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STklBar CoBsnaed U the Meute la
Debate the Olfomirf -rise
jdite!y after the reeding of the
loanudtie liouee returned the con
sider Ion "f tbe fortificetion appro
DrieUon bill, the pending amendment
being that offered by Mr. JUndnll
rPajredacing lrom $500,000 to $100,000
the appropriation lot the armament of
era e8t defenw.
Mr. Kandall withdrew the amend
ment and offered aootaer, which wta
adopted by noanimoaa consent, pro
Tiding that tbe gunr. projoctilee, etc ,
purchased aball be of American man
nfactare. The bill wu then passed.
The next biiaineai was tbe consider
ation of the Senate concurrent resolu
tion for the printing of 26,000 copiei
of the third annual report of tbe (Jivil
fienrioeOommi'Bion. Agreed to yeas,
IHft! neva. 4fl.
Mr. Moriem fill.! from the Com
mittee on Bales, reported a resolution
ordering a session lor tomorrow night
n h Hvotd tnifitlon on bills author
ing the construction of bridges. This
Siye rise) lo mncn aisconiou. nr.
orriaon, intimated that the opposi
tion to the resolution came from gen
tlemen who did not desire the con
struction of a certain bridire (referring
to the proposed new bridge at tsu
Mr. Henderson fla l said that he
did not obi net to ibe building of an
othec bridge at St. Louis, bat be rop
resented tnousands of people in tbe
MiMlMinnt Vallev who were opposed
to the ounntruction of a low bridge
which would Intarfere with navigation.
He had no objection to giving St.
Louis another bridge, or two if neces
sary, ' ut be did object to jeopardising
the interests of thti Mississippi Vslley
for tbe henrut of the few who wsnted
ti build ac'.uap Indue st Kt. Louis.
- Mr. Oany Mo. suggested that
the gin'Wmin when be said he was
oppcwnl to a IjW and in fsvorol a high
bridge, nai opposed to any bridge at
all. I. a proposod to build a biidge
itl.rr Mgi or low, whiVh la tbe
opinion tf tbo Stcretaxy o! War, would
not u.lcifr with tbe navigation tf
theriter. It was prorkied to build a
brl 'g w ii'h would oe practically a
free lirii'g', for the bill auihorUIng its
onetrro tun provided that no higher
nte th mid be charged over the bridge
-than over the roads leading to the
liiiilifv. There wsre some gentlemen
wliolivadin t'.ie district represented
by tie gmtleman (Mr. Henderson),
who baa hundreds of acrei of land on
li hey paid an annual rental, and
i iuU rotted In getting these
r oheap rents. I ( this biidge
ft rs'6d the value of these
jukl heeohsnced, and, ins'ead
. . og land by the acre, these men
. ii compelled to buy it by the
, move tnelr lumber yards. The
j ofBt. Louis, of Missouri and
liuoii were mote interested in
.4 .ring cheap transportation than in
. ainir o-chexD rsnts for these men
' " o hai alrtady made their millions
1 1 dollars.
The ret o'nUon was then adopted.
Mr. Cobh (Ind.l from tbe Oonler-
uc Cjmmittoe on the bill repealing
the pro-tin ptou, timber culture and
descri lnudltws, reported a complete
Mr. Pavsm fill. ran ov?r the
Tolnts of reference between the two
iiouMS, and was severe in uis condem
nation of the Hecate amendment,
which provides that after a final proof
of claiinui (under the homestead or
pre-emption laws) snd the iuuanre of
duplicate receiver's certificates, if it
shall be proved to tbe eatiBfact'on of
tbe conunimtoner inn; lraua lias en
tered into the title so acquired by the
. claimant, unless it iha.ll appear that
the land li been sold or conveyed to
a bona fide purchaser for a vaiuablo
consilium ioo, the commissioner shall
suspend the issuing oi the patent for
the same. Tbit provision he regarded
as an incentive to fiaud
as it ritpiircd the commissioner to is
sue a fluent, if the land had been
cold ti a bona fide purchaser, even
though the original title had been ac
quirt d by fraud. He Imped that the
liouee would by unanimous vote in
sist upon its dirngieomont to this
amendment. Tho workingmnn of the
country liad petitioned (or the bread
tobefjuud in the House bill. The
jjena'.q gave them a etoue in a bill
which vaidated the frauds which
were a, stench iu the nostrils ot every
man wi.o examined them.
Mr. Biene Mo alto announced his
Oppus'tion to tbe amendment, which
lie fin id spread its protecting winvS
over the most hardened laud sharkB
on the continent. Huch IcgieUtlon
would be unwise a.,1 improvident and
wonld furnish nn inducement to tho
commiction of fraud. He could not
regaid it otherwise than as outrageous
and scandalous It should be Indig
nantly rejected by the House.
Mr. l-frkini and Mr. l'eters Kas.
iavored the Samite amendmem, Uk
ion the ground that while tbe Houee
bill nuniBhnd ths innocent with the
suiltv. the Senate amendment protect
d the bona fide purchator only aud
punished tbe land snarns anil specu
Mr. Giffo'd Dak. chsrged that in
the mauagement of tbe lnnd Bureau
there wat an absence of any discrimi
nation between ths ca-os of hoaest
snd dhhoneet settlers, and assorted
that it was tne purpose of the benaio
smendiii-'nt to put au end to senseless
Jar. Laird Neb., in spprovltig oi
the provisions of t tie Hcmitu amend
went, denied the cbargos nude by the
Jjinu ltnrea oi nnniene lrtiuas exist
ing in the W-et inrclaiion to the en
try ol the i ub iu land', and sU'im! th d
in Arkansas there were double the
number of frauds exiHting that weie
changed against N-br-ska, and in Lou
isiana an eou-1 number.
Mr. Cari-y Woming, favored sa
much ol tbe Senate amni dment as
amends instead of repealing the desert
land law. Tbe repeal U that law
would postpone the Bettlemect and
reclamation of the arid region of tbe
country for a long time, and would
place the land under the control oi
tbe cattle men, whd wouid like to we
every tand law repra'ed in order that
they night have an open, free, un
ienced ountry.
Mr. Perkins announced Ids cmosi-
tion to the repeal of the pre-emption
law because he believed it to be un
wise legislation. It wai under that
law that tne west naa tnnven so
greatly, and every breeas coming from
that section came ireigbtea With pro
testa against Its repeal.
Mr. Cobb sent to tbe Clerk's desk
and bad read a letter to Commissioner
Sparks from a special examiner, set
ting forth tbe reco d nf larve numb n
of naudulent entries in iNcbrasu and
Mr. Terkins moved that the House
recede from its disagreement to the
Senate amendment Lost 20 to 142.
Tbe House then insisted upon its
disagreement and a timber confer
en re was ordered.
Mr. Morrison 111.. ofTVwd a con-
cnmnt re!ution for tbe final ad
journment of Oongrees at 3 o'clock ou
July28. Referred to the Commit e
on Wave ana Mesne.
Ths House then took a recess till 8
o'clock, tbe evening seesion to be for
consideration ot basin s fr'm the
Committee on Postoflices and rott
rcads. Ths Neaata.
Senator Whitthorne introduced a
bill to return tbe tax collected by tbe
United States in 1805, 1800 and 1807
from the people of certain S ati s of the
Union, to be he d or used by such
States foreiu ational purpose s.
Senator Seek called up tbe Senate
bill to anthoriss the c mstroction of
bridges across the Tennessee and am
berland rivers by the Ohio Vslley Rail
road Company. Passed.
The Senate then tjok up the oleo
margarine bill, and Henatjr Vauce pro
ceeded to argue gnint it He oppi si d
the measure atone belonging to the
States, and not the gmer. 1 govrro
ment. and sh Doruicious and mirfcM v-
oua in its efiects. He thought that .f
Senator Miller had bn entirely ca 1
did he would have mma as among
the exigencies eauiLg for this biii t .
necessity of the Republicai s iarying
New York at the next ele ti'n. HB
had ioflnitoly more respect for tbe
club of ths striker tt au lor tbe 'lo,iis
lative sneak." The forme' boldly ad
mitted hit violation of law, a d ws
ready to take the cotsenenuee. He
said the Republican SeLat.n knew
the bill was an outrage, but "butUr,
like conscience, makes cowbrls (tow
ards! of us all.'5 LtughUrl It W'8
ths necessity of gre.ss to c iry New
York two years from new that, made
cowherds of them all.
Senator Butler oflored an ami-nd-meat
extending the principle ot tbe
hi 1 to wines and Honors.
Senator Uray addressed the eunais
in opposition to the bill.
S juator Harris also opposed the bill
on tbe ground that the only pow r
Congress bad to pubs the bill was its
offer to levy taxes lor revenue; uni
t wss not nretended ibat tbe e was at
tbis time tne eiigni.'Si neoestur iur u
increase of revenue, lhe bill was,
therefcrs. on its face a false pretenne
III paesago would bo a much mure
Ur reanhins damror snd sitriotis lrud
on the constitutioa than all ths fraud
that could be piacticed on the p ople
by falsely repteseuting olaomargarine
to be but er. Tue purpose of the bill
wis to prostitute the revenue power to
the accomplishment f an object
which ( oiigreHS had no power tj ac
complish. 11 4 bad oiTereu au amend
ment making it unlawful to sell oleo
margarine within the Di.tnci. ot Co
lutubla or the 1 erritoriei unlexs it wai
distinctly marked as such. He was
distinctly in favor ot tbe bill io tnat
extent but ni further, and he w uld
be glad that every State would ao legis
late. The question was then tken on
Senasor Harris' amendment and It was
rejected. Yeas, 18 j nay, 82.
Senator Beck said the bi 1 was pro
tection run mad and Congreis might
as well undertake to protect, ths breed
of horses against the raisng of
mules, or to pro'ect coal mines against
the competition of nxtural gas.
After some further debate Sunn tor
Butler's amendment was laid on .he
Utile. Ya. 32: navs. ID
Senator Kimuods eaid that lm
wished to correct the inipreeiou wh ch
some Senators seemed to nave, t at n
bill proponed to tax o, e 1 . ert si tor
ths benefit o( another intaieat. He
did not so understand the bill
If bo did lis should be gaii at
it. He suppnstd that mi ol
every 100 peiplo who a 'e these til-o-marine
compouods niiiBiy-td ie ln-
heved that thev wore eatmu b'vtcr ia
the tense In which their giandfa ht
and grandmothers, ai d tlu'tn-tlvei
when children, itruleretoi d il.at'enn
In the levy ng of taxes tiongress w u
reijuired by the constitutiou (in teims)
to look to mo g'n rai wiiiar-.. n
euppoBsd it was io tlie "general wel
fare" to 8iinnrsi f an 'B si d rliea s
and to guard tho int-res of the Inst
portion of the communl y. uongress
has a r'ght, tberefnre, to dtccilinlriate
agaln-t iruU and to tax tneru l.eav y
while it did not undetttke to l x t.oii
est vocations.
8ena'or estoppesod the bill. Hhks.iI
that OTory slmdow of pretense th t it
w.ib a revonuebill nad rieen elle' tua' y
removed, nut only by t'i liiatorv
the bill since it inne int Cong'eH,
but bv the open and u ut a in .1
dnclnrattons of the S ntir wu.) bd
charge of the bill (Senattr MiJler),
Senatir Van wyik alvoca'.iu til
DSFSitgi or tne did. i e ti oiui
here, he said, wu who her one hon.n t
industry should bo piott-'oi aga n
the frail i of another. N on) o'ild
aecue Armour A I'o t i .uidiai.d
yet their brandt wt r n tf nh d t. il"
ceive. due oi tiiom wa XH'tn'Mig
it) "Ann ur A Co., pine d.d butt -r
ine." Why "dairy 7" wiiv put in
that word? And in coif ti e tmblu'
g.it oa the racket ' nn tint btati'l,
here was another one ( xhib titiK it )i
"Armour Uo., Bueat crc'iimy iu
tonne. lnis was done, : t cnu se, mi
that the pries of ihii sr:.i. urglit
reach the puce ot gouinn ' butu r
rbiabill. he aimitteo tot l'i
revenue purposes. in r we it ti
build Up one in.m'rv ; t ti.e xiKno
of enot'ier. Co: gresii Himiily siii
that tue best way p i iov .lo bchi nal
fraud was to r ginate the lraiiufactiu
of the article.
A'tr s im inrt' er ren aik t, Si-nat
But or c osed the deliat.
HI .1 tllh -V.I
at a adjourned.
Ibe ataighla of fyihiit.
Toronto. O.nt., Ju'i 18 The ttt
ursine la dirooi tlui hni!.tHt 1 vtliini-
at Vis'etttay a'tt-rro u' sei-Himi, dt:
c:tl. l that it i s iiii ni e '.'.ft.t at tlif
P'tReit'it.e to t tKi a. iv netufti
I o'tii g to tin ej!K i" nit't t ol a mui.
f r unties. A la ic i .n:t:ti:-t wniili
pointnl loss !! in irc. i ,ni a ririlio
momoiial in r a inn.l itin.ii'
lli'iis, W'iO lo t h e l w:ii cmlnv
i ruin t ) r. acne a I
inv bni ding
a l .ni
The t'heromee l'r ', ., ..nn i
NxwtlRi.aAKS La.. Julv pi. n In
tlia'i T. rr t T sp cut r
Iffinocral e.y-: i:e .'.:-'i,..,iti pn
ispi a ot f iiJiViii '( . ;.:.( I v
unr KPtM tor traz iu i" vntv
i'OW t inn n a e
Oi.e'ko' Lgs
blood d Cm r if
berl8,3', a d t
i 15!5. The
i. itf
i ur
oi y
e miw
i, ; l
1 to
The -it-1
:t due
snd oiht
adcp'ed c tie
'n tbe mom y
i V li'i t I t jm.l it Blir.r
;d fihf ( :ain.K l.av
bien innorvd w.l
int.) the 'c.mr s
money ill b fini
ur: ?nii!ter
P.tyiin nt ol tlifl
ill lv Au'"St 1st.
Joatawlll ei.u.
iitariva r ijt,
Foundatmue, it . '. a r vt Uatmo ) I aU
BgeaoWet tnovern-g tt coUVI e ei
Btmcted with J.oaiin'.;iCtisl. li 1
i - i .
Sabewrtb lr lr "AjMif V?
CbarlUei ans rrrectlon at 8t Paul
Papers by Gen. HrlnkerhotT
sad Dr. Mllllgan.
Sr. Paul, Mian., July 19. Several
ministers attending the Couference of
Ctiarittei aud Corrections preached in
the city cbuiches ytwoay morning.
The only tessioo of tne conference was
that at tbe Plymouth church last
n.giit ontheeub ect of pri-on reform.
Of the two regular papeis tbe first was
a report by the Rev. J. L. Milligan, ol
Allegner.y, ra., ueiegaieiron renneyi
van i a to tue International Prison Re
form Corgreee held iu Lindon in
1SG2 and also to tbe second cngrwe
held in St ockholm ia 1878. He said
President Cleveland, as well as the
Naiional Prison Association, commis
i medhimto tbetnirl International
Prlaon Coi g ee, he d at tbe c o-e of
1 t vear in K in e, where it met on in
vi a'inn tl ib ) King of I aly. Itases
eion i were open Ld held in tbe ball
o! fine arts. Pr me Minieter Depreiis
was made the nresi len'.aud spoke tbe
wi-ltome of Italy to the c ingress The
number ot del g.t-s foiu Europe,
Asia, Engl.nd and America wa
U.ffrt and mde up of experienced
men. The reception r.nd hospitalities
ex'endrd by ibe King end Uieen in
ter-OD. and by o'i.er tiiiru officials ot
tne government w.-re most cnnrming.
Tbe ee s uns continued S'gbt days.
Tne diei'lav of the priion products of
every conceivable mauniacture occu
pied nine Urge ba'la io tne palacu of
flue art). Tue c inures was divided
in three net ti ins f r morpii g work.snd
in the afternoc n met in general enn
veni ntihear snd pass upon the
wrk of tbe sec ions. the questions
treated and tbe couc'usn m recbrd
n.rtaintd ti crinm al inri.-prndencn
and prison disc'pline, a d preventive
mtauree. nm pncoooing' wi;i mam
two large vi lu nee and ra i be secured
through our Secret-ry of Stats. These
ou iy on give a (air idea of tbe breadth
and impjitancit of th's congregj. Tbe
next one will convene at St. Peters
burg. Till SECOND . PAPKB,
ai one by uen. Bii.xennou, oi
Ohio. It emtio lied euch pnnci-
p es of piimu ref irm as are now
roi:oguizeu ai axioms by all leading
peno rgeti. ll.e dominant, luea iu
ibe cienon oi prso.' S snonia oe ioo
protection of society by reforaaatioa,
or permanent de'ent ou of prisoneri.
Tn old docuii-e if ieta lation or of
vergeance is not tenr-ble under tbe
be U. ristla'i dlpeuMat on, and expe-
r ence baa thown that it is not effect
ive. In the reformat on of prisoners
the r quiremejits re: Firet Clawjfl
ea inn, iofor.na i .n tf p is mers with
all ofleutierit in tsoc a ioa with ether
prisoners, w s as bupt lo s as pu idea
tion of a fountiin wi n it cesspool die-
cnargiug in o it. F. r tbis reason
Americn j lis, with esj tnan s desen
excdptioiis are eciii ol of crime, sod
our peHitentiirifs tti not muchbet-
rr. in 1 ilK every prisonor enouiu oe
kept eat rely tenant e from every
ttier pria. iur, and peulf ntiarlej
shnu d be m ar led a ii classified nn-
r the Ciotm irEltnyra sytom.
Second The ind-to miuate sentence
umiir which cri initial i are sent to
is in a m ral hiiru a'a. frnm which
they hr ni.t t. lie dischagrd
uni thy ;ii in ed Third
i iniist'lal empl. ym nt m ahich labor
sSoudb a it iv b ye and n t a pun-
shiiiniit, aid in tnneir. i gsof which
pnai n ra sh imil co ivs a share. The
old idavM 'V - cm of contrect labor
ehoiiid be I'h hshed i d the bistsnh
s it'.t' Li in t iM-.e wou'd be piece
pi iur pa i. Ko ir ii Ho prieonor
lmulit bo dl-ch.:rK'it until lie has
b en fully le te.l n .to parole t f ticket
f I t'K, Willi po'ic? supervision
r llt i-In iiiiso i a r. '.ooi Is lust as
im .oita .t a a wmds'iip, and nopiis
tinnr eh ill I be d acharged until be
can at to ei read and w t . S x'li -
Pr s n pu neh'iK n s whiih inflirt
hoclilv t .ru " eii- uld b i abolished.
hwe a e ii i i ionH piBt-ad ot helping
diacin i. e, and il u ami ma hood.
8veitli Ruligioii'i n true ion, and
vp iia ly a Ct ri tiii ipirit. aro re-
po.naiie f; r i cs a tii'inu-tiatlon ol
pi s .ri. I r. no i it In in is a cluld ot
l.liriht nitv .in i i.l mi)) need its
f stem g t u e.
uene al is uas n fo 'oweo, in
whidi a niimh. r o' d-ieg ;t' S spoke
l r ill,.
A :4i.HT 1.1 II hK 4 1. om:Ri
TiiB Voi.tah! B;lt Co., Marshall,
Mich., ofltir to solid thoir Ctikli rated
Voltaic Ukits and Klcctri.- Appli
ances on thirty tlaya' trial to any man
atllii'U'd with N. rvniia Dt'bl ity, Lose of
Vitality, Manhood, etc. Illus ratod
paiiiphlot in ai-alfil onvolope with full
particulars, maiinl frto. Write them
at iiiii'h
la li ! hi j' Urnve.
Nvu-k. V ,.Im!v 111.--While the
! ;' v "it a v.i.ii it lnlv ai b ins in
tf're.i in IA1 t'.- iM-l'T ', K'Ckiaml
c u ut- , i e.f d i v. n " if i tree a a id
n.' iikii ti .' iaVH was ftrack
l.iitiiiiinu t-.i "'it u a pa'.iiO am mit U
ii.oiir fi., man ut iv !u nt wt' t a
pr.ivi'd, taliilf i'ilie::t ni.ll'Hl to"or
Ntrn kon (mm tho Hpc.i. .(tr swlu'e
ttm inti r:iit ni nii piiH'dt d 'it w th and
tlm body h.u i ;u td .iilh'. e.iith amid
llin li'iiildn will t: e icnu'Hts.
Civ. UulwVoii Seeger
- f ... , or liflf .-' ' v Himnl t-aiiwtifa-(
1.V -' ' '' "". T I''' ' " ittr ot th Irtm
5 ' ' .fxya.- '. ' ' r hov'tt iM'aa.
nh ., lay :
1 II I.KJ Id
. I
lll-.t.r T"NI
a . h tha hard
. n I.0I..O ti. 'h
am ih.irnti.h.
i! i raparaliort
a t iniapl.ar
ii w .r h "I th
r 'atted In at
: nn. e-'.-tica ot
atirl '.al'"aiH
' aenui. . a Span
if 'l 1
.1 . .
'i I 1,'r,.
ti t-v
;t: Lie I- .ii; ;.
ire l.un llown, Ner-
. ri.-us or af
ii.iti'.'. Jl ware l
fii. u I v it h enV, 1.
llrr .Mnji-aiy' liivmlle
(.' fir H ..'' tie fWa
Wn ' ii. ii. f.til v. 1 .r t.e kia. Com
lex."U, Uiiii lion.. Chai'i-iiu, IvubvLbc.
il.mi. Ot aru.'ti
I ll.ltll. ; il S l.cnnliif ayrnp ol
Nir.iiil Ilia ii dn.r.irnti.1 th best
S-ir? ii.-irilln in t:m Tarlict.
K. V. Ilfpnl, 'IS HI KIIIT NTHrtf,
llltlKU, V. Y - l'...nrd ,n the Hii.
' Mn. .11. V. Ili.narl, :.'..'. Wa'hngmn
TrV. Koiin.i l.irs'i : t"'nl..n daiiliiful ;
ContiTiienl to laif to Murii. .luui ..escb,
c r.i y l.ra Heach ntd tVi.lral l'.rk
a.? 1 tv Nvr : k i tnoyt i.f iiu.a. t l sdi. ,
Nil '"iSiSsir-ypg.
Hc4la iwm itMactk, wr k tmfmr Va
USimlUo nllr t ihalr au. akaaU try
Thta m1lelM mmblma Irao with pun TiiUbl
irmica, and lm tntluJl for Pin. in pwuliu to
VV . and all wbolMd MdmUrj Htm. ItKa
rlchra nlPiriln th Ulood, KIIiylalP
th Apprtlle, Mrrndksn th tlurln M
MrrvetB fot. thorous-hl laTlaontee.
uw oompixioD. aoa ma un wu wuw,
It Amt ant LUckaa tb toith,euua bovUcb. of
prodao ooatlutloilll other Iron modiciMt do.
Mum. Ki.tuum Baibo, 74 FumD An.. MUwu-
ke, WU., Mil. andr date of Dm. Mtb. ItMt ,
' I ban oaad Brown' Iron Bltun. and tt baaMra
Mr tbaq a dootor to m. barlnc cured m
waaknaa ladia Kara in Ufa. Alao curad ma of Lfv
m Oonpiaint. and now wir onBoplasion I olaar aM
food, liaa alao baon batutbotal iu mf children."
Maa,Unnu 0. Bbaodom. Kaat Lockport If. T.,
axraiI liava aaBarad nntold mum from Famala
ClomplainU, and ouuld obula rallaf from Bottung
xaapt BruwnS Inn Btttara."
Oannina haa abora Trad Mark and cmaaad rad lines
on wrapper. Take ao other. Madaonlbr
Forty Tear. Sufferer from
"Vnn VnrlTT TRARHIhaTabaanaTle-
tim to CATARRH threa-foorthi of tbe time
lunarer Iroin it.vunuuiAiimi rniito
TRILS. The disoharaei were ao offanaiva
that 1 bealtate to mention it, except tor to
tood it mar do lomt other lufforer. 1 bare
pant a fonnt fortane from my earnintra
rinrina mv fnrt aara of auffarins to obtain
ralief lrom the dootora. I hare triad patent
medioinea avarj oat l could loarn oi irom
th fnur anrnara of the earth, with no relief.
And AT LAST (67 yaan of ana) bare met
with a remady that haa cured me entirely
mada ma a new man. I wihedl28pounoa,
and now waiah 146. I niad thirteen bottlea
of the medioina, and the only regret I have
la. that halna- In tha hunibla walk! of lite I
may not hare Influence to prevail on all ca
tarrh aufferera to un what haa cured me
Galon's Pioneer Blood Rcnewer.
" No. 267 Second itreet, Maoon, (la.'
Mr. Tlanr CtiaTaa. tha writer of the
ahove, formerly of Crawford county, now of
Maoon, ua., menu tne oonaaenoe oi an in
UratUd in oatarrh. W. A. HiiFF,
sx-juayor oi aoon.
Guiun'g Tloneer Blood Benewer.
Rnrai all Blood and Skin Dlieaaea. Rheam
tiirn. Horotula, Old buret. A perfoot Spring
If not in your market, It will be forwarded
on receiut of prioe. Small bottlei, II, large,
ai is
r.iiay on uiooa ana Dim virnni mauoa
a a run jxnicins tua i-a n w .
macon, weorsie).
-;ir 0 JJ(
a. VAaU (UBaV aUXJJlaVJe
a o a:
fart the Oennlne Arllcle. The areat
opularity of "Wllbor a Compound ot ved
.Iv., Oil anil T.lma" hm Induc-ad aoraa un
lrinoiplo(l iaroni to attempt to palm off a
tunpla article ot tneir own manuiaoiurw
ut anr person who la aufferina from Coua ha
Pnlil. nr Cnnantnnttnn. ahould be enrefo
mhrre thay purchaae this artiole. The re
mits of its use are its best reoommendations ,
and the proprietor has amine eviaenoe on
Sla af ttsjrroat success in pulmonary com
plaints. The Phosphate of Lime ucssesses a
most marvelous healing power, as combined
with the pure Cod Llvar Oil by Dr. Wilbor.
It is prescribed by the medioal faculty. Sold
by A. B. Wikaua, Chemist, Boston, and
Stiike the Iron While It's Hot.
In order to move our Immense atock w
make th loiiowing oner:
Good Straw Hats at 25c. 35o. 50o and 75o
Kx'ra Fine Straw uais at....4i, at a, aiou, w'
Hmall Straw Donnets. all colors
Extra Wide Brim UaU, for eouutry...
llaautlful Ko.es, all colors, per doien 40o
VioloU, per d"ien J
llnttercups, per dosen 10c
Carnation Pinks, pur Wen
Kleaant liunche- ef I i iwers ......Zrc
Katra Fine Hunch 's oi r'lowers 50o
Imp.irted Kreiich Floa i. s from- 1 to 19
Okirleli a ia (3 In luistrh) for 8flr
Fruit. Lrevns. Ktvmi. all kinds of ma
terial to make Art fioial Flowers.
ItrldHl aul Mourning Oatflf a
The Finest Assortment of DOLLS in the city.
lint Reehaprd. fralhrn Clenaied,
lij a and 4nrlei.
iiOLDEN II AIU WASH hy the email or
large euautity.
We Make s SpccUli of Mllllnerj,
Employing the best hand In th city, give
our whole attention to it, and we defy eoia
netitli n In that line
J. W. OOPHRHt. a. dcdlkt ratTsan.
Owner auil l'raprletora,
On Horn Lake :tond, 8 Miles from Crt.
SVFFICIENT rasturage for KM he (
stock. Charaes Irom II oO to 05 it
.....nil. .MAiJln. tn anra and kind of PasU
uraire. Unas, cattle, calve", sheep and
lambe f.-r aal Parties desiring pasturago
fu slock, or to purchase or sell stock, will
correspond with
W.H.J ACKSON, Agent, on th Place
Telephone 881orJ2S.
J. F. 1I0LST & BKO.
(buccechwrs to g. b. bolbt a bbo.
I. -I. f
s.Ti -i
a. ' J-'fJt '
Funeral Directors,
320 Mm st., MtMrnis.
AVULL and oomrlet (lock of Wood and
Metallic Jasas and Caakeu, Cloth-Cov-nrsd
CaskaUand Durlal Kobe always n
hed. saw Order, by telearravk traPtly
' ,-fVna,!. . ;AjHt
The Xfdieal Brief, rmbUahed at fit. Loaia, aayi
tn the Jane. ldK4, lame : '- Many have become
victim to the oje of opium or morphine, from
the uae of tboie diuga for the relivr of Neural
gia. It la (ratifying to obaerve that aueh dan
KHrooa coneequeacea may be averted by tbe
Dae of ToxuaiJK, which la aim oat a apeciilc
to Uat acute funn of Neuralgia."
A. A. MELLIER. Bo Proprietor. 7Q9
Wholesale Deaden
Sole Asents
Write (or Oataloonas. THom. 833 and
NAP0LE0K HILL, President.
i 1-1
;oks a euuAL mm
Mlillfl'IfSS MllllUil
OfHcelO MadlHon Street, Memphis, Tena
Jobai Baiuwaa.
TTlaolesale Grocera, Cotton ITnctoro
And Commission Merchants, j
232 and 234 Front SI., Memphis, Trm
Mr. I. N. RAXNBT derotM hli whole time to the welshing and tala of all Co tion enVueted
to ngr ahary. Oottan Warahnniia. wi Wmhlnt-tjin .treat.
J. B. DAT,
Late of J. B. Sar A Son.
Late of Maaeham 4 Horton.
380-362IFront Street. Mem-ohia : Tenn.
FOUNDBI & MACHINE DEFl160tol74 Adama 8t,JlemphIf
BrSaM 0
Caatlnse, :
Houae 1 xtiSSSa?- . aAill.a...
(Successors in this lepartment to JOHN MAN09UE.)
nrWHte as for Information nn ANY THING in either line.
L. D. MULLINS. of late J. R. Godwin 0.
Cotton Factors & Com mission Llerchante
No. 1 Howard's Bow, Cor.
330 Second Street, Memphis.
A Material.. Pump., Drive Well.. Iron. Lo.l ani -Itone Pipe. ' rw. monaJ
BUII In the mairket,
meal of
Cotton Factors,
No. 11 Union Street.'
C. 0. EEHf.
VIiolesale Grocors & Cotton Factors,
ICS Front Streot, MemphK Tenn.
CotUn eon.Uned U ui wUl hava eir eareful attention; We earrf at aU a well-
I .m.A llAflb At
Staple & Fancy Gpocorles,Wln38,Llqu5rs,TobMC8&Clflarf;
Aasl will eell m 1w m tn IwmI. ,
"UaadTnntanDaHiaaaaaof WntaMaef Bet it
raara aaawtina. wiuah bad I ..aa.il aB traaawawaa
Tnat wa nx nontiai akioa and th pattaut baa war
)u7d parteot traedtan tran bar oaoplalnt."
K U Kowa. M. iKUZiiTTSIm, Mm
Bate firm TonfaUn a tab-trial u Kamrnarav
To dm mr pMbliamt't owb
"I aWMidaW Toisnlln
Baa prapawaat lot
rtaaamlarta. I ban aiTr tHM
U V. 1utaI M. PtMTilk. Ma
and Publishers,
ftrtt-Olaai Iaitrameatat
If.H. WlLKEaSOS.Tlctvrreslsei
r tt ii
aid jlakub bcbibbm.
M. Vlarst.
i 4. Jlu
Lata of Sailer A CoTiastet
Bar Lrwaa,
Boiler Iria
Tsl Wauabera
and 238 Second St.
JA8. TONQE, late of J. W. CaldweU A Or
Front and Union, Memphis.
t ri
Chickasaw Ironwork
08 Seoond St. Memphis, Ten"
,nglnes, Boilers, Sawmill,
Bradford Corn and Wheat Mill j
Cotton Press, Cotton ulns,
Shafting, Pnlleyi, tc
npf.CIAI. SOTICB We are prepared to fill erdert
on ,. notice, for the eeleorated MeUnrt Pauew.
WNnkt . i Z Fnlley. We carry in atook ovol
Xwo Hundred Assorted niact.
mr Knil for Catalogue and Prlne-Ht.'
. E. WITT.
with fnll naaort
New anal
.sale Grocers,
WemphU, Tessife.
: t
X. L. W00D60S
Bo. 5323, R. D. Chancery Court ef Bhelbr
eoanty otaxe oi leaneaaow tor uo, ew.,
vs. Josephine Vienna at al.
BY virtue of an interloeatory 4eeree for
ale. entered in tha abore can en tbe
22d day of January. Uso, M. B.61, pace lrS,
1 will pail, aw ihuii aauuvu.
bidder, in front of tha Clerk and Maatar'a
office, Court-house of Shelby county, Mem
phis, Tenn., on
Matnrday. Jalr SI, mas.
within legal hours, the following desoribed
property, situated in bhelby eounty. Tenn..
Tha 'north pari oi lot t, block 38, fronting
feet on the east side oi fit. Martin street.
ana running oaca ziv leei, mwro ur id..,, uw
north line of said lot being 3U0 feet south of '
Beale itreet. .
Terms of Sale On a eredit ef fix months ;
Bote with aeeurity, bearing Interest re-
uired; Hen retained;, redemption nama.
:hia Jun26. 1W.
6. 1. M0D0WELL, Clerk an Itaatsf.
By H.F. Walsh. V. C. and M.
F. H. and C. W. Heiskoll. solicitors.
Ho. MOT, K. D. Chanoery Court ef Bhelby
eounty otate or iennessee, lr ase, eto.,
t. 1. W. Smith atal.
BY virtue oi an interlocutory deeree for
sale, entered In the abora oanaa on tha
29th day of January, 18S6, Minute Boek U,-
pace iJl, 1 will sell, at pubue auotion. to toe
highest bidder, in front of the Clerk and
Master'a omoe. court-house of bhelby eoun
ty, Memphis, Tenn., on
Saturday. Aasraet 7. 1S8S.
within legal hours, the following dosoribad
property, situated in bhelby oopnty, Tens.,
Fart of country lot 506, fronting 12 feet on
the south aide or Carrall avenue, 44 V feet
east of Geo. P. Cooper's let and west of and
adjoining Mary Welford'i, by a depth of 17
ttet, am wara. .....
Lots 1 and 1 Besnbert'a subdivision, front
ing 60 feet on tha east side ef Manaasaa
etreat, SO feet north ol Bawley street, by a
depth of 146Xfeet. ,
ran or lot r, country lot out, rroanng
feat on the north iida of Washington street.
62 feat weat of B. Babb'a lot, by a depth ef
154 feet.
Part of country lot 499, fronting T5 feet on
the north aide of Adams airaet, northwest
corner ol Yates avenue, by a depth ot liaJi
het. .
Lot z. country lot r, fronting du teei on
the west side of Johcion avenue, and run
ning back west betweea parallel lines and
parallel with Auotion street, 190 feet to an
Lot 10, country lot 519, fronting 2 S-6 feet
on the eastside of Covington road, aoutheaet
corner of alley south of Auotion street, by a
death c 166H feet-th ward.
Lot 14. country lot 619, fronting 38 10-T3
feet on theeaat side of Covington road, 28 H
feet south ot alley south of Auotion street,
by a depth of 146H leet. , ,
Wast half of lot 62, country lot 498. front
ing 80 feet on the north side ofMaiieoa
street, by a depth of 14tt feet-8th ward.
Terms of Salt -On a credit i f aia month!
notes with good security, bearing intereat
from date required; lien retained to seenre
sart e. and equity ol redemption barred.
This July 1R. , ,
S. I. McDOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
By H. F. Walsh, Deputy C. and M.
And Iron Roofing.
Fire, Wind. Water and larhtittasar,
proof. Suitable for all kinds ef building.
For prices and estimates at factory rate,
eall en or address
438 A 440 Main at., and 21 A 23 Mulberry St.,
Headquarters for Iron Fenen and Cresting,
uatvaniiedlron uornice.iin ttoois a f tovea.
ri lj; yr ars a 37 '.oart Ptaee. ao at
a ere
Spermatorrhea And tmpoteuoji
Uit rwnlt 0! it'lf-avhUM la pnth. MiunV -xotmm u mfc
i.rir yeri, or other oauMt, nd roiunin(r ajonva o . U U
NurkiguflMti.Ner'ouine), SeuilQtini.tisloB., U
uotw tiv drcavmi), Dimoen of tUthi, DefrcUv Uen -; , Th
tljAlOrCftf, ViDivWiJon Fcv Avcrr'co wi Htvnrij '?cml,
(ofiftiaiun of .'dw, l or Aemiftl Pirww. e.. ruWvtif
nrrtfgelmr-oronhTrM. r thoroiiftbU oo K0
mii, wrt-l SYPHILIS P't",Ba
4ti0t ertrli'-ite,! from Uif lvst m; OoHOITAetav
GI'ET, Stricture, OrviJtii Abtiiu.. mt Wuptiv)-,
T'l-i ktml other prltfcte difanan qukI rui-tji
Htf fHf-eTirleot thttihj sidtu wh"pvi-UJsitti
ttotnaiu daso or dtMMe. ni tmiins tbwtiuidi inn
lly, cqoir gpet tkllL Phyiirftw afDowiot tbia fM otim
comnifiii' ("oii to 1117 oar W ht 't is tnenovenitist t
ftf the city fc-trefttmfot. mechrlnrt nv. V ett pfTUlj
cartU hj mi1 or crpreu iprlien.
Ouvefc OnaraDtAP-i 1 M C(umw
Consul UtioLr rcravnirrT M Ay L-ttslT tnt Mi lnrlteH.
Or JUU igm, M-nl to may ftd4-M, mmn.if ct'it ft tlvftr;-.-iiu.
dboulfl bf rvnd tvl. t svb--
Mlioo hour H J. - -) T V JtAajt,i u-P
No. 504, K. D.Chaneery Onirt of Shelby
county. State ot lenaeuee v- L.
Cobb et al. . ,
BV virtue of Interlocutory decrees for sale,
entered io the above oaue nn thetn
day oi June and Uth day of Novumher,18S5.
M. B. 48, p.6ti0, and M. ii. 60. paire 111. I will
sell at public auction, to th highest bidder,
in front of the Olerk and Master's offioe,
oourthouseo tihelbyoouuty, Memphis, Ten
atarilar, Jalr 84. ISM,
within legal hous, the following described
property, situated in Shelby ooanty, Tei
nes.ee. to wit i
Lot8, block 5, frontina Wx 170 feet, tout ht
side ol Oeonie street, ... ..
Part lot 1, block fl, keirlnnlt s; on soalh
side of Vance street 80 eat east of the corner
of St. Martin street) thence east with Vanoe
street "0 leet; thence lou'h fill feeti thence
west 70 feet; thenoe north 6u loot to the oe-
glLotDf9. block 64, beginning: on the west
side of Hernando .treet at nortbeait oorner
of said lot; thence twrdly with the line
of J.W. Wtliion'elotlMifoeUo iheeiptlioe
ot S. Moshy's lot; thfoa south with saii
line 21 feet; tbenoe eanrdly with Henry
Un an's line to Hernando street; thenoe
nor.h wilh said street 2' foot to lhe begin-
nTormso1 Sale On a eredit of six months,
note bearing interest, wilh Seoirily, re
quired: linn retained; rcdampt'on barred.
This Jun 1", ISSii.
I. McDOU Kl L, Cterk and Master.
Hv II F. WaishiDi-ptityCI-rk and Master.
F. II. 4 v. W", He'?kell. soljoi'nra.
Non-lte.xirti'iit. Biiilici'.
Ciicuil Couf of Shelbv county, Tennenee
Elsie Moodvvs William Moo iy.
It appearing tn the Cutt th t ontheMh
day of March. l8t'. the pctitmi-r, E'sie
Moody, filed her peti'ion in this Court
against the said Willia-u Moi dy: and that
on tha 8th day of Marrh, 88. a. sub
penato an.wer was iMued iigaiut said de
fendant by tho C erk ol this 0. ur requiring
him to appear in the cau'o and rnakede-Icns-.
which was placed in the and of the
Sheriff of Shelby county and b him re
turned Marrh 1' , 1886. dof- nd'int not to be
found in his county: a'.d the eui.on on the
5th day of April. 18-6 an al'- summons
was issued oommanning the henff to sum
mon eaid drfndant t. appear In be cause
on the third Monday In Ma?. 1"86. to an imr
tbe petition ef tha said blie Vo dv, and th
Sheriff, having made re; urn on ibe 17th
May, 18.86, that a;ter .liliient s. a-ch made
the defendant, W'i liam Moody, waa not to
be f und io his county :
It ia therefore ordered, adjudged and de
creed, That publicaiion onc.i a eek, for
lour consecutive weeks. bn...dein the Mem
phis Appeal, a ne sp;p. r l.'ubii.hed inShel
by eountv. requiring the said r i ham Moody
to personMiy b and .piar in thia cause on
th' third Moed.y in September next. then and
there to answer the petition ol tho said Klsie
Moodv.or the aame will be taken as con
fessed and the cause will be r;..i ex parte.
A copy attest: J; SEP II I II i., Clerk,
By Oeo. J. uampoeii, i'o' uu ,v'or- .
James Oallaghar, Att'yfor pl'fl. tue
I nn flic In Ptillalclnhla
t uie Newnpiipor aaver.
i.lng Aincy of Moasre.
our auuiuruee. ageuut.

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