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Dhlr.bntioa of Diplomas aad Medals
Imprewlre Ceremonial and
Bellrlom Serrlcei.
FcotiiupoxDixci or tbi irritu I
Sewanke, Tens., Augnat 7. Thurs
day, Auinist 5th, ia the great day at
the University of the South. The dis
tribution to atadenta of the pile of
parchment certificate and diplomas i
accompanied dt ceremonial and rella-
icua service that ii impressive and
representative. Aside from the du
ties which call I he Bishop, clergv and
trustees cf the Episcopal church to
the classic ground there 13 such a de
liehtful locial nog-ibilitv in the reai
dent papulation that full attendance
is generally assured. The day was
unfavorable as to weather. Early the
clouds gathered and darkness fell. The
rain held off until just after eleven
wtien it descended in a pour. The
lamps of the chancel threw a bright
glow on the exquisite decoraliene of
the altar. The cloth of rich white silk
wrought with color and tinsel in a
design of conventional pba-nixes
caught and threw out the rays of
light. Led by the organ and three
cornets the procession left the east
door in the lollowing order: Cadet
corps in full uniform ; choir, twenty'
eight in number: oownemen, candid'
ates for degrees, candidates for diplo
mas, uDuiiea aiumni, uueu at'
nmni, faculty, vice chancel
lor, lay trustees-, clergy, e'er
ical memberj of the B.iard of
Trustees, bishops in robes and boodi,
and, last, chancellor. This venerable
head of the university is nearly 90
year- of age. The Bight Key. William
Mercer Ureen is first bishop of Miasm-
eippi. His clear voice pronounced the
absolution in tbe short special service
that preceded the other exercises of
A. H. Dasbeil, of Texas, delivered
in an imprsive manner the 1-atln
salutatory; Kianisu oration, l'lul
Green, of Mississippi (ginndtou of
Chancellor Green) ; tue German ora
tion was by W. N. Guthrie. Scotland,
and the Lnglish oration by W. B.
inompton, )r , ixmtsians. Tins was a
gem of composition, and delivered
with fine elltct. Mr. Thompson has
won lnirels fur hla "alma mater" be
fore. Diplomas were delivered by the
Klgnt Itev. 1. N. Dudley, of Ken
tucky.aseisted by Lieut. Dowdy (torn'
mandant of battalion) as aid.
The conference of degree! by the
chancellor was an Impiessivfi cc renio
. mal. I he foitnoate candidates fir
"bachelor of science " degree were R.
T. Brownriyg, ei Miatisaippi, and 8. E.
JNolile, ci Alabama.
Ba belor of Letters, George C
Crockrt, of Texas.
Bchelor rf Atta, W. P. Finlay, of
ootiirj larounn.
Horo-is Catma. LL D.. tbe Lion.
F.ppirgham Nichols. New York.;
D C L., K i-ii ina Id Poole, England.
Medals for specixl study were
awarded asf-illnws: Kentucky Hindu's
for Greek, J. B. Jones, Alabama was
deliveri (I wiih an appropriats short
speech by Bishop Dudley, of Ken
tucky, who was founder of the medal.
Alluding to the value of Greek as the
most marvelous vehicle of thought
and that tbe study of the real languxg-i
in which onr Savior bathed muit
giveiuoje peif c.t understanding of tbe
expressions lis hewed the young
man tin-member that at least one
man would love him, that he had won
tliep'ia O F. Pouter, of Homh Caro
lina, wo 1 the Master's Medal for Latin.
It Mas ddiivered by the Rnv. D iv a
Sessiiins, who gve a history of the
origin of the prizo. "Lucretius" bad
been incorpor.itsd byrpicial request
of Mr. HMtgHms. The knowledge nf
tbia author, it seemed, had great power
to give pleasure to tie student and to
give him expression to thoughts not
elsewhere made plain.
Mr. Kugglea-Wright modal for
French was awarded by Ihe Vice
Chancellor to F. A. Miller, of Ga'-rgla.
Tbe medal for Spanish wasawardxd to
P. F. Green, ol Miesissippi. Bishop
Elliot, of Weetern Texas, teviewed the
field of Hpanieh work for the church;
spoke of the mental awakening ef a
great population ol Spaniards in Mex
Ico, Texss and California; nttM tha
establishment of public lbiarit s, and
assured tlio young lecipient of the
medal of the great work lint lies in the
direction of the Spanish domains.
Ti e medal for German was eecmed
by U. L. Crocket, of T xts. Col. Kich
ardaon, of 8 -u h Carolina, was cild d
to deliver it. He made a short, epir
ited epwch, in which work a out
jurwHru n mix r. quit-re 01 napi lne a
and euo wee. "U id gives bettor w a th
in h-s cu ba than man in benediction."
God aye "work," man says crown.
May this ir a :al be a talisman es well
as token and an Incentive to work.
The Vice Chancellor's medal lor ra e
chlstn was swarded by the Re'. Tm f or
Hot'gci 'oT. eo. Edwards, of Lmisl
ana. The Vice Chancellor said : " This
Is given you wkhout asking nv i
these geat men to award it. He au e
I kn iw no living man can d 1 i imice
to what yon have acorn pliNh d.
Greaier than any triumph of It g'l ka
mill b youis when you have mas eied
two points in the catechism our
duty to God and" to your n luhtinr.
Gov. Proitir Knott who w a ti
have 'eliven d the oration at 5 o'c ock
was ralb d to do so at the regular com
meacmcnt exerc'SdB. We were son e
what dna.'p in ed in his treatment of
the t'.-.'Miie 'Success.' It wna didu tie
rather than iiwpirirg and el qui nt. It
was, however, well coocMed and re
ceived with lavnr. Lieut Djwdv leaves
with tbi t rra duties whi. h have
' Dten fulfilled with si mui h giane, di
nity and tlorontrhiiess that the bl
talion, w sliinn to express theireste. rn,
preeer.ted by the band of B sh p Dud
ley, of Kentucky, a beaut ful eword.
Tendering t: e regrets of th. stuJ. nia
and f jcuiiv that he most give pUce to
another United Stated ofti er, 9 his
time being out, the Bi hop of
fered the unite! re.ard cf al ai d
said he f -it sure that in Wyoming the
cross Mlt would never be t uched
Save in d-f nne of bonnr. and he f. .r
vera reminder of tbe love i f f t. Iowa
and thii emblem of bis grert com
mander, the Lord of H.t.. Lieut.
Dowdy responded in lew words, spy
ing he had ha 1 three years of nnil ,rm
kitidneiM and conideratitin: ti at this
was ts niHxpncted aa it was kifleciii g
and gratifyiuK, He begg d the bat
talions to remember thev hd a friend
who would "aUnd by them thr nnh
thick and tbin." Vne Chauwllnr
lladtsju auid be oonld not nlipw t'.et
occasion to pres without expressing
bimf-elf, as this aurprise wai from ibu
stndnnte. 8nid be to Lien'. Dowdy,
"I have had an officer hr.ive, m
true, so cotiftcieutloua aud uini'i tlia'
I shake hands with turn (took hiu
band) feeling it to be tho 'greatest
honor of my lifo."
Piayers eid, tt(i cho!' fl! out tho
ea?t door, f i!lo,vrd by t .e lo.tg rweii
eion. Ihn baital on foraii :n c in-panu-e
ia cant.r r.iil). At wrn! of
command njarvh thruua!: tic west
door, and tbe day of the year 10 earn
estiy ana nopetaiiy looted torwara to
has completed its principal ceremon-
At 2 o'clock Mr. Hodgson enter
at luncheon a distinguished
company. At 3 0 clock, tuna for an
nual ialute. At 9 o'clock p.m. the
commencement ball, given by Senior
German Ulub, opens. Dancing nam
dawn ia kec-t no.
The scene was charrring. Gcod
music, supper served in adjoining
baildina at 1 0 clock, carnages Irom
to 4 o'clock, and tbe last exercise goes
oat with the lamps,
The measures of the Board of Trus
tees are not made public until opening
ol the new vear.
Ba lding is going forward. The
splendid sandstone Chapter House
will be completed this year. Dr. Gil
dersleeve will remain for three weeks
longer. Adherence to classics is a dis
tinc ive featnre with tbe University
of the Smth. The department, or
ra'ber school ol laneurKes, tiaa
scholar at its head in the persin of
rrol. WiKirans. lbs largest attend
ance of any year are here. New
houses are being built in every direc
tion, tbe streeti being graveled and
trees planted, and everywhere there
breathes tbe spirit of advance
The best drilled cadet must not be
left out of our report W. 8. Balton, of
Florida. Battalion drill and UDiform
are a feature of interest and beauty
very agreeable to tbe stranger as well
as valuable to students. Sewanee, the
home of bishops, is unique, and from
its isolation from destructive influences
of city, its geographical centrality and
accessibility, there is little doubt in
the congress of intellect soon to meet
it will be chosen for endowment as
one of tbe "great four" American
Charming Hammer Bnoit The
Health diving Properties of tbe
Water-Paint af Interest.
IcoaasaeoiiDiiica op Tea ipphl.I
Bon Aqua, Tsnn., August 0. There
is a fine crowd hre now, many of
them from Memphis. They are com
ing in rapidly. It is delightfully cool
here at all times, particularly at night.
The analysis of the waters by Prof. J,
M. Seflord shows them to be very fine
for dis ases of the stomach and bow
els, and also for the various forms of
Bkin disease. They have an exenraion
train here every Saturday evening so
that persons leaving Memphis Satur
day morning can reach here that night.
The beat time to leave Memphis is on
the night train and arrive here the
next morning. Dr. A. Morrison, who
staid here three years, states that he
dues not recall a sinitle insfance in
which children, however hopeless
their condition appeared upon arrival,
who did not receive great benefit by
the use of these waters, and be Ivas
yet to record the death of either child
or adult.
There are a great many natural curi
osities noir the Spring". Beaver Dam
Springs U thirty inihs f.oru this place,
near tbe terminus of tbe narrow irauire
road. Persons leaving here, at 10 a in.
reach there to late dinner. Hickman,
in which the sprints are situated, is
the sr. at iron county of Tennessee.
The ore is known aa beraa'ite, and at
present only charcoal iron is made,
and it is equal to any io tbe world.
there will be a large attendance
from this county at the Democratic
Convention on Wednesday. Lonney
is iu line rpirits, and is now at Nash
ville. It will be well for the conven
tion not to touch the B nir bid, as
theru is a diflerence among Democrats
on that qnest'on, end It is, in fact, not
a p ir y question. It is well for tbe
Democrats to be prudent and not at'
ti mpt f engiait new doctnaea upon
ins oia'iorm
lour elec ion in Memphis was a no
ble tiiumph. Fiispoll is beaten for
Ctrru't Judge in ihii e'reuit by over
5(XK1 votes. The t mperance quee.t'on
may Bive emu a foubie in our conven
tion, but I hope 101, The Hon. Jos
Mecnis will pnuably be the Kepre'
aentativo frem this conn y, at d the
lb n. Jucob Ldech, of Deiawa-e, the
fcenator, mors anon
to Rot Let Itnine Fortune Pm You
The 194th grai.J monthly dis'i ibu
tinn of the Loniidaiia St-i e Litry
U mpanv tnog ptaca on 1 ue day (al
ways 1 ne-day). July 13. lH8(i. urn er
theu'iml shim rv slon of Gen is. G. T.
Heurna-d, of Louisiana, and Jubal A.
r.any, 01 v rutma well, the tame
o d et rv ia lohl again; some J2!iO,MiO
went ttyng about like thi tin dowo
naaiihu iy: rctetNo 81,37ft tvosi
irg 15 drew the rl'at cap tal pruaof
to. KU it aa sold In nita at XI
e ch ' n to M s. Mary E. II lmee,
No. 208 Pnnce on et-eet, E Bost n,
Mmsh ; one t A H.J nee, Anniston,
AU ; 01 e to Wm. Clem, a worthy
lamer of Monr .evillf. Allan county,
Lid.; one collected UiMog! Wells
Fin go A Co, 8a Kianclaco, Cal., for a
te idtntt iere; another to a par'yat
Co'nmbns, O., who is opnoei to any
d i c v rv tu ing made. No. 77,227 won
the stO' d grind irae ol f 2fi,(XX), also
soumnimiat i men one to J no.
H B n s, N . 349 Weet Foitv fl'th
"tie. t, New York City, a party ideuti-
um mitn iiv amusement world as
treasurer of the Grnd Opera H mse,
in Tw nty-'l ird ir. et. tone to Heniy
r-a-w, ino.itit e t ru avei ue, toieuo,
O., iwid thr.nig'i Ad us express; one
to Cart Tidenmn, b okfcepr with the
Meyer Be. D ug Onmptey, Kansas
City, Mo. ;me to Vio Diir nzo, a
yoiiitu Italian frit t vender, at c rner
1 f Waehlnut n a"d La"H atrei ta, New
Oileais, ett. No. 19.406 drew the
third cipital iis of $10,000 fo'd in
rifiba one to E ig. Lnfn, Deulsna,
Tex., through Fn-t Na ional Bank
there; one t John A. Stewart, De
iron, Mirh., thri ugh De'roit Savings
Bnk; th' risi to parti-a in Boston,
in Hpri gfl M, Ma s , and O ear Uko,
Wis. On Sep ember 14, lHHti, will be
a qua terly tinnd xtrolin-ly draw
ii'it, when $52",MI0 will be distrihnied,
cf wh cu M. A I)-ui)hin, New Orleans,
La,, will give all inf rma i n.
tbe New Yurh Thirteen lab.
Naw Yobb. Auun 1 10. The 13 h of
Auoi-t p omi i. a to ) an evept'uldey
for the Ihineeu C ub. A du n r will
ho spread i i the 1 rge d ning v om i f
the Ho'el B g'lton, a Cone? Island,
i'nemy-iix labile metob 1 t with
thirteen coveri oeadi titb'e. D'hga
tioiiHfn mt'iet' irei nclubtJ B idar
pen run un t. r. Uhuai
n..pniM at. a tner i itis, a
he ores-
m Ii uiniiiat-d bills n( fare on
n flin shaped c r 's nre to be n d, and
the en-rtaimr.t nt promisee to bn phe
ncmenal. 1her Are Nat Surry.
Th'.'je in cue ticiiK' uotoiiv ever re-pre'a-that
1 tl.ej.w they net adopt,
e l l'.irlii.r'ii Topic', tl.cir regular fatn
)' u eJu il'V I'd r;'i:i(i) is ho wide
and r.'i ,;l ,.( c!l''';i eo nims '" riotb'
i '-' c's., 1 Kept iimtci'ir, an
I I I.
1 .1
.jority ol caeeej
fti J it !!! not
;U US,
l-'jy --i, ;is K,i n a'
Made Public la tbe Squire Investi
gation A Disgraceful State
of Affairs.
Naw York. A u mist 10. The bear
ing before Mayor Orace of the charges
against Commissioner Squire was con
tinued today. The Mayor's office was
crowded with anxious spectators. The
announcement was made early that
Maurice U. rlynn would appear and
testily, ilynn was pressnt, accom
panied by Col. Robert G. Iogersoll and
it. n. Aewcombe.
Mr. Squire was tbe first witness
called and sworn. He testified that be
was appointed Commissi ner of Pub
lie Works on December 31, 1834. He
had known Hubert O. Thompson
since imd and was aiterward Intro
duoed to Mr. Flynn. He formed an
intima'e acquaintance with Thorn p
son, and at his request went to the
Liuicaao Uonventlon. "tie wanted."
continued the witness, "to use my ser
vices in stearins tbe vote of tbe Massa'
ennsetts delegation." 11s acted as a
f;o between between Gen. Butler, Col
ector Simmons and other s and carried
whatever messages were desired. On
returning to New York be was more
er lees engaged in trying to bring But
ler ana 1 nompson together, as liiomo-
son wanted Butler to support his
Lawyer Strahan Who was his nom
inee? The Witness Cleveland.
Tha first time the proposition was
marie that witness should bs annotat
ed Commissioner of Pnblic Works was
on December 21, 1884, in Thompson's
office. Thompson aaid: "I think you
ran be of ssrvice ti me. I said,
"How?" Thompson said: "You are
aware that politics are very muddled
at present. Edeon has ominnted a
man as Commirsiooer of Pablio
Works whom we don't want and we
have stopped it. Elson won't ap
point me. Mayor Gract lias been
with me and has desired me to eet be
hind him and his nomination, pledg
ing me at the sametime that if elected
be would nominate me as Commis
sioner of Public Works. Grace has
gone back on me, and I won't have it."
Isaid: "Let me know whatvou want
and I will assist you." flioin on
then advised me to go and see Mayor
Edson and tell him that we bad been
school boys toc-ther. I called on
Mayor Edson at his house on Decem
ber 24, 1884, and said to him : "Mr. May
or, my excuseforcallingmust be bund
in the fact that I have a message from
Thompson." I told him what Thouip-
ion bad said, and referred to our old
school teacher, B. E. l'errv, of Boston.
The Mayor had not yet understood who
Thompson bad wanted made Commis
sioner, and said : " Who is the man ?"
"1 was the man," was the reply. I he
next day wbb Christmas, and I dined
with the Mayor (E eon), and be was
anxious to Know 11 1 would talk with
his brother-in law. I told him that I
did not want to talk with C1. Wood
or any one e!s. After thet, on the
Bame day, I met Flynn and Thompson
at t:e Worth Houso, and after conver
sation Thompson end I went over to
tbe Hotel Brunswick and ent-red the
reading'rooin there. Wetnlked about
consulting with Charles P. Miller as
the most p'iant man in New Ycrk, in
case we shou'd require legal advice,
and as a man who had hid ilog-ir in
every pie. Then Thompson said: "It
seems to mo that from the tone cf
your conversation with EJson that
you may ssciue his consent to your
nomination. But the coueummatioa
of the act of confirmation is what we
aie af er. "Now we want a little
writing from you." "I don't approve
of little writings. Mr. Com'niss ouer,"
was my reply. lie said : "You do es I
want you to do and it will be all right
Now write, 'December 25, 1884'-no,
this ia a holiday make it the 27th or
2(1 h."
"Yon don't
want a promissory
"No; writs Maurice B, Flynn, Esq.
You had btfer address to Flynn, as I
am Commissioner cf Public Works.
You needn't be afraid tu write that
which I dictut, for it shan't be of a
cr minatine nature."
1 faiii: "Mr. Thompson, this is a
dargerons business, and you are play
ing w th fi'e, and alter some further
disi us-i m I wrote theletter of Decern-
bi-r 2U, 1884 (the famous letter of resig
nation). Afterward Thompson said: "Now
that's all rurht; leave the rest to me."
I add: "on can take it and keep
It lor reflection in a calmer moment,
uut uou 1 give it 10 any one.
vve men 8pnrat d and 1 began a
search for Judge G.lderaleeve.wbom I
wished to coiitult, I did Lot find the
Judge until a day or two aft-r, how
ever, and he advised me at once to
have tbeletterdeetroyed. I tben called
on ihompsonat his oilice, and laid:
"I want t-atle'ter." Thompson refused
logive it to ms and I tben called on
flynn and told him I wanted the letter,
He said, "Wha- letter?" I told him
and he said: "You're a foodh fellow
to wHte .such a le ter. Sit down and
I , will get it at onco." He went off,
and when be came back said that be
cmld not get it, as it was up town in
Thompson's noma. I Insisted npoa
having it, and Fiynn told me to call
npon him on Monday, end I did bo.
Fiynn harided me my letter, which I
ehowed to Mr. Bown, who was pres
ent, and then I lit a match and burned
the letter up, as I supposed. Later I
saw the Mayor, aid he said: "1 have
been waiting all day for you." I an
swered; "Mr. 'Mayor, I have been
delayed by circumstances over wbich
I had no control." I was afterwaid
nominated and confirmed by tbe votes
of all thnee who ch we to vote frr me.
Mny r Edson afterward asked me if I
had made any promisee or pledges,
and 1 1 ild bim I had made one rather
extensive ore, but the letter wbich
comprised it hud been burned- Judge
Gillernleeve, Flynn and myself met
once at the Manhattan Club, and
Flynn raid then that the letter had
been destroyed. Some time after
ward Thompson cal ed upon me.
When I hd become Oommia-
siooerof Public Worksa.id asked me if
I would re-lm in bis favor. 1 said.
"If Giac-win appo nt you I will get
out." The next ihv Thompson called
tnd said that the Mayor had agreed to
appoint him, and 1 wrote mv lesigna
te n and banded it ti K. 8. Niwcombe
with instruct 01 s that it was to be
used 01 ly in the event of Thompson's
uomit atlon. 1 first heard that ihe lat
er of Decern b r Kith. 1884. u in i.
is'ei.c ihreuuh Ltwver Newcumbe.
DO told me in June. 1HHJS. thtt
Tt.onii son had t :d him that be had
't I told F ynn of ibis, and he eairi,
"if that Is bj I'm kf' aid he will make
tr ub e for yt u " Fiynn claimed that
Thompson had d ceived ns bo.h. I
ai , "Such conduct is both rruel and
' amUut," and wenttn see ""h mptior.
'Oh well," he laid, "it's on v nolit ta.
a'tor all." "P li hs be dam,,ed," I
told him, "from this day henceforth I
yon go your way and I'll go mine,"
MdThaye, ....
Tbe witneas denied bavins said that
the letter of resignation was made out
at Flynn b request.
"On the contrary," said tbe witness,
"Ivlns said. 'Squire, you and I are
both men of the world. You know a
good tblog when yon see it Have
you any price for your office ?' "
"Where I came from, the witness
answered, "they try to find ont bow
anxious the buyer is. How much will
you give?"
"We are willing to purchase at a
reasonable price." I vins replied.
"My price, sir, is my good name,"
rquire replied ana so my leit me
' Af er recess, when tbe examination
01 Mr. tquire was about to be re
sumed, bis counsel said: "I have just
bren informed that indictments have
been found against Mr. Squire and
Mr. Fiynn. I move that the proceed'
ines stand over until Tbnrsdny."
The motion was granted, and tbe
bearing adiourned. When the Mayor
concluded tbe hearing in tbe Squire
case tbe Commissioner started lor tbe
door, outside of which be was met by
Inspector Byrnes. "The District At
torney would like to see yon. Com
mitsioner," tbe Inspector said, and
without a word tbe tommiaslnner ac
companied tbe Inspector to the Dis
trict Attorney's office, followed by a
large crowd of interested spectators,
Prepared with speclnl return to health.
No Ammonia, Lloio or Alum.
President of the Ureal LOUISVILr.S COU-
K1JSK-JOURWAL UO.. tells hat
ha knows or
Wintersmith'8 Chill Cure.
Or noa or ma Corajra-JotrBrnt,
Lr.onviLLB. Kr.
Dr. WiniA mil. Sir I waive a rule i hava
observed for many years, the value of your
remedy prompting me to say, in reply to
onr request, what I know ot your thill
nr.. rl h. tvivnt. .fl.uran.ji. nr it. . fl, mm
I had, and the good resulU t iti effects 1
bad observed on Mr. it. W. .ereuith, who,
for more than fifteen yean, had been fore
man of my offloe, iadaned melto tlest it in
my family. The result havebeen entirely
satisfactory. Tee. first ear: u of two
years' staaling, in whiort 1 nelieva every
Known remeiy naa aen into wun tempo
rary rolief the chills returning periodically
ana with seemingly increased severity.
Your cure broke them at once, and there haa
neen no recurrence ot tne in tor moretnan
six months. The other rase was ot a milder
form, and yielded more readily to other
remedies; bat the chills would return at in
tervals until your medicine was used, since
which time, now several months, they have
entirety aisappearea. rrotn tne opportu
nity I nave had to judge, I do not hesitate to
express my belief tbat your until bare 1st
valuable specific, and perloruis all
. ! t . II
pruiui.v ivr lb. jioBLioruuiiy.
ARTHUR PETEK i CO., Agents, Louis-
vine, hr,
Hook of all Diseases,
Cloth &Cold Binding:
144 Pagn, wltk M lqnMi,
list nr rntKciPAL nob.
. .2.1
. .25
Frvrre, CnnRniition, Intl.mmatlons...
VVurm.. Worm Fever. Worm Colic...
Crvllia folic, or Teething of Inlauts.
lllarrhra. ol uiiimrcn or aouks
Ilyaenlnry, (jriiiiitr. Itillnns Uolio..
rbolrra Murbii.,
t'oilgh., Culil, Itronrhi'.ii
mirniala. loouiarne, rnoeaene
IfrniliirhiMi, Nick Mi-iittin-hw. Vwrtigo.
IIV.llr-liNla. HilioiiH huiitiAi-ll
i-utiprf..ed or PnliiHil I'prlods..
llltPN. too frotune l-erloil:
, Uo frottine I erloils
i:rtlin. Cough, lUtncult tiroathing. ...
halt lllirillll, rvrjmpel... l'.rililloa.
Illirilllintlalll. Klienmittio l aiim,
Vrvrr and A uiip. clnll., Malaria
I'llei. Blind or Hleeding.
I'ntarrh. lnfluenr. Cold In the Head
2lVhiMpllia Cough. Violent . I'ongh.. .
't llij.wrl lli.lillUw.PhT.icai neakuess
2Hldnry lllai'a.n .nw
2Hlrroiia ll-liiltv - -tAH
:II rlllarv IVrakiiPa. Wetting Red... .nil
KlVllllapa.p. nf thp llfart. I'slintstmn .1 .1111
Koldliy llriiKHinl.. or w.nt iioatpid on reciopt of
prtoe. .HiMfUliaiB aaoiima tu. iw.whw .
IIEtL'tH IN SISAI.'rU. Da. K. O.
mm- WaaT', Maava and Baaia TaaafuaNT,
a guaranteed speciao for Hysteria, Unsl-
i : di.. v ,
na... uuui ui.iuu -r, . , iivrTnui iirw
Eta, Headache. Nerves Prostration, caused
y the ns of alcohol or tobaeoo; Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Battening or tne
Brain, resulting in Insanity and lea Ing to
misery, decay and death i Prematura old
Age, Barrenness, Loss of Power In either
Involuntary Losses and Spermator
rhea, cam I by over-exertion of the brain,
self-abuse or overindulgence. Kach bog con
tains on montt, s treatment. II a box, or
six Doxee tor to, sent t mail prepaid, on
reoelpt of orioe. We yuartntoe Six loxei
to care any ease. With eaoh order received
by as for ail boxes, accompanied witi II,
era will eend the rjnrehaaar onr written
guarantee to refund the money If the treat
ment do, ot elect a cure, uueranteee
issued only a a, i.NHaHT ou Drug
glsts, Memphis. Tenn.
And Iron Roofing;.
rirn, Wlssd, Watr awe I Igblelai
pswor. Suitable for all kinds ef buildings.
For prices and estimates at factory rates,
oali en or aaareea
438 440 Mala at., and U 23 Mulberry ai..
Headquarters for Iron Fences and Cresting,
uaivanlaed Ironi-omioe.iin noon atbtovea.
Noa-Raaldent Hotl:e.
No. IBM, R D In the Chancery Court of
Shelby County, Teno.TheSupreme Lodge
of the Ancient irder of United Workmen
vs. A. W. Johnston et al
It ennearlne from the bill which Is sworn
Vi In this cause 'hat the defendants. John R.
Voodlock, W. Woodlock and M.ggie Wood
leek, are nnn resident of the Slate of Ton-
and tbat tbe residence or tne delend-
e ai
Leo Woodlock, is unknown and cannot
nertanad aft-r dlllaent Inquiry t
It ia therefore ordered. That said fonr da-
fendants last above named make their ap
pearance herein, at tne i ourtnoueeoi crneioy
county, In Memphis, Tnn., on or before
'he trst Monday in rtepte-nber, ISHfl, and
I. ad, answer or domur to complainant a
bill, or the same will be tiken for eonleesed
as to them, said John K. Woodlock, IV.
Woodlock, M.g.ie nodlnckand Leo Wood
lock, and eet tor hearing ex parte) and that
a copy nf ibis order be published one a
weak, fur fmr successive weeks. In thit
Meiui'ht. Dal y Apiwal. This lth day of
July, 1hI. A copr attest!
K. I MdImiA'K
,wcmi f i.l,, t n-ra ana Master.
By 11. P. Walfh, Deputy C. end M.
John Friii.l'. lor rnmpl'ta.
. -naaauw
hM2k lillfTBnl
rt to 11 Wit
,t l. fr AS-
I SAP0LE03 HILL. PrealdesU
' ,., ... H. J.
MemiiMs Citr Fire & Cen'l Ins. Co
:xmes J
i SE3EBAL mi
OfilcelO Mad lion (Street. IfemDliis. Tens
w 10 t
till In tbe market,
Der.TbomtoQ &
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocery
Wo. SOO Front 'street, t MemphtM, Teatsx
Cotton Factors & Commission r.lerch'fs,
Onttoa Warliaaer-Una IM nnilM, TTalan 8tra
SLEDGE BEOS., of Como, Miss.
Nos. 356 and 358 Front Street Memnhia Tann.
I aTsk rm iit t ci.s In i,
nit'ill S, IiiioIm .nd
r. m. ALBTOK,
And Commission Merthaiits. Ha J, Corn Oats,Bra, Chop Feed. Oil-Meal
Lime, Cemeat, Plaster, BiUdlaa; and Fire Brick. Etc.
Cor. Front and Union. 1
Cotton Factors and
2&G-29S Front St., Hemphls. Tenn.
hill, nwm & GO.
Cotton Factors. Commission Oerchants,
Wo. HO Solatia Ua!n Hi.. Mt. nfa.
Gr ocers & Cotton Factors,
JSo. S03 Mavin StrtmU Omraa RIxk.
Bseoemri U FOBTEB, TATLOB k CO.,
(DottoM Factors
Jos. Schiitz Breiving GompaRV
8. nOESCgllelle Agent. MamphiB. Ttnn.
la laaa, , Barrel e r Vsiassplsla Bratssah. I A
Old StandsINo. 9Uniou:st.,;Meiiu.his.
If. 9. W1LKEBS05, YIce-FrwKei
LYX9, Cashier. ,
Tomlin & Henjes,
179 Main St., Memphis.
Offer special Inducement! in Oreo Boacii
of oar own make, at Top bujtiei
onr own make, at I12U. All work wai
ranted Call belora jon buj.
vHarlnsdlimied of oar entire stoek
Vebiclei and t'e Mannfactnrinr Depart
ment to Meaire. TOMLIN A BKNJfcS, w.
beepeak for tbem a eontinnanoa of tbi
patronage to lone extended to ns.
with n fall nwort
New ana
Kmtfli I'r.nm.r.irllH.llu.... lnal
rnivcrpltfe. '.imtteil till in In-t- of boarder., svllt
NlMTial Advniitnire.. 'or rutiilnuut' with r.-ffn-iico., Ai., aildrvsi
.. SlcllllNAI.il, MntiTof Arl, liilvimity of Vn I PrlHp.K
. 1,. MillllNAI.il, dm, hml,. W'n.li l..-c t'liivi.rnity, i Lo.U.llle, a.
Howards Row. Memphis.
Wholesale Grocers
. 1 mkmphi.
Mi k Co.
The; Higbee School
Education of Young Ladies,
Beala, Landerdate and Jemiaaine Sta..
Ineornornted with Collegiate Frlsr.
11 ear re.
Fall Term Opens Monday, Sept 20..
aarTnorontb English and Classical Coarse.
Modern Languages bj Foreign Teachers.
Book-Keepinc Sliort-hand and Typewriting-
Schools of Art, Musis and Elocution noted
for exceptions! advantages.
Special students received in every depart- 1
A new and slcgant building will be er- cted
daring the summer and tail, wh.rein will be
lurnmhed a spacious itudr hall, large pri
mary school-rooms, claps-rooms, laboratory,
library, gymnasium and art gallery, which,
with the elegant mam-ion ustd lor boarding
pupils and the wooded pleasure grounds,,
will form one ot ihe most complete school
foundations in the South.
Catalogues ready August 4th.
For informstion addrrss
MISS JENNY Al. HIUIiRE, Principal,
Memphis, tenn.
Clara Conway Institute.
Monday, October 4, 1886.,
Enrollment Lat-t Term, 322.
A SCHOOL for the development of .vigor
ous, thougbiu', noblu womanhood.
This result is reached by breadth an 4
thoroughness of instruction and ihe awaken
ing of patient, earnest endeavor. A new
and commodious boarding denartment h
just been oompletod.
1 tie department or aress making and mil
linery is added for the first time.
in tne absence ol the Frinoipal who It in
Europe fcr the summer, eatiloirueii will ht.
furni-hed on application to Mrs. E. P. Mc
ton, 223 Adams siroet, r they will be found
at any of the city book store?.
St. Agnes Female Academy,
THIS Institution la delUhtfnlly situated
in a retired and healths part of the city
of Memphis, commanding the advantage of
town ana country. I He entire surroundinga
breathe an air ol peaoetol eolation, which
ever exerts so pnwerlul an influence over the
moral, physical and intelleitusl lile. The
course of study embraces Ihe various
branches of a solid and useful education.
In tbe regular English conrre, the pupils on
entering are ranked according to their pro
ficiency in Orihogiaphy .Urammar and'Arith
nietio. Particular attention is giren to Sa
cred and Profane History. Rhetoric and
Composition. Latin and French enter into
the regular course. A portion of time is al
lowed to each pupil for Plain and Ornamen
tal Needlework, hhell, Flowers, etc Terms. ,
ner Session, payable half-yeai iy, invariably
in advance. For board and tuition in all
branches taught in the highest schools.
Plain t-ewing, Marking, etc , Bed, Bedding,
Stationery and Washitg, tlOi) and $125, ac
cording to the age or class of the pupil.
Special terms when sever.il members ol the -same
tamtl attend the scbo .l. No allow
ance ia made for partial absence or with
drawal belore the eipiration of the te m, ex
cept in cases of serious or protracted illness.
FxTBia Uerman, Italian, etc., each 812; .
Musie on Piano and uh of ins'rument, $3u;
Drawing and Water Colors, $10; Oil Paint
ing, 120; Embroidery and Ornamental Work.
S810; liseof Library, 8H: Voonl Music in olass,
; Private Lessons, lift. Board per month
uring vacation, if spent at the Academy,
wash ng, eio., 115. Medicine and physioian's
fees will form extra cbarvea Terms for day
pupils, ft, 4, to or tti per month. For fur
ther particulars apply to the
TO E Itf A LE ft K M 1 y A R Y
Opens 1st September, 188. Closes June, 1887.
Unsurpassed location, buildings, grounds,
appointments. Full corps teachers; unri
valed advantages in Music Lnguages, Elo
cution, Art, Book-Keemi g, Physical Cul
ture. Board, etc., with full English Course,
4.10 per entire serai n. pur full partion
ars atiply lo principal for catalogue.
TiriLL reopen 8ent. 13, 1888.
T.ni..tit In
tt a i
healthful and nVliuhr.iiil .nhnrh. .a.
eessible by car lines to and troin all parts of
oity. Instruction thomugh, and according
to the most approved eduo i ' onal methods.
Superior and traioed ieiHlljit. in ihAvn.
rlo.is Departments ot Music Art. Elocution.
Modern Languages, Science, Classics and
Primary Teaching.
r or turtber particn'ars apply te
Memphis, Teen.
For Boys and Young M..n. hend tor catalogue
JOUN R. KAMP80N. A M.. Hrinoinal.
Rbv. KDHAR WOOllti. Ph. Dissociate.
0F MUSIC Boston, Mass.-4
WO R L D ll Inrtnictor.. soul sniili nt, la.t yc.r. Tho
ouin Instruction in Vocal. ml lintrui,nnt.l MiibIc, l'i.no.m
Organ Tuning, Fin. Arti, Oratory. Literature, French. Ger
man anil Italian Language., LiikIIkIi Hrancliea, Ovmn.rtica
etc Tuftlnn,9Ato:l,ho.rrioiidriNimwithHloam Ilcatam
Elerlrtc Light, eto 7lper trnn. S-'nll Term benlna Sep.
tmnber 9, IHHII. For Illustrated i.'.lrmlar, with full Inrormatlon,
eddrcM, ii. TOUBJKE, Dir., Frank I In Bi., BQ8TUN, Hut
Hopkins ilie Mull t-chool.
THE f u-tecnth (cho' tic year cf this well
established. Mini cd, o eot school for
boys and y. unguivn h begin MONDAY,
August 30, 1M. Iin"u,-ii..'. u niven ina
full course of Enghrh. Latin, Greek. Ger
man, Higher Vathtiuat is Hn I Bookkeeping.
Ihorrugn teachingand Kri ! aisoiplinechar
acterite tho tchoiu.
Terms for pension of 40 Weeks Tuition.
160; Tuition and Board, 22S Boarding pu-
ftl are required to b-a u io the lamily of the
rmcinal. Forfurthe - in onuation address
J. O. gfcRKBLL. Uonkinsville. Ky.
The aiat AnsiwMl aer.ia.s Opena Sea
KsnlMir IM.
For catalogue or sped I information, ap
ply to Uellevae a. ., Vn.
. W. B. tminr, PrtTlpal,
NiuhTtlle. Trsin Real Southern
Home forOirls. 350 Hi I this year. A non
sectarian sohool. Pa rooiii-d by men of lib
eral minds in all cburohes. Unsurpassed ia
Musio, Art and Lansing ". For Catalogue
ddress lK. W, C Wtau.
Naahsrllle, Tessa. Inorongh Instruction
In distinct courses of I ivil. Mechanical and
Mining Engineering (Annu l Tuition f),
and in Manual Teohrm ogy 'Free). Full
Faculty. Extensive eqiiipmonta and facili
ties in draoghting-roonis, laboratories, shops
and Held practice. Intrnncn Kumlnationa
Sept. 14, 16 and In. For cin-ulars address
HUNTSVILLE, ALAHAMAe -Thirty-seventh
session begin Wednesday, Sep
tember 1, 1886. A deetrabla acbool for your
daughters In all Depa tm nta ol Female Ed
ucation. Supplied w th new Instruments.
Una Apparatus, and a full Faculty. Charged
reasonable. For cata!oU" and terms, apply
to A. B JONES. D.I . LL P., President.
Virginia Military Institute,
XS in full and incoe-aful operation and sup
plies its enlarged course of systematlo
instruotion at a cost much I alow that of in
stitutions of like grede in this oounlry. For
eatalogves. address
FRANCIS U. SMITH. Superintendent.
Bartlett Normal Sohool
SBXKS A school noted tor its progres
sive methods and its thi rough, honest and
practical instruction, Cour-e of study ar
ranged te meet the demands of the times.
Degrees conferred, tuition i-hean, board fiom
S to II2..V) per mm ti. location pleasant,
sehool well equluptd. r-tdenls .--ceived
any tim. Firat Term oiwna August aad.
hecond Term, Uctoh. - SMS. Address
NKUHARDT & N hi' II Ar!lf.Bartlett,Ten a-
SL Mary's Scbool,
Ra. 88a I'oiilnr Mrert,
AUOaRDINO an.- P .r f-chool for Yonne
Ladies and Chi hi .ti. under the charge
of the Sisters ol St. m ;, o. the English
Church. Number oi .,t,.il limited to 100.
Next school term btaSis S I'lrnitxr Uttlb,

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