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Einnn REWARD Memphis, Tenn...
LJJJ July 26,18X6 The above amount
will be paid by David Botto end Brother!
for the arrest end conviction of the murder
er! of Rose end Peal Jaiti.
FRIEDMAN, 406 Front atreet. pays
full Tnlue for 8eonnd-hend Clothing.
DOG A larse black Newfoundland bitch.
The finder will be rewardad by return
ing her tn No. fift Krehanee street.
CISTERNS Built and repaired and war
ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor and hriok
lever, Telephone SSS. TH08. CUBBfNS.
BAY MARK MULE From C. F. Smith,
Horn Lake Landing, one bay mar mule,
About eight years old fifteen hands high;
mans recently trimmed. Bring to F, A.
. Jones A Cn.'n stable and be rewarded.
RESIDENCB Large handsome brick res
idence with 12 rooms, at 198 Union St.,
ust west of Welliegtoni lot 77x150 foev. Also
nice cottage of five rooms at 637 Mississippi
avenue: lot 50x150 feet. Apply on premises,
or see R. Wormeley, at Brooks, Neely A Co.
BEAUTIFUL front rooms, single or en
suite, furnished or unfurnished, with or
without board ; other rooms, 104-106 Court St.
OOMS AND BOARD Newly furnished
rooms, wiin ooa'd, at 4M market street.
R09M8 With or without board: terms
reasonable. 110 MADlSON ST.
ROOMS AND BOARD Desirable rooms
and board nt TZ Mndisnn street.
ROOMS One largo front room with bal
cony and one large back room with
. larga dressing-rcoui, and Utters as good as
can be found in tho city.
00M Furnished room, with or without
board, at 1W Court street.
OARD With excellent room, '
' NICE Rooms, fnrnishod or unfurnished,
1 with or without beard, at 137 Madison st.
rilWO large unfurnished rooms, with or
-L without board, at 69 Madison street, cor
ner Third.
GOOD HOUSE For light work. Inquire
of John Kennedy, at Brown k Jones's
stable, on Monroe Btreet extended. Cheap.
GROCERY-Stock and fixtures in best re
tail stand and neighborhood in city;
good paying business. A. B. C,
10W.WITH CALF Good milker and goa
lie. UtU, MAIlAfli.
GIN A good E. Carver (GO) saw gin tn
fine running order and ready for work.
Price (50, Apply at Oeorgo B. Metcalf's,
Howard's Row.
Apply to RECORD offioe.
FURNITURE-One handsome bed-room
set at a bargain : also, three good Milch
Cows. Apply at l'.H Union street.
UPRIGHT FIANO-Good as new, chop
lor cash; or will exchange for board.
Address K 38, Appeal'offico.
-V7-ANDELL T0P PUAETON-First-class,
X nearly new. for sale cheap, at
LD PAPERS-Cheap, at
Q BOILERS and Engines in good order, and
jj au Kinds leoonu-nana machinery, at ft.
OABAY'B. A'gtarrdCom. Merch't, Memphis
ATA BARGAIN My residence in the
JLJi. town of Uartlott. suitable for a physi
cian. Address DR. OOCURAN,
BaHlett, Tenn.
riOOD IIORSE-For light work. Inquire
VI of John ntnnedy, at Brown A Jones s
etaoie, on .Monroe extended, uneap.
between Lauderdale and Wellington.
Kortn uourt street.
TDORTABLE Engine and Corn Oristmill,
J- in norno power; xo. 1 order: cheap.
TIIOS. DELANY, 124 Front st., Memphis,
J make: al'i oet good as now; vory cheap,
woods & bwoope s.
r OT-60x0Uleot Cheap North side Mad-
-s-J ison, half asnuaro east of Lauderdale,
(Ira Jed. Apply to
S. W. GARRISON, 2S7 Majn street.
C CONFECTIONERY Well established, on
J a paying basis. Other business to look
after. Inquire of
JORDAN' CO., m Mfiin st.
OUSE Eight rooms, on Madiion street.
Address J. 11., this omco.
Apply st 342 Vance Btrcct.
OFFICES The desirable front offices on
V second floor of 42 Madison utreet, ailjoin
ing Cotton Exchange. MENKEN AM.O. Z
UITE OF ROOMS-On first floorf
At 505 Shelby street.
one square from Peabody Hotel.
HOUSE Of seven rooms.
Apply at 217 Madison street.
)IANOS, Organs, Guitars, Banjos and
Violins, all styles and prices.
II 01 CK'S, 389 Main street.
"VTICE COTTAGE Three rooms, on Col
X lege street, near south gate Kim wood.
Apply at 86 Union st. JOS. LENOW.
OOMS With privilege oi cooking stove.
at no. w lanuen street.
OOMS A suit of rooms In Mason io Tem-
ple. Apply to DUN F. PRICE.
HOUSES-318 Poplar street and 136 Ala
bama street. Inquire of
una kkkUi dji) ropiar st.
OOMS Furnished, tingle or en suite, at
l.ia Madison st. ifoferenoes required.
JTOREHOU8E-No. 9 Union street, with
J new cotton-room, t0x35 feet.
KESIDENCE-For three or six months,
my residence in the city of Fort Smith,
Ark., with or without furniture. Brick
house with ten rooms, in the most desirable
part of the city Good well of water and
hydrant in the yard; house furnished with
gas; near street-ear line; every convenience
of home. Address
Fort Smith, Ark.
00K Colored man.
At Ti Madison street.
charge of a An place near the oitr:
' the man to have tho eara of cattle and
horses, tho woman to cook, attend to the
dairy, and keep the house in order, e'o Ap
ply to W. P. DVNAVANT,
No. 11 Cotton Exohange.
OMAN At Dr. Ziermsnn'i bath honse,
no. &ciBecona street.
EVERYBODY To call and see the cele
brated Gypsy Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
street, near Poplar.
SERVANT A first-class dining-room ser
vant, male or female; good recommen
dation required. Apply at State Female
College. .
POSITION-Ae Stenographer or Type-
writer, or aj teacher of same. MARY
a. witiiyaauw, Bowling Ureon, Ky.
-JlJd C( If I R 5000-To loan on good se
fCilyVU eurity, rent notes or indorse
ments, or collateral. Address
p. n. HOY Nn ti
AN An A llo. 1 man to run a planer.
Apply i iLievmo.
00D WHITE GIRL-Referenoea re
nuired. Apply at 161 Second street.
1 nnA BB. FEATHERS Highest oaih
J.UUUpnee paid by GABAY. Memphis.
IRS At Memphis Steam Laundry,
224 S.
nna street
TTVi WORK Morning and evening for a
1 private ramity oy a tei man. Address
V. n. n. , Appeeomoo.
SITU aTiuK-As salesman or porter in gro
eary ; will manufacture flavoring extraots
and wash bine. Address K, this offloe.
-ITIVERtBODY-To spend th. summer at
Pi Grayson Springs, Ky. got catalogues
and particulars sail at ticket office of Chesa-
eake and Ohio route, under Peabody Hotel
next thirty days for II 50.
A. WB8S0N,
243 Main eroet.
CjALKSMAN-Iii every State In the U ion
P to represent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
ING KflTAbLISHMKNT having several
RreoiiLTm thatera popular and easy sell
ing. Can bo handled alone or In connection
with other goods. Address TUB WM. B.
ALD GOLD A SILVKR Foreash or ex
J change. MULFORD, Jeweler, 24 Main
?SIUUU dress at onoo DR. SCOTT'S
.tfLECTRJG GOODS, 842 Broadway, New
Aork. The only gen nine.
Absolutely Pure.
This nowdar never Tories. A marvel of
purity, strength and wholtsomeness. More
economical than the erdinar; kinds, and
cannot bo sold In competition wi.h the
multitude of low test, short weight alum or
pnospnate powners. now only meant, hoial
Ttvio Pnwnirn nr... V W,fl . W.wVcfk.
OLD SPECTACLES With name of D.
VJ3T W. Hughes, Jeweler, printed on the
ease. Reward will be paid on return of same
to V. W. METUALf K,
Colt -n Ktchange Building.
SLTTEK-Return my lemon and white set
tor bitch "Florence," known by mo6t
.Mempnis sportsmen, and missing since July
loth, to 408 Vuncestreet, and rectire reward.
Rook of all Diseases,
OJ cloth 4 Co,d Bindini?
'lr-.'. I 144 tt, wllk Bll Cagrwl.t,
list oy PltlNcirAL sos. ti'HEs ruicm.
Frvrra. Congiwtinn, liillauimations. .. .3sj
t oriliK, Worm raver, Worm (Joho....
'rvtng C'oMc, or Teething of Infanta.
jyaiiilerv, (.ripiug, Illlious Colic. .
irmrrm'n, iiiiurvu ur Auuiit
t uuii'ra iiiiFriuia. vuiuiLuig
t'oilgh., OuM, llronctiitis
,euralcla, Toothache, Faooaohe
Hpadnrhcw. Hick Hentiarhe, Vertigo.
10 lyiitttNtA, HiIkuis MouiapIi 2ft
11 HunurcHard or I'nlnfiil Prrlodi 25
12 WhllPM, too Profane I'nriads 25
1 Croiin. Cough, Difficult ltrpnthinii 25
I I Knit Hheiiin. Kr.Trip'laH, KruptiuDB.. .25
16 lUieiiniAliMiii, Hhemnatic fainti 25
li Krver and Ague, ('lulls. Malaria AO
17 1MIH, Hlintl or Hlootlnm A6
lit 4'atarrh. Influenra, ( old in the llnad .At
2rVhootinff 4 'ninth. iolnnt (kuRlm. . .ft
'i llisirtieral iM'hintv.i iiysita. veaue ,aw
2?Kidnev. IMtwime .5
2Hervoua lit-btltiv ........!.
;rt4MI rluary AkurHn, Wuttinft Bed... .n
:i2l liiTntiP nf IIm- llrnrf, Pfltpitntion .. j ,ww
' Bold by DruKtfixiM, or nciit iioxLpAid on rueui)t of
price. aLuriiut.a'iiLimi.Nt iu. iuy mito u N.l.
President of the Great LOUISVILC C0U-KIER-JOl
RNAL CO., tells nat
he knows of
Wintersmith's Chill Cure.
0l riCE or THK CofRIKK-JoVRNAI.,
Lr.ou villi, Ky.
Dr, Wintimith, Sir I waive a rule I have
observed for many years, the value of your
remedy prompting me to say. in reply to
your rertueit, what 1 kmw of your Chill
Cure. Ihe private assurances of its efficacy
I had, and the good reaulk ( its effects I
had observed on Mr. R. W. ...eredith, who,
for more than fifteen years, had boon fore
man of my office, induced me to test it in
my family. The results have been entirely
satisfactory. The first case was of two
years' standing, in which I believe every
known remedy had been tried with tempo
rary relief the chills returning periodically
and with seemingly increased severity.
Your cure broke thoin at once, and there has
been no recurrence of them for more than
six months. The other case was ot a milder
form, and yielded more readily to othor
remedies; but the chills would return at in
tervals ui 1 1 your medicine was used, since
which time, now several months, they have
entirely disappeared. From the opportu
nity I have had tojudge, I do not hesitateto
express my belief that your Chill Cure ist
valuable specific, and performs all you
promise lor it. Respectfully,
ARTITUR PETER Jk CO., Agents, Louis-
ville, Ky.
Counterfeits are made In Bt. Louis, Mo.
Strike the Iron While It's Hot
In order to move our Immense stock wo
make the following offer:
Good Straw Hats at J5e. e. SOo and 76c
Extra Fine Straw Hats at.-.il, $1 3b, II 60,
Small Straw Bonnets, all colors.- .out
Extra Wide Brim flats, for oountry J6o
Beautiful Roses, all eelers, par doaen 0e
Violets, per doien.. . 6e
Buttereups, per dosen 10a
Carnation Pinks. per doaen ..-Jfj
Elegant Bancho ef Flowers . 2fo
Extra Fine Bunches of Flowers...... 60o
Imported French Flowers from......41 to IS
tsatrlela Tlpa (8 la kauaeli) for ..85!
Fruits, Leaves, Stems, all kinds of ma
teria to make ArUfloial Flowers.
Briolal antl Momrntatg OutflU
The Ftnast Asoortsaent of DOLLS la sbotlty.
Haaa Bahsd, Feather Hmrt,
largo oaaotlty.
We Make a SredaTty f MUMaery,
Employing tho boat hands la tho oity, afve
our whole attention to it, and we defy eom
petiUon In that lino..
Ornoi o
Misirius Citt Ftai airo GaiiL Ins. Co.,
Offloe. 19 Madison Street, )
AM sum is, Tug., July!, 1886.
T a neeting of the Board ol Directors
held this day, a Cash Dividend of rivt
lr Cent, on the capital stock of the oom
pany was declared, payable on demand.
Uy order of the Board of Directors.
, . NAPOLEON HILL, President.
Attest: HxxtT 1. Likii, Cashier.
SExr mm election.
The Germans Solid for the Ticket
Jogrph Uhl Speaks HU
Mind Noles.
The apathy winch naturally fallowed
the aJjournment of the great Demo
cratic Convention, the cii;is as it ws
of long sustained political excitement,
is rapidly wearing away, and the
ominous rumblings of the rapidly ap
proaching battle can already ba heard.
Underneath the apparently smooth
surface of th polit cal stream there is
a deep and powerful determination to
conquer, and the dam which will burst
on tbe morning ot the 5th of August
will release a torrent none the less
Sowerf ul because of its long constraint.
liaafTections txis, but they are
trifling, the great body of tbe
party being more detormined
than ever before. The inherent
strength of the ticket, the number of
the offices to be filled anil the length
of tune for which nieuare to be chosen
to (tduainister public affairs, coupled
with a realizitiou on tbe part of every
man that upon him rei's a portion of
tbe responsibility .and above all the fear
that through indill'erence, weak or bad
men will be lilted into public placet
all these reasons combine to make the
coming cootett one cf grave iinpoit
ance to every citizen.
Mr. ("hl'sj Card tn Answer to the
To tho Public:
In regard to the delicate attacks
upon ine in the Scimitar, I will fay
that my record at least shows me to be
a non-partisan; but how is it with
Mr. Turner? He has been a bitter
Democrat, a Greenbacker who wns to
carry that banner to the last ditch
and then be heard of no mote, having
glorious'y expired with the lastbreatn
drawn by that party. He has been
heard fiotn loudly and earnestly es
pousing tbe cause of the temperance
movement, the most rabid prohibi
tionist of them all, and then be bobs
np ferenely, painting tho town red,
and landing in the Police Court as an
advocate of the other side. At the
present time he is endeavoring to pose
as a radical Republican, actually lay
ing siege to and nearly capturing a
convention composed of that element.
Failing in that, he manipulates an
other gathering of his supporters,
which batched out an al'eged inde
pendent ticket, being the EtraiRht Re
publican, with only my name, Mr.
Silvers and himself added. Following
out tbe programme, my name is
dropped, and Mr. Silvera's will be, snd
lo! "Harlequin" appears before tbe
Radical ring, poised on one foot, as
the choice of the Democrats, Republi
cans, Workingmen, Prohibitionists,
and last but not least, of himself.
He has thoroughly solved the
problem of lifting liiiuself by his pan
taloons, probably by wind, lie states
that I knew nothing of the conven
tion which nominated nio. It is truo
I was not present at that gdtheiing,
but I possibly know more than ho
would like tD have published concern
ing it, and therefore I refrain from
lotting in the daylight in that direc
tion, and confine mycelf to what is
already common propirty, concerning
this alleged upheaving of the masses.
In the first place, regarding tho Wil
liamson and bbaw circus, I was in
formed they were anxious to form u
ticket like that in 1S78, composed of
men that could be iodoraed by the
laboring part of tbe community, and I
therefore allowed the nse of my name
before them, and for this I apologize,
mv consolation in tn;s connection
being, that while the name of Turner
woke tbe echoes in every direction,
they were silent on the name of Uhl.
That convontion certainly did not
show ery atsiduous packing on my
part, my nume not being mentioned
theie, Mr. Cu'ltn baing nominated by
acclamation, and for this I thank
them. Gen, Williamson, thinking to
pour oil into my gaping wotindp, in
formed me that tbe Germane never
voted the lft-publican ticket anyhow,
and I was therefore in the wrong shop.
I am, and always shall he, in favor of
any genuine workingmsu's move
ment, but such barefaced frauds
as this present Republican movement,
whether hatched out at the Exposi
tion, or the Scimitar office, can never
meet the support of self lespecting
men, and it matters litt'e to me what
name replaces mine on that ticket, or
tickets, so that mine is removed. Mr.
Turner accuses me of blowing hot and
cold on this movement, and yet con
fesses that I have blown decidedly
cold since I ascertained its true drift.
I, however, never authorized the no
tice of my withdrawal in the German
paper, but suppose it was ineortcd on
the principle that coming events cast
their shadows before Alter the exhi
bition of Republican trickery a con
vention met at the Exposition Build
ing, composed of respectable and rep
resentative men, who nominated a re
spectable and representative ticket of
good men, and these men, in the ab
sence of a labor ticket, I, in common
with every right minded man, feel
called upon to support with all my
ability, feeling asamredthat it is in the
interest of good government to do so.
Tbe Printer and . p. M.Turaer.
A Campaign Lie Hailed.
The following list of names fully ex
plains itself;
We the, undersigned, members of
Memphis Typographical Union,
No. 11, desire to state that to oar
knowledge no canvass of our members
of a political nature has been made as
stated in Monday morning's ScimiUir.
John Fi for, Wm Stevenson,
Harry Potter. J at Brent,
TOCounoll, . EAUlenn,
Wm H Johnson, F Burgess,
Frank Oraves, R B Bmith,
T Stannyer, M M Wood,
U J Oueit. A D Bauer,
AOEnnels, Wm li Allen,
PB Van Horn, John T bhea's,
K Ligon. . F Y Anderson,
Geo W Bird, Joe B Cook,
W L Harris, L E Rovstar.
C R Uhlman, - Dan Wolf,
W B Cooke, C D Madden,
OeoSLandis, Leo Wolf
i H HcVey. E A Vinnodg,
JCCrampton, Joe 8 Price,
W M Holmes, J H Priddy,
A V Williams, ChasZigler.
Joseph Crabb, J M Spalding,
gMMatthewsoa, E C Brookihire,
Reneao. Byron Hum preys,
W H Wood. Ed Langvoyt,
WTBhanklo. H J Loser.
J I Hamner, 1 Geo E Hawkins,
Jno H Button, O U Whltmore,
Edbilollana, MLVanhorn,
Robert Armstrong. Wm D Laumaatar.
Sam Turner, H B Crandalk
U. 1. Langdon, T. a. Drake,
T. G. Mayleld. F. B.Hanoook,
Charles Keed. F. J, MoUlurg.
The printer are an Independent set
of citizens, and each, as a role, in able
to state bis own political views. As
they prefer to apeak for themselves,
one of them circulated the above docu
ment a few hoars yesterday afternoon.
The efforts of Mr. Turner, or any
other man or party, to place them In
the coming election does not aeem
entirely satisfactory. The time for
canvissing the matter was so abort
that at least one.balf of the printers
were not seen, ana cij no cunnce to
place themselves on record in the mat
Election, Thursday week.
Tag Germans will enthusiastically
support bcnioes.
Dunosa will run lite a racer next
Thursday week.
On the result of the coming conflict
Hangs niui ui iovemuer.
Every man of the eleven is a true
Damorat to the backbone.
The rain last night interfered with
numerous political meetings.
Gbiek and Weakley will give all
the strength they have to the support
oi raters.
Th Punday laws did not interim
with the candisdate in their arduous
labors day before yes'erday.
No necsssity for scratching even
with the lukewarm, who don't think
politics figure In county affairs.
Qciglky enjoys the confidence and
respect of every man who knows htm
and makes a host of new friends eve,y
All votes cast against Peters are
nothing more than votes for "Lawyer"
Haynes. There are but two in tbe
TnE First and Second Wards have
carried tbe banner for nif.ny a year,
and they ate cot likely to allow it to
trail in the dust in August.
Millions of dollars pass through
the bands of the Trustee every term.
Not only honesty but ability is re
quired in the management of so vast
a fund.
Justice Winters has returned from
a shoit trip to Hot Springs, feeling
like a new man, and like a truo Demo
crat will pull with all his strength for
thesucceEsful nominees.
Uhl faid weeks f go that he thought
the "Independent Ticket" would soon
dwindle down to one man. When he
at last iiiitdo up his mind to talk he
spoke from the shoulder. Vido his
card printed above.
One of the most earnest workers for
tbe success of the Democratic ticket
will be Joseph Uhl and he will be
backed by his thousaud German
friends and his host of warm admirers
among the laboring men.
The Republicans of the Fourteenth
Civil District hold a meeting last
night, over which Cha9. Wilson, col
ored, presided, and of which Vic R.
Smith, white, was Keccetary. They
nominated William Daloy as their
candidate for constable.
A card elsewhere announces that
delegates from the counties of Lake,
Dyer, Lauderdale, Tipton and Har
deman will meet at tho Exposition
Building next Saturday at noon, to
select a Democratic candidate for
Attorney General for the district com
posed of the counties named.
Tub Democrat who looks kindly
upn Cullen because hs "is a Democrat
anyway, you know," had better inves
tigate. Lie hobnobs with Haynes, who
swears by the shade of Blaine and
does not hesi'ate to say when ap
prcnohed that be is a Republican and
desires with the Republicans to stand.
He puts it strong.
Realizing the fact that most of thorn
were unknown to the great mass of
the public the Republican candidates
have had their photographs, in tbe
shape of postage stamp, pasted on
their cards. The licking they will get
iu August will be more to tbe purpose
than that administered to the backs of
tho picture stamps.
The workingmen are not fools. They
knew that if they were to espouse tho
cause of the lawless and depiaved that
thpy would so injure tbenieolvos with
the remainder of tho community that
support and sympathy would not be
forthcoming when most it would be
needed. Besides they have the same
reasons for combnteing such senti
ments thaynspire nil other good citi-
Manrlre Council' Pilloiiipnti Io
clnreil lu Ho "ile.
. Indianapolis, Ixd., July 20. Tho
Blatements made in the Associated
Press dispatches yesterday of Maurice
Counoll, a member of the Greely ex-
iiedition, were today shown to Julius
. Fredericks, a member of the expe
dition, who is now engaged in business
in this city. The statements of (Jon
nell were to the tllft'C that it wes
doubtful if the American flag was re
ally placed further north than the
Englhh Hag; that Gioely himself was
suspected of stealing the fond; that
Henry and Dr. Pavay were falsely ac
cused of doing so, and that Greely
caueed Tlenry to be shot for an otr.inse
which he condoned in others. To a
reporter of the Journal Sergeant Fred
ericks said, with some warmth: "These
statements are almost entirely false. I
myself raw Henry stealing food on
three difletent occasions, and the party
demanded bis life on three different oc
casions before Greely would allow It to
be taken. Henry was a prisoner daring
the greater part of the winter because
of his thefts, and tbe guard was taken
away from him only when so many
men bad died that it was impossible
to guard him longer. I am satisfied
that Dr. Pavey stole some of the food,
and Whistler acknowledged that he
had done so. Some of the men ins
pected that Greely also stole food, but
nobody bad any direct evidence thai
such was tbe case. Whistler was
reprimanded for his theft and warned
againBt its repetition. There Is some
truth in the statement that Greely
condoned the theft of food by others,
as he condoned Henry's offense. As
to tbe statement that there is a doubt
of the pty having reached tbe
furthest point North, it is fulse. I
was one one of the eeren who reached
Cape May. There we found the
records of the English that it was tbe
furthest point leached. I know that
Lock wood and Brainerd went further.
Their observations at the highest
point reached by them were
reduced by Edward Israel,
astronomer of the party,
and who was educated at Harvard and
Berlin, and I don't see how there
would be any mistake about it. As to
the mutilated bodies, he knows just as
much as any of as. He says he was
unconscious and dida't know anything
about it. I know that he was uncon
scions for only about three hours be
fore the rescue. I don't believe that
any of tbe survivors knew who made
the mutilations, unless it was one who
used the nosh for shrimp bait."
"What do you consider the motive
of Ooonell's sUtemeot?"
"I auapoM it Is jealousy. He had
nnfLlendly worda with Greelyon one
or two occasions. In 1882 Oonnell was
promoted to the rank of sergeant. On
the way back to Cape Sabine be made
some threats against Greely, and lor
doing to was reduced to the rank of
private. This, of coarse, made him
mad. He waa always a sort of ob
BtrucUonist." Belaraed to Worfc.
Milwauku, Wis., July 26. Four
hundred masons and bricklayers who
struck two weeks ago, causing an en
tire suspension af building operations
in tjhe city returned ta work today,
Interesting Resnnie of the Labors of
the CoiiaMlttdoncrs for the Last
Two Yeara.
Tl.o ronnrt nf Oliiut VnainAor Star.
nir. of tliB Minif ninni I.vm l)mti.-t
hich bus just been made, nuts the
total expense of the Engineer's De-
irtment lor the twoyeais from July
, 1884, to July 1, IStilt, as tbey appear
Don the boikaof the Treasurer, at
$14,311 Gti. The report is a veiy elab
orate one, and contains many sngges
ions oi vaiue ana interest li 1 lie val
ley planters. Capt, Starling says:
That there will be a lirgs amount
)I work to be done daring the ensuing
season. Location have been made at
DenniaV at Wuhsv at Haiti il,
Point, at Long wood nod at Leota.
i i - i .1. i .
rrousDiy a tevee win also nave to oe
built at Ben Lomond, bnt the river
has not yet fallen sufficiently to de-
valnn tlm nnintji nirwt. tlirnutanal
this being a bank which envos exclu
sively at low water. The estimates are
as follows:
Dennis 145,000
Waxhaw 200,000
Cattish Point 8(1,(00
Iiongwood 02,000
i'o:a 12,000
Ben Lomond 40,000
Total 575,000
It is possible that protection levees
may bo required at Arcadia and Clio
lard. This, too, must depend on the
action of the river duting low water.
uesmos mis new wcrk, estimates have
been made of a quantity of repair and
enlargement woik, which ought to bo
done, but not all of which is impera
tively necotsary. Tho most important
and the most pressing of these are:
Enlargement on Rife Front 18.500
Enlargement on Eutaw Front... 20.000
itepair it Jiaetm rront 4,51X1
Enlargement below East in 1 Iooo 5.000
Topping of Longwood Levee 4,000
Total 52.000
Prudence would also dictate the en
largement of the Cammack Levee,
which is hardly sufficiently stronur for
an embankment of its bight, Tnere
are numerous low places to bo topped,
banquettes or benches to be put in
across siouilia, critwti li rr sipe holes
to be cut out and weak places to be
strengthened; but these will ruther
come within the work intended to bo
allotted to the repair force.
In the course of bis report Cant.
Starling says: Tbe flood jnn past
was remarkablo for the lateness at
which It dovelopod, f jr its groat h'ght
in a largo portion of the district, ami
for the discrepancies which appear in
tho reports frum different places, some
t;mes not far apart. These discrepan
cies are even more remarkable in the
Upper District than in our own : vnrv-
ing there from seventeen inches above
18.S2 to twenty-three inches below.
lathis district the following are the
heights reached by the water at somo
of the principal piints:
At bunllower Landing, !i inches
higher than 1882; at Australia, 7
inches: at Concordia, 1 inch; at
Htokes's, 2 inches lower; at K-jeeditle,
i inches lower; at Judgo Miles s, be
low Riverton, about tho name as 1882;
at lleulab, about 3 inches higher; on
Vermilion Lake (Mrs. Lightfoot'B). 7
inches h'ghor; at lidivar, 7 j lncl.es
higher; at Field Miller's, 8 inches
higher; at Mound ljuxlin, about the
came as 1S82; at Huntington, 1 inch
lower; in Miners lieua, 0 inches
lower; at Greenville, 7 inches lower;
at Wi rlield's, 9 inchcB lower; on Luke
Loe, nearly a foot lower; nt Longwood,
several inches lower, probably three
or four; at Loote, b'kipwith'sand May-
ernvme, about two inches higher; and
lower than 1SH2 by an increpsing quan
tity furl her down.
Tho expei ienca of the psst year lias
confirmed mo in the opinion previ
ously expressed that a repair foice is
not an economical way of doing work,
but that when properly managed it is
very thorough, and that it is a very
valuable auxiliary in time of hiiih wa
ter. 1 think it advisable, then, to
piainlain the organization, and t j di
rect it principally to such wcrk as can
not well be dnno bv contract, such as
digging out and refilling crawfish holes,
putting up plunk revetments, clearing
the levee of trees and brush, putting
in benchep, etc. To this end, it is my
idea that the force should begin at tho
upper end of the district and work
southward over the entire line, repair
ing every weak or defective place that
ran bo identified, and removing all
timber and undergrowth.
Murder and Nnlclile.
New Havin. Ct.. Jnlv 20. Miss
Mattie Randall, scarcely 15 years old,
was found dead by her mother, near
her home at Werric, Thursday noon
with a ballet hole in ber breast By
her side lay a man's hat and a rifle.
Suspicion was directed to Charles
Lock wood who was last seen in her
company, and to whom tbe hat and
ritle belonged. Lockwood was a farm
one of tbe best known and respected
farmers of Morris. The girl was a
great favorite with all ber acquaint
ances and was the belle of the little
val'ey, she was thrown much Into tbe
company of Lockwood and be appear
ed very much attached to her. They
were seen together at the place where
Miss Randall's body was found, iutt
before the murder. Lockwood soon
disappeared and a band of citizens be
gan a vigorous search for bim.
Later. Lockwood'a body was found
last night banging to a tree near the
spot where he committed his terrible
crime, evidently having taken his own
A Harder Hjaterlaaalj Cleared Vp.
New Yobk. July 26. According to
tbe statements of John Farach, a pho
tographer, of Brooklyn, the mystery
of the death of his brother, Carmel
Farach, near fctapleton, 8. L, on April
5, 1883, baa been cleared op. The
dead man was found with a stab
wound in his chest, penetrating to his
back, evidently made with a sword
cane which lay near bim with the
blade drawn ; his money, of which he
is supposed to have had about $400,
and bis watch and chain gone. Tbe
dead man's Brother-in-law, Anton'O
r ericono, bad been with bim tbe pre
vious day and was easpected ol the
murder, but no proof was forthcom
ing and a verdict of suicide waa ren
dered. Fericono, who bad been ar
rested, was released and disappeared.
Last week a mutual friend stated to
John Faraoh that Fericono bad re
turned and wanted to confess to hav
ing killed his brother and seek for-
Sivenesa. He claimed that they bad a
uel to settle a quarrel and need the
sword canes that they carried, as
weapons. An unlucky thrust of
Forloono'a bad killed his opponent.
After his release from custody he
traveled in many cities but found, that
ill tonune attended pun, ana. be de
termined to return and confers to the
friends of tbe man he had slaio. A
meeting was arranged between Farach
and Feiicono on Saturday night and
the la'ter expressed great sorrow for
bis ac but protested th&t it wa an
affair of honor. Farach accepted his
statements and forgave him, but made
it a condition that hs would not live
in Biooklyn.
MfcMI'HIM t-Ol.14 tMAV
The Army of Cora mdlmlalalied
Moaaled and I'Diuaasled
C'area for Bite.
"I am eager for a chance lo chiisten
my cane," said a fouth Memphis po
liceman to an A rrAL man yesterday
evening, as he vigorously shook a
hickory stick gnarled and knotted and
slick with varnish.
"Are the drunks anddisorderlies to
lough on your b at ?" was asked.
"Oh, I don't care about clubbing a
man, but I want to crack a dog's Bkutl
the worst in the world. It seems to
me they becomo more and more plen
tiful evory year. This part of town
is becoming famous for the number,
and the vlciousnees of its curs. They
not only destroy all sleep, and till pe-
deetiians with teiror, but they are
couttiintly interfering with us. If we
take a stand t watch the cjiuinit of a
r minul somo warning cur gives an
alarm and a noisy pack is scon in full
cry. They are always putting in an
ap'peaance at the wrong time, and
oftener interftro with a policeman in
the discharge of bis duty than they
protect property from thieve;. A relly
gojd dog ie a rarity. Much later than
you miiilit suppose. Moot of them
are off skylarking just at the moment
they ate most needed." -
" Why don t you weed ihom out
"Well, we distribute poison everv
now aul then, but it does not seem to
do much good. The next night they
are as thick as ever."
"Have you ever heard the number
of Jogs in the city estimated?"
"Wot exactly. But 1 have made a
few figures myself, and I suppose there
are not less than 1500 in the city and
suburbs, altogether. An organized
and unrelenting war is the only thing
that will clean them out. It does n
good to make laws regarding muz
zles. Not one dog in five
hundred is muzzled, even in the hot-
est season. On every hot day it is in
teresting to notice tbe ditl'ereneo with
which people in the street regard dogs,
muzzled and unmuzzled, 'lliey may
walk half way through the city, pass-
nit all sorts of dogs, b'g and little,
their mouths gaping and their tongues
lolling about, without noticing them.
But let a muzzled uog come
iu sight, They are at onco re
minded of tho dang -re through
which they have passed aud
during the balance of the day every
cur without a muzzle has terrors for
them never dreamed oi before. Have
you noticed the superstition that most
iieoplu have about the bite of a dog?
Ninoty-nino out of a hundred men, be
the wound ever so slight, instantly
lemaads the death of the ollonuer.
Sometimes I more than half Kuspect
revenge to bo nt tho bottom of theso
demands, but 1 know there itro a great
many who tlruilv believe that should
the uog Dy which they are uiuen
afterward go mad, they will also be
stricken with tho same dreadful mal
ady. Tho first thing after a man is
bitten is to have the dog killed, the
next to have the wound cauterized
ami swallow a hit of medicine to pro
vent hydrophobia. .Some people Bland
in mortal dread cf dogs, even when
snow covers the ground, but in warm
weather the feeling is intensified."
Utility of Kiube BBlemeul.
CiiK Aiio, July 20. Col. W. II. Bol
ton, cliiul of the division for handling
second class matter at tho Chicago
postollico, was arrested shortly afier
noon t?day, charged with embezzle
ment of public funds by means of
false returns. The postolllrt) inspec
tor claims to have trued a phnrUiite of
11,0110 from November, 18H4, to No
vember, 1SS5, and intimates that the
total rhortiigo will be from 150,000 to
John T. Stewart, the weigher, wa
also arretted. Tho inspoctois (ay t hey
have found that the Chicago Daily
Nnv company paid hint nearly $1000
more from November, 1884, to Novein
tier, 18K5, than was turned over to the
government. They also allege that
liming the came period the Wtmtrrn
Newt company paid him about $:i(M)0
more than he returned to Washing
ton. They have still to inspect Ihe
accounts of all the other newspapers
which had papers mailed there during
Col. Bolton's incumbency. Col. Bolton
was appointed by Postmaster Palmer
in 1877. The arrest of these two is
very likely to be followed by more, as
the inspector have discovered a pri
vate memorauda belonging to Col,
Bolton, wiiicb they claim implicates a
number of Federal ollicials, and even
private citizens. The inspectors say
that the facts which wi.l quickly be
brought to light will produce a sensa
tion which will astonish the country
as well is the city.
Robbed cm tbe Pabllc Nti-eeta.
Chicago, III., July 25. Mrs. O. R.
Jayne bad a band satchel, containing
money and diamonds valued at $7000,
forcibly taken from her tonight while
passinr by the Leland House, in the
full glare of the electric light. The
lady, her husband and two children
were walking down Michigan avenue,
when a villainous looking man, with
his face blacked, came up from behind,
snatched the satchel and ran south,
pursued by Mr. Jayne and a number
of people, who plainly saw tho rob
bery. At Van Buren street the thief
was lost sight of and has not been
A Crooked Bookkeeper.
Louihvillb, July 20, C. D. McKen
lie, bookkeeper of the Ashland Coal
and Iron railroad at Ashland, Ky., is
missing from that place, and has writ
ten to the president. John Mean, that
he is short in his accounts about
$18,000, and that he has been making
false entries for some montlis to con
ceal his crime. He offers to straighten
out the books, but refines to make
known his whereabouts. He Is sup
posed to be in Canada,
Killed by a Cttautable.
Louisvilli, Ky., Jaly 28. A Con
rier-Jourtial special says: la Graves
county, Kentucky, the two Crittenden
boys, under arrest for stabbing Alvin
Wheeler, attempted to escape by
knocking Constable Milton down.
Milton Bhot and killed one and mor
tally wonnded the other. The Crit
tendons attacked and cut Wheeler se
riously lor reporting them for selling
liquor without a license.
Hitch la (be formailoa ef tbe Brit
lab MialMtsy.
Los oon, July 26. There are rumors
of a hitch in the forming of the
Cabinet on account of the conflicting
claims of two leading ministers in the
last Corwervative government,
NugliTllle Tie- B gton's Surprising
Victory Over Philadelphia
S Other Lra;ne Games.
IsrtctAt, to tbi irriAL.l
Atlas i a, Ga., July 20 The At'an
ta dofm'ed tho Memph'ans today.
The visitors were outplayed at every
point. JSaeed ami McSjrley indulged
in sorrm line kicking. Atlanta pre
sants Morris, her new pitcher, tomor
row. Following is the score
Cline, s. s 112 5 0
Parcel), l.f 0 10 0 0
Lyons, 3d b 0 0 O 2 0
Lynch, 1st b 2 1 13 0 0
Hognn, c. f 2 110 0
Strieker, 2d b 0 0 3 5 0
Shafer, G , r. f 110 0 0
Mappes, c 12 8 10
Wolfs, p 0 0 0 1 0
Total 7 7 27 14 "tj
M KM I'll 18. R. B.H. P.O. A. E.
Graham, cf 0 13 0 0
Sneed, r. f 10 10 0
McSorley,3d b 1 0 3 2 0
Andrews, 1st b 0 10 0 0
Black, 1. f 0 1 0 0 I
Brougbtoii, c 0 10 10
Mamiirt'jr, 2d b 0 0 0 3 0
PhelK-.-.s 0 2 14 1
Knotitl, p 0 0 0 0 0
Total 2 0 2(1 10 2
Atlanta 0 10 2 2 10 10-7
Memphis 00020000 0-2
Earned runs Atlanta, 4. Three
bass hits Cline, 1; Hogan, 1. Home
runs f-'hafor I. Stolen bases Lyuch
t ; Pnrcell, 1 ; Sneed, 1. Struck out
By Wells, 8; Knoull, 10. Bases on
balls By Wells. 3; Knonff2. Bisea
for being hit by pitcher By Wells, 2.
Left on bases Atlanta, 3; Memphis,
5. louble plays Mappes and (Striek
er, 1; Cline, Slricker and Lynch, 1.
Passed balls Mappo, 2; Banghton, 3.
Wild pitches-Wells, 1. Time of
ame 2:10. Umpire llangle.
At t'barleatoa.
Charleston 0 2 0 1 0 1 1 2 013
Macon 3000020106
At Navaaaak,
Pavannah 1 00002000 03
Ntumville 0 01002000 0 i
Game called at the end of tenth in
ning on account of darkness.
Washington, 1; New York, 18. Base
bits Washington, 4; New York. 22.
Krrors Washington, 13; New York, 3.
Pitchers Washington, Madigan ; New
York, Keefe. Umpire Fulmer.
Boston, 14; Philadelphia, 2. Bud
hitu Boston, 8; Philadelphia, 4.
Krrors Btm, 8; Philadelphia, 10.
Pitchers Boston, .Stemmejor; Phila
delphia, Daily. Umpiro Gaffney.
Metropolitans, 1 ; Cincinnati's, 4.
Base bits Metropolitans, tl; Cincin
nati, 7. Krrors Metropolitans, 5;
Cincinnatis, 2; Pitchers Metropoli
tans, Mays; Cincinnatis, Mullane.
Umpire Valentine.
Only ono inning played; stopped by
rain. Score stood Baltimore, 1; St.
Ljiiis, 0.
PliiLAPKi.rniA, Pa., July 2t, Ath
letics, 0; Louisville, 7. Earned runs
Louisville, 3. Two base hit Gleason.
Three base hit Werrick. Passed
balls Kohiiifton, 1. Wild pitches
Hurt, 2. First base on balls McUary,
1. Base hits Athletics, 3; Louisville,
8. Errors Athletics, 0; Louisville, 2.
Umpire Bradley.
Toronto, Ont., July 20. Tbe St.
Louis (Mo.) Ix"aKiio team stopped here
today on their way to New York and
played au exhibition game with the
home dub which it took ten innings
to decide and which was finally won
by St. Louis. Score St. Inis, 7 ;
Toronto, 5. 1!jfo hiti St, Louis, 1 1 ;
Toronto, 10. Errors St. Louis, 0;
Toronto, 8.
uami:n todat.
Philadelphia at Boston.
New York at Washington.
St. Louis Browns at Ba'timoro.
Ixmisvillo at Philadelphia.
Cincinnati at Brooklyn.
Pittsburg at New York.
The Southern League schedule does
not call for uny gamoi to-day, but
clubs having deferred games will
doubtless play them.
Ht. Ijuih Glott-Dtmocral: "The At
lanta directors decline to sell Manager
Pnrcell's release to tbe Macon Clnb."
This is about as accurate as if the
Globe-Dtmocrvd had said that the Chi
cago directors had declined to sell
Clarkson's release to Chattonooga.
NashvU-lb American: "His three
defeats in Savannah and the certainty
that he would have suflered a fourth,
hod he remained, have made Manager
8niu, of Memphis, very billions,
Somo of his vaporings at Atlanta,
make very humorous reading. Mana
ger Snide is now suipected of delib
erately giving away games to Atlanta
under the delusion that he is loos re
taliating on Savannah for the ease
with which she bettered ber percent
age at the hands of his club." The
columns of tho Appkal are open to
Manager Sneed for a reply.
Prot. Chs. LwhrigAftn Seeger
or of jm" a . R"at RWtii:
. K ' ..xWn ul Ik &aval Suiter.
lin, tw -I '
should not b confounded with tha horde
of trashy oor-alls. It is in no sans ot Um
word a ratant rainsdr. I am thorooahir
oonrorsant with Its mods ot prparato.
and know it to boaotonlj a leiUinaeaptir
maMuttoal produot. bot also wortnr of Ofc
hish oommandatiuns It has rwwlrad In aa
uarts of tha world. It eontains unM
W, Cooa, Quinine. Iron and Clftjr
which ara dissolved In pure reaolne Span
ish Imperial Crown Sherry.
Invaluable to all who are Run Down, Ner
vous, Drspeptie. Bilious. M"'"" " Jfc
dieted with weak kidneys. JMwr -IutlMlloaa.
Her MJiJ rvrlle Cwamotae
Dud hi Bt Raval Bifhtu- Ik Prmf 4
Wet? and the n.billty. For th. gkiuTW
Pleainn, Eruptions, Chapping, Rouihneee.
ll.OO. Of drus-fists.
LIEBIU tCO.'S) salw, ". f
HanapartllK is (aaranteed a the but
Barsaperilla In the market. k

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