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CISTERNS Built and repaired mJ wu.
ranted. Inrantor of the Snltr Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor and bnok
layer. T.lerWia few. THUS. Cl'BBISB.
BAY MARK MULE From C. F. Smith,
Horn Lake Landing, one bay mare aula,
about eirtt jean old. fiiteen hands high;
mane recently trimmed. Bring to r. A.
Joup 4 Co.'k stnhlr- .n't ! rewarded.
band, between
Linden and Hunter'l atora. Return to
Appeal office fur reward.
BRACELET One gold bracelet. If found
pleaae return to 251 Main itreet, at Oak
Hall, unit rgrwive reward. m
between Lauderdale and Wellington.
32 North Court itreet.
GROCRHY Doing a fair bnsineas; exeel
lent location t otner business to attend
to. Address keiaiu. inn
PORTABLE Engine and Corn Gristmill,
Kl horse power i No. 1 order i cheap.
TH03. DELANY, 124 Front t.. Memphia.
make: al oat good ai new ; very cheap,
. U7 1. A KarAnnjJl
HOVBH AND LOT No. 39 Poplar street, ..... .v,. A m arret ot
50x260 feet Apply on -remEe.. Jgjfj , VhSI,.A SF$
CHEAP 1 Upright Piano, 7 octave, wal- eoonomioal than the ordinary kinda, and
nutoaie. cannot be aold in competition with the
1 Bauer Square, 7 octave, roaewood caae. multitude ot low teat, short weight alun or
1 Chii kering Square Grand. phoaphate powdera. oM only meant. BpTAl
1 Nunna A Clark. 6 octave. BJtm Pnwnw On., w W.ll t .K.wTora-.
1 Mason A Hamlin organ, 5 octave. S"!!,
1 Weatern Cottage Organ, 5 ccUve. REWARD.
IDobaon Bell lianjo. lads 'a site. .
1 Bruno Guitar, lady'a site. E?ifft HE'VARD-
Caah or installments. jJlOlu The above reward will be paid for
0. K. HOUC'K & CO. 389 Main at. u,e wrest and conviction of the murderera
LOT- 60rm fe-Choai.- Sirth aide Mad- of Koaa and Paul Ji- nnTTn
iaon, half a square east ot Lauderdale. nivffln '
tlrmAmA Annlvtft DAVID U011U,
H. WOAKRISON,27 Main street. . Brothers of .he late Ro.a Juati..
lONFECTIONERY-Well eatHbliahed. on A FRIEDMAN, F ront afreet, i pays
a paying basia. Other buainess to look X?L. full v-lne for Second-hand Clothing.
after. Ini"'. f . . rn ... M. TAOH A larse black Newfoundland bitch.
JORDAN 3c CO., 136 Main et. Tbe fll)(ler wiu be rewllrj,a by retuin-
TRAVbFER BOAT As she Ilea at Little ina her to No. l Ktornmro street.
Rock, Ark., the transfer boat HAROLD - .
B., 115 fiat lona long,2 feet wide, 3 feet ROOMS AMD BOARD.
bold: good engine and fire-box boiler: oan -
be altered into a ferryboat at small ooat: is TvE8IRABLE ROOMS Nicely furnished,
in good oondition, and will be aold cheap, jj with board, at 49 Market atreet.
rPPti.LKA?kndlr0rtSlBit'1 ,-DOeMS-With or without board: terma
Co., Little Keck. Ark. . ' reaaonahle. 140 MADISON ST.
GROCERIKS, ETO.-Uaving eonclnded ft .n R0Alin Desirable rooma
to quit the grocery part of our buaineaa R,0M 3 5 , S i5et
our entire atflck oi Uroeeriea, Fixtures, J-V and board at 72 Madiaon atreet.
Drays and Mules are for Bale. Anyone wiah- TJOOMS One large front room with bal-
ing to go into the wholesale grooery buaineaa J cony and one lanre back room with
oan secure a arejun byealnnron UrK, dresaing-rcom, and cthera aa good ai
hUKJliKljV, blU Ji a oa D, jound in the oitj.
Ho. 268 Front atreet. iu UNION fjT.
J 8 W. BARBEB. Ashlai.dCity.Tenn. amsats. Room and board IS per week,
JT 4 y f i w I LL BUY a new buaineaa tor Day board 13 50 per wee.
Snfaffi-oirf TO life Bil"
cash profits at once: a monopoly fully pro- J-V board, at nv mnn atreet.
tooted. Partiea wishing a good buainesa ad- TJOARD With excellent room,
dress MANUFAOTITRKR. this office. jj 124 ADAMS TRERT.
rnp plT K NICE Rooma, furnished or nnfurniahed,
"Kltbal O with or without board, at 137 Madiaon at.
HOUSE-Of seven roonis. my0 ,g, nnfuraiehed rooma, with or
Apply at 217 Madiaon alrect. without board, ai 6s Madiaon atreet, eor-
HOVCK'S, 389 Main atreet.
QA Q LAUDERDALE ST.; six rooma
fJTcO garden and cistern.
Catholic Orphan Asylum, ilenty avenue.
Mrs. White t house, head of Front atreet.
11 Jessamins, near Laudordale.
AIA Vanr.. ft rnnmfl.
Barney Armsirong place, Fort Pickering, 4
acres, oronara.
281 Main street, Hall, over Floyd's.
275 Poplar street, near High. ,
40 Hawley, near Poplar; part furnished.
Cottngea at Bond Sta. , L. 4 N . R.R., OmiU's,
Cottage at Collierville, Tenn., Dr. Webb.
3ft Linden, 9 rooms.
Very nice oott.ge on Randolph rd., Chelsea
OFl Mn.hv. near AlahamA.
449 Hernando, rente 115, or for sale, $1500,
37 I)eoto, near Union.
113 Hill street, near Alabama.
McCall itreet, third west of Shelby.
Store 318 Front atreet. near Union.
IN leee street, near south gate Klmwood.
' tin. I ihm iv i nrna riiuuin.
on Col-
Apply at 36 Union at.
"DOOMS With privilege of cooking atove,
XI at No. 20 Lindi
den street.
Y RESIDENCK-409 Vance atreet, from
the lat of beptember. Arplyto
DR. OVERALL. 381 Main at.
00M3-A suit of rooms In Masonic Tem
Apply to
TJ OUSES-318 Poplar street and 136 Ala-
JLX bama street, inquire ot
JCHN REED, 320 Poplar at.
"DOOMS Furnished, single or en auite. at
JV I3 Maaison st. neierencea requirca
QT0REH0U8E No. 9 Union atreet, with
U new cotton -room, cui.n teei.
"DESIDENCE For three or six months,
11 mw reaiilenaa in the citT of Fort Smith.
Ark., with or without furniture. Brick
house with ten rooms, in the most deairabla
part of the city Uood well of water and
hydrant in the yard; house furnished with
gas; near street-car line; avary convenience
of a home, .a duress
Fort Smith, Ark.
rpWO furnished or unfurnished rooms In a
nouse on e evaieu auu uaiurai sruuuui ia
the suburbs. Address Jf. 11., tnis omoe
rpO BUY For cash, a cottage house, five of1
a six rooiua nuuress unuii. iuia uuii-w
GIRLS At Memphia Steam Laundry,
washing or ironing required.
II charge of a fine place near the eity.
Iiarmn nreferred.l The man to take care
of eattle and horaea, the woman to cook and
attend to the housekeeping department, etc.
Apply to w. v. dunavajnt,
No, 11 Cotton Exchange.
fRONERP At Memphis Steam Laundry
L 224 second atreet.
WORK Morning and evening for
private family by a (n man. Address
v. a. jv. , Appeal omcc.
mo GIVE CONTRACT To haul about 150.
X 000 to 200,01(1 aUvea a short distance on
laioo river. Apply to u. A. emiiu,
,V) Main atreet, Memphia, Tenn.
rrtVERYBODV To call and aee the oele
Jli brated Gyr? Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
atreet. nearj'opiar.
OTTTTATTON As salesman or nortar in ero
Doery; will manutaoture flavoring extracts
and wash bine. Address K, this omce
HOUSE With six to eight rooms,
Address 177 Union
EVERYBODY To apend th summer at
Grayson Spring;, Ky. tfor catalognea
and particulars eall at ticket office of Chesa-
peake and Ohio route, under Peabody Hotel
QITUATION By a white woman as cook
j K. ni.,tnia nmc
TO KNOW-That I will
TH WITH GOLD for the
Hi fill teeth
next thirty days for 11 50.
243 Main sreet.
I ADY AttKNTS For Mrs. Campbell
XJ New " Tilter "a Tilter, Bnstle, lloop
sjkirtand Underskirt combined. Hoops can
be removed and skirt laundried. Adjusta
ble to any rise. Very fashionable, and sella
for 82 to every well-dressed lady aa aoon aa
ihown. Agenta double their money. Also,
a lull line of new furnishing gooda for ladiea
and children. Addresa, with atarop, E. 11.
CAMPBELL & CO., No. 484 West Randolph
gtreet, Chicago, 111.
Controlling good European correspond
ence, for a PAKTNER; all Eastern and
Southern connactionf made; business East
past season ten thousand bales; location best
town in Mi.csisippi. References required
and given. Address S. B. S.,
care Hermitage Club, Nashville, Tenn.
CLASSES-In embroidery and art needle
work are now being formed under the
supervision of Mrs. Samuel May. All the
newest styles of decorative fancy work and
material. Stamping and embroidery to order
MAN to take an office and represent a
manufacturer; 150 per week; aaaall
capital required. Addreas, with stamp, Box
70 West Acton. Ma's.
SALESMEN In every Stata In the U ion
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
SrsoiiLTite thatare popular and easy sell
ing. Can be handled alone or In connection
with other foods. Addresa THE WM. B.
LD GOLD A SILVER For oash or ex
change. JH Utiftiltu. Jeweler, cn main
tDlUUU dress at once. DR. SCOTT'S
KLECIRIG GOODS, 842 Broadway. New
lork. The only gen nine.
1 sift-W-1-. v
f tfROYALIttHllll NJ
Absolutely Pure.
Funeral Directors.
A FULL and complete stock of Wood and
XX Metallic Oases and uaaaets, wiointov
ared Caskets and Burial Robes always cn
hand, sasr, Orders by telaerath promptly
8 1 lad. ;
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers.
348 Main St., Memphis Teal
Lacroix's Mineral Colors,
Artists' Materials,
817 and 819
N. Second St
A book of 100 pages
Ibe beat book for
r i - .aDu
an ad vet tfaer to eon
be he e'perl
enced:cr otherwise.
eontaina liata of
newspapers and estimates o'tne cost or ad
vertising. The advertiser who wants to spontf
one dollar, finds in it the information ne re
auires.wnile tor mm wno. wui mtui m
hundred thousand dollars in advertising,;
Bahama lat ndicated which will meet hi,
every requirement, or can be made to dost
by alight changes easily arriveu ai or oorr
spondenca. One hundred and finy-tnrtr
I . 1 i . I C n nA.tn.lll
aauiona nava oeen ibbuvu. v"mK"'
to any addreaa lor ten cenis. Apply to
VERTISING BUREAU.10 Bpruoaat. (Print
ne House Bonare'. rew yor
aHrOn account of other engagements re
quiring my entire personal attention, I have
concluded to quit the mercantile part of my
business, and now offer my entire stock ol
for sale. Will rent or lease to purchaser, If
desired, my two-story Iron-front building,
containing stock, on reasonable terma. Any
one wishing to go into buainesa can'aecure a
bargain by calling on E. IAKE,
July5. 188. ORKSADA.MISS.
Elmira College, For Women
Designed for such a limited number that stn
dents may enjoy the pleasant associations ol
a model Christian home. It has superior
rollrtretonrM-e or aiortyi also, x!lc
tic and Frs-msrsxorjr departments, with
exceptional advantages in Mnate and Art.
The building haa all modern improve
ments, including ateam heating and a pas
senger llor. Addresa KEV. A. W.
COWLEH. P.P.. President. Klmira, M. Y.
nr THE 1I1MA.S Bi'HY l-M.KI.U), USV l.l.'IPIil
m lnl-TLIIi.lt U'rllime
riil' tv-. of li'Hut'ur .rwiit Ui'
.t CM ir.l.rl flrr-iUn l.lii ll iHlcnlrl,t? art 1mat
C ... H ifft Y -T"l"t. S..Us I
ni04HII.TH.il. T. Board on the Hill.
" Mra. II. C. Howard, al Washington
P&rk. Rooms lam
lni&tlnn deliirhtful:
Convenient to cara to Manhattan
Manhattan Boach.
eoner Island, Lone Ileaeh and uenirai ri
also to tie fork plaoea of amusement.
Beaeh and Central Park 1
x . v-y jun
mimim yesterday
Dead Lork on ( anntj Court Clerk
Mo Slfrn of Release or Belief at
8 O'Clork Ai M.
The Shelby County Democratic
Convention reawembled at 9::!0
o'clock and ncminations lor KgUtr
were declared to be in order. Menem.
F. Harrison. J. K. McCallnm. T.
B. Crenshaw, Detn Pope, J. A. l'owe',
M. Urearn. 8. A. Douglas. W. B.
Van Hook, E. A. Kdmonoon, Dr. J.
M. Adams and John W. Goald we;e
nominated and all pledged themselvee.
i'lrsf Jiauot. Hams m 1'5, JilcUal-
him 34, Ciennhaw 15, Pops 19, Powel
:f0, Urews 12, i)ouv;la!8l3. Van Hcok 1,
Edmonc'son 10, Dr. J, M. Adams 4,
Gould 11 ; total 174; necessary to a
choice 116. Adams withdrawn.
fceorui Ballot Pope 16, Powel 33,
Harrison 37, McCallum 32, Crenshaw
18, trews 14, Douglas 7, Van Hook 2,
E.imomlsoo 7, Uonld 15.
'intra Hailot.lltmBon 32, McCiI-
lum 43, Cretishaw 14, Pope 10, Powel
.'.urews l-'. uoueibm Its. van Ilook
8, KJmondton 8, Gould 11, blank 1 ;
necessary to a choice, 125. Dean Pope
Ji'ourWi Ballot Harrison 33, McCal
lum 48, Oienshnw 14, Powel 35, trews
12. Loueas m. Van Hook a. KJmoni-
ton 6. Gould 7; necessary to a choice,
ViZ. V an Hook una lioula withdrawn.
It was movad and cartied that the
hindmoot man be dropped alter each
Fi'th Ballot. Hatrieon 38, McCal
lum 57, Crenshaw 13, Powel 44, Crews
13, Dougiaw zU; neceaeary to a cboics,
.). (Jiews and Urenshaw liavma re
ceived the same namber of votes
neither was dropped.
6i.iIi ballot. Harrison 3a, McUal-
lum 57, Crens:aw 14, Powel 43, Crews
id, Douglaes 11 ; necessary to a choice,
Under the rules Douglass was
dropped. Crenshaw was withdrawn
Seventh JSattol. Harrison on, jucual-
lum 59, Powel 42, Crews 21 ; neces
sary to a choice, 121. Crews dropped
under the lules.
Eiahth Ballot. Harrison 73, McCal
lum 64, Powel 47; necessary to a
chice, 126. Powel dropped under the
ATt'n7i Ballot. Harrison 88, McCal
lnm 97 ; necessary to a choice, 127.
Tenth Ballot Harrison 87, McUal-
lam 95; necessary to a choice, 122.
Eleventh JSallot. Harrison 81), Mc
Callum 91; necessary a choice, 121.
IWfth BaUot. Harmon 89. MfJLal-
lum 91 ; necessary to a choice, 122.
Thirteenth Ballot. Harr:Bon 92, Mc
Callum 84; necessary lo a choice, 119.
C. M. Waldron put- in nomination,
Fourtetitih Ballot. Haniaon 9(, Mc
Callum 78, Waldron 8 ; necessary to a
choice, 124.
Waldron dropped under the rules.
W. T. Jackson nominated Dean
PoPe- .
Ftfleenlli Ballot Haniaon 91, Mc
Callum (13, Pope 32; necessary to a
choice, 134.
rope dropped under the rules.
Sixteenth Ballot. Harrison 92, Mc
Callum 8; necessary to a choice, 121.
Seventeenth Ballot. Harrison 105, Mc
Callum 69 : necessary to a choice, 118.
Eiahteenlh Ballot. Harrison 112, Mc
Callum 74: necessary to a choice, 125.
Nintteenth Ballot. Harrison 110, Mc
Callum 77; necessary to a choice, 187.
Dabney ncales .nominated John A.
Powel. Lewis Groves nominated
John W. Gould, both hoping to break
the deadlock.
Tuientieth Ballot. Harrison 65, Pow
el 47, McCallum 66, Gould 16 ; neces
sary to a choice 124. . Under the rules
Mr. (.iomd was again drooped.
Twenty-burst Jiallot. Harrison 80,
Powel 41, McCallum 61 ; necessary to
a choice l-'2.- I'oder the rules Mr,
Powel was dropped.
' John D. Martin nominated S. a.
Douglass. Mr. Clapp nominated Mr.
Lewis Kney.
Trrity-&conf .Ballot. Harrison 89,
McCallum 67, Kney 9, Douglas 12 ; nec
essary to a choice 120. Kney withdrawn
under the rule, Douglas withdrawn.
Twenty Third Ballot. Harrison 120,
McCallum 70, blank ; foul.
Mr. Godwin at this point said he
put Mr. McCallum in nomination, be
lieving he would be euccwRful. Ho
withdrew his name and Mr. Weather
ford moved that his nomination be
ciade unanimous. Carried.
Mr. Hatrieon mounted the platform
v. hen cries for ballot were heard,
Mr. J. T. Biges, Harrison's friend,
t ipealed to him not to accept the
nomination under such circumstances
and demanded a ballot.
Chairman Overton asked if there
w ia a man in the convention who ob
jected to come forward and show him
self. None appeared, and a shout ol
ar p.anse went up. Mr. Harrison made
a brief speech of thanks.
The Chairman declared that nomi
nations were in order for tircuit Court
John Mellen nominated G. J.,Camp
bei'. K.J.Wendell nominated C. M. Black,
thas. Degaris nominated Albert S.
T. J. Jackson nominated Dan
D. McKlnley comina'ed F.J. War
ner. '
J. R. Godwin nominatsd H. I'. Han
sin. All of the candidates pledged them
aelvci to support the nominees. Mr.
Hanson raid he did not ask the nomi
nation solely as a workingman, but as
a IVmocrat.
ir Ballot. Campbell 10, Black 3!,
Mctiee 38, Schloes 59, Warner 15,
Ha iton 26; necessary to a choice 123.
6 ootid Ballot. Campbell 7, Black
29, McGee 16, Schloss 68, Warner 16,
Ha ison, 39. Campbell dropped under
th rules according to the announce
ment of the Chairman.
Mr. Metealf contended that the cus
tom was to drop the hindmost man
afc-r the third ballot, but was over
ruled by the Chair, which reminded
hit i of the resolution. Warner was
withdrawn and the convention ajrain
proceeded to ballot.
Third Ballot.-V.ack 35, McGee 29,
Set loss 76, Hanson 44 ; necees-ry ti a
choice, 123. The name of Mr. McGee
wa dropped under the rules.
Jour(t Ballot. Schlors 97, Hanson
57. Black 25: necessary to a choice,
120 Mr. Black was dropped under
the rules.
f Wi Ballot. Schloes 12!). Hanson
ertt lecetaanr to a choice. 120.
T nomination of Mr. Schloss was
free ed with deafening yells of ap-
n ai.se. and he wis raiBed to me piai'
fnm, UDon theahonldersof his friends.
He said he would do the proper thing
at the proper time, but did not care to
say any more because be did not want
toimoii anotner soeecn.
Adjourned at 6 o'clock until 8 p.m.
Tho nnnttontinn ounhlil lit 8
o'clock and proceeded to nominate a
Clerk of the Cilminal
W. R. Howell nominated R. S,
Hunsddon Cary nominated Pabney
W. Collier.
First Ballot. Capers 110, Collier 71;
necetsay to a choice 122.
Second Ballot. Capers 12S, Collier
60 ; necessary to choice 126. The
nonvnee was vocife-ouily cheered
when he arose to express his thanks.
The great fight over the County
C erkship was then opened up.
Simon P. Green nominated P. J.
Martin Kelly nominated P. M.
When the candidates were called
upon to p'edge themselves. Qaigley
mounted the platform amid deafening
applause and made the necessary
Winters followed, the applause
which greeted bis appearance being
equal in volume to that which pad
gieeted his opponent. He said he was
.the nominee four years ago when the
Democracy was disunited and be was
defeated, bnt they were together now
and the nominee was cetttin to he
elected. He pledged himself and bis
Firtt Ballot. Winlew, 95; Qaigley,
90: blank, 4; whole number cast, 192.
Foul bal'ot
Second Ballot. Winters, S3; Quigley,
107 : new" ary to a choice, 127.
Third Ballot Winters, 85; Quigloy,
98: necessary to a choice, 127.
Fourth Ballot. W i n t rs, 99 ; Quigley,
84 ; necessary to a choice, 125.
fifth Ballot Winters, 92 ; Quigley,
94: necfBsary t9 a choice, 124.
Sixth Ballot. Winters, 97 ; Quigley,
91 ; necessary to a choice, 127.
Seventh AWof. Winteis 86, Qaigley
100: necessary to a choice, 125.
Bighth Ballot -Quigley 94, Winters
93; necessary lo a choice, 125.
Ninth Ballot. AVintera 9;:, Qu'gley
Mr. W. G. Weatherfoid mounted
the stand when this even strength
was shown and threw a bombshell
into the conveotion. He began by
saying that it was conceded that an
Irishman would be nominated to tbe
office. He .saw no solution of the
problem if the present method of
working it out was pursued. He
therefore proposed that the Irish
delegate! be allowed to name the
choice of the convention. There was
a regular war whcop of mingled yeas
and nayes. The delegates left their seats
and surged up to tbe stand. Hats and
canes were waved acd ballots pitched
into mid air.
Mr. John K, Speed naked the at
tention of the convention. He Bald
be had been laboring for two days
without cessation to place in tho field
a Democratic ticket which would be
victorious. He was tired and needed
rest, but he proposed to stay two days
more, or a week: it necessary, lor the
good of the party. That the office
must be given to an Irishman he un
derstood, but at the lame time the
whole convention should say what
Irishman was best entitled to it.
"And the Irishmen can hest deter
mine that question, " Mr. Weatherford
The excitement was at fever beat,
when a commotion took place in tho
center of that portion of the ball al
lotted to the delegates and there was
a general rush. Mr. Martin Kelly and
B. Carberry were trying bard to get at
each other, and several blowa passed
before the police and sergeant at arms
could inteifere. Mr. Carberry, who
was not a delegate,' was ejected from
tbe house, and half tho convention
rushed after him.
It required fully ten minutes of the
hardest work on the part of the chair
man to restore order, but when it was
done it was fully done.
Mr. Kelly asked to be allowed
to make an explanation. He said
that while Mr. Weatherford was
speaking Mr. Carberry, who stood
at his elbow, iisisted upon interrupt
ing him. He bid Mr. Carberry he
was not a delegate and not a Demo
crat, and bid 10 right to interfere.
Mr. Carberry ctlled him a liar, and
"when he did fiat," Mr. Kelly added
significantly, ".' struck him."
Mr. Kelly's explanation was re-
reived with ap)lause, and the conven
tion proceeded to take another ballot.
Tenth Ballot.-Winters 90. Uuigley
99; necessary t a choice, 126.
Eleventh BalU.Uuittlei 95. Winters
94 ; necessary b a choice, 126.
Twelfth Balla Wuigley 9., Winters
92; necessary to a choice, 125.
Thirtetnth Billot Quigley 90. Win
ters 95; necee.ary to a choice, 124.
Fourteenth BdtoU Winters lUU.ijiiig-
ley 91; totaV 1)1. Foul.
Fijieenth .oafw. winters, uu; quig
ley, 96 ; nece?ry to a choice, 125.
Sixteenth 1WL Winters, ; wnig-
ley. 88; necessirv to a choice, 125.
Seventeenths JJ'Mot. winters, ;;
Quigley, 98; utai, 191. Foul ballot.
It was noa 2M0 o'clock a.m. and
there was noradication of a break in
tbe deadlock . The convention was
still balloting! t this hocr.
Mr. K. L. Veodson moved that tbe
rules be suspaded for three ballots in
order to alio Mr. It A. Odium to
come before it convention. This gave
him an onocrfucitv to try bis power to
break tbe deadlock for three straight
ballot wiihojt the danger of being
dropped as It bindermost man had,
under the 'tie, in previous contests
during tbe dy.
Eighteenth MM. Winters 07, Wing'
ley 72, Odhtn
40; necessary to a
choice, 1.6.t
Lkiht yon bonfires.
Good lnionr prevailed.
A thkeb we lis' canva-s.
"Sdi'pobt-top bottom."
I-'chi.oss rax like a quarter horse.
"I.angi A3.faile to express, etc."
Harder wjrk than mauling rails.
llABKisohis a brother-in-law of J. C.
and H. MJflely.
WAi.DKirbloomed in the fourteenth
"My coa'off at the polls August
5th, e;c." .
Twelve endidates for Register ma
terializeAl. j
"STArn -betorc pledge ticket
end eid."
TiiBDuta.ders did not attend very
It wta given up as a hopeless dead
lock at midnight.
Tut audience last night was small
and wcrybody tired.
Kkt pit nine. Except for the n
he night have unlocked it.
NJ3. Caiutrkrs was nominated for
Coniableof the First District.
ECcJuirnVvote on the first ballot was
a pralyner- to the Capers men.
1m friends of Harrison and McCal
lu stood b; them like soldiers.
moliy'h lead fluctuated, but it
w there on nearly every ballot.
In-Republicans are whooping up
lie darkys in the Civil Districts.
.. G. Da nt, the editor of the Repub
lican, had a seat on the platform. ,
I lit was iust aeven hours from the
time the convention adiourned at 2
candidate for
o'clock in the morning until it met
J. F. Burks was nominated for Con
stable in the Twelfth U.vil District.
Thi Fifteenth Civil District selected
J. R. Miller as its candidate for consta
ble. J. (lot t.D was a candidate for Regis
tera proof of the ri hness of the of
fice. The prediction that Capers would
act it on the first ballot was cot veri
fied. Bradley came up smiling a little
after the convention met, as genial aa
Moss dropped in to see tho engine
which burled Dubose at his devoted
County and rity teemed to be even
ly divided in the contest lor County
Thb "Bloody Firat" was not solid in
any fight except the Attorney Gener
alship. Tub scrapping match at midnight
was the first disturbance in the con
vention. Peters was the only candidate who
got his nomination under the two
thirds rule.
Thb complexion of the convention
yes'erdaylwas very different from that
of the day before.
Odi.cm had a little positive strength
which was used very effectively to
whipsiw the convention.
Mr. Martin thought he possessed
the key to the rported deadlock in
the name of Hid Djugiass.
Tub contest for Clerk of the Circuit
Coutt narrowed down to Hanson and
Schloss. alter tho fourth ballot.
M. T. Garvin and Thomas Garvey
are the Democratic nominees for Con
stable in the F.fth Civil District.
Tiixrb is a snug little sum in the
shape of waste paner ballots waiting
on tbetl Kr of the Exposition building.
Gborub B. Pktbiis, the next Attor
ney Genoral ol Shelby county, beamed
npon the unterritied most ol the day.
Thb "Song of the Shirt" was sung
withvaiious variations when the nota
tions for Ciicuit Coutt Clerk wero be
ing made.
Schloss said if nominated he would
work as hard (or tbe ticket ai if some
other man bad been chosen by the
Tub fight over the Register's cilice
was even hotter than it was supposed
it would be. I took nearly all day to
reach a conclusion.
Mil. Waldban says he did not ex
pect to be nominated until the fif
teenth badot, and thinks tho conven
tion did not understand.
Old man Coopwo:d lest his voice
Thursday night yelling for Dubnse, but
be hauled in his delegate with the
crook of his caoo whenever the time
came to vote.
Tub Eighth Ward, when the fight
over the Register's ollice became
warm, made a jack pot ol it, giving it
solid to the eaudidato receiving the
largest number ol votes.
JunciE Greek was on deck again
yesterday. Uu smiled blandly when
his friends tried to explain just how it
was done. He went down with his
martial cloak around him.
It was the unanimous vote ol the
convention that Col. John Overton,
jr., makes the best chairman Shelby
county ever saw. This was about tbe
only tiling it was unanimous on.
The rule dropping the lowest man
in the race lor Kegltter alter each bal
lot was a good one if it hal carried
with it tbe condition that no man once
dropped should again be taken up.
All the candidates caught tho busi
ness spirit of tbe convention and no
long speeches were attempted, no
matter how great the temptation.
' Words are inadequate, etc."
Campbell, one ol the best clerks in
Shelby county, relied too much upon
bis friends and made no canvafs. In
thesa. days cf our Lord a-man has to
huetle for a nomination, and afterward
for an election.
A kiw words from Webster culled
lor the especial benefit of candidates
are given in this column. They will
strike the reader aa being original. No
one in tbe habit ol attending conven
tions ever heard them before.
Tub Democrats ol the Second,
through Mr. E. J. Wendell, extended
an invitat'on to the convention to at
tend a grand Deinocra'ic barbecue
and rally at Big Springs next Sat
urday. Wuen the lock occurred between
Harrison and McCallum the friends of
the latter proposed to leave it to the
country to fay which was its choice.
"This Convention cannot compromise
itsell In that way," Chairman Overton
said, and he was sustained.
Mr, John A. Garrett instated upon
nominating Mr. E. J. Wendell for
County Clerk. Mr. Wendell was
forced to the stand, and as soon as or
der could be restored he said : "Gen
tlemen ol tbe convention, I withdraw
my name. I am by I am lor Win
ters!" UsaSOZODONTwhen you have eaten ;
UseSOODONT your breath to sweet
en; Use SOZODONT to aid digestion ;
Use SOZODONT and ask no question.
Preseive your mo'ars and you won't
Regret the use ol SOZODONT.
Tjpbold fever.
Charles Hartford, of New Castle,
Westchester county, N. Y., suflered
with typhoid lever, and was given up
to die. He was restored to health in
oneweek bv taking five Brandredlh
Pills every night and drinking plenti
fully of oatmeal gruel. A lew (lows ol
Brandreth Pills will invariably cure
any kind ol fever.
Recti's Kraolalon
Of pure Cod Liver Oil, with Hypo
nhosDhitee. is a most valuable remedy
for consumption, scrofula, wasting dis
eases ol children, colds ana chronic
coughs, and in all conditions where
there is a loss of tleah, a lack ot nerve
power and a gnneial debility of the
Angostura Bittkhs is a household
word all over the world. For over
fifty years it haa advertised itself by
its merits. It is now advertised to
warn the public against counterfeits.
Tbe genuine article is manufactured
by Dr. J. u. ts. blegert hone.
Kvcss If You But Doaeaa
eoatmon porous plasters which 70 a eaa tut
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worth them all. The reason is this: Ben
son's la the only porous plaster in the market
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entilically niediaud. Others are no more
than nominal Imitations of Benson's. They
are cheap beceuse tiiey possess none ot the
ingredients which render Uonsoa'a valua
ble. The latter are prompt to aot, pleas
ant to wear, and oure in a row noura an
roenta tthioh othera will not even relieve.
Tbe public are espei-ially warned against so
sailed "C'aoaioln." " Capsicum. ,r " CanU'
cin," or "Cii.-ine" planters, as wortbleaa
artlclea intended to derslve. Aak for Ben
son'a, and look for the " Three Seals" trade
mark and the word " Capoine " cut in tbe
( antes In the National League, Xen
York, Philadelphia, Chicago and
Detroit Victorious
Yesterday was an off day iu the
League, but Memphis played a de
terred game with Chatleston and suf
fered a defeat by the score of 1! to 0.
Today Sneed's nine will tackle the
801THEKS LKAun:.
Memphia Hhsst Oat.
lariouLTO tbi arriibl
Charleston, S. C, July Id.
Charleeton shut out Memphia today.
Kappell, 3db 4 0 1 2 2 1
Phillips, s. s 4 0 0 1 3 0
Broenan, 2d b 4 0 0 5 2 0
Powell, 1st b 4 1 1 11 0 0
Hines, r. f 4 0 110 0
Oilman, e. 1 3 0 0 1 0 0
McAleer, 1. f 3 0 0 3 0 0
McVey, c 4 0 0 4 1 0
Sullivan, p 1 10 15 0
Total ol 2 3 27 13 1
Black, r. f 4 0 0 1 0 0
Manning, 2d;b 3 0 0 2 3 2
McSorley, 3d b ... 4 0 1 0 0 0
Broughton, c 4 0 0 11 1 1
Andrews, 1st b... 4 0 1 11 0 1
Sbs a, c. f 2 0 0 0 0 1
ltrynan.l.f 3 0 0 2 0 0
J'helan, e. s 3 0 0 0 4 0
Knouh", p 3 0 0 0 11 0
Total 30 0 2 27 1!) 5
Charleston 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0-2
Memphis 0 00000000-0
Summary: Two base hits McSor-
ley.' Total base hits Charleston, 3;
Memphis, 4. Leu on tiaaes -unaricg-
ton, 6; Memphis, 5. Bases stolen
Powell, Oilman and McAleer. Struck
out Sullivan, 3; Knotttl, 3. Firat base
on balla-Hullivan,2; Knoutl,3. Wild
pitches KnoutT, 1. Passed balls
McVey. 1; Broughton, 1. Time ol
game 1 :45. Umpire Hengle.
St. Louis, Mo, July Id SU Louis,
3 ; Detroit 7. Karned runs St. Louis,
2; Detroit 1. Two base hits Seery,
Thompson, Dunlap. Three base hits
Thompson brothers. Stolen boses
Glasscock, Whito, tiulnn. Total bases
on hits St. Louis, 11; Detroit, 15.
Left on basts Kt. Louis, 9: Detroit 7.
Struck out-liy Murphy, 4 ; by Gotr.ier,
5. Bases on called balls OH Murphy,
5; ollGetzler. 1. Passed balls Graves,
2. Wild pitches Murphy, 2. Time
I hour and 65 mlnntes. Umpire
Sam Crane.
at wasiiikuton.
Washington, D. C, July Kl. Phila
delphia, 0; Nationals, H. Earned
runs Philadelphia, 9; Nationals, 4.
Home tuns none. Two baeo hitH
Knoles, Darly and Wood. Passed
bnlle McGuire, 2, Wild pitches
Diiley. 2. Stolen banns Philadelphia,
7 ; Nationals, 2. Base hita Nationals,
9; Philadelphia, 15. Krrors Nation
als, 4; Philadelphia, 2. Umpire
KansamCity, Mo., July It!. Kansas
Cily, 4; Chicago, 7. Larned runs
Kansas Cltv. 3: Chicago. 1. Stolen
bases Kelley. Two baBe hita Kelley,
Hums, McUueery, Briody, Conway, 2.
Passed bal's-IIackett, 1. First bass
on balls Off Conway, 3; Clarkson, 1
First base on errors Kansas City, 1 ;
Chicago, 2. Struck out Uy Conway,
4 ; Clarkson, 4. U nipiro-Connolly.
New York, July 111. Now York, 4;
Boston, 1. Karned runB New York, 3.
Two base hits-Nash, 1. Wild
pitches Kadbouro, 2. Hist base on
balls New York, 1 ; BoBton, 5. First
base hita New York, 9; Boston, 7.
Errors New York, 2; Boston, I. Urn
pire York.
Memphis at Savannah.
Nashvilie at Charleston.
Atlanta at Macon.
Louisville at Brooklyn.
St. Louis Browns at New York.
Cincinuatl at Philadelphia.
Pittsburg at Baltimore.
Detroit at St. Louie.
Chicago at Kansn City.
Philadelphia at Washington.
Boston at New York.
Game on the Terrace this afternoon.
The Court street Browns were de
feated yesterday by the Adams street
Ituds by a score ol 8 to 1H.
The artistic photographs ol a female
baseball nine now on exhibition in
tho window ol a Main street hat store
are attracting much attention.
Milt Scott, the first baseman ol the
Ba'tlmorea, has mulled but one fly lor
three years past. He has twice led
the iHHoclation first basemen.
4'hlratio Mnf.
Chuaoo, III, July 1(1. Tbe
weather today wa warm, the t rack
good and the attendance lair.
lraf Hare. One mile and one-sixteenth.
Starters: Ed Oilman, Probns,
Surprise, Hattie Carllele and Tyno.
Surprise led lor nearly hall a mile;
Hattie Carlisle then took a slight
lead, with Kd Oilman and Typo very
close up. There was no change to the
seven-eighths pole, when Hattie Car
lisle drew away and won easily by
hall a length; Typo second, two
lengths in front of Ed Oilman, tiiird.
Time 1 -bi i. Mutuals paid IS 01.
Aiwvitirf lia-e. Seven-eiebths of a
mile. Starters: Eugene, Handy Andy,
Miss Highy, Little Joe, Moonlight,
Lisland, Archbishop, Prairie Queen,
Topsy, Nora M. acd Athleno. Moon
light, Topsy, Lisland and Little Joe
were at the head of the hunch ; Moon
light, Little Joe and Lisland half a
length apart, at once draw ofl the
field. Un the lower turn Little Joe
was in front; Lisland second, Moon
light third. In the stretch Lisland
went to the front and won hanlily by
one length; Little Joe second, two
lengths in front of Handy Andy. third.
Time 1 :2'- Mutuals paid, 130.
Third linen. One mile and one-juar-ter.
Starters: Leman, John Sullivan,
Myrtle, Idle Pat, Emma, Manley,
Glen Ban.Colorado.Lepanto. Glen Ban
one length in front made tbe running,
with Colorado second, one length in
front ol Lepanto third. At the end ol
three-quarters ol a mile Lepanto went
to the front, followed by Leman and
John Sullivan. In the stretch John
Sullivan went to the front, was not
hnaded, and won handily by ope
length : lemno second, one lengVn in
Iront of Idle Pat, third. Time 2:10J.
Mutuals paid $58.
Fourth Bace.Ono mile 'nd one
eighth, Starters: Biddy Bowling,
War Sign, Effie H, Porrka, Redstone,
Hilarity, Buchanan. Biddy Bowling,
one length in front, made the run
ning, followed by Buchanan and Elbe
H. on the backstretch Eflia was
done and Red Stone took third place
on the lower 1 urn. Punka moved op
to uackanan iu tie srrtcn ami a very
close . race to the end re a I ted ia
l'anfca winning by a heid; Buchanan
second, Rd Stone a poor third.
Time l.-SoJ. Mutua'a paid held
IS 10.
Fifth Rat Stebole chase, short
course. Starters: Bucephalus, Hop
Sing, Chanticleer, liory O'Mooie and
Burton. Bucsphalus In front, with
Hop Sing tecond. Ran aa named
without changs to the last jump in
the field, where Bnchepbalos fell.
Rorr U'Moore then took the lead, was
not beaded, and won under a drive by
a length; Hop Sine second, Burton
third. Time-3;03j. Mutuals paid
$1180. Chanticleer refused to jump.
Downing, who rode Bucepba'u', waa
slightly injured.
The following, are the entriis and
weights lor tomorrow's races.
tint AW One mile. Jim Guest
(105), Violin (115), Lepanto (10tt),
Hopcuaie (i 10), Dancing K.ul (lift),
Colorado (117), J. H. Fentjn (105),
Billy Gilmore (1201.
Scond Jiaee. Three-quartets of
mile. Mamie Hunt (104), Pearl Jen
nings (Its), Wonder (10t), Glenale
tnon.l (1)4), Fred Woolley (s)8)), Sko
belolf (117), Dudley Oaks (110).
Third iiico. The Lakeview handi
cap. thrso-Urifrs ol a mile. Laredo
(107), Oomudy (0,r), Vera (100), Jennie
T. (112), lto-ei), Terra Cotta (95),
Ada Uses (105),ltitht Away (105).
f'ntiWA Raet, Onaj. mile hea's.
Glfauer (117), HtrltonHli:'), Parnell
(110), Hopedalo (115), War-Sign (115),
Jim Guest (95).
Fifth Raee.Oao mile and a half.
Easter (111). Faster will walk over.
Ettra Race. Selling race, seven
eighths of a mile. The entries will
close at noon Saturday.
Brlablon BearH Karee.
ltittuiiTON Beach, N. Y., July lti.
Ftret Rare. Purse, three-quaitsra of
a mile. Nat Gooda ia won by two
lengths; Daphne second, Daly Oak
third. Time-l:l!..
Second Race. Purse, selling allow
ances, mile and an eighth. Lancaster
won by one-half a length; Mentor
second, Compensation third. Time
TAi'nl Race Puree, selling allow
ances, mile and an eighth. Hartford
won by hall a leneth ; Hickory Jim
secondj Brunswick third. Time 2:02,
Fourth Ram Purse, selling allow
ances, Hires quarters of a mile, Chlcka
homiuy won by rive lengths; Lltiie
Walton second, It g Head third. Time
Fifth Race. Sbven-e'ghths ol a
mile. Lord Coleridge won bv
nose ; Commander tecond, Red Buck
third. Time 1:31.
Sixth Race. Parse, one mile and a
quarter. Woodtlower won by a
length; Charlie Russell second, Ben
Pryor third. Time 2:14L
ON It N I Ht.trr.
A Ticket Vnl In tbe riold, With U.
P. SI. Tinner for Attorney
About ninety men assembled last
night at tbe Knights nl Pythias hall
on Second streot and organized by
electing E. T. Maynard, Chairman and
G. W. Gill, Secretary. Every ward ia
the city was represented by duly aw
credited delegates, and after being ad
dressed by Attorney General Turner,
balloting lor county ollicee was be
gun. For Chancery Judge W. M. Smith.
received 77, Ellett 7, Brown 0.
For Circuit Judge J. W. Vernon.
6j. J. K. Blgelow 2(1J.
For Judge ol the Criminal Coart
J. T, Mots by acclamation.
For Probate Judge T. B. Eldrldg
04, W. B. Glisson, 3. Jno. Loagno 18.
For Connty Tiustee J. J. Weller
42, H. B. Ramsey 42, on tbe first bal
lot. On the second ballot, J, J. Weller
32,11. B.Ramsey 61.
For County Court Clerk Joseph
Uhl was nominated by acclamation.
For Circuit Court Clerk J. F. Nor
ris was nominated by acclamation.
For Clerk of the Criminal Court-
T. J. llrogan 72, T. E. Hanson 13.
For Connty Register L. 11. Fields
77, l.ymiiH Wallace 7.
For At'orney General G. P. M,
Turner, by acc'amatlon.t
For Sheiill'-George Silvers HI, John
C. Hook 4.
It was moved and carried to call the
ticket the Independent Iabor ticket.
The Execut i ve Committee, composed
of one member from each ward, will
meet tonight at the same place to pre-
fiare for a ratification meeting to be
leld on next Monday night.
It was moved and carried that the
Executive Committee be empowered
to till any vacancies ou the ticket
caused by declination of candidates to
run. There being no lurther business
the meeting adjourned. The follow
ing is the ticket in full:
Chanrery Judge W. M. Smith.
Oiiminal Judge J. T. Moss. Circuit
Judge F. W. Vernon. Probata
Judge T. D. Eldridge. County True
tee H. B. Ramsey. County Court
Clerk Joseph Uhl. Criminal Conrt
Clerk T. Brogsn. Circuit Court
Clerk J. F. Norris. County Register
L. H. Fields. Attorney General
G. P. M. Turner. Sheriff G. A. Sil
vers. Hrott'sj Etnnlalon ot rare
Cod Liver Oil, with hypophoephites,
almoM a specific lor consumption.
The thonuandsof testimonials we have
received irom snnereis who uyo imu
permanently cured by Scott's Emulsion
satieties us that it will cure consump
tion in its early stages, and alleviate it
not core in its latter t egea.
IW as delfcalelTrtJWfyii
price BAimm j

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