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tutton Quiet Middling, 9 14c
rtales Yesterday, 60
Money in good demand at 8 per
ent. Ia New York yesterday there
was a temporary stringency in the
money market, during which the rate
advanced to 10 per cent., bat the mar
ket afterward eased off and closed at
2 3 per cent. One transaction ia
recorded in which a New York opera
tor, anticipating a need for $10,000,
borrowed that amount on call at 40
per cent, bat finding do use for the
money paid the interest at that rate
for one day and did not call for the
Local securities here are heavy, nith
renewed aclivi'y in American Oil
Trusts which seem to have struck a
eolid and permanent boom. Coupons
end other local stocks are ako toniDg
In the cotton market there is little,
doing. The close yesterday was quiet ;
middling, c; tales, 50 bales. At
New York yesterday spots closed quiel
and l-16c lower; middling, 9 7-16o. A
leading New York cotton circular
fays: "Caatracta were irregular, final
ly closing a fraction above last even
ing and firm, asisted by tamer Liver
prol advices or short interest in the
'room,' but a renewal of rumors of
damage to crops inepiied a sharp de
mand, which fully recovered the early
At New Orleans spots were firm
middling 9 3-10c; futuies steady ;
August, 9 039 05c.
At Livtr.ool spots were dull fei
buyer' f.ivor; middling, 5 3-10dj fut
ures dull ; August, 5 7-64d.
In the general market there is a
firmer tone in bog produc's, with no
quotab'e advance.
Seventeen brls apples, 8C0 rla bag
ging, 50 pkgs bacon, 459 pkgj boot 3
and shoee, 1559 bu corn,5pigscbeeee,
1 car cotton ssed, 763 sks cotton Beed,
131 pkga dry goods, 19 pkgs eggs, 00
brls flour, 400 bales hay, 2 pkgi bate,
34 hd taogi, 73 hd sheep, 93 hd cattle,
1 house, 66.CO0 ft lumber, 1 pkg liquor,
20 brls mola'ses, 2000 ba oats, 2 brls
potatoes and 95 pkgs tobacco.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Exchange today: Corn
received, none; withdrawn, 123 buj in
store, 3402 bu. Oats received, 9105
ba ; withdrawn, 12,070 ba ; in store,
12,296 bn. Whent received, none;
withdrawn, rone; in store, 8190 bu.
f) Madison St., Memphis Term.,
jkebicabi roTro.x,
Money in sroo.l do'tiarid at 8 per cent.
Tb.9 Clears o'g Ilouoe report is as fol
lows: CLEARINGS. '
Tbursdar, Angiiet 12th, J106,900 19;
thus fiir this we-k, $577,430 44; Eanie
time last weak, 3612,490 87 ; sume time
1885, 454,815 49; eamo liruo 1884,
$347,977 01.
Tourney, AuKURt 12th, S4S,C74 69;
thus far t'fiij week, 2I7,:G2 38; eame
time Ift't week, $234,109 46 J mwe time
18S5, $120,250 81; sams time J8S4,$92,
863 01.
New Yortt sight on nil points, Da'
buying, prerainm sailing; New
England demand, discount buying;
New Eng'aa i siglit, J discount; New
Orleans,! discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce .140 bid, 149 asked
First National -150 bid, 155 BBked
-German Bank 192 bid, 196 asked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Plantere..l50 bid, 153 asked
Mercantile Bank....l35 bid, 137J asked
Bluff City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... asked
Home 75 bid, 80 asked
MemohiB City 102 J bid, 105 asked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 asked
Phoenix 08 bid, 100 asked
Planters 107 bid, ... asked
Vanderbilt.... 25 bid, 28 asked
Arlington 30 bid, ... asked
Factors 20 asked
M. and C. R.R.shares..36 bid, ... asked
M. A T. R.R. ehrs 45 bid, 50 asked
M. & C. consols, 7s. ..119 bid, ... asked
M. & L. R. lt m. 88...105 bid, ... asked
Mias.&T.Pv.R.cf,A..116 bid, 118 asked
Miss.AT.E.K.cfl,B...104 bid, 108 asked
Tenn. wta. ser. 1) 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wts. per. E to J..83 bid, 85 awked
Shelby Co. 6?... 108 bid, 110 asked
Tax. Dint, 4, 6.', 97 bid, 98 asked
Tax. Dist. 6a 104 bid. 105 asked
Mam. Gas bonds 104 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bonds... ..97 bid, ... asked
Hanauar Oil Works bid, 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil truHt,...39 bid. 40 asked
Pioceer Cotton Mil Is 25 bid, 30 asked
Mem.Sror.Com.Oo..l02 bid. 103 asked
Mem. Gas sto.'k 75 bid, 80 asked
New York, August 12. Money on
call luled easier, tanging from 1 to 10
per cent., cbsine at 2(;3. Prime mer
cantile paper, 45. Sterling exchange
weaker; actual rates 483482J for 60
day bi:la end 483484 for demand.
Bonds Government bands were dull
and lover; State bonds were dull and
steady ; railroad bonds were quiet and
generally heavy. Total sales today,
$2,876,500. The increase is chiefly ac
counted for by the increased activity
ia Erie second Congo's, which, under
heavy buying for Europeaa account,
famished (4,927,500. It is understood
that there has been considerable sell
ing of bonds by the banks, chiefly in
order to keep their ressrve within
legil limits. Prices throughout the
day were heavy, and important ad
nances are rare.
Stocks The stock market today was
irregular and feverish at times. This
was cinsed by tha unequal action of
different forces. The bulls are nervous
over the increasing rates of inoreyand
the bears on the account of the slow
ness cif the market to yifld urder fa
vorable conditions. The market today
was aided first by the purchaser for
forefgn account. a"d latar by ihs fur
ther redrctio i ia ih rstK for e'ei g
exchange. TheunfavtraMp u fl'ie"c-
were trie financial situaiiin ami ;e
ports of further damage by hot weath
er in the Wert There was continued
hammering by local ope'atrs through
out the day. Texas and Pac.flc wrs
the conepicuiosly weak Btock npoa
the nnfivo abe outlook on-ler the
new combination f jr reorganization.
Manhattan made a farther advance,
but business ia both it and the Wa
bashes were confined within narrow
limiU. Prices at the rper.ii g showed
Irregu'ar changes, which weie, how
ever, generally within J par cent
of laet evening's final figures.
New York Central, however, was
up J, and Pe'awars and Hudson and
Northern Paciflsp eferred e-ca per
cent.,aod Loaisville and Na hville was
down J. Pii es generally declined in
the early dealings, but f jr only frac
tional amounts, which were gsneially
recovered, after which the market re
mained steady until aftsmooo, when
a general decline took pUc?, which
was checked in the last hour, and the
market c'owd firm on the rally. Final
prices generally show dec'ine', and
Norfolk and Wes'ern pri-ferred Is
downl; Texas Pacific, lj; Canada
Southern, 1 per cent, and others frac
tions. Manha'tan Consolidated wai
the only codbiucuou exception, show
ing an advance of 1J per cent.
The total salesauf stocks todav were
225,504 shares, including Erie, 14,600;
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western,
30,750; Kansas and Texas 8905; Lake
Shore 9794; Louisville and Nesnvi le,
5310; Noittiwtstern, 8625; Manhattan
Consolidated, 305; New York Cen
tral, 12,255; Rsadmg, 0200; St. Paul,
5720; bt. Paul and Oraha, 11,750;
Texas Pacific, 21 815; Union Pacific,
5920; Western Union, 0275 ; Northern
Pacific preferred, 4912; Oregon Trans
con iuuutal, 6900. Closing quotations
were as follows:
u. s. St, loof , ooup, iai'4. i
4S, ooup, 111. Pacifloos at IAS, 125.
La. iUmii, 4s, 79. Missouri, 6s, lOOJi .
Cent. Pao. ists, IU. Deo, 4 R.(i.lsis.l'.22.
DenAR.tJ.W.l-ts. Em seoonds, lliij-j
M.K.AT.,aen.6i,HiW;.North. l'ao. Uu.imM,
North. Pao. 2ci,liK)!4.N. Western oon., 140
N.West. deb. &s, 110' S.St.L.S.K.Uon.M, UQ
Bt. Paul, oon.,l;)lH. St.P.,C. A P. late, 121.
T. P. land gTanH.MH.T.P.. K.U. ex con 6X
II. P. late, 116. West Shore. Ua't.
Tenn. 6e, set'mt,104H Tenn. 5s, aet'mt, 102.
lenn. 3s, set'uit, 79.
Adams Express, 141. Morri4 B.,offd ,140.
Alleghenr Cen., . Nashville A 0., 61.
Alton k T. II., 35. N. J. Central, MH-
A T. U., pfd.. Hi. Nur. i W pfd.. 4i.
American Ex., liKi. Northern Pao.,
B. C. K. A N., 60. Northern P. pfd.,6uU.
Canada Pao., 6ti4. C. & N. W., 1KW.
Canada Sou.. 44. C. A N. W ptd.,142.
Central Paciilfl, 44Vfi. N. Y. Central, lW,a
Chesapeake AO, 4 N. Y. C. A Bt. L., Mi,
C. AO.,lspfd, 17. N.Y.C ASt.L..p.,192.
C. A0..2dpfd..lO. Ohio Central. -.
C. A A., 144. Ohio A Miss., 24
C. A A , pfd., 150. O. A Miss., nfd., 9.
v., u. a u., untario n est., w,
O., St. L. AN. 6.,-. Oregon NaT., lOfi.
CBt.L. AP., 12. Oregon Trans., 32.
C, 8t. L. A P, p. ,33. Ores-on Imp., 21.
O.. S. A O.. 2K. Piuiifin Mnil. Kfili.
est., 20.
C.A C, 58. Panama. 9H.
Del. A Hud,, 99 Peoria. D. A E., 263.
Del., i A W., 129. Pituburir. 163.
ven. a mo u., ny,. ruiiman r. v., 133
Erie. 83-.
Koadini. WA.
Krie pfd., 77.
Rook Island, 126.
oasv lenn., vu, Di. i.. a 3. i.,icig.
East Tenn. pfd. 14. St. h. A S. V., p., 57.
Fort Wayne, 14S. St.L.A8.F..lst p.110.
Hannibal A St. Jo., C. M. A St. P., ,92.
H. A St. Jo., pfd., - C. M. A St. P.,p.l21.
Harlem, 235. St. P., M. A M., 114.
Houston A T., 36 St. P. A Omaha, 47
Illinois Cen., l3ir. Ht.PaulAO.pfd., 109.
Ind.. B. A W.. 17. Texas Pacific, 14.
Kansas A T., 32. Union Pacific, 5".
Lake K. A W., lu. II. S. Exiress, 63.
Lake Shore. 88. W., St. L. A P., IV'i.
Lou. A Nash., WH W St. L. AP..p 34
Loo. AN. A., 61. W. A P. Ex.. 128.
M. A 0. first pf. . W. U. Tel., 60.
M. A C. pfd., -. Colorado Coal, 2J.
Mem. A Char., 37. Hoinentuke, 20.
Mich. Cen.. 80. Iron Silver, 180.
M. L. 8. AW. 66. Ontario, 29.
M.,L.S.AW.,rfd,81. Quicksilver, S.
Min. A St. L 20. Quicksilver.pfd, 24,
Min. A St. L.pfd.4.5. South Pacific. .
Missouri PaoificlOU.Sutro, 11.
Mobile A Ohio. 14.
Losdos, August 12. Cin-ols, 101
310 for money end 101 J fjr the ac
cnunt. United StUe bonds, 4s, 1132.
The bullion in thoBvnk of Englaod
decreioed 115,000 during t'ie pas',
wee. The proportion of tin Bink of
rSng'and's reserve to liability, which
last week wai 40 1-10 per cant , is now
42 p jr cent.
Paris, August 12. Three per c:n.
retit )p, 821 8jc fcr the account. The
weekly ttn'emeut of the B:'iik nf
Fiance shows an increa e of 3 940,000
f ancs go'd, and a decrta?e o 1,825,100
frarcji silver.
St. Louis, Me., August 12. Fauk
clciringn, 2,697 846; balance", J5'.l5,
168. Baltimore, Mo., Anznnt 12. Bink
clearingi, 1,806,650; balances, f 171,
789. Chicago, III., Augnstl2. Theafjso
c'at d bauk clearings tsilny were J9,
116,000. Nkw York, AuRU't 12. Clearings:
Exchangts, 195,418,620; balance?, $4,
616,733. Philadelphia, Pa., August 12.
Bank cloa'iLgj, 18 316,828; balances,
Jl,344,065. .
Boston, Mass., Angnstl2. C'earing
hou e statement: Exebanges, 110,900,
141 ; balances, $1,019,580.
. The local cotton market opened
steady, and closed quiet; middling,
9c. Kale, 50 bales, all to spinners..
Yesterday. Wednesday,
Good Ordinary...
Low Middling
Good Middling...
Middling Fair....,
, 8
, 8:
, 9;
, 9
Dusty 61(0588
6tains, tinges... ... 7ita8j
Memphis, Auguit 12, 18M.
Btock 8ept. 1,1385.... 1,392
Received to-day 22
Received previously...644,801 546,215
Shipped to-day
Shipped previously.. ..540 600
Home consumption to
date 30i 541,21
Stock running account
Thus far this week
ThllR far loaf waalr
.. 12
,. 33'
Since September 1st
M. ana O. R. R
M. AT. R. R.
M.,S A B R. It.
Wagons and other sources....,
Thns far this week 925
Thus far last week 2,168
Sinoe September 1st 540,897
KflW Vfttlr ftrtftfa nnnriAyt mi!af and
wt viii rvg j pvuvu hum
clo3ed quiet and steady, and 1-1 6c
lower. (Pales, 241 bales. Quotations
were as follows:
' rdinary 6 13-16
Good ordinary. 8 1-16
Low middling. 9
Middling... 9 7-16
Good middling 9 15-16
Waddling fair. lOJ
Fair 11J
9 1-16
10 11-16
11 5-16
Nw Yo'k fumrfl opened eisy and
closed firm. Sales, 63,700 bales.
The closing quotations were as fol
lows: Yesterdav.
AagnsL 9.30 9 31
September...9 2i);4 9.30
October 9.2'.K5 9.30
Novemter...9 29 9.30
December ...9.32:4 9 33
January 941 9 42
February 9.49 9.50
March 9.58 9.59
April .9.67 9 68
Mav 9 76 9 77
June 9.81 9.85
July 9.92 9.94
9 30 9.31
9.64 9 55
9 63 9.64
9.71 9.72
The New Orleans spot market opened
dull, and cloeed firm; midding,
9 3-16c. Sales, 350 bales. Quotations
were as follows:
Yesterday. Wednesday.
urainary 71 7
Good ordinary 8 8
Low middling. ...8 11-16 8 11-16
Middling ...9 3-16 9 3-18
Good middling 9 15 16 9 15-16
The New Orleans future market
opened steady and closed steady,
Sales. 10.300
bales. Quotations were
as follows:
9.01 9 011
8 83 8.85
8.78 8 79
, 8 77 8 78
8.81 8.82
8.91 8 93
9 03 9.04
9.16 9.16
9 27 9.28
9 38 9.40
9.49 9 51
August 9
September.. 8
October.... 8
o:; 9 05
84 8 86
82 8 83
80 8.82
84 8.85
November ..8,
December .8
January 8.
94 8.96
,05 9.08
,lK'd 9 20
February... 9j
March 9.
April 9.
May.. 9.
June 9,
30 9.32
42 9.44
,54 9.56
9.27 9 28
9.25 9.2(1
9.25 9 26
9.28 9.29
9 45 9 46
Prices Slock.
9 2,089
9 3 16 27,842
9 3,470
9 3,287
9 1.604
9 209
93 3,371
9 11,020
97-16 137,369
9 6,310
0 8,988
91 12,800
N Orleans.
Mobile ....
New York
St Louis..
nom I.
nom 1.
Receipts at ports, th's day, 18S6.. 1074
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885... 348
1886. I 1885.
R'ts U. 8
Ex. Gr. Br
R'ts Sept. 1
For'gn Ex
1 5,081
It crease in receipts this year, 650,660
At noon : Liverpool spnti were dull
in buyer's favor. Sales. 8003 bales, of
which American 7C00 bales. Receipts,
2000 bales, of which American. 4100
Clojing quotations were as follows:
Ordinary, 4Jd; good ordinary, 4Jd;
low middling, 4 15 lGd ; good middling,
6Jd; middling uplands, 5 316a;
middling Orleauf, 5Jd.
The pricet art given in pence and 64fut,
(Ttutv 4 63 meant 4 63 64d; and 5 01
meant 6 1-64J.1
At noon : Liverpool futures wera
firm at advance; Ausust, 5 085 07d ;
Aagii8tSeptember,5 085 07d ;Septem-ber-October,
5 065 05d ; Ontober-No-vember,
5 03d ; November-December,
5 02d; Ddcember-Jannary, 5 02d;
January February, 5 03; February
March, 5 05d ; September, 5 08d.
At 2 p.m: Liverpool futures we:e
dull; Ajifust, 5 07a sellers; Auguit
Sepiember, 5 07d sellers; September
October, 5 04d buyers; October-November,
5 02d buyeis; November
December, 5 03d buyeis; December
January, 5 Old buyers; January-February,
5 02d buyers ; February-Mareh,
5 04d buyers; Saptemhcr, 5 07d value.
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
dud; Augnst, 5 07d sollera; August-September,
5 07d sellers; Sep
tember October, 6 Old sellers; October
November, 6 02d Eel'ers; November
December, 5 Old sellers; December,
January, 50id eellers: Janusry-Kobm-nrv,
6 02d Sil'e s; February-M rch,
5 Old sellers; September, 5 07d s.-lles.
KREtUtl Df FM,
Copn From store, whit?, 62 533 ;
mixed, 5152i, from levee or depot ;
in sacks, in round lot", whito, 50n;
mixed, 49a; in bulk, car lot", white,
4718;; mixad, 4546iJ.
. Hay Choice, from, store, 75SOo;
prime,70c ; prairie,50c ; round lots Irorn
levee or depot, choice, $1212 50;
prime, f 10 50U ; prairie, $77 50.
Oats White, 40c; mixed, 38j,
from store; round lots from levee on
track whito, sacked, 38jj mixed,
sacked, 35 ;.
Bran From stire,6570c per cwt.;
round lots from levee, $12 per ton.
Beans Navy. $2; medium, $175;
German millet. $1 201 40.
Cornmkal Standard, $2 35; pearl,
$'2 65 from etore, 5c cheaper from mill,
levee or track ; roller, $2 45.
Rice Louisiana, 4J6c; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
Flodr Palente, $4 654 90; extra
fancy, $4ffi4 10; fancy, 4 10 4 20;
family, $3503 75; low grade, $2
3 25.
3. The above figures are for round
lots; fiom store 25o per barrel higher.
Cracked Wheat In baif-barreis,
$4 2 from store.
Hominy and Grits From etore,
$3 153 25.
Orackkhs Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4Jc; lemon cracker,
extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7 c; ginger soaps, extra,
6c; ginger snapn, treble extra, 6c; as
sorted tumbles, 9a.
Kansas City, Mo., August 12.
Wheat higher; No. 2, red, cadi, 6:ic
bid, 03 jo asked ; September, 6,'!c bid,
C4Jcssked; October, 64c bicf, 65jc
asked. Corn higher; No. 2, cash,341c;
September, 35H35Jc; Oc'ober, 36Jc.
Oats nominal ; No. 2 cash, 27 Jc bid.
St. Lodis, Mo., Auaust 12. Flour
dull; XXX, $2 202 30; family,
$2 402 55; choice, :i3 15; fancy,
$3 40Caj3 60; extra fancy, $3 603 80;
patents, $44 25. Wheat firm and
higher; the maiket opened firm and
ruled stealy until the close, fiaihinv
iic higher than yesterday; No. 2
red, cash. 76je; Augnst, 77c; Septem
ber, 77l78Jc, cloeing at 7878Jc;
October, 7981c, closing at 80c.
Corn active and very etrong, closing
11Jj higher tlnn ytsterday; No 2
mixed, cash, 40c: September, 40J
411c, closing at 41 Jc; October, 42
42c, cloiiDg at 42Sc. Oats dull but
firm and lfc higher; No. 2 mixd,
fcaah,26j27jc; September, 27 Jo; Oc
tober, 27c. KyenrongjbzcDid. tsai-
ey no sales, nay qoiei: prairie, f
8 75 : timothy, $7 90. Flaxseed firm
er, $1 09. B'an higher, 47Jc. Corn
meal firm, 2 26. Receipts Floor, 4000
brls;wheat,9S.OOO ba; corn, 31,000 bu;
oats, 30,000 bu; rye, 1000 bu; bar
lev, none. Shipments Flour, 7000
brls; wheat, 7000 ba; corn, 1000 bu;
oats, 6000 bu ; rye, none ; barley, none.
Chicago, III., August 12. There
was a stronger tone in all the markets
today. Wheat began at 76Jc for Sep
tember and advanced quite steadily to
77c under the liberal Ireiuht engigi.
mnts yesterday, and reports of wet
weather in Europe. The market held
up to within Jc of outside prices and
closed Jc higher than yesterday. The
reports from the field as to corn were
generally of a very hlue charae'er and
i rices ruled quite strong, closing Jo
higher than yesterday. Oats showed
only a slight movement, and c'.ojed
steady it about yesterday's figurer.
Flour quiet and enchanted. Wheat
stronger, i higher. Sales ranged t
August. 75j76jc, closed at 75ic;
September. 7677c, closed at 76ic;
October, 78l78jc, closed at 781 v,
No. 2 spring, 75Jc; No 2 red. 76J
77c. Corn strong and le higher;
cash, 434c; Augu it, 43J43jc, closed
at 434o; September, 43gfa)44ic, cinsed
at44Jc: October, 4546c, closed at
4rJc. Oatsttfady; cash, 27 J Septem
ber, 288288c closed at 28c; Odo
ber, 29j29jc, closed at 2nlc. Rye
easy; No. 2, 61c. Barley weak and
lower; No. 2.6162c. Flaxseed firmer;
No. l.$1151(;i fl 16. Receipts-Flour,
10,000 brls; wheat, 73,000 bu; corn,
372,000 bu ;oats, 242,000 bu ; rye, 7000
hn; barley, 21,030 bu. Shipments
Flour, 4000 brls; wheat, 101,000 bu;
corn, 259,000 bu; oats, 1:17,000 bn;
rye, none ; barley, none.
BrrrER Butterine,1014 Jc ; cream
ery. 2225ft : dairy, 20c.
Chkkse P.ime flats, 8c, nominal ;
New York factory, 9c, nomiual; full
cream, 10Jlljc; Young America, 13
Hoa Products Mops pork, $10 25;
sugar cuied hams, 12J13c; brenk
fast bacon, 79jc; clear side pork,
6jc; clear rib side pork, 6Jc; long
clear pork. 6ic; pork sliouuiers, tiio.
Bacon Clear rib sides, 7171c ; bacon
shoulders, 6jc. Lard Tierces, 6Jc;
half-barrels, 6jc; kegs, 65c; pals, 7jc;
ha f-nails.7Jc:60 lb tins.uic: 0-mtin,
6jc; 10 lb tins, 7c; 5-lb tins, 7Jc: 3-lb
tins, Tic; choice Keitie, tiercf s, bjc.
Fresh Meats No. 1 beef, 7c; Mut
ton, 7c; hind quarters of beef, 8Jc;
lambs, 2 503 50.
St. Louis. Mo., August 12. FroviS'
ions strong and active. Pork irarcs
and firm, $10 35. Lrd, $6 50. Bu'k
meais higher; loose lots long clear,
$6 5; short ribi, J6 3d; snort clear,
$6 50: boxed lota lone clear $6 40;
sl'O-t ribs. $6 40 6 45; short clfar.
$6 60. Bicn strong; long clear, $6 95
()7 ; short tib3, $7 ; short clear, 7 15
7 20. Hams firm at lL'ji:(c.
Butter seadv: eteamery, 1720c;
dairy, 1016c. Eggs strong at 99jc,
Chicaoo. III.. August 12. Mess pork
was quiet and strong, while the up
ward movement in lara conunuea,
owinir to the fear of a so net f 9. The
near options closed 7410c higher
tlian yesterday ; mess pone nrm ; casn.
$9 70: September, $9 709 771, closed
at $9 75; October, $9 809 874, elosed
at $9 85. Lard stronger: casti, $7 15;
September, $7 1247 25. c osed at
$7 20: October, $6 706 724, closed
at 16 724. Short rib sides strong; cssli,
$030. Butter firm; creamery. 1420c;
dairy. ll15c. Eggs lOllJc. ro!
tecs firm; $1 0002 per bbl;
Oopfeb Common,78c;ordinary,
8184o; prime Rio, 8"410c; choice
to fancy, 10114i; old government,
24'J5c; (Jeylon, 18c.
Soap 3454c per poand.
Scqar Pure white, 66jc; off
white, 6J6ju; yellow, 686jc; open
kettle, 545jc; refined A, 6J6oj
granulated, 67ic; powdered, 7J
74c; cat loaf, 748c.
Salt $1 25 per barrel; racks, fine,
$1 451 60; coarse, $1 151 20; pock
ets, bleached, 27c; car-loads from
levee or depot, 6o cheaper.
Candies St'cks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 89j.
Candles Full weight, 910c.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices per doz
en : Pineapples, 1 351 65; peactes,
2-lb, staiiderd, $1 851 55; seconds,
$1 101 15; tomatoes, 2-lb, standard,
1 25l 35; 31b, $1 153)1 30; straw
berries, $1 35 I 40; raspberries,
$,1 151 25; blankberrios. $1
1 15; trreengagps, $1 601 75;
pears, $22 25; plnms, $1 OOOjD
1 70; anparagua, $2 604; green corn,
f 11 33;greon peas, $1 5516"; cove
oysters, full weight, Mb. $11 10;
ovo oyatera, full woight, 2-lb, f 1 75
1 85; cove oysiers, light waight, 1-lb,
6ric; cove oysters, Haht weight, 2-lh,
$1: condenswd milk Crown, 45 50
5 75; Engle,$7 517 75; Diisy, $4 75.
Molasses Louisiana, common to
fair, 1825c; prime to choice, 2835c ;
syrup, 2410j; common to fair, 20
25c ; prime to choice, 3033c ; centrif
ugal, fancy, 3234c.
Tobacco Common. 11 lach, 25
30o; other grades and stylef, 3585c.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $9 50
10 25.
Apples Apples, $22 25; from
levee or deoot, $1 251 50; dried ap
ples, 3j34c per pound from storo.
Dried peaches, 23c from store.
Vegetables Onions. $22 25 from
store; $1 601 75 from levee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 252 60 ; $1 75 from
levee or depot tier crate; Garlic, 40
60c per 100. Turnips, 50c per bushel.
Fruit Oranges, LoiiiMatf n3mi
nal, $0 Lemons, $38 51 per
box. Bananas, $12 per bunch.
Cocoannts, $5 per 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 74c; Tennessee, farmer's stock.
34c; roasted, 2Jc higher; anelled,
10c. Almonds, 1820c.
Raisins -London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504. -
Pickles In jars, pints, 95c; quarts
1 m : half-irallonn. $2 7S : gallons
$3 75; loise, barrels, $6; half-barrels,
. . i nil c n . m;WA.l
J, rxixeu, unrreio, uu , iuivu,
ha'J barrels, $6.
Potatoes New, $1250150; loose
in. wagons, 75c$l.
Cideb New York, $6 50 per barrel
and $3 50 par half-barrel ; Vinegar, 124
15c per gallon.
Pecans Texas, 810o for small to
medium, 1014o for large; Arkansas,
3Sc ... " .
Fish Mackerel, haii-oarreis, no. i,
$4 f05; No. 2, $3 253 50; No. 3,
12 7503; 10-lb klt. No. 1,80c; No. 2,
70c; 15-lh, No. 3, 60c. Dry berrimts,
family, 30c per box.
WALNOT8-Freneri,12ci Naples,15c ;
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Poultbv Chickens, $12 25; old
hens, $2 25.
Game Game fish, 11 12c.
Edos Scarce at 12113c.
NewTorx, Angast 12. Coffee spot
fair Rio firm, 95c; options fairly active
aula shade higher ; sales, 26,000 bags ;
August, 7.95c ; September, 7.96
8o; October, 8c ; November, 8o : De
cember, 88 05c ; January, and Febru
ary, 8.10c. Sogir dull and more or
lees nominal: fair to good refining
quoted at4S34c; refined doll; cut
loaf and crushed, 6r6c. Molasses
dull. Rice firm, lair demand.
Bagging Jute. 2 lbs, 84c; II lbs,
7c : 1) lbs. 7c. Flax, 8 lbs, 7Jc.
Naos-$2 15.
Hides Dry flint, 12416c; dry
salt, 1012c ; green salt,71 Sjc ; green,
5ic ; deer skins, 15017c. Beeawax
dull at 20021c; tallow, 33 Jo.
Whisey Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 6000; rye, $1 7508; domes
tic, 90cf 1 60.
St. Lotus, Mo., August 12. Whisky
steady, $1 07.
Chicaoo, III., August 12. Whisky
steady, $1 12.
Ciscinbati. O.Jtugust 12. Whisky
firm; tales of 809 barrels of finished
goods oo a basis of $1 07.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Pittsburg, Pa., August 12. Petro
leum weak and excited ; opened at 61 jjc,
and broke to 60Jc, but rallied to 61 at
1 o'clrck p.m. The causa of the break
was the report that the Stewart well
was doing 120 barrels an hour.
LIVE 8 roc It,
Cattle Choice grass fed, 34SJc;
good, 33c; fair to medium, 24
24c; scallawnvs, l14c.
llods Choiee,4 1044c ; good, 3 j4c ;
common, 33Jc.
Sheep Choice, 334c; medium, 2
3c; common, 11 60. Choice
lambo, per pound, 6c.
Kansas City, Mo., August 12. The
Livestock Indicntor reports: Cattle
Kect'ipts, 1112 heal; shipments, none;
choice na'ive (hipping, good gram,
range weak; common hard to sell;
good to choice, $4 10 4 00; com
mon to medium, $3 4(M4; steckeii,
$2 :t02 75 ; foder. $2 75(.i)3 30 ; cows,
$2 50( 2 76; gras rangq Btcrs, $2 40
3 30. Hots -Receipts, 5S44 bead;
shipments, 730 lieml; choice s'rong;
ctherj steady ; good to choies, $4 75'i
4 90; common ti meiliura, $4 50(i)4 70;
skips and p'gs, $i 7504 40. Shoep
Receipts, 566 head; shipments, 60
head; market steady; gmd to choice,
$2 4003; commoa to medium, $1 50
2 25.
Chicago, III , August 12. The Drov
ert' Journal reports: Cattle Receipts,
3500, head; shipments, 2500 head;
fully stoady; sliippinii steers, 1350 to
1500 Ibi, $1 0505 12j 1 950 to 1200
lbs, $3 6004 10; strckeis and feed
ers, $2 400 3 50; cows, bulls f ml
mixed, $1 5003 70; bulk, $2 002 00;
through Texas cattle, 2600 received,
s'eady; stoeis, $2 760 3 50; cows, $2
2 70; Western tangent, 1200 recriveo,
firm; native and half breeds, $3 25
4 25; cows, $2 5003; wintered Tex
us, $33 85. Hogs-Receipts, 16,000
head; sbipmen's, 5003 head; strong;
rough and mixed, $4 1004 80; packing
nd f hipping, 250 to 350 lbs, $4 80
6 20: light weight', $3 9004 85; skips,
$2 50(33 90. Shexp Receip's. 3000
head; shipments 600 heal; strong,
scive: natives, 100 to 120 lbs and over,
$3 7501 25 ; 80 to 95 lbs, $33 60; 65
to 80 lbs, $203; Western, $2 5003 05;
Texans, $203; lambs, $3 750 5 25.
New Yobk, lugust 12. There was
the usual demand for miscellaneous
assortment, a much Urger business
through deliveries on old engage
ment, and the tone of the market
very 11 -m. tor laiiea skirls there wis
an improving request, with the large
demand ehowinar preference for Uio
Biunswick rstrskaup, which are in
creasingly popular with succstuing
sew one.
To all who aro latTeriM Irom th trrors an
Indiscretions of youth nervous waaknass,
early decay, loss of manhood, to., I will
send a reotpeth&t will our you, FUEttOF
CU AHllK. Tbli great remedy was dissover
ed by a missionary in South Ainerloa. bend
salf-addrussed enveloiia to tha R. Jorf
T. Ikman. IHatim I). Nrm Yurie.
The only perfect ubstltute ur Mothera
Tlllk. Invi.luuble Id Chnlnm Infnnfum
and Teathlnsc. A pro-rflunat.xl food fur Dya-
P Plica, Conaumptlvea, Convalesoanta.
i,rfot fiutrfont Id all Wnatlng Dlannaaa.
nn oooKiiifl.. tjur ckic. The GarO
and FeadlriK of Infants, mailed fiuu.
DOUBEH, UOODALB Ja CO.. Boston. Maaa.
v, ii i:a i est i:.v( i ick
TKXAS, ia iMotuiibis andliittle rU ck
Kiiurotid, with dnulila dally connections
Auaust 27, 24 and 21'th. Tiokots Rood thirty
days. Btiin-iver nrivileuos will bo allowed.
truing and oomlnr. ArrnniiamenU have been
made with the rertnmith road running Seo
In trninsto oonnert with hnth our trains
'i'brnuirh ooanhes to Fort Hniith nndthrruih
sleeper to Kureka Kprlnm, Hot Hi'rinits,
A r k .. inmuuea in tuese excursion rates, for
lirmks. mituri anil uanem nf Arkunsas ahd
Tozas, mailod free, and all other In forma
tion in roferonco to excursion by writing to
J. tt. FKANKLIN, fasHenger Agent, Meui-
RUUOLI'II FINK, Qeneral Manager, Mem-
tihis. 'I'flnn.
W. K. BUTTON, Pass'r Agt , Corinth, Miss.
D. Ml IjLKR. General Pastonver Ageat, Lit
tle ItoCK, ArK.
Trains leave at a m., and 4 :2fl p.m.
-t-mart M'irtlol tart ltlly atwtHiral WfaioiM ir? U4
' Htaijuof .ilul, kj bit I rutu" will i.roi-
Curm form of PBIVATt
i ii.t r!im tr-t.hu id jouih. ftzu- irrsirt .0 ;o
ijtt ft n . r ctltar rati- t6 (inxltH-tnt Mutti a. 'n.
wiux i-ilrvu tNt vomntria tinniDtl KmlMi-jQ
if.wl.i tn-ifial, Dtmitfa of (Mjitil. Ilffreili l"rx . Ti
fifr.T, fii:iilri(in r'n AtPtr'b ti Hirinr )' eina
Tufi (scia ft Ui'i'ial Fwf .. ffucV.
ruiiinc imrjT. mT or utihftpf nr. (tioroiifhW anJ iWru
'iti( juri SYpHltilS -"tT'ly iuro tutila
ltit 1":n, Gonorrhea.
OLKF.T 'tricturaj '-irotillla, tru 'cr Hu;'U.i
:-m tiJ 'iliir priTatc d l,t qnlckly noraV).
I la aNf ernl' rjt Uixt phv atclas vLo pjt rtfcif txbim
-: k Wain f-ikit i.f dlitatva, aul jtlu Ui'-usabda iuOl
iilf rqi,trt rri sktn PiTatTlna koowlng Uli f.Tt
a-fniniffiri fivna tn m 'r- H lian It ia '.monvrtiUiit m
-ial 'twnj fr" trcatmi'Dl. tunttrlnf ha iwni ttiaUra
TO kftlf bt i.klt af enpriMa tnjbru .
i..,;'ln i, t'iarnaii- mt vtmr n4 aoJ l9Tttai
t jtKi riM. ni an ft4-aB, wemwf aMiavl, tut ikw
3l) .y" Altiuld ba rH4 b fW. idirxaa a aviv
.ftoa oat. 4. W-1 t P H 4cnUit im - T '
For Sale Engine and Boiler.
2K H0RSR POWER-Nearlynew. Also,
(J smokestack, baltinar. nullers. shaft
ing, tools, eto. Applv to or address
row, Bouuwufl ot t;v,
Office, 60 Mala Street,
First Door South of Englnehouse.
"Strict attention given to all business In
trusted to bis ear.
Oil. RICE.
Friars Polnt.....JiMss Lai, 5 p.m.
Vleksburg .Bi.li Miuraig, 12 m.
Osceola Coihoha, 5 p.m.
Cincinnati. ........Bi'Ckivb Stats, 5 p.m.
Vleksburg CiTTor Cairo, 5 p.m.
Whit River ..Fidoi Robiksox.S p.m.
Whit River Alrkrta No. 3, S p.m.
6t. Louis Arkansas Citt, 9 p.m.
Arrivalt. W ill 8. Hays, Arkantns
Ci'y i'tiayoao, Tipton ville; Belle Mem
phis, Viotshurgj Ci'y cf Baton Rouge,
t. Louis; Future City and barges, St.
Dtpartum. Gayoso, Tiptonville;
Will 8. lisys, Arkansas City; Belle
Memphis, HL Ixiu's; City of Baton
Rouge, New Orleans; Future City and
bargs, ew Orleans.
Tns City of Cairo will leave the Ele
vator this S o'clock p.m. for Vicksburg
and ioternmlhts point?.
The Alberta No. 3, Ca;t. A. B.
Smith, is the Saturday packet for
White riyer. H. C. Wilson Is in her
Tn Buckeye SUte will leave this
evening at 6 o'clock for Louisville,
Cincinnati and all way landing) on
the Ohio River.
Tug James L?e, Capt. Thomas Clan
gett, is the packet this evening at
8 o'clock foi Helena, Fiiars Point
and h)1 way landings. Will AsHford is
her clerk.
The Coahoma, Cipt. Hoory Coiper,
is the packet this evening at 6
o'clock for Osi'odIh and the tiiiper
bonds. Win. r-mither in in charge of
ber olllse.
Thb Milt U. Harry Lino s'eamer
Freddie Koblnson.Capi. Milt R 11 irry,
is the packet tomorrow evening at 6
o'clock, lluxh Smiih and Jumoi Sauls
bury aie her clerks.
The Future City and bii'ges passed
dowu for New Orleans yts.ordiy af
ternoon. Tiir river at this psint marks 8 feet
1 tenth by the gauge, or 1) f 1 2 tenths
above low water mark, a rite of 4
tenths in 24 hours.
Tub Belle Mernphis, from Vicks
burg, pa;sad to Su Louis before day
light yesterday morning and dis
charged 3 bales of cotton at tbo Kle
vat jr.
The Anchor L'ne steamer City of
Baton Rouge, from St. Lmis, parsed
ti New Orleans yesterday morning.
She added SOU racks of corn in the
bends bolow Cairo and 20 tons of
freight at the Klevator. She had on
board about 1100 tons.
Louisville Timet, 11th: The river is
only 12 inches at Pittsburg, and the
present prospect is that the water wi 1
got so low that not even the little uur
kotboits can run. In that event the
dam at Davis Island is to be raised, as
that will not interfere with the repairj
in the lock gates.
St. Lours Olohe-Democrat, 11th: Capt.
Nelson Yonng, of the cm torn bouse,
hai just received notice Irom the Sec
retary of the Treasury in which it has
been decided that the lute abolition of
the steaniboat fees does not include a
fee of 20 cents for copy of enrollment
or 60 cents for copy of bill ol sate, and
those charges are therefore now pay
able as previously.
Ofpics Signal Service, TJ. 8. A.,
M km I'll is, August 12, 1 p.m, J
The following observations Are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ah've Low
Rise I Fall
Feet. lOtli
Cairo 11 7
Chattanooga ... 5 8
Cincinnati 8 1
Davenport 1 2
DuhiKiun 2 2
Fort Smith 12
Keokuk 1 3
Helena 10 H
La Crosse 2 4
jVavcnwortli... 9 7
Little Rock 12 II
1OiiiHvillu 5 4
MemplilM 0 2
Nashville 4 8
New OrleaiiH
Omaha 1) 2
I'ittflburg 1 8
St. IxmiH 7 (I
St. l'ltul 1 11
Shreveport 8
VickHburg... . ... 10 1
InsiKor l.ln Feet and tontue of a foot
above aero of gnugei
Cairo, 40 font. Chattanooga, ft) feet.
Cinoinnati. SO. Davenport, Pi.
Duliuque.lii. Fort Bmlth, tl.
Keokuk, 11. Helena,.
l.a Crosse, 44. Leavenworth, )
Little Rook, sn. Louisville, 2ft.
Memphis, ;U. New Orleans, 13.2.
Nashville, 4U. Pittsburg, U.
Omaha, 18. tit. Paul, 7.
Ht. Louis, 32. Virksburg, 41.
Bhreveeort, Yankton, 144.
ICvanhvii.i.k, Ind,, August 12. Noon
River fulling, with 7 feet 4 inches on
the gauge. '
PiTTSBBRM, August 12. Noon River
River 12 inches on tbo gauge and sta
tionary. Weather cloudy and but.
Louisvili.i.A ugnst 1 2 Noon River
fdllintr, with 5 feet 2 inches in the
cannl and 3 !oet on the falls. Business
good. Weather clear and hot. Depart
ed: Ohio, Cincinnati. '
CiNciNNAiLAnunat 1 2 Noon Rivet
K feet 3 inches an the gmigeand rising,
Weather lair ami warm: tliermom-
eter 78; mined last n'ght and this
morning. Arrived: Paris C. Brown,
New Orleans,
Cairo, August 12. Noon River 11
fnet 7 inches on the gauge and rising.
Weather cluar and hot. Arrived : Jos.
Henry, New Orleans', 1 a.m.: City of
Cairo, Ht. Louis, 7 a.m.; Annie P. Sil
ver, New Orleans, 0 a.m. Departed:
Bnckeye State, Memphis, 3 a.m.: Jos.
Honry, St. Louis, 6 a.m.; Annie P. Sil
ver, St. Louis, 11 a.m.
On account of other engagements re
quiring my entire personal attention, Ilhavo
ooncludodtoqult the mercantile pert ol my
business, anl now Ver my entire stock of
for sale. Will rent or lease to purchaser,
desired, my two-story iron-front building
oontalning stock, on reasonable terms. Anj
one wishing to go into business cantseoure a
bargain by calling on GEO. LA HE,
July!). 18M. ' ORKKADA, MIB8.
prrauna seeking Government Km
ttloyment In ny of the departments as
Waahlngtoe, or aay other positions inder
the Government, I will send full iastrnetloot
e to how to ro! to obtain tne tame,
and Blank rornseor Annllealion on
reeeipt of 8ne Dollar. AjHmm JOHBI
JD. siViiUiaV Locii.bas asta, I tsiesks
Mt. Letssla 1 Slew Orlasia Anrho
I.l.e-U. . MM1-F0H. VlCKSUURii.
Vlty of Cairo,
LUhtner mutsr.
Will I.... the levator FKlDAt. An..
l:uh,at3p.m. Vor freight or passage apply
C. I,. Ham,. Pass. Ag't. AD STOHM. Sqp't.
HI. I.011I11 iw4 New Orleaas Aartior
J.luo-I ,N. Mll-CAIR0 A 81. L0UI8.
Arkansas City,
tlrnlsUeti vnasitsb
Will leave Ue' Klevator SATURDAi, Aug.
Hih, at 9 p.m. For freight or paanaae apply
O. L. Hsi.t., Pms A'gt- AD STORM. "up1
lluckeye Wtate-
H. J. Vinton masUr.
Will leave FRIDAY, Aug. 13th. M 5 p.m.
for freight or passage apply to 0. B. Klio-
k m Fv4 aii I "Madison s" T.leT
phon. No.KT. JOHN PARK. Pass'r Ag't.
For Osceola. Hales Point, Caruthersvllle,
Uayoso and Tiptonville the new steamer
)Y-,f Hall master I B. 0. Micli.ll...olerk.
111 . as above, and all wv noinU.
HoilitM rliirn l'olnl ami tiiiie
iittd Oectolift ftNirttfi tkiHMiiy,
Ifor Helena. Uleolale, 'rlar Point anl all
W,y Landings Bteaue.'
Tames liee, j-sKia
J. H. t'nci.f, m'trr....J. W.f:u.iihers,i.-lerk
Wi U, ,.s above on every HiNi)'Y,
WKCMtfjUAYind IMiXDAY. at t o'cki k.
for Randolph, Fat ton, Osciola s-l V. a
Lr.atuts Steamer
('on la o ns a, &j2msF
K. T. Claarett...mnster I Piatt Rhoilix ..'lerk
ii nd FRIDAY at n li.tn. Thelixotoot this
line roserve the right to iasi all Undings
the csplain may tlnem iinsnle. Ollice. No. tl
Ms.ti.nn st. ,1 A M KS I.KK. .In , -np't.
Mem jtli Is : U LifclMver l'kt.Co
tor ('Inreiiilon, lvHlla lllufl., Ilea
Am, Augusta, bearoy, Newp rt, Jactson
port, llntitivilio md :l Way tuiiairm,
sullt. 4 lilt liAMaW, .ir
K. 0. Postal n.n.ter, f ',"';.TSi
Will leave h'VKRY WKD.N KhDAY at 5 p.m.
NTK. AMIKKTA NO 8. . ,n-,
Albert 11. Kmi'h inaMcr ii.i.iiZl
Will leave KVKUY SAHRUAY lit 5 i
Through ratus vlvon t i all poiius. al l
consigned to the Memphis and While It f
Packet Co., at Memphis or Terrunit. will be
forwarded promotly. r-Vr wunernl In orn
tion aptily at otllee, N 1 Madison t ir.
Ciiirr..lidi"n v. ,! i.mt ,.
MEMIMHS Jt Wllir. f.IVf H I K
Freddie Robinssn, ...STMa
M. R. lUrrv ui
For lUleu, Terrrno, I'oVnlls Uio . . a r,
Augusta, rjearoy, iVewport and u. .
Will leavens aoove A 1 1 Ru.O 4t5,. .u.
Through rates to ail iwiiois. Frn:h nt
signed to Mill linrry Line, en'phi-. w' l -jt
promptly for-dod. P P. I'KaSK.
Telephone 1J.
The Kt.FrauclH River Trttn, iiriiii.
Co.'l Fine Hlde-W heel D,. S. MM ;;
Kd Foster,
O. K.Jophn . ...mater,
at S o'clock, for Marianne, the Cut-Off, tt
Intermedlat landings on hi. Francis riser.
The captain reserves the right to j.ass el
landings he deems nniato. J AS. Lr.lt, Jr.,
Hnnerlntenden Office. No. 4 MsdiAg ft
MempliU and Vlclmbnrjr Packet Cout
paoT U.S. Mall Lino.
For Helena, Concordia, Terrene and Arkaa.
las City The elegant passenger steamer
14. K. Chosk. ..master 1 W. 0. Blauke...olerk
Leaves Memphis
p.m., reserving the right to pass all landings
the captain may deem an sale. For general
Jnrmatloa .pr
,I()HN CIRR, Psss'r Aent. Telephone iHO.
Arkansas Itlrcr Pk't Cv.
Stp. R. L COBB, aVT
K. II. Kmlth.... master, 4&.xm
Leaves Memihia Kvery XUEHDAY. at o p.ia
II. 0.LOWK, Agent.
Office, Nn. S Madison at. Telephone No. SI.
Will be recelvod by the Board of Education
for the purchase and Immediate removal ot
the 2-story Iraino balldlng, formerly used
for school purposos, cerner of Third and
Looney street', Chelsea, until Friday morn
Ing, August l.'lth, at 9 o'olock.
Chairman Hchool (Irounds and Duildlng
r IIAVK this days bnnght the Interest of
L Jorso i;urrie anil J. r. lliiinlin, and will
oontiniin tho business as herelolnre under
lame style of Brui, U. T. Mays A Co.
II. T. MAYS. i
A Valuable Patent.
llnury'a (Horee) 4'orn ststil l I'lan.
HAVING perfected my Invention, I with
:o id. nie it before the public, especially
miinulaolurers. As e Corn Planter, It is a
perfect success opens the drill, distributed
the seed accurately, unlnlured, and coverd
the same, therot y one man performing the
work of three. The hare teen used In
this seotion for over gdoimi years with ir
fect satisfaction. Can give ro.iporslblo test!1
monlals. Address
J0UN li. DANCY.Daacyrllle.
Haywood nonntv. Tei.
Pennyroyal Pills.
"4 Illt lllWrtK'SJ KNttfLIMH."
The Original nssil Only Ufunln.
Bale and always Reliable. Dewaroot worsts.
!. Imitations. Indlsiensable to I. A Ol f.H.
Au jruur OrmiKlKl (or "DliloUswter'e
Ksisli "and take no other, or Inclose to
(stamps) to us for particulars ntlKTTIRhy
rrluru simll. CS i fAVKH. IB I.
rlaaetfir 4'hfniilral Vn.t
Hill a Miwllewss Nqesrs, PtallaKl., P,
UKalia supplied by UKO.C.UOODWII
WhnlMals Asreaisi, Risatea, if -see
No. mil a One breeder and an exoeed
Invlv handioma and well brad Uull. '
hi kr Champion ot Amerioa. No. lf'T.
Dia-Octibbeha Duchasg 2d, No. 7''-H. by
Aldino, ll.W. rjeoond Dam-Uctibbeha
Duchess, U21 07 lbs. butter In 7 days), by
llubt liny. Third Dam-Lucky Belle, aU.
Fourth Dam-fansy oth, No. 3, by Patter
son, no. ii.
MY KRS has St per cvnt. blood Champion of
America, sire 10 cows in 1( lb. list.
MYKRS has 26 per oent. blood Aldina, sire 5
cows in U lb. list.
MYERS has Vi'i per oent. blood Uub, sire I
. cows In 14 lb. list. . . . .
MYKRS bss 12S per cent, blood Lucky
nolle, dam a cowa in 14 lb. list.
Sold to avoid in-breedlng.
To Lcvco Contractors.
ABOUT one million Ave hundred thousand
cublo yards of levee work In the Yasoo
Mlssissippi Delta (Upper) Levee Distriot
will bo let early in September. Due notioe
will be given by advertisement of the date of
letting. Fur epecino Information sddress the
undersigned, T. 8. DABNKY,
. Chief Engineers
Memphis, Tsnn.
Electric Belt Freo
rpO Introduoe It and obtain agents we will
X for the negt sixty days give away, free
of charge, la each county in the "''
Ited number of our nsii. KiMtro
yasslo NDapesseorjr HelU. Price fjDI k
positive and unfailing ewe fog Hervous De
bility, Varlcooele, Imissloji, Isipotenoy,
eto. aVW.IX) Reemrd (aid If every Belt we
maauiaotire doe o eenerale a aaaa
BrDoklyn. N. I.

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