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Hirer nd Harbor Bill Adopted by
the Hon Bloody Miirt JJrbate
la tbe Senate.
Wasuinotos, Aufjnet 3 Hmttt.
The Spnaker laid before thi Houce
the Pnsiclem'e messasje announcing,
bis approval of the oleotmrfcarine bill,
and it waa read and rtfurad to the
Committee on Ways and Means.
Also a message from the Prraident
iranamittinK the papers in tbeCuttlng
case, and it was reft rred to tbe Com
mittee on Foreign Aflaiis.
Mr- Willis Ky. preeented'the con
( ference report on the liver and harbor
' appropriation bill, and it was read.
The changes made ia the bill, compar
ing the measure as reported by the
conferees with the farm in which it
panned tbe Senate, are as follows: Ir
reas Harbor at Wilrriinirton, N.O.,
from $66,253 to 175,000; Bed river, Ar
kanms, from $71,2:0 to 175,000; Mis
eiattippi river, from head of I'avfn to
the mouth of the Ohio, from $1,0X7,500
to $2,000,000; for tlie examination and
eorvey of the South Passes, from t:t750
to toOOO; general surveys of Mimls
sippi river, $1,750 to fW.OCO; Nanilv
bay harbor of IWilg", Mass., $75,P0i)
to flOO.MO; 8t. Mnry's river. Miclii
Kan, $187,500 to $20.1,000; Hay Lake
channel, MicbiKan, $112,500 to $150,
0(H); James river, Virginia, J75.000 tD
$112,500; Aikaiium rivtr, Arkansap,
$.'1,250 to I75 0IK); gnoral survojR.
$76 0i)0 to $100,000. la addition all
items' of appropriation which were
contained in the bill report
ed to the Senate by tha
Senate committee and which amount
to rot more than $20,000 each and
which by the Senate amendments re
duced 25 per cent, are restored to their
ordinal amount. Decreases are as
follows: S urgeon bay canal, from
$112,500 to $5000 ; Portage lake canal,
$202,500 to $10,000; Hennepin canal,
$225,000 to $15,000. With respect to
each of these three projects the Sec
retary of War is authorised and direct
ed to, appoint a board of engineers
from the United States army, who
hall examine the canals and their re
lations to cimnerce and consider their
value, and all r.ther matters connected
with their usefulness for navigation
and who shall Rive -informal ion as to
the expediency cf the work and desir
ability of t' e improvement. The Sec
retary is required to transmit t'u re
ports of theso beards to Congress at
the next scnslon, tngothor with his
vicwi and those of the chief engineors
inurtoiu . .The provlainu of the New
York harbor and the Potomac fUt re
main as thoy pssstd the Semite, the
New York haibor being $760,000
and the Potomno lints :)75,000. The
hi I appropriates $11,473,000, which is
$iq,:!00 les than the Honso bill and
$357,507 more than the Sonato Ivll.
Mr. Springer criticised the hill as
reported from the confHrence becauss
it refined to a-repi the Illinois and
Miohignn Canal and to make an ap
propriation for the Hennepin Canal,
lie dwelt upon the importance of the
pr.ipo i' l improvomnnt denying that
thct tt w a work of local interest and
declaring ''at it was as national a
work as Urn work of improving the
Mi'fiteippl ' river. The Conference
Committee bad nem lit to neglect this
important measure of improvement
whila it retiined in the bill Appropri
ations for creeks and bayous acd
email lakes, but us the hill provided
for some imiior'nnt improvements he
would wiihilMw lii oppesit'on to its
pae age and lot the men who had
etrickeu out the Hutmcpiri appropri
ation take (lie reK.imi'.ility for their
Mr. Miller c'o'id the d scuasion in
u tlmo ivinute speech in favor of the
report, ami it was egrced t;i yeas 121,
navs tS
V.r. Itinies' Mo. fiihinit'ed tlie
conierenoe repoit upon the dellcieney
bih, and it was sgnted to.
Mr. Morrison III.) mibmittod the
conference rep t on the sundry civil
The reading of the report luioiiued
nearly an hour, and as 5 o'clock was
iiinr a1 land, Mr. 1 1 jl man Iml
wifhed its consi.lerrttiiin to go over
lint :1 fom.'rrow, faying the indented
appropriation lor the Hilarys of olli
cers wih nuexample I.
Mr. Uan.iall le.i ie l that most ol
the oflieera, whose lalaiies wore in
creased, were in the I .ami OlUue.
'Die report wis tlien agreed to
ye is, 12ii; rayc, 2(l-ai.d trie House
ajnurno I.
Til HsiiMt.
The Senate met at 10 o'clock, and
Senator Hale, from tlie conference
committee on tho di tlcioncy bill, mb
ini tid a report and proceeded to ex
V uiri it. Iu regard to ceitain claims
'or incline tax paid by non-resident
alu nj), which h id been regularly esti
uuud f..r atd wlihli the Houce had
p.u tU ly ii'Jil the SeriKte entirely put
iu t.io im 1 1, it ha l turned out in con
fe ence that wereiTlijsctioiis to some of
th -ee put in by the Seuate, and tUa
conferee! recommended that these
it-'ios be retenvd bsek to the Secretary
cf the Treasury with iiifltructions to
report the Ip.rtj t) Congretii next
-oiuU:ir MhihIiko:i impiirrd what
hud I ecu done nhiiil the item (or
pavii r tlie street in Ireiit ot the gjv
ernri'ent l u liling nt St. Lou's.
Se nior ll.iln rep i' .l tint tha'. item
wold to retained. The Conference
1 i.iunit '-i' hal nijreo.l to the proprie
ty ( the gove.oment taving the side
wak in ir nt of fovirmui nt build
in", but wi-h'd tin matter of etreut
ji.eingto be fixed f erward by gen
ernl law.
S.-n i'.cr Ma hIi'"-, on iniiirol further
cs to the ite n for liften I'nvs of leave
of nb cure to the employee in tlictijv
in.ui' iit Priutiug Ollice.
S. nutor Hale said that the itom was
retail od
As ti tbe item for the Brttsil Steam
sh'p Company the appropriation is
e'ruci on , and a chins) tubstituted
d.rtCMng the PtBt master General to
n pilt kt uixt hi ssion the amount of
i.rvices r.-ndered end the mm justly
ami (q ;i'al!y due.
Th item to pay the Centra! Pacific
:iii;rend Company f r gnrviens r.)U
d rcl ou i's lien s.ibiidized linos is
.also etr uck out
Ihe ittfiii BstotheWaflhinKton a.iie
dutt end tunnel is retained, wiih a
prov'siin that the Boa-d of I-.ogmeers
l,ir f irtifica'ionH and liver and harbor
improvements shell rcpjrt whether
an changfS are necessary in the
method of living tbe tunnel aud the
method of lining and perti-ding the
Senator Hoar asked how tho appro
piiation bills of this session comparrd
with tlwe of precedirg sessions with
reitsrd to the omuaion by the House
of Kpreaentatives of items of appro
priaiion absolately necessary for the
operations of the government, depend
ing upon a Republican Stna'.e to put
them thriogh.
Senator Hale replied that in bii
opinion this practice cl the Houfe
was becoming worse from vesr to
year. Die Senate found the billssent
over from the House fractional and
incomplete. It would find, for ex
ample, a pape of regular estimates,
one-third of the firms on which hat
been left out, while there wis no dif
ference in imint of merit between
these omitted and those included.
Tbis did give rite to statements more
or lesi d; c'amatory in another branch
of the government as to tho extrava
gance of the Senate while tlie fact wss
the Senate was very careful to put in
r.o'hicg that was not reewsary ti tho
ruenirg of the government. Thete
were impatient u'terancrs at being
chaigrd with thete increased appro
priations, and he was bound to say
hi the Committee on Appropriations
that in dealing with this subject it had
not been treated as a party matter, the
Democratic, members having mani
fested tbe same impatier.ee as tba
benator Edmunds read from the
book t srimates the items of the de
ficiency estimated for by the beads of
departments, aggrrgaticg mors than
$300,01)0, and said it was woll known
wben the regular appropriation bills
wore passp.l last year that the sums
appropriated were Inadequate to the
neneejitieg of tbe government as it is
today, but they were not increased be
causs an opportunity wai wanted to
tell the "dear re ple, tho working
men," how economical Congress bad
The report was aureed to.
Senator Allison, from the Committee
on Appropriations, repotted ban the
joint resolution appropriating $:ifi,000
additional for the purchate of lands
for a aits for the Congressienal Library.
Senator Plumb ohjectod ta its pres
ent consideration, and it was placed
ou the calendar.
Senator Allison alfo reported hack
0:e House joint resolution to continue
the appropriations t 'iiiporar.lv.
fSeuator Plumb and Senator K Jmen is
objected to its present consideration.
Senator Allison asked that the ob
jection be withdrawn, and stated that
if the resolutions were not passed
those employes whose compsnsation
is provideJ for in the sundry civil hill
could not be paid for the time inter
vening between the last day of July
and the day when that bill would re
ceive the President's s'gnatore.
Senator Plumb declined to with
draw the objection, boire willing, he
sa'd, to loave with tbe House tbe re
sponsibility for its tardiners in tend
ing appropriation bills to the Senate.
Tho change of rule in the House, by
which seven or elg'jt of the general
appropriation bills were taken from
the Appropriation Committee, had not
gone deep enough. He might partic
ularize to (how where the b.'ame
reslod, but as the House tolerated an
autocracy which controlled its- busi
ness It became i self responsible for all
the delay. The joint resolution was
placed oh the calendar.
Senator Allison, from the same
committee, reported hock tho Houho
a IjourniDcnt resolution, with an
amendment changing thotims from
the 201 b of July ) 1 o'clock p.m. on
the 4th of August.
Senator Hoar expressed h!s dissent
to the passage of this or any other ad
journment lcsiluiion until tho Senate
nad considered the bill repoited by
him from the Judiciary Committee oh
April 10th for impiest under na
tional authority. Ho referred to the
massacres dnrirg the lest few rears in
loais nna, SmtTi Canlina, Alabama,
Mim'sa'ppi and other Southern States,
and elated that in every one cf those
c ses, so far as was shown the p.iople
of the North by the press, a negro and
a Jt-puhliran was the victim and a
Democrat inula white iiuia tho g
grefnor. If any of lhse outrages had
linen perpetrated on any American
clti.n in Mexieo or Canada (V'ngre's
would net anjourn mild it I ill tiiad.)
prnvU-ion to put tlei national d fennen
iu a condition Lr war.
Senator Ke una paP oated aga net the
speeeh made by the Senator from
MiiHS.iehiHt tts iu tho closing horns of
tho HKsmnii. Tnat 8: cell would no
in'o the litmrd and would ko into the
campaign as a bloody i-hiit campaign
d. euiiu nt (with a fraud on itl. car
ried free through the mail for the
1 iirpnso of airiia ing 8ctioniil senti
nu n s and feelings which, n) Ur as ho
wits (ondr.ied, weie dead, end would
remain so forever.
Senator Sniilshnry expressed his
surprise that a Sna'or with tho ex
perience of the Senator from Ma sa
chnsctti shrtuld have so far deinrled
Iroiii all legislative propriety as to in
je. t into the d srussi.m of an adjourn-
nientnesoliition the virulence Qf simh
a speiH'h from the exhibition made by
the Republican Secatore while the
speech was being made, many
Seiiatois having left their eciiih.
He Knew that it hadn't the
approval of those with whom the
Senator waj p ilitically atlilialed.
He exouerated the Senator's party
from all complicity with the grave im
propriety manifested by tlie Sena
ter frost Ma:sachuso't, but he em
phasized Lis condemnation of the
R.'prcs' nttttive of tho Senator's at
tempt to make political capital for bis
pa-ty when tin re was no opportunity
to repl to it.
Senator Kimtis denied that a single
outrege hud tiken place in the State
of Ixmieiana for many years past
w hich hadu't beeu the euhjct of ih
ves igtion, discussion and decisions.
He wouldnt stop now to diecuss such
a s pie Biihjei't. At the proper time
be would be found prepared to defend
the white people of the State ol Louisi
ana agjinst any such accusation as bad
liLn made by the Senator. He
coii'dn't recall's single occurrence
eiuce 170 in that State tJiat required
the cnactiiipnt of such a bill. On the
contrary, peace, quietude and con
tontment ha.l prevailed nuiong all the
piopie cf the State of Louisiiuin, irre
speetive of rheo, lasses or f omlitions
Seuntor Hoar Wny, then, object to
having the mattor judicially asier
tniued by a I'ni ed StatcHCiu't 7
Senator Kutis That involves nn
entirely different question. I don't
C' i ier the bill constitutional, 1
don't consider that a judge Iip.b any
siu'li duty t perfoi in, a duty that is
etr fly po itical and not judicial.
Stn,.tjr Hoar loes the Senator
elaim that the question whether a
homicide was committed or a serious
attack on life and property nuida Is a
political and not a judicial qucetinn?
Sennt.ir Kiisiia While a court ht,s
juris lie ion to try and convict, that ia
an entirely different profositjon from
inert) Moposition of lniiuiry.
Senator Kerry aleo protts'.ed against
Senat r Hoar's sjieech, and stated that
ao far as the State of Arkansas was
conee-ned order and quiet had pre
vailed there since the Hemccraiic
pirty came into power in 1874.
Senator George (as member of the
Judiciary Committee) recognixed the
bill es presenting questions of the
very gravest importance, which da
servi d careful, calm and dispassionate
consideration, and he declared himself
Nady to go into the discission of the
bill, but on the condition that no dsy
shall be fixed for adjournment until
the discntsion is over. He asked
tbat tke Semite would determine row
w hether it would consider tbe bill n(
tire srwion or not.
Senator Dawes approved Senator
Hoar's position in the matter.
Senator Gibson expressed bis snr
pr se and regret that the Senator from
Alarsa-huseits (Senator Hoar) should
have brought into tbe Benateatthis
hour if sisiion.a subject calculated to
create sectional debate. Tbe speech
was like an iceberg coming from the
Arctic region into an atmosphere 1 1
general warmth, cheered by a sunny
and generous pa riotism. It was tbe
indictment atrinst the entire popula
tion from the Potomac to Rio Gram'e
it was an appeal of discord thrown
ir.t i the Sena e in the closing hinrs of
the seesion. As to Lis own State he
b jre tetiti.ony to tbe peace and quiet
that prevailed there, while on the
contrary the country bad Been the
peace ol society stined to its lowest
depths in tbe city of Cbicegi
and the territory adjacent to
it. There they had heard
the mnrmurings of deep discontent
thieatening tbe entire frame work of
society itself, the very origin of which
the ttle proper y rests, Aid yet
in the presence of such dis
order, threatening all tbe elements of
society, the Senator from Maeachu
eet s tamed aside and directed his
attention to the Southern section,
where p:ace end quiet prevailed;
where tuere was not a ripple of the
surface; where God was blessing the
people with abundant crops; where
the relations between capital and
labor were undisturbed; where there
was net a s.rike, not a tumult, not
disorder, and where life and property
were protected-under the laws.
' After some further debate, Senator
Blair objected to the further csnsid
eiation cf the adjournment resolution
and it was placed on the calendar.
Senator Blair then tailed up the re
pott of the Committee on Pensions in
ttie case of the vetoed bill giving a
pension to Mary J. Natlagd, and no
prcceeded to (state tbe merits of the
After tome discussion the debate
was interrupted to allow tbe conferees
on the river and harbor bill to report
an agreement.
Senator Cullom expressed his disap
proval of the conference report, par
ticularly in regsrd to the way in
which the Hennepin canel matter was
trea'od. The Secretary of War was
instructed to have the canal surveyed.
That was mere trifling with the sub
ject. The government had been sur
veying that 'canal as long as be could
recollect. In his candid opinion the
Hennopin canal improvement was of
more importance to the commerce of
tho country than all tbe other items in
tbe bill, except that for New York
harbor. For snmo nnexplained rea
son several of the items for bayous in
the South were increased; hut this
important im prove msLt had disap
peared from the bill. He conld not
consistently with his eenee of duty
submit to the pa sage of the bill as
Senator Gibson called atlontion to
tho fact that while appropriations
were niRile tor t1" Mississippi and
Missouri river the vas not a dollar
appropriated I r th' .mpensation and
expeiieej of he ssi-sippi River
Senator Cai krel. hen the bill
ought cot to pai-s.
Senator Gibson No such bid ought
to pisi.
Tho conference report was sgresd to
without division, and the Senate re
sumed consideration of the vetoed bill
granting a pension to Maiy J. Nat'age,
ths question b?ing on its ras agi not
withitaiiding the objtctlon cf the
President. The vote was takn and
resulted yeas, JO; nays, 19 a paity
votf, ex.-opt that Scnn'or Wilson
MJ voted in the affirmative. So
twc-tliiuls not voting in the affirmative
the bill was not pps-ied.
The vetoed Hous bill granting a
pension to Jacob Romiser wg then
taken up, end Sena'or Wileon Md.
e'xplni' el tint the President bad acted
tinder a misipprelmnsion, he having
been ii fotiiHd that no application hud
been n il to to the lVitoion Officii,
when in fmt au a; p'ica ion had been
The bill wns passed over the vet. i by
a iinanmii in vote yees, bi); nays,
O.i ln.rhm of Senator V. Iiimods the
llr u e bill to d .tich certsin counties
from the l'. ited States Jndirid Dis
trict of t'a'ifornia, and to creats the
Southern Judicial District of Californi i
wus laaen from the caleniHr, amended
and pusud.
Tl e S mate then took a reco-s unl;l
8 o'clock. .
ltK0W'sriM.K, TEN.
Ilir rlimti'7 Tomorrow llonil on
Ilie i:v or m Ureal Trlnmiili.
il'('UL TO TH iPPIil..)
BmwNsviM.R, Tknn., August 3.
There is now no dr.u'ot, and never
has there been any, among most peo
ple that in the primary Thursday
Bond will carry everything before
him. Pierce's strength is falling to
atoms, and the hoas'ing of bis friends
has mused Let tbe galted jade wince,
but, boys, I've told you a.) all along.
Bond has returned from a trip throngu
Lauderdale county, where his elo
quent speeches, inanly course and
sound Democracy gave him a s'ill
warmer place in the hearts of the
Now, for a primary in Obion, trie
home of Mr. Pierce. It is said he
would have great dilllculty ia carrying
tha' county. What ia sauce for the
goose is sain-e for the gander. No
monkeying, Mr. Pierce, but a f.iir deal
all along the line.
The communication in the Aitbai,
tidiy, iluted Brownsville, should have
been di.ted SUnton, as the s'gneis sre
well kmwn and es.eomcd citizens of
that pi ice, where it is said Mr. PUrce
has some following. Mr. Piercs's
round about explanation of hh por
tion may please tlum, but not tho
great niaj irity of tlie party; and fur
ther, inquiry develops the fact that no
application has be-n made to the local
paper tiere to pif uisli an article favor
ing Mr. Pierce's caudidacv.
The county canvas is reJ hct and
Htill a-beuling. The indications point
to a nrateu contest on election dav.
t.rm it tmm Stair Inn
common iorn p)tiln klh yes uitit
for a uat l a of t Okap iaka 4rw
lu-ro aare tmtlr tkri away ytar
mnT, fcrota Dvttta' Otrala rlaator ti
worth Ua ail. Ta tiu oa It tkto : Ban
ioo'i If th only pornoi ntiutr In tha marktt
mm i noneaiiT and tklllluliy mau asu ol
tintlflcally medti-ated. Olheri ar no mora
than nonlnal iiuiUitinnt of IInioo'. Then
ara oheup bi'iu the? eof.M nona ot tlia
mareiiianu wnicD randar iianion Tiua
bla. Tha lattar ara promi.l to act, iileaa
ant to wrnr. ami rura in a, few houri ail
mania which othari will not aran reliara.
Tha eubllo ara eipseially warnad aint to-
callail "CaiwiplB.'' " Cmnlruin. " Caett"
oin," or "Caixloina " planteri. worthlaai
artictoi intandad to daooiT. Aak for Han
on'i, and look for 'ha " Throa Sel Irada-
uara and tha wont "Cauolna cut in IB
Maow Sloru i( New Vrk.
Romx, N. Y., August 3.-At4:45
thismnrnius anow began falling here.
the fall lasting about five minutes. The
weather Is extreme.y cold lor una sea-
ion ol the year
Hnbarriht) lor tkQ ''Appeal."
Delightful Hunk, Good Air, Good
Katlng Expert Dancers and
Beam Wanted.
FcoaaisFOSDKscx orrn Arsr.i,.
Crab Orchard, Ky., July 31.
Over the Memphis aud Clurlee'on
road, throngh tbe valley of tbe bean
tiful Tennessee with anow like swift
ness, we were borne to that charming
resort. An hour's delay at Cbatti
nooga and thrae hours at Kaoxvil e,
brought as here at the uowelcon e
hour ot 1:30 a m At tbe depot rn
Immense omnibus was in waiting, and
after a refreshing drive of one mile
over one of those delightful turn
pikes so famous in Kentucky, we
crew up in front of the hotel at Crab
Orchard Springs. It was "ihe witch
ing hour" of midnight, yet bright gas
lights lit op tbe beautiful sroundj.and
the sweet peifume of flowers ladened
the air as they blossomed in tastefully
arranged plats through tbe green
lawn. A dreamy revery stole over
me, and sweet memories were levived
wh'ch might have bad a full indul
gence but for the voice of tha polite
porter respectfully requesting "io
show ui lo our rooms." On beds
of snowy 'whiteness we were soon in
''dream land," not to awaken un il
the sun had spent its freshest and
rosiest rays, and the sweet striirs
from Mikado by a fin a baud neiir our
window, reminded ns there was yet
much mote to enjoy in this lovely
plu e. A delicious breakfast gratified
eur hungry appotit s, and then a
promenatle through the spacious par
lors and I: nb room and around the
long broad pallems revealed to lie
many of tbe attractions of this fan
famed health giving resort. In grotij
scattered here and there under the
shade trees were lovely chi'dren romp
ing in their innocent joy, and in a
cool retreat just beyond eat a maiden
fair and gallant knight, breittbiog
strains we half suspect not unfamiliar
to our willing ear in the "happy long
ago." On tbe front gallfryaregroupad
a circle of elderly ladies, intent upon
all kinds of fancy work, discussing
some new s'itch in embroidery, or
somo recent patt rn for a crazy quilt,
inter.-pened now aud then with
little innocent gossip, without which
no watering place is entirely com
plete, "yon know." Kvery night the
the band plays and the ballroom is full
of gay dancers, the children always
opening the ovening's entertainment,
aud here I must note how much is
pnvided for the enjoyment of the lit
tle cnes They have aa imporUircs
and littitude heie nrelysecna' sum
mer resorts els -"Whore. Of the virtues
of tbe water it is almost needless to
writ. Tiey are known and va uul
everywhere, hut to be enjoyed should
be drank fresh and cold from the large
coo'crs that are convenient to all who
thirst. The livery is unosually good
and so r a:onah!e that tho luxury cf a
diive or horeeback lids is quite in the
pover of all to enjoy. Trie tablu is
uniformly good Letter lhan I have
ever ta ted at a summer rceort end
everything -beautifully purred. In
fait, I have la'elyeeeo a ji'aca that
efleicd gr.ator indu i m?nts to the
pleasure soekcr, and I am sur
prised that every nook and corner
aro not crowded wi h visitor.!
There are many nice, e)e?ant poop'e
here, and guests are daily arriving.
Next wees a mili'ary encampment
-'111 enliven the scene wonderfu lv.
I! anx ore sea cs snd in grat demand,
and 1 hi or liber d ollon are being
riuido fo" on impoita'ioii of elegant
du' ciua vcung men, end 1 cm sure
none who ciuie ean f nl to fjel "the
half Iihu net bnon told" of thiBchaiin
injr place and i s ii-i jht delights
a. C. s
At thia ftaon iwnrlr btptt one damIh to nne entnil
nrt. nt tntitn IUIIN ntxrs tntft avlttifwt OVt'ry utlT
Bcuui'B prowriptiua fur Uiom who iwmmI Itaildiuic up.
ror vrU . . '""".'"Jit. !'frk aI
nrr7, eic, U IIAs.N Mt Al, and K
tin imly Imn mMlrino that ia not Inlurioii.
It KnrlrlicK tlm lUnod, Invljnriii- thn
MTii-ui, Keatart-a Aiipetltn, Aiila lliainllun
H dona not blacken or injure the teeUi. eaum hoad
a.he or pnxlnoa oonitipalun other iron awiiKtaM do
Da 0. 11 BtsrixT, a loading vDjaioiaa 01 otmo-
rld. Ohio, wya: 4,
- linmn-M 1r..n Rltteri la a thnfoohly ood medi-
rlne. I owe it In my iiraotloo, and liiul ita ai-lii.u el
ml all other form" of Iron. In wwUroiw, oralow oiin
dltion at tlie aptem, Hnmn' Ir.m BHtora ki tuiunllr
a poaitlra neoomitjr. It la all that ia claimed for it."
ln. W. N. WaTBKA, ISIS Thlrtj-aecoiill Street.
Oeinjetown. D. O.. aajra: " Brown'.' Iron lllttr ia
theTi.nio ..f tha e. Nothin bettor. It createa
appetlle, fina Mmwlll and unprutoe diawtlon."
Genuine ha. above Trade Mark and croaaed led Hnaa
ooarraoinr. Take otbrr. Maleonl)ibj
And Iron Roofing.
Vlrr, Wlnil. Water and 1 IrIiIiiIiis
nroof. Knltahla fur all kind? of bulldini-s.
For rtce and ediuintei at faotory rales,
call oo or aaareat
ti A tin Mala it., and 21 A 23 Mulbrrt..
Haadijunrteri for Iron Fno-s and Creatine;,
ualrnnited Iron cornioa. 1 in itnoia it -lovei
To have
la.Krhe.Mt K1t ttu LtvrlNKii,iliiuts.ainil UnfmiHl
bt ftdentnctHi or lr)id cntulilKm ot tli l.iirrt. hm 1)ti
Mtalttrik, Khnunnlliim. vto. Il Ti'(iuittA(hf IhtwdI pii
lh Pi."n, irr'nririn ni .TTrn, pim f.Mrnt
thouanrifioflintlmonnlfi prove ltd meri
I M I IWUtMAl aleA. 1 Kl-U U 111 H W. I" iT ATI' 'ti
n . .i r. i- t j J tl at
i'n rt neat, uvrn, vui, r ore, fera auu iv. .
Blocks, for Long and Short Time, fend for
Price Clrolr. H. P. 11 ART 0, 1
Waahlatioa Hlml, I'Ulf AJO, I LL,
Kefarenee Amtricaa Gxchtage iat I Uaat
- V ,i,. vV-vv'A
b-JTried in the OrudUe.
About twenty jeara ago I discovered a little sore on my ctcek. and the doetora pro
noonccd It cancer. I have tried a number of physician, bnt wiKout rcceirlns any perma
nent benefit. Among the number were one or two apMl"1"'- fio medicine tncy applied
waa like fire to the aorc, causing intense pain. 1 aaw A atatcihcrt in tho papers tolling wha:
S. 3. 8. had done for others similarly afflicted. I procured foment once. Before I bad osed
the aocond bottle the neighbors could notice that my cancer was healing up. My general
health hod been bad for two or three years 1 boa a hacking ciujgn ana spa blood contin
ually. 1 had a severe pain in mr breast. After taking six holies of S. S. S. my rough left
me and I grew atouter than 1 had been for several years. My nnccr has healed over ull but
a little apot about the size of a half dime, and il is rapidly deappenriug. I would udvioe
very one with, cancer to give b. b. S. a fair trial.
Mas. NANCY" J. McCOKAl'UUKY, Ashe drove, TipiiccAiioc Co., lod.
Feb. 16, 1886. !
Bwtft'a Specific la entirely vegetable and seems to cure cancra by forcing oat the impa
tlae ftoia the blood. Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseasea mated free.
TUB SWIFT si-BCIflO COj Drawer 3, AtlADla, Oa.
Often asked, but aeldom answered MtisfaOtorOrt Is thar. a reroedj kaown le tl. aieal profMsl: tlf
will allay the aaaarinta peculiar to women who an subject to i)nHMfTaead ill atMndant diaooaaferatr'
SCC5S There ireHefVoryou k imion,
Head what an eminent phyiMan hat ! aery upon the tuJfjeett
" I hAva derived particularly ajraUfvtne; reaulta from tha use of Tonccalina in ciaea of DvemenorrhoA. ls
tba ease of a lady of rheumatic condition, and a ehronio sufferer from tula disiaee, who had been drivaM
almost to the verice of insanity by bar monthly anftermas, ita action haa.en meat aatiafactory. It relievai.'
her promptly, and ahe now passes the once dreaded perinea with bat little dieMsnf -irt. I eould mention
other inaUncee of a similar character, but thia ia a remarkable oase." T. Jf. FBAZfiB, IL 1.
Foraalebjall Dru)triu. A A MCI I ICR q.0 prnnl. TOOdc 'tl WahlairtB Ato
Price SI per buttle. n. Hla.l.LIC.n, O0IB rrOJ r , m. LOVIH, kill.
un- The copartnership heretofore existing between 0 H. BRACKE1T and K0BEKT LOCK
WOOD ia this Undissolved by mutual consent 0. 11. BracseU ntiros from the firm an
Kobert Lock wood assumes all the liabilities and collects the indebtedness due the Arm,
(aignedj C H. 11RACKK1T.
er In retiring from the firm, I cordially bespeak for mysucoesse" the liberal patronage
heretofore extended the late firm. IBignedl , C. H. BKACKEXT.
HXTeTv Firm.
So, 3S1 Nooond Street Meiuphli, Teun.
arFiue 8took.ii r Btyllsli Xuz-zx.o'utaai.-va
BiinUGT Car WDris Manitact'fi Co
Door, Sash, Bllniip, Dressed Floorlnir, CelllntrJ Weather-15ordlBjr,
Cypress Kliiiiglcg, Laths, Etc
arOar faoilitiui are nnanrpaised by any sawmill in the Sooth fir filling orders promptly.
Flooring, tailing, Hiding, btep iiomnerana
Lumbar of all dimensions. We make the
toiicitea ana promptly sued.
No. 124 Jefferson Street
ANDREW ETEWABT, New Orleana. 1 AKDBSW D, GWTNKE; Mflirptli
.Tourer a..
Manufacturer of Alabama Lime,
AND dealer in
VL"""L" ".' .'.Y.
No, 11 Union Street
M. Savla.' johaj "
Cotton Factors, Whole
Wholesale CJroccra, Cotton nctora
And Commission Merchants,
232 and 234 Front St., Memphis, Temi
Mr. I. N. RAINBT demote, kla wkol. time to the weighing and tale of -Jl Cotton aBtrnttaa
to onr pharire. Cotton Wnrehonse. m Washmrton street.
W. A. GAGE & OO.
Cotton Factors,
No. ZOO PKnnt vBtteet. : l?IeEatltt. Tena.
UaV.9aTX -
0. 0. HIS.
J. T. FAR6AS0N & CO.
Uhdcsulo Grocers & Cotton Favors,
SS9 Front Street. Memphii, Ten a.
O.M.1 eeniigaed U al wUl kar. ear ear.ful w r"
Sttpls L Fancy Groceries, Wines, Uquorsjobicci & Cl.xn,
aal will mit mm
13. T5. IjESBI
376-3 W-asO-38i-84-3Mi Second street, Boath ot Gayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, ShinQ.st
MoaMlati Lolau, Odar Po mm rt.kcta.
cypress bhingles aspeoiaity: also, f raming
Wholesale Businesia speoial feature. Orders
Memphis. Tennessee.
- mmm a ajT a." a lllllly
H " HRICK, Etc.
sals Grocers,
rioa. Clark. M.J. Clark.
aw .,w
Ns. Miff, R. D. Chanoery Court of Shra
eouaty BUI of Tonaessee, fer oa,
ts.F. W.Bmith etal.
BY Tirtue of an interlooatorr decree for
sale, entered in tbe above eaase on th.
fc'th darof January, 18H6, Minute Book il,
page 251, 1 will sell, at public auction, to tba
blithest bidder, in front of tbe Clerk and
Waster's office, court-house of bhelbj coun
ty. Memphis, Turin., on
Aiatni-dny, Angnmt 7, 18S6,
within legal hour., the following described
proierty, situated in bholbj county, lenn.,
Part of country lot SOS, fronting 12 feet oa
the south side of Carroll avenue, U feet
ut of Geo. P. Cooper's lot and wast of and
adjoining Mary Welford'a, by a depth of 170
feet, 8th ward.
Lots 1 and 1 Rembart'i subdivision, front
ing 60 feet on the east aid. of Msnimi
street, 50 feet north ol fiawley street, by a
depth of W feet.
Part or lot F, country lot 501, fronting 2
feet on the north side of Washington street,
62 feet west of B. Babb'ilot, by a depth at
164 feet. . "
Part of country lot 499, fronting 75 feet oa
th. north side of Adams alreet, northwest
corner ol Yates arena., by a depth ot 14e
Lot 2. country lot 519, fronting SO feet oa
the west side of Johnson avenue, and run
ning back weit between parallel lines and '
Darallel with Anetinn .tpet. ion fAef trt an
Lot 10, country lot 519, fronting 28 5-6 leet
on the eastside of Covington road,Boutheut
corner of alley south of Auction street, by
deplh o lOdli foet 9th ward.
i,ut i. country lot 519, fronting 10-12
feet on theeatside ol Cnvmgtou road. 28 5-6
feet south ol n'ley south of Auction strtet,
hi a depth of 14iiH 'eet.
West half of lot 62, country lot 4, Iront
inir 'M toot on the north side rf Ma. liana
street, by a deutu of 14S foet 8th ward.
lerms of iMile on a credit , f S'X inonthR;
otos with miod security. iienrinE iutreut
from dale reuuired: lien retained to secure
sun e. and equity ot redemption barred.
ih'S July 7.
S. I. MnDOWGLL, Clerk and Master.
By II. F. Walsh, Deputy C. and M.
No. 5432., R. D. Chancery Court .of Shelby
county stale or lennoisee vs. J. xiige-
Inw et al.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree for
sale entered in the above as. on th.
4th day of Janunry, 1H86, M. B. 51. peg. 1, I
will sell, at public auction, to the highest
bidder. In front of the Clerk and Master's
office, courthouse of Shelby county, Mem
phis, lennosseo on
Nalarday, Angrnat 41, 1886,
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated in bhelby county. Ten-
esee. to-wit:
Lot 14. block Zs, fronting cu leet on trie
orth side of Broadway, northeast corner of
alley east of Sixth street.
Lot 20, block 29, fronting 45 foet on the east
(ideof Sixth street, 90 feet north of Alabama
street, 10th ward, by a depth of 137S leet.
told as property of K. F. Cooney and II. S.
Lot 28, block II, fronting 25 feet on th.
south side of Broadway ftreet, seuthe&st
corner of alley east of Second street, 10th
ward, by a depth of 170 feet
Lot 29, block 11, fronting 25 feet on th.
south side of Broadway street (adjoining lot
28), by a depth of 170 feet.
Lot 9, J. M. late e subdivision, iron ting
feet on the west aide of Wilkeraon street,
northwest corner of Oeorgi street, by a
depth of 155 feet. Sold as property of Jan.
rawlord Davis.
I OC. Dll. ...U::.1am A (..l(.nnl.n
aJU'. A", a UI & B B.umii.iv", w I.u.ll u
the south side of (leorgia street, 5(1 feet west
of McKinley street, by a depth of 170 feot.
Lnts 50 and 61, block 1, A. Wright's subdi
vision, fronting 60 foet on the south side of
Georgia street, 90 feet west of Wright's avo-
ue, by V'l'A reet deep.
Terms of Sale On a credit of six months:
note with seourity, bearing interest, re-
uired: lien retained; redemption barred.
XbiB July vii, iKHb.
S. I. MollO WELL, Clork and Master.
By B. F. Coleman, Deputy 0. and M.
P. II. & C. W. Heishell. Solicitors.
1' '. K H V M N l' 1 1 Y VH'i'i
i;ti; ski), it
ri.n in "Ur i i- r. -
,hi cvii!. u -v of t.-n.i'. nn al.mt tt-i-. Q 'i-j,r'
,h'- nI,-irtr-rnar'-i,-;v'V.:"lilv i ti.jnr - TT'tt
a (ft !H'al-t ctn-'iltrs uivirn; nil part i
. N. Y T..l..li.
No. 365, 11. Chancery Court of Shelby Coun
ty Win. Morrow vs. P. V. I'raim. No.
4rc4, K. IL a. V. llobson, aduiinistrutor,
etc.. vs. Al. C. Fraim et nl.
BY virtuo of an interlocutory decree for
sale, entered in the above came on the
3d day ot July. 18Sfi, entered in M. B. 5i,
pages alu anil 00. i will sell, at public auo
tioa, to the highest bill Jor, in front of the
Clork and Mustcr'a oBico, Court-House of
Shelby county, Memphis, Tenn., on
Nillnrilny, Ang;liNt 14, 1JS6.
thin leu-al hours, the following doscribod
pronorty, situuted in bhelby couuty, Tennes
see, to-wit:
Lot 2, of 1'. P. Fruim's subdivision of part
of C. L. 47, fronting 50 feot on the north
side of JolIatBon street by a depth ot WA
leet, una noundeu on tbe east or nayou uay
oso. Lot No. 4 of same subdivision, front-
ng nb'iiit 110 feet ou the north side of alley
nut nerth of lot 2. runninar buck about tie
leet, and bounded on tbe cast by said bayou.
Also, lots It!, 17, 18 and 19 -f P. P. Fraim's
subdivision ot lots 4 and 5 and part of lot 3
r 1: 1. 4UI nil nt Bni.l'lot. Irnnline 51) leet
on south side of Monroe stroet extended,
excopt 19, which has a depth of 104 feat.
which lots run back to Mrs. 8. W. Camp
bell's lot, as row inclosed by her lenre.
Bids pn lnts 17, 18 and 19 will commence with
rnired bid of Theo. Head.
Terms f Bale Ten per cect. of purchase
monoy paid in cash; balance in six and
twelvemonths: interest-bearing notes with
security requited: lien retained to secure
same, ana equity oi reuompuon oarreu.
This July 19, 188ii.
o. 1. Mcuuvrf, iu, uiera ana master.
By II . F. Walsh. Deputy C. and M.
luilione CL n Hisuii, luivi a vmiuiii a'.
II. & C. W . Hcifkcll, Sols.
Trnsteo's Sule.
UNDER and by virtue of a certain deed
of trust executed to me. as trustee, and
wherein riefnnlf hRR henn made, duly re
corded in book 125, pase 162, of th. Regis
ter's office of Shelby eounty, Tenn., I will,
Oa Monday, Angomt SO, IHHO,
.1 .. r It. n 1 .. 1 knn,. nn (h. anilthwest fiCmer
of Main and Madison streets, in th. city of
Memphis, Tenn., as sucn truswe, soil
cash, a certain lot of land, situate in bhelby
county, Tenn., and desorib.d as follows, to-
wit: Doing the nortu nan oi lot rip. es oi
ii ur iim'a ...hriiviiinn. frnntinrol feet on
th. westsido ol Bunette street and running
back westbetween parallel lines and at right
angles to sid street 18d leet to an alley, and
being same land described in above men
tioned trust deed. Equity of redemption
waived; t tie believed to be good, butl will
only convey as trustee. Jul: r W. 1
fl 1BPB fs nn flletn Philadelphia
IJflKrK.'.t Clio NcwRpapor Advi-r-
I An.-n. v of ilOMOL
aVa A YKft A 6QWa our aulliorlsetl agen- ,
Trnialce'is Nale.
UN PER and by virtue of twe certain trust
deeds executed to me, as trustee, duly
recorded in licok No. 117, pane 621, and Book
. . " . .r c . I 1 : . ' - (T. . I
P.O. ill, PaKO -', Ol me JWKis-e. uiuie ui
Shelby county. Tenn., default baving been
made therein, 1 win, as sucn trustee, oo
Mondny, Angual SO, SNH6,
during legal hours, on the southwest corner
of Mam an1 Madison rtreets, in the city of
Memphis, Tenn., as such tiustee, soil at
public auction, to tho highest bidder, for
cash, .certain lot of land, situated in the
city of Memphis, Shelby county, Tenn., be
ginning on th. north side of Spring street
at the southeast corner of lot Ho. 10 of the
subdivision ot land formerly owned by Dr.
Dudley Dunn, and runningthencs westward
with Spring street 60 leet; thence northward
9il feet to th. south line ot lot No. 7 of said
subdivision; thence eastward with the south
lin.of said lot No. 7 sixty tee t to the west
line of lot No. 11 : theac. southward w.uh
the west line of said lot 11 ninety feet to th.
beginning. Equity of redemption waived:
title believ.d to be good, but I will ull only
as trustee. Jul.2H,lHn.
II. BKNSDORr, Trustee.,
newspapers and .stimaUs oitbaeostof ad
vertising. The adv.rtiJ.r who wants to ;pntf
on. dollar, lads in It th. information he rat
quires.wbil. for him who will invert oa.
hundred thousand dollars In advertising,!
scheme 1st ndieaUd whloh will mt hie
very reqa'r.ment, or can o. mad. to do sa
by aiightohanges Msilyarriv.d at -by eprrs-
sponii.no.. un. nunarea u ui.r-aerir
editions hav. been issuer. ou-, po.'p.'
n issued, bent, postpam
to any address lor ten oanvs. Apply to 9KC.
V KRTISIN J B 0 RE AU , 0 Sprnc it. IPriat.
BgH.ut. Sqaarl,A'iT Cork.

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