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m mexicaa war aoiD
8tref Bosolntlons Adopted by tbe
Bouse Committee on Forelgi
Aflalr-Cutting's Kf lease
"WAfliiiNOTOw.Aopnet 3. The Houbb
Committee on Foreign Aflaiw, at
called meeting -today, took np and
considered the resolutions introduced
by RepreeentstrvM Belmont, Crain
and Laobam. ia relation to tbe Cut
ting ease, and'a'so the correspondence
on that bhIijihi itirnisneu Dy tne a&
retarv of btal. Representative Lao.'
hara appeared in person before the
committee, in support of his resolu
tion and finally. the following pre
amble ana resolutions, arawn np Dy
Kfpresentative Oain, were adopted:
citiien, is wrongly deprived of his lib
erty bv Mexican otnclals at Paso del
Norte, in the Republic nf Mexico; and
whereas, tbe Mexican Government re
fuses to relie Cutting npon the de
mand of tbe President of tbe United
States; and nhereas, the Government
of Mexico alleges as a reason lor its re
fural to comply with each demand,
that Cutting? is saiilv of violation of a
Mexican law npnn Amerlaan soil ; and
whereat", the - Home of Keprmnta
tives, while appredating the disposi
tion shown by tbe Government of
Mexico lo carry out international olili
cations, cm never assent to the dee
trine that citizens of the United (States
may be piosecutad in a foreign coun
try for ac's done wholly npon Ameri
can Boil; therefore, belt
Rvulvrd, flrnt, Tl at tbe Hoiiss of
KeorewnUtivrs approve of the notion
ci ti e l'eildont of tiie United 8ttea
in demanding the re-'ease of said Cut
ting. lietolvnl, second, That the Projulrint
of the Unit d Mate, be and is hereby
reqtKH'ed to renew the demand for
tbe relea e of a i d Cu t' i ng.
Tbe rosoliitioua wura unanimously
adopted, and will b laid before (be
liouFeby Chaituian Jtelmont tomor
row and immediate action reqnented.
A member of tbo Foreign AfTalrs
Committee, holding clore re'a'ions
with the administration, stated to
night that the adoption of the Cutting
resolutions, should they pass the
11c ute tomorrow, would imply mnch
more than seemed to be generally
opposed. In the first place, he said,
Mexico hs been asked to release this
man Cutting. Mexico has refused.
and lira lven reasons. There r solu
tions declare those reasons insiUicient
nd request the Proeidont to ft now
the dtmand. Minuid this renewed
dt mand be refused, our Minlrttor will
be at 01 re withdrawn and then. In all
probablli'y, an extra srss'on of Cn
greeswouia have to be tvl'e.1. Mr.
Beilmont, the chei'man of the llonse
Oommitt"e'on Foieign Allaire, is
working earueatly for the release if
Mr. Cut ing.
A emleaa'a Vl-w mt lh Preawat
Onituoo, III, August 3. E. A.
Gatievrey, a Mexican gentloman
traveling in this country, was Inter
viewed .est evening concerning tbe
Mexican jng'lflralion for tbe arrest
aad eiNu in of Francisco Arasenrs,
a Ameiican citiaen, and the im
riaonniont of A. K. Catting,' another
Araerir.au cit an, for contempt of a
Mexican writ, Mr. Gutievrey said:
'"Che government o( IWor Dim and
, the Mexio n 0 'ngrtas has suspended
for about to months a hat are kunwn
a the conntiutional gnanintaes
given U every Mexican by tue consti
tution. Tli b suspension arose out o(
the wrwil i ig of a freight train on the
Mexiran Central rdilioad, where ail
Uie frii.ht a as curried nr dtivou
away. Along the rallrottla epikes had
alsi Un removed io at to OiTjw
traiiiB of! the track, and robberies
were txnaaullv commiited in tlo
country, iho efloct of this etispen
sion is to permit anyone who foes
such an offender or rodber to a 11 him.
It is a sort of a ma't ol law. The ar
rest and rxiTutinn of Fraiaidco
Anbenrswas tudr tho row Hneen
sion of gnurintces, The misi'i'ii-ion
set ia expected to acwwpl ah da ob
ject and will ixt coutlnue longer tlmo
a year."
Herlana Tronbi Threiilcwrd in the
rraasjlvanla Coal Reglen.
rnT-M'so, Pa , August 2. Win. A.
Greene, a prcm i.i'iit und aniivn mem
ber of the Ci liun'us and 11 eliny;
Valley Iimlrond and Coal Con.panr.
with n iiuiuber of friend , lawd
tluouh the city hrtni lit m a s)
tial cr ib mi d Iik Atantie C ty. 'in
a conveiwtiion with a report r" con
cerning ilia nt ciiiat;ou' of rem wt'd
tronblu am iu the 11 irking Vai.y
mine g, Mr. Ori.o mi i: "A. number
ol oi:r run oih are el otwly nfpo ng
the in r xlucinri of coal flitting ma
chines into our in i r,o y. Tue popl
pred ot loat Huh opp luitioti will do
velop into iiterc and opeu Hot
worse tha i the ou'' rcak of ab' ul to
years airt). Notwithstanding this, wi
mean to put ot.r iiMchiaes into 0htr
Stion, even th ugh nliot and hheil t o
needed to do it. We have a Governor
now who will fearl.eo'y pr tucttho
rights of uropr'tty. He will, win n
ever irt urn tinceS1 di man J it, fen I
suflicieul tr(j)8 inti iho Valley to
shoot the law est element there wlo
have made so much tronb'e tbeie uf
late. If a d a m or so of theee men
were a'.o, I'm t rtin there would b i
peace for nm time tn come. I'Ms
will be done if d mictiou ol property
is ana n r sorted to by the mii.ere.
"We Imve eqmpiod seven or eialit
of onr n.inei w t'i m-chiues," eoiit n
ned the !tit "man, "but at present
they are all id e "
rijroa' lijultlin fram Iho Rw
I"rli Hum j Utumrmry ,
Niw Yokic, Augnat8. The expul
sion if M.tntici li Fynn from tbe
rants of ti e C ui tv Demon-ary hv
the exHoutive oommi tee of the 1 t'er
body tnet niuht la the ronin loi i of
ronversition in political tiroes to 'ay
While some tifnght that Flynn
abou'd bem a cord da heamg
on tbe durum a.aii;st hirn'bt-fot-
tkirg hiiv artiort, it was the clmf
npini n t ii 1 11 e Hroppii g of Fii n
from th ' ro 's file rrgn tition was
goout.Mngbi thepity.
A I rw A " for . uali,
' ' 8t. Ivli", Mo., July 31. From In.
torviews with a number of rere n.a
tive men nii.ia unu Dae liens is -n m
this city, ! uppers t'.at all br. nrbe
of trad lane roverid from Uie i 1
effects cf the me.;t rtiira l strike, - e
eight hour law giteti(.n and o'he in.
fluencea lili Lad acieprsing ifhv t
early in the seaeui,, aod that a Jar. i r
vo'umg cf busintts will b tiuai; j
hero daring the r-vi;'; fall t an I a-i
been dace fur a v ml je r. Th ;
..-l.dv.: ..t.v tr.1.l I... a tt n . . .
f7UU uriu uniii if'-'i iiis ij rio
ciahlyiuaiiJ, and tie termiutivc J
of the drouth in tbe Southwest aod
the Watt, and the resulting better
proapetts for a good corn crop has
produced a firm feeling and high hopes
for tbe future. In a idition to mis,
the local s'oek of grain, particularly
wheat, is larger tbn ever liefore in
tbe history ol tbe marke, and is e so
superior a quality that St. Louis mill
ers will be very apt to control the
flour trade, and a large export de
mand fi r wheat will be inovi'able. On
the whole the ontlook for all branches
of trade and manulactur. s is of tbe
most encouraging character.
raeof lb Toons tjtditm WboM le
It Umrof lh Rnl UrllKhirnl
f AOnlra.
IcoaiiroaDisci or raa trrtn.i
WuiTiiiAvan, Tn., Augu.t 3.
What a setame of singular ulas troop
into the bosom of memory at the men
tion of the two little words, rail in."
To some people it suggeets fishing ex
cursions. 8ome years ago my friand Capt.
Jonah D. (Drummond), of Grenada,
was atanding on a log that straddled
the creek, and like the milk maid in
the spelling book, was mueing over
his expected conquest, for he was try
ing to exchsnge a minnow for trout,
and bis hope had a promise of ulc
eus", for be bad biti, when mlrabile
dictu, his big bobtail dog Boh darted
between bis legs after a rabbit and
threw bim and a'l bis hopes into the
water. To this day he calls th'tfall
a dog fall. He was nogil ant enough
to say he wished it had been bis wfe
instead of himself. He said, "She
weighs near 300 pounds, and a little
falling off would not hurt her much,
for I wonld still hive p'enty cf her
loft." To a Confederate soldier
"Fall in" revives "the pride
and pomp and circumatanca of
g'orious war," and the hielory
of a "tto-in cradled nation that fell."
It suggneti rjvifllo, cannon, guns, lire
and fail ba;k when you get too near a
superior enemy, and "light out;" and
it suggests fexcuee mo for bringing
back painful inomorios) the flight of
the Aitbal tjtte nitermoet par!s of
Dixie. To lovers it suggests (miles,
blushes and kissis and the time when
he fell in love and could exclaim :
"I will. I will, the oonSJet'i iiutad,
Aod I'll eanisnl to love i lut.
Tothewritt'r.'Fall in"suirgefits falling
in with an elegant excursion party of
ladies and gentlemen some dsys ago
on tbo Mississippi and Tennotsee rail
road. It suggests r sy lips, bright
eyes snd winning s ra les. It whispers
of sweet odors and fairy forms, and
wit as sparkling and bright and harm
less as the firefly's light. It suggests
forms eo manly and gallant that they
all act as pointers to your heart.
Como had a brilliant delegation,
championed by as noble a Pointer as
ever set a Heath or followed a band
some Hledge. commanded a pretty
Doonor lifted a Hlome. In th she was
ably resitted by Dr. Oi roth era, Mr.
McGehre, of Wocdville, Mine.; Ward
low, ll'ath, Hnnter. Tit and SU dge.
Tbe ladi a ware Mrs. F. F. 11 alb and
'ier charmit g aod Winsome dauahter,
Mies Helen; Mrs. W.R. Sledge, MisRea
Yarbrough, Pattie, MiGehee, Hnlli
van.Pasley, Ponter, Oar nth re, 8ae
Roberts and lota cf young and beauti
ful little maidens.
The Couitland delegation cnns's'ed
of Misses Deatm, 0.ive-, H-rron,
Johnson and Hardy and Mbe-Ts, Jon,
Car nt tiers, Sutter, Bwift and Howdre.
Dolngation from Homando con
alutcdof Mrs. Julia Terra I, M saes
113 a, fj caio, Wh tney, ll.il ingt n
and Miss ranry Da -is, the gr nd
rlauirliterof the popular pr, Hiientif
t' o Meinphleanil Tennesnneroa i,Col.
F. M. White. Tin gont'etnen wo e
Metsis. Mog4n,Whi nej and Holmi p.
Miss Nanniu Winniniihain was tlio
very soul end a 1 of the Noabit del tta
tiou. Ono of my chttrming young
Uily rrienis v.rit' in: ' li yountiojld
write about cur rxruriou do not It t
Jour mmii sty .ruvun t your mint onijig
r. (!. J. F. Meriwether and his lovly
daughter Mitiy, Ids p'onsnt euii'ean I
courtly tiiai n. i h ri uiimllug uh all tl o
tiincot the h I -yon ('aj of th-Od
Diiniiu'ou " Wi ro lm titti d w ith th"
uluuu-'iifo of 8 H. I'r'iitii", he woird
wenvo a tiomi.K t ol tin cw u t'St, wordu
an I s nl tire-1 and throiv it ut lier (;xt
hi Kimn evldeu.e of iiie es oein.
At B'Tlis w caught a iiUm of Col.
J. Fred S mo onn, your old and racy
curcHp niU't t, untie - t io iihui do
lilimin ol R'i V'UiWiriMe." He loota
bright ai d ho tfl, mill hai a nulla
for ul I tho'Mty li.sa.ieyit.
t Justus.
KnusM Cltf Urim MU t smlllus;
Kansas Citv 7im J.u e 10: With
tliH b oin in tno g lie at prosperity of
theiitv lakinU t,' i on i 'o iitio-i, our
r.i y got m T'i t isii in r s mro of tho
L i iana Mate 1 o'tery June draw n
y Btivd y. N I H, 1 -ir ,lri w the ispi
Ul i rs.f $150.0,0 A lady In th s
ri y h-'d a li ft i tieiot, (ftomo on
li r.-wuh bom d t g t it, for it h e
b ji item i etinti il tl a' wneiy run
ii"t g t wav I io ii K .n (.ity T in
i'.W.HM m .ken t.1) ut J-O,00l) drwn by
re idi'i t hero si re Jm ua y 1st. Mis.
A n a M. C" siii the liu-kv po aw r
of tue s ip of i i r wh eh by y eter
i'"y" turn of h wh. I hi t I s tier to
4:t i,tkO Hi e is a wid iw. ago I id) mt
3 1, aod Bhe lus lived here lor about
throe yearif.
Nnawlas- Imil HnnliliiKtoa.
Mt Wasiumotov, N. H., Angus' 2.
A io tli went wind blowing a' t.ie
ra e f t-ixty miVs ai hour set li at
nig' tfall y rt idv. 8now tog n o
t.i 1 at 2:3 I 'h s ii or In nd a 5:30
the g o ikd woe c vered to a di p h of
one an i one-ha t inc ei. The w nd is
bl wing eiglry n il. an bour nd
windows are thrkiy o vred wt
ho t. The tterm mttr Vestir.tay
rgiserKt 85" in the va.ley but
oui now at ran ZH" bare.
la Ike Dw nitf Bay.
We differ In creed and politics, but
we are a unit all thfl tune ou tbe de
sirableness of a fine head l hair. If
yon mourn tha lues of tblx blessing
and ornament, a bottle or two of
Parker's Hnir Bubani will make yon
I'hix aa you did in itie dear Ul days.
It is wo th trvieg. The only standard
50 cents ariii lH fur th hair.
hrw ' ark Nna Trap.
Canijob-kh N. Y, Angn t 3.
The nteilv rutio'd c n d t n ol th"
hp C op th" iK't.ont Nun Y, r Ntite
by li o to b ctnite.l a mdd n hdv oee.
lirowe-a mthisncii I v h. v rwoei t d
;y red md $ c uh for thoso tl ike t
II IMH,H(1 yiHlnr.iiiy a grwrevf
M id n mld lHt y ara rri at 41
cen's, wh dih ttie li gu.s'. pnc; paid
in three efjB
J.iiiN Henhv p ei b I wi h Annrvla,
Arm in in- puion irud iu ti 1! fe.r.
Kaoeaid. 'Join H., jour wvr.li you
wat ,
Yo'ir 'eo li bet sv wn' of 'M'e,
Yoi - b -a ' ! o ui . a . I iay,
I'm KOZODC.N t Ll tU w.iy
; .
Messrs. Trice, Caldwell, Bond, IditU
nd Cartbel at Klplf j-las
Absent on Baslness.
looiaxspoSDSKri or tbs irriiL.I
Touloh, Tknm., August 2. Your
correspondent went over to ttipiey,
seven miles distant, today, to bear tbe
candidates for Congress in the Ninth
District speak. Whit tbey are talking
ebut may interest a gnod many of tho
readars of the Api'bau All trie can
dida'es were on band except Glats,
who is in Washington putting in his
time. The first speaker was
of Obion county. Mr. Pierce has
been a member of Congress. H,s
hair is getting gray, and his ups and
downs with politics have told on bim.
He di'cusied the Blair bi 1 chiefly, and
said it wonld increase taxation, as the
Bams amount of money that would be
obtained from tho Federal Govern
ment wcu'd have to be ta'sed by tbe
S ate. He was bitterly opposed to the
Blair bill. He spoke against tbe sus
pension of silver coinage; was for a
revision of tbe tariff. ' lie favored tbe
mejnrity rule in conventions, and
wanted each county to send
delegates and lot them sup
port tbeir choice. Next came
cf Weakley county. Mr. Caldwell
was attired in a neat alpaca suit and
wore a black cravat. lie is getting
old, and has not as much vigor as of
y re. He spoke about his record in
Congrose, was opposed to the Blair
bill, against u wnsion of silver coin
age, wanted tariff reduction, said there
must be something done to cbeck mo
nojiolio", or else we would soon have
several hundred thousand million
aires. He was opposed to Pierce's
doctrine of the majority rule, and
wanted to etick to the old Democratic
pbane p. novo,
of Haywood county, followed Cald
well. He is tho yonngost candidate,
and is, porhap, 34. He has light hair,
wears inonstaclie and goatee, and his
countenance is wreathed with smiles
during the delivery of hi) speech. Mr.
Bond ta'ks rapidly aad fluently, and
puts in more words than the other
ciudidutes during the three-quarters
of an hour allotted to speak. He spoke
of his reducing the Republican ma
jority of 200U in this Benatorial dis
trict to 200. Then be pitched into
Pierce, and told how he bad acted,
but was now getting better, and after
a while would be all right, he hoped.
Bond mopped tbe floor with Pierce to
day, and brought down the house
with applause. He diticnssed all the
leading qui stiona tariff, silver, pen
sions and Blair hill. Ilia position was
the same as tbe foregoing candidates.
Bond and Pierce were tho or ly speak
ers whi made rejoinders, and tbey
made the fur fly. It seems Pierce is
making an extra effort to get a major
ity of tbe votes in Bond's county.
Tbe next speaker was
8. B. LATTA,
of Dyer county, with bis golden spec
taclts. He appears to bo about six
feiet ono inch tall, wears beard all over
bis face, slightly tinged with gray.
Mr. Lao a devoted the most of bis time
in defending his position on the silver
quos'ioo. lie favors the ennpent-ion
ot silver coinage, and wants to try it
ai.y way a short time aad sosif gold
and silver will not come together and
equal in valuo.
of Gil soo, wai the latt soeaker. He
aid th ro wai not mu' h difference in
iho poeiMon of ttioea .didates. Where
in tney iliir irtd aidolv was as to who
would ' g t there." He aimed his ar
til orv it Col. La ta for his opposition
to silver, and K"t so wrapped up iu
t' o uilv.-r quertijn that ho ws cal'ed
to tune heloro he hid time to d'Scuvs
any o'lur sihj'-ts. the Judge be-
lievsu! in win "dot ar ot tua uaiiUKH.
It : 1 . il ..... .. 1 .1 I a..4
no i ii u uuver win h i"K-i u-nutu, im
the t-'oorelary ol the Tr-njnry had not
!oi o lii'i duty by that co u iu tho pas'.,
it wi-u'.d boy jilHt as inniHi 88 a gold
ilolbr, a ul wan the pple's moiiey.
He h t (VI. U',.H8 a on e ng 1'ck and
said tha' ho wn too modes- a man to
lie in 0 mama, aa he hd 8:;nt out
tlie-Hi circul os.
Tho rare u th a i'i:lrict ia growirg
inUvos tug, and a'l ol tno candidates
are a'l'e ai-d btro:.(; men.
th) rnivoijt.o.i ii.eo'a at B'owns
vil t, this roiiii'.y, Smt.'mbrr 8 h to
u on nil a in mi.
And Itv-ty Nprcilew of Ilrlilus and
llarulus ilrBmn ( urea by
lj"M'ZKMA. nr Suit Khmin, with tin aunnii
lu itiK iu-hnw antl titirtionr instantly re
lived b. warm tiii'h nidi fiiTircMA miap
nt aiOmlsniii linA'ion ol I'l'Tn i Ki,' he me.it
ektn Cure. 'lhi rieati'd iIhiIt, with twnor
thriO KC Ol I IITUTKA IUhiu.vkvt, the Now
lUiicd flintier, to kenp tho tilnod eioli the
iriHiirnl on imro And untrritating, tho bov
lotiMn,the to or nnd ki'lnevH nnitva. will
Brecui y cuio Koiftuin, 'Jttr. Kmywonii,
I'm, riii' l, bii-heiii Pruritus, 8"a)d Head,
1'MnirutV, and wary p n o' liobinn, S, ulr
and ftiiiil ltuinorN of the Scli and Skin,
whe i ho heat ih reioian aud all known
remedies tail.
will Melonnld, 242 Denrbnra ftreet,
Chioato, iratxlu ly ackuowladea a oure ot
K, a-ma. 't Salt Khouin on h ud, ne-kifaoe.
arms and teirM fur aeventneu ye ra; notable
to wa k eiecpt on hnili and kneei for oi.e
yeari not ante lo hel himi-lf for eiiht
years! tried hundreds of reued es; doctors
proonanced h s rase hoielp; peiiaanently
cured by Cv u uai Kkhoivint (blood pari
fieri internally, and I urn I'm nd CuTicoaA
bor (the (real k n ou ea) externally.
Chun. llonsrh, K-j., lawyer, M Stat
treot, Hot too, reports a ease of K sou a an
d r bis obsi rs atiou tor ten ye ,rs, wkich cov
er d the patient's body and liaib, and to
which all known meho,li of tr, ata,e t had
been ap lied wohnutbeneflt. whleb was eonv
p'e ely cured sotelf by the CtJTiu Him
dies, ii'solni a clean and healihy skin.
Mr. John Tlnirl, WHkesharre, P.,
wttesi "I hay suffered from Salt Hheutn
for ver eif it years, at times '0 bad that I
eould not atiend to my but! s mr weeks at
a ti ne. Threw boles ol l'UTl('l and our
bottles of Ki'i.vT have entirtly cured me
of this dreadlal uisesse."
Sold y alt drut;e's Prlo: fi-Tirea, 50
els: Raaoi.v-eT II W: Hiur. pts. Pre
pared bv ihe I'oTTia llmio and Cmunicai.
o., uoiinn, M as. Bend lor paiapn et.
I 111' V T1TIKV the Complexion and Skin
J by nuinit e Oi'Tioi'm Soap.
NumSneM, Lament", SnrenefS,
Jlaokmc l ouih. liitlicult tlr aiti-
" Arthma eiauroy snd In-
nsumiation of the Peo'nrnl Has-
ntiy reli. ied end nninted to a 'pee-
dv cure by that new. orainal. and in etli'ile
anftilute to phIo and intlatuu.ation, the 1 i
i ssrst Ansi oin fin. r. At Or, ririatr,
i e. : Sre tor It .00; orptie free ol ltir
isrem unci ni-ie .1 ei . -ii-m
W fpHlilly fereweiimA
rnuiil ulheNe! rnif.ly
nown to e ae irteutilwea
aii,l l.leet.
Wa have told cottllUe.
inil la evefy 4e M
aieaU A Llek.
IIikW n. V.
Sold by tlniff lita.
me ai.ta,
Jr J' i ii
f f I Till HiTS.VJ
yenarmetMS at tew
J It. J "" SWetaw.
j IItui Cksmleal Os.
Sore Eyes
The ryes arc always in sympathy with
the body, and afford an excellent Index
of its condilli-n. AVhcn the eyes Iwcoine
tveuk, and tlif lids influnicd and sore, It is
no evidence tlut tho fcj li in lias become
diKordercil by Scrofula, for whkh Aytr'i
Sarsararllla lit Hie best know n remedy.
Scrofula, which produced a painful In
fliiiiiiiialion In uir eyes, ritusca mu much
aiHicriiuj for a number of years. , Ity tbe
udvice of it phvsiciaii I cniiiiiicnccd taking
Aycr'H Surnaiarilla. After u.-ing UiiJ
Medicine a short time I wa completely
My even art now in a splendid condition,
and 1 am an well and KUoni ax ever.
Mrs. William (iage, Concord, '. 11.
' Fur a number of yearn I wn troubled
with a humor in my eye, and v,oi unable
to obtain any relief 'until I commenced
iiting Ayer'a ttamupiirillii. Thin medicine
I ik ellected a cnmilrtu cure, and I believe
it to be the best of blood puiilitrs.
'. K. Upton, Naidiuu, K. II.
From ehildliood, aud until within a few
month, 1 have been alllicted with Weak
and Sore Kye. 1 have used for these
complaints, with beneficial renult. Ayer'a
HarMiiparllla, and consider it a great blood
purifier. Mrs. C. I'lilllips, Glover, Vt.
I suffered for a year with inflamma
tion in my left eye. 'Three ulcer formed
on tho ball, depriving me of fight, and
ratiHing great pain. After trying many
oilier remedies, to no purpose, 1 wiw finally
Induced lo utte Ayer's arapurilla, aud,
By Taking
three bottlca of thin medicine, have been
entirely cured. My tight has been re
stored, and there Is no sln of Inflamma
tion, aorc, or ulcer in my eye. Kendal
T. Boivon, Sugar Tree ltidge,'Obio.
My daughter, ten yearn old, was alTtlded
with Scrofulous 8 n're Kyes. During the
last two years bIio never hiw light of any
kind. riiylcians of the highest standing
exerted their i-kill, hut ivilli no periiianent
success. On tho recommendation of a
friend I purchased a bottle of Ayer's Sar
nnarilla, which my daughter commenced
taking, lieforo she had used the third
bottlo her sight was restored, and she ran
now look steadily at a brilliant light with
out pain. Her cure Is complete. AV. K.
Sutherland, Evangelist, Shelby City, Ky.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by llr. J. C. Ayer It Co., Lowell, Mass.
Cold by all lrugguus. 1'rlte (1; six bottloa, t&
President of the Great LOUISVlLr. COU-
ii i it r 1 1 1 1 i n v a i . u. .k.a
AAA-UAVw V V I A' A mm VV.i Wllal f UB
fas knowB of
Wintersmith's Chill Curs.
Or rioa or tbb Coriiai-JooaNAL,
Lr.cu, villi. Ky.
Dr. Winta mitX, 8irl raive a rale I have
observed for many yearr, the value of yonr
remedy promplini me to say, in reply to
Sour request, what I know of yonr Chill
ure. The private usurnneea of its efficacy
I had, and tha rood result t its effeots 1
had observed on Mr. K. W. eredith, who,
for more than ifUea years, had been fore
man of my ode, Indtned me to'Cteat It In
my family. The wilts haa-ekeen entirely
satisfaotory. Tke (rat oica: iu of two
years' staiUni, is whi oh I kellevs every
known remedy hid been triad with tempo
rary relief the chills retnralng periodically
and with aeeminiily increased severity.
Yonr oar broke them at once, and there has
been no reonrreuoe of them for more than
six months. The other ease was ot a milder
form, and yielded more readily to other
remedies i bnt the chills would return at in
tervals until your medicine was ased.slnoe
which time, now several months, they hare
entirely disappeared. From the opportu
nity 1 haie had to Judge, I do not hesitate to
express my belief that your Chill Cure 1st
valuable speoifle, and performs all you
promi-ferit. 6ali)eman.
ARTHUR PBTER Jr. 00., AirsnU, Louii-
vtne. ay.
Veterinary Specific:
Horses, Cattle. Sheep
D0O8, nOGS, 1 LiLiiXRY,
Tn m.n for over 20' voowi bv FlirnlfirS-
Etoclbrcedcrs, llor " V.., Ao.
Used by V. S. duvu, i.ment, ,
Mounted on fiollnri w tlfld Free,
Hnmiihreyi'SIfd. Co., 100 1 uiioa St ff.T.'
Hgg SPECIF IS No. fill
Nervous Dst-iiily, Vital Weskr.8ss
itvA Pro'.trfrtkiti, fr m - rT-nnik. or .th.T mi
If i per r t vnh and inn'i vml r"oiT, hr fA
S.H .11 UV Iltairililr-Mri
lt ii-e.1. lluwiihrci' Mflfin
:iv i lift 1'n mi u.i raueipi' vi
IUU ImU.o Bt., k. 1.
Thli faraond remmiy most hninHIp mfeta
thedf lnnnvi of tbo nr. I.r womnn pftcnHur
I :s.rf.-. ..u;...l..s I (. -h A..
HI1U III 11 ' II H(I HI ' Hi m.iiMin. AV 11 n iriimui
for WOMAN ONLjV, and for ono 6rh.lAL
iuu . i. .1 : l.l ....iiIa r.,m
j U An., ui iicr uiriuiirB. 11 in n, riwvinu ui
oerlain diseased eonditions bf the worn i
and proposes to so control the AtonMrual
r uaotion as to reriitate til the deranae
menu and irregularities ot Woman's
Its prnpletnrs claim for it no other medical
properly ; anu iu uouoi lue moi iuai lain
iiioi, no u ui'on 4imiiiivo cuu kwii-
eoatn 1 1 in and rjo alms powers is simply
to diHcredit the voluntary ten II nony of thou
sands ot livnt witnesses who ar to-dav
eioltini in the restoratien to sound health
and happiness.
Female Regulator
Is strictly a vegetable compound, and ia tha
pro iuot of medical scienoe and practical ex
perience directed toward the benefit of
It II th studied pre-rli tion of a learned
physician, ebose sw t" was WOMAN,
and whose fa ne beoaine enviuoleand bound
leu because ol his wondartul sucoeil in the
treatment and rure of lemal eomplaints.
f li K KKOULATOtt ts th ORANDKbl
RKMBbY known, aod liohly deserves iu
Beoent It eon trots a class of functions th
various derangement el which eause more
III health than ail other causes oombined,
and thaa rescues her trom a loot train ol
afflictions which sorely embitter her lite and
prematurely end her existence. Oh, what a
meltltude of livtni witnesses eaa testify to
Its oherealn elects I Wohsi, Lake to year
oonfldenoc this .
pittcioi noon op health
It will relieve you ot nearly all the oom
plain's peculiar to yonr sex. Hely apon It
as your sateiuard for health, happiness and
lona life.
bold by all drug-fists. Rend fnr oar treat
ise on tha Health and Harrtneas ol Woman,
mailed free, which giei al particulars.
Hoi fti, Atlanta, Ha.
Eiecttic Belt Frte
rpo Introduce it and obtain agents we will
1 for the next sixty days rl.e away, free
of. charge, in twh county in th tl. n. a lim
ited number ol oar r""i eilex-tro ual
vainlfj eio.p"BHrr Hello I'rioe ; a
positive and un'mliiia oure for Nervous Do
billtj, Var rocele, Kml'sioiis, IineMency,
etc. Ifiiin.UI Heward ptid if er.rr lie It we
menu actum due nt generate a aenuine
electric current. AdireHS at mice KLrC
JRIO BBI.T AOKNCY. P. .0. V x ;17V,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
MFOLE03 HILL, Prealdent, . TT.. WlLIEKS05,TIcf.fr9ilc
H. J. LT55, Cawhler.
Mils Citf Fire & Mte. Co.
h. maeTEsriEiM,
WM. I. COU ,
D.t .
Oflicelll MadlNon Street, Merailils, Tens
till la tha Market,
aw vat of
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
No. SO Front street. : TCemfthlN, Terai?,
Cotton Factors & Commission r.lerch'ls,
tjttm Waihaarwlaai. 88 aawlM, ITxttsa aMrattt
SLEDE BBOSof Como,MIja8.
i , ,
Has. 3S6 and 358 Front Street Merophi. Tenn.
Loulsville SELECT V
iM-nt of its fltvfti In th
la a 8k VT niral Hchoels anil
I a aw mmw m Sprclal ArlTfintaa;e. s'nrt'atiilngTie with n-fen-ncea. ao., aodrew
O aO LLI af m I W. N. Mrl)ONAfT. Manter
W W KJ Vf Late A. Is. MeflO.N AI
r. . AUTM,
kai CiimlMion Merchants. Hay, Com Oats, Bra, Chop Pee4, 011-Meal,
LlUf, Cenant, Plaeter, Bmlldlstgr and Fire Brick, Etc.
Cor. Front nnd Union. 1 IToward Row. Sfempbis.
Cotton Factors and Vholesalo Grocers
Sl?0-S3 Front fit,, Hemplala, Tenn.
Cotton Factors, Commission Merchants,
Ho. Ilfl nontft Main Nt.. PM. lonta.
Or ocers & Cotton Factors.
Ko. 303 Bkaln Htrwt, Oatyavio Itlok.
it nrava tnm wink.
ga'ccwaori to rOKTEK, TATLOB CO.,
Cotton Factors
". sUII
Jos. Schlitz Brewing Gompanv,
8. ROESCUXR. Anent, Mem-bii, Tha.
m.. . aavaa. a- uniii. si f Wr-.. 1,m lies
Old Stand, No. 9
Ua tJIl -1 UVAUll
mn T ri a dt-w
ti. W. TOMUn; WM. BhsiNJlo.
Tomliu & Benjes,
n0 3!:tls St., Memphis.
Offer special Ind icemen ts in Open Hugeii
of oar own msks, at t6; Top buaies
our own make, at fit). All work wai
raated. Call beior yon buy.
mw Having dlipsed 0f our entire (took
Vehicle and th Manufaoturini Ifcrsrt
ment to Mesari. IOULIN k DKNJhS, w,
bespeak for 6sem a oontinuanoe of ttu
patrons so ton extended to US.
with at fall aaort
Nw and
Sooth. Pn-nnrpti for BnninctM or letfDf Tech
ijOivt - TriHtf. i.i rai
L'DiTLTMltie.. l.imitwl nnnilior nt boarders, will
w. . Jtlrl)( Al.l). Hauler of Art, llniversitr ol va., I rna.ip.is
I.ir;.dH.f.. Wli A w l: ui vrnlly . J UUvllU. K
js. at. ma cat T.
& COi
Mi Mo.
Union St;, Memidiis.
EDCr ATiti.tAL.
The Higbee School
Education of Young Ladies.
Beale, Loudtrdn'e and Jenpamin St.,
Inrorpor.led wth Colleclale Prlv.
an iN'TiTrnoN of nroH rkputs
Fall Term Opm Monday. Sept 20.
aurlhoroath English anl Clirsiril Cosrn.
Modern lianguages bj Foreign Tescbers.
Book-keeping, bi-ort-baud and lyi
writicg taught.
bchools of Art, Musis and Elocution noted
for exceptional sdvuntaeca.
Special students received In everj depart
ment. A new ani elega-Jt building will beer cted
during the summer and tall, wherein will be
furnished a epsclons itudy ball, large pri
mary school-rooms, olars-reomi, laboratory,
library, gymnasium and artgallery. which,
with the elegant man ion un d lor boarding
pupils and the wooded pleasure grounds,
will form on ot the most complete ichool
fdundations in th Snath
Catalogues ready August 4th.
For information address
MISS JENiU' M. MIUBKE, Principal.
Metphis, Teen.
th. Commercial College rfliHSSS?!
Rlgke.1 and CM Meeal ever all oiher Collrgen,
u iht w.rM'. XiaMllfa., Iu. Sruta ol BMk.keela in
Ueaeral Baalim LSactloo. 00 (neala U W
awfc loTeachcnetcployva. Um fr.HBulitw Coarse.
Including Tuition, Sutloner, aad Board, about . Skert.
Vud, TTpe-WriUng and lUnaeaeky speclaltl.i. S. 1.
la. kator gnr. tnlniia leanaMI hma For
ciKulwsaddrcu W. B. aauitl. rrtil, LexlstB,Ky.
Clara Conway Institute,
Monday, October 4, 18S6.
Eurollnuni, Li t Term, 322.
ASCIiOOIi for the development of vigor
ous, tboughiu1, noble womanhood.
This result is reached by breadth und
thoroughness of instruction and the awaken
ing .of patient, earr.en endoiivor. A new
and commodious boarding; department h
just been oompleUid.
The department of dress making and mil
linery is added lur the I rst time.
Jn the absence of tho Prii O'pal. who is ia
Europe f r the summer, catalogues will b.
furni beJ on applicatluu to Mrs. U. P. Mor
ton, 228 Adiims street, or they will be found
at any of the city book rUire-.
Opens 1st Pet, tern ber, 1881. Closes June, 1887,
Unsurpassed location, buildings, grounds,,
appointments. Full oorpg teachers; unri
valed advantages in Music, Languages, Elo
cution, Art, Book-Keeping, Physical Cul
ture. Board, etc., with full English Course,
wJftO per entire seesion. For full particu-
ars anpiy to principal lor catalogue.
WILL reopen Sept. 13, 1883. Located li
a healthful and delightful suburb. In
struction thorough, and according to taw
most approved euuoa'.tonal methods.
Superior and trained st eoinlists in the va
rious Departments ol Music, Art. Elocution.
Modern Languages, Boietice, Classics an,
Primar Teaching.
r or furtner prttcn'ars apply te
No 101 Hobeson street. Memphis.
Collegiate Inatlmt (or loneg I.adlra anJ
Preparatory School for Utile, tilrla, EM-
Jiba, r. v , three mlirs trom uaiiiiiior,
Md. Oonductad bv tha Bister of Note.
Dame. Send fnr catalogue.
fdgoworth Hoarding and Day
FCHC0L for Tonng Lft lies and Little Girls.
Mrs. 11. P. Lr f filiVHK, Piineipal, .
franklin rilreirl. tiiilttl-ore'. Sid. Th.
KOiki school year will begin tn Tharfday,.
tn-plemtw-r 23, 186.
lit ATM II L,E
BAVMtltri ft inn Fi A virtu Waarl nsAfirl n w Ha.sk.
Umbor li 1&86. A ceisirable nobooi t(,r your
aauKmcrB in hii iei'm nia 01 remuie
ncutioD. Happlied w th run Instrumont.
finaa A nnavnlna an A a full F.L..nla
reasonable. For Prv'riiotn s a U trms, apiil
to A. B JONKS, U J LL J., Froaideut.
ForBnyand Vfttiny Mn. Head Nr cfttiilofiUo
liMUSIC Boston, tVJass. -
WORLD llJ0lntrtKtir1Jt.1iniN nr.'i iat TPur. TbaJf
ourh lnMructton In Vomlatid Irr-tmioitiirtt NiuaM'sJiino Mb
Onrrvn Tnnirtjr, pine Artf, Urrilorv, Li j '.'ure, t rrflt ri, Gr
mtm itvH Italian jTiei0flr5. JivigtiaS linanfti'-eT.OTTiinaatsOt
rtc. Tuition, .tin S'XiNmninitfr''Oi u l r'i PtrMini ll"Etuii
Kiortrte IJahL SVUimVvutrntx. Term tK-cim Sdo
Hopkins' UC jfiiftla ,V?liool.
THE f u UfDth rchA'n tio j-eur of this weH
oPtt,lihecl. limi'fxJ. rn'tv.-t Fchtiol ftr
borBf.td y nc toon will bruin MONDAYi
Au cum .vut irw, lnntructirin ia niven in a
full curoe "f KnvM h, Ln'in. Orcek. Ocr
innD. Hu'lior VHth-amt'i'A nnil l.'oorikitei inn.
1 hon ucb teHrhiiipiaiid utr.ot liif-oii-tine cUr- .
'ler-' fur he-pi-m of 40 vVookg Tu-taoil.
Krt; Tuiti s and Hoard. $iC5 Hoftrdintr pu
pil tiro rctjuT d u h a i ui the latuily ol tbe
i'riDoiftfcti. rortiirtlio iTi O'iunMn ft.inrefg
J. U.
KKRitKl.U Ilopkinfiville, Ky.
iir.iFOf.n 'i , TmuiNiA.
The) iliit Anneal Ki'mnIci. OjicnH 8s
l inner in, leio
For citnlogue or pi'oi 'I m lormation. ae-
ply to SJvlli'vn f. O , Vn.
W. It. A WHO f. Principal,
" Nalivlllf. lani Real Southera
llonia InrXirls. 3MJi, this year. Anon-secta-tan
school Patronised hy men of lib
eral minds in all oliu'chei Unsurpnsiied in
Music, Art and Uannmig"". ror ' ataiogu
rUroes st. w. r. n ,
Virginia Military Institute.
I S in full and soora.sful operation and sup
1 plies its enlarned eourna of systemati
instruction at aeoet much 'wlnw that of re
stitutions of like grade in this 0'iuutry. For
eatnt'ignes, address ...
FRANUIMJI. BWITfJ. Bupe intcideat.
-xriAlJEr.KI ' RTtltiSIT,
Saahvllln, Tsim. 'ihoruniih instruction
in distinct ooars-1 of ivil. Mechanioal and
Mming Jingineerin (Anno I Tuition Wo),
and in Wuoa Techno egy Free). Full
Faculty. Ksiensiv en ipm. nU and faeiii
tie in draughtiof-roaius, laiomtor es, shop
and Beld nravticw. Kniranee Kx minatfon
Bept. 14, 16 and IA. Fur airralara address
WIL8 wlLUa-HS. Bvagi.
IKl, H,Kr
Thli Behool oders in M ui-al rJtudents an
inrpaesed elini 1 aa . at' ar 'ivantt es.
Bona for a oala e u Da Til'MAB UfJU.
liaaa, 7 a. U"l air.
St. Mary's Scliool,
His. aa wliv Mrt,
ABOnRDING and Day oliool for Tount
Ladles and t'hild ei. under ' tne eharm
of the Sisters ot Bt. Mry. 01 the Knglisk
diuroh. Nu ..h.i of 'i;r
Next school erm txsin'W aiewia.ra.ia.
This ltKLT or E.
1 geurn torlemadeex-"J-A
prwsly lor tha eur
tlNA nt dei-eneration al
. Wj.'i-.V1''' generativ 0
fr&tyWlC&UJj, Th.r. I. .,
ferv' FORI X 'V misuike abon thisi
i5:T-Spr--' .strament tha eo
i,V itb generativ or-
s ne
: "1. strament th eon-
f.V i? tmaime stream .i
'Or'W ,l V lhlCllY rer
CllVVrf ' nf'l I ' 'hrough th
Liili" Ultl.1 pans mus r.stora
' TV. .. I tinamie stream ef
them to Haiti-, action
Tin nnl ennlnnnii
lig With KlecrelC eiu aoruem to oun
ail IMS irom u- j; Il'-l- nil
ilia irom oeaa -41 i-. 1- , ... - v.,
Co.i 103 WashiBiwa suwt, t;hioag i, ill.

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