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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, July 27, 1886, Image 7

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Cotton Steadj-Middlliitr, 9 3 8c
Sales Yesterday, 300
Money in fair demand at S per cent.
Local securities dull.
The cotton ninrkbt closed, steady;
middling 92c. Sa'es, 320 bales.
At New York yesterday spo's c'osed
Steady and 1-Mie lower; middling, 9c.
A leading cMlon circular says:
"Liverpool sent over a ditappoinlirjgly
weak dispatch; the Bilver quotation
was lower, and crop accounts in excel
lent shape. A combination of influ
ences that discouraged the bulls and
led to a break o! somo lccal points,
with the feeling still tame at the de
cline. Long cotton was unloaded with
much freedom. No jew selling ex
cept pofs.bly cn the lata montns.
At Jew Orleans Kpo:s wera
firm; middling, 9 3-lCc; futures
steady ; July. 9.15c.
At Liverpool spots were leported
quiet and uncliangad; middling
55-16d; fiitmes quiet and steidy;
July, 5 15-1GJ. Intha general mar
ket there aie to features of note.
Th;rty-nino brig beans and peaa,2G20
rh bapg'ni?, 335 pkg bion, 813 pkgj
doom and shots, ll'Job bu coro,
11 pkcs cbee o, 30 fks ct tt'je, ( cars
cotton sied, 3741 sks cotton Sfed, 429
pkgi drv cooiK 03 pkcs ssgs 13l!2 brls
flour, 49 pkirn hnt-,35 pkgs iard.181,000
ft lumber, 3M pkgi liqiicra, 125 br's
malas'es. 35 kes nails. 4000 bu oats.
54 onions, 7 csra pork fides, 271 brls
sugar, 437 pkgs tobacco.ldOO bu wha'.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
me Merchants .bxcliatigo today:
Corn received, noue: withdrawn,
1125 bu; in store, 3788 bu. Oata
received, 710 bu; withdrawn, 89? bu ;
in store, 710 bu. Wbeat received,
none; withdrawn, uoce; in store,
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tena.,
AMEKIt'A.1 (oriOV,
Money in good demand at 8 per cent.
ins uieanng tiouse report is aa fol
f; Monday, July 26tb, $140,106 76;
satne day lait week, f 162,733 66; same
day 1880, iuz,05L' l; eatne day 1881,
Monday, Ju'y 20th, $37,264 24:
same day last w ek, $64,529 66 ; same
day 1885, !pi,2Mo ia; same day 18S4,
8,4b bi.
New York mgbt on all points, oar
baying, i premiam seliiog; Nmr
Eoeland dmttnd, J discount buvirie
New EngUud sight, J discount; New
Urlems, discount buying, par Belling
Bank of Cooimerje14i tid, 149 aked
first mtioual '11 bid, 12 asked
German Bank 192 bid, 190 asked
State National 145 bid, 148 asked
Union and Plnterhl50 bid, 151 asked
Mercantile Bank....l35 bid, 137J asked
Bluff City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 102 bid, 105 asked
Horn? ; 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 105 aBked
Peoples 824 bid, 86 asked
Pboenix 100 bid, 102 asked
Planters 103 bid, 105 asked
Vanderbilt 25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington 30 bid, ... asked
Factors 20 asked
M. and C. n.K.sbarus..37 bid, ... aeked
M.is T. R.R. t.hrs, 45 bid, 50 asked
M. & O. consols, 7a. ..118 bid, ... asked
M. & L. R. lt m. 8S...105 bid. ... asked
Miss.&T.R.R.cs,A... 117 bid, 118 asked
Miss. & T.K.K.cf.u... 100 bid, 10S asked
Tenn. wts. ser. 1) 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. E to J..82 bid, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6i 108 bid, 110 asked
Tax. Dist. 4, 6, 97 bid, 98 asked
Tax. Diet. 6s 104 bid, 105 asked
Mem. Gas bonds 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bonds 96 bid, ... asked
Ilananer Oil Works bid. 65 asked
Am.Oot. Oil trust,...31i bid.32J asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills 2 5 b i d , 30 asked
Mem.Stor.Com.Co..l00 bid, 102 asked
Mm. Gas stock .i 8 bid, 82 asked
Nkw York, July 20 Money on call
is easy at 22J per tent. Prime mer
cantile paper 45. Stchng exchangs
lower; acttil rides, 485 Jc for 60 day
bills, and 4sn lor demand.
honds Government bonds were
qnitt but str inir, and the 4s a e qno'ed
Jc higher. State bond wtr dull but
strong for the is;ues deelt in. Railroad
bonds quiet and tenerally nrm; tale
$1,266,000. There was a somewbut
better di.-tribution cf sales without
any superficially conspicuous icsiie,
the Teiiis Pac'li.! b ing qu'et. Final
prices gMien-lly thow advances, but
inavpry few cjpts for more tlnn
fractions Indiana, Bloomingt.in and
We.-t rn fcsrnds are up 2, at 74 Lou s
villeand Ni siivtllr, St. Louis division,
Becoods 4, nt f.5; Norfo k and Western
gnral sixes 3, at b'(i; Texas and
Pciiii) inromes 1, nt 48, and the ter
minals 1 J, t 47J
Sticks rh'i mark'-t tiday wai n
dull cn", a I m cm t barren cf news and
with ve-y little lite except in Nottbern
Pjciflo, Texas Pacitlo, Reading and
Consolidated Gas, in which special
causes contributed to make these usu
ally quiet s'cckfl active. In the case
of the granger, (he Into d scnuraging
ntterances rf centlemen in the Chicago
cartr has hd iama;i(ii; eflect ujen
speculation in the si) stocks. Advices
from Philadelphia today sist?d that
the sale of lands by the Noithern Pa
cific had been arranged, and rumors
in regard to the contest f it control of
the Tatter company were given color
by tbe activity and strength in the
c Din tn on stock. A story was set afloat
early in the morning that a rival to the
Consolidated Gas Company was to be
established in this city and the stock
was weak ii tbe early dealings, bat
later the decision by Attorney General
O'Brien in favor of the company wse
announced, which started a buying
movement in tbe ttock and lifted
it marly 3 per cent. The opening,
this morning was strong, first price
showing advance) ranging from t to
p;r cent, the latter in Reading. Ths
anket showed some activity in the
early trading, nd slight declines were
estaDiisiiea except in iVrtbern Pacific,
but before noon dullutfn r gned and
prices ramea. a cull and lairly steady
market succeeded, which continued
until the last hour, when a decided
upward tarn took p ace, t'ae market
finally clos ng firm at abint the best
figures of the day. The let result of
the day's transactions is advances of
small fractions for most of the active
list, while U3LB.jlida.t9d Gag is up li
per cent.
The total sales of sto'ks today were
152 808 shares, including Delaware,
Lackawanna and Wes ern, 8040; Erie,
10,325; Lake Shore. 8070; Louiaville
and JNishvila. 408a: Aortlivrrslern.
tow; isew lorK uenfai, Vlb7: .North'
ern Pacific, 12,110; Reading, 11,025;
St. Paul, 78tii; Sr. Paul ani Omaha,
1222, Texas Pacific, 22,7:
Union, 4715; Noithern
l aciuc pre-
ferred, 10,684. "
V. S. 3. 100 4s. conn. 12HV,. A
44, ooup, 11211. Pacific b o 1895, 13.
La. itamnt. 4i. 77
Miaaourl, 6s, 100S.
Tenn. 6s, new, 615.
Tenn.Hs. old. tilfi.
Cant. Pao. 1st, U4. Den. k K.U.lata.U!
L'ensit.H. vv.i-ts.M tru teoonda. lis.
M.K.AT..Qen.fia.'.H'.1 North. Pan. lt.11fi.
norm, i-ao. sus,ioi.v,,ci. enern con., HA
N. Weat. deb. 5a. Ill 14. St L.S.F.Oen.M. 110.
St. rani. con.. 133. t.r..U. a P. lata. 121 .
T. P. lHndJtranle,4S. T.F..K.U. exonu. CO.
U . r. liu, no. n oi snore, lu:
Adami Express, 142. Morris E.,i9il ,142'a
Allegheny Cen.. -
Alton &T. II., 31'. j.
AT. 11., I'M.. K.
American hx., M7.
11. C. U. & N..M.
riatmvuie 4 u.. f7.
n . o. i.enrrai, A.
Nor. W., i.fa.. 40
Nortmrn I'm...
Northern P. ptd.,liH&
C 4N. W.. 113' .
t'anada Pao., 6.rjV.j.
Canada Sou., 44.
Central Pacific, 43.
C. & N.W ptd',,140,
1. .antral, IU174.
ni i. 1, i u
c. o..iDfd. in1;.'
r. i.v. cm, I,., V-
v. a u.. za inu., iu.
1.11110 (.en'rni, .
Ohio ii Mia., 2Vt.
O. & Mis., pld.. '.11.
O. t A.. 14:t.
C. A A . i.ld., 150.
C 11. A U., MV..
Ontario ic West., 19.
Oregon Nav.. lOiW-i,.
C.,St. L. & N. O., .
C.Bt.L. A P., 11.
C.,Kt. U. A P.p., 29.
Oreeon Trana.. :14V.1-
Oregon Ini., Wi.
V., B. & V.,ZS.
C.AC , M.
Del. A Uud.,91'.'
Del.,1.. & W.,127.
Den. A Rio (1., -1'4.
I'aniuo Wuil, 504.
Peoria, I). A E., 26.
riuniurg. i:.i.
Pullman P. C, 130.
Handing, W.
Ro?k Island, 12.W,.
St. I.. A S. V..
cne, &s.
K'rie Did.. 77.
EaetTenn., 55
KastTenn. l.fd. 13'i. St. U. A 8. F..n..'52
Fort Wayne, 147. Bt.1,.4 S.F.,lst p.113
nannioui dc ot .10., u. M. A ni. r., VYn
U. iSt.Jo., iifd., O. M. 4 St. P., p. 122.
Harlem. 2 it.
St. 1'., M.& M., 11:1.
Unuaton A T., Sfi',4
Illinois Cen., lafiVi.
tit. P. A Omaha.
Kt.PaulAO.idd.. 109.
Ind.,B. A W.
lexaa i'aoitid, 12'4.
Union Paoifte, ft!i.
U. S. Bxnrcss. 63 2.
Lake K. A W.. 8
Lake Share, 87.
Loa. A Nash.. 4.
W., St. L. A P.. if'i.
W.,bt. L. A P., p., 30.
Lou. AN. A., 51
M. AO. first Did . .W. U. Tel.. 67.
v. a. i. ex.. IZi.
M. AO. pld., . Colorado Coal. 24?a
Mem. A Char., 36, llotnent;Ae, U2.
Mich. Cen.. 7t. Iron Kilver. ltl.
M.. L. S. W.. 8. Ontario. 2S.
M.,l,.8.AW.,pfd.ir2.Qu.tcksilver, 7U.
Min. A St. L., yuioksilver.pfd, 27.
Mio. A 8t. L.i'fd,441;. South Paoifio, .
Missouri Paoilio,l(iS'.Sutro, 11.
Mobil & Ohio. &'.
Paris, July 26. Three per cen'.
rentes, 83f luc for the account.
Nbw York, July 26. Exchanges.
ss.-io ,'jol; balances, ito.uu.-ius,
Boston, Mass.. Jul v 26. Exchanges.
i,!H,U82; balances, $1,481,612.
Chicago. III.. July 26. Associated
banniciearinga today were 7,641,0tX).
Philadelphia. Pa.. Ju'.v26. Bank
cieanngs, J8,ooo,l74;. balances, $1
Baltimore, Md., July 26. Bank
cleannga todiy, $1,929,296; balunees,
London. July 26. Consols. 101 7-16
for both money and the account.
Bar silver, 43J1 per ounce
Bimu.v, July 20. The statement of
the Imptrtai Bank of Garmany sbowa
an iLcrtasa ia ipacio of 7,680,000
Sr. Liuis, Mc July 26. Bank clear
ings, ,.'1861.,r)S7;.Jnliaoo,-fU88,B?l;
exchange oik New York weak, at 50c
d sennit.
Havana, July 20.-Si)anieli cold
z I'JiWz 'u. .cxctiaiige quiet.
Bowon, Mass , July 26 The follow-
irg table, compiled from special dis
pones ta the Pout from ihernnnayers
of the leading clearing bouses of the
United S utes, shows the clearances of
the wtek ending . uly 24, 1886, as com
pared with t Lose of the corresoond-
mg week ;ast ytar:
New York, $519,099,073; dec, 5 1.
Boston, $77,138 207 : inc.. 31.9.
Philadelphia, $50,1)15,911; inc., 34.8,
Uhii'ng, $4-1,431, t'OO; dec, 17.3.
St. Louis, $16,93VO0; inc.. 25.6
!Snn Finncisco, $11 643,192 ;iuc ,22.9,
Jiaitinioie, fil,f)i;i 872; iuc, 11 8.
Cincinnati, $9 300,000; inc , 20 8.
Pttsburg, 7,858,649; inc., 14.7.
Kansas Ci y, $5,308 633; inc., 31.7.
Nw Or.caj, i4,272,'.'00; inc , 14.7.
Providonco, 14,408,300; inc., 17.0.
Louisvill", $0,655,575, inc., 6.9.
Omaha, $3,616,104 ; inc., 65.1.
Detroit, $3 393,277; inc., 36 3.
Milwaukee, $L,003,000; inc., 20 5.
Denver, J-3 273 539.
Clevt land, $2,763,037; inc., 32 5.
Miime-polie, f 2,713,544; inc., 4S.7.
Galveston, $916,393.
Indianapolis, $1,222,058; inc., 12 7.
Columotis, $1,725,424; inc., 51.2.
Memphis, $864,587; inc., 35 1.
Hartford, $1,895,399; inc., 34 0.
New Haven, $1,207,238; inc , 20.9.
Peoria, 608,641 ; dec , 2.7.
Pottland, $875,(00; dec, 3.1.
Worcester, $858,252; inc, 38.5.
ft. Josph, $843,500; inc., 28.0.
fcpiindfifld, $1,006,749; inc., 40 4.
Lawell, $482,038; inc., 31.5.
8yracuse. $460,368; inc., 26.
ToWe, f 801,618,828; inc., 4.1.
Outfineof New York. $281,919,755:
inc., 26.6.
Denver and Galveston not Included
in totals.
The local cotton market opened
steady, and close 1 steady; middling,
92c. Sales, ,'iJO biles, all to spinners.
8 1
Ordinary 73
Good Ordinary.. ..'84
Low Middling 8J
Good Middling,
Middling Fair..
- 01
81 9
Stuiua, tinges....
Meiifhis, JuIt 26, 1886.
Stock Sept. 1, 1885..... 1,392
Received to-day 165
Received previously ...543,8.50
Shipped to-day 1,760
Shipped previously....535,361
Home consumption to
date 135
Stock running account
Thnf far this week
Thus far last week..
Since N'ptembor let
M. nnd C. B. E
M. & T. R. R
L. snd N. R. R
M. AL.R. R. R
. 21
O..O.&S. W. R.R
L.( N. 0. & T. R. R
K. 0 , 8. & M. R. R
Wagons and other sources..,
Total .7
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
M & T. R. K
L. and N.R.R.
... 2,651
... 1,037
New York spots opened nominally
unchanged, and closed steady and
l-16c lower. Sales, 853 bilee. Quo
tations were as follows:
Yesterday. Situr.Uv
Ordinary 6J (; 15 jo
Good ordinary. Hi s 5.1 r
JjOw middling. 9 116
Middling 9J
Good middling 10"
Middling fair 10 MB
Fair 11 516
9 lti
New York futures opened nuiet and
esy, and closed weak. Sales, 72,000
bales. The closing quotations were
as follows :
Yesterday. . Saturday.
Julj. -9 4 9 45 9 5:t(.ii 9.54
August 9.43 9 44 9.52 9.53
September... 9 39 9.40 9.49 9 50
October 9.28 9 29 9 37 9 38
November... 9.25 9 34 9.3"
December ...9 29 9.30 9.!7 fl.r.s
January 9.38 9.39 9 47 9.48
February 9 48fal 9 49 957(rt 9.5S
March 9.5K 9.59 9 67(.A 9.6S
April .9.68 9 09 9.77 9.78
May 9 78& 9.79 9 87 9.88
The New Orleans BDnt marknt niinnul
dull, and clored " firm: middinir.
9 3-16c. Sales, 100 bales. Quotations
were as follows:
...7 a
,. 8 11-1G
...9 3-10
...9 15 16
Good ordinary.,
Low middling.
s li-io
9 3-16
Good middling.
9 15 16
The New Orleans future
opened barely steady, and
staady. Saloe, 18,200 baiea.
tions were as follows:
Yesterday. Kntnrdav.
July 9.15 9.230f) 9.25
August 9.17 9.18 9.25(319 20
BeptemDer..8.Hl(() sh 9.03(.1 9 04
October 8 82(5) 8.83 8.91 (5 8 92
isovember..8 80(a) 8.81 8 89(t
December 8 84(S) 8.85 8.93(n) 8.94
January 8 91(5) 8 95 9 03M9 04
February ...9 0(1$ 9.07 9.15(9 16
March 9.18(n) 9 19 9.27(4 9.'. 8
April .9.30() 9 31 9.39(.a 9.40
May 9 40(3 9.43 d.lOCh 9.5:
June (n) (a
N Orleans.
2S 9
138 81
20 ...
' "5
134 9J
9 916
New York steady
St. Louis...
Receipts at ports, this day, 1SS6. 1,456
Receipts at ports, this day 1835. 175
R'ts U. S
p'rts3day8 3,599
235 647
Kx. Gr. Br 13,248
Stock 241,996
R'ts Sept. 1 5,351,735 4.713,53
For'gn Ex l4,14.05fl'3,785,98;
0.1 1 ,ut-
Kcrease in receiota this year, 638,196
At noon: laverpooi spots were re
ported qnitt end nncbBiieed. Sales,
S000 bales, of which American 0300
bales. Receipts, 2100 bales, of which
American 2100 bales.
Closing quotations were as follows:
Ordinary, 4ijd; good ordinary,
4 13-Kid ; low middling, 5J ; good
middling, 5 9-16d; middling uplands,
b o-rt)d; middling Orleans, bi.
f The price are given in vtnet and (ith$.
lhu: 4 63 means 4 63 04: atiJ 5 111
meant 5 1-61 rf.
At noon: Liverpool lutures were
steady; July, 5 16d; Ju'y-AiiKiist, ;
Angiist-ftepimiusr, ij(" i 161; Sep-
tembsr-Oc ober, 5 121; Oftaber-No-
veniber. ; November-December.
; i-Mcemuer-jannnry, ; Jan
uary rtbruary, 6 C8d; September,
a I6d.
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
dull; July, 6 15d buyers: July-Aliens'.
0 lod buyers ; A uuust-S-pptemhpr, 5 lo;l
onyers; September uctober. ft lid buv-
ers; October November, 5 07d buyers;
November-December, 5 OOd buyeis;
uecenioer-january, ouodbuye's; Jan-uary-Febru
iry, 5 07d Luyers: Septem
ber, 5 16d sjllce.
At 4 p.m: Liverpool futures we'e
quiet and steady; July, 5 15d buyers;
juiy-Augiint, t 10a buyeis: August
September, 5 15d buyers; September
October, 5 1.1 d buyers ; October-November,
5 07d buyers ; November-Decern-
kur R flttil Knvars' Iiapumh.iv T.nim.n
5 OOd buyers; J dnusry-February, 5 07d
buyers; fcapiemer, 0 itjj Bailtrs.
Corn Whito, 50c ; mixed. 47oi from
Btore; from levee or depot, white, 45c;
mixed, Lief, in sacxs, in round lots,
white, 4950o; mixed, 46J47c.
tl ay Choice, irom store, 75(3S0e:
prime,70c; prairie,50c; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, $1212 60;
prime, $1112; prairie, $7(5)7 60.
Oats White, 39c; mixed. 37c.
from store ; round lots fr.un levee on
track white, sacked, 35(3130,:: mixed.
sacked, 33 J 31c.
15RAM t torn store, 0'.Hi)70c per cwt. :
round lots from lev. $10 25 per ton.
Beans Navv, $1 75(&2; medium.
$1 50; German millet, $1 201 40.
Cornmral Htmirlard, i2 30: pearl.
$3 23(i3 50 from Btoro, 5c cheaper from
mm, levee or triv.ir.
Rin Louisiana, 4J6c; Carolina.
Uatmeal la tiait-barrels, $3i3)3 25
from slore
Flour Fiom s'ore, tripls extn.
$3 55; family, $4; choice, 4 25; fancy,
$4 50; extra fanny, $4 75; patents,
$5 25(55 60; in car lots, Irible extra.
nominal; family, $3 3.r3 50; choice,
$3 75(3 90; fancy, $4 054 15: extra
fancy, 4 35(j4 60; patents, J5f5.5 16.
Cuackeo Wheat In half-barrels,
$4 2) from store.
Homint A5B Grits From store,'
$3 153 25.
Chackeks Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra. 4Jc; lemon orackers,
extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7Jc; ginger snaps, extra,
6c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 6c; as
sorted fumbles, 9c.
Kansas City, Mo., July 20. Wheat
more active; No. 2, red, cash, 68 Jc;
August, 68J(S,58Jc; September, 6O0.
Corn higher; No. 2, cash, 33c bid,
34c asked ; ; Augnst, 3331c; Septem
ber, 34JCt)C5c. Oats nominal; No. 2,
cash, 28c bid.
St. Louis, Mo., Jnlv 26. Flonr dull
and unchanged; XXX, $2 26(a2 35;
family, $2 40(3)2 60; choice, $2 90(3)
3 10; fancy. $3 453 65; extra fancy,
$3 753 95; patents, $4 254 50.
Wheat active and higher. The market
opened easy and sold off JJc and
ruled heavy, declining JJc more
before the cil', when prices strerrgth
ened and recovered i(c, ruling
steady until near the close, when a
weak ffeling developed and prices fell
off, finishing c h gher than Samrday;
No. 2 red, cash, 74jc; Angu-t, 73;("
751c. closing at74S; September. 7rt
closing it 76Jc; Dotoer,
7879Je, closing St TSjs. Corn active,
strong and l(Ulc higher than Satur
day; No 2 mixed, c.isb, 36 Jc; August,
3H5(j37!c, closing at 37i J ; Septunher,
381 (."391c, clofing t 39s bid ; Ott-.ber,
.!!(401-, c'onhg a' 40c Oa's tirin;
No. mixed, cash, 2iil(a;265c!; AngtiHt,
2(iji; Sf-ptomber, 27jV, October, 28c.
Rye ft ady. Barley ro market.
Hay dull : prairie, $5(n 7 50; limoiliv,$9
(iU2 . Flaxseed easier at $1 0;. Bran
firm at 4ticv Ccnmeal s'.iong, $2 25(
2 3-1. Wonl quiet and firm, lieie pta
Flour, 80(X) brls; wbeat, 327,IKK) bu;
con, 35,100 bn; oats 17,0.4 Lti ; rye,
1000 bu; barley, none. Shipments
Flour, 10,000 brls; whe-.M 2,000 bu ;
coin, 6000 bu; ra, 3000 bu; rye,
1000 ba ; barley, none.
Chicago, III , July 26. The fee'" 0
was uiiBet'.iuj in nucai, kmihv. iuk
merket w.m oa'y fair'y cciivo aid
opei ed l(.ft, but ral ie'd nndnrg03d
buying jt", f?il back j, rosa a!ain, but
fe 1 oil once more tin tbe publication
of the vhibe supply rep .rt, which
sl owed nn increase of "3 100,000 bush
els. The matket tiually closed, how
ever, J a higher than on Saturday. Tue
chief 8 ci'ulative interest durnig t tin
dtiy centered in citn. The market
op-iied very irn gulsr, pticea varyii.g
('7'l Jfl over the clo ing (igur.ts of "s.it -nrday.
Largf buying orders wen re
ceived. b:ued upon the ripirts of dry,
hot waatber in t'je cirn belt, em.d oil
Jc oti rtpor's of raiu rose a;aia niiii
c'ot-od lc higher than Sa urdny. Huh
ruliid strong in sympt'hy wit'i e ra,
but fe'l buck tv ivd ill c'o o und
finished at about Siiturday's finuris.
Flour quiet nnd unchanged. Whuu
fairly activo, gflndal'y stronger, dos
ing a shade higher; sales ranged : July,
73; t 71 Jc, cIohmI 73 jc; August, 7 Utii)
75c, closed 71 Jo'; September, 7ti7c,
cloeed 7(3c; No. 2, 73J(?173je; No. 2
red, 75e. Corn active and excited,
c osing here; cash, lOSC'iHOle; Jnlv,
4(l(.40Jf, closed 40J.!; lugnst, 40i;('i)
4lic,closed41(;: September, 4IJ(i'y42J.
closed 4? Jo Oats active and linn;
cash, 2727Jc; August, 27J1i)28c,
c'nsed 27iJo Saptomhor, 28W29.', c'o ed
2Sic Rye ttaady ; N. 2,53c. Barley
sohsv; No. 2, 61c. Faxseed s'eadv ;
No. 1,11 12J. Kecaipta-Flour, 12,tW(
br's; wheat, 78,00) bu; coro, 215,000
bu; cats, 107,000 bu; rye, 000 bu;
barley, 10,0.10 bu. Shipments F.our,
11,000 brls; wheat, 61 000 bu; corn,
27:1,0(10 bu; oa's, 64,000 bu ; rye, 1000
b 1 ; bartey, 1000 bu.
BrrrER Creamery, 2023c; dairy,
Iloo Products Mess pork, $11 50;
suger cu ed hams, 113l2jc; break
fast baron, 8lW10c; clear sid pork,
7Jc; clear rib side pork, 6J(7e;
long clear pork, ttjc ; pork shoul
ders, 6J0. Ba''on -Clear rib side,
7J(.T)75c Lrd Tierces, 6J(S 6 Jc; half
barrels, 6j(R7c; kegs, 6ic; pais,
7J'n-71c; halt-pails, 7J(A7c;50 lb tine,
6i(o; 20-lb t iif, 0(7c; 101b tins,
aic; & ib lins, 72c; 3 1b tins,
7J(7Jc; choice kett'e, tierces. 88ic
Frksu Meats No. 1 beef, 7c; Mut
ton, 7c; hind quarters of beef, 9c;
lambs, $2 503 50.
St. Louis, Mo July 20. Provisions
cull and gtnera'ly easier. Pork, $102
Lard, $625. Bulk mea's lot so lota
eas tr; long cler, $6 10; ehort ribs,
$6 20; short clear, $6 35; boxtd lots
long char, $6' 35; shoit ribs, $6 37 J ;
short clear $6 45(1 47J. Bacon eaey;
long clear, $6 95,'n7; short ribs. $0 90:
short cWr, 17 10. Hams firm. 1 11(4
12J Butter steady; cruunerv. 17(i
20c;dmry,1016-.'. Kjrgs ulon; a'.en'v,
Chicago, III., July 2(. Mess iktk
firm ; cf sii, $9 403 9 50: AogUBt. $9 40
('! 45, rlosd a' 9 40Jg-9 45; Sep
tetnber, $9 47i0u: 55, clo.ed at $9 621
(39 55. Lard st-sily; cihIi, $6 50(3)
6 52J; Angu t, JU 52lf-i;0 63; S.mtr m-
ber, $0 60(ti6 62J. Short rib eids
steady; cesh, $6 05. It x?d mats
firm; dry salted shoulders, $( 05!n
6 10; shoit clear s'des. $6 45.0 50.
Bulter quiet ;cnamerv, 13(19;; dairy,
ll13c. Egs. 10Jllc.
Coffee Gommon,0(3)i jc; ordinary,
9JI0; prime Rio, IDJfmtle; choice
to faney, 11 J(3)l2Jc; ola government,
2425c; Ceylon, 20c.
Hoap 3J(3)5Ja per pound.
Sugar Pure white, 6jc; off white,
68c; yellow, 6 jOj;-!; open kettle, 0J(n)
52c; refined A, OJ,-; granulated, 7(i)
ifc;- powoered, (Jc; cut loaf, 7i(miv;.
Salt $1 25 per barrel; packs, fine,
SI 45(a)! 60: course. SI 10M1 20; pock
ets, bleached, 2J'a,7c; csr-loads from
levee or depot. 5u cheaper.
Canuies Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
pans and barrels, Vj(.MJc.
Candlbs Full weight, 10c.
Canned Goods, Eto. Prices per don
en: Pineapples, 1 35ri)l 65; peaches,
2-lb, standard, $1 35(3)1 65; seconds,
$1 10(3)1 15; tomatoes, 2-lb, standard,
$1 2')Col 35; 3 lb, $1 151 30; straw
berries, $1 35(3)1 40; rapberries,
$1 15(2)1 25; blackberries, $1
1 15; greengsgas, $1 60(3)1 76;
pears, $1()2 25; plums, $1 60
1 70 ; asparagus, $2 60(3)4 ; green corn,
f 1(3)1 35; green peas, $1 65(3)16); cove
eywerg, full weight, 1-lb, $1(31 10;
cjve oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75(3)
80; cove oysrers, light weight, 1-lb,
65c; cove oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
E.itflo, $7 7d; Swiss, $6.
Molarpes Louisiana, common to
fa;r, 20(33i)c; prime to choice, 30(310c;
syrup, 20(3H0c; common to fair, 20(5?)
!5c; prune to choice, 3(Kii).j.5c; centrif
ugal, fancy, 32(3)34c.
I0HAOC0 tomoion, 11-inch, 25(3)
30c; dtlier grades Btni styles, 3-r)('o,85c.
Snuff Garrett's, $1(; 85 per caSR;
Raiph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $9 60.
Santas, July 24. CofTte, eiod aver-
asio 4KX) rt-is pr lOkil is; r..xei Udur
icg the week, 16,000 bsts; purclnncs
(or tl.o United Statue, 7000 bagi; clear
ances lor tlio Lioitea btitcs. 4O0O
bags ; stock, 70,00 ) bags. ,
Rio us Janeiro, Ju'y 21. Coll'-e
Regular fl st, 43 0 re s pir 10 kilos;
goid tecoud, 30,)0 re's ; ieeet(.t3 cur
inn the psft week, 75,000 baes; pur
chases for United States, 47,000 bags;
clearances for the United States, 77,000
bass; s'eck 170,000 bag.
New Yore) Jnly 20. Coffee spot
fair Rio dill , 9Jc; options a shade
lower and modorsti'y sc'iw; sales,
16,750 bags: AngtiKt, 7.5 7 60j ; Seo
tember, 7.65c; October, 7.70; No
vembar, 7.70c; Dece'uber, 7Jc ; Jan
nary, 75)7.80c; February, 7 80(3)
7.85c; March, 7.907.05c. Sugir dull
and nomiral ; refined quitt and weak ;
mould, A 0 3 16c; cut loaf and cm shed,
6Jc; powdered, 6J0 ll-l(ic. Molasses
2uiet and weak ; 6y tt at, 17Jc. Ric
rm, and demand fair.
Ha van, July 16. The sugar mar
ket during the week was quiet, and
the sales unimportant. The majority
of holders were not willing to accept
current prices. Tbe market cloed
weak. Stocks in warehnns'B at Ha
vana and Matanztfl. 32,000 box's, 706,
000 bags and 12,600 hoirsbea is. Re
ceipts for the week, 922 boxes, 4900
tags and 91 hogshead;. Exports dnr-
ing trie week, L';',(W0 baifs and 2500
nogfiieatis, i"cu.iing2(Vr)00 bags and
all the hog-hods to the United S at-.
MolassMnngir. regular t) good polar
ization, $1 75'o.2 06 gold per quintal;
Mufcovarfo," fir f giod relinirg 85
to !0 ', at $1 75C'i2 03 ; icntr fugnl. 9.' to
tu , p iiarizat on, m nogshtads and
boxes, f2 B(;i0!2 62j.
ari-Lita urieu apjties, 2J(t)3 per
pnunu iroin swre. lned peaches, 3
2wic irom eiore.
Vkoetahi.ks Onions, $2 75 from
store; $2 60(312 60 from levee or
depot. Cabbsge, $2 75(Hi3 rcr crate.
Garlic, 40('ii60c per 1(H). Turnips, 50e
pur unsnei.
r fuit uranges, louiMana, none
f. 1 , . .
uuu.ornia, j. lemons, fiyj per
uox. nananae, t WKtrts 00 per bunch,
locoannts, $6 per 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 7Jc; Tennessee, farmers' stock,
30i)4e; roasted, 2Jn higher; Bhelled,
iuc. Aimouds, I8(ci).0c.
PicKLBa In jars, pints, 95c; qnarts
ti ou nau-gauons. ti : sal ons
$3 75 ;low, barrels, $6; half-barrels,
U ?; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
ti carre;s, .
Raimks -lxindon layei-s, $3 40; lay
ers, $275; California, ; Imperial,
$.1 iMH;lj-l.
Potatoes Now, $1 T5.
Pecans Texas, 8(7)10c for small to
medium, 105j)14c for latgo; Arkaneas,
Walnuts French, 12c; Nai!m,15c
Grouobles, 15c. Filberts. 12c.
Oipeb New York, $0 6(1 per barrel
aml$3 50 per half-barrel ; Vinegar, 12J
(ojii)i per g:innn.
t'on.TRv-Chickens, ft 00(2.2 (40;
cm liens, j' .(ri: ou.
(iamk Game iIhIi, 1112c.
Eogs Scarce nt 9c.
FiHii Mackerel, lialf-bnrrBla, No. I,
$4; 0(.rt5; No. 2, $3 25(3)3 50; No. 3,
2 75oM; 10-lb kit, No. 1,80c; No. 2,
70c; 15-11), No. 3, 60c. Dry horrine,
lainiiy, at ic per box.
Sked Delivered at depot and wharf,
a per ion ; wagon at nulls, $8.
C Moa l lota. Prime crude O. S.
oil, 22(;i25c; otl crude, ldCiC'Oc
prime tumnier yellow C.H.Oil,"3(.i):'4;
on bu miner yenow v. s. oil, 320033c
Miner s tummer yellow C. S. oil, 33(.t)
3lc;Cuoice cooking suinmor yellow,
34:Vc; prime cotton sued meal, (f. o.
o 1 ji j (ny.'H.
Ix'ss thsn car-load lots. Prims
summer yellow O. H. oil, 280030c;
choice cooking summer jel ow, 30
Baooino Flag, 7J()9Jc. Ties, $1 10
Nails $2 25(5)2 50.
Ilmk-s Dry flint. 12JCi)16c; dry
salt, lOfAl'Jc ; gren salt,7Hjc ; green,
60j)6cj deerskins, 1517c. Beeswax
dull at 20($21c; tallow, 3(31c
WlilOHT, W1SKN, Mtl OKI4, r.TV,
Whisky Straight Kentnekv n.inr-
bon, $1 600; rye, $1 75()6; domes
tic, yuctjn o().
Sr. Louis, Mo., July 20.
firm at f I 07.
Chicauo, III.,
quiet at$l 12.
July 26. Whisky
Cincinnati, O. July 26. Whisky
quiot. Sales of 573 bmels of finished
goons on a basts 01 l 07.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, lie per gallon.
Cleveland, O., July 20, Petroleum
steady; s. w., 110", 7jc.
Prrr-tm'ito, Pa., July 26 Petro'cum
B'fH iy huh mm ; mail nai 1 rnu.-it cer-
ttlicts rpetiod at 662l and c'nsod
tt 6(.e; lughtst, ct'jo; lowest, G6c,
Catti.b Choice gt ass fed, 3j3!e;
good, 3(Vlc; fiiir to medium, 2Jt$
L'.p"; common, itwsv.
Hoos Choico, 3ir3)4c; good, 3J
ojc ; common, jyj.iic.
SiiKiii'-Clioieo, 3.1f;j)3Jc ; modinm, 2
(3)3e; common, l()i 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, 5c.
Kansas City.Mo., Jily 26 TheZite
vx' indicator reports: Cattle Re
ceipts, (!I0 head; shipments, none
iuarnei uootii naoy ; good to climes,
i-(M 60; common to medium, $3 60di
.i u; stncKers aril lenders, $2 4(!(il
. si; lemiers, U(3 40: own.
l 50(3)3; g a-sTixas steors, $2 60(3)
. .'(. no, s KecHipts, 4103 head;
srnpmeniB, none; ciio:ch live hiirher;
rtliHis ftisady ; gjed to choic, $4 65r-i)
4 80; ciimmon to medium, $4 40(3)
4 lti. Mienp Kecoipts. 219 bead
shipment", none; market quitt; good
u ciioifp, eiiiij,; coinuon to me
dium, $1 50(d,2 25.
Chioaoo, III , July 26. The Drovem'
Journal reports: Cattle Receipts,
960O bead; shipments, 1700 head;
market slow nnd 10(3)l5n lower; ship
ping stet-rs, iiau to loot) Ibi, $3 00(3)
5 10; stockers and feeders, $2 35()
4 50; cows, bulls and mixed, $160
da o; bulk) 3 iXJ3 75; through
Texan csttle steady ; gress rows, $2 15
(;(j i; grata steers, ;i((i)4 26; 191
Washington cattle, 1160 lbs, 3 75
Hogs Receipts, 18,500 head; ship
ment, ziaju neau: ma'ket strong;
rougti anu mixeu, ri ZUW4 80; pack
ing and (hipping, $4 75(3)5 15; light
weights, $4 i0?)4 95; ski i s, 2 50(3)
t id. eneep Kocein's. 4.)(X) hel
shipments, 300 bead; markt-t ilull,
HKy! lower; ntttives. 20'l: Wi-et-
ern, j.-J iu; lexans, $1 75()3 10.
New Iokk. Ju v 26. As a bol
tlie movement was of gold pr.'pottio. s.
w.tli a well preserved demand for all
s yles of wool- n goods but more quiet
i.ir cntoiis. 1 r nt ciotiis are very linn,
ni .s.ijc ior iqnares.
'St. RICE,
K- Market St vi-rt.
'iei 'I'hirti mi l"iiiii.
, rrtltrlt '1tl'tAl 1B1 KilJ 4111111 1 t"
.ntirt iiiO0M(ul, j lil lirwuti" will iriC
(li'rw nil fovra cf PRIVA'ri
tiorniktorrhvi ud liuputeu
U'f rolt If tt-.imin IL pOtUt MTCIIi irr ia J
trn Tin it irff.ti AftiiM nd .r-lurioi mutto
' wiuk oftii'H Nftri'iiuiui's bfuitul fmlan.-,!, ;-
4"i" l it 'itnii. l)irnttfM of Mifrit. lirWiri -
, till c, J'urvln n if. tie f,. -ti Uif.-irt - it 9tm n
unrrw 'tuj''r nr orihippi . r tMmnrli'f e. ,
""V SYPHILIS "'"vMr ,uw' J
VV.n!' Oonorrhe.
lJjr, Hfrtotnr 'IrcLtUi aim:, dr fiivt..,
all 1 t.lhT private 4iM uub'klt 41irL
t tr fW-erMfnt Uint Hpliy )f!UnlipTstns ttiiitv
illy nciutrw fxrmt kilt Ph) at :" tu"tn tht iMl oV
Tvu'.'tWfurf (wi. to my mr VIh-i it If iimrsfetiw.
w rvy fr-Inauu-lt odHiMe U wet pti t&f
)4 iM tijr wit mt Al; rM mafmUiH
CiiTOi Ouarant ia J) Co
-.V.fUiidLaU.Hii rsnsill7 r by Xw ftm ftn4 lavfj.ii
C'Uwf rwtt'4t vmI mrmix&rH uvHy -fi toiiiw 1.
tn 1W rTM t k. ny Al, mtos, tos tfzam
no, wiu hiwuM U rw4 bj aL ilir,,
Wire f-wj i. V.ImvP W lcuHvt, n ( p '
WTI.b nmirt bidn nntll 10.ro., Aatcit
, l-WP, IUI LUV uicbuihi VlklD'J rVEDOTlllV
th dirt from on ciiltrn in tba Co.rtana.
ud All dirt to hraicvM from ihm urem
ia! b th cnBtraotor. All ear u b tilti
to prerv th wall ol th elaUrn. Tbo
right to reject any bid In rorcrrd.
V. V. bliAUUUIMd,
Arkantaj Rivor K. L. Cier, 5 p.m.
Ht. Francis River...E. Fostku.o ii.m.
New Orltnoi .Citt of St. Lucts. 12
St. Louis Citv er Vicii9iiiiiu,5 p.m.
Frinri Point ...Jams Lik, 5 p.m.
Whito Kiver. ........ CuicniSAW, S p.m.
OaceoU CotHiiui.'S n.m.
ArkansuCity Kti Aiiaus, 5 p.m. .
Tlptonvill (ltTiu,5 p.m.
Cincinnati. Hi vkky Static, 5 p.m.
Arricah Kate A'Jiuns, Arkansas
Ci'y; James L' t, Fr.an Point; K. L.
Cobli, Arkarsai liver; Coalu inn, (We
oli; Gayoo, Tiptonv He; Ohio, Cin
cinnati; U. Us Memphis, St. Ixmia;
City of Katun R uie, St. Louis.
lkparture Kkt Adwms, Arknnsns
City; James L-e, Friars Point; 0 a
Itonin, Osceola; Gayo o, Tiptonville;
Oho, Cincinnati; lielle Memphis,
Vicksburg; City of Halou Rnuge, New
O 'iiins.
lioati in rort. R. L. Cobb and Kd
res er.
Hoati Ihte Aucn Ci'y of St. I.onis
and Ark'ir.sas City.
y.'unfji Due Up. City of ViekHburi!
nnu viiicKtiiw.
KtH'elp Yoxlerilny.
O:io IS'jO pkgj m's.ellanro::
frng'it. ,
R. L C bb- I bales coiiou, 1
POmI ami 20 . 8 Hlli'drii".
Iti llt) Meinphi-3 73 t.nis 1110 cliaii
Gayoso I ba'e co'ton, 3 bans scd
cotton, 625 tuts e.irn 1,11 1 hit suudiiei,
t oiihoma 1 b.iltf colt in aud lot
James Lo-4 bides rot on and 10
Hkfl S I'll.
Kate'Ailams 11 bnl.s cotlon. 370t
sks sied, 500 skB ivtn and lot sun
die s.
II ll ltE MllU-II.VM
The Kd lumter. Cimt. O K. Jonlin
is the picket th's eveuicg at 5 o doe
f ir St. Francis rivor.
ins i.ee une pickets tour r ow
evening nrrt the Jiiiiie.s Leo for Friars
Point and the Ooahoniii for (heuola
TiiEChicVa aw. Copt. K O. Postal
is tbo WedneFday pu'ketfor White
nver. C M. I' s al und John Child
ress are her clerks
The Anchor L'nesiejtner Citv of St
Louts, Capt. Jani'B O. Neal. will n
down triday at 12 o'cl- ck for New Or
leans ami all inUrmediate points
uwen u. 1 atea in ner cork.
The CHy of Viik-btinr. Cant Dan
Abie, is uie Ancnor lne t Irs even no
atuocioi'K lor uatro anil tst. Louis,
Ueorge Walker is her clerk.
TheGhvojo, Capt. W. P. Hull.
tbo packet Thuredsy evening nt
ociocs hit liptonvnie nnd ail wav
poinn. it. i). Mitchell n in her otlice,
TnitR. r. nniii n,mt v. n c,sn,
is the packet Ibis ovening at 5 o'clock
for'sll iioint-i on Arkonsas river, going
inroiiitn 10 l'ltio num. tihas. Mussel
limn bus charge of hi r ollicti.
The Kate Adnms. Cant. Mark R,
Choek, is tbe United Stiites mail
tuicket Ihur day evening at 6 o'clock
or iii'lHtia, Arkansas Citv and all wv
landings. W.C. Blanker has chariro
01 m r oiuce.
The ltuckeya State, Cant. II. J. V in
to 11, is the lmi-kt t ThtiisdHV evnimr
at 5 o'clock for Cut,). Ltur'sville. Cin
cinnati, and all way lamlaim on the
viiio uivi-r. utc. W. UuiiUrcksnn
and Clma. Vint n sre her clerks. The
Bnrkeya Stats will giv cheap rules to
..II .w.,..lu V. 1. ..., I' '
nn 'i 11 null J,"H(,.
4a: w:uAi. .i;nn
HltNiNK.ss quiet.
Weathkii warmer, clotidv. with
nenvy r0i iih i.tst night.
The 10 Line packets were in and
out on timo yesterday.
MajobJoiin D. Adams left bv mil
iaft evening lor l.itt'e itock.
Cact. W. W. Bakeh, of (ho steamer
V ill a Hayes, is in ilia city
Receipts by rivsr ycsierdity. 21 IihIcs
cotton, 3 bays seed cotton, nnd 3733
sai'kB seed.
The City of Baton Roiilts mused
down Sunday cvenirg for New Orleans
Willi a goo-l trip.
The (iavoso. from Tinlonvillu.
nrotigtii in tijieacKS 01 cor, ana ro
ttirntid on lime lat evening,
Will Oahkaoii h is returned from a
trip tithe Sringi and went out on
the .laint'3 Lue last evening.
Thk government steamer Mimic
tonka ntriveil yesterday fiom Chester.
III., with a tow of tea bargts of etone
lor this p rt,
The Bello Menipbis pa'Htid down
Sunday miming f r Vlcksbtirg. She
diiclui'g d here 75 tonB of freight und
added -'.' ions
The Kate Adams a' rived Sunday
morning irom yxmansss t,ny with 11
biles of citton, 3706 sicks of seed. 600
sacks of corn and lot of sundries, and
returned last evening with a Uir trip.
spiiointed lccal iusnector of boilers for
this district, vice James
signed. He will lake
charge of
otlice in a few days.
in Ohio arrived yesterday morn
ing Irjm linciunati with 4850 pack
ages miscellaneous freight, ana re
turned lai-t evenii g with 175 bales
co'ton, 200 bales batlimr, 10 bales lags,
iu bales tildes, .(.'() packs oil meal ttud
a fair list of peoole.
Office Signal Skhvick, U. 8. A.,
Memi'hib, July 26, 1 p.m. 1
Tbo followiiiir observations are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is 01:0 hour faster than
Memphis time:
A!'vo Low
Water. Change.
Kiee Fall
Feet. lOlhs lOthh lOths
1!! 1 0
r 2 2
0 7 10
1 0 2
1 8 1
2 3 1
ir ;i
:i l
fl :i l
3 1(J
r 7 .
11 4
4 - 0
0 3
I) 2
6 8 3
9 3 3 '
2 7 4
16 8 7 '
Fort Smith..,
La Crosse
Ix-aven jvorth...
Little Rock
New Orleans...
St. louis..
St. Paul
DiMKir l,ln-Put and MatliJ of a foot
Cairo, 411 fixt. rhaManooxa. S3 (oat.
Cincinnati. H).
Dubuque, 16.
Keokuk, 11.
La Croaaa, 24.
Little Hock. 23.
Naal.yiUe, 41).
Omaha, 18.
Ht. Lou it, Si.
tibraveport, 28.
Llavaiurt, l.s.
Port Braith, ti.
llolDK, ,
Leavenworth, 20
I.oa'.ville, 26.
New Orlenr.s, 13. J,
Pittsburg, 22.
Ht. Paul, 7.
Vinkabun. 41.
Yankton. 24.
PrrrgBDBO, July 26. Koon River 3
feet 3 inches on the guge and fall
ing. Weather clear and wam.
Cincinnati, July 26. Noon River
9 feet 8 inches on the gauge and fall
ing. Weather clear; thermometer 87".
WiiKiiLiNO.W.YA., July 26. Noon
River 3 feet 7 inches on the ihuim and
fa'ling. Weather cloudy, threatening
Kvankvillb, Ind., July 26. Noon
River stationary. Departed: James
W. UatH Cincinnati, 10 o'clock last
Louisville, Jnlv 26 Noon River
stationary, w ith 5 fuel 7 inches ia the
causl and 3 feet 5 inches on the fa'ls.
Business drill. Weather ekuJy and
warm, indie iting rain.
Caiho, July 20. NoLn River 13 feet
3 inchej on the rsukk 8nd falling.
Weather cloudy ard h-,t. Arrived:
Arkama" City, St. Louis, 8 p m.; Citv
nf Cairo, Vicksltnrg, 9 p.m.; Ana;e P.
Silver, New Oilcan, 2a.m. Departed:
l ity of Cairo, St, Louis, ID p.m. ; An
nie P. Silver, St. L-iuih, ;', a.m. ; Ar
kansaCity, Vielsburg, 5 n.m.
SloiiniUis&niK iiniati PVt io
Bxouinlou lint on.
May Int. ,
Tlio Kinicint
Uiickoye Slate, Ohio A Jus. . fi.ift
rr TM '('o-Minny itlll oll KOI Nil Ti ll
Tll iwt.i' l.-lMIl Ml'lliptlH ti.' l.'!lisv.ii,
O'tu"' i, ii nil all liiinlotu Cil t.,
Itreally i.oJuoil Itutoa,
Tii'kots Incliiilo Mini la nn.l Slato r v rra
Holurn lioknta ifnoil on nny limit in tlio lm-,
Kiu'li btmt narrioa a Vino b;niu lUtul.
llemlays nml Tbtirsdnjis at 5 I'.M.
For Information Imiuir of C. M RdS
SKI.li, Airent, 12 Madiaon atrt, Motnehia,
Tenn. K W 'K. Srj.'t
Nt. I iiiiIh Hint Sin OrlraiiN tni-hor
l.l-r.N. Mtl-OAlHOJiSr. Ldl'ld.
City of Vicksburn, .Rjv
, l'- Able mantor, teSK
Will lenvo tli
i-.ievumr it i-.mih,
( I,. II Ml
A'ltt. A)St')l!1,
KOK N K V Oli!.F..N'
Nt. I.niila nuil New 4rlnn Anchor
l.lnri.N. )WlK01l NUW OhLKANS.
City of St. Louis,
Jua. 0'Noal...inaalor. Araaer4wk
Will leave the Klevator TUKtL)A4, July
2,th, at 12 mi For freight nr iwita atinly
C. I,. HM,, Pa, Aut. All SToHM. ,st.
For Oeooola. llulea Point, Carutlirivil!,
Uttynao ami Tiptonvlllii-Ih now steamer
4JA10SO, r-avnp.
W. P. Hall maatorl B. O. Miuuall...irk.
Will leave aa above, and all way nointa.
p. in. For I reiirht or l'n-a-e BinOyon board
lkk Link.
Stf mIIh, rinr llnt nua Hemnlui
Hlllt ) ! lrIH'l4MC tOTUtn.
For Helena. Uk-nJale, KrUra Point aai all
' Way liaadlna Staamer
.1 nines J,ee,
J. U. Cooir, maatr....J. W. Suiiluora.piera
v"i lve at abov on vry MOiNuaY.
W K1M KBUA V and FKIUAY . at 5 o'il:k.
For Handotph, niton, Uaoaul aal Wj
banainr i htenuier
I'Oaliouin, T-rvmt
M. T. Cliiatl...niaitr I IMati In ,. ,,-rl
anj 1'KIDAY at 6 p.m. Th bouta of thli
line rsaorvn the right to intaa a'.i liuiiiti-.
in oainaiti nia iie'n unaatc. .its3,3:
lM,lia.n .IAMKH 1,K, ,1a , H'l-",
MoihiiIiInA: tVhite KiTorrkt.Co
Fr 4'lHrrnilon, llet-nllo lllnlt. Ua
Arr), Aunuata, 6earny, Newport, Jaokaon
liort, IlateMVlllo nml all Way Landinua,
K. 0. I'oatnl..
nai. i mi uaifiw, -ii
Will leave KVEHY WKDNKSDAY at i i.m.
maater, -f
NTIt. Al.lltKfA N4 , . ,rr
Albert 11. Smith
,.maitor ii.
inn isuvo r.vr.ivi OAll lilMl al . p.ru.
Tlirnuali rutin niven tn all nulnn Kriki
eoiialKiied to the IMeiniiliia and Whlta Kirar
PockutOo., at Moii.bi or Terrene, will l
forwardotl irum i.tl v. For ironural infinna-
lion iijiely ,it olll.-o,
(tiltl IVIi'(.iioto '".!.
.No H Matllaon at., orU
MILT lliltKY'M 'y
Freddie Robinson, -vq
M. 11. Ilnrrv ,.,.i.
For ll.lon.i, Terrene, De Valla liluff, Uoa Ar,
nuKuaia puarny, ewtnirt anil uatO'iviUo.
Will lanve aa uhova SAT I! H I1A V ,,, r. ..
riirouKh ratea to all nolnta. Freiaht eon
ilined to Milt Harry Line, Moiiii'hia, will 04
liromiitly lorwnriloil. P.P. PKASK.
I ototihone IH?.
I he ni.l'ruuclN Itiver 1 1 uiimuirluiiu
Cu.'l Fin Side-W heal C. H. .'dil 6:xr
JKd Font or, - VT -
O. K. Joplln mat'.
-xii.i. i.kavk tnr.ni'iiiH kvkhi
at S o'olook. for M arlanna. th Cut-0 ,'
intermediate landing on tit. Fraooia nter,
inv oaptain retervet th right to i ,ui al
anuinua r.e ileeina unaafo. J An. LK-i, Jr.,
,M,winrnfi,.wi nntfe. No. 4 Ma.liann al
3leuiililH uiitl Vicksluirir Packet lout
li.uir L.h. .nail Lino.
For llelona, Concordia, Torren and Areas
aa iity in igaut paaaanger itaauar
K.Ohek...maatr I W, 0. Olankiir...olark
Lenvea ftlemnhla
Lenrea Matnphla
Ii. 01.. raaerwina; the riuht tn tiaaa all landlnca
thaoniitaiB mavdeaiu unauln. Tor uenaral
information apply at nffina, No, 4 Majiaoa
treet. B. WALWOHTU. Agent.
Mill N KH, Paaa'r nt. Telenhon a!.
Arkitnsiy Jtiver i'k't to.
Str. R. L COBB,
a. jf. umn ii... .iiinr lor, rvtmM
D 11 U...I.L ... giiia- "f,'
Leave! Mouii b ia Every lllbSDAY , at " p.m
, II. O.liHIVK, Agent,
(im, Nn S Mdlnn at. TnlM't-inn No. M.
0ll-lt('Hllll'llt Xlltljp.
Wil. H D In tlio Chancer Court of
Shultiy Comity, Tonn. TlmSui-rome (,iii(ice
ol tlio Ancient order of Uuited Wjrkuiea
vn. A. W. Johnaton et al.
It Hi-pouring Irom the bill which iaaworn
in Una inline thai the detain unta. John H.
i-ndlook, VV. Wnuillock and MiL-jin Wood-
ok, uro non rcridunti of the Stuteot Ten-
iiiianee, and ttint the ruauience of thedctend
not. 1,00 Wooillock. ia unknown ami i-nnnut
be a.certauie'i att,.r uiktfent in-imry:
It in thrri'toro ordnruu, Th.it aid Ii ur do
foiid:inta luat above named niiko their ap
pearance heroin, at tlio 'nurtlntmo ol Shulhy
county, in Mouiphie, Tonn., on or bofura .
the II rn t Monday in Hcptouioe', 1 ', and
plead, anawer or doiuur to coinplainaut'a
bill, or the aaine will be likt-n. tor confcaseil
aa to them, laid Joha' It. Woodluck. W.
Woodlook, Maggie Wooillock and i,eo Wooil
lock, and set lor hearing ex pnrto: and that
a copy of thia ordor bo pubiii.hod once a
wook, for four aucceaaive week", iu the
Meiuphia Daily Aptiaal. Thia l'Jth d iy of
July, la".. A cony utloat:
S. 1 Mi'DOW E1.L, Clerk an i Majtur.
Ity 11. P. Waleh, Duputy C. and M.
John FjriaxelljolfojMMmipl'ta. taa
A Valuable Patent
nnary'a (Horao) oru aud Pn Ftauj.
HAVINS rerfectod mr InrentloB, I wlah
to place it bolore th pnblio. aapiaJly
manglaeturera, Aa a Corn Planter, Uie a
pertait ancoaaa onena the drill, diatribuUd
lb aed accurately, oniniured, and eorvd
th saw, thereby on man purlorailng tlx
work of three. The have been sa4 la
thiaioction lor oyer a dotoo yeara with par
ted latlalaotion. Can give raapouailil tattl
moniala, Addreti
JOHN ii. PANCT.Daneyrtll,
Hawonil aonnlv. I'enaja
"pit MUCK Ala TO TUK KONT-l aall
pcrwou aeakiug tloveroacent Kd
loyment in any ol '.a dcparuneaU a
Wuhlnviiin. or any other ooaitiona and
the'loTMtiment, 1 willaend full laa'-faotknt
at to how to promiaal to obiain tbeaaxe,
and Hlaaaav t'ernutf AanlltalMa
Ktipt ot On Dollar. Addreaaa JtflUf
JUHOU, L.kX IMUi, Alilw
bad I
jut. I
t oil
tight .
(ten I
tio f
I ... , . -.1 ...I. -

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