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A coMMOmCATios which appeared
in the ArrsAL of yettf rday was dted
( BrowsBTilla inrteid of btantoa by
mistake is uti in it. .
The Derxorra'scf the Tenth Cban
:ery District must remember that
(tamers is thoir candidate for Chan--cellor
and that Livingston is doing
everything he can U secure bis elec
tion. Every friend and supporter cf
L'.Tingiton oujiht t follow hia noble
example of glf-dnnyinjr zal.
After all the detaticg and expostu
lat'.np, the catting and slashing in the
House, most of which was merely for
ffe3t, the river and harbor bill pa'sed,
the total appropriation provided for
being within $668,000 less than the
amount originally provided for in the
H rase bill and $357,000 more than wai
provided for in the S.nate bill. VPha'
a lot of words were wasted and bow
mnch of the public's money in lim?.-
Sknatob Hiar made hunself tgiia
conspicuous for meanness by making
a speech yesterday fyr his bill provid
ing for Fedt ral inquaats of what he de
nomina'es Biu'bern outiagfs. As
charged by Senators Kenca tn i Saula
bu'y, be bad CitiB'ully prepared it a3 a
campaign clo.uincnt, hoping that it
would be permitted to pa?s without
comment.' But in this he was foiled,
and he received a dfservedly good
Thb Conratsior al race in the Ninth
District is waxing warm. There i ts
Eiz candidates and all of them bnt
Giaeu, who is detained in his seat in
the House by prts of public business,
are on the s-'ump, each urging bis case
pon the people. I n.Brownsville,where
there are a number of very shrewd,
sharp Democrat?, they not enly hope
for B:nd, bnt confidently predict his
nomination. He is making a close rce
and a good c-dv-bi.
The compliment pa'd Gen. Upsbaw
by the Senate in coi. firming him nnan
Imotn-ly as Assis'ant Commifs'oner of
Indian Affairs was well deserved, and
proves that so far as Senators are
concerned tbey are satisfied with the
management of ths Indian Depart
ment end did not g'vetha recent hul
labaloo about Indian post trader ships
mora than attention enough to realite
that there wan nothing in it. Gen.
Atkins has a faithful and capable as la
tent in Gen. Upsbaw, and the public
a worthy and well qualified servant.
Th five hundradth anniversary of
Heidelberg, that ancient teat of ieara -ing
so well known throughout the
civilised world, his drawn people
from all ptd of the earth and is
being participet.'d in by many
of the molt i iustri jns prince?, officials
and scholars i Garrrmny. Theopenirg
adr:-ei was dcliv r :d by the Crown
Fjce Frederick William, who dwelt
enpoclab'y upon tho pa:t the uulversiiy
had p'ayed in h miring rel;gious lib
erty and tho riibtof fcieatific inquiry.
Tbati ara vfoc.ls wort'iyof tha ninn
taetth century 8ml fully prove tho
worthiness ol the great snldit-r for the
place h3 i8 ene day t j fill as Emr. r
of Ciermflny.
Tnn Tcmocf -tie forc?s should mm
jr (Loir fall strenglh nt the meeting
to be held to-Myh": on the bluff. It h
the hel inoelir.g of tbe canvafa and
ought trr be tbe hnt. All the ctm'i
detas will bo pros-nt and many of the
best fpenber cf tho party, old whsil
horee.?, rmny of thnni who have
worked for yprtrs willingly and chvw
fully wider any ind al circumttantcs,
thus Eettii!g ci'fip'ea of ftal:y, devo
tion ar:d loyhlty to the party such as
bn'i nui'o in ht it 1b as a winnirg
and successful pT.y. The rink and
filo should turn cut to hear them to
night, aud in full fnrca.
Gar. I!: ri.ANdKit, who Yai incurred
the hate of tin French t ri tiers aa b i
ing more than noy tthtr Fientlnuaa
responsible for th -ir exile, h?s got
bimsrlf iu'o a bad box by denying) one
and admitting the authenticity of
another letter wri t n by him to the
Ddc d'Aumalo' thanking him fur
assisting t proenre bis promo'.nn to
the rank of General, to which he owes
his present eminence as Minis'er of
War. Both let era, it is positively as
sorted, are his, and the Due d'Chartrej,
a brother of A omul, threatens t
challenge Ooumrger if he Persia's in
ma deninl If he was under
such an cbl xation to the Due
.d Acmale, as thtseMters prove.it
was to rHy the leat an un
gracious ttiini in B )uar rHr ti mnko
himself so c r B icnous in forcing hia
xue. iiiooiBiine rae ingratitude.
Tub Mexxan news is this morning
Anything but reswearing for pea e
"Tha Mexican Government refus e
.to aecedrt to the request of Secre
tary Bayurd and reletss Editor
Catting. A . second demand
'Will be made in a day or two
in Accordance with th rrfl:dutioxs to
be reported to the II -nse l y its Com
mittee on Foreign Affair.-', which if a it
complied with our Minister will be re
called and all Americans now there
will be notified tint they remain in
Mexico at thoir peril. This will be
the first scp toward .war, for which
a very la'ge nnmber of nv-h in alii
parrs of the cun'rv aeripe and wbkh
would be enpciaily welcome to cer
tain clas ainor.g 'he people of
tko bordir Piatnp. Bur -we do iv-t
tbvnk it will come to thia exo
will yield fti-r perh ai s a te-'inus d p
lom-ic ek rj'ish. itwonld beaeai
thing or the tw ft publics t go to
War ovar rucb a cica ure as Cu t ng,
who is aa adventurer pf the worst
Hoar's Bloody Shirt Bill in tbe Senate-War
Talk at tbe Capital
Freemans Recjcten.
Isrscni, to tai irrna.l
Wasbikuton, Ancust 3. The fight
over tha river and hart or bill ia over,
and-it-t friends in the Iioue number
122. The bill carries $14 47f ,000. The
New York harbor and Potomac flits
rewain in the b)l. No appropriation
is made for the Hennepin uua', but a
board of three engineeis is appointed
to consider the va:ue of tru proposed
caual to tbe pDmmerc'al kiieretts of
the country. Nothing in this clause,
however, commits tbe gavtrnment to
improvements. The f nerds of the
Hennepin, about for y-flve in number,
aie greatly disappo;rted at the result.
They pr. fer no bill at ell ta a bill
leaving their schema out in tbe cold.
They boldly assert tint the President
would prefer to have the hill die in the
House than to take tko epoDsib:hty
of signing it. From information ob
tainable tonight, howsver, your corre
spondent lcnrns that lb-.' ni'l will re
ceive Executive faDt ion. 'Ovor f2,
OC0.1K0 is appropiia'el for the Mis3is
eippi river. j
When the adpurnni-r,t reso'ution
was repnrted back bj Mr. Allison in
tha Sinate to lay, Mr.rlIoarmadj a sit
epeech agaii st it.s'atg tbat he would
cbjuctto a 'jouinmef. un;il the Sen
ate had considered tie bill reported
by bim in Apiil for irrjucs'e of Suth
f rn ontra;es under rnion-l eutbority.
Mr. Kxnna ar.sd at cfica and protest
ed against the dohveyof a speech in
the cloair g hours cf tie gts ion, which
he characterized es a campaign d cu
m nt to be Hcattuted broadest under
Kf publican Senatorfranss over the
countiy. Mi. Sdulsoury also con
demned the rena-ks of Mr.
Hoir in severs terns, and open
ly s'ated that le was sa'is
lied tbe sentiment of Mr. II ar
were sot appr -ved e7en by Republi
can Sec a tor s. ItisdJi.itd rhar a an
gle outrage had taken place in Louisi
ana for years which had not been
properly investigate After consid
erable discutaion the Bqaett bill went
over witbout atti m.aud the Seoa'e
Eroreeded with the vetoed pension
i la.
is the absorbing quetion here. An
a'tempt will b made tomorrow to
put re-olaiipns tnroath.both houree.
Tbe action of tha M scan authorities
isawa ted wi h eagtnesi. There is
nothii g for the Uiiitec States to con
cede. Tne is a-s are llrawn and the
pos t'on of Mr. Bayard b certainly cor
rect. The abuidi y oil Mexico's dip
lomatic procedure is apri treat. Should
she refuse to release Cuving, it ii said
Minister Jackson will bs recklled and
tbe future movement of tbU aovera
ment w II te bo to ptmiC'tr.i etrin
gent Tnere is talk if war, but it is
not believed Mexico will provoke such
extreme measures. The coarre of
this government hai Veen bcti dipl
malic and d gn tied, but it is not tbe
intent on of the admiuistrjtion to sab
mit to the de eotion of Cutting, and
bis immed a e release is demanded.
The Critic (ay i tonight: "The ap-
p')tntmnr end ccnfiirration of Gen
Aiex a." upsnaw, ot Tenriesioe, as
As'iiftan' Iottia i UrrumisHioner, wau a
o:i mo t ed piomofon. in securing
G-n. Up-h:.w as chinf dork, upon
sflsum'rg th-- olli'ie of Iu-'iin Com-m:s-.;oi.e-,
G-n Aikins cbtainod the
services of a nun tm:no: tly q ial fio )
Ga. Ujshaw'd unHiumouu cor.firma
t oi by ttie enirf, w.ts.oat first hav
ing pasd ttm us .a! cmm.tte ex
amiiiH it n, was ;n itAi U ad pr. at
cou'plin.e;it iu) could 1 ave been be
stowed on tun."
1)1 li. II. E1NGLBTON,
pon cf U;e Hon. V. li Bmi-Hlon, ot
M issia-i ppi, di-'d ;-u idtn;y la t nigh
i f par!;iyi3 of tin heiirt. Deceased
wa 42 y-a -s of a nHiivd -f M
f- H'ipo', an-1 agrau tof -h" Medicxl
Uuivitrs-'V of L U'tvdlo, Ky. For
Bvenl yH.rs past .tie was c nnectei
W'th the Smit: son an Inst'tu io.i, a
ar, tre time ot his di'ith w s clerk of
the Hon-e C-;ni-i!ttu? o( Library, of
wt.ich nia fa be u cliti ma i. Tj
rema iv? 1i ta. en to Mississippi
lor luteiinerii.
1IB. L. Q O LAMAR, JP. ,
wan loiay ar p n t d p. lvat-f secretary
to ecro a y La mr. it t t.ua heen tu
tlii -i cai.B'! ty under au uppoiiittneiit as
The P.eiid. nt has approved 'he
j int rfifo 'niion oi--'( tjng the Cjmiii-i
sioner of Lab r to ma1 e rn l ivtttija
tion arto onvc abor, tha act p o
viuing i r rr e r ppnntraeut ft a jjm
trjct Jude t- r t ler-'on ben Dittric. of
A abaiu.-, a-id t ie act in regard to the
co- s ru .-tion (,i a uoliu building at
Triity-seven criminal snita and twen
ty-eix civil suits hive been rco-n-
memled by the Generil Land Otlice
to be brouynt n-.init indivi loau in
f ingingtne .and laws of tbe United
StM. Trie ao.i u it of money involved
la tnese sni's n tnu,tw.
The Rpu' licHn roem-erB cf the
Hi-a e hve r,u:.-ser:bed for the nur-
rh so of a baa' 8 me terti.nonial to be
presented to Hp aker Onri-le as an
evidence of thi ir appn-ca'ion of hti
fairness es a pn S'oinir Hirer and his
;ec ignition of th-i rigbti of the minor-
pbibmah's bijbction.
The rejecti in of Marsh 11 Freeman
of Tenueese. dtm to the ir tin. nee
i f Sntor Harris. It is alleged that
Freema i was ensatd in gambling
specaationj, ind, ttee'o e, not a
proper person for tbe psi rn. H
wan eap-iorted by ex-SenaW Jackson,
bnt Se.ao- U rrs'a ii.flu n: h re
as toi bp at a-id t ie no-niim inn wan
b at- n m dn.-v rhio.ieh h s efforts.
foiltt em P tl t I sued Iridav
J hn B Romans a si nor of half ti 0.
iv. KMuiwge, net na, Ara, rating
p "; J.t Johnei.n & Co, of Mwn-
;ti B, wir vra red a rade mark for
li rig and so jurin toilet and laundiy
Fourth CTatiq Po 'ma tm Commia-
sin ed Li tleh r y W. Mas n, ilirni-
vute, a la. ; liei. w B-s-on, Wyk s
Ml m, A a : Nn lv W. Cran ord. sta
tion Creek, Mi s
stab sehvicb cbangb.
A'abama S ot Bbon to Kennsme
Ojvb, lrjm August 15. b, embrace sup-
p'y of Proi.ton, Mardiall ccnuty, next
after Dodsooville, increasing distance
three miltta; Ada to Olustee Creek,
from August 15th, inc-ea-e service to
six trips a week between Ida and
Rimer, distance of five and half
Iritainas. Arkaasas City, Ark , to
Vicksbnrg, Mis., Omit eniple, with
out change of dittmce; Alounla n
Glen to Ola, from August 10th, in
crease service to twice a week.
31imaippi. Tynesto Hickory Philip,
from August 10th, einbiace supply of
Millican, next alter Tynes. increa.siog
distance one mile and a half.
TVmuiwee-CoviDgton to Drutnrconds
from August 10th, embiace D.tnnt,
between Builison and Gilt Ei'ge. in
creasing dieaoce four milej. Son
bright to Standing Stone, fr m Atignet
12th, curtail route to end at Clara
Ringe, omitting Standing Sionc, do,
creasing distance sixteen miles.
Alabama Bhelbv Iron Works ta
Junction S'ation, N. O. Shelby Iron
Works Company's raiircad, cix miles
and back B'x times a week, or es much
of iener es trains tray run from August
An unpresfucn prevails here that if
a conclusion is ever reached in tho
government's suit at Columbus, O , to
test the validity of tho 15. II telephone
pa'ents tbat it v. ill ba eeve-ai years
fiorn the present time. All woik in
the rase has be n postponed till Or'o
bt r, and then it will require mrnths to
determine tha procedure in the unt
t r of jurisdiciion, etc. Ex Sena
tor McDonald, cf Ind ana, who is
tha princnal attorrey for the
government in thieuit, and who his
be?n here several d-iye, was ackcd this
attorncon when, in his opinion, a ver
dict would be reached in th s case.
He answe.ed that it might not be un
til come tiu.e after the life of the pa'
ent expire'. He ramaiksd sarcastic
ally that a conclusion could be
ar lived at with duo diligence
within a couple of years after tbe
life of the Bell patents are out.
The Senate Nig lit NeaMlon,
Washinqtoi, August .3. At the
night sesiion of tbe Sepale Mr. Alli
son, from the Commit ee on Appro
priations, repotted a bill appropriating
$50,000 for the romponeauon and ex
penses of the Miseiatippi River Com
mission and 20,000 for the Missouri
River Commifskn. Passed.
The Committee on Eiucition and
Labor was direct d to continue and
complets the investigation of the
relations batnesn labor and capital.
Mr. Cu lom moved to proceed to
the consideration of the joint resolu
tion authorizing the Secretary of War
to accept certain Lands near Chicago,
III. Rejected.
The Hen ate then took np the con
ference report on the sundry civil ap
propriation bi 1. Some opposition to
th report was made by Messrs.
Conger, Teller and Hawley for the
ronton that tbe Senate conferee had
yielded in part to the House on the
question of appropriations for schools
in Alaska, but Mr. "Beck defended the
conference action, declaring that the
Seuats conferees had had difficult
work in retaining any portion of the
Mr. Edmunds opposed the reduction
of the appropriation. He was rather
anxlons to s e the green hil'suf Ver
mont, but he would rather stay here
un.il Decsmber than yield on t'lis
question not for the purpose of forc
ing the Houeeof Reyres ntatives todo
wliat it hai no do-ire to do, but in or
der to piracade it tbat bono-, j s ice,
humatii-y and public policy r-.quired
that liberal provision slioald be mnr'o
for school purposes in A lacks. He
wjs opposoil t-j letting tbe ma't'r
dio-j beouii! it was lae in the session
and to pos-pomt it until the Il'ju.-e ol
K' pri-sentativoa should be uduiaitid to
flp"-ec:t9 tne vnlr.o r f educa in.
Mr. Vt regret. ed th it the cn
f tad yihb'ed to the Hous ia th
maitT of providing for tho cabiry ol
ihfl snpenntondent of the Yiiilow
S'oqo Netional 1'nrk. Hh took ocra
oion to deny sta.biueLti n.flcU in the
Hon yes ordav by Mr. llend' Twui
U., iir.iaatii'g tbat ho tr. Vt
aa in'ensted in tbe Yel.owstonn
park bci'e.u e (he pretect snperin en
dt-nt was a cciistituent cf hi.. Toin
WrH nt'cclj" false, nnd for the m t'v s
which in tigted this attark upon him
be bid ;hn mot nnmitia el c.n
tempt. It o'.i!d only aris fioiu a
smal politician wbnso ii'ea-i ner-.-boun
I-, it by a emll disir.i for office.
Af er fur her deba-e the r -p.-rt ynn
ad-'c te-l y-as, 27- n yj, 14.
On moMiui of Mr. Albson a bill was
pa sd uiakir.g en additional appropri
ate i id i3i,tiM), for tha pun-husj tf a
lite for t' e l.'o'.g ear-ional 1 briry.
Ttio t ennte ilien, at 10:o0 o'cl ck
r. m , went i ifo sicrit Bi-sion, end
wlwu the diors were reopened nd
j iiirned.
fhe orr. noe hi iho Morrlion
Nnrl" ll-olullou.
WAnniNfiToy, Aiuu t 3 -The con
ferees on t jo Morrieon snrolns reeoln-
tio:i havtt roiili.d en agr.ement. 'lhrt
II. nine conferees irsisied upon ttie
hband.n merit of the paracraph pro
viding for tbe redemption of tbe'tnde
dollar, and on th-it point the Senate
conferees recid d. The House con
ferees then comed'-d the lemairimt
amendnenti) uudu by the Senate, but
ins sted ui on a cnangs in the phraie
o'ogy, so ai to confer upon the S era
tiry of the T-easury, and not tbe
President, the power ti postpone, la
s' ead of susp iid, ttf culls.
Tabtaet Meetlna;.
Washington, Augmt 3. Ths Cabi
net was in s uiou ubut three hours
today, arranging the efia'rs of the de
oartmenta in anticipation of thosneedv
ndjournmerit of Congrats. Tne Cut
ting and Areeurs cases wete ao
noiuidered. There ia no prcsoect 'hat
any cf tt e a-pr p illion bills will be
sent to tbe PriiVnr tO'.igVt.
Cleared t Coobleetcd run.
Washinotow, August 3 The S nats
calend r of nominations was cleared
of un bje t d caws tr-night .Tbe
following n lminnt one bavn benn re
ject d; A a ord Uuernnn to be f'o be
tirof Oust msfor Minnttscta; Go. P.
Sanford to b p"S mister at Lansing,
Mich., and H. H. Porter to Le pset-
mist-rat Diwahian. Mich.
Lord Aberdena'a Farewell.
Dublin, Ansujt 3. The farewell to
Lird and Ldy Aherdem was pi e
nonieuai. All Dublin was abn ad and
entriu-tiastn unbounded. Lord Mayor
Sill van adced Lord Abedten to
describe to :he Qne'n and tell ber that
this ws a pae lureosst rl the r,i-
cption she will receive when sbn
comes in p-isoa to res ore to Ireland
hr ancieiit right ol self govern
ment." Typhoid fever at Plttubara.
Pitt nu a. Pa., August 3. Twenty-
fou' n. w cases of typhoid fever werj
reoorted today. j
A Majority of Over a Thousand in the
County In Favor el Whlsky-A
quiet Election.
Ioli'm ins, Mien., August 3 Prohi
bitioa was buried in tbis county to
dy beyond the hope of nariirrc. tiin.
Yes, the people have obejed tht di
vine oiandate of "Lst no aiao judga
you in meat or in drink." Tne total
nambar of votes cast in Co' umbos, the'
prohibition Btronghold, ia 771. Of
these 508 are for tbe sale, which gives
the anti-Prohibitioniets av-majority of
241. At this hour all oflbo returns
cannot be bad, but news comes from
Ca'e Ionia, the second largett precinct
in the county, which sivts a iunj rity
of 250 for the tale. These were tbe
on'y doubtful pninti in the
county, tnd thi Prohibitiouisti
concede majority of 1000.
The claim set up by the l'roliibit on
istsof this county triat the r pur.y
poesesies all the virtue and intelli
gence, and reflect tbe Demncra ic
rentiment of this communiiy is par
tisan in the extrtnu and wtiout
fmiydit'oii in fitt fince 1S75 the
Dertocratiir Kxecu ive Committie tf
Lowndts county bas leci presided
over by fcix gentli-m.n, and out of the
six oijly one is a Pronib tionist. Many
who lead in intelligence uud sojicty
matters in tbi city are in no way con
nn'ted with thd Piotiibit oni: t3. bn
much, tbon, for the virtue rl
this community. As t i s iutalli
gence, it i only necsEtaiy to
aay that more than two thirds
of the merchants, and nine'eui of the
twenty-two members of-the baraie
opp sBd to prohib tion. These state
ment? (live the beet, mopdirec'. and
laconic denial to the charttes made by
partisans. Prch.bition,lhe golden
calf of self righteousness,' which lies
been so idolat'ously won hipped in
this city during tbe canvass just
closed, .baa been overthrown, and tbe
people, by their bellot.have abro-
Sated that system of espionage which
us tet the wile ta watctftng the hus
band and the servant the ma-.ter.
passed off quietly no j fights, no
drunkenness, not anything forbidden
by law. It has been fairly and square,
ly carried "for the sale," and nothing
short of tbe wildest fanaticism and in
tolerance can or will attempt to defeat
the will of the people as tiday ex
preesd at the ballot. It is to be hoped
all auitatou will now ceaie, and that
tbe cit'zens, one and all. will nse their
efforts and energies to build up tbe
city, now nigh sick unto death with
prohibition, and then prosperity and
fraternity and relig'on, with love and
not prescription, will settle at our fire
sides as bouieho d gods and grant us
A be "Drj ' Side ol tho Content.
laraoiAL tothi appial.I
Columbus, Miss., July 3. Tj the
great satisfaction 1 1 all, the elec'ion
I ated (.ft without a bitch. Columbus
gives 129 wet and tbe indicatioi.s are
that the county i wet by 1200 ma
jority. Ljft tti the white vo'.ers tx
clusive'y, the county ii uudoubtol.'y
dry, but the Ibv bIi Uie of their moi.cy
f. r e-ectionee iu purpisis by ttie
wln'Bky men and the free use of tU ir
vehicles to br;ng the negrooi to t is
polls, the voters defnatid the Prolnt i
tinn ticket her. lit ports fr jm tho
Caledonia Dt-t-ict ii.dirate a slight
m. j jrity of the whites lor prohibitii n,
bin the nt-g'Oes art solidly for wtdsky.
Cjbb's Swit Ii Hi-t iit is report d is
hav ng (jiven 700 nojro volet for wei
and three wlntu m n lor the sanie
No probibi ir n vntH wt roenst at Cobb
Switch, hue use iho P.-uhibit o littn r :
argry t!iat tlic wh sky men ran tbe
ner i i-ito the election ar.d leh the
lew whit b in tne pr iiie ft the
ln-'icy of tne n. gro. The prohibiten
in 8 bait organixvit ar.il i r ncMvely a',
work on coy i. t:r jtct'.tior s. Tne end
ii tut yet.
Later Ketnt tin 1 mm the 4 I-iih-'Ihe
Klrnili. cliii' Amenil
lueitt li'leHtetl.
Montoomkkv, Ala., Au ust 3.--J.
II D.idiey, Blot y Btiri.a by Art! ur
Hay ne'. timing tbe tlm t'on tt Co! er
ine L wn Its eou -ly, del. Jiajnoi
f urrendi red to ihe Sfe. ill".
Tiiera a very bitter fe- ling it 1! in
srvcral cnun'its wlier.i s" cilled Dem
ocratic malcou'ems r in ns ludeot.nd-
ente, and lome vi ti.em in Ie, Cliam
bera, M.icon and Au angi were eln:t
ed over tl e r -gnbr nomieecs. The
Birriiii.trtinin am nduien, it is fee r. id,
is defeated, most cou" ties not voting
for it, hnc not receiving the requis
i:e roeetitutiondl vo'e.
The Mon'om-iy True Bines left for
Galveston t n!ay. Company K, Louis
vibe Leg on, was along.
Henry Davis (cob. red) wis acci lent
al y ehot ar d killtd t luiubt by James
M Cane (whi e), the contents ol a
shotgun taking fatal effect between
the eyes.
Unexpected Independent Victories.
Montgomery, Ala , Augu t 3 Spe
cie's tJ tha Adverlutr from all over
Alabima st.ow unexpscted vic'orius
for the Ind-pendenis in a number of
counties. Tu'calfr rn eleCBoppodtion
cundida'esfo' t'ie Lci' slstur v Culber',
Macoo,Lea,Ciiambori8! d Green coun
tii a all went K publican or Icde
pendttnt. At Co'.lieienc, ia Lowndes
couuty, In ttie h art of the hi ck belt,
Arthur Uaynts sh it and killed JameB
H. Dudley (both wt its). They be
long'dt) opposirg Dumo.raic f-c-Hols.
Tha mijo by for the
Democratic Stale ticket is overwhelm
ing. D EMutlKATI (J
tue Uem crnti on tho BLUFF on
Wednesday Aiht, Aug. 4
at8o'o'ock,to ba ad ' rmmed by tho following
lilt ot protutntnt Hticakern :
HoN. J. J UUPiiy,
8 1). KA K'.KY,
I). P. HA DDK - ,
A. II. I'OtmLiSfi,
All ioviied to ttun I.
lit ordor of tho Kxeoutiva Boar 1.
f. J. i AMP, Chairman.
Jonic n. ALSur, SooroUry
To Real ltaie Owners and Agents.
PA'ITIKS ha' lot itdewalkrt t put down
will Bnd it tu their intoreot to apvly to
W. B. LOCKKY. U Madtsoi , or hnii, 318
fit ood. oDix)tor for Htawart'i Uraao
lithio favamtati. loUphoaf iii.
NAOEl. -A: hi ronidsnoo No. ls Krnnt
treat, Au .in t 3, lss, at 10:Ki p.m., Jt i.n t
MaiiEL, t.f ihirty-uiao years.
Fanoral lioin rotidenre th ia (Vt'EDNKS
DaY) alternoon at 4 o'clock. Friend art
i nritivl tiattxnd .
"tee queen of TABLE WATERS.'
' The dangerous qualities of eon-
ta mi no ted drinking water are not
eh iatCii ly the addition of wines or
Medical Officer of Privy Council,
Lug land.
" The purity of APOLUXARIS
offers the rest security against the
dangers which are common to most
cf the ordinary drinking icatcrs."
London Medical Record.
C!t CnKcrt, DrMi;gini!'MiH.irul,D,altrt,
KOI. AND LOIXJK No. 2i, K. of P. xT
Tho meiubom of thin Id are A i
oiimmnndcd tn intct at their CitU(. XT
Hull thia lV EDNKSKAY) attornounk,' VJ
at ;l o'clock, to allen.l tho lunerul olAjSV
our Into brother, JliLInS NMIKI.
Hy order A. KliEKUAKT, C. C.
11. lisiNKii b, Reporter.
Attention, Sir hniglits.
You are requented to meet nt yourCntle
Hall this (Mr KllNUUAY) attornoon at 3
o'clock, in full unporin, t-i Attend the fune
rn! nt our lute hrnther. JULIUS NAUKI..
1. O. O. F. Fli.EKM, Midi E
O. O. F.-The momlitra
tut" lodse ara reiiunmod to un'et 'Jjy
alternoon at 3 o'clock, to attend the tuneral
of our late brother, JULIUS NAUKL.
By order 0. HlLD, N. 0.
Cham Hornur, Pecretnry.
memhera of rtiia luilito are reiUefltd to
meet at their hall thia IW fcTDNB-SDA V) after
noon at it o'oioi'k tn attend the funeral of
our Into brother, JULIUH NAUKL. By or
der of HEAVIAN WEIDKK, Uic'ator.
HARi.Kft BoHNrit, Secrpt-iry.
aUEmembenofthedERMAN UHl'DER
BUM1) are heroby reiiuesteJ touuetal
their hall thia tW K1)N EBUa Y) afUrnoon at
8 o'clock to attend the funeral of our late
brother, JULIUS NAUKL. Byo'dorof
WILLIAM SAUKK, I'reitdent.
Joi BiaTH, Secretary.
1 HE memhera of the GERMAN MA EN
L NEKCUUR are hereby reuunnted tc
meet at their hall thii (Vt EUNESUAY) afior-
nooo at 3 o'clock to attood the 'uneriif of our
lata brother, JULIUS NAUEL. By order
FtLU EmrniiBT, Secretary.
(ierman Veuevolent Suclety.
UK member! of the GERMAN BBNEV-
OLK.N r SUCIKTi are hereby r-uueitcd
to meet at their ball thia K1)NKSUaY)
afternoon at 3 o'olocil to attend the fune al
of our late brother, JULIUS N AUBL. 11
order of 'F. W. MUKWS, l'residout.
Ciiaa. BoaKia, Bccretnry.
THB memhera of the GERMAN TURNER
80C1K1Y lire horebv renun-ted lo iiiuttt
at their hall thia (WEDNESDAY) aftertioon
at 3 o'clock to attend the luuerai of our Into
brother, JULIUS NAGKL. By order of
JOHN SUU0RU, rreaident.
Otto Bkiich, Socre'arjN
i E, No, 2.W. JO
leot in statou
h, ut o'clock XV
i. AIIM. h.'' V
LJ F.A A.M. -Will meet
communication thia i
DAV) eveninit,Aug 4th,
f r dispHtcb of busmen!.
are trutrnally invited.
By order U. F. 0AVANA01I, W.M.
Attopt: A. 8. Mykkh, Sonrctiiry.
To Saloon' Kccpi-rs and Liquor
Taxino Piktuct Hiiklbt Coiiiitt. Tinn., 1
lieiuphia, Tmu , Augu.t 3, 1k, )
IM.and V. Codo of Tenne-ee : 1
Section 579-No llnuor ebnp m th:a RNite
ah ill he kiipt open on election day hotwrnn
aunrii'o and tinot, nnr nhiil) ahr pcia.in, on
(iiiJ dnyj, dm inn ruch houra. nive or aell In
tovli'utinir liquors to nuy person, for auy
purpose at r-r uear an eloction Krnund.
roo 174 Ah iHin-ons convicred of t is nf-f-
ne "ail be puni-hnd bv a Hno of nut les
than t ..'), nor more tlmn Ills), or by liiiprixnn
iLCtuinthe county juil, at tin discroliou ol
IT I. Ord nauoo. Chap. IX Vngo 174:1
hio .HI N'othi ie in this seulion.i hiill he
so cotitilrued as t'l itiiihorize he sttlo ot in
sny in .nntr or for n wh - lover Mm vonilinh- of
spirituou -, malt, vinous or othnr iutoxii-ril-l'-v
lijors on any dxy on wh eh hini ir
t'i.unty or other lections nro huld wiihin
tho I inflict limit0, but tho fume hcr-liv
probibiU d, ei'lior by snln, ailt or oih rwiro,
under the l inn and peon ty ol a fine m.t Io n
tnn 81, rortnorc than !."() lorerich inui ove-v
ollense. t.-ncthor rilli a lortoit'Jro of his, her
or tht-ir licoi.a-t lor tlie aula nmt veii.iiuu- of
ipTituouK, mult, liiou ucd otli'.r iiitiui-outii-K-li'iuors.
All pe.sons i.re horohy nollili-d tint tho
foreaoina Inns will le ftrtutly eotor-ed in
this city on n-xt 1 hur.dn , the .'ith ibiU.,
the name brina olccilnn tiny.
W. I). U. VI -. chief nf Police.
Thursday. Sept 30, 18SG
rThe University Is In all respeotj In ex
cellent ennoition. The oHieeof Chano-lior
having been Tolaniarily reaigned by Gen
Htewart, lrof. B. Mayea ia temporarily
Chairman ot the Fata ty. Addison H"go.
of Virginia, la ProTearor of Greek: J.J.
Wheat ia Professor ol Metaphyseal Dr. A.
J Oulnche la Professor of Latin: Qen. C.
W Heara ia Prnfeaaar of Mathematics; John
L. Jobnaon la Professor nf Rng ish l a guaga
and Literatare; R. II. Fulton l Professor
of Psjaiea and Astronomy : Ur. Geo Little
is I'rof-.ssor of Natural HI, tor. ! O. W. Hut
aon la Prolessor of Mod'rn Lamrnagas; Ed
ward Mayes is Profea'or of Law; L. T. Fit n
hush is rrofonor and Prinoinal of tha Ilish
School; Wood villa Latham la Prolersor of
Lheinistryi Miss Bailie Met, isom is In
atructor tn Elocution i F. E. L-irkin. Tutor.
lui'ion la aiiil free, and every Inducement
la offered to atadentt mala and leuiale to
oo me here.
Apply (or catalogues or info matlnn to any
of the officer a.
II. M. SULLIVAN. Secretary.
li. LowensUin 4 Bros. New Five story
Stone and l'ris Whole ale Morehou e 17.r)X
IV) frei), to b- erected on sou hrast corner ol
Main and Jcfler-on atreeta, will heoien for
eiamiuation on ant alur WEDN ".8IA Y,
July Wrh, at the ohVe of M. U. Baldwin,
Architect. 310 Second S'reet.
Bids are invite I for i he tone, Brick. Iron
and luriientera' work. Plumbing, Stea'i
Ctiing, Boilers af4 Knrines, aepara'ely, aa
are also bids to, ion entire w..rk, comi-lote,
in accordance wih -l .ns .nd .peciwcition i.
DK. It. L. LArSKI,
Pbjelclun, iirirton nd Acroncher,
313 Ala Id trt. Noiir. Union.
Telephone No. IW.
BKBOsure and Conviction.
The information contained in the report made by the hygienic authori
ties of the Nation on food adulteration is not only valuable, but sugRestiye.
The poojile of this country are getting to a point where they will not much
longer brook the trifliug with adulterators. In this connection we wish
to say that wo believe that the public will not forptt the Trice Baking
Powder Company, lor their effort, heroio and single-handed as it was, to
bring the brcad-tainters of the world to exposure and conviction. The
issue ot their war was purity in human diet, and tho decision of tho Na
tional Food Analysts was that DR. PRICE'S CRKAM BAKING P()V
1K11 was the only ono they could rocommend to ireneral family use, boing
froo from ammonia, lime, and all drug taint.
Persona doubting the truthfulnoe of thia can write any one of the Chemists nanad:
Prof. K. OJDEN DORKMU8. M.D., L.L.D., Bulleruo Medical Collo... New York.
Prof. 11. C. WHITE, Stat. Chemist, Uniroraity Uoorgia, Athens, (in.
Prof, K. 0. KEDZ1E, Lute President State Board of Health, Lansing, Mioh.
Prof. II. M. SOHKFFER, Analytical Chemist, St. Louis, Mo.
Prof. CII AKLK4 K. DWIUHT, Analytical Chemist, Wheeling, W. Va.
Prof. JAMES F. BABCOL'K, Stito A.ayer, Boston, Mass.l
Dr. ELIAS II. BAHTLEY, B.S., Clnuiiat to the Ilcp't of Health, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Prof. Cl'llTIS 0. HOWAIU), M. Sc., Starling -Medical College Columbus, Ohio.
Prof. M. DELF0NTAINE, Analytical Chemist, Chicago, 111.
Prof. R. S. II. PATON, LatoChomist Health Department, Chictgo, 111,
Prof. JOHN M. ORDW A Y, Mass, lnitilute of Technology, Boaton.
I'rof. R. A. WHTIIAtlS, A.M., M.D., University of Buffalo, N. Y.
Prcf. A. II. SABIN, Stale Chemist, Burlinglon, Vt.
Prof. JOHN llOIILANDKK, Jr., AM, M.D., Prof. ChumrBlry and Toxloology, Collogg
Medicine and Surr.ory, Cinoinna.i, Ohio.
Pro's. AUSTEN A WILBUR, Profs. Chemistry, Rutgers Collrite, New Brunswick, N. J.
Prof. OEDltOK E. UMiKKR, Prof. Chemistry Universityof Pennsylvania, Philadel
phia, l'a.
I'rof. PETER COLLIER, Chief Chemist for the United States Department of Agricul
ture, Washington, I). 0.
Prols. 1IKYS k RICE, Profs. Chemistry, Ontario School Pharmacy, Toronto, Canada.!
Dr. JAMES ALBHEiTH T, Chemist at the United States Mint, New Orleana. La.
Prof. EDO AR KVKRIIART, Prof. Chemistry, University of Texas, Austin, Texas.
Prof. E. W. HIMIARD, Prof. Chemistry, University California, Berkeley, Cai. .
Prof. 8. W. Mf'KEOWN, Analytical Chemistry, Yonngatown, Ohio.
Dr. 11EINRICU DETTMER, Analytical Chemist, St. Louis, Mo.
Prof. C. GILBERT WHEELER, Late Prolosaor Chemistry Cblrage I'nlr.rslty, Chl
cago, 111.
Prof. J. II. LONll, Prore.ior Chemistry Chicago Medical College and Chicago College 0 1
Pharmacy, Chicago, 111.
Prof. 0. A. MARINER, Analytical Chemist, Chicago, 111. ,x
OEFICE Boom 1 (new) Cotton Exchange Building. Telephoo &.
ANsrra. I
II writs BrHtah and Mr-
tile (near Tl
t a.ieti.nni
Valaas of liornli....... 1,1iM,04
Anserlaaai Karety tomitaiajr, KitklBsI Bead of Nairetyahtp.
All olauae of property insured, fpeelal Attention given to lnsnrVig Coentry Steree.
New York Life Insurant Co.
ASSETS $60,800,000.
llulliiliiKii, "eil ligtiiuil, heal, d and venliln'e
(caclinrs. llioroiuu sod oomiiletn cour.-e ot
lion. Pointing, etc. No i-nlarianinm Situ
lksl Prlt'C r-H.ottiMn lUtt-lr l.wl f loi -
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000,
J. u. GODWIN, I'rea't. J. M. (JOOMHaV Vloo-rreat. C II. RAISE, Casbl. r.
Boavrd of Dirootorai.
M. (JAVfN,
T. B. HI MS,
tr a nmmv
TV CI. I'lH'V.
F. M. NlfLSON,
W. N. W1LKICKMIIW, rV. V. UUIiril.lt,
inllN AHMlVl KAI). O II. linVAN.
arl lMllry of the) Hint, or T.nnnaM, Traasauuilai umrrnt 11a Is k leaf)
HWMiaiaa stasis o.ivw apnnsi
! .
"Tin: simaici or nut: woitin."
oerTERMS-Cssh, or easy Monthly Inat-Llltnin. Write -or IlluitratoJ Ciitiilogue.-ei
O. KL. OO-
sut.K j:nin r. it nu: nmi i n i;sr,
No. nClll Mntix t., rwomilili,'reun,
He) 101 llsslun hln-el, NkmIiviIIc. I Nil. Il' Mrrrl, rt. Lnnla.
ru Cnnr o MntinnQ I mux :y
Xos. 328 and 328 Main
UOOIW, which we ofler to the Trade u.mn the most favorable terras. Our pr. J
will compare lavorably with those of any market In the United Mutes. W e ere Agents lor
TeniKwujfte Munafnt'tarliiK O.'h PIhIiN, Drills, Mhepllnir, Mh'rtln(f, J.tc.
Cotton SOiOtoir
And Commisston Merchants
No. Hi nnl 11(1 ITTiuIInoii iret. oninli!
m-MlV WP IS Ii,'B,fl1,t ,.M
..... i mn.. who desire o trv It. el .!
IfMdlaasj ul r Btsuiinie.
rqallitwlw mt NmHtIII .
Kuoavlllfi of Uwwavllle
fbueals of Hrooklyss iMa-
rine Department).. ,!,
I I N. S olnnblrt. Twaaa.
ilihy Location: Hnaiiaome
Urouml (14 acruslt Cupacioag
1 1 nne Ithrurv, spparntus und cqtlipmenM A7
tniitruciion. Host advan-iig't. in iusic, bioeu
, Elo.ry
cept. 6,
Annual Sesa on begins .MONDAY, te
on , . f.
3. r. aoDwra.
U. E. CoVVlt),
KNB.Y, '
miimaiiiini mt i..- vs
;j l
St., Memphis, Teun.
l)PL!l!i CflL
THE IIAHKKI. OH V . 11-5 OK 10
. e lot. .t-.iivcd In tte oii at very lo-e
I H Uh tn Mil ..iih aaiiieaat
iad I
re- I
t od

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