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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, July 17, 1886, Image 7

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Cotton Stead v-Middling-, 9 1 4e
Hale Yesterday, 150
Money in fair demand at 8 per cent
Loral securities du'l.
The cotton maiket closed steady,
middlini, 9Jc. Pales, 150 bales.
At New York yettsrday rpsta closed
quiet and firm. Sales, 338 bait; mid
dling, 9Jc. A leading cjtten crcu'ar
says: A few buying orders were re
ceived, but opcrdtois run moiily lo
lccl icilpingtfloiti. The cloje ftands
at about last night's figor, s.
At New Orleans spots were quiet,
middling, 9 316c; futures quiet and
steady; July, 91G9.18c.
At Liverpool spots were quift, mod
erate inquiry ; middling, 5 5-lf5d; fut
ures easy ; July, 5 1564d.
In tbe ganeral wa-ktt thira are no
features of nets. Eggs dull at 7J8e.
Six brls rpolrs, 2 br)s leans ar.d
pens, 11 pkga bu ter, 337 r's b g inn.
HO pkgt bacon, 281 pkgsbnU ami
sboes, 20C3bu c rn,il3skscoflee,200J
bdls cotton lies, 27 pkgs egv, 4-0 brls
flour, 200 biles tit.y, 0 bd stiep, 20.CC0
ft lumbar, 10 pkgs 1 quors, 2400 bu
oats, 189 eks onioi-B, 3 car.i park side.-,
30 brls pork, 118 brls sm-ar, 35 pkijs
tobacco aud 45C0 bu wheat.
The following shows- the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Exchange today:
Corn received, 15ii4 hn; withdrawn,
2245 bu ; in store. 1 2,()C8 bu. Oats re
received, 221H; withdrawn, 160(1 bu;
in store, 1968 bu. Wlet leceiVrfd,
none; withdrawn, 12J0bu; in store,
4053 bu.
9 Madison St., Memphis Tenn.,
oil. TBrnr certificates.
Money in gonil demand at 8 per cent.
The Clearing House report is as fol
Friday. July 16 h, 40,1 60 35;
thus fur this week, 787,4r9 30, eame
time la-t wek, $1,241,642 69; same
time in 1885 $780,14 1 84, earne time in
1884, 1357,883 01.
Friday, Ju'y 16tb, $49,382 67; thus
far taia wee, $:uz,03& ; sirae none
lastweik, $491,112 22; same time in
1885, $2(4,149 93; swne timo in 1884,
l69,293 50;
Nsw York sight on all points, par
baying, J premium soiling; New'
Knffland demand. 1 discount buying;
New England sigt't, J d'srsount; New
Orleans, t discount buymg, par selling
Bank of Commeri; l4(i bid, 149 anked
First National "147 bid, 152 asked
German Bank 192 bid, 19(1 asked
State National "145 bid, 148 asked
TTnlnn and Planter-. 150 bid. 1M ankod
Mercantile Bank....l35 b'd, 137J asked
Bluff City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 102 bid, 105 Rsked
Home 75 bid. 80 aafced
MomDhis Citv 102 bid. 10 aeked
Peoples 82 bid, 86 asked
Fhreuix lOJhid, 102 asked
Planters -103 bid, 105 asked
VanderbilU. ?5 bid, 26 aiked
Arlington 30 bid, ... asked
Factors 20 nskod
M. and C. P-R. sharpH.,37 bid, ... wtked
M.& T. R.R. Hhr 45 bid. 50 asked
M. & O. cons lis, 7s... 11 8 bid, ... asned
M.& L.R.lt m. 8s... 105 bid, ... asked
Miaa.&TR.R.cs.A- 117 bid, 118 asked
M.&H.&T.R.R.O3.B...100 bid, 108 asked
Tenn. wts. bit. T 90 bid, 93 aeked
Tenn. wts. ser. E to J..82 bid, 8a asked
Shelby Co. 6 108 b;d, 110 asked
Tax. Dist. 4, 6, 96 bid, 97 asked
Tax. Dist. 6 104 bid, 105 asked
Mem. Qas bonds 105 bid. ... asked
Mem. Watr boude 96 bid, ... asked
Hananer Oil Works bid, 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trust',... 31 bid,32J at-kd
PioneerCotton Mills 25 bid, 30 asked
Mem.Htor.Com.C"..100 bid, 102 Baked
Mm. Oan stork 78 bid, 82 asked
Nsw York, July 1(1. Mont-y oocal
easy, inngii'g from )to2 per cei't,
clonng at ljptrcei.t a kel. Piime
mercautile paper, 45. 8 erling ex
change dull; 486 foi sixty days aud
487 for demand.
Bon da G o vern ment V or, ds we re
dull but flim, with the iours strong
aud in dtimn-J. Sutn bondj ware
dull and st a ly. Railroad bends were
In fair renneu ; sa es, $2,110,000. The
Texan and ra-ifu: i-S'ies were again a
ia'ure, the Kii Grande six-s, coupon
off, selling jlH4,0 Ki, and Hr,ii grant,
$189,000 'Ihero ij einuiJerable uti
crta niy nVou: tiie d ints oi tiie cif
fe rent c mmit.ee. forme. l',tO re rgnr.ize
theTtxaiard l a iflr. roaii, but hold
ers of t tie to a. live ibiu-s rastiti ned
dove fuel t.or.UJent tLao they wi.l ap
preciate in vaoeno ma ter which plan
ii aiioitfd. Clos'ng yr c a gnnerHlly
;,or advan .. Hous ou a..d xai
jer enl s.xrs ar- un 2 at o8; Texis aud
P..c ft", terminal sixo, 2 a 42; C-n-tral
loa, EiH'ern Iiiii aiun tixes are
d-wn 3 at 67.
Stints-Sticks opsned with a more
decided if .ling i-.i favor of big'er
Vrii'HP.m- re Jijt'm. niom n billons with
tie Chaajo sr.d A;lr.i;Mc eervin io
help th? spM.ulr.'.'on in Er!e. Ex en
Bive buyi'ii! for L JE'ion sroount was
also a ftioior i:i the rise uf the wc rn
in;. Sterl ng txcuange rates WHte r -dnced
oo atcjunt cf u b-iter supply of
hi Is dwwn fix"it setU'-.t'iB lately
puaha'd ia Uj;b market, but. tiie Irt-t-rfaC.
was iot s.ubt cf w'.ien the
mn.kct became t)o tp bravy to suit
the lead'iri aid prices woie I' tdown
t iwf;rd mii'.dy, the martet sinking
into the usr.a :a:dsnuimer duilnesi
until Western Union was agin taken
lio!d of and ; 'ted, the er.tiie market
following. The weak Bp t of 'h
ma k-t was Lackawanna, which was
tt;uked irom eeVHral differeut qnar
t ri at once and dropped quick 'y over
lpttrcet.t. A noticeab'e f.ature of
f.io de liue in this BtOik, however,
was the small los traJed in.
A ter the moVKUicrit in We'jt
r:i Union, the market W'.int a'oig
oly and closed about tteady. I' i
laigely be leve l tlmt t tie shorts
were matrrialy reduced yesterday
ud there were heavy lea iiitiocs all
day today, making The ner futures
sr me what nncruin. First pries
were generally I to J per cent, bitiher
'hau laet eyeuu g's clog nit figure, bat
Eiiewas up , Nothwest'rn J nd
Reading J per cent Pucts fell rff
general y el gbt frac oris. Lacka
wanna was con-p cu us y weak, but
he decline wa s on c iecked and a
rally fo'l iwed, tbe U sses being gener-
a ly iec"ered hy mutday, wnn
Western L n on made an advance in
wtiich tbe nmnn kr sympathized,
the lest pric'S of t'ie day being
reach d at 1 o'c'ock p.m. Later tbe
market becm yry dull and shaded
off hactiois, closng at irre ular
changes from lM night's figures.
Cloeiog prices ire gen-rally a shide
lower, Erie pieterreo, bowever, Demg
up 1 ptr cent
The total sals of stor ks today were
239 842 shares, includ ng Delaware,
Lackawanna and Wes ern, 30.225;
Erie, 30,380; Kan-ai and Ttxw.5435;
L-k S'.ore, 11,7.0; Louisville and
Na-hville. 7900: Noribwesterp. 10,-
400; New Jersey Centrul. 8730; 1'acitic
Mail. 11.025: Keading, 3o00; ml rau',
34,540, Mt. Paul ana Omaha, 3600;
Union Pauhc, 4370; Western Union,
31,930. Closing quo ati. ns:
U.S. S,100!4 ', oap,
4i. ooup, ly,. Paoifio 6a ol M6,
La. lUni'ii 4a,77 Miaroarl, 6s, 1C0V
Tenn. lis, old, 61. Tena. 6s, new, til
Cent. Pu. 1U, 114. Der. & K.U.lam,121M.
MenAK.tt.W.l l,i;Kric leconaa, ins; .
M K.Ar.,Uen.6s,U'i Nor h. Po. lau.JlliTi.
Norih. Pao. 2a,l(H. N. Ve-te-n oon.. 144
N.We.t. deb. 5a, 110. St.L.S.V.Gon.M, 11(1.
St. Pul, eon., 133. Ht.V.,C A I'.lau.llM.
T. P. land cran'1,41. T.P. R.G. axoon b
U. r. lata, UWi. r neat cuure, iuiv'4.
Adami Expreat, 14U. Morria A E., offil ,141
Allegheny Cen., . Naville 4 C, 5iM.
Alton 11.11 , 'Si. N. J. Central, 4frS.
A A T. H.LPfd.. 83. Nor. A W.. nl'd., W.
American Ex., 06. Northtrn Pao., :i.
B. O. K. A ft. .50. Northern P. pid.,M-'4.
Canada Pao., 6H. C. k N. VV ftHK
Canada sou., i.s. J. vt.vi piu..iiu.
Central Paoifio. 424 N. V. Central, 10i.
Cheaapeake AO , 8 N. C. A ht. L.. 9.
C. AO .Isipld.lft'. N.V.St.L.AC.p ,21.
C. A U.i Sid pld., JU. unu- cen'rat, .
C. A A. ,141. (lhi A Miaa.,
C A A , Pld., 150. O. A Miaa.. !fd., HO.
C, B. A Q., 1;B. OnU io A Weal.. ls
C, St. L. A N. O.,. Ore Nav.. 107!4.
C, St. L. A P., UK. Orepin Trana.. S3J4.
C.i f-t. L. A P. p.,30. Ore. on Imp., 1H.
0., 8. AC, 28. Vac 8o Mail, b6.
C.A C , 54S. Panama. W. ,
Del. A Uud , 98'4 Peotia, V. A E., 22? J.
Del., I. A W., Pitt-burir.152.
Dan. A Rio tt., 28. Pulltaan P. C, 135.
Erie, 32t4. Reauiim, 25M.
Krie pf i., 70. Rook la and, Vii'M.
East Tenn., &Y,. St. L. A I.J., 24.
EaatTenn. pfd. 13X. St. L. 8. F.,P.,5(lK.
Port Wayne, 14ii. St.L A8.F.,lat P.1U.
Il .nnihal At St Jn C. M. A St. P..
U. A St. Jo., pfd.,- O. M.ASt.P.,p. 122.
Harlem. 235. St. P.. M. A M., Wi
Houaton A T.. S3 St. V. A Omaha, Avt;
Illinoia Cen., 134- Bt.PulAO.pfd.,
Kanaai it r., sift. unn.n raoino, o
Lake bbore, 85.
T.nn. It Nah..4'2V:.
V..St. L. A P.. 18
t. bxpreaa, tu
w.,st l.iP.,nW
l.nn. AN. A.. 48. W. IF,
M.AC Brat pld , ,w. u. lei., oiy,.
M. AC. pfd., . Colorado Coal. 23.
Mem. A Char.. 3d. Honiaxtake, 21.
Mich. Cen , 73 Iron Silver, 200.
M., L. S.A W . Ontrio. 28V4.
M.,L.8.W.,pfd.9,i; Ouiokailver, 7.
Min. A St. L., IW,. (Jmoltailver.pfd, 20!i.
Min. A St. L.pfd,4fi. South Paoifio, .
M'aaourl P oiflo,l74.6utro. 11.
Mobil A Ohio. 14.
Paris, July 16. Three per cen',
rentes, 831 fur the account.
Boston, Mass , July 16 -"-Kxchanges,
$ 14. 740,949; balances, i,t30,ouv,
New York, July 10. Fxohanges,
$88 674,983; ba'ancee, 3 3,609,878.
Chicago, III., July 16. Associated
bank clear ngi lodty were i,zou,wu.
Baltimore Md Ju'y !. Bmk
clearing', $1,942,502; balances, $214,-
Philadelphia, Pa., Ju'y 16. Bank
clea-itgi, 10,054,678; biiancc, fi,
550 033.
St. L-uis, Mo., July 10. Bank clear-
inors. t2.657.753: nalancfs, 4il,4
Exchange on New Yorkpteady at par,
The local cotton market opened
steady, and closed steady; mid
dl'ng, 9ic. Salon, 150 bales, all to
Yester.iay. Thuriday
Ordinary 7
Good Ordinary.... 8 8,
Low Middlincr tit 8
Middling 9t 9
Good MlddliiiB.... 91 " 9
Middling Fair 10 10
Fair Nora, Mom
Dusty 6J8J C,!a8
Stains, tinges .7i..8J .
Mrupbis, July lii, 1886.
Stock Sept. 1,1885 1,392
Received to-dav 314
Received previously ...542,886 544.592
Shipped to-day 932
Stiii'ped prnvionsly....629,9j3
Hom'iconstimnlion to
date i oji.uLu
Stock running account
Thus far this week
Thus far laet week,... ..
Since September lt.t......
M. and C. R. K
M. & I". R. R
M. & L. R. K. K
L. N. O. & T. R. R
M. 8. & B. R. R
Wagons and other luurces.,
Exports .
Thns far this wemt.......
Thna far last week ......
Since September 1st...,
. 4,079
. 2,951
M. A. O R. R
M. and L R. R
St-aaieis north
Total 932
Wee k cd
ing Jtiiy Since Sep
16, 18S. tcmbcr Int.
ceived. This List This Last
Year Yaar Year Year
M&CRR.... 67 29 7729D 78983
M & T R R... 24 9 68809 45852
L&N R R... 20 2 43756 46212
M & L R R R 279 43 81927 73VU
C,08WRR 11 24)08 25221
L.NOATRR 7 i 1 38181 13390
KC.S&MRK 13 19503 19855
M.B&ARR 3 17399 97
Miss, river... 29 11 89 53 61734
White river. 3 i 7 20824 160 3
St.Fran river j 1 7330 3199
rk'sns river 18 llf.t.2 4480
Wagons, etc 30 60 52600 30423
Total 494 G3 64320 428616
flHTPMKNTflt i
MACK R... 573 22 106014 58301
M 4 T R R... 1 37333 54614
L4NRR... 28454 20 105930 80081
C.O&SWRR 5i 646 95914 64242
L.NOATRR 150 61208 42414
M,BAARR 11523
Steam's n'rth 631 .1280 103538 88851
Steam'as'uth 18819 40085
Total 4019 20 '4 53088,r 424048
New York spats opened steady aud
closed quiet and firm. Bales, 338 bales.
Quotations as follows!
Yesterday. TbureJiy.
Ordinary. - 61 61
Good ordinary. 8i 8
Low middling. 9 110 9 1-lti
MiddUng.. 9) 9
Good middling. 10 10
Middling fair 10 11-1 H 10 11-Hi
Fair 11 5-ltl 11610
New York futures ooenod eaw
and closed dull and steady. Bales
71,800 bales. The closing quotations
were as Id lows:
Yeatorday. Thursday.
July. 9 4'5(S94ti 9.40 9.47
August y.4sod .49!a y.ou
Sepumber...9.43(.d 9.44 9.440i 9.45
October 9 33(a 9 3:! 9.34
Nnvfltnhfir...9 3-'(rA (t.Xl 9 33riu 9.34
December ...9 35 9.30 9 35 9.30
January 9.45 'A 9.4ti 9.45
February c. .M
March 9.64(4 D.bS 9.63'a 9.t4
April 9.73 9 74 9.73 9.74
May 9 839 8 9.8.' 9.84
New York cotton statement for tbe
weekending Friday. July 10. 1880:
Net receipts at all United Bales.
Nates ports lor wee I4,t.v.t
Total receipts to date 5,313,933
Kxnorte lor tbe ween :U,2;u
Total exports to date 4,154,064
Stock at V. 8. porta 285,85(1
Stock at 10 interior towns... 28,131
Stock at Liverpool 627,000
Stock of American alloat for
Oreat Britain 55,000
The New Orleans soot market opened
dull and clo'ed quiet; middling, 9 3.
10'. tales, 5'J bales. Quota Ions were
as follows:
leBterday. Thursday.
Ordinary 7J 73
Good ordinary 8j 8J
Low middling. ,. 8 11 10 8 11-lrt
Middling ...9 3-1U 9 3-IB
Good middling 9 15 10 9 1510
The New Orleans futare market
opened steady and closed quiet and
st?edy. Sales, 12,200 bales. Quota
tions were as ioliows:
Yesffrday. Thursday.
July 9.16 9.18 9.18 9 20
August 9.22 9.23 . 9.23 9 24
8rfptember..9.l 2 9 03 0.05fn 9.0t
Octobar 9 89 9 90 8.91 ,8 92
Novemtjer..9 SMH 9 80 8 87() 8 88
December .9 90 .... . 8.91 8,92
January 9.00 9.01 9.01 9 02
February...9.11 9 12 9.12( 9 11
March 9 2:t 9.i;4 H.24 U.-'f
April - 9 34 9.35 9.35CA 9.37
May 9 45 9 47 9.40 9 48
'lone Kec. Prices Stock:
Galveston nom. 94 9 3,766
N Orleans, quiet. 137 9 316 23,818
Mobile .... nom, 5 9 4,687
Navannab. quiet. 315 81 6 643
Charl'ston quiet. 0 9 3,243
Wilm'ton. firm 9 7ltl
Norfolk.... quiet. 223 9 516 3,935
Baltimore qt sdy 9 916 9,189
New Ycrk quiet 9J 208,049
Boston quiet. 1,110 95 0,310
Pbilad'a... Urm. 1 9 12,967
St. Louis... quiet. 109 17,387
Augusta- Urm. 10181 7,495
Receipts at ports, this day, 1886. 2,263
Receipts at porta, this day, 1885. 920
1886. I 1885,
R'tS U. 8.
p'rts7 d'ys
256 422
Ex. Ur. ar
R'ts Sept. 1
For'un Ex
Increase of receipts this year.. ..626,682
At noon : Liverpool snots were quiet,
moderate inquiry. Sales 8000 bales,
of which American 5700 bales. Re
ceipts, 1300 bales, of which American
1300 ba'.es.
Closing quotations were as follows:
Ordinary, 4 7-1'Ul ; good ordinary,
42d; low middling, 5J; good
middling, 5 9-10J; middling uplands,
6 5-10d; middling Orleans, 53d.
Mancnetter: Cloths dull, little do
ing. Yarns steady, little doing.
Th prices are giren in pence and (4lut,
(hut: 4 03 memts 4 03 04i; and 5 01
nu uu 5 1-C W.l
At noon: Liverpool futures werj
qu ot; July, ; July-August, ;
Autfost-Scptmibsr, 5 15(a5 141; Sop-tembsr-Oc
obor, 5 ICd ; O . tobor-No-veinber.
5 C6d: November-December,
6 051; Daceinher-Jaauary, 5 05 J ; Jan
uary libruary, ; Septembers 1M
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
dull; July, 6 ,ul seliern; juiy-Au-gns',
6 15d spl'ers; AHgU't-H'eptember,
5 16 1 tellers ; September October, 5 lOd
buyers; October-November, 5 (Kid tell
ers; November-December, 5 05d sell
ers; December-January, 5 O.'id seliers;
Jacnary-Febiuary, 5 OOd sellers; Sep
tember, 6 151 ce lit rs.
At 4 p.m: L'vcrpool futures weio
quiet and ft a1y ; July, 5 15(1 sellcra;
July-AugiiBt, 5 lod sailers Augusl-t-'ep'e'nber,
ft 15d scl era; September-
October. 6 lid se'leis: Oi.t'ber-Novoin-
ber, ( 06d vslus; November-December,
6 05daellrs; December Jannsrv.
6 05d sellers; Juunry-Febrmry, 5 07d
eo m ; September 5 15 j buyers.
Liverpool weekly statement for the
week oiided July 111, 1886:
1886. 18,85,
Weekly Bales 57,000 47,000
Of which American. 13,000 37,000
Including for export 2,70.1 4,100
Incl'g forspee'lation 6,' .'00 000
ForwM f'm ship side 9,600 6,500
Total stock 027,000 812,00'J
Of which American. 458,000 583,000
Week's receipts 43,000 42,000
Of whirl American. 38,000 17,000
To'l rcc 4ince Scp.l..2,93IOO 3,10I,(KK)
Of whic t Arncrican.2,388,700 2,347,000
Actual -ei'k'B exp't. 5,200 6,700
Stock a out 136,000 73,000
Of whit 1 American. 65,000 22,000
I I mm
Oob: White, 40c : mixed, 45c, from
ctirs; from levee or depot, while, 39 Je;
mixed, 38o-; la (.acke, in round lota,
white, 42c ; mixed. 41c.
Hat -Choice, from store, 75?Oo;
prime, 0c; piaine,50c; round loteirnni
levee or dpot, choice, $12(n12 50;
prime. $U(")12; pratno. $7(i7 60.
Oat White, 39o; mixed, 37c,
from t ore ; round Into fr m levee on
track white, sacked, 35363; mixad,
sacked 3H!:!lc.
Bar i rom et 3re,0j(3)70c per cwt. ;
round 1 ta trom levee, $10 2d per ton,
Bai Navy, $1 75f)2; medium,
fl 60: ieruian millet. SI 20,'ml 40,
OrNMBAL Standard, $2 30; pearl,
$3 253 50 from store, 5c cheaper from
mill, levee or track.
Rirg Louisiana, 4J(26c; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrela, $303 25
from store.
FicR-Fiom store, triple extra,
$3 25; family, $4; choice, 4 25; fancy,
$4 50 ; extra fancy, $4 75 ; patents,
$5 255 60;in car lots, trible extra,
mnvnal; family, J3 35W3 60; choice,
$3 763 90; fancy, $4 05($4 15; extra
fancy, 14 35(5)4 60; patents, $5(a5 15.
Cracked Wheat In half-barrels.
II 2 from store.
Homint and Grits From store,
$3 16fr)3 25.
Cbackbks Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4Jc; lemon crackers,
extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7jo; ginger maps, extra,
6c; singer snaps, treble extra, 6c; aa-
Bjrted fumbles, - "
Kansas City, Mo., July 16. Wheat
quiet; No. 2, rd, rab, tilo aked;
Auguet, CIJc bid, 02 j 3 asked; Sep
tember, 62i j bid, 63gj a kel. Cora
lower; rah, 30fc; Augnsr, ;io;c bid,
30Jc asked; September, 31(5)32c.
Oats nominal ; cash, 25c bid, 26j aked.
St. Louis, Mo,, Jn:v Hi.-Flour
dull; XX, $22 20: XXX, $2 30(i)
240;family, $2 55(io2C5. cb.ic,$3 06
3 15; fancy. $3 0503 75; extra fan
cy, t2 85'.;410; paieut, $4 414 70.
Wbeat less ac'ive aid lower. TPs
market opened steady, wlh prices
about at yetterdy'a closp, but s-on
weakened, and decline of j nc'oiu
nmied by a nervous, uns ttltd fdeliog,
10 lowed. Before the c'tve nrice re.
covered lle, and finished Jtjr'Sc
lower than yofterdey; No 2 red, casu,
76j(A774e; Augu't, 78J(W7,. clotiug
it 78ic; Septemoe', 80St'5f, clo-ing
at 80Jc. Corn very dul1, ont generally
firm and about c higher; No. 2 mixed",
cash, 3535ic; Auru t, 35 j :: b'ep'em
ber, 36ir37c, closed at 371e. Oate
irregnlur; n?ar fu'ures Jc !oor, more
deferred Jc higher; N 2 niixtd,
cash, 3233c; August, 27Jc; Septem
ber, 28jc. Rve fl-mer, 64e. Birley,
no market, llayquiit; prai io, $47;
limothy, $S10 50. Flaxseed s r nir,
and nominally 33 Lighe'. Bran easier,
45c. Cornmeal s'rong and 5i! hiyher,
$2 202 25. R c-ipts-Fiour, 6000
brls; wheat, 2"5,000 bu; cen, 1:1,0 K)
bn ; oatp, 27,000 bu ; rve, none ; birley,
EO-e. ShinmeDts-Ficu'. 8000 brls;
wheat, 12,000 bu; earn, 17,000 bu;
oa's, 8000 bu; rye, none; enrhynoje.
Q Chicago, III, July 1(1. Piiiri n
nai more or less a pronuuueed tea' lire
in the wheat fiia'kot tidny, but busi
ness was si light theio wsb no induca
meut t) any sudden or do: hied move
ment'. Heavy leceipts here, and the
same conditions prevailing at the
armr primary po n's, imtde nnldera
everything bu. t;ff in fit ir views.
August tan aownuurirg uie morning
from 7!ln to 78 3, and clcsed at prac i
cally i ot i;le figures Fluctuations dur
ing the last hour and a ba t were con
fined to a r.ntre of 3. The pit was
very doll. Co n wai a little It s strong
than yes'crdav, on repoited rains in
i he Southwe t, wherj a previous e'an
rge by drouth in said to have been
heavy! September aim, wlieh
opened st-IOr, sold fir this reason
down to but snh-pquently im
proved a Kttle. The c'o e all ar.mnd
Wfsslow. l'lou', dull ; Son1. hern wititir
wheat lloun. 4 15(34 60; Wisonnn.
$3 904 15j Michigan, $'44 60; sift
fpriug wherit, 3 6t'(Ai 10; Mintiesnts
bakers, $: 5,410;' patwrit, SHX)
4 80; low sMriMR, fl Q(.r'Z 75; rye
flour, $3 3T?3 50. 'Wheat qu et and
easier; salfiinngfd: Jnly. 77g(78Jc.
clo'ed 773 ; Auguet, 7si(rf7i4c, closed
78 9-10d; Stptemlior, KOIWSI 5c, Mored
80;e; No. 'J epring, 77c. Corn weaker,
cloeii'g lower; cash, 3iK'! July, H7J
(A38;, closed 37jc; V.igusr, 38J38Jc,
closed :;81c; September, 39 5-16(f)40c,
closed 39 7-lOc. Oats quiet nnl steady ;
cash, 29o; August, 29J' 2ti, closed
29Jc; S-tember, 29 1 MO 30;, closed
29Jc. Kye qui't;in. z, uar
lev nominal. Flaiseed steady. Re-
cipta-Flour, 10,000 brls: wheat,
43.000 bu; Cira. 301,000 bu; oats,
90,000 bu; rye, 20U0 bu; barley,
1000 bu. tmipments Flour, am
brls. wheat. tij.OOO bu; corn, 322.-
OOabu; oif, 91,000 burye, 2000 bu;
Butteb Creamery, 2K23c; dairy,
IIoo Proihict8 Mea po k. Jll 50:
siUHr cu-ed lisms, Hi0i)l2J: break'
fast baton, 8('.tl0c; cleur sida pnrk,
7Jc; clear rib side potk, 'JJfa)7c;
long clear pnrk, 6c: pork shoul
ders, 6c. Bar-on Clear tib sido,
j3. l-rt1 Tierctis, b( Ujfej' Vmlf.
barrels. 63(H7c: kees, tiie : mis
7J'!7Jn; half-pails. 7J()78c; 60 lb tlrtp,
(ijc; 20-lb t n?, 6J',a7c; JO lb tins,
7J'a7lc; 51b tins, 73c; 31b Hub,
7n)7iic: clio ice ke t e. tiorcts, HwjKie.
Fansu Meats No. 1 bopf,8jc; Mut
ton, 9c; hindquarters of betf, 10c;
lambs, $3(o)4.
St. Lons, Mo., July 10 Provisions
onlvundHiatelyte ive atbigho'prics.
Pork 10c higher, $10 00. Lird Heady,
$i 3tK0 35. Bulk mea's 5W10n lrgbi r;
Inore lots long zr, $0 35; thort
ribs, J6 45; short clor, 6 10; boxed
Wts long char, $6 60; shoit ribs,
6 65; short cear, $6 O'.'KO 6! J
Bic n tirm; lorg clear, $7 10; elior
rtbs, $7 12A; slurt cleor, 7 257 30.
Ilu:nP, 11(12:. Butler in fair do-mard-cramer),
15(ri)l7c; daily, 10
15c. Egg3 voiyslow, (i7c.
Chicago, III, July K. Mfss pork
nnwMled, i eniij stale firmer, but
finally clossd et-ixr; cash, $9 85f!t)
9 tit);' August, 9 85f; it 95, clol a',
$9 85U 87i; Seniiiibr,$!l95(ii)1007
rlojed at $9 Uoftt'.) 97J. linl m'ed
7 j(ffl(k" bihtr t-nily.butfo 1 nffauain;
cash, $6 00; Annul, Hi 65f.6 72,
ccssd at SO 62J(;6 05; Smtember,
$H 72 J 0 82i, cl s.iil at $0 70rn)0 72.
Slicrt "rib Bided sliady; c sb, 6 35.
Boxed meats steady ; dry sslted sboul
dpis,$5 90( ; shcrt i:lesr sidee, ffl 70(
0 75. Butler rued dull and lower;
creamery, 15JHlc; dairy, 101 Ic.
Kffia, lSo.
Cokkkk Com n on ,9 9 f c ; ordi nary,
OJflOJc; prime K10, 104(llo; choice
to fancy, lljl!1; ld government,
24(j25c; Ceylon 20,
Soap 3ybho per ponnd.
Sugar Pure vbite, 81c;off white,
Mn; yellow, 6jC5''i Ol'r kettlo,6jCd
5ac; reflnod A, (if:; granulated, 7(4
7Jc; powdered, Jo; cut loaf, 7J'?)7ic,
Salt $1 25 pir Imrrel; racks, fine,
$1 45('ill 60; ccartv, f 1 15;)1 20: pock
etn, bleached, S't.7c ; car lods from
leveo or depot, Ic ( linper.
Candies Sljikfl, nil sizes, in boxes,
pails and barns, 7jj'"8tn.
Candles Wl anight, 3 0.:.
Cannkd Goot, Etc. Priceo per doz
en: Pineaoplss 1 351 01; peaches,
2-lb, stantiartl, $1 3'1 55; seconils,
fl 10(.H 15; Kmatot-s, 2 lb, standard,
$1 2'(Jl 35;S J(, Jl 151 30; straw
berripN, $1 lr(")l 40; ra pberrics,
$1 15(S)1 25; bbiukbitrrios, $irT)
1 15; srreewsgeB, $1 60(54 75;
ponrp, $2(oJ 25; plnnm, $1 60(0)
1 70; aparaiw, $2 C0';4 ; green corn,
$11 36;grei:i peas, $1 55;)16i; cove
eysiers, lull weight, 1-lb. $l(il 10,
cove oysterej fall weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove ojarers, light weight, 1-lb,
65c; cove lyrters, light weight, 2-ib,
$1; condoiatsl milk Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 7 Bwise. $0.
MoLAssie Louisiana, common to
fair, 20(Jii3jo; prime to choice, 3040c ;
syrup, 20Q40c; common to fair, 20
25c; prim" to cholef, 3033c; centrif
ugal, fancy, 32($34c.
Tobacco Conmon, 11-lnch, 25
30c; othtr gradwand styles, 35(a. 85c
Snnff Garrett's, I1C1 85 per case;
Ralph'0,410 25 per case; R. R., $9 50.
New Orleans, La-. July 16. O' fffe
steady Kio, 7JQ10c Sugar quiet;
open jett'e, choir 6Jc; inttly
primed 5Jc; cen uliiga1, otoite white,
6 8 161 ; primeyelow, clarified, 5 13-lH
5Jo seconds, 4l5Je. Mnlu8-s
stead; open keitl", good prime to
striciy nrime,32c; cemnl ua.s, prime
to stuctly priae, lS19c Rice firm,
3Jlc. 1
Ntw YoBK.'Jnly 10. Coffee spot
fair Rio dull, tic; cp'.iona steady and
moderate! artiv; rales, 18,00ii bags.
Anut4- -7.8-H790es-loe tuuurr7a.
7 9.50 5 October, 7.9 c; Noveinbr, 8c;
December, 7.vn8c ! January, 8' 8 05c :
February. 8.058 10c. Sunar dnb and
w.ak; cer.trif iga, 96 te&t, 5 13-32 ;;
Murcovado, 4o; fair to giod re II 1 ng
qnnted at 4 13 16c4 16 16c; leQned
dull; extra C, 6(S'5c; white extra C, 6J
6jc; m':nld A.,6c: tar-da'd A ,5jc:
eonftcdoners' A , 6 1 16(.i)0Jr!; cut 1 I
snd cnishcd, 6 9 16(i,(ij.-; powleted,
f.J a,6Jc: granulated, 0 31(!u6Jj;
cubes, 6Jc.
Apples Dr'ed apples, 2j3c per
pound from store. Dried peaches, 3
Uc from store.
Vigbtablis Onions, $2 75 from
store; ti 602 00 from levee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 75(o)S er crate.
Garlic, 4060o per 10a Tarnlps, 60c
per bushel.
Fbcit Oranges, Louisiana, none;
Cali'ornia, $7. lemons. $07 per
box. Banana", $1 502 60 per bunch.
Oocoannts, $1 per 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 7Jc; Tenneatee, farmera' stock,
34c; roasted, 2i higher; shelled,
10c. Almonds, 1820c.
Pickles In jam, pints, 95c; quarts
fl 60; half-KallonB, $2 75; gallons
$3 75 ;loise, barrels, J6: half-barrels,
f3 ff; mixed, barrels, $10 60; mixed,
hr1 1 barrels, $6.
Ratiks -London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $276; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
PoTATiiEs New, $1 25.
Pecans Texas, 8lOo for small to
medium, 1014u for large; Arkansas,
3 5c.
Walnuts French, 12c; Nanlos,15o
Grenobles, 15c. Fi'berts 12c.
Cider New York, $6 60 per barrel
ami $3 50 per half-barrel ; Vinegar, 12
15c per gnllou.
PoCLTRv-Chlckens, $1 252 25;
o'd hens, $2 252 60.
(lAMB-OaniH tlh, 11 12c.
Eggs-Quiet at 8jc.
Fihh Macke-sl, half-barrels, No. 1,
405; NoA, $3263 50. No. 3,
M 753; 10-lb kit. No. 1, 80c; No. 2,
70c; 15-lb, No. 3, 5Dc. Dry herrinue,
lamily, 30u per box.
Seed Delivered at depot and wharf,
$8 per ton ; wagon at mills, $8.
C-rlral b ts. Prime crude C. S.
oil, 2222Jc; oil enid. 1618c;
prime tumtuer yellow C. M. Oil, 3(o;
cfl summer yellow C. S oil, 2526c;
Miner's eurnmer yellow O. H. nil. 28
31c;Ctio!cB cooking summor yell iVi,
2930c; prime cotton seed uioal, (f. o.
b) $13 75 14.
Ix'88 tnsn ra'-lod lots. Prime
summer yellow O. S. oil, 2830o;
choice cooking summer el ow, 30
New Orleans, La., July It!. Cottin
seed products ste.idy and firm; prims
crude oil, 2425c; summrr yellow,
3i?:b; cikeaud meal, $19 6020.
Hides Dry flint. 1215c; dry
salt, 1012c; green salt,648c ; green,
5(")(c; deerskins, 1517o. Beeswax,
2021c; tallow, 33 Jo.
Baoqino Flag,7J9Jo. Ties, f 110
1 10.
Nails-$2 252 50.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 (HK2I6 ; rye, $1 766 ; uomes
tic, 90c$l 50.
Chioaoo, III., July 10. WhiBky
s caily at $1 12.
St. Louis, Mo,, July 10. Whisky
atoridy at $1 07.
Cincinnati, O , July 10 Whisky
active aud firm at $1 07. Sales ol 997
b irrels of finished goods on thin basis.
Coal Oil Prime whlto, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Cleveland, O., July 10. Petroleum
quiet: a. w., 110 , jc.
TiiuivriLK, Pa, July 16. National
Transit romllcnt' s opened at. 66;
highest, 07J ; lowest, 05J ; cloted at 6(5
PirrnncRo, Pa., July 16. Petro'eum
tctivu; Nat ' nal Traiirtit ru'tilla'is
onenel at WiJ; clcsd at 60; highest,
67 J; lowis', tW.
Bradford, Pa , July 16. National
Trail' it cert Ilea es open-d at 66 ;
c'osed a. (I5J ; biglus', 671; liwe.it,
66J. ancxs, 1,11 0,0 0 ba"r. Is.
Oil Citv, Pa, Ju'y 10 M.ititnal
Trarsii coriificat s op -nod t 67;
hiah st, 07 1 ; owtB', U5J ; cb 8"d at 66
Sale', 1.65,000 baTtla; cla'i.ni;i s,
3.186.000 barre s; dinners, 83 928 Lat
rals ; shipments, 0 ',819 barr I.
i.ivie Nrooi,
Cattle Choice to extra, corn fed
900 to 1050 pounds, none; good,
none; choce gaes fed, 3J3i)ti;
good, 3fk3tc; fair to medium, 2;ij
2Jc; common, 1J(i2c.
1 loos Choice, 3jlo; good, 3J
3Jc, common, 3($3Jc.
Sheep Choice, 8J3Jc; medium, 23
3o; common, I11 60. Choice
lumbf, per pound, 6c.
Kansas City, Mo., Jnly .14 -The -to
fitork Iwlimtor reuoris: Catt e K-cr-ipts,
1302 hia'l; shlpmHiiis, 905;
market 8 eady for gi od to cb' lre. o. ti
ers dull and wo k; good to cli i'C
$4 ,O4 50; (om t'on to oiediii'i , i860
(n storkers, $2 003 20; fctb' H,
$325W370; cows, 23 25 llo:s -Roneipts,
8929 hMHd; Hinprueii s. :;227
heud , nmrHo: lily a't ive; h f
bibber; oth' rs aonut st'-nlv ; g ml to
cho'ce 4 00 t 76; c inimoii to me
dium, )430t4.4 65 Hoori R-cn'i ia,
815 hea l ishipn ent", 296 hea l
ket qn:et; g md to eh ice, 12 4()3;
c .iiinion to niediiim, II 60(2.
Chicago, III , July Ifl. The Driven'
Journal reports: Ch"1- R o t,
OOiH) bead; shi; iiihii'h, 2000 beat;
market ftedly; Hidpiiing Me' rs, 950 to
1500 ib', $3 7 4 15; stoc-ivs b.H
fenleisa S!,al s r rik', -2 3 hO;
rows, bu'N a'td nnx -tl, '0 -3 tit);
biU, $2 3()nVi 70; '.rouKO Texn
csttle, 1400 he d, 10c I w.;i ; io-,
ti 10(1)2 (K) . i-.t er-, t2 75r- 3 25 lfos -Recrii'tH.
18,000 rir-a-l ; nnv 11 s, 20 )
hrad, ma kt t r ng etfiv, ilond
WfBkjriugh a- d n ix d, t4 : Of" 6 i!5;
packiig mill Ht'i pi'i', I4'0(:i5 20
livht weitrh s 14 6 K,i 5 05. -kit h,
2 754 40 Mir. p - Her, ip s, -lOoO
bosd; shipm n s, 600 h-i.;' ; market
iiiw, a 'hi.dt' lower; 11 .tiv s, 32lui
4 21; W.'rtern, )3 5l; Man-,
$1 753; lamb', $1 tie 3:6.
New Yokk, Ju y id.- V .-'i- l as
bwii a in i h in'iTvcil ii,i.i'V fnt
cot on go "'s but t'ie ia v-' pi or
lion for it'i' ds to ..rrivt. I h ma'iiet
'B veiyst oni!, iti'isv.rry iioie a o
and wai.tt ii cn-t-8 .nr.
To all who r a(terin trom th e-r ir- in
iDdUontloni of youth Dsrvour vnnKtiu.
t&rly dor, loii of rinnhnod, to., I will
end reeipothtt will our jnu, FKKK Of
C II A ROB. Tblf mat romod" iltriovor
d by a toliilonarr Io innll Aruerii-a. Snnd
lf-A'i'lrmio4 uvdIiiihi to the U I .p
T. IiV. malum It. N- Y .-.
Snbocrlbefor Ui M4 iieiil.'"
Whit Rivnr .Fttiiii Kobiksok, 6 p.m.
WhiU Ktver Ai.iucrta No. 3. 0 p.m.
New Orliani C'y or Nttw Oamss.U m.
Vickilnrs C'r or Photidekci.6 p.m.
8t. Louli Bii.1.1 MttMrais. 8 a.m.
FrUn Point-. ....Jams L, 5 p.m.
Arkaniat City Kat Adams, 6 p.m.
O100U Coahoka, b p.m.
Tiptonvill. Oato,5 p.m.
Clnoinnitl ........ ..Hi CkrvK Stati, S p.m.
Arkaniaj River... .R. L. Com, 5 p.m.
St.Franeii Kivr.,.Ku. Font 1 11, 5 p.iu.
Rlpia Tratorday.
JameK L-o -3 balwi (ottou and 503
skstced, lot ol iiindriei.
Coahoma 19 sks sued and M ess
Atkansjs City 12C0 pkgl merchan
Alberta No. 3-3 bales coltm, 25
eks Bred and lot ol sundries.
Arrivalt Jam8 Iie, Fris'S Point;
Will S. H'v, Yicksbur; KdK tcr,
St. Francis H v r; Alnur aNo 3, White
iv-rr; Cohrm, 0-c:oU; Arkatiens
Cty, S-. L)uis; V. P. Scheuck, Cin
cinrati. i)7(ir(tir. U, P Rchonck, Now
Orleaim; Arkanras City, Vukhbuig;
.lames Lo, Frars Pont; Coahoma,
0 eo'it.
Hints in Vort. - V. I Fos'er, A'borla
N '. 3 mi I Will S. Hvb
lioatt Ihtr Ihim. City cf New Or
leans and Citv ul Pr.ivuienco.
liixxl Due f'p. Ficddie lloblnscn.
The Ed Kot-t r, Caot. O. K. Joplin,
goes ont Tuesday evening for St.
Fiunci river.
The Le Lines' p-cketa Monday
evening are James Lee for Flints
rdm nd Copiiomn a- 0 o'clock.
The Albert No 3, Capt. A. 11.
Smith, lusvos this even ng Ht 5 o'i lock
f ir a 1 points 011 White liver. II. O.
Wils 11 ia in hi r otlke.
The Oayo 0, Cnt. W. P. Hall, is
the packit Mondnv evoning at 6
o'clock ! r Tip'onville and all way
p in 8 B. O. Mitchell is in ber etlioe.
The Oily of Providence, Capt. (loo.
Can ell, '8 1 1m Ai cnor Line packet
Hii 1 vonlng at 6 c'cl .ck for Vlckr-lung
a d the bonds. Fiank Perkins ih ber
The Anchor L'ue stosmerCity cf
New Orhmup.Capt. A. J. Catt'r, will
ra a d wn t d y at 12 o'clock fo
Nkw Orleans n;l all intermodiat9
points. Archie Woods Is hor clork.
The Kxte Adami. Capt. Mark It.
Cheek, is t'ie I'n 'ted Slates mail pack
et Monday evening at 6 o'cock. f ir
ll-lenn, Aiksnias City and all way
leudinirs. W. C. Blanker has charge
uf the clllco.
The Buckeye Stale, Capt. II. J. Vin
tm. Is the packet Monday evening at
6 o'clock lor Cairo, LinlBville, Cinrin
n in a d hII way linitiniis ou the Ohio
rive. Ooitgt W. llendrickion has
chnrge of her ( 111 'n, assisted bv Chas
Vm on. The Buckeyn M.ite wi'l give
c cap ratos to all points Nonh and
Ea t.
The Milt Harry L'ne steamer. Fred
die ttohinfton, Capt. Milt It. Hurry,
will bo fun ml in port this morning,
mid Imvts stain this evening at 6
oMrck lor all points on Whita river,
going through to Nowpoit and making
c'tiii' ctliiiis with packets for upper
Whte and Black rlverj. Hugh Smith
and .Limes Siiils'iuty are her e'erks,
iir.Xt HAL MKHN.
Buhinbms quiet.
Wkathkk clear and wa in.
The Lee Lino parked wore in anil
on' 0:1 time ytcrday.
Kkckiptji by rivor yo-tsrday, 0 bales
ol cotton and 528 saiks ol seed.
The U P. Sohenck, Ir im Cint innati,
piitsi il down TOdterday mi ruing for
New Orleans W i ti a good tri,.
Tiik river at this 1 olnt marks 14 feet
9 0 tun by the gug,or 10 ( t above
In water nmrk, a tall of 4 tenths in
21 I OHM.
The ArkniifMclty pS'S"d down yev
ti'rdny h! ern -oa for Vickfburg. Sno
i'iirliig"l here 12(H) packsges ol
f ig'n mil ml h d :.'0 t ins.
The Will S, llivcur ivod yfRterdsy
mo 111 eg fr m Vickshnrg and 1ms laid
1, lure Io' t'Oprtsent. Her crew
will l 'iiv.1 toilay for St. Louis.
I'iie AlWrt 1 N . 3 arrived yH'erda'
nior'iing f 0111 White rivnr, with 3
1 11 e- 1 I rotto i 25 racks ol seeil and h
11; o' : uii'lnee, and gr es back tliH
even ing
'I n new Memphis and Cincinnati
I'hcIi. t Deito Is nndergoing a rapid
trai sfor i atiiin und-tr t iu IihihIh ol in
diHt ioiis iiiecliniiii s nt Cb cimi'iti.
She wr I i rove a urprie to ber former
ar j 1 hi t nee i.
Catt Mii.t Harry brought the
B ca ne Freddie liohinson into port
at 10 0M0 k 'a tn ght with tbe (ollow
i :x ma lifcN' : 5 l alei cotton, 8;5Bks
cu t iik. c l, 57 brls, 60 pkgs hhIho
She v M I 'hvh on her return trip lor
Whitt river this 5 o'clock p in.
Okkice Sional Service, U. 8. A., 1
MuMriiiH, July 16, 1 p.m. J
The following observations are taken
at all stations nnmud at 75" meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ab've Ixiw
Water. Change.
Rise Fall
Feet. lOtlm lOthrt lOths
Cairo 19 0 7
ChutUiiiooga ... 8 2 4
I IIICIIIIIHll 10 8 11
iiv'ii"irl, 3 1
Dubuque 8 2 4
run Smith 2 6 2
KcokiiK 3 4 1
Helena 21 6 5
Li CrnMHi' 4 1 1
t ,'MVelKM rtll... 11 8
Little Rock 3
1oiiiHvillo 0 tt 4
Mmi'lii 16
Nashville 7 5 3
New Orleans... 9 8 4
Omaha 10 1
I'ittHhnrg 6 7 1
Ht. Imis 11 6
St. I'anl 3 2 6
hreveport 1 1
VtckHhurg 24 7 10
Itiiva-fV Lin r"wt and tenthi of a fool
' .i ro, )f- t.
Uul'U'iua. It).
KoohuK, 14.
La i r"H, 24
L'tt.o Kock. 23
,Mauiih, 34.
?.a-hvilla, 40.
Omaha, 18
Ht. L'iuU. 32.
KhraVMiturt. 2H.
Chattanooga, 33 foot,
liavanport, lb.
Von Bmilh. a.
Helena, .
Laamnworth, 20.
Loui. villa, 'ib.
Nw Orlxanii, 13.2.
Pittuburg, 'ii.
Ht Paul. 7.
Vlok.buri , 41.
Kaokton, U.
Pitthbur", July 18. Noon River 4
f hi t 2 nidus nn the gativn and sta
ti, nary. Went her clear and warm.
Cincinnati, July 16 Noon River
10 feet JlJ incbes on tbe gauge and
'al'ing. Weather clear; thermometer,
78. ,
WHixiNo.W.VA.,July 16. Nooa
River 5 feet 3 Incbes on the gunge and
etationary. Weather clear and p'.eao-ant
Evansvillb, Ino., July 16 Noon
River fallinir. wih 9 feet 9 incbes ou
the ganga. The Qolden Rule paed
up at 9 a.m.
Cairo, July 16. Noon River 19 feet
8 inclu s on the gauge and falling.
Weather cloudy acd warm. Arrived:
City of New Orleans, St. Louis, 9 a.m.
Lodisvilli, July 16. Noon River
falling, with feet 6 incbes In the
canal and 4 feet 3 inches nn the falls..
Weather clear and cool. Business
rkther dull.
Memphis & Cincinnati Ft t Co.
Bxouralou Zlnteai
Commencing ...IT- a, Tha Klacaol
May lit. - ' Htaamara
Buckeye State, Ohio A Jan. W. tiail
r Thl rCorapany will tall ROt!ND TP.I1
XK'KKTi from Meiniihii to LouIptIII,
Omoinnati, and all hantern Ui'.iaA,
(raatly HaJuoed Ratal.
B-Tlcket Include Moali and Htnte-Mcml.
Haturn ticket Rood nn any boat in tha lm
Each boat oarriei a lioa btrtua llun j.
Mondajs and Thursdays at 5 V..
For Information Inqnlro of C. It. RUS
FKLL, Agent, 12 Muiliiwn atrret, Memphia,
Tenn. U. W W1SK. Snp't.
Nt l.nllla nuil New Orlrnna aarhar
1 l-l'. N. ill-ClltlOi BT. LUU18.
Belle Memphis, a--fflB
fleo. Dakar .r..iuatcr.X3
Will laava tha Klovntor bUNUAV, July
IHth, nt S a.m. For (reiaht or iiatuaae apply
C t.. II i i,, Pan. Ait't. AD SToltVf Sup't.
1 1 11
Nl.l.onla nml lf w Orlenna nrhor
l.lue-l'. at. M1I-F0H VlCblSUL Rt.
City of Providence, a-as.
(eo. CarTell ...mniler. JW.-fJSa-Wlll
leaa tha Klevulor 8 ATI' Kit A V , July
17th, at tl p.m. Kor trolKht or !'? apply
0. I.. II u.i. , t'nm. AtI. All STi'c v . r-up't.
St l.nnla nnl Nfl Orli'ana Anrhnr
l.lu-l'.N nml-FUKKhW ORLRANS
City ot New Qrleans
A. J. Carter, mauler.
Will leava the Klevntor HATH It II A V , July
17th, at 11 ui. I'or froliht or paoaaa apply
V. I,. II am., rM, ftat. All MltHVI, Annt,
For Oacanla. Ilalat Point, Cnruthertvilla,
Uayoao and Tlcl'inrille-'iba new iteamar
W. P. Hall maater I U. O. Mii'liall...oiark,
Will leava a above, and ell way p.iinu,
Pjrn. For tratyht or pawweire epply on noard
lee linf:.
Mviuplila.Krlnra PotlM n1 1 upkta
Mail Owmtolit lax'af.CHnniay.
For Ualana, Ulendalo, Kriara Pole! aat all
Way Landlntt tttaamer
tlmiicN 1jc, .eS
J. U. Ooopar, maiUr....J. W . 8iuItnariTeWk
ll leave a ahnva on avery f"..l HA V,
WttbHKiJPAY and KK1UAV. at i o'a.o'k.
For Kamtolph, Ftilton, Oacaola a:1 Waf
C'Onlioiun, rtCf
R. T. Clata.itt... muter I Piatt Kb,.''!-" " rH
Leavoi ovary MONDAY,. V Klr;!tMt)A?
and FRIDAY at 5 v.m, Tha bov.t ef tkil
II an renxvj tha riui lo rata ail Ua lUtf"
tha nanta'.n mar doern tinaalr. Offioa. .'. ; ,
MaHleoa JAM KM LKH, Jn., Sni'r,
1 1 :.J
Arkansas River Pk't Co.
Str. R. L COBB, a73
K. D. 8tnlth..,.tnaater. t''iJ
Leavea Hauii hia Kvory TV BHDAi', at 6 p.ai
II. CLOW B, Agent,
Office, No. S Mdlnn at. Telephone No. NL
9lciiiihfH& White Itirer VktVc
For lnrniton, Dtivnlla Hlnfl. Ba
Arc. Auaoata. hearer, Newport, Jackaoa
liort, lUteaville and all Way LandlDua.
NIK lilt KAN W, .n
R. 0. 1'oatal --'", ; i'i"TBV
Will leava KVKRY WKDN KSDAY at5p.lT
Albert 11. Hinlth manter '
Will leave e VKRY 8A1DRDAY at A p.m.
ThrnuKO ratea ilven to all polnta, F reiaht
eonaianod to the Momphla and WhlU Rirer
Packet On., at Momphia or Terraaa, will ba
forwarded promptly. For aeneral informa
tion apply at oluca, Nn 3 Mitiliaoa at.. ork
Telephoned. II. (1. I.I1WH, Aa't
Freddie Robinson.
m. it. nurry uaaier
For Helena, Terrene, DeValla UluO, Dee Are,
Aavuata, Soarcy, Newport and Uateavilie.
Will leave aa above SATI'RDA Y ato p.aa.
Throuuh ratoa to all nolnta. Fraiiht oon-aik-ned
to Milt ilarry Line, Metnphia, will M
promptly (orw.nlad. P. V. I'KAbK.
Telophone IH't,
Tim St.FrnnclH Hiycr Tranpnortatloai
Co.'i Fin bicle-W heel V. 9. Mail btaamef
Ed FoNtor, r.-'STT'
0. K.Joplln master,
111.1. IKIVK rHV.TlfllA ETfKI
at t o'eloek, for Marlanna. tba Cat-Off, a(
InttrttiadlMta Undlnsion ht. Kranola rlvar.
Tha aaptuin renervea tha riabt to Ja et
landlnaa ha rtcema unaata. JAb. LRU, Jr.,
H"QrlntniUnt llnVo. No 4 Mailiicn at.
Mcniplila and VIckHlmrir Packet Coaa
pnuy (J. S. YIiiil Line.
For nelena, ('oncordla, Terrene an J Arkta
aa City The aloaant paaaeniar ateamei
M. K. Cheek. ..maater I W. U. Blauaer. alerk
Laavoa Memphis
p.m., referring tharlirht to paaa all landlnal
tliecnptain may deem unaato. For Knanal
inloriuatioa apply at office, Nn,4 Mn'haaa
atroet. K. WALWORTH. A.ent.
IHIIN OArtR. Pn.a'r Aent Telei.hor.e W.
Electric Belt Freo
r Introduce It and obtain vontj we will
for tha neat sixty dura irive away, rrwa
of charaa, in each oiunty In tlio V. li. a liaa
Ited nuuilmrol our J,rintt l.lif tr aiaV
vkiiic Miaapenatirj llrlla. I'ric-e Jo: a
noaitive aad uolailina cure for Nervoua Dw
bility. Varicocele, Kminaiona, lnipo'ny,
etc. fMl.tV Reward paid if every Belt, we
manuiaoture 4nea not renerate a i-cnaine)
electrio current. Adilrnai at one" KLKO
TR10 UKLT AJ KNCY, V.lO. Boi 171,
llro.iklvn. Y.
IS .ft A La- u'sTATi:.
No. bXil, R. D.-Chnnoery Cou-t of chalay
eounty. otnte of TelJllaeefJ aAe,etc.a
t. Joaeph tlaineaet al.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree lor
aale entered In the above cauae ol taai
22d da of January, l.th", M. D. M, paare lt3,
1 will aell t nutitio auction, to the hnk
eat. bidder, in front o the Clerk and Mactar'f
oflrce, eourthoaao ol title by county, Meaa
phla, Tenn.. os
Naliinlny, JTiiIt SI, 1H,
wlthli. leaal houra, th followin deaj.-ibeel
property, aituated In shelby manly, lea
neaaee, to-witt
Lota 11 and 20, Hemhert aubdiviaion, tront
ini 7. loet aaoh on the weat aide of hoaa ave
nue, and running back leel. Sold aa
property of Aia belby, Jonnit Talbot aai
Lot 31, B. P. 8tewart'a aubdlvlalon, traat
Ini 60 feet on the eait tide ot Miaeiaalppi av
enue, and runniny lack between parallel
Itnaaon the north line 2M leet, and ontu
aoalhl iia 21lieet to an alley, beinf .'i
thirl lot nnrti of Chapin avenue.
fiarma of Sale Un a creuit of aix montkj.
nota.witk aeocrity, bearlnt intreatreiuirJ
lien retained) redompiloa barred. Taa
Jaca . lttttl.
8. 1. McDOWKLL, Clerk and Hutu
By U. F. Walah. Deputy Clerk and Umrtar
F. H. AC. W. lleiakell.Belioltan.

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