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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, August 10, 1886, Image 7

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f I. .;
mm md comerce.
Cotton Steady-Middling;, 9 8 8e
Sales Yesterday, Calm
porlant Money in fair demand at 8 per cent.
Local securities dull.
The cotton market closed steady;
middling steady, 93c Sales nnimpor-
At New York yesterday spots closed
'Steady; middling, 9c.
A leading New York cotton circular
says: "Disappointment again by Llv-
rp-io', and intimidated somewhat by
increased receip's of new cotton at
GIvefton, tbe longs have continued
Belling out, and the market was weak,
Some 5 to 6 points decline was follow
ed by a pir;ial reaction, but tbe clote
was dull, and daring tbe latter portion
of tbe day about the cole movement
was con&ned to t calpirg efloits.
At New Orleans spots were steady;
middling, 9 31Cc; futures barely
-steady; Auost, 9 089 09c.
At Livt-r, ool spots were dull in
buyers' favor; middling, 5d; futures
weak ; August, 5 9 64 d.
In the gcnoial market bog products
contime to decline.
On1) car bran, 1293 rls bagicg, 267
pkts bflCJD, 849 pkgs boats and shoes,
1 ft 970 hn fnrn. ".'ill ska rnffen. 12fi8 ska
cotton need, 238 pkgidrv goolc, 8 pkgs
eg8, oris nour, iou iaies nay, au
picijs bats, 93 hd hogs, 61 hd sheep, 29
lid cattle, 111,000 feet lumber, 174
pkgs liquors. 00 brls meal, 12,105 bu
rats, 5 cars p rk sidw, 188 brls suor,
105 pkgi tobacco aid 1000 bu wheat.
The following shows the amount of
gram received, withdrawn ana in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Exchange today : Corn
received, none; withdrawn, 207 bu; in
astore, 4895 bu. Oats received, i999
bu; withdrawn, none; in store, 12,692
bu. Wbe received, none; witn
drawn, noce; in store, 8190 bu.
9 Madison St., MempliU, TeiiB.,
Money n gool deuand at 8 per cent.
'The Clearing House ropor; is as fol
Mooday, August 9th, $214,405 91;
ame dav last week, $121,376 52; same
day 1835, $130,543 21 ; same day 1884,
$111,112 91.
Monday, August 9th, $89,659 69;
same day Ja-t wek, $16,814 24 ; same
day 1885, $42 217 17; saim day 1884,
$30,582 79.
New York sight on all points, par
'buying, J premium selling; New
England demand, discount buying.
New England sight, dissouot; New
Orleans, discount buying, par selling.
Bank of, Coinii9rcb'!14i bid, 143 Btked
First Nations! 150 bid, 155 asked
German Bank 192 bid, 19(5 asked
Btate National- 145 bid, 150 asked
TJnion and Fle.ii'.-rtlo0 bid, l r3 asked
Mercantile B ;o.k....l35 b d, 137J asked
Biufl City 100 bid, ... aiked
Herrando 100 bid asked
Home 75 bid, 80 askd
Memphis Uitv lO-'J bid, 105 asked
Peoples ". HO bid, 83 asked
Phoenix !H bid, 100 nuked
Planter.-! 107 bid, ... asked
Vanderbi't bid, 2ti asked
Arlington 30 bid, .;. asked
Factor.)....'. ". 20 naked
M. and C. R.U. sanrw..30 bid, ... asked
M. & T. K.R. ebM 45 bid, 00 nsked
M. & O. cutis ilrf, 7s. ..119 bid, ... astod
M. & L. R. lit m. 8s... 105 bid, ... asked
Miss.&T.R.R.c.A... 110 bid, 118 asked
Mias.&T.K.E.c,B...104 hid, 106 asked
Tenn. wt. eer. D 90 bid, 93 asked
T6nn. wis. sr. E to J..83 bid, 85 asked
Bhelbv Co. 6 .108 bid, 110 naked
Tax. Diet. 4, 6?, 97 bid, 98 asked
Tar. Dist. 6a 101 bid, 105 asked
Mem. Ota bonds 104 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bouds 97 bid, ... asked
Hanauor Oil Works bid, 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trust',...37 bid, 38 asked
Pioneer Cotten Mills 25 bid, 30 asked
Mem.8tor.Com.Oo..l02 bid. 103 asked
Mem. Gas 60 k 75 bid, 80 asked
Nbw York, August 9. Money oa
call loined up to 8 per cent., bnt the
general rate wai 3J4 per cent., cl .8
inn at 4. Prime mercantile paper, 45.
Bterling ezchanga dnll and lower;
act ml rts 48'5,(a)4844- for 60 day bills
and 485J4851 for demand.
Bo ads Government bands wtre dull
and quotitions a sbade euier. State
bmi were dull and steady. Railroad
bonds were quiet and seneia'ly heavy ;
salsa $2 lSl,bU0; l'u and Pacific in
come furnished $534,000, the Rio,
coupon oil', $384,000. and Erie second
Onso's $S3i,00Q. Prices rympathlz'd
with the t-ndirg in stocks, and while
active and firm in tbe first bour yield
ed in the afternoon, and final figures
"we e generally fractions lower. Mex'i
fan Central fours are cff28. at 38, and
Texas aud Pacific incomes 2, at 56).
Stocks The effect of Saturday's
bank statement wis again felt today.
Notwithstanding the generally ac
cepted theory that tbe employment
of this rapitHl si brg idle must result
in bstler prices, there was no news
to afiect values in the erly morning,
aad an irregular but geneta'ly strong
market la-ted until noon. London
"was credited witb being a buver, es
pecia ly of tbeVanderM.te and Omaha,
which led to the markat. In the a'ter-
ro in the rite lor morey was bid up
to 8 per cent, an 1 prices responded by
a drop of J to li per cent. A story
was eircula'ed e! an opposi:ion to Pa
cific Mail, and that (took ws most
conspicuous ia the decline.QTjward
the clcse free support was given to the
-list, but the market clcsed weak at
about tbe lowest figures of the day.
Fin-t prices aoowed irregular changes
of JW per cent. Toe succeeding
dea inns were also irregular, with
Omaha and New York Central
conspicucn.Jy ' strong; ' but after
midday a fiee - telling move
ment carried prices down' il)
per cent. Jersey Central, Pacific Mail,
Oregon Transcontinental and North'
era Pacific preferred were tbe chief
sufferers. The decline was checked at
about 2 o'clock, but tbe last hour saw
tbe downward tendency renewed and
the market closed weak; gnneraTy at
tbe lowest prices reached. Final prices
of the active stocks are invariably
lower; Jeisey Central and Omaha pee
feired are each down 1 and otoe
fractions, a'tbough .linneota and St
Louis. preferied iboa a losof 1J per
The total sales of storks todav were
243,611 shares.iacluding Canada South
era, 37(0: Del ware. Lackawanna and
Western, 20,170; Erie, 14 400; Kansas
ana iexa, 4HU2: uue b.ime, 18,6U;
Louisville nd Nnsnviile, 5750 ; Noitb
we stern, 9560; New York Central,
4405; New Jersey Central, 5000; Pacific
Alan, 5U9l);st. raui, 27,1 0;bt. raul
and O ah. 12 665; Texis Pucifin. 18.-
550; We.tern Union, 7815; N r hern
ratine pieterreo, o.'i; u-egm trans
continental, 6780. Closing quotations
were as follows:
U. S. S, 100M In, coup. 2fr.
4Si, coup, 11174. 1'aoifioM ot 1496, 126.
La. atampf. U,T) Miiaoarl, 6, 1001.
Cent. Pu. iiu, 115 Deo. A K.G.lju.US'i.
10enaB.U.W.l.ta,S3. Er.i ioond, 114.
M.K.iT.,aon 6.,96. North. Pa. liU.HOH.
- . i n o.i. 1 1 1 1 v it' - . . i i )
nuria. r o. mibiiiti. . nouorDOUD.jiw
N.Wut. dab. 6i, HO.St.L.S.F.Oen.M, 1W
St. Paul, oon., 131. St.P.,C. A P. lata, 121.
1. P. land froti.fxj.T.P..K.(i. z eou. 7UH
u. f. lu. lib. nit boor, HW.-H-
Tenn. 6a, aet'mt, 106. Tenn. &a, aet'uit, 102.
Tenn. 3a, aet'uit, 7!4.
Adama Expreaa, 142. Morris E.,offJ ,141.
Allegheny Cen., . Nashfille A 0., m.
Alton A T. H , 30. N. J. Central, 53.
A A T. II., pfd., 32. Nor. A W., pfd., 4
American Ex., 110. Nor".:rn Pao., iff'i.
B. O. 11. A N., 55. Northern P. pfd.,27.
Canada Pao., 67. C A N. W., 114.
Canada Sou., 44. C. A N.W ptd.,143.
Central Paoifio, 44 N. Y. Central, 110M.
Cheaapeake AO ,y . V. C. A bt. L.
C. A 0., latpfd, 17. N.y.C ASt.L..p.,21.
C. A O., 2d nfd., 11. Ohio Central, .
C. A A., 144?. Ohio A Mm., 24.
C. A A , pld.. 150. O. A Mis., pfd.. 9".
C, B. A Q., 135. OnUirio A Weal , 18
C, St. L. A N. O., -. Oregon NaT., 107.
C, St. L. A P., 13. Oregon Trana.. 32.
C, St. L. A P, p.,343 Oregon Imp., 20.
C, S. A C . 2i. l'aoific Mail,
C.A C, 57'-j. Panama, 98.
Del. A Hud , 99- Peoria, I). A E., 25H
Dol.,L, A W., 12974. Pituburg. 153.
Den. A Kio Q., Pullman P. C, 133.
Erie, 33. Heading, Z.
Brie pfa., 75' If and. 126S-
Kaat Tenn., 6,r. St. L. A i. F., 2tS.
Kaat Tenn. pfd. 14vi. tit. L. A S. F., p., &!'4.
Fort Wayne, 143. St.L.AS.F.Jat P. 110.
Hannibal A St Jo., O. M. A St. P., Sl
U. A St. Jo., pfd., C. M. A St. P.,p.l22.
Harlem, ZU. St. P., M.AM., 114)4.
Houston A T., i St. P. A Omaha, 4t
IllinoiaCen.jlSKy M.PaulAO.pfd.. 111.
Ind., B. A W.. 17. Texaa Pacifio, VH
Kansaa A T., 3 1 1 i Union PaoiOo, 57
Lake K. A W., M. V. B. ExjireBa, W4.
Lake Shore. eW. W,, St. L. A P., 18II.
Lou. A Naeh., 46 W., St. L. AP.,p., 324
Lou. AN. A., 52. W. A F. Kx.. 128.
M. A O. Bret pf . W. U. Tel., 60.
M.AC, pfd., . Colorado Coal,
Mem. A Char... 38 Homeatake, 21.
Mich. Cen . 81 Iron Silver, 180.
M. L. S.AW.68'4. Ontario. 20.
M.,L.8.W.,pfd.91t4.Quiokilver, 5.
Min. A St. L 2l!4. Quiokailver.pfd, 24.
Min. A St. L.pfd,4(i54. South Pacific .
Mlaaourl Pcifio,109H-Sutro. 11.
Mobile A Ohio, 14
Lokdoh, August 0 Con ols, 101
3-16 for both money and the account.
United States bonds, 4, 130; United
8 atfs bonds, 4s, 114. The amount
of bnllicn gone into tbs Bulk of Eng
land on balance to lay ia 19,000.
Paris, August 9. Three per cent,
rentes, 82( 05o for tbe account.
Philadelphia, PA.,Auguft9. Bank
clearicg4,f 8 582,061 ; balances, $1,298,
448. Bai.tiuorb, Md., Annust 9. Bank
clearings, $2,058,339; balances, $310,
042. Cbicaoo, III., August 9. The asso
ciaud bank clear.ngs tiday were $8,
861,000. New York, Aueuit 9 Cleatinaa:
Excbnngts, 102,037,705 ; balances, $4,
815,273. Boston, Mass., August 9 C'earinc
bou e statement: Exuhanges, fl0,tH)7,
129; balances, $1,343,853.
8t. Louis, Mo.. August 9. Eank
cleirinifB, S3.229,5!I9; bhlanre", $488,
257. Kxchange on New York easy;
75j ditcjunt.
Bowov, Mass , August 9 Tho fol
owirg 'able, compiled from disp .t :1ns
from t'n landing clearing lmiecsof ths
United S ates, stiows the cieirace? r.f
the wiek ending Auautt 8, 18S0, as
compared witli thosaof tbecorrespond
ine wK'k :&st y ar:
New York, If 558 810,000; ire, -12 4.
Boston, (0,195,C98; inc., 4S.4.
Philadelphia, ?57,1!I8,()72; ire, 44.3.
Chicago, $00,53'i.(i00; inc., 58.7.
fit. Louis, $17,845,028; inc., 1.90.
Sun Fiancisco, $H),9:iO,562; inc ,3 0.
Baltimore, $11,2 14,796; inc , 9.3.
Cincinnati, $10 450,000 ; mc , 28 8.
New Or ea iF, J4 809,800; inc.. 21.1.
Provide-.ee, $3,979,9Ji; inc., 10.2.
Milwaukee, ?4,OJ5,U00; inc., 24 0.
Omaha, $4,140,850; inc., C o.
Minr.e -polie, 3,C08.02; in"., 59 0.
Denver. ir3,63 4ti5.
Gulveston, $779,313
Detroit, $3 779,832: inc , 26 0.
Clev, land, 32,431,488; inc., 28 3.
Indianapolis, $1,303,512; inc., 8 7.
Memphis, $998,774; inc., 25 4.
Columbus. $1,823,1 97; inc., 51 5.
Hartford, $1,738 412; inc , 48 3.
New Haven, j 970,740; inc, 11.0.
Peoria, $S76,105; inc , 34 6
Portland, $835 (.03; dec, 8.0.
Pptiogfield, $839,004; ice, 7 9.
St. Joseph, &727.6S6; itc, 14.0.
Worcester, $8)4,018; inc., 19.2.
P ttsburg, $7,853,090; inc ,35 0.
Kansas Ci y, l,4! t,427 : inc., 6.4.
Louisville, 5,1 12,827; dec, 20.1.
Liwell, $892 87 ; inc., 44.9.
Nvracnse, $516,549; inc., 4 5.
Tot.L", $856,823,571 ; inc , 40 9
Outoineof New York, $298,013,571;
inc., 38.2.
Gai vwton and Denver not included
in totals.
The local aotton market opened
steady, and closed steady; middling,
9Jc. 8a) ee, unimportant.
Yesterday. Saturday.
Ordinary 71 7
Gooa Ordinary.... 8j 8j
Low Middling 8J 8J
Middling 9j 9f
Good Middling.... 9i 9,
Middling Fair 10J 10
Fair... Nom. Nora.
Dusty 78 7a8j
Stains, tin gee... 8 0)9 89
Miarais, Aunuit 9, 1886.
Stock Sept 1, 1885...... 1,392
Received to-dav 49
Received previously...544,72) 646.161
Shipped to day 628
Shipped previously.. ..639.972
nuuie consumption to
date 135 540,735
Stock running account 5,426
Thus far this week 70
Thus far last week 117
Since September 1st m 544 769
M. and C. R. R 14
M.&T. R. R. , 1
L. and N: R. R 1
M. A L. R, R 2
M..S AB.R.R 4
8UarjCeH. M 22
Wagons and other sources 5
Total..... 49
Thus far this week
Thus far last week ......... ,
Since. September 1st ,,
L. and N.R.R.'......L ......
... 2.059
...... ''266
- 362
. Totnl C28
New Yo k ep its opened quiet and
ei-y, aud c!o-l stdi'ir and l-10c
lewer. Sales, 597 bale6. Quotations
were as follows :
Yesterday. Sitorday.
rdinary". 6; 6 15 16
Good ordinary. 8 ' 8 3-16
Low middling. 9 1-16 9 J
MiddUng.. 9) 9 9-16
Good middling 10 10 1-16
Middling.fair- 10 11-16 10
Fair 11 5-16 11 J
New York futures opened easy and
closed dull. Sales, 59,200 balea. The
closing quotations were as follows:
Yesterdav. 8turday.
August 9.35 9.36 9 39ra 9.40
September.. 9 29(i 9.30 9.37
October 9.22(3) 9.23 9.28(4 9.29
November...9.22 9.23 9.27
December ...9 24 9.25 9.29 9 30
January 9.32 9 33 9.38 9.39
February 9 4lfa 9 42 9 46 9 48
March 9.50(5) 9.51 9.65(5) 9 56
April 9.59 9 60 9 64 9.65
Mav 9 68 a) 9 69 9.73 9.76
June 9.77 9.78 9.82 9.83
The New Orleans spot market opened
dull, and closed steady; midding,
9 3-10c Sales, 50 balea. Quotationo
were as follows:
Yesterday. Saturday.
Ordinary 7 7
Good ordinary 8J 8J
Low middling 8 11-16 8 11-16
Middling ...9 3-16 9 3-16
Good middling 9 15 16 9 15-16
The New Orleans future market
opened steady and closed barely
steady. Sales, 12,800 balea. Quotations
were as folio wa:
Yeeterdav. Saturday.
August 9.08 9 09 9.11 9 13
September.,8 88 8 90 8 89 8 91
Octobsr....8.78 8.79 8 79 8 80
November ..8 76 8 77 8.77 8.78
December ..8.79 8.80 8 81(rt) 8 82
January 8.90 i 8.91 8.93 8.93
February... 9 02 9.03 9.03 9.05
March 9.14 9.15 9.15 9.17
April 9 26 9.27 9.27 9.29
May 9.38 9.39 9.39 a) 9.41
June 9.49 9 51 9.50 9.52
Rec. Prices Stock.
457 9 1-16 2,707
128 9 3 16 10,964
87 9 3,528
408 9 3,215
9 9f 1,584
1 9 209
99 9J 3,167
852 9J 11,839
9 140,759
4 9J 6,310
20 9 9,821
91 13,299
2 9
N Orleans.
New York
St. Louis...
uom I.
Receipts at ports, this day, 1886.. 2,116
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885... 210
R'ta U. 8.
Ex. Gr. Bi
R'ta Sept. 1
For'gu Ei
5,307,142 ;4.717,f69
4 256,913 3,814 258
L crease in receipts tbis year, 649,173
At noon : Liverpool spnt wers dull
in buyers' favor. Sales. 8000 bales, of
which American 7100 bales. Receipts,
21C0 bales, of which American 2100
Closing quotations were as follows:
Ordinary, 4J1 ; gondordini ry, 4 1 1-10 J ;
low middling, 5d; gojd middling,
5 9-161; middling uplands, 5d;
middling Orleans, 5 5-10 J.
The prinei are given in pence and 64ria,
(ma.- 4 63 means 4 63 64; ami 5 01
means 5 l-64d.l
At noon: Liverpool futures worn
dull; Aliens', 5 10.1; August-Sup-ttmbr.
5 10 1: Soatemb'sr-Oe'ober,
; O. t jber-November, 5 04d ; No-
vember-Djrembo", 5 03d; December
Juniiarv, 5 031; January February,
5 1)4 J ; February-March, 5 Otid ; fc'eptern
b r. 5 lOd.
At 2 p.m: L'verpool futures wo:o
du'l; A must, 5 lOd soliers; AinUBt
Ki')!embcr, 5 10J selUra; Septsuibnr-Otibi-r,
5 001 buyers; O t ber-io-vember,
5 Oil fe'.Ws; Novpmler
Decenibfr, 5 03d sUeis: Dithii er
Jariuarv, 5 Olid seders; jAnuarv-Feb-nnry,
5 Old buyers; Februa y-Mnrib,
5 0'ltl vihiw; SipteinV.nr, 5 ldil sel ere.
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
weak; Aliens', 5 t9i gollerj; Au-KUst-Seitembor,
5 (.9d sellers; j)
toinber October, 6 0!fl cullurn ; Oetober
November,503d6ollori? ; November-December,
5 02d buyers; December-January.
5 02d buyers: January-February,
5 03a bnye s ; Februa-y-Mdrch, 5 05d
buyers; Beptember, 6 09J eel lets.
Cobh White, 55c; mixed, 60s, from
(tore; from levee or depot, white, 50c;
mixed, 51 ic; in sacks, in round loto,
wbite, 53 :; mixed, 51c.
Hat Choice, from store, 7580o;
prime, 70c; prairie,50c; round lotB from
levee or depot, choice. $12 12 50;
prime, $11 12; prairie, $77 50.
Oats White, 40c; mixed, 38 j,
from store; round lota fr im levee on
track wbite, racked, 38c; miied,
Backed. 36c.
Bban From st"ire,6670o per cat.;
round lota from levee, $12 per ton.
Beams Navy, $2; medium, $1 75;
German millet, $1 20(3)1 40.
CosifHBAL Standard, $2 50; pearl,
$3 50 from store, 6c cheaper from mill,
levee or track ; roller, $2 65.
Rica Louisiana, 46c; Carolina,
Oatmsal In balf-barrels, $33 25
from store,
Flour From store, triple extra,
$3 25 : family, $4 ; choice, 4 25 ; fancy,
$4 50; extra fancy, $4 75; patents,
$5 255 50 ; in car lots, trible extra,
nominal: lamiiv, $3 353 50: choice.
$3 753 90; fancy, $4 054 15: extra
tancy, (4 &j(4 cu; patents, Waib in.
Crackbd Whxat In bull-barrels,
$4 2) from store.
Hominy and Obits From store,
$3 153 25.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4c; lemon crackers,
extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7 Jo ; ginger snaps, extra,
6c; ginger snap, treble extra, 6c; as
sorted lumbles, 9s.
Kansas Out. "Mo., August 9.
Wheat quiet; No. 2, red, cash, 63c
bid,63Jc asked; September, 6:ic; Oc
tober. 64jc bid, 66c asked. Corn low
er; No. 2, cash, 33Jo bid, 34 o atked;
September,34Si: bid, 34 J-s asked; Octo
ber, 35 1 c. Oats nominal; cash, 27c
St. Louis, Mo., August 9. Flour
quiet and barely steady; XXX, $2 20
2 30; family, $2 402 65; choice, $3
3 15; fancy, $3 403 60; extra fancy,
$3 603 80; patents, $44 25. Wheat
fairly active but lower; the market
opened firm and c higher, but lost Hie
advance and declined gtadually, clos-
lug weak and iic lower than fatur-
riay:No. 2 red, cash. ,!(; AtiirtiEt.
cioeea (Ofc:, September,
closed 77ie; Oct iber. 79lr.t
tloued TOi79!o. Corn dnlL
weak and lower, closing Jfi under
baturaay;o z mixea, casn. 3S(iVSVjc;
September, 4040c, closed 40c; Co
Oit-tber, 41J42c, clo?ed 41c. Oa'a
dead dull and naminady J J a lower;
Nn. 2 mixed, csh, 26J27jc; August,
Stigc bid ; September, 278s bid; Octo
ber, 28c. Rye easy, 50Jc. Bartev
no market. IUv quiet; pra.uie,
$7 50(M0; limolhy, $9 5012.
Flaxseed unsettled, $1 09. Bran
easy, 47c. Cornmeal essy, $2 20.
Receipts Flour, 4000 brls; wheat,
137,000 bu; corn, 37,000 bu; oat, 51,
000 bu; rye. none; barley, none.
Shipments Flour, 13,000 brls; wheat,
16,000 bu; roro, 10,CO0.bu; oats, 10,000
bu; rye, 1000; barley, note.
Chicago, III., August 9. ?eptem
btr wheat opened at 76ic, which was
the closing figure last Saturday, and
th nfell off under free oflenogits
763c The increase in tbe visible was
2,100,000 bushels, which was larger
than had been estimated, and under
this influence tbe market broke on"
steadily lo 75 jo and closed at Inside
figures. Considerable long wheat was
brought out on tbe lut decline and
the market c'osed weak. Corn kept
up sttadily around 44c during the ear
ly morning, but rains more or lets
heavy over the country wst of the
Missiieippi eased prices oil". Tomor
row's reeei'U, which are estimated at
960 rare, proved an aldit onal weiaht,
breaking the market down to 4oJc,
closing a sbade firmer. Or s ruled easy
and closed slightly lower. Provisions
were weaker, mess pork Bulling off
sharply toward the close, the market
closing 172l'c under yester
day. Flour Easy at unchanged
prices. Wheat weaker, closing IJo
lower than Saturday. Sa'es ranued:
August. 74765", closed at 74c;
S ptember. 7--J765 c, closed at 75Jc;
October, 7778jo. closed at 77ga;
No. 2 spring, 74j75c; No 3 tpiiug,
67(i9c ; No. 2 red, 75 jc. Corn easier ;
ctsu, 42Jd; August, 42,i42jc, clo?ed
at 42 5 16c; September, 4;ijrf;44ic
cloeed 433c; October, 44 34i5c, closed
at 44jc. Oatsqu'ot and ctsy; ensb,
27 c; Au-rust, 27A27J closed at
274e; September, 28i26jc, closed at
285c; October, 29j(.'29lic, c'osed at
29 c. Ryefasy; No. 2, 61 rt. Barley
eaay; No. 2, 64c. Flaxseed steady;
No. 1, $1 14 J Receipts Flour, 9000
brs; wheat, 94,00,) bu; corn, 273,009
bu; cab, 217,000 bu; rye, 5000 bu;
barley, 30,010 bu. Shipments F"lour,
19.0(H) brls; wheat, 124,000 bu; corn,
303,000 bu; oa's, 89,000 bu; rye,
1000 bu ; barley, 1000 bu.
llrltlah Urnin Trade.
London, August 9 The Mark Lane
Ejrprfxx, in iti review of the British
gtain t nda during tbe past week, saye:
The eatber has been unfavo-able fur
whtt Prices are tteady. Ttie sales
of Eaaliih wheat during the pst week
were 41,173 quarters at 31s 8d, against
38,079 quarter at 33s 6d during tbe
CO) responding p r, oil la.it year. 0te
are rather dearer. Birleys are in fa
vor cf sellers. The foreign wbeat trade
is devoid of features. Cora is slow of
sale. Mixed American on the tp t is
rcarcs and 6 1 dearer. Four fa-goes of
wheat ariived. Four cargoes were
(old, including one of CalifornUn, at
33s, aud one of Oregon at 33s 6d. One
cargo remained. Trade forward suf
fers from apathy. The market today
wis quiet. There was only a very
email simply of English wheats, which
sold at fully tbe late r.t?s. English
II ur was steady and not in favor of
buyers. There was an excessive sup
ply cf foreign and the market for it
was depressed. American mixed corn
is v ry f circe and brings 21s ex ship.
Barleys were tiim, but quiet. Oata
wers steady. Beans and peai were 6d
Buttkb Buttirine, 18c; creamery,
3o; dairy, 20c.
CpuKsa P ime ila'a, 8Jc; New Yo'k
factory, 9a ; fall cream, 1213s; Y.
Amman, .i14c.
Hon Pkoducts Moss pork, $10 85,
Biiirr cu ed hmrs, 12I2(; break
ftbft oi, 8l0c; clenr siU n'rk,
65c; clear rib Hide poik. 6io;
long clear pnrk, 0;'c; perk sboul-
dern, (ic. liacou Clear rib oii.'e,
7Jj. Ltrd Tiurces, 6ijo; half
barrpls, 7c; . kens, 7c; jais,
7:; half-imils. 7Je; 50 lb tinf,
6;c; 2--b t n', 7o; 10 lb tins,
7Ji'; 5 lb tins, 7u; 3-lb tms,
7c; clioico koltle, tiorcs, 7Jc.
Fki:su Msats No. i bimf, 7e; Mut
ton, 7; hind (inarturfl ol bet f, 9j;
iumhs, $2 50$3 50.
St. Iouis, Mo., August 9. Provis
ions quiet bnt generally iirmer. Pork
srong, $10 2510 37J. Lard firmer,
JO 50 10 02. Bulk nieais firm ; loose
lots-sho't ribs, Jll 40; 6hort (ienr,
$6 45; bnxed lots -long clear, $6 30;
short ribi, $6 40; thort clear, $6 50.
Bjcn ttong-r; long clear, $6 95;
short libs, $6 95fi.7; thort clear, $7 10
7 15. Hams verys'rongatl2J13Jc.
Butler steady; creamery, 1720c,
Eg;s firm at J9c.
Chicago, III., August 9. Mesi pork
Nirly active, unsettled and 12J17jc
lower; c-sb, $9 459 17J; Septem
b9r. $9 509 62). closed at $9 524;
October, $9 609 77J, elowd at $9 60.
Lard slow and weak: cash, Z6 9U(n)
6 92J ; September, $6 956 97 1, closed
at,.$6 95 ; October, $6 57)6 65, closed
at $6 67 j. Short tib sides steady ; cash,
$6 20. Bxed mea's firm; dry
sailed shoulders, $6 100 15; shoit
clear s'dos, $6 55(0 00. on the f ro
dnce Exchange: Batter ruled firmer;
creamery, 1518c; dairy, 1214jc
-gB, 9 3,10c.
Corraa Common,9i9Jc;ordinarT,
910c; prime Kio, 10iUc; choice
to fancy, 111Z)-; old government,
2425c ; Ceylon, 20c.
Soap 3&jc per ponna.
Sdgab Pure white. 6ic; off white.
6jc; yellow, 68tic; open kettle,6J
ojc; rennea A, bjc; granuiau-a, n3
7jc; powdered, 7c; cut loaf, 717c.
Salt $125 per barrel; sacks, fine.
$1 451 60; coarse, $1 151 20; pock
ets, bleached, 27c; car-ioaus lrom
levee or depot, 5c cheaper.
I'Andiks "ttcks, all sizes, in Doxes,
pails and barrels, 7J8Jc.
UANDLKS f Ull WeigUl, ViaiUC.
Canned Goods. Etc. Prices per doz
en: Pineapples, fl 351 65; peaches,
2-lh. standard. $1 36 1 55; seconds,
?l 101 15; tomatoes, 21b, standard,
$1 251 35; 3-lb, $1 151 30; straw
berries. $1 35t 40; raspberrlas,
$1 151 25; blackberries. jkj)
1 15; irreengsges, $1 60l 75;
pears, $22 26-. plums, $1 60
1 70: axparairus. $2 60W4; trreein corn.
$11 35;green peas, $t 5516; cove
eysiers, full weight, J -lb. $11 10;
cive oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oysters, light weight, 1-lb,
65c ; cove oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss, $6.
Molasses Louisiana, common to
iair, itHojioc; prime w uuuiiit, ,
syrup, 2040c; common to fair, 20
zoo: prime vo cnoioe, iwtaooc ; cenuu
ugal, fancy, 3234,
Tobacco Common. 11-lnch, 25
30c; other grades nd styles, 3585o.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 85 per cam;
80 C. '
AUGUST 10, 1886.
Ralph'a, $10 25 per case ; R. R., $9 60
8Awroe,Angust9.OofTe, good aver-
age 4U-u reispsr luxnos; receipts dur
ing the week. 2S.0tX) bass: purchases
for the United Statae, none; clear
ances lor tne united btates, 6000
bags ; stock, 90,000 bags.
Naw Yorc, August 9. Coffee epct
fair Rio dull, PJe: options a shade
stroncjer; tales, 21,i50 bags: Angu-tt,
7.807.85c; September. 7.8.5f.90;
Oet3ber and November, 7.95c; Decem
ber, 8e; January, K8 05c. Sngirdull,
refined quitt. Molasses quiet. Rice
Bio db Janiiro, August 7. Coffee
Regular fi st, 4200 reis per 10 kilos;
good tecond, 35,50 reis; receipts dur
ing the psi-t week, 92,000 bans; pur
chases fof United States, 35,000 bags;
clearancos for tbe United ti tat as, 38,000
baes; stock 209,000 bags.
Havana, August 7. The quietness
of the market during the week wss re
markable; sales were unimportant;
prices closed weak and nominal;
ttoi-ks in warehouse at Havana and
Matanzts, 31,000 boxes. U53.0C0 bans
Land 11,000 hhds. Receipts during the
wees, ciho dxs, h,wu Dags ana toou
bhds; expoits during the week, 786
bxs, 25,000 bags and 3000 hhds, Includ
ing 21,000 tags and 2800 hhds to the
United States. Molasses sogr, regu
lar to good polarization, in boxes, bags
and hogsheads, $2 12102 43j.
Apples Apples, $2 2 25; from
levee or depot, $1 251 60; dried ap
ples, 33)a per pound from store.
Dried peaches, 23o from store.
Veoetablrs Onions, $22 25 from
store; $1 50 1 75 from levee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 25; $1 75 from
levee or depot per crate ; Garlic, 40
60c per 100. Turnips, 50c per bushel.
i1 suit Oranges, i,ouiMana nami
nal, $6. Lemons, $88 50 per
box. Bananas. $l2 per bunch.
Cocoannts, $5 per 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 7Jc; Tennessee, farmer's stock.
34c; roasted, 2)c higher; shelled,
ion. Almonds, 18:oc.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $2 75 ; California, ; Imperial,
$3 604.
Pickles In jam, pints, 95c; quarts
$1 60; half-gallons, $2 75; gallons
$3 75; loose, barrels, $6; half-barrels,
$3 5; ncixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
baiMtarrels, $6.
Potatoes New, $1 25 I 75; from
levee or dpot, $11 50.
Cider New York, $6 50 per barrel
and $3 50 per half-barrel ; Vinegar, 12
15c per gallon.
Pecans Texas, 810o for small to
modimn, 10014c for large; Arkansas,
Walnuts French, 12c; Naples,15c ;
Grenoblos, 15ft. Filberts, 12n.
Poultbv Chickenp, $1 002 00;
eld hens, $2 252 50.
(Jamb Game fish, ll12c
Eoae Fcarce at 12c.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$4 505; No. 2. $3 253 60; No. 3,
$2 753; 10-lb kit. No. 1,80c; No. 2,
70c; 15-lb. No. 3, 60c. Dry herrings,
family, 30c per box.
Bagging Flag,719Jc. Ties, $110
1 15.
wails $3 "J5J DO.
Hints Dry flint, 1216c; dry
salt, 1012c ; green salt,7)8c ; green,
66c; deerskins, 1517c. Beeswax
dull at 202lc; Uiiow,33jc.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 600; rye, $1 756; domes
tic, 90ctl 60.
St. Louis, Mo., AugUBt 9. 7hlsky
fitm,$l 07.
Chicago, III., August 9. Whisky
Bleady, $1 12.
Cincinnati, O., August 9. Whisky
active: tales of 1027 barrels of finished
gootls on a basis of $1 07.
Coal On. Prime white, wholesale
lota, lie per gallon.
Cleveland, ()., August 9 Petrole
um quiet, s. w., 110, 7Jc.
Pitthiu'ro, Pa , Aunust 9. Petro
lenm dull r.nd heavy; openul et
6:'lc, advanced t 62;e, and then de
eliried to 62 e at 1 o'c'ock this afler
noon. LIVE MI'OHH.
Cattle Choice granti fed, 3J3i)e;
good, 3f'i,3je; fair to medium, 2JQ'
2je; si'iil'iniiL'S, l.'c.
Hons Clioice,4(4jc ; good,3Ji5; le ;
eonimon, 3f')3u. .
Siihep Choice, 3J3jc; medium, 2J
!e; common, $11 60. Clioico
lainbe, per pound, 6c.
Kansas City, Mo., August 9 Tho
Livestock IndicaUir reporls: Cattle
Receipts, 2191 head ; stiinments, 570
bead; mark tslow; good shipping anil
hu'eherb' steady ; Texas wonk; good
to choice, $4 10C'i-4 65; common to me
dium, $3 404 f etrekers, $2 402 75;
f-ede r , $2 80(3 30 ; cows, $1 5IK?: 2 75 ;
grnsi Texan steers, $2 60.'S3 30. Hobs
Receipts, 3204 hoad; shipments, 1393
linsd; market opened steady, bectms
weak, slow and declined 10c; good to
choic, $1 75A4 90; common ta medi
nm, $4 504 70; skips and pigs, $1
4 10. Sheep Receipts, 6 heal; msr
ket quiet; good to cho'cs, $2 403;
com mo a to medium, $1 50 2 25.
Chicago, III , August 9. The Drov
eri Juurnal reports: Cattle Receipts,
9000 bead; shipments, 2700; best
steady and others lovsi; shipping
steers, 350 to 1500 ibi. $4 605; 1200
to 1350 lbs, $4 104 65; 960" to 1200
lbs, $3 604 10; stock ers and feeders
slow, $2 403 50; through Texas cat
tle 10c lower; Texsns and Indians,
$2 603 90; mostly, $33 40; West
ern tantrers a shade lower: salts, 76
head; Montane Texane, 1091 lbs. $3 00;
272 bead Colorado Txes, 1405 lbs,
$3 50. Hogs Receipts, 20,000 head;
shipmen's, 4000; market strong I r
choice; common lower: rough and
mixed, $4 154 85; packing and i hip
ping, 250 to 360 lb". $4 805 10; lignt
weisbt', 130 to 170 lb', $44 90; skips,
$!4. Sheep Receipts, 2000 head:
shipments 600; market stronger ana
101.! highsr; natives, 101 to 120
lbs and over, $44 25; 80 to 95 lbs, $3
4; Wes'ern, $i f,0 a$3 80; Teians,
$1 753. Lambs, $3 504 90 per bed.
The Droveri Journal London cable
gram quotes moderate suppliei of rat
tle; prices steady; good Ameiican
Bteers 1212c per lb, dressed.
New York, iugust 9. In tbe way
of orders fcr and selections of good
m'sHliatieouB tssoitments of all styles
of cotton goods a good trade was
reached, a d canton flannels are in
good demand. Market very firm.
To Levee Contractors.
ABOUT one million Bra hundred thouaand
eubi Tarda of lo work in lb Yaioo
Mlaainippt DalU (Upper) Leree Dlilrlot
will be let erljr in Beptember. Dae notiee
will be (iyea br adTeMieement ef tbe dste of
letting. Forapecifis iutormation eddreaa tbe
anderaitned, T. tt. DABNKlf,
Chief KnciMer,
Menpbia, Tn.
8ntcr(bf) for tbe MAppei).
6t.Frnoii River Kv. Foaria, 5 p.m.
ArkaoiM RirerE. L. Cuia, 5 p.m.
Mew Orleana Cut Baton Rouui,4 a.m.
Viokaburs.. O. R. I'owii.l, 8 p.m.
Bt. Louia Axxti I. Sii.tii, i p.m.
White River Cbihasaw, 5 p.m.
Frtara Polnt.....JAMs Lis. & p.m.
Oaoeola Coahoma, S p.m.
Tiptonville Uatio,5 p.m.
Arkanaaa City WillS. IIavs, 8 p. m.
Cincinnati...'. Bictari Stats, 5 p.m.
vlrriixita. James Lee, Friars Toint;
Will 8. Hays, Arkansts City; 11. L.
Cibb, Arkansas Kiver; Coahoma,
(Wto'a; tiayoso, Tiptonville; City ol
Vicksburg, Vicksburg; City of St.
Louis, New Orleans.
Dtparturtf City of Vicksburg, City
of Ht. Louis. St. Louis; Wills. Hays,
Arkansas City; James Lee, Friars
Point; Coahoma, OscsoU; Gayo-o,
lloatt in Fort. K. L. Cobb and Ed
Boalt Ihie Down. D. K. l'owell and
City of l!lon Kouge.
Boatt Due ('). Cbickaiaw and An
nie P. Silver.
Receipt! Yeaiordajr.
City of Sr. Louis 152 brls sugar.
Will H. Hays S bale cotton. 900
sks seed and lot sundries.
Junius Lee 12 lu1 1 s colton and 62
sks seed.
l.'oahoma 2 ba'esc ,tton, 3 bags seed
cotton and 52 i-ksseed.
(iayojo 493 bka corn and lot sun
K. L. Cobb 3 baits cotton and ISO
sks seed.
The Chickasaw. Cant. K. C. Postal.
is tbe Wednesday packet (or all points
on Wbite river.
TiiaEd Foster, Cnpt. O. K. Jonlin.
is the packet ttiii evening at S o'clock
for St. Francis river.
Tin Lee Lino steamers tomorrow
evening ure the James L e, for Friars
Point, ami Uoalionui, for Osceolu.
The D. It. Powell. Cant. Geo. V.
Virkers, Is due down this eveninir at ti
o'clock f ir Vicksburg and tbo bends.
The Annlo P. Silver, Cant. William
Thompson, will irs up this evening
at 4 o c ock lor I'siro and St. Louis. J.
S. I.ehmer is ber clerk.
The Anchor Line s'eamer City o
Batui ltonge. Cant. H J. Whit)edg
will pass down tbis evening at 5 o'clock
fir New Orleans and all intermediate
points. Wm. Mai-son is ber clerk.
The R. L. Cobb, Cant. E. 11. Smith,
Is tbe packet this evening at 5 o clock
for all points on Arkansas river, going
through tt Pine lllull Clmles Mus
sel man has charge of her olllce, assist
ed byKufus Foster.
Bubinbss quiet.
W bathes clear and warmer.
Tua Lee line packets In and out on
time yesterday witb fair trips.
TmOakland and barirea pasted diwn
at daylight yts'eidsy morning for New
RaxsiiTS by river yesterday: 25
bales cotton, 3 bags seed cotton and
1391 sacks seed.
The City of Vicksburg. passed up
yeBterdsy morning for St. Louis. She
added beie 10 tons of sundries.
The liver at this point is stationary
snd marks 7 feet 3 tenths by tbe
gauge or n test 4 tenths nbovo low
water mark.
TusGayoro arrived Sunday from
Tiptonville witb 493 acks of corn and
a lot of sundries, and returned ni-nin
last evening.
The liayoso, Capt. W. P. Hall, is tho
pscket Thursday evening nt 5 o'clock
for Tip'onville nod all way points. It.
0. Mitchell is in her olllce.
The Memphis and Little Kork trans
fer botitUin. I'iflison a-rived vtster
dnv morning fioin l'adticnh, liaving
jiiHtgot rll the ways nt ti nt place.
'l ine U. I. Cobb arrived Knniliiy from
ArkimrH Itiver wi'b 3 bales ration,
1, ml HiickH seed, lot of nuiilrie", anil re
turiiH this eveninir et tlie utiiul hour.
Tint Will H. llnytt, Orti.t. W. W.
ltiiKer, in pbi'H Of the Kate AiUnin, is
tbe Tnili'd Stalr-s nmil pui ke' 1 lulls
dav ( veiling nt 5 o'cloca for Helena,
ArltaH'S City and all vvav liiiiOings.
W.C. lllnnlierbiw charge (if bur ullico,
The Huckeye State, Upt H. J. Vin
Iaih, is i lie pii- ket Tiiiirfduy evening at
5 o'clock f t llairo, Louisville, Cinein
im'i mid all wAy liiniliups on the Ohio
nvur. tjiorgi) W. 1 leiidriekfon aud
Climlmi Vinl'in aro her clerks. The
Buckeye State will give vhmp rates to
all points North and IviHt,
A Cairo H (hviiI to the f ! lobe Demo
mil ol Sunday suys: ''Pilots report 5
fret with tlie slick nt Libeity, ni'ibing
bard, and 5 feet 10 inches nt Apple
CieeK. The hhoro pier in Okaw is
being removed, the middle one hav
ing been ent rely cleaned out. Tbe
Charley llnwen was aground last night
at Jacket Pat'ern with a barge of logs.
Tho lint report from below gives 7
feet on Ok iw and 9 feet at Bulletin.
Orrira Sional Saavica, U. 8. A.,
Msmi'his, August 9, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time;
Ab've Low
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths lOths lOtha
11 1 10
6 7 4
10 3 2
1 3 1
2 3 -
13 7 12 -
1 4 1
10 1
2 5 1
1) 3 1
10 15 -
5 8 eeeeaeea (
H 4
8 6 14
3 H 1
8 I) 2
1 1 4
7 0 1
2 5
0 1
11 3
Chattanooga .,.
Fort Smith
La Crosse
Little Kock
New Orleans...
fit. Iiuis
St. Paul
liiMKrr Mae Feet and teatha of a foot
above aero of gauge i
Cairo, 40 feet. Chattanooga, 33 teet.
Cincinnati, V). Davenport, In.
Dubmiue, IB. Vort bmitb, it2.
Keokuk. 14. Helena,.
La Croane, Leavenworth, 20
Little Rock, 23. Louiaville, 26.
Memiihla.M. New Orleana, 13.1.
N ubville. 40. Pittabars, 1U.
Omaha, 18. Ht. Paul. 7.
Ht. Louli,52. Viokaburg, 41.
Bhreveport. Us Yankton. 34.
Evanbvilli, Ind., August 9. Noon
River rir.'ing, witb 6 feet 7 Inches on
PiTTSBoafl, August 9. Noon Rivet
1 fa-it 7 inches on tbe gangs and staj
tifjiary. Weather clear and waim.
Wkeiuno.W.Va., August 9. Noon
River 3 feet 5 inches on the (agt
and falling. Weather clear and pleas
ant. CmcmsiATVAUguat 9. Noon Rivet
10 feet 3 inches on the gauge and rising.
Weather clear and warm; thermom
eter 78.
Lodisvilli, August 0 Noon River
stationary, with 5 feet 3 inches in the
canal and 3 faet 6 Inches on the falls.
Business fair. Weather clear and warm.
Cairo, August 9. Noon River 10
feet'l) inches on the gauge and rising.
Weather fair and warm. Arrived
Arkanras City, St. Louis, 7 p.m. ; City
of St. Louis, New Orleans, 4 a.m. ; D.
R. Powell, Ht. Louis, 8 p.m. Departed:
Arkansas City, Vicksburg, 5 a.m. ; City
of St. Louis, St. Louis, 0 s.m.
Memphis & Cincinnati Fk't C.
Bxouraal oa -Ftsttoa:
CorameiMn T s The Elegant
Marlat. h. i iTTV Steamer a
Buckeye State, Ohio & Jan. . (Ja
?f, BLPomi.anr .wl" " ROUND TR II
lltKHTa from Memphia to LouiavUia,
Cincinnati, and all Kaatarn Citiei.
greatly KeJuceil Ratea.
V- Tickets include Meala and State-rooau.
Keturn ticket good on any boat In the line.
Kaoh boat oarriea a Pine String Band.
Mondays and Thursdajs at 5 P.M.
For Information Inquire of C. B RU3.
PK1.L. Arent. 14 Mailia.in trt V.mkl.
Tenn. K. W. WISK, Snp't.
l Lome anil Nw Orlrane Aatrtior
I.tue-I'.N. SInll-KOH N KA 0UI.KAV4
City of Baton Rouge 4ea$.
Will leave the Klevntor itlKhUAY. Au..
10th, at 4 p.m. Fur freight or iwii i-i l
O. I,. Ham., Peaa. Art. A l TnKM. Sun'i.
Fur Uelena, Terrene. Arkanrna City, tireea-
vuie and v lokuljura- Meamer
U. It. i-owll
Vlckera .... tnaKtjir.
Will leave tli, MavHtnr THIS DAV, Auiut
10 h, at tl p.m. Fur Ireiuhl or raraage aiM'ly
O. I. Hai ,i , !'- A'i. AI)KT'-UM. A i.
For tlickmnn, Cairo, bt. l.iuii ant nil Wny
Liimliuu- I'lie e uauut ttouiuf r
Ann o P. Silver,
Wm. II. Tlllilll iann maalor.-!?
Will Inave Ilia Klcvntor 111 H HAY, Aug.
Kltb, att .in For irUhl r .n,,. j,..iV
If I,. II 1. 1., I'm". Wi AKM'-'Uvi Wt
J ' ii
For Otceola. Ilalea Point, TaruihiT-vtl e.
Uayoio ami TiiinnMe The no
W. P. Hall maater I II. O. Mlehell...clarH.
Will leave n above, and all wy nnitiU
p.m. For t reiabt or iawaaga ntntlv i h.n,t
Mrrrh)a,rr1nre lM D(I tlreupbie
n nil Oertolu FiM-taeat (npauf ,
For Ualeea, Ulondaio, Kria-j Potti! and all
War Landlnia dteaner
TniiieN lee, r
t. B. Cooper, maiter....J. W. SmTteerToierii
Will leave aa above on every Mu.HAf,
WKbNltbDAY end FRIDAY, at & e'elwk.
For Randolph, Fulton, Oaoeola and Waj
Landlnaa Steamer
E, T. Cla(tett...maater I Piatt Rboiiea... clerk
Leavea Kvcrv MONDAY. WltDNKHDAf
and FRIDAY at 5 p.m. The boata of this
linereaerve the right to paea all landlnga
tbe rapiain may doom unaafe. Office, No. 4
MuHlaonal. JAMKS t.KK, Jr., Sup't.
Memphi8& White Hirer rkt.Co
For Mnrrmlon, laovailU Bin IT,, Das
Arc, Auguata. hearer, Newport, Jaokaoa
piirt, llateaville and nil WayXandinga,
NTH. 'III('HAMW, .n- -
K. O. l'oital maa(er..tt5tCTIJ
Will leave KVBHY WKDNKHDAY aTopTm.
Albert II. hinith maatcr.L
Will loave KVKHY HAHIRDAY el fi u.m.
Through raloa given to all pointa. Freight
conaigneil to Iho Moraphia iind While River
pHckiitCo., nt Moniphia or Terrene, will be
forwarded promptly. K'r venorul inlorina
tion HMy nt ollii-o, No '1 MiulUon at., ortv
Cull jnlophnne . II. ( LOW HI, AVt.
mi:mi'His x. wmrii uivi:i: ik
Freddie Robinson, jdSSc
M. R. Ihirrv luAKior
For Mulenu, Torrnuo, DoVhIIk Blurt, Dea Are,
A uvuaU, Henrcy, Newport and ltataevitle.
Will leave aa above iSATCRDAY at n p.m.
TliroUKh ratoa to nil itnint.a. Freight con
aigneil to Milt Harry Line, Moniphix, will be
lirniiiptly furwnrded. P. P. i'KASK.
Tulephone In.!.
Tlie S. Francis Hlver TranRoortatlet
Co. 'a Fine Blde-W heel U. B. Mall rtteamai
FaI IToNter, xS"
O. K. Juplin maater,
at 5 o'clock, for Marianna. the Cut-Off, and
Intermediate laD'i-ugaon bt. Franola river.
The captain reaewea the right to paaa al
landlnaa he doema nnaafe. J AS. LEB, Jr.i
NnnrlMwdA Otice. No. 4 Madtann at
Meuiphis and Vlcksbnra; Packet Com
pauj U. S. flail Line.
For Helena, Concordia, Terrene and Arkaa
aaa City The elegant paaaanger it earner
H. R. Cheek. ..maemr I W. O. Blanker...elerk
Leavee Mami'hll
f .m.,reeervlng tnerignt to paaa an lanainga
he captain may deem uniale. For general
Information apply at ollce, jo,4 Madlaoa
atreet. K. WALWORTU. Agent.
JOHN CAFR, Paia'r ivnt. Telephone 33
Arkaiifcas Kiver Pk't.Co.
Str. R. L COBB,
a n a ul 4
Leavea Hemihia Bvery TUBSDAY, at p.aa
n. a. Dm in...uMuiri
U. U. LOW K, Agent,
UANTrn AaBNTS.Menind Womea,
ITAIllCU to eell "TUB CHILD'
IB LK " latrodaetioa by Re-. J. U. Via '
cent, D.D. One agent baa aolg ( la a tol
of 674 people; one 73 ia avlllaie, of 7M oa
new aeent H6 In 10 dava i one M two a icoee.
eiveweekai one 40 ia ii daya at two differeat
t mei.Kxperience notnecaaaary. A tdreal
uabmhla. a uu. ;li t 0,1
Al) llwirhftfn tra' t'QIcagO.
PETERSBURd. VA. The Twenty-aeooa
Annual Seaaion ol thia School fur Boy
beglna the firat Monday in October. Thor
ough preparatlona for I'aiveraity of Vir-
tinia, leading Engineering Schoola ana
nilod Htatea Military and Naval Acade
mlea: highly reoommended by Faculty of
ore; aituatiun healthful. Early application
Univeraltyol Virginia; tun aian iniraoe-
adviaed, aa number ol Donruo-a ia airioiiy
limited. For catalogue aililroaa
W. OOKOOA li t Alir,. n-'i ti alitor.
Tulane University of Louisiana.
IFormerly, 1847-DW4, the University of
Louiaiana 1
ITS advantagei for practical instruction In
diieaaei ol the Southwest are unrivaled,
aa the law aeourea it auiieraKunJant materi
als from the great Charity Hoapital with iU
7Ki bodi, and ai.uOl) patienta annually. Stu
dent! have no hosp tal-focs to pav and spe
cial Instruction ia daily given at the bedside
of theelck.ae In no other inetitution. For
catalogue er inf- rmation, addroaa
Prof. 8. K. CHAILLB, M. D., Dean.
P. 0. Drawer xtiL New Orleans. La.
To Beat Estate Oiraers aid Areata.
PARTIKS havln aidewalka t pntdowa
will Bnd Hto their interest to apply to
W. B. LOCKEY, 32 Mediaoe. or ahop, S
Beconi. Contraotor for Stewart'a Grar.
lilki" raremenu. Telephone Bii. .
le re
a I
gia- I
t oui
. .ii. m

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