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The table of bank clearings we put
lish on our seventh page this mora-,
lng, ,howthat New York 1b vastly In
creasing its transactions. Two weeks
together recent'y showed clearing
there to be bebiod tboee ol the cor
responding time last year. Last week
they were 21 per cent more than the
corresponding weak a year ago. Oat
aide of New York the clearings
amounted last week to 17.4 per cent,
more than thost of the corresponding
week a year ago. Evidently the "dead
sstsoa" this year is well in advance of
ths same season a year ago, which is
an encouraging fact. The New York
increase is partly due, of coarse,
to increased speculative activi
ty, but the New York papers
aay that much of it comes
from improvement in general busi
ness. Toe Chrwiiclt bss a table
showing the rotation, the enrrent
returns bear to "those for 1884 and
earlier years. The excess of 1880 over
1884, in the aggregate of all the citier,
reaches 18 4 per cent, and over 1883
neatly 4 per cent , while the loss from
1882 is 21.4 per cent., and from 1881
1 9 per cent. Monoy, the same paper
reports, continued to increase in activ
ity during tbelsst week. At the Stock
Exchange bankers' balances aver
aged about 6 per cent. There w'ai a
little flurry in the course of last week,
and on Wedneiday 40 per cent, wss
reached, but was followed by a fall to
6 per cent. The last few weeks have
been noticeable for the concentration
of surplus reserve in a very few bank,
when out of $8,617,250 surplus report
ed by all, three banks held 18.245,500,
and two of theie $7,054,100, but there
Is nothlug alarming in this. The
reviving business a :tivitj and the enp
demand ior funds, induces the banks
to pursue a very conservative coarse.
The mercantile demand is also becom
ing more urgent, and the banks have
to be as liberal as possible with regu
lar cnsomrs it transitmt ones are de
nied. The New York Indicator says:
"If the activity in the money market
did not exist, we should think all the
reports frjrn th, Interior 'mere vapor
ing,.' But its existence demonstrates
the correctness of financial views,
which have been based upon big
crops, good business and increased
railroad earnings." The sale of com
mercial paper has been practically sus
pended; very choice and short bills re
ceivable were at 5 per cent., while 0
per cent, was almost the only rate.
The Indicator reports : "Bine, August
1st, Sterling has declined 2 cen's, and
Ihe redaction has been principally on
account of the large supply of security
bills. That is, foreign purchasers ol
American securities are paying in
sterling exchange, and the rata (alls
because we have not so msny debt, to
par abroad. If the thing kespa up
much longer we shall be getting
gold back. We shall have grain
exports to help it along soon,"
The ChronicU thinks a receipt of gold
from Earops possible, and that things
look ai if through the fill months
there might be a considerable move
ment. Oar stringency in money
caused such a pressure in bsnkon'
bills drawn against securities, that for-
e'ga exchange on Thursday came
down to tho point at which gold could
be Imported, but that paint no longer
exists. The Bink of England Is now
low In bullion and would resist ship
ments of gold to this country, and
France Is decidedly opposed to parting
with its treasure. Ths Indicator claims
that the foreign demand for Amoricin
securities is not only bulling thesork
market,' but is bringing gold imports
near. The fir.it gold shipment was
made from Paris on Thursday, and
amounted to $200,000, and more gold
la t f jllow. Gdld must corns or rates
for money here go down. Silver bull
ion had a reaction and advanced to 42 J
pence an ounce in London, making
the bullion value of the silver
dollar 72 cents and 67 thousandths.
The ClironieU his a Uble of the dally
price ol silver from Decsmber 1st last
to the present time, and says:
"Strangely enough, we Bad that silver
has been steady and Dctrly uninter
rupted ever sloce Congress met in
December, when the price was 47jd
pur ounce. The previous December
(1884) it was atout 49jd, to it only de
clined 2d during the whole ot the pre
vious twelve months; whereas during
the seven months Congreea ha been
in session it dropped full 6Jd ; and,
furthermore, it has reacted jd since
that body adjourned." Tha ChronicU
says the commercial situation seems
t j b improving, with good promise
for the fall and winter trade. Wall
street Is pre-eminently the center ot
. th, floating capital ot the coantty, and
any revival in the general busioees ot
the country is first felt there. Since
Mr. Cleveland's administration, gavs
security to capital, la June and July,
Wall street has recovered activity,
and the country quickly responded.
Also the money market! of the countt y
give decided indications of becoming
lest cautious and more enterprising,
and money is going inti more active
employment. "The truth is, our peo
ple are first getting to work producing
and consuming sgsin." The Indicator
remarks: "The improvement in bss'.'
nees is best seen in the movement ol
money in the West. The movement
is not only eulier than .usual, but
more active than for years past. The
advices from the West teem with
hopeful news concerning business."
The ,me authority says that grain ex
ports are beginning to make a g-od
showing. Exports ot breadstuffs io
creased $2,800,000 in July over those
ot last quai tor. Also that the rail
roads are not only earning more on
their o'd mileage than they did last
year, but are earning more, on their
new mileage than they did on tho old
in 1886. For the year so far (seven
months) sixty-four companies report a
gain of $5,881,783, equal to nearly 6
per cent Only eighteen, or less than
30 per cent show losses, and they are
not larga except in a few instances.
The machinery manufacturers through
out the country report a decided im
provement in business, with good
prospects for more prosperous times
om, repotting orders ahead for sev
eral months, some that their
work, are running to their full
capacity. The New York Herald
reports crops better than expected,
increased movement in product, and
merchandise, fewer busioees fsilures
the last week then for the tame time
for some year, past, and everywhere
belief in an active fall trade. It says
ot the check to the prospect ot import
ing gold: "This is due to the fact that
we have ceased exporting securities
and to a higher rate of interest In Lon
don. However, we are finding a good
market for our wheat, and Iree ex
port of that shoulcksoon start gold to
flowing in this direction."
lt is ravos or hook Est.
taraa From All the Proelnete Re
delved Willi Eiceptloa The
Jolat DlMUanloa.
isrsouL to rss irriiL.I
Jackson. Miss, August 16. Returns
from precincts in this county g ve
Hooker 77, delegates and Bikdal
31), -with one precinct (Dry Orove) to
hear from, whu h has eight delegates.
The popular majority for Hooker in
the county will approacu two V) one,
Major Barkisdal's friends deny that
ths resolution adopted at the South
ward meeting invit ng all voteia to
participate who would pledge them
selves to support the nominee was
adopted a'obe by them, but aay it wan
voted for by both Barksdale and
Hooker men ai d was very vlg- ruus y
opposed by some of B.irknlale's friends.
They also deny that Barksdale receiv
ed thirty or forty Hf i uhlican votes in
laid ward, and t' at tho war J was
carried f r him'.by Republican voles.
Major Barksdale and Oil. Hooker
yesterday arranged for a joint discus
sicn today (' he ltub ) ; at Union Church
on the 17th, and Uanevville on the
18th instant, all la Jefferson county.
All their appointments during the re
mainder of the canvass, it may be
asftily stated, will I e joint. Theli- oker
men marchftirl through the street i un
til 12 o'clock Raturday nlg'it, firing
cannons, firecrackers and rockets, re
joicing over Hooker's victory in Hinds
The Tawra arata, la Death of
Two or Ita Beat Cllluai,
Ishoial to tbs irrsib.l
Browhsvillc, Tin., August 16.
Two sad deaths in the last two days
have cauied great sorrow among our
people. Mr. Bjjd, jr, died Sunday
morning at the home of bis father,
Mr. M. Boyd, County Clerk, about
four miles irom t wn, after a long and
painful illners. Mr Boyd was a great
favorite with all who knew him
young and old. His noble, fine char
acter and gnutle, manly b aring had
won for him a host of friends, who
sincerely mourn bis death while only
fairly entered upon life', battle as a
young man. His funeral this after
noon was very largely attended.
The second death war that ot Mr.
Philip Yunct y, one of the oldest and
bist loved citizens ol Brownsville, in
the lixtv-oiuhlh vear of his aire. Mr.
Yancey had been a resident of Browns-.
villa for more than Mly years. Truly
a good in ii u hai lnft us, and one who
bos been very useful lor msny years.
Favorable Colien Proaperls Sick
Deis In the Country,
riN lUxvr, AbK , August 10. Cot
ton pro-pei'ts a e fiuo. Weather dry
anu tint, mure is conskl Mnble nick
ness in the couutiy at nrtsent mostly
chine and levr.
Mr. DuUil, fo'iner!y road master of
the Texas ami si. loir lalroal, died
wun a conui rn ve dull Monday.
Ths oil in ll ol this place is under-
g ilng thorough r piirs also the com
pesj, and making arrangments to
c.Min res 75 hnl-,l o Hon ttils season.
Col. M. W. leg.art, the largest cot
ton buyer of tliii place, it spending
tne summer at Hiratoga epr nir".
TerrlOe Holler Kmploalon,
Chicago. III., Animat 10. The
Timett Anhland (Wis.) s Dedal rays:
This morning this ci: v was startled by
a lerrirJo rxploMm, occasioned by the
bunting ol a bnll.ir in the carpenter
shop of Perinier & Webster. The
boilerhtuse was utterly demolished,
and five men and boy, instantly
kitted ana two wounded, as follows
Willie P. Perinier. Alex. Perinier.
tons of the senior member ol the firm;
Joseph McLiunhlin.f.iimerly foreman
ol trie stoop: l. v. Johnson, wood
turner; Augtvt Olson, workman,
killed: Nelson rero. foreman ol work
ing crew, slightly wonndrxl In leg,
an. I R IT T1..I.. . K. Im
... V U, A - , QOVOI Ol y . AJ.O to UVW
In a hospital with a fair show to re
cover. The cause ol 'he explosion
was a tack ol water in the boiler, sat
nrday the bo ler a blown iff and
pumped up af er cleaninsr. Itsuual
fire was built this morning, when it
was fcU'i.t fiat thwlnj ctir would nnt
work, vvmie trvinir to nx ittneex
plosion occurrtd. McLaughlin, the
foreman, leave, a wife and three
small ch Idreo.
Tha Window Ulaea Worsen
PiTTsnuRO, Pa., Augurt 16 The
window glais mai.ufactureis and work
men will tomorrow hold the fiist con-
foronce of the year on the wng ques
tion. Today neither side would say
mich.buwtiB understood that the
woikmen will demand a 10 ner cent.
advance fir the gatherers. President
Cline expresses the opinion that the
mmanils wul be sranted. A niann
f icturer who was enoken to anid there
was no indication ol the factories start
ing at the usual time, September let,
as Are has not yet been in the f urnacia,
Neither side teems to apprehend a
Wo Mystery About llu nianpnear-
Pittshuro, Pa., August 16. William
Whit, a prominent restaurant keeper,
has disappeared, much to the chagrin
of his creditors. His exact liabilities
are unknown but include nearly one
thousand dollara for supplies. He
came her, renniles, five year, ago,
and of la e did a business amounting
to at least f 50,000 annually.
A Month of Absolute Best and Quiet
The Civil Servlce-The Two
Washington. August 16 The Presi
dent left Waehiogt n this morning at
0:40 o'clock for a month's vacation in
the Adirondack mountains. He was
accompanied by Mrs. Cleveland, Mrs.
Foltom and Col. and Mrs. Lamont.
When the President appeared on the
portico of the White House to take
ins carriage be wai con'r inted by a
small party of tourists from Kentucky.
Tbey recognized him at once and
asked permission to pay their respects.
The President was willing and shook
bands with each of them as he made
bis wwy toward bis carriage. Mrs.
Cleveland and Mrs.Folsom bad already
entered the vehicle, and ai the coach
man cracked his whin and the carriage
rolled away ths people on the portico,
most ot whom were ladies, waved their
handkerchiefs and shouted a hesrty
"good bye." The party occupied a
special car tendered by the directors
of the Delaware and Hudson Unal
O rnipany. It whs attached to the New
York limited express.
No mall will be forwarded tithe
Prnaldent or onxued durinir his ab
sence. Any public business requiring
Ii s immediate consideration will be
brought ti hi, attention by Ihe Cabi
net uilicers To the numerous spe
cial corespondents wbo have asked
o accompany him upon h s trip, the
President his said that "he was sure
the public did not desire that minute
details sbnuid be given of all his move
ment, during his vac, tion, a, such a
course would utterly defeat the object
and purpotes of h i trip, which are for
rest and quiet and fretdom from an
noyance. He believe, that the people
are willing t) concede this to him, aud
so far fts their requirements are con
cerned In the matter ol news that they
will ),erm it mm a release irom impert
inent intrusion ; and be believei that
the decent press of the country are al
ao willing that this should be acc irded
to h'm. At any rate, be will teel fully
justified in any effort to rendor unsuc
cessful any attempt to defeat bis wishes
in this particu ar." In recognition,
however, ol p .rdonable curiosity as to
any incident ot inlereat that may take
place during his vacation he has him
self made arrangnroeut whereby any
thing that the puuuc should do lnter-
s el in or ought to know concerning
hi, movements will be furnished the
agent, of the regular press astocia
lions. The Civil Service ConarmlMloa.
Washington. August 16 The Civil
Service Commission now has under
coosideiat'on the project ot bringing
under civil service rules every post
office from which a carrier delivery is
made. It is expected that there will
be more changes in the rule, before
Tne Pott reports one of the Civil
Service Commissioners as saying, with
egard to tne appointment ol Mr.
Wei s'er. a Republican, as Chief Ex
aminer of the Civil Bervlce Commis
sion: "It was ptecisely in the line of
piomotion, and it ws ouly carrying
out the policy of tne rresidont in
making the civil service machinery a,
lree fiora the suspicion of partieanship
as posdble. It has been recognized
and commented on that the Commis
sion under Republican administra
tions was so exclusively Kt publican in
ita complexion that it laid itself open
to at least the charge of being a party
machine. The President Is determined
to make sure that there shall never be
any foonda ion for the breathing of
that charge agtinst the Commission
while it is under a Democratic admin
istration, it was thought that to in
sure this, since tha majority of exam
icing boards thionghotit tbe country
were Democrats, would be only right
to have the Chief Examiner, who ex
amines all the reports irom tbe several
board, a Republican. In doing this
also the Pre1 ident attained his object
of re-tori "g the C immisti m to its for
mer balanced po.l'ical appointees.
Rtavdard Nllver Dollara.
Washington, August 10. The ismo
of standard silver dollars from the
mints during the week ended August
14 h, was ftitlO.4'27. The issue during
the c-irresp inding period of last year
was .(otj, 4t)i. 1 tie shipments ot irac
tioual silver coin sinci August 1st
amount to 313,039.
Washington, August 10 Tho Pres
ident ma let1. e folio ing appointments
u-f w. k, in,, ,1... ..1. Tu rr
hoi io ub luiv mo unin,.ni. tiuiiu x,
Ti. .I1..l.. ni TO... V 1. . U J
lary of the Civil Service CommisHioo;
11 nry A. Ehhinger, ol Ne,w York, to
ro United hU'osUonni nt (Jienluegos,
vice Win, P. Pierce, siir-pouded.
The New Nllver Cerllflratee.
Wahiington, August 16. It Is
learned at the Treasury Department
mat tne new silver cer incites author
ized at the last session ot t'ongr st will
not be ready to lesue before Novem
ber. The 1 certiflca e contains a viff'
net e ol Martha Washington, the 2
ceitifl ate a vignette ol Major General
Hancock in full uniform, and tbe flO
certificates a vignette ol Vies President
Uendiicks. Tbe design lor the $5 ell
ver certificate has not vet been select'
ed. It is aid that either Gen. Grant
or Gen. McUlellan will be soleoted as
the vignette
Paatal Polnta.
Washington, August 16. First As
ala ant P.tatmaeter General fitevenson
s detained at his home in Springfield,
111., by tbe serious illness of his daugh
ter. In the meantime Second Aesitttnt
A. Leo Knott will act as Postmaster
Judge E E. Bryant, Aeslstant Attor
ney General (or the Poetolllce Depart'
ment. left today for his home in Madi
son, Wis. He will join tbe Postmaster
General en ron'e.
The Two l ay Ion.
WaHhing on special lo the 8t. Liuis
lirmtbltcam benator 1J arris, ol Jen
ne.se, who has been detained in thst
city sine, the adionrnmont of Con
grass by illnes. epralting to a corre
spondent r f the Krjtublican today about
the peculiar content in Tennessee,
where two brothers 'ere the opposing
candidates, said ha bad no doubt
whatever ol the election of Col. Rob
ert L. Taylor, the Democratic
candidate. Tennessee can safely be
counted on for not less than 30,000
Democratic mejority, although tbe po
litical situation is a tritie complicated
still by local imues relating to railroad
legislation and aho by reason of the
fact that a certain elemeut of the
Djmooratlo party is strongly commit-
ten to protection.
The Taylor brothers, who are the
candidates Robrt L. on the Demo
cratic and Alfred on tbe Republican
ticket are tbe eon, ol old Col. Taylor,
who was tbe Commissioner of the In
dian Bureau, nndar President John
eon, lecceWing Senator Bogy, of Mis
souri, There are r, or six brother.
altogether, bat the one who Is running
as a Democraiie candidate is the only
Democrat in the family, all tbe
other, being Republicans. Two tf
them are Republican clerks employed
in the department, here in Washing
ton. Col. Bob Taylor, aa he is familiar
ly known, represented tbe First Ten
nestee District for a time in Congrea?.
Tne correspondence between him and
tbe Commissioner of Pensions, which
wss first male public in the Republican
some days ago, has attracted a grett
deal of attention, and there is con
siderable surmising as to the course Col.
Tsylor will now pareue to avoid offend
ing sgainst the President's civil service
order. Senator Harris said be didn't
think there waa any reason for doubt
as to whst would be done. He think.
Col. Tsylor will unquestionably resign
the office without regard to the Pr un
dent's order, as a candidate for Gov
ernor in Tennetsae is expected to
make a vigorous campaign and must
give up his whole time to that and
pannot possibly attend to the duties of
a political office.
The Marplas BcMlntlea.
Washington, August 10. The
President hss deposited in the De
partment of Slate tbe bill which re
mained in bis hands unsigned at the
lime of the adjournment of Congress,
with the following explanatory memo
randa: Joint resolution directing payment
of surplus in Treasury on public debt,
received August 6, 1886. Memoran
dum. This resolution involves to much,
and is of such lerious import, that I
do not deem it bett to ditcues it at
this time. It is not approved because
I believe it to be unne-.-eesary, and be
cause I am by no means convinced its
mere passage and aproval at this time
msy not endanger and embarraea tbe
successful and useful operations of tbe
Treasury Deparim nt and impair con
fidence in the management of tbe
finances of the government.
Direct Vote Will Be Cast for Vailed
a tote Beaator Vbb Wjch's
Cmaha, Nib., Augurt 16. In 1875
there waa ineerted in tbe Nebraska
State Constitution a provision that at
the general election immediately pre
ceding the expiration ol the terna of
a Ui ited State, Senator from this State
the electors shall, bv ballot, express
their preference for eouie person for
the onice of United btstes Senator. JNo
action has been taken on th s process
up tu the present time. Senator Van
Wycr, who is a candidate for re-election,
has been asked to appeal to toe
people ior their expression ol prefer
ence under this proviso, aod he has
accordingly issued a manifea'o. This
will be the nrst instance ol a direct
vote of the people for United State,
Senator, and it is supposed that the
choice thus made will be binding ss a
matter of honor on tbe Legislature,
tenator Van Wyck's appeal is a, fol
To the Eleotorl of Nebraka:
In a country governed by the people
aod for the peop e, the highest prerog
ative ot tbe elector ja the lree and uu-
trammeled choice of-the public serv
ants wbo administer tbe government.
Wbtle tbe national represents the sov
ereignty of ths States, each Senator
should be the true representative of
the lovereign people of the cox-
i.i .1 i .1
monweauu. xu.o won wo mui iu
obi ct of the framcrs of our State
constitution when they made provis
ion for the expression ol tbe popular
choice of the selection of a bena'or.
For ten years this provision ot our
constitution has been a ueao letter.
Although a law, framed in conformity
with the constitutional proviso, waa
oafsed bv the Legislature years ago,
and officers of election are required to
make return, of tbe vote upon the
electors preference for United States
Senator, no aspirant has as yet ven
tured to ask ihe neooie ior a direct, ex
pression of confidence or preference.
Without presumption on my part that
any man has a vested ngui u puonc
office, however meritorious or faithful
he may be. 1 dertre to appeal to tne
people ot JNebraaka lor a direct vote
expreviog their preference f r United
States Senator. There are doubtless
others In this S at more worthy thsn
I am of your confidence, and it will
efford me great plewura to meet any
of thfiu for a public discussion ol the
living and vi'nl issues of the day. The
ollke of United States Senator is a po
sition of great responsibility, and tbe
people should know the views of
ev-ry man wbo desires to represent
Nebraska in the upper house
of Conariss. I trust that it is
not Inappropriate in this connection
to refer briefly to my service in behalf
of the State during my totva drawing
to a close. By that rcord let judg
ment be given. I have doubtless erred
in some instances -as all men do, but
even my worst enemies cannot point
to any act that would Impeach my
personal integrity or reflect discredit
npon the State which has honored
me. While 1 claim to bave done only
my duty, in the light in which I was
able to see it, and claim no cradit for
the faithful discharge of the trust
committed to me, I only desire to
exercise tbe right which I have, in
common with all cltissne, to challenge
my competitor, to the Senatorial poei
tion to a submission to a popular ver
dict of the irrespective claims to the
Senatorial succession."
Nanaieii City, Ni.. Aucoat 14, im.
"nBAIs'lX SIGHT. ,
Btateiueata ot tha Chicago and Hew
York Boards of Trade.
Chicago, III., August 16. Ths Chi
cago report of tbe visible supply ol
grain Is as follows: On August 14th
Wheat, 38.501.527 bit. Corn, 9,838,711
hu. Oats, 2 613,638 bu. Ryo, 4t0.lP4
Barley, 616,!)S bu. Compared wi;h
lent week Untei an increase of 1,74
506 bu whent, 1 ,141,000 bu com, 62,071
bu oats, 60,1)66 bu rye, 69,925 bu bar
ley. Hocks of grain in thxngo on
August 14;h sre reportod as frllows:
Wheat, 8,478,631 bu ; corn. 3,843,874
bit; oat, 1,142,227 bu; rye, 176,230 bu;
barley, 119,171 bu.
The New York Rtatement.
New Yore, Auanat 1C The follow
ing was the visible supply of grain
Augnft 14th, as compiled ly tho New
York Produce Exchange : Wheat, 38,
4110,994 bu; increase, 1,714,120 bu.
Corn, 0,903,571 buj increase, 1,208,225
bu. Oat, 2,541,981 bu ; increase, 520,
750 bu. Rye.490,241 bu; increase, 6!',
394 bu. Barley, 317,130 bu; Increase,
64.240 bu.
Dropped Dead ala Daaea.
Cincinnati, O., Augtut 10. Mrs.
David L. Ballighlmer, wife of the pro
prietor of the Bellvue House, a hill
top resort, droppsd dead last night
while dancing at that place. Heart
disease was the canst of the death.
Fatal Affray Growing Oat of an Elec
tion Difficulty-Defeat or the
fspacui TO TBB irriAL.l
Mouctgombby, Ala., August 16. En
g'ne No. 7, of tbe first north bonud
special passer ger Ir.iafrom New Or-
le na, with 162 psrsenger, for the con
vention of the N.tional Irish Land
League st Chicago, burded a flange,
bieaking tbe truck wheel, Sunday
mcrning, forty miles from here, above
Gneiville, ditcaiog and comple'eiy
des'roying the engine, damaging the
biggage car and derailicg a coach and
two sleepers. None of tbe 162 oas-
eengers were injured whatever. Eng'-
.ana T)n .. ! 1 1 .; -
uurr uujne;, in auuve service
cow nineteen years on this division,
notwithstanding tome accidests, never
was hurt, received this time serious
bnt not fatal ir juries. Hi, colore!
fireman was lifted way in the air.,
turned a somerset and foil on his bead
without being injured. Supeiiatend
ent Eppers .n and Train Dispatcher
S.la went with the wrecking train and
dispatched the passengers by transfer,
rtsumirg regular traffic again last
night, ihe Union Demit Hntl wai
crowded. Only a short time after din
ner all tbe pacsengera were shipped
on a special train east all well.
Saturday night when the Mobile
train resched Montgomery suburb,
Peter Jackson, colored, ,'andiog oa
tbe crossties. was struck bv the en
gine and instantly killed.
Work on the Sheffield aid Binning
ham railroad has been commenced.
Contract, to the forty-five mile point
must be completed in six months.
At Tuskegee Saturday night A. 8.
Armatrorg was shot twice aud killed
by Ben C. Thompson. Both were very
prominent men. Tbe killing resultad
over tbe recent political contest in
Macon county. . Arm trong t:ok
en active part and waa the leader
of tha Independent movement which
retuiteain the elect on ol uutu
INDlPlMDENTS fob office only.
Many former prominent Democrats,
now ma cootents, having been left at
the primaries changed to so called In
dependents, and in a number of in
stance, were elected over the regular
nominees, mostly for Fiobate Judge
and the Legislature.
The new hale of cotton received bete
from Eaf aula, Ala., was raised opposite
Eufaula in Georgia and shipped to
The Veteran Montgomery Greys
serenaded our Congreesman, Berber',
tonight, In front of the Exchange Ho
tel. Cant. Amerin presented him, on
behalf of the Greys, a fine gold beaded
cane in appreciation ol him aa a states
man, Boldier and friend. Col. Herbert
replied gracefully at length, ind waa
subsequently followed by Gov. O'Neal
in a patiiotic speech.
is defeated for wsnt of internet taken
at the election. The number of votes
cast is insufficient. The road amend
ment law is also defeated. The Gov
ernor is having the votes of tbe lecent
election counted now.
Delegate, to the Farmers' State Con
vrntion at Talledega on tbe 18th are
passing through already.
Mercu y 99 today.
Mr. Foster's Addreaa for the Pris
oner Coaelnded.
Chicago, III., August 16. Tbe
closing week of the great anarchist
trial opened this morning insufferably
hot, with scarcely a b.ea'h of fresh air
in the courtroom. Every inch of
spare within tbe four walls was occu
pied bv spectators.
Mr. Foster resumed his speech this
morning by declaring that be was not
there to defend anarchy. When he
expressed that sentiment Saturday he
exnrE8eil the sentiment of bis asso
ciates. The verdict ought not to be
bared upon the statements of any
counsel. This assertion was made wi'h
apparently tbe view of undoing the ef
fect of tbe statements made by mr.
Salomon in his opening. As to Spiei
apd his utterances, Mr. l-o ter quoted
the old adug , "Ttjat a barking dog
never b:ts. Spies never concealed
his sentiment,; they were made pub
lic time and again through the press.
The man was talkative; ttiat could not
be disputed. Therj must be toooe
thing in the construction of the man's
brain which made him give utterance
to bis wild talk. That man loved noto
riety, that was all.
Mr. Foster continued to argue that
the testimony given on behalf of tbe
Stats to show that Spies was concerned
personally in a conspiracy on tbe
night of the bay market attack was im
probable, and claimed that it had
been positively ,hown that the other
defendants were near the wagon when
tbe bomb waa thrown.
The court adionrned at 1 o'clock.
r before Mr. Foster bad concluded hi.
At the afternoon session Mr. Foster
continued his argument at consider
able length. He concluded his ad
drees with an eloquent and flowery
appeal to the jury. He aaked them
not to convict an act which they
would regret during the remainder of
their lives.
Cpt, B ack said he wonld prefer
not to commence hU address till to
morrow morning, snd the court ad
journed till that lime.
Two Hen Shot aud Killed by Dr.
IcoBRtsroKDaxc r tub apit...!
Cavvnv, Miss., Aujiub' 11. Today,
during tbe election, s Jiiio bad feeling
came between Dr. S stcr and two
other ii)en whoe lauuirj I failed to
learn. Tlie doctor had a call out in
the couutiy. When on bis return
home he was met by thrse two men,
one on each side, armed with pistol,.
They told the doctor that now -was a
good time to settle that little difficulty.
The doctor dismounted from hi,
horse, and was attacked with a knife
and cut in the wrist. He then pulled
his pistol and shot both men dead in
self defense. m. d. w.
Tbe Presidential Party at Albany.
Albany, N. Y., August 16. The
President and prly arrived here at
p.m. Col. and Mrs. Lamont left tho
train for their home in the interior.
Dr. Samuel B. Ward joined the Presi
dential party here. They left at 9:13
o'clock, their route being via Rouse
Point, Molrs.Paul Smith, and tbenoe
by stage to the prospect bouse In tbe
Steam Engines, Boilers,
Hardwares Cutlery
T.B.SIMS, Preset, GEO. ARNOLD, V.-Prea't. W. H. KESHEDAY, See'y.
19 Country Stores, Dwellings and Glnhonses a Specialty.
"Le8M?s Adjnated Promptly, and Paid at Memphis.
' W. P. TM'NAVANT. T B. RIM). jni - ARWTeTP!r '
39 Union St., Memphis, Tenn.
BETHEL Classical and Military ACADEMY
In a coontry noted for brant and health. Conraa of ftudv, 10 branohei, inrpuiad In trior
outhntMDT no awdear in the Month. Medical and Law Connei preparatory to the Uni
versity of Virsinta. Board, tuition, medical attendanoe, half leaiion. ,96. No extra,.
Candidate Before tbe Ceaventlon
Todaj The Demoeratle Senator
ial Oonveatloa.
Little Rock, Abk , Angnst 16.
The primaries ol the Republican party
were held in this oity and cotu.ty to
day and tonight and tomorrow tuat
Party will occupy the boards at Hyde's
Opera House. The race for Sheriff is
between tbe Hon. W. 8. Oliver and
Angflo Msrre, both well known locil
politicians. Bill Oliver has, we be
lieve, a limited acquaintance cut icle
the State. He is well known in
side ol it. Mr. Murre is one of the
wealthy saloon keepers of this city.
Gel. Logan H. Roots and Judge John
McClure, candidates for Representa
tives; Judge C. C. Wafers, ex-United
States District Attorney and at present
Independent candidate f .r PiOsacuting
Attornt-y of this (the Sixth) Judi
cial District, are amoig the
de'egates elected, and will take an
aitive part in tom irrow's dtilibera
tions. A stormy recsicn is promised,
and when tbe Ka 'ica s tay in advance
that "R 'gf rs will fly in the air," it
on bs depended npon that part of the
prrgraume will bs cariied out.
The Tenth Senatorial District Demo
cratic Couvention, to ratify the nom
inations made by tbe perty on Friday
last, will also hold a session tomorrow.
Tb'B district is cnmpir-ed of this and
Ferry counties. Candidates for Justice
of the Peace on the Democratic tick
e. were named today. Such names
as Major John D. Adams.wbom every
body knows, and D. G. Jones, of the
Jones Bro.'s Hardware Compar y, ara
prominent among those nominated f.r
conservators of the public pt ace. '
Tha Gaztlle will tomorrow print a
card from Jndge Minor W. Wallace,
recently nominated by a portion of tbe
Texarkaoa Conven ion for State Sena
tor from that District. . withdrawing
from the race. Judaa Wallace aya tha
success of tbe Democratic pa jv la
paramount to any personal ambition,
snd be therefore gives np that Judge
Byrne mav have an undisputed sweep
of the field.
Nea, from Joneboro, this State, is
Tfc ived tonight of two fatal accident,
wh'ch ocuirrt-d nar that place on
Fndy. It stem, that oa tbe day
mentioned, while W. M. Sto ti and
another man were at work in Stotta's
corn field, a rain came np and they
started to a tree a short distance away.
Stotts rercbe.1 the tre firdt and a
bolt of lightning struck the tree aod
a's Mr. S ott, ki liog him instictly.
The other man was stunned.
Oa tbe same day a little sin of Mr.
Sulllns, living two and a half mi'es
east of Jonesboro, was out bunting
and stopped at the bouse of T. M.
Barnett to get a drink of water. He
was standing neur tbe we'l wiih bis
gun (a ema 1 shotgun), leaded with
bird shot leaningega'cs lis side, when
a little child ot Mr. Burnett's came up
to him, and in working with the ham
mer pnlled it tack far enough to burst
th, cap which it carelessly turned
loose, the whole load enUriog the
boy's side near the heart killing him
This evening, in the Unittd State s
Courtroom, Judge Caldwell renewed
his decision in the case of Paul F.
Beanlsley vs. Jno. D. Besrdsley tt al.
Tbe judgment was in favor ol the
plaintifl, according to his prayer, de
creeing him on third of the Arkansas
and Louisiana railroad, and all of its
property, npon th, payment to the
defendants ol about $3500. The
judgment seems to b, satisfactory to
all parties.
No. 6018 a fine breeder and an exeeed
Intly haodiome and well bred Ball.
Hias Champion ot America. No. 1557.
Dam Oetibbeha DaohcM 2d, No- 7A68, by
Aldine, 1136. Second Dam Oetibbeha
Duchein, 4422 (17 lbs. batter in 7 dayi). by
Hub, 1009. Third Dam Lueky Belle.lBH.
Fourth Dam-faniy 6th, No. 38, by FatUr
fon.No. ll.
MYERS hear per cnt. blood Champion of
America, aire lOcowiin 14 lb. Hat.
MYERS has 2ft per eent. blood Aldine, airs 5
cown in 14 lb. lint.
MYERS hee 12S per oent. blood Hub, airs 5
cowi In 14 lb. liat.
MYERS hu 12 per eent. blood Luoky
Belle, dam 8 cowl in 14 lb. lilt
Sold to avoid ln-breeding-.
VourOuthebeit Mme.ly
K nown to Uft Gcaonhtxa
and (.leet.
W't haw sold coatldM.
Able, and la crery cue II
bu giren utUfactlca.
Aleott LUk,
Hudtoa. K. T.
Sold by Drug gilts.
rric. ai.oa.
leraon leeking Government Em
ployment in any oi tne departments al
Washington, or any other potitiona under
the'-loyornment.I willacnd (all Inatraotiont
aa io how to prom! to obtain the same,
and Blank Forma or Airvltralloa on
receipt oi Ona Dollar. Aditr JOHS
n nROM. f!.oi -inn. rkttmaara
Crab Orchard
i'ue. I IVKH.
Sick Headache.
tv,k flnA to two teaiooonfula.
Genuine Crab OaPBAan Halts In
m.ult'il (utckairif. t I tic. nd aoo. Ko
xviiuiui! Salta (old in bulk.
Crab Orchard Water Co., Prop'rs.
N. IONFS. Mne-r. lyw!nnc, T
TEXAS, via Memphla and Little Reck
Railroad, with double daily oonneetiona
Anguat 27, 28 and 2th. Tieketa good thirty
daya. Stop-over privilege will be allowed,
going and coming. Arrangement- have been
made with the Fort Smith r ad running rpeo
ial traina to connect with both oar trains.
Through coaches to Fort Smith and through,
aleeper to Eureka bprlngs, Hot Springs,
Ark., Included In theae exouraion rates. For
books, maps and papers of Arkansas and
Teias, mailed free, and all other Inloima
tion in re'erence to excursion by writing to
J. h. FRANKLIN, Passenger Agent, Mem
phis, Tenn.
RUDOLPH FINE, General Manager, Mem
phis, Tenn. ...
W. K. SUTTON, Paaa'r Agt , Corinth, Miss.
D. MILLER, General Passenrer Agent, Lit
tle Rock. Ark.
Traina l-ave at 6 :5B a. m , and 4 :M p.m.
Office, 598 Main Street,
First Door South of Englnehoase.
gta-Strlet attention given to all bualneas in
trusted to hia care.
Electric Belt freo
TO introduce it and obtain agents wa will
for the next aixtv days give away, freer
of charge, in each connty In th ; O. 6, .a lm
Ited number ot oar "", .I V"
vault) Suaprnnon Bella. Price $5: a
positive and unfailing cure for Nervoue De
bility, Varicocele, amission,. Impotenoy,
eto. fcoO.OO Reward paid if sverf Halt wa
manutaatare dees ao) asnerala a tvnuina
slectrls carrent. Arlress at cao KLEC
pIO BtLt AfilSOI. P.:0.rBoa al79.
Brooklyn . N. T.
ewOa acoount of other engagements re
quiring my entire personal attention, Ilhava
eonoluded to quit the mercantile part oi my
business, and now (or my entire stock e t
for tale. Will rent or lease to purchaser,
desired, my two-itory Iron-front ballding,
eontalnin, gtook, on reasonable terms Any
one wlshin, to go Into business can "secure ft.
bargain by eaJlln, oa . 1.AKB,
July 5, ISM. - ORES ADA, MIB8.
1 TO t DiTS.XI
M ifiumtHl
MCm BtrUur. a
KrjenljbjOj. '
f-'flnu Ctaalcal St.
V CliMnnatt.nH
3 m

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