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The Republicans of North Carolina
"Will hold no State convention thia
year. Democracy ia good enough for
Thb name of Sterling Moiton, of
Nebraska City, Neb., is being talked
of in connection with the Austrian
mission. A gaod man, of course, being
a Democrat, but who is Mr. Morton,
Thb President yesterday appointed
Mr. Daniel Magone, of Ogdensburg,
N. Y., to be Collector of Customs for
the port of New York, vice Hedden,
resigned by request. Mr. Hedden was
given a fair trial, bat proved incom-
tent, hence his removal.
Thi Queen's speech on the reassem
bling of Parliament will be of remarka
ble brevity. Beyond a reference to
foreign relations probably no subject
of importance will be touched upon,
and the speech will be confined to the
business of these questions.
The situation at Belfast ia still criti
cal. The city is viitually in the
hands of the military, an I, while the
riots have been suppressed, the trouble
is likely to break out afresh at any
moment. Tbera is a very strong feel
ing against the police, which adds
greatly to the gravity of the situation.
Tee local option election in Hinds
county, Mits., yesterday, passed off
without serious trouble, so far a beard
from, and resulted in a victory for the
"dry" ticket by a good majority. The
whisky men charge iraud and intimi
dation, and say they will contest the
election. A full account will be found
in another column.
There is no change in the Mexican
situation. Cutting is still in jail at
' Paso del Norte, pending an appeal to
the higher court. His case is in the
hands of the diplomatic department,
and there willbe no warlike demon
stration on the part of the United
Slates Government until some definite
and decided petition is taken by
Tub Democratic Gubernatorial Con
tention meets at Nashville today. The
contest, according to our Nashville
correspondent, is generally conceded
to be between Dibrell and McCon-
nell, though the friends of Looney and
Taylor are sanguine of success. The
partisans of all the candidates are
working hard f)r their favorite;, and
the f.uC 'promisee to be hot one.
Taylor, It is said, will not be present at
the con ven' ion.
Another contribution to the history
of the late war has made its appear
ance in the shape of a letter written
by Gen. George G. Meade, commander
of the Array of the Potomac, in rela.
tion to his victory at Gettysburg
Gen. Meade's letter holds Gen. Sickles
responsible for cripp'ing the Army of
the Potomac, gives new evidence by
Gen. Ewell (Confederate) in support
of the wisdom of the sometimes mis
construed Pipe creek order, and ex
plains why Gen. Bu'terfield, Gen
Hooker's cbief of staff, happened to
be retained temporarily by Gen.
At the colored State Normal School
at Tuskeegee, Ala., wonderful progress
has been made since 1881, when the
school began in a church with one
teacher and thirty students. The
State gives $3000 a year toward pay
ing teachers' salaries, the Slater Fund
f 900, the Peabody Fund t400, and $12,-
600 have been contributed by friends
of negro education, mostly at the
North, during the last year. Two hun
dred and eighty-eight students have
been in attendance 'during the last
year at the normal school and 200 in
the training- omrar-tipa ar-tinnl m.vinn
a tntnl of 4 ha Tho Li ,
a total of88. The -younger scholars of
the town
uw me lawer,
which takea the place of the common
or district school. Since starting five
yean ago, tbe institution has received
from all sources $46,900, and has ac
quired some 400 acres of land and six
buildings, besides teveral outside cot
tages, two of them large ones, pnt np
to a great extent by students' labor.
The student are charged $8 for board,
tc, and earn on the average $3 50 per
montn. The normal course lasts from
four to five years, and great attention
is paid to industrial training.
TBBBBia mill a good chance tbat
Secretary Manning may return to ac
tive service in tbe Treasury Depart
ment It will be remembered that in
May, when his sickness promised to
be permanent, he sent his resignation
to the President, who requested him
to let it remain in abeyance until Oc
tober. Since then his health bas been
slowly improving, and the President
has lately received advices which give
him renewed hope that Mr. Manning
may be able, after all, to reconsider
his determination ti retire from pub
aic life. His health, it ia said, has be
come decidedly better during the last
week or two, and if the pressnt rate
of improvement ie maintained, hit
physicians are inclined to think tbat
he can resume the Secretaryship. Mr.
Manning, himself, has not yet decided
what to do about it He may not wish
to serve again, in any event, but he
has not determined not to do so. Mr.
Manning bas made a faithful and
efficient official, and it Is to be hoped
that he will t on beahle to take his
place attain at the head of the great
department wh'Ch he managed to
His permanent retirement
would be a lost to the whole cpuntry.
Both Sides Awaitng Fur'.her Devel
opmeats The Warlike Feel
lug; In Texas.
El Paso.Tix., Aiaust 10. The Cut
ting aflair is piac.ira'ly unchanged.
There were rumorq all day yesterday
of his having been quietly spirited
away to Chihuahua, but they turned
out to be untrue. Last evening he
was still in jail. During this after
noon he w8 called before the court
once more and notified that he had
been granted an appeal to the Supreme
Court of Cbihsahua, ard that the law
yer who had been officially assigned
to his defense had forwarded the ne
cessary paperi in the case. This pro
ceeding may keep him in I'a o del
Norte for some days, although he
himself is under the impression that
be will at any moment perhaps be
carried off. lie is besides afraid that
he may be aiafsirated as soon as he
leaves Paso del Norte, and that the
Mexicans will give as an exense that
he tried to escape. It is learned that
Cutting lait evining sent the follow
ing telegram to Gov. Ireland: "As a
citizen of the Sate of Texas, I ask of
you the protection that my fiiends
assure me yoi can and will extend
me." Thia die latch was sent against
the urgent adv ce of Consul Brigham,
and it is the fir t time that Cutting bas
failed to follow' implicitly the Consul's
sugeetiorjs, wl o thinks that at the
present junctu e the diBpatch ill ad
Everything ii very quiet here today",
and what little excitement prevails
dees not cornel to the surface. The
immediate cbufb for this tranquil state
of affairs is the pxebange of views had
last evening bit we en the municipal
authorities of Paso del Norte and inis
place. Both s'ata have additional po
lice officers on duty, and atiy rash act
will be readily Suppressed. Cutting is
still in jail, and the time for stoning
for Chihuahua! has not been made
known. The absence of any Wash
ington news this morning relative to
international complications causes
great anxioty araong many.
Night. Therfl is no new change to
night in the Cutting imbroglio, both
sides of the river being quiet and
awaiting further developments from
their respective capital!, bo:h State
and National. It is reported that
many Mexican trorpi are endeavoring
to desert, but their t Ulcers watch them
very closely. El Paso has three vol
unteer companies fully armed and
equipped with the bfsS improved fire
arm, contributed, by local merchant.
Warlike Preparation at tbe Navy
Yard Activity at Army PoafH.
New Yobk. Auirnat 10. There w-r
activity at the army posts iu and near
new xorx ysteicuy, and communi
cation with Washington was continu
out. At Fort Hamilton the servicea
ble munitions of war were invoiced
and inspected, and it was determined
just how much could be depended
upon irom tnat quarter upon a sudden
call. Fort Wadsworth, Willels Point
and Davids Island had already report
ed. At pier 20. East river, ten sun
carriages for field batteries were deliv
ered to the Mall -ry Steamshin Com
pany lor immediata shipment t) San
Antonio, Teias, via Galveston. They
win oe carr ea dv trie n,o lirande.
which will sttl tomorrow. Col. Hodae.
of the Quartermapt-r Dmnr ment.who
shipped them, said that the shipment
wa9 maae in toe oiuinary course ol
business, and not on special orders at
all. It is sa'd ihat more carriages
ana some cannon will be put aboard
today aod that arms are being ehipped
from Washington and Eoek Inland
and also from Watervleit, Ariz. The
United States ships Juniata and Van
dalia left Brooklyn navy yrd early
last week under orders, it was said, for
A. 1 T- . t a . -an . ... '
me racinc. At . lis is and they re
crived thur supply of ammunition
and they have remained there ever
since. Tbe Essex left the navy yard
mi o a ciuuk yetieruay morning, joint u
mem ana got ner powder. The Brook'
)yn also is expec ed to take her depart
nre today or tomorrow. At the navv
yard it was said tbat tbe Esjex was to
join the Chinese squadron if abe was
not needed nearer come.
A WaahiLgton dispatch to the -Sun
says: There are some rumors about
town of impending naval and military
movements against Mexico, but they
cannot as yet be const ued into an-
wing oenuite or BtartliDg. They may
be, perhaps, indicative of a determina
tion On tua nan ol tha lmnrnnnt tn
i- t . . " .
us lorenanaea a"a prepared lor an
emergency. Tbe Galena was ordered
to the Gulf last week, and thia action
certaioly does give rise to much com
ment in army, navv and political cir
cles, it being considered an extraordi
nary proceeding in lime of peace. The
vandal a and Juniata were ordered to
Valparais) last Friday, and it ia whis
pered by the knowing ones tbat it
would not be surprising if these ships
when they stop at Key West for sup
plies should be inttreepted there by
dispatches directing their coarse to
trie bull. As to ar athnr as.,11.
able naval ma'erial th-re the three
or four Bhlps at Portland that
mignt rie ordered on in a similar way,
but it la not believed tbat tbey have
bet n as y.-t As for troops, there are
now betwexn 4000 and NainenLliars in
tne DOnthwtRtarn Tt-nHtnriaa hinh
coma d easily marched to tbe Mexi
can frontier, but if any such move
ment were contemplated, it would
naobabl ha Hiru aH K u.ii
unlets the purp-we of the government
" o overawe and irlgbten Mexico.
Bat no rublloordm hava hjum ino.l
uu m wiom re any sealed orders en
route tbe War Department will of
coons aeep toem recret."
Oov. wtentf'e rrlenda Jahll.f
JJJJUaaal aaaaeai front U
St. Locia, Mo., Angus' 10.-A special
frwo MinnoU, Tex., s.ys: The friends
of Giv. Indand here are Jubilant over
tbe indorsement of him nnli k th
old States, and the Citv ta full nl t.
ettement in fav r of the Dnited States
taking a decidd tnd against Mexico.
There con d be 1000 men raised here
for the Mexican war. At a m. mo.
irg last night resolutions were passed
favo'ing at iumedat war with
Mexico. A sneciMl from E1 Paso, Tex.,
sys: This has ben a dav tf intense
exciiemeut bare owing to the many
minors aout the Gnttinir c aaaml tr.a
piobability of the two governments
going to war over the affair. Sbortly
after dark some thirty shots, fired by
the Mexican troops across the river
alter a party ot deserters, caused the
wildest excitement in this city,
everyone believing that hostili
ties had commenced in earneat.
The arms for the company of minute
men recently organ'zed, were d'stn
buted and the City Council held a se
cret cession and adopted measures for
reigtiog an attack from the Mexicans.
When the real cause of the firing be
came known; howevtr, matters quieted
down, and the exiilement subsidtd.
A gentleman who came upon the
Mexican Central last niirht, said a tele
graph operator caught the information
off tbe wire between Pan) del Norte
and Chihuahua that tbe officers of
Pass dol Norte telegraphed to tbe
Governor of Chihuahua that there was
danger of an attempt from El Paso to
rescue Cutting. The order came
promptly back : "In case of any at
tempt to rercue Cutting, cut off his
bead and present it ti the rescuers
with my compliments."
Preparing to Maad Troops to the
Vicksiidrg, Miss , August 10. A
permanent ornanizitton of a Mexican
war commission was effected hereto
night for tbe purpose of enrolling vol
unteers and preparing for their dis
patch to the seat of war in the event
uf a declaration of war against the
Ready to FnrnUb Troop Whenever
lht Are Mecded.
Col. A. 3. Fountain, of the First
New Mexico Militia, yesterday te'e
graphed Gov. R'-bs, from Las Cruces,
as follows: "Events at Paso del Norte
indicate that our government will
shortly require the aid of volunteers
to maintain the honor of our flag on
the frontier. I announce myself ready
with 400 drilled, disciplined and
equipped men to take the field, should
New Mexico be called upon to furnish
Tbe Mexican Halter In the Hands of
the Nlale Uvpnrtmeat.
Washington, Ausust 10. It is stat
ed at the War and Navy Depaitments
today that while the fighting branches
of the government are in their custom
ary condition of radine si for action,
offensive or defensive, tbe present dif
ficulties with Mexico are as yet the
exclusive concern of the diplomatic
branch, and that no movement of
troops or vessels have yet been order
ed with "a view to possiole warfare.
At the Slate Department there is noth
ing new which it would be proper to
make public at present, but tbat there
ia still n3 reason to doubt an amicable
adjustment of the Cutting aflair. It
is unofficially learned that the corres
pondence now in progress is expec ed
to bring about definite results ot tome
kind wi hin a few days, and that tbe
direct objects sought to be accomplish
ed by this government is first the re
lease of (Jutting.
All tbe members of the Cabinet ex
cept the Attorney General at'eneed
the regular meeting today. TheMt-xi-can
troubles were among the topics
Anmlooa to Vat a Realment In the
, field.
Little Rock. Ark.. Ammst 10. The
la'e in flammatoiy war news recived
here has put some of Little Rock's
figbt ng citizens on their metal, and in
tne event ol trouble with Mexico
rejiiment will be organize d in this city
in tbe "twinkling of an eye" ready for
instant orders to march to the fiout.
Tne same warlike spirit pemieates the
entire btate, ana tne aimy Arkansas
wouia Btioimc to tne resident. would
be suiucient witoin itself ti conquer
tbe belieerent Greasera. While not
anxious to fight, our people be ieve
mare are points at wnicn even a lor
eun power should be forcsd to stop
wnen dealing witn tiie rights of an
American citizen.
JTewsof rnttlnst'a Menlenee Received
m niiauui BavilDBIlll,
Citv ok Mexico, Augn.t 10 Tbe
news of the sentence of Cut'.ing was
received here without surprise, but it
is not generally believed be will tetve
out ms sentence, 'ibe leading news
papers are d'scursing tbe case in its
legal ap cts and without excitemfnt
Tbe Forma, the daily organ of the legal
iraternny oi tne capital, baa a Jong
article on tbe case, citing many other
simitar cases ana a long array ol legal
opinions, coining to the ounclu ion
that Mexico stands on solid legal
The Sigh Diai Nueve, a supporter of
the administration, taks the same
view and nines that b th govern menta
adhere to tbe spirit ef tbe treaty of
Gauadalrupe Hidalgo, which in its
twenty flist article p'ovidae for a care-
lui and amtcaoie adjustment of all
questions of difference in a spirit of
good neignoo snip.
Blood Shooting- Aflray.
Cincinnati, O., August 10. A
bleody ebooting affray that occurred
Sunday n ght in Newton, about four
teen mllea east of here, bas just been
reported. On tbat evening Frank
Epply, Mark Robinson and Bob S enle,
railroad hands, entered Dudley Mur
phy's taloon and at acktd the bar
keeper. Murphy came to his assist
ance and Bant Steele in tbe arm.
Epply then jumped on him and Mor
ay snot Dim uirougn tne lungs.
)pply has since died. Murohv baa
not been arrested.
Rhbumatibm'. neuraVa and nervous
headache are not eaaiiy cured, al
though they are common diseases.
At last a remedy has bern found in
Tongalioe, which ia highly recom
mended by pnyaiciani. I II. Garver,
MD., Pneblo, Col., writes: "Am
cleared with Tongallne. Have fre-
qtwntly prescribed it with entire satis
faction.'' The ealvostoa Brill.
larioiAL to via Arraaul
MoirraoMBBY. Ala , Aunust 10.
Galveston advicee give the Houston
Rfles first piz, Montg.mfry True
Bluts record prise, Louisville fifth.
Moniaomorv is iU'd ant over her iral-
lant Blues having scored another vic
Traveling rasseng-er A (eats.
Minneapolis. Minn., August 10.
Tbe fourteenth annual convention of
the Inun a'ioral Atroc anon of
Traveling Faesenger Ag-ti s convened
today. The annml address wai de
livt r d by W. W. Ford, of t ie Chi ago
aod Al i n railroad. J.i'kS rv He, F a..
was solert 'd as tie piace for holding
the next convention.
u.Vo amount of pure otettn air in
, lungs (an iidttralist the ba.t
(ffects i' polluted water in the
stomach." ,
New Voik Herald.
" The purity cf ArOLI.IXARIS
offers the "best security against the
dangers which are common A most
of the ordinary drinking waters."
London Medical Record.
Tbe Contest Between Dibrell and Sic-
Council Tailor and Loonej's
Nabhvillb. Tbnn., Auaust 10. The
city is crowded with delegates to the
convention which meits tomorrow
morning, fully 11)00 being now lioie.
Tbe chances of each candidate is the
topic of discuision about the Maxwell
House, where all the delegates center
td 'llc over affairs, and much elec
tioneering ia going on. The action of
the East Tennessee delegition in pro
nouncing forMcConnell l.as loet much
of its weight from the fact that eight
counties, casting eighty -e!ght votes,
relused to g into or be I ouud by the
action of tne caucus It ia generally
conceded that the contest lies between
McConnell and Dib'ell, though the
friends of Looney and Taylor are still
ci nfidsnt of their ultimata pucces'.
Taylor's supporters declare tluy do
not care for the caucus decieion and
will not pay any attention to it.
are arriving more slowly than their
friends from the extreme East. They
are nearly all very pronounced in
their choice of a mn. '1 hey declare
that an East Tennessee cauctw shall
not dictate to the. a ; there are many
Bob Taylor men. They sty that theie
are loti more to. come. One of the
number remarked t ia rtportor: "You
don't know how much we do want
Taylor. He Is the man that Ka t Ten
neeseeans have held up as their leader
for the past fix jea s. and we, of our
section, learned to admire him befoie
we saw him. lid came among m in
his tour of the S ate as a Cleveland
elector, and ai a result wu are almost
solid for him."
the unit rule.
Several delegates and one or two
cand dates said that the acion of the
Davidson county del gati'in in rolv
lng to vota as a u it oi Iibreil would
not noiu goon in trie convention, ia
answer to this, members of the David
eon deb gation say that although i
large number of the Shell y county
delegates were lor uibre i, tue mat r
ity were for Looney. If the action of
the DavidsondHlegation Is disregarded
by the conveutton. tbe Miclby delcga
tion will a'so be treated In the same
way, and they claim that Dibrell's
strength will be weakened but little,
II any.
Taylor will not be piesent at the
convention. Late in the afternoon he
telegraphed to severe of his warmest
supportera that, heing a Federal office
holder, he did not d.-cm it proper to
attend the convention, but tbat lie
would be plea ed to receive the nomi
nation for Guvernor, and if nominated
be would accept and do battle tor JJa
The E tst Tentiesst.e delmiations cm.
cutsed nearly all day trying ta ee'tle
on a candidate wnom tbey would
unite on in tbe convention tomorrow.
The deleaat one from Brvlley, Carter,
(Jiaiborne. Alnro", iinv r. Greene
Hanc ck and Ui'ion counties declined
to gi in o the caucm. Tne two-'hinis
rule was adapted. Mi liams, McCnn-
n. 11, All sou and Wt l' wee nomi
nated. After twt n y b Hots aod great
coniusion Mcuonne 1, ol unatranoi g,
was aeciared tne nominee ol tne can
cus by acclamation, the others having
The Slate Drnaslaia' aaaaelalloa
Mettodaj. Richard II Gordon, rf
XKaanvilla, was rl.cted president, aod
John T. Lei lye tt ier. ta v
The convention ado, ted resolntiors
inttructi g the comu.l tee to pei ion
the Lgia a nre to rep al tbe law of
1882, and to enact a law pe'mtiing
aiuggtats to nee a:conoi and a c hiiic
llqurs in compounding medicines
and perfumeries uuder sicb saleynards
as will prevent abuse, and a'si adopted
a resolution d ecoun enancijg the sell
ing ol aicoboiio a imaisnu by drug'
gists lor otner thun me iicinal pur
Adj 'turned to meet in Nashville tbe
first Wednesday in May next.
ov. Bato
roceived a telegain to'lay from Dr.
Salmon, United States Veterinary Sur
geon, stating that be would forward in
a few days the report nf the expert
who examined tbe Jackson herd of
cattle a few weeks ago. As soon as
this report Is received the Saui'ary
Commiteinn will be called by Gov.
Bate to meet and set npin tbe report.
The cattle are still in quarantine, but
it is onders ood that the report will be
favorable to the h' rd. In this event
the quarantine will be removed.
The Mixta Vonarasalonal District,
The Executive Committee of this
(the Sixih) Congrnesiona! District met
this afternoon and called a convention
to meet in this city Naptember 21st to
nomi-i t a candidate f:ir Congress. J,
E. Washington seems to be the choice
of a majority of the d -legates.
Two Wives In His Old Ace.
A epeclal to the Union from Chatta
nooga rays: Thirty-two years ago
James Storms lived with his wife and
two bahy hoys ju t north o' the city.
Times were bard and the young farm
er could scarcely make bth ends
meet. So he concluded to try his
fortune in the Weet. He wont t the
northern portion of Calif rnis.
and having eetablahed a pn aperuua
business sent back for his wife. St e
answered his letter, saying she would
s ar in a short time, and ti.at W4 the
last he heard of her for t'nrtr-to
lotrg yea is. 8'crun w.ote lo her
aad sent bir mo y, but g e
for some reae n foiled lo re
ceive ei'her, a''d her lett-rg
to her husband in the Wptt alsj Liled
Gents' Furnishing Goods
229-231--233 MAIN STEEET.
JPO "H? THE 3E3 TJ?ES..IE53E5.
Preparatory to buildins a New Storehouse upon our lot on tho eorner ol Main and Jeflerson Sts.
we have moved our WHOLESALE stock to tho spacious warehoiiHOS heretofore known ns tho
Clay liuildiug, tM!r,' 231 and Main street, where we will rontimio our WHOLESALE business
until ihe.new Iiouno It comploted. We have now more spnre and hotter iaeilities lor doinir husl
ness than we had In thn oid store, and ran assure our patrons and tho trade generally that we
are in a weuer position io serve mem man ever.
Our stocks are much larger than any we hare ever had, and nearly all put chased helbre the
late advances were made in prlcts an advantage that we have determined to at least share with
our customers. Jtememher, we guarantee the price ot every article we sell to he as low as it
can he bought In the United States.
to rsach their destination. Year after
year Storms wrote to his wifn and his
relations but the let' era were returned
and be finally lott hope and
concluded that his wife was
Head. Mrs. Sti rma. lieirtbrokeu
with grief over her huibaod's
prolong, el silence and absence, also
gave him up as dead. S'orms moved
to Micli'gAn, and s;x years ago mar
ried a biatitiful young lay ol Detroit,
Two wneka ago lie c ncltiiled to re
turn to Chattanooga and embark In
the lumb'r buslnfs. All his
former friends were long since
dead and no one could give him any
trace of his rela iv s. This morning
he learned that a man nnmeil Storms
lived near the citv, audtetoik his
wife and little daughter to visit bint
and see if he con d find any trace of
bis lamlly. Storms was mot by
a middle aged ge'teman, who
introduced li'm lo anageri, whiis hair
ed lady as his mother. Ii qutry de
veloped tne t ct tnat me woman was
bis fmt wif, end he hsd been talking
to ilia son. Explara ics we'e rimk'
ard at this j .no ure Storm's young
wife was intiodncod. The two
wives kieaed each oilier af
fectiouately. Tbe e n sddieneed
both of them ai imitlier. whi e
Worms, wi ll a bewildered etare, real
ized that he bad two wives. What
turn the ft-anco aflair will take in not
known. Some says his love for bis
lirat wife is a strong as ever, while be
is devoted 1 1 No. i
ruuunn ni ttt u (iiticr. luaiuKj niKnL,
Aucuit IU, lnHli, nf diphilmretloorciup, )vio
ntTITVU A. tit f.i-.i- rr i I 1 .
U.lfliKN, Ulliy .UU U, U. .UU A. JU TUIISU,
Lrntl 1H mnntni ind 10 di-va.
Tha lunsrsl will bs private, u tbs rulsi of
tna Uimril nr Health require.
Memphis Female Seminary.
HR. Ullllt'. lilJHER. Prlarlpal
1 nrpieusticr IU, sa
Beat sduffttlnnal uXTsntHtas afforded to pa'
Looatlun H7 Linden Hreet.
Georgetown College D. C.
ron-dMl 17N.
THE A'U Mill asjie n IKNTIFIC
N4'llOOLopenrlsptsmbsrl), 1IIW. Appl
to Prenldent .it tbs Co l (s
THE IIO'iL or M PICIHE opens
oepi xu, inon. apply 10 rroi. j. n, u.
tioTsjor. m. u.i auu utn atrast, N. W
Wsihins'on. D. O.
Tilt: N ll-tL r LAW open en tbs
rim nsansiaav in uoioosr apply to
fisml. H. Y simsn, 8e'. sorasr eta and
f. atrssU, N. W., Ws hfnf too, D, 0.
J s 'in a. duuham, h. j , prss't.
Office, SOS Bala Ntreet,
First Door Booth of BnilnehooM,
s-Btrlot sttsntloa sirsn to all basinets In.
truited to hie esr.
I BATH this ssts bon(ht tbs InUreit of
JsM Carrls and J. 9. Hamlin, and will
eontiDoe tbs bain sis s( hrtolors nndsr
asms itj is ol arm, u. r. Hays a Uo.
. T. MATS.
BBOOHI.TS, N. T.-Boardon lbs Bill
Mr. 11. 0. Howard. 2116 Wsbinsto.
Psrk. Roums lsrssi looatlon delifhlluli
Conrenlent to ore to Msnbsttsn Kesob,
sonsj Iilsnd, L ni Bsarh snd Central Peril
also Ui New Yorfc plaose or amamsnt.
Colleslate Inatltntsfor Tenai Ladlaasnd
Preparalorj Bchool lor Llltl' Mlrls, KM
BL4, 1. O three miles from Balilmora,
Hd. 0ondu"tsd by tbs Biatsrs of Notrs
Dams. Hand for catalosus.
No. 601 a Ana breeder and an Biased-
inslf hasdeoms and well brad Ball,
hiss Champion of Amsrloa. Mo, 1667.
Dan Ootibbeha Dnoh. ee 2d, No m. by
aiaine, I'.m. eeoona Dim uatibbsna
Paebeie, 4i2) (17 lb. ba'Wr in T days), by
Hob, 1009. Third Dam Looey Bslis.221.
Foa r th lis m Pansy 8lh , 1M o. S8, by Patter-
MVItid baMper sent, blood Champion of
Amerlea. sirs 10 sows In 14 lb. Hat.
MYKH4 hea 1f per sent, blood Alillos, airs 5
gun In 14 b. list.
UYKR8 bee 12H par asnt. blood Hab, sirs S
owe In 14 lb flat.
IIYKRjJ bs 1UH par ssnt. blood Laoky
Be le, dam s eows In 14 lb. Hal.
Bold to aTold In- brsdin.
DU. It. L. LA.SKI.
Pbslclai, Morgeon and Areoacher,
S13 Main Miwt, 'Venr linloa.
leiepnone No. as.
' " - - -. , r J LJ in i.' ,
A fsw Tsosnoles exint in this well-known in
stitution. App lean s for sdinl lion are rs-qu-etrd
to ni ke linmedla's ei ii'ioation Fur
SUIusnesddrei.n.d. B J IIR'1"SM Put.'.
For Sale-Engine and Boiler,
OK H0RaB POWKH-Nssrlynow. Alio,
iO smokeetack, eltins. pulloys. shalt-
lol. tooll, sto. Applr t" or ertdreu
OFFICE Boom 1 (new) Cotton Eicbango ltnlldlna;. Telephone 9t.
Karlh British and Mar.
ranllla (nearly) ISd.Ono.ooo
WaalvliMtoror Maw Tork I,l4ll,nel
Uulosi of 4'alifornla
Amerleasi Nnral Oomsiaay-,
All olanei of property Ininrsd. geolal Attention tlrea to Ininrlni Country BUrws.
New York Life Insurance Co.
wars; in
sr Depoilti reoelrsd tn sams o( 91 and upward, and Intersat allowsd on asms BsmJ
snnually. aw Wa buy snd asll looal Invsatmsnt Bonds and Beonritlei tenerally, psy taisi, aot aa ,
truateei, and, In sensral, sisouts any finanoial butlnsti reijuirlui a sals and responilbls
sr We imos drafts, In sums to salt purchasers, on all parts of Enrops.
sr We have a enuiuindious Vault fur tbs dsposit ot yaluablsi, which Is at tha isrrloa Ol
our cuitoineri, re or (Jbars;a.
1). P. 1IADDEX, Presltlent, EWI). GOLDSMITH, Ylce-Presldeat.
JAMES NATHAN, lanlllor.
sjsjrTIRMS-Cuh, or sajy Monthly Initallntsnts. Writ lor IlluitraUl Catalsfns.-ca
sole aoBura ro thi south wejit,
ST0.8OO Zsotaatn. Mt., IbXexxxsplilsa, Tenia.
. lsU Dsilaa traat, Kaaksllla. Ha. 130O Ollss llreet, as. IsassT
- C
i a I A I J 1 1 1 , A Rmrartrall niara nrtlMLlTr,BI4.
Crab Orchard vVaterY
WIMM viwueeiM s s aas ws saaMlpailmi, lion, I lo I Uwsowliile. R
Oennlne Oral) Ornhard Sallajn sealed park aire at loan'trii. No g'ii nine salts aitil Inbulajw
C OWCHasjQ -( Ttaco..Wop. smtiN N. JonF.s. ifjr, i.i..iii, tr.1l
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000,
J.B.eODWW,Prrn. l.IeCrOOUBAV Vlw-Pies't. C.lJ.RALE,CaahUc.
lostrd or
zs tun,
eerA aVsaaalsarw mt
tla Stata mt Tasisiaaaaa. Trststaaata a Ummmrmf
m clvaa BscwlaJ
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery
Nob. 328 and 328 Slain
uiii.iiM. ai.uk .Aff..t.tii.T,.iU
-Hi nnmoars la-orably with those of any market in the United bUte. We are AasnU loc
iTaoeasee Hitaaraotarlna; Co.'i PluLI, urllla, Meeting-, btrtlnr, lie
Kqwltabla ar IfaabTllla ... irr.ast
Hnnasllla of Knoslll... lSS,as
1'hoenla of llrooklysi (Ma
nns lispartmsntl a,si,aasj
Mnklns; Boada of retyahlp.
H. B, COKflN.
a. i n a WHOM.
AsassstssMi a lollaaanesa.ssai
St.,-MempMt, Tenn.
n w,n th mnil rarnrahls terms. Our nrloak

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