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Sensational Bigamy Case la Sew
York Three Negr Murderers
Hanged In Louisiana.
Ibpioul to thi ipriiL.l
Columbus, Mim.Juiy !(. A col
ored boy, aged geven years, was found
this mo niii- ij thi eotittiein part cf
town in a dyiu;: co'tnition. It trans-
Eires thai his fatbtr, V ill's Johnson,
ad unniertifollv wb-ppni lain yest r
day. Soon b( r be was diroveiel he
died. A pos- raf r em examination by
Dra. Browmigg td Maxwell showed
that dtetti was caused by the beating.
The jury rendered a erdictaccoiding
ly an.t Si hnroa wes jalsd.
J. T. Millr, a i c ion forerran on
the Georgia Facific railroad, wts seri
ously cot with a pocket knife by a man
named Edwards, in the employ if the
Mobile and Ouio rad. The cause l
the t -en Me was a trivial dispute. Ed
ward sot on a l end car and left in
the direction of Arteeia.
Double Bang-Ins at Donaldsaa
vllle, 1-a.
DoxALDsoNvaLS, La, July 16
Sampfon Roland and Geo. Solomon,
both colored, were hinged hero today.
Murderer Hanged at Nhrevrport, La
Shskvepobp, La., July 16. Gtorge
Hartison, ro'ored, was banged here
todav f .r the murder of Geo-ge Allen.
Allen had o'dcrei Harrison to lrave
his premises, a d he shot Al'en deed
whi.'e he wai etandiog in his own
Tarrt-rt tind feathered.
Rkadino, Va., Ju y 16. At Naomi,
this county, early Torady morning,
ahoutlOOraaBliel m-n went to th
house of M s Michael Naylor, a mir
. ;l n-nmun unr t. ni nnt liftnrffe Mc
Keary, a marned man, and gave hi m
twenty five 'asnei ana men coverer
bis h ad and face and other p9rt;ons
of his body with a co it of tar. They
then allowed him ti depa-t.
Shot lion a In Void Blood.
FobrhhtCity.Abk., July 16 Jcseph
Sheerer, a farmer 1 vioar near here.
shot and icBt,ntly killed Albert Bud
yesterday alt.rncon. J. tie iatt-r ana
his father had been employed by
Shearer and an altercation arose be
tween them over the payment of 10
cents. The eider Bird end bis em'
nlover auarrtled and they both went
lor their rues R-iurning. Shaerer
found the boy. Albert, alone, his
father Dot bavinir yit returned, and
taking deliberate aim, shot and killed
him. fccat-Ter m nntinr atrtst.
Paid the rental) for Ilia Crime.
"Woodstock, III, July 16. Jamea
Dacey, the murlerer ot Alderman
Micluel Ganor, of Chicago,- was
hanged here at 12:35 o'chica today
He made no snevh aid was moder
ately compos d though during the
morning he tceamed almost continu
onaiv and had his huits bound to pre
vent his making an tssault on any of
his a't-ndaa s.
A rolit cal feud in the "Bloody
Ninth" Ward of OMciro, noted for the
biitrrrjcjs with whicti its aldermanio
election h V3 been carried on, result
ed in the murder of Alderman Michael
Gayner by James Dacey. Dacey wai
a "worker" of Fome reputation in the
ward. He had alw-ys been one of
Goyner's firmabt adherente, and the
tw ) were good friondi umil Alderman
John Foley did and the time came
to choose his mcc-aior. Dacey want-
' ed James Murrar, a plumber, to have
the nomination, bat Gayner took np
the cause of W. F. Mahouey. The fight
which followed was b t'er in the ex
treme. Tte primaritB wereheld a we?k
' before the regular election, and Dcsy
was so abusive at ttte pulls that Gay
nor had him arrested aid locked up.
Next day he wa? fit ed and bU hatred
of the Alderman increased. He is said
to hava mide the threat that if Mur
ray was bea'e& at the elect'on "some
body would be killed." He was aa
eccentric fellow aud nobody thought
that he would tarry out the threat.
Mahorey wa? uce?sful etthenlec
tion, which occurred on May 13, 1884.
That night Gayuor. the successful cn
d id ate, a d number of other poli
ticians wtre dii king in Foley's saloon
on South Iltisted s'reet. 'As tbey
stcod at the b r Darey entered. He
walked np to Guvnor and offered his
band. "I w n't shake hasds with
you,"said the Alderman, "hut you can
drink with us if you wish.''
With this remark, Gaynor turned
laughinply aiay. For a eecoad
Dacey stood nvti"nlfs. Then he
drew a revolver fiom liU picket aud
fired a ballot into the ba :k of Gay
nor's head. The wound proved fatal.
After eleven d.tys of irtnee Buffeting,
Gaynor died. Tuo ftelmg was very
strong against Diiiey, acd he wes se
screted by t: e i oh e, and through the
intervention of h s attorneys was
given a tiiil lie e Dacey wat con
victed of mur hir, but the original sen
tence was stayed to determine the
question of his raniy. He was ad
judged ea:.o by a medu al commission,
and it was ordered that he ehoultl b
hanged todays
Kenaatlonul Uivomjr Caae In Xw
ronoRKcap iR, N. Y., July 16 De
tective Hr man, of C dcago, yes'erd.y
ent.-red the office uf Jofm W. Phfllpi',
superintend i t of the Fishkill Lnnd
ing and Mateai water works, at
, Fishkill la'idii g, t nd arrested him on
the charso of b upmy. Thu dstecivo
says tbat in 1S70 Join W. Phelpi wis
a resident of Snri. gliuld, Mate., and
and preeir'ent of a railrad running
thr, uh tt at i i tee. In 1S65 be mar
lied Helen E. Clrk at Nor lmtnpt jd,
and in 1876 they were living in one of
the tinett pUc sin Springfi Id, worth
$50 O.'O cr '0,(100. They bad a snwirg
girl named F nny Thayfr.a'ul Phelps,
becoming iuf tuaied witti her, went
.wsy witli hsr to Paris, remain ng
theie two vents Wbile tliere he sent
for hia wife, t i fleet, if possiblo, a
recinciliat'O'i. They met in Liverrool.
She returned ti Aim r c withotrt him,
but bo fol owed -o n ttf er and weut
back to Spiiiigt el '. In the rreantime
a child had b " born to him by Fan
ny Thayer in Pwr. Phelps lived with
his wife long e ongi t g-t bcr to s gn
away t'te r?prim field home and th n
woutofleg inandjoi tdMissThayer,
the two going to Mpry'and, where
Pbeirs a- d bis father, Wil'is Phe p,
were building a lailroad. Unreknowo
to his wife he bronght a divorce suit,
and was givn a dtciee. H s wife,
learning of the fart, procured counpel,
and in January, 18S2, the divorce ob
taincd wns set aide on the ground of
perjury, lonRpi y and (mud. Phelps
next wertti St. Paul, Minn., with
Fanny Thayer and married her, and
went with her to Waihtrgton, where
they learned ! at thedivoroe had befn
set asid". They Ht, once s a-ted for
Cariton, Dik., and rhelps B'ar ed an
other divorce pi ce'fing). Tfle mit
catne np, no (l f . i i being expected.
At the ope in of the court, however.
Judge MrtB.n'f, fo'merly United
states Dislrict Att:rny, got np and
told the Court that he represented
Holen E. Phelps, who was the legal
wi'e of Joha A Phelps, and was ready
for the trial. This was a bombshell,
and atones the case on the part of
Phelps wm adjonrned and has not
com upsinc. Two mon'hs ago the
legidwife of 1 helps aicuten'allv met
bim in Fourteenth street, New Y rk,
and attempted to fiiHow him, bnt
losing tia 'It of bim, (he cent for De
tective Hannan. Te det'ftiva
learned 'h' he wa S"p rin'endent of
th Ma tHwan & Firbk II L nii:n
water works, and the arrest fo lowed.
Mr, l h- Ips is a uuie , geu'lemanly
man, nd verv a t-ntive to business
Healleal wife, Fni y Thayer, is a
vojng and hamisoi e worn n. Phe'rs
has a son by wife io l, fo nas just
been grdnwtt-d from YalCo hge, and
i now bardinu at the Mouut. builiin
IIouso. Fiahaiil Landing. I lit fathr
o' tue accused man died at SpiingnVld.
Moss, two yea's aeo, a il left a will
givicg Lis eon Henry, whoi a wealthy
resident of Minnesota, $-'50,000 out
and cuf, and to Jobn v. the same
amount iu trust, the estate being
valued at over S500.0U0. and the will
further states th t under no consider
tion shall any prt of the money go
ti Fanny Thaver. ThH d cument la
now being contested in the Masjachu
set s courts.
The pns ner was taken to the Sher
iff ' offi; in Pougbkeepsie and Ju fge
Guem.-ey, of the County Conrt, was
s nt lor, to whom tr.e detect, ve
ah. wed a requiaiti' n from Gov. Hub
ba d, of Wiones. ta. Then Phelpi
r ho wed ce.t firate of :ir marriage
wittt F.nnv Tnyer in Jertev City,
June 3, 1885, and a paier certfying
that, July 29, 1881, he va g anted a
dec e ot divoice f om big wifrf, Ue'en
E. Ptie'ps, in Ca s cou t, Dak II-
t as wi lii g to aeKi.oiv Jh his ideu
t! y a- the man wan ed. Aft r Judge
Gud:ns y dicid- d lodelivr Phelpa to
thn aetect y.', Phelps ai.d tbe iattxr
had a t k in wbl h, the p ieoier
hoped be w-'uli liot b handcuffet.
The oflicr told bim ho would ex end
any reaecnthlM kindnem-if ne would
co abuse the lonien. y Blown Oflier
and p ieoner s art.d f.rtbe Wesson
the even ng tn.i ,
lO.trEttisci: f
Charltlea and Correetlona at SLPaal
Proinlueut Men In Attend,
ance aa Delegates,
St. Paul, Minn., July 16. The
thiiteetith Nat ootd Co .ference of
Char, ties and Correc ion ronvtned last
evening witti abou lij delegates,
representing nearly every S:ate and
Tenitory, and a local contit gent
wbica pai-keJ the hall. Among tuose
in attendance are the 'oll.iw.ng: The
Hon. B. B Havee. of On o; The Bev.
Fr d U. Wit,en, Scret ry of ibe 11 i-
nois Board ol State Chtribes; Gen. f.
B.ii kerhnff. of M nsfleid, O.; Dr. A.
G. B.ers, of t olumous 0, and the
Hon. lievi Earner, t V troit. IDa
Coiif rense wa called to oidrr by
tie Kev. Dr. M. Mack G. Dana,
Chairman if the Ltxa' Executive
Committee, and the div.ne blessing
was invoked in b-bait it tbe
ftmme by Bishop H. B. Wbippleof
rairbault, Minu.
In List edd esi of weltome U sEx'
n..lln..m, T. 1? l4lfKl.arfl t .VAriin, A
Minneto a, alluded to the remarkable
growth of cbi ri ies in Mi near s, la
1862taere were only two parous ia
S te itst tuHnus wuere he e e now
2100. Tbe 8 a e at present has a'moet
a full compiemeut cf public chaiitaule
lust. tat om".
Col. O. D. Kerr, acting Mayor of 8t,
Paul, said a few wor 8 if gracaml wel
come to tne city, and was lodowed by
Capt. Rusae 1 "Bl kely, president of
tbe Chambrof V mmerce.
Ex P esident R B. Hayes respond
ed for tt e otileret Ci.
Prof. F. B. Sauborn, of B s'on, also
SDokx br eny. a'tor which Wui. How
ard Nell' of Cincinna i, president of
me touffteiice, e lvered tbe annual
address, dwelling upon the remarkable
growth c f tue dssoi iaiion, wntch now
has iep 'escalation in every stats anu
Ten it ry. anl noon ih giowth cf in-
tsieat iu its work by prominent men
in all profee Biona, millionaires and
others able to for her the ends for
which, it was institu eJ.
After brii f d snuss on it was agreed
that delegates from each S ate should
mesttiu-yand bkUc. memoe s lor
apooirtme t oa oummtit-ea.
Dr. Dna, on behalf of (be Loc 1 Co it
mittes. D'esei.t d President Ntff with
a hand ome gave1, nude of several
kinds if wood.
The pp gr.mme for today includes
reports from trie reading of papers by
tbe H'-n. Jobn W. A d ews, of Phila
delphia, on the extrttitt'Ous of boards
of eUie chanties t ml SUtHsand ler
ri ones ; a p iper by the Rev. M. G
By era, of O. io, on th - almin strtion
of pno'hotues au 1 lsiata er by U.
L. Fey of Chicgo, on t'.e pubic
oluii l a riCouk county, aud Rt niuti
au add'ess on t'e-ya mof ihari'iea
nf h C! iho inChu'uh. hv BiihoD I'O-
land, ifS Pad. It is estimated that
fully 300 deleifttt -a will be in attnd-
a .CHtjclay. Mui.li lucil lutrest
mrif sted.
Pr sldent Hayts. who arrived Tues
day, is a guest if Gov. Ramsey, ai d
l as heen uj. da recipient ot many si'
cial attention'.
In the cur Old laa.
We differ in ceed and politics, but
we are a unit all the same on the de
sirableness of a fine head f hair. If
you mourn tbe loss of this blessing
and ornament, a bottle or two of
Parker's Hnir Balsam will make you
look as you did in the dear "Id days,
It is wo th trying. Tbe only standard
ol) cents article tor the hair.
B'irttry Campbell Dying.
New York, July 16. -It ts stated at
h Bloomi gd'e A y u n, whre
Ba't'ey C mptn-H i confioed, that
tbe p avwngi t sc ntlitiou li v. ry low
and it at the nhyiiiam hive given
np all hi pes ot P'd n.i g hia lii.
Rmlfal BlBhts, Dyii Frcetrom Tor.
Awitth rheamatl-(nderer who reort to
Uoatetur'a ISiouib llit'tra That toia bs
niiriiiint cor'lial and i eimrent is a fur more
reliable roineily ihan colornouin anil other
pimom uaed to aaiel the rbeuujaiio Tirua
from the b ood, ia a lact tnat rxixrience haa
aa iafaoi irily demonairated. It alio enjoya
tue a'lvantaffe ol Deiog-uniiKe iDem l of
fni, v With man ArmiriR Ih-etKlilt
prediannait on to r e iiuatiaw eziata. which
rondera them 1 able to il a tarka f er exp
Inn In w.t Kr. tji flu runt n air.
rhangea of temierature, or toool'l wbeo the
body ia boi. huob praona abeuld lake a
wine Klaas or two f the Bittera a -oon al
poMibia after Incurring rik Irom the above
cauaea, aa tbia aarb proteotiv. efTctually
no liOea to, bunlol tnllueuee. rortneiuno
tinaai deranvemonte which cooinpany rbeu.
nikttatn.aui.il aa cilte, apaama In Ihe atoin
anb, palunaUnn of Ihe beart, imi ericot ui
catiun.ttc .the Ilit'era ia a'ao a moat uae'
lul retuedy. It la o ,ly neccaary in obati
naie easea to use it wua peraittency.
Foreat rirea In Michigan.
Howard City, Mich., July 16.
Doreut fires are rauina la t'lis nmgn
borhood, the city beinx a'mo-t sur
rounded by fliainn yest-r.fay, but no
inimi d ata da gr is feared.
SabMcrllte for the "Appeal."
The Gains on Grounds Recently Given
to the State fjr Educational Pur
poses -I he Valley Ifallniad.
IcoEFiaroxocaci or ths appial.1
Batcm Rukik, La., Julv 14. The
laedec-ased L-uulntnre d tl'ii'ed a
e igbt epark of vitality into this letii-
artiu a d it iritumt iai.ini if the
S ots of L'uiridiia, dtuugits session
i f tiity Uf y-i, end rince its adjourn
ment it ha' lapstd rack iUo its
dreamy quietude ff ex stetice. The
own uiaaes a m g:ihi;ent d ep'ay of
ternt ry and h.ia a popu a ion of
8.000 or 10,01.0 inhabit!!' ts, with an
undotmity of busiutsi lccalilies. its
stores of fcvmy desenpt on beicgsc.tt-
tered and uoiated irom one extremity
of the (own ts ihe other. There is
not a business housa of any preten
tion in the pluoj.
Ihe resiliences ate all. with very
few exceptions, frame structures, and
but few make ajy show of maguiti
cence. Tbe town is bountifully em
bellished with shade trees, which give
it an air o coolness and a relief from
the searching summer sua. The peo
ple who reeide and belorg to this lati
tude are reserved, and appear to the
stranger to be i ol. t, d from close cotn-
muuion: in short thev are umtD-
proichable on all nuttera that do not
dirett y inter st their welfare.
lbe conditun ot the sidewalks or
banquettes is w ret lied to tue u'niOBt
degree, and the pidettr.aa who at-
mp b to p o 1 bis steps over them at
tight time will have occasion to uie
laigu-ge n i her cbata tor becoming
Tbey are all computed of brick of a
very aucieit make, that in got have
beou shipped lent fr ni Pompeii
Ibere is not a decent tidewalk in the
ci y, aid the paoplj ssem to be oblivi
ous i f their tond tion. There are very
few tedeemin f a ures of thj place.
1 Ii9 capt ol bu.lni, a ia a very impos
ing struc U'e, sittihte 1 upon a promi
nence about 150 yaid? from the mugnifi
cent MicisiBsippi river, aLd presents a
flue th jw frun a tteainer cn iti p'acid
watere. ihe g tunus surrounding ate
kept in co d repair, aud are profusely
deuirated wnh mag olias and flower
plats. The building itself is Btrnuo
locking aud un que, and prcsen s the
appearance, from the river front, of
sjme aiiCieut castle. .
The most attractive soot about
Ba'on Rotigu is the extensive grounds
ol the Unit d States Burracka. It is a
lovely location, eituated on the eas'ern
bank cf tbe Mtt si sippi, right in the
heart of the city. Tne works were
completed about 1825, and were occu
pied aimnat continui usly until J anu
ary 10, iStli.when the poBt wa mr
rendered to i-ousnia, tbe Union
file s evacuatini; it January 12 h
After the capture of New Orleans tho
United Sat'8 gunboat Iroquois ap
pear d befo e Butou Rouge, on the t.h
of May, 18112, t king posts-ion of the
post wi bout n b etauee. Tbe d scon-
tinuance of h prst ai directed May
31, 187!, and Junn (ith if that year the
garii o was withdrawn, and for the
n st t ma in its i i"orvif more than
150 yeBrs Baton Rouiiu reasfd to be
mi itary p t On the 22d of August,
1884, by 1 res d.tnt's proclamation.
pumuant. to an ot uongres', tne otiiui-
inxs and grounds were tu'iml over to
the interior Ut artment for disposal.
The great New Orleans aid Miis'ssippi
Valley railroad is bu It aiross the
barracks pri p rty, at d it is clnimed
to be of great advantage to it, tunning
Bl mg the river liou', its construe
tion affording a protection to tne
prjpetty as well as a facility for con
venient c mniunination therewith,
Owing to tbe cons ant caving cf tbe
river bank, it seems reasotaoly cer
tain that a more easterly line f r some
distance than tbe praaent one will
have to be adopted by the railway
( Otcpany lor tne protection ot tberoeti
Congress passed a bill dona icg thnee
beautiful grounds, of 300 acres, and
buildings to tbe Mate if Louisiana for
educational purposes, tbe samo to re
vert rack to the United States when
ceased to be us d lor tbat, and the
Governor, in hts mescage to the recent
UenerBl Assembly, recommended th
its acceptance on those conditions be
rt jec ed, on ac ount of the enormous
sum it would require to put it tn thor
ougrj rcra r; but I understand that at
the closing hours of the session the
Logisla'iire concluded to atenpt the
offer. The grjunda are a 8te.it resort
for tha Immerse crowds tbat ex
curt lrm New Orleans here on .Sun
days over ihe L uisville. New 0 leans
and Texas railroad, whcs enterprising
and pubbc sointt-d others, wnose
chief K -tieral mat ag-r is Mai. James
Edwrs of your c ty. have con'
etructad subatai.tial platform fcr
dancicg, and furnishes a fiue string
baud tor lbe pleasure of the numer
oua excurslonittj wi o take advantage
of ti e theap rates otlornl each Sun
day from New O leana t) Baton Roitn.
F r the vast and incaletilable benelit
th it this tl e tho oiiKbt.ire from Mem
P'lin to New Orleans has been and ii
etilt to tb a section, ihe people of t.e
b u e rlionid De ui d.tr 18411111; and nn
cxcsiDg ot igt oua. It :'s the only
10. id tli4 Baton Rouge can boast, and
she is iunly proud of 1U groat ad
van ta .'ed.
Tue imnienre china trees that once
Burionnilei tha residence of ex l'rebi
dei t Zioh Taylor still stand in a g'otip
on the bank of tbe Missietippi, in the
inclosure if the grounds, but the
hou-.e was torn down in 184!'.
The tow iring walls of the peniten
tiary stand grand, gloomy and perm
it -r in tne very matt ot the city, with
but few iimates on the sick li-t, tbe
main arn y of 000 convictfl being
eoattered itrrtind tli'oim i the State on
the leasetHtem. Tuo notorious Judge
Ford, nf ew Unpens, who was impll
ta ed in the Murj by murdar cate in
tbat city, n an nmati ol t' e buiidinir
but your correspoiii ent did ret see
him duri t a brief visit to the irsiitu
liot;. Til -re is to manufactu'ing of
any kind dono within the wail", and
those conii ta wh-t are kept confined
ti era are a dtjected and miberable
lo h ir b
The St-'e University for Military
Educatior l e tuatsd litre, and .is d
Bitiibrd b jour c trrtwpontlent as a
ui-ist live y place, he not having aa
opnortuni y to visit it.
There a no i trait railways hie,
and the a 'ching ra s of Old Sol have
a po su .tive nre hid of ket ping one
fiom perambulating aloot. i.
The Mew Tork Hop Crop.
Tboy, N. Y.. July iti. Bpecial re
ports ti the 1 imt from hop growing
count es are tliit there will be from
third ti h-.ll a crop. Iheio is much
extiUment among farmnrs and specu
Utora. Hi'P advanced from 10 ctnts
July 1st to :I0 cents July 12th. Many
iur.mrjare plowing their yards aud
cowing bti'jkwheat.
TheProfllaor Fnttlllaui.
NiwYonK, Ju y 16. Cbarlev Mitch
ell. the pui iit, pa lad for bngian
vin'nrdav on the Germanic. Ilia do
I arture wi.s very eudden acd caused
much surprise. Mitchell says that be
ia coming back soon to make this
country his home, but it is not gener
al)' believed. He bouyht a bill of ex
change for 2000 one dy t its week
and took along about $8000 ia oar
monev. In addition to this lis has
another 700 that he procurd some
miefgo. Altoirotber he tarred with
him $2:1,000. When he cauie to this
cour.try, about three years mo, he did
not hive a cent. It wjs s-iid last
n'ght ti at tbereasrn he left so sud
denly win because too many wauled
0 fight him.
Kallroad Colllalon In Sew Jeraey
llomNTOWN, N. J., Ju'y It!. Last
nibt a ptsaenger aid fre'ght triiu
collide I on th l aik Btr-i t hrii'ga,
woundirg two pa8!nger', S 1 liaiu A.
Surlev, of Burlington, who had his
lead cut and bis spine injured, and
Thomas 8prague, of Burliimton, who
waa injured internally. Both loco
motives and a number of ta'swere
wrecked. Tne (.as-enir ttuiu, which
was an extre, cair in Knigt.t of ihe
ialden League trmn iMitlinntoi to
Trenton, came near plui gf g iLto the
river, nearly iwenty-tie lev below.
T do not believe that
Ayer'a Sarsnparlllahaa
an etiutil ns a reinetly
for Scrofulous Hu
mors. It ia pleasant
to take, gives strt'liKtll
and vlnr to the Ixxly,
and produi'i'a a moia
pormtiiti'iit, lnstiii, re
snlt than any nivilicine
I ever u s e tl . K.
Hulnt'H.No. l.iii.liili',0.
I have uM'il Ayer'a
Sarsitparillu, In my fam
ily, for tNTofulii, mid
kiiow. If it is taken
faithfully, it will
thoroughly ertnllcate
this terrible dlsense.
V- Y. Kowli r. M. I.,
tireeuville, IVmi.
For forty year. I
hnve siilli'i'ttd Willi Kry
Hipeltis. 1 laVH tiit'il
all noils of rt'iiii ilb't
for my complaint, but
found no ritlii'f until I
co 111 tne 11 end usind
Ayer'a Saranparillii.
After ttiklng ten bot
tit's of this nieilii'lne I
am completely cured.
Mary ('. Anii'sbury,
Kockpoit, Jle. t
I hava sufferoit, fef
years, from Catuirli,
which was o aevere
tbat It destroyed my
Canker, and
appetite anu weaaeneq
myaystcni. After try
big other remedies,
and getting no relief, I
Can be
cured by
tti'Kitu lo tako Ayer'i
Karaiitarilla, unci, in a
few months, was eiired,
SiiMin L. Cook, BO!)
Albany st. llostoi
lli;lilanils, Mass.
Ayer's Sursapnrilla
Is superior to any blood
purlller that 1 have
ever frit. I. I liuva
taken It for Scrofula,
Canker, mid Suit
Itliciiin, n nd received
much ben lit from it.
It is good, ulso, fur a
weak atomueli. llllllo
Jane l'riree. South
Bradford, Muss.
the blood
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Dr. J. O. Ayer ft Co., Lowell, Maaa.
1'rlre SI 1 els bottlca, SR.
net -ei
Countorfeita are innile In St. bnuia. Mo.
Book of all DiheiiHCH,
Cloth i Cold Binding
114 rii, ltk ami K.r,l,
Mlll.lD rilKK.
Krvrra. ('ntiR.'nttnn, Inltummaliona. ..
tturiiiN, worm revnr, w..rin i no....
'rylnv t'ullr, or THfllvnK of ItifauU.
IHarrhra, of L'liilrirrn i AdultJ
Ilyaf iiliTV, (iriniim Hit'oua Colic ...
holrra Morbua. V.nniliiig
t'iMialia, lol.l. ItronrlnlM
riiralula, Toot li. li. raoeaclie......
flrnilnrlira. Kirk H n'tn'l". Vwtiro.
llaMilM, Itll"..'!" MM"H' II .. ....
HHiiiriNRdl or I'alnliil rrrloda. . .
VI 1. 1. ..... I'rf.,. I V
'rollli. (V.tiirll. IliSl'-iilt llreathinir. .
Half Hhnitn. r.ryniwi'-.
tk.i..i..ii.iii. Itlipuinil
1 n
l'r-r anil Aalif. mi '. malaria
I'llra. HliDrtor liload it if . . . . .... ....
I'nlnrrh. Influrnaa, M In Vt Head
l I
lirnfral llflilllly.l'hrita1 Weakium
Hl.lnrv lll.ca.K
rrvna llrl.llltv ",.M.!
I rllinry -natii-, Vnttlnt; llrrl.. . .!
Iliaraap of tin' lli-nrf, I'alpllal inn 1 Oil
Sdlti bv IrriiUaVtt, r unit. ncU'iinl on rfffipt of
Prealilent ef the Oreat LOUIBVlL'.l C0U-K1ER-JOURNAL
CO., tclla fiat
be knowa uf
Wintersmith's Chill Cure.
Ot rici or the Pnra-aa-Jnoaif al,
U du villi. Kv.
Vr. WintH letifA, 3ir aivea rule I have
oliaarved fol man yeara, tbe value of your
remedy prr mptiriR me to any, in reply to
your reuuei;, what 1 know of your Chill
Cure. Iho jrivate aeaurnncoe of ita rflinary
I bad, and the aood roaulta of ita efferta I
had obaerved on Mr. K. W. Meredith, who,
for raoro than fiftoen yetra, bad been fore
.,r n r,fn.a. Indiifli"! lua to teat it in
my faiuiiy. Iho rea ulta bave bean entirely
latiafuctory. The first ewe waa of two
yeara" atandinir, in which I believe every
known remedy had been tried with temeo
rary raliol-tba chilla relurninf periodically
and with aeemlnijly ir.creaed aevrriiy.
Your cure broke thetu at t.nce, and thtre haa
i,..n tt VMj.iirrenc.ii i if them for more than
all inontha. The other rt.ve waa ot a milder
fnrm. and Yielded more readily to other
reiuediea; bat the chilla would return at in
u.oni. nttiil nur meilieine waa uaed.ainn
which time, now aeveral uiontha, they have
entirely aifapiearen. r me i't'i"i
nity I have had to Jutlire, 1 aititit beaitateto
Avitreaa ml belief that your Chill Cure lat
viLluable aiieaiBo, and iarforroa all you
..romiaelorit. R y. ij , fl A LD E M A N .
vU.'e, Ky.
1 -11
niiaren w
Centaur Liniment is tho most wonderful Puiii-Curcr
tho world has ever known.
1KDREW 8TEWAET, New Orleaut.
Wholesaledrocers, Cot. Factor
N. M. J0NK8, Prealdent. I. F. PETKUS, Vlco-Prpji.lent.
iVY. 1). bAWRIK, Feoretary and Treaauror.
(Nnrveaiors to I'elrre'A NH rle,)
30, 3S ami 40 JeUcrHon Ntrcei.
ccffflf rs to aPOKTUtt, TAYLOIi it CO.,
wnoiii3& asm mummm .
33G Second Street, M eiuplils.
A Material. TPtltnna. 'rlv Wall.. Iron. t.. and tone I'tpe. (ta. Klltnraa, l"" ' "j
Iron atnd
(.Rueoeaaora In thla loimrtment to JOitw Afluua.i
XirWrtte na for Information on ANY rN( tn either line.
Jtl. MntlH. Joltaa M.Hnllienal.
ttnrl rtamm km
m M iwaaina.w.T..
232 and 234 Front St., lespMs, f ess
.... i nrKiVirUMnn.
Mr. I. N. RAINKY d.Tote. hi. -HoU t
''"'3 ..j-twi.: I.''' ' " ?
2 vrs.-'-it f
mim an na aKraiai.aria.l.. HirT-TAalD
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Molding, Lumber,
Lath and tlhinslw, Flooring, Ceiling ana u;uar rosis.
, 8LEEBKOS.,orCoDio,Ml88.
Mos. 3S6 and 358 Front
. mm r an M TS SCut. mi B titHm BP
ca n P7 pi t" 1 1 i i sa it w - a u, a n u
Fulier.f horntp & Cc
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocer
Tifo. 3 Fro!t street, : ?iemiliis Tenxi
0. K. WITT.
IGOto 17A Adams St., MompUip
ntr Iroa,
Boiler Ira
IIoO, Baal 4
pheel Iroa
DEP'T, 22G and 2'.'8 Second St
rtaot. I'lnfat.
an MGrcmftU.
to,5; Jj Ctto.wtr-.Ud
F. M. HOKFLEET, Kcultlent I'artner.
Stroat Memph.N, Tenn.
n n nnn
m. . Clan
atar-CAPITAL PRIZE, 70,tV00.-i
Tlekcta oariy ilkareal Im
Louisiana Stata Lottery Co.
" HV iu hcrehy Certify that r mpfrriini' thm
arrananumtt for all the Mitnthly umd
trrly bratruiti oA Louwana itt4 Lottery
(uiit'Otav n Htt in per$on wnnug and control
the J'rcp hu tkrmHlwe$ ami that the ium
art ccn-u ctr-i out konttv ntrtvM end n
auj (f. "-..-,( oUro9tt.fnd w authors
ihm (V !(, 1 t uh this tctltv-cnt, wth Jae
tiiu'lfi ut our Hpnaturr attecK4d, in U md
We. fAa unoVr.ttfnaii'. tiank nnA Hankrrt.
vill pan all Pra Hrnwm ia Tkt Lauvrianm
Mint LolUrie irnicA miw 6a vrnld at oar
J. H.tMiLJJlBT.PrM. Ijt. Bal l Rank.
J.W.KlLBKKTII.rrra.NtaieNal'1 BK
A. BALDWIN, Proa. V. U. Nat. BU.
Inooruorated In IH08 for twenty-Ore year
by the Leat'latnre for Educational and
Cnaritabla tiuritoaea with a canital of II.
(Xatl.rtX) to whinh a roaerre fund of oer I'iftO,.
OlKlhM alnoe been ndileil.
lij an overwnelmlng norniiur Tote Ita
tVanohiae waa vaileapart of the tireaent State)
Oenatitnttoa, atloi'ted Deoember ikl, A.D.
fkt only itreri eem poled on and tadorewi
by tkt veopU of anu StaU.
it nrrr ariiMa or po.ntoafcu.
Ita (IrniKlNluKln Nunibor Wrawlnca
tnlit iliei i.iitlil..r, aii.fl th Ka
lrnor.lln.iry liraainaa rratalarly ev
ery tl.r.'O innullaa liiMiatHtl of Meant
Ai.iinHiiT iik iterea..rr..
AV Nfl.lMUl) l'lMTltNITT Ti
Wilt A KIKII Mr;. KltlllTll OHAND
t'KAW 1N1, I'l-A'S H. 1 Til K ACADKMY
aiit 10. jsu-l.l(li Monthly Draw
mriTAr. iicizk, 75,mo.
100,01X1 TI.'Kela ail 'It laollnra Knell.
I rauiiiouM. in eiitim, in
1 Cai'ltal irtie f "S.OtW
1 Cni'itul irte
1 Canitnl i rite - 10.rt
1! l'rtiea of$ial li.ntW
It I'rtaoa til 'i(' m lii.mil
10 Prtieauf lim lO.lMO
211 Prttea ot fuHl ln.lICO
ItHI Prlaea ol K1 JH.IH 0
atHI Priaea of ltKI 9i),lJ0
Mil) Prlaea of Ml t (J
IlKW Prlaea of 'ir- JbM
9 Approximation pritoa ol al.'ti (1,730
9 Approximation priaea,of (M'O 4,fHlO
9 Approximation prlioa of SbO H.J6Q-
I'M Prtiea, amountlnito I6,5K1
Anplloation for ratea to oluba ahould b
mail, only to the ollloe of the Company at
For further Inforntatlnn write clearly,
glrtna lull adtlreaa. l'ONTAI. NOTKN, Bx-
riraaa Money Order., or New York Riehanfa
n ordinary letter. Currenoy byKxpraaa (al
onrtxi'onae), addreaaed
Now Orltwtoa, I a.
Wnalilnerion It. ft.,
or at 0 Waal Court Nt., Heraphla, Teaa
Mukn 1. 0. Money Order ftjrabl
and ailtlrcRH KofriHtered Letters to
IV.w earle-naa. I.a.
Clara Conway Institute
Monday, October 4, 1886.
I'nrolliiirnt Lat Term, 322.
AHOIIOOti for the deynlopment of Tlgor
oua, thotiahiui. noble womanhood,
lhla reault ll reaohed by breadth and
thoruuihnoaaof luatruotlon and the awaken
ing of patient, earneat endeavor. A new
and eomuiodioui boarding department baa
Juat heen eomiilnted.
The department of dreas making and mil
linery la added lor the Itrat time.
In the abaenoecif th Principal, who la In
Europe ft r tltej auwiner, oabloguoa will b
furnhhed on applienilun to Mra. K. P. Mor
ton, lia Adattia atreat. or they be found
at any of the city hook atorea.
Polf terlialo iDBIItnle, Troy, N. T.
The olueat engineering aonooi in nmenoa.
Next term Iteglna eeptauirtey min, tnetveg
later for lftfW oontalna a li.t of the graduate!
for the paat til yean, with their po.itionai
alao, oourae of atudy, requiromesta, ax
penaea.eto. Candid" tea from diatann, or
ihoae living In diatant Ktatea, by apeolal ex
auilnatlona at their homea, or at aucli aohooli
aa they may lie atlen.tint, may deter ml tt
the queation of admiaalon without nailing
Troy. Vot reaiater and lull Information, ad
draa. DAVID M. URKKNB, Dlteetor. .
Airr A MT BJTrrffcHJ V A
Open, lat r?n.tenili r, 18IW. Cloaea June, 1W.
Unaurpaaaed lo-nllnil, buildinaa, grounda,
apiiolntiiienta. Kull oorp. teaolier.i unrl
va ed advanUrea In Muaio, Lanxuaaea, hlo-
eutlon. Art, Boiik-heoiiing, Pbyaloal Cul
ture Board, etc., with full Knaliah Ooura,
fpUoO per entire aeaal in. for lull partion-
nra annly lo prlncU'ai lor eataiitaue.
Kolfo tlraininar JScliool,
IO MarMliall Avenue.
"LPAIiLTPRM 0PKN8 SKPr 27th. Nuj
J? bar ol pupila iliulle.i. There are lew
mm . n.l ,lw,aa ilr.irinff ttl AOlflr HUIlill
-t i.i 'l.- u .....llna.t..,i. aitlmr fji tha
Rllt.uiu uii.nwwii ........
"Advlaory Cnuimltlea, or to R. M. RuLr B.
1'rinoiptl. litiHe n- riniay, ui i'. v.
Haundera, Uun. K. B. llamuiond, Adviaory
OoiuoMttee t
U. IV A It i'N N I. MIMA It Y,
-I' Na.h.llle. Tenia Real Suiithera
linn,, lor Uirla. IMMlitla thia year. A non-
aeotarlan aohool. Patroniaed by men of lib
eral mintla In all ehur.tlioa. iinauri.aaaeu in
Muaio, Art and Un.iaicea. Kr ;1',?l';ju
jldreaa lll.
liOF MI S C Boston, Pdass.
Oiik'i In.li'lr
..ii.... t v..i.,.,! liirtfu.iH-iit.l alu.l.-. I'ieuo.i
.i.....'r..i,ii a'ln. Arta.tlriilorr. l.ltT.tiir.'. I rriirh, ut
witt ail lull." Ui.j.i.K... Ki.ill.h H,"!:,',';,,.,'',.'i"t"l2
Cu. Tn on,afl".a,'t"..r"'","J. V
urtri i.t.i,iTeiiWi.r irnn. Fnll Term hrao..
Unil.r, IHaa. For I llurll i .iri..ir, w,.u j. ,. . "'"i:""'"
ildnw, B T)IIKJKK, l)lr., l'.aukllujl.., Btis I tl M
aeventh ae.aton boxina Wdnead.iy. oep
tember 1, IHHtl. A deairablo .ctuml lor your
dauichtor. in all Uepartm ntta ol Kernel K'
uoation. Knpulied w lh row luatrument.
Due Apparatua, and a full Kaculty. Chanel
reaaonaltle. Kor eaalogu a and t.rma, apply
to A. U JONKH, l).l.. Lli.D.. Pieaident.
B LP FORI) 0 , VMltJlMi.
Ihe alat Annr.nl Nalnn ttpeua He
le er lit, lsa.il.
For cataloatie or aiiecl'l Information, ap
ply to elrllovne. I. O., .
W It. AKIlor, Prtnrjpal,
St Mary's School,
N. 11)1 rplr Ntreel.
HEMI'1114. I I t 1 t TeNNEHtKB
AHOtRDINU and Day School for Young
Ladtea and Chlld'O'i, undor toe oharite
of the btatera ol 81. M .ry. ol the fcugli.h
Chur.'h. Nui.her of puptla Hint Jed to lt.
Next a.-hool 'arm hn.tn w. galenia.. r
liaUTCn AUENTS.Men and Womn,
WAN I tU to ,.T "TUB C'ULli
BIIH.K " Intreduoiion by K'- J. H Vt,
ent, U.U. On agent haa aold 6 Sin a toat
ol M4 people: ono?:i in a'llftt.ol i'M "U
new aeenteo in III daya: is ii t"1V0."".'.
We aaaku one to iu noj '
H..uari.uo nt inMt';i-i7. i-
CASSELL m 0. (la't'tl.)
ait ,.!.
IT LiA' ' -
tkis pmr;;
n onfalolnVlttUiIolpliU
r tho v.J)ar ahvi-p
ttlntt Awiwy of lteira
our MUtuorui'U ttgcui. .

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