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FRIEDMAN. 408 Fruit itrMt. mm
lull rain for Cxoona-hand giotning.
DOU-A large black Newfoundland bitoh,
The 6 oder will be rewarded by return
Ing her to No. Sfi Exchange street.
CIoIERNS-Bnilt and repaired and war
ranted. Inventor of the (sanitary Fort
land Cement Pump. Contractor and brick-
layer, telephone HSU. THUS. VI) BBIftS.
BAY MAKE MULE From C. if. Smith,
Horn Lake Landing, one bay mar aula.
Hum oigoi joars oia, uiwwn hdui uiau
mane recently trimmed. Bring to F. A
Jonow A Cn.'a stable and he rewarded.
RESIDENCE Large handsom brick res
idensewilb 12 roomi, at 1H8 Union it.,
just west of Wellington; lot 77x150 feet. Alio
nioe cottage of five roomi at 537 Mississippi
avenue: lot ouziou leet. Apply on premises,
or aee tt. wnrmfiiey, a nrouEB, npciy a jo,
FURNITURE On handiome bed-room
set at a bargain ; alio, thro good Milch
- vow. Apply at iro union street.
TTPRIOHT PIANO-Good as sew, cheap
iur caso, ur win excnaDg ior ooaru
Addrem K 88, Appeal ofBce.
a. near new, ior eaio eneap, at
2B0I LERS and Engine in good order, and
all kinds second-nand machinery, at 8.
O AB AY'S, A'gt ar d Com. Meroh't. Memphis
AT A BARGAIK My residence is the
town ol Bmtlett, suitable for a phjai-
otan. Aaaresa vn, i:uuiikain,
Bartlett, Tenn.
in 00D HOKBE For light work. Inquire
v -A ouonn Kennedy, at won fjomi i
staple, on Monroe extended. Cheap.
. between Lauderdale and Wellington.
.2 North Court street.
PORTABLE Engine and Corn Gristmill,
10 none power; No. 1 order; cheap.
TH03- DELANY. 124 Front at.. Memphis.
make: aln out good ai new ; very cheap,
at Woods A Swoop s.
LOT-60xlti0 feet-Cheap North side Mad
ison, half aaqnare east of Lauderdale,
(traded. Apply to
S. W. GARRISON, 287 Main street.
CIUKFECTIONERY Well estiblished, on
J a paying basis. Other business to look
after. Inquire of
JORDAN A CO.,m Main st.
Apply at342Vanoe street.
OFFICES The deairable front offices on
second floor of 42 Madison street, adjoin
ing Cotton Kxobante. MENKEN A i O.t
No. 85 Biobange street. Inquire at
HIRSCH A tlRONAUER, 289 Main st.
-On first floor.
At 506 Shelby street.
IRMSHHD HOOMS-Withont board.
COTTAGE Thresj or six rooms, furniahed
or unfurnished, coraer Fifth and Green
law, Chelsea, on blu street car line. In
quire on promisee.
URNISHED ROOMS-At 56 Monroe St.,
one square Rom feabody Motel.
ground floor 22x45, suitable for office
or store
H0USE-01 seven rooms.
Apply at 217 Madison street.
)IANOS, Organ, Guitars, Banjos and
Yiolins, all styles and prices.
BOUCK'S, 389 Main street.
OAQ LAUDERDALE ST.; six rooms,
OrfcO garden aBd cistern.
Catholic Orphan Asylum, Henry avenue.
Mrs. White' house, head of Front street.
11 Jessamine, near Lauderdale.
4"8 Vance, 8 rooms.
Barney Armstrong place, Fort Pickering, 4
acres, orchard.
281 Main street. Hall, over Floyd's.
275 Poplar street, near High.
40 Hawley, near Poplar; part furniahed.
Cottages at Bond Sta., L. AN. R.R., Orgill'g.
Cottages at Colliervillo, Tenn., Dr. Webb.
354 Linden, 9 rooms.
'Very nice oottage on Randolph rd., Chelsea.
66 Mosby, near Alabama.
4(9 Ilermwdo, rents 115, or tor sale, 11500,
37 Desoto, near Union.
113 Hill street, near Alabama.
McCall street, third west of Shelby.
Store 313 Front street, near Union.
NICK COTTAGE Three rooms, on Col
lege street, near south gate Klmwood.
Apply at 36 Union t. JOS. LENOW.
ROOMS With privilege of cooking stove,
at No. 20 Linden street.
ROOMS A suit of rooms In Masonic Tern-
pie. Apply to BUN F. PRICK.
OUSKS-318 Poplar itrcet and 136 Ala
bama street. Inquire of
JCHN REED. 320 Poplar st.
OOMS Furnished, single or en suite, at
1M Madison st. References required.
STOREHOUSE No. 9 Union street, with
new cotton-room, t0x35 feet.
RESIDENCE For three or six months,
my residenoe in the city of Fort Smith,
Ark., with or without furniture. Brick
house with ten rooms, in the most desirable
Eart of the city Good well of water and
ydrant in the yard I house furnished with
gas; near atrset-oar line; every convenience
of a home. Addrees
Fort Smith, Ark.
JL or firm to handle the YORK SAFE-Uhe
icai of all safer). Call and see General
Traveling Agent TODAY,
Room No. 16, Duffy's Hotel.
TONSORIAL If you wantagood shavelor
10 cents, or a sty lish haircut for 25oenta,
and a clean bath for 25oents. call at Commer
cial Hair Dressing Saloon. 8 Jefferson street.
Ji OKIoOOO To loan ou goods-
tfoLkJ J J enrity, rent notes or indorse
ments, or collateral. Address
P. O. BOX No. 44.
AN An A No. 1 man to run a planer.
A pply at tots onicc.
ARM HAND-Apply at
in. Hirgmn second st.
OOD WHITE GIRL References re-
quired. Apply at Ihl Second street.
1 Ann LBS. FEATHERS Highest aah
1UUU pnee paid by GABAY, Memphis.
EVERYBODY To call and see the cele
brated Gypsy Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
street, near Poplar.
I ADY AGENTS For Mrs. Campbell'!
-Li New ' Tiher "-a Tllter, Bustle, Hoop
skirt and Underskirt combined. Hoops can
be removed and ekirt laundried. A dim ta
ble to anysise. Very fashionable, and sells
for 12 to every well-dressed lady as soon as
shown. Agents double their money. Also,
a lull line of new furnishing goods for ladies
and children. Address, with stamp, E. H.
CAMPBELL A CO., No. 484 West Randolph
street, Chicago, III.
10 BUY For eash, a cottage house, five or
six rooms Addreii CASH, thia offloo.
IRONERS At Memphis 6team Laundry,
224 Second street.
TO WORK Morning and evening for a
private fcmilj by a (e) man. Address
C. B. K. , Appeal office.
SITUATION As salesman or porter in gro
oery: will manufacture flavoring extract
and wash bine. Addreaa R, this office.
VERYBODY-To spend ttu. summer at
Grayson Springs Ky. For catalogue!
and particulars sail at ticket office of Chesa
peake and Cbio route, under Peabody Hotel.
n.xt thirty d,,. for .150.AwEggplfi
Z43 main areet.
Controlling good European correspond
noe, for a PARTNER; all Eastern and
Southern connection! made; busineaa East
pan season ten thousand bales; location beat
town in Mississippi. References required
and given. Addresa S. B. S.,
care Hermitage Club, Nashville, Tenn.
Q ALESMEN In every Stat In the tton
E5 to represent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
SriouLTiM thatar popular and easy sell
ing. Can be handled alone or in connection
with other goods. Address THE WM. B.
OLD GOLD A SILVER For cash or ex
chang. MULFORD, Jeweler, 294 Main
hh nnn salary to aq ents-a a-
tfSlUUU drew at one. DR. SCOTT'S
XLBCIRIG GOODS, 842 Broadway, New-
York. Ib only gen uin.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of
purity, strength and wholenomeness. More
economical than the ordinar; kinds, atnq
cannot be sold in competition wi'.n th
multitude of low test, short weight Blum or
phosphate powders. Sold otlv incant. Koial
tttviita Pnwnvn On.. 1( W,ll .1 .N.wVnrk.
MRS. G. A. HARBEK-?ranient and Lo
cal BOARDING, No 65 Union street.
Tu at.. i mi J... L j
$5.00; table board, 84 00.
ROOMS AND BOARD-Newly furnished
rooms, with board, a. 49 Market street.
R08MS With or without board: terms
reasonable. 140 MADlSON ST.
OOMS AND BOARD-Desirabl rooms
and board at 72 Madism afreet.
ROOMS-One large fron; room with bal
cony and one large back room with
larg dreasins-rcom. and tther. aa ood a
can b found in the city.
OOM Furniahed room, with or withont
board, at H9txmrt atrtet.
BOARD With excellent -oom.
5 NICE Rooms, furnished or unfurniahed,
with or withont board, tt 137 Madison st.
TWO large unfurnished rooms, with or
without board, at 69 Madison street, cor
ner inira.
What His Fbyaiclsin Tklsk of the
Intereitlna; Csmo Seme later,
eatlasr Ntatlatlr.
Late lest evening an Appeal re
porter nailed at the office of Dr. Alex
ander Eiskine, who baa charge of the
cafe of Mr. C. N. Eirich, and who hai
been the family physician ever since
his marriage. Dr. ErBkine said it was
hia opinion that bia patient would die
within the next forty-eight bonis.
Hib temperature, which was reduced
by the application of cold clotha to
11)1 yesterday morning, bad risen to
104 at 6 o'clock, the cloth having been
removed in the meantime. Ilia res
piration was forty-eight, and there
were various unfavorable symptoms,
unfavorable in spite of the fact tnat be
moved one of his arms at one time,
and on several occasions opened his
eves and looked about I he room as if
searching for eome one.
"1 tie bullet did not pierce ms brain
directly thrt ugh .the center as has
been supposed, said Dr. Erekine, "but
ranged a little to the left. The muzzle
of the pistol was placed directly npon
his forehead and pressed hard, proba
bly by the light hand. His entire right
side is paralyzed is a natural conse
quence o( injury to the left side of the
brain. Whether paralysis followed
immediately upon the firing of the
shot I am unable to say, but had the
pistol dropped from bis band to tne
bed, instantly, still it might have been
thrown upon the floor by bis Strug-
Dr. Erskine said be bad been doing
all in his power to sustain the patient,
and had succeeded in feeding bim
absut half a pint of milk and an
equal quantity of tea, though he swal
lowed with extreme oiflkuliy. The
wound was disposed to bleed'a little
During the course of his remarks,
Dr. ErBkine referred to volume 2, In-
ternationalEnqcloptdia of Surjen,which
under toe neaa 01 i rognoeis, cays:
' Tbe prognosis of these injuries (those
of the sca'p and brain), though much
atiected by tne nature ol the wound,
is always grave. Tbe danger is chiefly
due to merengo encephalitis, which
may be developed at an early period,
or as is more usual after a number of
days, in tbe latter part of the second
week, and is ordinarily, though not
necessarily, associated with an open
wound wben lodgment of a foreign
substance has occurrod and the for
eign body remains. It may prove the
developing cause of brain suppuration
even years after apparent recovery has
taken place, la tne Crimean war 74
per cent, of cranial injuties proved
fatal (711 out of 901), and during our
late war the mortality rate was 59.2
per cent. (2614 out of 4243 cases, the
results of which were ascertained). It
is generally held with Guthrie that a
wound of the anterior part of the
head is more likely to cause
'death than one of the posterior. This
is by no means certain. In the 316
cases of penetration and lodgment
analyzed by H. R. Wharton, in which
279 were gunshot injuries, tbe relative
mortality of wounds through the
frontal, parietal and occipital bones
was respectively, 44 per cent. (58 out
of 132), 46.5 per cent. (27 out of 58),
and 70 per cent. (16 out of 23), while
tbe death rate of those of the temporal
bone was but 33.7 per cent. (12 out of
31); probably because the majority of
these do not come under treatment.
On the other hand, no damage other
than that which is local and temporary
may be produced and ball and even
bone may remain for years in the
brain without doing any harm. Such
cases are, however, but the fortunate
exception proving the rule, and many
times it bas happened that after a
long period of apparent perfect health
death has resulted from tbe pretence
of the foreign body.
At midnight last nigbt Mr. Erich's
condition was not materially changed.
His pnlte was 120, respiration forty
four, temperature 104. Mr. Big. Roe
scher. who was anions the watchers bv
his bedside, told the Appeal reporter
that early in the night be bad spoken
to Mr. Erich in German and tbe latter
opened his eyes and seemed to recog
nize him but did not speak, and al
most Immediately reclosed his eyes
and relapsed into unconsciousness. It
was not thought likely last night that
Mr. Erich will die within the next
twenty-four hours nnlees new symp
toms of ait unfavorable character de
velop themselves.
SalMcrlio far I be "Appeal."
A Very Stale, Flat and Unprofit
able Meeting ob tue Bluff
Last Mglit.
About two hundred darkies went
out on the bluff last night to atsist the
brass band and the bosses in ratifying
tne nominations ci me Republican
ticket. About 500 good and tiue
Democrats', at'iacted by the breeze
and the fl.re of the lampe, went out
to see the fun.
Tbe Hon. W. J. Smith acted as
chairman, and after a few introductory
remarks, introduced 'the speakers:
a candidate for Judge of the Circuit
Court, objected to the advice given by
the newspapers to tbe Democrats to
"do their whole duty. ' lie insinuated,
bnt lacked the conrase to chares mea
ly, that a Democrat to do his whole
duty must be less than bonest end
more than zealous that he must use
all mean1, fair and foul, to elect tbe
ticket put forth by the party. This
was the burden of bis monotonous
song. He laid a great deal of stress
upon the statement that the nominees
of the Democratic party wre his warm
personal friends. He insisted upon
this, as all of the speakers did, evident
ly anxious to borrow some of their
light by reflect'on.
was next introduced, and the band
stole silently away at the firet note of
his voice. Mr. Moss blew his own
trumpet in the most vigorous style for
twenty minutes. He sa d be had been
a practicing attorney in the Criminal
Court for sixteen years, but did not
call attention to tbe fact that
he bad been engaged in
any case of impedance in
that or any other court during all that
time. He denied that be was incom
petent to fill the office and that it
would be a calamity to put him there.
He eaid that if elected he would in
fuse his "young blood" into the court,
and wound up with a brilliant perora
tion of his record as yellow fever hero,
forgetting to mention that he received
f 10 a day for his services. ; -
thomas j, bboqa.; , .
There was no horn to toot an intro
duction of Thomas J. Brogan, except
the home made trumpet of Gen.
Smith. Bat had the entire brass band
been present its music mnst have been
drowned in tbe flare of Mr. Brogan's
private trombone. He said herbal
been a true friend of the workingman
in the Legislature, in fact that he
had made a record which ha and
bis party had reason to- be
proud of. He was not contradicted
when he admitted that he could not
make a speech. Oratory, he declared,
was not his forte. That, be said mod
estly, was hustling hustling over
fields and fences and up back alleys.
Mr. Brogan closed with an expression
of touching regard for his opponent.
If there were two clerks of the Crimi
nal Court to be elected he knew of no
man whom he would prefer to fill the
other than Mr. Capers, but as there
was only one, be preferred .Brogan.
In good c!d camp meeting style
Judge Eldridge thanked the Lord for
permitting bim to appear before so
large and cultured an audience as a
candidate for Judge of tbe Probate
Court. And then the Judge made some
of his old friends in the audi
ence blush for him by hi
praice of his administration of the
office for the past eight yearn. He
promised to give good advice to ail the
widows and orphans who might come
before bim, but forgot to give bis
pledge to go to work and untangle the
vast pile of business which has ac
cumulated in his office land to untie
the red tape and release the money of
the helpless women who have pleaded
for settlements in vain for as long.
Gen. Smith called, for Norris and
Fields, the two darky candidates, and
evidently felt that tbe negroes would
not go away so well satisfied if only
white speakers were beard. They did
not answer, and be named a darky
who was probably selected with the
idea that for prejudice and vindictive
ness, at least, he was worth half a
dozen ordinary colored men Ed
Shaw." This sweet morsel,' however,
was saved to the last, that mountain
ol neeii,
firtt addressing the crowd. He said
be did not have anybody (o thank.
Tbe newspapers had chewed his ears
too vigorously to arouse any great
amount of gratitude, and as for the
independent ticket, be would not allow
his name to be used on it, and he
sneered at the Republicans who bad.
lie said a great many flings had been
made at him, bnt consoled himself with
the proverb that "chunks are never
found in the branches of sour apple
trees." He was a good apple, he de
clared. In a word, anyone willing to
take Mr. Haynes's word for it must
have beim convinced that be waa a
lawyer of ability, of great ability, in
fact. He wanted it distinctly under
stood that be was acquitted of the
charge of violating tbe law by keeping
a pool room, and he concluded
with a ringing indorsement of
Blaine and tbe entire Republican
party. Except for tbe Republican party
be declared this would not be a free
country today. In thus thundering
forth the fact that he was a Republican
and tbat be claimed the office on that
around, he was more bonest than bis
brother candidates, who put their poli
tics in tbe background and argued sim
ply that they were better men than
their respective opponents.
The jamboree closed with a typical
tirade of vindictive abuse by Ed Sbaw,
who hopes to ride on the topmost
wave after August, and will do so nn
lees tbe Democratic party presents a
united front.
city couxciZT
Electric Light WKea Bridging
Ocorgla Struct Jobnaost Kll
oa Bool atroot.
The Legislative Council met in called
session yesterday with President
Hadden in tbe chair and Messrs. Lee,
Montgomery, Rundle, Graham and
Patterson present.
The committee on examining stock
yards and street car tracks asked for
further time, which was granted.
A. W. Brown, owner of the prop
erty at tbe corner of Echols and Vance,
declined to sell for less than $3500,
purchaser to pay all taxes, or J 1000
otherwise. Laid on the table.; 1
Citizens of Pontotoc street asked the
opening of that thoroughfare east of
Wellington itreet. The only break
from Lauderdale to the Memphis and
Charleston railroad is on the property
of W. A. Wheatly, who levies upon it as
the property of the city, tbe case now
being in the Supreme Court. Tbe
street can now be opened from Lau
derdale to Wellington by the pur
chase of 40x390 feet of the property of
M. Gavin. Referred to tbe President
to ascertain cost.
Persons in the vicinity of the public
latrine back of No. 33 Monroe street
sent in a vigorous protest and asked
that the institution be abolished.
Ordered removed to the levee.
cast iron Hoces.
The Thompson-HouEton Electric
Light Company asked permit ion to
erect a Ira me bouse thirty bv forty
leer, cost tuuu, to ds covered witn
coiruzated iron, on the alley in the
rear of the Gayoeo Hotel, between
JHcUall and Gayoso streets. Declined,
Property owners asked that the
alley between market ana Winchester
streets be opened to fourth street,
Granted, provided tbe necessary
gronnu roe aonaieu.
Tbe Thompson-Houston Electric
Light company, organized under tbe
laws ol Tennessee, asked permission
to erect a line of poles on Main Rtreet,
between Jackson and Auction streets,
on Second from Beale to Auction;
also on all cross streets from Front to
Fourth streets, all to be subject to the
approval of tbe city authorities and to
be located at poinu to be designated
by them. Granted during the will
and pleasure of the Council.
no rkkcnd.
The Valley Oil Company asked to be
reimbursed 135, paid for a fire plug, at
the corner of Clinton and Tennessee
ttreets. Rejected.
Chief" lEnnineer Morlwather. under
a resolution adopted at the latt meet
ing, reported that the Mississippi and
Tennessee Railroad Company had
eleven tracks crossing Georgia street
nnder a contract with the old com
pany, and the Kansas City road two
tracks and a switch, end 'that they
could not transact their business with
lees. Referred to Messrs. Lee, Patter
son and Graham to confer with the
railroad companies with the purpoee
of having an iron bridge orettid.
In answer to the advertisement of
the Taxing District, offering to buy in
$2"),000 of its bonds, two sealed offers
were opened. Katzenberger Brcs. of
fered to sell $25,000 4 and li per cents,
at 9H cents on the dollar and the Man
hattan Savings Bank and Trut Com
pany a similar amount at par wito ac
crued interest. Both offers were ' de
clined and tbe secretary was author
ized to advertise again.
A resolution instructing the Presi
dent to enforce the r order regarding
the laying of tracks on Beale street,
from Wellington to Lauderdale, with
Johnson rails, was adopted. After
diecufsion of the water question,
which is repotted elae where, the
Council adjourned.
Peabody Hotel.
C. B. GALLOWAY k CO PanntiiTosH.
Itates 12 Ml and 13 per day, aoeoriiina to
sis and location of room Special .
rate! made.
T L Thompson, Ark W 8 Moore, Tenn
J M Jnckson, Tonu M J Jonkins, Ua
J A Bnngster, III j J W ili.ai.ll. Ark
K 11 J no Kaon, ArK n u nyricK, ba
A L Smith, Xex J J Mills A w, Tex
81 Hllliuan, III JACruft.Ky
H M Beese. Ky P Stone. M
J A Lewie, Mo Mrs AllMcUekee.Miss
P I Weitiinan, N Y John Allison, Ark
O L Goodwin, Mass V l'iesca, Ky
JUWynn, Miss DF Cadmus, Ark
J J Hale, 111 11 P Roberts. Mo
i 11 Stuart, Mo T uoniitli, Mo
KM Salmon. K M n 'Andrews. Kt
8 P Krans, Ky 1IW Uradley, Ky
J F Miller, Ky . J Adlet, Miss
Jool Schild, Miss W H Moore, Tenn
W Lawrence, Tenn P Herbert, 8 C
J C Graham, NO A Meyers, 111
1) L ljewliiuan.Miss w ii reake, miss,
E H Moore, Miss W Davies, Ark
WR fry, Ark J II Wagner. Miat
F F Chew. NY J A Duviea, Miss
0 R Morrow, Tenn J Wall, Miss
T C Dockey, Miss K Itamberger, Ohio
Will Dunara.jr, Ky CM Himpson, Ohio
11 W Curtis, Mo J 8 Mrk, Ohio
F M Maddox. Tex R M Detter
J R 8oatea, Ky W 0 Falkner, Miss
Mrs 81) Anderson, Ala Mis n Amierson, Ala
Kosebud Moss. Ala it w Williams, Ala
U M Harris, Ala i A Wood, Mo
W II riynn, Ky A l ferryman, Tenn
Tbe Haw usyoao.
Rates, 12 80 to $4 per day, according to loca
tion ot rooms.
SW Watkins, Tenn T 1 Noal, Chicago
C Orr, Miss T J Foster, Tunn
Alos Scott, Miss B Wilson, Miss
A IM Hhook. Tenn A Singer. Chicago
j A Uumont, Wis K 8 Mckinley, Ind
U W JNortn, Mo rM uaioretnaw.Tenn
C T Veaiey, Oa J Uerstine, l'a
8 Branhardt,Cal G L Hurley, Miss
W R Mi'Kowen, Mo A J Miller, Tenn
It I) Gordon, Miss J W Vinton, Miaa
L 11 Thomas, Miss C M Foster, Tenn
L U Hammond, Tenn T It Jones, Tenn
J F Fisher, Misi C U Norton, Al
(IK Prico, Ala F L Wilson, Tenn
T A Hopkins, Tenn B F Hicks, Ky
F U Anderson, Tenn A N Douglaiis, Tenn
G R Hill Aw. Miss NL Avery, Ark
E P Sulllh. Tenn a rJnsley, Tenn
8 Tate, Tenn, J Shanks, Tenn
W Ferguson, Tenn li t, salmon, mo
L R Wagner, No J II Armstrong, Mo
E D llayden, Mo LB Hawley, Ark
C T Stearns, Ark W A White, Tenn
M 8 8&w?er. Tenn L B Kimball, Mias
CT Knoufl, Mias . WBWymaa, Ky.
vasleii Hotel.
W. H. BINGHAM Miruoii.
European plan. Enlarged and refurnlihed.
jr rice according w uv anu loca
tion ot rooms.
Mias May Hansen, la Irank Hansen, Mo
CC Morse. Mo JohrrF Batea, Mias
Mra M Hobaon, Miss Howell Uobsoo, Miss
W W May&eld, Miss Mrs LKodgere, Mias
Georgia Rodgers.MIss Miss E McCoax, Ky
JIMerithwether, Miss W F Horner, Miss
R M George, Mias R II Boie, Term
Root liookwood, lennu rumonas, lenn
K Y Thomas, Tenn Frank Barding, Tenn
M J Fenton, Tenn V Steger, Tenn
Jeiae Hay, N Y Col ton Greene, Tenn
SM Clayton, Miss W E Nethery, Tenn
E G Marshall, Miss W McWilllams, Tenn
TFBigman, Tenn B S Hull, Tenn
RSJohnson.SC J C McKnight, 8 0
J H Hoaron, Miss T F Pattvrson Aw, Ark
A E Hemphill. NO JPSisk, Mias
UKk.w.Vin NGSsk.Mias
J 11 lye, Ark J L Sutton, Mias
Tom Jones, Miss Geo Braiier, Miss
Miaa Dale, Ala T G Hewlett, Tenn.
R W Mi'Lennan.Miss A DSuddoth kt. Miss
J B Scruggs, Ark JG Held, Tenn
Frank Hanaell, Mo Mrs Un. Smith, Ark
J 11 Hosier, Mo Mrs J B Hosg, la.
Dufl's European Hotel,
Coraer of Adams and Main streets. Rooms,
60c, 75c and $1 per day i Aaterican Plan,
..r t-'ft per day.
Tirat-rlass Restaurant In the Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY (10 years with Peabody HoUl)
G M Baldwin, Mo L P Williams, Tenn
J 11 Snyder, T'nn J G W Gibson, Miss
M F Blalack, Tenn J R Joyce, Tex
M T Merchant. Tenn J Murphy. Mo
W A Bolend.Mo Mrs A Fudge id, Mo
W Biggs Aw, Mo J McCormackadJenn
RSSteith, Miss JL Adams, Tenn
SLCockroft, Tenn P kerns, Mo
L F Frederick, Ohio R b Peters, Ala.
Visitors on 'Change yesterday; J.
H. Johnson of Canton, Miss., J. B.
Phillips of Brownsville, N. D. I.ucada
of Atoka.
Closing prices of A ngust options at
Chicago yesterday: Pork, 9 65; lard,
$rt57J ; clear rib sides, $071;rcorn,
41c; wheat, 76 Jc; oata, 2t)c.
SHbecriV for the "Appeal,''
JULY 23, 1836.
To Famish a Snpyly on Their Own
Accoant or far the
The chief businefs of the Council
yeeterday, and indeed tie reason for
for calling it, was tbe water ouesiion.
The ball wa cpined by the teadicg of
ine louowing report ol the joint com
Mkmphis, Tinn., July 12, lSMi
The Itoa. V P. Hadden, President, etc. :
Sib The undersigned commilU-e.
appointed to consider questions con
nected witn i lie water Company, met
Ki aO-.nn-n n , X" 1 1 r..ll
street, H. A. Montiromery and K. F
Patterson on the part of the Legislative
Council, T. J. Utham and W. 8. Bruce
on the part of the ate r Company,
W. M. Farrington, having been se
lf cted by the other members of the
committee to act with them, waa also
prat ent and presided as chairman of
the meeting. After a full interchange
of views, the committee reepectfuliy
recommend to the Legislative Council
to consider a proposition to be made
by tbe Memphis Water Company for
the sale of its plant to the city, or to
make a new contract for supplying the
city and its inhabitants witn, an abun
dance of pure and wholesome water,
the source of supply to be designated
by the City Legislative Council.
Tbe above embodies the action of
the committee, which ie respectfully
submitted for your eonsideration.
Very respectfully,
WM.M. FARRINGTON, Chairman ;
W. 8. BRUCE.
The Cit'zsns' Water Company pre
sented a petition, written in a clerkly
hand upon paper with a gorgeously
printed head Riving tbe officers as fol
lows: am'l R. Bullock, president;
Noland Fontaine, vice president; W.
H. Moore, secretary; K. F. Falter,
chief engineer; Hill fc Wilkerson, at
torneys; Kmll Waltman treasurer.
which was dated Memphis, July 14,
and addressed to tbe Council, ran as
Gbntlbmbn The action taken by
tbe Memphis Water Company through
their author ized officers, in making to
your honorable body a proposition re
lating to (he question of a water sup
ply for your city and the subsequent
action of your body in aipointing a
committee to take action in the mat
ter, forces us to come before you sooner
than we had intended or anticipated.
We have organized in your city a
water com t any for the purpose of sup
plying to the city of Memphis and to
its inhabitants and adequate supply of
good, wholesome water, Ut for all pur
pores of domestic, consumption. The
said company is composed of and rep
resented bv men of undoubted and of
established reputation both here and
We propose to prepare and submit
for your scrutiny and approval a set of
plans showing and governing the con
struction of eaid system of works, and
to aak at the same time from your
city government suco'concession and
encouragement as will euable us to
proceed at once wth this construc
tion. The proposition wo snail make to
you will contemplate tbe furnishing
of a system of works, built upon sucU
Beale, and of such capacity as will am
ply stiftlce for a city of at least twice
the present size of Memphis. We will
also propose to operate the said
works as a private company for a term
of years, or to give to the city the op
tion to become sole owner of same by
Bui h terms of purchase as may be
greed upon, and to submit to
the city tbe right of determin
ing, under tbe provisions ol our
charier, tbe source ffom which the
supply shall be taken.
Tbe magnitude ol tne undertaking
and the dillicult problems brought for
ward for solution render tbe prepara
tion of our plans a task requiiiDgsoms
time to complete, we uavo now a
corps of engineers in the field ongaged
in their preparation and at tbe earliest
possible day will submit our proposi
tion for your consideration. Under
theee circumstances wo would ask that
you delay action in regard to any con
tract for tbe publio and private water
supply of) our city until we can pro
sent to you our plana and proposals
and tbat your committee be instructed
to confer with our representatives be
fore making their report. Respect
fully submitted,
SiM'L It. BULLOCK, President.
Mr. Hill then read the following let
ter from Bullock A Co. to the Citi
zens' Water Company:
Niw Yoik, May MKHi),)
Omcs on Sau R, IIulliios. A Co., !
No. 11 Wau.Stkt. )
To the Citizens' Water Company, Memphis,
Gbntlbmkm Having learned that
your company has been organized for
the purpose of obtaining and furnish
ing to the citizens of- Memphis an
adequate supply of pure, wholesome
water, suitable for domestic, sanitary,
manufacturing and fire extinguishing
purposes, and having further learned
tbat the water which would be most
acceptable to yourselves and tbe citi
zens of Memphis would I) that ob
tained from tne channel of tbe Mis
sissippi river,
We present for your consideration
the following proposition :
We will, at our own proper cost and
exponse, make such surveys, compile
such data, prepare such plana and
specifications, and obtain the corrob
orative testimony of not less than
three eminent, disinterested hydraulic
engineers, which will enable you to
present to too rresident and Hoard oi
Commissioners of the Taxing Ilistiict
of Memphis such evidence of your
ability to accomplish wbat you claim
upon such ad vaatageous terms as will,
in all probability, result in tbe passage
by them of an ordinance embodying
such form of contract between said
Taxing District oi Memphis and your
company as will enable you at once to
enter noon the construction of a sys
tem of water supply in accordance
with the foregoing.
Provided, that wben such consum
mation shall have reached your com
pany shall agree to execute a contract
for tbe entire work of constructing
such water works with our firm, pay
ment for said works, and all salaries
and expenses connected therewith to
be made to our tinn in stock and
bonds of your company to such
amounts as may be nectseary. Yours
Kspectfully. 8am it. Bullock & Co.
Tbe above is a copy of the original,
and is exDiDit a, ana pan oi me mi"
Tbe following telegram waa also
Nsw York, July 21, 181.
Hill A Wilkerson, Memphis:
Impossible for Mr. Bollock to be in
Memphis before August 1st, Would
prefer, if possible, to have petition
presented and csntinued until August
15, or thereabouts. Answer.
President Latham, of the Memphis
Water Company, said he was glad to
know his friend Mr. Hill had advanced
surlicient'y in his study of hydmillcs
to learn that it would requiie 1,500,
000 to build new and ample work,
but it surprised him to heir Mr. Hill,
of all others, prorosinu to I ring water
fror Wolf river, a Mrcatn which was
being abmed by the w hele city. Kg
then read the following:
To th LegiMnrlr Council of the Taxing
District ot bhsluy County, Tenn. :
On the Nth instant the Council ap
pointed a conference committee to
con&ide? tbe question:
1. As to tbe city's ownership of
water works, anil should that te de
cided in the negative, then
2. How best to secure an adequate
supply of clear, wholesome water?
iDe report oi tnai committee is De
fore you.
1. That tl'e Council consider a prop
oeition from the water company to sell
its plant to the city.
It will be remembered that this dis-
cnis'on arose tbree years ago in the
city press, which was undivided in its
advocacy ot city ownership. A later
and more direct expression is seen in
the appointment, one year ago, of the
cornnoi)tee of ten citV.ens. stills! rongar
evidence is found in the unanimous
report of eaid committee, made eix
months ago, and which, to far as 1 am
alvicl, is unexcepted to. In oft re
rented interviews, during the hut year,
with members of the City Council and
of tbe Citir.ens'Oommittee,I have heard
no other sentiment expressed. Indeed,
it is generally known that tbe city pro
poses to ask for the necessary authority
on tbe assembling of the Leg'slature.
But no decisive action having been
taken, I deemed it due alike to the
public and to the water company, for
reasons stated before you on the 8th
Inst., to respectfully ask such action
in the premises as would secure an
authoritative decision. I fully under
stand that the Council must have
additional autbority from the LegUla-
ture. Hut "where tnere a will,
there's a way." I assume public sen
timent to be practically undivided. It
is certain tuat puDiio connuence
in the ability of the Council
to drive close tradee is justly
unbounded. If the Council, after
the most i searching investigation
into the value of our plant, which we
unreservedly invite, shall agree on
terms with tbe water company, cannot
a plan be devised for gnaranteeing the
action of the Council until the meet
ing of the Legislature ? I suggest here
no details, but several plane occur to
me. Uertalnly the public has that
much faith in the city and in the
Council. If the Council agrees with
the Citizens' Committee and is satis
fied tbat public sentiment is in favor
ot city ownership, let it select 'without
delay two experts, and tbi water
company will select two, the four to
chooeo a fifth, and we will accept the
price they fix', as provided in our
charter. It is not for me, a party in
interest, to advise, but it may be per
mitted me to add :
1. The people will not in my opin
ion be satisfied until they own the
water supply.
2. II the works are pi oil table to ttio
water company, why not more so to
the city? !
ibe salary ol M president and per
haps others could be saved ; the city's
sower inspector could at same lime
inspect tbe water service, and with an
authority tbat would control a waste
greater then the lftitimat consump
tion, thus saving in salaries, pay rolls
and fuel thousands of dollars annually.
Should ths Council decide not to own
water works, the said Conference Com
mittee recommended :
3. That the city and water company
consider a now contract, based on an
abundant supply of clear, wholesome
water. Much a contract we are ready
to make and proceed with without
delay, should the first recommendation
fail. I bespeak the BeedieBt action,
consistent with due deliberation, and
a proper regard for the public interest.
iceepectiuny (nonutieu,
1. J. lilUUSPli
President Memphis water Co,
Both papers were received and filed
and Mr. Hill was given until August
15th to have bis stock subscription
and proposition' ready. Adjourned.
or n MkltT lata ts River, bnt
Hrrnmblwl Ahre.
I afa vnntAnlatf stvunincr fll rnnnln nf
inebriated Individual entered a skill"
near ths Kansas City Incline to take a
tiiln on the river, but ehortlv after
t.hnv sihnved out from the bank tbny
got into a uifpute. Thoy exchanged a
few blows ami one ot tnem, name un
Irnnntn arilKml an nnr anil knocked Ilia
competitor, 11. B. fclykcs, a printer, out
of the skid. He sank beneath the
surface, but the cold water revived
un. and, rising, he managed to seize
one of the pieces of the trest'e and
got ashore.
Dr. C. D. Hmitu, Veterinary Sur
geon, No. 61 Monroe street.
Chkw "Horse. Shoe" Tobacco. Beet
in the world.
P. M. Stani.bv, funeral director and
embaliner, 55 Madison Btreet.
Mobkhbad's Gantalonpos, freeb
every morning, at Oliver Finnie & Co.
Da. fl. J. Bklu veterinary surgeon,
No. 378 Main street, at Edwards's
rvAR Water hot and cold baths,
25c, at the Turkish Bathhouse, No.
222 Second street, near Adams.
Mtw r ewKLLYH will take ooplls In
elocution during tbe summer Uel
sarte method. Call at No." ill Adams
Tm Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tonleand enti-periofte known. A eertaln
and sore oore for ehills. Prl II r bat
tle. Send stamps for elroalan. Any ref-
renee alien. Aaareia Joa u. naoxer,
Lynobberg. v.
Dbh. Sim & kbly have become as
undated in the practice of medicine,
with their otnee anu resilience at i-o
and 128 Hermvmlo strL Telephone
G.W.Miixkb &Co Tatent Asbestos
Firs Proof Koolers. For durability,
equaled by none, used on wood,
tin, iron, felt and gravel roofs. 65
Madiion street.
Go to tbe 'Cycle Park today. Base
ball between Hot Waters, of Little
Bock, and Riversides, of Memphis.
Also, Kails Citys, of Louisville, and
Riversides, 24th, 25th and 26tb.
Tbi Women's Exchange, 297) Sec
ond street, continues ope&. Ail con
signors of jellies, preserves, pickles,
etc.. should be prepared for a busy
trade this fall as many absent house
keepers will furnish their shelves from
oar stock. We solicit consignments
in every department for the fall trade.
Gentle Ponies.
.Tnat received a lot of first class, gen
tle, well broke poniea, at For rest '
stable, 57 and Monroe street.
A Loosely Played Contest on the Part
or Onr Sine With Abundant Er-rori-t.Hinesr
Yesterday was an of! day in the
Southern Legue, but Memphis played
a deferred gams at At'auta and lest.
Nashville a'so wett down before
Charleston. Ibe p-nnant begins to
look like a sure thing for Atlanta.
Altasslis tf fonts NesssBkls) Easily, j
Atiabta, Ga., July 22. The At
lantas defeated Memphis easily today,
and but for Strieker's error in the
ninth inning wonld have abut them,
out. The following is the- score, etc.:
Cline, s. s..... ...... 1 2 o a a
Puicell, l.f 1 1 II 0 O
Hogan.c.f - 0 0 10 9
Lynch, lnt b 2 2 8 1 1
Strieker, 2b 0 1 3 I
chafer, G., r. f 1 1 3 0 J
Wii;iarrrs,3db 1 0 2 10
Gunson, c 9 0 7 4 (j
Weill), p 0 0 0 2 1
Total. it 7 27 13 3
Black, l.f 1 I 2 0 -J
Kneed, r. f 0 I 1 0 (J
McSorley, 3d b , 0 I I d 0
Andrews, 1st b 0 113 0 1
Broughton, c... - 0 15-12
Manning, 2d b... 0 1110
Hhea, c. f 0 0 2 0 0
Phelan, s.S - 9 0 14 1
Knout!, p. 0 0 13 0
Total , li 0 27 IS 6
Memphis 0 0 1 0 0 0 O0 11
Atlanta 000 0-0 3 1 2 0-6
Summary: Earned runs Atlanta,
2. Three base hlto Clinej 1 ; Striek
er, 1. Stolen bases Atlanta, 7; Mem
phis, 2. Strnck out by Wells, 8; by
Knouff, 7. Ieft on bases Atlanta,5;
Memphis, 2. Doublo plays Wells,
Strieker and Lynch. Time of game
1 :50. Umpire 11. Oraham.
Charleston 0 1 2 0 2 0 3 4 013
Nashville .......0 0010 000 12
That Haul sUlaatst 'rwil.
The following explains itself:
Editors Macon ToIigraili :
The Conttitutiotv complains that tho
Brown House declined to auooiutno
date the Atlanta Baseball Club. Said
club did not make application to be ac
commodated, but if they had done so
I certainly would have refused to en
tertain them on account of. the out
rageous and disgraceful conduct mani
fested by thorn u two former occa
sions. Beyond this no further expla
nation is necessary. I endeavor to
provide for the ccmfoits of the guests
of the Brown House on all occasions,
and in the case of tbe Atlanta club I
could not, in justice to the reputation
of this hotel, have considered a propo
to lodge them. Jtospsotfully,
Proprietor Dro in 'a llossl, Macon, tin.
Cuit Aoo, lui.., July 22. Chicago. 14',
Kansas City, 1. Famed runs Chi
cago, 7; Kaimis City, 1. Home runs
McOueery, 3. Base bits Burns, 2;
Heller. 1: Gort. 1. Bases on balls-
Chicago, 7; Kansas City 2. Two base)
hits Burns. 2 Firsh base on errors-
Chicago, 1 ; Kansas City, 3. Paeed
balls-Dugdale. 2. Struck out Chi-
cago, 3 ; Kansas (Iity.4. Double plays-
Donnelly, Myors and McOueery, wore,
Anson and mailer. iJase nils uiu-
cago, 14; Kansas City, 4. Errors Chi
cago. : KaaeB.8 uty, la. umpire-
Dbtroit, Mjch., July 22. Detroit,
10: Kt Ixmisi. 4. Earned runs De
troit, 2; St. Louis, 3, Base hits-
Detroit, I t; St. Liuis, H. Frrors
Detroit. 7 : St. Louis. 9. Two base hits
Brouthera, Danlap and ' Glascock.
Three base hits Denmy 2. Passed
balls Myers, 1. Wild pitches-Klrhy,
1. Boobs stolen KichardBon 2,
BroutherB 1, ILtnlon 2. First base on
balls-Detroit, ft; St. Louis, 2. First,
base on errori Detroit, 2 ;. Ht. Louis
2. Struck out ISy Baldwin, 3; by
Kirby, 6. Double plays Denny, Dun
lap and McfCinnon, Craiie, lie mo,
Thompson,. Brouthers and Crune.
Ump-re Graven.
Boston, Mass., July 22. Washing
ton, 4; Boston, 10.
Hew Yok. July 22.-New York, 2;
Philadelphia, 1.
Statu Ikland, N. Y.. July 22.
Metropolitans, 4; Louisville, 8.
Broohixn, N. Y., July 22. Brook,
lyn, 7 ; St. Louis, 1.
Baltimore, Mo, Jnly 22.-BaltU
moro, 10", Cincinnati, 11.
FiiiLAPSMitiA, Pa., July 22. Atb
letie.7i Pittsburg, 4.
Memphis at -Atlanta.
Nashville at Savannah.
Macon at Charleston.
Kansas City at Chicago.
Washington at Bottom
Ht. Louis at Detroit.
Pittsburg at Philadelphia.
Cincinnati at Baltimore.
Ht. Louis at New York.
Louisville at Brooklyn.
Barney Graham umpired yestor
day's game at Atlanta.
Black made two errors yesterday.
What's the matter new?
Tub Athletic Baseball Club, of this
city, leave Saturday evening for Vicks.
burg, to play there next Sunday.
A coLORXD leagued game will ba
played this evening at tbe new ball
pars, Deiween tue .uoniguiuerj iMum,
tbe champions oi Aiaoama, uu mo
KclipsoOlub, champions ol lenneasee,
A good game may be expected.
Ax amateur baseball tournament
will take p'ace at Greenville, N. O.
beginning July 2Wh and ending July
tawnawill ha rep
resented: Greenville. Laorens, Union,
Anderson, Troy aud Seneca, inn
winning clnb takes a moaey prise.
Four games will be played each day.
The Greenvlllians are likely to have;
their till of baseball before the toarnf
ment Ib over.
LodlavIIie VesBMBt.
Foundations, collar wid!boild.
Bgfl subject to overBow tkoaklbe .
otwithUoifvilUCisilBiU! I hi
the standard.

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