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Judge Fitxgrer-Jd Elected President
ad Joh MeCiffrey First
TIc President.
ALrvuio v -
Tbe Neir Contltntlon Great En
thusiasm Manifested Throngh
ont tbe Proceeding.
Chicaoo. III., August 19. The dele
fates in attendance upon thi conven
tion of tbe Irinh National League were
alow in repotting at Central Mnsic
Ha I this irorniofi to enter npon tbe
svork of Die second day. The commit
ters appoirted yesterday remained in
tcs-ion un'il a late hour last night, and
in tbe mi in concluded their labors so
as to be ready to report to the conven
tion today vihitn any delay. Tbe
Committee on Oredentia's bad no con
testing delfgn I in to pans npon, dui
owing to th lrf!e number of dole
gttes present w-re not able to com
plete Iheir ieptrt until aftnr midnight.
The Commit cB on Uoeolntions also
held a loog night sersion bnt worked
banionionRly, aeepile any fears to tbe
contrary. Judge Fitzgt raid, the tem
porary chapman, nppeaieii on the
pUtlorm at 10:25 o'clock, ami shortly
atterward the deli'gnu-s began to pour
in and quick! filled the Beats on the
inaiafbor. The temporary chairman
aononnced that several committees
re it'll abtent, but expected ta be
able to report within a veiy short
time, when he would ca 1 the canvon
tkn to enter.
caLlko tc onnsit.
The IcjnTention was culled to order
at 10:50 o'clock am. The Oooimit e
on Permanent Orgnni.niion snbinttled
a report recanmipndmg that the tem
porary orgiiniy.a'iou ba mado the per
manent organiziti'.n.
The mo:ian w pat t) the conven
tion by Michael Davitt, npimrently In
the expoitatloaot cainpleti) hnrmony,
and tho motion was carried alinret
unanlmouafcly. Thorowiua few d s
sent?, anpareut'y from tli New Yoik
n nni than kml the convention for
the honor of the position. He said he
would certainly endcavir to give a
lull hearing to every delegate on any
ubjeutti como beiore Ue conven
tion. "I know no rin, I know no
0inn " aaid the sneaker, "and I am
here for unit d Ireland." He closed
-in. . .,.inn that, tlia Hnlecmtea
WIVU vuwm - -o
M hevaonlv one rentiment, and
that was to prepare to light tbe com
mnn enemy and ti engen-
.i.- ma faniii Atnnniy themlelVt'B.
nr., "u aouuv -.--..--,. -
"We hate her," said he, ''because ehe
Tiu lm'rl ana uospoueu us. u uuu
V. ,1Anl.a rtaa.tn limn tTlHV Ifl. And
not tdl then will we, cease bating her.
Continuing, ne biui uuom. ij
a...a. in hinh wn received the
oflurlnir from the eieattst of
English tatsmsn, stinted though it
was r.heora to the ptople of Hcotland
and waios, wuo eaia ma hiu wan
-niii.,it1)nma Tn'n. The boncdic-
flnn of a million heart' at out to the
nMnA-aw nf Knulnnil who had alani
fled Uitjir purpose to lend a holping
tuda also want out. He clcsd with
. thn ilanlaraLoa. i'Weoan have, we
ill h.v. nnace unlit Knulaud
crates her deadly hostility to the
frleudi ot freedom and f oedom's Isle."
rose In his' seat, and his appearance
was the signal for tremendous cheer
ing. He siUd he only rose to read a
cablegram rfddressed to him. It rsad
as follows:
Drm.lN, August 19, 1H.
Finarty, Chkuio Convaiitlon, Chicago. 111. :
The manhood of lrelnnd is with you
and tmstl the cooveiiti n will, by
rosoluiion, indw lrelaud's right and
i e solve to be frej.
Mr. DaVHt rose and aaid he desired
sav a word in explanation, wr.
i..,;,, a. nn' miHKiiiiii tue rlclit ol
any one in Ireland ti emd a dispatch,
but BBld Mr. ftKJiriiiy nan fv w
apak for tho people tf Ireland. He
was not a member tf tho le anno, and
1 gay that Mr. li-.dmond, Mr. D.asy
and myself bae the right to speak for
the ptop'o of Ireland. Loui ap
plause. .
Mr. Finorly aroee to Bpeak, and
thers w re loud cheer.".
Mr. llinoi', ol Illinois, nndii the
point of ordar tha'. no motion was
before the houee, and no dalega'.e bud
the right tJ the tloor.
The Chair dte'ded the pont wol
taken. ..
Mr. Finertv then ios i) a question
ol privilege and was finally given the
flior, amid considerable cjntution.
DeU'sa'cs f'cm New York and Mr.
llines luteirap'od tepeatodly.
Mr. Uinei eaid Mr. Flnnerty should
i n1r nn mi amnl nnetlons.
Cries were la sed for Mr. Fiuerty
i a -1. (Via nlnt 'tirm.
TheChsir Mr. Finerty Is no spring
chicken. H can bs heard anywhere
in the hsll. . . .
Mr. Hines I protoat igaiusi spea-
Tbe Chair admonished Mr. tlner
ty not to make another sach remirk.
Mr.lnnerty, alter comparative or
der had been retitored, said: "I am
aarprised to ees the father of the Land
League rise In his place and question
that teWanV'
Here another scene of contusion
ensued, and in the midst of tbe up
roar Mr. Finerty was beard to say,
'it ! what we have b'lleved for
1 all all hold to mv
K fru.itntn nf IrpUnit in the
m. ilmili. If Mr. Mi'C.trlhv is
nil in the league if hs holds totbat
sentiment he is curtain to belong to It.
As snotier scene ol contusion en
ned, Mr. Finerty declined to say any
.i.rv,, fmthpr end ceaneii sninklnn
lltwai chrered by tho main bady of j
the ednvention.
Mr. Davitt aio e and eaul he could
not depute the rUbt ol Mr. Finerty
to deBi e lbs Iraedom of lrtlaud and
vnuld not do to.
Tiii ad M a qulutui and the up
roar mb'ided, ana the Committee on
Credential reported tne lial of rfgu
la' delegat's
The Ciminittee en Resolutions re-p-rwd.thtough
ihe Kevlr. Bttts, as
Your Committes on Resolutions
rcspettfury lubmit the following re-
We, tbe de'ejsUs of tho Irhh Na
tioaal League of America, in conven
tion tsjemuled, ilrmry believing In the
p icc'plesof human freedom, and in
.the right of a people to frame their
own lawa right which lies at the
foundation of the prosperity and
Kreatnesa of this Uspublic, and whuh
Las been ad vantageoualy extended the
colonial possessions of Great Britain
A r KimIiv Mtftlwi
and moat unqualified approval of na-
. T I . f 1 1 I
lionai soil governmeBtaur irciauu.
j Tn.- ,m h-.vlt. annrnva
of the course pursued by Cbarles titew-
art raroeii ana nis rarnamennrj ao
.mi.iii. I. iKa fr.noitah Hnnae nf Com
mons, and we renew the expression of
.. . il J J ;.lnm
onr eciire conuueuco iu inoit w iojuiu
Bnrl in their ability to achieve fcoxe
ro e In Ireland,
Tliird. We extend . onr heartfelt
thanks to Mr. G'adetone lor hie; great
efforta on behalf of l l-.h slf ttovern
ment, and we express onr gratitude tJ
tbe English, Scotch and Welsh Democ
racy lor tbe support given to the great
Liberal leader and bis Irish policy
during the went general elections.
.Fourth. That thu convent;on here
by returns its thanks to the Ameri
can people and presj for tbe generous
support wh'ch tlify have given to the
canss of B'lf government in Ireland.
Fifth. That we record onr sense of
the remarkable forbearance and self
restraint exercised by our people in
Ireland in tho face of the cruel and
dishonest system of extortion to which
they are being subjscted by rack rent
ing landlotds and in view of the li
cense scandalously extended to organ
ized to organ! lawlessness In the
North of Iralund by partisan ollicials,
and commend the laudable desire of
tbe people of Ireland to rnanngo their
own affairs in their own way.
Sirlh TUt wo hereby thank the
president, teoretarv and treasurer of
the I rieh National Lengueforttie faith
ful nod clBcint manner in which they
have disgharged the arduous duties of
their respective stations.
ikvciilh. That the following cable
gram bs forwarded in the name of tho
chairman of tho convention to the
Hon. Charles Stewait l'arnoll: De'e
ga'es to the Irian National Lengue
Convention of America send greeting
from our body wlilc! embraces repre-
otrxt .,tim nifty .na frnm AvnrvNIale and
t3rrit3ryiti the Union, and also from
vanaua, asu as:ura yipavia v '.
lndoiBcment of your policy by a united
and Harmonious cjuvoihiuu, an
which la respectfully submitted.
n 1 aibtnunt nf Tlnttnit. Mich..
ai.muu"! - - . 1
one ol tl9 mmbrq of tv,9 ContuUtso
yj ti lbuauau i'u t t
of tlio committeo that In cons during
tbo declsritlons connineu in ine
draft the committee, while discussing
ik.m fnllv mlnnteil (hem full V.
111! I" .ui.j, .
The n nutng oi ino reaoiuuuus nao
followed by hearly cheering.
Mr. Fintrty movod that the reso u-
tionsbs silouteti secuon ny tocuou
I (1.1 -I ...I nr. II
Mr. Armstrong, of Georgia, seconded
this motion.
Mr. Gannon desired them adopted
v.- irn if thorn aa anvthioir be
tween the lines, with all due respect to
thair vial tors fiom Ireland, which
would bind the league to forever pur
sue Its present course desplts any
emergencies of the futnre which might
ariee lor a oiiioreni ooanw ui kuuu,
then be desired to vote aga'nst it.
r r- , . T
a i-..1fliill!an marlAannlnnnnnt
address and evoked wild cheering. He
declared mat in uie BuppreiiBiou ui
views dear to their souls they did so
that the men In tbe gap might be nn
lnri. 1 hi nersonal represent-
Irnl.nrl nrflannt hd ffiven
proof of their absolute fealty to their
native countiy. The empty 6leeve oj
m;,.v.n,.l lijvitt (l ifl nit li what ha had
luituwi ' ' ' -w-
sull'erod. There had been preacheis
of lear that tuore wouiu an ue ur
tnony in the convention, but the men
who had borne tbe brunt of the tight
In the met. aul who wore reaJy to
i..... g i.nni i( nucAaaarv Itremn-
IWH . I lll " ' - J fc .
dous chooriug.. did not fear, and tbero
were enough of them here to strangle,
ir ihnaa whft wntild alterant
II ucvro3ni;i -' - ' " z
to hamper or thwart the absolute pur
pose of the lengue to follow Farnell
under any flag hs might elect. Great
"""".' IT..!.
Mr. i'UVOV. Ol rtBW lura, asm wiui
of tho New York dolevrati in miv have
coma wi'h pb many reoervations es
thoso from Illinois bnt he df sired
peace ami harmony and wanted them
indorsed us a whole. ,
Mr. Davitt suggested in the spirit of
harmony that the reeolutlona should
once egain be read and tden be adopt
ed unanimously.
Mr. Finerty ea d ho would w.tbdraw
bis motion.
n i. .Cnttiltrna wfrn thnn atlODtOd
by the convention rising, f jllowed by
l.nnlin nlinil lllff
lllllllll. v.l.v....ft.
The chairman then inttoluced Mr.
Kcdmond, who spoke as fullowe:
The duly which devolves npon my
colleagues ami myself of representing
tho Irish nation nt home at this great
?athenng oi me insu cti iuunuiw
s one In which the honor is great, and
ai.r. t mm rninnDH IHL11V. i eimnuD "U
nmu - - r j - , , .
i.'i ir rr nf nn r unlinfl It tO na
UIt3.bCQ R'".J v .
Lund in tho I-ict that our poople, driv-
tn t.n miHinriiiiiii miti iiiinriiin 111iu u
land of their fathers, and coming to
this land, iud- and ignorant ana poor,
kin-n vol Vnnn shin In knar an honorA'
ble prt In building np tho forlubea of
A nvlAi .nil tt atvA In th world un
deniable proof that in addition to the
.....utua nf tiili.Htv nml hnneatv Irish
men undor a free constitution can be
worthy sons and good citliena of their
. . . rl. L. T 1 . V. ..1 in
auopisu coauirj. iiit intu
. v ! ... D.vnnMlii ttloa. a. Amerl-
lull K.ai iwnu I urn ' . -
have arrested the attent'on and
commanded the adm'ratlon ot the
. ii. t it t. J - I.
proof of devotion to a great ciuse per-
ala.l In hlatnrT. Tte
hardships, the opprerBlons and the
Li t. I . Anv
miseries wnicn urova jvu ui
yonr hearrt to Ireland's oanse by tls
WQlcn weauo. prrepenkj nur u'""' ,
n ima n.n Aoafrnv nr WAnken. ' l tie
UUl ,iiui iau
principle undorlvlng the movement ol
tins cjnvenuon isunq'iesuonou icvvs
itin nf (h nuiinr.u'ttv nf Ireland.
We are working not simply for the re
moval oi guivancea tr uio aujDiiuiai-
4inr. mI lia natlnnal r-knHit.l.TTl of OUT
people. Nothing, I think, Ib plainer
than if Ireland had in the past aban
doned princinle she could easily have
bai tirred hor national r ghtB to England
.l In ralurn Iibvh obtained 0
cmtain ainouat of national pros
..lt. Knt Trnla-wl hfl.( DrS-
leired thk and an unconquered
i-p nt of ld)frty to fivora won oy ua
,...,! ilihitn.f Thai itrlnntnlri PHI
boiliid ii His liinh movement today is
Jim tne fame principle wu:cn i3
annl nt nvnrv lri h in iveinent for the
last Buven centuries a Bot'ienient
hotiotnble to Koglsnd and lieland
a ikn va hn Iuivm. auR nftiired tft US 1V
Mr. U a Istone, and qultcapatt from the
Incri'RH'il fctionntu whlih Mr. Glad
s' iie')iopo8al-,evon though temptra
rily dolmt d, have given t our cause,
wo have. 1 think. rea.on t J lei lice at the
opportunity which ttiey srlordsd to
our auRurtug and exasporstsa peopie
to show the magnanimity of their mo
tives and the unalloyed purity ol their
love ol llhaitv. What a nopctAcle Ire
land afforded to the world. When at
last one gieat Englishman aroee, bold
enough and wise enough to do justice
in hnr nharacter. airaa iif haftrtlAfl ' 0t
preasion and bitter wrong, hundreds
of thousands martyrs to lriBQ freedom,
agri o' s'npid religious persecution.
ages 0' B'npia religious peraecuuoo.
ages of depopnlation and State created
famine, never ending insult and ruth
less calumny all in that one
moment were forgotten and tbe
feelings uppermost in the besrtsof tne i
Irish race at home and abroad were
gratitude to tbe aged statesman who
aimnlv nnrnnwil to An inatice. a id
anxiety for a blessed oblivion of the
pa-t, wbo in the lace ol the exception
crtTjon tn thu hill rf (4lRdntnnn.cramned 1
and deformed as it was by humiliat
ing eateimarfls, and unnecessary limita-
. mill tn u tliaf. thaj nrin-
b IfM , " -' -ja " J - r
cipie of onr movement is merely race
hatred of England. Continuing, the
speaker said again the policy of concil-1
I uli-.n naa haan mri aalrlahv K.nfftftfll.
The English viceroy, who represented
1 hi . J . . I ,L.
tue policy OI nor'y, uu, wuu iui wj
firal time ainre 17t)5. whs crested with
the acclamations of tbe populace in
Dublin, has left our ehore?, ana in nis
nlare his come one. bearioe the bated
name of Castlereagh. Ones again, al
though amity with i-.ngiana nas oeen
hanlaliart frnm tlia mtmla nf Irishmen.
and today we are once mors face to
lace with onr nersonary joes,ine bbiub
cloud hastlescended ooce more npon
our land, but alt nave a ngnt
to call on the world to remember bow
I rightly and peacefully tbe Irish land
ssape tniiled during the brief snn
sMne of the last few months. Tbe
dirty of the moment is clear. We
bave given England the most c jnvlnc
ing proof that on the coccisslon of
liberty we can ub truciy ineuus i'
mnnr vnmaii'.a f . na i rr A'A fnr lhf
thoutandth time that at siuves we can
be formidable lorever. i assert cere
tndav that the sovornment of Ireland
by Log and is an impossibility, and I
believe it to be our duty to mate it so.
Wja iMtnnla tn latnulv anhmit tn
IIDID UUI pCUpiO I U .. . V. hwuw. w
the yoke which has been once again
. . .i ... ii i , i
piaotu on tooir necas tuey wuuiu ue
nnaiAWlitf f1 tk Klnnt which t 11 P
Lave ioliorited from fathers, who pre-
. , . I I 1 .1 ... IV.
leirea poveuy 10 uiauonur u unim
to national slaverv. But there is no
'danger of euch a disgrace if the na
tional mo eaient is rniaa dsuoboi
man who can be bold as well as cad'
tious, and I claim the confidence and
supputof the Irish in America, not
only because they are animated by tbe
same piinciple and the sime hopes as
we are, but bacauFe our movement at
home is conducted on a wise ana
honott policy. '
la another portion of his address hs
said : 'The tenant farmers of Ireland
have played a point tos little known
and appreciated here. They submit
ted 19 unio:u privations uuu suuwiup
and exactions in patience nod in si
lence lest the one word or act of their'e
should embarrass their leaders In Par
liamanf. nr rainrd nv oha moment the
coocesMon of Home rule. The land
lords of Ireland noted out to any mis
understood ttiejneaning of the change
ot attitude, iney mta ooa ior iurirt
ance and patriotism cowardice
and tbe crowbar brigade once more
set to work. Still the tenants suffered
in silence. Mr. Gladstone proposed a
land bill which would bave bought
..t ti.. lan.1lnla at an er Iravaoantl V
high figure yet tbe Irish tenants were
ready, necauee it was coupiea wun iu
MmuniAn nf hnma rnlft to riav this
UUUU' D.llll V. - T I . "
exorbitant sum as the price to be paid
a a 1 T..t
lor nauocai ireeuoni. jjuw uo
tlnA laa t ..l.oavanna nn ttSfllr nftft Ifl
now none ; the rands have run through
the hour glass ana vue oiu uism u
tacen the landlord and tenant must
revive If the people ere not to be swept
out ot existence wniu iuoy r r
in for horns ru'e."
In conclusion, he said: ' Gentlemen,
I have now done. The memoiy of
this day will live with me. Tbe effects
of the work npon which you bave bee
engagod will, I believe, live and b
fH so long as this struggle continues.
Your wisdom will gnioe our policy,
ybur courage will inspire our hearts,
your mamlous urilQn will excite our
rtula'ion. You have good resson,
Indeed, to be proud of the proceedings
of this day. You are, in truth, en-
1- ,..ln an.l aunrait ronrlr nnth.
fnnu 1U II.IUIO hum wi.iv- " " ,
ng loss than championing tbe weak
ai aicst the strong, the helpless against
powerful, the allUcted against the
prosperous. You bave long since
earned ior youranvej uu "'"
adopted country tho blessings of the
poor, and lest assured when at last
victory sits upon your ciuso,snd free
dom is again enthroned in Irsland,
ycit aleo will reap a reward, for tbe
good of the t o-tr and the oppressed,
. i nn1 Ina'l.A nnrt nf rnMICV will
UIB jUUJ wi J ' .J i v ...... j
alao increase jour prosperity and
watch eternal over your lives,"
adjjCussd ron dinner.
The convout'on. st 1:10 o'clock p.
ni., unon the ciuclii'ioa of Mr. Red
mond's speech, adjourned to 3 o'clock
tliis afternoon. Mr. Redmond's clos
ing remarks Wrro wildly applauded.
tariff Question la th's country or . Can
ada 1 1, wa limply at matter oj inai
vidua! tctiop, the object being to ea-
t iblisb boscott of English goods. It
1 I I 1 . I . a . 1 . Ikl. u.-.
sp?u u uo uuuernooa mat. tuia wu
Vrtniloa dots not commit itsali on
either aide of one of the greatest ques
tions in American politics. Cries of
"Question, Uaeetion I" from ail sides. J
, A delaeant from Baifnn hald aloft a
sample of Irish lace. In Boston, he
ssid, thtywere already Introducing
inau wouieoa. xcey couiu rwr.aj
England nowhere but in her pocket.
Again there was a chorus ol "Ques
tion 1" and! ami the, uproar tbe pre
vious question waa ordered. Tbe
nueation was then nut. and the section
remained in. There was practicilly
no opposition.
Tbe scent of enthusiasm tha'. ensned
anrnnflaad nvf.hlncr (liar liail k(ara
occurred injtse convention. The dele
gates rose en masss and cneereu,
shouted sd waved their arms till it
seemed as
to cease,
caused so
Section a
he will fee
pi Tiasoij lucii a i um '
If the excitement was never
The section which tad
much enthusiasm was as
-To hurt the enemy where
it most tv refusing to pur
Triea!in' the CruciUe.'
Abont twenty joan aso I disarmed a ltttl tor tn my cheek, and tha doctor, pre
sconced It cancer. I hare tried a number of nhjaldana bnt wllhoat receiving any perma
nent benefit. Among the number were one or two specialist. Tha medicine tncy applied
waa Ilka fire to tbe sore, t'aoilnj intense pain. I sew a itaUment in the papers telling what
S. S. 8. had dona for others similarly afflicted. I procured some ot once. Bcrore ( had nsed
tha second bottle tho neighbors could nollco that myesncer was healing np. My general
health had been naa for two or three ycare-l haa a tucking cnugn ana spit blood contin
ually, i hed a severe pain in rpy breast. After takliK six bottles of 8. 9. 8. my eougli left
me and I grew stouter " r--- rforseveral years. My cancer has healed overall hut
a tun. mnt about tin. Ine. and It la :auidly duapucuring. 1 would advise
every one wilu cance m. i a rair trial.
Feb. 16, 188S.
ties fioia
a lair trial.
RaSuCONAUOIiET, Asho Grove, Tippecanoe Co., led.
tor specie
taritav tha aftprnn3 SOS-
alnn of the convention today waS s'ow
In assembling. It was not until long
after 8 o'clock p.m., tne nour nameu,
that Judge Fiir-nerald arrived and
cilled the dolegates to order. Tbe
galleries bad been crowded long be
fore that time, nanusomeiy uroeoeu
ladies beltig present in great nurooe.
At 3:45 o'clock p.m. Judge F.U
gerald rappjd with tils gsvel and at
once cccreiary puttoa ovau iu
theminntes of yrs'orday's proc?ed-
ings. During the reading ot tne min
utes Airs. Painoll entered and was
grated with a tremendous ou'bu-st of
app ame. ,..i.
Tne minuiee were umuiuiuu.!
adopted and the reports from cominit-
tsea were tne next iu oiuor.
TV, trnuirt nt tha Dnmmtttse on the
Constitution was read by William P.
O'Oonner, of Wisconsin. He an
nounced tnat tne repors nau "irr-nuj
been indorsed oy nr. isavikt,
At the ontaix tne rspon ueuuou
oblettofthelegue and the msthoda
to be employed to atUin those objects.
Sections providing for the organ'sa-
ttoti Ot tna loagneaouino wmibbumuu v
Ita bu-ioess constitnwu tne remaiuurr
ol the. report .. v v
obieited to the c'ause virtually advls
irtg the league ti boycot.ibe articles
of English manufacture. lie moved
that the clause; oe eiciuueu uum mo
report. 'J . .
iirvnnan, oi iows, said lei l ie une
gatse go tack t Ireland and say to the
EngliBri people: "Not a nail of your
nails nor an inch of your cdico will bs
used until tne relations oi irewuu au
Kig'aod are cnargoa.
Lynch, (rom tiueSec, roso to second
tho gentleman from liwa. lie ap
proved of ttie section, altliongn living
tinder the British thg. The clause
sbou d remain until lioland had her
own government In Dublin. "We in
Canada, sa'd re, -uavs uono mo
tame. We in Canada have raised a
protective tariff for that purpose.
Kuglish sta'esmen did not then ot'ject,
for they know it would result that
Canada would be thereby separated
f ..a l1amt Tha rlanaa ahnnld refit
rum iiniwiu. mw . - .
there with the proviso that It ahould
remain until Ireland oaa nor own gov
t i rt.,v.ii
O'Connor, of new Ttoric, sata me
claua bad been mlaconoelved. Tha
section bad nothing to do with tte
UO will iru a auvfosv j y jui itniti w f va.
chate any article of End sh manufac
ture, and by using -all leg'timnta in
fluences tj discour4ge tradesmen iroin
keeping liglish manufactures on sale.
Eollonif g the adoption of tbe boy
cott claiiH ttie constitution was adopt
ed In its entirety amid t-cmeudous
a Mithodlst clergyman, thn addressed
the convention, and Bvd that altar
trying every method Parnell should
send a niwage, "Come and help us,"
then, ed the reverend speaker, "I
a ear bj the tbrone of Uod thtrD will
be at letflt one varant pulpit in the
United tjtates."
The clperiDg at this point was ter-
rlflx Wlmn It. cntnnvj hut nhnt.fiil there
was call pfter ca'l for a speech from
the Kev Eatber O Ke lly, ot uetroit.
In . ....!.. . 1 .... 1 ...... 1 u..i-n ha vuaa
heie simply to rentltr an account of
mi tue money ne uad r.'cenii -atoiBu.
Lft'ighthr end cheers
TLo Innnrt nf tha fSmm'ttfieon
Fintinca wfs'then rop.d. It highly
t:,nn(.,l l Q T!117. Dr.
O'KoillJ on his mora than faithful end
tatisfactory d schsrgo of bis du'if s ss
treasurer cf the loaene. The report
.hr.vc.l fhnf :ion.2K'r,7 I'ikI hpen col
lected In the lat two years and the
nnni4 mantintioil tha ovifh all 111 to S
cent that had been remitted to Par
nell or his trustees. Only i 5000 of t lio
entire sum were s ill in the hands of
the treasurer. ,
Father O'Reilly was thanked by a
V0'e of tbe convention.
Brady suiigeftod the Massachusetts
system of Sf5 collectiocs be extended
all over the United 8tates. Tbe t3M)0
showed the result of such a system
AwnirtfffO rroonin.
At tWm nn'nt thn rhairman rfCOff
nlwal fha rraaalirr nf the lBCne.
r.ti.u n'Paill hn aald t.hev had
beard from the men who had carried
MualAia In lliaranlia new thv RhOlltd
hear from the man who bad carried
the purse. He then read tbe amount
-n-fmliiitafl liv iflrh fitafA.
A dalerra fr)m the Ka't aeked if
there was m t some m;stake sbont tbe
amnnmt rnntrlhiltnrl tiV Illinois.
The enairmnn prio : -iort nre nui
from the State of Illinois. That State
can Uke care of ilsdf."
at thla Innrlnrn Mr. TlillFR. of Chi'
W . J 1. . V " .
cago, j.imped to bis fett, and, amidst
Iti.ar.a f n rV. AOBrtf nArf. nf tllA hall.
nd no'withttw'ing a declaration
from 0.:airmau Htsinerald that he was
rnntinir rha trjuBiimr'n renort. Mr.
Hines fohemeatly shouted: ' I wisli
to eay tbt the city of Chicano sent,
outside of tbe leegue.the sum ot jtu,
The convention was In an uproar,
v.-. . .-ana nf Tir O'RiHv'b hand u'o-
.1 i . ....nii.rn rim at "I nm not
UUUVU iumpm,n vj-... --
accounting, remsrked the reverend
treiisurer, with a tinge of sarcasm in
i.!. tnna "T am nnt. . nrnountinx for
money that did not pats through my
hands." ,The readicg wa3 tuou pro
. , ,i ,i n,uv,
Mr. Vaxn nrosented a chei-K for
J2H0O from Patrick Fjrd, collootod
H......-1. thu r,lnmna nf the Irish
t-llIUUKU vjjw -
World. Soval other ciipcks oi tetaur
(.mounts were alto bunded in.
.nr. OtTTTftH
ii. ..ma mJ In. thi thn randinc Ot
UIDU IUU'BHii'1 " . . "
hi- nrniri M announced that it, was
nectsjaiily to a Rrt-at extent, if not
.i,ii., a t-iLiuftivft p'auca st the
histmy of tlie Iobkuo. Mr. gutton
.io,l i,i nn almout iuiiudible tone. On
tina'ilv ordered
rounil mill i.riiiied withou' iurtuer
re'"?:.... ,v in it,nsof$2T0
Viniiavn i a ;i - .
sndifiOO, cnnti'.ueii to pour in o the
treasurers hands. His rcwnortn' S put,
n... ..,, i,,n in . vi.Ml.mr. hiimor.
lilll. M ill vc..'-" . , i L
Tho nhuirninn anao lncod tho nex
l....,;.,..no n-aa thu nlfRtion of a tlTBi
uuaiiiuoD " -.. - .
do'it for t)i lgne in Ainwrlca
tbT i-
!Iiable, and swms to cure cancers by forcing out the Impu-
,11 13HKM1 SHU OaiU 1'IHWIO, uia.it.. . .
TllJt SWIFT SPBUIFIC'.CO., Drawer 3, Atlanta, Ca.
..... iu... i. A..;.. i, Rawl.l Katra io all VOlnU on atallrond
rMe to tbofo who desire to try it.
ICnti iu f vii ft vi ucuiuiBj,
Cottosi Facta, WMesal Grocers,
Wo. 11 Union Street. ; t Mempliln. Teniu
a aoaa-n aal 1-BIA a tVakl aTk V .Uaukktl
JT, I. Bliiilii rrm i. wkv. ah uiir, w -
& Country Stores, Dwellings and .OloUonses a Specialty
HaTLosHea Adjusted rrcmptly, and Pld at Memphis.
tti mrtrp-na.
" w" V. DUSAVANT. T. B. 8TM3, juiin ahwimmiu.
W, H,
HEKNEDaV, Nee'y.
W. A. GAGE & CO.
HTo. 80O JVont Street. : Meaphli. Tenn
o. o. mnr.
s. a. parier. i. L. wowser
No. 48t, R. D.-Chaneary Coirt of Sbalbs'
eooatr-Carolin. Blana .t a 1 . ts. Mana
Sain at al.i and No. 6613, R. D. John
oaue, Adm'r, .to., ts. Carolina lllana
BV Virtue of aa Interlocutory ittt for
sal. .stared ia tha abor. causa on th.
ivth day .f July. Vs. M. B. 64, paw
164.1 will a.U, at public auetion, to th.
hiaheit bidder, in front ot th. Clark and
Masiar'a office, oonrthoo. of bhalby oonnty, -
Hemphis, Xann.i on
Saturday, Ann-t , 18,
within legal hours, th. following At
aeribed property, situated in Taxin.pitriot
of Bhelby oounty, Tennassea. to-wit Th.
on.-fourth undivided interest of Joseph Bain
in and ta th. following Iota, via: Up lot of
land being part of lot lo. block S8 begin
nlng at a point 40 feet north ol th. north
west corner of Linden and Causey streeU:
thence north with Causey street 40 1 feet to a
stake; thence west parallel wilh Linden
street 138 feet to Bob Pnee'a line: theno.
south parallel witn uausey sireei w -stake;
thenc. .ast parallel with Linden
-. . ... r ...... 1 Vt tttla tA
irwi iw imi w wis wiiiuiiiii,.
which refarenca is made to detd record's In
book 30, l ag. 612, ot ttemsier s ouica. mjv,
on. lot lying on the south side of Pontotoo
street, between Causey and llernnndo streets,
and known as psrt of lot 4, block 4J, front-
: oa r . . L ,u -11. PnHlntnn
ina oq ieec ou ine ruuiu
street and runnina back or touth between
two parallel lines 134 feet. For title of which
reference is made to deed recorded in Regis
ter's office in book 84, page oti3. And also
on. other lot, which begins at a rtae. on th.
south aid. o' Linden street 14 feet east ot
Causey street; thenc. east with Linden
street SO feet: tbenr. south at right angles
with Linden strr.t Hi 'eet; tbence west par
allel with Linden street 50 iect; thenc.
. t l . . . . . . . 1 l. c. . .:. -
DDnn 1W IDBl Ml UIO wkihhiub. 111
which reference is had to deed recorded in
Register's oflice book 34. page 378. Sold sub
ject to th. right of dowry ol defendant, Ma
ria Bain, as atsiKned her in the third lot
above set out. , , ,
Xorms of Hale one nan :v casn; oai
ance in six months; note with good security
for deferred payment requited; .lien re
tained to serure atne, and equity of r
demption barred This August 3, lSHb.
Byii. F. Walsh, Deputy C. and M.
riaiinhat. (ittntt. .V pAttarson ana
Poaton t Ponton. BoHoitnra, .
No. 5432., R. D. Chincery Court of Shelby-
county mate oi iennetnee vs. v. ja. ija
lowetal. . .
TDY vir'.ie of an interlocufory decree lor
tS ...... .1 :n 1 1. . .hi... . ii . nn tha
4th day of January, lMlh, MVB. 51. pane l, I
n t, -1. l.ll. .....Inn ,n tha h nllAl,
bidder, in front of the Clerk and Master a
office, courthouse ot Shelby county, Mem
phis, Tennessee, on
Saturday. Aniens assu,
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated in bhalby county, Ten
nessee, to-wil : . . ....
Lot 14. block 28. fronting 60 faet on the.
north sid. of Broadway, northeast corner of
alley est of Sixth street.
Lot 20, block 29, fronting 45 feet on theeaat
tidool bixth street, SO ft.t north of Alabama
street, 10th ward, by a depth of 137W feet,
bold as property of K. F. Cooney and 11. IS.
aH n (1 ro w h
Lot 28, block 11, fronting 25 feet on th.
aouth aid. of Broadway rtreet, southeast
oorner of alley east of Second street, 10th
ward, by a depth of 170 feet
Lot 29, block 11, fronting 25 feet on th.
south side of Broadway street (adjoining lot
28). by a denth of 170 feat. ...
Lot 9, J. M. Tata's subdivision, fronting 5
feet on th. west aide of Wilkenon street,
northwest corner of Georai street, by
depth of 155 feet. Sold as property of Jan. .
Lfpa'subdivislon, 50 ft.t fronton
the south sid. of Georgia atreet. 61 i feet west
of MoKiniey sireei, as a ujini . . . . Lji.
Lots &o ana ot, oiooa i, .i"n'
Ision, fronting 60 feet on the south sid. or
Georgia street, 90 feet w.st of Wright'a av-
nue, by 10l4 leeiaoep. .
Terms of lSal.-On a credit of six months i
not. with security, bearing nterest, r
qoired; lien retainadj redemption barred.
H- H. uo emani deputy v. uu m.
Ubolcsals Grocers & Cotton Factors,
8S9 Front fStreet, jsaempiuB, abuus
lonslaned to is wUl hay. onr careful attention. W. erry at all Unas a wall
Staple it Fancy Groceries, Wtass, Liqiiorsjob&cso & Cffjari,
a. aw-a .aa MVatF asaasi laA V.A Wat .
I Ofl Will spa-nw w.a-w- - --
Steam Engines, Boilers and Tank Work, Cotton Gins, Cottcx
Presses, Hood Pulleys, Shafting, Agricultural
ilUU JL lttUtttllUll iivinj
a ur STT a T T?TJ Q TW
Corn etnei Saw Ixlls.
HUU AUBMUavaaa- -
H'ootlniK-d oss Funrlli I'ano.l
J LBM UBillallu w uui.
. -.-arTMHTrTH TMrU M
HO. KW AND 85S FRONT wnuAa "
Brown s Iron
'"-.ftrlXaUc., It la,
,,,.. thM Bnr tue UMOOT.
U Btwu. -7,"
DDnMJN'Q IRnli Kl 1 1 r KuiaTaaiLoiMue
nedlrlnrad.. IIKOVt N'S lltO.N HITTBKM
l.notaaro In a
.. t ii. .11 nih thorouan nvwinn"". n
SnwT. Wh..n Uken by -" ia lln.1 irtril bwioj
bntltlrnnnlonr. Th.rniiwlth.nlmie
flnrnw. th .lotion inu.r"TM. Ihe JJaawartlvj
In omnth "fleet in unllj am. ."-j:
The y t-aln t i bnlnn vb. .kin elwr.
Hilt- lU. N I.Y tron awlietne ulJ
Jurtcus. j.n,aa
fhe Oennlne tins flude '" ana ci-km
oawnoT. T A tv k jmmitii
. Chickasaw Ironworto
QQSfioniidSt. Memphis, Tet.
MANUFACTURBR8 AHD ujsalhiuj ia
HnH. Rollers. Sawmill,
Bradford Corn and Wheat Mill
Cotton Press, wwn
m.ntn 1nlIaVL l''f Cm
.o. Iolly. W. oarrjinatoon
Two Hundr.d AHort-d b. prAM.
V. II. AC. W. Helske
No. 6430, R. D.-Chano.ry Court of Shelby
eounty-otai. oi jounnim
Mahsneyetal. . .
TY virtue of an Interlocutory deere. ior
15 aale entered in tb aboye oaus. on th.
Kith day of January, IS),. M. B. 51, paa.
1 will se,l at puon j aucmou, -st
bidder, la front oflbe 01k and Master a
oraoe, oourtnous. oi ounmj mmuui
phia, Tenn., on
Hat a rd ay, An(fnat it a. a,
..... , i I . .Vs. fnllnwtnir Hair.rihed
property, situated in bhelby county, Tenn.
'"kTsthalf of lot H, country lot 49J, front
in 30 feet on th. south sioe ot Madison at.
21(1 teet west of Uileans street, by a depthot
14SHfeet. Snld as property ol Johannaala-
honey anaoinrs. ,
Part ot lots.i, jiock ni, ironima ji i"
.. .. .n. .i'il.l.... Kl fa.t nnrth
ine west sine ynonuo ...... . -vj-jT
of Linden street by a ddi.th ol M fee', bold
as property oi tne uiuu viuy . m.
,0Llottl5,nb'lock 54, frontin 35 foet on thoeast
side of Ruth street 45 feat south of Vanoo
street by a depth of vm fe.t. hold as prop
erty of Samuel J. Scruigs, Winter Parker
and others. . . ., ... j
Lotll.ot jones suoiuTiMuu ji u.
.'ir. . . tji tad f.n lho north
Bide of 6prin(r stroet 160 let east of Drown
street by a depth on the west lin. of 220 feet
and on the east line of 193 feet, bid aso
property of JoBephine and John Kelly.
Part of bloek 31, Dunn's subdivision, front
inn 40 feet on the east side ol ftlannssaj street
11 "teet north of Dullose avenue by a depth
of 6fl feet, bold as property ui Robt. Tally
and others. .ki.i.ln. frnntlna
V, ft on the west sid. oi Walnut street &
Lt eouh of the Memphis and Charleston
Railroad and runnlna bao , 1M feet in depth.
Bold as property oi jooeru n.iu..
Part of country lot 493, beeinmng on th.
aouth side of l'igeonroost road or Charleston
'avenue 49 l.et from, tbe northeast oorner of
lot5 Uardaway a auouivi.i.iu .-
to Court street: th.noe b 80 b SU '
thence N 32 K 54 feet to the Piceonroost road,
north 29 W 50leet loth, beginning, bold aa
the property of 0'N.il. ... ,,nnti, iia
f.it in the westside of Jor,,t avenue north
west corner of a 22-feet alley north of Brad
ford street, oth wsru, py a X:.
Bold as the property ot IWiohuel.Fitigibbon.
Part of lot 6' Winchester divijion, frontj
ing 25 feet on ihe si-uth side of Bass avenuo
Sc I ieet west of Dunlai. str.tt, 8th ward, by
a di.pth or ziu ieet. ooiu u ,
of W. F. Beaeley. JIt ... (hi.
Terms ol eate on a oreuam il
note bearing interes , with ""'i'.f
quired: lien ratainedi redemption barrad.
inis juiy-i, i. ,. . , M..,.,.
8. 1. JMCUUITralJU, viora u
Bt B. F. Coleman, Deputy C.. and Jl.
I H . A C. W. llei-kell. Bulicitors. ...
haaiaiaieinnu nlTTtDC bmtr,4
' ' .1B,
alHl??Jt VV FROM
B IR Kfj , ion wifn n MMND
t AJiiLii u d B Y T H B
. Illgheat MkHci Apaho1"'.
6ol. Agents for Memri;.
IIIHN 4 41AKal.IT.
For Sale
I . . ma- .faalllMlMi (tf
. - v.. . . sawmill In th.Boulh for n. . i ora.r, r
MrOor fact lues are nnsuriiiw" e --- rnI.,. Shingles a spemuny , y--Flooring.
Oalliu, Siding. Bter LumW and Cpwh , , ,p,mJ atur,. 0,Urt
bamoar or . mm.u..uu.. - . . pIompUy niieu
110HK POWKB-Nearly riow
mokeataek. bolting, pulleya
I all. AtllllV l! IT -....
Annlv tn or aililross . n
c,Aftt Memphis. TenneBse(
No. 124 Jefferson Street
C " nr fllmi At.
Th. vmij Mrfmrt awlatitut. fo Motn.rj
lod V.hlrtwrA pr.lao..l ftd Wy
M rcT CoS.tl m ptl ConwIescarAa.
rarrwoi aatnanf
llaqwlra. no coc
aootdav. Our Bool. Th. Car.
ne) rdln of "'"'"J"" ,
tMJLJBJStt, flKMOajbal vv
oetoo. afaam,
Xabai . Bnlllw"
i fit I a.ap
7koleIale Grocer., Cottou Stora
. . rt.io.inn Mflrehants.
Ana ur.iiutw ,
232 and 234 Front St, Heapois, Teia
Liar m4 Ml of n CottM Mimtt4
I A Valuable Patent.
nancy' (Borse) corn amt Pa -
HAVING perfected my Invention, I wish.
o nlaoo it before tbe poWlo, especially
fb. aeed aoccrately. nniniursil. and oov.rd
of ' throe. Yb." "have hn pSd ln
rhUMCjion for over do W j.h Pg-
feot s.itisiaoiiou. .u -
monlala. . v ,.:..
Memphis Female hemirary.
miiE fali. session "i;
Besteducalinnal ertvantnges afforded to pu
Pils. LocationzjgJiiaden ?t.t.:
OeI.I.Hir; sl
I'MTSin!1 "I'BOKOA".
. . . o u..i;.,,l KtnilMnlian-
TMB Schocl oners ...o....... -
surpassed clinical 0Z"2"VS'
bend foracata'o.ue to D. TlllAS OPUS.
Peas, a?" .
PETERSBIIRO, VA. The Twenty-secon
Annual Bess nn of this School for Boy
begins ?h i first Monday in October. Thor
ofigh preparations for Unive.sity of Vir
g nia, leiding Kngineerint bchools and
tnltVl Btata. Military and Naval Acade
mi.s: higkly r.oomm.nded by Faculty of
nlV.Miiy of Virginia! ful ataffof instruot
orsi iltaatlon healthful. Karly application
SdVised. aa nb.r of boardera la strictly
limitad. For catalog-, address
WriORION MoCABB, Head Hatter..

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