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Base EJctll
Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday nd
Monday, Aug. 11-12-14-10.
trfltmi tailed promptly at o'clock p.m.
To Xslttlo HooU,
Via cmikli and Little Rock B. R
aa r a t-w III i T ...tl11 nA Ktlh
ri'DAlfl will lfPTB u'luwtiM"
I :n T k unl.l.ir lilll fBKtAlif.
J T1UB UOPUV I - . ,
a .iA-t . m1 rat nr run 1at ,
Little Rock at 8 p.m. Sunday.. Fare for the
t rr; mtm kt Iapi nrnnm I AT all.
Thl.Exour.ion Pty wU I In ohfr of
u. raator, me itev. "ll"":"'1s"i '
all tne c lor.a menus oi vue Y ,T j A
soectfully invited to attend. A urand Camp
Weetina now convenm. at Little kwj
kJ large ana iihim ",,'u XV
and Queen.ware. belonging to the late C. N.
Erich, of Memphis, Tenn.. i. for sale. This
-1 . I. .. nnri MlHkhla ataalra nf
modi new lor lala in ih South. It embrace.
every variety of good, usually keptbysuoh
; large bourns. An account of the .lock ia now
being taken. It will be .old upon reason..
bleterma- (iinrim
MBS. ELISE ERfCH, Mcmrh a, Tenn.
"DROWN COTTON 91N-0ne 80-aaw Brown
1 r VUtiUU Will, i DOUDI ami yvuusm.i vh.- 1
lete. It hai been ao little uaea as to neve
teen eharnened on y once, n ill aeu at a Dig
ti.rgain. Adires-
J. C. A J. W. MEWBORN. Macon. Tenn.
Absolutely Pure.
fvt I ..vm -- alai h MBra1 ftl
nnrtt. Rtfiinarth &nti wbolSlOmnM. MOT
oonomloal than ih ordin-rj kindf. a-nd
cannot be sold In competition wUn the
IA.: j. J- I aVinv (Ml oh atltim fit
phoiphat powder!, oom omv mean.
1 . ATT VT In ia Bfam Knl P tn 1. at.
t5 Urhmenifl complete. Thia boiler i made
-01 UU.MJU pouna U0ti( O-.oti- men um:uwi,
ana one 01 me dww i jia....
1. y. Bunuwui""!
. O'Donnell, Courthome Engineer.
ICTBBVS Rntlt and ratiAtrad and war-
Kj ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Por
i.nll i.ai..nt Pnran. Contractor and briok-
laver. ri elenhone KSg. TUPS. CUBBINS
By D.
mill ani gin, two-itory building, with
roller, ni iintoBtiiioi
Bate'Vll'e, wia'.
-HUTTPB Ua.nvn mwlnmnn anrl white L-
ter bitch "Florence," known by moat
Memphi. aportamen, and misainn .ince Juy
tDtOt to o vanoeiiresii anu reiyire
50-hore engine
Miss. Addreat
W00DL AWN STOCK FARM- In the stud,
one thoroughbred Running llorse; fee,
t. One Trotting Hor-es fee, $10. One Jer
sey Bull: fee, r2.fi0 Foe Sai.i-30 Uoraea,
o m:ii. v. Ka.jl niiinKjiv rattle. Pea-
mA KAlrniini.na Punt, lloraea on
eastnre, IS per month: Texas horfea, lUe per
day. Telephone JOSEPH BU HNEY. .
"IjMJINE-O-Uorae Power Atlaa Engine,
M i : . l. n : 1 . C ..... . ....b and Hr. r h .
ing complete; in perfeot running order)
will be iold at a Bargain. ippiy H
O. t. HAS8KTT.S5 Second at.
nlN A good E. Car.er (fiO) aaw gin In
A.. anil wanil f..r wn'lr.
Price t50. Apply at tieorge B. Metoalf'i,
Howard a now.
RAY MARK MOLE From C. F. Smith,
Mnm T.ake Landing, one bay mare mule,
about eigot yeara oiu, niieen aanui uiu
man recently trimmed. Bring to F. A
J one- k Co. 'a 'table and he rewardfd.
A Larg Number of Petitions Acted
I jMin-Rfptrt of Street Car
V t'wmmlttee.
woir imp nnnua with Kn.l.
J At 72 Madison atreet.
T300MS AND BOARD Newly furntahed
IV rooma, will! ooaia. ei i.r,ni..
fivdiriibiiii iitf1MU "'AVr
I 10 .......1 afr R WHO R Tl AffiM.
TTP RIGHT PIANO-Good aa new, ohesp
ij ior oasn; or win .iuuwjuiui
A rtitpem K 38. Appeal office.
nearly new, ior .aia oiiey,i.v
U M IN K I K K K 1 .
BOILERS and Inginea in good order, and
-ll ,1 V J n..kl... at K
aW all KIUUS I.DVUU-U.uu lUBLiiiu.i j , v "
VAoAlHi A Kl ar u 1 DD. mercn lilUBmpmi
L 01-60x160 feet Cheap North aide Mad
ison, half aaquara aaatoi Lauderdale.
oraaea. Appiyio .
8. W. WAKItlrilJW, Z"l wain ureei.
BEAUTIFUL fmnt rooma, aingle or en
auite, furntahed or unfurnithed, with or
without board! otaer rooma, lm-iw vourn..
R08M8 With or without board: terms
reasonable. 140 MAIUSON ST.
T300MS Ona large front room with bal-
I....J..lA..,pnm. anil . t K A p- UMIld U
oan be found In the oity. nmnv
lil I'tl l7i.l PA.
T300M Furnished room, with or without
JV board, at ua tKinri ureei.
5 NICE Rooms, furntahed or unfnrniahed,
with or without board, at 137 Madiaon at.
fiOOD FA"M HAND Apply at
KJ nouae, X becona street.
t)R. nilAS. Zl
O KOOMS-Forniah.d or un'urnlshed, and im,t1lrif " Vl . hto a Tk 1 .7 a 1 ldTra"'
A bo,rd lor small U-i.y. Add.. 1j?tE2HR.
ar SchoolCeld, Hananer A Co . 2iti Front.
I at LdBB A MOOK'S. S13 Min at.
SITUATION As workieg houiekeeper by
experienced white woman. M, this office.
NICE New Cottage, from Oct. tit: will pay
S20. Add'ers, giving number of roms
and locality, C. J. Woodson, Hunter Broa.
TO BORROW ftCOO -Secured by tlret mort
gage on valuable Main atreet corner buai-
n.s. property. m- a. a w n i ,
amlaten lor Hotelt and Reaidenoea.a.O
u. . . alannhla. Eli.tl.
guppliM always on hand. Repairing naaUl
Young & Brotlier,
Booksellers and Stationers,
a 18 Slaia St,, MeuiphU, Teni
Lacroix'8 Mineral Colors,
AOii main BiroL,- a
Artists' Materials,
4u.!neaa having a, monopoly of the United
Boiler Works.
SHEA ft MCCARTHY, Proof's,
HO, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
in la. outn, ano tna onu oauipiaH
Bailor and Saeet-Irou Works In theeltf.
annluilimH nf hMVl Dilate IrOU'
work of very Ueacriptlon. Special
.taK,.A-i rwmv ..p.,i,., -,nn w.n a
Frank Sciinmann,
Importer and Dealer In
Gnus, rietaliiK Tacble aud Sporla
nieu'c Nnpplles. ear Special attention
413 TWatn Nt..Mtnml.lw. Tenn
Ktat... Ohifict. bnainasa too large for present
Capital. Adores- MONOPOLY, .
tietter turner no. o, mempnu. jieuu.
rt a T T.' C 17 V7 T. .-ao Rlala In IHa IT. Inn
IS to rinniii t a PAINT MA N U F ACTU R-
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
HpiaiALTiKB thatare popular and easy aeu-
Ing. Can be handled alone or in connection
with other goode. Addresa nils nm. o.
nn rei-
JT Bookkeeper and Cotton Man
erences. Addrere
0. P., this office.
H A CC C ORIdOOO-To loan on good ae-
rDtUUU curity.re
ments, or collateral.
nt nntiiii nr indorse-
P. O. BOX No. 44.
1 finn FEATHERS Hit hoat cash
JLUUU pr'ee paid by HABAY. Memphis.
-r.in'DVnilV TA WOW Tn.f T will
-next thirty ds (or 81 50. v
?43 Main arect
LD GOLD A PILVRR Forcsah orex
J chang. Ml'l.KtiHI'. .Ifwulnr. la'n
TOOOM Lar.-o well furntahed front bed-
XV room, at 81 Linden atreet.
-t'Ew 8-R00fd HOUSE No. 112 Jonea nv-
X enue. Also, two new nouses, .ouid mu
PopUr, east ol ) unlap, will be finiahed by
let September. Apply to V. u. MtlJ,
3ffl Front tret.
CTQ ADAMS STREET Oneroim on lower
O O floor. 22x4S, -uit-hle for office or itore.
OFFICES 213 Main atrfet, corner JefTor
son. DR. J. D. WHITE. .
BESIDENCE With 8 rooms, in thorough
repair, east aide Orleans st , near Selma
road. Apply to Mrs. Chaa. Jonea, 673 hhclby
TORE HOUSE From L-t September, one
Iour-Bwrj iuain btooi Btreiiuu.w.
l MALL HOTEL (New) with 20 eieRant
roolnflt ail wet oniiiR.vcu, win uw rctw
... Qaa.t.mlua let D.-tlas atv-
plyinf mint hT monj enonnh to furnish
f a. a : -a. .1) A ll I pa.
W. E. BERRY A CO... Box 422,
mrmmgnam, Aia.
LARGE STORK First floor and oellar.
with side and rar entrance.. No.. 3C3
and 305 Main atreet. Possession Ootober 1st,
or aooner, if required.
Officea and Store-rooms, No. 282 Seoond tt.
'Bloepint-rooms-Two large rooms, No. 38
Madiaoa sreet. , '
Booms for ligbt housekeeping, No. 376 Pop
lar strat, over drug sto-e. Anply lo
R. B. SN0WDEN or J. L. G00DL0E,
38 Madison street.
HOUSES-On and near Walker avsnre,
on Elm wood streetcar line, frona the
lat September, aeveral homes, from two to
eight room', in good repair.
Alsc, CHOKE OFFICE on aeoond-story
old Cotton Exchange, corner Madison and
, Front streets. , Apply at 3 Union street. ;
IO Apply to T. 0. Park or P. B. Jones,
VanderbUt insurance vompany.
nirotTCTirTI POflMCl Wllhnnl
'"58 ADAMS btrYkt.
1. 1 street COlloO'TUUin anu uuioe; Hrmi
Apply o
m -v- g o U7 : ek avlvllaffa f4f Visa 1 h
K 453 ana 4t5 Shelby atreet. !
0USB No. 162 Kobinion ftreet.Broomi,
THYErS A SNEKD, 310 Second st.
,f"FFICES-Th desirable lront offloes on
- ing Cotton Exchange. MENKEN A'X).-
IU1TB OF ROOMS-On flrat floor.
I.' one square irom reaoum u""
HOUSE-Oi seven rooms.
Apply at 217 Madison street.
OOMS-A suit of room a In Maaonlc Tem
Arr.lv te BUN F. PRICK
T-4O0MS Fnmlll
XV 1M Madiaon at.
,nnu-Vnmlahad. aingle or en suite, at
SjTORKHOUSE No.9 Union atrMt, with
u s
N t
m 0
And -g
R 8
V . 3. V nsKta
i : . ... fmP
Funeral Directors,
A FULL and complete eto k of Wood and
Metallto Jaws and Caakeu, Cloth-Cov-
erea vuksii bdu iur i iww
hand, -sr Orders bv telegraih promptly
To Real Estate Owners aid Agents.
IJAKTlts naving siaewaiae v. rv""
j will una 11 to vneir lnverean"
W. B. LOCKEY. 32 Madiaon, or shop, 348
Ha-nnd. lioniraoior ior oiowarv uimmv-
lithio Pavementg. Telephone ai
WANTED 9?.?T9,.?,HB,,dCHILDf
IB LB ' Introduction by Re'.J H. Vit
eent, D.D. One agent ha sold 6 In a . tow:
of 674 people 1 one 73 in a villas e, of 74 o
now agent 86 in 10 days 1 one two sieoe
alma..Esurien0e notnecassary. A Idreil
CABeKLL 00. CLVd.)
so l)eartwn etreet Chicago
Tha T.,i?llativ Conncll met vf ster-
itav. with President Haildea in the
chair and Mersrs. Lee, Randle, Gra
ham and Kney present
A nroDOsition from H. H. Moore.
trustee, offering to donate and grade
to tne proper level tne property nec
ettarv 10 tee opening ot Winchester
street, from the bayou eastward to
Thornton avenae, ana lor tne exten
sion ot (jainby s'reet southward, to
intersect with Winchester street, if
the Taxing Diatrlct on its own behalf
and on behalf of the o'.d city release
the said property from all accumu
lated taxes, amounting in all to
12779 49, was referred to the President
with power to act.
A petition of citizens calling atten
tion to the existence of a sanitary nui
sance on the west side of Shelby street,
between Linden and Pontotcc. and
praying for its abatement was referred
to the Board of Ilea th.
A n,nnAaitlin fmm T? fl l-lflVM itl
lease the Poplar Street Market iquare
I 1 1 . . a .
ior a penult ui iweukyuve yeaia, uu
which to erect an ice manufacturing
establishment, was referred to the
President, Cily Engineer and City At
A letter was read from the Kansas
City, Springfield and Memphis rail-
v.. anrtalnff ti thA riniln.t. nf the
Council that it pave Calhonn street be
tween the west line of Shelby et'eet
and the east line of Tennfsee siretst
and the west line of Sixth street wis
received and filed.
A let'er wts read from M. Gavin
proposing to leave the matter of the
valuation of his property it is proposed
tn onnil m n f ir the onnnini? of Ponto-
too street to three disinterested par
A mmmnnicatlon from A. W.
Brown, offering to cell the property
kaviib, nf K.nnlMiani1 Vannfl ntiefita for
$3450, the amount offered by the city,
was adopted.
A netition from Ed. Bench and oth
er, asking that bis proper;y on the
corner of Sixth and Looney streets,
torn up by the city in laying a sewr,
be placed in the same condition as be
fore the work was uone, was reienuu
to the President and Engineer.
Tha natition of J. Frledlander to be
allowed to eiect a two story frame
houee on the corner ot St. Martin and
Linden streets was relened to tne
The petition of Ben Richmond to
repair cottage No. 156 Auction street
was referred to me rresiueni.
Da T. U.n.Ila.
x7 jui. .iiin.u
P.anf. Th.tt.ha namojol .Tanlrann
street from Promensde to the bayou
... it.
hniin. ani 1 ihninn qvaii in inn rvai.
eigh road from tbe bayon bridge to the
corporation limitc, pe cnacgeu aim
named hereafter Jackson avenue
On motion of Mr. Randle the Presi-
Aant a a Ina'flintarl tn hnvn thfl North
Memphis market house closed and all
.rnmui, alnnnail rtavriaH linafli.
mously, except Mr, Kney, who voted
in the negative.
A tie ti linn from Zellner & Co. and
others, asking to be allowed to pat
down a stone croeeing on Main street
from Robson, Block .4 Co. to the P-a-body
Hotel, and proposing tJ pay for
tbe work was received.
Mr Tain mnvar! that, tha rennlution
governing the putting down of cross
ings De euiorceu, wuica was tsrrmu,
Tne ordinances piohibit the laying of
. I- 41- - l.l.ll I Ull.
croBSicgs ia iu miuuie 01 a uiuua.
lima wriR RnNria.
Tlia hidfi f,r thn jln of 325.000 of
Taxing D strict bends were opened
and proved as follows: o. Kaiinrer
gerfc'onp, 99J; Manhattsn Batik, 9SJ.
The latter oiler was accepted.
Tt, .T f! It .ck nl f ha flitir H .Hhital.
- ' " " " - - . VHV -J 1 . '
nannrtnt tiiimhi-r nf nat.iantn rfllllflin-
ing July 1st 54; reeeivml in July, 120;
.:" 1 ! . T..1- O.I. l..,l U7 Via.
UlBCUttieu 111 uui ot , uu-u U), aw
innininir 17: tottl t eated 174. Sev
enteen were reeidents cf the city, 17
of the State, 43 of Arkansas, Z.i 01
Mipsiss'pp', and 20 o( ether States
The pay roll wis $30016; other ex-
p0L8 Sly; total 73(J4.
Cbisf Davi, of the Police Depart
ment, reported: Total number of
arres s, 459: number fined, 459; die
chaiged, 189; bound over, 6; fugi
tives, 3; amount of fines aeseseud,
$0tC8 50; fines paid, $4586 25; State
tsx paid, 192j feed of prisoner.,
$210 40; payroll, $3438 35; office in
cidental, i-U stolen property m-
I 'IH 1 U.I a 1. 1 1 .1 ...... ffn1 d
COVWrru, uui , suiiuicu ,
tnken fiom and returned to nrisouers,
$193 75; lodgers at station house, 28.
T,.rtJ.fnp Pnllan vannrtorl atttnnnt
general tx registered, 18034 GO ; com-
promlee lDMjreti, j.iu io; iictiibou
Ifsued, 11526 10; amount received for
rents, $i40; received in fees on
license, io 101 transiers, w, new
numbers, Jl ou: number ncnses
lsBUed, 67; transfer, 12; new num
beis 2.
South Market Master Hayden re
rvnrtail the amount cf collections for
July $204 80. 1
Cuieiueary repoit-a mat tne ue
paitment responded during tbemoDth
to nine alarms. Tbe lies of owners
was $1489; occupants, $805; insurance,
of owneis, $224 50; insurance of occu
pants, $o:)0; total iatu-aace over
loes, $26,456.
ikspector'b report.
Iospector Mhoon, of weights and
measures, reported having weighed
4075 sacks of e rn, 771 sacks of oats, 594
sacks bran, 4770 bales hay, 13 bulk car
U..U Q.4 lA.lla 1A3 havrAla ninlflWiaa.
lUHUr, " ' t aww uB.u a '
and the fees from the ioepectioa of
. .ruin u r
Scales wera t-Ji .
Dr. G. rf. Graves, secretary cf the
Board of Health, reported naruberof
bouses inspected, sosi; yarap, oKi
closetf, 2881; alleyi, 133; s'ablea, 209;
llai 11UI. hniiwi fnrr.laaf A fi . vrar-
UCliaiO, aw. UVUWV. .UUltR..V,U, "
ante issued. 89: earth boxes removed.
2748; loads garbage, 2116; dirt, 347;
dead dog), 67 ; other animals, 18.
After naringand adopting tbe re
sort ot tbe Committee on Street Curs
. . 1 1 I I
and raving, me uouncu aujoumtu
1870, is te be contested. An es'ate of
$500,000 is involved. Gov. Durkee
bequeathed the bnlk of his property
in trust for educational porpoes.
Heirs tesiding In various paits of the
country tcday began suit in the
United States Conn to set aside the
will, claiming mat it wa irauameniiy
probated in Wisconsin, whereas the
n.nna.,-, -a-.a Wn'al In Utah; e!n
tba the clause in the will devoting
tbe bu'k oi the property to education
al purposes is void, and that under
the laws of Utah the property rsvj.U
to trie next 01 am.
The Railroad Mllcasre for the Paal
Tear aa Olvea ay Poor'a
AnJ Enables tbe Browns to Defeat
Savannah Yllh Ease -(James
Twenty-one carloads of s'eel rails
for tbe Memphis, Birmingham and
Atlantic railroad have parsed through
the city in the past three days. Work
is being pushed with all possible dip-
Satch, and the management cot.fi
ently aesert that they will be ready
in ample time to haul the cjHoncrop
from all the country between Memphis
and Tupelo.
allrtWMl Hlleaae.
v... vo Anoint. 12 The inttn.
a, a una., a.0.- - - - - --- -
duction to I'oor't Jiaxhiiad Mnnmil for
1886, which has just Deen pnuiisuea,
ahows that 3131 miles of ro.d were
constructed during tbe year, the ag
LTPgate mileege for the whole country
0 . . .1 . . ..-.I . J ... I B,n.l..Af nll
PCint TOW !-,nlOi uipw niuLaoui mi
railroads is $1,817,697,832; the earn
inas of all roads equaled $772,668,333,
against $770,684,908 for 1881. The in-
IrodUCt'on Bays lUO piwi yror uuuuum-
edly maiks a point of lower deprw sicn
in tbe earnings of our railroads in
ratio to their ccst and mileage than is
i;!.!.. ,n i,a. witncaoAii fnr Home vearn
IIB.OJT .V " . " f
to come, the preient year showing a
coneuleinu e lraprovi-uioui upuu ms
the pan. I'linoiB Central railroad
earnings for the first week in August,
1886, 2a.SUO; 1Bi ""r"
Cboaapealie and Maabvllle.
c...;ia,n,tanf Mnnke.nf the Cheea-
peake and Nashville, is stirring mat
ters ud on the new r. ad. Track laying
bas extendd within four miles ol
Cratstown. A'l tbe iron tor ttie oriages
has arrived and ia Deing carried 10 me
ifTu.ant nuana where fa'se work is
used for the trains to pass over. Two
engines are now on mo ruuu, uui mm
bes been laid up ior repairn.
the Hill
naoeglTM,, T. Board on the
U-a U n u mmA OiM Wa.hl
aula. .a. v. uwnMa, aw ,
11 t. b . I 1 . I - MaliaKlfnll
I .11. aaOOIHa IBt . , IW.IIUU I i C
Convenient to ears to Manhattan Beon.
oney Island, Long Beach and Central Park I
Tbeaudinceat the Citizens' B tee
ball Park yesterday numbered about a
thousand. A great many faintheart
ed ad mi re res of tbe home team stayed
away, for fear tbe latter would meet
with defeat, but their fears were
groundless. The game was never in
doubt from tbe first Inning, and tbe
Browns won with bands down. As
foreshadowed in tha Appeal of yester
day the locals bad no difficulty in
si'ng up Shreve, and pounded him
whenever it was necessary. O'Leary,
on the other band, pitched in his old
time form, yielding only fix hit, until
tbe .sixth inning, when realiz
ing that victory was assured,
he relaxed his efforts and allowed the
visitors the four hits that netted them
one run in the. sixth and two in the
ninth innln.a, respectively. The
features of tbe game weie old man
Phelan'a base Btealing and fielding,
Sneed and McSorley's batting, Brough
ton's perfect work behind the bat,
O'l jiaro'a liitj li'nir. and the admirable
piny of Andrews at fiist. All the
boys, however, p'ayed splendidly,
accepting everything that came
their v. ft v. and ailowirir not a
single error to be charged igalnst
them. Tbe Savannahs will not pre-
ianA in tciiia tlinir fiefeAt. Thev
were simply outplayed at every point.
That explains it all. It is gratify ing to
note that O'Leary's arm has recovered
lie canning, and that he has redeemed
the confidence of his many admirers,
who have alwavs Insisted that he is an
A 1 nilnhnr lla will nr.illB.lllv he
given another chance to demonstrate
to tbe satisfaction 01 trie tavannan
Club that, tiy they ever so hard, they
tvill nnt ha ahln in sin a Damn from
Memphis with the left handed terror
in the box.
Graham, 0. f
Sneed, r. f
McSorley, 3db.
Andrews, 1st b.
Broughton, c
Collins, 2d ti
ll Day, 3d D..
Morinrilv. r. f
Miller, s t 4
Arundel, c
Shreve, p
Field, 1st b
Sutclifle, l.f
Hotaling, c. f...
A Blsr Eatate 1st IJMzalioa.
Milwaukee, Wis., August 12. Tbe
... a W T . A A CI . ..1 A PL a a.
will OI ex-umteu o aiee oenator nuse,
nH.a. vhn was flnvArnnr nf Utah
from 1865 to the time of bis death In
a . for Parly. O'Leary, p ..
Jo the Editors of the Appeal:
In vonr Issue ot yesterday you eay
that 'V o K'publiCAOS of North Ccro-
una win maae no uuiumauuu.. no
mocracy is good enougu ior mera.
w..Kiinn warns na in his fare-
WaU. liaouilift'WM .1 at a
well address against the baneful effects
of party spirit, ana bbvj who u i"
a me government it Is truly their
wotst enemy. But as long as parties
exisUach should make a nomination,
as competition is mo mo m u-nuo.
Ird Macaoley, In bis essay on Chat
ham, in speaking of tbe Whig and
lory parties, saya that ''one is the
guardian of liberty, tbe other of order;
the one is a moving power, the other
is a steadyiug power, iiicieiu
tail without w blob, society would make
no progress; there is the ballast, with
out which there would be no safety in
a tempest." mereiora mo uovoru
ment that can make orderly progress
is the be.t lhat the wiedomof man
cn devise. Does the spirit of patty
hinder, obstiuct and retard man's
prrgrefB to a greater degree than B"C al
influences? In our opinion a debata
ble que Hon. For ai Lord Bacon tells
us, history makes men wise, and his
tory teaches us that t twoof the rtio?t
momentom epochs of the British
Empiie, during tne reign 01 vubmib
I, party spirit induced Pym to refuse
office, and thereby retarded and post
poned until the reinn of Wlllum III
the establishment of the principles of
civil liberty and ct st his country un
told t -easnres, misery acd b oodshed.
See Loid Bulwer's eseay, "Pym vs.
Talkland." And a'terward, du-iDg
the reign of George 1 1 1, the refusal of
Pitt, through the influence of Temple,
to Uke office cost Erglao.il the Icrs of
Ameiica, ae tne grtai ju jjuih.h
Pitt aod his known and express d
views on the ttamp act are wel
known, audit was on the peerage of
that act that he was offered tt e office
by the Duke of Cumberland, and dur
ing the dementis cf the Kiug. r'oe
Lord Macanlay's Chatham. Thn light
ful remedy is an enlightened, culti
vated and independent public opinion,
upholding and sustaining the men
who bak through the tiammels of
psity and ignore social influence. By
such Republicans Mr. Cleveland was
elected. citizen.
Aid lo Cbisrchea.
To the Editors of the Appeal:
Ab you have been kind enough to
mention our Benevolent and Cbjirch
Aid Society work, and to mention tbe
name of its founder, I will oeg your
consent to give the public an insight
into the wc rkings of the order.
Onmuualion. This soc.ety in .Is
nreaent form was organized and
chartered three years ago. with a
view to redeem, it poseiuie, vuo wuiv
of our benevolent social church
work in our colored cbuiches, and
especially the Baptist. The in-t-reet
of the poor, tbe widow, the
orphan and the sick and dying having
been almost wholly oveilook. d, and,
theref.ire, dniung 1010 nuier wunu ,
.I.w.l, tha chnrch cou Id
BUUIcllce iiwui .nil." -.
not possibly hope lo receive any credit,
tne memoers 01 v.un u . n
iog that those woriuiy in uiuuuuo pid
doing more for their members than
the churcb.
OfWfCt. The ODlSCt 01 in peiievu-
1 . t? M.. la nlflfA within tliB
lent ojciokjr ' 7 ; 1
reach of eveiy church member and
their I fiends a pisn 01 u -co-operative
ss'em. The int-ntion is
to place church members as far as
practicaoie 10 poesranuu w iu n"
izatioa. Tbeeoclety lsorgnizdnpon
the New Testament plan of church or
ganization. Each Biciety is mdepsnd-
0 . i , Viavlnt- it. ren.
ent as 10 givorumcuu, a.-..o ... --,
1.11.. Va.a naStnind in B ffraUd
rcHCIlUll.no ucava v --
congress compcs:d entirely ol presl-
. 1 . . r.m nl .naiatiaa.
ll Facilitiet. Tbere is no dillicul'y
in gaining admission into member
ship. Here the husbAnd, the wife,
the sister, the brother, the parents and
.liij .11 Moat nnnn a common
CUUlircU Bli anew- -I
level. The reoairementa are only
these : First, a good moral character ;
1 ..nr,nialiilir.v ' third. II in
svuuuu. a J . - , .
moner. With these three impoitsnt
steps we begin our journey in the so
cial highway to happineta and pros-
Oi'r' Pra?nl Oufilt'on. At present
our prospects are very flattering, hav
ing wound np our thitd yew'BWork
with 10,000 members and $5000 1 in
money, alter having met all liabilltier,
and we are satisffed that with tbe
proper indorsement the church can
redeem ber credit through the Benev
olent and Chnrch Aid agency. K-.b-pectfu'ly,
1. t. white,
A II. R. B.H. P.O. A, E
.5 3 3 3 0 0
,.5 2 3 1 3 0
.4 1 1 12 1 0
.5 12 8 10
.5 0 0 1 0 0
..4 0 0 1 1 0
.3 0 10 6 0
.4 1 0 0 0 0
..40 10 11 37 12 0
A.B. R. B.H. P.O. A. I.
.5 0 0 1 1 a
.4 0 1 1 2 2
,. 4 0 3 0 6 0
.4 0 0 3 1 0
,.4 0 11 3 0
.3 1 0 14 0 1
...30 "1 10 27 15 6
Memnhia 3 30021010 -10
Savannah 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 2-4
Summary: Earned runs Memphis,
0; navannuu, -. nomerun raonivi
tv. 1. Two base hit 1 Sneed. Brouch
ton. Miller and U'Dav. Three base
hltoHiitaHrio Pnaaed balls Brougb
ton, 1; Arundel, 1. Wi'd pitches
Shreve, 1. First base on balls By
O'Learv. 1 : bv Shreve, 3. Struck out
By O'Leary, 5; by Shreve, 1. Double
plays Arundel and Fields, Broughton
nlone. Jiaso on Dam uy u iMiy, 1
Umpire Merutu
Naabvllle'a New Plleber Not Hoc-
a an ml 1 a
a. ADi. .aii.w, - - -n
Tlnshvilla dnleated Macon easily toJav
. 1 , 1 1 . . 1 .
in a same nevoid ri special leiuurvs.
a'aimiliiM ami Rphnl.hnAna and l.utrn
barg and Terrell were the respective
. .. . .,. ; , 1 . I ...... .1
batteilCB. noiu pnciisra worn uivm
freely, Sundors yielding nine and
Lutenburg six bl's. The locals were
lucky encutfb, however, to bunch wi h
better Bucceis Only about 200 jisr
sniiBWiM prts n', but they enjoyed
the contist bocsu e the fielders wire
kept busy dieting the bounding
epWe Sjoie by Innings:
Nashv.lle 2 2 0 0 0 1 1 1 0-7
Macon 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-3
Summary: Earned runs-Nashville,
1. F.rt t aie on balls -By Lutenburg,
6; by Saunders, 3. First haw on lu
iiig h'l by pitcher By Lutenbni,,, 1.
Strnek nut By Luteuburg, 2. PasshI
ballH Terrell, 5; ScliellUeHfe, 1. Wild
pitches I.utenbnigi 1. Double plays
WaliM, Geissand llehen. Umpire
McQuade. Scorer Cheatham. Timo
of game 1 :45.
Great llenlclnir In I Inula Over K-
VBBBHU aarivn.,
Atlanta. Ga.. Aogust 12. Atlauts
easily downed Charleston tiday by a
ecore ol 1U ta 3. ncoro py inDings aa
Atlanta 0 2 1 4 1 0 0 0 2-10
Charleston 1 0 (1 0 0 2 0 00-3
Tlif rn la ureal lov here over the news
of the second defeat of Savannah by
Memphis, which gives Atlanta a goon
lead over Savannah. Great interest
nanl.ia in Ihn oatriMl in hn nlAved here
between these two olubs.and excursion
trains will be run irom an parte 01 mi
Ulala Tha Imnrpaainn nrevails that
tbese four games will settle the cham
Cincinnati, 3; Mete, 9. Umpire
DetroiL 6 : Kansas Citr. 2. Earned
runs Detroit, 3: Kansas City, 2. Two
base hits suiun ano iiroumers.
Three base hite Basset t and Mc-
Query. L"-ft on bases Detroit, 8;
Kaneaa Uity,4. cae nits netroit, ij ;
Kansas City, 7. Errors Detroit, 0;
KanstB City, 9. Umpire Powers.
Chlcigo. 11 ! St. Lou'b. 2. Famed
runs Cnicago, 3. Three base bits
Uliisscock, Kyan and Aneoo. two
bate hits Olarkson. Eriora Chi
rairo. 3t St. Lonis. 13. Bwe hits
Chicago, 8; St. Louis 8. Umpire
Philadelpbia, w; waeningion, 1.
Etrned rurs Philadelphia, 5; Wash
ington. 1. Home runs liinee, 1. Two
base hits Ferguson, 1; Mulvey, 1.
Three base hits Wood, 1. Paesed
balls McGulie. 2. First base bits
Philadelphia, 12 : Washington, 2. Er-
rois Philadelphia, 9; Washington, 10.
. . . , . i,
umpire UBunoy.
New York. 8: Boston. 1. Earned
runs New York, 2; Boston, 1. Two
base hits E wing, 1 ; Connor, 2; Nash.
1. Three base hit Ewlng Pawed
holla TtasHlev. 1. Firtt base hits
New York. 8: Boston. 6, Errors-
New York, 2; Boston, 1. Umpire
ItevMAN wsr released last night bv
Manager Sncud.
No (iamb toJav. but tomorrow we
tacklo Savannah egain. Knouff' w:ll
probably pitch.
Aruanuehbnts lor excursion rates
from all neighboring towns are in
progrees so that the inhabitants of all
tnur.ia ami villaira In thin vii'initv nuiv
nave an oiipoiiuuiiy tu wuuibb uf.m
Monday's game Detween pvannaa
and Momuhis.
At Pine Bluff, Ark., a company bas
' 1 I . . . ( al..!..
Deen iormeu ior mo purjiuea ui uuiun
up a Iirsi Class oau para nnu orxairi.
Inn a .il.ih lha liianaimra want, a onnrl
battery and two or threo good general
E layers. They musl be gentininsn,
owever, and in adJItion to receiving
a salary for playing ball the managers
OltUSCIUO promise 10 swure uicin
position with the merchants, trades,
railroads, etc., of Pine B uff, paying
them ralanes irom sou to i-o per
Yesterday's game wassignaliztd by
the most billliant douMe play nnse
sisted ever made 00 the Memphis dia
mond, and it is grat'fymg to note that
tbe credit belongs to that conecientioiis,
uonrnt, jj"l,lrl,Bm'll,e l""rl i'"i..
gentleman, Cal. Broughton. There
was a man on second and one on third
in tbe sixth inning wnen riems
came to tbe bat and popped a
short flf beween O Ltary and An
drews, which the latter stooped
'.m 1 ltl
from tne ground ami quicaiy
delivered to Broughton. Arundel
who had started from third to home,
1.1 , . a -I .1.. .)....
was wunin niieuu isti 01 um inam,
and Boeing the ball in Broughton'a
hand, made a masterly retreat in the
direction of third, Broughton gave
cbase and, overtaking him about two
feet from third, touched blm with the
ball and put him out. In the mean
time M.ireve, wno nau oeen on sweonu,
had started f r third simultaneous
ly with Broughton'a departure
from Home plate anu got mere
just about a tocond later than
Broughton, so that all tbe
l.lln. ha.l t. ,1a. atlaa liMlnhlnff Amna
, tl V Ll 1 1IBU bla V" " ' ' 1 I wv..a..a.B " - -
del and putting him ou', was to touch
Shreve aleo and retire bim. It was
the work of a second, but the grand
stand canght on like a flash and made
the welkin ring with cheers and ap
plause for our sterling, every day
To Eeep Their Tracks la Repair
The Hew urieans lonncii
Oricftiilaatloa to Which the
Chlrfcaaaw Unarda Ileloug.
The National Legion of the Unitod
States, which is compoeed cf the
Chickasaw Guardn, Montgomery
Gioys, Branch Gusrd, V' lunteer
SonthroiiB, Louisiana RillOs, Houston
Light Guard, Mobile Kill", Muscatine
Billos. Indianapolia Artillery, Loulsi-
- 1.....I.I 1.1111a,., UI I.nlilD Arlil.
HUH l inil HIW1I.IJ, Vi ' -ui. aa....
lory, Danville Artiiery, Washington
Aitillery, Hnech .iiiaves Olilcjgo Ziu
avesand Fifth Infantry Drum Corps
of Ohio, held a meeting at Galveeton,
Tox , Tuesday last for the tmrpoFO oi
effecting on organ izal ion. The follow
ing commands were rapresented:
Branch Gusrdi, St Louie; Muscatine
Killes, Iowa: LouiHisna K ilns, New
ll.l.iiina. Mnhilll Uilln,. UllHI'll ZoU-
avee, St. Louis; Houston Light
(iuards, Texss; Battery A, Ht. Liuis;
Battefy A, Indianapolis; Baitery B,
Washington Artillery, and Battery 15,
1 n,,mln. Ifiulil Artillurv.
lIUUIDinim a i.,. j.
After the adoption of a conH'itution
and bylaws the legion proceeded to
the election 01 oinoti j, wnicn resunuu
as follows:
DvP, of Alabama, Colonel.
Prk W. McMannas, of Iowa, Lien
tenant Colonel.
Andrew Hero, ir., of Louisiana, wa
or of Field Artillery.
Thomss, scurry, ol lexas, oisjor.
0. D. Cumfort, of Missouri, Major.
C. Julian Barllett, of Louisiana, Ad
Thero is yet atfotuer Major to elect.
This will be the finest body of troops
ever gotten together, and when the
1 I.aa Ifa Hrat. an-amnmAnt Belt
jivpiuii i'-" ' " . f ' "
June and J my tne signt win ue wonu
seeing, '
PiM-hnro-. 7s Athlelies. 4. Earned
runs Pittsburg, 1; Athleilcs, 2. Two
. II... IJnl., MaM 1
uase niw tjairou, i, iwuiuto.,
Larkin, 1. Tbiee base biU-KuhnH, 1.
First base bita-Pittburg,7 ; Athletics,
10. Umpire Valentine.
Browns, 13; Bltimore, 1. Earned
Runs Browns, 7 ; Baltimore, 0. Two
base hits Welch and Latham. Home
runs Welch. Total bases on hiU
Browns, 20; Baltimore, 2. Umpire
Bradley. Seven innings; rain.
L.uiville,27; Brooklyn, 11. Earned
Rune Louiiville, 13; Biooklyn, 6.
Two base bits Ktrins, Browning,
Werrlck, Wolf, Mack and Toole. Throe
base hits Keiins,2; Hacker, 1; Croes.
1; Terry. Home runs Werrlck and
Swartwood. Umpire Walsh. ,
Tha Metropolitans outfielders did a
hard day's work this afternoon, chas
ing the U-cinnaira tweniy-nvo una.
Mays gave out aftsr he had been hit
for nine runs, seven of them earned,
ami I.vni-h rema in. He fared no
worse, and the only matter of interest
wan on tn hnw high the home club
.mit nllai tha a..,. Mmra : Cincln
UJIIIU " ,VJ " " aw.v. -
n.ti 10 Malrnnnlitana. 3. Earned
runs-Cincinnati, 12; Mete, 1. Home
nn Vaanan. Tain ha He hits Orr.
Keenan. Jonas. Mnllane. Foreter.
Tbree base hit Relpschlaer. Baee
hits Cincinnati. 25; Meta, 6. Errort
TT.a.ui.Dn Anonat I 'l.aNio'ht De
parted: ArkaneasOlty and City ol New
Orleans, Kt. j.ouis.
Caibo, Auguet 12. Night River 11
feet 7 inches on the gauge and rising.
... I .1... an., nit 1 .anartAll
W eatner wioi ui uuu r"
n,t v nf Cairo. Vickeburg. 2 p.m.
t .,.uimi t K v.. A nonet 1 '. 1MIIIII
awvioii -l.-ir' - n
Ri.ar falling, with 5 feet Z lncties
in the canal and 3 feet on the tails
... .i.na n ... ami tint. unnarieu
mhliidi ww T. , -
tiainto. MemDhie; Ohio, uincinnau.
u. limi A ii i. net 12 Nioht KiVer
risen 2-10 inches, and stands 7 6-10
feet on the gauge. Weather clear and
t.;i, tiniiv nnt until o D.in.. wuou m
atnrm naaaad nver tha citv. Ar
nil ii Dw"" f - .
-i. I . I'ltw nl Vliikahiirsr. Vicksburg.
Departed : uity oi v icanuurK, ,
A DruKKlat'E Stary.
Mr. Iaaao O. Chapman," druggist,
v M V sritna na: "I have
newuiaaa, a.., - .
for tbe past ten yeara sold Beverai
gross el vr. William nail a caiwraio;
ai.. r nnua T naa aav nf it what I
urn "um.-. - --
eannot say ol any other medicine, 1
have never beard a customer spoaa pi
i. l... . I, a wiatnaA In tha hlffh-
. . . nnnaa ' T htvii Mnnmmandsa 11
e.v .a" a a.-... . w --
in a great many 1 cibos of whooping
v. (tk iha tt.nnia.1 afteota.. 1
have used it In my own family fcr
many yearij in fact, always havoa
inttte in tha medicine closet read (or
Tbe report of the Committee on
Street Cars and 6treet Paving, which
was submitted to the Council yester
day and which will appear in the Ap
peal tomorrow morning, is a ringing
document and will be good reading.
It gives the old company special fits
in regular firstly, secondly, thirdly
oider. Meantine the old, company y
keeps pegging away at its aulta in the H
courts, ana a eolation seeme to be as
far oil aa ever. Memphis ia not the
only city, however, which has a high
old time with its railroads. At the reg-
nlar meeting ol the New Orleans City .
Council on Tuesday last the Commie ;
aioner ol Public Works osed language
which sounds humorously familiar. '
Tbe Commissioner said: "It seema
useless to notify them to do any work; ,
it has no effect. Tbey have been noti- .'
fled frequently, and tbey do not make
a reply even. It is necessary that
railroad companirs should be
made to do tbe work agreed by ,
them under their franchiH.'a. The
amount of work agreed by them under
their respective contracts Is considera
ble, ami ih public should ei jiy the
benefits V e o f." The New O leins,
C ity and Lake Railroad Company are
bound to plunk all the mud ctreets
frcm curb to euro tbrongh which Ih ir
car operate, which embraces m.ny
miles. Tney lave only planked Mtg
nzhie street, notwitha'Anding it ts now
eight yeara since their contract was
awarded. The . St. Ctiatlos Kreet i
Railroad Company agieed i ho to plank .
the mud streets from cmb to curb
thtongh wbleh their void rone, ami
they have planked Uiio and Knu
streets only, leaving nmcli to be d me
on other etreets. Clio street wi'b
planked from Dryadfa to Manrli , a
d'Htance ef eight i quart s, Era o st eet
from Carondelot to Miiguoi., ten
sutiates.and eight squar son Dryades
Blreel. 1 wooiil, in hub corntc iin,
refer yctt ti a le'te' f'Oin the City pur
veyor to the City Council, of t'ati
July 13, 1b.ni, wnic:i enoH ine iiiim
bor of aireits Manured tobeplannd
hv the New O.l. an. Citv ind Like
Itallroad Cimpany. 1 mei.tl n the
above aa special ca es whiv c v4 n
speniflod worit wa, reqiiin-i , and
which Is beini ibBrenrd d 1 y. ti
companies. It is simply ab-i rl to
wilte to raiirnaii ct mpiuwi irur - n
their obbga inn tml e a leutdvi,
provideJ, end l would reeie 'uiiv
retonimei d ttist en a i ropriat .no
aat ualdri in lh b nine t. m-J 500 1 if
$l.000, tl make the c -y do the work
at tbe nek and expense l t:ie iom
pany. Tbe bid of ex pens, s to b-. lor
wardod to tbe City Attorney lor euir.
Tbis Is tbe only practical method 'o
answer the qntetion so frei"et.ty
asked: "Why don't the railrcad torn
panlea do Borne work?"
A Meetlnc Held Tealerday HormlaE
aad KaolsillosiarTbaaha
Imaualy Adopted.
The Arkamas delegation met at tbe
parlors of tbe Peabody Hotel at 9
o'clock p.m. yesterday. Col. J. E.
Wiliuana, Mayor ol the city of New
port, called the meeting to order and
nominated Dr. W. L. Maddoa, ol
Newport, chairman, and A. F. Ma
berry, ol Cotton Plant, secretary. Dr.
Maddox elated the object of the meet
ing in a lew brief remarks and, upon
motion, appointed the following Com
mittee on Kesolutlona: J. E. Wilmans,
ol Newport, chairman; Z. W. Hurley
of Newport, W. W. Fa'som and J. B.
Dent ol Augusta and it. u. yucu oi
Cotton Plant.
Tbo committee rented, ano in uae
tlmo returned and offered tbe follow
ing resolutions, wbich were unani
mously adopted :
We, your commit es, ueg wave vo
report as follows:
limited, That wa tbe undersigned
merchants and bustiers men ol tbe
White Kiver Valley ol Arkanfas, nere-
bvttiuderonr most heaity thanks to
Capt. W. J. Tbomp on, generAl man
ager oi me JWUBVlim ailU Uliuaie
...iu...i ami . 'nl l). Miller. iMneral
nill.l.u, " ' " 1 . ry
psHieiiger agent ol tho Memplnsand
Little Kock railroad, ior mn iiim-mi.
aud agreeable nianuer In which the
excursion to Mempb's was conduelod.
To the meroliuntsAiid traveling men ol
Memphis wl.at hubii we eay r ia
gnage fails us to express our apprecia
tion of your iioHnitaiiiy. iu wbi-
como we received at your Merchants
KxcliRiig tnrougii your vie- presi-rt-iit
J. II. Martin, and the speaker ol
theccca'too, tbo Hon. David P. JUd-
den, aod the display oi ycur r no im
parl inont by Cblel Cleaty, filled us
with dliiht Then ourontoitsinmetit
at Iho TrAveiers wiid rnonie, (urn .iu
over bv their genial and whole eouled
preBltlent, H. J. Foradick, together
with tho audress oi weic iuio ou uf
p;ly delivered by Mr. Lep Leliman,
t.ni.ther with tbe refreshments, so far
exceeded our fondest expectations
that well, we will not try; wo
cannot express it. Our enjoyment
was comp'ete, as we thought, but
when we started on the rule tniougu
tbe city we lound the pleasures of the
trip to Memphis itiil increasing, loe
. at IT1 a ..a. VI
tlrststop.a' me irnutwotTo r.J,
n....:.i . r w Ui.hnrr furnished a
x ittniuttiiii i. 'v.." ;
... ii,., mi, I, l nnt. ha snrnasod and
such m none jut a first cla brewery
could get up. Huccees 10 uitu. maj
i,ia pniiv. he filled as was the inner
inin of each member of the Arkansas
delegation, and may be always oa as
we were made oy bis noennaoio
iinn Tne viait to the Milburn Manu
facturing Company waa greatly en
joyed, and tbe agreeable pres -
J . a... II Ik.... arlll
dent, Mr. wuuuiu, n...
pleaee accept our thanks for
tbe courteous manner in which ha
conducted ns through the large estab-
lirhmenf. A he rule mrougu iu owv
nrbi and the view of tbe palatial resi
dences waa greatly enjoyed. But of
all tbe fas; going, up and down Mil
liding and mirth riroduclng establish
ments uen. rias'y'B Dwncau."
boggan takes tbn lead. The man or
woman who viaite Memph.a and tai a
to lake a ride on it loses iiiv "
li'e. We will organize a stock com
pany to boilil one as soon as we get
home. ' ..
With one cup of pleasure fall we re
turned to tbe Peaoody Hotel. It M
needleea for us to say anvthmg about
this excf llent house. It bas a reputa
tion tc, which our pra'se can add but
little. Suffice it to say we have been
entertained in a Wend y manner, lo
Mr.O.B. Galloway we say. 'My
live long and prosper." And to toe
citizens of Memphis we m.ka j ear
m oat polite bow, and ask you to pleaat
f.ccept our moat heartfelt thanas for
the hoapitahtiea we navo io.-
your nanus, xioepowuua.,1
alto to Mew lor piaeet 01 amastmeav,

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