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CISTKRN8 Built ana rapatrad and war
rmted. Invsntor of th. 8niUr Port
land Ccmtat Pamp. Contrutor and bnok-
jayr. Tolcphono s
MULE A blaek horsa mills; bai afre-h
halter barn on ritht hind foot: is not
hod; wsslaststxn on Poplar street Boule
vard com inr toward town. TH finder will
ba rewarded bv ratornina aote to
toner Cooper and Central avnne.
UCKS-Prom 248 Second street, ore doi-
cn dncki. Return ana be rewreiea.
BAY MARK MULE-From C. P. 6mith,
Horn Lake Landing, one bay mare aula,
about eight rears old, fiiteen hand high;
mane recently trimmed, lirinc to P. A.
Joneis Co.'s stable snrl he rewnrdrd.
CM Aft A REWARD Memphis, Tenn..
iOLUUU July 2fi,lHS-TlieaboTe amount
will be paid by David Botio and Brothers
for tb arrest and oonvietion of the murder-
era af Kosa and fiuuu'ti.
PRTKHVAN. 406 Front street, pays
full vlue for Seound-hatid Clothing.
DOH A lame black Newfoundland bitch.
Tbe tinder will be reward-d by return
ing her to No. 86 Rxr-hwngr, itrret.
Dishing my establishment, offer for silo
Tery low eiirht lame tol a Walnut Tables,
containing twodrawersench, ana three large
plate glass Mirrors, ri. K. nlDdKLY,
31 Ma lison street.
ENQINE fO-Horse Power Atlas Engine,
with Boiler, Smoke-stack and Kre ch
in complete; in perfect running order;
will be sold at a bargain. Apply to
0. 1. BA.-WK1T, S 5 Second st.
GOOD HOHRE-For light work. Inquire
of John Kennedy, at Brown & Jones's
stable, on Monroe Btreet eitended. Cheap.
GIN A good K. Car er (()) saw gin in
fine running order and reiidy tor work.
Price iff). Apply at tieorge B. Metoalf's,
Howard's Row.
Now stored at KKUUKD office.
FURNITURE One handsome bel-rnora
set at a bargain: also, thro good Milch
Cows. Apply at 1W Uneii stroet.
UPRIGHT PIANO flood as new, choip
lor cash; or will exchange for board.
Address K. .18, Appeal office.
nearly new, for sale cheap, at
LD PAPERS-Cheap, at
2 BOILERS and Engines in good order, and
all kinds seoond-hand machinery, at 8.
OABAY'S, A'gtand ' om. Meroh't, Memphis
AT A BARGAIN Mr re'ldenoe in the
town ot Bartlett, suitable for a physi
cian. Address DR. COCHRAN,
Ba-tiett, Tenn.
Deiween jjaueierciaie ana Wellington.
22 North Court street.
make: aoa good as new; very cheap,
at Woods k 8weKpvs.
EOT-60x100 foot Cheap North side Mad
ison, half a square eastoi Lauderdale.
Graded. Apply to
S. W . GARRISON, W7 Main street.
C1UNFE0TI0NKRY W,l established, on
J a paying basis. Other business to look
sifter. Inquire of
JORDAN & CO , Main st.
HOUSE No. 162 Robinson street. 6 rooms,
in good repair, t ood cistern wter.
MY ER.1 A SN E KD, 310 Second St.
OOMS 6ix comfortable furniihed rooms
at it Court street.
FURNISHED ROOMS-At 143 Main street,
one square north of courthense.
r10TTAOKS-112 and 114 Mosby street
KJ and 58 North becond street, tour rooms
each, in good condition. Applvto
392 Main street.
ROOMS Three connecting roorrs. second
story, front, with southern exposure,
and hath privilege, singly or en suite, fur
nished or nnfurniahed; references given and
required, itduress lor interview,
g MAB, this oBoe
Oi New residence, eight rooms. Apply at
it axenange stree', or i. J. bamuiiub,
at B. Lowepstein A Bros., Wholesale,
Apply at 342 Vance street.
OFFICES The desirab'e Iront offices on
second Door of 42 Madison stm-t. al ien
ing Cotton Exchange. MENKEN A ''0. Z
On first floor.
At 5tfe Shelby street.
one square Irom reaDouy uotel.
OUSE Of seven rooms.
Apply at 217 Madison street.
)IANl8, Organs, Ouitars, Banjos and
violins, an style' ana prices.
HOI CK'S, 3M juain street
"VTICE COTTAGE Three Tooms, on Col-
XI lege Btreet, near south gate rluiwood.
Apply at an Union st. jus. hiSSOW.
23PnpLAR ST.
ROOMS With privileged oooking stove
at No. 2B Linden street.
OOMS A suit of rooms in Masonic Teni-
pie. Apply to avci F. PRICK,
OUSE3-S18 Poiilar street and 136 Ala
bama street. Itquireof
JCI1N KEEI), 320 Poplar St.
"DOOMS Furnished, linileoren suite, at
-i-v 13& Aiadison st. itoierences required.
CjTOREHOUSE No. 9 Union street, with
s new ootton-room, rux. leet.
B.. Ej, BlEAtiUAM.
ESIDENCE For three or i i months,
my residenoe in the eitv of Fort Snvth.
Ark., with or witbou' furniture. Brick
house with ten rooms, in the most desirable
part of the city Good well of water and
hydrant in the yard; house furnished with
gas; near street-oar line; every convenience
oi a some. Aaaress
Fort Smith, Ark.
At 16 Linden street.
ROOMS Nicely furnished rooms,
At No. "0 Linden street.
QlfUATION By an experienced practical
KJ Bookkeeper anniuia ea Herman Ad
dress LOKKNZKR, this office.
tTUNN E R-For tegular work. Apply to D.
J- o Anaetson a uo., urownsvui e. lenn
T30ARD In private family, within block
XJ of Lew car l'ne, where there are no other
boarders. Address u is l Lt-MA,
care Letter Carr er No 2.
"'lOOK-Colored man
At 72 Mndiron street.
VJI obarge oi a fine plaoe near the citv;
the scan to have the care of cattle and
horses, the woman to cook, attend to the
dairy, ana keep tbe bouse In order, e c Ap
ply to W. P. DUiNAVAVT,
N o . 11 Cotton E x oh an ge
LlH'EKYliOD . Tn cn'fanii see the oj.
JJJ brated Gypsy clairvoyant, at 177 Third
aireei, noar ropiar.
"pO'ilTION-Ai Stenographer or Tyre-
i- writer, or teach r ot same. MAKX
JS. w ti.MWWi'jt, Bowling jreon, Ky.
C! 1 finn llR 5000To loan on good se-
SjJ-mvvv curity, ten
t notes or indoraa-
au, cr colUernl.
P. 0. BOX No. l.
1fff LBS. FKATHER8 Hiihest eash
U lf7 ee paid by GUAY. Memphis.
fRONERS At Memphis SUam Laundry,
L 1 fceconxi street.
fTIQ WORK Morning and evening for
JL private t&misy oy a ii man. Aaoress
C. B. K., Appea office.
SITUATION As salesman or porter In gro
oery; will manufacture flavoring ex'raoU
and wash Hue. Address K. this office.
EVERYBODY-To spend th. somirer t
Grayaan Spring., Ky. r"or catalogoe
and particulars oall at ticket office of t:bea
peake and CUo route . under J'eabody Hotol.
ggt thirty day. for 1W.a wesson
243 Main sreet.
gALESMEN-In every State In the IT- Ion
ESTABLISHMENT having several
CrgoULMis thatara popular and easy sell
ing. Can be harrdlod alone or in eonneotion
with other goods. Address i THE : WM B.
""LD GOLD A t'lILVtR-Forcssh or eg
W change. M UtrPttit. jeweler, ct ma n
rSlUUU dress at onoe, DR. SCOTT'S
ILfiCIRIG goods, stii Brotdw, '
j ock. lbs only gen nine.
Absolutely Pure.
inis powuer never Triai. a diu,vi v
purity, strength and wholesomensss. More
economical than the ordinar; kinds, and
cannot be sold in oompeiuion w:.u iu.
multitude of low test, short weight alum or
phosphate powdors. bold only wicani. run At
Bln Pownvn On. . HW Wnll ...VwYrflr
''N0W AND CALF Owner can have sane
by proving property anil paving charges.
Six miles east of city.
SETTER-Return my lemon and white set
ter bitoh " Florence," known by most
Memphis sportsmen, and missing sinoe July
IStb, to40 Vancestreet, and reci re reward.
K0031S A1) 150 VRD.
BEAUTIFUL front rooms, sinsle or en
suite, furnished or unlurnifhed, with or
withoutbqitd ; jither rooms, HM-lOti Routt st.
ROOMS AND BOARD Newly furnished
rooms, with boa'd. at 4ii Market street.
0MS With or without board: terms
reasonable. 1W MADlbUIN bl.
OOMS AND BOARD-Dcsirable rooms
and i.oard at 72 M idison4ireet.
ROOMS-One large front room with bal
cony and one large back room with
larg dressing-room, and ithera as good as
can b found in the oity.
00M Furnished room, with or without
board, at Uv uourt street.
OARD With excellent room.
124 ADAMS BTK.ar.1.
5 NICE Rooms, furnished or unfurnished,
with or without board, at 137 Madison st.
TWO large unfurnished rooms, wilfb or
without board, at 69 Madison street, cor
ner Thirds
The Higbee School
Education of Young Ladies
Beale, Lauderdale and Jessamine Sts.,
lueorporateol wlili Collegiate Prlv.
Fall Term Opens Monday, Sept 20,
W-Thoroush English and Classical Course.
Modern Lanruaires bv Foreign Teachers.
Book-keeping, Suort-haod and Type
writing taught.
Schools of Art, Music and Elocution noted
for exoeption.l advantages.
Spocial students received in every depart
ment A new and elegant building will beer cted
during the summer and tail, wherein will be
turnisbed a spacious tiuay nan, lame pri
mary school-rooms, class-rooms, laboratory,
lihrarv. irvmnasium and art gallery which.
with the elegant man -ion used for boarding
pupils and the wooded pleasure grounds,
will form one of the most complete school
foundations in the boutn.
Catalosues ready August 4th.
For infoMiiction address
Memphis, Tenn
Dividend Notice.
Mkmphis, Trx., July 20, 1&S6.
IT" At the regular monthly meeting of the
Board of Directors of this Bank, held this
day, a semi-annual oash dividend of
was declared out of the net earnings of the
past six months , payable on demand.
C. H. RAINE. Cashier.
It is
, certain tv.jt
Z "the Eanon" sh.
0 will prove eatiafactcr: ti-
I CO every gentleman who wants u
(perfect article. We are r"lnT l!' !'" '
mnuntcturo cr theee ehooe, tie roautto of 20
e yeara espcrience end tudj of what v: '.l
t ploace, give comfort (."-d r.-i.ir
Z faithfully. Try then.
vw f.-'!iis
1 tSD-iu.- h-S
Trustee's Side.
UNDER and by virtue of two certain trust
deeds exo uted to me, as trustee, duly
reoor led in Book No. 117, page 621, and Book
No. 117, page 2:i"., of the Register s office of
Shelby county. Tenn.. default having been
made therein, I will, as such trustee, on
Monday, Angus) 80, 1HHO.
during legal hours, on the southwest corner
of Mi'i anri Madiron itreots, in the oity of
Mompliis, Tenn., as such t ustee. soil at
public atict'on, to the highest bidder, for
cash, a certain lot of land, situated in tbe
city of Memphis, bhe'by county, lenn., be
ginning on the north side of Spring streot
at tbe southeast corner oi lo; No. '1 of the
subdivision ot land roinerly owoed by Dr.
Dudlev Dunn, and running therco voftward
with Spring street 60 leet; thetiue nonhaard
W leet to the south line ot lot No. 7 ot said
subdivision ; thence eastward with tbe south
line of said lot No. 7 sixty leet to the t
line of lot Na. 11: then-e southward wth
tho west lime ' f said lot 11 ninety leet to the
beginning. Fqkity of redemption waived:
tilLe believed to be good, hut I will sell only
as trustee. July U, IS-M.
H. fSEN'SDORP, Trustoe.
Trustee's Sale.
UNDER and by virtue of a certain deed
of tru?t executed to me, as trustee, and
wherein default has been made, du'y ro
eorded In book 125, page 162, of the leis
ter's office of Shelby eounty, Tenn., I will,
Oa Monday, Aag-iifct SU, I8W6,
dutlng legal hours, on tne aouthwest corner
of Main and Madison streets, in the city of
Mempnis, Tenn., as snob, trustee, soil at
publio auction, to the hlghent bidder, for
cash, a certain lot ot land, situate in bhe.liy
county, Tenn., and described as tohows, to
wit: j.'eing the north halt' of lot No. 49 of
H W. liill s mod. vision, fronting 51 leet on
the west side ol Susette street and running
back west between parallel liues and alright
angles to s iid street .&J leet to an alloy, and
being tame land described in above men
tioned trust deed. Equity of redemption
waived; t tie believed to be good, bull will
only convey as trustee. JulyH,
fi. BENSDOUF, Trustee.
(hanan) feH
Sent the Starving Poor of the West
ern Islands Letters Froai the
Bishops and Priests.
Tbe following lettera have 1 e'n re
ceived by the committee appointed at
a meeting of Irish erizens tailed to
take steps to procure Did for the starv
ing poor of tbe WeMern Islands '1 by
express the grateful thanks of the af
flicted and unfortunate sulT' rrp, aDd
tbe gratitude of their pritsts atid
l'rotn liaTlll.
Ikpiriai. lloTgl., Dl'HMX, July II, lSSo.
The Kevs. William Walh, Miohacl D. Lilly,
O. P., and Mr. Martin Kellv, Mouipluj,
Gentlkmkn In C3tnpliaticew"th tbe
promise made in my last letter, I row
bee to 8cquint yoii with tt e i.nrticu-
lii'aof the ail ministration of the fund
which you did me the honor of ntrnet
inn to my rare toward the alleviatii-n
of di-tre-s in the Woittrn Iiinut's uii.l
tbe adjacnt PHHbnaid.
Received per l ister Bank, Dublin, frcm
you, tirtt remittance 110
Secnnd remittance m Nil
Total Ii
Dishureed s foUovts:
Per II (Irace the Archbishop of Tuum,
Dr. McEvilly X. 50
Dr. Carr, Bishop of UalwBy 4(1
Rev. P. O'Oonner, Afhill ifland 4i
Rev. Father Ouinn, Clare Island
Rev Father Mci'adden, Uweeduro, Done
gal Rev. Father Joyce, Lonisburg. Mayo !'
Rov. Father Cnrbett, l'a'try, Alayo ffi
Rev. Father Conway, killeen, Cuaarol,
Gal way M
Sister O'Connor, Conient of Mercy,
Oughtorard, (ialway 15
Rev Father Lynsky, Clifilou. Coune-
mara W
Rev. Father Quilter, G'onboigh, Korry... 3(1
Kev. Father Koilly, Glenbeigh. Kerry... 2(1
Thomas Brady, Inspector of lriidi Fih
eries, Dublin, toward fund for bouts and
fishing appliance for poor fishermen on
wosburn seaooard 30
Total :.,
Cost of administration Nil.
I ou will icct ive front eai h of tlit
prelates and priesle whciu I have
made the '.medium of ilisttibut;on, a
separate acknow'o fueniBnt of the
sums epecitioi above, I desire to ex
press on my own banal', as well as on
that of the poor people to whose aid
you have come, my einceteH thanks
for yaurjjmerous effjrta, and I beg to
convey to the citizens of Memphis
our grateful obligations f ir their mu
nificent snbscriptioi s. I remain, gen
tlemen. Yours roost gratefully,
From t'oniinlaalourr Brady.
11 Pkcy Plack, Dublin, July 10, 188(i.
Kbv. Fathkus and Dkar Sib I beg
tD acknowledge, with prateful tbankc,
on behalf ol thi Iiitbmen of Ga'wac,
tbe receipt of 30 through the hands
of Michael Davitt, towarJ the project
now beinv cariied out by tbe Lord
Bishop of Gal way and myeelf of bene
11 ing tbe condition of the Galwav
fishermen by providing thim with ef
ficient fishing vetsels and gear. There
are at present two tuoh vetsils fitted
out and fishing at a oft of b-nt
1500, and it is the intention of the
promoters, if tlh experiment
succeed, ti tarry ic on to
that tbe wbo'e west roait of I'e'and
might be supplied with similar vessels
and be the means cf bsninhipg pover
ty from the coatt popult;ou. A third
vessel Is now oi the stjeks, and it is
expected will be 'ready for text
epiing's fishing season. The pr:uciple
actad on is that the crews gt t half the
earnings of eash VrSel, the ether ha'f
to be retained until the co&t of veesel
and gear bus beei repaid, when all be
comes the absolute ptopeity of the
crew. I will forward you a printed
prospectus in a few days, when I re;
turn hiine. Again expressing my
thanks f Jr your g-nerous coutribn ion,
I am, revsr.ird fatheis and dear sir,
yours fa ttfdilv, thomaIb f. hhady.
From NIMor of Merrjr.
Convent op Merov, Olimitcrrii, Co. 1
llAI.WAT, lUILANO, July 11, W. I
Dear Rsvkkknd Father Kindly
return best thanks to tbe eit'zinsof
Memphis for 15 (received from
Michael iJjVitt), who nitve so
CnerouBly assisted our dear, suffering,
porrpfoplo. I shall dir-tributa the
money during tins month, as many
large families have no pctttsts er fuel.
1 remain, very gratefully yourp,
From Fatber McFadden.
Uwkkpork, County Domral,)
Ikslahl), July lti, lvtti. J
Dkar KeTkkbnd Father -I have
recaived from Mr. Davitt, toward the
alleviation of destitution among my
people, the nandsome dim ot 40. Me
has .equated me to aokoowbdite tbe
same to youreelf and Father Lilly and
Mr. Martin Kelly. I do so witu the
drei"Bt p'easure. I cannot expiess
to you my gratitude to all who
cave tharea in coicg mye 1 f.t.a my
poor peop'elhisimuien'-efervice. Tbe
starving poor wrra forced to take
refuse in tbe na'ed and abominated
poorbome, as thr-y were utterly unable
to maintain life et homo. Th's heaven
sint assistance enables me to place
them in their nnraej again, and worda
cannot convey their joy. In another
f i. rtnight I hope to see the ne w potatoos
availau'e ft r most of the ptopie. Your
mannificcnt oflerirg ttrrgibens me
Butlicien ly, I think, to resist hunger
and starvaiion amongst tbe worst tasei
meantime. Tbauking you all from ray
deepest be art, and assnriog yon of the
gr,t' ful prayers and blessings of tbe
poor ptopie, i remain, yonrs sin
cerely, JAMKS M KAD1IKN, P. P.
Frafis 't. Kv. BiHbort t'nrr.
Gai.way, Irkiako, July 1T, 1W.
To the Bev. Me srs Messrs. Walsh and Lilly
and air. Martin stilly:
Gentlemen I beg to thank you very
gratefully ora remitUnceof 40,wluca
I have jut rectived from Mr. Michael
Davitt, bvicig a portion of the tnm
which the generod y and Christian
chantv oi ire (rood citizens ot mma
ph:s Tenn., erabb d you to fcrw-u'i io
Mr. D-iviit for diet ibt.u, n in thi r-u.st
distrtsad dis'-.ics little wt. c? lrv
land. May I as' jou to tt; l, in my
nmpp, and in the lume ii lim piior
people ol thiB di. cew, a, irtiKittucity
may effjr, the cL.ar ta ile iiiifi:riiieri,
ntiii to atiept fjr yourctlves 'he sin
care expr ssion of my deep gratitude.
I remHirt, gentleroa'n, Tery laithfully
and thankful y yous,
PAKTKV, BlI.LIKROBr, CottgTT Mayo, 1
Ikcland, June lti, IS06, )
Rev. Fathers and Dear Sirt
Michnel Davitt has kindly sent me
this week 25 tor the relief of distress
in this pari-h, which h9 has directed
me to acknowltdge to you. I do so
with deep gra'.tuJe, and 1 sincerely
thank tbe people of Memphis for the
generous contribution. It is to be
hoped that this turnmer will seethe
lair of our begging appeals for food or
clothing for Ireland. Theee appeals
are di g a ting to our poor people, and
most humiliating to every Irish priett
who is forced by stern duty to raise
the cy of nisTf s for h's parish. Be
fore this reached you the new potatoes
will be fit for use in most cues. May
Gad grant that never again stall I be
obliged to beg for food for my people.
To Mr. Davit t and his American
friends, after God, we owe the preser
vation of the Uvea of thousands of
families for tbe leet four or five
months, and to one and all we tender
our meet beaitfelt thanktt. Yonis,
etc., JAMIS OOBBKTr, i. p.
t lll'IK H I.AVT RI4.HT.
Mr. !. r. Cowass anil llss AllleTrvaU.
well I nltedlo the Bond of
A midsummfr wedding is an un
usual occurrence In Memphis, but the
rarity of such an event was nnt in
Itmlf thn ninvins cause that in ni'l Iml
eomeof tbe beet people iu Mtunphis
t3 brave tbe oppressive neat ol ist
n'gbt and si' iu perspiring imtipnou in
the Sicond rrfbytoriati Church wsit
ing fjr the br'dal pnrty ti apte'r
Whatbiought poopie tnerc, ih eiiy,
wai the prrspect of sowing one ot the
lovtliear, if not the love'test, of Mem
phis' young lalifs utii'eJ to
a itrtnt!emn whesa. prepossessiuu
apppoarance and manly bt anngforra
a litt ngto'.l to tne rare ueanty ct Inn
br.de. The company assembled w s
composed of reprojentaiivps cf tha
UfSt society in juempniB, me lair sex
as usual in such esses prepindeinting
tnd waitiug "to see iiow the bride
wi uld look." They did not w.iit in
vain, and wtre well rewarded,
for tha bride kokul bs ant fill
bnvond description, and ns Bhe stojd
be'fc re the altar, lanitw on the arm
of the man ehe was pledged to love.
bontr and cherish, the presented a pic
ture of loveliness and grscu Hint mud i
herchosin one mote envied by the
mou present than if the bride h:d
been dowered with a kingdom. It
was 8:45 p.m. when the deep tonts
if the organ, under tbe skillful
toach of rrof.Schu'zo, pnnr.unced the
anived at the bridal p r.y. The
march sele:ted was a happy inspira
tion. and evtrvbody smiled when in.
ttead o! the traditional Meialelssohn's
wedding march, tbe organ piu'ed "He
is Goine to Marry Yum-Yum." The
bride having recently played that part
in an amateur porlorinance ma le tn
selection peculiarlv wll timed
and appropriate. The bridal p.rty
were preceded by the fol
lowing array of handsome
and i-talwa't ushers: Messrs. T. H.
Taylor, Frank B gt?s, W. A. fctowart,
W. C. Nelson, James Warren and
Jim Rogers. Next fdlowed the
irroom's beet man. Mr. Beauregard
Cowan, of Vicksburg. and Miss Ida
I,e8 Tread well, the budo's Bitter. Mr.
Frank Farrabeeand MitsStllie Cowan,
of Vick8burK, came next. The f jllow'
ing named ladies and gentlemen we-e
also of .the bridal party: Miss-s Re
becca Tradwell, ii.zte lluut,
Joe P.ston, Julia Kttrr and
Meters. T. A. Wright, Warren Canon,
M. M. Gilchrist aud Mr. Miller, of St
Louis. Tbe bride, Misi Abie Tread
well, leaning upon the arm of tint
g.ootn, Mr. O. C. Cowan, as they slow
ly proceeded down thu center a'sle of
the whII filled church, was, ol course,
the observed of all observets, and com-
Dlimentary remarks preceded and fol
lowed their progress. The bride wore
a llowinsr white robe of ren silk en
traine, with silk tulle veil, rrange
blofsims, while a pyramid of costly
Dearls crowned her lovely head.
Arrived at the font of the a'tsr, Iho
bridal patty divided, the attendants
. . . T., 1 1 : 1 f ii.
tatting poit nus on eimpr biub ui tnu
platform, wbilo the room and bride
stood in the center, and wore avi-
, j i . r T. - T , ..1.1
who was there to receive them, and
who, iii imprisslve tonfB, delivered
tlie marriage service, bis clear enun
ciation nting ing harmoniously witri
tbe tones of tbe ortran. from which
tbe tender air "Call Me Thina Own"
ramo in Bubdu.d melody. boon
tbe service wjb c.v.r, the gilden
sv!nb3l of eforna lid li v placed upon
the bride's fiogar, and all heads bowed
wbi'e the voice of lha minister rose in
brief prnytr. Then the organ woke
up tbe echoes with the etirring "Wed
ding March, tne Diuiai party maionea
out in slow procesnon, and ice assem
bled comnanv slowlv diHn?rs9), some
to their homes, ethers t the elegant
rereptit n held kt the residence of the
bride's mother, Mr.. M. W. Beardslt y,
on Ucian streor.
"two hellers
Rapl1ly Co ml UK llnek Into Fashion
In Memplil". '
"Have you not'cod how rapidly cuts
are coming back into us?'sudal ad
ing dea'er to an Aitbal man yenter
day. "They took like wildfire when
fiipt introducrd ho(e, but for a year or
to very few were ti be seen, except
those running about b .ck yards and
under sheds. They are rapidly com
ing back into favor, thongh, and an
immense number has been sold here
during tbe sewon. They are of in
finite variety, from the hatidcome
lady's two wheelor, which brings
t'JO to $100, tt tbe linht, e'g like affair,
which sella fir $3'. The latter bus
steel axles and shell baud wheels. It
Is so l.ght that a man could almo-t put
it upon a home's back and ride it over
a swamp Tney aro adapted to hill
country and to niuddy roads. Where a
heavier vehi'la won d eink in the
mire hoooleshly the light wagon will
slip over the t ip of the mud. Buci
bourd wrgons, also, are becoming very
popular tbroughi ut the country.
They consist simply of l'gbt boa ds
bent and fistened upon wheels in
sucb a way ai to get all the spring
poe?ib!e out of them. '1 he seitt, ei'lmr
f.iri ne crtwo personfl.is fixed direct y
over these beards and ttie wagon is
finished. Forty dollars is a foot
round price for one of these simi le
and useful wag its. They aro ct ra'
f .rtiblo to ride in and Btylish lookir.g.
They aro really a bwn ti fanners atid
persons who must do muth ridinir
where lOnds are b'd. All such sho ild
pojstss them. They can bs nsd
often in placed the buggy or c r.i
age. to the great saving of tnat mote
cc6t'y and fragile vehiele.
W. M. Sneed t3 Annie IT. Woods,
lots 18 and 19, north eide Henry ave-nu-,
100x150 feet for 1 250.
Ii. H. Alston and wife to It L i ly
e', lets 5, 6 and 7, I'aiker's division
eaut side Riybtirn avenue. I'.'ti feet
61 Inches by 752 fett lor !800
E izabelh L. Topp to the Higbee
S-hco", lota 1, 2 and C, Topps subdi
T sion, Beale aud Lauderdale streets,
for f2O,40O.
The Higbee School bv it preidenf,
John Overton, jr., to W. H. Moore, et
al., trustees to secure lis bonds t3 the
amount of $.10,000 of recent italic, con
veying tbe same property as above.
Rebecca Park, tt al. to Thcs. Coyne,
lot on north side Alabama Btreet for
Miss Liwjcllyn will take pupils in
elocution duing the summer Del
surte method. Call at No.89 Adams
The Thermometer Dancing Danger
odsIj Near 100 With No Indica
tions of Descending.
The airy onarters of Uncle Sam's
clerk of tbe weather did not at tiist
appear to be as ccol as Greenland's icy
mountains whoa in Atpial man
stepped into them about h o'c ock ve
terday afternoon alter naving ciimicd
the we arv II ght i of ttairs which lead
up from Front etrest.
"Uome out on ice rooi cne.i rgt.
Flannerv. ard ascending a short tliir'it
ol ete, p Btairp, the r-pirtor s'epprd
tlirongli a wiu li'w and found the ob
sitvi r luxuriating in a commodious
rocker, and provulml win a 10' g
stemmed pipe, protected from the sun
bv the peak ol theroo', making calm
htt'ous on niax iiuiiii, minimum and
uieim tumpeiatu e in a cold blooded
way, perfectly oh ivious of tbe sweat
inif humani y b.'low.
"Yiin'ra making it pretty hot for us,
Sergeant," said the Ai-i-kal man.
"Hot, d d you ray?" be ipierifd.
"Wait a riionii ntand I'll see," he went
on, rapidly mining over the loaves cf
a bin sultry Unking b net book.
"Why, you don't have to look at
a'atisiics to answer that quest ion Y"
"It's beBt to hi accurato ahout these
things" be s'd, continuing his inves
tigations. "Yi s. the mercury reached
iti bighes1 point this summer today t
2 o'cliifk," be answered at la t. "Ho
y.)U miy say that this h tho liottest
day.of the siaeon. Yon can pnt it
diwn at lit!0."
The nowp p"r man silently reached
for biB pocket liandkerch ef and f.iil'.id
himself vigorously waving hit note
book to mi iuato the heat wavu earned
bv tho announcuint nt.
"Throe degiees in sixty days is noth
ing ti matte a Iubs a'lout, tiiongi,
Bergeant Flinnery said.
"In tixtv days?"
"Yes. The thermometer wai 03 on
the 1st e'av of June."
"What, is tbe h jhtst notch It hie
renched here f
. "Tbe highest reported since the es
tablisbniBiit of the Signal Service S'a
tion bete eix'o-n years ag't, wan MM"
in August, 1881. It reached 100 in
June ol the same year. 1 be best way
to cotnnare the heat, however, is to
take th mean temperature. Here it
Is for every July sinte 1871," said the
Sergeant, calling off in mi cess'on, be
ginning with 1871, the following: 80,
80, 811. 82, 82, 81, 80, 83", 83, 7l,
83, 87, 80, 81, 81, end so far this
m mth 79.3. "The average, you will
find," he continued, making a rapid
Ctlculation with his pencil, "will he
something like 81.9", so that so far tb s
Ju y is 2 0 below the average of the
pat f ix eon years. We bave only two
ilnvH to make it nnin."
"And do you think we will make it
"There you are one too many for
mo," be replied, "but I think it sate
to say that for ttiree or four days the
weather will be pretty hot. Tim
cbnncen are that after that, we iwdl
bave a little wind and rdin and a
coaler fpell. Take it all together,
however, next month promises to be
pretty warm in oidt-r to make the
avpr'gn come up. When the t ar y
par ol tbe S' aon is cool that latter
nortiou is like y to be piopr.rlionately
wain. In the' past tixtten yuirs. as
y.m will noliie by refi rvnee to this
table, the yearly mein varies but a
few degrees. Our latitude should
give us July as the hottest month,
but it is rettinr singulur tint t1 o
temperature is aUays higher in Au
gust, and then this year we must de
nend udou it, t meke up for ost best
Tho mercury retched 1)0 on the
4'h, 6:1), 18 h and 27lh of this month,
t)2 on the ti h, 9tb, 10th. Mth, 20tu
and 28th yes'erday tdimb ng up to
!Mi as staed. Tnermnnetira eleo
where n ached 100". That of I he
Signal ServcB is placed on lop of one
of the highest buildings on Friut
etrt et, in a irame laving, the cardinal
poiots and protected from the fury ol
the sun's r.tys by a cloe blir.d work
which allows a free play of air in the
It was thought soma time ago th.it
the SigtiHl Hurvice otlb e would be re
moved lo the Cui'Oinhonso. but that
wai foand imprac icable. Nine hun
dred Mip-ttflcitil feet (if spHce are
mcetBary fur the apparatus and no
roum ctuld be spared at the Custom
house, except the lowers.
Tbe I'bicago Itaitesj.
Ciiit'Atio, 111, July 29. Weather
plea ant, track good, attendance fair.
Firnl Rnct. One mile. Sattos:
SkobeloQ", Woodcraft, G eaner, Mamie
Hunt and Princes, Bk b 1 II' made
the running for seven-eighths of a
milo. Gleaner then nnved up and
won easily by a head; Mamie Hunt
second, a head in front of ISkohelotr,
third. T.mo 1:10 J. Mutnala paid
Second Hut One mile. Starters:
Wyand-1 c Chief, L'era, The Dude,
(ib n Baa and His er Monica. L'era
was never headed and won in a g-illop
by one long h; K.btT M mica si cjnd,
Tr,o Dude third. Time 1 :47j. Mu
tuals paid $26 10.
Third Race. - The Leland Ho'ol
s'ake', tbreo-quarten of a mile.
Htareia: Suubeam, Laredo, Klwood,
Turra Colt, Polone, Mago, I arey,
Paingnn Terra Ot tta, with Laredo
at co d, made tho runnir g lu o th's
stieich, wheie Laredo drew away and
won by one length : Terra Co ta shc
o d, Carey third. Tune 1 :15. Mil
tuasp.ld til 'M.
Fourth Race Two mile. K'irtoH :
B iilHcao, Grant G., Idlo Pat, Eait -r.
ldli) Pat mad-' the titst pacx for a mde
and a half. Buchanan thou went to
the f. on. an I won In a can'-cr Idle
Pat hmo d Grfnt G. a I'ad third.
Time -3:45. Mmtials pa d $7 10.
Fifth Race Stetipiectiate, full
course S:Bt r: Tnnessee, Mystic,
Hop Sin, huchbrnok, Aur ln.ii. Au
relian made the running, f ol owed by
Tennessee. In t ie regular track Ten
nessee went 'O the fr itit and won by
three 1-rg hs; Au elian srond.Mjst'c
third a q iaite' of a mi e off. Timenot
taken. Mu tia's pa d $19 00.
K tries atid wegiiti fjr tomorrow,
txt's day.
Firtt Rue Three quart'rs rl a
mile. Sisler Mmca ("), Fai'h
Thompson (95), Uniqie N6. 2(90),
Pickle (Jb), C. and G. (100), Ghn Ban
(92) , Luna Brown (90), Bverae (90),
Alva (90), Wahoo (97), Delia Bea:h
(90), Porter Ashe (100), Fronie Louisj
(99), Surpr se (95).
Second R'treOnti mi!e. Mogn (87),
Fannie B. (100), Horingist (98), Vio
lator (105), Gov. B e (94), Col. Clark
(103), Tom Barl w (102), Tommy
CrtiS'i (90), Sam Powers (105), Cloueo
(!i'i), fiwp-re (90).
Third Race Seven-eiirhtbs of a milo.
V obn (95), Brilliant (Ki), Our Friend
(93) , Kv Britton (78), B evei (88).
Fourth Jiact. Mile and an eigh'h.
Major Barclay (80), L'gland (95), Vir-
gie He-roe (93), Kauaau (93), Bjot
Dlack (104).
Fifth Race Five-eighths of mile.
Carnegie (110), Daisy (103), Vision
(102), Sailor Boy (105), Allegheny
(102). Kate Shelly (102), Hettie b.
(107), Little Hopei (103), Clay Sexton
(110), Grade D. (102).
Sam Aac. rive-e'gtiths ol a mile
Glad-tone (110), Comedie (102), Break
Down (102), Passion (102), Krvid (100),
Liea Payne (102), Black Pansy (102),
Nellie C. No. 2, (102), Mies Cleveland
Rarlnsr at Marataga.
Saraixmia, N. Y.. July 29. The
weather tcday. was clear and warm,
tbe track good ami attendance large.
Jim! Ary. PursK, one mile. Lady
Wavward won; Kndurer second, Am
ber third. Time 1:44.
firvond A'ltir. Alit'.ama stakes, tir
tbrt e yeir dd filli s, on mile and an
e'ghth. Millie woo; Mollie Mit'nr
thv.s Last eccond, Charity third.
Tiin- 1 :.WJ.
IViini Race lMtuiirnp, one milo
and au e'ghth. G'Fitlltin wmij K-y.il
Arch secot.d, Mona third. Time
Fourth Riu-e. Std i'tg race, f' r n'l
air's, three-tin trti r.a of a mile. Mono
grm wiui; Shamrock sextoml, loiette
thirii. Time 1 :lti.
Fifth Kik-?. II nidicap st-'opli'i'liitie,
two miles and ipiniter. Bourke
Cochrane won; li turbHue" second,
BuoepbaluB tliitd. Tiiun 4:20.
There is a pressed f n g and match
Stiirdiy, at the rac-t c.ut -ie be t. To
day Jhs Murphy, trainer for , 1. 15. Haj
giu's s'ahle, made a pr position to
the Sanla Anita stable ro,jrentaive
here to match any 1kvsh iu Mr. line
gin's etalde for any su n fiom $2500
lo 10, IKK), a (I s aacs of u mile and a
half or over, aeaint-t any horae in the
Santa Anita stihle, J. Baldwin law
been telegraphed and bis accnptarc-4
ot tbe propoei i n is looked fur, as the
Ha gin tUMe paid it foifoit to Mr.
Baldwin at St. louia, where Tyrant
was matchrd agiinst Volunte. It ia
belicvt (I that if the match takes place
it will be between B.jn All and Vo
lute. M on moil til 1-iirk Kacra.
Monmouth Paiik, July 29. FirM
Race. Handicap, fur nil sga, cue
mile. Murk land wou by a length and
a ball; I'enkskiil second, Goufabou
thrd. Tiuie-1 :4IJ.
tSivond 7iiti' Ked Bank stake, for
two y-ar olds, three-fourths of a mile.
Belvu'ere won by a nick; Puzzle sec
ond, AiiBtriaiiK third. Time 1:10 J
Third )a;f. Newark slakes, for
three year o da, one mile. Linden
won; l.ansdowne second, six lengths
behind Uardny, third. Time 1 :4lJ.
Fourth Race Handicap all eges,
one mile and a qurtr. Heel and
loo won by half a ltmK'h; Barntim
second, Ten Strike third. Time
Fifth Race. Furs, three-qus rters
of a mile. Ma sh It-ulan won by a
neck. Esther second, Witch third.
Time 1:15.
Sixth Race. Handicap steeplechate,
ehort carse; llatry Mann won by a
head; Welliug'on second, Tom Brjwn
third. Time 3:20.
two ALi ieaioKS in iiikiohht
Nan re rotiNrAiitj.
Tli Varaelnna Hanrlnsia to lie 1'etl
ois Bti Bya and Vi
ijrasil (.'lira.
Attracted by a crowd which stood
three de-ep a'ound the fountain in
i;onrt Sqmra ah ut 0 o'c'ock yester
elay evsning, an Aitbal repot ter en
tered tlie park, carefully "k-eping t If
tbe gro s" ami repressing any inclina
tion be ni'Kht have hail b "tne pro
lane langungn" Bbout the lient, and
joining ths throng peered over into
ths has n. It bad batm nearly emp'led
of waierand the cor crete bottom was
alive w t'i turtus and al:ga'ors, great
andtmall. The chief object ot atten
tion whs an aligator nearly six leet
long, which had been put into the
fountain a low' hours b f ire. Ho
lo m el by comparison with the little
yrd long fellow placed there several
ilars sinie. Serge. Bogers explained
that a farmer nar Greenville, M ss.,
who lives a mile from any pond
or stream, cnuht the reptile In
his ch eken lions- going for thesettinn
hens, c pttired him and sent him to
tre ci y as a pre Bant. He added that
ae:co ditig to experts the ugly beast
was twenty yeais old, the lime fellow
ahout fix yeats. There B' timed tj be
vnry li'te follow feeling between the
pair. Tney kept on different sides of
the l a in and when tho old fellow ap
proached the yonngstor lct no lime in
getting out of hid way. The turtles,
too, of which thure ware half a dr.on
or to, bad m diepteition to cultivate
an acquaint lien) with tbe new arrival,
who eev tried to be anxious to make
himself solid. He swam ahout the
pool In a lively iashion, occadonally
crawling ai far out of the water a) he
c juld a id raising his ugly flu' head in
an inejnir nt! Wly to the crowd.
"Hh looks rather alligatorish," Ser
geant lt)(i(irs remarked.
"What do you expect to fee J him
on 7" somebody aiked.
"Bad boys," he answered, "or if the
nipp y gives out we will pitch him a
d' g cr twn," ho added, grabbing for a
diminolive enr which had strolled in
to see the tights, but who alroiltd out
wilh his tail tucked at tho Sergeant's
appro w:h. The yelp of the dog, for
which alligators htvo a Bweet tooih
the wo, Id over, a' ti acted tho s iurian's
attonii in and he jirked bit jawa open
and raisod hiH heul expectantly.
Tho big Ingnerh ad turtle Bttracled
his f'lil Bliarei ol ntention. Ho reached
nir lie) and then and tried to take a
hi e on' of tho ga-, win, overcome
with luat, panteil upon the botiotn.
But bit hid" aoil trains were sj tomth
and sk'ck tliii the tartlo onld ne,t get
a (to id h ild, srifpuing his jawt d' j-ct-edly
af er each u isucces ful efl'jrt.
Stirgt. H g ra has a 1 he wants for the
fout'ttin now x ept a hippopotamus,
and bs liiuti very strong v that he re
a;.' u'bii'i! A' P'Mo-tlent Hidden
to l u ti i in nns as a piece of iuexcuse
able penuri msiess.
VisnoKion 'Change yesterday : P.
Hchafur, lenn; 8. Heelig, lit. Liuis.
Clchino prices of Augu t option B at
Ch e go yis'erday : Pork, $9 97 ; lard,
fd 75, ciaar rib siele, $t 17. Corn,
ma; wheat, 75, c; oats, 2Sjc.
At a general meeting of tbe Mer
chants' Exchange yesterday, the
grade cf Memphis wheat was changed
to conform to that of Ut. Louis.
Thkhk is now on exhib tion at tbe
C ltton Exnhnngo a copy of the Daily
Putt if L'verpoej), F'og'and, dat d
March 5, 1880, r covered from the
wre' k ol the Oregon, sunk March
14lb' lm'
Havb tried Toogaline in two very
obst Date cases ol neuralgia. I am
hig'ily pleased with tbeeUec'B. Think
it f r niprior to the old remedies.
J, P. 1'IKK, M P., Wtst Louisville, Ky, ,
And Tupelo The Conditiua of the
Steel Kail Trade-A Fast Freight
Agents' Meeting;.
Trur-lr lavir. nti SKa Mpmlthin Ttir-
mirgbam and Atlantic, between Tu
pelo ami Hilly Springs, will probably
tiegin on Monday nex'. Krrm that
uate tr.tcK laying win lie puHieu vig
crously at both etuis, and it ia ex-
iirti'tt.il that tliMtnt -lr will lia i iinoil at
or neif New AUnny in the mouth of
Nept etnder. J Me rail i:scd is lirtt
quality lli'sst'nu'r s.i'd, gjxty pounds
to tbe yard, and tl.c f.ia enmga double
angle plates, th.r y-aix po rtiis to the
joint. Tbe sur.t'V3 f r t'ui lociton
of the line fro n Tupi-1. H a junction
with tiie 'leor'a I'ariiic Kiilroad,
about a hundred mi.t-s l,atit.g been
completed, ui,d this woik is being
prepared fur narlv lotting
Teaa ami lnrllii-.
l'x tiov. Jidin ' 1 r. ii. ti i o ti.e
reteiveis of the 'lVxsa so t IV. c t; : rail
toil I, says that 4tK)ll tijiia ui I', gl sh
ste cl rails had hei-n pnri l iietnl fr the
New Orb litis and Kio lii-Jinie d' visions,
which would S' O i be pu iu hplendid
order. The Covern r Hokemoat en
conr'Ptf gy i'f the ou 'ook for the
ro d a 1 1 e.i id tbii' ila ope atioiis so
far iiu ut cn sal'sf si'tory.
i'aal Krrlalit I. In,-.
MeiNTitRAL, July 2H. -It is leaii'd
that i t a meeting n! the fist American
and ("ara l'.Hii freighl lir.ct whtilt was
I e'd nt. the Witubor iiotel, in p-ivals,
it wasshowu that th Irjilit returns
lHSti weto larger than tho(e for the
three preceding yeats, and t! at the
iiro'peicls for the fii'ttro wera brighter.
,. J. Senigeaur, of nut Ch:iM i and
tirand Trunk railway, waa t-b-cted
Nlorl Kallx.
Tlie steel rail makers dec ded last
week to incriate the allotment lo
1,4' 0,000 toits of rail", or within
10,1,0(10 tons ol the nominal prulucing
capacity of all the mills. Orders are
repotted in abundant at all tde mills
for full and waiter delivery and even
some contracts have been presented
on w hich elelivery will not be e xpetted
until early next spring. There are a
fod mmiy enterprises yet t) be beard
tout. Tlie out'ook (or the stead rail
trade was ne.ver better. Agents of
foreign bnu-ea are disappointed over
their inability to secure cout ucts from
Southwesttru companies. They are
underbidden a lollaror two in every
The Union, of Now Uileans, will
arrive thii tnoruirg on the M. aud T.
road, at 10 o'clock , and will play
the lCclipse club at the Citizens' Pink
today at 4 p.m. 1-overs ol a giod game
of ball e lumld n t misi this opportun
ity of witnessing a line contest. The
following is the batting order ot the
respective nines.
Union. , I'mition. Fslipee.
Johnson Catcher I tardea
Armi'i1 Pitch"r Ktnfroe
Walker Center Held Shorter
Brown Right tte!d..K F Newman
(Pilar 1st bngf Pointer
Ko-tesiier 2,1 base , Smith
Morse Ieft Held !..Higim
Irwin Shmtilop Joiner
Davis :id base ....A Pointer
Memphis at Nashville.
Charleston at Sa van null.
Detioit at YVadilngton.
Chicago at Ilostou.
St. Louis Maroons at New York.
Kan an City a' l'biladalphia.
Ht. Leiu's Browns nt Philadelphia.
1 tiisvil!(i nt Ha tlmortt.
(Jlnciiinati at New York.
Louli.vdle, 0; Bultlmore, 0. Eiroed
rniis Luuisvillo, 6. Pitchers lltilti
more, Hamlnrson ; Ixiulsvillo, Ham my.
Bao bita liOtiisville, 19 ; Biltiinore,
I. Krrors lmlsville, 1 ; Baltimore, 4.
Umpire lltaelley.
Biouklyn, ti; Cincinnati, 4. Earned
runs Cincinnati, 2. First bas9 on
bulls Itrooklyu, ti. B.tsshits Brook
lyn, 8; Cincinnati, 11. Errora Br iok
lyn, 3; Ciuciuuuti, 4. Umpire rvedly.
Piltdmrg, 11; Mittropolilans, 2.
First b se hits Pittsburg, 13; Metro
politans, 3. E tors Pitwhurg, lj
Metrcpolitans, 5. Umpire Valcn
t'ne AT I'llll.AllKLPtllA.
Athletics, 3; St. L mis, 10.
I)etroit,13; Wa?hlrglon, 1. Base hits
Washington, 2; De r jit. 13. Errors
Washington, 1 1 ; Dutroit. 4. Umpire
Kl ick,
St. Louis, 6; New York, 4. Earned
runs tt. Louii, 2; New York, 3.
Two haw hiti Cahill, 1; O'Bourk, 1;
Three bass hits Ula-se: ick, 1 ; Gillee
uie, 1. Pawed halls-Graves, lj Ew
ing, 1. First bose hits St. Ixmis, 10;
No York, 12, E rors St. Lauis, 3;
New York, 4; Umpiie GafJney.
at rmi.AiiKLrini.
Pli!lml"lphi, 13; Kansas Ci'y, 2.
Earned runs Pniladtdph'a, 6; Kansas
City, 1. FlrHbasi hits Pniladeiphia,
15; Kansas Citv, 5. Enor.a I'hila
de!ihii, 3; Ka.sis Ci y, 10. Umpire
Chit agi, t; Bo it in, 2. Earu;d rflns
li steru, 2; t h cHgo, 2. First base
bite B(Sion,5; Chicago, 0, Erro.s
Cuicng), 4; BostoD, 8. Umpire
Kagan. .,
NawOnLSANS, July 2t.-Nlght-D8
parted: Paris O.Brown, Cincinnati.
Vicssbpbo, July 2tf. Night Ar
rived: Arkamaa O.t, St. Louis. She
leturns during the night
Pittabuku, July 20. Night Biver6
feet 10 inches on the iiauge and rising.
Weather cleat and hot.
OAiBO,July2fl -Night River 11 leet
on the gauge and falling. Weather fair
and lu t. No arrivals or departures of
regular patke's.
Louuvills, July 29. Night River
stationary, with o feet 3 inches iu the
canal nnd 3 feet 1 inch ou the falls.
Business dull. Weather clear and hot.
Ht. Iodis, July 29. Night B.'ver
fallen 3-10 iucbei, and stands 7 8-10 feet
on the gauge. Weather clear and very
bot. Arrived: City of New Orleans,
and Future City and barges, New Or
leans. Departed : City of Cairo, Vicksburg.

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