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Cotton Steady Middling;, 9 l-4e
alws Yesterday, 330
Money in fair demand at S per cent.
Local eccri:iej dull.
Tbe cotton market closed steady,
middling 9',c. Sales 350 bales.
At New York yesterday spo's c'osed
A leading New York cotton circular
says: "Tbe general market retained
rather a stupid tone, with business
confined principally to local deals. Tbe
Cable reports from Liverpool afforded
no encouragement, and that led to
further unloading by the longf, after
which some reaction took place."
At New Orleans rpota were quiet,
middling, 9 3-lGc ; futures tteady,
July, 9.15c bid. .
At Liverpbol spots were dull in buy
ers' favor, middling 5id; futures
steady, July 513d. There are no
features of nota.in the general market;
the usual summer dullness prevails.
Two hundred and twenty-seven sks
bran, 5 brls beats and psas, 1421 rls
bagging, -CO pkgs bacon, 450 pkgs
boot i and shoes, 4CO0 bu corn, 10 pkss
cheese, 4!U ska coilee, 4 cars and 11
sks cotton seed, 151 pkcs dry goods,
16 pkgs egg?, 1005 brls flour, 614 bales
hay, 80 pkgs hats, 2 hd catt'e, 142 hd
horses and mule?, 31 pkgs lard, 97.000
ft lumber, 27 pkgs liquors, 80 brls
meal, 300 keps ubiib, 24U0 bu oats, 3
cara pork side, 10 hhds and 591 brls
sugar, 330 pkgs tobacco and 1000 bu
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
tbe Merchants' Exchange today:
Com received, 3213 bu; withdrawn,
4300 bu; in store, 9131 bu. Oata re
received, none; withdrawn, none;
in store, 553 bu. Wheat received,
none; withdrawn, none; in store,
447 bu.
9 Madison St, Memphis,- Tenn.,
Money in good demand at 8 per cent
The Clearing House report is as fol
Tuesday, July 20'.h, 1161,228 45;
thus far this week, $323,002 11 ; same
time last week, $3Sf4,7tl 31 ; same time
time in 1885, 287,809 24 ; same time in
1884, $175,032 67. .
Tuesday, July 20tb, $00,351 25;
thus far this week, $124,880 91 ; same
time last week, $109 107 75; same time
in 1885, $81,327 89; same time in 1884,
$36,884 99.
New York sight on all points, par
buying, premium selling; New
England demand, J discount buying;
New England sight, i discount; New
Orleans, ! discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Comtnerce14i bid, 149 asked
First National 147 bid, 152 asked
German Bank 192,bid, 1 asked
State National 145 bid, 148 asked
Union and Planter, 'loO bid, 151 asked
Mercantile ank....l35 bid, 137J asked
Blufi City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 102 bid, 105 asked
Home 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 105 asked
Peoples 82J bid, 86 asked
Phoenix 100 bid, 102 asked
Planters 103 bid, 105 asked
Vanderbilt... 25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington 30 bid, ... aBked
Factors 20 asked
M.and C. K.K.shares..37 bid, ... asked
M. & T. R.R. shrs 45 bid, 50 asked
M. & C. consols, 7s. ..118 bid, ... asked
M. & L. R. 1st m. 8s. ..105 bid, ... asked
Miss.StT.R.R.C3,A....117 bid, 118 asked
Miss.&T.R,R.cs,B...106 bid, 108 asked
Tenn. wta. ser. I) 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wta. ser. E to J..S2 bid, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6s.. 108 bid, 110 asked
Tax. Diet. 4, 6? 96 bid, 97 asked
Tax. Djat. Ga 104 bid. 105 asked
Mem. Uaa bonds 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bonds 96 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works bid, 65 asked
Am.Cot. Oil trust?,... 31J bid,32J asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills 25 bid, 30 asked
Mem.8tor.Com.Co..l00 bid, 102 asked
Mem. Gas stock -78 bid, 82 asked
New York, July 20. Money on call
is easy at 14($2 per cent. Prime mer
cantile paper 45. Sterling exchange
dull at 485jc for CO days bills, and
437c for demand.
Bonds Government bonds were
quiet and steady today. State bonds
were dull and steady. Railroad bonds
were generally quiet and firm, while
tbe Texas and Pacific issues were
strong. Northwestern sinking funds,
registered, gained 2, at 120; Buffalo,
New York and Erie firsts 4, at 441 1
Missouri, Kansas and Texas 5s 1, at
82 ; New York and New England 7s
2J, at 129; New Orleans and Pacific
firsts coupons off 1, at 67; Texas and
Pacific incomes lj,at43jj ; Iron Mount
ain 5s 1, at 90; Peoria, Decatur and
Evansville, Evansville division in
comes, 3, at 70, and Fort Worth and
Denver firsts 1, at 64 J; Chicago and
Rock Island coupon Os 1, at 133J;
Denver, Rio Grande and Western
firsts 1, at 834 ; Illinois Central 4s 2, at
108. The total sales were $2 666,003.
Stocks New York and New Eng
land still continues to be tbe leading
card at the Stock Exchange. Louisville
and Nashville assumed a position both
aa to activity and strength, and ad
vanced sharply. The coal stocks were
heavy to weak, as usual of late, until
the recent announcement of the result
of the meeting at Philadelphia, when
a mora hopeful view of the situation
became general. Tbe reduction of
the ratea of sterling exchange. was
looked upon aa an indication of tbe
increase of the purchases of securities
in this market, to say nothing of the
cessation of gold exports, and talk is
heard of a movement of the latter
' metal to this country in the near fut
ure. The general list continues dull,
aa of late. The market was firm at
the opening, first prices generally
showing advances of t to J per cent.
St. Paul was up . There was some
heaviness met followiBi? the ODeuine,
and the lowest prices ol the day were
maae on ins nrst few minutes
trading. Isew York and New Edit-
land, and Louisville and Nashville,
nowever, immediately soranir into ac
tivity and were at the same time de
cidedly strong and ths general li&t fol
lowed slowlv. but lit la Drosress brinir
made until tbe last hour, when Lacka-
wanca joined the active and strong
stocks, and the others felt tbe stimu
lus of the improved feeling and the
market closed fairly active and strong
at the beet figures r.i the day. The
net remit ol tue aav a business is ad
vances for everything on the active
list, Louisville and Nashville and New
York and New England both gaining
it, ana &rie preierrea 11.
The total sales of stocks today were
248,237 shares, including Delaware,
Lackawanna ana Western, 44,440
Erie. 37.525 : Kansas and Texas. 42t0
Lake Shore, 9273; Louisville and Nash
ville. 29.000; Northwestern. 6;00
New Jersey Central, 4120; Peoria, De
catur and Evansville, 9385 : St. raul.
15,450; Texaa and Pacific, 3000; West
ern Union, 5385 : Northern Pacific, pre-
lerred, 7444. uiosing quotations ;
V. 8. 3a. VWi. 4e. conn. 1V:.
Ha, coup, 111. Facifio da of la, 126X.
La. gtampa, 4a. 77. Midonri, 6a, 100'.
Tenn. lis. old. til '4. Teen. tin. new. bl1-.;.
Cant. Pao. lata, 114. Dea. A R.U.late.lii!-,.
ienK.u.w.iru,tx&n eeoonda, ll.t'-..
M.K.T.,Oen.6a,tt. No-th. Pao. lata, 117,
v u D... .tA lnl V ic . - , tr.
N. Weit. deb. 5a, llO.'S.St.rj.ij.F.Uen.M, 1MM
St. Paul, eon., 131. St.P.,C. A P. lete.la).
T. P. land aranta,43,i,T.?..R.U. exoou. 5"
u . r. law, no. n n Daoro, iw,
Adama Expreaa, 142. M rria A E.. off l.,111
Allegheny Ceo.., . Nuhville A C., 58K.
Alton Je T. II., 25. N.J. Central, 55,.
A A T. II., pfd., 81. Nir. A W., pfd., 407 J.
American ti., iuu. mrtnern rac, wyt.
I). C. R. A N., 59. Nirthern P. ptd.,W
Canada Pao., 67. C. 4 N. W., 113!.
Canada Sou.. iiYv C. 4 N.W ptd.,140,
central ractno, a. i.ientrui, iuo;
vuesapeaae v., o:
C. 4 0., 1st pfd, 15.
C. 4 0.,2dptd., 10.
C. 4 A., 144.
C. 4 A., pld., 150.
C, li. A Q., 134.
C.St. L. A N. O..
N. Y. C. 4 8t. L.. 9.
Ohio Central, .
O. t Miaa.. Dfd.. 90.
OnUrio 4 West.. 194.
ureron Way., 1U74.
C.St.L.AP., 11. Oreron Trana.,33
C. St. L. A P. D.JS. Oreron Imn.. 18.
,p.s. ureron imp
C, 8. A C.,28. Pac to Mail , 56ii
v.a. u., k. ranuna. vs.
Del. A Hud., 98. Peo-ia, D. A E., 24.
voii a, uuu., pa.
Del., L. A W., 127V4.
Pullman P. 0., 135.
Heading, 25.
Kooc Island, 125'.
St. k A 8. V.. 24'"h.
Den. A Kio
Krie pfa., 77,
tast renn., o.
East Tenn. di
Fort Wayne, 14li,
DU Ji. s d. r. p., ov?h.
St.L.AS.F..lat tiAUW
jianmoai a oi. jo., v. a:, a oi. i ., w
u. je st. jo., pia., v. w. a St. p..p. ra
Uarlem. 2.15.
St. P., M. A 1
uouaion x x., siry
Illinois Cen., 139.
St. I'. A Omaha. 4ti
Rt.PiulAO.pfd., 1W?
Texai Paoifio, 1U.
VnU'iiPaoino, 55;!i.
U. S. Exuresa,63!.
Ind.,B. AW..13.
Kansas A T.,33'4.
Lake E. A W., 9.
Lake Shore, 857a.
Lou. A Nash., 44
Lon. AN. A.. 6(1.
W.,3t.L. AP.,J).,3fvi
vi.tr. tx.. i.
M. A C. first Did . .W. I. Tel.. 67
M. A 0. Pfd., -. Colorado Coal. 23.
Mem. A Char.. 3i. Uomestake, 21.
Mich. Cen., 73- Iron Silver, 2-J0.
M L. S. A W . , 68!4. Ontario, 28.
M.,L.8.W.,pfd,91.Quicksilver, V4
Min. A St. L., W'A. Qufcksilvet.pfd, 28.
Min. A St. L.pfdrI4.Kouth Paoifio, .
Missouri Pacific, lli7. Sutra, 11.
Mobile 4 Ohio, WA.
London, July 20. 6 p. m. Consols
100 15-16 for money, and 101 for the
account, united btates bonds is
Paris, July 20. Three per cent.
rentes, 82f 95 j for the account.
New York, July 20. Exchanges,
$74,983,405; balances, $4,773,193.
Baltimore, Md., July 20. Bank
clearings, $l,978,lo3; balances, f.'87,
765. Philadelphia, Pa., July 20. Bank
clearings, fvyaUU; balances, l
Boston, Mass., July 20. Exchange s,
10 OOO Ell . V,l ffl "Al uAi
Money o per cent.
Chicago, III., July 20. Associated
bank clearings today were $7,872,000;
xsew xork exchange at 25c premium,
6t. Louis, Mo., July 20. Bank clear-
intra. $3,013,500; balances, $045,525.
Exchange on New York easier at 25c
discount to par,
The local cotton market opened
Bteady, and closel steady; mid
dling, 9c. Kales, 350 bales, all to spin
Yesterday. Monday.
Ordinary 71 7
Good Ordinary.... 81 8
Low Middling 8j 8j
Middling 91 91
Good Middling.... 9J 9
Middling'air 10 lOj
Fair... Nom. Nom.
Dusty 6j8i eia
Stains, tinges 7j(?8J 7j8J
Mkuphis, Jul; 20, 1886,
Stock Sept. 1, 1885 1,392
Received to-day 55
Received previously ...543,579 545,026
Shipped to-day 903
Shipped previously.. ..532,522
Home consumption to
date 135 533,020
Stock running account
Thus far this week
Thus far) last week
Since September 1st ...
M. and O. R. R
0., O. & S. W. R. R
L., N. O. & T. R. R.
K. O., 8. & M. R. R.
M., 8. & B. R. R
Wagons and other sources.,
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
,. 434
. 115
, 2000
,. 2422
L. and N.R.R....
C, O. & S. W. R.
Steamers Noith,.
Total 963
New York spots opened quiet and
closed quiet. Sales, 189 bales. Quota
tion! aa, follows:
Yesterday. Monday.
' rdinary. CJ 6j
Good ordinary. 8 8
Low middling. 9 1-16 9 HG
Middling. 9 9)
Goodmiddling.10 10
Middling fair.10 11-16 10 11-16
Fair 11 6-16 11 5-W
New York futures opened quiet,
and closed steady. Bales, 34,700 baits.
The closing quotations were aa fol
lows: '
9.41(3 9 45
July 9.41
August 9.44
September. .-9.
October .
November.. .9.2:
Decern W ...fl 31
9.28 9.29
9.38 9.39
9.47& 9.4!)
9.67 9.5S
9.67 9.68
January 9.39
March 9.68i
April .9.0
May .-..9.78 9.80
9.77 9.78
1 The New Orleans spot market opened
dull, and closed easy ; midding, 9 3-16c.
9.42 9.4)
9.37 9.38
9.27 9.28
9.20 9.27
Sales, 300 bales,
Quotations were as
Ordinary 75
Good ordinary 8J
Low middling. . .,..8 11-16 8 11-16
Middling ....9 3-16 9 3-16
Good middling.... 9 1516 9 16-16
The New Orleans future market
opened quiet and steady, and closed
stsady. ISales, 18,400 bales. Quotations
were aa iouows:
July 915 bid.
August 9.17 9.18
September.. 8 9tHt) 8 97
9.13 9.15
9.19 9,
October 8.83 8 85
November -8 80 8 81
December 8.S5 8.86
January 8 9.(4 8 96
February ...9.06 9.07
March 9.18 9.19
April 9.29 9.30
May 9.39 9.41
June 9.50 9 52
Tone.Rec.l Prices I Stock
N Orleans.
New York
St. Louis...
9 1-16
9 3-16
Receipts at ports, this day, 1886. 1,(40
receipts at ports, tms day, 1880. 2 id
1886. I 1885.
R'ts U. 8.
p'rt3 4d'y8
Kx. Gr. Br
R'ts Sept. 1
For'go ExJ
At noon: Liverpool spots were dull,
in buyers favor. Sates, 7000 bales,
of which American 4000 bales. Re
ceipts, 10,000 bales, of which American
t:m batee.
Closing quotations were as follows:
ordinary, 4 -loii : good ordinary
middling, 5 9-16d ; middling uplands,
bid ; middling Orleans, 6 6-10d.
Manchester cloths dull and droop
ihg; yarns dull in buyers' favor.
The price are given in pence and 64(ftji,
mux 4 m meant 4 63-64(t; and 6 Ol
meant 6 l-64d.l
At noon: Liverpool futures were
dull; July, -; July-August, 5 13d;
August-Sejiteraber, 5 13d; September
October, 6 09d; October -November,
5 05d ; November-Decembor, 5 Old ; December-January,
; January-February,
; September. .
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
quiet; July, 0 l.id buyers; Jaly-Au
gust, 5 13d buyers; August-September,
513d buyers : September-October, 5 09d
buyers; October-November, 5 05d sell
ers ; November-December, 5 04d buy
ers; December-January, 0 04d buyers;
January-February, 5 06d buyers; ep
tember, 5 131 buyers.
At 4 p.ra: Liverpool futures were
steady; July, 5 13iT buyers; July
August, 5 13d buyers; August-Sep
tember, 5 13d buyers: September-October,
6 09d buyers; October-November,
5 05d buyers; Noveraber-Decenv
Vkov R O.l ,1 1 if ova To.Anm Vtn. Tnnnarw
5 04d,buyers; January-February, 5 05a
buyers; September, 5 lid sellers.
Corn White, 40c: mixed, 45c, from
of am ( rm lannA n rlannr nrrtda 'lOlti
mixed, 38c ; in sacks, in round lots,
white, 4-'eJ ; mixed, 41c.
Hay Choice, from store, 7580c;
prime,70c ; prairie,50c ; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, $1212 60;
prime, $1112; prairie, $77 50.
Oats White, 39c; mixed, 37c,
from store; round lots from levee on
track white, sacked, 3530s; mixed,
sacked, 3334c.
Bban From store,6570c per cwt. ;
round lots from levee, $10 25 per ton.
Beans Navy, $1 752; medium,
$1 50; German millet, $1 201 40.
Cornmeal Standard, $2 30; pearl,
$3 253 50 from store, 5c cheaper from
mill, levee or track.
Rk Louisiana, 4J0c; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
Floor From store, triple extra,
$3 25; family, $4 ; choice, 4 25 ; fancy,
$4 50; extra fancy, $4 75; patents,
$5 256 60 ; in car lots, trible extra,
nominal; family, $3 353 50; choice,
$3 75(7)3 90; fancy, $4 05 4 15 ; extra
fancy, $4 354 50; patents, $55 15.
Cbacisd Wheat In half-barrels,
$4 2i from atore.
HomiMT and Grits From store,
$3 153 25.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra. 4Jc; lemon caackers,
extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7 jc ; ginger snaps, extra,
6c: sinner snaps, treble extra. 6c: as
sorted fumbles, 9c.
Kansas City, Mo., July 20 Wheat
nuna , a-v. , acu, hhu. uuu uiu, wuL
asked ; August, 60c bid, 00 J c asked;
September, 62 1 e. Corn lower; No. 2,
cash, 30 jc bid, 31c asked; August, 30 jc
bid, 3Uc asked : September, 32 Jc. Oats
nominal, 25c bid.
Nw Oulians, La.. July 20. Flour
dull; choice, $3 703 85; fancy, $4 90
5; Minnesota patent process and
winttr wheat patents. $4 70(44 90.
Corn firm; mixed, 4819c; white
and yellow, 49 j50c. Oats dull, weak
and lower; choice Western, in sacks,
4l(aiAlie. Cornmeal utrnnir anil hivhnr
at $2 60.
St. Louis, Mo.. July 20. Flour
dull; XXX,$2 253 25; family, $2 60
.2 ou; cioice, j(oa 10; jancy, ti 60
3 70: e ttra fancy. $3 85(314 : natents.
$4 364 i0. Wheat dull and lower
prices; full off JJo. rallied iio,
weakened again and closed J JcTow-
er than yesterday; No. 2 red, cash,
77J(3j77c; August, 78J783, closing
at 781c ; September, 79880ic, closing
at 80o ; October, 81 J82jc, closing at
8282ic. Corn dull and sharply low
er, closing lc under yeeterdoy ; No.
O mUAJ rtaah T 7 U-. A . oca
36c; September, 3j37c, closing
at 36,c : October, 37j38lc, closing at
87 jc. Oata very dull and easy; No. a
mixed, cash, J828o; August, 27 c
27fc; September, 28 Jc. Rye neg
lected. Barley, no market. Hay quiet
and stendj : prairie. $4 607 60; tim
othy. ' S10 412. Flaxseed atronrar.
$1 C'K 1 ran firm. 45c. Cornmeal
steady, $2 -'5. : Receipts Flour, 4000
Dns; wneai, i(,imi du; corn, 4000
ba; oat,8 ,000 bu; rye, none; barley,
none.' Shii ments Flour, 14,000 brls;
wheat, 30CO bn ; corn, 156,000 bu ; oats,
14,000 bu i rye, none; barley, none.
Chicago, III., July 20. The tend
ency during the whole session was
toward lower prices. The exception
was toward tbe end, when seveial Im
probable stories, mostly located
abroad, were unloaded on the crowd.
It stat ted out a good deal like a
weather market.rains In the immediate
neighborhood and an apparent pros
pect of their being continued through
the con belt, having an easing effect
8.84 8.85
8.81 8.82
8.85 8 S6
8.98 8.97
9.07 0.08
9.19 9.20
9.30 9.31
to the extent of o. Fioni 78c the
decline ta 78c waa very steady but not
particularly rapid. Receipts were again
very heavy, rather aided the depres
sion than otherwise. The most im
poitant domestic news were Cvrus II.
McCormick's reparta from Dakota,
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska and
Iowa, showing a rtdirtion cf 15 per
csut. sice the hut cf June, making 18
per cen'. below the coudilions exist
ing at the end of July lait vtar. While
this report was leakiDg cur, it fjrcd
up the markt t about jc, but when r11
tbe facta became known, the loss was
all recovered. Towards noon and
thereafter thers were all aorta of re
ports of cables announcing frontier
troub'es, etc. Cobs )ls went off a point
or two and wheat recaveied to "Sie,
but reacted again to around 78j. The
volume of trade waa fa rti nl and the
close of the market about firm. Corn
was easier today throughout the effect
of recent rains, felling about lc
lower than it closed yesterday.
Flour quiet and teady. Wheat Sales
ranged : July (old), 76J77Jc; August,
7878,c, closed 78 js; Septem
ber, 79jSOJc, closed 80 Jc; Octo
ber, 81482ic, closed 80j82c; No.
2 spring. 77J3; No. 2 red winter, 79jc
Corn: July, 37j38c, closed 375
37 jo; August, 38j38in, closed 3Sjo
bid; September, 394)c, closed
39S39c; October, 4040jc, closed
40jc. Oata: Julv, 2929Jc; August,
2tJf201c, closed 291c; Saptemher,
29j30c, closed 2Sj; October, 30c.
Rye dull; No. 2, 53c for gilt edge re
ceipts. Barley firm and higher; Sep
tember, 67o, Flaxseed No. 1, $117.
Receipts Flour, 11,000 brls; wheat,
79,000 bu; coro, 362.000 bu: cats,
102,000 bu; rye, 24,000 bu; barley,
2,0;)0 bu. Shipments Fiour, 10,000
brls; wheat. 24,000 bu; corn, 41,000
1m ; oats, 80,000 bu ; rye, none ; barley,
Bptteb Creamery, 2023c; dairy,
Hoa Products Mess pork, $11 50;
sugar cured hams, lli12jc; break
fast bacon, 8j10c; clear side pork,
7c; clear rib side pork, 6J7c;
long clear pork, 6ijc : pork shoul
ders, 61c Bacon Clear rib side,
7J7Jo. Lard Tierces, 6J6c; half
barrels, 67rJ; kegs, die; pails,
7J71c; half-pails, 7J78c; 60 lb tins,
6jc; 20-lb tins, 6J7c; 10 lb tins,
7j7c; 51b tins, 7jc; 31b tins,
7J78c; choice kettle, tierces, 88Jc.
Frksh Meats No. 1 beef, 7c; Mut
ton, 7c; hind quarters of beef, 9c;
lambs, $2 503 50.
St. Louis, Mo., July 20. Provisions
very dull. Pork, $1050. Lard, $6 30.
Bulk meats long clear, $6 35; short
ribs, $0 45; shore clear, $6 60; boxed
lota long clear, $0 40; short ribs,
$0 50; short clear, $6 65. Bacon weak ;
long clear, $77 05 ; short ribs, $7
7 10; short clear, $7 25. Hams firm,
ll12o. Butter creamery, 1517c;
dairy, 1015c. Eggs dull and weak,
Chicago, III., July 20. Pork Sales
ranged: Asgust,$!059 70, closed at
$967J9 70; September, $!) 759 90,
closed at $1) 77J9 80; Oi!tober,$!) 85
9 871. Lard August, $6 ti5g0 02,
closed at $0 600 62 J; September,
$8 62J(1 70, closed at $6 67(1 70;
October, $0 456 47. Short rib sides
lower; August, $6 22j8 25; S?ptom
ber, $6 27J6 30. Butter and eggs
CoFFBi Oommon,919jc;ordinary,
0j101c; prime Rio, 10jllc; choice
to fancy, 11 j(4l2jc; old government,
2425c; Ceylon, 20c.
Soap 3j5io per ponud.
8ugar Pure white, 61c; off white,
05c ; yellow, 66jjc; open kettle, 5j
5jc; refined A, 6jc; granulated, 7
7c; powdered, jc; cut loaf, 7j7c.
Salt $125 per barrel; sacks, fine,
$1 451 50; coarse, $1 151 20; pock
ets, bleached, Z7c; car-loads Irom
levee or depot, 5o cheaper.
Candies Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7K'Sc.
Candles Full weight, 10c.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices per doz
en : Pineapples, J 1 351 65 ; peaches,
2-lb, standard, $1 351 55; seconds,
$1 101 15; tomatoes, 2-lb, standard,
$1 251 35;3-lb, $1 151 30; straw
berries, $1 351 40; raspberries,
$1 151 25; blackberries, $1
1 15; greengages, $1 601 76;
pears, $22 25; plums, $1 60
1 70: asnarairiis. t'l 60(314: irreen corn.
$11 35; green peas, $1 55 165; cove
oysters, full weight, 1-lb, $11 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85: cove oysters. Hunt weight. 1-lb,
65c ; cove oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss, $0.
Molasses .Louisiana, common to
fair, 2030c; prime to choice, 3040c ;
syrup, 200c ; common to fair, 20
25c; prime to choice, 3033c; centrif
ugal, fancy, 3234c.
1VBAU.U UUUIU1UUI A.-IUbllp " ' Vj7
30c; other grades and styles, 35 85c.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $9 60.
New Oblkans, La July 20. Coffee
firm; Rio cargoes and common to
Srime,7J10c. 8ugar demand light;
rm ; Louisiana open kettle, choice,
6jc; strictly prime, 5 Jc; prime, 5) cj
Louisiana centriiuga', cnoice white,
0 3-lOc. Molasses -steady ; Louisiana
open kettle, good prime to strictly
f rime, 32c; prime, 2.'c; good fair, 17
8c; fair, 1510. Rice firm, 3j41c
Naw Yore. July 20. Coffee spot
fair Rio dull, 9gc; options firm and
moderately active; sales, 10,000 bairs:
July, 7.75c; August, 7.80c; September,
7.80(o7.85c; October. 7.8Sc; Novem
ber, 7.857.90c ; Decemlr, 7.90c ; Feb
ruary, 8c. Sugar quiet ;C, 44jc;ei
tra C , 4J53-16c; whlta extra C, 5
c; yellow. 4 6-16W44C; standard A..
ou-iooc; cubes, ojyxj o-itte ; con
fectioner's A ,
1-lOc. Molasses
dull; 60 test, 1818Jc
Rice steady
and demand fair,
Apples Dried apples, 293c per
pound from store. Dried peaches, 3
31c from store.
Vegetables Onions, $2 75 from
Store; $2 602 60 from levee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 753 per crate.
Garlic, 40000c per 100. Turnips, 60c
per bushel.
California, $7. Lemons, $809 per
box. Bananas, $1 5002 60 perbnnch.
Oocoanuts, $6 per 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 7Je; Tennessee, farmers' stock,
304c; roasted, 2 jo higher; shelled,
10c. Almonds. 1820c.
Pickles In iara, pints, 95c; onarts
$1 60; half-gallons, $2 76; gallons
$$ 75;loose, barrels, $6; half-barrels,
$3 ; mixed, barrels, $10 60; mixed,
hail -Barrels, SO.
Raisins London layers, S3 40: lay
ers, $276; California, ; Imperial,
$3 5004.
Potatoes New, SI 20.
Pecans Texaa. 810o for small to
medium, 1014o for large: Arkansas,
Walnuts-French, 12c; Naplee,15c
Grenobles, 16c Filberts, 12c
Cider New York. $0 60 per barrel
and $3 60 per half-barrel ; Vinegar, 12)
SI 5c per gallon.
Poultry Chickens, $1 002 00;
cid hens, $2 252 60.
Game Game Dab, nizc.
Eoos Quiet at 8c.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$4 M5; No. 2, $3 25(43 50; No. 3,
$2 7503; 10-lb kit. No. 1,80c; No. 2,
70c; 15-lb, No. 3, 60c. Dry herrings,
family, 30c per box.
Hides Dry flint. 12j16c; dry
salt, 1012c ;'green salt,71S jo ; green,
66c; deorskius, 1517e. Beeswax,
20(i)21c; tallow, 33Jc
cotton nv.r. oil, r.rv.
Seed -Delivered at depot and wharf,
$8 per ton ; wagon at mills, $8.
C-rloal lets. Prime crude C. S.
oil, 22025c; off crude, 16020c;
prime summer yellow C.H.Oil,3334c;
off summer yoiiow O. S oil, 3233c;
Miner's f utniiier yellow C. 8. til, 33
34c; Choice cooking summer vellow,
3403; prime cotton seed meal, (f. 0.
b) $13 75014.
Leas ttisn tar-losd lots Prime
summer yellow C. 8. oil, 2830c;
choice cooking summer yellow, 30
Bagging Flag, 7J9Jc Ties, $110
01 15.
Nails $2 252 60.
WnrsKv Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 606; rye, $1 7506; domes
tic, 90c$l 60.
St. Louis, Mo., July 20.-Whisky
steady at $1 07.
Chicago, III., July 20. Whisky
steady at $1 12.
Cincinnati, O, Julv 20. Whisky
quiet at $1 07. Sales of 652 barrels of
finiehod goods on this basis.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Cleveland, 0., July 20 Petroleum
steady: s. w., 110 , '.e.
PiTTsni Bo, Pa July 20. Petroleum
dull but steady; National Transit cer
tificates opened at 66J; advanced to
60J ; and then dropped back to OOJ at
1 p.m.
Cattle Choice to extra, corn fed
900 to 1050 pounds, none; good,
none; choice grass fed, 8J3ic;
good, 303Jc; fair to medium, 2j
2Jc; common, lj2c.
Hogs Choice, 8j4c; good, 8
3Jc; common, 331c
SHKEP-Choice, 313Jc ; medium, 2
3c; common, $11 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, 5c.
New Orleans, La., July 20. Hog
produds steady. Pork, $10 50. lie
fined tieice lard, $6 25. Bulk meats
shoulders, $6 25; long clear and clear
rib, $6 50. Bacon shoulders. $6 75 ;
long clenr, $7 00; clear rib, $7 12J.
Kansas Citv.Mo., J jly2 0. The Lit
Stock Indicator reports: Cattle Re
ceipts, 34(19 head; shipments, 1283;
better feeling, market steady to a t hade
higher ; good to choice, $40 4 50 ; com
mon to medium, $3 000 3 90; stock
ers, $2 400 2 75; feeders, $2 853 40;
cows, $1 753; g;asTexas steors,$260
03 05. Hoys-Receipts, 1 1,470 head:
shipments, 442 head ; market opened
5c higher, and closed weak with the
advance loot; gocd to choice, $4 70
04 85; common to medium, $ I 40
4 65. Sheep Receipts, 531 bead; ship
ment?, none : market quiet ; good to
choice, $2 4003; common to medium,
$L 502 25.
Chicago, III., July 20. The Drovers'
Journal reports: Cattle Recoipts,
I'OOO head, including 5000 head of
Toxans; shipments, 1S00 head ; nntives
Bteady ; shipping steers, 960 to 1500
11)3, $3 7505 02 ; stockers and feeders,
$2 263 90; cows, bulls and mixed,
$1 53 75; bulk, $2 5003 75;
through Texas cattle 10015c lower:
cowe, $2 1502 55; steers, $2 5003 50;
choice, $.! 7004 : 204 head of Wvomlnir
steers of 10H5 to 1173 pounds, $4 21X")
4 45. Hogs Receipts, l'.t.OOO head;
shipments, 6500 head; market slow
after opening and 5o lower ; rough and
mixed, $4 4004 45; packing and
shipping, 4 7605 15; light weights,
$4 4004 95; Bkips, $2 7504 SO.
Sheep Roceipls, 2000 head; ship
ments, none; market strong-; natives,
$201 37 j ; Western, $3 2503 70; Tex
ans, $1 7503 10; lambs, $1 250 5 25.
New York, Ju'y 20. The exports
of domestic cottons for the past week
were 6366 packages, making for the
exp'red portion 01 the year a total of
131,513, compared with 119,!I3() the
eame time last year and 93,738 in
1884. The market is without any
general activity, but for Tuesday a
vety fair trade was In progrers, and all
clastos and style of goods sharing the
To all who art aaffarlni from the errori an
Indlacretiona of youth nerroua waukotn,
early deoay, loat of manhood, ate, I will
aanda reolpathat will our you, FRKK0I
C11AKGK. Thiagr.atremodjwaadlaco7.r
d by a miaalonary In 6outh Am.rloa. bend
If-addren.d envelope to the Rev. Jotira
T. Twwaw. Ntation 1), S7w Ynr.
3rVr. H,
tr Win. Murrnw t. P. P. Kmlm Nn.
4.524. R. D.-Il. P. Hobaon, adminiatrator,
e.i va. M. C. Fanlui et al.
T) Y virtue of an interlocutory decree for
i- aale, entered In the above eauae on the
3d day ol July. 1HW, entered In M. Ii. M,
tiarea 5I and I will aell, at public aac
Uon. to the hliheat bidder. In front of tbe
Clerk and Maater'a office, Oourt-llouae of
bbelby eountr. Mempbia, Tenn., on
NitlardKj, Anitnet 141, IHHQ,
within legal houra, the following deacrlbed
property, aituated In bbelby county, lennea
aee, to-wit:
Lot 2, of P. P. Fraim'a inbdiTlaion ol part
of C. li. 478, fronting 90 feet on the north
aide of Jefferaon atreet by a depth ol Wt
lent, and bounded on the eaat by bayou May
oao. Lot Nn. 4 of an me aubdivitlon, front
ing about 110 feet on tbe north aide of alley
juat north of lot 2, running back about 6S
feet, and bounded on the eaat by aald bayon.
Alio, lota In, 17, 18 and 1U of P. V. Fraiui'a
aubdlvialon ol lota 4 and & and part of lot it
of C. L. 4W4 all of aald lota fronting W foet
on aouth aide of Jefferaon ita-eet extended.
eii-ept 1U. whloh baa a depth of 104 feet,
wfilcn lou run back to Mra. b. w. Lamp.
bell'a lot, aa bow Incloai.d by her Irhoe.
llidaon Iota 17, 18 and ID will commence with
railed bid ol Theo. Read.
Terma ef Bale Ten per cent, ol pnrchaae
money raid In caahi balance In alt and
twelve monthi : Intereat-bearing notea with
aecurlty required; lien retained to aecure
aame, and equity of redemption barred.
Thle July If, lftmi.
B. i. mruuwtL,!,, uiera and Waiter.
By II. F. Walah. Deputy C. and M.
nwuDO A tvuii, inyiur a varroii, X.
H. AC. W. Ileiakell, Sola.
Non-Resident Nothe.
No. RZiT), R. D.-In tbe Chancery Court of
oneiny uounty.ienn. rneHnpreme Lodre
of the AncientOrder of united Workmen
va. A. W. Jobnaton et al.
It appearing from the bill which la awnrn
to In tbia eauaethat the defendant. John R.
Woodlock, W. Woodloek and Maggie Wood
loek.ar non-reaidenU of tbe State of Ten
aeaaee, and that the realdence of the defend
ant, Leo Woodlock, la anknown and cannot
be aaoertained after diligent Inquiry:
It ie therefore ordered. That aald four de
fendant! laat above named make their au
nearanoa herein, at the ('ourthnuaenf Kkalhv
county. In Memphle. Tenn., on or before
the Qret Monday In September, 1SHB, and
plead, anawer or demur to oomplainant'a
bill, or tbe aame will be taken for confeaied
aa to them, aald John R. Woodlock, W.
Woodlock, Maggie Woodlock and Leo Wood
look, and aet for hearine n mirta ! anil that
a copy of thia order be ubliahed onoe a
week, lor lour eucceaalve weeka, in the
Memohia Lailv Anoeal. Thia luth iln of
July, 18fl. A onpy-atteat:
tt.i- mri;u ELL,iierg ana Maater.
By H. Y. Walah, Deputy 0. and M.
John FrUiell, tiol. for oompi'ta. tas
Frlara Polnt....-.Jns L, 5 p.m.
White River Chickasaw, S p.m.
Oaceole Coahoua, 5 p.m.
Arkanaaa City Kat Apaus, 5 p.m.
Tiptcnrille Oatoio, 5 p.m.
Cincinnati Jawss W. Hahf, 5 p.m.
Vi;kburg Citt or ViciiSBi'RO.np m.
St. Louia C'y or PanvioNCg,6 p.m.
Mov cm: an at iiik levkr.
Arrivals. City of St. Louis, New
Orleans; City of Cairo, St Louis;
Chickasaw, Whi:o river; Conhonia,
iVp.trt'rf. City ef Pt. I. mis, St.
Louis; City of Cairo, Vicksburg; Kd
Foster, St. Francia rive-; K. L. Cobb,
Arkansas liver.
Boats in I'ort. Chickasaw and Coa
homa. Jioats Due Dou-n. James W. QatI
and City of Natcnei.
Hoots Ihte V. James Lee.
Receipts Teeterdnr.
Chickasaw. 77 sks seed, 22 cases
eggs, lot sundries.
City of Cairo, 00 ton merchandise.
City of St. Louis, 10 hhds sugar. 451
brls sugar, 11 ska seed 61 brla Hour,
260 bdls sbiegle", 60 empty hhds, 11
bxs cheese.
Anchor liners tomorrow evening are
City of Yickeburg for Vicksburg and
City of Providence for St Louis.
Tub James Lee, Capt. Thos. Clag
gott, is the packet this evening at
6 o'clock for Helena, FrUrs Toint
and all way landings. Will Ashfoid
has charge of her oltice.
Tub Chickasaw, Capt. E. C. Postal,
is the packet this evening at 5 o'clock
for White river. C. M. Postal and
John Childress are her clerks.
The Coahoma, Capt. Henry Cooper,
is the packet this evening at 6
o'clock for Oaceola and the upper
bend, Wm. Smither is in her otlico.
Tna Kate Adams, Capt. Mark 11.
Cueek.is the United States mail packet
tomorrow evening at 6 o'clock for
Helena, Arkansaa City and all way
landings. W. C. Blanker has charge
of her office.
Ths Gayoso, Capt. W. P. Hall, is
the packet tomorrow evening at S
o'clock for Hales Paint, Tiptonville
and all way landings li. O. Mitchell
is in ber office.
TuKJamniW. flafl' Cant T,,hn H
Jones, is the packet tomoirow nven-
nn K niAn1. n.i i ..-. ..,,
iuKuuuuit ior iairu, lAJUinvitiu,
Cincinnati and all wav landings on
the Ohio river. 11. O. liruceand Lew
Brlggs are her clerks. The Oaff will
give cheap ratea to all noints north and
Business quiet.
Weather clear and warmer.
fttvEirTs by river yesterday 80 sacks
of seed.
The Ed Foster cleared lust evening
for St. Francis river.
Til ic K. L. Cobb departed lost even
ing for Arkansas river with a fair trip.
Tub City of Cairo passsd down yes
terday morning for Vicksburg. Sho
discharged here 80 tons freigiit and
took 20 tons.
The City of St. Louis passed up
early yesterday morning for St. Louis.
She discharged here 75 tons freight,
principally sugar.
The Chickasaw arrived yesterday
morning from Wbito Kiver with 77
sacks seed, 22 cases eggs, lot of sun
dries, and returns this evening at the
usual hour.
Capt. K. W. Outlaw, a veteran
steamboat man. died yesterday at the
residence of his brother, Walker
uunaw, at ma iv.noit straet. Thirty
years ago tho deceased commanded a
lisiit on tho Yazoo river, and since
then has served as captain or clerk on
various Southern waters, no'alily tho
Ouachita, Km), Arkansas, Whlta and
Mississippi rivers. His last employ
ment was in the office of the Kate
Adams, foine two years ago. He has
besn in ill health for nearly two yeara
and unable to follow his chosen avo
cation. He was a man of steady hab
it", high moral chaiacter, and enjoyed
the conlidence and respect of all who
were brought into biiHinesi relations
with him.
rivi:ki amm weatiiek.
Okkicb Signal Hjchvice, TJ. 8. A.,
Mkmpiiis, July 20, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 76 meridian
time, which is one hour faatur than
Memphis time:
Ab've Low
Water. Chango.
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths loths lOtha
Cairo 17 5
Chattanooga ... 7 4
Cincinnati 10 2 2
Davenport 2 6 1
Fort Smith
Keokuk 2 0 1
Helena H) 2 7
La Crosse $ 1 1
Leavenworth... 10 1 4
little Bock
Louisville 6 7 2
Memphis 14 2 5
Nashville 6 3 - 2
New Orleans... 8 2 6
Omaha 9
Pittsburg 6 (I 2
St. Louis 10 8
St. Paul 2 7 3
Shreveport 3 1
Vicksburg 21 3 7
IiaaKr Line Feet and tenths of a foot
above aero of gauge:
Cairo, 40 feet. Chattanooga, S3 feet.
Cincinnati, "fl. Pavenport, lft.
l)ubu'iue,ln. Fort Hmith, 32.
Keokuk, 14. Helena,.
La Create, 24. Leavenworth,
Little Rock, J3. Loulavllle, 26.
MeWhia, M. New Orleans, 13.2.
Naahville, 4(1. I'lttaburg, tt.
Omaha. IS. Kt.Paul,7.
Ht. Louia, 32. Vlokaburg, 41.
Bbreveport, 28. Yankton, 24.
PiTTSBUBn, July 20. Noon River 4
feet on the gauge and stationary.
Weather clear and warm.
Wheeling, W.V a., July 20. Noon
River Meat 3 inches on tbe gauge and
falling. Weatber clear and pleaeant.
Cincinnati, July 20. Noon River
10 feet 1 inch on ths gauge and fall
ing. Weather fair; thermometer 80.
Louisvills, July 20. Noon Rivet
falling, with 6 feet 0 inches in ths
canal and 3 feet 4 inches on tbe falls.
Weatber clear and pleasant. Sasineas
Ivansville, Ind., July 20. Noon
liver falling, with 8 feet 6 inches on
the gaoge. Departed : James W. Gaff,
Memphis, midnight ; Paris C. Brown,
0 a.m.
Cairo, July 20. Noon River 17 feet
1 inch on the gangs and falling.
Weather cloudy and hot. Arrived:
Departed: Henry Lourey and bargee,
New Orleans, 1 a.m.
Maternal Diaeaaea. Lailleaeii-eotlng to
bemotberacan be inatrocted bow to procure
painleaa parturition. Offlne, Main at.,
over loldy'a hat aWre. OlSt't boan, V t
Memphis & Cincinnati P'k't Co.
TO tS DAT. A t)3LT
ourlon Xlntea!
Commenctnt , ,iT"r The Elegant
'lay lit. I, . '.TU. eiteuuiora
Buckeye State, Ohio k Jag. W. ti.ij
ar Thl , Company will aell ROUND TP.n
TK'KKl'n from Moiuphie to Louiaville,
tinctnnxti. and all tMteru CiUei,
greatly HeJuced Ratea.
Tlekotn Include Meal a and 8tate-rocw.
Keturn ticketa good on any boat In the Una.
bach boat carnea a Fine String Ban J.
Mondays and Thursdays at 5 T.3I.
e J.0? lnform'ln Inquire of C. B. RU8
KLL, Agent, U Madiaon atreet, Memphis,
Tenn. K. W. W THK, flur't.
St. .la nnrt Slew Orlawaut Aaektr
l.l-il. at. Mu f0r TICKBMURtt.
City of Vicksburg, STTL
,, Ian Able maater. .attw -t
W II l..v, the Klevator THUIUiUA Tfi!t
a, at 6 p.m. For (retght or pwaage apt
0. h. Hai l . Pa... Ag-t. A D Hf 1 1 K VT, A g?t?
1 I
. Iinla and Nw Orloaeie Alarlior
uny oi rroviaence,
eo. Carvell ... maater,
Will Uv th. TIIWI
"d. at p.m. lor iMen er pwitee ai-'ly
For Oaceola. llalea Point, Carutheraville,
Uayoao and Tiptonville The new alenmer
W. P.Hall maater I B. (). MichTll ..TlTrk.
nil) leave aa above, and all war ixiinli
KVKRY MONDAY and TlllIRii "M Si ii
p.m. Forlreinht or pnongn Apply on board
Momplita.Krlnre Ioiim and (atttiiiniu
unci 4tarlit airlat (nipnoy.
ror Helena, Olendale, frUrai'oiot and all
Way LanOinga-ateamer
.lam cm Jiec,
J. H. Cooper, maater.... J. W . Suiliiera.crerE
...v..l,T above on.overy MONOAf.
WKDMltaDAYand FRIDAY, at 6o'oloE.
For Randolph, Tolton, Oaceola and Wa
Landlnta Steamer
1'oiilionia, --a-ngZ-
1. T. Claggett...maater I PlattnCarToierV
kSTi?!irn77 .!!0NDAVJl VVBIKKSDAl
andFRIDAYatJ p.m. The boata of thai
.. jiwjuvvin unaaie. umoe. Et 3.
Madlann .. .MM KM LKK. Ja . HnV't.'
Arkansas Itiycr Pk't Co.
Str. R. L COBB, rrs
w E. D. Bmith....m alter. . . .:. , T
Leavea Mauii hla Kvery TURSllA Y, at 0 p.m
nm x, . U-C LOWK, Agent,
Ofllce, Nc. Madiaon at. Telephone No. SI.
Mom nli Is & White Itlrnr l'kLtln
For Claratnilon. Ic valla Ulan, Ste .
Arc, Auguata, henrcy, Newport, Jackaoa-f
port, Hateavllle and all Way Landinga,
ft. 0. Poatal. , " r.'-' tnaw-
Will loave KVKRY .V KDN KSI5ay at Tafl
STB. AI.IIKKTA NO. 8, . ,rr k
Albert B. Siiiith....., f.' wJ
Will leave BVKRY' SATURDAY at ft i.m.
Through ratea given to all pointa. Freight
eonaignod to tbe Memiihia and White Riv.r
Packet Co., at Mempbia or Terrene, will b.
forwarded promptly. For goneral informa
tion apply at office, No. 3 Madiaon at., orta
Cull Telephone Sli, II. O. LOW K, Ag't.
FOll W1I1TE lUVElt.
Freddie Robinson,
m. n. iiarry. ....ui .water.
For Helena, Terrene. DeValla Bluff, Dea Are,
Auguata, Searcy, Newport and liateivllle.
Will leave aa above HATURDAY at 6 p.m.
Through ratea to all pointa. Freight eon
algned to Milt Uarry Line, Memphla, will b
promptly forwarded. f, 1'. I'KASB.
Tnlephnne 1"'.
The Sf.FruncIa Klyer 1'ranaportatloi
Co.'g Fin. b'lde-W heel V. S. Mall bt.amei
fl V 1,,., Ilea
in wr-iil ....lurariiejr.
at II o'clock, for Marianna, the Cnt-OfT, an.'
Interuedlnte landinga on tit. Franola river.
The captnin reaervea the right to paaa al
landltiKU ho deeiua unanl'e. JAH. LKK, Jr.,
Hi-PftT-lnteniter-t Nn. 4 Mndiann at
Memphis anil .VfckMhiirg Packet I'om
pauy U.S. Mall Line.
For Helena, t'oncordln, Terrene and Arkan
laa City fbe elogunt paaaenger alrauier
M. R. Cheek,.. maater I W. 0. Blauker...olerg
Leuvoa Mouiphla
f .ra.,reaerving tbe right to paaa all landingt
heoaplaln may deem unaale. Fur general
Information apply at ofllce, No, 4 Madleoa
atreet. K. WALWORT1I, Agent.
JOHN OABB. Pa.a'r Aaent. Telepbnne W1.
JOHN E. RANDLE A CO., Ag-entt,
Menephta, Tea a.
No. VCU, R. P. Chancery Court ol Bhelbf
eounty. otate of Jenneaaeeior uie, etc.,
va. Joaenh Hainan et al.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory deoree tor
aal. entered In the above nana, oa th.
Z2d da of January. H6, M. B. 61, page 1H3,
I will tell at oublio auction, to the high
Mtibidd.r, In front o the Clerk and MeaUr'g
efilbe, courthouae of bhelby eounty, Mea-
phl,lIV"-0r-.r,J-iyi. MM.
within legal houra, the following deorlbe4
property, aituated la Bhelby oounty, Tea
neaiee, to-wit t
Lota IV and 30, Rembert aubdlvialon, front
ing 75 feet each on the weat aide of Roaa ave
nue, and running back HH leet. Bold aa
proierty of Aaa Selby, Jennie Talbot and,
Lot 31, E. P. Btewart'e aubdlvleion, front
ing 60 feet on the eaat aide ol Miaaiaaippi av
enue, and running back between parallel
linaa on the north line 2ft3 leet, and on'. "it
aoithl lae .UK feet to an alley, being
thirl lot n irta of Chapin avenae.
Tarma v( Kale On a credit of aix monthal
nr teiU aecarity, bearing intereatreiuire4
lien retained; redemption barred. T4i
June d, l"".
B. I. McDOWBLL, Clerk and Maaur
01, ion... . .
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