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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, July 17, 1886, Image 8

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lrfttaTin,Ifw Orleana and TmmB'j
mai a tier May . IHW, pessenrer traini OB
Ul il ma.l will ran aa immw.i
Memphis A : p.m :ay a.m
tula..,- B - 5
ud.... ...A in:'"
fokshorg... D.. ;
1 iarriaon K. i " a.m l:JJ P-
leSnTloore ' 6:14 a.m 7iM p.m
Orln"..r:..lI....r :a.m lM p.m
A-Wlth ill linos entering Mamphlt.
-With M.1S.W. K. R. lor Helena.
0 For Greenville and Huntington, end all
ArkD points.
T-With V. M. and V., 8. A P. Railroads,
1 With N., J. C. B. R. lor Jiatchee and
J Tor PoinU on the Branch.
Q With Unman lor Bayou Sere,
fl With railroads diverging tor Florida,
Texan and OoaatlnolDU.
JAB. M. KDW ARBS, V. P. andG. M.
A. J.KNAPP. Q. P. A.
ailaalmlnpl and Tmmmm.-Trains
xaove m follows: New Orleana mall arrival
daily at :i5e.in. i leavss daily at 6:00 p.m.
Newport Newe and MlealMlnpl Val
y. Trains moT as follows i Fait Ina
Iutu at 10 :W a.m.) bt. Louie fait lina
Ihtoi at 5:S0 p.m. : last ilRe arrive! at 1 :30
; St. Louli fast Una arrival at M a.m.
Loalevllle Bd Haabvllle Trains
riOT at follow! : Fait mail arrival daily at
ilfia.m.i leavei at 10:10 p.m. I mail leavol
dally at 10:10 a.m. I arrival at 4:00 p.m.
Brownsville accommodation! leave! daily1
axoapt Sunday, at 6:00 p.m. I arrive daily,
loop!, Sunday, at 8:80 a.m. (standard time).
Kempbla and Little Rock. Tralni
man aa foilowi (central aUndrd time):
Ho. 1 leaves dally at 4:20 .m,; arrive! at
J:5ftp.m. Ko. S leaves at 5 :M a. ma arrive;
at 6 So a.m. No. 6 (freight) leavei Houefleld
dally (exoept Sunday) at 6:00. a.m.i arrival
,eini7'-l?ool-(Kaniue CHy.fiprlnar
eld u Hemphli)-Tralai leave M. and
W mm fnllnwl No. 4. KaniU CitV !K-
rreas, leaveaat 10:45 a.m.) No. 8, Kanfai
VKf express, arrives . l" ,-i
Kansas City mall, leavei atA:00 p.m. ; No.'l,
Kansas City mall, arrival at 6:4a a.m. No.
t, Bt. Louis and Chloaio expre.s, 'eavel at
SrflO p.m.; Ne. 1, 8t. Lonii and Ohicaroex-
Sreas, arrive! at 8 :46 a.m. Il effeot Sunday,
prll 1H,1HH6.
Memphla and Charleston Train I
move aa follow!: Thronih eipreu leavta
dally at H:0 p.m. Mail and eipreu leavei
daily at 10:00 a m. Bomervllle accommoda
tion leavei daily, exoept Sunday, at 5 :S0
p.m. Through express arrives daily at 5 :
a.m. Mall and axpreiiarrivea daily at 1C:00
S.m. BomervlDe aooommodatlon arrival
ally, except Bonday, at 8:30 a.m.
emphlii, Mrmlnaham and Allan,
tie Hollv eprina-i Route Tralna move a
fellnwn No. 1 leavea Memphis dally at 8:46
p m.t arrive! at Holly Springs at5:M p.m.t
Bo. i leavei Holly Springs daily at :00
a.m., arrival at Memphis at II :15 a.m. I No.
cleaves Memphli dally at 7:1ft p.m., arrival
at Holly Springs at 11:4 p.m.i No. 8 leavei
Holly Springs dally at 2:16 a.m., arrival at
Memphli t-4.sa.wi
Waihixotok, July 17, 1880, la.m.
' Indications: For Tennessee, gon
eraJly fair weather; stationary torn,
For Arkansas, fair weather, followed
by local rains; stationary temperature
For ilittMppi, Louitiana and Ttxat :
generally fair weatlur; ttationary tempera
tmrt; variable wind.
For Tenneaee: Generally (air weather;
Uationary temperature; variable w'mdt.
feteorlMrl"l atriBwrl.
Toer. Wind. W'ther
66.0 NE. Haiv.
81.0 E. Clear.
810 K. Clear.
83 0 E. Clear.
76 0 E. Clear.
7:00 tun. 29 87
11:00 a.m. 29W
8:00 p.m.pO'J;
10:00 p.m.2g.3'
Maximum temperature, 80,
Minimum temperature, ti4.
Ccone, 11 a m., 2.
Bainfall, 0.00.
Siokal BaRVici, U. 8. Abut,
July 10, 18866 p.m. J
Division of telegrams and report for
th benefit of commerce and apicul
ture. Cotton region bulletin for the
tweoty-fonr boars ending July 15th, at
p'cinok p.m.
rail Dis-
f 13 f I? B 7
? ? B P
80 04 .00
83 67 .00
86 68 .00
85 60 .00
84 59 .00
8t 56 .00
83 64 .CO
84 04 .01
83 CO .1 0
85 f8 .00
88 60 .01
84 01 .01)
00 67 .00
87 45 .00
j CO .00
94 69 .00
85 68 .00
84 63 .00
85 02 .00
1A2R 1111 0.00
, 86 68 .00
s... .......
4irand Junction.
I ...,....
Hernando ..
Holly Springs
Bavannah ,
Dew Orleans.....
Little Ro k
84 08 .41
88 68 .14
85 05 .02
8H 70 .19
83 00 .00
84 01
8(1 62 .00
00 08 .12
5 74 .00
86 67 .
8K 01 .
86 hi 00
1)43 782 0.78
87 B5 .M
The n tuna t road the t on
ven(i tis. wh lis the laities crowd th
to bo gv an.
&i(ainm6x.cf K'anb' rt, E g'ihed
hv Hluldi'u PiiRnfl5). Marnford
rn fnruiah you with t i fine work.
The performers and mvmcia'S of
the Pwp'ea'TI enter will lave a bere
fit Bator lay night, v. hea a host ol vol
untteru Wi I iti-pi-ar.
PeaVidt H.it i -t.wn,
Hajoee Motel Staid,
i'i,.p 4 i.i..i-,.'. 8 u Jfala Street.
nMiiHait-rn lor iitaco R Kellef 4
fWm fii:e Kev Wat ciifirH. The tra l
upphei t New York prioea. Cigars
by the boi a epi ii 'y
' I. 8AMKLS0N A CO.,
Sole Agent
Tor NuJe.
W A.Fauos. 57 Uiiion atrref, has
j net received several 1' ails iroprov.
Texas niivee end Lo ses A goj
many are broke.
MonrtTttii l;t? Mnlford
Uu, H. H. Mrm hs a la'ge nnm
ber'f rii l a ntii Htowll veiy cLc.
H 227 fjecud etreot, ,
Da. Pcbnili., of Vicksburg, formerly
of Memplits, it in the city.
Mrr. Rout. Lkwm and tister, Mrs. J.
B. McE'falriek, of 'ew York, arrived
on the U. P. Schenck yetterdny.
Amomq thn arrival last Monday at
the HjgoU HiteJ, Old Point Com'orr,
Va., fioin Memphis, were: Mte. II. .
Looney, Mifs Louise Looney and W.
K. Mclntoeh.
Chattakoooa Oauile: The Hon.
Robe rt F. Lonney, of Memphi, was in
the city Tuesday, and took o cuim to
Bpe some of onr citizens about Lis can
didacy for the Governorship. Col.
I.Tonry made a flue impression on our
people by his dignity, the entire ab
eerceof anything in Lis conversation
reflecting on bis many competitors for
the high honor he seeks. As the
Gaulle etated some weeks agn, It
wojld seem to bs narrowed down be
tween Col. McConnell, Gen. Dibrell
and Col. Looney. But you can't mo-t
always sometimes tall.
1 O'clock p. m.
Our patrons will pleaee bear the
above lacl in m nu anu try h
arranee their shopping hours
One lot black painted sa'in,
ilni-nd from 05c to 30C.
One lot satin Dai n ted fans, in blue,
pink and cream, 'ibis is our
tl 25 fan. We have reduced
them tri OOe each.
One lot of Mikado fans, reduced
from 50c to loo eaon.
Handkerchief. I Handkerchiefs.
Only a 1'ini'ed quant ty left of
the gjoda quoted below. 11 you
want them be sure to call belore
1 o'clock.
Unlaundried open back shirt,
linen bosoms, good material, re
inforced fron a and well made
at the remarkable price of
87 1-2 Cent.
Unlaundried open front shirts
linen bosoms and neck bands,
reinforced fronts, Wanregan cot
ton 8 and 12 pl.ited bosoms
well made and finished, at
75 Cents.
Lanndried open back shirts, linen
bnsooi", reiniorced ironis anu
banks, Now York Mills cotton
1900 linen, at
$1 00.
Be Sore and Call Today Before
1 0 CLOCK.
We PoaUlvoly r8a Tfcal
S. Moee, the Practical Optlclai,
In is the city. He haa Btipflird many
i. the tHtlii or titiaena of the Ki nth
wi h perleot n tint glases,whiih hnvo
slvtin genfial sv! Udion for icri
fiw Bid nacies test each f ye set a ately
and flml v t ae her Miopi' Ine r
amht Pr a a ia I Id tittht). H per
ma rmtte (firaijl tl. Astlienil(we
Ki.htl. Aiumim (bid S g t). V
v mr aiirht h a a w ak acet m'i0dtinn
on aloud emmt-no witrt a wei-k
runvHX b am and ia: idlv incese the
n m.b r until the hiaheet aim hat
been 'onl.
If knl u a PMttt
P. bill' is a toik crya'a', like th
dia niitid. rni'V rnd eu'-'l '. anil po
b.bmi th fo lowing advaotagea over
tlie gun:
1. The. ar pure white and leQoot
A oUrlts llgnt.
. Mt atic lderthanglaasar,dihiie
fcaw mawii m o inii to th i vh.
3, Vm 'harrlrnd will tafceabril .a
tint, ti piiinu it Derf 'ci i r year.
4 When ocmira e y fit d, U.rr e se
anil rninlnrl rAiiunt I e anri a-'O
Mr. M-ii un be lounda N 2 8
R co"d etr 1 1 Pers n ure invite I to
rail at the tn am. or wi 1 b fC u mo
itHd ti) aid ttsiiig tl rough tue ro t
UlfC havo to b made aco rd a
in Kitna ioi f ti e i ve It ) worth
whi e 1 1 g ve him call.
0PE5 AT 8, CLOSE AT 6,
Every working day, including a'.
urday. Matter of great interest
R?ad this Advertisement!
Where our Clearing Sale of Ready
Made Dresses is going on, will
be made very interesting
Our Jorscys are marked down, 80
that they are cnojpar tnan any
other garment mat can
be substituted.
$1 10 will buy a Coit Back Jersey
worth 12 00.
87c will buy Best Misses' Jerfeys.
$1 43 will buy a Je'sey which an
not be surpassed lor t- ou.
All of BALL'S Health Preserving
and Healih Kestoring Ur.ree s,
sold even in flew York for
$1 50, we will
fl 00 for an article worth $1 50.
An article an Know lor 91 uu.
fl 00 for the best $1 50 Corset.
75 do7.jn aplenoid coriets at 60c,
50 dozen superior corsets at too.
We had figured on making this
Saturday the most attractive 01
all othois, but is fiequently
bar nu, human ca'cu'.Hti n
ar upset, toeied about, and
di a in contrary directions.
Ho over, here is the story told
L 1 ft j and to the Point.
We placed an orJtr for
Abont three months ago, there wis
a strike, and our g'odi came yes
terday instead of the middle cf
May. The manufacturers aa an
inducement m d a large conces
sion In pr'ce. We have concluded
lo keep 1 hem, and offer them to
onr cuitnmers at a l'ght advan e.
We expected to have them teuav
this morning, but failed for lack of
time. This af erooon,
At 2 o'clock t 2 o'clock I
They will bo placed on rate in the
Ladies' Department.. A lew prices
are appended, bnt you mutt aee
the garments to appreciate tnese
bargains, surpassing all courts
heretofore in this direction, either
here or elsewhere. Allot
This .Manila Underwear
Wis mads exprc3ely for us.
. The Chemise at 17c
is made as well as the dillar
The Gown at 88e
is as wellmft leandas roomy as the
$2 00 ones.
The public know that we differ
from custom in many tnings,
but In n thing more tbtm
No trashy underwear for OS at
any price.
lit 17e irood Domostlc Chemise,
si itched band, is well mane aa
anv at a duller
At 860 beatifnl Chemises, would be
cuapa' 'o.
At67o Tmchoa trimmed Chemises,
ranrot be dnpl ctd frr $1 00.
At S60 Cnemlfe elegantly tr n mel
in fine.mbr i(lery. worbtzou
it 28c Bkirts. W.41 made, gOud s ze
and lenath.
It 45c ham'some Rnflled Skirts,
worth 90o
Hi 76c and $1 Embroidered Skirls,
aoinally woitn dm be.
At 88fl Domestic G. wns, full ',
embroidered reck and eleevi a.
At tl 15 htndsome 1 mhr ji(lerd
Camhric G wns, (quitl to the
fi 00 quality.
At 75e ch lice of three ityles bean
lifu G wn. earh wmth tl 50.
At 7e Camhrio Perfect Filing
Corset Cover ', lace tnmmed.
l'O othtr styksrf new. frsh un
derwe r, all qusiiymw. jno
traeh whatever. All teg
ular too l , made ex
prctwly for us.
Underwear Sale Begins
At 2 o'clock Teday
This Afternoon at 2 o'clock.
N. B. Onr bu.inriw ours from
am. 10 0 pm. Underwear iaio
begins at 2 p.m today.
K;ad long adwr'iserr.ent ia another
Todar, and rveiy working day
duuog the sum il or montue, our
ttare is opened t 8 a.m. aid
cloEed at 0 p m. slurp.
Every Reader of this Paper will
llnd Matters nr Interest in me
Following Advertisement 1
1000 pairs Boys' Wool Knee Pants,
4 to 12 yeard, at 98c, worth uu.
101 dozen Men's and Roys' Straw
Hats, reduced ti half puce.
50 dozen Men's s'riped Fancy Cot
ton H icis, 18c a pair, pairs lor
Wis; worth tl OOa dozen.
25 dozn (job lot) Men's Balbrig-
gan Sjchs, at lot a pair; regular
piice, 40c.
150 drzen Children's regular made
Br.tmh hose, retail pnee every
where 25c, today we will
Sell them at 18c a Pair! '
40 dozen Ladies' Colored Biilliaot
Lisle Hose at 3Jcapair; cheap
at 60c. !
New White Wings at 25t.
New Pariridgs Wiags at 25c
New OBtrichTips at 50c.
New Straw Bonnet aad Hats.
New Ltdies' bailor Hats.
250 Beantiful F.atber Fans, sold
regularly at $1 50,
' Today 4 7c Each !
1000 elegant Fans for decoration,
at 15c each ; reduced from 40c.
tiBCB MKts anu 1-uranuiB,
Ladus, if Van nerd a pair of Lai
or Jersey M tts, you can gt
them tdday from us for ls than
cost ot impor at on. We can
cay thy same of parasolo, espe
ciulyhe fine onts,
f I
t (
Db. O. D. SMitn. Veterinary Sur
geon, No. 61 Monroe street.
P. M. Stanley, funeral director and
emba'mer, 55 Madison street.
Da. 8. J. BKLVve'erinary sorgenn,
No. 378 Main street, at El wards a
stable. t
Cliab Watkr Vt and co'd baths,
25o, at the Turkish Bathhouse, No.
222 Second s'reerj tear Adnms
Miss Lkwellyn kill take pupils in
elicution during, the snmoier
Di-Uflits mithod. Call ut No. 89
Adams stri ct .
Rates at Bon A qui Springs reduced
to J25 iier mon'h, 7 per we-k a d
11 60 prr 1 y. "RaniiU trip tck-ts,
18 00. For par lent ra see J, bn F.
Key, 44 Nonh Court st e t.
Q. W. Mili s 4 Co., Pa em Asve"oe
Fire Proof Ko nra. ror duiatilty,
rana ed by noi. us-u on woun
tin. in n, f it snd Kravtl roof. 5
Mudit on street. $
This Herbal Chill Dure, the be?!
i.,i. mnA antl-nariodlc known. A certain
and sure dire tor mills, rrioe it per Dot
tle. Send atanipl lur eiroulara. Any rel-
Irenoe gixen. Atinreas nou v, ivuokoki
lynebbere, Va.
Tub GroruiA Pfeet M thodis' Sun'
1av anhnol will have a I icnio at Horn
Lake Ka'md v. JU'y 1 n. irainn
Uava Mii aunt rid IV linemen tfepo
at 9:30 o'clock s.n. Fare for round
trip, 25otn'H.
If voa suffer Iron looseress of the
bosrils, Ai go tnra B t'eis will unrey
i-nrB vou. B"Wrtof cou' terf i s ai:d
aar t .nr ff'Oror or a iiiruni. lor urn
aenn nx a tic, p i ar d by Dr. J. G
B. Siegeit Shone ;
Fine Watrit rfiwt hmr at Malford'a.
8. Irry
Is the o'd r 1 Mo Inink m.niif.tcnrfr
nf tin S mt'i. y he e 1 tooit wnrk cn
bef. undat iof pr ?, an I rpi iring
iinne w 'hour oems t v 3H Mam
street, tpi osite l'i aiiy HnU i.
Owing ti chaiigB, d rne wi are now
nrcnarnd to cOM'vu t lor Iir.wnt or
future di livery oi Aa ami bp'int coh
at reduce J jate.
p. m. rinisriBUH a lu.
A Irriimtt"! Mr.
Mr. lnr O. lilnfniHil, drUHK,m,
Newbnrg N. Y., x'tw os: "I Iist
fnrthe i ax' Ion "o'd Sfviral
irroee nf Dr. Wthimu H tl 's B,i)?a,o for
ihnLuniiH. Icon t-ty f i-l wintl
cannot kmv of a v tt; r methr.rt', I
have nfvt-r Ln-.t'd a UH;inf r epsak ot
it bnt to piaip i'"1 v rui-f. in the hiir.!
mt maiumr. ll.avv r t.iinniouJo'i it
in a Rret niany w tf wlioopji's
oonub. will, the l,tll.? cfletla. 1
liv naf,! it in mv n family lor
mn vc.!h: in v:wh huve n
bottle in tliu'umttrii' c'fcn ri-iuly lor
ONlerMiM;'AJIlf WertttlO
Wo sa ,,iietiii' A l,n ! -.: low
jOl f flillrll'lUH l--a1ilg
Jlrini uu'tiil'rt k.if iiri'.M.tuf.
T' only jrtiv'r "X'nt-I Itaf
tohacvo in'lhc !H;lvtt-t ; "twOlfn tnir.
one on . n. i. iU 1 cHl p'nt:' 8 iniltl,
pifhTHtit clii-w., I''i'l !( irirhT.I into
huyitiir iin.uui'i;;'--' n:u; n'Ui'-.o
oniriiiHi "J -1 ii'Uiii"! I f Ns'irt'i - nV
tobawo. . ; ;
JAMES C. BEIX, President.
Nos. 290 and 292
fa w
loT KPEritL PRICES Ic Railroad ant. Levee Contractors for Wagon,
Vaalon'i Ilotel.
European plan. Knlarged and refurniebed.
Pricei acoordiot to lite and loca
tion of roomi.
Mn T P Brown, Tex J W Williann, Tenn
C K William. Ill T Cole, Ohio
Jai T Leonard, Ark J V Snowden. Tenn
J McCulliiuxb. river O W O'Neal, river
E C Fleming, Vt MB Jay, Tenn
H M Thouian, Tenn W W Dixon, Tenn
Jaa A Murray, Tenn N S Carutntra, Tenn
W Oaither. 'lenn T G Chin jerliie.Tenn
M 8 Jay, Tenn J W Palmer, Tenn
V, T Armour. Tenn John Dwver. Tenn
W 0 Eiolev.Tenn
j ft Btrieaianu, ienn
II TBragir, Tenn
T B Cren-haw, Tenn
J M McDonald, Tenn
J A Murray, Tenn
W S Jo kaon, Tenn
J T Cochran, Tenn
P A Perkina. Tenn
J T Hillaman. Tenn
J M Houlterley, Ohio
F 8 Raymond. Toon J II Barrett, Tenn
J B M' Calls, Tenn E F Armour, Ark
Mi- S Moore. Ark Mica L Wooten, Ark
FMannoil.Mo J K Thnmaa, Ohio
(1 brown, Mini F F Johnson, Tex
U B Wilkinson, Mill Mra Perkins, Mils
J Linton, Ark G A Smith, Tenn
W K ()illT. Tenn Mra J Thompson, Miss
X r i nnmosra. afk mr n ii ivnigui. im
A S Molihoe. Tenn
i J McUnwan, lnn
M W Fleto er, Tenn
J B Htewurt, Tenn
J T Reed, Tenn
J II Nelson, Tenn
J B Blackwell, Tenn
J G McKinly, Tenn
T J L-ane, Tenn
J T B ggs, Tenn
TIK'oywood, Tenn
II K Puiliam, Tenn
I M Jackson, Tonn
H bushy, j enn
W T Bond. Tenn
II 1 lK inen, Tenn
J I, ftonnwnori. Tenn N M Alsun. Tenn
II JJ Pettus, Tenn M 0 Hamilton, Tenn.
Peabody Hotel.
Rates 2 50 and (3 per day, aconr.iinc to
lite and location of room Special
rates made.
J Bradway, La W J llenry. L
W R I ady, Mo J H herad, Mill
W C Baird, Tenn P B Sexton, Tenn
I David, NY I, K Thaser, Ind ,
C " (Splickcr, Md W A Campbell, Mill
TJR ss, Miss C Cannon, Tenn
J M ltenderton, Tex E Vaughn, A k
W PorterBeld, Miss A Wooldrioh. Miss
BW Hawkins, Tena H D Martin, Mo
A B Robertson, Ua O G Livingston, III
C 11 Lamport. N Y LKruler, Misi
R J Lewis, Ohio F Bernet, Ohio
J T Lovingnod, Mill F D Davenport. Mo
8 P Evans, Ky H W Bradley. Ky
J R Kcates, Tenn C W Gravea, Tenn
E J Wendel. Tenn J M Young Af. Tenn
T H Htewart, Mo Mrs F M Baldwin, Mill
II I. Kearns, Va J Heidenheimer, La
t Thomas, Pa F Meriaold, Mips
11 w Khrnvtrtn, Tex MrB - M irw , ny
w tnaoklelora, mips j vv uainoun, rani
S New. Tenn
U R Lester. Miss
J W Ray Aw, Ky
W B Heard, Tenn
R E Morris. Tenn
W J Uehd.lll
C Scbonmaker, N Y
OR Morrow, Tenn
R II Van co, Tenn
J (i McUuire, Misi
H Murdnck, Mo
N H Unira'on.Va
K b Cantle, Mo
W Lawrence, Tenn
U V latum, Ky
W 8 Moore, Tenn
The Sew Uarono.
Panpkf ktorh.
Rates, 12 SO to 14 per day, acoording to loca
tion oi rooma.
A A Mi-rollum. Tenn M M Stay. N Y
Juugn MoUorry.lenn K r late, miss
Li M Itece. Misa
RR Montaomerv.Tsnn
MSBowen.N Y
J H WaUon.Mms
J J Monarch. Ky
U Mol'herson, Md
Mrs A Neal, Miss
J II Johnson, Mill
C T Teatev. (ia
R L Armvtead, N Y
W H Uayee, Mass
8 T Catohiirn, Miss
H P Btoila, Va
U B narrey. oIIm
M L VanceAw.Ti
un J C r-mith. Ark
1, H Woods. Ark J J Martin. MiM
LT Wilkerson, Mill 8 M Spenoer, Misi
L B Uiggins, la T Eubank, Ala
II X Morton, Ky KftMskAW, O
Wm A Hill, Mo L D Jones, Mo
B F Hicks, Ky Otey Vance Tenn
DrWm Kelly Aw, Ia John Uark, Miss
M K Mister, Misa K lleley, Mo
II (! Lown, Miss H Miller, Miss
L B MuChisnev, Tenn J D Phiili' s, Tenn
O H Rhodes. Tenn N 0 Ford. Ark
J L tiordoa, Ark J W S musnn. Mo
V n Miover, lex I B Alien, lex
M is Lorti, Art rj mison, Arx
RB Jamison, Ark. T D Warren, Ark
Dotty' European HotM,
Corner of Adams and Main ilreeta. Koomi,
two, 76o ana 11 per aay: American flan,
ti per day.
First-olasa ResUurant in the Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY (10 year, with Peahody Hotel)
H E Cannon, Tonn J II Freeman, Tex
J Ii Unle.bv, Tenn
n rieavss, Tenn
K WillUms, Tenn
T C Slaughter, Tenn
J F Ri odes, Tenn
J M Adams, Tenn
A IJickinson. Ark
R M Mason, enn
F Ounne, Tenn
R J Trotter, Tenn
K R t ne, Tenn
E (1 Ward. T. nn
b) K Can-on, Tenn
J L Cor pwoid, Tenn
A K Cole, Tenn
W 1) Horn, Tenn,
M II Hunt, Tenn
J TNmiih, III
F Williford. Tenn
N M A oi) p. Tenn
1) II Itby, lenn
W S Jackson, Tenn
J K Mohan, Tonn
.1 B Parker, Ohio
F M Tru.s, Tenn
A L Wither", Miss
CJ II inks, Tenn
B llirris. Tenn
A B Klli , Tenn
A K Strickland, Tena
8VV re, Tenn .
H S Griffin, Tenn
T M lion rman,Tonn
A O llertick. Mo
J W Allen, lenn
H n Oregory, Tnn
W R Harrell, Tena
W Cunning' am, i'enn
CM Hlack.Tenn
P M Motris, Tenn
W F II irvey, Tena
H S Rrruvge, Tenn
M F ill ass, Tex
J P Hmiih, Misi
W 0 Lugg, Tenu.
Pitt-bubo, Joly 16 Night River 6
feet 4 iucNs on the iiai'gn and falling.
Wehttier cloudy aad wnrm.
Cincinnati, Jrly 16. N:gbt River
10 lee'. 8 iaclits on the gfgi and
hilling. Wt ather clear i d warmer.
. Nsvr Orlcans, July 16 Night Ar
rived: Future Ciiy and barren, 8t.
Louis. Dt parted: City of 8t. Louis,
8t. Louis.
WnssuNQ, July 16 Nght Rive r 4
Wt on Oie fiauuB and ri iug. Hetvy
showers througinuttho day. Weather
c o.idy and ph aani.t
Oaim, July 16 -Kight River 19 feet
tl lurtica i n the gauge and ui ing,
Wtather c'tn 'y and warm. Arrived:
8 las P. C e, 8 . L juis, 4 p.m.
fir. Lons, Joly 16. Night River
about stat o iarv. ai d RUm;s 11 fet 6
in hes on the gauge. Weather clear
and very warm. Arrived City ot
N ilt hrx, New Orleans.
Kvanmvillk, July lo Night River
lolling, with 9 f ei 9 inth. s on the
ui.ngH. We ihr plfatant j tru'tmcme
tor, n7 to 86 j liHrnmet r, 29. De
pi.rtod: Buck t ye 8tte, Memphis, 10
Loduvim.i, July 16. Night River
f-illhir. with 6 i "'t 5 Inches in the
ivuiul ifil 4 Itxn n in.'lifii cn the falle
Hu'iiiifxe fair. v,,tir clar and
p'ea' nt. B-ka an-i .lo'-eph Williams,
ea to re to Piyfbing vtitU tows, have
inu up i r m w t r
Hultord, J.'wt'k.r, 2U4 Main an
il iU uruera Irnm th ronntry.
Mt Untitle;, a iMtnenaratas
f ar femablaK.
h nsvoviu nv ihk i:hk off cxkioaSIN
And it ftirrinisiw? auJ uromote the
irroarth of 0" hair.
Hnmwt'.'a jTiroi-ii:g K rtrari n are the
NiiitlSllHrNrtiit SI nl lord's
IlONvr fori, t t ic K tv-li 1 e UKion
a-,il i.iciiin al Si vr Hr. ve t murro
! i.mt insvK mi 1:,1, ;: n l :
' o' tft. Ti.'i.et !P cents, mrludiog
i aiLi.isioD to gruoiids.
E. F.
I Jamei M. Goodbar I Wm. 1.. Clark
maatetblliealxocl IOQO.1
319 Main Street,
K offer to KBKCHAHTS ONLY the
bavo ever Drought to tbia market,
tylei by any bouse in this or any other city.
mad. mods, inoludiae the ItLtHKaTKU
i a
a large and select stock of Custom-made Goods
earry a number of tie best makes in the
I nest manes in ma country, in everv variety ana sij to, ana among
Men'a Calf BooU and Shoea manufactured bv Geo. Ilooker fior our
Spring Trade, we also carry a choioe line
Calf Goods, manufactured by Krippendorf,
our itook before buying elsewhere, and wo
He Played Baseball
His Home Kan Hit Captured
the Heart of an Heiress.
It was a close aid exciting game. Eight
inning! had been playel, and the score stood
a tie. Memphis had retired its opponent in
the ninth inning without scoring. Memphis
was at the bat. Two men were out. Two
strikes had been called upon the man at the
bat. The next ball pitched oame ttraight
toward him. Then it took a sudden ourve.
Ueiwunghis bat Would he miss it? The
excitement was painful. There was a quick,
short stroke. Ah I he has hit the ball. Away
high in the air it sails. See, the center
Holder is chasing it. The spectators hold
their breath. Suddenly there is one tumul
tuous shout. The ball has gone far over the
bead of the fielder, who il chasing It.
Around the bases speedj the batter. He
touches the borne plate and the victory is
won. Bouquet aro showered upon him.
He looks up just in time to lee a lovely girl
take a bunch of roiei and throw them at hli
feet. As he graoefully plcki them up their
eyes meet. A humble base ball player has
captured a rich heiress.
" Co," she gayi to him two weeks later,
"go to the Misfit Clothing Parlors, 262 Sec
ond street, and order your wedding suit."
She was rich in eommon sense as well as
wealth. 1
If yon want the best of clothing for the
least money, oome to the Misfit Clothing
Parlors, 262 Seoond street, opposite Court
Extra Attractions for Summer
Or eat Kednollona la Salts,
Great ftedactlona la Past la.
The best clothing in the world for really
less than others ask for poor ready-made gar
menU. This ia why it payi to buy at the
Misfit Clothing Parlors,
262 Second Street,
Opposite Court Square. Mempble.
arPcr SO days the entire stock of Fine
Custom Clothing will be sold at a tremendous
aw All alterations to insure a perfect fit.
done free of chirge.
Stiike the Iron TVhile It's Sot
la order to move onr immense itock we
make me louowing oner :
Good Btraw Hati at Xe, 3So. 50o and 75e
Kx'ra Fine Straw Hats at.-41, tl 25, tl 80. tl
Rmall fttraw Hnnneti. all eolora...........oOe
Sxtra Wide Brim Hats, for ooentry.... J6o
Beautiful Roses, all eolon, per doien...
.... 6e
Violets, peraoien
Buttercups, per dossn
rn,Kt.inn Pinks Mr dneen
Blegant Bunohe of Flowers......
Kxtra rlne nunones oi r lowers,
imp irted Frenoh flowers from. .41 to M
llatrldtl 'lli (Sla bfaneh) ror....SS
Fruits, Leaves, otems, an xinas or
(rial to maki Artificial Howen,
Bridal and Nonrning Ontflta
The Finest Anortuent of DOLLS ia the city
Bata Beeliaped, Foafhera Cleamed
I ! ana ion.
GOLD IS HAIB WASH by the small or
laige quantity.
We Make a Specialty of Millinery,
Employing the best hand! In tba olty, fiva
our wnoie awenoou w iv. w
petition In tnat lee.
Boiler Works.
SHEA k HcCARTHT.Propr's,
HO, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
in the Bmth. and the only eomp eti
r.oiler and B e lror Works In the elty.
Maateiraetnrvira of he'iavj elaie irea
Werk er awerj aeMorlptlox. Specie
etlentloe iivei ie plantauon work.
Frank Schninami,
Imiorter and Daaler la
Sana. FlaM Takle aael Sparta.
oia'eHaiwll"a aw Special attontloi
!KS to VANUrACTuALNtf and RK-
41 a Main rt Miwpfsii, Tenn
Bans, Ammunition, Flatting Tactlf
anrl Ba-l'all nowia.
W"hrn .r ANP RWTAIL.
tr4 Slata rwl, irrunlu. Team
alanafMturing and rUpairing ol Guns
MEYER, Sec'y and Irewu
Scraper and Cart Harness.
Eugene J, Carrlnarlon I Frank . Jones
Memphis, Tenn.
largest and best stock of Boots and Shoes we
ana which cannot Be surpassea in quality and
In addition to a complete line of Eaitern
OOODBaH k CO. BBOUANP. we handle
for Men, Women, Misses and Children. We
country, in everv variety and at) le,
of Ladies' and Misses' Custom Kid, Goat and
Dittman C. We invite the trade to examine
guarantee everything eve sell to give satisfaction
Deviled Crabs, Sbrlmg.,
Salmon, Treats Can Mackerel,
Saidinnx, I.obetere,
Brook Tront, Oyatera,
Mackerel In Tomato Catsup,
Street StnlTetl Fichlee,
Sotir I'lcklca by the gal. and In jars,.
Pickled Onion, Hot Rellab,
Wooaler Nance, Tomato Catanp,
Caper, Maatard, Carry Powder,
Salad Dreaalns;, Ollvea, Olive Oil,
Cream Cheese, Celery 8a ace.
Celery Salt, tie , Kle.
fmnorters and dealers In Clans. Anmi.
nlllnn and FlNblnn Tackle, Bnlldra'
Hardware, Hwlrlc Bella and a
nunclators for Hotels and Kesidenoei,SaO
Main atreet, Memplila, Tenn. Klectrle
supplies always on band. Kepairn neatly
Ko. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
icsiaoiienea in ibou.i
DR. JOHNSON is acknowledged by all par
ties interested as by far the most suc
cessful physician in thetreatmentof private
or seoret diseases. Quick, permanent oures
guaranteed in every ease, male or female.
Recent cases of Gonorrhea and Syphilis
cured in a f w days without the use of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance from
business. Secondary Syphilis, the last ves
tige eradicated without the use of mercury.
Involunsary loss of semen stopped in short a
timo. Sufferers from impoteney or lost of
sexual powers restor eto free vigor in a few
weeks, vietimioia e-anuse anaexoessive
venery, sunenng from sperniatorrnea ana
loss of physical and mental power, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to tne Diseases oi women, ana
taed. Piles and old do rel cored
without the use of oaustio or the knife. All
consultations strictly conndenlial. medi
cines sent by ei press to all parte of tba
atarWorkingmsa cured at half the uiual
rates. Office nou.-s from 8 o'clock a.m. to 0
o'eloekn.m. D. B. JOHNSON. M.D.
2 9 a i 9 tf a I b
PnarvDPrJ a
till! xHf
sifil nu
JOHS E. HANDLE CO., Atrents,
A Valuable Patent
raneya (Herte) Cra aad Feet Flast-
A VIBa perferted my invention, I wish
. 'o plaoe it before the public especially
ir .un-'turer. Ai a von rianier, iiua
B-rtnt ui-eete opens the drill, distributed
(us aaeii a 'Ckraltfiy, aniniured, and oovera
the same, tuereby one man performing the
work of tbrea. Thev havo been used In
this section for over a dote u years with per
feot satisfaction. Vaa give respor liblo teeU'
monials. ddres ,
JOHN H. DANCT, Daaeyville.
Pennyroyal Pills.
Tbe Orlalsael sued Only Clenaine.
Sate and alwaya Reliable. Beware of wrh
n -ImiUtlons. Indisoensalil. to LAOIfciJ.
u Jour rotat lor " bicbeatert
Knali "and take no other, nr inclose le
istamps) to ns for Partioalars ia yirix by
reiara mall. firka, Chi
ebmters bemleal Co.,
t 14 HndlMsss tsaoare, Phllada.,
THAai supplied by GEO. O.ttOODWUI
C ' , '
vt bal ale jVateqaa. Haaq, Uses,
This BELT or Re-gen-r-
tor is made ex
pressly tne euro
of demneration of
ithe generative or-
gar; There is no
mtfftuke aboo thisin-
stru'nent tba eon-
I aHAj-V . tin uous itr
llaFI.'Kf .IV Kl.i l TRTC1
stream et
CITY tier.
hrough the
ear, wup rf store
them to health, action. I'o not eon ound
this with Klectrie Bel - s lernsed to euro
all Ills fmm head to toe It i- for the Od B
pertine purpose. For clr -u r irivuig full
pformatlion, address Ch-nvr Kleetric Belt
Co., WS Washington street , thief ,111.
m 3
i5iin.i,i,g 2 S
SsS5 M E no eVta
! er " a a
1 2 ft

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