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Lord Salisbury's Speech at the Lord
Mgjor'n Baoqaet General
Foreign News.
Dublin, AogiiBt 12 The Iriih Timet
(CoEservative) statts tbat it is reliably
informed that Lord Randolph
Churchill in engaged in drafting a bill
intended to solve the Irish problem.
The skeleton of the measure ia already
done, the paper says, and it provides
for universal local salf government
throughout Greet Britain and Ireland,
giving Irelaud, Eagland, Scotland and
Wales control each of its own imma
diate affairs, leaving the supreme
power of the Io-pnnal Parliarrent un
diminished. Toe bill is described as
a measnre which opens tbe door to
imperial federation. The full text of
the bill, the Irith Timet tays, will net
be completed before next February.
"Bat," adds the paper, "so far as it
has gone it has been submitted to the
Marqu's of Salisbury, the Marquis of
Hartington and others and is broad
enough to eatitfy all moderate Irish
At the lard Mayor's Banquet on
the Irish uesllon.
London, August 12. A banquet was
f'ven by the Lord Mayor last evening,
he usual lnral toasts were proposed
and responded to. Lord Salisbury,
who wai heart ly cheered on rising,
congratulat. d those present on the re
sult of the eleciicns He regretted
that there btill remained a subject for
panful meditation. "Every day
news," he slid, ' reminds us that Ire
land is not yt inhabited by a con
cordant and homogeneous people. It
is too early to enter into detiils, but it
is the duty of eve-y government to
devote its whole energies to freeing
the lojal people of Ireland from the
constraint exurcised upon tbem
whether in the form of riot or the
more dangerous insidious and effect
ive form cf outrage and intimida
tion. While admitting the great
difficulty and responsibility of tho
tank which are so great that previ
ous governments equally anxious
with onraetveB oniy succeeueq
temDorarilv and to an imperfect ex
tent. We pes ess an advantage over
our predecessors which wa hope to
turn to good one. We bear a mandate
from the people deciding finally end,
in my opinion, irrevocably the ques
tion whic h bai wrecked the peace of
Ireland. Chrers. The question of
an independent government in Ire
land after deep discussion and advo
cacy bv the moit piweiful statesman
this coun rv has ever teen has been
rejected emphatically and unequivoca-
bly by an immense majority ci tne
leonle 01 the KuiKUora. Liruacneers.j
t is not unwortt y to remark that most
of tbe voices in livor ot separation
have been ob'ained by the personal
upon other cor s derations apart from
tbe merits of ihe question 1 Deneve
that our opponents will eventu
ally admit tbat this is England's
final dec'sion, armed with which
it is our duly to restore in
Ireland that social order the loss of
which is trie only lust cause of its uis
content. 1 am c mvinced that in such
a policy we rjliall find the strongest
support m tue enormous population
of wnicn you are true represents
Proclaimed War A'Ontrance.
Dublin, August 12. United Ireland
Bays that Lor.i Salisbury in his epech
at the L rd Mayor's banquet in Lon
don last nigr.t proclaimed war
A'Outrance. The burden of his speech
is twenty yeera of manacles for the
Irish". "Ve.v cood." says United Ire
land, "our rare ;s sccuttomed to resist
tyranny. War let it be, in the name
of God." m
Tbe Violet Cameron Bcandal.
London," August 12. Violet Cam
eron, the actrets, yesterday asked the
court to is ue au order restraining her
husband, David Dabensarde, f om
molesting her pending the result of
her petit. on for divorce. She alleged
that he threatened to shoot and stab
her. Mr. De'iensarde denied his
wife's al eganons, and the Court re
fused her pitition. Mr. Debensarde
then announced an intention to peti
tion for a divorca from Vio et Cameron
on the ground that she lias been
guilty of adul'ery with Lord Loneda'e.
who is trave ing with her ss financial
agent of her ti eatrical company Mr.
Debensa'd wil ask to be awarded the
custody of Mi a (Jmneron's only child.
Tbe Situation at Beirut. .
Belfast, August 12. Groups of
idlers continue to hang about. It ia
still necessary to retain the troops.
Inspec or Reed will remain in com
mand of the constabulary until after
the Catholic festival on the 15th in
stant. Tbe nlgbt was qnlet, except a slight
amount of firing in the Grosvenor toad
district, which did not result in barm
to anyone. Tbn P' lice have made
several searches f r arms, but witbont
access. The fo ty wounded pers ms
in the R y 1 H spiUl are making good
progress toward recovery.
A heavy rain is falling, preventing
crowds from gdiherinu. The Northern
Whig (Pro'eatanr) rebukes the Key.
Dr. Kane for his remarks in relation
to the scion the Orangemen would
take if the ponce were not disarmed,
Creditable inf rmation places tbe
number of persona killed during the
.riot j in Be last at thirty. Tne num
ber of wounded is enormous, and will
probably never be anown exactly.
England's Latest a-and Grab.
London, August 12 England has
proclaimed a protectorate ovr tbe
Ellice Islands in the South Pacific
A onnment to IJsst.
Birlin, August 12 The citisens of
Huogary will ere t a monument to tbe
memory of Abbe Liszt at Raiding, his
birthpl-c. ,
The Duke of Baxe-Weimer proposes
to establish a Li it fund for the pro
motion of music tn Germany.
German Mine owners.
DmsaXDOBF, Angn-tl2. The trien
nial con ernc of German mine own
ers will meet on September 1st and
last nntil the 5th. The meeting will
be of nnuanal importance in view of
the crisis in the iron trade The jour
nal StaM und Eiten, discussiDg the En
glish rivary to ihe home producers,
says: Hi a competition involving
life or death, and appea's to German
n. . mmnliii (a tint arA.nt K n-
glish tenders for metal to the prejudice
Of the Uerman inqgtnrv.
Canadian Cotton annfaetaren.
Montreal, Augnst 12 Tbe cotton
.ml cinrfrn nt the Dominion, who
have been in e ss on be e for the pas
few d..ys, c noiudtd their labors lust
night. Toe advance of prices proposed
i from 5 to 10 per cent, and this in
well arranged mills will yield from 5
ti 7 pet cent, to the shareholders.
Tbe advance by the manufacturers
will not amount to more tnan ua;i a
cent a yard ti the user, and ss each
user, on a average, takes seventy yards
per annum, it will only amount to
10 cents more per annum for each in
dividual. Tbe constitution cf the new
Dominion Association was discussed
yesterday and adopted. At the final
mee'ing la?-t night A. F. Cault, of
Montreal, was elected president, the
president last erenicg received a tele
gram from Mr. Gibson, of Marysville,
N. B., expressing his full accord with
the objects of tbe association. As bis
mill was the only one unrepresented
t the meeting, this niade the unanim
ity complete.
Interference of Peers In Eleetlons
London, August 12. Mr. Bradlaugh
will ask a decision of the House of
Commons on the 19th instant on tbe
sessional order declaring that the in
terference of peers in elections cons'i
tutes a high infringement of the lib
erties and privileges of the Commons.
He will instance ittfrfeience by the
Duke of Westminster, the Earl of
Leicester, Lord Montague, the Duke
of Norfolk and the Duku of Argyle,
respectively in Chester, Norfolk.
Bucks, Islington and Argyllshire, and
will move that the order, if obsolete
be abandoned, otherwise that it be en
forced. The Radicals will support Mr
Bradlaugh, k
Thomas Bradj's Promotion.
. Duulin, August '12. Tlfe Westpnrt
Poor Law Guardians have f .-rma'ly
congratulated Thomas Brady, Inspec
tor of Irish Fi'heries, on his accession
to the honor of Knighthood conferred
upon him far th wisdom of his man
agement of the New York Sun't fund
for the starving fishermen along the
west coast of Ireland. The Guardians,
commentiog on tho action of the Earl
of Aberdeen in secu 'ing for the Inspec
tor his present distinction, say: "It
is one of the many aits performed by
the Earl of Aberdeen which show that
he is in accord with Irish as.)irationB."
Louise Michel Sentenced.
Paris, August 12. Louise Michel
was today sentenced at theCity Assize
to Tour months' imprisonment and a
fine ot 100 francs (or sediiious lan
guage and inciting to murder during
the rioting at Douazsville on last May.
Gufslea Lafarqne and Sudne were
sentenced to four and six months' im
prisonment. The Cholera Record.
Rome, August 12. Today'd cholera
returns: Barlctta, 91 new cases; 50
deaths. Padua, 10 new cases; 3 deaths.
Ptscantina, 8 new case; 3 deaths.
Bologna, 6 new cses; 8 deaths. Ra
venna, 37 new rases; 11 dea'hs. Else
where, E8 new cases; 12 deaths.
Won by the Canadians.
London, August 12. Canadian ar
tillerymen today won both the Lon
donderry Challenge cup and tbe Mar-
- r r j ' i u-
test at Sboeburynets.
China and the Vatican.
Rome, August 12. Mgr. Agliardi,
recently appointed Papal Nuncio at
Pekin, has been summoned to the
Vaticaa to receive, b-f ire proceeding
to China, instruc'ions de'ermining the
nature of the relations between the
Nuncio and foreign diplomats at the
Chineee capital.
Antl-JewiNh Blots In Rnssla.
London, August 12. Anti-Jewish
riots have occurred in the Province of
Kieffr. Russia. - Tbe houses of many
Jews were wrecked.
Tbe Bennett-Held Libel Case.
London, August 12. The arguments
in the case of tbe appeal cf James
Gordon Bennett from the award
against bim of $25,000 in favor of Cy
rus W. Field, for libel, were concluded
todatf. Judgment was reserved, and
pending its pronouncement execution
of the award wat stayed.
Parnell rnne NhootluK on Wick
low Mouutaln.
Dublin, Aguit 12. Mr. Psrnell,
with Mr. Timothy Harrington and
other friend, is grouse shooting in
one of the Wick'ow mountains, wtiicb.
Mr. Parnell leases.
Weapons Helsed In Ireland.
Dublin. Auent-t 12. While the po
lice of the t iwns in the vicinity of
Kulurglin were engaged in keeping
the peace at fair in that town yes
terday a gang of men scoured the Mid
kerrv country for arms. They were
successful in their search and made
away with a lirge number of weapons,
including rifles. They also seized a
quantity of ammunition.
Rioting- In Londonderry.
Londonderry, August 12. The Or
angemen wee attacked while they
were paradiDg on tbe famous Prome
nade made by tbe old town wall.
Here they were openly and savagely
stoned by a mob. Daring the melee
the Rev. Thomas Olphert, canon of
the Episcopal Cathedral, and several
cttizeos were wounded. Tbe excite
ment is reach'nv a dangerous bight.
Tbe American Kahlbltlon la Lon
don. New Yobk, August 12. At the
Brunswick Hotel, yesterday, a meet
ing ot tbe Board of Directors of the
American Exnibiti m in London was
held. It was shown that the work of
preparation is going on briskly in all
directions, and mny valuable exhibits
are being offered. The Governors of
twenty-one States have appointed
commissioners to represent the States
at the exhibition. Dr. Norvin Green
said tbat he thorrght that the exhibi
tion was one in the success of which
every American should take a pride ;
that the success of the exhibition as
an exhibition should be the first con
s deration of the directors, and tbe
financial success of the undertaking
secondary. "But," he added, "tbe
one is pret'y sure to follow the other."
Mr.Whisley, of London, said tbat all
the plans for the buildings and grounds
had been completed, and 'as soon as
they had been approved tbe work
would be vigorously push ad to com
pletion. Ancient Order of Drnlds.
Chicago, III., August 12. The Na
tional Grand Grove of the United
Ancient Order of Druids appointed
the following officers today: M. N.
G. A., Nicholss Berge, of St. Louis;
R W. D. G. A., Adm Weber, of Day
ton. O. ; Grind fiecMary, M. Freden
thai, of Albany, N. Y.; Grand Treas
urer, Philip Knchwine, of Indianap
olis; Grand Herald, riamnel C. Harris,
of Albany, N. Y. ; Grand Sentinel. W.
O. Tyler, of Richmond, Va.; Grand
Guardian, Cna-les Weber, of St. Paul ;
Trustees, Hnry Z egenheim, of ft.
Lnnisr John O. Merer, of Chicago, and
John'O. Dick, if Milwaukee. Tbe
next biennial session of the Grana
G'ove will be held in St. Paul in
Death or Senator Plumb's Bother.
Vunncn Via 4 inrimt 19 The
" I "1 V.r - ' - T,, ,
mother of Uni ed Kta es Senator Plnmn
died last evening at 6 o clock, agei id
cankers' comnioj,
last dat ot ihe session at
Logan C. Murray, of New York,
Elected President Judge Lowell
on tbe Bankrupt Law.
Boston, Mass., August 12. Not
withstanding tbe extreme heat Horti
cultural Hall was well filled with del
egates when the second day's session
of tbe annaal convention of the Na
tional Association of American Bank
ers was called to order at 10 o'clock by
President Gage.
Toe Executive Council reported in
favor of amending the constitution of
the a'soiation to provide for the es
ttbliBhment of an office cf first vice
president; the selection of one vice
president from each Stato and Territ
ry represented, and an executive coun
cil of twenty-one members, none of
which officers shall be eligible to serve
more than three consecutive years.
This amendment was accepted by
the convention, after which the Com
mittee on Nominations reputed a full
list of officers, all of whom were
elected, including Logan 0. Murray,
of New York, as president.
Immediately after the election of
officers President Gage made a brief
address and called the new President
to the chair.
President Murray addressed the
convention briefly " and then intro
duced Judge John Li well, of Massa
chusetts, who re id a paper on "Bank
ruptcy Legislation." Judge Lowell
said that he had no doubt tbat there
wes a general demand on tbe part of
basinets men for a uniform bank
ruptcy law. Some cf the States, in
cluding Massachusetts, had excellent
bankruptcy laws, but these State laws
were absolutely local, and the laws of
cne State do not rover essential cases
in other States. Even the Massechu
setts bankruptcy law bad numerous
defects, but it answered fairly well for
local purposes. Judge Lowell sug
gested a bill which would pro
vide that a sa'aried supervising
officer be appointed under the govern
ment to supervise all bankruptcy
casr8, jubtes the Insurance Commis
sioner serves. The commissioner pro
vided for in the recent bankruptcy
law before Congress should be salaried
and should have executive functions
t gather with the supervising officer.
It was not reasonable to expect a
Jude to sit upon bankruptcy cases
and examine exparta into tbem and
not become a partisan one way or tbe
other. This was an executive func
tion, and shruld not and could not be
exercised justly by a Judge. The
Judge should not be expected to do
justice in such caes unless actually
heard by him. Bankruptcy cases
should be supervised by officers paid
for so doing. In conclusion, be advo
cated the bill recently introduced into
Congress providing for a Bankruptcy
Commission, be ittving the supervising
officer be hid suggested should be in
cluded in the commission. States
might pass similar bankruptcy laws
and thus overcome niaoy of the diffi
culties of the situaMon, but even tbat
might leave otber dirliculiies, and na
tional legislation would teem a wise
and a betier course.
At the conclusion of Judge Lowell's
paper a communication was read from
C. N. Jordan, Treasurer of the United
States, which showed that the number
of silver dallsrs coined to June 30,
1886, was $233,723,230, estimated value
of the subsidiary silver $70,000,000, a
to'al of $303,723,286. The value of
the silver in the standard lollsr of to
day (August 10th) is 71.21, while sub
sidiary silver is valued at 66.61. Ex
clusive of abrasion the present velue
of the silver coinage is $213, ( 01,352.
It costs to maintain this circulation
$14 42 per $1000.
George Hunue. crsneral manager ol
the Merchants' Bauk of Montreal, read
a paper on the system of branch bank
ing in Canada.
The Executive Council submitted
the following report:
Whereas, Ihe American bankers
Association, embracing men of every
political, as well as those who acknowl-
Hn .o.ln Akli.n(!nn.i I Vi fl 1, in
all its conventions carefully avoided
all mere paity and political qus lor.s;
reDresenting. as it does, tbe business
public as well ss the customers and
stockholders of banks, it again gives
warning ot Impend rg danger to tne
whole country in tbe continued coin
age of silver dollars under tbe act of
1878. While we fully recognize the
fact that both silver and gold are re
quired as tbe money of the lend, we
believe that neither should be coined
in such rates that the other shall he
driven out of general use. We re
pudiate tbe idea so often maintained
that banks and bankers oppose tbe
continued coinage af silver dollars on
account of self interest; bur. on the
contrary, we assort tbat they have no
special interest in one kind of coin
more than another, as long as each
discharges its legitimate purpose ss
money. We believe all persons hav
ing limited means, and particularly
earners of wages, will most largely suf
fer when the threatened evils shall
come. We therefore earnestly appeal
to all boards of trade, chambers of
commerce and civil and political asso
ciations of every kind to make persist
ent efforts to secure arepeal of the law
or suspension of the coinsge of such
silver dollars.
Tbe report was adopted unani
mously. An additional resolution was adopt
ed reaffirming the resolutions adopted
by the convent on last year, and
further providing that it be strongly
urged that the coinage of silver be bus
nended. and tbat if it continued ef
forts be made to secure an internation
al uniform basis of value between au
var and sold. '
The resolutions offered yesterday in'
behalf of Mr. Horton, ot Ohio, were
adopted, and a committee appointed
to take the matter in charge.
Ex-Gov. Hoyt had been expected
to read a paper this morning, but was
to ill to be present, and his paper was
referred to the Executive Committee
without being read.
Tbe following resolution which was
adopted last year, with slight changes,
was re enacted :
Resolved, That the Executive is here
bv authorized and requested to con
tinue such steps ss are found neces
rary bv memorial or otherwise, in be
half of the association, ti procure such
legislation as in tbe future will secure
the return of fugitives from justice
wbo may be at large on account of de
fects in the exisring treatieu.
The Executive Council organized
with John J. Knox, of New York, as
chairman. '
Various votes of thanks were adopted,
embracing those for hospitalities re
ceived, courtesies extended and to tbe
nrM for its liberal treatment.
The convention then adjourned sine
Dr. Carver's Trophies Sold by the
Naw Yobk, Anguat 12 Under a
suit to recover money advanced, in
which Dr. Carver, the crack shot of
tbe world, was de'endsnt, John F. B.
Smvthe, as SI e ifl'a auctknee-, so'd
yes'erday thirteen guns, a magnificent
gold wauh ia the sh pjof a dog, a
present from tbe Prince of Wales, and
a diamond ring, the present from the
Emperor of Germany. The gold
wtch broughtOO, the diamond riug
$300, and the guns, which are of excel
lent make, brought $1 It 0.
The First Sign
Of falling health, whether In the form ol
Night Sweats and Nervousness, or In a
sense ot General Weariness and Lots ot
Appetite, should suggest ine use of Ayert
Sarsaparllla. This preparation Is moat
effective for giving tone and atrengtb
to the enfeebled system, promot;ng the
digestion and asalmilatlon of food, restor
ing the nervous forces to their norma)
condition, and for purifying, enriching,
and vitalizing the blood.
Failing Health.
Ten years ago my henlth bocan to faQ,
I was troubled with a distressing Cough,
Night Sweats, Weakness, and Nervous,
ness. I tried vnrloua remedies prescribed
by different physicians, but became, so
weak that I could not go up stairs with
out stopping to rest. 11 y friends recom
mended mo to try Ayer's Snrsniiarllla,
' which 1 did, and I run now as henlthy and
strong as ever. Mrs. E. L. Wllllauia,
Alexandria, Minn.
I have used Aver's Sarsapnrllln, tn my
famtly, for Scrofula, end know, If It s
taken faithfully, that It will thoroughly
eradicate this terrible disease. 1 Imve alio
prescribed it as a tonic, ss well m an alter
ative, and must say that I honestlv believe
It to be tho best blood medicine ever
compounded. W. F. Fowler, 1). D. S.,
M. P., Greeuvlllo, Tenn.
Dyspepsia Cured.
It would be Impossible for nie to de
crlbe what I tutfered from Indigestion
and Ilondaehe up to tho time I began
taking Ayer's Sarsaparllla. 1 was under
the care of various physicians and tried
s great many kinds of medicines, but
never obtained nioro than ten porary re
lief. After taking Ayer's Sarsnpniilla for
a short time, my headache disappeared,
and my stomach performed I' 3 duties more
perfectly. To-day mv health is com.
pletelv restored. Mary Uarley, Spring
field, Mass.
I have been greatly benefited by the
prompt use of Ayer's Sarsaparllla. it
tones and Invigorates tho system, regulates
the action of the digestive and assimilative
organs, and vitalizes the blond. It Is.
without doubt, the most reliable blood
purifier yet discovered. IT. D. Johnson,
Ss3 Atlantic avc, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
by Dr. 3. C. Ayer fc Co., Lowoll, Hua.
Price ! 1 sir bottles, S.
Tulane University of Louisiana.
IForuierly, 1847-1834, the University of
1 .nni.innit 1
ITS advantages for praotloal instruction In
diseases ot the Southwest are unrivaled,
as the law secures it luiiorahunilant materi
als from the great Charity Uospital with its
Vl 10 beds, and 20,01)0 patients annually. Mu
dent have do hnsp tal-l'ees to pay and sie-
oial inntrtiotion i
is daily given at, tne neusme
ol the nek, as In no other institution.
D...r u l' rm ill. I. K. M. II.. Dean.
P. 0. Drawer W1. New Orleans. La.
Is an aqaeons solution ol tbe sol
able matter in a mineral earth
found In Choctaw county, Ala.,
near the famous llladon mineral
springs. This earth had great lo
cal celebrity as " Kogers' Earth,"
from the name of the dlacOvcrer
of ihe bed or mine, now owned by
the Acid Iron Earth Company, of
mobile, Ala.
For Dypepla,all derangements
of Ihe Ulgeatire Organ and tho
Liver, Skin Diseases, Cuts, Burns,
Scalds and Bruises. ACID IKON
EAKTI1 Is a specific. Hbeuina
Usm and other chronlo disease)
yield to Its curative power with
oat fall.
Entirely trea from Aleohol or any drug what-
evsr, ACID IR0I EARTH fully deserves Ue
words ambraaad In Its tradamarE, "AATUari
pWI REMEDY." let Iras pamphlet, to be
bad trail Druggists.
At Wholeeole by Van Vleet 1Co.
PETERSBURG, VA. The ' Twenty-teooB
ST Apnual Session of this School tor Boy
begins ths flrst Mandarin October. Thor-
ougn prepurmuonB iu, .v. v .
finis, le.dlna Engineering Schools and
Tlnited States Military snif Naval ;
mlesi Highly renommenoea uj v.
University of Virginia.; full staff ef instrsot
orsi situation healthful. Early application
.jJl.j .nki, nfhnarde-a is strictly
limited.' JorefrUWMr . .
w. wminjfl mcuAPn.
It Is
certain tiiat
2 "tlio B.oonn" shoe
O wffl prove satisfactory to
CO mry gentleman wbe wits i s
, perfect article. We are rutting- Into lb.
naniaotu of tts abor U result ef 80
Z rear exporlonce and sturty. of wtat v: .l
5mnr ve comfort aad -ar
Z faithfully. Try lira,
Cvut frr-.-ilc.as
dou-or nas
Virginia Military Institute,
fB In fall end sneeessful operation and sup-
JL plies Its onlarged eonrss of antsaaua
Instruction at a eoet mooh below that of in
ititutioni of liko grade in this eouniry. for
"manM ""WITH. Superintendent.
Memphis Female Seminary
atnn s mm a V TIH'HER. Principal
Bent educational artvantasos afforded to pu
pils. Location 87 Linden street.
23. J". SBlMCTtXEJS cfe CO
T. H SIMS, I'reVI, UEO. AKNOE.lt, V -Fres't. W. 11. KENKEDAY, Nee'y.
19 Country 81 ores, liwellliiKH himI OIoIiouhoh a Specially.
ftarL6NNi Adjusted Promptly, nntl lell at Memphis,
Bil l IM 1 ft
Steam Endues, Boilers and Tank Work, Cotton IJins, Cotto:
Tresses, Hood Pulleys, Shafting, Agricultural
and Plantation Work,
Corn oricl tSorw JVCills.
arW have the LARUKST WORKS of the kind in the United States, and will meet
liiicet forsauio quality of work. Pond for Catalogue, I'rioo-Lints
and 'l'cs'.lniontals.-
Sfemnliis. - -- -- -- - T iiu?nee.
B. S.
Yl olesale Grocers
Nos. II 1-2 and 13 Union
L. D. MULL1NS, ot lata J. R. (lodwln A Co.
Cotton Factors & Commission ierchanh
No. 1 lfoward'ft Row, (lor.
Iron and
" - .i
EiiKlnra, jT
fJrlat- Kills'
rroDta a
Kvpalrs. ' S;ju.i-aK'
' i i n
(Sum-eiimra In this lopnrtment to JOIIM MAN0UUE.)
a-Wrtte n for Infcmintlnn on ANY THINU tn either line.
BETH FLciassical and
In a eonntry noted for beauty and health. 0oure of ftudy, 111 hranehu, iunaMed in thor
ouhnei by no academy in the Booth. Medical and Law Couraae i roparalury to tbo llnl
voriity of Virginia. Hoard, tuition, medical attendance, half lemiion, I'.fi. No eatraa.
Ad'lrrmi Mn)r A. H KM I TIT. llclhl Acinli-mvP (I . Knimu'er cnnnty. V a
ratal to thois who dailrs to try It. psclal
leaaisi sr nesirou,
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Molding, Lumber,
.Lath and Shingles, Flooring, "aJ" M,
W. A, KMITH, Pranrlsior .
m niv W. H.HORTOl,
LaU of . Day A Sod. LaU of Moaoham
360-362 Front Street Memnnis xenn. ...
and Cotton Factors
Street, Memphis, Tenn.
JAB. Y0NUK, late ot J. W. Caldwell k (h
Front, and Union. Mfmphln.
KJflto 174 Adams St., Memidilr-
Baa Iron,
Bitllur Ira
'w . l , r'
on, llaai
Hh Iron
laHiCiitH tl V 11 1
kr- fr S,
DEPT, 5'-'(J and im Second St.
Military AC AD EM
Chickasaw Ircnworkr
08 Second St. Momphli, Tenn
' iikIiih, HoUrm, NawiiiIUm,
IIrallrl om ami Wheal Mill ,
Cotton Vretm, Cotton
Nhnninir, lnlley, .
HPKt'lAL. WOTH'K-We are prepared to 611 orderi
on enor notioa, for tha eels. raUd Mwlarl Pawn
Hrnniiln Pnlley. We earry In itooa over
Two Uundred Amortad -irt, .
ar Hand for Oataloane and Prlea-llat.
Hatos to all n.lnta on Hnllrond
. .rn cfra-aT s, rtn
moraoTtrRii or
W. A. Nmith's Pat. Separator.
Eavle Eclipse Holler (Una,
ruin 10-Inch (Jin, and
u.i.. .1 Vutnrt. AIOO and BIIO.
mw All klnda of Glna Bepalrsd. Special
Diioountto ths Treie.-
t. W, RAIEiRT,
LaU of Bailey A Covlnatol
4 UortoB.
WILL bs opened Jans lit. Tbli note4
waUrlns-plaes ia titaated liz milei
iron tna Furnace, on the Naihville and
Tuacaloona railroad, in Uirkman connty
Tenn. Hack will mast all train! at JCtna
and will oonvey gasata to aprinn at a vary
low rale.
Board, tlo Per Mnnlhi Per Dayi
Mperlal Rate lo Pamllles.
We invite all wbo with to apend the moat
Ileaaant iieaion of their livea to come to
leaverdam, enpecially aeekera of pleaanrs
and health. Quod water and pars sir in
. Mverimen, Centrevtlle, Tenn.
K. A. DKA.N, I'rop'r Centrevjille liotel.
" Kockbridae Co., Va. iiifh op in ths
Virginia mountains. Pictureiquaiurronnd
lna,,eitniveand beautllully ihaded lawn.
Uaa, eleclrio belli, and all modern improve
ment. Two daily in" ill, pout, telearaphand
eiprena office) on the prciiilcea. Table ths
very belt. Lunuriou.ly furnihed rooinit
ui erh hand of uiu.ic. Send for illuitratei
raniphlet. Charge moderate. Open for vi
ton, June l.ith. H'.ifrr.: Alum, CAoioeaM
end r.(,m H T Wll '' ' SON.IMan'rr.
Among tli Northern Lake-:, .
of Wlionniln, Minneiota and Iowa, are hane
dredi of delightlul placet where one can paat
thatuinmer innntha in qaiet reit indenjciv.
ment, and return home at the end of ths
heated term completely rejuvenated. Kaon
reeurrins aeaion brinra to Uoonomowoe,
Waukeiha, lleaver Ohio, Krontenac, Uko
boji, Minnetonka, Wbilo Rear, and innu
merable other charmina Inculitlei with ro
mantic name, thouiandi of our belt pecnls
whois winter hoiuei are on either Bide of Ma
Ion and Dixon'a line, tleitnnce and com
fort, at s moderate eoit, can be nadiiy ob
tained. A Hit ot iu miner honief, with all
neoeaiary informa ion pertaining thereto, ig
being distributed by the Chioauo, N u.wao
lia and tT. Paul Railway, and will heient
free upon aiplicali n by letter to A. V. 11.
Carpenter, (ianeral Panaei ger Agent, Mil
waukee. Wii.
White Cliff Mineral Springs,
Monroe t'onnly, Teaneaee.
SITUATKUon top of t'kilhowea Mountain
31HM feet abovo loa Irvol. Hood water,
pure atmoaphere, maaniflceiit loenery ana
comfortable aocommoda lone, llaily line o!
tagei and daily mail Irom Atheni, Tenn.,
over a good road) diitance tixteen milea.
Telegraph olllce in hotel, oonnocting with
other llnoa at Athens. T.nnl reaaonabls
and aoial ratea tor familioa. For ctco
Un, iiivlng annlyiii of waten, etc., addreu
proprietor, T. A. MAH1LL,
Whito Cliff Hpringi, Tenn.
Crab Orcliard Springs,
LINCOLN COUNTY. K Y. The excellence
of the cuUlne, and a'coinmodationi char-a-lrriflio
ol (bin hotel during the pat three
veare, ahnll he fully malr.tained this iaon.
excursion ticketa to tho Sprlngi by the L.
and N. Itailway are good via Luuisvillo. both
going and returninu. to proceed on tlrt train
iticreediiu arrival in Louisville.
W T. Hit ANT. I'ro.'t. ,M'. KTNil.Sup't.
817 an.i 8io ST LDU S
" " "1 V ' ,-tJllBgrUl ItvA.
MAirrTArrniiana ot
wood-working MACHINERY
UNDKH and by virtuo of two certain trust
deedi exe-uled to me aa trustee, duly
recor-ieu in uooa no. iu. paaeiui, ami uooa
M ti hi. r i i. - n..
gister ollioe i(
dhelliv county, Tenn., dofnult having been
made therein, I will, aa luch trustee, on
Momliiy. Angiim MO, IstHfl
during legal hours, on the aoulhwest corner
of Main and Madlaon rtreeta, in the city of
Memphis, Tenn., as auch t uttee, sell at
public auction, to tho liiuhest bidder, for
cash, a certain lot of land, situated in ths
city of Memphis, tiholhy county, Tenn., be
ginning on the norlh side of Mpring atreet
at the southeast oorner of lot No. 10 of ths
subdivision ol land formerly owned by Dr.
Duillev nunn. and running tiienco westward
with Knrlne street IU) loet: thence northward
IKI feet to the south line ol lot No. 7 of said
subdivision; thence eastward with the aauts
line of said lot No. 7 sixty leet to tbe west
line of lot No. lit thence southward with
Ihe west line of said lot II ninety feet to the
beginning. Kquity of redemption waived)
title believed to he good, but I will aell only
aa trustee. July 2H, IHi.
II. IIKNWUtlKr-, Trustee. i
Cream Hal in
(lives As lof at
once and Curee
r. . i
('ATA K till,
lly Fever,
or Powdar. Frei
from I n J u r 1 o a i
Drugs and Offen
give odora.
A nartlole la a mil led Into each noilrll and
II agreeania. fries ou eenia ai vraiauui
By mall, registered
.ii 1 , 0;..nl.r. frmm
DruggUn, Owego, N. I .
"London" Trouser Stretcher
Villi 1 7 Patented In Kurone and Unl
ijUj ItedHtatea. Hole AsrenU la
John Hamilton A Co. btretoh-
Ir. lakaa nagiaissaT w
in era restores uantaloona to
original ihapa. Only patenteil
Stretoher oombinlni lorew rod
lin M.l,lnBllMn elth nlmns.
All others IntrlnremenU.
Original and only slreletoer
txVreig ferely packed. Price K W. Writs
lot elroulars. Aaonts wanted in every oily.
tj w. Niwmma '.. nioa.was
Traitre's Kale.
TTNDKR and by virtue of a certain dead
or trust exeou'cn o mv,
wherein default has been made, du'v re-
1 t lk . n.S Iha Uin-
oorueu in aooa i". ps '-, f"m'r,
tar's office of Shelby oountr, lenn., I will,
Om Monday, Autcuat !. I0.
during legal hours, on ma louthwest r r iar
of Main and Madias itreet, in tbe city of
Memphis, Tenu., g usoh Iruite. loll at
publlo auction, to tt thlgheit bidder, fur
oash.acertiin lot 1 1 lend, liluato In rhe-hy
ooui.ty, Tenn . an i laicribed n. io.iows, to
wit: Helng the no Jilhalt of lot No. tsiof
II W. Hiire.ubdlMon,lrotingM 'eet on
the weal aide ol Kuistte itrei-t and ruiuiicg
back west between perallel lines aim si right
angles to a .id tret ilk) left io an aliy. and
being gam lind described in obove men-
tloned irusi ueen. r.'iuny i '-
I I. . .1- L-II.B..I I.. U xinil. Si til I Wltl
weiveui h n u.n. iiuc
oniy eonvsy u trustee. Jo fa Is.
.11. AJCaJEVEW ' .' - '
I'kl. HITI.T ... lis.
nreaslv tn the eura
of degeneratma ol
the generative or
gan inere ia no
mi.t&keaboo thtein-
trauent ths ooa-
tlnuoas itream oi
goeatint through ths
urti mar restore
them to health action. Do sot eon.ono r
thlg with Electrlo Belu advertised to r.urj
al Ilia frorS head to toe. IV.'T.V.'l
apeolne purpose. For olreulari giving fa. I
nformatLn. addre.a Chver h,T trie Ha t
Co.. lit! Weshlnaton etraet. t'hleat -. I".
book of 1UU ragea.
, I.-., Kiin k fnr
i'mr.. .anai
anadvei tlier to son-
It, ns ne spri
oed or etherwLa
i n 11.4a a I
" . - . I. - ..... n ( l.il.
T i ii?'. Vnililnit ths Information here
Sf.!,2..hU. lor hli "ho will Inveato.
II Sred thou Snd Tdollara In advertia.ng.t
bur ara , . 1 7. id which wil meet n ,
VKH TI 1 INuV B BB Af. -0 Srirae. ....(Print,
niHoasaSuuar '" I t
n w m

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