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r 1.
Gilmer's Evidence Unshaken by the
Defense Argument to Begin
This Morning.
Chicago, III., Angoet 10. The
courtroom where the eight anarchists
are on trial wis close and not ima
morning. Judge Gary remarked,
when court opened, ttat it was im
possible to hear the testimony of wit
nesses or the remarks of counsel when
the windows were open, owing to the
noise from ths street. There was
some delay in beginning the proceed
ings, the counsel for the defence con
sulting together and evidently uncer
tain as to their coarse of procedure.
The defense called W. A. h. Graham,
a leporter for the Times, The witness
interviewed Gilmer near the office of
the Chief of Police, in the City Hal),
on May Sth. The defense desired to
impeach certain testimony given by
Gilmer but could not. find the basis for
it in anything that Gilmer had testi
fied to.
The defense then decided to recall
Gilmer for cress examination. Gilmer
took the stand and after identifying
Graham said be told him that be
thought be caold identify the man
who threw the bomb if be should ate
him again.
Gilmer was asked whether be did
not ray to Graham that the man who
threw the bomb alsi lit the fuse. He
tald be did not.
The counsel then desired to question
him as t3 his former personal cireer,
intimating thfct hs bad once been ar
retted for arson, and that he was
guilty of bigamy.
The Court remarked that the coun
sel very well well knew that tiis was
irrelevant and improper, and the wit
nefs wes ex u ed. .
Graham then again took the stand
and teetified that Gilmer told him that
the man who threw the bomb also lit
the fuss; also that the man's back was
turned toward him. but that he
thought he wore whiskers and that he
was a man of medium height. Gilmer
also stated that the maa wore a slouch
On the cros3 examination Graham
said that Giimer said toe man who
threw the bomb stood in Crane's
At 10 :E5 o'clock a.m. Capt. Black
announced tbedefecse had completed.
called Justice of the Peace Scully as
the first witness in rebuttal, ine J us
tice testified that Officer Wess'er did
not identify teiter as the man who
did the shooting in the rear of the
wagon at the hay market in the trial
before him, and whom the police
afterward idnntified as being Fielden,
Inspect r llonfield was recalled, end
said he saw the witness Simooson at
the Desplaines Street Station. The
witness said he was introduced to
Simonson rs a member of the firm of
J. V. Farwcll & Co. Simonson eaid
that that firm as ready to furnish the
police with horsrs for their patrol ser
vice. Simonson complained that the
police bad not dote sufficient execa
tion stMcCormir k'sand on Eighteenth
street. The witness eaid he replied
that these riotous crowds generally had
such a large sprinkling of women and
children that the police had to sustain
assaults from the rioters without retali
ation, owing to a knowledge that t e
women and (hildran would suffer also.
He did not ttll Simonson that if he
conld gf t a crowd of 3000 rioters off by
themselves he would make short work
of them.
Judge Ches'er C. Cjle, for eleven
yeais a member of the Supreme Court
Beech of Iowa, te. titled that be bad
known Gilmer persona ly for a long
cumoer oi ytrs and bis reputation
was good, lie stid Gilmer had been
at his hou-e a number if times. The
cross examination only tenried to con
firm the s'atement that Gilmer had
borne a good reputation.
Edward K. Ma-ion, Clerk of theUciited
btites JJift'ict Court at Des Moines.
Ia., eaid Gilmer had always borne a
coo.l reputation.
Ex-United States District Attorney
Tuthill, of ih s citv, and a number of
others also testified tbat the reputa
tion of H. L Gi mer for truth snd
veracity was good.
The court then adjourned till 2
o clock p. m.
Afternoon Seaalon.
At the opening of the afternoon ses
sion the btate put opon the witness
stand ex-Gov. Samuel Merrill, of Iowa.
He said he was a resident of Des
Moines, and had employed Harry L
Gilmer off and on for five or six
"What did von consider his reputa
tion ss to truth and veracity ?"
"I considered it good."
"Would yon believe him under
"Yes, I would."
Questioned by Mr. Foster in the
cross examination aa to alleged dis-
nonorabie actions on tbe part of Gil.
mer, was productive of nothing in aid
oi inetneoryoi me defense tbat Gil
mere character waa such that be
abonld not believed nnder oath.
Georgo Christ, formerly City Mar.
ehal of Des Moines, a'so testified that
be would believe Gilmer nnder oath
The same tactics were repeated by
the defense without result, except tbat
it was snown mat ine witness bad not
known Gilmer personally.
A number of other witnesses of ap
parently equal bnsineea and social
standing with those examined by the
defense to prove the bat character of
Gilmer tesiihVd to the good character
of this important witness for the State,
who swore t!a! he saw Spies light the
fuse of the bay market bjmb.
Six or eight of the witnesses exam
ined bad been connected with tue
police fcrcu of DcsMoines, and testi
fied tbat Gilmer had often served as a
special noliceman in citizens' clothes.
Mr. Foster conducted tbe cross ex
amination of all these witnesses, and,
in nearly every case, induced the wit
nesses to admit tbat tbey knew noth
ing whatever about Gilmer socially,
and bad never personally inquired
into bis reputation for truth and ve
racity. The witnesses, however, were
firm in their statements that they had
never known winner s word ques
tioned. A. 8. Berkowskywis called to tes
tify to tbe position occupied by the
pile of boxes on the hay market from
behind which a witness for tbe de
fense testified the bomb was thrown.
The defense objected, however, on
the eronnd that nothing new had
been brought np which allowed the
State to offer testimony in rebuttal.
Tbe objection waa sustained, and
the Stats called Police Officer Michael
Kirsane, wno said be waa in the sec
ond rank of tbs police who partici
pated in the Ley market riot.
''Before tbe bomb was thrown did
you have anything in your hand
which shone like tbe barrel of a re
volver ?"
The defense objected but were over-
ruled and tbe witness answered "I
did no'."
The other police officers who were
in tbe sqnad vhich quelled the hay
market riot wers ankedthe same, ques
tion, gave tbe s me answer, were not
cross examined, and Mr. Grinnell an
nounced tbat tie
Upon tbis tbe counter on both tides
entered a discission as to the number
and succession if speeches to be made.
Jadge Gary saii presently, the conn
eel nrt being able to agree as to the
succession ot speeches, he should allow
but two fpeethes on a side. There
being eight defendants, he wonld allow
eight speeches on a side, if the coun
sel instated on tbat number. Mean
time the counsel must agree among
themselves as t) the order of speeches.
The court then adjourned till tomor
row mornirg.
Tbe Flames Extinguished by Ruin
Over a Larffe Area In Wlaeonnla
Great Damage Reported.
Milwaukee, Wis , August 10 It is
reported from Graen Bay tbat tbe vil
lage of Big Snamici it so beset by fire
tbat tbe neople have sent a request for
steamer to take them to Green Bay.
About 100 gathered at tbe river's
mouth to await tbe arrival of the
steamer. The fir a in tbe Oneida res
ervation swept northeast ward thiough
trie town ot .Lawrence, butnine twen
ty-five dwellirg hou-ei and William-
s n s sawmill, ibe Ham's are reported
to be moving towaid NicolJe:. The
Chicago and Northwestern tracks at
Pensaukee era reported burned, and
there is a rumor that tbe villege is
being destroyed. Railroad treflio was
obstiucted by tbe fire.
Sllll Bnrnlnir Fiercely North of
Marq.ui.tte, Mich., Angust 10. A
l'ght Bhnwer Ml early this mrroing,
cooling the atmospbeie and subduing
tbe fotest lire) eomuwlint. Ibe fires
are burning fiercest north of hers. No
damage hts vet teen done, exeping
tbe burning of a slaughter house, the
lost on which is vtry light. At the
works of the Lake Superior Powdsr
Company, two miles noith of this city,
men have been rlahting fire all night
with sucersf. 1 here is no danger of
the fire reaching the city at present.
Westward from here a'ong the Mar
quette, Houghton and Ontonagon rail
road there are occasional brush fires,
but no more to tbe east of here. Along
the line of the Detroit, Marquette and
Ma"kinaw rai road thn firis are not
so fierce as yi sterdty. Unless a sir ng
wind springs up there will be no fur
ther dacger. The fires here were meet
ly among the underbrush, and did not
cause much damage.
Damage Keortel at All Points.
Milwaukee, Wis? Ansust 10. A
dispa ch to the Evening Wisconsin from
Green Bay says reports of damage by
fire come from all point". The dam
age at Little Sunmico is past. Fields of
standing train, rt barn, blacksmith
shop and a number of residences
werj des royed. At New Denmark
yesterday the hnuss. barn and gran
ary of Bjj ce Christiansen was burned,
together with all the grain raised th's
year. At lVnsiukec, two mills be
longing to 1. T. fenuittm were
burned ; also, two barns at:d saveral
fields of grain. It is also tepirted
that the depot was .burned, but this
cannot be verified, wires being down.
Several res'deccss were burned in
the town of Howard and others are in
danger.' The tug Achilles arrived bank
at Green Bay Lorn Big Suamico with
a few refugees. The danger wis over
when she got there and tbe people de
cided not to leave their possessions.
Cbecbed aa Fur aa tVanuin.
Milwaukee, Wis., Aniyist 10. A
dispatch to the Keening Witconrin from
Eau Claire, Wis , says: Psjengers on
the Wis :onein CuntrAl noon twin re
port the fires thoroughly rhecked ai
far as Wausau, t hough the fores's
north of that point ae still ab aze. A
rain last night teemed to check and
in a measure extinguish tbe fires
around Eiu Claire, and ail fears of an
outbreak that would result in consid
erable damage aie allayed. The ther
mometer at Eau Clai'e today is 102.
Mopped by Rain.
Chicago, III., August 10. The
Inter-Ocean's Eau Claire, Wis , special
says last night uixht a short but brisk
shower was effective in dampening
and impeding tbe progress of tbe run
ning fires in tbis di ectton, and pas
sengers on tne late evening train over
the Omaha and W'sconsin Central
lines report but few fires observed
from here for fifty miles down the
line. In the direction of the pineries
northward, however, the country is
enveloped in a black smoke, and the
odor from the burning leaves, grasi
and debria are unpleasant.' Reports
from tbe pineries on the Eau Claire
river, thirty or forty miles east of bere,
received this evening, are to tbe effect
that the wont is over, though
tbe amount of property destroyed is
quite large. W. P. Waterbury, of Au
gusts, twenty-five mi'es east of bere,
loses considerable, among which is
200,000 feet of logs, several logging out
fits and camps and about $300 worth
of cord wood. The people along tbe
railroad bave no further fears of de
struction of property, as the territory
contiguous to settlement is well burnt
out. Tbe Methodist church, with all
the furniture, located a few miles
from Falrchild, in the eattern part of
tnis count v. waa fired bv an intend arv
iisi mgnc ana completely destroyed,
Tbe reported lore is $20,0U0.
Clear the Way
For the eccape from the ayatam of its waato
and debria, wbtoh, il reUlntd, wonH vitiaU
th bodily nidi aad ovarthrow health. That
Important channel of exit, tha boweli, may
be kept permanently free from obttrnotloni
by natDff iht non arinlna. rantlr aotinc and
aarteab e cathartic, Hot'etter'a btunaob Bit
ten, which not only liberate! impurittef, bat
invigorate the linfnrof the Intestinal canal,
when weakened by oonatipation or the an
Wile nae of violent tiarMtirai. Tha atom
aoh, liver aad urinary orcaaa are llkewiae
leiaforeed aid aroint d to healthful action by
toil benifiueat tonic an i corrective, and
every organ, Iber, muicleand nerve experi
eneea a thare of ita InvLforatint Influence.
Uaobjeotionabl in Savor, a moat genial and
wholeiome meaioinal eUmnlant. aad owing
lie emcacy 10 ootanio oareoa excinnveiy, it
ia the remedy beet adapted to hoaiahold aae.
on account oi ita lafetr, wide aoepe and
apeedy action.
Universal reaea tJnlan.
Mystic, Conn., Aoguat 10. The
American branch of the Universal
Peace Union has decided to hold its
annual meeting here on Wednesday,
Thursday and Fidsy of next week.
A large attendance is expected.
To KeatrallBC OnVnalveaeaa.
Impure breath, caused by bad teeth,
tobacci, spirt-" rr catarrh, is neutral
ised by SOZODONT. f is a healthful
beautirler, and a gteat luxury as a
dentrifice. Tbe repulsive breath Is
byiisnsa rendered a f agrant is a
row, and coldness by 'riends or lovers
will bs no longer noiiced.
The Condition of Wheat and Corn-
Cotton Sofferlug From the
Wet Weather. '
Wabbinotow, August 10. Tbe
spring wheat returns of the Depart
ment of Agriculture, fjr August 1st,
shows an improvement in condition
in Iowa, a small decline in Wieconsin
and Nebraska, and a heavy reduction
in Dakota. Tbe causes of deteriora
tion are drought and cbinch bugs.
Hest has been excessive in many dis
tricts that have produced a fair jiU,
notwithstanding. The harvest is two
weeks earlier than usual, and the
quality is unu'ually good, except in
sections where heavy ioss from blight
baa occurred. The general average of
condition is reduced from 83.2 to 80.
At the time of the harvest last year
the average was 86. A part of the loes
last season occurred after August 1st.
As the present harvest is very nearly
over, with improving meteoro'ovical
conditions, the final estimate cannot
be much further reduced. Tbe pres
ent average is 97 for Iowa, instead of
90 last month. No less than twenty
five counties, each producing from
200,000 to 1,000,000 bcshels, repmt the
condition at 100 or over. Ia Minne
sota there is an increase from 78 to 80.
The redu. tion in Wiscors'n is from
75 to 72: in Nebraska from 83 to h
and in Daktta from 85 to 62.
Winter wheat previously harvested
is not reported tn s month.
There bas besn a heavy decline in
the condition of corn since the first of
July. The average, which wss then
95, is reduced to 81. The heaviest de
cline is in Illinois. Wisconsin and
States West of the M sais-ippi. In tbe
Eastern and Middle S.atnx the c ndi
tion is well uiMotsined. It ind catea
a crop not muih exceeding 22 bushels
Duslit-la per sere, tbongb future condi
tons miy increase or decrease tbe
u'timate yield. Toe average of spring
rye is ss. mere raj oeen no material
decline in oat", the average being 87.
Barley bas maintained its condition,
and a nearly average crop is (suited.
The condition of buckwheat a verges
91; of tobicco, 82; of potatoes, 88. Our
suent in Lindon caVes t,Uy tbat the
European harvest will be 10 per cent.
les tnat last y-ar. France below 100,-
00),0B0 hectolitres; I aly, 51,009,000;
England 10 per cenN reduction in rate
oi ve.d on leduced ares.
The cotton crop has suffered from
wet weather in all Hates eatt of tbe
Mississippi and Louisiana. The
average of condition bus been re
duced from 8ti to 81; Virginia, 75;
JNOitn uaroi na, ii bouth Carolina,
67; Georgia, 80; Florida, 88; Alabann,
77; Mississippi, 79; Louisiana, 75;
lexae. BS; Arkansas. n; lenne'fe".
95. There ha" been a slight advance
in Arkansas. The decline ia heavy in
the Can 1 nap.
A Twelve Year Old Roy Killed by a
Railroad Train.
Dukant, Miss, August 9. A boy
named Hiiam SaligmaD, twelve yt ars
old, was inn over bv a freight train to
day at 12 o'c'ock. He cl.mhed up on
top of a box car as a train loaded with
railro'd iron was backing up to con pie
on. He was thrown off ana fell under
the wheels, the car passing over h s
leg. He bled to death in a fow min
utes. His remains were forwa ded to
night to his parents at New Orleans.
He was visiting re'atives at Green
wood. M. D. WILLIAMS.
Medical Tenllmoiiy.
Ko. inn WasT 4SITB Strhet. 1
Naw York, Juno 0, lssi.
Having in the c ursa of a la ge prac
tice extensively used Allcock's Porun
Masters in tbe various di eassa and
condi'ijns of he limits and pin lira
and always with success. I te oiumci d
their use in that most aggravating dis
ease, SummT Catarrh, rr Hi.y Fever;
strips of Plaster applied over the
throit aad cbest will afford great re
lief from the chok nj txkling in t e
throst, wheezing, shortness of breath
and pains in the chswt.
Tbe bantaaqna Aaiembly.
Chautauqua, N. Y., August 10.
Tbe attendance today is extraord
nary. Iu addition to tbe 10,01:0 s im-mt-r
vi-itors several hui dred niembers
of the American Society of Micr -scopisis
arein srssicn here. The In
ternationa. Iostitu'efor preecrving ttie
unite oi tne Anglo-Saxon weient-t a id
measures is holding an annuil c nven-
tion toaay. ftL Bord n P Bowne,
of the B Bton Univerei y, delivered a
very able ard iiiteres ina smond be
fore at the Hall of Philosopby on ,h
'Philosophy of Theism?' At 11
o'clrck in the amphitheater the Rev.
J. C. Hortaell, rf New Orleans, hu
dreesed a large audience on tbe din
gers arising from illt racy in the
South nnder the title i "Storm Cen
tra in Our Southern Sky.'' The ad
dresi waa excoed ngly inturtlve and
suggestive. Cl ancel or John H. Vin
cent, superintendent of the assembly,
returns from the Monona Lake Assem
bly today.
Thb Voltaic Bklt Co., Marshall,
Mich., offer to send their Celebrated
Voltaic Bmrs and Electric Appli
ances on thirty days' trial to any man
afflicted with Nervous Debi ity, Lose of
Vitality, Manhood, etc. Illus rated
pamphlet in sealed envelope with full
particulars, mailed free. Write them
at once.
Deatb tf Ex-3o. Jobs W. Hteven
Cincinwati,0., August 10. Ex-Goy.
John W 8 evenson,o( Kentucky, died
this morning at his borne in Coving
ton, Ky. He waa taken ill white at
tending a church meeting at 8-wanee,
Tenn., and was taken home yesterday
morning. H a deatb waa nnexpi ct-rl.
Deceased, beaidei being (4 ivernor of
Kentucky, bad held tbe pos ti m of
Representative in Congreea and of
United Sttes Senatcr. He Dres ded
over tbe National Democrats Con
vention ia th a city in 1880, when
Gen. Hancoct was nominated for
President. He was 74 years old.
Deadlock Broken.
St. Louie, Mo., Augnst 10. Tbe
deadlock which has existed in tie
Congressional Nomtnat ng Convention
at (Jba ieet m, Mo., for a week 'w
broken last night on the Cilst billot
by tbe nomination of Jaa. H. Walker.
Well Loaded Witb Sforlaaatea.
SflRaviroar, La., Auidtst 10 A
mortgage execnt d by tbe V ckaba g,
Shrevepnrt and Pacific raiir a t i i fa
vor of theC ntrd Tru t Co m par, y, of
New York", is tmirg rec rde ) liere
This is the tiird mortvage on t'.e "i d
and ita api-uitenancee and tbe fir t
mortgage on tbe lands granted t
com pa uy,
Tbe FablUher 4 oaremes Jadiaril
la tbe Hmm r Ten Fhaaaaad
Cd-.caoo, In. Augnst 10 A. P.
T. Elder, of the E der Publishing Com
pany, and proprietor rf The Literary
Life, the mgasine which MiseRoe
Cleveland, the President's sitter, bas
undertaken to edit, confessed judg
ment yettsrday in favor of James J.
West, of the Western Publishing Com
pany, in the eura of $10 0t0. From
MrWeigley, Wert's attorney, it was
learned that the judgmeLt conf es-d
waa to satiety loans mad during tht
last three months to Mr. Elder. "On
Mr. Elder's real estite," he said,
"there has been for some t me a debt
of $50.0 secured by turn deed. Tlrs
debt was long overdue, but Ue rank
boldiog the note had been reld rfl on
one pretext and snMberhv Mr. EUer.
On the 21th of June, however, the
Dana gave air. j-iuer m i ce ttiat ten
dava more would beaUowd bim in
which to adjust tbe matter, at the end
of which time if nothing hal been
done it would bave to f uocLb1). The
tun days pasied by and no arrangs
me t bad been made. On ulv 9th.
the latt of the ten daya.Mr. Elder came
to Mr. West to keep him out of his
difficulty. The matter was eiuinlv an
accommodation. West aureed to buy
tne toutw, anu cm ice t int deed
transferred to bim as s 'runty. He
gave E cer a cbeck .'or JoOOO, and com
missioned bim to lilt tbe lotaenl
have the neceseary transfer made,
This E'der tgresd t do, t ut i.ever d,d
tte la'tei. All at empta to bave bim
give tbe lecunty promised f ule.i.
Elder w as not in his ofli e when a
repcrttr called in the a'tornooi to in
quire how tbe judgment was likely to
aueot 1 M Literary lAfe and Mirs tjleve'
land's connect oa wi b i', Elder de
clared later in tbe day that the pnbll
catirnof the magezine would not be
an'ected in any way.
Lnffr. A settlement las ben el,
fected with thj crrd''ois of A. P T,
E dor, ptootietor of The Lit-ra.ru Life,
and the custodial p a mi in ttm ollice
of the mgas'ne hns been lelieved. It
is stated oy Mr i.oer ttiat fie ee zute
yeo'erday wcu'd bave been obviated
had he received sullicient notice, and
tbat fie publication ol tbe periodical
would ntoceed es nut it.
Cleanaed, Pnrlfled mid Hrantlflfd by
mr (.niirurn ni-iiietiire.
It afforda me Dleasure to a-iva von tliii re.
port nf the cure of out little itr-amli-hiM by
your Ci'TimaA RanDia. When ii umntbi
old hi" left hand began to awoll nnj had
every am earan AO of ft Urao boil. We foul
tioed it, but all to no purpone. About Ave
n ontha aiter It became a runnina-aore. Suon
other aorea formed, lie then nad two of
them on each band, and aa hi blood became
more and mora impure it took leas tune lor
them to b'eak out. A aorecune on the chin,
beneuth the under lip, which waa very i flon
iive. Ilia bend waa one aolid acab, discharg
ing a great deal. Thta wai, his condition at
twoDty-two month! old, when I undertook
the care of him, his mother having died
when he was a little mure limn ti year old,
ot consumption Ucrirtulu of courto). lie
could walk a little, but could not got up if
he fell down, and could not move when In
bed, having no use of his hand. 1 immedi
ately commenced with tho Crrircai Kkmr
nitta, using ti e Cctiodka anil Li ticuka Soap
freolv, and when he h id tnke-i one bottle of
the Ctmi ura Kaxoi.vRNT his head was com
pletely cured, ar.d he was improved in every
way. We were very much encouraged, nnd
continued the use of he Keiuediea fur a sear
and a half. One sore alter another healed,
a bony matter forming in each one of these
five deep ones just before hoAling, which
would finally grow loo e and ore taken out ;
then they woud heal rapidly. One of these
ugly bone tormations 1 preserved. After
taking a doien and a half bottles he was
completely cured, and is now, at the age ol
six years, a strong and healthy child The
Pearson his hinds must always remain : his
hands are flrong, th-ugh we once leared he
wou.d never be ab'e to uso them. All that
phydclans did for him did him no good.
All who saw the child betnre using tbo Ci'Ti
ci'Rt HtHKDiaa, and see 'he chi d now, con
aider ,t ii wonderful cure. If tbe above facia
are of any nxe to you, you are nt I burly to
use thorn. MltS. E 8. UKIOUS,
til 2 G. Clay (St., llluomington, 111.
May 9, lust).
The child was roallv in a wotse condition
thn he appanrei to his crand nother, who,
being with him every day, became accus
tomed to the direaso.
mauuik iioeriau.
Sold evervwhere. Price : Oiitictra. Mint
Cutioijra Soap, an exiu'nite Skin lieauti6er,
2fios Ciitioura Hu oi.vsnt, the new Blood
Portlier, si. If. Prepared by tho PorrgH
Dkuu and Ciikuicai. I'd,, lioston.Maes.
Send for" How to 'iirNkiu IM-ienaeN."
ITpUIN'i. Scaly, Pimply end Oily Skin
I wn heoutified by Ci'Tiri'KA Soap.
U:H Ht'U. HAI and
, Weuknos across tho Kidneys.
Shoniiti Pains through tha Loins,
CI tonne Pains. Lack of btrcngth
and Activity, inatantlr re'ieved
kind soeidily cur d by the Ct ti-
R A ANTI-l'AIN IM.ATSR. A t tlrilva 1ST S . Zc
raaotT. i;ikUfsrjw7 aiaaa.
The ODi:
uy perfect eubatltute lot Mother
milk. Invaluable in cholera Infantum
and Teething. A pre-dlgaeled Ibod ror Oye
Kptloa, Opneumptlvee, Oonvaleecente.
rnaot OntrUnt in aU Waatlnc Dlaeaeee.
lUquu-ee DO cooking. Our Book. The Care
no) Feeding of Infante, mailed free.
DOUBaa, OOODaXJ ei CO.. Boeton. Maeav.
f'rrici or
MikrrtisftTT Fri isn Umiii Isa. Co,
fm in ,(-..,-.. t' .
vui'io, iv mMiiiQ ovrnv..
MMPHI8, ia.,Juir:, lwu.
AT a wieetitif of the Board ol Direct,, rs
held this day, a Gash Uividi nd of ri v
Per eol. on the capital stock ot the eon
panv was declared, par 'ble on demand.
1) order ot the Board of Directors.
NAPOLEON HILL, Pr. aidant.
A test! BiictT J. Lvmt Caal ler.
i lnpTi-Hiir i
Isrs it no nvlili i
i very hUMj In lnrmtl, I ujs
Bar rt wfilH ed
ruUri avll inf Uculavri. m W,
Pennyroyal Pills.
"f'HIOHF.SiTr.R'M ixai'u "
The WrlaTlajial aad Only Ueaalne.
Sale and always Reliable. Beworoot worlli.
X Imitations. Indispensable to LA It! KM.
A n your Drnaratlai lor )fciebntr'e
"and take no other, or Inolose 4
(tamps) to ua for particulars im Lerraa by
relnrn mall, m PAPKai. ajaal.
tjkeater heaaslcal I ..
MadlM.ii Nqnarc, PhllaHla., P
aTKAOli supplied by OKO. CUOOBWia
eaiieiial 4aeasv4. tiaataja. f nn
PETKRHBITRO, VA. The Twenty-seoon
Annual Session of this School for Boy
blns the Drat M ,t day In October. Thor
ough prepirtiO"a for Unlveraity of Vir-
rinia, leidinf Enaiaeerin School! anal
nited States Military and Nav, Aoade
antea; hlahly re-ommend.d by Fteulty of
Unlveraitynf Virginia! fu I ataffof instruct
ors! aituation healthful. Early application
advlaed, a" number of boarde I is atriotly
limited. For cat I 'vue address
. (tO 'DON MCHim, ll-ad Master, t
AliilltL ar.PAatTiieiir
Tulane UoircrHlty of Louisiana.
' Formerly, 1M7-1HM, tbe University of
Louisiana )
ITf advent ,(es "t practical Instruction In
diseases ot ihe Southwest are unrivaled.
aa the aw urea it superal nndant anateri
als (rotn th ar at Charity liosnitxl with its
71)0 bed-, and 2n.0(O pa'i nta annually. Stu
dei t- have n,i hosp ial-foes to pa - and sjie
ei l inrtrue'inn is daily given at the bedside
othesck,a i" no i,ihr institution. For
oatal (uo r inf rmatlon, aodress
Prl. S. R. CII-lILLK, M. D., Dran.
P. O. Drawer Vtil. New Ur.eans, La.
luildren (Dry
Centaur Liniment Is tho
tho Avorld has ever
tT- SEMMES cfo OO.
Z. N. tBTKS.
8. S.
Z&m. IT.IESjb tes cto CSo
Wl Dlesale Grocers and Cotton Factors
Nos. II 1-2 and 13 Union Street, Memphis, Tenn.
i" l W. Wodwln k Uo.
muiiiiiigs & YONQE, '
Cotton Factors SCommission Merchants
No. 1 Howard's Row, Cor. Front anil Union, KempliiH.
Iron anil
J- ' - 'l. - JaT"
rll- It 1 1 la'
J-'riktila A
tSucoesaors In this isiinrtmont to ,1011V M ANotHIR.)
rWrtte ns for Infnnnntion on ANV 'ttll',,iJ -n w;i.Fllno
r .V aCv W
J. it. GODWIN k CO.
Cotton aXFaL-otoara
And Commission Merchants
Jfo 84 nnd SO JUadlwon Ntreete OTemphlat,'
n 1 MU Mi Ki JL M. Jbilfc barrel lou delivered In the city at very Ion
rates to those who desire o try It.
lesHtlasj eat er MeniBbl.
r 1 1 Uaiffmrgafe r,
1 wiy,aji.at..,j"wjTj-. TJmm
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Molding, Lumber,
Latb and Shingles, Flooring, Celling and Cedar Posts.
A. SMITH, Proprietor .'
J. m. iat.
Late of J. S. Day A Boa.
f - WM
J toil ;: S?
Late of Meacham liorton.
360-362 front Street Mexnohis Tenn.
most wonderftil Paln-Curer
JAS. YOiltlK, lateol J. W. Caldwell U
IT.Otom Adams St., Momphlr
- tl V..
V(S ff.iaM
I)El"T, 220 antl 228 Second Kt.
Cfeickasaw Ironwork?
JOHN K. KAM)LK 1,0., FI.'Ui'K'H,
OS Second St. Memphis, Terr
V iiirinH. ltnlIrM. NnwmlllM.
UriuUord Vorn nntl Uhent Mill
t'olltui l'rwus, Collou CiiitN,
MmlliiiK, I"iilljMf i.
NPM'l A I. NOI II K-We are prepared to All crdert
on f Mir notice, fur tbe oele. rated "ielr Fnien.
WroiiKix- Piil lev. We oarrv in atook over
Two Hundred Assorted irs,
ear Send for riitnlovuo and Price-list.
Haln to all aolnla ea Mallraael
IV. A. NinKVa I'Ht. Nepnrstor.
Eagle EelljiHe Hnlli-r (llns,
Plain 10 Inch Uln, and
Price at Faetory, 9IOO and tUO.
av All kinds of Gins Repaired. Special
Discount to tbe Trade. -a
HOI awt Prawf Ht , femtril. Tenir
J. W. HAILCf .
Late of Bailey A Oovinitoi
TT7TLL be opened Jnne 1st. This noted
VV watering-place is situated si 1 miles
from Jitna Furnace, on the Nashville and
Tuscaloosa railroad, in Iiickman eounty
Tenn. Hack will meet all train. cn
and will convey guest to springs at a very
uw law.
Board, t0 Per Heaibt l Per Day.
ftpewlal Male to fatalllra.
We invite all who wiah to spend the most
pleasant aeaion of their lives to come to
Beaverdam, especially seekers of pleasure
and health. Good water and pure air in
HrnDLENTOH bkoa ,
. Liverymen, Centreville, Tenn.
K. ADKAN, Prop'r Pen tre vil I e II o teL
, . l0'1,brlde Co., Va. Uigh np in the
Virginia mountains. Picturesque surround
inn, extensive and beautifully shaded lawn.
Uas, eleotric hells, and all modern improve
ments. Two daily m-iils, poet, teleirrnr'i and
eipresa oQces nn the premises. Table the
very best. Luxuriously furnished r.iomsj
uierh band ol tnunio. Send for illuntrated
pamphlet. Chare. moderate. Open for vis
itors, June l.Mh. Wnirr,: A'nm. Chnhhtalt
and r. K.T W I I.K UsAN.Man',-
Amonc the Northern Lake-.
. -1
of AVisconsin. Minnesota and Iowa, are hun
dreds of dohghtlul places where one can past
tbe summer months in 'mint rest aad enjoy,
ment, and return home at the end of the)
heated term completely rcjuvenaled. Kach
recurring season brings to Oconomowoo.
5'"J,", Heaver Dam, Frontenac, Oko
boji, Minnetonka, White Hear, and Innu
merable other charming localities with rn.
mantle namea, thousands of our lst people
whose winter hemes arson either mla nt u..
on and Dunn's line. Klegance and 00m.
fort, at a nioderate cost, can be readily ob
tained. A list ot summer hours, with all
necessary Inlorma Ion pertaining tlie'eto. la
being distributed by the Chiokih, V u.wao.
iei snd 8t. 1'ini. Rah III .n.i i,i 1... .
free ucon aiit,lliAil. n h 1-1 ... a i 11
Carpentor, (lenerul Passer ger Agent. Mill
waukee, is.
White Cliff Mineral Springs,
Monroe) I'onulr. T.nn.i,..
SITUATED 00 top of Cbilhowee Mountain
3lsk) feet above aea l.vel. Hood water.
pure atlliosithere. mairniflnnt ...-na.- . n .1
eomforuble accommiida Ions. Daily line of
atagea and daily mail Irum Athens, lenn.,
over a eood mail : illstnnn .lvi-in ..til-.
Telegraph oflice in hotel, connecting with
other lines at Athens. T.rmi reaaonable
and special rates lor families. For crcu-
ars, giving analysis of waters, etc. . ndJrcaa
proprietor, T. A. MAU1LI,,
hlte unu bprings, Tenn.
ab Orclianl Springs,
T INC0LN COUNTY, KY. The excellence
XJof the cunlne. and accommodations chnr-
aiterintio of this hotol during the past thiee
tears, s tin 1 1 tie fully maintained this senson.
Xi'urslon tickets til tha Ninnff. hv th. I..
and N. Kailway am good via Louisville, both
iinng and returnina to proceed on first train
UCt'eeilinir nrrivnl in l.n i.vll I-
W T. ItrMNT. IWt. .1. (V KINO.Sim't.
N Seconds? fVW UUIS.
MJNtTicrD11r.ua or
TriiMlt'c'u NiUe.
TTSDER and by virtue of two certain trust
I ) deeds eni-ulod to me, as trustee, duly
recorded in Bonk No. 117, piiaetWl. un,l nook
No. 117, page 'I, of the Reainter's ofDca of
hhalbv county. Tenn.. default having neon
made therein, I will, as such trustee, on
MouflHjr, .la-net SO, IM1,"
diirlng legal hours, 10 the southwest corner
of Main an Madison .'(routs, In the city of
Memphis, Tenn., as sJ"h t astee, soli at
public auction, to the hlghf' bidder, fur
oasli. a cortain lot of land, situated it- tha
city of Memphis, rholby county, Tean.. n
ginning on the rtorih side of Mpring street
at the southeast corner of lot No. 10 ot the
subdivision of land formerly owned by Dr.
iiitiier I'unn, ami runnina tnenoe westward
with Soring atroet Wl loot: thenca northward
I" 1 feet to the south line ol lot No. 7 ol laid
subdivision; thence east ward with the south
line ol said lot No. 7 sixty feet to the weat
line of lot No. II: thence southward with,
the west line i f said lot II nlnetv fnt In tha V
beginning. Kjuity of redstniition waived; .
title believed to he good, but I will sell only
as trusteo. July '.IX, 11.
II. HKNSDOKP, Trustee.
Cream Halm
(Uvea Re iof at
once and Cures
rr !'-Mlvl un-,
Hay Fever,
or Powder. rre
from In J u r loui
Drugs and Often
give odora.
A particle is atmllad Into each noetrll and
Is agreeable. Price 611 cents at Druggists)
uy man, registered, iMioents. uircuiara free.
ftrugglsis, Owego. N. V.
"LondctT Trouser Stretcher
Patented In Europe and Uni
ted Htatea. Hole Aceala las
I ullral Htaiee for celebrated
John Uamiltnn A Co. Htretch-
IT. Takes banalaaj oal ol
LBieea restores pantaloon! to
Srlginal abape. Only patented
tretcher eotnblnlngsorew rod
In combination with clamps.
All others Infringements.
Original and only elrelvber
fnr a-ntleinsaa ass. n
Kipress securely packed. Price tt Ml. Write
lor circulars. Asents wanted in every city.
CI W. Wi n WOS. H A , lloalisi,vle
Triidten'u Hal.
NDER and by virtue of a certain deed
t trurt isecu'ed to me, aa trustee, and
n delimit h'is bten 10 ado, tl u y re-
oorded In book l-, paiein, of the Regis
ter's office of Shelby emmtv, Tenn., I will,
Ok MU)IN. Almost Sll. ISisO.
during leval hours, on ine muthwiH c. rner
nf Main and Madiiio ltreet in tbe city of
Memphis, lenn., (inch trustee, sell at
publio auction, to tv iDisliert bidder, for
cash, a certiin lot c I lod. i u.te In .-helby
onui.ty, Teun . ani t ncril ed n 10 inw. to
wit: ielng the uu 1 1 1 hnll rf lot No. 4.' of
W. Hi re iu Uln 11,1 . fronting PI iret on
the weat aide 01 buutto stieit snd running
back wait between paral'el lines aco anight
angles to s.lil treet .J l-t an nlley, and
being same Isnd described in ah'. to men
tioned trust deed. Krjuliy of retlmtv bm
waived; t tie believed to be gm-. 1 tit I will
only convey as trutee. July W, W.
.11. nr.nuvrr . im irs.
Ibis UKL'f or Ke
gener tot is uiilees
pressly tor trie cure
of deyrnerafti't' ol
the geoeratlve or
gan There Is no
mistake abot tliisln-
Mi1 .tin nor a itresm
strument Ibe con-
m 01
them to healths action. Do not oinluuud
this with Eleotrio Belts advertised to cure
all Ills from head to toe. It 1, Ir.r tus ON H
aoaoifis purpose. For circulars givma fu'l
nformatlion, address Lheever blec'r,,
Co.. liH Wa.hlnstnn street, thina. . "
r.o t
Hts ol
.. mw.A ultmftfu o the cost of ad
vertlelng. The advertiser who wants to spenj.
one dollar. nds In It the information he ref
quires.whlle for him who will invest ot
but dred thousand dollarg In advertising,!
tcheii.e in ndioated whloh will moot il
every reifi1. etnent, or can be made to do 11
by slight ohanao.' easily arrived at by com
spimdenoe. One hundred and Jftr-thr
editions have been issued. rent, postpaif
to any addresstor ten oenig. Apply to GUI
VKRTISINU BURFA 'Onrnoest. (Prink,
Bl House tjquare , N' ' Xork .
7 .y t I
2!?Lilrl IVanadveitlsertoeon.
rm It oun tains I
le re
,3 !
t od
' t

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