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Wednesday, Thnrday, Saturday and
Monday, Anir. 11-12-14-18.
trOtrnt (ailed promptly at 4 o'clock p.m.
Colored Interstate Drill,
viCKsornG, nisv
SATURDAY, AUG. 7, 1886.
Special Traia Leaves Memphis
Friday Mght, An?. 6, at 9:00 p.m.,
Bt L.. N- 0, and T. R.R., arriving at
Vicksbnrt 7:15 a.m.
r Ticket, good to return until and on
MTBuy your ticket, at Up town Office, 311
Main street. unit avid the ruh at depot.
INFORMATION wanted of the whereabout
of Willie Casey, who left 44 Beaie t. on
M.oJay morning, Aug. !d, about 11 o'clock'
He is nine year, old. V?M. CASEY.
CIoTERNS Bu'lt and repaired and war
ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor and brioa:-
lpr. Telephone S8, THOB. CDBBTN8.
t mil Vdiue lur nooiiu-miuu iummn
D0O-A larpe black Newfoundland bitch.
The finder will be rewardad by return
in it her to Nn. Hfi Kicrmrurn street.
C10W On Auk. 8d one stray cow. Owner
J can have same by proving vrfrtj and
pay charges. J. W. OSBORN.
four miles east of city,
on Old Balei.h rmd.
Apply atuarnen s ciofK tarm. .
ULE The German gardener who lost
the forrol norse mnie can una mm ai
59 Vninn street.
GOLD BRAt-'BLBT On Main street. Re
turn to J. L. HALL, 55 Union itreet,
and be rewarded.
RBCEIPT BOOK Finder will be rewarded
fr it. return to Southern Express Co.
SETTER Return my lemon and white set
ter bitoh "Klorenee," known by most
Memphis sportsmen, and missing since July
15th, to 40 Vance street, and receive reward.
BEAUTIFUL fmnt rooms, staple or en
suite, furnished or nnfurnished, with or
wlthoutJqard ; other rooms, 104-106 Court st.
ROSSIS With er without board; terms
reasonable. 110 MADlSON BT.
ROOMS One large front room with bal
cony and one large back room with
largi dressing-ream, and ethers as good as
uyiounaminecy. 75 UNI0N 8T
00M Furnished room, with or without
kjARD With excellent room,
HICE Rooton, furniehed or unfurnished.
IU - .;l.n,,t Ur.--A t 117 Ml;nri sit
f)7K ACRES OF LAND About fourteen
I O miles northeast of tae eity of Mem
phis. Taxes paid and title rood. Inquire
corner Adams and Second streets.
HORSE ASD BUQQY In good order;
can be seen any forenoon corner Oayoso
and Front streets. App'yto
one thoroughbred Running Horse; fee,
20. One Trottinjt Horse; fee, 810. One Jer
sey Bull : fee. li.W For Sals 30 Horses,
3 Milch Cows, 15 hesd Butcher Cattle, Pea
cocks and Newfoundland Pups, llors.s on
Sasture, to per month ; Texas norses. Vie tier
y. Telephone JOSEPH BtlRKEY. 852.
H1T7.F ELD'rt Summer Stoves, for gas, oil
and gasoline, cheap, 233 Spoond st.
T OP BUUUY Brcond-hsnd, in good or-
der, cheap, at 2)3 Second street.
TpNOINE fO-Horse Power Atlas Engine,
J.Li with Boiler, Smoke-stack and bre ch
in complete; in perfect running order;
will be sold at a bargain. Apply to
O. T. BASSETT, 355 Second St.
GIN A good E. Carer (fio) saw gin in
fine running order and ready for work.
Price 50, Apply at George B. Motcalf's,
Howard's Row.
Now stored at KUUUKD omca.
IpURNITURE One handsome bed-room
1 set at a bargain; also, three good Milch
Cows. Apply at l'.'i Union street.
UPRIGHT TIANO-Oood as new, cheip
tor cash; or will exchange for board.
Address K38, Appeal office.
nearly new. for sale cheap, at
2 BOILERS and Engines in good order, and
all kinds seoond-nsnd machinery, at S.
UABAY'S, A'gtardt'om. Merch't. Memphis
AT A BARGAIN My residence in the
town oi Bartlett, suitable for a physi
cian. Address DR. COCHRAN,
Bartlett, Tenn.
between Lauderdale and Wellington.
32 North Courtjtreet.
make: alt oat good as new; very cheap,
at Woods A Bwoope s.
LOT-GOxl&O feet-Cheap North side Mad
ison, half a square east of Lauderdale.
Oraded. Apply to
8. W. GARRISON. 2K7 Main street.
C CONFECTIONERY Well established, on
) a paying basis. Other business to look
after. Inquire of
JORDAN A CO., 13fl Mnln St.
URNISHED ROOMS-Without board.
ROOMS-With privilege of cooking sUve,
at No. " Linden street.
OOMS Comfortable furnished rooms
at ii Court street.
treet; cotton-room and offico; term,
moderate. Appl' to
ICE COTTAGE Of eight rooms, now
being repainted and repaired, en We
iington, between Beale and Linden street.,
No. t5. J. J. MURPHY.
OOMS-With privilege of hath.
ana apemy street.
HOUSE No. 162 Robinson street, 6 rooms,
in good repair, sood cistern water.
M Y EHS A SNEKD, 310 Second st.
OFFIES-The desl.able front on tos on
seootjd floor of 42 Madison street, adjoin
ing Cotton Exshange. MENKEN A .
UiTE OF ROOMS On first floor,
At 505 Shelhy street.
BURNISHED RO0MS-At56 Monroe at.,
one square from Peabody llofel.
TTLUSE-rOf sevn rooms.
XX Appy -217 Madison street.
t AN08, Organs, Guitars, Banjos and
Villi! all atvUi n 1 1 rwi nam
LtlCK'b, 3W Main street.
Xl'IOB COTT A 3 E Three rooms, on Col
XN leie street, near south gate Elmwood.
Applyat 36 Union t. JOS. LENOW.
00M8-A unit of rocm in Mwonio Tem-
a i - 1.I1M IP DPTniT
OUSES-318 Poplar itreet and 136 Ala
bama street, inquire oi .
JOHN KEEP. 320 Poplar St.
OOMS-Ke.rnleb.ed, single or en sui'e. at
1M Madison st. Keferences requireq.
tOREUOUSBNo. 8 Union itreet, with
new ootton room, fOx feet. acham
RESIDENCE For thiee or nix montns,
my residence in the oit of Fort Smith,
Ark., with or without furniture. Brick
house with ten room., in the moat desirable
part oi Ihe city. Good well of water and
hydrant in the yard; hocee furnished with
tHi new street-oar line; every convenience
of a home. Address . .
Fort Smith, Arte.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never wies. A marvel ol
parity, strength and wholesomenesa. More
eoonomioal than the ordinary kinds, and
cannot be sold in competition wi'.h the
multitude of low test, short weight aluir or
phosphate powders. Sold only iecaiu. Roial
BixlKO Pownnv flo.. inn Wall t .KewVerlr.
MULE A black horse mule; has afresh
halter burn cn riyht hind foot; is not
shod; was last seen on Poplar street Boule
vard coming towari town. The finder will
be rewarded by returning same to
coroer Cooptr and Central avenues.
BAY MARE MILE From C. F. Smith,
Horn Lake Lanling, one bay mare mule,
about eigbt years old, fifteen hands high;
mane recently trimmed. Bring to F. A.
Jones A Co.'s stahloand he rewarded.
ITtVERYBODY-Td call and see the cele
Ej brated Gypsy Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
airocfc, near ruiiiaii
Holiday Novelties for laH and winter
trade: steady emiilovment; tD.OO per week
earned: all matend furnished; work mailed
free. Address New Kngland Decorative
Works. 19 Pearl Street, Boston, Has.., f. U
Box 5078.
10 LOAN $2000, in turai to suit, on ap
proved security, atgcoona street.
On Steamer Kate Addma.
At 352 Vnnce street.
Bookkeeper ind Cotton Man; bet ref
erences. Address 0. P., this office.
At 1 Linden s'reer.
QiA nnO OR5000-To loan on goodse
tlD'iVUv ourjty, rent notes or indorse
ments, or collateral. Address
! P. 0. BOX No. 44.
inAn LBS. FSATUERS Hithest cash
1UUU pnee pied by UABAY, Memphis.
IRONERS-At Memphis Steam Laundry,
224 Second street.
SITUATION As salosman or porter in gro
oery; will matufacture flavoring extract,
and wash blue. Address R, this office.
TTlVERYBODY-iTo spend th summer at
JLU urnyson bptings Ky. f or catalogues
and particulars cif I at ticket office of Chesa-
peaKo ana unio route, unaor reaooay tiotoi
next thirty dais lot $1 60. g
a. wtsaisur,
I 243 Main sreet.
( hh GOLD A
ILVr.R For cash or ex
ORD, Jeweler, 294 Main
W ch
hange. MU
dress at once, DR. SCOTT'S
ELECTRIG GOODB, m Broadway, New
York. The only p-en uine.
No. 6019 a fine breeder and an exceed
ingly handsome and wall bred Bull.
hiRK Champion of America. No. 1507.
DAii-Ootibbeha Duohtas 2d, No 7a. by
Aldine, USti. Second Dam Octibbeha
Duohos". 4422 (17 lbs. butter in 7 days), by
Hub, 1000. Third Dam-Lucky Belle, 2214,
Fourth Dam-Pansy 6th, No. 38, by Patter
ron. No. 11.
MYERS bs50pir cent, blood Champion of
America, sire 10 oows in 14 lb. list.
MYERS has 25 per cent, blood Aldine, sire 5
cows in 14 lb. list.
MYERS has 2XA per cent. Hood Hub, sire 5
cows in 14 lb. list.
MYERS has 12S per cent, blood Lucky
Belle, dam 3 cows in 14 lb. list.
Sold to avoid in-breeding.
No. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
lEstablished in 1860.1
I tR. JOHNSON (.acknowledged by all par
XJ ties interested as by far the most suc
cessful physician in the treatmentof private
or secret diseases. Quick, permanent curea
guaranteed in every ease, male or female.
Recent cases of Gonorrhea and Syphilis
oured in a few days without the use of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance from
business. Secondary Syphilis, the last ves
tige eradicated without the use of mercury.
Involunsary loss of semen stopped in short a
time. Sufferer, from impotency or loss of
sexual powers restor eto free vigor in a few
weeks. Victim, of . e-abuse and excessive
venory, suffering from spermatorrhea and
iossof physical and mental power, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to the Disease, of Women, and
oures guaranteed. Piles and old sores oured
without the use of caustic or the knife. All
consultations .triotly confidential. Medi
cine, eent by express to all part, of the
HrWorkingmen enred at half the usual
Jates. Office hours from 8 o'clook a.m. to t
o'clock p.m. .D. 8. JOHNSON. M.D.
No. 4641, R. D. Chancery Court of Soelhy
county Caroline Blani et al. vs. Maria
Bain et al. : and No. 5613, R. D.-Jobn
Loague, Adm'r, e'e, v.. Carolina Blani
et al.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory deoree for
sale entered in the above cau.e on the
th day of July, 18H6, M. B. 64, page
164,1 will sell, at publio auction, to the
highest bidder, in front of the Clerk and
Master', office, courthouse of Shelby county,
Memphis, Tenn., on
Natnrdny, Angnsf H, 1886,
within legal hours, the following de
scribed property, aitnated in Taxing District
of Shelby county, Tennessee, to-wit: The
one-fourth undivided interest of Jas. Bain
in and to the following lots, vis : One lot of
land being part of lot 15, block 38 begin
ning at a point 40 feet north of the north
west corner of Linden an' Causey streets:
theuce n- rth with Causey s.reet 40 feot to a
stake; thence west parallel with Linden
street 138 feet to Bob Price's line; thence
south parallel with Caufey street 40 feet to a
stake; thence east parallel with Linden
street 13S feet to the beginning. For title to
which reference is made to deed recorded in
hook 30, page 612, of Register', office. Alio,
une lot lying on the south side of Pontotoc
street, between Causey and Hernando street.,
and known as part of lot 4, block 43, front
ing H feet on the south side of Pontotoc
street and running hack or south between
two parallel lines 134 feet. For title of which
reference ir made to deei recorded in Regis
ter's office in book 84, page 363. And also
one otk. r lot, which begins at a stake on the
south e o. Linden .treet &4 feet east ol
Causey street; thence east with Causey
treet 50 feet: thence south at right angle,
with Linden .tree) 145 feet; thence west par
allel with Linden street 50 feet; thenee
north 145 feet to the beginning. For title of
which reference is bad to deed recordeu in
Register's office book 34, page 378. Sold sub
ject to the right ef dowry ol defendant, Ma
ria Bain, as assigned her in the third lot
above .et out.
Term, of Sale One-half Ci) cash; bal
ance in six months; note with good security
for deferred payment required; lien re
tained to sucure same, and equity of re
demption barred This August 3. 1"86.
8, I. MnDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By II. F. Walsh, Deputy C and M.
James Gallagher, Gantt. It Patterson ana
Poston A Poston, Solicitors
A few v.cancie. exist in this well-known In
titution. Applioant. for admission are re
quested to make immediate application. For
catalogue address Col. B.J, BURGESS. 6u.pt.
G. W.
And Declares the Libelous Forgery
to Hare Bern the ComiHititlon
of the Radical Gang.
To the Editors of the Appeal:
H. T. Williamson by Lie gilecca
confoesfs judgment concerning bis lit
tle speech about the Uetmnns at the
Exposition. He is quite aware that,
like himself cr George Washington,
whose initials I bear, 1 am incapable
of telling an nntruth, except for a con
sideration, which consideration not
being fortneoming in the present in
stance I feel compelled to toll the sim
ple troth, and Gen. Williamson did
damn the patch in those very words,
that the Hermans never voted the
Republican ticket, anyhow, just this
and nothing more.. Gen. Williamson
doubtless temembers that I can call
him as a witness to the truthfulness of
my character. One July night sev
eral years ago a par!y of gent'emen
met to confer upon me the honor of
the authorship of that literary master
piece (I have heard it called nasty
pidec) "Sjuthern Democrat," the only
thing, by the way, they were ever
real y anxious to give me. When asked
to say I wrotn it, although my vanit r
was much tickled br the honor of
fered mp, Gen. Williamson will rec
ollect that my innate reuse of truth
fulness prevailed, and I repl cd, I will
not say I wro'e it, for that would be a
lie, but, like Grant, I will assume the
responsibility, which I did. Could
George Washington have doi e more
if he bad been in my p ace? After
assuming the responsibility. I took it
with me up to Cincinnati, brought it
back again and have kept it as a
eacred trust alt these years, and now
band it back again, unimpniied, to
Williamson & Co., and devoutly trust
they may never find again an individ
ual that will have the regard for his
word that I have had in such a cause;
but although Gen. Williamson may
reasonably bear witness to my truth
fulness, how can I teturn the compli
inent when I remember how that arti
cle was used, as a forgery, after I was
assured that there was no intention to
ue it in any such manner, when it
was spread broadcast all over the coun
try, even illustrated in Harper's Weekly
and lectured upon by Horace May card
at the Greenlaw Operahotue as the
utterances of a sure enough Democmt,
Horace Maynard being surrounded at
the came time on the plBil'o-m by the
Republxan gang, who were the leal
authors of that iniquitous forgery.
During all that time 1 kept silent, for
my word's eake alone, notwith
Etandicg heavy bribes that were o fit red
me, by men both in Cincinnati and in
Memphir, to disclose the real authors.
Even when Mr. Krekel, becoming
tired of his rather slight share in the
comedy, gave away ail he know, I still
remained dumb, with an -beroitm
worthy of abetter cause; but when 1
see these identical men again stretch
ing out their ranacious claws to ffflin
control of all the important offices rf
the county, my conscience is absolved,
and I feel it my duty (o endeavor
to defeat tbesa selliah and un
set upulous cormorants, and there
fore come to the front and denounce
that article and ifs author publicly, ss
I have always done in my own mind.
They tre iinworihy of any public
trust or confidence and must give way
to better men, and, as a natural con
sequence, better government. It may
be objected that I do not even now
give away the true author of this re
markable.eflusion. Concerning that,
I would say tbat I never aaked, and
Was rever informed, but have always
been under the imprrs'ion that it was
the work of the combined brains of
the Eepublican riDg, they being all
present, as pievionsly stated, when 1
agreed to asame the responsibility of
this extraordinary and honorable pro
duction, and thereby only met their
views ha,lf way, they urging me to
utter the lie, tbat I wrote it, which I
emphatically refused to do, and now
declare that I never saw or heard of
the article until it was coomon talk
on the streets. I regarded it simply
as an answer to an attack made upon
L. B. Eaton, and so accepted it. I was
mistaken, aa the result proved it was
written and used as agro s forgery,
and now these same men by whom it
was issued and worked have the lm
nudence to call a convention and claim
that they represent the decent citizens
of Hhelby county, but the voteis win
resent this insult on eke' ion day by
recording an overwhelming majority
ai'ainst these enemies of the people, i
have never been Republican or Demo
cratic, but have always considered
tbat labor is entitled to representation
of its own and fi'iulv believe the day
will come when in all countries this
will be an accomplished fact.
a. W.GILL,
Thb Phantom City, a volcanic
mance by William Westall, is a verv
sensational storv. the scene 'of which
is laid in the Cordilleras and is full of
the most hiahlv wrought situations
Ihe reader is kept on the alert from
the first chapter to the last, end at
gome points the interest becomes in
tense. Cassell & Co., 7!!9 Broadway,
are the publishers. Mans'onl will
order it.
Da. Plunkett, president of the S'ata
Board of JJealth delivered on the 9th
ult., at Monteagle, a lecture on "Kec
reaMon. I'a Imnnrtance and Its Neg'
lect," which he has bad printed in
very handsome style and in moBt con
venient form. It isn admirable and
timely contribution to the literature of
health and Droves bevond successful
rontradiction that "all work and no
play makes Jack a duli;boy." This
lecture should find a wide circulation.
It is well written and. while canying
its lesson in every page, is fall of in
terest to the end. ,
Tns Kifv Note, an illustrated week
ly review of music and the drama, do
serves the support of the public for
its just and discritrfna'ing articles and
its entire reliability. It does not deal
in gush, in sloppy puffs or orutal per
sonals. The editor, Mr. Archer, is one
of the most accomplished musicians
on the continent and an organist of
celebrity, who would not condescend
to any! kin if but the truth. His knowl
edge of composers and compositions is
extensive and his technical skill a
second nature with him. He is doing
a world of good, and we wish bim the
success he deserves.
Thi Brooklyn MAgazim for August
opens with an article of exceeding in
terest, entitled "Hamlet's City," which
is full of the very spirit of one of the
most legendary of the lands of Europe.
It is followed by "A New Factor in Our
Civilization," giving an idea of the
value of the gas wells in Pennsylvania
and Ohio. "England's American
Lion" is devoted to Oliver Wendell
Holmes, at present an honorad guest
in the mother land. This is followed
by the first of the letters of Mrs
Henry Ward Beecher, who with he.
husband is also an honor d guest of
the Congregatiocalisls of England. The
departments are as usual full of in
terest, and there is the usual number
of eermons from Beecher and Tal-
mage, the great lights of the Northern
Trig. Book Buyer for Atieust has for
its frontispiece a portrait o! Mr. Noah
Brooks, the well known journa'ist and
short story writer, author of the
' Ciuiseof theBulbs'o." It is a good
likeness, ard in execution r (pit tin
to the mark of excellence that i hurc
tr:zed the first portrait of the Beriee.
The sketch that accompanies it is a
veritable much in little atticle and
quite eatisfyiug. The London letter
of this number is unusually gocd and
the bcok reviews are of the
Hsual excellence. Announcement
is made ia the first editorial of the
publication, perhaps in Januaty, 18S7,
of Scribnet't Magazine, which we are
told is "not in any way an outgrowth or
revival of the old Scribner't Monthly, to
which The Century is now the sue
cee 8or." 27u? Book Buyer ia very ch'ap,
or ly 10 cents per number, or tl a year.
Charles Scribaer's Sons, New York.
Babyhood, in its August issue, in
troduces a department of "Nursery
Observations," consisting of short ex
tracts from its large and varied corre
spondence describing special traits of
children, it says: "burn a compila
tion of the obeervation of pa.ente rep
resenting as it will a great variety of
circumstances and surrjuneinirs
should, we believo, be useful for the
purpose of comparison", eince compar
ison is the most helpful way of solving
many questions, great and small,
which arise in the minds of parents
who are interested in knowing wheth
er certain individualities are usual or
peru'iar. While making no preten
sions to scientific achievement, such a
record cannot fail in time to have a
scientific value." Tbe otber depart
ments of this number are unusually
entertaining and instinctive. One of
the moat important articles is "Diar
rhea from a Hygienic Standpoint," by
Dr. II. D. Cbapin.
Tim Forum for AuaustdoM not con
tain a dull page. Every one of tbe ten
at tides tbat comprss its contents has
a special value as devoted to a living
topic. "The Confessions of a Roman
Catholic" is a striking paper and muBt
attract attention and provoke contro
versy. It is difficult lor an outsider to
realize a man being a Catholic and
writing in tbat vein. We have beon
used to thinkiug that "absolute and
nnauestioning obedience" is what the
church exacts of all its members. Yet
here we havo not only ques
tions but answers tbat defy the
Pope and scout his infaliiblty.
"Newspaper Espionage," by Joseph
B. 15 shop, biiBtles all over with
rebuke for the sensational journalists
who invaded the privacy ol the rren-
dent on the ccoaslon of his marrfAge,
and whrss impudence and "gall" are
proverbial. But will it do any good t
Andrew Carnegie writes interoetingly
and strongly on "f he Results of the
Labor Strugs lo, and rrot. w imam x.
Harris tel's "How I wzs Educated."
"The New Total Abstinence Creed,"
by l'rof. W. J. Beecher, and 'Toisons
in Drink and Food," by Dr. Cyrus
Etson, will interest prohibitionists
"Our African Contingent," by iMtgeae
Marechal Camp, is a fair review of
the present condition and future pros
pects of the negro, which clo-es with
a plea for national aid in education.
Lieut. Groplv has a most readable
paper on "What We Know About the
Old CharKa and th Abaence ol' n
( liamiilnn I'pobnbljr Ilie
Thn action of the Sr-nate upon the
nomination of United fctatos Marshal
Freeman was a mineral topic of con
versation yeaterday. the conflicttrg
die-patches received iiu'reniiig the in-
tero t naturally felt in it. An Asso
ciated Pre68 dispatch publirhed yea
terday morning stated that his nomi
nation had been confirmed, but a
special telegram declared tbat he had
liaen reiected. Yesterday morning
Mr. Freeman received a dispatch from
Congressman P. T. Glass, stating
positively tliht he nad Deen conurmeu.
Later be telegraphed "some hitch in
the confirmation." and last night the
Asiociated Press rcknowledged its
error of the night before and banished
all hope that the action ol the
Knnatn might bave been favorable.
There is now no ground foi any belief,
except that he must retire from bis
office ts make nom for some more
fortunate man. The-e is a good deal
of speculation as to his probable suc
cessor, and as it oas Deen Known ior
weeks that Mr. Freeman's confirma
tion was doubtful, it is probable that
another man will be chosen wltnout
uelay. The neme of Mr. mv btepheo'
arm has been discaesed. He is at pre'
ent a candidate for Circuit Clerk in his
district, and was strongly urged tor the
Marshalabtp by Senator Harris, when
Mr. Freomnn. who was pushed by
Senator Jackson, was nominated. The
contest between ttiem was spirited id
the last tlegree. Mr. Freeman secured
his appointment l"st fall, and at once
entered upon tne aiscnarge or nis un
ties. He has made a great many
friends by bis gentlemanly demeanor,
and all the feeling excited by his ap
pointment over Mr. S ephenson was
rapidly passing away. His acquaintance
is extensive, ana ne numoere uis
friends by the score all over the State,
hia netition having been signed by
thousands in every hamlet of West
Tennessee who knew liim personally
and liked him. Mr. Freeman, who is
a brother of Supreme Judge Freeman
and has a distinguished umny con
nect'nn, lived for many years at Tren
ton, Tenn , before coming to Memphij,
ajd his faooily now spends a good
ilpul nf time there. The cause of bis re
jection is no', definitely known.and his
friends, not stopping lo inquire into it,
declare their belief that except for the
appointment of Senator Jackson ss
Judge of the United States Court,
which lost him his staunchest friend
in the Senate, be might have been
confirmed. His bitterest enemy was
Mayor Francis of St. Louis, who was
engaged with Mr. Freemau veans ago
Jn a speculation in wheat, by which
both are said to have lost large sums.
Francis pursued him vindictivelv.wlth
Senator Vest and Cockrell of Mis
souri at bis back, and, as has been
seen, bas been successful.
Tbe Marshal's office just after the
war was a very lucrative one, the
annual fees Browing out ol tbe bank
ruptcy law, political and other prose
cutions, amounting ia not ien tuuu
7fiO0 a vear. probablv more. Gen
eral Williamson did not, according to
his own statements and those of his
clerk's, make exceeding $2000 a year
out of the office. Daring the last two
years it did not pay enough to enable
him to keen a clerk. Marshall Free
man, during his term, has made two
or three times as rouch on account of
bis famous moonshine raids, bnt there
must soon be an end to that as wen
Mat on Decides Not to Disband Jnst
Yet Awhile Jieva From Other
IsricuL to Tai arraiL.I
Nasiivii-lc, Tuns., August 3.
Nashville and Memphis played a de
ferred game hero to-day and Nash
ville won by hrd hit'.irg and the
better playing. Score 10 to C. Five
of tbe winning runs were earned.
Nashvillo tried both Duodon and
O'Brien in the box then Marr, while
Memphis put in O'Leary then Black.
B. B.B. P.O. A. B.
Goldsb y.Lf 2 10 0 0
Mair.Sd b A p .. 10 12 1
Sowders, c. f. A 1st b 1 1 6 2 1
Beard, s. s 2 4 12 0
Hillory, r. f. 4 3d b.. 1 0 3 1 0
O'Brien.letb. Ap 1 3 10 1 0
Bittman,2db 0 114 0
Schellhase, c 114 2 1
Ducdon, p. tV r. I l u l l
Total 10 11 27 18 4
MEMPHIS. R. B.n. P.O. A. K.
Graham, c.f 0 0 2 0 0
Snoed, r.f V 0 0 0 1
McSorley, 3d b o o u z o
Andrews, 1st b 0 0 10 1 1
Black, 1. f. & p 0 0 4 1 1
Brougbton, c 117 11
Manning, 2d b 3 2 3 3 0
Phelan. s. s 12 1T0
O'Leary, p. & 1. f 13 0 10
Total 0 8 27 14 4
Nashville 00300040 3-10
Memphis 00301020 0-0
Earned runs Nashville, 5; Mem
phis. 2. Two base hits Beat d, 1;
O'Brien, 1; Shollhasse, 1; Phelan, 1.
Three base hits Board, 1 ; U urien, z.
First bees on bHlls By Black, 2; by
O'Leary, 2; by Dundon, 1. First base
on being hit by pitcher tiy U Leary,
1. Struck out-By O'Leary, 3; by
Dundon, 1 ; by O'Brien, 2; by Marr, 2.
Wild Pitches Uy U'Lesry, l. uonme
plays Sowders, Dundon an4 Bitt
man. . Umpire Merritt. Scorer
Cheatham. Time of game 2 ; 15.
There's a Darky In the Wood Pile,
Ibpkoial to rua Arr.it.. I
Atlanta. Aueust 3. Tbe Macon
directors this morning reconsidered
their action in leaving the Southern
League, and so notified Secretary
Brown. They had not officially noti
fied him of their action yesterday in
withdrawing. The club had returned,
however, to Macon, but to-dav Man
ager Potts of the Macons telegraphed
Pureed ol Aiiania mat ma emu
would bo heio tomorrow and finish
the series, forfeiting today's game to
Atlanta. The Atlanta toam was on tbo
ground in uniform this evening, and
after passing nine balls across the
borne plate umpire iiongiegave itino
Macon lleronalilom ami Will Play
Out Hie Nftaaou.
sra:iAL to tbi rraii..l
Macon. Ga.. Aunast 3. The direc
tors of the btt'eball club today recon
sidered their action of yesterday and
acreed to play out tbe season.
Kansas City 3 2001000 0-0
Washington. ....0 ooooi 100 z
Philadelphia 2 0 3 03000 0-H
Detroit 0 5 0 0 2 0 0 0 0-7
Chicago 1 0 0 2 0 1 1 0 1-
New York 0 U U J u l u a- I
At thn nml nf thn ninth illllinu the
Itnatnn ami Kt. Lulls nine was H to H.
The St. Louis club .was anxious to
catch a train and Umpire Eagan, con
trary to the rules of the league, du
olnrurl the Daniel ilrftwn. The decision
was strongly condemned. The game
was devoid ol many interesting piays.
Stemmerer did tine work for the Bos-
mih nhila Winn Morrill and Bar-
dock led tbe ba'ting. St. Louis, out
side of their battery, nisdo dm uirsB
errors. Glasiccck and McKinnon put
in nnnA vnrlr. (Innninor ftnlit his
finger in the eighth inning and Daily
relieved mm. .vcore :
Tlnn n 0 9 0 0 5 10 0-H
St. Louis 1 1 0 0 0 4 0 2 0-H
The Cincinnatis signalized their re
turn from the East bv defeating the
Baltimores. Jones's two thiee base hits
yielded the home club four runs, oth
erwise they wonld have lost through
loose fieldinir. Jones and Powell made
splendid running catches, and Scott's
double play was tne icaturo oi u
Baltimores fielding. Attendance low,
Cincinnati 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 3 -6
Baltimores 1 2 0 1 0 1 0 0 0-5
Earned runs Cincinnati. 5. Two
base hits Dolan. Three base hits
Jnnos. 2. Passod ba la Dolan. Wild
pitches Muilane, i.
Louisville 2 1 0 3 1 2 0 0 0-15
Athletics 0 0 1 0 1 1 2 0 2-7
Browns 0 1 1 0 8 1 0 0 4-15
Metropolitans.. 020000000 2
Charleston at Savannah.
. Detroit at Boston.
Chicago at Wa-hington.
Maroons at Philadelphia.
Kansas City at New York.
Ba'timore at Cincinnati.
Athletics at Louisville.
Metropolitans at St. Louis.
Rrnnkivn at Pittshnrif.
Sure winners: Savannah, Chicago,
Philadelphia, New York, Cincinnati,
Louisville, nr. L.onis urowns.
Probable winners: Detroit, Brook'
No game at Savannah yesterday
Cimtilitiium ! It is said
that the Southern league next season
will be composed of Nashville, Mem
phis, Macon, Charleston, New Orleans,
Atlanta, Evansville and Savannah.
So. thank. No more Macon or Sa
vannah in ours if von please. We are
weary of jay towns.
The Cnlcaco Bstoea.
Chicago, III., August 3. There was
another good . crowd at Washington
Park today. Betting lively.
FirU Ba. Ose mile, Starters;
Aptlachicolf, Carus, Paragon, Orvid,
Miss Cleveland, Edwsrd, Sailor Bov.
Little Hopes, Alimony. Orvid took
the lead by one length. Miss
Cleveland second. Thre was no
change to the end. Orvid won after a
driving finish by half a length; Mies
Cleveland second, three lengths in
front of Apa acbioola, third. Time
l:4tij. Minimis pxui J47 60.
iSrioiirt A(icr Three-ouarters of a
mile. Slartsis: Snipes, Dawn of Day,
Modesty, Mary Williams, Finnlity,
Guenn, Faith Thompioo, Fred Wool
eyPorrtr Ashe, Sam Powers, Princess,
Nora M. For the ti st quarter Princess
showed in fr nt, followed by Finality,
Swipes and Modesty. On the lower
turn Finality went to the front, follow,
ed bv Modesty. An eighth from home
Modesty joined Finality. There was
a diiving finish to tbe end. Modesty
won by ahead; uuenn, who came very
fast at the finish, second, a head in
front of Fmalitv, third. Time 1:15J.
Third Race. Woodlawn stakes, mile
and a half. Starters: Jim Grav, Mon
tana Regent, VA Oorrigan. Ed Corrl
san led for half a mile. Montana
Regent then went to the front, Jim
Gray taking secjnd place. Gray grad
ually closed on Montana itcgsnr. a
verv close finish resulted in Gray
finishing first, but as he swerved and
fouled Montana Regent for the last
eighth of a mile, the judges disquali
fied Gray and placed Montana Regent
first. Eil Cotrigan spoond. Time
2:351. Mutuals paid $7.
Fourth tiat'e. One mile and a quar
ter. Starters: Emma Manley, Boot
black, Topsy, Lewan, Fannie llenrn,
Rico, Gov. Bate, TaxgRtherer. Rico
led for half a mile, with Topsy second.
Tbe latter then went to the front. She
was not headed. Topsy wou easily by
oco length; Taxgnthtrer second, a
lenuth in front cf Boofblaek, thiid.
Time-2:081. MuHials paid f 17 50.
In the fonith race Gov. Bats fell, but
Barnes, wbo rode him, was not in
ured. In tno nun race noise prone
Fifth Race. One mile. Martere:
Hattoo, Binnetto, Kloise, Manre Hunt,
Ailee, Unique. Whinda, Vie. Vie
made the running ti the backstretch,
with Eloise second. Elolse then weut
to the front. She was not headed and
won easily by two lengths; Binnellt
second. Mamie Hunt a elose tiurii.
Time 1:42. Mutna's paid (Hold)
onnionlls Park Haws.
Monmouth Park. N. J.. August 3.
Firtt Rate Handicap.seven-elghlhs
of a mile. Gold Ban won ; tiardy sec
ond, Stone Buck third. Time 1:30.
Secmd .Km. Camden e ases, ior
wo year olds, three-quarters of a mile.
L'he Campanira colt won ; Roi d'Or see-
ond, Lady Prime third. Time 1:10.
Third Race. Paseaio stakes, three
quarters of a mile. Little Minion won ;
Pontlao second, Electiio third. Time
1 :UiJ.
Fourth Alios. Handicap, nnio Bnii
three-BixteenthB. Gonfalon won ; Heel
and Toe second, Sapphire third. Time
Fifth Race -Soiling purse, one mile.
Wh'zgia won; Edgefield foooni",
Adrian third. Timo-l:46J.
Sixth Race Handicap steeplechaeo
for all agas, over the short coureo.
Bnckra won, Judge unintii eecona,
Wellington third. Time 3:11.
Naratoajn Kaa Poalstonvd,
Sabatocia. N. Y., August 3. The
races were postponed today on ac
count of threatening and extremely
cold weather. The entries will BUnd
for tomorrow.
1-1)1.1. TOTE ASM ItKO.
TImi a-lKiirN Mxnstrally ENllinatSMl
From Ous In Thrcio Tlion.
aantl Majority.
With the rising of this morning's
sun dawns the eve of a great battle be
tween the Pemocmlic and Republican
laities. Everything indicates a vic
tory for Domccracy and the snowing
under of the efljrt to put Shelby
county agnln under Republican ring
rule. What the majority will be is a
matter of the purest speculation. The
lowest estimate is 1200, the highest
31)00. This ifl based, of course, upon
the belief that the full Democratic
vote will be polled. Unless this is
done the Republicans will win. The
vote is too close and the contest too
important to allow the supposition
that any man worthy the name of citi
zen will neglect to cast his vote for one
side or the other. The calculation is
also based upon the promise of tbe
merchants and others to close their
doors and give their employes full
swing. Every vote counts.
Political Polala.
The majority ought to be at lea.t
Tub side show will flap befoie 10
Attino the grand rally on the bluff
Tbe campaign closes with tonight's
errand rally.
Pkksidknt Happen promises tbat
perfect order shall be preeerved.
Dubose promises to run before the
people as be did in the convention
like a quarter horse.
The array of speakers for tonight is
enough to tempt the most indifferent
to go and hear them.
(Jukiley will run square up with
his ticket. He will como nearer lead
ing it than dragging near the tail.
Hakkis has inado a superb record as
a tax collector, and absolute confidence
is reposed in him by the business
community. Ho will poll the full
voto of his party.
Galloway has made friends every
day since the campaign, aid as he
already had a host of them before,
their number may be put down as
legion at present.
A laboe number of the members of
the Bricklayers' Union expressed their
determination yesterday to vote the
straight Democratic ticket.
So laboe an element of the Demo
cratic party is now composed oi work
ingmen that with slight eflort on their
part a handsome representation can
be secured on the Legislative tickot
next fall.
Coboneb Coleman has several tally
sheets yet to deliver. He administers
. im,.i ntK tn mkK ilnnntv coroner
v u.n. w - -" , J
and insists upon it Ha will not de
liver a tally sheet to a deputy until ne
The worklngmen do not intend to
waste, their votes. No man carries
them in his pocket. Their strength
I. n.lt.akln n K. .Irihhlml aWSV
to compliment a demagogue woo aoitr
soaps tuem ior tneir votes.
Tn close attention which Capers
i i k. ,). nr Kla nffieo for
I1WI a;ivt7U fcuu uuwva . " .
the past twenty years bave prevented
him from knowing as many people as
he mignt nave anown, dui
voto for him Just the same. There is
i not a bitter man in tbe county.
The Chesapeake and Nashville
Krlanger Syndicate Operations
Spikes and Sparks.
Mr. Sum Tate, jr., was in tire city
yesterday on a flying visit, but re
turned last night; to Birmingham,
wheie he now spends as much of his
time as he c in snare from the coan
agemeut of the Cit .ens' Street. Rail
way. The firm cf Duoavant A Tate
has the contract for putting in all the
railroad hi idges between Birmingham
and the Wairior river on the fine of
Kansas, Birmingham and Memphis
Railroad. The work is very heavyr
and will require considerable time.
Tlie i'lnrlnurttl Moltirra.
The talk about the Krlanger Syndi
cate be n g willing to give up the Cin
cinnati Southern to the Sou hin Pa
cifJo or the Est Tennessee, Vrginia
and Georgia probably grows out oi the
efforts made by the former lo secure
some conclusions regauling the lease "
which they havo. feund to be unex
pectedly onerous; ' The. Southern Pa
cilia does not noed it, for it is rapidly
completing it) own line into Cincin
nati from Aahlant', Ky. It would be
a gs.ni thii g for . East Tuiiueesfo
and (ie.rgia, bn. hut comp.ny has
enouu'i i n its hnnd.i with the proposed
extension to Kan as City.
4 hmapfukt! anil Nanhvlllc.
The big iMn 1ii.lgoover Dry Fork,
on the Chesapeake and Nadivule ra'i
road, lias hei u ci inplcted. The
work a. Blodtos.No. 1 will he c mi
pleteil, SO as to permit trains tJ pius
over thn sunn, In a frw days. Pren
dent Zimmerman snvs tots wi:l bs
riftitiitiK to Coet t- vin In thi'y d js,
and a'l t'je grading between ihu a d
that p'aco lias been io ple'c.i.
S'allnl on su mibicrlb.
The peoplo 6f Nad;vii?o i r i:a!!rd
on to salnciibe lo tre c nst j tip uf
tbo rropos d r.il ro-.d beyond l.ebi
non, Tenn, to what ate now known
as the Ciawlonl c a lloblp, n-k i i
Cookoville, a m.t'iryf sivmt mil o,
A point ol interestinj! i i p in iu ,:it
bus ne s men o! N svuih in m t
p'oilge from K' oxvdla Hint t
still be taken up fro u tii- i . i! . t
and tu t to l ivi le i
Nashville 0'1 is lim I. I i i
months only are ii'- i a r u .i I
the mid in t'nnii'i ii o it 'I i .-i
month to ll i Ii t" t'.-i o I i . !
coal end iumlitr th r - vh
r. a I tvouiil 'a t re so g . i ...
clto the beli. f it ii (' i ' i
ro m'b in'o N .'S a i; t wmi i) i.. I . , .i
est iriior.uii e-
Tli Ittllrund In ilin Furf I
You n wer know or It el I n n e ly
unpouticiil and pr ciii-V u niii.i i
until yc ii co.m a r i- i inih-niil !
of thn fore-it. Nauirtf abhors a t ,i .. t
line, and everything beside .1 i .-. -o i
to protest MKttiiif't that doubt- stii-iv;' t
line of Iron that loiik.i nil tl.e h.ir.Ur
aud moie defiant alitr, the rails take
the sunbeams eud knook the senti
ment out of them and turn them iuto
hard metallic light. The'treis seem
to do their best to ignoie the railroad
in a dignified way, as becomes tbe
moimrchs ol the forest. The shmb
berv hanirs over, not with the wooing
or caressing; movement that it has
when it mukes love to the brooks
below, bnt with a kind of mixture of
fear and angtr, as a dog treats a sus
picions stranger. The path crosses it,
pursues its crooked way In and out.
and around trees and bushes, and
wanders oil e ralically into the forest
or up the hillside, but every now and
again it turns toaard the railroad
track as if it had quite forgotten it,
and stops abruptly with a kind of dis
gust, as if it said, "What, you hero
again?" and goes back iuto the woods
again. Then tho engine comes along,
lis siund la weird and worldly in tho
snored grove; i's smoke never seems
lo poneira'e the f ilan, but is barred
out, and nntnie seems to breathe
sgain when the train, milling as if it
bad as little lovs lor native as nature
has for it, pasHs ou to the opsa plain
and tho populous city.
Visitohs on 'Change yesterday:
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Miles, Binning
ham, Ala.; J. A. Thomas, Nashville,
Tenn.; Mr. A. P. Stewart, Oxford;
Mrs. O. B. Jones, city.
A well developed cotton stalk, thick
with bolls and blooms, was on exhibi
tion at the Cotton Exchange yester
day. It was raised by . W. Gdffith,
Lucy, Tenn.
Closing prices of May options at.
Chicago yesterday: Pork,ti0; lard,
10 95; clear rib sides, i 22J; corn,
44jc; wheat, 701o; oats, 2H.c.
New Oblkaks, Angmst 3. Night
Arrived: City of SU Louis, St. Louie.
n. ........ t Anonaf !t. Niffht
River 10 feet 5 inches on the gaogeand
rising, weatner cieBranu cui.
!..,,. Am.imt 3. Niirht
A --", - - n ' "
River rising, with 7 fset 3 inches on
ttie sange. Weather cloudy and cool.
The Ohio wilt arrive at 9 oclocEW.
St. Louis, August 3.-Night-Biver
fallen 1-10 inches, and standi 7 9-10 feet
on the gauge. Weather clear and cool.
No arrivals of regular packets. Depart
ed: Belle Memphie, Vicksburg.
Louisville, Kv., August 3. Night
River rbing, with 6 feet 2 inches in
the canal and 3 feet on the falls.
Weather clear and cool. Departed:
Ohio, Memphis; U. P. Schenck. Cin
Caiko, Aoguet 3. Night-River 10
feet 1 inch oui the gauge and falling.
Weather clear and eooL No rnvals
of regular packet. Departed : R. 8.
New Urleans.3 p.m. I
City of Vicksburg, Vicksburg a p.m.
. - ..ii.aJI Lrt aftir-
xbe arritu i buww , j
that onr candidate for Attorney Gob-
. . ti ii : nn ths traole
oral, a. Ii. XJiayuco, ' - , . .
and will be till the polls close AugMt
will be made in any
portion of our ticket under any cir
cumstances, "li'rH'IuL..
Chairman, Canipaiin CnittM
CMrrMaaaaa Blassehartf a!
. natl.
SimavEMRT, La., August 3 The
Democratic convention of the ourin
Distriot today renominated rt. w.
Blanchard for Congress by acclama
tion. , ,
Onr Baby'a rim Tw.
by Marion Harland. with other valaa
ble information; ty7PWj
Sent free on receipt of 2 cent stamp.
Addrss. Reed A Camrick, Mercantda
Kxchange Building. New York (Jlty,

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