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The Story HU 8o Tells or Ills Ex
perleBees in Looking for lilt
MtsUnff Father.
Cincinnati, O.. AueuBt 5. The
Timet-Star't New York cOTHipindett
telegraph! the following: ''One thing
mil iDifriHiseu iwn very strongly ou
my mind," Mid Tfaotnas P. Conant,
the son oi 8. 8. Conant, the long mint
ing managing editor of Ha'per't
netkiy, ynuirasy, 10 yo or reporter,
"while I was engaged in the constant
and active search for my father,
shortly after hi disappearance, was
the large number of ptr.oos engaged
in the same sad and sickening cccupa-
uou. wuho B numoeroi prominent
men had disappeared at about the
same time, and I frequently met their
irienus at Hospitals a ad morgues add
at places wheie the bodies of diownod
men had been found. There always
prang up son oi sympathy between
us, and we would compare notes and
discuss the best mode of procedure
in prosecuting our search, and
1 was also impresstd with
tre eetnng similarity of tiie
tircomsanres surrounding a'l
other rafs with those of myon."
Mr. Couant is a yning ir.uii i f eiiuca
titn and tilefcK aud hliiy rest m
bles his fii'l er, though int. m i iu'l. Me
is an e'uctrici m rii in enijtunl wi'h
the Cj iiiilaiivc Kloinii! Jgt t Ci iu
dany, at No. 41 Hroi;iy. I'Jm story
of his Bfnx li ihht h:is lii n iihuIh t
tind his father wan hot'i iu'o.o til g
and pathetif. "Wi lml inmlo tilt ar
ittiijjMinnilfi to g i tnAiliitiy the ('ay
he il mipj cnn cl," niiii y.iiirg Men.
Coiiiiiit, ' ami J uilleil a1. Irs i llli-o at
Hriir'n tlio evening litifuio, nnd h
gave mo inmiiiitioiiH rigii'iling (lie
juirkirg of his undid for tho trip. He
t )'tl me when J left to rnma hmtio that
lie ih.u.d I c ImI-i and to liuve the
family wn;t ilium r for him until a'jout
Ho'clm k. WimIiiI wait for him, and
have lnen waiting ever bincB. For
m-vernl (lays we tracked him from
plac to place, and m.veral times hiard
of hit wheicahouta, tint when we gut
w lie.'o he had been, lie had jimt gone.
Ho wont to the United Ni.ites
Hod, in Fulton aired, New
Yoik, whore he sot some
ol the hotel nnte paper, which he took
to a hotel in 1 1 miter's Point, and from
whence he wrote us a le ter bidding
uo good bye and telling in we should
nov. rei him again. The letter was
a plain envelope anil was insiled at
one nl tho uptown station in New
York; then he canif back to Ilmoklyn
BiKl slaved all night at the Fu ton
Krtry Hotel, mil the nits', singular
put ol that circuuis'nnco w?s ti.at I
was In tho hotel while lie was upstaiis
in bid. That was trlv in tho morn
ieg, and I went there becauso he haH
stopped there ovir night before, when
debt iifii late by his butinfss in New
Yoik. Me came in the uiuht hdn'i.
wnen ttiere was nobody about but th
lull hoy, who did rot know him
aked for a room and went to bud
wniioiit rogisterlng his un'rie. The
ne ic iiained in his room until
the i xt day, and when he
down t-o clerk, who knew him
was at tils dinner. The hall boy
asked him t-y please register his
name, and he did so; nnd when
1 called later in the day his name was
ou the book, but he had ironn. Afir
that he wandered about for a day and
nhiht on Coney Island, where he
oki ma waicu lor giving a receipt
for the mouev and taking another lor
ui wawn. i tier is no mistake about
that for I saw the ru'oipt. which was
in dis Handwriting, and the watoh,
which was one of my own that I had
iwuiru w iiiio tie was Having ids own
French, Ppaoinh and Iulian. But it
was not he. I sent word to Jamee
Watterson, of the Louisville Courier,
who knew my father well. He inves
tigated the case Dtnonallv. and sen
beck wo'd thai it wai not Mr. Cosant
Then a startling circumstance occurred
in connection with an inmate of
poornouse in one oi the Eastern btaf s
He rent a communication to a New
York weekly on some antirnlrural
sublet t, and signed it 8. 8. Conant,
The editor knew my father, and also
my unci", and he stnt fcr the latttr
and showed him the communlrat on
My uncle went to the pla e indicated
and searched the inst tution and t
town thoroughly. He found the nun
wno wro'e itie letter in theiostitu
tion, and found that be had known
him years before in connection witn
an advertisement in a newspaper of
some patent. And what was the most
astonishing thing about it was that h s
lull name wis the same as mv father a
Hamuel Stillman Conant. Hut the most
singular circumstance happened to me
personally. Only a few months ago I
went to Europe, and came home by
way cf the Oerman line of ttcamiM.
After Hie vejsel had saihd I went
down into the cabin and sew a sight
mat, ior a momenr, made my blotd
stand s'.lll. fceated at a table, writing,
was a men that looked exicilvlik n ri v
father. Mo had the same hair, the
s;me forehead, the lame nose, tho
same mustache, and ho wore a pla n
.1.1 . , .
k'oiurniKun one 01 II S Ilccois. nr
i ise'y like the one my f tl:er . wor.;(
Ho had on co d nvcrleHwa lika mv
fa lier s, ar.d was writing in that
motliooicat manner. Hmiiirnt v turn.
ii g his thoiigbH over in hisiiwid, juM
as l tiavost'on mv fi tht-r do thoiuads
ol tuies. I ft ind an o.-,c t-ansi xp1 for
l momnnt. 'Urei t K :olt,' thought 1,
nave i mi ciuiutiHt in v nim Imt
f therawny over liera iu this nm x-
icleil nmnner'."
J u: L wieu t o a'O'rt r,:m Ii in b nt
ana wuiad ecro h i i cib'n. In in u
ly.tlaf likenujs v.init
' Are you sure he ever loft Coney
ImIbiiiI'1'1 VI IW.l..l 1 '
' tin, yes," was the emphatic reply
i lounu ne conductor who irouglit
iu in vj me uiigunn ijbbcii depot at
Mat gen street, aud also the driver of
the llirgan street hmae cars who took
nim ti Hamilton l'eriy. The diivs-
knew him well by tight and dtBcribud
nim arcnrately."
l.id you traco him bayond Ilimil
ion reny r
HIV. .( .1 . ..II . .. ...
m o nui mi oi linn was
absoluts y lost at that point, and we
have never heard aujtliing that win
lemiuie irom nun m e Jliat he It ft
vvimry i land 1 think ebsolutely cer
nun, a;id i nave no naon to think h
ever went back iheie nuain. A body
" umiiiu in v.npy j 'i it nd creek in
loo wiring trat wiwt,t Ii rnt j-ojitively
.... .ii.inn mi u h, mi, neii t saw
"in Tiiyiiuru, una po nid my
!, nim ii. ai hoi. iiie retiem
um.iie noiii ex eitwi appearances, ap
j-...!-., rie., m Biii'ini ami aner tx
S. tlltliP if I im i r 1.. I .
... , n was n or
nhly decomposed nnd mutilated be.
yord recognition. Af:er looking at it
i nu away undecided. Finally 1 re
uiemb rfd that my Uthsr'e upper
frent tee h were I Am and set in a
P av I want back and examined the
, vroui in me urownea man and h und
that they were his natural teeth, set
r gid in the goms. That (ettlod it, and
we cauce away convinced. The
bady was atttrward Identiflfd as
that of mis-ing Williamsburg
... .iiu umuiieu i,y nig lriosdl.
I ce-i ihere was a other body found in
tie K 11 Von Kull that was alto pesi-
noiy laenuutu as mat ol my father
y a man who knew him, and reco.
ma u me enot s tie wore. They had
met in a shoe stoio end bought a pa'r
o shoes exactly al ke, and the body
.v...- . ,,. , ,0!e (amg gnoes.
I went down there arid saw the body,
V"; 1 c ul,u iiioKuu no more like mv
father ttan vou do.
I have had some very itracgeex
P'liesesa ia following up clews." con
unutd the young man. ".Shortlv
after my father disappf ared a friend of
"""ny uveuieara two sa lore con
versing on a d k in New York. Uae
oi inem said ti the other, 'I know
whore tlat iui ing Conant went Us
m iu ana ra ia. My iriend questioned
him, aid he leiterate i the sUtement,
givirgtt e name of the ship he sailed
in, the due she silei and the port
whither she was bound. The fneod
tild me ar.out it, and I invtHtigated
tho aja tw ain found out that such a
v(sel h d sailed cn the date acd
frr the toit given by the sailor
Iwro etber udieatths letter by
steamer, which arrived atiead of the
vess-l. When the vessel arrived she
waitoudid by newspapermen and
deteitives an 1 thoroughly sarclud,
bur no such mini wis ou board, nor
.''ad thers hi ea at an v time during her
voyage. Tneu a man turntd up in
L uisvibe, Ky. tie t ad v.sited a new,
paper tflise a li t ewavfiom Louis
ville and convers'd with the editor in
ttreor four nnuiia. s, telling him
he wai a newspaper man in nurd luck
a. 1 wntBil as istaiuo. He wai In a
aaolv diiai.iiliitnit m.liiir, f.n
ing to gn what he wan'ed, he left,and
was short y a'te. w ard foond drowned
in the river."
"i onld your Uber speak any for--sign
'a gtiage?"
yes, he could converse flnentlv in
uc n . ii
ntle, sliort man. mauv iiichi-H beln
my f.itlier in a'atnre, and I b.iw aumcj
tt;at I was mistaken. Vet, a petKo i
teeing the strarger sittirg downs a i
did, would he d teive'l iut as I iih."
Do vou think ont fu'lior i.m
'I don't know. 1 don't hoa !mu I .
cculd. 1 know be ditln't have nuy
ready monoy.and could i,ot havw goi e
far without mums. He look only J 1 5
frau tho lra-pira the nig! t ho h -ft
there for tho las! time, and 1 kai.w
where he N;eiit moet of that. 01
tonne he could have borrowed almost
any amount among hi Humorous
frienbin New York ai.d llrcoklyr,
but I do not think that is possible,
hei au o if he had it eeemi ai though
they would have como f l wonl nnrl
made it known hebie this time. Now,
he knew a gtest mnny captiins rf
Failing vis els, but he would rot bo
likely to ship wiih them, ami if he
had shipred wi'h astmngur it eeoniH
to me ti nt even then it would have
transpired ore now. I think the oulv
oy lie could have gone li'iroad would
mivo noun in some such way i.a tt:nt
and tlursfoio I don't think hs left tne
tountrv. A inon siipjiosedt ) be my
father was tracked t) Jm ksouvllio,
rut , uy ranrnau. we got trio num
ber of i ho ticket thai man traveled on,
a id found the man who had it. lie
said ne nougiit it in New York, and
wei-t to F.'oada and came back ou it,
uiiu ou hi not my lamer.
' Well, do you think he is dead?"
lost is the oil' s ion. Again I By
I doa't know j I hone not. Ha might
have jumped in'o the Kiat river fiom
tho Humi.ton forry b.iat that n'ght ho
came from Coney Island ; but It seems
Btrange, n lie liitoudodf o rommit Btii-
eide, that he should 00111A frrilll ll.innv
Is and, where ttiere aro so many place
iniii ne cuuui nave drowned bimself
Desidea, it was onlv nbout K nVlnrk
The deck hands were a'l on deck, and
mey sawnoiuing unusual, ilesido
what beiame of the body ? It toems
to rae tnat it mint have turned up
somowlere bsfore now. In my opin
ion, the best place he could have se
lected in which to hide would have
beo i New York c tv. There are plates
there, like tombs of the lahvrlnihs of
teneiiif nt house on the Wsst Side,
where, by disguising himself, changing
his name nnd cuionilliig his identry,
lunii ciuiu uve ur yesrj without he
ing u'scovered.
iiTl T 1. r . ,
'""' ii ior granted yoiiliave
not, given up tne sarcU V"
uHt not ; inu mat b;ll we
pud Pinker o i W;is cnlv a few we k a
ago and ho told iih io consider the
niiiuer huh open, and lio u u .1 i nn
urniH to leijow hiiv clew that might
presort itno'f. We are still waiting nnd
hoping. That is one reison we have
Btayin in inia hruw and kept home
precisely mi it w;ie when he left it."
win jou ever see iinvihimr u-mn,.
I. i L , . -. -;" . .' "
in inn mum oenro no went away?'
, , o, i did nut. And yet Bintelie
ieu iniiiKH nave been rememheretl
that were nut noticed at Hie tiinp.tlut
urn inriiiin u;u iionnins wfrciiuerr.
A few niyhts before he left hn mill T
attpnded a meetirg of the Authrrs'
ijiuii. oi wlr.ch ha una h memW
OLJHVU I Vit Jala VV Jilil 1 ,
HU Career as Congressman and
Speaker or the House and His
Claims A Pea Portrait.
NkwYosk, August 5. The World
putilisties the following ltttar from
vVuBhingtrinfromT. C.Crawford: The
geosral drift amoog Dfmirr.ts is in
favor of a Western candidate for Pns
ident in 188J. In the event of Mr.
Clevelaua'a not securing renomination
it is cettain that Southern and West
ern Democrats will make a strong ef
fort to carry the nomination West.
They hold that the nomination Las
been given to the Fait, and in una
State praciically, fcr twenty-five years.
McCIM'an, in 1864, was consideied a
mew York man jbeymour received the
nomination in 1H8 ; Horace Qreely
in 1872: f-amuel J. Tildan In 1X7K:
In 1880 it was Hancock, who was sta
tioned in New York, and whoss resi
dence was there at tost time, and in
18S4 Grover Cleveland. It is pr jbahle
ibat the first step that will ba taken
in the direction of a Woitorn cindi.
d do will be to break ud tbo two-
thirds rule. If the majority ru'e had
piovailedin the ooventionn dminv
the last twenty jcar Now York wjula
r;o: nave men able to havo cot trolled
the nomina'ion, but under the cir
cuuiBtatucB cf the two-ihirds iu!e.
Nev York, bo:nit elways lositiv?. at-
g'essive and unit 'd upon a cu idiiia'e,
nuisurctdid, la vi':w of tl.o nnor
tame of thi 1 1 t.te io ttje ebct;un, in
cam ii'K (he Ca for New Yoik iiatidt.
Joliti O C.irlisle is today Vre mos'
rriniiuen; iiihti of the Kouth ard
Wer t. lb ie uoon tho border linn i,f
ihu Wtst and r-ouUi. end h!B nature
aoi ears to t..ka of the c!iaracttr,s'ii'8
of tho im n of both sections. He oc
cup es a cinsorvuiivo line between
the North end Sooth in his dial op
tion ; ho ii ne tau extreme man in any
thing; he is oils of the moat thorough
ly equipped men today in public life;
li3 h?B hud grett training, end his
memoiy is a perfect sterebouBe of in
f n in it ion relating to public qnesllors
til) IS a mail With a clonr. elenn ami
honest rocoid. Ho Is one of tho m Ht
sucnetsful fc'psukois who bai ever
irotided over lbs Houbo of
fepresBiitatives, for the rea-on
hat he las by his impartiali
ty! uprightness and honesty so
ured the approval of both nartipn in
the House. It is mm tj hoar nnv.ino
n the II line Pix nk of (ariidn
iu pruiio ihiu. nig Ii mnBriiniHr.t, n
particularly jii'lieiul. It iu impess ble
for him to taka a partisan View of a
question He s'U in the office of
hpeaker as would a judge upon a
b mch. Tho greatett c itiiism of hiB
action or of his "u Be canus from
targe, a cro s neiween a itomaa and a
straight, with Iu'l, wide noatiiia His
jaw ia heavy, indicating great tenacity
of purpose. His face is smooth shaven.
The blue tint of hie nbaven beard is
almost the only color in hit pillid
countenance He can nearly always
be foand ar the desk in bis room at
the Rigga Hocss, whre he lives, when
not occupied at the House, tie is not
fond t f koing into sode y, but lie i
one of the most companioLablecf men
among his friends. He has a qua nt
humor and appreciation of fun which
nostrangor would snspact from looking
into his sariout, self contcined counte
nance. His wife is a tall, hand
some lady of the b 531 s tvp.
She has all the warm ba rte impul
si ven eg of the women c US iSouth,
joined lo the most enerj; H: i ud com
mon aoqee qualities of a j. a toman
1 1 Ue world. Her fathei ;ti i very
prominent Kentuckian, wuu ws for
many vears Mavor of Co vino ton Ui
Carlisle Is one of the mi st popular la
dies in Wash ngton. They have two
eons. One of the hoys is named Lo
gan. He is named for the Logans, a
bra-ch of Mr. Carlisle's ;family, who
a-e i istar.tly related to Sorat-.r Lngao,
of Illinois. Breaker Carlis'e has a
hi other woo very much resemoles the
Illitols rienator. M'B. Carlisle hfs
eveo mis ak'n this brjther-in-law for
the Sonatir. The Carli.-bs are rot
rich. Th Speaks r his a gicd income
from vb hw prac ic, luc he hasn't
accuuiuia t-dany properly. H a record
ai a public man in Wasting oa is ab
so utyly without a f!iw.
Tried in the Crucible.'
Aboot twenty ycara ago I diacoTcred a little ton on my eheek. and the doctor! pro
nounced it cancer. I have tried a number of phjralclana. but without receiving any p-rma-nest
benefit. Among the lumber wero one or two apeclalista. The medicine tney aiplled
waa like fire to the sore, causing intense iin. I aaw a atatcmcnt in the papera tcihngwhat
8. S. 8. had done for others almilaily afflicted. I procured some at once. Before t bac used
the second bottle the neighbors could notice that my cancer waa healing up. My mineral
health bad been baa for two or three years 1 haa a hacking cougn ana spit blood ontlu
oally. I had a acvore pain in my breaet. After taking six bottles of S. S. S. my fouili left
me and I grew sumter tliun 1 had been for several yearn. My canter has healed over A I but
a Utile spot about thcalaeof a half dime, and It la rapidly dieaiioearlnL'. I would iriviaa
very one with cancer to givo S. S. B. a fair trial. b " '
Feb 16 i8S3fl MU"' NANCY J' M--'0AL'UUEr. AAe Crove, Tippecanoe Co., Ind.
Swlft'a Speclllc Is entirely vegetable, and seems to cure cancers by forcing out thcimnu
tks from the blood. Treatise on Blood and Skiu Diseases mailed free. , 1
TUB HWIFT Sl'KCIKlC CO., Drawer 8, Atlanta, Oa.
Democrats who t'
onomjh of a i ar.'y .
of the nreju lice
Huuth. lie I .'8 n
tompeiauienl of i
aoctinu. lie reaio
s that he is not
i. He has none
f the extiome
j( the emotional
people of that
clearly and ri ja
il e is orlo oi the mo it
and advanced minds
ne appeared all nght, but a member
asked mo if therw wss anything tho
iimiiri wivu my IltR,r, I told lm
that I was not liura nl anvlhln,. .n.l
asked him why he asked the question.
He said because at the meeting of the
Board of Directors early in the even-
mg my miner got verv angrv w thnnt
m pareni reason, and it waa so unusual
a tQing in fact, something he had
never known him it .in h.fnr. iK.t
lie WlOUgnt Itiem innat Iia inmitnlna
im uiaiier wnn Dim.
Hllbar r. Nioreva Will t'Mllrana.i
vHICAOO. fi.L . Auiriiat ft Tha An.
pellate Court this morning announced
rhat it bad affirmed ibadiula inn nl
Juoge Kogers in which be sustained
tne win oi the late Wilbur F. Storey,
editor of the Chicairo Tim,. Jm.1d
IJ .1 . L.l... . . n
iv illiria iihiu inir ina will maa vali
and should be admittml in nmli
The Will which tha Annnllaln Tome
today Ordered should h nmhatad hn.
iiemiia io me widow trie entire estate
n li !,te Wllh"r F- Storey, including
mo v.uhihi iimfti newspaper.
They Are Mot Marry.
Ihere is oue tiling nnhndv nvnr ra.
Krete that i., ,he d8T they first adopt
ed Tarker's Tonic as their regular (am
fly medicine. Ita rinm mn
and its good effects so snre, that noth
Ing else, except good nil ruins, an
needed i
Iluy it, try it, snd afterward It will not
require any ptaise rom us.
nealrnrllto rtr nl Mnnrelonn.
Dktroit. Mich.. Anuiiat An.
ial to tiie Kvtiiiiia Journal save: A Hre
orig nating in the Mancelona Home,
at rtlar celona, Mich., swept over the
entire town, destroying the business
r " iwenty nve tmildirgs were
burned, itcludirg tho poetorllee, bank,
n urwripapeis. xneloss is not
ivep, btlt will h vrv ha.v.u Tha
r i was uncontrollab e from the atnrr.
owing to inadequate water protection.
OHN HKNKY llle.teil with Annnlla
And al hi naaainn trtsrl in tall Sir
Hhe said, "John H., jour words you
Yonr teeth liet-ay a want of taste,
Your breath oUends me, so I eay,
among the public men of the present
timo. He has the wide and liberal
views of a thorough man of the world,
whilo he has, at the same t:mo, the
high standard of a tiue statesman
Daring his career s Speaker the
Democrats party has made a great
record. Under his management the
public domain, which bai boon held
so long by dishonest corporations, has
been recovered bv tho neoole. Unirard
of 100,000,000 aires have beon rrsto-ed
since the ehoit time that ho was
elected Speaker.
Mr. Carlisle was fifty-one years of
ftk-e yesterdav. He was born in Ken
ton ct unty, Ky., io 18;!5. He was the
young-st smof a verv lares family.
and never bad anything more than a
good comnmn school education. Yet
be is today much more of a student
than any man in the Hotue. Heap
pears to have a wider acquaintance
with books, and ho gives closer atten-
tioa tj a 1 of tbo authorities bearing
upon public questions than any rcau
iu that body. His profession aa a
lawyer appears to hava ivn him all
ol tho readiness aud SLholas'ic re-
quire ui'ins that are supposed tj be
the result of a long col egiats course
of 'tiniing. Hn is the le.tding lawyer
of Kentucky. His preliminary legal
expeiienco was in the Legislbturo of
his Std. Ho was elected L'entenmir
(iovoruor of tho Stiito in 18(11. Ho
was a Presidential elector in that N:a?e
II lNitl. His l'ir.it nnrieni'Aiiiv in
WaMI'llitoii wil3 ill t in Kortv.lH.l
Congreas. He s rval two tonus l)B
Ure lie was elected Speaker. He wfs
rc-eiectfd Speaker to tho pre'
Hit tiolloe Without nnv nnnnniS.'nn
and will csitainly bs re e'eeUd
Speaker of the oext Hous9 without a
contest it tho Democrats control it
During his term as Snnaknr hn lira
I .1.1 .
liau me OPPor unitv of he no- pleptH
to the Senate. He is one of the mcst
nnpuar men in Kentucky, and can
have, for less than the mora ankimr.
"y umce wimin tne gut ot that State.
Mr. Carlisle preferred to remain in
the chair as Speaker rather than go to
ino cera;e. wnen tie withdrew Mr.
Blackburn was elected.
Mr. Carlisle la a anlen.lM i ii.iivsi nf
human nature. This is a rare Quality
among public men. I know of no
cisss wno art more subject to Impost
lion than the occupants of public
ionium, a a a general tiling public
men live In an atmosphere of flattery
Which in time llu la thuir unann nf
obseivation. They are inclined to
judge leniently a man who praises
Mr. Carlisle ! ft vrv nlnM
Hia strenirth in ConcreM bun hn waa
on the floor aa a debater consisted in
his ability to analyse questions and to
mate morongniy clear all direct etste
nienta. He never aflectnd n nf th
. -l.l. i . . . j
' ui ins roeiorician nor Das ever at
tempted any impreisional style of de
livery. He rarely UBea gesiu:ej. He
ia a thoroughly courteous man and
never indulges in persoralities. He
thinks that arguments in huhalf nf
pnblic measures are weakened by siv
peals lo prejudices or the uaa of nr.
Bonalities. He beats his opponents
with almost the same courtesv ho ex.
tends his friends. He is as unlike
the average Southern type as one can
well imagine. He is "never embar
rassed. I have never seen him. in the
most trying periods of the House, lose
his composure. He is a man in the
neighborhood of six feet high, hia
shoulders stoop slightly. He alwavs
dresses in plain black and his dresis
as neat as bis habits sr amreciap. Hi
head is large and ver) evenly devel
oped. Ilia high forehead is made to seem
more high from the fact that his hair
is worn away at the corners. He has a
black wisp which comts down. Nam.
leon like, upon his forehead. Hia eye
brows are thick and bushy and are S3
arched as to give a wide, open ex
pression to his eyes. His eyes sre a
clear gray and moderately full under
neath the long lids. Hit cheek bones
are high, with slight depressions at the
nrss on each side of a strong, firmly
lined, txpiessive mouth. His no;e it
Combining ino wllh ri'ltK VEGETABLE
TONICS, qulrklr and coimilotelr ( I.KANSKS
and ENU1CIIES TIIH 1II.OOD. Quickens
the action of the Liter and Kidaeta. Clears the
complexion, makes the skin smooth. It dona not
injure the teeth, rnw heailarhe, or produce con-
Fbysloiana and Druggists eveiytvhoie recommend it.
Tin. N. 0. RnoriLKS. of Mnrlon, MnH says: "I
JiMMimmnnd llrowirs Iron Hit torn aa a valuable tonio
for etirioliuiu the IiUmkI, anil nnuoTinR all dysikitilio
ajmptum. It does nut hurt the t.xjlu."
Da. R M. Dki.zfu, KnynoHs, Ind., savs: "I
have preaoribfwl Uniwn's Iron Bitters iu cwwa of
anwmla aud blood iIuwuihoh. also whon a toiiin was
uueded, and it haa proved thoroughly aatiafaetory.'
Ma Wm. Ktiins, as Kl Mary St., Now Orleans. I.,
eaya: "Brown's IniD Bitters ruiiuved me in a cane
of blood poisoning-, and I heartily oouuuuud it to
ibom nomlinir a blood urlHer.
SMB. W. W. Monahan, 'ruwiiimhla, Ala., aars: " I
lave been troublail from elulilliiKid with Iiiiiiuro
llood and emotion on my face two bottlea of
Jrown'a Iron Bittern ettnrOd a pArfeot cure. I
oanuot spuak tou hitfhly ol this valuable modicino."
Genuine haa abnvn Trnda Mark and croasod rorl lineal
on wrappor. Tiikl! no other. Made only by
Counterfeits are made in Ht. bonis, Mo.
Often aaksd, bnt seldom answered satlsfactorOri " Is than a remedy known to the medical profession tha
will alloy tha suflarins-a peculiar to woman who an subject to ymnorraraMUid ita attendant dauomtana '
S0CS There iselieHUyou It has b ei7fnd In
Head what an eminent physician Mat to lay upon the autfjer.H
I hT derived nairtiValarli cmtifrlnaT Mftilta from the um of ToturnlfnM in nt iWnnRrrprhAs m
theotuoof b Ud of rbnumrttio condititm, nnd chronic ul?rtT from this dineuo, mho had bean driVMr
lalmoAt to tho vnrgB of inw-iuty by her montuly BiiffonnKH. ito aotion has b9n most Mtiofactors It rwiovmi
hHi promptly, nd sh n;w piat-uoa tbo onco dreaded jkt rt with hut little discomfon. I cfuJ'J HieriV-fa
othvr iiifit4nuM of n tiuiiilar oh&raoler. bat tltiw ia a rwimraitMe coho,' X V f TkZEH M- X
iatWfe A. A. KELLER, Sole PmMmV4&T$M&A'
n w 1 he conartDcrBhtp herotofure cxlstlnir haween C If. BRACK ETT and Htjp.RRT LOCK
VV'iOlJ is this dnydissoivcd by mutual conmnt C. 11. llracett retires Irosj tie firm an
liohort l.o:-kwood an? uiiiob nil the liubilitiua und collects the inJohte.lnefs dw tho (lrin.
l-'KuiiJ C. H. BK;KKiT.
BUT Tn rotiriiiR- from the firm, I cordially bespeak for inysuocessor the liblral ratronnge
herttuforo extended the late firm. Sia"neiil C. U. flllAUKLTT.
New IPiiriioa.,
LIVEliy, BOAKDINO and sale stable,
So, Xil Second SI reel Mt'iiiislii?, Tenn.
r Ifino Stooli.-si ito- Hty lisli Turnouts.-n
flofiOH Faciors, Wfeelesale Grocers,
la'c 11 ITialoM Street, i : !?l5ri,siH?sSi, Tern-
Cotton 3F"a25totoirj3,
No. SOO Front street, : 3empltls, Tosan
Manufacturer of Alabama Lime,
ATT A TTi T ttutti
Urt (liolJennlrMi rllrln ThpcrHt
tciMilnrity of "Willior'a Compound ol CoJ
ivor Oh nnd Lime" has iinlurcd some nn
iriui'lied l'ersoni to ottoinnt to nalin nff a
siniule artirlo of thoir on ninnutnoture;
but an person who is k ufforinit from Couirlu,
Col. 1b or Consumption, should be rarntul
wlirre they purchase this nrticlo. 'I he re
sults of in use are its brut recoin meniliitions ,
and the proprietor has ample evidonoe on
file of Its jjrest lurami In pulmonary com
plaints. The Phosphate of Lime pessesses a
most marvelous healinii power, as combined
with the pure Cod-Liver Oil by Dr. Wilbor.
It is proscribed by the medical faculty. Scld
by A. I). Wilbur, Chemistt Boston, and
Ho. 4641, B. D. CSencery Coairt of Srelbr
eoantf-Canlin na et al. ts. Maris
Bam at al. : and No. fi613, R. D.-John
eftf"' ' 'rolin Blans
BY rirtue of an interlocutory decree for
aale entered in the above cause on thai
th da of Jul,. 1886. M? B. M, pam
JV1 .w.,II,J,ll'.t Publie auction, to t5
highest bidder, in front ot ihe Clerk and
Waster a office, ooarthouia of 6halby county,
Memphis, Tenn., on
Saturday, Aacaal BS, 1886,
within lecal hours, tha following- de
scribed property, situated in Taxing District
vi Dueiuy Guuui7. xenneeaeo, to-wit: Tho
ona-fonrth undivided interest of Joseph Bain
in and to the followint lots, vis : On lot of
land being part ot lot 15. block 38 beain
nint at a point 40 feet north of tho north
west eorner of Linden and Causey streets
thence north with Causey street 40 rr .
stake; thenoo west parallel with Linden
atreet 138 feet to Bob Priee'a line; thenoo
south parallel with Causey street 40 feet to a
stake; thenoe east parallel with Linden
atreet 138 feet to tbo beainnina. For title to
which reference is made to deed record' d in
book 30. Daie 612. of Keaistar'a offina. A l.n
one lot lying on tbo south aide of Pontotos
street, between Causey and Hernando streets,
and known as part of lot 4, block 43, front
ing 36 feet on tha south sida of PnntotnA
atreet and runninar back or south between
two parallel lines 134 feet. For title of which
reference ia made to deed recorded in Regis
ter's office in book 84, page 363. And also
one other lot, whick begins at a (take on tho
south side or Linden atreet 64 feet east ot
Causey Street thane. ul wiih 1 iml.n
atrtet 50 tet tuence sonth at right angles
with Linden tr e. 14'i.ortj honce went par
allel with l.iiidn street 5t' leet: these
north MS eet to the heiinni-ig For tit e nf
which releience is had to deoil recordeu in
Keg, (ter s office hnnh 31. .:-C9 .i .!,.
je't 'o the right i.f dry ol defendant, Ma
ria Ham, as a s gncd her iu Ihe thiri lot
ahove set our
forms of S,ilc One half
itnee in luoiit-is
iur ume ici 1'iyiOP.lH l.iiiii.id: mn re
ined to fo u-e aiitie. n.,,il .,i,;t.. r.f
dominion bnr-n'l This Augusts, 1KS6.
., S. I. MoDOWKLL, Cierx und Master.
Hy LI. F. Walsh, JJepuly 0. and M.
James (Jnlligher, (Juntt k Patterson nnd
1'oston A Ponton. Solicitors.
Trustee's Kale.
UNDER and by virtue of two certain trust
dec.is exo u'ed to me, as trustee, duly
recor-lcd in Bonk No. 117, page 621, nnd liooK
No. 117, parte 2) of the Kegistor s ofiicn of
Shelby county, lenn., default having r.con
made therein, I ni l, as such trustee, on
Muiulxy, AnKiiat 30, ISSU.
during legal hours, on the southwost corner
of Mu'n an'i Mudison t treets, in tho city of
Memphis, Tenn., as such t nstee. sell at
puhlio auction, to tho highest bidder, for
cash, a certain lot of land, situated in tho
city of Moinphis, Shelby county, Tenn., be
ginning on the north side of Spring street
nt the southeast corner ol lot No. 10 of the
aubd-visinn of land for m or I y owned by Dr.
Dudley Dunn, and runningthenoe westward
with Spring street 60 teet; thence northward
SW feet to the footh line ol lot No. 7 ot said
subdivision ; thenoo eastward with the snuth
line of Bind lot No. 7 sixty leet to the west
line of lot Mo. lit theace southward with
the west line f said lot 11 ninety feet to the
beginning. Equity of redemption waived;
title believed to be good, but I will cell oniy
us trustee. July 28, I8S6.
11. BENSDORP, Trustee.
0-al eab; hnl-
oo:e with gnoa tcrnrity
No. 5i:j2., R.D. Chincery Court of Shelby
county SUtoof l'onnotsee vs. J. E. llige
low et al.
BY virtue of an interlooutory decree for
sale entered in the above 'suscon the
4th day of January, 1H86, M. B. 51. pate 1, I
will sell, at public auction, to the highen
bidder, in front of the Clerk and iMaster'a
office, courthouse of fchelby couLty, Mem
phis, Tennessee, on
Natnrilay, AiiRnat il, 1880,
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated in Shelby county, Ten
nessee, to-wit:
Lot 14, block 2. fronting JO fctt on tha
north side of Broadway, northeast corner of
alley east of Sixth street.
Lot 20, block 29, frontiLg 45 leot on the east
lideot Sixth street, VO fret north of Alabama
street, loth ward, by a depth of 137H leet.
told as property of K. F. Cooney and H. .
Lot 28, block 11, fronting 25 feet on tha
south lide of Broadway rtreet, southeast
corner of alley east of Second street, 10th
ward, by a depth ot 170 feet
Lot 29, block 11, fronting 25 feet cn tho
south side cf Broadway itrcet tadjoining lot
28). by a depth of 170 feet.
Lot 9, J. M. Tate's subdivision, fronting 53
feet on tho west side nf Wilkeron street,
northwest corner of (ieorgii atreet, by a
depth of 155 leet. Sold as property of Jane
Crawford Davis.
uu ujy run a suomvision, w ieeiironton
the south side of Georgia street, 60 feet west
of MoKinley street, by a depth of 170 feet.
Lots 60 and 51, block 1, A. Wright's subdi
vision, Ironting 60 feet on the souf side of
Georgia street, 90 foot west of Wright's ave
nue, by 157 feet deep.
lerms of bale On a credit of six months ;
note with security, hearinir intArnst.. p..
quired; lion retained; redemption barred.
Ibis July VI), 1886.
8. 1. McDOWELL, C'erk and Master.
ByB. F. Coleman, Deputy C. and M.
F. H. & C. W. Heiskell. Solicitors.
OK TIIK ir'IAN 11.
i:M..:iii, iikvi:i
UaKfluhtt KmifaJr tor Liver OoidpIhiiiu and uismuft
by m ant$M or torpid oomliiionof th I.iTtr, u Iti
DPiia, tViulipntinru fiilluuouera, Jmiiiriira, Hrndnrht
MUrt,Rhun tiFm. etc. It mitUtttithf bowel. nur
I.a Ilia Aa.An,ak...a el. a .
".".'I'V.'"1! piiviiKiii-iiBi iit aiTPiriii. HRai) niflMi
ra ilia iiiinii- aiirnri nwiiai
An IKViT.nmt.1 tiMii.T wt.ntr.iv.
thouaondHof tatimoniai prove ita meri'
Itrlnkley9 Ark., Manufacturers I
Doors, Sash, Itliado, Dresswl Flooring, Celllnir, Weather Boardlni.
tvjpreaa Buiuiat, mitaaua,
warOn; facilities are unsurpassed by any sawmill in tha South for fUnngordaranromnll,
Flooring, Ceiling, biding, Step Lumber and Cypress Shinglea a apeoialty ; also, Framlaf
Lumber of all dimensions. We make tha Wholesale Business a speoial feature, Orderi
aoneitaa ana prompuy nnea.
No. 134 JefPerton Street Meiaxthls Tennetee,
Jshai m. IllTaai.
Th-. Clark.
M. J. Olav k.
No. 17 Jefferook Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
I Established in 1860.1
DR.JOIINSON la acknowledged by all par
ties interested aa by far th most suc
cessful physician in th treatmantof nriv.t.
or secret diseases. Quick, permanent cures
guaranteed in every case, mala or female.
Rcnt oases of Gonorrhea and Rvnhlli.
cured in a few days without the nsa of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance from
business. Secondary Syphilis, the last Tea
tic eradicated witho'ttth us nf mercur.
Involunsary loss of tenon stopped in short a
time. Sufferers from imrotency or loss ol
sexual p.wera reetor to fr vigor In a f.w
weeks. Victims of a e-abusa and excessive
vnery, suffering from spermatorrhea and
loss of physioal and mental power, speedily
and permanently cured, Fticniar atten-
tcrtroe v.Wcaian, and
i(L-f:! Ill) adserae oured
i airVTaMT I I , , nkslfa. (All
eat'.lutic:0.:o '. 'l"tHal. Medi-
eUn at Vituipio patu of tha
a'Workliemea tu f alf tha nsnal
'ales. Office hours fr-. I .,ck a.m. to
o'clock p.m. D. nmriSON. M.D.
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton ITaetora
And Commission Merchants,
232 and 234 Front SI, Uemphis, 7cm
Mr. L, N. RAINIT devotos bla wbol titn to th weighing snd sal of JI Cotton Mtrmfta
to eer chart. Cottaw Warehouse. P6 Washineto str.t.
I, T. FAM180N.
o. o. Him.
tion rfd
eai -a.fl.ira
lHI'DRTln NATrRfta. KPrBBTKaj.
nig heat aa4lyal AatlkorlUf.
Sole agents far Memphis,
IllVIa Sill fuX T.
VhoIcsale Grocers & Cotton Factors.
3C9 Front Street, Memphl, Ten a.
0Mb tonsltned t aa will hay oar oareful attentioa. W aarry at all times a wall
selected atoek ol
Stasia It Fancy Groceries, Wines, Llquorsjobicco & Cljars,
No. 3M, R. Chancery Court of Shelby Coun
tywin iiorrow vs. v. v. trnim. No.
VH, K. D.-H. P. Ilobnon, ndminietriitor,
etc., v?. M C. Fraim et al.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree for
sale, entered in the above cause on tha
3d day ol July. 1886, entered in M. B. M,
pages Alti and 5.W, I will sell, at public auc
tion, to the highest bidder, in front of tho
Clerk and Master's office, Court-llousa of
Shelby county, Memphis, Tenn., on
Sntnrdny, Antrim IJ, lS6,
witbin legal hours, the following described
property, situated in bhelby county, Tesnes
aee, to-wit:
Lot 2, of P. P. Fraim's subdivision of part
of C. L. 47H, fronting 50 feet on the north
aide of Jefferson street by a depth of 148
feet, and bounded on the east by bayou Uay
oso. Lot No. 4 of same subdivision, front
ing about 110 feet on tha north aid of alley
just north of lot 2, running back about 68
feet, and boundod on tho east by said bayou.
Also, lots 16, 17, 18 and 19 of P. P. Fraim's
subdivision ol Iota 4 and 6 and part of lot 3
of C. L. 494 all of said lots IrontingM leet
on south side of Monro street extended,
except 19, which haa a depth of 104 feet,
which lota ran baok to Mra. S. W. Camp
bell's lot, aa sow inolosed by her fence.
Bids on lets 17. 18 and 19 will commence with
raised bid ot Xheo. Read.
Terms f Sale Ten per eent. of porches
money paid in cash; balance in six and
twelve months: interest-bearing notes with
aecurity required; lien retained to secur
same, and equity of redemption barred.
This July 19, liw.
S. I. McDOWELL, Clerkand Master.
Py H. P. Walsh. Deputy C. and M.
Malone A Watson, Taylor A Carroll, F.
H. AC. W. Heiskell. Sols.
This BELT or Ra.
cener tor ia mad ex
pressly icr th our
of degeneration ot
th generative or
gans. There is no
mistake abou- thiiin
strnment th con
tinuous stream oi
meatina through th1
nerta mm reitnr
them to health action, flo not AAntnnnii
this with Kleotrie Belts advertised to oar
all ills from head to to. It is for th ON 8
specific purpose. For circulars giving fall
nformatiion, address Cbeever EleotrioBell
On.. IIH Wastnnrtnn street. Chlcaa-... III.
wai will
37&m380-382-3846 Second street, south ot Garoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingl!
aildlBC, Latba, Coda TU tad rtehcM.
Trustee's Sale.
UNDER and by virtue of a certain deed
of truit execu'ed to ma, as trustee, and
wherein default has been made, duly re-
oorded in book VS, page lill.', of the Regis
ter's office of Shelby oounty, Tenn., I will,
Oa Monday. Anavaat 30. ItiftS.
during legal hours, on tne southwest ecrner
of Main and Madiso sstreets, in the eityof
Memphis, Tenn.. a nach trustee, sell at
publio auction, to tL highest bidder, for
casb, a certain lot c f iaad. situate in bhelby
eoutty, Tenn.. and described as tohnws, to
wit : ielng the no 1 i 1 half of lot No. 49 of
H. W. Hill s subdivision, fronting 51 feet on
the west sido ol Sasatta street and ranning
back west between parallel lines and atright
angles to stid street 180 feet to an alley, and
being same land described in above aien
tioned trust deed. Equity of redemption
waived; t tie believed u be good, bull will
oniy convey aa trustee, w nly 4t.18.H6.
H. BENSDORF, Truite.
On Wheat, Cora, Oats, Pork .Lard and R. R.
Stocks, for Long and Short Tim. Send for
Prie Circular. H. P. MART at IO. 134
WsMhlwcloaB Hlreiot, CHIOAOO, ILL.
Rfrtnc American Exchange Nat'l Be-k.

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