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VOL. XL VI NO. 196
Ten Tlionsand Dollars to Await the
Action of the Grand Jury So
Examination Had.
Oxford, Miss., August 18. This
being the day fixed for the investiga
tion cf the Howry-Sullivan homicide,
it was agreed by the counsel for the
Erosecaiion and for the defense tbat
ail should be given, without any re
gard to the facte, Mr. Howry express
ing bis desire tbat the matter should
'be folly Investigated by the next
grand jury. Tnere being a difference
ol opinion as to the amount, tba
matter was refernd to Jude Hill, of
the Federal Court, and the Mayor of
Oxford, who made the followiug de
cision, which formed the basis of the
"iudument. The band wa accord
ingly given. Mr. Howry has
net recovered from bis injuria;.
The une'ersigned, having been se
lected by thofe representing both
Bides of the question to fix the amount
of the recogn.'zance or bond reasonable
for Mr. CbarltsB. Howry to give for
bis aprearanct' tue next Circuit
Court of this cot'nty, and m which the
facts amending th. cse re in " way
to be considered, onl? the, "111 ly
of Mr. Howry toaiv he security, and
the porpese of the r xcngniznce being
to secure his atcenn. ttD,ce ,0 "wer
such charge as may be , referred
agaiost him, are si'isflt ,( .I0ca th.elr
knowledge ot his ample a, nl"y to 8ive
the security that he can gi ve f "c
nizancb in the sum 01 , "
000 as easily ss in a y lee8
sum, and that that 8. im.
more thin suffic ent to secure . I
tendance to answer any charge . J,
may be preferred against him, ana
the reasons stated, without consider!. ng
in any way the merits of the cann. ft.
theamcuntof the recognizance to be
given at the sum of $10 000.
Oxford, Auguit 18, 1833.
etrtb, something greater than man;
and through this section an Atlanta
newspaper man of religious turn of
mind (there is on'y one in Atlanta,
and he isn't there now), had occasion
to travel. One Snnday he attended a
country Sunday school and was called
on to sprair, and t3 intense the schol
ars, he asked them questions between
his remarks ' Whi mad the g eat
big world?" he a;ked, nndor tiie sub
ject "Creation." "Q d," answered the
whole school. "And who made the
pretty ttars and the great yellow
moon to shine by night, and the
beautiful silver son to thine
by . day?" "God," said all
the children again. "Correct," he
said, pleasantly. "And now, children,
who made God?" This was a poser,
and the school was silent for a full
minute, when a small band belonging
to the postmaster's small boy went up.
"Ah, my boy," smiled the ctechiser,
"you can answer, can ycu? Well,
now, tell us who mads God?" "Joe
Brown did," piped the boy. and all
the scholars in the school looked
ashamed of themselves for being so
ignorant, and evt-n the teacher seemed
provoked that the postmaster's boy
Lad taken the honors.
IlRURtd hf an Inrurlntvd nob In Ihe
Conrthooae Yard or
Hint City.
Attempted Lynching lu' Khea County
-Interview aVIth Alt TJ,or
A Fearful Fall.
Ninth Annual Convention at Sara
togaThe General Council.
Saratoga, N. Y., August 18. The
opening session of the Ninth Annual
Convention of the American Bar As
sociation was held today. One hun
dred and fifty members were present.
Judge Po'and, of Vermont, called
the convention to order and intro
duced President Wm. Allen Butler,
who spoke upon ths Congressional
legislation of the past two yt-arp.
A General Council for ihe ensuing
year composed of one member from
each Stare repre euted wai elected.
The following ae included in the
name): California, Manuel Aver;
Illinois, Thomss Dentz; Indiana, It. &.
Taylor; Iiws, G. G. WHght; Ken
tucky, B. F. Trabae; L-iii'siana, lhos.
L. Boyne; Michigan, II. S. Baker;
Minnesita, H. F. Steven? f Missouri,
Shepard Bftrnlsy; Mi sifsinpi, R. O.
Rey colds ; Nebrass a, Chas. F. Madi on ;
Nbw York, Dvid Dudley Field; Ohio,
E D Greeri ; Pennsylvania, A. T. Mc
Clintock; Ttnoesspe, Mr. Pierce; Wis
consin, Alfred D. Ciry.
The Eticietary's report gave the total
membership ss vuj.
Jack'ON, Tknn., August 18. Eiz
Woods, the negro woman who poisoned
Mrs. J. P. Wcoten, was taken from the
jail by a mob of 1000 or more men at
tf:3l) o 'clock tonight and lynched in
the courthouse yard in the center of
the city. She was hanged from a limb
lurt in front of the courthouse dcor,
Five bullets were then shot into hor
body as she swung off. Great ex
citement prevailed, and it was
impossible to reason with the
infuriated mob at the jail.
The Sheriff and a posse tf fif
'een men which he h d specially sum
' oneddid all in their power to pro
... ' the prisoner, bur to no avail. The
"rate aud n.furiated mass with
drawn ' P'8to1" broke tne duordownaod
j " ' the prifoner oot into the
LtSSfL deaf-nirg yells, "To the
courtboofc 1 yrd ' . 11 ,i8 due our ,air
citv to sav- eve'ytli'ng in reason was
done to 7rat. tbe lynching, but
the manses v ,re ,Q "7 titermined to
kill a black m devil, who not
only killed an es.eme I Christian lady
in the person o.' k1'Wol?,Y butL lt
i(.noBimlvlf,lie,)!1 that the has
poisoned a nuinbe T ot . our -tiz ms, who
have d.ed under ve. 7 sVD8e nd ( ecu
liar ci.cami-tatcej whiles. ' was livirg
with them as cook, li'ie mOit notice
able feature about tho lynch.'ng was
the laiga number of aeg."t man' and
woman who engaged in it ana Do.aiy
indoisfd it. Eliza declared her inno
cence to the !aif, and fcworer she did
cot poisoa Mrj. Vootoy, but. the proof
was ovarwholunn r, bih! avaryrtody is
ta'ienaa s'le wts guilty oi the dreadtul
Nashville, Tinn., Auguat 18.
What will piobably result in another
murder took place here this afternoon.
Rjbert Morton stabbed T. II. Cons
sens six times in the left lung. Dr.
Eve pronounces CouBssns in a critical
condition. Couesms is the proprietor
of a email drug store on Line street
and Morton was his clerk. Yesterday
Coussens left $50 in bis cash diawer
and today mlrsfng $37 60 accused
Morton of stealing It and discharged
him.. This enraged Morton and a
quarrel ensued, daring which Coast ens
was carved up. Morton was arrested.
The affray caused much sorrow among
the friends of both men. Mortou is
well connxrted and Coucsens is very
popular. When Morton was captured,
after a chase of two miles in the coun
try, he remarked to one of the boys
who joined the officers and who
caught him first, tbat Counsels had
ruined his sister and that they were
engagsd to be married but Cou-sens
bad postponed it seveial time.
Presley Williams, while engaged in
tearing down the First Prtsbyterian
Church in K.lgefield, this aft.-rnoon,
fell tLrouh the roof and sustained
probably fatal injuries. Both arms
were broken, his thigh crashed and
his skull fractured.
The gasworks at Pulaski caught fire
this afternoon from an overflow of oil
in the reservoir, and were totally de
stroyed. Ths loss is $2000. The town
is in darkness.
A d spatch from Chattanooga to the
Union eaye: Rbea county is in a great
state of excitement over an attempt of
a crowd of masked men to lynch a ci'i
zen named Thompeoa because he.
would not leave the county after a
curtain political ring had ordered him.
Thompson was dragged from bis home
at midnight aid a rope was
put around his neck, when by
a daring rush he broke away from his
would be murderers. They sent a
vo'ley of bullets after him and one in
flicted a flesh wound. Tho Cbat a
norga C'aJots wer encamped near by
and Thompson remained In their
camp till morning. x?e then came to
this city and asked to bO placed in jail
In cid;r to eicape the m.o.- There is
great indignation in Rhea cu'nty over
the outrageous shir.
Nprecti lit I tin Mob (IIh..)
KrmNtoual onvputloy.
The Flrxt Flub Cangbt In Lake Su
nn ae.
Pros r ec r House, Upper Raeanac
Lake, N. Y., August 18. President
Cleveland caught Din first fl-h this af
tar noon. It was a speckled trout,
weighing tbree-ouartors of a pound, an
unucual weight for a brook trout at
this season, for these fieh have net yet
begun to emerge from their summer
hiding places in the deepwateisof
the lake. Toe fish found its way to
the rroeident s table two hours later.
The troll used is made of
dozen hooks bound to a stout
piece of catgut and the whole is at
tached to a swivelled leader.' A fish'
ing trip down taranac i,ake la con
templated for tome now. The Doctors
Lornis, father and son, of Nbw York,
pasted through here t day cn their
annutl excursion into tbe woods.
Thoy called to py their respects to
the President and their old friend Dr,
Ward. The thermomet.r isdjwato
60, and Hn old fushioned lo.sr fire bad
to he built in the President's logcabia,
acjoiningtUH nctoi.
A Bean of a Tear., Rejected by n
Maid of ?A, Commit hntclda.
Ottawa, Ont., Angn.t 10 James
Armttrong, 83 years old, bociuse his
attentiois had been reiaitcd by
spinster, 76 jears of age, commitled
suicide yesterday at Lowe, about ten
miles fiom (Irs city, by hanging him-
ten m a ueuiu iu u.ru ui ueigu-
bor, where he wai found about twenty
minutes alter life had become extinct.
He was a well to do farmer, and before
committing tbe act made a will, be
- queathing to his fair icamorata all his
property, real estate and partonal
t fleets. He., bad been trending the
Salvation Army meetiogs during their
recent vis't iu this city, and it fa be
lieved the religious frenzy had eome-
' ining to uo with ins suicide.
Eloped With a Married Woman.
Vienna, III , August 10. Simpson
township, in the Eastern part of tbis
(Johnson) county, is stilt torn np over
a sensational elopement case, the par
ticulars ot which have Juet come to
Jight, involving a diverted husband
and two angry fumil'cs. Over four
years ago M'ts Garse, ths fa r and
handsome daughter cf Jams W.
' Murrie, a pr.rrmiient farmer and pcli
tician, had inny aiml.ers. Finally
Bowen Reynold', a highly respee'ed
young man, sacie del in espying off
'the prize as his bride. H'ppinesa
seemed to have rignd supreme in
their home till la t Saturday she
eloped will) Turn bha p, eldustsonof
Samuel Sharp, also a prominent
farmer of that iieigbborhood. The
couple left witu sborgan and a re
volver apfecf, lntt-nlin? rot to be
ceptDred if overt k"D. KHbiog has
bten heard of them attic, find no
reaon Is aB!gnd for t'.ie young
woman's ra?h a t. he f.iui h of
bnth parties re well canreced ami
highly respected in this county. Tria
case is without a parallel in . the his
tory of Johnson couuty.
A tfreat Jfan In Ueorfla.
Waahingtou Ciiiic: In a certain
ssction of Georgia, Senator Jos Brown
- is held to be somebing higher than
New Orleans, La., Angust 18. The
Democra'ic Congrcesional Convention
ot tuo bnth Jlnt-is if pi Dibtrict me
today at Mississipiii Cily. JelTerson
Davis was we'emed wi-h loud sp
plause. The piivilrge3 of the floor
were extended to him. In- response
to calls, Mr. Davis addressed tho con
vention. ' He said that as a Miesiatip.
pian, at least, he could atfdress the
convention. He adverted to the
great importance cf tbe duties
of Congressman and the
danger always to be apprehended that
the position would be prostituted to
personal enda. The time was when
that fear would have been nnr a?on
able. Is it so now? he tsked. Ho
trusted that tbe convention would
choose a man who would be found
proof against corruption. Ii tho old
days this district nod the hole Stata
wore represented by slatismen of
ronown. Touchim; the question of
Tr sident C!ev3!aod'a arpuintxonts,
Mr. Davis said that tin President was
a man entirely new to imtional poll
tics; therefore, he could not bo ex
n6ctod to e:capo qtcj i inul mistikes.
Ia regard to the neuro rote,
Mr, Davis said the 'Southern
Democrats should be contra' u
luted upou havirg educated their
slaves up to a gMdw of citizenship so
hUh that tho Republicans thought
tuem in to exercise the right ot civill
zntion. The charge that the while
people of the South abused their an-
ui-rior strength to oppress the blacks
he denounced as calumnious. He
trusted that Missit-eipplars would
never stoop so low ss to take an unfair
advantage of the ignorant.
t'liaaueey JUIaek Nominated for
. Governor tho Fliat Ballot.
Harrisbubo, Pa , August 18. Tbe
Democratic State Convention was
called to order at 10:30 o'clock in the
opera hou?e by Chairman HeneeL
The lion. II. Milton Speer nominated
Judge M. C. Herman, of Cumberland
county, as temporary chairman, after
the calling of the roll of delegates.
After a brief speech from Mr. Her
man the convention appointed the
usual committees and took a recess
until 3 o'clock.
Mortimer A. Elliott wts made per
manent chaif man.
Uhttuncey k. a ac.k, of York county,
was nominated for Governor on the
flr-t ballot, the vote resulting: Black,
wauace. 129: McL'ormick. 19:
Dttchert, 1.
The platform reaffirms the Chicago
national platform, indorses President
C evcland and laments the recent
iltatns of Tilden. Hendricks. Mu-
Clnllan, Seymour and Hancock.
I tie following Is the lanrl roluiion
in full: "Wefnvora jnir and fir re
vision of thartwnue lana in accord
acre n ih the letter and spirit of thit
declaration of Democratic ihncioles,
and in saih rvi i m er.ta should be
taken tbat such clutnos shall be made
in a scirir. c f fairnnia to all Interests
a id i h- ut c'cDr virir American labor
r f tle at ility to snrconfi'lly compite
with 1 roiKU lnbor, r.t d wittott im
pos.'ni l iaorra oi ;f du'y 'Inn w 11 he
ample to c vr any iu.reiwd cos. of
production whxh may txut ia tons
quencs ot tho fuli jr rt of na.es
prevalliogin this cjinuiamty."
the R.pnbllean CauiltdNiO.'
Nashville Cmon.- All Tavlor. like
his brother Bob. is A man of great
personal magnetism. Tlieia Is a kind
liness in his eye that attracts rJI with
whom he comes in direct contact.
Like Rob, too, he can with tho great
est difficulty refuss any reques not
hard to grant. It doesn't tune mU' h
beeging to gain him, hut he cannot he
f irced to do anything. He told tho
lnion reporter tht ho could cot bo
interviewed, yet hus temperament was
too Kindly to resent the most imperti
nent questions the reporter could
think of, and he answered every inter
rogatory put to him.
Ihe reporter began defiantly, for he
saw Mr. Taylor did not want to talk.
"I know you don't want to ha inter
viewed, but I just ask to have a nico
quiet little talk with you."
Mr. Taylor smiled, but shook his
"Mr. Tay:or, is it true, or not, as
told around, that you borrowed the
money to come to the Republican Con
vention from your brother Bob, prom
ising him that you would not rua for
Governor ?"
Mr Taylor's eyes flashed.
"It is not true, emphatically."
"Is it true for I hear it taid that a
syndicate of your brother's opponents
end some Republican leatleis por
snaded you to run, thinking your cui
didacy wonld fores your brother from
the track?"
Mr. Taylor reddened angrily. "No,
sir, it is not."
'But didn't you promise Bob you
wonld not run?"
"No, 1 did not promise. I told him
on my way here I was not a candidate,
nor was I. But whenever my party
has called me I have alwnys re
sponded I to.'d my friemla 1 c:u!d
not make the (anva s, tbat my p:i
vate business would not permit. They
ti'g-d me to run and I would not
ogeii. They Dominated ma and I
could not refuse the paity call."
"Do you think there will be a joint
lanvass with your brother?"
"I can't pay. I lind my opinion
about that matter, but I toldthe com
mittee 1 left it with them.' It is in
their hands entirely now. I have
no'hing to say abi ut it."
"What do yon think of your
broth or'a candidaVy? I understand
your fattier waa bitterly oppoeed to
his running?"
"Bob ought not to have done it; he
oughtn't have done It," (aid Mr. Tay
lor, in a kind of reflective tone.
"Mr. Taylor, do vou think vou have
auy chance of being elected Governor?".
"Mrst assured v. sir. I feel confl.
"On what do von base vour hoDts?
Do yon lcok for any Democratie
"Yea. sir: I base mv confidence on
the fact that there are thousands of
people In this Bute tbat will not in
dorse any polit'csl party that arrays
brother against brother, nor vote for
any man who will leave a $1COO posi
tion to take the Meld against his own
brother for an Inferior position."
-nave you received promises irorn
any Democrats?"
'es sir; a larsre number have en
sured me tbat they will support me
in tne race ana that manv others will
do the same."
Mr. Taylor is an earn eft advocate of
the Blair bill, but brother Boh is gen
eric ly understood to be of the fame
wav of thinking. On the nrohihition
quea'ion Mr. Taylor is very cnrefnl in
txprosaiog himself pimply in fuv r
of a submission of the amendment
to tbe vote of the neonle. lie is
an ab'e debater, well Informed on all
questions, and has considerable ex
perience. He refused point blank to
tell whether he plays the acordeon
and lints as charged, but says that
wheormr he and Bih h:ti played,
Boh played second fiddle, as ho will
this time.
Ulebltcnn tlreenbaeber.
Oraud Harms, Mini., Auiru t IS.
Thd Greenback Stte Convention met
at 10:30 o'clock a.m. and organized by
electing V . P. Jones, of Graud Rapids,
aspirmanont chairman. A platform
was adopted approving of tbe Jefler
sonian Idea of a strict construction of
the Constitution of tbe United Sta'es,
and as tbe constitution expreesly de
clares Congress shall have pawer to
coin (or create) money and regulate
uijtu uh .iierroi, w cemaid V.m
gress should c.ea'e money for the uni
form me a urement of values, consist
irgof gold, silver and paper, in euf
ncient quantity to meet ths wants of
the government and demands of com
merce and trade, recti valila alikn for
public and private debts, and tbat the
exercise of tbis power should not be
delegated to private corporations or
private individuals, favoia a tariff for
revenue SO adjusted ts to afford pro
tection to sooo industries as employ
labor withopt creating monopoly of
any kind.
A Wary Faveriah F !!; Prevailing
mm Ifrleea Advancing.
Niw YtRE, August 18 The roney
market today is very feverish and
loans have already been made at 12
per cent. For the Cist time during
the present tightnees in the market
there has been no offering in return
for the bids. Many borrowers are
bidding for moderate amounts, but not
getting them. The feature at the mo-
merit is a bidder at 0 per cent, for
$100,000 with good uiviilond paying
stock as collateral. Binks which
have heretofore relraiuod from taking
advantage cf tbe high rate today eent
cut notices that 0 pur lent, would be
charged on their call loans against 4
per cfnt, yeiteiday. The principal
stringency skeins to be lit the East,
and further calls (or money are ex
pected from them. Loans on time are
more frte today, and banks seem to
favor putting their money cut on good
paper at 5J to 0 per cent. Large sums
have been placed today, both in this
city and otou, on thrss terms.
Seay'a Majority Over lOO.OOO-A Cor
ner In Koala Hal I road Change,
Gents' Furnishing Goods
229-231--233 MAIN STREET.
Seay's majority foots up ovrr 100,000
owing to unusually large vote polled
in many counties where independent
Democra'B were running. About
twenty of the Utter go to the Legisla
ture. Rosin advanced cmsiderab'y re
cently. It is raid tho SDmlatd Oil
Company bought mo:t ol Ihestofk,
hencs the corntr. The same company
is also connected with the rapoitof
having bought up lately lurge blocks
of Central Rtilroad of Ce rgia itock,
wh'ch sold as low ai 00 and is now
quoted above p r, for tbe purpose if
cotlUr1, Rumor has it that important
changfe w'" omlr in the Georgia Cen
tral manfl2eu:oni,anu Cc' E f Alex
ander is freqat? n.. T mentioned ss the
proUVe sccesor- of Jtfl1"'1-, T'ie
Louisville and Na-hvtr. J".vtj;m is ajfo
prominently n.entionnd ai being in
dir.'ct'y a pirly to the unai.'teu'
change. Kuuiorj are thick and some
thing important may soon ho devel
Preparatory to bniWinf a Now Storehouse upon our lot on tho corner ot Main mid Jt-IIorson Sts.
wo navomovotl our AVHOLKSALE t-lock to tho npacioiiM warohousos liorotoforo known as the
Clay liuildinff, 2',!, 231 and 233 Main stroot, whero wo will continuo our U'HOLKSALK business
until the new Iiouho I completed. Wo have now moro space and better facilities for doinp; bnsl
nossthanwo had In the oid Ktoro, and can assure our patrons and tho trade generally that we
are In a better position to serve them than ever.
fw sfni la nronnich larcer than any we have ever had, and nearly all Durchased before tho
late advances were made in pricesan advantage that we have determined to at least share with i
nnr customers. Keinombcr, wo guaruutee the price ot every artlclo Ve
can be bought in the United States.
sell to be as low as it
Oldftol, Aided by Liquid Poinliouii,
, 1'lnya Nad llavoe Willi
Human I.lftt,
Dallas, Tk.., August 10 This was
a dandy dt.'y f"r sudden deal ha and
iuqiieNta in D.ills, no lees than seven
fu 1 grown poopie demanding tbe at
tention of tlm coroner. For the pest
three days, by a fair test and an honest
count, the thermometer has reg's'erod
105 in the shade, making the weather
as uncon fortable as if the lid of then!
had bcn r-moved aud left oil' ia this
IStatn. The atmosphere, aided by too
much eUction time beverage, pl yed
a very extensive part in the cut tug
cut work f jr ths undertaker and coro
At dayliirht Bob Wellborn was found
dead in Uor.i street. Ihe inquost
ol owt d he had drank vety bard on
John Tobin's body was brought in
by a Missouri Pacific train. He had
been shot and killed at a dance be
tween Dallna aud Deniron.
An unknown man was found drad
underasbed near the Howard Oil
mills, in tie ea'-Urn part of the city.
The irqnept said it was toi much.
st'ong (Link aril excvsiive heat.
A crazy man who clHimeJ to he
Uniting from ollicnis from Kentucky
died at a Iirmliome n miio south of
tho cly, wheio he livd taken rffng
from liia imaginary purauerp. His
unme ronld not, t e dcvelr tied. The
coroner s Jury rendered tuhslan iB ly
that sort of a verdict.
Theodo.e Bier, who was employed
at Mayor's heir garden, wa found
dead in bed at houm. His friends - aid
congestive chill. The coroner gave no
positive came but hinted at tco much
iLtiinacy with cold beer and hot sun.
ueorgo Xbomas died suddenly and
without apparent can ho two mllt-s
from town. The inqocst developed a
case of general exhaustion.
Peter Won), a section bots on the
Texai and Pacific railroad, was at
tacked by convu'Blons while seated in
the union depot, and died within an
hour, ab-iut 5 o'clock p.m. He bad
been fesling badly for two days, and
was on his way to the railroad hospital
at Fort Worth.
Cn His Throat While abating Him
Pbovidsncc, R I , August 18. Pat
rick Mclarron, a barber, while insane
today cut the throat of James Crosby,
while shaving him. Crosby ran into
the street but died on the sidewalk.
Shortage In ihe Brltlah Wheal drop
Washington, Angost 18. A cable
gram was received from London t
day by Dodge, statistician of the De
partment of Agriculture, Mating that
the shortage of wheat in Orxat Britain
f ir tbe preaent vcar is estimated at
00,000,000 bushel".
LrmPBORo's purl u me, Edeuis
Ltinilbnrir's perfume, Alpino Violot.
Luruthorg's i.orfumo, Ijly of the
Luudhorg'a perfume, A5aihnl Niel
A Tcrrlbl.1 Ucalta.; '
G'tuv !,!!, O , August 18. Ex
Councilmsn Thomas Heed met with a
terrible death wMle rulurinng tbis
evening from the iTweu'icth ; Di-'rict
Corgr s i'innl 'Cenven'ion i t ik on,
to wnich lio waa a "Itlevtit". While
h an iix from the pi tf irni oi a cr ou
th.o tra n nt'ir. i.g from Akron hs
brains were dusUed out vga nst a
girder on the bridge near Peninsula.
An Invariant llet'lalon AITrrlluK
Jnilgra or Mrotlona.
larnouL to rai icrnL.I
Lmi.a Rock, A bk., Augiut 18 At
3 o'clcck this evening B r William K
OlUer, i ominated by his convntioii
yesterday for Hlicrlfftf Ih'soourtv,
carried a note fiom Judge John Mc
Clure, candidate for the Legislature
alorg i!h Sir William, tT (iov.
Hiiaue), ttiges'ing that the Ciovcriior
call on Attorn.-y Gerje-al Jones for hfa
Pjirioi residing the appont
mut of uc'ges of elections,
Judge SI'tClura ho'dlng that the
law design!. the Cour.ty Judge a;
thop oicr functioiivy wlioae duty it
ia to Sep )iut theso furctlotiaritu o.i
April lai precod ng a general eltctlon,
Tlie Govern. ir rfcrrtd the qtustion to
the H a'u'a attorney at once, as that
tilicial hamper e J to bo in tba chief
exbC'itift's oHic', and Mr. Jones sent
Mr. Mtl''1"-'' 811 answer which, had ho
(Judg: JuCurn) known jtseiday
what tho Atc." .'y Gemr.d's reponsB
Would he to his i.'ti would deuuiicss
have cbjut-d to hay"K l':s name go
befors Oliv-r'c couvcnti..'.n- reply
being tba.' tho atPtutts lay thai jn case
tho County Judge fai's to appoint
judges of cl.ction ta i-pecitled iu
the law, tl en judgfs last anpolnt
ed to that nooiti'on shall sit at the li e
tion and be conwidircd as tho lawful
judges ol the po. Tbe opiiiicn isan
impDrtsiit oco, mid lia bad the ollent
cf lengthening the faos of the iujio
prominent Ronti'ilicans in this city.
T. O. Mcllae was unBi.imously re
nominated bv the em(.raiio Con
vention for Re rcsmitative from the
Third Congressional District.
Nominal luna by Hik liKinociratle and
Bxpalillcan t'on veullona,
laraoui. to th afpkai.. t
Tink Bi.ufk, Ask , August 18. Tlie
County Domocr tic Convention todtty
nominated for Owuuty Clirk, N. T.
Roboits; TrcaMirer, Tom Fhllllpa;
Aspesior, is. I;, llo'iton.
The Ropnb'liNi, Coun'y Convention
nominated J. M. Clavton' for Hherill';
Ferd Havli, Circuit C.mrt Cloik; Ka
sex Bellarr.y, Treabiner; Roiirusenta
lives, W. 10 Jtcko, II. B. Burton and
Kdward JcfTttraon.
The IM'Ublicans declined to yichl
to tbe 1) mr cratic demand of Inaa
nrcrand one Ripiownia ivo. It ia
said the D unccracy wii fuse with an
olher wing of the R'ipuhlican party
disposed to be moro lltieral in the ilii
trilmtlon of ofliues than tho conven
tion of today. Politics hore is at fever
highr. .
Havb used TcnguMno in neuralgia
with portent success. One was a owfl
of neuralgia of thn rean.
.1. II. (1I.AHKK, M. P., full. Mo.
OEFICE-Boom 1 (new) Cotton Exchnnge Building. Telepkon M
orlh nrlllnh and Hen
ran til a (nirlT)....
Wi(iSfiri mm
Union of tialilurnla....,, ' l,ian,US4
ranllablo of rlahvllla....
Huoavllla or HnoKvllle..
rhoania of Brookkljrn
rtna Dirtmootl
America anrMy Comoaay, MUln Bon' t"
- Tarn I.H J.nna
AU sluiai prowrtr Iniural. gr"' tUntl
.a ilrta to Iniarlas Oaaatry Starsi.'
New York Life Insurance Go.
aim u iMn.,', ,' rviw.
1h.rlvi.lod nnt only tn fnclltiloa (or hirtho.it lntrunilcm iu '4,1'tai Mmlo, Art, butalte J
TKIIMS PKIl ANM)M-Pnyal.l Hull In Artvanro-iIni.nl. n9av.in,i:' M lnn, TultloB In ?
I'.nKMfli ftU'lion, Irerirh, Oormiin, Voo Mmlo III Clun, $IMU. i
t"r inrHciiiir, mniiy tn mii'BH In H . . ,
mason k iu mm
M1 1 II 1 U . . i.i - V . tt.
..i.nimm mi ron lunii i;o,
Hhnlhy dtreot, WoJuoxlar, AukukI. IH, 1KH.
at 10 n'olook p.m , C'HAin.aa U. Umiuu,
60 jreiir tni 11 uiunthi.
Funeral frm raaldanc FRIDAY morning
at 10 o'olcok. Frlondi and aoiiuuiotaoo
InvlUd to atUnd.
J. F. H0LST & CI10.
rf.'.i- .ijUiW.'H1". i
Funeral Directors,
TV I.i, and ooraplats itock of Wood and
."V V,.nllio Jaiu and Oakt. Oloth0-
red Caikariand liar al Kobe ltrrn
hi.cd tor OrJorl br taioiraub prnuiotlT
riiyslclnn, Snrreon and Acconrher,
S 13 Main Nirrtet, car I nioii
T.l.phon. No. art.
Office, 500 Wain Street,
Flrit Door South of Kngluohouns.
aa-Rtrlot uttentlon ilv.n to all budneai la-
rniMii 10 du tart.
arTBRHS-Caib, or ar Monthly IniUllmonta. Wrll. lor Illustrate j 0italoo.-n
ISTo. tlOO JVXo.lix St., MompHlM, 'JTenri..
a.' Itl Union Nlrarl, Nnitlivlllx. No. line ll Mml, Ut. tonV
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000, !
I. It. UODWIN.rrosH. J.M.OtlAlt, Vlec-Prest. C.H. HAlE,l'ashltB,
T. B.TttRtKY,
n. n. unuuic,
W. ft. WlI.Ktl
Bonrd of Dlrootorn.
M. (1AVIN, J. W. F ALLH.
hi MM, w. r,
T. 1).
F A LLo,
K. COKflN,
K. J. B
anrA ltrliory of tit Mtalo or Tm. Tranaaola a MmkiI ganknwl
m a.a civea ajpmilal Aiantat to UoliMitMa.iM
urn ik
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosioiy
Nos. 338 and 338 Main St., HemphlCTema.
SfV?T.?.1'K ,,r FM' """ '"H OOUDS I 1. ARAKS AN MOEI
pM PJ. K f K T H A N . tutOn, and.ur rrieei will oompar. wiia taoao of aay Ihi
Teuaohaae asaalactarla; to.'
rialdg, Drills, Sheetlnf,
IiHMMOM ma i
Salrtlif, Etui
mmm ?
And Ooinnilsslon MercharL
Won. ill aud AG .Tfadlitoii Wlret. !Toianhljl
III Biilea frorn FrnnkKr., k'r., oixna 12.1 Annual tiilo ,
Nvpleinbrr INHa, nnd.r more larrraMe aoiplcea tht.
for twenty jeara. The tftii'orintendent and Faoulty aiveia 4
dirld.d attention dorlnr aH hour of .Tory day to the r
arnment and Inatruotion of the puplli, all of whom are
tan I i.d Into one family. Bofora pi u'ina your ion Iiowhoie'
end for Catalogue and Circular of luluriaaliua to
OUT. 1, ALLEN linnorlatenelenU

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