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A Ptithlesg Wife Almost Mnrdercd
kj Her Hnband-Ietperate
Flpht In Texas.
Isi-grui to thi arriA-.l
Jackson, Tsnn., July 14. Mr. 3. A.
Crawford, a qnift and pentlemarily
harness maker, of this city, was found
in an nncouw i Jtn condition on the
Btrett early this morning. He had
been (hoi through the hea I. At thi
riiin he is not lead, bti' the phyti
c'ans think he will die bffora morn
ing. It is believed bv his wif and
othe-f that he commit'ei the rash act
with his own handp, as he is a man
without enemies, and was known to
be a poor mftn wu0 nev-r cenied
mote.'- ;
A rallhl-e WHi Allium! MnrilereU
by Her lmbiicl.
' YoiiK, July 14 At 2 o'c'oc k
restsrilay morning James Carey, a
baker of Newark, X. J., exe'aimed:
"I will bet some one is in my house;"
ud putting on his coat tUited Dr
home. Ca'iy, on entering his house,
went at once to his wifa's bedroom.
He saw a lut and coat on the floor
which did notbelcngtobim. His wife
lay (till in bed ai if aHleep. A hurriud
iuppee ion of the premises convinced
him that the intruder was not in the
houte. Hurrying into the yard he
foncd Matthew I'urcell, a baker, in
praat apparel, B'jcreud in a shed.
Carey made a rush lor him, but Pur
cell nimbly leaped a feme and ran
down Crane street. Citey then en
tered the houee and walked straight
to lis wife's bedroom. He locked the
door and then wrenched a rung from
chair. Without a word of warning
be walked over t J the bed upon which
his wife was lying and Btruca her with
the rung on the top of her head. Hie
streamed, and springing from the bed
fell upon her knees, brgiinir
him not to murder ber. lis
answered her only with a succession
of hetvy blows witu the chair rung.
Her die- attracted the attention of
Mis. Lindsey, who live on the tbor
above. Hhe ran down gUirs and find
ing the door cf Mrs Carey's room
locked, she burst it from its hingef.
Kha we'ghH nearly 200 pound?. Caiey
bad hia wife by the hair and was rain
ing sivago blows upon ber upturned
lace. Mis. Lindsay rushed at him
and tried to drag him from his victim.
In the Buiille which followed Carey's
hirt was torn from h's back and Mr.
L!ndey was thrown in one corner.
The neighbors rushed into the loom
and refcued Mrj Carey, who was
then insensible. Carey took Purcell's
hat and coat into the street ami made
a bonfire cf them. He then returned
to bin w.irk. Mr.. Carey's arm, two
ribi and jaw ore broken, fc-ho lies
thirteen fcalp wounds and bar body Is
bin Bed all over. Her condition is
not necesseri y fatal, however. Carey
Tra errestcd.
Maxwell Nemrured lo Iteitlb.
St. Louis, Mo., July 14. Hugh 1-.
Brooke n'las W, II. Lennox Maxwell,
convicted of murdering Aithur Troll
er, was ient?wed this morning to be
ll.rRd August !, 1830. Maxwell
was brought int. emit by order of
Judga Vau Wagoner by two rteputiej.
He appeared has hopelul and indifler
enttban be d d (lining the tiial and
before hia course's motion for a re
hearing of hia caw wj denied. He
hai a'so grown paler and wears a care
worn air. He ha not entirely lost
hope, be my, for he still has two
chances of escape-by appeal to the
Ktatfl Suoreme Court and the United
Sta'es Supreme Court. His hope
tood him in good stead today, and
when the sentence wai pronounced
the expression of bis face changed
scarcely at all. A motion for an ap
peal to the Supreme Couit will be
filed in a few days.
Tt B. Artbr Watte Heard From
Dovaa, N. II., July 14. The notori
ous Ret. Arthur Waite, who sun
Vars ago was prominent as the con
vjerted clown and a tomperance agita
tor, and who mniaged a "Good Tid
ings Goepel Temperance Tent" in most
ol the cities ot flew f.nuinnu, nag m
cently been aeon In lx)ndon. He do
Betted his family, eloped with a young
woman and is now engaged as a ecenic
artiet at the Drnry Lane theatre.
The C-lrnao Anarrbime' Trlnl.
Chicaoo, hx , Ju'y 14. The tweu
tieth day of the anarchi ts trial was
signalized by the lelection of another
juror, making the nintli to far accept
ed bv both fides, lid is A. II. liwil,
a well known minic dealt r on State
street. He is 4!) vears of age and has
spent near y a quitter of a century in
this city. The titatistica of the trial for
twenty da shows the number of
psremptories exhausted by the State,
4K: nnmDer oi per. mpiories exnauu
ed bv the defense, 115: total number
examined, 8113; number of juiors ac
cepted, 9.
Nbot Hurt Killed.
Cabthaob, Mo., Ju'y 14. Jim Allen
was (hot and killed vo terjav at Ar
cadia, K., by K. 1 T ko, a detective
of tliis c tv. who went at er iiim witu
papera f r Ida srret, on the charge of
killine Th'imss Sma l laat ltiursday
Al'en waa a fleaperate charn ter, and
the news of his d at'i creates a feeling
of relief in una roinmnt'lty.
l.lleritlly 'nl lo IMertw.
FAYrrrhviLLa, Akk., July 14.
New h s r. ac'ied here of a knife to
the hilt fight b-teen the Rev. John
Lakey, a di d by his ion, Kjihrtiim.
and a man bv the name of McCie land
near Wcs' Fork, m this county
Lakev and McClelland dimgred as t
the lnca ion of a line between their
farms and eniiiweil in a furious quar
rel. Lakeysir.ei his gun end at
tempted t shoot 1)H antagonist, but
the cip snapped The father and s in
again asta died McClelland, wheu the
latter drew hia knife and commenced
to work tl-lrur'iion. The old man
and the b v were li erallv cut to
pieces and there is no hope for the re
covery of ei b r. McClelland had hia
P'e'imini.ry trial to.lay and was ac
quit id.
Arremeil fur hu Old Oitnc,
Gai.vk-to', I ex., July 14. A spe
cial to the Timin f-om San Aiiiomo,
eaye: "4 tin It th. a wealthy sock
men. w!,o, tflivt-lSvc years ago, re
venged bin b o her's duuth bykil'ing
bis tw i miiidorerB, in tlaidin c; ty,
was ar'rsted yiterday at Heleni'
Kansis c.inniy, l y S ate Hangere ai i
lodg-d in jail neie. lootu m promi
BBiitlv connected, aud h's orn M, lur
what is ronti'lered a justifiable deed
baa pro'luct muc'i excitement.
Cormiillaa In M. I.ula MHolrll
St. Lorif. Mo , July 14. The linmb
l!san this mo.nii't!. in reference t i n
inveiti.ati m ol ih charges of bribery
-ml rviiruotiou eua ii't the niemt.er
of the H u o of l"lato, favs: On
of tb d' ve'.i.pni' nt I efor the gran 1
jury in the iwnt inveetiga'ion r.t
tteliou e of l)cba't9, was the evi
dence of A. C. Feckham, the propri
'or of fie Casino Theatre. His state
ment was to the effect that he had
ben approached by teveral members
of tbellou'e of Delegates to ecore
the rejection of,a resolution against
bis theater, an officer of the Cr'minal
Court bticg a witness cf thepavment,
though unknown to the delegates.
They approached Mr. lVckbam, so
the story went, and politely informed
him that they could clcse up bis the
atre with rs much case as they could
an old alley, and that they would cer
tainly do so if things were not. fixed.
Things wore apparently fixed the next
day, wh'n Mr. 1'ockham is supposed
to have met by appointment three of
thee gentleman at the Laclede Hotel
mid placed in t'if ir bands enough of
the where withal to satisfy the long
ings of all four in Hint direction,
after which all attempts to close
the C-:nino were abandoned.
hjm It Will Ileinrn ami Settle.
FiiiLAt)i:i.ritiA, Fa, July 11 In
voft'gdtion filnwa Out Martin How
ard, an extensive wholesale shoe
dealer, who absconded ncently, left
behind him debts amountirg ta $0,
WH). The pr ncipal losers are C. A.
Collin Co., of Lynn, Mass, 0,Ul'0
to SiIo.OOi), and C A. Bcone, of the
same place, $18,000. Seve'al banks
al-o losa considerable. Frederick
I'elly, a close friend of tbeiunaway,
received a letter from hirn. in which
he pays: "1 have gone to Kngiand to
pettle my mother's istato, and will
sborlly retain with ample funds topay
all my indebtedness "
An luDoeent Man I'ntler Nenlenoo
of urnili.
St. Locih, Mo., July 14. There is a
slrong feeling at Jiu'ler, Mo., where
John T. Leabo is to be haog 1 Fiiday,
July 2:!1, that the condemned man is
innrccnt. He bad three jury trials,
the lirst raanlting in convictiou, which
was reversed by the Supreme Court
The second resulted in a mi-trial and
the third in conviction, which the
Court of Last Rsort has recent y
allitmeJ. The pro-ocution claimed
that Lfabo poisoned bis wife and threw
her b'idy in a well to etcspe detection,
while the defense held the woman ad
ininiMteml the drug ilb bir own
baud and jumped int the well of her
own accoid. J.eabo s'ats that his
wife had shown signs f imnnity some
time before her dealh, bscoming en
re ged at trilling mUfjitanes anil re-peat.-dly
threatening t5 commit sui
cide. Karly in the morning of the day
of bur death be cays that she awakened
him, complaining ol a eovere head-'
ache. He ar. so and tried to allay
the pain, but she refuted to ac
cept iiia assibtance, and telling bira
to take cure of the baby went into the
next room. "1 heard ber moving
around for tome little time," he says,
"baforo I went off into a d'ie. Tne
baby ommencej crying, and 1 rose up
and said: 'Klla come in; the baby
wants yoii.' She made no answer, and
I callml again but failed ta get a re
sponse. I went to the door but my
wife was gone. I hurried back to the
bedroom, wrapped up the baby in a
eheet and carried him to my brotbet'e
borne, and then s'ar ed on my search.
Whie at her mother's house 1 found a
note from my wife whhb rad: 'I
have taken lsuiinnum ; 1 am tired ot
life and prefer death.' In my excite
ment 1 tailed t) prmrve tins, nod left
it a', tbo honee. I! U could but be
found 1 would low be a freeman."
A nntltion signed bv many promi
nent citizens baa been preseuted to the
Governor, and it is thought he will
order a s'ay ol execution.
The following beautiful poem by
aul H. Hayne, published in the May
Il,mrr'i. iiotHcsses a peculiar in-
tnrt now that tho loved Southern
noet is unzing "on the glory ot love
' a. .7 M...I ..r ,l.,.tti "
lit mortal I co 11 M thou but know
What truly it uiaana toilio,
Th winai ul thv ou' would (low,
And tha tinimi 01 hit nimn neai. niKn
Thou woulOft turn Irom tin l'yrrhonut
And iHtnh ilioir iarion tojoorn.
And the lukhle ( uiiilniiiht Toola
Kretho mornlnit ul' truth ha born.
But 1. enrth'n madneM aboTa,
In a klnirdmn ul Hormijo nrenin
1 gnia on th (ilory ol lovo
j u me uavoueu moo ui i'uiu.
I tell that hii face it fair
Ai the moon bow'a auilur riri(r.
And tha aleam in hia unboundad bair
I.Ike tlta Oimh ol a tnuutana tpriuni,
11 in pinila li a fathomlvaa beam
(rtlia utar-ebine'a aacrod Ha-nt.
Whan tha nummara of louthland dranin
In tho lap ol tha boly Night,
For 1, earth'a kindnaaa abova.
In a kmailoin 01 halcyon Dream
1 eata on the ninryel of lore,
In the unveiled (ace of Death.
In bin aye a heaven thore dwella
Hut thoy hold lew mynertea now
And hit t'ily tor earlh'v tnrawella
II ir inrr.iwn thnt nhinina brow ;
Souln taken from Tniie'a eold tido
llo Itolile lo lit loatenna nroaai.
And tho loara of their irtef are dried
Kre llu y enter Hie oourK oi reel.
And (Hill, earth'a iimdnoa above.
In a kiniidoin of atortnleM breath,
I aar.e on a liaht that is lov(
In lite uuvo led lace 01 noain.
Throuah the aplondor o( attire Impearleii
In the (low ol llieir lar-otl trnre,
lie ip etmring world by world.
With the n.iili In hattronir embrace :
Lone ether, undtrrod by a wind.
At the raaeaire of Uontn grow aweet.
With the fraxmnro that float! bebiud
T e (Wh of bti winid retreat;
Anil I, earth'a in doera abuvn,
'Mid a kinadotn of tranquil breath,
Have aared on the lumor of lovt
In the unveiled face of Death,
But be vend the itarn and the in
1 can follow him (till on h away.
Till the pearl-white itnlen are won
In the calm nf contrnlday.
Karvo cemil fond acclaim ,
Thrill down from the place of aouil,
Aa death, with a touch-like flaiue,
l'nrlo-e the iroal of foala;
And from heaven of hckvene above
(lod noeaketh with hateleaa breath
My anifel ol perleci luvo
Kl of t e
a anitiM 1
! Hi
ten call leath.
Homantloianl I'olllirnl Hnnior al I.on
InyIIIv. Lot'iHViua, Ky., July 14. Tho
Timn this 8ft' rnooti published a sen-
ati nal local pol.t eal tumor tnai
Onarlea 1. Jenli, United Kiates Min-
ittir tu IVomliM, ahi 1b at home od
eave ot Blipoi ee, nouiil in a low uaya
announce hinmelf ai a candidate for
lerltof the Jetlrgon county fjircutl
Court, a very luertive tllioe pnyttiR
al nit fl'J,tK)U a year. Mr. jaeooaa
fiienda n'O veiv reticotit and deny any
-uowiidot the niHtter. lbs elte-
tiou tak. h plnce in Angnat.
t'rnubirry l l.lira fentrajA by
lurrat i
MlLWAl-KKR, WlB, July 14. TWO
hiinitnd aetegif cadifrrn-a in the
vicinity of Tomah, owned by J. 1.
(lace, of Kiieine, baker A Tt and
Jtu'tre Hyati, have been ruinul ly me
rtceiit fme-t li en. Th loca la ea'i
nnite t at iMI.DOJ. It will take eight
or ten ytart lor tho vines to grow
Violation uMhf) Korrlam l.ttbor Art.
UMAKaToN.TaX , Jty 14 A f pCC al
to the AVi.i fr m Austin, Tex.,
a va: V..i mISikIot IV.t ifl Attorney
Kleh-iR ban b- n.-ht Pint in the Fed
t r.il Court Plains.; iho Unpitil Syndi
cate f r tltHll f. ran alb ged violation
of t' e f r un labor net. Th aguit
gr,:w out of the inipoil I'ion of H;o ch
r-n'te i uti' ra bv t'ie i yml care,
ei nil d aa a t' at e e. If the g -
eminent obta hh u j i liiinO' t about
IS'.irtiiiH will he in ti'u.etl aainiil the
Bj t J r:te.
The DeWorma DlTorce Scandal All
Quiet at Belfast The Field
Henuett Libel Salt.
f-'AsriAoo ok Cifii.i , July 14., vi
(ialvtston, The smallpox epidemic is
beeoming worse every day ami the
diaeafo proves fatal to (i(J or 70 per
eent of the number of peis ms attacked.
Ou Saturday and citintley Ust 27 cares
of smallpox were Bint to the Hospital.
I'rnpuotd tlxplornllonH III Africa.
libiil.tN. July 14. Dr. Cill I'eteM is
CO iff rring with Mr Henry M. Stanley
over a project for further united r
(earches in Africa with a view to :d1o-
The Iildrrot Mme Unveiled.
Pakis, July 14. Tbestittte to Denis
Diderot, the Frtnuh jihi osopber, was
unveiled today in ih s city in the
I'laco St. Germain dts Pres.
Njduiy Oritnai-iueu llrnril From.
London, Julv 14. Eiiiht thousand
Oranjjemen of Sydney, N. S. W., have
cabled to Eafilacd a set of resolutions
denounting tt.e proposal tJ graut
home rule to Ireland.
Tlie lie H'orma IHvorce Sraudnl.
London, Jnly 14 A decree nist ef
divor. e has been granted t3 Haron H.
do Worms njfa'nst his wife Frances,
nee, Von Toedesc j. The plaintiff's al
ienations ccnc-rniim the lady's crimi
nal relations with iiaron Mtron in the
Tyrol were fully proven, Thetvidenee
showed that the baroness made ex
ceptionally long eojourns on the con
tinent for incootiiient purposes, ob-
taibiuKher liusbamt a iormiPsiou to
(10 away fiom home by pretending that
hhe waa mile) in frjiu ill health which
requsred A'pine air. She also, it was
shown, managed to conceal the pur-
1 ii. rn 1 ..i,.u
pos 01 tier viBHH 10 iiib iy"t wii'uu
wastomett Baron Meron, by hiring
h s caste She gave him $ 1011,000 for
he use of It a few years. iSoture this
It iron Moron was in a slats of poverty.
Huron do Worms has been awarded
the custody of hia three children.
Ttao ltd (nal It lot.
Ddiilin. July 14. liuritig the riot-
nir at Belfast last niuht between Cuth-
ohc3 and Protestints, four taverna and
numbs of dwelling lionncs were
wiecked. The police and soldiera
charged the rioteis SBvernl timep, and
at lutt succuo Jed in clearing the main
Btieole. In the bywnys, honever,
laneeroiM kno's of men are lurkinii,
and tears of a renewal of the disturb
ances are cnteita'ntd. Atnong thos?
wounded lust night wa? a seigeaut. It
is thought that lie cannot tecover. A
cots'.able and many civilians received
severe wounds. This morning the
head cous ablo of v .terford forced a
private soldier to tempt to arrest
two Orangenae , f er and son. The
latter tlmt mid kill buth the consta
ble and the so;dior The sii nation at
Wateiford is r riOM . 1 us streets are
D&trolled bv Dtlice .1 cavalry.
TheciryiB qu:et toda. Investiga
tion tliows that nmt bf the linlittug
was done between the police and the
Orangemen. The latter aaraulted the
pollen because they preveuted the
O.flDBeinen from alticking the Catho
lics, i'olicemaa uaruner, wnn waa
reported to have bein killed, is not
dead, but he it lataliy injured and is
lyirg at the pnint cf death. Two
civilians, named MacWalter and Mac-
Klroy, were snot aeau. x'liteen per-
h ins are rim in noapiut , auuenug
from dangerous injuries received dur
ing the riot last night.
The Field-Bennett Llbstl Walt.
Londin, July 14. The Timet says:
In the Queen's II nrh Divis on Court,
in London, on the 12th of July, befo e
Mr. Jus'.ice Wills and Mr. Justice
Oranthm,.thca8e of Field vs.Bennctt
waa betid.' This was an action by Mr.
Cyrns W. Field vs. Mr. Jntnei Gordon
Bennett, of the New Yo:k Herald, for
libel. The dilliculty was in serving
the defendant with pioces?, as he re
sides In Pain, and is often In Ameiica,
and bos no Msidenca or place of bud
nets in this c tintry. Uuder these
CTcnnistancep, in April last year, an
order was made bv the Comt of Ap-
Deal that the plui ctill should beat
liheitv ti Droceed bv serving Mr. A
Oakley Hall, who ts a1, the ofllce of
the New York Herald, in Cornhtll.and
under that order proteja had been ro
eetved tin in him, that ir, the writ had
been shown to him and a copy lef .
with him. bnt he rehned to re
rnive it. and sent it back,
with a leter, in wbuu he
wrote that ho relusedit: titst, he
t'Buto aa codefendant in the action bo
bad already apptated; second, be
causa ho had no au bority to repre'
Hnt Mr. Gordon Bennett in anv li'i-
gation; third, because Mr. Bennett a
domicile waa ia I'nrisand he never
bad any doxlcl e or place of bnsinesx
in Kpgl'nit, anu was auu lately nan
been in New York: fourth, that there-
lote this comt bad no iuriadiction
over him, as lie was an alien living
abroad, etc. Ou an allidavit setting
forth thete facta Mr. Pollard, on the
cart of the pkin itT, now mo'vfd for an
order allowing him to enter interlocu
tory judginent against the delendaut
preparatory to a writ of inquiry to as
sets the damage. The order to serve
Mr. Hall bad Deen, he said, complied
with, ts bis wa letter showed, for he
had received the writ, though be bad
no' returned it. ThaCoii't said that
as ho ordrfor serv ce had been com
nl ed with the plaiotili wai entit ed
under the orJer to interlocutory judg
ment. An order wai entered ac
cordingly. Hotorlona t'rlmlui.1 4'aplnred.
LotMnviLiK, Ky., July 14. A pri
vates teli'rHin BiinouncfH the capture
of Hid i"a' geroui nd notorious c tin
teiMter at.il criniirjHl. James 11. Wade,
at Sherman, Tex., by Olllier T. W.
Cainphell. Wade killtil two cllifera
who attempted to arrtst him in Ten
'V -
rn-'iHirfvl wtlh upocinl ronnnt tn lii'-ith.
N Autiiioiittk, llniu tir Alutu,
la a dnrjo aa w-U aa Jimain OT"1I"5-,
"-.IJTit tonda. bf untirt notnu. and d
pw.i iha t.n. of Uw WMOIU. Uj prepare Uia way
lur tupxl vectuia.
Ouirltly and vmpirtsly ( urrn )iIm'imi in all
ft. lunuH, liritrihuni, ItrlfhliiRt ThM.dk tho
Kfiod hUi. Ii miricHH n ml puniiti
inum lim iirpititi, ana inn me wwrnuBMuu ui
llr.v. J. T. IUihsitkb. tlm linnore! uruttor f Uie
Finrt R(oniiwi Church. Butt imm, Mil.,wyi:
" llanim umd Unrnn'. Imn Bittws for D)rienia
and IndiKcMion I takn nrr-nt pltore In ructim
Diendinfr U hitchljr. Alrwi.tiKidr it a splendid touiO
and invufiiriitor, and Tf ry ulrt iiirttiimmif."
Hon. JwHFHU C. HuiT. .lult( f Cinnit Court,
OlinUin Va, , litd , na-H: " I lr mmt chftrful tettti
ni'my t-o tiie oificaujr ui liruwu'H Iron Bitter foi
)ynmiL, and ait n tonic "
Genu in iiaa aLKivn Trado Murk and frntwd rd linea
rf,., n .iL... Mji.Ik Lti'.v l.v
Itltun !S 1 iir.nn A la 1 :, , 1 ifni-
Stale Treasurer's
1. 18xd To Ilia Excellency Wm. B. Bate,
tJovernnr of the Stale ol lenneflree bir : I
hereby make to you my quarterly report for
tho quarter ending July 1, lh;.
JAMES W. THOMAi-, Treasurer.
KM El I' I .
Balance in Treasury April 1.,
..1161,003 48
Amount received irom-
Trustees 8A1.2 H:)
County Court Clerks 77,Mi2 72
Circuit Court Clerks 4,2Kr. 14
Law Court Clerks 41 Ht
riiipreme Court I'lerks- Mil -fl
Chanrorv Court Clerks . I.W7 ?
Criminal Court Clerkr.. 1,4 iw W
Revenue Colleolors ... 140.11
lUnk Tax 3,r. 1 28
Redemption of Lands... 2.-,: l'
Insurance Tax 7!'2 "1
Efcheated Pruporty...... 8W 35
All' MinnviPe and Man
chester Railroad 1 .777 (3
Lessees Ktate Ponlten-
tiary ,2'0 00
Supreme Court Reports.. M 00
Bank of Tennessee New
Issue Expense 2'2 02
Lyons View 1'arm, rent 01
Railroad KtateTax i45 00
Pullman Southern Car
Company w3 6J
Nashville, ilurlreeebo-
ro and bhelbyville
Tnrnplke 26.185 50- 203.S7S 11
Total receipts
$.'i6T',778 59
State Prosecutions $41,584 60
Interest State Debt (pant
due coupons) 40, Km 50
Interest School Fond... 4,WH Od
Salaries Judicial 24,811 38
Salariea Court of Ref-
,rees 1, run oo
Salariea Executive 4.0J7 51
Salariea Officers of Pen-
itentinry 1.'99 W
Balanei tsup i uospuai
Insane Mid. lono
Salaries Sup't Hospital
Insane Eust Tonn
Salaries Adjt. Oenaral.
Salaries Lib arinn
Salaries A ss't Librarian
Salaries Sup'tof Public
Salaries Sup't Capitol...
Salaries Attorney Gene
ral and Keporter
Salaries Clerks Comp
troller's llthce
500 00
500 00
:m oo
ai9 90
lt3 61
333 32
50 00
500 00
649 98
C.lui.a ntMpk TrMiar-
er'a Office 3 99
Salaries Ulerk hecretary
of Stiite't OOica .
Salaries Clerk Govern
or's Office....
Salariea Sup t Public
249 99
102 50
83 32
Expense Capitol.... .. --- bl g
Kxi.enie ireaa rsumce.
Lpense Comptroller a
Kxpense Library......-.-
52 00
1,578 60
378 1&
77 09'
5ft 00
Kxpense torn, ronooii...
expense r uauu.. ........
Expense Court ol Ref
erees Expense Public Arms...
Expense Executive
Kxpense eoretary of
Btate'e Office
Expense Supreme Court
j 50
2'. 00
8G2 61
136 57
xpnte nana oi ieu-
Hospital Insane Middle
'I annnflaAA
29,750 00
Ilnspilal Insane East
t- Tennessee
f.,797 19
4,(KI0 00
7115 53
4,050 00
818 76
Mi5 (10
3(10 (
171 W
111 00
4it C5
'.16 58
Hospital west lonn .....
State Roard of Health...
Stul Normal College...
Stato Penitentiary In
surance -
Arresting Fuaitivei
Pension to Blind
l'ublio Printing
Tax Agareaates
1'leuro I'neuuioni -
Refunded Kevenue ......
Hnk of Tennessee New
I.sue Certificate can-
ralad 1'.033 00
Bank of Tennessee Old
Issue canoeled
Express Charaes
Supreme Court Repurts
Bureau Agriculture,
Statistics and Minos...
Tennossee School for
Tennessee bohool ireat
and Dumb...
311 00
39 J.' 5
1,213 25
2,025 00
4,000 00
5,000 CO
Total disbursements.... rM:2 li
Tn treasury, balance on band nt.Wii m
The above balance oon-
sists ol .
Amount In b'nk as per
Schedule No. 1 lir.l.t.M 42
Cash ou hand a.iW J- 1M.K9 8)
8chii'LI No. 1, Sunwian Balaxcks is Bkk
Joi.t 1, WW. 1
First National of Nashville f .
Commercial Nat l of Nashville.-.- .!.;
Bhelbyville Savin.i Bank i.toAtt,
Total lr'l.2
The amount In Bhelbyville Savings Bank,
H.'Jrtft Htl, is not subject to check, bang sua.
pendeJ. leaving balance in bank available
and sublact to check. I . The balances
tn all other depositories nve i"'
the last few day. transferred to Nashville
depositories In order to meet July tnteres t,
which. By acts oi i. u p"' o.u
ville, July 1st.
t.,,u r..Tipv. That I have comnnred
the above itattment of the receipts and dis
bursements in tho Treasurer a office for the
quarter beginning April 1 and ending July 1.
ISWi, wun toe acccunv. ui uiju
find the same to be correct.
1 hnve also examinru uiihhbujuimu
dered by the depositories of the btale and
And th ir respective statement to agree
with the amounts as let forth in appended
schedule. . .
1 have also made achiil conn of allcish
on hand In tha Treasurer's office and find the
amounts to be as reported in the above, and
that said rcpjrt ia in averjr respecorrecl.
July I, IS'. tomptroiier.
ftxacuTiva Orriof . July 1. MM. The fore
going statement oi an innn'j. iu ,
Treasury of the State of Ten ne. se. and such
a. haV ' b'en recaived therein and beoa dis
bursed therefrom I"r tne perion jev i"nu 10
imI report, it lii' Irom April 1. issti, to
July 1. IH"., lu.ia by James W, Thomas,
Treasurer, and aertified by P. P. Pickard.
Comptroll r, in canformi y to the rcuaire
nients ol the legislative act passed Mara :i.
l.s.t, has been eaam'ned by me anl 1 ' und
coriect, f li.'M iiiat balanca in trcwurv IU,;
Ol'.i H.S, and ihceameia hereby certified and
ordered publi.hcd.
WM. B. BATE. Hovcrnrr.
HF4I.TII 10 eICA..TH.-Da. E. 0.
Wiit', Ni Baain TaaATMein
aguaranixed siooihe tor llyatari. Dual
ness. Convulaiopn-. Fits, Nerval Neural
gia, llea.Uche, Serve -. Prostration, ceusei
by the a ol alcohol or lohacea; vtake
fulness. Mental depression, 8o"tr,ing pt tba
Brain, renultlng in insanity an4 lo. Ing to
misery, u,,.,y and death; Prematare lo
Age. Harranneas, Loss ol Power In either
. Involuntary Los.es and bperii.at' .
rhea, a", i bi over-exertion l the b-alt
self-abiisaororcrlml'iiaence. Kach bono-,
tains one o,eril '' treatment. II a boi. (
ail boies l, r i. " -ail prepatil.n
receipt of price. VVe aoarrntca 8tx ilct,
to cure any case. With each order rcceiv
by as (r an boxes, accompanied witn y
we will send tbe purchaser our rill
guari.i t refund t"e money if the trt..
o.n or "" " i?Jr',tM,
issued oni b. H N K K HT k 00.. Drug
gists, Mu.i.bls, lean.
nnnwtrc rii !
111 1 11 11 I I
prtav-i ir 1 1 - law
Sight exchange...
. .fK,78 02
... 2(18,614 81
375,3(14 S3
VA,x 45
Loans and discount
Bankinghi-Ufo furniture and fix-
tutea 10
OUer real eftata 3.WKI W
btucks and bunds - 19,MT2 IK
l,ZS0.a7 81
I. F.tlivnril Jolliullli, CHHliler of the
lint 1 lie above -iHleiui correef
Sworn to and subscribed before ma this June 30, lSStt
11 UXSDON CARY, Notary Public.
Wf, the underntifned, having carefully examined the Books, Accounts, Kills and Cash of
the llbHMAN BANK, report the above statement correct and satisfactory. We recom
mend that a Cash bividend of Seven and Ooe-hlf (7!i) Per Cent, b declared out of the
eiiminirs of the past six months, and that the lurther sum of I5IH out of said earnings be
aut aside for Contingent Fund. I.OL IS HAN Al EH,
MrMPitra. Ttvv., .TiiIt 1, IfM. Kxiniining Committee.
-- c
- O
Cash on hand and in bank t 27,984 96
Office fixtures ton 00
Bills discounted 41,669 62
Bonds and investments (market
value) os.viu a
!140,1H4 78
Iter We, the undersigned Committee, hereby
ftatement, and uasn, inns ann investments,
We recommend that the sum ot irom ine
Knritliia Fund
V. r. jiAiiur.?i, i-resiueni.
EWU. HOI.USM1TU, Vice-President,
.IAS. NATHAN, CRshicr,
39 Union St., Memphis, Tenn.
SHU in the market,
silent ir
L. D. MULUNS. of late J. R. Godwin k Oo. JAS. TONQK. late ol J. W. Caldwoll k Ot
Cotton Factors &Commission f-lerchanh
No. 1 Howarrl'H B4)w, Cor. Front and Union. Kemphia.
NAPOLEON HILL, President. W. N. WILKERSOX, TIcn-Pre8lile
U. J. LYNN. Cashier.
a MANKCiEI.n. D. E. MYEKOi ,
Oflice-lO Wadlwon Street, 31Bpli.H, Tenn
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
396-S9S Front St., 5Eeiaphi, Temn.
Cotton Factorj, Commission OerchanU
Wo, U lion tli MTnln St.. St. l-inl-
OU Stand,
37ft4J7WO-:W5J-;4-386 Second street, south ot Gijoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Flooring, Ceiling, biaing, anmgis
MnnMliif. f,iti.
erTERMa-Csh, or easy Monthly Instellmeota,
a lijKXirN FOR T1IK
No. afJO Vlr Bt
AS, ! i ni-ifi aireri,
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
IVo. SM Mala
Tapital stack...
Surplui IudI...
Df nosits
..f2".0,(i0 00
.. 140.UI0 00
300,000 00
872,144 28
Met profits
rrinla r
l.!8 40
28,2.j3 56
..l,2yo,7 84
Ueruian Bnk, do aoloninly
Jvxly, X88t3.
Capital S 20,000 00
Surplus - l,5Hf. 00
Profits (net 6 months) 3,810 60
Fund for taxes J9 75
Deposits 114,235 43
140,164 78
certify that we have examined the above
aua unu mem mi correct sou suiiB'ittuorr.
tarntngs oi pa'isix raoninp, oo creuneu to
-AruijLUa IIILI.
Examining Committee.
with n fnll aaajort.
New and
t Harness.
jont? LOAQUI
Union St., Memphis.
TiEB cfiJ OO-p
Write lor tllusiraten catalogue
nomi3iiiai -.-uu
' ,
Street, Gajros Block.
IS forrrallyopcned, under the tenananage
ment of A. W. king, ot Coluttnl.-., Miss.,
assisted bv Oeorge w. Iuy. Th'a well
known watering place is directly on the line
of the Louisville and Nashville R.R., thirty
three miles north of Birmingham. Hot
Baths and Sulphur Baths a special feature.
These waters are too well known to need
further notice. For circulars Hnd further in
formation apply to Genoral Manager, A. W.
KINH. Br,l reasonable.
WILL be opened June 1st. This noted
watering-place is filunled six miles
from Furnace, on tbe Nachville and
Tusculoo.a railroad, in Hickman county
Tenn. Hack will meet all tniius at jKtna
and will cunvey guests to tprings at a very
low rate.
fiourd, 820 Per Month : 1 Per Day.
!M'IhI KHlfM l l-Hllltllea.
We invite all who wish to spend the most
pleasant teaion of their lives to come to
Benverdatn. especially seekers ot ploasuro
and health. Good water end pure air in
Liverymen, Centrevllle, Tenn.
E. A. PKaN. prot.'rCent reville Hotel.
Is a question that can be easily answered af
ter an examination of 'he elegant Illustrated
Guide to the resorts of Minnesota and Da
kota, which is now being published by the
St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Rail
way, t-ent free on receipt of two. cent stamp.
Address u. u. iVAUKtiy,
Rockbridge Co., Va. High up in the
Virginia mountains. Picturesque surround
ings, extensive and beautifully shaded lawn.
Gas, electric bells, and all modern improve
ments. Two daily msils, post, telegraphand
express offices on the premises. Table the
very best. Luxuriously furnished rooms:
aurerb band of musio. Send for illustrated'
pamphlet. Charges moderate. Open for vis
itors, June loth. Wiilr: Anm, Chalybtatt
and f rrnione. R.T. WlLlL'- SON.Man'gT.
Old Point Comlort, Virginia.
TERMS for the season of 1886, beginning
June 1st, reduced 2o to 60 per cent., but
the highest standard of excellence main
tained. Send for illustrated descriptive pamphlet
and terms. '
r. N. flKK, Manager.
Hurricane Springs
THESE Sprinrsare situated on Hurricane
Creek, Franklin County, Tennessee, and
upon tne western bencn ot me iumoeriana
In ypll. Dlrrlip, Dysentery
silver anil uiuney i roupirn is founded
nnnn nninal nnrM. It ia auainst those dis
eases that tha conquering influence of the
water is directed witn pernaps ine oesi suc
cess. It relieve! with Orimmy and 'e
lerlty inflammation and ulceration of tha
bowels, and removes all likelihood of their
lu aapepnla. It carries off the accu
mulated mass ot acidity.
la I.lver and Klauey Complaints the
water has a specific action. It eradicates all
malarial poison from the system, and is a
certain specific for all diseases having their
origin in malaria.
tend for pamphlets containing analysis,
Four daily mails. Telegraph or telephone
and express facilities per'ect.
MILLER BKO , Proprietors,
Resident 1'hf sician.
HnrTicane Springs. Tenn., via Tullahoms.-
Among the Northern Lakes
of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa,are hun
dreds of delightful places where one can past
the summer months in quiot roit and enjoy,
ment, and return home at the end of the
heated term completely rejuvenated. Each
recurring season brings to Oconomowoo,
Waukesha, Beaver Dam, Frontenac, Oko
boji, Minnetonka, White Bear, and innu
merable other charming localities with ro
mantic names, thousands of our best people
whose winter names are on either aide of Ma
son and Dixon's line. Eleganoe and com
fort, at a moderate eost, oan be readily ob
tained. A liet oi summer homes, with all
necessary informa ion pertaining thereto, is
being distributed by the Chicago, Milwau
iib and 6t. Pacx Railway, and will beent
free upon appllcatUn by letter to A. V. H.
Carpenter, General Passer ger Agent, Mil
wankee. Wis.
Crab Orchard Springs,
LINCOLN COUNTY, KY. The excellence
of the cuisine, and accommodations char
aftarintin of this hotel during the past three
eara, shall be fully maintained this season,
txcursion tickets to the Springs by the L
and N. Railway are good via Louisville, both
going and returning, to proceed on first train
succeeding arrival in liouinviiio.
W T. OR ANT, Vrex't. J. C. KINH.finp't.
No. 53C2, B. D. Chancery Court of br.elby
county State ot lennessee lor use. em.,,
vs. Wary . Aihford etal.
3Y virtue ol an interlocutory decree for
J sale entered in the above oause on the
4th day of January, 18Kti, M. B. 60, page
I will sell, at public auction, to the
nignest DKiaer, in ironi oi me u
Miuter'i office, courthouse of Shelby county,
Memphis, Tenn., on
Satnrdar, Jnly 31, 1SS,
tthin ii.al hours, the following de
scribed property, situated in bhelby county,
Tennessee, to-wit: The sou(h part of Jet 5.
block 38, fronting 35 feet on tha east side pt
Bt. Martin atreetb, a depth ol 219 feet, said
lot being lou ieet norm oi uinu.u mw..
Terms ot Bale un a creauoi en niuuiut.
notes with security, bearing interest, re-
nired; lien retained; redemption oarreu.
:ufc June 26, 1M. , ....
8. I. MrDOWELL. Clerk and Master.
ByH. F. Walsh, Depu-y C. and M.
F: H. and C. W. Heiskell. Pols.
Je.WT I 1 aj KKA a, w 1 1 Ji. r iw.u
IIlRhewt Medici AulhorKlea.
Gnl. Aff.nl. fnr Mamnhis.
W A B H I, I -
"London" Trouser btretcher
Patented In Europe and Uni
ted States. Nolo Atcente in
I nllrd Maim furoelebratei
John Hamilton k Co. btretch
er. Takes biiKttlnit ' M
haoea restores pantaloonsti
original shape. Only patentee
stretcher combiningserew rog
in combination with clampit
All others Infringements.
Original and os y lr-lchet,
for rnllma, nn. B
Express securely packed. Price 12 Ml. Write
lor circular". Aeents wanted in every city.
Ml. Mimr&S 0 , Bolon,MMi.
Son-Uesident oilce.
No. 6-205, R. D.-In the Chnncery Court of
Bhelby County, lean. -ouia -
vs. Fannie Boehler .... ...!
Itaoiwaring from bill which b sworn to in
this caue that the dotendant, Fannie Boeh
i :. ...i, .ni i the htate of len-
nes'see, and that'het residence i ia "no;
That she make
It is therotme oruereu.
her appearance herein
at the courthouse
ol Shelby county, in Mempnis, nn:-on "J
before tbe nrstflionuay in nnu.
plead, answer or demur to complain
ant's bill, or the same will be taken for
confessed as to her and set for hearing ex
parte; and that a copy of this order be pub
lished once a week, for lour ",:"
weeks, in the Memphis Appeal. Inn m
day of June, IW. A copy attont :
S. I. MoDOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
Br J. M. Bradley, Deputy C and M.
T. B. F.dgington Sol, for comprnt. wea
Dissolnlion Kutice.
-!5i rr
TUB partnership h.rctnfore eJisting be
tween ECKiIkLY, STONE k CO. is
this day dissolved by n utual con ent, I.
... 11 T. .....mi. ,..ih. ltTmBI
PtOne IIIU J- . Jc, nr- .... r.
OI an -mm -
collect all debts due Ihe brm. aud will con
tinue ia business aa Co'ti n Factor and Lom
mi.sion Merchants.
Memphis, Tenn., July 10, WJt.

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