller, III
J I Smith, Ark
J W Norton, Va
M Miller, Tenn
W K Orider, Ky
B Bailey, Mim
T Downey. Tenn
l, J bti
Ktronr. N Y
B R Snratley, Tenn
8 W TealUw.Ark
P Uawa, Mo
8 A Jones, Tann
A Dow. Tenn
C P Stewart, Tenn
J M Kead, Mila
J B Hodnert, Tenn
B A Kodaert, Tenn
C N Kaichen, Ark
N Oreirory, Ua
BJttoayantbau, Ark!
A W Maaon, Ua
0 W Butter, (la
1 , ' rr I. 1"! -
K u ibompson, ua
K W Htoken, (J a
J K Smith. Mo
J U Krkwoeil. Tenn 0 Lewia. N
BWWrenn.Tenn WOLeatue, Ky
R Yearger, tenn M M Hilohriot, Tenn
0 W Priddy, Tenn Matt Coon Aw, Mans
B F Ilioki, Ky J B Franklin, Tenn
JWVick.Ky OisOnle, Ky
a W 8api,inKten, Ark J K Writht, Mim
M x Alesanuer, va J s wmoi, wia
11 II Ilarria. Mim
(1 b (lurler. Miss
J V Prone, Mi
J II Ilillhoute, Tenn
J B Lar.drnm, Ky
J H Webb, Tenn
J F Kledae. Miaa
h E Huth, Mias
h Wolf, Ky
A B Treadwell, Tenn
W K Love, Mis
1, II llanna, Miaa
p m nmia, miaa j 11 rooie, mo
J H P.ohartaon, Tenn J I' Ilamlett. Tenn
C B Judion, Toun A Cavanaunh, O
WWKuhl.O J F Duffin, Ireland
C L Moflett, Mo L K Siminon, Ala
T U Butcliff, Ala KB Maaon, Tenn.
tyaeton'a Uoletl.
W. n. BINOHAM MiHiOaa.
European plan. Enlarged and refurniabad.
l'rioea aooordina to aiaa and looa
tion of rooma.
; 11 Foote. Mo
B P Rodaera. Tenn O H Lad le, Tenn
J loau, Ark
Miaa Todd. Ark
WPJankman, Ark
W Htiorliaa, III
F UThomaa, Miaa
B M Kimme, Fla
S KKirby, Ark
K B Johnaon. Miaa
P J 0 Laughlin, Ark
II A MoAlpine, Tenn
B SThomaa, Mias
R II Koaa. Mo
Mra J K Kirbv. Ark
W O Strirkiand.Tenn T Jonea. Miaa
B R Kirbr, Miaa JR Moan, Tenn
11 8 Young, Tenn J B Davant, Tonn
T B Uavant, Tenn B Uughea, Tenn
W C Paaron, Tenn
P n Eager, Tann F Webster, Tenn
Mra F VTebatar, Tenn U W Kappingtnn, Ark
U A Preaton. La 7, T Collier, Ohio
M E Rea, Ark W W Graham, Mo
V Kinibrouxh. Tenn R W Friend, Ark
TJFIIppin, Tenn WPWeat, Miaa
J T Williams, M isa JBCoate, Ark
REP Rom, La 0 II Purvie, Tann
MraPuivia.oAe.Tenn J T ililleman, Tewn
J B Khndoa, Tern P K Abernathy, TeAo
w J Uvermeyer.Mlas K I, MoUally, Ala
Miaa L Allen, Miaa
J M llawklna. Miaa
ll iiunior, mia
B llenderaon, Miaa
J R MoClarty, T. nn
W L Uraham.Trnn
W D Andcc, Tun
P 15 llolden. Mo
W LM naing, Miai
Ir DO Juyner. Ark
1 T Puryear, Tenn
Mra M J Allon, Miaa
AC Terrell. Miaa
M Meriwether. Miaa
Mra W Thompaon, La
A Karr, Jeun
I) K AnthonT. Miaa
K Van da Vetde, Ohio
j u Hurts, jniia
UK Morrla. Ark
1 j Hall. Ala
Mr. P A Clarke. Miaa
I n viii.Vt turn. air" i n vi.i...
JWXBrown.Tenn J T Williama. Tenn
la J VIUI ai X " Illl
F L Ewing, Tenn.
lnltja nropciaia tJkotel,
Coraer of Adaim aad Main Btreeta. Rooma,
0U0, Toe and 11 iwr day t American nan,
ti per day.
Ftrat-elaaa Reatearant in tha Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY. (Htvaiir- with Peabody Hotel)
8 B Ptewaft, Tenn D S Boon, Tenn
F F Byd, Tenn K M Liggett, Tonn
8 Ilarria, Kenu Ml ih, Term
U V iVorfia, Ark 8 It Henry, Tenn
PMMrris,wio, fenn J Pernell, Tenn
Jtrwar, lenn B Van Velde, Ohi
S.P Read, ir, Tenn (1 N Webetrr, Ark
6 Harris. Tenn
1- kuvoio, tenn
J L Buford, Va
K B Kniuht. Ark
T C P.irk, Tenn
O Brown, Tmn
8 M Martin, Ky
M T Hnllia, Tenn
Mr" Aleaandor Aa, Ky
F Murphy. Tenn
B F Adania, Tenn
W JUwen. lnd
U V lledrink, Ark
W R Mndnugal.Tenn R W Draper, Tenn
fi II Matthewa, Teun P M Cul uin, Mo
W II Jaokaun, T 1 II E Calleoott Miaa.
Ty all who aie anffrring from tha err or a an
rndlauretiona of yruitn. nerToua weakneaa,
early deoay, it f manhood, ata,, I will
aenda rcolpa'that will cure yon, FREE OF
C1JARGK. T'aa great remedy waa diioover
i by a aitaslonary in South America, bend
If-aldreakeJ anvulripe to tbe Rev, JosarB
T . iMui.-a, ,''.'itim . Arm Tor.
Slouosmiu lauslo Iflulf'ortl
Atlfit't' lo iflollirH.
TM i-h. Window's Soolhinj; Sirup
rhniild nlvtaya bo used when chihlieu
are cuttinj: teeth. It relieves tho Mile
enllcrcTM at once : it produces natnral,
(jiiiit ph'ep by n.-licviii).' the child
from pain, mid the little chemb
nwiikt-M its "bi'inbl uh a hiitton." It is
voi ' jilensruit totiude. It soothes the
ehi!vl, (ioiteiit? tho puiiiH, allays all
pain, relieves witei, regulates the
liowels, ntu! is I behest known remedy
foi dianhufl, wluther ariainj; from
leeihir:; or .uther iiiunes. 'iwenty
live cel.: a bollle.
- '
li ycu Hiitl'er from locsetuws of t-6
bonels, Aro.-itura Hitters will biire'y
cnie yon. Beware of counterfeits anil
a.-:k vein -f-.iocer or driii;pifit for tiie
uem'ijuo article, piepand by Dr. J, (i,
V. Sti-m-il A- Soils.
And it fiiruulates and promoto the
)rialfc of the hair.'
L'unwtt'a Flavoring: E.Ttrr! nr tbe
Fine Watch rciialriuic ut .Mnlford'ti.
- - .
Unituinond's .Natural Lear.
Tbe only ycnn!m "Natural Ijeaf"
tobacco in ibe market; "two tin tiurs,
one ell taeli end of the ii'iin ;" a mild.
elej'iint eliew. Uou't; be deceived into
bnvnin iniitations. Take none hut the
original "l'runinioud's Natural Ia',i("
H, Irt KfltleitO I.AKOtllrtrMlHil for
S. I.rry
Is tho old reliable tre.nk tiiaiini usurer
ot :lu) onlh, where :ill fiood work can
be found at low price?, an.l repnir'n
deno without delay tit No, 31. S Main
Ktreel, oppoaite J'entiody Hold.
JKnlford, Jeweler, 2!4 Vain, so
licl'D ordern from the coantry.
IX :i.viiit t I.ntrnniHrvInu totle
yunr flniMt'lM.
WY nt'' ni'linri.i'il to announce
Ki-iiry T. HiiiiMon gs n i-um'idate for
the uil'uo of t'iic uit Cent t.'ioik, sub-
ji.-tto tin" intioti t.f l!m IH'intcrat'c
... -. .
Nt,UiIMlTrwnro l SlaUvrd'a
JAMES C. BEIX, President.
Saddles, Harness, Collars,
tSST SPECIAL PRICES to Railroad anc levee Contractors for Wagon, Scraper and Cart Harness. "St
Ho Played Baseball
His Home Bun Hit Captured
the Heart of an Heiress.
It waa a eloaa and exciting came. Eight
inninga had been playa 1. and the aeore itood
a tie. Memphii had retired ita opponent in
tbe ninth inning without acorlng. Memphia
waa at tha bat. Two men were ont. Two
trikea had been called upon tha man at the
bat. Tha next ball pitched came itraight
toward him. Then it took a inddan cure.
lis awung hit bat. Wonld he miaa It? The
excitement waa painful. There waa a quick,
ahort atroke. Ah I ha haa hit the ball. Away
high in tha air it aaila. Bee, tha oantnr
fielder li chaaing it. Tha apeotatora hold
their broath. Suddenly there ii ona tumul
tuoua ahout. The ball haa gone far over the
head of the fieldor, who la chasing it.
Around tha baaei ipeeda the batter. Ha
touchea the home plate and tha victory la
won. Bouqveta aro ahowered upon him.
He looka up just in time to aee a lovely girl
take a bunch of roaea and throw them at hii
feet. Ai he gracefully pick! them np their
eyei meet. A humble base ball player haa
captured a rich hoireai.
" Go," the aayi to him two weeki later,
"go to the Misfit Clothing Parlora, 262 Sec
ond itreet, and order your wedding ault."
She waa rich in common lenae aa well at
If you want the beat of clothing for the
leaat mdney, eoma to tha MiaSt Olothing
Parlora, 262 Second itreet, opposite Court
Extra Attractions for Summer
, (.rent Kednctlone la Sulla.
Ureat Kednetlona In Puma.
Tbe beat clothing in tha world for really
leaa than otheriask for poor ready-made gar
menu. Thla ia why it payi to buy at tha
Writ. 11 f IntUnn Haalnwl
111.131111 tyWIUtllg 1U11V1I3)
262 Second Street,
Opposite Conrt Square Meanphla.
War Frr 30 daya the entire atock of Fine
Cuatom Clothing will be add at a tremendoui
ater All alterationi to inaura a perfect fit,
done tree or ensrge.
V For is years a 37 Court Place, now a5
,nttiucotuful.u hit prmcUoewin prore.
s&K8kiff . arvafitriSa.
aSpermfctorme m ImpAtduoit,
tr. tlx mult fttir-aboN tm joatb, mil ttenM li nnv
nTMn,oreUiiT otum, aad prodocta uoioi o to
wwinji wfleoU: NerromoeM, Seminal Kmluioni.
atooa Vj drMma), DlmnftM of tilgfat, Dcftetiw Uen , rh
-ftl imii, Ploiiiluoa Kl, IreiriMi In f33j liTtmt'm
9pnfa)iua of :!, Imi ot Bcxttal Por, tfau. fodrttaf
urnace tmpfO!r or aohanpr, art UwraMif My anai pra
wily wr4. SYPHIL IS PMltiJ enrtO ua m
iT!2'ito4 fmm ititemi GoDOlTheS.
OliEET, fllrtctor, OreUUf, RaraLa, (or lufUin?
Si.- autl otfatr prifaf dlaiai ukktj rarod.
it a Mfalo cIh af iMimin, an 4 trMllDg UiouaaxxU aaav
tllf, aMulrM stmt ahlU. Ph-iijlaM kuowlu ifcla hot ofba
rrioirinienrrt pr rwai la my au. Wben U la Owoanarrmt u
iftttbtdty to: Mnimeot, madtrinN o b aacvi BttraUaf
.ttjd nftly by nail or Mpraaa aojvaar.
Cnrek OnaranteAd ta nil CMt
7idertaken. . . . .
CtwmaluUoaf r ran a air or hy Wtaar froa and laTtttril
Dtariaa rwPOtiiaVw and one Taapaadum attjoAiy Mattfltfaaliii
Cff ju paffM, wnt to any adej-a, aecartaTf tamltai, fbr
SH) du. Should ba road by ail. Aadroaa at atm
m Dourvrov A- W- tttwlara. T '
Young & Brother,
noofcflellers and Stationers.
218 MmJm 8U, MemplilM, Tent
Lacroix's Mineral Colors,
Artists' Materials,
Building & Loan Association
Ini Ncrlox mnlnrrnl In monlha.
ltd KerloN iiiutinrrtl In lt mouth.
rrotlt In ll Norlea, ST! per ahnre.
l-rolil lu 2it Srtf,H l prr alinre.
Tlino two Ncrlpa pulil off In lull.
N- HorlomiiM'iird. Noury o I.ohh.
For Im-ltKT liilornmMon, cull on
Hrt-ra-liiry, 1SU Mnlaalrect.
N. W. KTCKKN, Jr , l'reslilent.
T. II. HIt'H, NtrrPlHry.
Dissolution Notice.
riIlE rerinerOiln heretofore existing be
l tnem Allien Hose uml Josnph Hose, un
dfr the iylo nt . KO!iU It 1IUO , ia thiadny
(l;aolvoil l.y miitu:l conont. Jn?ih Hne
a aumir.K ;1,m ,.,ytiont of all linhihiies !ind
i-i nloiie nuv:'r.oil to collort all debta duo
the Brm, mi't w;ll oontlnue the biiino un
dor thooM lirui n;iu;e of A. RUSH 4 HMD.
Memphia, Tenn., Jnlj S, 1HIS6.
-.w.',,. N iv l'lj. I lliili;it'ii Uu.tluulWd
iHWCY ;'-:4Tt hnrtttt pvtir printml, now ntuly,
r-'Sc :-'-"" rci'rewiit QVHr ,H Nvw.Orirl
wwi. tv ul htylijwof ompo Libranr
vi jjcrks, laDics. unaiTi.
t r BookCanfti. LonnaeB.
Lett or Presses, Cabinet
ladies' Fancy Dusks. AO
h inMt (.looda and IjwhmI
rTl ituttranteetl. IMtalna
1 frtxa. ftatiqt) 4c. Mo (xafUil
Anionu; the Northern Lakes
of Wj8',,n?in. Minnr-aota and Iowa, are hun
,lrn I,' vi dt-liuhtlul iiliioea where one can pacs
tlie sunn:. or roDlli9 in iniiot ret aad enjoy,
mni.t, .-mil Mlurn houie t the end of the
heHii .1 U-rui coinleloly rejuvenated. Kneb
rt-eurrina roaiioii briiina to Oeonomowoo,
AeuKp.h.i, r.rtver Piiiii, Fronlenaf, Oko
l'"ii, Vunrietunkn, White llcnr, and innu
merable i.ttier eliarinint lnenlit!es with ro.
nuiiitio nmne'', tuousunds i-f our Lest .oni,le
whuse wit-.tr homea itreon either aide ot Ma
a n li'.xnn's line. KleHO.-e and com
lorl.nt a inoilorata ooat, ean be riadily ob
r.nine.1. A hM nt funtmor hon.ea, with all
r.ee,siiry inforiua'lon ierta:nlrig tneret", ia
heiiiK tiiftriliute.1 by the Cmciuo, Mll.WAtl
ikk ami tir. I'ai i. Ram. way, and will beaent
I'ren i.iinu ii.).lirikn by letter to A. V, H.
OniM.u-r, (iercrtil l'afsei ger Agent, Mil-
W. ,1 ll(.e, V is.
ONtt.f M dy at Mny, 1R(W, the flrm af
fri.l'l.-W A ATtAM-l. AttrnVA. wma Hia.
iohel I j niii'uinl iDaent,
1 1 'r i
4. M. OKKKH,
NEV firm.
a. . a iv a as LAtaaxoi lam a.
Atlnrirrs at Law,
No. Ill lH,lla N., Meaapbla, Tenn.
l'r ii-ii.-e ir the ate and Federal Coartl of
Tellurite, ArKautua aod Mia.-iasippi.
E. F.
I Jamci M. Good bar Wm. Ih Clark
33Iata-3llwlat IBOO.1
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
WE offer to KERCH AHTS CULT tha largeat and beat itook of Boota and Ehoei we
hayo ever brought to thia market, and which cannot be eurpaaaed in quality ana
itylei by any houae in thia or any other city. In addition to a oomnleto Una of Eastern
made gooda, including tha 'E1.:BKTki eoODBAR fe CO. BROW ANN, wehanAe
a large and aelect stook of Custom-made Goods for Men, Women, Missel and Children. We
carry a number of tha beat makes in the country, in every variety and atyle, and among
them (tha well known Uen'a (Jalf Boots and Shoea manufactured oy Geo, Hocker for oar
Spring Trade. We alao carry a ohoioe line of Ladiea' and Mlsaea' Cuatom Kid, Goat and
Calf Goods, manufactured by Krippendorf, Dittman A Co, We invite the trade to examine
our atock before buying elsewhere, and we guarantee everything we tell to give aatialaetioa.
tllMIIBAH i'O.
For Sheriff.
THE recent Republican Convention haa In
dorsed me aa a eandidate lor Sheriff with
out any pledgoa or commitment on my part.
While I appreciate the unsolicited compli
ment paid. me aa a public officer, I hereby
announce myself a candidate for rjheriff,
subject to the action of tbe Democratio Con
vention, and will aupport ita nominees.
For Jndge of aha Criminal Coart.
TO the Voters of Shelby County I an
nounce mvtelf a candidate for re eloc
tion to the office ot Judge of the Criminal
Court. I have made no canvasa, and lhall
tae no part in tha eelection of deleatea.
My record is before the people for their ap-
Jroval or disapproval. Upon thia 1 atand.
aball feel grateful for a renewal of your
confidence My candidacy ia aubjeot to tha
action of the Democratic convention.
For Jndge of the Criminal Coart.
MESSRS. Kapnleon BUI, Henry J. Lynn,
John W. Dillard, II. M. Neely, W. D.
Bethel. R. O. Craig 4Co..ti.V. Kambaut,
A. L. Lowenatein, J. S. Menken and othera
In response to your eall upon me to be
come a oandidate for the office of Criminal
Court Judge of Shelby county, with sincere
thanka for your kindness and courtesy, I
hereby announce myaelf aa a oandidate for
tbe position, aubject to the action of the
Democratic convention,
Clerk or the Crluainitl Coart.
WE are authoriied to announce R. B.
CAPERS (lor twenty-one yean Dep
uty) ai a oandidate for Clerk of the Criminal
Court of Shelby county, iubjeot to the Dem
ocratic Convention.
TTTE are authorised to announce DABNEY
VV W. COLLIE K aa a candidate ior Clerk
of tha Criminal Court of Shelby oounty,
aubjeot to tha Democratic Convention.
County tear! Clerk.
THE Afpkal Is authorised to announce P.
M. WINTERS aa a candidate for Coun
ty Court Clerk, aubject to tie action of the
Democratic Convention.
t Kara authoriied to announce that
W RICHARD A. ODLUM la a eandidate
for County Court Clerk, aubjeot to the action
of the Democratio Convention.
1X7" E are authoriied to announce P. J.
W QUIGLKY as a eandidate for Clerk of
tbe County Court, aubject to the aotion ol
the Shelby County Demooratio Convention.
Jade; or the Probata Coart.
TO MyFellow-Citltent of Shelby County
Fearing that my circular announcing
my candidacy for Probate Judge may have
failed to reach many of you, I take thia
method alao of announcing myaelf a candi
date for that office, aubject to the action of
the approaching Democratio County Con
vention, and reapeotfully ask your kind aup
port in my behalf. I have the honor to be
your obedient servant, T. B. M1C0U.
ill E are authoriied to announce J. P.
. V V YOUNG aa a oandidate for the office
of Judge of the Probate Court, aubjeot to the
action of the County Democratio Convention.
For Trnatee.
WE are authorized to announce JOHN
M. BRADLEY as a candidate ior
Truatee oi Shelby county at the enauing
Auguat election, aubleot to the action of the
Democratio Convention.
WE are authoriied to announce AN
DREW J. HARRIS aa a candidate for
re-election to the office of County Truatee,
ubiect to the action of the Democratio Con
vention. THE Appeal ia anthorited to announce Mr.
M. F. LKMASTElt aa a oandidate ior
tha office of Trustee of Shelby county, aub
leot to the action of the Democratic Conven
For Atloruoy-Genetrnl.
WE are authorised to announce GK0RGE
B. PKTKKS, Jr., a a candidate for
the oflico of Attorney-General, suhieot to tha
aotion of tha Democratic Convention.
THE Appenl Is authoriied to announces.
1). W b.AKLKY a, acundidate for Attorney-General,
subjoct to the Democratic Con
For H-ictlor.
TO the Votera of Shelby County and My
Krienda 1 hereby announce myHilf lor
the aecond time a candidate for the ofliee oi
County Register, aubioot to the Demox-ratio
Convention. I am poor and need the olliee.
renlinir that rnv past tervieoaaa aervuntof
the pontile has given FnlHfnction, and that I
tan come betoro tbo people and ack their
FulTracosand upport for Oounty Hoi-iater, I
am, rospecifully, JOHN A. l'OWKL.
WE are authorised to announce N. F.
(DUNK) UAKKISON aa a candidate
for Reitor. aubject to the action of the
Democratio Oounty Convention.
THE Appeal ia authoriied to announce
JOHN F. McUALLUM as a candidate
for lteaiater. aui.ieet to the action oi tha
Democratio Convention.
TIIE underaigned annonncei that he ta a
oandidate lor Register, and anka the
snnoort oi the votera of bhelbv countv. If
elected, will endeavor to give autisfrction in
tbe discharge of the duties nt tsn ofiice, and
E laces his claims subject to the action oif the
ounty Democratic Oonvenu- n
mo.v u. mttsj,ai..w .
Memphia. March Ji, 18t.
j a. m npTviue, loon., is a
O. candidate for Kl'GI.-TKK. juhieet to tha
action of tbe Drnjec&Kio Convention.
WE are authored to announce E. A.
EMONDSOV a. a candidate for
County Kgl.ier, aubject to the aotion of the
Democratic convention.
THE Appeal Is authoriied to announce
J'Wl.N W. GOULD aa a candidate for
the ofliee ol rtoffistor. aubiect to the aotion nt
the Democratic Convention.
Jnlce of the 4'lrrnlt Cnnrf.
WM. 8. FLU'IMN ia a candidate for Cir
cuit. Judge of Shelby County, subject
to the action of a Democratic Convention.
Wo era authoriied to announce T.. II V.R.
Jit aa a candidate lor Judge of the
Circnit Court, aubiect to the aotion ol the
Democratic Convention.
JAMKSL.flOOPLOKwIll ht a candidate,
before the Democratic Convention, lor
nomination to the office of Judge of tha Cir
cuit Court: and, if defeated, will support
the tueeeaaful nominee.
We are authoriied to arronnce that JOHN
JOHNbToN ia a cand due tor Judge of the
Circuit Court of Shelby County, aubjeot to
action of tha Democratic Convention.
or rirrolt Coart Clerk.
WE are author'aed to announce Mr.
date for Circuit Court Clerk, aubjeot to the
cation of the Democratio Convention.
WK are authoriied to announce the can
didacy of DAN r-CHLOSS for the office
of Circuit Court Clerk, aubject to theactioa
of the Democratic Conrtatioa,
MEYER, Hec'jr and Xreaa.
Eaifene J. OarrinKton Frank G. Jose
Deviled Crabg, Hhrimv,
Salmon, Freeh Can Mackerel,
Hardlnee, Lobelere, ,
Brook Trout, Oyatera,
Mackerel In Tomato t'atanp.
Sweet Stuffed Pieltlee,
Soar Pickles by tbegul. and lajara
Pickled Onlone, Hot Relieb,
Wooster Snnce, Tomato Catanp,
Caper, Maatnrd, Carry Powder,
Salad Dressing, Ollvea, Olive Oil,
Cream Cbeeee, Celery Sauce,
Celery Salt, Elc , Etc.
Importers and dealer! In finaa. Amma.
nltloa and Flablna Tackle, Bnlldera' '
Hardware, tlectrle Bells and An
nnnelntorsior Hoteli and Residences, aVaa
Main street, Memphis, Tenn. Electrio.
auppliea alwaya on hand. Repairing neatly
dona. i
Boiler Works.
140, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
in the Kouth, and the only complete
Boiler and Stieet-Iror Worka in the oity,
Manaraetnrers of heavy plate Ire a,
work of every deaerlptloa. Special
attention aivee to plantation work- ,
Frank Scliumaim,.
Importer and Dealer in
Cons, Flahlnir Tackle and Sportav
men's Nnpnlles. mr Special attention
jiven MANUrACTURIlill and &-
413 Main Nt Memphis, Tenn
finns, Ammnnition, Fishing Tackle
and Itusc-Jtiill t-ooilp.
3114 Misln Pttreet, nlenupblB, Tcnm
Mannfaoturing and Repahing of tiuni a
Strike the Iron While It's Hot.
In order to move err immense alock we
make the following offer:
Good Straw nta at 25. 3oc. 60c and 75a
Exira Fine Straw Hats at....4l, HI 23, Jl 50, ti
Small Straw Ilonnetc, all colors S0a
Kitra Wide Brim liats, ior country 21 0
Beautiful Roaea, all colore, per doien io-
Violets, perdoien , 6o
Buttercutis, per doien lOo
Carnation Piuks. per doien .lf0
Klogant Bnnche of Tlowera 2fo
Kxtra Fine Bunches of r loners SOo
Imported French Flowers from ...41 to 15
OKI rich IIih (3 In Li'.sicli) lor aao
Fruits, Leaves, Stemn, all kinds of ma
terial to muke Artificial Flowora.
Bridal and Mourning Oh Tilts
Tha Finest Assortment of DOLLS in the city.
Hats Hcahnped, K-ither Cleaned,
Dyutl Bull C'lii-led.
GOLDEN UAIR WASH by the imall or
large quai.tily.
We Make a Spccl.iltv of Millinery,
Kinplnytng the beat hands In tha city, give
our whole attention to it, arid we defy coin
petition in that line.
J. P. 1I0LST & B110.
Funeral Directors,
320 MAIS ST., It EM mi?.
A FULL and complete atock of Wood and
M.t . 1 1 . l. ... ..A . . . . r,
ared Caaketa and Burial ttobai always en .
juo. Bjer-.uraeri y teiarrava promptly
I lied.

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