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Wltboit Challenging a Tote or the
Commons The Hew Parliament
tfeaer.il Foreign Notes.
London, July 10. At an informal
meeting of the Cabinet on Saturday
Mr. Gladstone spoke in favor of im
media ra!(mt on and wn. anppor'
til bv Karl HnFi.o r tirt Mr. Mory.
William llorooart, Mr. Cliddu-K,
Mr. Campbfll-Binnnmnu nm1 Hi '
Fairar HemchcU were H favoof rl ai
Jenging a vote f the ol Com
mons on a motion afflnritiR ttie p in
riple of homo ru e fji Ireland, rjuli
neKjacntly at dioDer Mr. (iliid t- n
Stated that he bad fnfh x b'.y decided
to resign and conduct au unomprj
raising opposition. In this tleciaun
Kir William llarcourt and Mr. Chililera
then concurred.
Lord Uartington and Sir Henry
James have definitely declined to join
a coalition ministry. Lord HaHabary 'a
offer to make the Duke of Argyll Pre
mier was contingent upon lord Hart
ington's joining the coalition, and of
conrae is now withdrawn. The Daks
of Argyll wdl probably be made Vice
roy of I reland, with Mr. FUnhope as
The result of the electoral contest
In South Tyrone, where Mr. William
O'Brien, editor of VniUd Ireland, Mr.
Parnell's organ, baa been running for
re-election aa the ftrnelllte candidate,
sga'nst T. W. Russell, Liberal Union
let, bis noted a sensation. Mr.
O'Brien repreientcd the District in
the last Jlouaoot Common, having
carried it bv a vi to cf 84:M agalntt
3381' obtained by Cautnin, the Hon.
8. Harwell, Oouforvative. In the
present contest Mr. O'Brien polled
&IK2 votes, a Iomj of fllty-two, while
Mr. Ruisell polled 3481, defeat! eg
O'Brien by majority of ninety-nine.
Bernard Kelly, Parnellite, has been
re-elected for South Donegal, polling
4005 against 1309 polled by Arthur H.
Foster, Conservative. In the laat elec
tion the rams gentlemen contesting
the same District, polled respectively
5055 and 1379 votes.
will probably be summoned to moot
on August 5th. It will then, it is be
lieved, be adjourned to re-asssmble
some time in October. Mr. Gladstone's
servants are packing up his furniture,
books and papers in his official resi
dence in Downing street, preparatory
to moving. The Marquis of Salisbury,
who has bean sojourning at Royal,
Fiance, left for Dieppe, en routs to
England. Lord Randolph Churchill
has been summoned boms by tele
graph and bus started for London.
laiervlew With Mr. tlladaloa.
Pabis, July 18. If Parti publishes
sn interview between one of its corre
spondents and Mr. Gladstone, in which
tfie latter is reported aa laying: The
Liberals who follow me and the Irish
members constitute a compact minor
ity, whose wishes it is all the
less poesible to disregard boeauso
tho victors are somo who, per
harm, arc less Indisposed than is
believed to enter the path of
thorough reform for Ireland. If I lis
tened to the warning of age I would
retire from public life, but would be
committing a guilty aotion in aban
doning tha Hold after raining so much
ire and inspiring so many hopes if I
did not seek to appease the one and
satisfy me otiiers. i nave worked ail
my lifo to deliver suffering people, and
J mean to die aa I have lived.
Tbe l.Mt Week at London, and
the Continent.
London, July 19. Discount v. as
firmer during tne week, with an in
creased demand at J for throe months
and 1 for short. Business on tho
Stock Exchange wva dull ; there was a
marked dlmunitlon in dealings, with
a tendency to lower prices. Ameri
can railway securities were dopressod
early in the week until the renewal of
active speculative buying, when there
was aharp rally, the advance can
tinning until cheeked by sales to re
aliae Saturday. The silver market is
in a state of collapse ; tho la'est price
ia 4;d per. ounce, being Hid below tbe
best prico this year, and a fall of Id
per ounce within a fortnight.
Al )rla.
ris, July lft. The Bouiss wrfs
weak and unsettled until Satur
day, when there was some symptoms
of a recovery, but the week's variations
show a gi'neial relnpw. The new loan
fell 30c; credit fancier, 71 oOcjSuea
Canal, -M; Anam Canal shares, which,
on Thursday, had dropped I0f pre
ferred, closing U)f lo's for tho week.
Al Berlin.
Bur.MN, July 19. Bnsine-s on the
l!oni-e during the week was limited
anddepreBied. I'mmimi conmila, Au
trian silver renttw.Aimt i inn and liungu
rinn gold rentes uud cied t Aun'alt full
1 per cut. tShort exchnnL'o ou Lin
don close i at 20 3(; Lng do, at 31 J,
and privileo discounts at lg.
At Frnuklorl.
FitAKKKORT, July IS. KiiMii'Ks on
the Rouise wis inactive and the whole
tendency was to lowi-r price, the
averags fall in interciironal su vhe be
ing per cnt. Credit Aut talt fell 2
florin'; Uai'.id Mutes funded 4i
were i a demand at ll"4;ahoit ex
chiiripe rn the New York at $1 19 and
private discount at 1J.
(jeneralTorkign news.
Tbe l oadoa Cliiti Tonrnnmrnt,
LoNnov, July 19. In the Chess
tournament taUmlny aeveral line
caiaes wrrs played. The longest
fame and ptrhnps the best display of
ngennity was that between Zuaoitoit
and Ilabhnni. The former opened
with irregular move of knigMs to
kmc s bisLop third, tint in attempt
ing a c wp'.ira'cd c niibiiintion be wuc
liced three piects The combination,
which did not rtnu't re wasexperttd,
caused tt'e cams to lie a draw. Mac
kenzie was Kga n in llae font and
playing From a gsmliit, bet Schell
hofip in brilliant style. Blackburn
playing a Scotch gne, cleverly beat
Burns. B rd wiui a t-icilian defence
suecumbtd t) liunsbe'g. L'tpiehutz
opened with the Buy l.ipn to Ben
bans, bn 0t Frenchmuu won. Morti
mer aud l'olleck p'aved a three
knight i e-mand the former eeired
his tirst victory. Ms'n did not pity.
Tbe stores now are: 1! nckburn and
Taubenhiius, 4 earh, ' Mackerzie and
i;inKb'rc. 4 J each; Znkertoit and
Bum, ;!i ich; S dielh ipp, 3 Bollock,
2i; Li ow huts, 2; Maon, 1J; Morti
mer, 1 ; B rd and liHidiam, I cai'h.
Ttae I'bolrrn In Italy.
Rvmk, July 19. The following are
ye-t rdi)'ai leturnH from the cholera
in.'c-c'.ed dis'r'cts: B he in, snven new
Ca'',' a o d;k ths ; l-'ontena.HUtef n ct w
eaaea, two deaths ; Latiano, eight new
case, ova death. A. few new cases
bat no dsaUu are reported from other
KaUaaallit DaaatrUa at Haai.
Dcbun, July 19. There wia a Na
tional itt demonstration at Monaghin
yesterday after the reult of the poll
had been declared. Judge Qoinn, of
New York, in a speech, said that be
fore he left America seveial Puritan
descendants insured iiiin of their sym
pathy with the Irish csnse, and asked
liim to bsar a mesaigs promising
America's awistsnce with money ana
vcb o s lnrg as th-Ir th hpt wbhin
e nstitutiuial limits ia their itrugg'e
fir home rule.
The trial of tbs Belfa t rioters was
'journed yes'erday on the ground
ih.t the Crown's wittesees were le
lu tant to testify, fearing tint their
hiiises would be wrecked.
Tnere were serious election licts in
Tvrone ysterJay. Stveral persons
ware injured snda large nnrubsr were
aires ed. Additional polics aie btiug
The Killed Frearb Prlaeea.
Pabis, July 19. Prince Napoleon is
about to start la New York to meet
his son on the completion of his trip
around tbe world. The Duo de Char
tres and his family have started for
Baelallel Heeling al Loadoa.
London, July 19. The socialists of
Ma rylebone held a meeting at Beels
street and Edgewsre roid yesterday.
The police requested tbcm to dieneras,
but they ref used to do so Williams,
one of the speakers, siid fiatif tho
police persisted In their prwicnt policy
they would drive tbe socialists into
secret unions, to the terror of the gov
erning classes. The police made no
nyaanllera Blown I'p.
Cobk, July 19. An explosion oc
curred to day in an unused house nesr
tbe residence of Mr. Crawford, of
Lake Lands, two mlloi outside of this
city. Two bodies were recovered from
the debris and were Identified as those
of a carpenter named Long and a la
borer named Bryan, the 1st ter of whom
was in tbe employ of Mr. Crawford.
It la supposed that tbe men were en
gaged in making dynamite.
Terrible Storm at Toronto.
Toronto, Oni., Jnly 19. Daring a
terrible thunder ana bail storm last
night, Samuel 8. Bobby, who bad
taken refuge under tree, was struck
by lightning and killed. A great deal
ol damage was done by hall and water,
the latter flooding the cellars and
basements of houses in the low lying
portions of the city.
Tbe Mealeaa Bevolatlon.
Galvkston.Tbx., July 19. A special
to the Au from San Antonio says:
Yesterday Atslstant City Marshal Car
denas received a lotter from a friend
in Tamaulipa, in which it was stated
that a revolution in - that State is im
minent; that the parties at the head
of the revolutionary uiovormnt are
paying a bounty of $20 to parties on
ths American side of the Rio Grande
to join them; that persons are crossing
the river dally In small numbers to
avoid attracting attention; that the
revolutionists are massing at a point
equidistant from Matamoras and
Nuevo L iredo. Tbe writer alio states
that, in addition to ths bounty, arms
and horses ars furnlt-hed to porsona
joining the movement.
The Panama Canal.
Paris, July 19. M. de Leeseps will,
in August, issue Panama canal bonds
of 1000 franco at 460, paying interest at
30 francs yearly, reimbursement at par
to commence Immediately by draw
ings every two months. In this
way be hopes to raise enough to push
forward the work on the canal so as to
maae success apparent, and then in
duce the government to authorize a
lottery by which to obtain the re
mainder ol the capital on lots onerous
;ihe Ullko Beaadal.
London. July 19. In the divorce
case of Crawford against Crawford
and Dilks, an expert in caligrapny.
today testified that he bad camparea
the handwriting to fonr letters ad
mitted to be written by Mrs. Craw
ford and signed Virgiula, with the
anonymous letters warning Mr. Craw
ford against tbe member lor Chelsna,
and which eventually stirred Mr.
Crawford np to the discovery cf his
wife's allegod relations with Sir
Charles Dilke. lbs export si id the
similarity between the writing in the
anonymous notes and in tne signed
Utters waa so groat that he believed
the same person bad written all the
letters he had examined. This testi
mony produced a eensation in couit.
lollon Warehouse Horned.
Livbbi'ool July 19 A cotton ware
Iiouhs at Bootle Culminear, at the
tnmitlt rt tha UfattlHV Ml dpRrrOVAi!
by tire todiy. Loss :IOO.OOO.
rhvnouirnnlNlinof lu at Wimbledon
London, July 19. Thero was some
phenomenal shooting in tho rilio
mutches at Wimbledon today. Rigby,
for instance, made fifteen consecutive
bulls eyes at 600 yards.
Reotfnl MlKlila, Ititjra Free from Tor
lure, A watt th rheamntia nurTerar wlm reftnrti to
lloiloiur'i 8tomHoh llUtara. That thin ht
nipnnnt oordlai and dopuront li a fur mora
ruliabla remady than fnlohloum and other
polaona ued to !'! ths rhcunialio virua
lll'lll 111 Ull.UU ..-. .M B.IIIVHi. ....n
aiUftuitiirily demontrated. It nlao anjnya
tha advantsga of beini unliaa tham iar-
leouy tar, mm many reron a oarimn
predinponttinn to rl ouuiatiam axlata, which
randara tham llabla to tta attaoka aftar expo
aura in wat waatbar. to cu ranta of air,
AluntM nl lamnaratura. or to cold whan tha
body ii hot. buoh arona ahauld take a
wlna slaaa or two if tha Hlttara aa aoon aa
poeaibl aftar Inourrini rik from tho abovo
oauaaa, aa th la auparb iiroteotira affaotually
nullilea tha hurtful Influanoa. ror taaiuno
tional daraniameota Which accompany rhau
matlam, auch aa colic, aeaama to taa atom'
ach. nalnliatlon of tha heart, tmperlrct dl
nation, alo., tha llitlara la atao a moat uo-
lul ramady. it la oniy nacaaaary id ODau
nata oaaaa to naa It with paraiatancy.
The t'hlcaao florlnltala.
Chh aoo, III., July 19. Thero was
some excitement in traue anu moor
rin-lna hunt ntldaV On BCCOUnt of
repoita that ai the meeting to be held
rtt.A anorntlBta Aliniont wonld
eudnavor to get control of the affairs of
that organiintion. The meeting wn
verv Inroolv attended, but no'.hing of
nuinrn tran-mred.
btMiness ot the session was tne
tiou of ctlicers for the ensuing year.
These were ele ted as lollows: l'resi-
ipnt nharlpaW. Riwsn. of the Cnrir
Worker's Union; Vice Piesideut,
Thomas J. Lyons; Financial Secretary,
Wm. E. Thornton; Treasurer, John
Fo'ey. The election Is a victory for
tbe coiisoivative element, which will
ini (ur nonHlitamhl v with the re
ported intention ol tne anareuiws vj
gel control of the anted trauea auairs,
roll's Knanlaloa
Of nnre Cod Liver Oil, with Hypo-
nhosi.hitee. ia a most valuable remedy
for consnnipt on, scrofula, wasting dis-
ea'ei of children, cjlcis aa enronic
couirhai. and in alt conditions where
th. r ia a lesi of H -eh. UcM of nerve
' power and a genoial debility of the
To Make It as Marked a Success as
the Women's or tbe Agricnl
cultural College.
IcoaaiarosDisca or tbs ArriiL.I
Watsb Vallsy, Mihs., July 19.
Theie beirg nothiDg of mere impor
tance t) oar Mat" wan our tdura
ooual interest, chuf f whhhare our
coiiegea and cur university, we are
gad to tea tbe Ai-pkal open its
columns for free Oiscnni-ion of our
present trouble at Oxf 'id. The inter
est of every Mississippiao should be to
build up, not to tear down. By con
cert of action and free disenrsion as to
defects and bttter met no dp, we are
doing much te improve and bni d np
oui common rchcol system, our village
graded and high schools. We are at
tracting the confidence and admira'ion
of our people and people abroad at our
sntcees with the Agricultural and
Mechanical College at fctarkville, aod
have certainly started on the high road
to a great success with our Indus
trial College for Girls at Columbus.
Then why should we lsg behind at
Oxford ? There is no question but tbe
trustees are able men who are all anr
ioui to have our university rank with
the hlgjart in the country. There is
no donfttbutthefscaliywas composed
of men of ability; not only tboe who
have been retained, but those profes
sors who np to this time have been
le'tout. Then wbat ia the matter? I
have lived twenty years sines the war
In bearing, ant wer,of the university
bells, and came direct from the Uni
versity of Virginia, tbe kit grand
work of Thomas Jeffeison, whose
ideas of self government and freedom
ot religious thought permeate that
institution and have much to
do with its success to this day. Ia it
not pcssible, with all their ability and
great learning, the management may
ave omitted in the government and
discipline at Oxford some of the
American principles of se f govarn
ment? Numerically we have not suf
fered more than similar institutions in
tbe Sontb since the war, which may
properly be ascribed to the poverty of
our people, and the fact that a less
proportion of our young men have
the means or time to seek a university
The catalogue of tbe University of
Virginia ebowed last year 303 names,
against 000 in 1868. But except in
numbers that institution is going on
with the saaie grand success a in days
of old, when it turned out such men
ss Dr. John L; Johnson. Dr. Jones, at
tbe head of onr Girls' Industrial Col
lege ; Dr. Bozeman, Dr. J. W. Jones,
of Richmond, Va., and boa's of others.
Our trouble seems to bs In ths man
agement and discipline of the stu
dents. Have not the young men of
MississiDDi the tame manhood, the
same high sense of honor to be drawn
upon ; tne same instincts ot tne prin
ciples of self government, common to
American men.
Possibly the spiritual welfare of the
young men is receiving too much at
tention and their secular interests too
little lor a great State institution. The
words Baptist, Methodist, rresbyte
rian. Catholic should never be thought
of or used in discussions concerning a
Stats university. Man In tils very na
ture is a religious being, and one with
out a rational religious code to guide
hira in life is eitfter a monstrosity ora
savage. But tbe Mate, in no tenss,
sets up a theological seminary. And
there are grave doubts but wbat forcible
attendance at common prayers does
tbe student body more harm than
good. Wonderful results in discip
line have been attained in the public
High School In this town in the past
four years nnder the management of
our State Superintendent of Educa
tion, Prof. J. R. Preston. With over
400 pupils he and his ten assistants
have kept tnem so Dtisy mere lias
been neither time nor inclination for
Conld not the same spirit of indus
try and self government by method
and appeal to their high honor and
manhood work sun ueuer in a uni
versity where the pupils and
students are nearly all grown
young men. Mutary surveillance
without military power to enforce
obedience is worthless, nor is it desir
ahlo in college discipline, where we
expect to educate the civil rnlers, and
lcgielatora of a people, even in a mili
tary academy, loctures on principles,
and appeals to honor and manhood of
Amonca. xoung men aau mucn to
tbe succors in discipline.
From my personal observation and
comparison of methods at Oxford and
other places I am constrained to be
lieve that, with the same faculty and
with new methods, less discipline if
you cho-.io to call it so, our nnivcrsity
may go on to a grand buccbs.
IT. A. Jir.ill.u.
A Very Hnd Nniraeallon.
IcoMJcsroNDixci or thb apmal.I
Winona. Miss.. July 18. I have
read many able and eloquent articles
from your paper in regard to tbe ac
tion of the B aid cf Trustees. 1 have
H-on no atticle vet that "hit the nail
on the head." The history rf the Uni
versity of Mississippi since the day of
organ1, dion, more than f.irty years
ago, lias been a most brilliant one,
ably managed from the start. Her
nrofessors nave been and now aie
well known as thorough, intelligent
and luccesstul educators. vitog tner,
they embrace, as very few universltus
now do, the best talent in the Sjuth.
Todny thia noble institution is dark
ened by the shadow of those whose
chairs have been declared vacant,
simply because they did not obey
their master (monarchy); the policy
was one thlrg or the other. One
would naturally expect the activ
ity of a university to depend very
much on the activity or faithfulness of
Its chancellor. If a chancellor finds
students out of sympathy with him, if
they listen unwillingly to his plead
ings and do not cheeitully and freely
talk with him on various matters, be
is out ot hie place. He may be a very
good man, a devoted Christian, but bo
is not tho man for a unlvorsity chan
cellor. Students want sympsthy in
their young activities and their wido
renching questionings. Such a man
may do elsewhere, but he is not adapt
ed to the wants of those who requiro
helpful and sympathetic guidance
rather than command. Tbe chancel
lor, mors bo thsn the ptofeesors, must
have a poraonal interest in tha stu
dents, must know them individually
and bs able to keep on g iod terms
with them. He nmit know how to
deal individually with a young man's
wants and doubts. Why should this
work be left wholly to the faithfulness
of a few who aro now "act ssido" to
let monarchy reign? saxxt.
Arrltlenl to au Excursion Parly.
Uockaway BgArn, L. I . July 19.
The steamboat Columbia, of the
Knickerbocker Lino, reached tbe land
ing hero with a large number of ex
curnioclsts from New York about 4
o'clock yesterday afternoon. The gang
plank was run ont from the boat to
tha landing, and aa toon as the bar waa
removed great ruah waa made to get
off the boat. - Purser Perry and tome
deck bands endeavored to hold the
crowd back, but with little effect All
at once there was a crash and a splisb,
followed by a try of horror from tbose
on the boat. Tne string piece of tbe
dock had given way aod the gang
plank with between thirty and forty
persona on it had been precipitated
into the water. Immediately several
men, including John O'Toole, a bar
tendtr, L. J. Biosnan ocd Commodore
Piase, tf tbe Oilurnbii!. jumped into
the stater and in a .few tuinatts all tbe
nn'oitonutoi wLo could bs seen ec
denvoring to keep themselves above
the water were rescued aod safely tar
ried ti a hotsl, wbere they wtr at
tended to by drc'ore. They were all
resuscitated. The bravsiy of John
O'Toole waa specially commendable.
He rescued no itss than seven persons,
mottly women and children. T. J.
Brcsnan cankd four persons from the
water. Some of the rescued pereons
were able to proceed with their friends
and left after obtaining changes of
clothing. Twenty-five others are now
comfortably honsed at the Seaside
House, the steamboat officials having
instructed the hotel proprietor to care
for t'iem.
I do not believe that
Ayer'a tjnrxapnrillabas
an equal aa a remedy
fur Scrofulous Hu
mors. It to pleaaant
to take, glvei Htrengtb
and vigor to tbe body,
and produces a more
permanent, lading, re
sult than any medicine
I ever used. K.
Haines, No. Llndale, O.
I have used Ayer's
Suinnpiirllln.in my fam
ily, tor Scrofula, and
know, if It la taken
faithfully, It will
thoroughly eradicate
thin terrible dint-use.
W. F. Fowler, M. D.,
Greenville, Tcun.
For forty years I
have autlered with Ery
aipelus. I have tried
all sorts of remedlet
for my complaint, but
found no relief until I
commenced using
Ayer's Sarsnparllla.
After taking ten hot
ties of this medicine I
am completely cured,
Mary C. Ameabury,
Rock port, Mc. t
I have suffered, fof
years, from Catarrli,
which was so severe
that It destroyed my
appetite and weakened
my system. After try.
Ini; other remedies,
and geltiiii)o relief,
began to take Ayer'l
Savsuparilla, and, 'in a
few months, was cured.
Susan L. Cook, 909
Albany St., Boston
Highlands, Mass.
Ayer's Sarsnparilla
la superior to any blood
purifier that I have
ever tried. I have
taken It for Scrofula,
Canker, and Salt
Rheum, and received
much benefit from It.
It Is good, also, for a
weak stomach. Millie
Jane Peirce, South
Bradford, Mass.
Canker, and
Can be
cured by
the blood
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Dr. J.C. Avar Jt Co., Lowell, Maw.
Price ! all bottlea, SB.
Countorfoita ara made in St. Louie, Mo.
Is aa aqnaaua eolation of tho aofct
able matter la a nalnaral earth
foaj.net la Cboctaw county, Ala.,
near the famous Bladon mineral
prlnara. Thla eauth haul arreat loa
cal celebrity aa " Hoarere' Earth,"
from the name of tho dlecorerev
of tho bed or mine, now owned by
tho Acid Iron Earth Company ot
Rloblle, Ala.
For Djrapvpsla,all demnyementa
ot the DlfoBtlve Orfaaa and tho
Liver, Skin Olseaaes, Cats, Bnrna,
Rcalda and Brulaee, ACID I HOIS
E4IIT1I la at specific. Rheuma
tiara and other chronic dlseaaea
yield to lie curative power wltha
sua tall.
latlraly tree from Alcohol or any drug what
ever, ACID IROM IARTH rully desenrea tha
word embraced In Ita trademark, "NATURI'I
pwi RtaUDY." la free pamphlet, to be
tad of all Druggists,
At n) hoiale r Van Vtft fo.
Thla HKLT or Re
aanara tor ia made at-
vresai? lor ae oars
oi aersBeraLion oi
tho csneraave or
rana. There la no
miatakeaboo' thiatn
atraiaent tha oon
ttnaoue etream ol
neatlaa throafb. tha
parte moat reetora
tham to health? aotioa. Do not oontoand
.t.i. .ik uitriA lUluaiWartiaed to cure
all ills from head to too. It ta for the ON K
anaotuo rnriioaa. For clroulara tivinr full
nformatlion, addreea Cheerer fcleouw; lielt
Co.. luJ Waehlnk-toa street, Chloa , IU.
aa,,''aMaaeeamaaanaaaaaaaTTrl I irifaaiaamMin i w u M i tmmmmtmmmmaK
The most wonderful Pain-Curer the world has ever
known. Its effects are instantaneous.
Children Cry for
in k wm
arTERItS Cash, or eaay Monthly Initillmenti, Write for Illustrated CaUlof ue.-wi
No, BQO XkXctlxa. St.. 3VIoiM.Toli.laa. Texxxi.
No. 161 Cnlon Street, Nauahvllre. I bo. 1100 Olive Street, St. JLoate.
Cotton Factors & Commission erch'ti.
waa Warah.aara aa awtraa. iratoea -
Fulmer.TloratoE Cc
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocer?,
STo. 306 Front street, t Memphisi Ten&
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
HT. 303 Main Street. Gavoae Block.
376-378-380-382-384-386 Second street sooth ot Gayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shinglsi
Monlttlatar. I.afha. fwlar
SLEDGE BBOS.,orJomo, Miss.
Hos- 3SB and 358 Front Straot.
M. W. aJBOWBLli,
And Commliioa Merchants. Hay, Con Oats, Bras, Chop Feed, OU-XeaU,
Lin , Cement, Flaater, Balldinf and Fire BrlcA, Etc.
Cor. Front and Unioiie 1 lloward's Row. Memphis.
aaaaar awn !.. Hit
r3 av43w'5 P
Doors, Sash. Blinds, Kolding, Luinber,
LfttH and Shingles, Flooring, Celling and Cedar Posts.
i m mum :k m m m n
1 3 LtHliJM
kwkSa L9
Old Standa No. 0 Union St., Memphis.
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
ITront St., glemphla, Tean.
Cotton Factors, Commission Oerchants,
BTo. HO Sen thi Haln St.. St. I. aula.
Jos. Sctilitz Breving Gompanv,
Tin ivnif I OHIO, aad Bottllaa; Worka, a ! Cat
MEMrillS BRAKUlla e,,ol.ndlch.oM,Mr MlaAeU
S. aOESCHUR, Afcent, Mempbifl, Tenn.
0 '
BalM la MM. M,,W5,SjTwi. 850,000 Barrola.
Pitcher's Castor la.
awl ftrfca-f
F. M. NOKFLEEI, KeBldent Partner.
RAN & Co
Ntl - lf I HATT-TABD.
3 0
T8 formally opened, nnder tha aa'
jl aoeni oi a. n . ja
aaaiataa bT Gaora
known waterini place ia directly on the Una
of tha Loaiat-ille and Naahville R.R., thirty,
three milea north of Birmingham. Hot
vnwm uu Diuknir uaiu. a epaoiat leaiara
Thaaa watara are too well known ta need
further notice. For circulars Dd farther in-
iHrtnauon apply to Ueneral Manacar, A. W.
KINU. B- rd rfaannable.
WILL be rpened June lat. Thia noted
watarinj-place ia aitnnted aiz mile
from Atna Furnace, on tha Naahville and
Juiealonaa rai road, in Hickman county
Ten ii. Hack will meat nil tnnna at tna
and will convey gueatt to, iprinci at a yerf
low rata.
Boaurel, $30 Per Not! lb ; Al Per Day.
Mbac-imI Katra Iw Inuilllra. J
We inihe all who wiah ts apend tha aioai
pleaaant eea'on ol tneir area to coma ta
Beaverdaai. aapecially aeekera of pleaaara
ana neattn, uooa water ana para air I.
iDunaanoe. p
I.hrerymen, Centreville, Teli-,
B. A. IIKAJ, yrop'rfentreTllle Hotel. T
Hookbridna Co., Va. BiKh ap ia tha
TrafinlamoantaVne. Pictureaauaauiroand.
Inaa.aatanaiTaand haantitullvahadad lawn
Gaa, electrio balla,and all modern improve
mania, iwo aally niiila.post, telearapnanit
eanaaa offioaa on tha Dremisaa. Table th.
very beat. Lnxuriooaly fnrniahed roomar
euierb band of tuuaio. Send for Jlluatrated,
pamphlet. Chargoa moderate. Open fbr via-!
i Kirs, June tain, iran-ra; Aivm, (,iayOmie
ana r rcntone. K. I . wikj,twpi.aiftn fT.'
Old Point Comiort, Yirginia.
TERMS for the fen son of 1886, betiantni
June lat, reduced 25 to 50 per eent., but
tha highest ataidard of exoellenoa main
tained. Send for Uluatrated deicriptiva pamphlet
ana terma.
F. K. PIKK, Manager,
Among the Northern Lakes
of Wiaeonain, Minnesota and Iowa, ara hun
dreds of delightful places whore one can paai
the summer months in quiet rest and enjoy,
ment, and return home at the end or tha
heated term completely rojuvenated. Each
resurring aeaaon brings to Uoonumowoo.
Waukesha, Beaver Dam, Fnintenao, Oko
boll. Minnetnn-ka. White Dour, and innu
merable other charming localities with ro-
mantio namta, tuousands ot our nest peonia
whose winter Bomea ara on either tide oi Ma
son and Dixon's line. Kleganoe and com
fort, at a moderate coat, can be readily ob
tained. A list of summer homes, with all
necessary informa ion pertaining thereto, ia
being distributed by the Ohicaoo. Nilwao
laa aKD bT. Paul Kailwat, and will be sent
free upon applioatii n by letter to A. V. H.
Carpenter, General Pasaei ger Agent, Mil
waukee. Wla
White Cliff Mineral Springs,
Monroe County, T.aaeaaee.
QITD ATED on top of Chilhowee Mountain;
kJ aXM feet abovo sea lvol. Oood water,
Dure atmosnhere. mairnifloent scenery and
oomforubla accommodations. Daily line oi
stages and daily mail from Athens, Tenn.,
- - i .i . ,i : ..n n
Telegraph ofRoe in hotel, connecting with
other lines at Atnens. larms reasonaDie-
and BDeoial ratea for fami liaa. for circu
lars, giving analysia of waters, etc.. address
proprietor, T. A. MAulLL,
White Cliff Borings, Tenn
Crab Orchard Springs,
LINCOLN COUNTY, KY.-The excellenca
of tha onisine, and accommodations char
acteristic of this bolel during the past three
v.ara. shall be fnllv maintained this season.
Excursion ticket to the (Springs by tbe It.jr
and N. Railway are good via Louisville, bol
going ana returntnft, to proceea on nrstuau
tin..Hin. .rriv.l in TniKwill..
W T. GRANT. Pro't. J. C. KTNft.Bup't.'
No. 5322, R. D. Chancery Conrt of Shelby ;
annntv fltata nf lannesae. for us.. eta..l I
vs. Mary K. Asbford etal. . i
BY virtue ot an interlocutory decree for
sale entered in the above cause on th.
4th day of January, 1886, M. B. 60, page !
oott A will .en, ah uuuu auouuii, tu ,u r
highest bidder, in tront ot the Clerk and fl
master a othoe, oourtnouse oi enemy county,
Memphis, Tenn., on
Saturday, Jnly SI, 18R6,
within legal hours, the following de.
scribed property, situated in bhelby oounty,
Tennessee, to-wit: Thetea'h part of let 5,
blook 88. fronting 35 feet on tha east side oi
St. Martin street by a depth ot 219 feet, said
lot being 150 feet north ol Linden street.
Terma of Sale On a oreditof aix months I
notes with security, bearing interest, re
quired ; lien retained) redemption barred.
This June 24, 1880.
8. I. MoDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By H. F. Walsh, Deputy C. and 11.
LE. sJ
of Shelby
No. Am. R.D. Chaneerv Conrt
county, Tenn. Edmund Orgill vs. J. A.
Bl'vfrtue of an order of sale made in th.
above eauae, if not aeldeoooer at pri
vate sale, I will sell at public auction, to th.
highest bidder, for eash, the following prop
erty at the following times and places:
First. On the premises, at southeast cor
ner of Court and Lauderdale sareets, Mem
phis, Tenn., beginning at 10 e'elock a.m.
Monday, Jnly 6, lfS, I will sell : Lot
of Tanks and Coil, lot of Pumps, one Wagon
Tank, one pair of Scales, lot of Steam Pipes,
Valves, Coeka, Connections, Fittings, Stocks,
Dies, Tongues, Tools and other machinery,
being part of the property constituting tha
outAt of the Tennessee Oil Company.
Beoond. In front of No. 290 Front street,
Memphis, Tenn., beginning at 2 e'oloek
p.m. Moiidny , Jcily U6,lHt,I will sell
one Folding I)ek, one Lounge, one Type
Writer, one large Table, one Railing, one
Standing Dei-k, one Flat-top Desk, one Safe,
oie large Cabinet lor samples, one Letter
Press, one Wster Cooler, one Cyclostyle,
eight Window Shades, two Revolving Chairs,
two Office Chairs, one Stove and Fixtures,
one Matting, one pair Letter Scares.
0. H. KA1NB, Receiver.
uutweverprima, now rmiirs
niil BtylMtof Ottioet Library
Deiki, xabiei, fnairi.
Book Cases. loQncref.
Letter Presses, Cabinets
ladies' Fancy Desks, Ac
FintMt Goods and Lowm4
rriooi (Johi-hii towi . ObIaIoh
freo. IrttgyOe UopoUt
"London" Trouser Stretcher
Patented in Europe and Uni
ted States. Mole Axenta la
I ailed Mtalea for celebrated
John Uamilton A Co. Stretch'
er. Takes bagalntr oat ol
knoms restores pantaloons ta
original shape. Only patented
btretcner coin Dining sorew roa
In oombination with clamps.
Ail others infringements.
Orirlnal and bi Btrotebrr
jSilaali f tot sr.ailemea'a use. By
Express seeurely packed. Price 12 SO. Writ.
for circulars. Agents wanted in every cut.
tl. vV. WlMMOiW A CO., Boalon.Waasi.
BTHhNitTHKNKn, Ktc. ) It" tntrraUrn .lTr-rtlf.moc''
i.g run
i j.l ti inniiiika. wr will aaj ih. m
llc lrMialri1. a thf rnntrATB-,
ttilt iDliif'M. IiiU rralrd injransB;
lharf ii no-.rnreofhHmbiiP a.lol tbl". "a thfmntrAi
TaTrt flrrnlBTB glfiomU'airUcuUri.bT a.Mrtaiii
mi Mstmi'Ai. C.i.JWnTa)"- NVTldt Kvra Ipst he,
WaaT', N cava aud Bxair TaauTHiifT,
a guaranteed apeio for Hysteria, Disai
ness. Convulsions, Fits. Nervous Neural
gia. Headache, Nervers Prostration, caused
by the ' aloohol or tobacoo; Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Softening of tbe
Brain, resulting in insanity and leai inr to
misery, deoay and deaths Premature Old
Age, Barrenness, Loss of Power in either
aext Involuntary Loasea and Spermator
rhea, eauai 1 by over-exertion of the brain,
self-abuse or overindulgence. Each box con
tains one month's treatment. II a box, or
aix boxes for 15, sent by mail prepaid, on
receipt of nrice. We guarantee Six Boxea
to cure any case. With each order received
by ua for six boxes, accompanied with II,
we will eend th. purohaser our written
guarantee to refund tbe money if the treat
ment does not effect a cure. Guarantees
issued only bv A HKNKKRT 4 00.. Drug
gists. Memphis, Tenn.
sje.NT mi me: it as. w i r a. iiw,n i
Illaheat Bedleal A.lhorlUfg;
Sole Agents fir Memphis,

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