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A(iiAriAl di,art ment. should bo addressed l
To tmKditobo In Arrau., Memphis,
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Onr mail booki or kopi bj pottoffloee, end
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Il ordorlat papers ehenred from obo poet
olF.ee to another, tbo nines of both poet-
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Ineolmen oopIm uat free ef snare,
BulBOU letters should bo addressed
88 Seoond street,
MumpM". Tenn
FRIDAY, I AUGUST 18, 1888,
It will be seen from oar special tele
gram from Nashville that Robert L.
Taylor, of Washington county, was
nominated yesterday as the Democratic
candidate for Governor of Tennessee.
The unnatural ami unusual speotacle
of two brothers opposing each
other for a position so exallod
will present a repulsive tableau
to all who cherish the hallowed
momories of chlldhojd, home and
mother. But if the Republicans can
stand a contact so unseomly, so can
the Democrats. East Tennessee claimed
the honor of furnishing the candidate
lor Governor, a claim which was con
ceded by Democrats In Middle and
East Tennessee, the two sections which
furnished the Democratic candidates
for Governor tor thirty-one years,
since 1865 when Andrew Johnson
was elected. And as Bob Taylor made
brilliant canvass for Cleveland in
1884, he was regarded by the conven
tion as the most available man and as
entitled to the honor to which he as
pired. As an ad captandum speaker Mr.
Taylor has no equal In the country.
He is popular with the ma sis and es
pecially with the young men of his
party. 1 1 s will arouse great enthusl-
aam.make a brilliant caavass.and there
can be no question as to his election
by a majority equal to that by which
the Democratic candidates for Bu
preme Court Judges have just
been elected. Having been made the
candidate of the party, the ArriAL
will give him a cordial support and la
bor sealous'y for his election. The
voice of the convention is the voice of
majority of the Democratic party.
It is our voice. We accept the nomi
nation without reserve. The Democ
racy of Toonessee has said that it
wants Col. Taylor to be tho Chief Mag
istrate of the 8Ute, and hs will oertaln
ly be elected to that high and honora
ble position, and he will have evory
Incentive to make a usjful, brilliant,
popular liovernor. The party has now
embarked in tho canvass lor Novem
ber. The political sky is bright, but
we must no', lose sight of possible dan
gum. We must stand together as we
did in the recent county elections and
for Supreme Court judges, as one mnn,
and vict iry wl 1 again perch u oon our
O i the day ol the recent Tennes
ecu elcc'.lons, a D.-uiocratic ' tidal
wave duhig'id the R nubile in party.
and in every section of the State the
ofllvo seekers, liiaMng upon rails im
provised I-r the occasion, are fighting
in oquitws in the dismal swamps and
chirping like so tunny spring toads:
Fraud! Faud11 FRAUD!!! and to
brink the msnotony occasionally a
b'g, Independent bull frog chimes in,
snd In deap ba-sbsllowj, Fr-a-u d a-h I
The dtleatol aspi-aaU ought to sub
nvtt )ihe res lit with more pbiloeopby.
"It h only little weak minds tint cry
over skilled milk whine over defeat.
In 1K72 ths Djoiocutic majority In
T.ninasje was reduced 30,000. The
Democrat did not a'.ttibule ths retu't
to fraud, bu'.t) the mijtnke of nomi
nating Horace Greeley. In the elec
ts is of 1880 Ga Odd came now carry.
Ing the S a e over Uaacoek. The reault
wai Inezp'ictb'e, aourpriie to Demo
crat!, but they dil not teir thtir hair
and whine frail 1. li 1881 the Repul
lictna ma le Wrje gains. Cleveland's
majority was only 8000 and Bate'a
majority 1(bs thtn 4000. The Domo
frits diJ not charge the result to
friui, but tJ the opposition of tho
r.ilroad Icluonc4 on account of the
platform. In 1878 a tidal wave swept
over Shelby county, oo which the la-
deptndenti and Republicans rode into
cfl'ue by a majority nearly equal to
tba' achieved by fio Democrats in tbe
reeeiit election. There was now
frantic howt ot fraud on the part of
Democrats. They attributed the result
to th! ccrrect causa, a split in the
party and a weak ticket. Tbe tabit
of the Rpublirans and Independ
tuts of Tennessee of charging fraud
on!y when they are defeated is shame
ful ; it Is acand.lous, it is disgraceful.
Why don't they imitate tbe example
of Democrats by submitting to the re
sult philosophically, Instead of s'an
daring ..honest man by . howling
fraud T In 1880 a Republican candl
data for Congrats commenced bis can
vas by charging fraud on the Demo
crats. Ha was summoned before the
grand jury, and his evidence proved
him a common slanderer. Mempbis
is lln trading center for an immense
scope of country, and if our people
are perjured villains, bae enough to
csrry elections by fraud, our busi
ness men will be regarded ss no betttr,
and thus the trade of Memphis will
be damiged. The grand jury for
Shelby county will be orgaoized in
September, and a rigid investigation
should be made. Those who charge
fraud aod intimidation should ba
summoned and a searching Investiga
tion made of all the fact!. This is
j int to the defeated candidates and
due to the community and the men
who held the election.
Every Democratic State Convention
held during the year has given the
administration of President Cleveland
a hearty, unqualified and entbnsiastic
indorsement. On Wednesday the
Democracy of Tennessee and Indiana
spoke in no nncertain voice In ap
proval of ' the administration
Whnraver district conventions have
been held to nominate candidates for
Congres?, the same cordial and un
stinted approval has been expressed.
Publio sentiment shows that the
Democratic President is more popular
with the people than the Democratic
Houaeof Representatives, and mem
bers who have been nominated for re
election will make the canvass turn
npon the general approval or dlsap
provalfof Cleveland's a (ministration,
which they know is s'ronger than
themsolves and even the Damocratio
party. It Is no'iceable that tbe Re
publican leaders rocognizi the disad
vantage at which they stand in this
regard, and time of them even incline
to say that they do not think
It would be a good thing for their
party to gain the next Congress.
They have not any prospect of getting
it and the grapes are therefore sour,
There can be no Republican success
with the administration enjoying the
measure of publio confidence which it
plainly has. The talk of the campaign
will be of the tariff, and ths publio
lands, and the taxes and the expendi
tures, with a feeble Republican howl
at the President's vetoes, in a vain at
tempt to prejudice the soldier vote;
and perhaps there will be a mora ex
citing issue of foreign policy if the
Mexican cloud amounts to anything;
but when all these issues are dls
cussed, the deciding question will be
whether the administration is ap
proved; and the united voice of the
Democratic party in every Btale in tbe
Union clearly indicates the universal
popu'arlty of the President. Jack'
son, Polk and Grant had the
confidence and full indorse
ments of their respective paitles.
But Cleveland is stronger than hia
party, for while the Democrats will
gladly make the fall elections turn
upon approval or condemnation of
his administration, he will have tbe
support of good men who care noth
ing for parties only so far as they con
tribute to good government and ad
miuietratlve reform. Men who cara
nothing for olllcei and earnestly de
sire civil service reform see in Presi
dent Cleveland a careful, honest, con
scientious man, and while he is
hated by a few spoilsmen in his own
party, the Democritlc masses are with
him and for blm. President Cleve
land has been beset by many emba"-
rasaments, hut he bos triumphed and
stands bright and beautiful as a etar,
Mbtakeo friends have tempted him,
epoilMii in hava denounced him, parti
sail opponents have tried to Ms his
hands, partisan newspapers have re
viled him, uion who should have sup
ported mm in tho great and ar
duous work he lias undertaken
ha70 , diverted him and tried to
inspire distrust toward him. Of
fles seekers bavs pronounced
him a failure, and offlce?suckeri have
proclaimed him an enemy to their
kind. But with it all, and in spite of
It all, he stands todny where be stood
a year and mora ag), and the people of
the country, Democrats and Republi
cans alUe, recognize him as their rep
resentative above all other representa
tive Americans, and are rangiDg them
solves befiJe and behind 1dm in ever
and rapidly increasing numbers. From
Maine to Texas, and from California to
Florida, the people unite In the opin
ion that Cleveland is the greataet
power in tho land for good.. They
need him far more than he
needs the Presidency. 'They have
bestowed upon him the highest trust
In their gift and be has kept faith with
them. He does not want a second
term, but they know what he has
done, and what he is trying to do, and
they know that no other man can
perforin the same work so well. If
they want the work to be continued
they know who is tbe man to ca-ry it
on, and will call for him In their own
way when his present term is finished
Cleveland would bs a stronges candi
date In 1838 than he was in 1884. In
the Inst conlott Pion'e had to take liHn
on trust, but he would go into the
next canvass witn a record true to ms
pudges. ' - . i
f'orfit 1'lrea
la WUco)Bla Vying
Milwaukee, Wis, August 12
Forest fires in Northern Wlscocsinare
dying cut, material on which to feed
lu vita become exhausted. The vicin
ity ol Green Bay is alone subject to
dtngvr, but only in the event of high
winds. There is much solleiing in
tbe devastated region. Homeless pe
p'e ara eleiping on the (round with
8Cri ely any covering. Many people
barely ercipe J wiih thtir Uvea and ate
wandtricg around with insufficient
clothtrg. Pnblio meeting are being
called in various parts of tbe State to
provide immediate relief for the suf-
fe e'S in the way ol food and clothing.
The Reasons for This Action The
Palatal Convention at Little
Rock Today.
Uncut to tis irriAL.I
LittmRock, ABK.,AngOHt 12. This
afternoon Col. W. L. Terry startled
bis Little Rock Mends by Binding to
bis brother, W. h. Teiry, here, toe
following message from Hot Springs:
"I am satisfied that injustice has
been done me in Logan county by ex
cluding Terry votes from tne prima
ries, vet. in order to preserve ana per-
netaate harmony in the Democratic
party, l nave conciuueu mat n is nest
for me to withdraw from the race,
There fa no doubt however, but what
Garland county is overwhelmingly for
me and my mends regret to see me
lay down the sword." This news,
wbile it caused universal surprise
among all onr citizens is. at the same
time, applauded by the Colonel's
friends, because it was senerally con
ceded that be would have entered the
for.bcomins convention with sum
cient strength to nominate him, but
for the sake of harmony. lor tne per
petuation of party unity in the dis
trict, Col. Terry has buried fcr the
1 L. 1 1 . V .. 0,
greisman, and says he is willing to
work for the success of Judge Roger
Ha leaves the canvass with
tbe satisfaction of having narrowed
tbe contest down to tbe vote of one
county. No one knew Terry outside
of tbisand one or two other counties
when be declared his intention of
entering the field against Judge
Rogers. He has left behind him a
record for thoroughness of political
details, for organization of forces in
new fields, that is worthy ot emula
tion, and while his withdrawal from
the present raco is highly creditable,
two years, however, will see Terry
march to the front with a phalanx
that no man in tbe district can suc
cessfully battle against. He Is young,
and two years will be a pleasant
breathing spell for hlra. Rogers will
now have no opposition.
The city is lull of delegates to tbe
County Democratic Convention to
morrow. Tonight the friends of tbe
different shrievalty candidates are can
vassing, as also a e thqse Jf-ir other
county officers. Col. Joe Griffith, who
has served in the capacity for a num
ber of years, is a candidate for County
Treasurer. II. E. Gladwell is his op
ponent, and it ia thouuht will be suc
cessful in his effo'ta for the nomina
tion. Col. George W. Oaiutb, a lawyer
of considerable prominence, win to
morrow publish his withdrawal
from the State Becatonal rce
of this county, r ving as his
reason therefor r uiii i engagements
which comnel h m tt i absent irom
the city. It is more nan likely the
Democrats and Kepr cans win ootn
nut out full tickets a i oter the cam
paign with a determination to let the
best man win. Col. Andenon Mills,
Ed Blanks and Will Reaves are the
timber contesting the Sheriff's posi
tion. and are all first ciae, aoie men
but tbe present excellent official, Watt
B. Worthen, will undoubtedly be re
nominated on the first ballot.
today offered a reward of $300 for the
apprehension of Thomas Mull, ths
rich planter, who so unceremoniously
shot down and killed Frank Thomas
at Holly Grove, Monroe county, this
Sta'e, Sunday last. The Sheriff to-day
torwirdul a compute description oi
Mull to the Governor, and says he baa
made every efloit to capture him.
The murderer is one of tbe wealth
iest men in Monroe county, and
killed Thomas, who was an in
dustrious rrechanio, simply because
Thomas asked Mull for pay for the
digging of a well on one of Mull's plan
tations near Holly Grove. Mull is
about 45 yearj of age, dark gray hair,
with a f rink, open face. 1 1 is thought
he Is biding out on one of his plant
lions, and that the authorities will
have little trouble in apprehending
him, now the reward has been ottered
for h's arrest.
Km. Rau Unnnliuoanly Nomina-
Inl far Uovvrnor rita Plitllorm.
Galvubton, I ax as, AuuustlS. The
third day's station ot tho Democratic
Convention was a ftoruiy one. The
Committee on Permanent Organisa
tion repu ted the Hon. It. M. Wine,
of Tarrant county lor permanent ohnir-
man, and wm. lambort, ol liavts
county, for secro'ary. The report of
the Committee Credentials was then
adoptoJ after a sharp debate, in which
the Farmers AU-anco and Knights of
Labor succeeded in seatinc their dole
tat 9 from Cook county. The Com
mittee on Platform and Resolutions
reported a platform, which, after an
exciting discussion between the free
gratia and leapo land element, was
adopted. The platform upholds
in administration ol the iieai-
dtnt, gives - pledges that expen
ditures shall be conllnod within the
revenue; favois an amendment to tho
ud clary article of the Sta'ea consti
tution ; favors the best avstem oil edu
cation for white and colored children
separately, but by the State, not
Isational aid ; favors internal improve
ment and development of manufac
turing interests; denounces unlawful
interference with corporate propertv
protests against the acquisition of rail
way property by toreian companies
opposes the consolidation of coronet
ing or parallel lines ot railway : favors
making comprehensive tbe mechanics'
lien law: denounces the convict labor
system; declares that the members of
the party may have what views they
choose on local option without forfeit
ing their rights to be known as Dem
ocrats; and, lattly, declare it to be the
duty of the siveroment to protect the
huruoleet American citizen againat the
unlawful acts any or a I na ioDC
The following is the fifth reaolu'ion
in full: "We believe that tbe true
policy of thu State with respect to the
puoiic mads is to provide tor thel
sale in tracts of reasonable sir.e with
reference to their qua'ity and uses at
fair prices and upon long credit to
bonafide settlers lor homestead par
pons. We favor Bach a classification
of school, university and asylum lands
as may permit of unconditional leas
ing for snort terms of lands only fit for
graalng, and that the remainder may
oe ieaeu temporarily and en
tirely, subject to the right of the State
to sell to actual and bonafide settlers
and to these ends we favor the enact
ment of laws to compel the removal
of t espaerere and frae grsxers from
public laadB.and to force the payment
t.f rent lor thfir use, and to fix abso
lutely tire it ntal price cf lands to be
leased. There should be sueh legisla
tion aa will make it practicable to en
force all laws intended to prevent tbe
illegal us of school or other public
lands of the Slats."
The balloting for Goterocr resulted
in the election of Gen. L. C. Rose,
whose nomination was unanimous.
The Bd!a r a
found JfcarHBiea.
Littli Rock. Abk.. August 12. A
Gazette Lonoke (Ark.) special says:
Yesterday morning the dd bodies of
a colored man and woman wore fonnd
on the Mempbis and Little Rock rail
road track near Htzen, having bees
run over by a passenger train before
daylight. I be woman was cue in two
and had no clothing below her waist.
The man's hip and thigh were torn
off. Nothing was found to identify
them nor to indicate whether it was
murder or accident.
The Cfeleaaj Prk Packer' Lack
on. Chicago, III., August 12. Between
200 and 300 meat handlersin the pack
ing house of Robert Wsrren A Co., at
tbe stock yards, quit work at 10 o'clock
this morning. The reason assigned is
that they were required to load cars
handled by the imported switchmen.
Ever since the strike of the Lake Shore
switchmen trouble has been expected
from the men in the packing houses,
who were regarded as the natural
allies of tbe strikers. Tbe employee
ot several packing bouses nave given
their e-mploveis to understand UaL
they would not handle Lake
Shore freight or load the cars of that
company, No attempts were made to
load such cars at the Warren house
until th's morning, when half a dozsn
empty beef cars were run up to the
house and the men ordered to load
them. They refused perempiorily,
and threatened to strike it the order
was renewed. Tbe firm then ordered
the cara to be loaded, aod the men
stopped woiking and went out of. the
house. "1 have ordered my nome
osod," said Robert Wairen. "We
sold out our hogs that we had this
morning, and have closed down
There ia no money in running, and
now the men can have all the strike
tbey want."
Tbe Free Tradera.
Nbw Yobk. August 12. A confer
ence of free traders, called by tbe Na
tional Committee of the American
Free Trade League, was held here to
day. The Hon. David A. Wells pre
sided, and there were present, among
others : John J. Dargeo, cf South Caro
lina; C. H. Blair and R. D. Doyle, of
Virgin a; William Dean and William
Gibbons, of Delaware; William G
tsrownlee. ot Micmvan; neniamin
Rsece, of Ohio: T. W. Blaickie. of Illi
nois; D. A. Weill', J. a. Sargent and
A. W. Thomas, of Connecticut, and
R. Bowker, Everett P. Wheeler, E. P,
Doyle and J. o. Moore, ol new xork
It was determined to send out an ad
dress to all prominent fres traders in
all States, nrglng vigorous action in all
Congressional districts this fall. Rose
lutions ware adopted commending
President Clevelaod for his adherence
to adminisistratlve reform ; also com
mending Secretary! Manning as a true
American statesman; thanking the
Hon. W. Morrison for his action in
Congress on the tariff, and finally ask
ing every revenue retormer to con-
ibute $1 eicn lor tne came.
Bratal Harder of a Wemaa.
Sfbinqfiild. III., August 11. Jo.
wreach mistreated nls wile so b'utai-
ly today that her death is feared. Alt r
supporting her husband during two
years oi married unoappineis ine
woman annlied for a divorce. Tnts
enraged tne husband, who knocked
her down, and holding to tbe fence for
support lumped up and down on ner
prostrate form, crusmng a note in tne
stun witn bis boots, oruiaiog and
l.ccrating tbe woman's he'd and
b reset in a feariui manner, wreacn
was arret tad.
Horrible Harrier by Culaese.
Denver, Col , August 12. An Ev
ens ton ( Wvo.) special to the Aw save ;
A Chinese murder of a most horrible
character has been discovered Lere by
the Sheriff. Two Chioamen are
charged with murdering a Chinese
woman and ciiopnina her remains in
!eces, whicn on noicg weigued were
jund to b) each of corresponding
weight to the other. The Celoitia's
were takpn by tns Sheriff to ureen
River and held for trial. The murder
ers ae said to have ben jealous of ths
attention! a white man wrs paying the
The Knlahla of Tabor.
Chicaiso Tu.., August 12. The
Knights t,f Tahnr Gra:'d Temple, a
strong orgin'jiation among the c lured
people, elected ollnera todav, as fol
lows: Chief Grand Mector, Hiv.
Mosei Dickson, ot 8t. I. mi', Mn.
Vice Grand Mentor, Charles II. Ed-
Grand Treasurer, II. 8. Parker, In d'
pendence; Chief Grand Urator, W. U.
Onsley, Mobeily, Mo.; Atsis'snt
Grand Scribe, J. H. Jenkin", Inde
pendence, Mo.
norlb Carolina Itnpnbllrana.
Raliioh, N. C, AuuuH VI On
TiksiIv the Republican S;ato Execu
tive (Jouimt.tae met here and dec ilea
not to call a Slata Convention of that
party. Today a number of prominent
R 'pub'icans, engy at this action, is
sued a call ior a mass convention of
that party here on September 22d.
The purpose ia to elect a new. com
mittee. .'...,,:
Dr. McLewo, aba Pill Han, Dead,
St. Louis, Mo August 12. Dr. Jaa.
H. McLean, tbe meat extensive patent
medicine maker in uie west, a mil-
lioca;re fioancia.ty, and a Representa
tive of one of tbe districts of this city
in ODDftresj in 1882, died at ths Sani
tarium in Danville, N. Y,, whither he
had gone for bis health.
Retarded aa leeleaa.
CiucAoo, III,, Auguit 12. The
chrcks and drafts, amounting to about
$14,000, which were stolen a few days
ago from tbe menenger of Fowler
Bros., as be was on his way to tbe
down town office, were returned this
mornicc to the firm. Whoever took
them had discovered that they were
of no value to any one but the nrm.
A Fatal Fall.
Louisville, Ky., August 12. About
5 o'clock this afternoon Henry Gode.a
carpenter at work on a new building
in the central part of tbe city, loct bis
balance and fell to the ground, a dis
tance of twenty-five feet, fracturing
his skull and dislocating his neck. He
leaves a family.
Eva t ft BOO JbODo
eonmoa poraas i4Mtari--okta!k yoa eaa a
for a lent al any of tae Oaaap Joka draav
glita-yoB kava avtraty three-a awaa roar
anoner, fbt eae Beaaea' Oapela I Uaar ia
worth tk ail. Taa faaaoa ia tklai Ben.
eon's la the only poroBi plaster 1b the market
that ie honeitly ana skillfully made and sci
entifically medicated- Othera are nn .fore
than BOBiaal imitetiena of Benton'a. They
are eheap because they poi'esa none ol the
ingradienta which render Benion'a valua
ble. The latter are prompt to act. pleas
ant to wear, and oare in a few hours ail
menu whioh ethera will not eren relieve.
The pablie are eapeoially warned agaimt to
called "Canalein," " Caiwlouai, " Capu
ein," or "Capeiojo plaatera. aa worthless
articles Intended to deceive. Ask lor Ben
ton'a, and look for the " Three Seals" trade,
mark and the word " Capciat " oat in 'je
Increase in Government Receipts-
Operations of the Land Office
Ke.Iey Provided For.
Washmotok. August 12. Aeting
Secretary Fa rcbild this afternoon is
sued tbe 140 ch c-tll for the redemption
of bonds, Tbe call ia for f 10,000,000
of the 3 per cent, loan of 1882, and
notice is given that the principal and
accrued interest of the bond herein
below des'goated will he paid at the
Treasury oi the United States, in the
city ot Washington, on tbe 15th day
of September, 1886, and that the in
terest on said bonds will cease on that
day, namelyt Three per cent, bond
issued undr tbe act of Congress ap
proved July 12, 1882, and numbered
as toiiows: ruty dollars, original JNo.
124 to original No. 132, both inclusive,
and original No. 1382 to original No.
1385. both inclusive: $100. orignal
No. 1678 to original No. 1729, botn in
clusive, and original No. 9027 to
original No. 9939. both inclusive;
$500, original No. 729 to original No.
786, both inclusive, and original No.
4229: $1000. original No. 4997. ti
original No. 5523, both inclusive, and
original No. 23,748: $10,000, original
Mo. 11,664 to original No. 12,611, both
inclusive niai, $iu,uuj,uuu.
The bonds described above are
either bonds of the "original" issue,
which oave Dot one serial number at
each end, or "substitute" bonds,
which may be distinguished by the
double set ol numbers, which are
marked plain'y "original numbers"
and "substitute numbers." All of tbe
bonds of this loan will be called by the
original numbers only. Many of tbe
bonds originally included in tbe above
numbers have been transferred or ex
changed into other denominaiions on
"waiver," the original numbers being
canceled, and leaving outstanding the
apparent amount above stated,
tablnet Meeting;.
Washington. August 12. All the
executive departments were represent
ed at the Cabinet meeting today. So
licitor General Jenks represented the
Department of Justice and occupied
the seat of Attorney General Garland.
Tbe seision was mainly devoted to the
cor sideration of the Mexiran Question
and tne nnanciai policy oi the admin
Exports of BraadatonT.
WASiiiNOTOK.Angust 12. The Chief
of tbe Bureau of Statistics reports that
tne total values oi dorms lc breauituud
from the United States during the
mnnth nf .1 n 1 v 1BQA anl rlnvinn tKa
seven months endtd July 31, 1883, aa
compared with similar reports during
the corresponding periods of the pre
ceding year were asfolows; July,
1HHO, I11.57U.04U; JUlV. 1885. 18,721,
811; seven months ended July SI,
1880, 181,432,215; 1880, J85,473,135.
CompcasatloBi far Foetmaaters.
Washington. August 12. The Post
master tieneral today made a requisi
tion upon tbe Treesury Department
for 1380,000 for compensation of post
masters, read lasted nnder tbe act of
March 3, 1883. J he depar ment will
not b'gin the payment of these claims
nntu after September 1st.
Operation of tbe Land Office.
Washington. August 12. Tbe Com-
mifsioner cf the General Land Office
today approved for paUnt about 3600
pre-emption ana commote a nome
ftead entries, 2000 of which were in
the Fargo, Dak ..land diatrict Since last
January tbe .Board oi Ktmew of tbe
General Land Office hasexaminedand
disposed of 14,000 caes.
Poatmaater Appelated.
Washington. Auguet 12. The Presi
dent has apDointed the following post
masters: E W. Lyon, Cherry vale,
Kas.. vice W. M. Parke, coinmicsion
expired; R. L. Gridley, Malvern, ia,
vice U. il. snyder, commission ex
pired; Cecil Biiley, Opelousa, La,
vice It- Ditsmarais, commimion ex
pired; J. Sullivan, Ashland, Wis., vice
K. E. 11. Wilson, resigned ; Georee w.
Lamar, Savannah, Ga, vice A. N.
Wilson, Buepended; C. W. Jono,
Griggsville, I'l., vice A. M. Lawton,
uapended ; Edward S. Burns Hills
borough, III., vice J V. Coale, sus
panded; T. A. Masai), Logan, Ia., vice
A K. urow, suspended; James rrye,
S'ffiuratv, 1., vies John Morrison,
HHprnded: Geo. P. Neil. Columbus
Fountain, la., vice C. M. Fulton, tU3-
DBndd; Ira B.Card. Hil tdale. Mic1!
vice E. Van Valkenburgh, eusptsudid;
Geo'ir.9 B Aten, Wellsville. Ouio, vice
Orvia T. Butler, suspended: Egbert
Green. Median, Ohi, vice J II. Green,
RtisDended: John Cooke. Bridgeport.
Ohio, vice J. M. Tcdd. appended;
win it. Merntt, va Momes, ia., vice
Joha JUeckwi'h, sutrendnd.
Mr. Kellrjr Provided For.
Washington. August 12. In 1870,
ai tin rusu't cf negotiations between
tbe Oitoman and Egyptian govern
ments and tbe various Christian pow
ers having representili8 at Cairo,
certtio courts were creited in Egypt
for the trial of m xsd civil cases aria-
inn between re sona of . different
foreign nationalities and'' suits of
forigne'sa;a n3t the Eeyp ian gov
ernment and members of the Khedf-
val family. Mr. A M. Keiley has
been aunointed io renreeent the
United States in the court, of the firt
instance at dir."-. to succeed Mr. Geo.
S Batchellor, o! New York, who has
filled the position since 1875- ' ,. ,
Beat Hla All Prevlooa Records,
Wobckhtkk, Mass, August' 12.
Han an rowed three miles with a turn
on Lake Quinsigimond today in 19
minutes S3 seconds, beating alt his
previous records. ,
Aa iBIereallns; Ouaatloa.
Washington, August 12. The ill
nest of E. M. Lawtoo. the diobor.icg
clerk of the War Department, ha)
given rise to an interesting question,
and one which ia causing toe clerks ot
the departments una uneasnaes. Mr.
Lawton is ths only oilicer of. the le
partment, withone exceptioo, woo ie
under bonds. Saturday is pay day for
tbe 17UU clerks of the departmont, ana
the question ia whether they can re
ceive their money at the hands of any
other person. Tbe qucr.ion was tbe
subject of a consultation with the Sso
rotarvof War t-xlav. . The Secretary
carried the wartant to Mr. Lawton s
house, but that eentleman was uocon
aclona and nottiino was done. Mr,
Lawton is paralyzed in the left side,
and if he should lecover consoiousoef s
may be able to a'gn the warrant. If
not, unless some an angement ia made
tne clerks cannot be paid, i
dovaratneaa Meeelpto.
WAniNnToi- Anonat 12. The re
ceipts of the government alnce July
let have been nearly f-l.(X)0,000 in ex
cess of the receipts during the same
period of Ust year. The increase was
about $2,000,000 from customs and
$1. KOODOO frem internal ravenne.
Tt:ese figures are said to be indicative
Steam Engines, Boilers,
Hardwares Cutlery
of a good state of business throughout
the country;
Pea body Batel.
Katei 12 SO and 13 par dir. ooorJini to
lin and location of room Spaoiu
nti made.
W Johmnn, Ark h P Pipkin, Tenn
W 0 MoXutt, Ark L Hurt, Tex
A B Jonai Aw. Ala J Mcbonoger, 111
i Jamiton. Ark OB Buck, Mo
W HoMnbaraar, H Y 8 Tate, jr, Ala
CB Powell, Ark TAVaughan.Pa
O M Goodwin. Tenn L Hewitt, N Y
H M Cole, M Y S B Chum, Mrti
K fpear. Pa
W H liorner, Ky
M D Antien. Teun
H Morr i, Ky
BR Nash, NO .
J O Dodd, Tex
J Mendel, Ky
i Wood, III
R J nude, Va
A L Lelorii, Miss
F Baird, l'a
W W Wuid.N Y
T II Stuart. Mo
T B Uarrott, Ark
W 1) Bethel, Tenn
d W Curtis, Mo ,
O Kraft, N Y
K O Bufurd, Ky
W SAloore, TeBn
J Lawrence, Tenn
W Barnett, lenn
8 Willis. Ala
J C Boyd if. N Y
S Oppenheimer, Ky.
M Stern, Ohio
Q T FitzhUKh. Mis."
J W tVooldridge, Ky
H Tinilor. &y
7. 11 Drummond. Ark
A S Chamberlio, 111
C R Pipin.MaBa
(i Farrin, Tenn
J Sturm, Tenn
w j Mitcneii, Ala
W C Blaydea, Tenn
The Haw Snvoao.
Ratea, 12 80 to $4 per day, aooordlng to loca
tion oi roomi.
J W Robinaon, Tenn W E Leoke. Ala
11 Laurena, Ark B sting, Ark t
C J U:iDki, Tenn C Case, N Y
R II Talley, Tenn M Kenale, Tenn
O P Stewart. Tenn Leon Meyer, Pa
Leon Ham, fa L 11 Doty, La .
I McDonald, Tenn M Miller, Mo
R II Temple, Va S W Greene, Ohio
Mn L Williami.Tenn Ch Ware, Mo
M Hamnle. Mo
It I. Cane, Mo
C B West, Ark
Sam Simpson, Ark
H Brooki A w. La
K L Uranger, Ark
W W Wood, Ky
R A Thoinu. Ark
T W'Brahan, Tenn
C H Johnion, Ark
O F Nance, Miaa
G L Gurley, Mill
A T Fields. Una
L K Brown, Ky
; E Warren, Tenn
J Armatead. Tenn
A B Logwood, Miei
J E Blake, Mips
C H Walton. Miss
Mi s L Vaughn, Tenn
W F Chamblin. Tenn T Flelda. Tenn
J T Fargaeon. Tenn Col C P Neilaon
C tt Harm, Mo
H P Hawkins, Misi
Geo Winston, Miaa
C J Matthews, Min
T A Solomon, Ark
K B Young. Ark
Jamea Smith, Ia
K J Forree, Ky
KoDt iirett, misi
Jaa Roberta, Tenn
& Ludlow, Ark
J Howard. Ky
Tt III lyBarc T aula ni iinuiB.
, lnd
M Noble, Ohio
WOHMcKinner.Misi S J Woodion, Mill
lIMickle, Miaa
Wm Gay, Tenn.
Saatoa'a Hotel.
European plan. Knlarged and refurnished
rrloea acooraing to iae ana loca
tion of rooms.
J C Terrell, Mil) R W Adklna, Tann
C K Tront. Ark J D Perry. Ark
S K Rreland. Ark E K Woodward. Ark
J 1) Jotfea, Misi Miss Klla Atkina, Miaa
A u Walman, Tenn J a uaie, lenn
i 8 Lelth, StLAT RR Mrs Booker, Tenn
Mrs Poindexter.lenn L V Lau-ent, Miaa
L Wright, Va CB Lewis. Va
W O Flrnn, Mill W P Hteveni, Miss
H Scholng, Ky MO Bennett, N Y
Arthur Perkins, Misa DD Anthony, Mies
Ben Levy, Mi" J Wachenheim. Miaa
PMCobbi, Ark MrsKW Cobba, Ark
Miss A L Cobba, Ark Mrs A L Shaw, Tenn
W P Malone. Misa W Mathii. Miaa
8 J Harrod Af, Tea Mrs W M Vance, Tex
Misi A vanee, lx ; Mrs n Moore, lex
E R Blaekston, Miaa O Jones w, Miss
D w snarpjc w. miaa z, Taylor, lenn
A D Mclnnis. Miaa ' O J Hoote, Mo '
F Hansell, Mo T P Steffy, Tenn
Miss Bterl nr. Mo & B Webber. Tenn
EMLeaaetAf. Tenn GW Fallen, jr. Misi
A Marka, Mna J A Urillin. Tenn
FJpupre, Tenn C Pare, lenn
J R Lytle, Ark 8 II Uox, Ala
T O O'Neal. Ark O B Davidson. Ark
J E Dante' , w A2o, TexII A Montgomery, Mias
JUT bherwood, i,a Jli Falmer, Ua
II Burcham, Ga D W Sharp, Miia
C Perry, Ark E Wheolook, Ark
J W Dunean, Tenn WRManua, Ark
S T Deeson, Misa J D Jones, Misa
W J Sullivan, Miss t;siynigbt, Ark
n tiaogera, miss.
Hie Cbleaajo Kacea.
Chicago. Ill, Aneuet 12. Good
pporia d another large c owd at Wash
ine on rara tanay.
Fvrtt liace. xniee-QUBrtais ci a mue,
Htart'rrs: Faonie B, Skobv'oiT, Top
Sawytr, Finality, Aonawan, Aivpor,
Cha'ley Lur a?, Fanchetts, Modesty,
Fred Woolty and Hatue Bennett,
Bell Boy was a nac-btarte.-. Ired
Woolly made the iun, followed by
Ha te Btnnctt and Modesty. Fr
Wooley quit at the hfa l of the stretch,
Modes' v taking the lead. She was
joined by Finality, who soon took the
- 1 '! , l , Jl. .
ieaa,ana won cBny oy tareeifngius;
Modesty second, one length io front of
Fred Wooley, tmrd. lime i:vi.
Matua's paid SI Vo.
Second Kace.niue and an eianio
Staiteis: Wyando t') Chief, Walioo,
TJncle Dan and Kins of Norfolk.
Uncle Bm and Wyando te Cnief led
for the first quarter. Wyando. te Chief
then took toe lead liy two lengths
Uncle Pan second, King of florioiic
third. There was lo rhaoge into tbe
stretch, where King of Noriolk came
througn and won easily dv ore lengtn
Time 1:58. Motuals paid $22 10.
Third Bace.lht Quickstep stake.
half a mile. Starters: Vera, Ada
Reese. Hinda, Foster, Comedie Blxby,
Warv. iniume. non-s'aner: rsnu-
heam. FoBter at occe rushed to the
front. She was never headed, and
won easily by a length; Hinda see
ond, a neck in front of vera, third
Time 0:48J. Mutuals paid -'8 20.
Fourth liace mie ana one-nx
teanth. Btatters: Li'tie Joe, lax
gatherer, Bo 8wim, Watrenton, War
Sign. Bob Swim, three lengths in
frout,' made the running into the
stretch, with Little Je second and
War si m toiro. Mere tioo owim quit,
Little Jje took the lead. He was not
hpftifd and won handily oy one
length; AVk rat ton recond, War Sinn
vry clone third. Time 1.-48J.
Mutua S paid $11 90. No advance on
the entrred sealing price lor the win
Fifth. Race Mils aod a quaiter,
Ktaitare: ' Wauket-ha, Lpauio, Le
man, L'izie Dwyer Leman, three
leng hi in front, made tbe running
for one mue. L, szie uyer and wan
kosha then movtd up in the slre'ch
Leman was beaten at the finish. Liz.
ia Dwver won very easily by a len ith
Waukesha second, Leman a bad third.
Time 2:12j. Mutuals paid in 70.
Honmoatli Park Kaeea,
Monmouth Park, N. J., August 12
The attendance today was one of the
largest of the present Beaton, the at
traction being the Omnibus stakes of
flO.000 for three year olds, for which
anme of the leading faorasoi tbe first
class stables were entered, nnmbenng
in all 158 entries, of which only nine
came to the post. The victory was
forecast for Dwyer Broj.' 129.000 filly
Dewdron. but those who witnessed her
race Tuesday laatwrn rreciosa, wnom
ha onlv beat by a short neck, felt that
the filly would hardly be able to stand
the contest that would d maae dt a.
J. Casjett's bay colt, Tbe Bard. There
prognostications were fully verified
by . the race, aa The Bard
finished a winner by fonr lengths,
with the greatest ease. The scene at
tbe close of the race was one of tbe
wildest excitement. Hats were flung
in the air and the ladies waved their
handkerchiefs and called on McLaugh
lin, who rode Dew Drop, to win, but
ir 1 l.ij .1 - ' i j i ' .
uiu ueiu lus winning onuie rem
audthe filly was beaten. It was
very unfortunate day fcr the ravorites.
as not a aiogle one won. The Bard and
Dewdrop meet again on Tuesday
next. The bettirg before lhe race was
8 to 10 on Dewdiop, 25 to 1 against
Win fred, 6 to 1 againct B;n AH, 20 to
i agan-t rieewta, 3 to l at a nst the
Bard, 10 to 1 aiiHintt Chaiiiy. 6 to 1
agaiLBt Lindeo, 50 to 1 agaiutt B ue
Uav, 30 to t against l'ure Kve,
and 15 to 1 against Mol
lie McCarthy's last. The lead
at the ttait was taken by Winifred,
with Charity eecond and Preciosa
third. At tbe three-quarter pole
Precioea led, Winifred second, Blue
Daythiidacd Linden moving clcse
np. Passing the Btand Winifred again
led, with Preciopa second and Blue
Day third, and this was the order of
running nntil well in the straight,
when tbe Bard moved forward from
fifth p'ace on the inside, with Dew-
drop lapping him on the outside.
JNow came tbe struggle,and tbe horses,
amid the screams aod cheers of the
multitude, flew up the track, but Hay
ward allowed the Bard his bead and
moved in front, winning with p'enty
of running power left by four lengths.
Firti Rau. Handicap, ssven-
eighths of a mile. Valhsea won by
two lengths. Stone Bnck tecond. Sut
ler third. Time 1:30.
Second Race. Selling purse, for two
year olds, three-quarters of a mile.
Maggie Mitchell won by a length.
Freedom second, Trill tbiid. Time
Third Race Omnibus stakes, for
three year olds, mile and a half. The
Bard won by four length. Dew Dron
second, Ben Ali third. Time 2:39.
Fourth Race. free handicap, mile
and three-sixteenths. Gonfallon won
by a length; Peekski!! second, War
Eagle third. Time 2:05.
ttflh Race. Purse, for three year
olds and upward, one mile. Lizzie
Mack won hy a neck ; Queen Esther
second, Witch third. Time 1:45.
Sixth Mace. rurte, steeplechase over
the thort course. Judge Griffith won
by eight lengths; Eudover second,
Will Davis third. Time- 3 :10.
'Saratoga Kaets.
Saratoga, N. Y., August 12. The
weather today was sultry snd threat
ening, the track fast and attendance
FxrH Race. Vane, one mile. Mona
won; tnrturer recond, bam Brown
third. Time 1:44. Mutuals paid
$41 40. '
Second Roc. Puree, lor two year
tdds, three-quarters of a mile. Conne-
marawon; Bessie Jons second, .Nel
lie B. third. Time-l:15i. Mutuals
paid $14 90.
Third Kace. United fctates Hotel
s'akes, for three year olds, mile and a
halt, inspector a. won; Solid (silver
second, (Fallon third. Time 2:42.
Mutuals paid $9 F0.
Fourth liace. Furse, mile and one
fouith. Elkwood won; Barnum
eecond, Swif'. third. Time 2:11. Mu
tuals paid $71 71).
Ftfth liace Sel.icg purse, three-
fonrths. Little Minch wen; Patro
lois second, Brait third. Time 1:15 J.
Mutuals paid $14 2U.
Brighton Bearh Racra.
Brighton Beach, N. Y August 12.
First Race. Pui ue ; one mile. Poet
won by six leng.bs; Foveity second,
B b Mev third. Time 1:45.
Second Race. Purse, Sfvn-eighths
of a mile, bancro won by a head ;
Mentor cccond, Barney third. Time
1:31 i.
Third Ran Tune, mile and one-
e'glitb. Blizzard won by a length and
a half ; lien frinr second, King victor
third. Time 2:00.
Fourth Race.YvuB, eeven-eighths
of a mile Fort won by half a length;
Error eecond, Treasurer third. Time
Fifth Race Purse, three-quarters of
a mile. Eva K. woo by two lengths;
Htz rd second, Bahama third. Time
1:17. ' ' 1
Cr nutted aa Flat aa a Board.
r.LouisviLLB, Ky Aniust 12. A lit
tle girl named Maud Wolf, 7 years old,
daughter of W. W.AVclf, wholesale
cigar raonufacturer, wts fatllly
crushed by a tobacco press this morn
ing. Ths machine was propped op
sonin distance from the floor. The lit
tle fiirl, in playing near it, loosened ona
of the preps, and the huge machine
foil over her, almost crusbicg her as
fiat as a board. She died from her in
juries this afternoon.
Practically Settled.
Chicago, III., August 12. The dis
agreement between the Grand Trunk
Company and its switchmen was prac
tically settled this afternoon by the
reinstatement of Switchman Harnett
A strike which seemed imminent, was
thus probably averted. Harnett had
been discharged from the service of
the Grand Trunk Comoany for hia
supposed interference with, the Lake
Shore load during its recent ttrike. .
Cntncse Expelled front Alaakaw
Portland, Obk., August 12 An
Orrgonian special from Port Moody,
B. 0., Biys: Tbe inhabitants of Juney
City and Douglass Island, Alaska, ex
pelled seventy-eix Chinamen from
their places, on the 6th inst. They
were put on board two small schooners
and snipped to Fori Wrangle.
. Hay Fever Safferera. , ,
The nnmber of people annually
afflicted with this most annoying mal
ady Biema to ke greatly on the in
crease. The editor of this
journal is an annual victim, and with
a view to disoover a ipstifio, has tried
numerous remedies. Of these, "Ely's
Cream Balm" is by long odds the
quickest and moet catisfactory, two ap
plications greatly adaying the usual
symptoms in the nose and eyes. We
would recommend its use by all sub
ject to bay fever, and we gladly bear
unsolicited testimony to its efficiency
in our own case, M(dia.
(Pa.) Record,

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