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Cotton Lower Middling, 9
Sales Yesterday, 50
Money in fair demand at 8 per cent
Local securities dull.
The cotton market closed quiet and
ic lower; middling steady, 9Jc. Sales,
50 bale
At New York yesterday spots closed
quiet and iteady : middling, 9Jc,
A leadiog New York cotton circular
;a: "It baa been an active, excited
market, cowing out of the totally un
xp cted tenor of crop repoits, and
etp'oially so from the Agricultural
Bure.n. Liverpool opened tame and
our market followed, with a decline of
b to 6 points, but when reports came
from New Orleans and Waihlnjiton
showing very low average conditions
of tbe crop, the lowest Aogutt iepo t
report in over tbir.een years, a gen.
eral scramble to cover, accompanied
by new ordFra to invent, forced an ad
vance of 10 to 11 points, with a fever
ish feeling current. At the close some
of tbe advance was lott."
At New Orleans spots were firm,
middling, 9 310c; futures quiet
rd steady ; August, 9 089 10c,
At Livtr.col BDote were dull in
buyers' favor; middling, 5 3-16d; fu
tures sit ady ; August, 5 7-64d.
In the general maikct corn is ex
hibiting signs of weakness and holdeis
thow a readiness to make concessocs
from previous fkures. Oiher articles
Sixteen bbls app'es,9 pkgs bu'ter.S?
tikori bacjn. 822 pkgi boots and shoes,
mn.i hn cmn. 426 sKs coffee. 1 car cot-
tjn, 184 Rka cotton seed, 241 pkgs dry
goods, 13 pi-gs egus, 816 bbls Hour, 200
bales i.bv. 51 nkin hat. 71 bead cattle,
41 head borgen aad mules, 400 pkgs
hrd, 42,(00 feet lumber, eo picas
linnnr. 12 brls mola-ses. 6 keiiS nulls.
4800 bu oats, 20 brls onions, 60 brls
suear. 3t6 nkzs tobacco, 1000 bu
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
tha Merchants' Exchange today: Corn
received, 1 193 ; withdrawn, 2401 bu ; in
store, 3687 bu. Oata received, 2569
bu ; withdrawn, none ; in store, lo.Jtsi
bu. wcest received, none: wim-
drawn, tone; in store, 8190 bu.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn
Mnnev in ffood demand at 8 im cent
The Ciortring House report is as fol
Tuesday. Aecnst 10th, J137.665 79
thus fr this w-k, $352,071 70; Bamo
time laRt wt-Hk, J:102,074 06; same time
1885, 1289,606 67; same time lSbi,
$217,940 36.
Tneslflv. Aujiust 10th, $36,756 15:
thus hr t'jis week, S120,41j 84; ssma
time iat wefk, 178.781 11; sare lime
1885, $;3,79uC); Bairn time 1H84, Hi,
038 47.
New Yon oih. on alUp-iin'e, pa
hnvinp. i nrem'nrn fwllius; S9f
Rnorlaiid demtu l. J (iifljount buyi'iR
New EiifUad sisr'-t, 4 disooiit; N';w
Orloano.l eUsso'-iatbayiis, par aMing.
Eank of CaamPrcH .146 bid, 140 a ked
First. Nat;.-,riA 10(1 DIO, 103 aB01
German Bank 192 bid, 196 asked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
TTninn and Pianterp..l50 bid, 153 aekod
Mercantile Bink....l35 b d, 137J aaked
Blnll City 100 bid, ... askod
Hernando 100 bid asked
Home - 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City 102J bid, 105 asked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 asked
Phoenix 98 bid, 100 asked
Plantmn -107 bid. ... asked
Vanderbilt - 25 bid, 26 atked
Arlington ou Dia, ... asaea
Factors - 20 asked
M. and C. R.R. shares..38 bid. ... asked
M A T. R.R. shrs 45 bid. 50 asked
M. H. consols. 7S...119 bid, ... asked
S!lfc im WH'im i,d
Tonn. wts. ser. E to J-83,bid, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6i. 108 bid, 110 aaked
Tax. D:st. 4, 6s, 97 bid, 98 asked
Tax. Dist. 6a 104 bid. 105 asked
Mem. Gib bonds 104 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bonds 97 bia ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works b'd. 65 asked
Am.Oot. Oil trnst',.1.37 bid, 38atked
Pioneer Cotton Mills..... 25 bid, 30 asked
Mem.Stor.Oom.Qo..l02 bid, 103 asked
Mem. Qts s'.o -k 75 bid. 80 asked
Naw York, Auiuet 10 Money on
call is easy, ranging fiom 3 to 6 per
i-l -sine at 4(n,5. Prime mercan-
D.arlino vxV.onnaHnll
u"TO,iVS ar,:n ,.B" Ki
Mffl4W oTdemwdr 7
Bonds Government b inds were dull
and quotitions a shade lower. State
dull and steady. Bailroad
bondj were quiet and 6teady, except
for the ppcnlaiive issues, wnich weie
active and stronn. Total silej today,
sr.osrnn-. rf this Texas and PiC'flc
incomes f irniahed $1,143,000, Lde
seconds $5.2,000 and Texas and Pacific
Rios $2S8,(KW. Texas and Pacific in
in t a arA nn at 59. f iter sales as
higha61J; Wabash general ce'tifi
tee2, at 65; Txs and Pacific
concols and csitificaies are down each
9 At :irtU:. Iron Mouatain fives 2, at
flfil. and Lake Erie and Western ia
Comes2,'.a,-24.i''t ' f '. i" -. ' . : ' . "'
" Stocks Tue stock market recovered
today from the tight man y icare, a:-thnna-h
iris bliedJ that the read
, jostment of loans will t e dlsltlrblng
element for lonae dys to corns. The
prompt reaction from the depn-woa
was, nowevsr, pnucipawj uu.
renewed baying of the vanderbllts,
Louisville and Nathville. Texas and
Pacific. Missouri. Kansas and Texts.
and omftotbsr stocks for London ac
count. Ibe conclusion that money
will ommand higher rates in ths fu
ture, aid the trouble be' ween f.e Bal
timore and Ohio and the Pennsylvania,
caused a disposition to sell in ths tarly
trading, but the effect of ths la t in-
naence ws about snott'ived .ndtu
market quickly recovered. Tixa aud
Pacific was ths feature of the trwing.
A rumor was DUt t ut thtt the Wistir
Committee has dissolved, nd also an
other that a uoicn between U at and
the O cctt pscple had been agreed
upon, to wh'xh as added the revival
of a story of a cintet for control, all of
which helped the advance and tc.ivi'y
in tbe stocks and bonds. Borne of the
bujinR of the anderbilta and I sranR-
ers were understood to be for Olcatn
oeoDlf. and tbe purchases of h. is by
uermas bouses steauny lavaocea h
until the close. lathe afternoon the
usual dullness and apathy appeared.
iv . i .1 : 1 I.
rira prices buuwbu uiqjuiu I'unjjgrD,
but were w thin 1 to f par cent, of
vetttrdav 's clue After some hesi
tancy the entirn lst advanced with
Texts and Pacific flrat, and later New
York Central as leaders. A moderate
business was transacted nntil after
middav. when a dull and featureless
market was bad, followed in tbe last
hours by a moderate advance, aad tbe
market closed firm at about the best
prices cf the day. doting prices show
decided ga'ns for almost everything on
the aciive lift, Pacific Mail being the
onlv excenton. with a loss of I. New
JersAy Central is up 11, Consolidated
Gas U, Ne York and JNew kogisna
11. 0 ,doa preferred 1. New YcrkCeL-
t al, Missouri, Kansas and Texas and
Em f p-ir ctnr. ana ocners smaller
Tbe total sales of stocks today were
196,645 shares, including Delaware,
Lackawanna and Wt stein, 10,125;
Eiie, 18,712; Kansas and Texa", 10.
940; Lake Snore. 9122; Louisville and
Neshvi le, 3760; Noithwestern, 4150;
New York Central, 6678; Pacific Mail,
3270; Reading, 1100; St. Paul, 22,410;
St, Panl and Oxaha, 6876; Texas Pa
cific. 27,431; Union Pacific, 5020; West
ern Union. 3ol0; Northern Paiifio pre
ferred, 4105; Oregon Transcontinental,
4080. Closing quotations wers as io:
rr 9. s. innu.
4i, ooup, 126i.
ISs, coup, lllJa-
Cant. Pao. l9ta,115 Don. 4 11.(1. law. 120.
.nH 1.W.1.U.HZ. erii tBaona.. 110.
M.K.T.,aen.6..(6. North. Po. 1U,11B.
JNOrtD. rao. aa,iui. n ne-iorucuu., w
N.WoH. dab. 6.. IKW.St.L.S.F.Oon.M, 110
St. Faal, oon si.r.,u. a r. lau.izi.
T. P. land rnH,5. T.P. H.O.excna. 71.
II. P. 1U. Wat Shore. l(B)fc
Tenn.6a, set'iut, Iflfl. Tenn.oi, aet'mt, 100.
Tonn. St, let'mt, WH.
Adama Kxpreai.
MorrlaA E.,offd ,141.
Naahville ft 0., 63.
N. J. Uentral. fifi.
Allagbanr Uan., .
Alton k T. U., 30.
A T. U.fd.. 82.
American Ex., 1W.
R. C. R. IK.. 7it.
Nor. ft W., pfd.Ti.
Northern P. pfd.,tii)-
Canada Pao., 67
V. 4 . W IH'i.
C. 4N.Wpla..l43.
N. Y. Central. 111.
Canada Sou., io.
Central Pacific, U
Cheaapeake 40 , !4
N. Y. 0. ft Bt. L.. SM.
N.Y.O ASt.L..p..20&
C. ft u.,lstpia, jr.
0. A 0., 2d nfd., 11.
f). A A.. 144V4.
Ohio Central, .
Ohio 4 Hiaa., Zi.
O. k Misa.. nfd.. W.
C. 4 A-.Pia., l'XJ.
C. AA .pld., 1"0.
Ontario ft WeBt..l9.
. Oregon nay., im't.
Oregon Trana., 33J4.
Oregon Imp., 22.
Pacific Mail, 57X.
Panama, W.
C.Ut. L. P,p..Ki.
0.,S. tU.,SI.
0.4 C, 59.
Dal. ft ana . iuu
Peoria, D. a H.,aj.
r. 3k W . YriV. Piltuhon . 153.
AKio(i..31. r oilman r. v., ia.
tteaaing, t?b-
Erie pfd. , 77 . Kock Ic'ana, wn.
KaatTenn.,6W. Bt. L. 4 .?
EaatTenn. pi?. 16. Ht. L. S. F.,p.,58.
Fort Wayne, 14H. Bt.li.ao.e..ii p, w.
U..nIKul Hr to Jn O. M. 4 St. P.. 93
H. ft Bt. Jo., pfd- - 0. M. 4 St. P.,p.J22K.
H arlem. 2.. Bt. P.. M. m., .
Hoa.ton ft T ST. SU P. 4 Omaha, Mi-
Illinoia Cen., 135 Bt.Paul40.ifd., lllj.
Ind., B. 4 W.. 17Ji. Texaa Paoifio, WA.
Knn AT..32i
Lake E. A W., WVt.
Lake 6hore. 88'4.
Lou. A Nah., 4
Lou. A N. A., 5SJ4.
M. 4 O. first pf. .
M. AC. pfd., -.
V. 8. Exprese, 63.
W.. St. L. A P.. mi.
V.,Bt. L. AP..P., 33
w. 4 r. t,i., m.
W. U.Tel., 67.
Colorado Coal. 30.
Mem. 4 Char... 3d ,
Homeatake, DiVt
Mich. Ceo.. 81H Iron Silver, ISO.
M. L. 8.AW.08W. Ontario. 29.
M..L.8.W.,pfd,91, Quiokailver. 4
Min. A St. L., 21H. Quickailver.pfd, 24,
Min. A St. L.nfdW.bouih Paoifio, .
Miaaouri Pnoifio.lKW.Sutro. 10.
Mobile A Uuio. 14
London. Aueust 10. Contois, 101
Slfifor both money and the account.
Uniied Kttes bonds, 4, i:iuj; unitea
S a'cs bon"'B, 4s, 11 4g. The amount
o( bullion wi'h.lrawa from thoBtuk
of Envlasd on blHncj .today is tJU,
Paris. A uffint 10. Three per c:nt
rcr'tjK, 821 S-'ij for tho account.
Bkklin. Aiiiiti t 10. Tho staSment
of the Inim-nal Bank of jrinany
stjows an incf as3 iu p9C)e of 120,0u0
Baltimore. Mi.. Anaiiat 10. Bink
clearing!, $1,743,620; balances, $333,
Chicago. Ill . Auaust 10. Theasso-
c'afd r auk clear inga t jcay y.ora a;
Nkw York. Aumnt 10. Cleannps:
Exchangks, H95,689,5C0; ba',anc8S, H5;
Philadelphia. Pa.. Auznft 19.
Bank olearing?, 18.379,867; balances,
Rostov. Mass.. Anirust 10 C earin
liou e statement: Exchanges, fll,997,'
0 .3; balances, $1,394,361
8t. Licis, Mo., Angost 10. Bank
nleirinirs. i2.876 751: balances. lo24,
999. Exchange on liew lorxnrmer;
507-jj ditcount.
Thn local cotton market opened
te.dy, and clossd quiet and Jc lower;
middling, 9ic. Bauqes,60 balejspin.
u"0, bvchawqi! quotations.
Good Ordinary-.
Low Middling....
Good Middling-
. 91
, 93
Middling iair...
Stains, tinges - 7f(
Mxmpbib, Auguit 10, 1888
HtOCK SePt. 1,1330...
Stock Sent, 1, 1S85 .... 1,392
Received to-day 20
Baceived previously ...544,769
Shipped to-day.
Shipped previously. ...64U wu
Horns consumption to
date : ao"
Stock running account
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September lbt
.544 789
M. and C. R. B.i
M.&T. R. R. ,
L. and N.R.R...
Wagons and otner sources
, . TotaL-!.!
Thus far this week 628
Thus far last week 3.100
Sine September 1st ......540,600
New York spjts opened easy and
closed quiet and steady. Kales,. 2S8
bales. Quotations were as follows:
" Yesterday.
rdlnary ........ b
Good ordinary. 84
Low middling.
9 1-16
10 11-16
11 6-16
Middling.. Vi
Good middling 10
M'ddling fair. 10 ji-ia
Fair 11 o-lts
New York future not'ned weak and
closed steady. Sales, 104,500 bales.
Tbe closing quotations were as fol
9.35 9.3(1
9.29 9 30
9 22 9.23
9.22 9 23
9.24 9.25
9.S2(a 9 33
0 41 9.42
9.50 9 51
9 59 9.60
9.68 9.69
9.77 9.78
August 9.34 9.35
September...9 29(4 9.30
October 9.2B& 9.27
November...9.26(3 9.27
December ...9 29 9.30
j,nnBry 9.87(
9 38
February 9 46 9 47
March 9.55 9.56
April 9.64 9 65
Hav - 73W v 74
June 9.81 9.82
July .9 90 9.91
The New Orleans spot market opened
doll, and cloed firm; midding,
9 3-16C. Sales, 250 bales. Quotations
were as follows:
Yesterday. Monday.
Ordinary 7 71
Good ordinary 81 8J
Low middling. ...8 11-10 8 11-1(5
Middling ... 3-1 a 3-10
Good middUn8...9 1518 9 15-16
Tbe New Orleans futttre market
opened Bteady and closed quiet and
steady. Bales, 21,300 bales. Quotations
were as follows :
9.0S 9 09
8 88 8 00
8.78 8 79
August 9.0.S 9 10
September.. 87 8 88
Octob9r.....8 78 8 79
November -8.7 7 8.78
8 76 8 77
8.79 8.80
Docember.8 81 8 82
January 8.92 8.93
February ...9.03 9.05
March 9.15 9.16
S.tKM 8 91
9.02 9.03
9.140?) 9.15
9 2(i 9.27
9 38 9.39
9.49 9 51
April .9.27 9.29
May 9 38 A 9.39
June .'.
9 1-16
N Orleans.
9 316
Caarl aton
K'ew York
St. Louis...
Beceipts at ports, this day, 1886.. 924
Receipts at ports, this day. 1885... 149
B'ts U. 8,
Ex. Gr. Br
For'gn Ex
Ibcrease in receipts this year, 649,058
At noon : Liverpool spot wers dull
in buyers' favor. Sales, 7000 bales, of
which American om Daies. neceipis
3100 bales, of which American 3100
ba'es. . . ...
C osinir auotations were as Joiiows
Ordinary, 4fd ; good ordiner, 4 ll-16d ;
low middling. Sd: goad middling,
5 9-16d; middling uplands, 5 3 lOd;
middling Orleans, 611.
Manchester cljtbs dun ana ntieu
ing. Yarns dull and uochanged.
I The price art given in pence ana ouna,
IAua- 4 meant i M ow: ana o ui
means 5 l-64d.l
At noon: Liverpool lutures wers
dull: Auans'. 5 08 J: Aucust-bep-
tember, 5 081; September-October,
5 05d : October-November. 5 02d ; No-
yember-Uecemner, 5 Ola ; uscemoer-
Jauuarv, 5 Old; JanuarvDebruary,
Februs ry-Marcb, 6 04a ; Kopteni
her. 5 03d.
At 2 p.m: L'verpool fufures weie
weak; Aagnst, 5 07d sellers; August
September, 5 07d sellers ; September
October, 6 04d cellero; Oi t:)ber-No
vember. & uia teiiflrs; iovemncr
December, 6d buyers; Decemher
January, 5d buyers; Janusry-Feb
rmrv. 5 02d eolers: Februa'y-March,
5 Old sailers . September. 5 U7d Bcl:ers.
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool future3 wire
steady; Aueus-, 5 U7d soiiera; ah
Biist-bentera )er. a via bciio's noir
tember October, 604deellerfi; October
November, 5 Old buyers.; November
December, 5d buyers; December-Jan
u.irv, cd buyers; Jaauirv-lHrjunry
5 02d eelle s; Februaty-MHrcli, 6 Ob
tellers; SuptembHr. 5 Old s-llfiB
BKEtl)1l()( FN.
Cohn Fr nn store, whits, 62(2,53
mixed. 5l52.:, frim lovt-e or depot
in eackf. in rouod lots, while, 5()c
mixed, 49c; in bulk, car lot.', wliiie
47fSH8s: mixed, 45(i46c.
f . : .... t . rr O on .
prime.70c ; prairie,50c ; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, $1212 50
Drime. S10 5uWH : prairie. I7W7 &u.
Oats White, 40c; mixwl, 38 j.
from store : round lota from levee on
track white, socked, 38a; mixed
sac k 6(1 35 o
Bras From etire,8570c per cwt
round lots from levee, $12 per ton.
Beaks Navy, $2 ; medium, $1 75
German millet. II m4l 40.
Cobnmbal Standard. $2 35; pearl
$2 65 from store, 5c cheaper from mill,
levee or track : roller. $2 45.
Rics Louisiana, 4i8c; Carolina,
Oatmial In half-barrels, $33 35
from store.
Flour Patents, 14 75 ; extra fancy,
14(214 10: fancy, ti 70: choice. 5 id
family, $3253 60; triple extra, $2 75
3. The above figu-es are for round
lots; fioin store 25o per barrel higher.
Cbackkd wheat in nau-Darreis
$4 9) from store.
Homiiit and Grits From store,
3 lSfSJ 25.
Cbackebs Soda, extra, 4c; soda
treble extra, 4Jc; lemon crackers
extra, 7c; lmon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7 Jc; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger soaps, treble extra, 6c; as
sorted lumb'.es, 9c.
Kansas City, Mo., August 10.
Wheat lower; No. 2, red, cash, 60c
hid: September. 61 4c: October, ozi
bid. Corn st ad j ; No. 2, ctsh. 338c
Seotember, 343c; October, 35o. Oats
nominal ; cash, 26Jo bid.
St. Lonis, Mo., August 10. Flour
steady; XXX, $2 202 30; family,
$2 4U2 55; choice, t3315;lancy
3 4(Va3 60: extra fancy. 13 60(3 80
pateuts, $44 25. Wheat fairly active
o .1 hiirher:the market oreoed nrm
bnt declined fc on reception of the
oovflrnment crop report, recover
httsr. and closed o higher than
voiturrfav : No. 2 red. cash. 75!(a761c
August, 753W76Jc, closed 76c bid
Rontember. 76 J(5i778c, closed 77e; Oc
tbr, 78i79jc, closed 79a. Corn
active, but weak ana lower, closing
iWIO lOWW tunu J'mPiu.;, ---
mixed, casb, 38(iV39c; August, S8Jc
September, 3939ic, closed 39393c
Ortohpr. 4014010, c'ored 401c
Oaia Hull and Irrreeular; No. 2 mixed
cash, 26j26jc; August, 26c bid; Sep
tember, 27 Jc; October, 28 jc. Bye
firm, 50Jc Bsrloy no market. Iley
firm; prairie, $7 50(10; timothy, $9 50
(12. Flaxseed easier, $1 0.sj()l 09.
Bran s'eady, 47c. uornmeai nrmer,
2 20(512 25. Receipts r lour, 4000
brls; wheat, 53,000 bu; corn, 53,000
bn: oata, 4a,ooo ou; rye, iuw du;
barley, 1000 bu. Shipments flour,
9000 brls : wheat. 90,000 bu ; corn, S000
bu ; oats, 73,000 bu ; rye, none ; barley,
Chicago. III.. August 10. THs
feeling wts quite weak in wheat early
in the session, the price for September
delivery dropping off to 75Jc, but un
der the influence of tbe publication of
tbe August estimate by the Depart
mnt of Agriculture, showing a falling
oil in the prubible yield of spring
wheat, togetner wiia ireigoi engage
ments here for 164,000 bushels of
wheat, the market rallied to 76 J c, and
closed ct outside figures. Corn was
uatettlsdand lower, closing 1 jr the
day ic under yesterday. The arrival
of oats was large, and the market
ruled easy, closing Ic lower. Flour
qoiet and unchanged. Wheat active
and lower early, but rallied near the
ose, and closed fc nigner min yes
terday. Sales ranged: August. 74j(2)
751c, closed at 75 l-16c; September,
75(n!)76c, closed at 76c; October,
(aj(c, Closed si oc; io. i eprmir,
74jc; No 2 red, 76c. Corn unsettled
and easier; casb, 41J41,c; August,
41J42jc, closiDat4l 1316c; Sep
tember, 425W43,c, closed at 431c;
Ovtober,4444ic, closed at 44jc. Oats
... . l ns . ... a
mi ana easy; casu, -sc, aukuoi,
71(f,274c. closed at 27Jc; September,
:8j(u)28c, closed at 28 7-16c; Octobc,
viWA'ilic, closed at 2tc. Rye dull;
No. 2, 61c. Barley easy; No. 2, 63 Jc
Flaxseed firmer; No. 1, $1 15. Ke-
cipta Flour, 9000 br's; wheat, 111,.
001 bu; corn, 399,000 bu: cats, 13!l,
000 bu; rys, 33,000 bu; barley, 13,
O.lObu. Shipments Flour, 6(HH) brls;
wheat. 93.0OU bu: corn. 118,000 bu;
oa's, 143,000 bu; rye, 12,000 bu; bar
ley, 7000 bu.
BtrTTKB Butterine, 1214c ; cream
ery, TZW&a; dairy, zuc.
Chbbsb Piime fla's. 81c, nominal;
AUIlk inkUl y. irii) ustmuai, .up.
cream, 10JllJc; Young America, 13
XT. V.l. rn.H.. Ar. ncn.;no1 . ..11
HOO rBODCCTS Mes porx, nu
10 75: Buirnr cu'ed hams, 1213c;
breakfast bacon. 81(39c : clearslds pork,
6ic;',clear rib side pork, 6tijc; long
clear purr, ojc ; porx snouiaers, 04 c.
Bacon Ulear no sioes, awno: oacon
Bhouldera, 77Jo. Lard Tierces, 68c;
half-barrels, 6,0; kegs,6Jc; paiB, 7jo;
lialf-pail8,7c;60 lb tin?,68c; 2(Vlbtin,
6c; 101b tins, 7c; 6-lb tins, 7Jo: 3-lb
tins. 71c: choice Kelt's, tierces, tsic.
Fbksu mkatb Bia. 1 Deet, c; mut
ton, 7c; bind quarters of beef, 9c;
lambs, 2 50$3 60.
St I ouis. Mo.. August 10. Provis
ions qniet and firm. I'o'k higher,
10 374. Lud stoidy and firm, $6 50.
Bulk meals steady; loose lots SDOit
ribs. $640: short clear, $6 45; boxed
lots lone clear. $6 30; short ribs,
$6 40: short clear. $6 65. Bcnn firm ;
long clear, $6 95; short libs. $0 95!.7;
short clear, $7 107 15. Hams sirong
at 1213c. Butter quiet and s endy
creamery, 1720c; dairy, 1016c
Eggs firm at 8J(2)UC.
Chicago. III.. Auiruft 10. Mess pork
generally eaiier, but closed at yeeter
day'sngures; cwn, jt vw- 'i :
tember. $9 47i(S)9 60. closed at $9 52
October. $9 55(559 77. closed at $9 62
Lard easv: cash. $6 90(M5 921: Heo
tember, JO 9ZJ(2)0 W7J, closed ai o uf ;
r .. . 1 if Ml an Un..l n f til no
Short rib sides steady; cash, $6 174
(o6 20. Bixed meals steady; dry
sailed shoulders, $8 106 15; choit
clear s'des. $8 55(6 60. On the Pro
duce Excaange: ISu'.ter ruled nrm;
creamery, 1418e; dairy, 13(a)10c.
Kg(?s. 9j.10c.
rVivirirff Tlriirimon T)(31Hli!ordinrV.
88ic; prime Rio, 8i10c; choke
to fancy, 10(411 jh; old governmect,
2425c; Cevlon, 1822c.
Knn ah Porn white. 63(SfiJc: off
hit. tilC.'HJ wllouc (t'i1lUnr onxn
kottla RJrm.Mp- rnfliinl A. (U(?.(iic:
granulated, 6j(5i7c; powdered, 71(
7Jc; cut ww, 7jw,wc.
Salt $125 pot bnrrnl; racks, fine,
$1 45M1 50; coarse, $1 151 20; puck
era, bluanhcd, 2Wc; cr-lo;uls from
levp or fleimt, 5c cheaper.
Candim Pw.kB, all BiZ'rS, la Dox'S,
pii's und banelp, (hO.;,
Uandlks ifuil weigr.t, ui(n;iuc.
fUjjNsnGnonq. Em. I'rictit perdos
en: Finoanplos, 1 ai'mi o; pflacnea,
2-lb, dlaniiiird, $1 35f-i)l 55; second.?,
! local 15: tnrntnsH. 2 lll. standard.
$1 2'")t 35; 3-lb, fl 15(1 30; straw-
berric", $1 350itl 40; ro.p:;erii(w,
fl 15C1 25! bbtckbcrriea. JKy)
1 ir,- orflonot.nri H. 1 60(?,1 75:
pearo, I'm 25; plums, i ma)
1 70; B"paragui, $2 60ft4; green corn,
$11 35 ; greon pens, $ I 55(ri)l 6 ; cove
oys'orB, lull weight, 1-10, ici hi;
Dve ovalerH, full weight, a-ib, i nm
1 85; cove oysiers, light weignr., j-id,
(Kr nova nVBtprs. llVht weitfht. 2-11).
f 1 : condensed miiK urnwn, o in
C75 75 : Eirlo.$7 51('ii7 75 : Diiay, $4 75
Molasbbs Louisiana, common to
fnlr. MUfnif.: nrime to choice. 28(3)350 :
syrup, 24r40i;; common to fair, 20
25c; prime to choice, 30033c; centrif
ugal, fancy, 3234o.
Tobacco (Jommon. n-incn,
30c; other grades and styles, 36(86o.
Wnnrnrrott'a 10 85 per case:
Ralph's. $10 25 per case; K. a., f ou
10 25.
Havana. Auaust 10.-Sogr weak.
'iw Oni.aAMi. La.. Amrust 10. Cot
tonseed products scarce and firm,
held higher; prune crude on, aenver
.4 vr'ftn. nfT mmlit.v. 22Ci23' : inm
mer yellow oil, 3435c; off quality,
New Orleans, La., August 10. Cot-
fee in good demand at fall prcs;
Rio cargoes, common to prime, 7jfi)
lOJc. Kice dull; ordinary io good,
scarce and firm ; prime, 5 9-16c; good
fair to fully fair, 515Jc; fair, 4 ; com-
MAM nr.nA A lfTtiA (in ron t ri f Offala Hnll
,11. ill iuhjUu,iIC,., , -
and nominal; off white, 6j5Jc;
choice yellow clarinsd, one; prime yel
low c'aHfled, 5i5c. Molssses qu'ct
but steady.
New York, August 10. Coffee ssct
fair Kio liim, c; options ia ny aciive
and easier; sales, 38,500 bags; August,
7.85c ; September, 7.85(3)7.950 ; October,
l.wc, noveuiu-r, i uiai .iu , vm
v... 7or.rtf-- .Tannarv. 8(8 05c: Feb
ruary, 8.058.10c; Ap'i!, .20o. Sngu
quiet: fair to gcol refining quoted at
484ic; retineu qnin; ou a, ucj
a ii i.ICCAkI ninfeetinnors
A, 5 1516c; cut loaf and crushed, 6 5
nnn-ilnrn.1. il HVnXlUc: irrknu-
lated, 6 1-K5c; cubes, 6 316()61c. Mo
steady: 60 test, 17c. Rice
steady and quiet.
Apples Apples, $'-'!52 25; fiom
levee or deoot,l 2501 60: dried ap
ples, 3i3Jo per pound from store.
Dried peaches, ZM irom morn.
Vbqstablis Onions, $202 25 from
store: 1 6001 75 from leves or
depot. Cabbage, $2 2602 50; $1 75 from
levee or depot per crate ; Ciarlic, 400
60c per 100. Turnips, 60c per bushel.
Faint Oranges, Louisiana, mmi
AUGUST 11, 1886.
nal. $6 Lemons, S8 50 per
box. Bananas, fl2 per bunch.
Cocoanuts, $5 per 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 7o ; Tennessee, farmer's stock.
304c; roasted, 2)c higher; shelled,
10c. Almonds, 1820c.
Raisins London layers, $3 40 : lay
ers, $275; California, ; Imperial,
$3 5004.
Picelus in )ai-, pints, toe; quarts
$1 60; halt-gallons, Ti 75; gallons
$3 75 ; loose, barrels, $6 : half-barrels,
$3 9; mixed, barrels, $10 60 ; mixed,
halMcarrals, $6.
Potatoes New, lltOO-l&U; loose
in wagons. 75c0$l.
Oipkb New York, ftl &0 per barrel
and $3 60 per half-barrel ; Vinegar, 12)
15c per gallon.
ricANS lexas. oyjioo lor smau to
medium, 10014c for large; Arkansas,
Walnxtts French, ivc; maples, lie ;
Qrsnobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Pooltbt Uhlckens, fl oooy- ou;
eld hens, $3 2502 50.
Uaiii Uame nan, ll(!)tL'c.
Eogs Scarce at 12o.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$4 N)05; No. 2, $3 2503 60; No, S,
$2 7503; 10-lb kit, No. 1, 80c; No. 2,
70c; 16-lb, No. 3, 60c Dry herrings,
family, 30c per dox.
Bagging Flag, 70lHc. Ties, $110
01 15.
IN ails t.: vbWJ oo.
niPES Dry flint. 121016c; dry
salt, 10012c ; green Balt,7J8jc ; greon,
50tc; deerskins, 15017c. JJoeswax
dull at 20021c; tallow, 303 Jc.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 6006; rye, $1 7506; domes-
tic, UOCyyf l 00.
St. Louis, Mo., August 10, WhlBky
steady, $1 07.
Chicago, III., August 10. Whisky
steady, 1 12.
Cincinnati. O .AugiiBt 10. Whisky
steady: rales of 345 barrels of finished
goods on a basis ol Ji 07.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, lie per gallon.
Cleveland, O., Angunt 10. Petrole
um steady, a. w., 110", 7jc
Titubvillk, Pa, August 10. Na
tional Transit certificates opened at.
612c ; highest, 62jc ; lowest, 61 Jc ; closed
at 61 Sc.
PiTTsnuRG. Pa., Aumiet 10. Petro
leum eteady and firm; National Transit
certificates opened at 61 ic, closed at
ol jc; highest, blc; lowest, 01 jc.
Braokoro. PA..Auaust 10. National
Traneit certificates opened at 61 Jc;
c'osed at 61 c; highest, 62c; lowest,
6113. Cleaiances, Vau.O'JO barrels.
Oil City, Pa., August 10 National
Transit cei-tiUeat -s opened at 0110;
hlehtst, 621c; lowest, 611c; closed at
61. Sale", l,O490OO bairels; clear
ances, 2,882,000 barrols; charters, 42,.
8)7barels; shipments, 71,904 barrels,
Cattlb Choics grass fed, 313Jc;
good, 3(oj3ic; fair to medium, 2)0
2Jn: scallawags, 101 Jo.
lloGs Uhoice,4i(4tc; good,3i($4c;
common. 3(Si31c.
Bhkkp Uhoico.ajMjc ; medium, i
03c; common, $101 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, oc.
Kansas City, Mo., August 10 The
IAve Stock Indicator reports: Cattle
Receipts. 2314 head ; shipments, m
head: native shipping steady; grata
range slow and weak; good to choice,
$4 1004 65; common to nielium,
$3 4004; etrckers, $2 400 2 76; feed
er.', $2 800 3 30; cows. $1 50(a2 76;
BUBi Texan steers. $2 0003 30. Eons
Receipts, 3S43 head; shipments, 110
head ; market opened w-mk, closing ,yi)
10c lower ; good to ct oice, 111 nti o
common t nioilium. 4 U(01 U
skips end pigs, $104 40. Sheep Kb-
ceir.ts. 103 iicnd; suipraecti, none
market itadv: irood to oholcft, 40
03; common to medium, $1 602 25
Chicaoo. Ill , AueiiHt 10. The Drov-
erf Journal reports: uame itflceipiB,
700 bond: Bliipinen'B, 3000; nrnritc
i-t'.'ady; ringcrfl ct.roiig'i ; nhippiog
aioirs, 1150 to 1500 lb', $3 (IO(.Vij Btrclt
ers and le-dms S3 40W:l 40; cowp.
hulls end mixed, 1OO03 4.; bulk,
12 6002 110; throuiib Texss cattle, 2000
IkmiI, f-trcnger; grass sieerf, $2 750
oil: WtH'eni laugnrs i(H liomi, min
st'O-'g; n i'ti von ami half breedr, $10
4 (ill: wmtwd IVxsiis 13 7r)Cr:( Oil;
173 heHil Mo',tma. 1351 lbs, $4 01).
Hogs Ki-ceij.iP, 16,0(10 btnd; slii.-
up-ii a, l-iUJ; i,e-i s rorg; grti-Hni-H
vmkur; rr,gli and nux, t4 i.i)
4 Si) ; packing and hipping, li4
5 I2J; lig'-.t vieluht', $3 9004 HO;
hkijH, $2 5i'i(i(4. rShep Roceip'B, l.'iOO
lieAd; Hhipmen'H vr); liiamei nrmer;
uativfH, 2(4 25) l'exaua, $203 51);
lambs, 43 5O0!i.
Nkw York, ugust 10. The de-
cared expur'S 01 domestio coiiou
gotdBthe pf.Bt week weio 3082 pick
agec, nuking the to al for tho expired
portion ol the yer I4H,3UU, agmuBi
134.156 to the same date lmtt year and
104,700 for the same tims in 1883, thei
1 irii est t tal in any previous year. For
Toes av there wa a very kooU order
trde for prints, bleached and colored
c.ittoaii a d drHfS fabric 1. The popu.
leriir'fs fabrics ar.d New York City
novelties from the George H.Gilbert
Manuf ctnriog Oompny, of Ware and
G.loeitvi le, Mas., composing up
wards ol 1500 dlfierent patterns, will
be opened lomcrrow by leading job
hers throughout the country. 1
B 3 C. 3. j
B a B .P s
wZ K 4 (f Z A M 1 ri"
" rw m 1 n 3 3 .S
IT 42! -S-S
28 ?E 2 2.?&B
Si wi.'S S
JOHN E. HASSLE ft C0.,:Agenti,
rtaaphts, Tobb.
"J. J1'" li" ' . XXA.ii
f ilbi'L-i b o ill 11 ,b!jom m
l S-2 it : 2 n
3 JrA
3? 75- 112? t"s-,'
Whits River ...Cbickasaw, $ p.m.
Frlart Point.... -.Jia Lts, 9 p.m.
0acaola..........-0oASOSA, S p.m.
St. Louia Billi Mimpsis, 10 p.m.
New Orlaani City Batom Kouoa, lu p.m.
Arkanuu City Will 8. lUrs. 5 p. m.
..BuCKirt Stati, 5 p.m.
Arrival.--City of Natchez, St. Liuis;
Chickasaw, White riwr; Arkansas
City, St. Louir.
Departure. Arkansas City, Vicks
burg; City ot Natchei, New Orleans;
Kd Foster, St. Francis liver; K. L
Cobb, Arkansas river.
BeetU Teatorday.
St. Louis per Arkanras City 100
tons of miscellaneous merchandise.
Whits liver per steamer Chickasaw
2 ba'es cotton and 20 pkgi sundries.
Tub steamer Belle Memphis wi'l
leave the Elevator for SU Louis this
evening at 10 o'clcck.
Thi Coahoma, Capt. Heary Cooper,
is the packet this evening at 6
o'clock for Osceola and the upper
bends. Win, tsuuthcr is in her oltlce.
Tin Chickasaw. Cant. K. C. Poptat.
is the packet this evenii g at 6 o'clock
for all points on White river. O. M.
I'os'al and John umtdrcsj ae her
The James Lae, Capt. Tlioma? Clap-
sett, is the packet this evening t
5 0 clock for Helena. Fiiars Point
and all way landings. Wi t ABhford is
in hor oilice.
Tub Anchor I.'ne Btesuier City of
Baton Rouge will leave the Klev-itor
this morning at 10 oVbck for New
Orleans and intermedia's oiuts. li.
J. Whitledgo is her ninster.
Thb O LitiBBteamrrra is C. Brown,
Capt. J. 8. Pattetson, Is due up tuluy,
bound for Cincinnati aud all inteniie
dla'e points on the Ohio r.ver. Chris
G. Young is in charge of her cilice.
Thb Will 8. Have. Capt. W. W.
Biker. In place of the Kate Adxins. is
the United Htstes ninil packet Teuis
(lay evening at 5 o'clock for Helena,
Arkansas City and all way landings.
W. O. Blanker has charge of ber ollico.
Maj. John D, Adams Is in the city.
A ooon stags of water is reported in
Arkansas liver,
Thb Arkansas City passed down at
1 o'clock p.m. yesterday, alter dif
charglng here 100 tons of freight and
adding 25 tons.
Tbs river at this point marks 7 fed
6 tenths by tbe gauge, or 8 leet 6 tenths
above low water mark a rise of 2
tenths in 24 hours.
' Capt. J. I. Mulhalland, of Vicks
burg, Miss., was in Vinceunes Friday
tryicg to buy the Crown Point, bnt
Capt. Tlndo'ph thought too much of
tbe little daisy to sell at Capt. Mulbol
land's price.
Rolling Fork Pilot: Tons of water
mots have driltod against Big Deer
creek bridge, and now fllla the creek
to a depth of about 6 feet and extends
np the creek about 200 yards. If it is
not removed it will cause 4 great deal
of sickness this fall.
Vicksbiihg Herald, 10th : The United
States steamer Joseph Henry passed
up Saturday night, and reports the
following changes in boacon lights on
her np trip: Fort Adams moved down
200 yards; Kemps moved up 150
yards; Delta No. 2 moved down 300
Cincinnsti Enquirers The Memphis
and Ohio River Packet Company do
not find time to complain of the want
of business, aud will nextwoek send
out two boats, the fiist being the now
atetmer Desoto, which tlivy have'jnst
fitted out for the trade. Khe will leve
nn Wednesday next in charge of t'npt.
John 8. Joii'is and the crew ( f tho
Jamea W. (inir, which bout will be
laid up on arrival.
Tns following changes havo been
mado i:i fie United Mutes Hemon
lights on M'BHisrjIppi river between
Nt'w Orleans and Memphis: fort
Allans, moved down 200 ynnis;
Kemp?, moved up 150 yards; Delta
No. 2. moved down 3(H) yards; AWx
low Head, new light; Ben Loni'ind,
moved up 1-0 yar.'s; Nnp ihhiui,
moved down 300 ydr.lii; Norfolk,
uuved down 300 yuiJ; KiihIhj'h,
movt-d up 201) yards.
CodliiBU .Ioi'iisal: The CinciiniMti,
MoiMihis und New Orleans pilots 1110
talking of orKiu.izing for nextseHS'in,
tho imiin object being a re-establishment
of the box Bydteiu to liirniHh re
ports giving inlotmation about cIibh
iihI ctitinxee, oliBtructious and sucli
nutters as jmrtuin to the prcf siion.
OrgaLiza ioii t in only bring thlndu
B'tud result. A tneeling will be called
at Cincinnati in a few days tJtako
Billable 11c i in In the matter.
On account ol the low stngo of water
St. Msrys, Mo, threatens to bo left
high and dry. Rials goiog eoutb
taking freight (or that landing, which
has heretofoie been the shipping point
for a largo Inteiior torritory, which in
cludes several guod towns, now reach
it by going through the KaskaHkia cut
off to the jienitentiary, thence up the
river to 8t. Mary's, necessitating a loss
of about two hours' time. The Okaw
is widening and deepening fast, and
but a few yenrs will pass before navi
gation via Hi. Mary's will cease.
Thb Yam DtUa Review, of Green
ville, MiHi., ssys: "The J. O. Kerr,
tbe boat tint comes here to enter our
local trade, left Cincinnati last Tues
day, and Maj. Burke says will arrive
here next Tues-lay or Wednesday. It
is raid to be a splendid boat, jutttho
light size for the trade here, sod will
begin running Ssptember 1st, and only
asks a bonus of $1000 a year, payable
monthly, and allows the Board of
Trade to mke the freight rates. We
venture that after the ooat has been
running for a few months that the
uppjr river and Arkansas trade for
tais place will not he lets than three
times what it now is, and will teach
s. me of ths kickers ths wisdom of the
enterprise of a few ol the more public
epirited cit'zeflB. The boats will make
daily trips to Arkansas City, and two
trips a week will ran as high as Boli
var Lauding.
Evansvillb,Inp., Aunust 10. Noon
River stationary, with 8 feet 3 inches
on the gauge. Departed: Buckeye
Htate, Memphis, 10 a.m.
Louisviu-B.Angnst 10 Noon River
stationary, wit!? 6 feet 8 inches in the
canal and 3 feet 6 inches on the falls.
Business good. Weather cloudy and
warm. Departed: Paris O. Brown, Cin
cinnati. 1
Cairo, August 10. Noon Rivsr 11
feet 6 inches on the gange and rising.
Wrather cloudy and warns. Arrived :
1 City of Baton Rouge,8u Louis, 1 1 p.m. ',
Citv of VlcksbnrtT, Vicksbura, 10 a.m.
Departed : City of Vickabnrg, St Louis,
11 a.m..
i CwcwSATVatogusUO 5oon-Riva
9 feet 5 Inches) on the gang and statiotv-
ary. Weather clear and wann: -thermometer
85. Arrived: James W. Gaff,
Memphis, and laid np. The new De
soto is at tbe landing, ready to leava
for Memphis tomorrow.
Ornri Signal Slavics, TJ. 8. A.,
MKnrnis,;Augii8t 10, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis tuns:
Ab've Low
Water. Change.
I Rise Fall -Feet.
lOtbs lOths lOthj
Cairo 11 7 6
Chattanooga ... 6 4 3
Cincinnati 9 4 9
Davenport 1 3
Dubuque 2 2 1
Fort Smith 13 7 ,"
Keokuk 1 4 ' '
Helena 10 1 ;.
La Crosse 2 5
Leavenworth... 9 7 4
Little Rock 10 7 7 ......
Louisville 5 6 2 V-
Memphls 8 tt 2
Nashville 6 7 18
New Orleans... 3 8 L ,
Omaha 0 12
Pittsburg 1 1
St. Ixniis 7 6 1
St. Paul 2 2 2
Shreveport 7 1
Viekshurg 10 7 3
llnuicrr l.loe-Foet and tanthi of a foot
abova loro ul gauga:
Cairo, 40 foet.
Cincinnati, Ml.
La Cropao, 4.
bittla Rook, 113.
Nhvillo. 40.
Omaha, In.
Ht. Louia, 31.
Sbraveport, 2D.
Chattanooga. 33 (eat.
Davenport, in.
fort Smith, H.
Helena, .
Leavenor(h, 3P
Louiaville, i5.
New Orleana, 13.2.
Ht. Paul, 7.
Virkaburg, 41.
Yankton, 24.
Heiiiphl& Cincinnati P'k't (.
Bxouralou r it oaaii
Miiy lat.
The Klernol
tit laiuara
Buckeye State, Ohio A J.ih. W. (. id
arThl Company will aoll ROUND Ti ll
TIUKKTt I'roiu Memi'lii. to Loiii-r l a
Cincinnati, and nil ha.iloru v.lt'
greatly HaduoeU Ratea.
Tlskata Inoluda MoaI and Sti't
Return tieketa good on any hont n tbe Hi
Each boat oarriea a Vine n ring li.i.io.
Mondays and Tbnrsdajx ai " I'
For Information inquire of C. ll Hi !
8KLL, Agent, 12 Madimm atnet, '. i a 1.
Tenn. H W wi-K, Snr'i
for ouuo avd sr. i.ori'
HI. I.onla mirt Naiar Orleans in'tn.i
Llno-V.N. Man CAIRO X tit. L)lli,.
Belle Memphis, t&Zr
Oeo. Raker maatar.$Si)w
Will laav U.e Klevabor THIS UAi, Aug.
11th, at 10 p. in. For might or t-n-nga 1 poll
C. L. IIai.i., Fa A'gt. AfBt(lHM.-i p't.
Nl. I-otue anil New 4rlrnna Anchor
Llae-t'.N. Maill-KOH MBW ORLKAMd
Cityof Baton Rouge ?Sif
R.J. Whltladga ..tnaatar, toltiarTJ
Will leara tha Klavator THIS DAY, Aug.
11th, at 10 a.m. For freight or raidnae apply
C. li. llan.Kaa. Art. AI)8T(IKM. Hup't.
For Oioeola, llalea Point, Oarutharayllla,
(Jayoio ana Tlpionvllle The new iteamer
W. P. Hall mauler ll. I). JMIohll...olrg
Will leara aa abova, and all war pom la.
ft-KUK'tilN.Vrlnra I'IUI annl Me-nMiUlf
nii.l Jar"iIr liu-Krl . ,-niinny.
Ior Helena, (llendula. Krinra Point al)
Wf Landlnca Htaamar t j
TamcM lift', SiidSat'
1. It. I'oorar, mailer....J.W.bniiirieri.olr
-l lav nt a;-. on evary M'JWiaY,
W Kti H KD ) AY and KM .DAY, at 6 o'clock.
fi.r Kaodoliili. fnltnv, o.nnoU and May
LMHiUia titeiiiner
K. T. Clnirotl...iniiii(er I 1'liitt Rlmdna ...olerk
nnd FRIDAY at " P-iu. Theb'iUaol thla
lineroKorvo the right to ni nil landinga
tho 0 iptuin iiuiy doeoi tmimln. (ilHi-e, No.d
MinltBon .(. -It M Hi I.KK. .In Snp't.
MoinihlH& White Klver TktX'o
For Clnrvniluii, llevnlln Hluir,, lla
Arc, AuiiuMa. Seiiroy, Nowpurl, Jaokaon
port, lluln.villo nnd nil Way Lanilinu.
niii. riiii'iiAN.tw, rr -
V: 0. PoaUl immler, "
Will leave KVUKY WEDNESDAY at&p.ia.
ni ii. ai.iikkta" NO 8, ,
AMiArt n.Kuilih ma.terj.
U'ill l.i. kvKHv HAII1KDAV at li.ia.
X hrough raloa given to all pointa. Freight
conaigned to the Memphis and White Rj'r
forwarded promptly. For general inlorma-
rucKiit Uo., al Moinpnia or lorrone, win ue
tion apply at office, No 3 Mudiann at., orti
Cull TelephonaM. H. ' I.11WK. Aa-'t
Freddie Robinson,
For Helena, Terrene, De Valla Blufl. Dea Am,
Auitujta, Kearcy. Newport and Bateirilla.
Will leave aa above SATURDAY at 6 p. a.
Through rai
aigned to Mi
ilt Barry Line,
tea to ail ooini. treiau' pup-
, jnempnia, win ee
promptly forwarded.
lepkona 1H2.
Ths Ht. Francis River TransportaUoi
Co.'i Fine blde-W heelC. 8. Mali BUamel
, V.ti Irak ail Sr. r
0. K. Joplln....J..j:.
at 0 Velook, for Marlatna, the Oot-Of. l
Tiiuiua s
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landlnga kedaema nnaafe. JAB. LIS, Jr..
Pnoeflntnd" Office. Wf). 4 Madlaon al.
Mempbls and Tlcksbarg Packet Con
paDjr U.S. Mall LIne. -
For Helena, Coneordia, Terrene and Arkaa.
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H. R. Chek...maatr I W. O. Dlanker...olerl
Leavee Mempbli
p.m., roaerving the right to paal all landlngl
the captain may deem unaafe. For ganerel
Information apply at office. No, 4 Madlaes
atreet,, U, W ALiWymn. Ageni.
(OlrT CARTt. P.aa'r Aeent. Telephone S.
Arkansas lliYcr Pk't Co,
Str. R. L COBB, tS"
E. B. 8mlth....raaater. fc,eW
Leavea Mem! bia Kvery tUBSDA VT P.
nm.... No. Madlaon at. Telephone No.
WANTED iMrtlf.
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To JLevee Contractors.
A BOUTone million avehundred. .""'"
A. eubie yarda of revee work la th Voo
aiMiaelppl Delta. (Upper . Lew Butf.ial
"iU "t lit early la September. Due notioe
I be given by adrertiaement or the fate of
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