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VOL. XL VI NO. 194
Bill Eecetly Filed bi Rogers for a
Settlement of the Affairs of
the Compaij.
Washiugtoh, August 16. Meters.
Morris, Earle and Pugh, is solicitors
fcr Attorney General Gar'and, today
filed his answer to the bill recently
filed by J. Harris Roners aairst At
torney General Garland. Senate r
Harris and others, f or a wttlem-nt of
theaffaiis of the Pan Electric Te'e
phone Company. Mr. Gar and, in his
answer, denies in detail every material
.statement in the bill, and cal's atten
tion to "(he scandalons and Imper
tinent matter in the bill," and says he
most decline to anawer such portions
unless the court directs him to do so.
In concluding his answer the At
torney General says
"That being invited by one or more
of his codefeudants to become inter
ested in aiding to develop certain in
ventions cf the complainant, he did,
on or about February 15, 1883, attend
a meeting ol the parties iutartsted at
the residence of tue complainant, on
Four and a Half street, N. W., in this
city, and that except this be attended
only two other mee lag?, and that it is
exceedingly probable that there ate
many details of this busincsi whereof
he is wholly uninformed, and as to all
euch matters he would rely with more
confidence upon the books and reords
of the company than up n his own
knowledge ; that, to far as he is aware,
all tae agreements of the parlies
as between themselves relative to this
business were reduced to writing and
are fully and completely set out in the
contiact dated March 13, 1883, which,
on h'S behalf, was executed by his at
torney in fact, Isbam G. Harris." The
Attorney General lurther avers "that
he hs paid the sum of money therein
agreed by bim t j be paid and in addi
tion thoreto some further Bums or as
sessments made, and all that were
made by the parties to the contract
named, and in pursuance thereof end
for the purposes therein set out. And
he entered into so other agree
ment of any kind in the prtm
ites witb the complainant or anyone
else. And he further says that be
was impressed by the apparent useful
ness of the inventions, and had great
confidence in the l gal validity of the
. patents and believed that the validity
would be judicia ly sustained in any
legation institutwi for tbe purpose,
ana tfcat in tbat event they would be
come very valuable if honestly man
aged on basinets principles ; tbat until
tueir legal validity was thus judicially
established it wts by himst-It and h s
codHfeudants do med unw'se and im
proper to issue trie s ock of the com
pany which hud been duly and legally
chattered, and to which romptny said
datents had bee a legally assigned in
pursuance of tie agreement that
the writton contract hereinbe
fore referred to, the o ipinal
wheieol will be duly exhibited cn tbe
trail of fhis cans?; as mtenJed-aud
does carefu ly guard against such pre
mature issue of Bciip fjr tha s ock,
by providicg that all of the slock
should he held jointly. He submits
that said contract does not constitute
a pcrcnerthip, but that it is an agree
ment between the parlies thereto as
to the obtaining of a charter for speci
fic purposes aou for the management
of certain interests thereof when
chartered and organized thereunder,
and he submits to the court the
proper legal cous' ruction of said con
tract, that under end in rurauarceof
eaid contract, the Pun Electric Tele
phone Company issued certificates
showing that the different parlies in
interest were entitled to certain num
ber of shares of cxpital stock of the
Pan-Electric Company of the part far
value of (100 eacu as soon as the va
lidity of the patents is judicially de
termined in any li'igatiou instituted
for that purpose. But ihis cert'fisatu
is not transferable except with tbe
consent of the president and secretary
of the company indorsed hereon."
He further says that the complainant,
instead of devi ti g himself to the per
fection of the invention as by his con
tract he wes bound to do, sold inter
ests in his stoi k, as admitted in his
bill of complaint and in sundiy other
instances bts d stf oseihere.nadmitted
in patent violation of saul contract
and against the interest of tbe com
pany ; that finding be could rot per
suade the defendants to accede to his
wishes, he procured many false and
malicious statements to be published
in the public press of the country,
both as lo the defendants and a to the
business of this company. He also
avers ''thstthe utwr disregard for the
comp'ainant for hU obligat one, ai
manifested t y his violation of his con
tract as well as hie general conduct
heri in set out, renders him an wholly
unreliable person with whom to have
any business relat ons whatever; and
this defendant, having become fully
satisfied by tbe gross mitconductof tne
comp'ainant that the business of the
company cou'd not be properly and
desirably managed, tad decided in
February last to give away his stock
in said Pan-E'edric Telephone Com
pany and be freed of all and every as
sociation witb said cimplair ant, and
hid prepared to consumma'e this pur
pose when investigation of this com-
Sany was Instituted by the House of
Mpreeentatives of tbe Cor gress of the
United States and he deemed it proper
to continue in Btatu quo until tbat was
concluded; and such investigation
having een concluded, this defendant
i now unites in the desire tf the com
plainant to close out aod wind up ths
business of said company and whether
tbe conrt, after consideration of the
contract, shall regard and treat this asso
ciation as apart nerabip or a corporation,
there sbonld under said contract be a
full accounting between each member
and the company, including tbe pro
ceeds of any and all stock or interest
told in violation of said contract and
-ample provision made for the payment
of any liabilities of said company, and
if necessary, to secure a dissolution
and winding up of such organization,
he s sks tbat this bill may be deemed
and considered a was bill asking for
such relief. And this defendant,
waiving and renouncing the beuefits
and advantages to wbiih he may bs
entitled of such accounting, aud all
right and benefit cf euch company,
brings into conn here tbe cert fleets
for his interest in said company, and
. while he is re;dy and wil ing to
stand by and peif .rm euch decree as
the court shall dem meet and equit
able in the premise-, he asks that fet
ter the settlement ot all liabilities of
said company by ti e explication
thereto cf tbe txrpt issued by sa d
company, if necessary, and portion
that may remain if the script of this
defendant so brought into court, in
any interest of th defendant thetvin
maybe canceled or retu'ned and sur
rendered to the Pan-Electric Tele
phone Company or otherwise disposed
oi, as the court shall d.rect, to the end
that tb'S defendant may be absolutely
rid cf the complairantj sa d stock and
all interests therein, or in raid com
pany; and for the purpose of rr cur
ing by the judgtpentof the couitin this
proceeding- a final and rom plete adj ust
ment and t-ettlemaDt of all matters be
tween the defendant and complainant
and eaid company, 'and the termina
tion of all relations between this de
fendant and either the complainant of
said company. This defendant is
willing and hereby offers to account
for all pecuniary benefits and monoy
he has received (rom said company,
or by reason of his interest therein,
and to bring said moneys into conrt
when thereunto required.
And this defendant fur her answer
ing, says that at to all other matters
set forth in the complainant's said bill
of complaint, this defendant has no
knowledge whatever and baa no in
formation as to the bill of complaint,
and leaves tbe tomplairant to prove
the same as he may be advined.
In Ohio, WlsesniiD, BUnaeaata, Da
hota and Other M tales.
Cincinnati, 0 , AnguBt 16. A sul
try air this mornir.g was followed
about 0 o'clock witn heavy, black
clouds from the North, which broke
into a sudden hea7y r-iin. I hers was
no wind but abundant lightning. Be
tween here and Columbus an unusual
electrical storm is reported and wires
in nearly every direction are working
Rerreihlng BaJaa In Wleeoneln.
Milwaukee, Wis., July 16 Wis
consin has been blessed by a refresh
ing rain storm unaccompanied by se
vere wind. Tbe storm originated yes
terday afternoon in Kansas and Ne
braska. At midnight it was central in
Iowa, and at 6 o'clock this morning
was central over Lake Michigan. Tbe
rain in Wisconsin was heaviest north
if aline from Sneboygan to La Crosse.
North of this line the fall aveiaged
about an inch, and south of it, from a
quarter to a half an inch. Three
tent ha of an inch of rain fell in Mil
waukee. Rain began to fall at 10 o'clock
and continued to fall without ces-a-tion
until 3 o'c'ock a m. Aotigo, Wis.,
reports heavy rain and a coueeqnent
dissipation ol all fears cf further loreit
fi'es. Wh tewater rsporfa heavy rain
and some damage from lightning but
no wind.
Severe Wind Niorni at Chicago.
Chicago, III., August 16 A severs
rvind stoim, accouipanid by torrents
of rain, and a brilliant display of
electricity, broke over the city at 4
o'cltxk this mor iing. The wind
created all kinds of hav e among the
signs, awnings and chimneys, and
eeveral acciden's of a more serious
nature are reporte 1. At te corner of
Blue Is' nd avenue and Hoyne street
a large three story brick building in
course of erosion wai blown to the
ground. At the corner f Forty-niDth
and Went EaliVs fvete a large ni-w two
stoiy framw bouse was blown down,
and in its fail completely demolished
the adj ioing two story structure, the
swonit h use be ng also somewh it in
jured. The S gunl Service f fli 'e re
corded a rainfall ot one men. mouuti
the velocity of the wind on shore was
thirty-five miles en hnur, the Signal
Service officers say th tt on the lake,
where it was unobstrnctnd by build
ings, the speed mutt have been fully
forty-five miles.
The steamer Cjmtnche, lying out
side, snapped her anchor chain and
pounded on the breakwater, and was
towed inside by a tug this morning in
a leaking conditiou.
Slormi In Minnesota and Dakota.
St. Paul, Minn., August 16. Re
ports from various Minnesota and Da
kota points show tbat the storm of
Sunday afternoon and night was un
usually severe. At Fargo there is a
rumor tbat a cyclone visited Hrcken
ridge, Minn., with di as ruts results to
life and property, bur. the wires are
down and the teport cannot bs veri
fied. A cj clone was s ei at Albeit
Lea, but it wrs tio high to bit d inger
ous. The house of Peter S:rarid, near
Morris, Minn., was blown lon, but
all the inmutes escaped serious injur j
except Mrs.- Ole Martinson, wfi'tse
thigh was fractured. At E.kton, D T.,
the depot was unrooted, and the
Catholic cburch blown from iti foun
dations. At Lirimer, D. T., the Pres
bvterian cburch was blown down.
Los, 12,000.
A number of smaller frame build
ings and cars were blon into the
river at Da I ton, Minn. Some twenty
buildings were unroofed, aud standu g
grain in the track of the storm was
badly beat-n d -wn, and that in shocks
was scattered The lightning did much
damage near Mioreuead, Miun. Ferier
Maliier was struck and upon returning
to consciousness found himsilf blind.
On tbe Adams farm, near Fargo, Mrs.
Sidney Wilson was struck senseless
for two bou's. Near Pipestone, Minn.,
a little daughter of Haryey Hitchcock
was struck and bu ned but not killed.
At Langdon, George Gorman, a te'e
gtaph operator, was knocked senseless.
Near Windom, Minn , tbe barn of
Farmer Hulverson was struck and
burned with a lot of stock. L)ss
I20OO. '
atthewa'a rioarlug Mill Totntlr
Destroyed by Fire.
looaRiaroKDSHci or thi irrm. I
Kinton, Tbkn , August 15. This
morning, about 1 o'clock, our people
were aroused by the whistling of a
railroad engine and tbe firing of pis
tol', which pioved to be an a arm of
fire in the Kenton Flour Mill, owned
by W. J. Matthews, which wes totally
destroyed. Total less $6,000; insur
ancs $4 000, in two Mobile and three
New Orleans companies. The men
worked faithfully and saved the
garner, whi h contained about 1,000
bushels of wheat. Mr. Matthews was
waiting for a permit from the insur
ance companies to remodel the build
ing and put in ro'lers. Work will be
commenced at or.ee to rebuild. Fire
originated in tbe engine room.
Tongulins has given me exceed
ingly good sad-faction in an inveterate
caie of rheumatism and oeurag'.a
which had defied everything else;
symptoms hae all disappeared.
O. L. ELMOTUKR, M.f)., low City, la.
LoiilTlll Cement.
Foundations, cellar walls and build
ings subject to overflow should be con
structed wiii Louisville Cement. It is
the standard.
He Sajs He Will Make a Hard Fight,
aud Is Confluent of Saccess
Mysterious Murder.
Israelii, to Tai ArriAL.I
Nashville, Tenn., August 16. Tbe
Sumner Guards, a colored company,
from St. Louis, arrived here yesterday,
and will compete in a drill with two
Nashville colored companies on Thurs
James Dunn, proprietor of a board
ing house on McLemore street, was
stabbed in the throat by an unknown
Sarty early yesterday morning, and
led at 6 o'clock last evening. The
police heard nothing of the affair
until 11 o'clock yesterday. Laura
Perry, a negro servant in tne house,
bad some of her male friends in ber
room and they were making inch a
noise that Mr. Dunn got np and went
down stairs to quiet them. The peo
p e up stairs beard a scuffle and then
the fail of some heavy object, and on
going to see what was the matter,
found Mr. Dunn lying on the floor in
tbe hall, with blood guthing from a
wound in his throat, and Laura Perry
standing over bim. He was speech
less and could siy nothing of how the
affair occurred. The police have the
Perry woman under arrest, but while
admitting that she knows who the
murderer i', positively refuses to tell
who he is.
Later. The mysterious murder' of
James J. Dunn, in his own bonte, at
1 o'c ock, Sunday, has been the all ab
sorbing top c of canveisatian here to
day. Coroner Pulliam be d an inquett
this morning, and among the wit
nesses examined was Laura Pierman,
an alleged accomplice in the murder.
She tes ifled tbat she hit Mr. Dunn
with a lamp, but that a ngro man
named Henry Dick stabbed him.
Dunn himself eaid before he died tbat
the negro stabbed bim and tbat the
woman struck him. Drs. Eve
aud Mitchell held a pest
moitem examination today, and
found that the knife which
was stuck in the throat, penetrated
bis left lung, which caused internal
bleeding and finally death. Dr. Eve
had, beiore the examination, said it
was impossible for death to have been
caused by tbe wound in the throU,
and thought it was the result of blows
received in the s de and on the head.
The verdict of the jury was that Dunn
came to his death by woundi received
in the throat end lung and lull cted
by a knife In the hands of Henry
Dick and Laura Pierman. Dick is yet
at large. The woman is in custody.
has been interviewed as to his race for
Governor against his brother, tho Hon.
R. L. Taylor, and sys: "I am more
determined than ever to make a vig
orous fight. I propose to go in every
county in the S ate that 1 can r. ncii.
I bave this day asked the S.ate Com
mi tee to convene immediately, and
am ready to begin the fight at ones. I
would as soon meet the great head of
Democracy, Senator Harris, as
the weakest Democrat ia the State.
The rnmor being circulated by
some Democrats tbat I would with
draw since the nomination of my
brother is infamous. Since the action
of the Democratic convention at Nash
ville I deem tha chances of Republican
su c ss greatly enhanced. The Re
publican parly in the State is stronger
today than yesterday. Mark what I
tell you, I will get 10,000 majority in
this Congressional district, and if the
Republican in other sections of the
Sta'e will assist me in holding up my
hands as the people of the First
Congressional district will do
I firmly believe my election ac
cordingly. A platform of any party in
i his S ae which ig ores the material
in eres'sof the laboring classes by
pronouncing against a tttr ff for protec
tion, and which arrays itself against
tbe education of the poor children by
a failure tj indorse tbe Blair bill, can
never win."
PROP. J. w. D0DD,
the late abie and popular professor of
Latin and litera'.uie of Vanderbilt
Uriiversi'y, died at Frankfort, Ky.,
ton'ght, where he was on a visit.
A dispatch from Chattanooga to the
Vni'M Buys: The Hon. A. A. Taylor,
Republican candidate for Governor,
passed through this city tonight en
route for Nashville, where he goes o
consult with tho Republican Exouuti re
Commi tee tomorrow, relative to the
appointment to be observed in his
cauva-s. He was met at the
Kennedy House iu this city
and interviewed by a newspaper man.
Iu reply to the question as to wheiher
he would favor a joint canvass with
his brother, Bob said: "Ordinarily I
think tbe questions of the day should
be aiecu-wed in joint debates in
a State contest. But I dont' know
bow a fraternal gladiator contest
would appear. Family ties are strong
and if I thought a j Aut canvass would
plant daggers in the hearts of our par
ents who are in tbo decline of life and
bring down thesbap knife of division
in our hitherto harmonious and happy
family circle I would never give my
courent to it, but if the people will look
at the matter in the right light and
forget tbat we are brothers, and let
tbe canvass, as it should on my part,
be high toned and elevated; let the
diecufwions be only on the pollt cal
questions of tbe day, discard,
of course, personal references,
which, of course, would be done,
and there would be no objections
to a joint canvass. All those leading
Republicans I have seen and I myself
favor tbe canvass. My appointments
will be arranged at the meeting of the
Executive Committee tomorrow, and
the only actions regarding tbe joint
eanvasi win roe guinea by tne luiure
steps of the Democrats."
A Man and Two Women Drownrd.
New York, August 16. H. Toler,
ot Peterson, and two women, Chris
tiana Fenders and Corietir a Hansen,
were drowned in Raritan Bay lat
n'ght. Tbey were out rowing when
the boat capriasd.
Hydrophobia at Bay City, Mlrb.
Bat City, Mich., August 18.-One
week ano Ethbert Bmittuon, aged 19,
bad a finger bitten by a pet dog, and
tbe dog died. It bad exhibited un
mistakable signs of bydrrphobia. No
attention was paid to tne wound until
laat night. Tbe young man had re
tired, apparently ia his usual he a tb,
but sooa awakened the family by bis
barking and growli'ig. Pnysicians
were summoned, and at once pro
nounced the case hydrophobia. U:s
paroxysms were so violent snd des
perate tbat he had to be chloroformed.
The boy has been removed to the
county jail, and is manacled to his
bed. Tne doctors express hopes of
his recovery.
Kr porta Concerning- the Sale or the
M., B. ad A. Koad.
larasui. to ma apphl.I
Birmingham, Ala., August 16.
Reports of the sale of the Memphis,
Birmingham and At'antic railroad to
the Kansas City Company were
authoritatively confirmed here today,
by tbe conditions of the trade.the effect
if any upon the project of purchases
becomes a matter of interest to Bir
mingham and Memphis. Nothing
can be learned here except that tbe
Memphis, Birmingham and Atlantic
road people are tocomp'ete the stretch
of sixty-six miles upon which they are
sow at work, ending at lupelo. Miss ,
on the Mobile aod Ohio, before turn
ing over the road, and tbat no material
departure from tba Kansas City sur
vey this side of there will be necessary.
It ia expected tbat the Memphis.
Birmingham and Atlantic work will
becompleted in September. Contracts
let at Sheffield,' on the Sheffield and
Birmingham, aggregate forty-five
miles, and will bring the road within
twenty five miles ol the Kansas City
road. This much of the lice is to be
completed in six months. The pres
ent ownets of tha road are obliged to
complete to the 'junction with the
Georgia Pe:fio by June 13th, next.
Brrloni t'olllalon lletacrn a Connie
of freight Trains.
Humboldt, Tenn., Aug. It!. Two
freight trains one on the Louisville and
Naobville and the other on the Mobile
and Ohio, collided on the crossing
here today. The train on the Louisville
and Nashville, while backing, over
turned an extra large mogul engine.
The engineer and fireman were saved
by jumping from the cab of the en
gine just before the collision. The
wreck interfered with the passage of
passengers throughout tbe day, all of
th m being forced to transfer on the
"Y" and to go out of tbe station back
ward. The engine was totally wreck
ed and tome of the freight boxes in
jured. .
Mexico's Relutlana With tbe l ulled
New York, August 16. An ex-Representative
of Massachusetts, who re
cently spent three mouths in Mexico,
in a .long communication to the
Tribune says: All ths beBt interests
of Mexico are involved in the m.in
tenanceof peactt with this country.
The suggestion thateho dr-s.r s war to
get rid of some o! ber northern States
and the iurtulerjt populat on, is as
wild and baseless as a lunatics dtuaui.
Tue idea that Mexico, with her de
pleted treaeuty and low financial
credit, would incite the vast liabilities
of war iu order to dispose c f a part of
her domain for nothing, is too ridicul
ous to be considered to iously. If she
should desire such disposition of her
territory, Bhe would rather aim to sell
it to us at a larg trice and so re
p'enish rstber tiu farther exhaust
her rtsourcfs.
Niuitllpox at Detroit.
Detroit, Mich., AunHt 16. It bad
been thou Jit that the last smallpox
patient was dismissed cured on Satur
day, but today two more cases, both
iTonouncfd, were discovered on
Crogban Btreot. The mother of a for
mer patient and her child are both
down with the disease.
HKIN-At family residence, on Poplar
Btreot Ilnolevard, Morula afternoon, Auauiit
lli, Ism;, Mart J. Uiin, sister of C. C U. II.
ua W. A. Heln.
Funeral will take place from residence thil
(TU ESDAY) afternoon at I o'clook. Service!
at St. Mary Church, cornerThird and Market
itroeti, at 4 :30 o'clock, friendl of the fam
ily are Invited t attend
nnnrtAniifllv Invited.
By order N. W. Sl'EEIlS, Ja, E.G.
Attest : JiS.8. Mahakfy, Recorder.
- A.T
Next Thing to Giving
Goods Away.
these Odds and Ends-broken lines things
of whioh only one or two eft if there
wh a reasonable and respectable war of axs
eompllshing It ia a short time. At there ia
not, we have prepared for
Prloe Ii not tbe object. They are in OUR
way. Their Cheapness will aimaly AMAZB
YOU. Klch and Poor shall least alike at OUR
"Job Lot" Tables !
Mr Impossible to five eiaet descriptions.
Tea Heat He Tbenel Every Depart
ment IS BUSY THIS MOMENT (Saturday)
preparing to astonish those who ' LOVE A
Don't Bring Too Much Money
One dollar will do the work of Bve. Eyen
the modest "nickel" will do treat things at
Hercoaat tipeliUy lavltcU. .
15, K.T.-Will nieet in Stated f
Cono;ave this (TUESDAY) evening, V If
Auk 17th, at 8 o'clock, for diepateh t
of ousineM. Vinitina Sir KniuhU' v
7T. " '
Gents' Furmshing Goods
229--231 -233 MAIN STREET.
Preparatory to buildinc a Ncvt Storohoiiso upon our lot on tho corner ol Main and Jellerson Nts.
wo Have moved onr WHOLESALE Mock to the spacious warehouses heretofore known as the
Clay Building, 22!), 2IH and 233 Main street, whero we will continue our WHOLESALE business
until the new hotiso is completed. We have now more 8pR.ro and better facilities lor doing busi
ness than we had in the oid store, and can assure our patrons and the trade generally that we
are in a better position to serve them than ever.
Our stocks are mnch larger than any we bave ever had, and nearly all purchased before the
late advances were made in prices an advantage that we have determined to at least share with
our customers. Hemomber, we guarantee the price ot every article we sell to be as low as it
can be bought in the United States.
Aril yew awUller far the OHrlneJ 83 Rfcae
Uowareof iniiuu.i.
IfM GanwUe boarlnc thla Stamp.
IUde la Sutton, Umrrae erm Lane, vtniiur
Z1 WHn. TjnexoellerfliiDlmf
A "fm bUUy.OmforiaKd Asvar-
ssnoe. m jhmum (wi noil w
na win bring you informa
tion howtoffthta Bhoe la
uf Btats or Territory. -
41 IJm-oin ru,
Buetoo, aUM.
tm aniM staniM hlntwr tn thoeettmatlnn ot
trnM TtSarMH.j "ottK-r In tho world. Thou.
.nl7vbowoar if wlU toll you tho roiuon It you
kj tnoiu.
TON llOlEJaLt,
ANIs KllitKI I'l'liI.M-,
A MADI'OV BTRKKT-OIBoe lately oo-
)T- ouiiie I by .1. W. (litlloway, Ksi.
School uf JLanguagcs
ISH. Tn.t'uotion Is olaaa or private
by lensonn. l or tertn , aldrei
liK Ii JI'SUKHO, Oayoso Hntel.
J. h ildLST & BRO.
Funeral Directors,
No. :uoj E(,oM st., Memphis.
Aril LL. and omoiUfi. stock of Wood and
Metallic oares ui Oankots, Cloth4oy
ered Cepkotsind !: l ltohes always on
hand. wr-)rite.
talesratih proroptly
Pennyroyal Pills
Oil H IS I'M i KH'S EKH11.INM ."
The Orlulii.l nnt Only Unanliif.
Kale and aUiivs Reliable, llewnrool worlli.
Ii -NXuiltHli'iiis. IniliHiwnanlile to R'A Ml KN,
A K your ornKKlei lor "I lnl'iiwir'
Knli ami take no other, or Inolose 4r
(stamp') ui os for iartlonlars TNr aTiiaby
rrlnril ihiiII. m If&tT&H. tbl.
rhriifr s lifftnlnal Co..
1IXIS HMllMia reqnarst, Phllawln.,
11H4UK supplied by ekO.O.UUOUWIB
I' ' i
WlielMale Bn, If tae
Dlt. It. L. LA8KI,
rijjslclan, Sarneon mi Accoacher,
313 Main Ntr(, Near Union.
Telephone No. W.
ALL persona are hereby warned not to
purohateCertifloate No ) for ten ihers
Masonlo Tenple Htock, issued to R. W.. hel
ton. April 11, 1874, m it hat been lost or mis
laid, and I have a milled t T a duplicate.
H. a. BIIELTON, Adrnlnlstrator.
To Kflril KaUte Otrners Bad Airrnts.
AKTIEH haylni sidewalks tt put down
ST will Snd It to their interest to apply to
W. V. LOCKKV, 82 Madison, or shop, 84H
He ood. Contractor for Htewart'a (iraao
llthlo Peyemente. Telephone iftf
Deshler Female Institute
Boardlnei and ly Mpbool for loassar
lMAttr, Taecninbia, Alabama.
4 nra ANNUAL RKSSION opena Wednes
LZ day. Bent. 1, 1SW. Full Faculty of i
ptrieneed and aocomplif bed teaoheri. Char
tered institution. First-class in all its ap-
fiointmtnta Board, inoludinc fuel and
ifhte, tuition in entire Literary Depart
ment, emrao Inf Anelent and Modern Lan
(oases, with Music, will be furnished tbe
entire year for 0 in adyanoe i tbe above,
with Art, (226. Catnloeuee, eoatainlni fall
particilars, sent on application.
N. A. FLUllRNOY. A.M., Principal.
NswhTlll), Tena Real Bouthert
Home for Hlrls. 8M Girls this year. A non
sec tar I an school. Patronised by men of lib
eral minds in all cburohes. Unsurpassed In
Muslo, Art end Lanruaces. For Catalogue
ddreaa Pat. W. E WeStU.
It " nj. ' H flneat nw urlnta.1, Bum twulr,
ai mxitmai unw m LiDrary
Deeka, Tablee, Chairs,
Book Caaea. Lonnarea.
Letter Preeeea.Gablnela
Ladlea' Fancy Deska,e
Frloea (hiBnintoed. Oau.losl
Cnse. Po.ue eu. Jo iwuue.
u VABitv.KHii.T vMrnnirr,
Jnelivlllv, Tsee. ThorouKb Instruction
Indistinct courses of Civil, Mechanical and
Ninina Knuineerine (Annual Tuition (')
snd in Manual Teohuolory (Free). Full
V It. IT..--.!.- 1 n. ani nf,il
ties In drai'ihtlnc-rontns, labo'iitor es, shops
e'.d Hold nractioi. Knlranoe Ki ulnntioni
Bept.U, l&andlA. For circulars address
WXLB W ILLI 1)uua.
it ; l wow
OEFICE Boom 1 (msw) Cottoa Exchange Boildlns;. Telepkoa Oi.
rlli RrttUb and
etaatll (nearly) ttS.OOO.OOA
WmlcbMl.reraiillerk l,M4,nft.i
Halves of Ualiloraita ,. l,ina,6
Aaaerlcaa Hartx Company, Mnblnc KiiaUe of Harelyehlp.
All olauea of property Insured. Bneclal Attention given to Insuring Country Bterea,
New York Life Insurance Co.
ASSETS $66,800,000.
itEAit jvamivilm:, ti;..
Unrivaled not only In facilities (or liUhcit Instruction in Languages, Muslo, Art, but alio
In location heultlifulneM, houie ooRit'iirts and training. .
TKIIMH H I : tl AN. MM Payable Hall in Advaoco-llonrd. Redding, Washing, Tuition la
KoKlinh studies, French, Herman, Vocal Musio in Class, S'JOO.
II k I
awrTBRHS-Oaah, or easy Monthly Installments. Write lor Illustrated Catalogue.-
O. K.- HOUOK eb CO.
No. OOO IVEnlxx St., JVCesiuiTilaB. Tonu.
a. 11 l alooNlrorl, Nwahvllla. JKo. IIOO Ollwa airaat. Ha. iMmM
Capital, $200,000.
l.mttOU WIN, Prat. J. M. HOODB
Boiarcl of
M. 8000BAK,
ToVn iRMrtiiAD. 0. fi, brVaN.
gew-A aVopaarwry of Ska Pilate) ar Teaue
Kaueiw stsMI arlwaa BsmwIhI
j. ii. mwM k eo.
And Commission Itferckants
"No; 84 and SO MadUon BtreetjiTcmpht
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery
Nos. 326 and 328 Main St., Memphis,:Tenn.
COVIPLKTK TliAM KVK'.t UbFUtlK, and our prices will oompare with those cf any housa
in the United Sutos. We are Agents for
reano88e MsnufaCtiirlag Co.'s Plulls, DrHls, Sbctlngf, Shlrtlaf, Ete.
Kqallabla af Waab villa.... t) ItTJsett
Kaaivllla nf liaoivllln... lBaekl
fhoenl of Brookly a (Ma
rine Department).. 4,1,AS)1
JU u
six miles from Kranklon, Ky., opens 4-d Annual Bossion
Ni'lriulir II, 1SHH, under moro lav rablo auspices than
(or twenty years. Tbe Superintvndont and Faculty give un
divided attention during all hours of every day to the gov
ernment nnd instruction of the pupils, ull of whom are or
ganised Into one family. Before plaoln, your son elsewhere,
end fur Catalogue and Circular of Infurrnatloa tn
HOMT. It. AII.KM. Nniorlnlnilfiil.
Surplus, $25,000,
AU, Vlee-Pres't. C. D. BAUE, Cathlsc,
B. B. COFPfil,
A. W. NBW80M.
UMaesjea Be a bill
AtaUa ae Uallaatl
& m
ins- I
it oil
end I
inloa I
IwU' .

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