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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, July 15, 1886, Image 8

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Koatarfltt ,1Tw OrTraat u4 Tmm Rj
IMImIPFI valxbt kovtk.
ud after Mar 1. IBM, pmw trains on
thi. mad will ran as foUowa:
; North.
A -
4:90 p.n
:W D.m
:S0 e.ia
7:21 a.m
4:07 a.m
1:13 a.m
11:111 p.m
t:X p.m
7:M p.m
10:3 p.m
l:uu a.m
1:44 a.m
0:28 a.m
:14 a.m
9:00 a.m
B arrises..,
Baton Room.
Pew Orleafta,
1 p.m
A With a'l Una. entering Memphli.
S-With M. A H. VI- R. R. for flelens.
C For ttreenrille nod Ilantington, and all
Arkaniai points.
Jv-Wlih V. t M. and V., 8. A P. Railroads.
X-With N., J. AO. R.K. lor fietchea and
F For Poinu on th. Branch.
8 With iteamers lor llayoa Sara.
fi-With railroad, diverging lor Florida,
Tesaa and Coastlpotnte.
J AS. M. EDWARDS, V. P. and a. M.
A. J.KBAPPi 0.
P. A.
slppl and Trnntum.-Tralm
BtTiH fnlluwi: Mew Urleanl sail arrival
daily at 9:25 a.m. : leave! daily a R : r o.
carport News and Mississippi Tal
ny. Tralni mora u tnllowi: Fait In.
leavel at lll:Uu a.m.: bt. Louil fast lina
)mtm at S :30 p.m. s Fatt Una arrival at 1 :30
p.m.; St. Loan fait Una arrival at H:05 a.m.
Lealsvllle ud Naahrllle Train,
ova aj follow.: Fait mail arrival daily at
;15.m.: leavei atlOill) p.tn.: mail laara.
daily at 11:10 a.m.) arrival at 4:00 p.m.
Brownivilie accommodation! laara. daily
eioapt Sunday, at 6:00 p.m.; arrival daily,
inept 6unday, at 8:50 a.m. (itandard time).
mphli and 1.1111a Roek. Train!
nova a. fnllowi (central atandard tima):
So. 1 leavei daily at 4:20' t'.m.i arrival at
9:Vp.m. No. S leavei at 5:fi6 a.m. j arrival
at ft: a.m. No. 6 (fraiitlit) laavai Ilopafleld
dally (eioept Sunday) at 0:(U. a.m.; arrival
t 7:11 p.m.
nir knnle (Kansas rily, Rprlnar
eldaad Memphis) Tralni leave M. and
I. depot a follow! : No. 4, Kanaaafltr ei
presi, laavai at 10:46 a.m.! No. 8, Kama.
City eipreii, arrival at 8:80 p.m. No. 2,
Kama City mail, laavai et:0n p.m. t No.'l,
Sanaa. City mail, arrival at 8:4ft a.m. No.
1, Bt. Louil and Chloago eipreaa, laavai at
t:A0 p.m.: No. 1, St. Louil and Chicaaoai
preea, arrlvri at 8:45 a. ui. In affect Sunday,
April 18, In.
JNemphla and Charleston Trains
move ai follows: Through aiprei. Iaav
daily at 10:40 p.m. Mall and expren laavai
daily at 10:00 a m. Bomervllle acoommoda
tion laavai daily, aioapt Sunday, at 6: SO
p.m. Through eipreaa arrival daily at H:25
a.m. Mail and axpran arrival daily at 1C:M)
S.m. Somervllle accommodation arrive,
ally, sieept Ennday, at 8:30 a.m.
emphla, Itlrmlncbnm and Allan-tle-Hollv
Springs Route Traini move aa
lollowi l No. 1 laavai Memphli dally at3:4&
V m.: arrlrei at Holly Springs at 5:58 p.m. i
No. 2 laavai llnlly Borings dally at 9:00
a.m., arrival at Memphli at M :16 a.m. t No.
5 leave! Memphli daily at 7:15 p.m., arrival
f Holly Springs at 11:45 n.ni.i No. 6 leave.
oHy Springs dally at 2il5 a.m.) arrival at
S&phiS at rt:45 a.m.
WimiNOTo, July 15, 1886, 1 a.m.
Indications: For TenneRsee, loral
rains, fo'lawed by fair wealhor, Blight
ly w armor.
For Arinruas.Rf Morally fair weather.
For Mimtvvpi and Teimewr: lxal
raiitf, followed by (air weather; ilighlly
tmrtrwr; rurtaMr wind.
For Louiriana, Texa and rJ-anwti :
OnuTlly fair wrathtr; ttatiimary temper
ature; variable u-intU, generally southerly.
MMooroloiflcal atoftart.
M.HPHtg, Turn., Juiy 14, 18M.
7:00 .m
I.t rain
11 :00 a.m.1
8KKI p.m
7 :00 p.m
10:00 p.m.
Maximum tomperatiint, 84.
Minimum temperature, r.
Otsnfl, 11 a m., 1.
Laiafall, 0.21
la la i'ottoa Kaa-loa.
Signal Birticb, U. 8. Abmt,
July 14, 1888-0 p.m.
IVrviaioD oi U)lenraitn and report (or
the benefit oi commerce and aKrlnnl
tara. Cotton region bulletin lor the
twenty-Ionr houra ending July Ditli, at
b o'ciock p.m.
"Bar. Tlier. WhuT
29 851 76.0 BW.
L'9.802 74.0 H.
L1 HT7 M.O H.W.
211.845 82 0 W.
2!).8!H1 77 0 N.W.
Memphis.. 84 72 .21
Hesbvllle H3 73 .10
Grand Junction... 02 07 .f t)
Oorintti 03 (it) .00
Tuseombia 93 08 .
Decatnr 01 07 .00
feottoboro 05 71 .00
liateerille 8 73 .18
Hernandj 01 00 .20
Grenada 02 00 .13
Arlington 04 Ot) .03
Brownsville........ 03 71 .31)
Milan.. 05 74 .(H)
Paris.. 2 05 .00
OoTington... 02 71 .Id
Dversbnrg.. 04 72 .11
Bolivar 01 07 .30
Holly Hprings 02 0(1 .(H)
Oxford 03 72 .20
8nme 173!) 131!) 3.2
Mmuis 02 (it) .17
1 JF"S 5 w
DU.TB.CTa, bb &
a a a a r.
Wilmington 00 72 .18
Obarleoton Hit 70 .07
IngtwU. IK) 72 .
Savannah !H) 73 .00
aUanta. W 71 .03
Montgomery 88 70 .(3
HobiTe 02 71 .00
New Orleans. 02 70 .01
GalvBHton 04 71 CO
Virksbnrg til 73 .
Little Koek 05 70 .
Memphis 02 tit) .17
Pnms... 1002 852 1.24
Manna 01 71 .10
Comparative Wrrkly llalufrtll,
Tbc following is the minfa 1 iu the
. cotton belt region ;
Wrrlc Ending
South Atl.n'io S'.aUs.,
10, 'Ki.
...1 28
Julv- t'.'Hll
1 !K)
K4t Onlf K n'e
West ulf States
Ohio Valley and Tenn.
Average for Di.it
Kur Tennessee alone
: Knoxvd'.d
0 8S
..1.17 0.02
the iiiiKMint in
.1 00
3 7D
0 31)
1 ?A
Average for Tenn 2.14
Kalalnll In 4'wln B.H tor
Kaillaai July l. lion.
Aiiue'a, Ga
CanrHwton, O
Cnaillutto, X. C
Jackronville. Fla
Kavanrh, (?a
t-'irii'.hvillr, N. O
A'Jama, ia
Mr ntg"mery, Ala
1 30
5 22
1 11
3 OS
1 17
2 31
0 (!
I n aco) i, Ma
V:rkibnr, AliB
Nt'W O 4!l H, I.U.t.r.
CitlJ K'vb, Fls
Mobile, Ala 1.03
Fvt Sraitb. Ark
GalvestoD, TeiM... 0.34
Indianola, lex 0.01
Palestine, lx 09
S breve port, La 0 54
Cbattanoojrt, Tenn 0 71
Indi.nipo'ii, Ind 0 48
Knox vi lie, Tenn 3 70
Lonisville, Ky 0 01
Memphis, Tenn 0.48
Naphville,Tenn 0.31)
Columbui, 0 0 02
Tiiree weeks to the election.
The police bad Vf ry liitls to do.
The Irieh Homo Kule picnic M as a
big succers.
The Conrthoug3 was almost de
terled yes'erdey.
The local demand for brick U
groiter than the supply.
8. 1, Morris, a cr driver, ws fioed
t3 50 yesterday fnr crutl'y to animals.
Tho toboggan drew another b g
crowd l.H', evening, and tbe firewor-s
were trea'ly enjoyed by the ladies
and children.
In the Probate Conrt yesterday
E. E. Meacbam was appointed guar
dian nl Charles Mm ray. It. Kapfor
schmidt was appointed guardian cf
John and Henry Mentges.
Munsford can now famish hi
trade with lfoctor Claudiu and Mr.
Inaact, by Marion Orawlord, In cheap
edition. The firtt in the trade to re
ceive them: also Puck on Wbeelt. A
very large line of clietp reading can
bo obtained from Maotford at all
The transfer aye'em of the Citl
kods Street Kailroad Company is a
good thing, but it would be much
more rat'sfictory if ti e man who is
Htntioned at tho comer of Hecond and
Madison streets wore a uniform. A
good deal of annoyance and iu con
venience would hi raved if the trans
fur btiMceBS was reduced to a bet'er
In tho Folic Couit yesterday Jack
Ntrall and J. WatBon were fined $25
and $10 ieBicctively for lighting; Oiih
sie 8tokcs, a tough young negro girl,
was fined to for being dieorder y and
rrning profane language; Thos. Wil
liams, for being drunk and disorderly,
was fined $5; Geo. Kiihn, rhargd
with disorderly condui t, was fined $5:
Tom Dalton und John Katmir, trs
pasa and disorderly, were fioed $2
apiece; Wm. Peigin, for being drank
and disorderly, was fined $25.
Sole Agents for Horace U. Kelly
Co.'i Key West Cigars.
Tlie trade supplied at Now York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on hand at the following sUnds con
trolled by us: Gayoso Hotel stand,
Peabody Hotel stand and 310 Main
street. Fresh shipments received
weokly. i. samklson a co.
Gkn. Frank P. Mohchkad fs at the
D. Lanckknau will spend the sum
mer at Pre ilen, lenn.
Sam II.CowAKDand family have g me
to Morehead City, N.U.
Joun Waynkhhubo will beat Iuka
Kpringj the next month.
J. M. ltiLLurs, lessre cf the Corona
Coal Mines, is in the ity.
FicRniNANi) Bkiiry leave! for Colo
rado today to be absent a month.
Mas. W. T. Kdtlani) loft yesterday
for Bolls Depot to spend a few weeks.
Coi.. Nathan Gkeoory, of Augusta,
Ark., is stopping at tbe Gayoeo Hotel.
D. D. Dknton and Mine C. II, Den
ton, of Hpringfield, Mo., are at the
Gayuso Hotel.
Mrh. H. B. Howill lenvei the city
for a month's stay at Kliea Hpricgs
tbia evening.
Mrs. W. M. Randolph will be at
Waukesha, Wis., duiing the balance
cf the summer.
Dr. O. W. MidRAwan-l wife left
Tuesilay evening last for Boston, New
York and other iutstern cities.
Mrs. II. K. Boycs. Mh. Kate Ad
ams and Mlas Alios Adams, of Clarks
dtle, Mine., are stopping a', tbo Gaycs)
T. B. Mh jc, who Is a candidate for
rrouite Judge, was ar.ninu town coa-
alderablv yrstordaT. Ho Is one in
whom all have confidence, both as to
legal ability and neismal worth. If
nominated he will be elected and givd
Amoko the candid.tts before the
convention todav no one Is moie da'
serving cf support or who will brirg
more strepgin to the ticket tluu
Jurtleel'. M. Winters for the f ill e ot
Connly Court Clerk. Mr. Winters
has dons mere w irk, perhapa, than
ony o'hir man in tho county for Irs
party, and his record as a man and a
Democrat is without a blemish. Tie
c ntrntinn could n t do better than
to give Mr. Wiiitets what be dowrves
a solid vie (or the cilice 1 r wlitcli
be ii a candidate, and for wh eh he is
in every way o 'alitlel. In iIiim linn
(ring Mr. Winters, the d--lega'e
would only honor th, ntfolves atd the.
party which t ey repro-ent
J. W. Uops and wifn ti Kato VV
Hairirgton, w st 45 feet of lot 20,
lilm-k L'ft roil lb side Ca houn strott
45a 1 70 Net. for 10)5.
J. 1. Meux to J. B Helakell, eaet
one-lia ! uf lot No 2tt, sou h si.le Uen
irl avenue, contiing 0 air. b, foi
f ISO.
M. H. Chapaky and wife to Will'am
ley irr, lot 11, A. o. i rown s buiihi
vimuu, 5xl48 feet, north side Jau'
nette atrne'. for J250.
Win. Taylor and wife t C. F Reder,
tnis'oa, lo secuie M. 8. Ctiapaky In
the Mini of $'.'00, same propo ty im Ust
Eiinliet1! L. T.rpn to Ann;e J.
Hiiike, lota 4 and ft, K iaabuth Topp'
siibiliviHion, routa side Buale aite.'t,
lnr$l!)S7 50.
Jihn Fiitss and vtifa to 0. N. G on
venor, tniitee, lo secure dirks' Bni'd
leg and Savings Aaocit.t o'l in ti e
Bum o( JSOO. 4(1 f et Iront cfT of 'he
weet aide ot lot 37, li Hill rd sun
vieion. norlh s do of B ad'i rd atr, e-
CornolliH T. 0 K.ofo to Mtt e K
l.awrm.ce. lot 14. h ock 0, nitli s d of
AUbama street, 25x110 leet, f r I5i)
Ma tie K 1 aiirnrice to Job Jon
at)n, jr.. to s cure J. hn Job wt n
guardian, in the sum of $407, h t 14,
hi ek 0. rnrlh Hide. Alabama s rtet
Wm. M. M.Feiriu t Mrs. M. J
winnHiin, lj a ns in it o tiwn of Col
lieivi If for love a' d a fleet ion.
A.J.Hi lrnyd and wile lo Charlee
N.l (iroave'or, titnt.e, to recti rn tie
Clerks' Build i c and S.vin Assoeia
t on in the H'lin of .000 I'd 100 o! ti e
1'rov im siilidivso '. 50x150 feet,
eonth lido Ala on sine'.
N. V. S,ier. ir.. end wif o Huns
dun Cnrv. triiNie--. 'o s cr Maitiu
tiiilliu in h- an n of 120l)0).
The latter are ranch smght afcer,
and are veiy force. Conm
soon if you W'sh to git choice.
Prices, 12J3, 15c and 18c.
Our buainess hours during tbe
Bummer months are
From 8 a.m. to 0 p.m.
Every working day, including
Tbe attention of ladies and gentle
men is respectfully called to
our superb selections of
Gauze k Light Weight Underwear
Hosiery and Famishing; Goods.
500 dozen regu'ar made, ingrain
color, ladies', mi see,' and chil
dren's Hosiory
At 25c a Pair 25c.
Extra good quality, superior in
make, coior and finish.
Oetrlch Feathers, 3 in a bunch,
for $1 50 or 50c each tally
worth $) 00. We have too
100 di im ladies' and misses' Shade
Hats at 18c eaib. Everyone
knows their value. Come early
and get choice.
N. B Sals of Jersey Silk Mit's
and Silk Lace Miits will be con
tinued today. Should yon need
mlits, now is the time to bny.
Stock la complete and prices are
certainly lower tban ever before.
19 Cents for A'l Bilk Lace Mitts!
Solid Silverware at Mnlford'a
Pit. Ykllowbtonb Kit will shortly
termina'o bisitay in this city, having
engag-ineots in the WcBt that require
Irs early attention.
Aim oitt Unman!
Th? National Cath lieaUter. A mar
velous feat nf mechamtm, on exhibi
tion at the Palatini C gar and Tobacco
Emporium cf oimelaon A Co , 310
Min ftrei t. This wonderful mechan
ical achievement reglrtsrs automatical
ly, accurately, indelibly and perpetu
ally cish or credit sales, value and
amount unlimited. The machine
rover runs down; new acto nts
opened by resetting; tales cnmpuuJ
at will; against losses an atriolute
protection, or positive detection. Busi
ness men. esp daily retai era, should
see the maabine ope-ated General
Agent U. 8. Herbert, in charge, wii;
furnish all Information wanted. An
gancv tor this machine is opened at
No. 204 Second street.
It. LO WENSTEIW at IlltOg.'
(lose Promptly on Saturdays at
1 O'clock p. m.
Our patrons will please bear the
abo-e f jet in mind and try to ar
rings their shopping hours accord
ingly. II. I.OWEX&TEIN at II HON.
Go out tit icht to tho bluff and fee
tho Jaos nrrierin and the great cou-
tJitioniet contort.
Order".,rliillord Made Medal."
Ua to KnllrtlK Ijaaomnrailno lor
fnnr alamlliiic nnil Uaal'ltllua
l'or Kale.
W A Kaim. r,7 TTniiin ulr.'et. has
jimt received several li ads improved
IP . .......... .....I l.m.n. & n li . J 1
T zas ma'cs and
mmy pro broke
S. Levy
lathe o'd reliable trunk manufacturer
,.f tliH a mth, where a'l good work can
lie Liu d at low prices, and repairing
done without delay at No. 318 Main
street, opposite I't-aiiouy noiei.
Owing t ) change of gauge we are now
prepared to coutraet for present or
luluro ui livery oi Aiaoama spnni, cuai
at reduced lates.
Wo sic a tborty.id to announce
Henry P. Hifgnn as a candidate foi
he ollli-e of Ci euu Cmrt (ilerk, sub
j ct to the action cf the lemoerat o
U. W. WlHer A Co.,
ra'en Aae'tos Fire Traof Koofers,
Kor duralii itv. Kqna'ed by none.
I's 'd on wood, tin, ir n, f lt and
niavel r it fi. C5 Madison sireet.
Wait MallKclvoA Ljacoruaralao to dn
yonr f lauablna.
. -p .
MuKord, Jeweler, 24 Mala, so-
IICIU oroerH iront inn miimi j,
Atliloo to Mother.
Mnt. V.inslow's bontlung inip
houlil always Ire tised when chil Iten
are cutting UHth. H relieves tbe l ttlu
aufterers at once; it produces natural.
Utiiet sleep by relieving tbe child
from rain, and the little eberuh
awakes aa "bright as a button." It is
verv pleasant to (ante. It soothes tho
cbif.l, softens the gums, allays all
nuin, relieves wind, regulats the
dowels, and in the best known remedy
for diiirrhtra, whether arising from
teet1 ing or other causes. Twenty
rive cents a bottle.
Taa Iti Gayaaa.
Paoraiaroaa. ,
Kato., 12 SO to S4 par day, according to leoa-
tioo of room..
RRMoBt.om.ry.Tenn J 8 Bator, III
LCbchetj.NY K N Temple, Va
I C Uaka ir. Va S N Franklin, Va
A Burton a w, T.ia. C T traitor, Ark
NT Cox, Md T Downey. Mo
O T Konkwell, Mo Mn N K Uovc, Mia.
Mn Katt Adaiiia, Mill Mill A Adamx, Mia.
T A Bir.iall, Miaa J K i'ritcholl, Miia
G N McKaaen, Mill P Laiham, Taon
h K Bryant, Mo T B Wing, Ky
L t) Jobnaon, Tonn C K Hmiih, 'lenn
L II Gordon, Mo A M J, bnfon, N Y
W LJonaa, Todd M M Siinpion, Tenn
CT l.ewil. Mi-a T U Collier, Ohio
L 8 Woodion, (ihlo T 1 Si hujler. Tenn
J T Faruaaon, Tenn J E Moore, Tenn
J II Fruin, Wilt a J H Chnaliun. Conn
J L Hohinaon, U J K DO Dentoo, .Mo
Miaa C II Denton, Mo II T Hair aa. Mo
N Omirory, Ark K P Terapln, Ark
A L Dinkor, Ohio X (1 Harlow, Ohio
W B llaynai, Ala L B Perkini, Ala
J B Blaydea, Mian T J lUokin, Miaa
C T Hnotawood, Mini K E Criraiuan, l.nn
I, R llolinei, Ark T T Evani, Kv.
KiMion'a Hotel.
W. II. BINGHAM Maiuoin.
Enropean plan. Knlurged and refurnubea.
Prioea Mcnrdin. to lite and loca
tion of roomi.
W K Orabam, Mo 11 L Ferguson, Ark
G K Htevana. Arg
II H Julian, Ark
J K KdwarUa. Mil.
A llerrlin., Ark
W Howdy, Tenn
J P Canaan, Taun
N M'raub, Ark
J II Uobicn, Ark
II B Pine, Tenn
H L Coi-kiolt, Tenn
w i btubba,
h Franklin, Lai
W C Strickland. Tenn 6 ""niRouior., Tenn
II 0 Kainai. Tenn 3 Brinkley, Tenn
WPWeit, Mia. EJkxiili, Ark
II Egbert, 111 W C Willi, Tenn
D W Miller, Mill M Gavin, Ark
I N flnowden, Ark C H Witr, Tenn
J O Brantley, Tenn Mill M Watinn, Tenn
Tl) Culberi.cn, Ark H M Underbill, Ark
Mn HtevenaAf, Ark Mill A Steveni.
MaitarSteven. W 8 Kiipnin. Tenn
Tom Ilauinan, Tenn Mn M L Berry, Miaa
Weat liarrii. Ark J T Sweoringon, Tel
A L Bwcorinsn,Tix Miaa A Strong, Tea
J R Clemati.. Tea R E I, Wilion. Ark
FT. John. on, Tex F Manalield, Mo
J M Crew., Tenn ti W Cooly, Tenn
T EConklin.Cal 'U MoOartyAw, Tex
Mr. AW biuiley, Mill Min Wiliiama, Misi
F A Payion, Mill W Pratt. Ark
John Pratt, Ark B J Mcl'eak, Mim
A M Maryr, T-" C W Edwards, Tenn
W llj .ViUon, Tenn
Imtboljr Hotel.
C. B. SAM.0WAY & CO PanraiKTOB.
Batei 12 60 and S3 per day, according; to
iia and looation of room Bpeoial
ratal made.
J R Pcudder, Ala T B TrcievantAw.Ten
J W Walker Aw,Tenn W 1 Hula ttw, Ark
K Vaoifhn, Ark Mri Pieron. Ark
J l Andenon, Ala Ike David, hy
W B Perkins, jHam C Harrington, Tenn
A L PorrymaB; Tenn W 0 Andrews, Ky
H Dobbin. N i J B.iuin, K Y
Q D Kvat.i, Mini F Koehn, III
() H Morrow, Tetn II L Kchleainaer, N Y
IOnpanhaimar.N Y AT Waller, Ark
CFlinicn, Uwmany J L Alcorn cw, Mill
C 8 Baker, Mo AT Torian, Mo
J A Town a Af, Mill F Fuller. N Y
R F Miller Aa, Min J Marx, M V
M Mortwethar, Tenn S Vngen, Tenn
J M Andorean.lenn M B Ua'ei, Tenn
J M Greer, Tena R B Reed, Tenn
II MoComb, Tent J Orgill, Tenn
J M Smith, Tena WM Randolph, Tann
Geo Randolph, Tenn Ed Randolph, Tenn
Wm Orgill, Term ABThomaa.Ga ;
K A Paiamora, Cl W C Baird, Tenn
K R Thomaa, T.nn; C W Hendrlck, Ky
h White, Ky B Hen Aw, Ky
N W Bantiat, Tenn K Morrow, Miaa
Annie Wilion, fta IK Kd wards, La
V Mehle, La A Mehla, La
M D liowell. M OB liarrii, Onio
T Barnatt, Ky V Tatum, Ky
H II Mnilnnk. Kv J B Wllliami. La
W B Moore, 'em W Lawrence, T.nn
w j Anaenon, xenn
DaHy'i Karopean Hotel,
Corner of Adam, and Main itreeti. Room.,
BOo, 75o and 51 per day : American flan,
Wl par day.
Flrat-nlaai Reitaurant in the Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY (10 yean with Peabody Hotel)
W C Greer. Tonn
W B Adarai, Mo
A L Adami. Ho
TL Hull, Ten
M M Aruatoiid. N C
W H Dunn, Ark
II C Cme. Tern
W COirranl, Tex
P L Mayner, Tenn
R M Tatnul, lnd
ii 1. CmtA. Turin
W W Ragan, Ark
C 0 Wildman, Mo R 11 Meofnrlaid, Pa
J I, Malone A w.Ark Mra Hardemat, Ark
RCAabley.Pa if Murpny, lean
M T Merchant, Tnn J H Snyder, N 0
A P Rniley, Tenn R K Black, Torn
W H llinnk. Tnn C M Blank. Tent
jllWilliaina.jr. Tenn 0 A Loaaeen, (a
.1 F Rhodes. Ark S B Stewart, Turn
J K Stool, Ky J T Ualoomb A v.Tex
PUeeney, lonn u v ora. Ara
A A Martin, Tenn ,.'f L Bingham, Torn
r n Kieaar, ivy
Db. O. D.' Smith, Veterinary fur-
geon, No. 61 Monroe street,,
P. M. Stanlky, funeral director and
emba'mer, 65 Madison street. 1
Da. 8. J. Bell, ve'erinary surgeon,
No. 878 Main street, at hdwardag
Bkc adverlUrment of R. J. Bltcke
& Co , oiierlng for sale hcusa on Adams
Cliab Watkr hot and co'd batbs,
25c, at the Turkish Batbhonse, No.
222 Hecond street, near Adams,
Miks Lbwkllyn will take pnpila in
elocution during the .summer
Dalrarte method. Call it No. 89
Adams stn et.
Fitio J. Warnkr, of Birt'ett, an
nouncoa himself a candidate for Clerk
of the Circuit Court, cubjfet to the
action of the Democratic Cjnvcntioo.
Tni Herbal Chill Core, the best
tonioand anti-poriodlo known. A certain
and aura cure tor chilli. Price II per bot
tle. Mend itttuip. (or ilroulari. Any ref
erence irlxon. Addratf Jobs 0. Kicker,
Lynnhbera. Va.
Ik yon suffer from looseness of the
bowilH, AngOctura Bitters will errely
core you. Beware of counterfe iB nod
ask your grocer or diuggiHt for tbe
genuine aiticle, prepared by Dr. J.G.
B. Kiegcit ASons.
Tiik weather permitting, tbe la lies
of the Central Hip tilt Church will
have a ni dimmer night pirly to
n;gl.t at the re idence ol Mrs. Turley,
corner of Linden and W.llington. Re.
frcshments 25 cent, adui'es on fr.e.
J. II. Manir Informs m that be is
nrepa'od to take a few mare boarding
iiories We would advlfe those bav
Imr flno horses and want them well
cared for to prroureone of those large,
roomy b"x siallt at once, wuereyour
horses will not be tied up by tie bal-
tr, and can lie down at niihtt) rest
Mr. Manor uss the best feed tte mar
ket affords, end employs tte best
BTComtmen. Us also turns ur the
bast livery rigs iu the city. Mr. V. B.
Domintco. his bookkeeper aid able
assistant, would like to rave bis
friends give him a call at tin .tables,
No. 68 to 74 Monroe trr at.
Fine Watch renalrinir at Malford'g.
Kvry sufferer frjm malarial trou
bles should at once proeuie aie of Dr.
Yellowstone Kit's liver paa. They
never fail ti atrorrlre'lel.
Cincinnati, Joly 14. Vght River
i:i feet 1 inch on the gug. Weather
cloudy and cooler. Deptrtod: Buck
eye Bute, Memphis.
Lopisviu.i, July 14. Night River
riling, w'th (1 feet 11 ilehts in the
canaland 4 feet 0 inchei on the falle.
HuRiness dull. Wentfcr clear and
Kr. Ix)Cis, July H Night River
fa'ran 1 inch, and manils 11 feet 7
iniheaon the gauge. Weather clear
and cooler. Arrived! City of Provi
dence, Vicksburg. Departed: II ud
son, Ohio river; lily of New Orleans,
NwOrleana ; Jowph Walton, Cairo.
Cairo, July 14-Night-River 20 feet
8 inches cn tfco gangs and fal ing.
Ve ather clonJyand warm. Arrived:
iar), sbsrve, st noin; Minnetonka,
elow, 6 p.m. ; R S. Ilayee, New Or
Vans, ( p m. Deparled: Pearl, St.
Louis. 1 p.m.; Minnetonka, St. Louis,
fi p m.
Saddles Harness Collars
t&- SPECIAL PRICES k Railroad am. levee Pontractorg for Wagon, Scrapsr and Cart Harness. &r
IIo Played Baseball
His Home linn Hit Captared
the Heart of an Heiress.
It wai a etoia aad axcitina rame. Eiht
Inning! had baanplayaJ, and the teore itood
a tie. Mamphla bad ratired iti opponent la
the ninth Inninc without loorina. Memphli
wai at the bat. Two men were oat. Two
trikei had been called upon the man at the
bat. The next ball pitched came itralgM
toward him. Then It took a Hidden curve,
lie iwung hia bat Would he rubra It? The
excitement wai painful. There wai a quick,
hortitroke. Ah I he hai hit the ball. Away
high in the air it laili. See, the center
fielder ii chaaing it. The ipeotatori hold
their breath. Suddenly tbere ii one tumul
tuoui ihout. The ball hai tone far over the
head of the Bolder, who ii ohaiint it.
Around the basei ipeedi the batter. lie
touohea the home plate and the victory i
won. Bouquet! are ihowered upon him.
He looki upju't in time to lee a lovely girl
take a bunch of roiei and throw them at hia
feet. Aa he gracefully picai them up their
eyei meet. A humble baie ball player has
captured a rich heireil.
"do'ihe laya to him two weeki later,
"go to tbe Misfit Clothing Phrlon, 2C2 Sec
ond itreet, and order your wedding lult.""
Bhe waa rich in common tenia aa well ai
If you want the but of clothing for the
least money, come to tha Miiflt Clothing
Parlors, 262 Second itreet, opposite Court
Extra Attractions for Summer
Great Kcdnetloaa la Nolls,
Vreat Bodnellone la Paara.
The beat clothing In the world for really
lets than othera aik for poor ready-made gar
monte. Thli la why It pail to buy at tha
Mist Clothing Parlors,
262 Second Street,
Opposite t'onrt Sqaare Dfenaptalf.
war Per 30 dayi the entire itock of Fine
Custom Clothing will be mid at a tremendoue
B" All alterationi to insure aperfeot fit,
done free of charge
a-CPITAL PKIZE, S7S.000.-ca
Tickets only irt. Mliatea In
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
11 W do Kerebu Certify that we mipervvKi (A
armnmmtnt for all the Monthly and yuur
terly brawinff oftht hoana dUtU Lottery
CuMpaNV. om tn perton manage and control
th JJratzinff tkemlvei, and that th tam
ar conducted witkkone$tvt faimem and in
good faith toward all parties, and m autKori4
th (hmpanv to t thU oertiieaU with Jae
timiles of our tionatur attached, in He ad
vrHement. Commlaaloaera.
We, Ihe undrrngned, Bankt and Banktn,
mill pat all Print drawn in Th Louisiana
Statt Lofaria ukich may 6a prmnttd at out
t. H.OOLKSBT.Prei. Im. Hat'I Bank.
J.W.KII.BBETH,Prf.fltate Wal'I Bk
A. B4LDWIII, Prea. H. O. Hat. Bk.
Iacorporated In 1868 for twenty-lve yean
by the Legialatdre for Educational and
Coaritable purpoiea with a oapltal of II,
000,000 to which a reaerve fund of OTar650,
000 haa aince been added.
By an overwhelming popular vote tta
franchise wai made a part of the present State
Constitution, adopted December 2d, A.D.
Tk only LolUry twr eolad on and indori
by (Aa people or" any Slat.
It nemr oal or pottpon.
Ita Srand Nlnclai NaiaDar Wrawlufjni
takar pl monlhly, and llin Ki
traorallnnry UrawInK rolarly
ry three innnih inafatatl of Keml
AnnnallT aa hprotnfAr.
Augnat 10,l8)tt-19Sn Monthly Draw
ing. CAPITAL PKIZE, 875,00(1.
10,000 Tloknla at Five nollaraEarh
I'raellona, la Flftlia, la
1 CapWal priie m ....I 75,000
1 Capital priie 2f0OO
1 Capital prise . 10,1X0
2 Pnaei oJfiOHO - 12.00
5 Priiea of 2Ol)0......-. 10,01 0
10 Priteiof 1110 10,0(0
20Priieioi Mill 10,0
100 Priieiol !) 20.010
310 Priieiof 100 - - 80,0
5iK) Priieiof 50... 2.0l0
lOJOPrliesof 2f.... v.;; 85,0(0
Approximation priiei of 7.'h) 6.7N)
8 Approximation priieiof MX1..... 4,500
8 Approximation priaeJof 250 2.250
1967 Priiei, amounting to tM.KO
Application for ratal to clubi ihould be
made onlrtothe orfioe of the Company at
llew Orleam, , ....
For further Information write clearly,
giving full adiiresi. PON l"AI. NOT KM, Kx
pren Monej Orden, or Now York Exchange
In ordinary letter. Correnoy by Expreia lal
ouraxpeme). dreiwd nATr
aifiw Orlana,la.
Or XI. A. na.1 PHIW,
Haitilna:a. I. C.
or at Wmi 1 oarl rat., Memphle, Tnn
JltakA P. 0. Money Onlerg payable
and addrcHs Registered Letters to
Wear Orlaana. 1 a.
J. F. 1I0LST & BR0.
(sl'a tsSOBS TO O. H. B0L8T BBO.
Funeral Directors,
A Fit LL and complete Itot k of Wood and
Metallic Oaaai and Oasr.e.1, Cloth-Covered
Caaketaand Burial Hobea alwarirn
hand. aarOrdan by Ul.rrarh pmoiptiy
la on flloln Phlladrlnhla
I At Ihe N-wa(w,(H.r Ailvrr
? iiOmb Am-nry ot MoNara.
N. W. A V KR A SON. vur auUiurUcd atfvut
. F.
James M. Ooodbar ) Wm. Im Clark Enaxona J. Varrlna-taa I rrank O. Jotraa
CBjavtaVkallaalxoc. lOQO.
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
WE offer to MERCHANT ON I.T the rgeat and belt atoch of Booti and Sheet w
havo erer brought to-Sbii market, and which cajnot be a or raised in quality aad
itylei by any home in tbia or nay other city. In addition to a complete liae of Eaatara
made gooda, including the OCLrBKal'Kll BOOOUAR afe CO. ItkottANN.wehiandaa
a large and leleot Hook of Custom-made Gooda tx Men, Women, Miiaet and Children. We
carry a number of tbe beat makei in the country, in everv variety and itylo, and among
themtthe well known Men'i Calf boota and Shoes manufaotared by Geo, Hooker for oar
Spring Trade. M e alio carry a choice line of Ladiea' and Mines' Cuitom Kid, Goat ana
Calf Goods, manufactured by Krippendorf, Dittman A Co. We invite the trade to examina
our stock before buying elsewhere, and we guarantee everything we sell to give satisfaction.
for Nherlir.
THE recent Republican Convention lint In
dorsed mi ai a candidate lor Sheriff with
out any pledget or commitment on my part.
While I appreciate tbe unioli ited o mpli
ment paid me as a publio iflicer, I hereby
announce myielf a candidate fog Sheriff,
lubjeot to the action of tbe Democratic Con
vention, and will suppirt iti nominees.
Far Jadge of tha Criminal Conrt.
TO the Voters of Shelby County-I n
nounce mvelf a candidate for ra elec
tion to the office ol Judge of the Criminal
Court. I hare made no eanvaii. aad lhall
tae no part in the selection of delcaies.
My reoord is before the people for their ap.
Jroval or diiapproval. upon this I Hand,
a), al I feel grateful for a renewal ot your
oonfldence. My candidacy ii lubjeettothe
action of the Democratic convention.
A. H. DtrUdLASS.
For Jadge of the Criminal Conrt.
MESSRS. Kapoleon Bill, Henry J. Lynn,
John W. Dillard. II. M. Neely, W. D.
Betho , R. G. Craig ACo..(i.V. Uambaut.
A. L. Lowenatein, J. S. Menkes and othera
In reiponie to your call upon me to be
come a candidate for the office of Criminal
Court Judge of Shelby county, with sincere
thankl lor your kindnen and oourteiy, I
hereby announce myaelf as a oandidate for
the poiition, subject to the action of tha
Democratic oonvention LAMBETH.
' Clerk af tba Criminal Conrt.
WE are authorised to announce R. 8.
CAPERS (for twenty-one yean Dep
uty) ai a candidate for Clerk of the Criminal
Court of Shelby county, lubjeot to the Dem
ooratio Convention.
WE are authorised to annonnoo D ABJEY
W. COLI.IEKai a candidate lor Clerk
ef the Criminal Court of Shelby county,
aubieol to the Democratic Convention.
Connly Court Clerk.
THE AprrtAL is authorised to annoance P.
M. WINTERS as a candidate for Coun
ty Court Clera, aubjeet to tie action of the
Democratic Convention.
WE are authorised to announce that
RICHARD A. ODLUM Is a oandidate
for County Court Clerk, subject to the action
of the Demooratio Convention.
VTTE are anthorised to announce P. J.
W QUIGLbY aa a candidate for Clerk of
the County Court, suhjeot to tbe aotion ol
the Shelby County Demooratio Convention.
Judge of the Probate Conrt,
TO My Fellow-Citisens of Shelby County
Fearing that my circular announcing
my candidacy for Probate Judge may have
failed to reach many of you, I take this
method alio of announcing myarlf a candi
date for that office, lubject to the action of
the approaching Democratic County Con
vention, and reipectfully aik your kind sup
port in my behalf. I have the honor to be
your obeaient tervant, T. B. M1C0U.
l T E are authorised to announce J. P.
YY YOUNI as a oandidate for the offloe
of Judge of the Probate Court, subject to the
action of tha County Democratic Convention.
For Trustee.
WE are authorised to announce JOHN
M. BRADLEY as a oandidate for
Trustee ot Shelby oounty at the ensuing
Anguit election, lublect to the action of the
Demooratio Convention.
WE are anthorised to announce AN
DREW J. HARRIS ai a candidate for
re-election to the office of County Truatee,
subieot to the aotion of the Demooratio Con
vention. THE Appeal is authorised to announce Mr.
N. F. LEMASTER aa a oandidate for
the office of Truatee of Shelby county, sub
ieot to the action of tha Demooratio Conven
tion. For Attorney-Oeneral.
WE are anthorised to announoe GK0RGB
B. PETERS, Ja., aa a candidate for
the office of Attorney-General, aubiect to tha
aotion of the Demooratio Convention.
THE A npenlis authorised to announces.
D. WKAKLEY ai a candidate for Attorney-General,
lubjeot to the Demooratio Con
vention. For Realaler.
npo the Voters of Shelby County and My
X Friends I hereby announoe myself lor
the second time a candidate for the office of
County Register, subject to the Demooratio
Convention. I am poor and need the oflice.
Feeling that my past lerviceasa servuntof
the people has givon tatiifaction, and that I
an come before the people and aak their
uffragna and aupport for County Register, I
am, reipeotfully, JOHN A. POWKU.
WE are authorised to announce N. F.
(BUNK) HARHISON aa a oandidate
for Regiater, subject to the aotion of the
Demooratio County Convention.
THE Appeal Is authorised to announce
JOHN F. MoOALLUM aa a oandidate
for Register, sui.Ject to the aotion of the
Demooratio Convention.
THE nnderiigned announce! that he tl a
oandidate lor Regiater, and aaki the
upport ol the voteri of Shelby county. If
elected, will endeavor to give iatiifiction in
the diacharge of the dutieiof the office, and
Blaoei hia olaiina lubject to the action oif the
ounty Demooratio Convention
Memphis. March itB, 188S.
2 A. norj.lLAS. of H"-riIle. Tenn., Is a
D. candidate for K KG ltTKR, lubject to the
action of the Drmooautio Convention.
WE are nnthor'tod to announce E. A.
ElMONiS0N a. a candidate for
County Register, aubjeet to the action of the
Democratic Convention.
THE Appeal ! authoriied to announce
J"HN W. GOULD as a candidate for
the oflice ol Regiater, lubject to the action of
the Demooratio Convention.
Jadge nf ihe Cirenll Conrt.
WM. S. FLIPP1N ia a candidate for Cir
cuit Judge of Shelby County, lubject
to the action of a Democratic Convention.
We are authorised to announce L. II. ES
TES, JR., ai a candidate for Judge of the
Circuit Court, aubjeet to the aotion of the
Demooratio Convention.
JAMES L. HOODI.OK will be a candidate,
before the Deinocrati' Convention, tor
nomination to the office of Judge of the Cir
cuit Court i and. If defeated, will support
the luooeaiful nominee.
We are authorised to a-ronnoe that JOHN
JOHNSTON is a rand dto for Judge of the
Circuit Court of Shelby County, aubjeet to
action of the DemocrM-c Convention.
VerClrrnil Conrt Clerk.
WE are authorsed to annonnce Mr.
date for Circuit Court Clera., aubjeet to the
cation of the Democratic Convention.
WK are authorized to announce the can
didacy of DAN SCUI.OSS for Ihe office
of Circuit Court Clerk, uhjert to tho act. on
of the Democratic Convemon.
MEYEIi, ieo'w and reaa.
Deviled Crake,. Shrimp,.
Salmon, Fresli Can tlackerelv
Nardlnea, Lobaters,
Brook Tront, Oyatere,.
Mackerel In Temale tiatsap,
Sweet Staffed PI rh !,.
Soar Pickles by tbe sal. and Injare,
Pickled Onlone, Hot Bwlleh,
Wooaler Sance, loruato Catsup.
Capers, Huatard, Carry Powder,
Salad Sresalns;, Olives, Olive Oily
Cream' Cheese, Celery Snuee,
Celery Salt, Kle , Ble..
Importers aad dealera In CUaaa, Amma
nlUonand Plshlne; Tackle, Builders'
Hardware, Meetrle Bella and Aa
nnnelatoraiorHoteli and Reaidenoeg,S6
Haln street, Hemptals, Tenn. Hleotrle
luppliei alwayi on hand. Repair) rug neatly
Boiler Works.
SHEA ft MCCARTHY, Propr's,
140, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
in the South, and the only complete
Boiler and 8'inet-Iron Works In theoity.
Manufacturer of heavy Plate Iron
work or every description. Special
attention Uvea torilantation work.
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers.
218 Mala St., Memphis, Teni
Lacroix'8 Mineral Colors,
Artists' Materials,
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealet In
Bans, Flshlnar TaMikle and Sports
men's supplies, ww Bpeoial attention
413 Main Nt., Memphis. Tenii
Huns, Ammnnltion, FlBblng Tackle
and Bane-Hall Hoods.
034 Malu Street, Memphis, Tenn)
Manufacturing and Repairing of Ouni a
0F MUSIC Boston, Mass,
WORLD ltWInatTOftori.aiNttSttKJfntsliit Kir, Thor
ourH iiiiiruction In Vocslana I rutin mental MuV, 1'ianoaB
OrRan Tuning, Fin Am, Orator?, Literature, French, Ge
nan and Italian Lantruajtea, Enjilliri lirartrhpi,"iymnatici
etc Tuition, fA to $JOihrd and room with Hteam II eat am
EIrtrtcla1St,4rto75pertenn. Full Term net-in Hep.
temberSJrW. for Illurtrated Calendar, with ftill informatiiM
fXklrew, E.TOUKJKB, Dir., Franklin 8q.t IrOfeTuN, Maac
Stiike the Iron While It's Hot.
In order to move oar Immense stock we
make the following offer t
Good Straw Hata at. 25c. Xkt. SOc and 7S
Kura Fine Straw liaU ac....Jl, II 26, fl 50, tl
Small Straw Iionneta, all eolurs 50e
Kztra Wide Brim liats, for countrj 26s
Beautiful Rosea, all oolors, per dosen tfle
Violets, per dosen.... do
Buttercups, per dosen 10a
Tarnation Pilika. per d aen .....15c
Elegant ISnnohe- of Flowers 2re
Kztra Fine Bunches of Flowen AOe
Imported French Flowen from ..1 tc tS
WKlrlctl ' Ipa (3 In hnnrti) for 3Ae
Fruits. Leavea, hlem, all knda of ma
terial to make Artificial Flowers.
Bridal nntl Mourning Ontflta
The Flneat Assortment of DOLLS in the oltr.
Hats Reshaped, I'rathera Cleaned,
lyd and Curled.
GOLDEN UAIR WASQ br tie small o
large quantity.
We Make a SppcUlty cf Millinery,
Employing the beat Irmda In the city, give
our whole attention to it, and widely om
petition in that line.

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