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The Probable Catest Orer the Presl
ttmcj Arrival of the Irish Dele
gates at Hew Terk. 1
Chicaoo, III., August 16. The del
egate to the Irish National League
Convention, whlcn is to be opened
WednesJay morning, ia Central Ma
lic Hall, are arriving very alowly. Not
over half a dozen came yesterday, trot
large Dumber came today, and it ia
expected tnat tbe tall contingent will
pat in an appearance by Wednesdiy.
Tbe convention will be a large one, in
fact tbe largest ever held, it being es
timated that 1500 delegate! will be
present. The first skirmish in tbe
convention will tie over the election of
a temporary chairman, which nill be
tbe first business thst will come be
ioi e that bcdy. President Egan will
eall tbe assembly to order and will
lead his repait. Then will follow tbe
election for temporary officers, and
afterward tbe appointment of commit
tees on credentials, resolutions, per
manent organ zttion, and finance.
Tbe National Committee will hold a
meeting Tuesday evening at the Grand
Pacific Hotel, wuun a temporary chair
man will be decided upon. His name
will be presented to the convention
the nest morning, and it
is expected the opposition will
then show its hand by nom
inating a man from their own
rank. Tbe vote on this will likely
J rove a t'st. It is more probable that
obn F. Finerty will be elec'ed by Ilia
National Committee for this position.
As to tbe election of the president, it
is not so easy tossy wbo will he tbe
man. Mr. Egan positively declines to
aerve another term, and rays be his
no choice for his successor. As far as
can be learned, Mr. Devoy'a followers
have not yet settled on a man for tbe
office. Tbe Eastern delegates are
united on Msurice Will her, of Mana
yank, IV, bat whether bo will accept
or nut cannot be said. Mr. Finerty,
Mr. O'Neill, Rjau of St. Louis, and
Mr, Taomas Brennan of Omaha, are
alsi spoken of. The latter, however,
will not take the offlro, neither will
Alexander Sullivan lc ia also doubt
ful that Mr. Finerty will allow bis
nam to go before the convention, as
bis election would necessarily prevent
nim Iiom taking any active part in
politics. Messrs. Pavitt and Egsn
spent the Sunday quietly. .
. Utter From Devejr.
Tbe Daily New$ today publishes a
communication over a column in
lenitta slgaed by John Devoy, in
which he stys tbe sddrets read at the
Ogleo Grove Irish demonstration yes
terday "jiutlllrts tbe charges that have
bees made spalnst tbe present admin
istration of the league. Dovoystys:
"It also brings lsto bolder relief f-.e
aim, hltherio publicly denied, of the
eet of Nationalist of whom Alexander
Sullivan is a controlling spirit. That
address is a declaration of war npon
Farnoll." The address ia construed
by Devoy as a condemnation of tbe
prartful policy ol the league and de
nial of Psrnell'a authority or that of
the organizition of which he is tbe
cbief,to aeotpt on behalf of Ireland
any scheme cl home rule proposed by
an English ministry.
Devoy concludes as follows: "Etery
mat put forward by tbe Ogden Giovo
men lor an office in tbe convention or
ia the league will represent tbe bogus
nhvslcal fores nollcv. and nvnrv reao-
luiion proposed liy tbem will contain
tbe same person disguised as patriot
ism. Therefore thoy mutt bo crushed
so that tbe national movemont may
live. Their triumph will moan war on
Parnell, begun when convenient, and
and the disgrace and ruin of a move
ment filled with brighter promise than
Ire'and has seen (or a century.
Arrival ofthe Irian Delegate at New
Nkw YobK, AtlKUtl Id. The Irish
delegates to the (Jhlcaco Irish Nntional
League Convention, Messrs. O'Brloo,
Diasy and K.'dmond, arrived from
Europe on the stosmer Sorvia this
morning. The ServU was sighted oil
Sandy llcok at 3 o'clock a m., but
could not cross the Imr on account, of
the low tide until af er 5 o'clock. The
news of the steamer's arrival was re
ceived at tbe harRe otlioe shortly be
fore 6 o'clock. Geo. Ksrwin, M. I).
Gallagher, Uov. Father MrKenna, 1".
J. Brennan auu Michael Dwyer were
the only motubors of the Kecoptinn
Committee on hand, owing ttrthoetrly
hour of the morning. They went on
board of Commodore Sturrins's fast
at?ainer, the Sam Sloan, a 'coinpsnleil
by the reporters. Tho Sam Sloan
steamed rapidly down the harbor to
Quarantine Sta'ion. The Korvia gut
under way shortly sftor 6 o'clock, and
crofeing the bar slowly steamed up to
Quarantine Station. The Sloan put
out from the staioi and drew along
side tbe ho go Conarder. Gsn. Ker
win mounted the steps of rhe compan
ion ladder of the Servia, followed by
the commit oe and the reporters. Tbe
delegates were not on deck. They had
awakened a few minutes earlier, and
ooif emerged from their Btatt-rooras
and came oa deck. A general hand
shaking ensued, nnd tbeu the tliatia
guiehed visitors were taken on board
the Sam Sloan wltb their baggage and
tbe boat headed for this city.
Gen. Kerwin then stepped forward
and introduced in a tew well chosen
words. The R.y. Geo. W. Pepper de
livered a short speech of. welcome. ....
Mr. Vm, O'Brien responded for bis
colleagues. , He said: "GeDtlemen
The Committee, for my friends add
myself, I will say tbnt we are de
lighted t receive such a welcome and
arenoteurprlted at the warm greet
log. It ia nothing moro tban would
be expected from the well known
hospitality of tbe American people.
Never were our pronpecis si bn-rht in
the fight wo are eng-d in. We sk
you to continue your mtpi.crt, for it
Ha fight for life Wo ull continue
the movement no losg as England
refuses to punt homu nde."
Mr. O'Brien said lo was much
phased with h'n reception on Ameri
can boil, and tbaiiid.l the committee
on iho part cf Charles Stewait Par
nell,whoeunwoitby ambassailurethey
were. He referred in flattering terms
to his odetegates, Messrs. Ksdruond
and Deasv.
Mr. John Redmond remarked that
alter lbs eloquent words of bis friend
it was not ceceisaty to lay much. "I
am inclined to believe," continuod
Mr. Redmond, "that an Irish poli
tician's education Las not been com
pleted until he has lived in America.
The words of eLcourageinont from
your people hsvo echoed across tbe
oceau and revived hope at home. The
prospect was never brighter before,
nor was encouragement from this side
ever more needed. The present op
portunity must not be fooled awav.
We are determined to fight the battle
nntil victory rest on our brows."
. After the arrival of the party at the
J xk carriage conveyed them to tbe
Fifth Avenue BoteL Tbey expected
to leave for Chicago at 6 o'clock to
night by the New York Central rail
In conversation with the reporters
Meesrs. O'Brien and Redmond spoke
guardedly. The former condemned
Churchill's attaranoe as the direct
cause of the Orange riots at Belfast
and other places. "He told tbe
Orangemen,'' said Mr. O'Brien, "tut
if they expected to be recognized by
tbe English people they must fight for
it. His policy was backed up by
Chamberlain both in his public
speeches and his letters. Tbe Orange
men took them at tbeir woH arid be
gan rioting. Why, they might have
been pnt down by two dozen police
men when tbe trouble began. But
what conld tbe latter do? Tbey found
themselves perfectly helpless. The
authorities at Belfast were higher
clssses of Orangemen and kept them
back. Any active work by individual
members of the police was rewarded
with black marks and often dismissal.
Any attempt to arrest was followed by
their being confined in the barracks. I
do not think tbe Mayor of Belfast act
ed unfairly, bat other officials used
their best endeavors to stir up the
Orangemen. "
"Do you think there will be a gen
eral strike again. t paying rent?"
asked a reporter.
"I do not," replied Mr. O'Brien,
"yet there is sure to be trouble, ana
that shortly. People last year en
dured their suffering as best they
could, hoping for relief. They ex-
fiecled relief from Gladstone's efforts
a their behalf. That hope ia at an
end now for this year. It la impossi
ble for them now to pay rent. There
ia a strong probability that inside of
three wet-as there will be a spontane
ous combustion. Tbey will refue to
pay the exorbitant rents. It will
eventually result in coercion, and
wholesale evictions will follow. It is
impossible to govern Ireland with co
ercion. Tbe people are driven to tbe
wall now. A year or two will end the
struggle forever. There will be a cer
tain collapse of tbe government on the
lrisn question inside ol a year."
"What do yon fiink of Lord
Churchill's plan of local telf govern
ment by means of county boards?"
asked the reporter.
"Oh, that la not po'sible," replied
tho delegate. "It dots not so far
enough. The question is developing
fast. I should say," continued Mr.
O'Brien, "(bat Gladstone's own mind
is developing rapidly on the qurs ion
involved. Less than tbia measure is
now impossib'e. Mora la certain."
What theI.ondoB"TelrBrnpli"Niiy.
London, August 18. The Daily Tele
graph, referring to tbe rival meetingsat
Chicago, says; ''The Irish at home will
be unable to discern which of tbair
American champions are self seeking
place biinteii and which are genuine,
if mistaken, sympathiser! with their
cauue. Mr. Davltt's attempt to stem
the tide of American-Irish menace is
creditable, but it ia likely to be Iras
popular in Ireland than the outspok
en Feminism of other orators.'
Fatlaree at Itoatoa.
Boston, Mass , August 10. McKoe,
Minchen & Taylor, manufacturers of
furniture and mirrors. No. 65 Portland
street, have failed. Their failure is
due to the complications of P. F. Wil
liams, Allen ft Noble, and others.
John J. Hogan, manufacturer of
parlor fnrnlture, No. 1H Charles River
avenue, Oharlestown District, made an
assignment today. He has been ia
business aboat three years. His fail
ure is due to Connection with firms
who failed last we ok.
A Velneble Remedy.
Brandroth's Pills have been used by
millions of human beings. Their
soccers is founded upon the theory of
reason, and an attentive observation
of symptoms of disease. Whatever
makes bad digestion breeds disease,
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good digestion, purity the blood and
remove all bid humors oat of the
body by the O'gAtia of the stomach
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symptoms of the ma'ady are snrely
rendered milder by their use. Tuey
are harmless for ail a,cs and condi
tions. The New York Nirialna I'lfar Mak
er). Nkw York August 1(1. The striking
cigar makers returned to work tbia
morning. The etrlppers, of whom
thore are nearly 500, hI-o returned to
their shops today. The buocherj will
go back to work tom-irrow and the
rollers on Wednesday. The fight be
tween the cigir mnkers and the
Knights of Lubor had beon on for sev
eral weeks and the Kntghta have been
nerve an Injnnetloa oa Islseaae
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trenitheni (be stomach, remedies torpor of
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impulse to the accretive and diacharglne
funotioat cf the kidneys and k'ailtier. Not
only fljei It arreit and prevent the recur
Kim ot ualarUl feveri, but it furnlnhtit
Um oily MatU aehauard einlnat them to
wresas who Wo nerer been afsietod with
thuee eaeledle, bat woald be liable to incur
Uenalf aedieinallr injroUoted. It ollin
Ineiea lorn tho blood certain Imparitiei
which the aoit akilltnl patholoilaia aanlin
a the exottini eauae of thoa ejtonlalm com
plalnta, rbeumattim nnd aout, an It Is,
moreover, an ec. Int remedy for an en
feebled or of erwrouiiht iUU of the nerves,
and lor mental despondency.
. ThaCtrlk at uei,Uat. , .
Ai'ousta, Qa.. August 16. Freder
lok Turner, of Pniladelphia, secretary
and treasurer of the Knights of Labor,
accompanied by Committeeman Mul
len, cf Kicbmoud, arrived this morn
ing. Theobj-ct of their visit is to in
vestigat the causes of - the strike and,
if possible, settle the existing difficul
Th Voltaic Bklt Co., Marshall,
Mich., offer to send their Celebrated
Voltaic Bklts and Electrio Appli
ances on thirty days' trial to any man
afflicted with Nervous Debility, Loss of
Vitality, Manhood, etc. Illustrated
pamphlet In sealed envelope with full
particulors, mailed free. Write them
at once.
Tbe Delialb BUtae at Annapoll.
Annapolis, Ma, Augtiat 10. The
ceremony of unveiling the statue cf
Baron DeKalb is now going on. Thete
is an immcnee otowd here, principally
from Baltimore and Washington. The
freemasons are out in large force, as
well as other civic societies, and th
military in large numbers. So far Ihs
day has been bright and favorable to
the occasion.
Aronnd the earth, ia every land,
By every stream that I'm aware of,
In every town they understand
How teeth may bet be taken car of
From Jersey fiats to Birmah's monnt
Tbey aisg the pulse of Sowdont,
Camp in Crittenden Coanty, Arksn
i as, Flatly Denied A Grave
Mistake Oat Some where.
The Appeal pnhllahed on Saturday
an open letter to uov. Hugbee, ol Ar
kansas, charging that the convicts at
a camp in Crittenden county, Ark an
las, were the victims of cruel and bru
tal treatment. Tbe author of the let
ter in qaestion is a well known and re
putable citizen of Memphis, whose
word has never been questioned, and
who evidently wrote the letter in good
faith. In order to give both aides cf
the story we publibu this morning let
ters from two other gentlemen of equal
standing with tbe writer of the first
letter, who flatly deny tbe whole sto
ry, and back up tbeir denial with a
statement ol tacts tnat it win be dim
colt te overcome. The matter cannot
rest at this point. It is a serious mat
ter and should be definitely settled
Tbe lettets are asfolloas:
The Alleaeal CoavSet Onlrnae la
Vrllteadea Ceaely, Ark.
To th Editors of th Appeal i
It is rather strange some men will
rush headlong into print ignorant of
facts and make public a distortion of
facts, or rather statements, asdii your
"well known citizttn ot Memphis," in
your issue of the An-KAL 'of tbe 14th
Instant, over the signature of "B."
relative to the transfer of a lot of con
victs from Little Itock to Crittenden
coanty, Ark. I wish only to correct
and stat facta, as far as the public is
concerned not a word to the Gov
ernor of Arkansas. Let his Excel
lency, Gov. Uoghes, investigate to the
full satisfaction of all "sentlmeuttl
ists" and the nood honor of the State.
His Excellency knows too well tbat
the high moral standing of the gentle
men lessees of the Arkansas State
prison would revoult, disabuse and
correct any outiagj or rrael'y to the
convicts as quickly as his own or any
other business gentlemen of the Stats.
Your "Well Known Citizen of Mem
phis" allowed himself to be duped or
cajoled by perverted statement, of
which the only fact is the transfer of
the convicts. The gentleman in
charge of the squad, one of tbe les
sees of tbe penitentiary having deliv
ered the same, dined with me on San
day last, while on his way bacx from
the "Camp of the Infernals" to Little
Rock. He ssid be bad had a hard trip.
That upon inquiring the best route to
the camp of Murray and Scott, had
decided that to get off at Edmondson'a
and walk across ten or twelve miles
wi s their route. Mr. NeU on, the con
ductor on tbe Little Bock road, told
me he pnt them off at that place in
fine condition. The convict having
slept all the way there, at 9 a. m. tbey
bad breakfast, after which they start
ed to walk aoroes to tbe camp, with
one wagon, and be hired another on
the way of , an ex-convict, who
expressad much hapuioesa at
meeting him. At 7 o'clock p.m.
they had supper. It being bright
moonlight, he decided t) finish hit
march while it was cool, and did si.
arriving atthe"Campof the Infernals''
during the night. Now, Mr. George
A. Lelper, the gentleman in charge,
in bis summer weight, carries 251
pounds, and tbe guards, wbo carried
breech loading, double barreled shot
guns (mtifkfts are sorry arms), walked
every fiot of the way and ate the same
fare with the convicts. Arriving at
the camp of Murray A Scott, he baited,
where ia the morning he "took in"
the "Camp of the Inferna's." camp of
hired free labor. He decided his con
victs should not remain there. So.
after treating them all to a drink of
whisky, he marched them eight miles
to a high place on the bank of tbe
river, established a camp, drove
a well, besides having a fine
spring of water. Having estab
lished his camp, Mr. Leiper allowed
all, convicts and guards a day of rest,
he standing guaid while they slept.
Here we eeo the gentleman lessee ac
knowledged a hard trip. It proving
lr stead ol tun or twelve miles from
Edmondson, to him who walked it,
seemed forty. Instead of allowing bis
convicts to remain at the"Camp of the
Infernals" (a camp of free labor) and
suffering such "damnable a allure" he
ettablished ono at which any Mem
phis gentleman UbIii rmen would like
to emmd a week. Being ignorant of
"B.'s" effusion to tbe Governor, ol
course it was not a lude.d to. I should
like to know; ths world would like to
know of the kindhouled gentlemen
how a lot of s xty-tlve disperate and
hardened men, convicted of every
crime In the calendar and sen'enced
to bard labor, could be removed such
a distance without guards or shackles.
Of the bloodhounds I know nothing
but think it a w si provision to have
them. Perbars your senti
mental correspondent would at
have them allocked with tie vines and
lecked with a ouMonnaire by some fair
hand, and guarded by what Gcd
on y knows unless by such arms a
would convey a fear of death on a
break. j. s cabbuthkiu.
MsaPBia, Auuat it, lnw.
Erroaeoaa fttatemeat. Tea K
oas ie neaiiea.
To theKdltora of tbe Appeal:
A writer in referring lo convicts
being chained like dogs at Haivey A
Hcott's camp make somary erroneous
statements that I hardly know bow to
commence a correctiou.
First Tliee convicts were not hired
to work on the Bay Frrry road.
Second Harvey & Scott have no
contract for building th Bay Ferry
Third There is no dirt road being
bollt through the swamp that any
body knows of.
Hatvev & Scott are railroad con
tractors 03 th Bald Knob road. They
employed sixty-oi.e, not sixty-eight
cinvicts from the Aikaneas peniten
tiary. There were twenty white men
in the lot instead of fourteen.
The march was not hard, tor it was
some twei tyodd miles in one day
and part ot the ninbt. A boat 10 o'clock
Wedneeday m rning these men had
breakfast. They also had dinner and
supper. They alsi had a drink around
and f.iod wben tbey got to camp.
Pat Gleaaon is a long term convict
with a good character for work and
behavior, and I think has never been
punished since he came to the peni
tentiary. Harvey & Scott have nothing to do
with working these convicts. Tbe
lessees feed, clotho, gaard, panieh and
everything ehe,
I wou'd suggest that your corres
pondent get a few facts before he
makes another effort. justice.
UiixriiM, August 111, im.
Attempt Trala Wreealag at CM
Chicago, III., August 1C Yester
day afternoon a switch engine of tbe
Lake Shore road ran off the track near
the F,fty-firt itreet crossing. An ex
amination rhiwed that a switch bad
been misplaced by same unknown
parties. ' Th locomotive was pulled
back to th track and proceeded a few
block .'Uth wben it again left the
rails through, another switch which
bad been opened at that point. The
second attempt te damage the engine
was more successf nl tban tbe first and
It reqaired nearly fiv boon to pall
tne engine, wnich was badiy auaoiea,
back on the track. There is no claw
to the perpetrators of the mischief.
Aa Irregalar Deeler Waateol la the
Bobtov, Aug. 10. Officers are look
ing for one Dr. O. C. Beers, an irresra-
lar practitioner having a large busineefl
at tne South End. Dr. Beers is said to
bave been quite a frequent visitor at
tbe bouee of Mrs. Sarah J. Bohlnson,
the alleged Somerville poisoner, for
years and is suspected of having assist
ed her in her operations. He bos not
been found a yet. Tbe Medical Ex
aminer nas granted permission to ex
hume the bodies of various members
of the family of Mrs. Ksbinson, it be
ing alleged that they died from the
administration of poison at her hands.
It ia learned that Mrs. Robinson in
tends, in company with a certain Bos
ton woman, to sail ht Eaiope next
Friday or Saturday on a pleasure trip,
leaving ber children behind. Is is
prtsumed lhat for funds to pay her ex
penses, she relied upon tbe life insur
ance money which would have ac
crued to ber upon tbe death of her
on William, wbo was buried yester
day, nad not her arrest on the charge of
wholesale poisoneng interfered with
its collection. The cuts of both Mrs.
Robinson and Mia. Smith will come
up Wednesdiy.
SftU Panning; ibe Hostile.
St. Louis. Mo.. August 10 A spe
cial from Nogalee, Ariz , says: Couriers
bave arrived at Fort Huxchuca from
both Capt Law ton's and Lieut. Park
er's commands, and report no truth in
tbe rumor of the fo mer'a capture.
Lawton is still pursuing the hostiles,
but is hampered by heavy rains.
Every strala er cold attarki that weak hack
aa aearijr reemua roe.
8treagtka tk Mbm-Jo,
Mieedle tbe Nerve,
Rerlekeatke Bleed. lve New Vlaer.
Da. J. L. Nml, r.trfleld, Iowa, aaa: ., . .
" Brown'a Iron Bitten la lha beat boa medicine I
haTO known in mjSUveaie' practioa. Ihavefoondit
apaeUllir baoa cUltn rroni or phreloal exhaustion.
and In all dabuiutaic aiimanta him Dear ao DMtruf
on toe aretem. Uae it rreeur in m own lamuj."
an: "t waa oomplatelj broken down In Twiltji anl
troubled with plua in m? back. Brown'a Iron
blttera entirelr reotored me to health."
Gennine haa abore Trade Mark and emaaed md tinea
oa wrapper. Take ee etber. Medeonlrbr
Collegiate Initllute for Tontig Ladle and
Preparatory gohool for a.lttle WlrU, KM
PLA, P. 0., three milee from HiUtlutore,
Condunted bf tbe Siaters of Notre
Dam. Send for catalogue.
Forty Tears a Sufferer from
"FOR FORTY TEARS I have been a vic
tim tn CATARRH three-foorthi nf tbe time
a autforer from EXCRUCIATING PAINS
TKILH. The diaohargaa were ao offenaive
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good It may do aome other aufferer. I hare
apent a young fortune from my earnings
durinr my forty yeara of puttering to obtain
relief from the dootora. I have tried patent
medicines every one I could learn of Irom
the four oornen of the earth, with no relief.
And AT LAST (f7 yeara of age) have met
with a remedy that haa curod me entirely
made me a new man. I weighed 12H pounda,
and now weigh ISA. I uaed thirteen bottlea
of the medicine, and the only regret I have
la, that being in th bumble walks of lile I
inny not have influence to prevail on all ca
tarrh aufforera to uo what haa cured me
(j ulna's Pioneer Illood Renewer,
" No. 207 Beoon i street, Maooa. Oa."
" Mr. Henry Chores, the writer of the
above, formerly of Crawford eoanty, now of
Macon, tl a., merit! th oonldenre of ail in
Ureaud in catarrh. W. A. Hi'FF,
Ex-Mayor of Macon."
Gnlnn'g Tloneer Blood Renewer.
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tiam. Borolula. Old Sores. A perfect Spring
If not in yonr market, It will be forwarded
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II 75.
Eaaay on Blood and Skin Dlwaaea mailed
Weeon, tieerala.
. Ikrta'n tli:l
W "iHj V.1nii th.
O wtU tefitefactory to
v erery gontleoiaa wnw vranui
4( pertert article. We cue rattroartwio U
aaennuirare of thee ensee, Ibe tom:lw or 30
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tvuij- f ja
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for fiiya and Vfif Ma. Pend for eataloga
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lUv. KWAR WOODS, ti. AjaociaW.
I Ml II II H 1
S 1 I J M. e.
(HANAN) jt'(. n
a ;.
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nonnced It cancer. I have tried a number of phyaiclana, but without rocelrlng any perma
nent benefit. Among the number were one or two epcclaliata. Tbe medicine tbey applied
waa like fire to the aore, cnuaing intense pun. I aaw a etateracnt in the papera telling what
8. 8. 8. bad done for otnere etmilarly afflicted. I procured aome at once. Before I had need
the second bottle the neighbor could notice that my cancer waa healing p. My general
health had been bad for two or three yeara 1 had a backlug cougn ana epit blood contin
ually. I had a severe pain in my breant. After taking all bottlee of 8. 8. S. my cough left
me and I grew aiouter thau I had been foreeveral yeara. My cancer haa healed over all bnt
a little a pot about the size of a half dime, and it Ia rapidly disappearing. I would advise
very one with cancer to give S. S. t. a fair trial
F b If 1886 MM' NANCY 3m MoCOAUOUBY. A,ho Grovi Tippecanoe Co., Ind.
Swtft'a Specific la entirely vegetable, and aeema to cure cancers by forcing out the lrapn
tle bom the blood. Treatise on Hlood and Skin Dlaeawe mailed free.
TUB SWIFT SPKCmc CO., Drawer 3, Atlanta, Ga.
TVIslVP, 'IlK'irnP'F'.ll- BT THE BAFRFX OR CAR-8 OB 11
X MA IIEi . M. Jlai--" barr))i oU delivered in the oitv at very lov,
rates to thoa who dealre to try It. Special Kate to all aolata oa Mallroad
leadlaa; eat r Ueauplale.
Cotton Factors, Ubolesalo Grocers,
11 Union Street, t : Hemphls, Tenru
W. A. GAGE & CO.
No. 800 Front Street, : Hemphia, Ten
9. t. rABiaoir.
o. o. its" nr.
J. T, FAR6AS0N & CO.
Uliolesiile Grocers & Cotton Factors,
S$9 Front Street, Mexapbii, Ten a.
0tta eenalt ned to at will have oar careful attention. We carry at all Uses a wall
selected stook ot
Staple & Fancy Groceries, Wines, Uquors,Tobceo & Cigars,
4fl will H m Vw nm th l.nmmnt.
ANDREW 8TEWAET, New Orleans.
STFiiBT rmim
WholesaleGrocers, CotFactors
V&r? am
V .v Ui r i.r '.''r BPECIAI. HOTICB We are prepared to III ordert
ti01fcfe -St Wreagm PnUey. W earry ia stock ovi
HOatii'w,m;y Xo Hundred Aasorted hiws.
'-iV r"ilt!l if, j-K.iid tor Catnlome and Prlne-ltst.
a va sa - TeV mT mww fi A TaTTIMamaaTI ataf
Doors, Sank, Bllais, Drossed Floorlaf, tUJUBr, WcatUpBoardlBf,
erOu faetlHUs are anaurpaaaed by T
fiooTina, C.iliai. Siula. Step Limber and
if. clulBK. Step liBmoer ana
aim.a.ioni. PW. mak th
UBum vi mil utweaaiona. T o - - u
solloited and
1 1 . i . .A aanai
No. 124 Jefferaon Street-
. a1a.
Jsk B.tlallTna.
Wbolesale Grocer, Cotton Faotor
And Coiatnlttlon KSerchantt,
232 anil 234 Front SL, Ocmpliis, 7enn
umma adams amb mnura.
Mr. L N. KAINtT devotes hit srjiole time to the swlfhtnir . s' jfaJl Cotton ntruUd
to or charge. Qntten Warehew. W y "IMlI"-'.??'. J
10.. JES. Xj3E3E- o CO.,
376-378-&S3S2-:w4-S8i Second street. MHth ol Gajoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Floorinrj,. Celling, Siding, Shingling
alellBg.lLatSUS, Sjeelar ree-e eaaeaj araeawaa.
Pitcher's Caetorla.
fr fir3 I
if 1 1
M Chickasaw Ironworks
lwS 88 Seoond St Memphis, Ten-
VA " I nirluea. Bollercu NawmilL.
m. - a a -mvaai
uraaioru iru nuu iv ucnt juuu k
Cotton Pre, Cotton OIhr.
Shaaing, PnU7B, Jf ic.
u.mV In theBomh f .t 51j:yorderPymtlf.
Kl'l IB tn Bourn r-r ainTij-oraenprnoiiiiiy.
Cvureee Slilngloa a ii-ecUltvi also, Fraanlaa
tvyrw Bmu.. ,iv,...,
loleeal Baainejs a swaial featur. Orders
, M . .
promptly filled!
m m atll II Held.
MeuJhls TenneMtM
Tbaa. Clark. at. J. dai k.
It AIakSt ATE,
Bo. 6tl, K. D. Ckaneerr Court of SVelby
. eoanty Caroline Blans et al. va. Maria
Bain et al. i and Mo. S61S. &. D. John
Loaame, Adm'r, e'o., vs. Caroline Blans
et al.
BY virtue of aa lnterlorotory decree fbf
sal entered la the above oaaa oa the
29th day of July. 1886, M. B. M, para
164. 1 will sell, at pnbllo auction, to the
highest bidder, in front ot th Clerk and
Master's office, eoarthons of Shelby oounty,
Memphis, Toon., on
Saturday, Aaaraat tS, 1S8S,
within local hours, th following do
scribed property, sitnated in Taxing District
of Shelby county. Tennessee, to-wit: The
one-fonrth undivided interest of Joneph Bain
In and te the followinc lots, vis I One lot of
land being part of lot IS. block 38 begin
ning at a point 0 feet north of th north
west eorner of Linden and Cauaey streets t
thence north with Causey street 40 feet to a
stake; thence weat parallel with Linden
atreet 138 feet to Bob Prioe's line: thence
south parallel with Cauaey street 40 feet to a
stake; theno east parallel with Linden
street 138 feet to the beginning. For title to
which reference la made to deed recorded in
hook 30, page 612, of Register's office. Also,
one lot lying on tbe south side of Pontotoo
atreet, between Canaey and Hernando afreets,
and known as part of lot 4, blook 43, front
ing 36 feet on th south side of Pontotoo
street and running back or south between
two parallel linea 134 feet. For title of which
reference is made to deed recorded in Regis
ter's office in book 84, page 3U3. And also
one other lot, whioh begins at a state on the
south tide o- Linden street 64 feet east of
Causey atreet; thence eaat with Linden
street 60 feet, thence south at right angle
with Linden street 146 eet; thence west par
allel with Linden street 50 leet; thence
north 145 feet to th beginning. For tit of
which reference is bad to deed recorded in
Regiater'a office book 34, page 378. Sold "ab
ject to th right of dowry ol defendant, Ma
ria Bain, as aaslgned her in the third lot
above set oat.
Terms of Sale One-half (V0 cash; bal
ance in six months; note with good security
for deferred payment required; lien re
tained to aeeure same, aod equity of re
demption barred This August 3. 1886.
8, I. McDOWELL, Clerk and Muter.
By H. F. Walsh, Deputy C. and M.
James Gallagher, Oantt A Patterson and
Poaton APoaton, Solicitor.
No. 5432., R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
oounty Stat ef Tennessee vs. J. E. Big- ,
low et al.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree for
sale entered in the above lauae on ths
4th day of January, 1886. M. B. 61, page 1, I
wiH sell, at pubho auotion. to the highest
bidder, In front of the Clerk and Master's
office, courthouee of Shelby oounty, Mem
phis, Tenneaaee, on
Saturday, Angnat 21, 1886,
within legal honri, the following desoribed
property, situated in Shelby oounty, Ten
neaaee. to-wiu
Lot 14, blook 28. fronting CO feet on the
north aide of Broadway, northeast oornerof
alley aat of Sixth street.
Lot 20, block 29, fronting 45 feet on the east
aide of Sixth atreet, Uu fret north of Alabama,
street, 10th ward, by a depth of 137S feet,
bold as property of K. F. Uooney and H. E.
Lot 28, block 11, fronting 25 feet on th.
South tide of Broadway rtreet, southeast
corner of alley east of Seoond street, 10th
ward, by a depth of 170 feet
Lot 2$, block 11, fronting 25 feet on the
south tide of Broadway atreet (adjoining lot
28), by a depth of 170 feet.
Lot 9, J. M. Tate's aubdivialon, fronting 53
feet on th weet aide of Wilkeraon street,
northwest corner of Georgia street, by a
depth of 155 leet. Sold as property of Jan '
Crawford Davis.
Lot 25. Polk's subdivision, 50 feet fronton
the south side of Georgia street, 60 feet west
of McKinley street, by a depth of 170 feet.
Lots 50 and 61. block 1, A. Wright's subdi
vision, fronting 60 feet on the soufi side of
Georgia street, 90 feet weat of Wright's ave
nue, by 157S feet deep.
Terms of Sale On a credit of six months;,
note with security, bearing interest, re
quired: lien retained; redemption barred.
This July 20.1886.
8. 1. McDOWELL, Clerk and Muster.
By B. F. Coleman, Deputy 0. and M.
F. H. AC. W. Ueiakell. Solicitors.
No. 5430, R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
coon ty-State of Tennessee vs. Johanna.
Mahoney et al.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree for
aale entered In ths above oause on th
29th da- oi January, 1886, M. B. 51, page
159, 1 will sell at pobli j auction, to th high
est bidder, in front of the Clerk and Master's
office, courthouse oi Shelby oounty, Mem
phis, Tenn., on
Saturday, Aag-nat 81, 188a,
within legal houra, the following described
property, aituate.i in Shelby oounty, Tenn.
Eaat half of lot 54, eonntry lot 496. front
ing 30 feet on the south aide of Madiaon at.
210 feet west of Orleana atrtet, by a depthof
14814 feet, bold as property ot Johanna Ma
honey and others.
Part of lot 43, block 57, fronting 37 feet on
the weat side of Orleana street 63 loet north
of Linden street by a depth of 33 foot. Sold
as property ot th Blufl Cify B. and L. As
sociation. Lot 6, block 54, fronting 35 feet on the east
side of Ruth atreet 4M feet south of Vane
street by depth of lo'H feet. Sold aa prop
erly of Samuel J. Scruggs, Minter Parker
and othera.
Lot 11, ol Jonca subdivision of Iota 32 and
33 Dunn's traot, froncin30 feet on the north
side of Spring street 150 leet east of Brown
street by a depth on the west line of 220 feet
and on the east line of 193 feet. Sid aso
property of Joannbine and John Kolly.
Part of block 34, Donn's subdivision, front
ing 40 feet on the eaat side of M una seas atraet
118 leet north of DuBose avenue by a depth
of 66 feet. Sold as property ot Robt. Tally
and others.
Part block 5, Dunn's subdivision, fronting
35 (eet on the west side of Walnut atreet 254
feet aouth of the Memphis and Charleston
Railroad and running bac. 1511 foot in depth.
Sold aipropertv of Joseph Williams.
Part of oountry lot 493, beginning on th
south sl1e of Figeonrooat road or Charleston
avonue49leet from tbe northeast corner of
lots H.irdaway'a subdivision 8 32" W 92 feet
to Court atroet: thence S 80 E 50 feet;
thence N 32s bl 54 feet to the Pigeonroostroad,
north 29 W 50 leet lotho beginning. Soldaa
the property of 11. O'Neil.
Part of lut 45, country lot 613, fronting 118
feet on the weat aide of Jones avenue north
west corner of a 22-feet alley north of Brad
ford atreet, 8th ward, by a depth of 203 feet.
Sold as the property ot Michael Fittgibbon.
Part of lot 6. Winchester division, front
ing 25 feet on the s-uth side of Bass avenu
290 loot weat of Dunlap rtreet, 8th ward, by
a oith of 210 feet. Sold as the property
of W. F. Beasley.
Terms of Sals On a oredlt of six months J
note bearing interest, with security,- e
quired: lien retained; redemption barred.
This July 20, 1886.
S. I. McDOWELL, Clerk end Master.
By B. F. Coleman, Deputy 0. and M.
F. 11. A C. W.Hei kell. Solicitors.
BlgTaeet Hedleel Aalhorltle.
Sole Agents for Memphis
A Valuable Patent.
Daaer'a (Haree) flora aed Pea Plaa
ter. HAVING perfected my invention. I wish
ro iilnoe it before th public eepeolally
manafaiturera. At a Corn Planter, it it
perfeet ncoea orwna the drill, distributed
the teed acetrately, anintured, and eoverd
th uma, thereby on man performing the
work of three. Tho have been need in
thiaseotion for over a im.nn years with per
fect satisfaction, uen give responsible testi
monials. Addreaa ,
;J0HN H. DANCY.Daacyvllle,
H.Twonil rnnnt". TnT
Memphis Female Seminary.
MRS. EMMA C. -i IT HER. Principal.
Beat educational advantaws- afforded to pu-
Pila. Location-a7-L1P-d'"' tr'et-
cns.iF.uE or
TMb School offere to Medical Students un
mrniiied clInioAl and other a-vantages.
Send f" a cta'"ue to Dr. THOMAS 0Pl.
VtlV, - --"'
PETERSBURG, VA. The Twenty-aecon
Annual Seaaion of thia School for Boy
begins the Brat Monday in Ootober. Thor
ough preparations for University of Vir
ginia, leading Engineering Schools and
United Bute Military and Naval Acade
mies: highly reoomtnended by Faculty ef
University of Virginia; full staff of Inatruel
ora; alteatioa healthful. Early application
advised, a ttabar of boarder ia strictly
limited. For catalora address .
rVVtaORDOM MoCABU, Used Matter.

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