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chjlmpioxsiiip gamei
Vednegday, Thursday, Saturday and
Monday, Aug. l&-lt-21-23.
r8m called frowintly at 4 o'clock I.r.
X years' experience end 110,000 to fJO.W.
ould like to boy an interest in an estab
hed payins business. .. .
' .18 W PnaTFtt. 19 Madison St..
a v ulDF U(tl U Vmm C. P. Smith
Horn Lake Landing, one bay marem.l.
ont eliint wars om. uivo?" -"--,, -T"
tne recently trimmed. anna to .a
ties ft Co.a stable and he rewarded.
.EVH"!.. R ROOMS-Saitablefor Hiht
)h..u.t.x,i,..inK.N.()or. Bec'ad and Market
l.-Curnerof Adams and Orleans
1 s"rtai and Cottae on Washington
. ' 379 Adamsitreet
-rwfciT.ABLB OFFICES In the new Cot
J. too Exchange Building, (ingle or in
' stes, on very reasonable terms.
bled '.broughout by tem. Elevator run
ni from basement to attic. Arly to
HENRY HOTTER, peoretary.
ITTAQB On Kaybnrn aye-: nicely re
quired. Apply Mrs. Moore, mi ttaypnrn
OTORY HOUSE Ten rooms, corner Ala
JA. McNAMARS.te Kobeann st.
"X i!W a-ROOM HOUSE No. 112 Jonei av-
, xVmue. Alio, two new houses, south aide
Popr, east ot l'unlnp, will be finished by
' lat tateinber. Apylyto u. v. liti-i,
369 Front street
ADAM8 STREET One room on lower
floor. 22x45. smttble for onico or store,
-2U Main street, corner JeBer
1)K. J. D. will it.
QTaEnOUSK- From 1-t September, one
lur-story fA,n j'reei arorenouse.
T AlflH ft TOR E-FIrst flnnr and cellar
I i tit h tide and rar entrance!, Nos. 80S
and 36 Main street. Possession October 1st,
or sooier, if required.
Omentum! Rtnra-rnem. No. 282 Second ft.
Room for ligbt housekeeping, No. 3"t!Pop-
laritret, over amu side. api to
38 Madison street.
TTOlTf-KK On and near Walker arenne
XI on Elmwood street car line, from the
1st September, several houses, from two to
eignt room, in good repair.
Also, CUOllE OFFICE on seeond-eter:
old Cotton Exchsnre, corner Madison aa
Front streets. Apply at 3 Union street.
street; cotton-room and office; tenet
moderate. Apply to
OOMS-With privilege of bath.
53 anu 4X5 HBelby street.
TT0USB No.H62 Robinson street, rooms,
J L in rood repair, sood cistern water.
MYERn A 8NEKD, 310 Second si.
"VFFICES The desirable Iront offices on
V seooaavoer ot 42 Madison street, aiuoiD.'
ing Cotton KKCHange. Mh,Mh.b,M tw
CM 1TE OF ROOMS On first floor.
D At m Shelby street.
one te, nr from Peabody Hotel
OLT8E Of seven rooms.
Apply at 217 Madison street.
TJOOiAinltofroonif In Masonl Tern-
ii'JifjJllfuly to BUN F. r ReCK
OO M r? r i -. -.) .t.i. .
-- '",,n st. Beterences requvrea(
UT0BEH0tiirNo9 Un0B ,(,,, with
O new eottoTOTm. t0x35 feet.
BblllAHtlS UUXT GE-4
bkxks from
this efCoe.
TTORSB A swift and u .
XI rockawayborse. Perfe.,, f,i,M, ,nit.
alone, H30. Inquire of S. CJAS nd.
miicRasaw Loopera, ji(T
Doincja first class bu'iners,.p .one
io oBsi ivi'ruuu, iu tui.uih, k uut-.asons
given for selling. Value of stock abri tDrea
taoucaua uuiiars. iiuureB. irivji.
' care Letter Carrier No. o
BulLfcR One large steam boi'er andf.
tachmenta complete. This boiler isoia
nf fiO.OOt) nniifld iron. 516th inch thickness
and one of 'the best: ever ma in Tennetsee,
L. U. DLaUliUltY.,
Chairman County 04irt.
By P. O'Donnnll, Courthouse Engineer.
mill ami gin, two-story building, with
BO-horse engine and toiler, st Batesvillo,
Miss. Address J. L. FLETCHER,
Batesville. Mis'.
one thoroughbred Running Horse; 'ee,
120. OneTrottiniHor'e; fee, 110. One Jer
sey Bull ; fee, ti.M Fob Sili-30 Horses,
3 Milch Cows, 15 head Butcher Cattle, Pea
cocks and Newfoundland Puns. Horses on
pasture, 15 per month ; Texas horses, lee per
day. Telephone JOSEPH BDRNEY. 852.
ENGINE 0-Horse Power Atlas Engine,
with Boiler. Smoke-stack and beoh
ing com pie to: in perfeot running order;
will be sold at a bargain. Apply to
Q. T. BASSETT, 355 Second at.
GIN A good E. Carter (130) saw gin in
fine running order and ready for work.
Price (ISO. Apply at George B. Metoalf's,
Howard's Row
Now stored at RECORD ofico.
UPRIGHT HANO Good as new, eheap
lor euh;orwill exchange for board.
Address K38, Appeal office.
CI BOlLEKEiand Ensf
BOILERSar.dEnslnes In good order, and
& all kinds second-nand machiner;
irv, at B.
GAB AY 8, Art awd ('om. Merch't
3 OR 4 tTarniahed Rooms for light aoues
keeping or small furnished house, by fam
lly withesit ehtioren; reference. P,Appetl.
GOOD WOMAN To wash and do house
work; refeieooes required. Apply t
288 Vance street.
coed neighborhood; 40toS0(e.t front.
A. C. R., Appeal oflloe.
OOD WHttB WOMAN-To cook and do
general heusewerk i most haverecom
soendations. Apply at 70 Mulberry street.
Q00K-ood girl,
At 205 Union street.
From 18 to 20 years-eld, to learn the trade
of Stove Molding, Jnqaire at the
00D NUKfitV-
Apply at this ellice.
EVERYBODY To call and see the nele
l brated Gypsy Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
street, near Poplar.
A WOMAN OF SENSE-Energy and re
spectability for our besiness in her lo
.ality. halary about too per month. Perma
nent position. Relerences exchanged. E.J.
JOHNSCN. Manager. 16 Barclay bti. N. Y.
PARTY With (100 to take the exo usive
agency in Memphis of a business paying
3L rer cent, net profit. Address
AOhNT, this nffire.
LADY AGENTS For Mrs. Campbell's
New "Ttlter" a l ilW, Bust'e, Hoop,
.jkktaud Underskirt combined, i'ooiis uan
le mnioved and skirt laun'Jricd. Adjusta.
bleto any site. Ve y fishionaola, and sells
tort to every well -uresrod lidyassoonas
shown. Agents double their money. Also,
a lull line of new furnishing goods tir ladies
and obildren. Address, with stamp, E. II.
CAMPtELL k CO., No. 404 West Randolph
Street, Chicago. III.
O to rep-esent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
ING ESXALL1SHMENT having ses-eral
riouLTiS thatare popular and easy sell
ing. Can he handled alone or In connection
with other goods. Address TUB WM. B.
ha I.
S:A Ann OKI5000-To loan an goodse-
CTx:VyvV canty, rent t
notes or indorst-
meats, or collateral.
F. O. BOX WO. t4.
1 HAH LBS. FEATHERS His best cash
XUViU prtee aid by tf ABAY, Messphis.
next thirty days far Jl 60.
243 Main sreet.
OLD GOLD Jt SILVKR-For cash ot ex
chanp, MVLF0RD,Jeir..r, WlUlB
Tor Armndel and outers Arrested
for Bowdy urn Other Base
ball New?.
ISPgCIiL to in irriiL.)
&LaNTA, Ga, AugnH 19 The
avaanali-AtlBDta games terminated
rather abruptly, and the Savannah
Club, or three not in jail tonight, lelt
for home this evening. The tronb'.e
crew ont of the diMSNPrnent concern
ing tne umpire, nicviumu, we jeegua
umpiie, who failed to turn up yester
day, did not show up this moraing.
Fesident Proudfit was notified of this,
end was requested to fill his place.
This be did by the appointment of
Mr. George Whitlock, of Marietta,
who he ordered ti report to Atlanta to
umpire the remaindwr of the frames
between Atlanta and Savannah. Whit-
nck arrived in time and reported at
the groonds altar having been
duly sworn in. An immense au
dience a-semb'ed at the park to
witness the pame but tne HavannaDS
did not put in an appearance. After
waiting half an hour Atlanta passed
nine ba'ls across tne nonie piate ana
Umpire Wbitlock gave them the game
by a score of 9 ti 0. Great tndignat on
is expressed here over the action of
he'Bavannah (lub. Director liaas, ot
that club, was here, and positively re-
fueisto let it p'ay wnn wnitiock as
nrriDire. declaring he was an At anta
sympathizer, and it was through the"
Atlantis tliat r ea. cent riouani ap
pointed him. He fays that hit club
should have been consulted in the
matter. This morning he wrote a note
ti the A'lanta directors asking that
thev allow Savannah to name one of
her men ts umpire for this evening
as Gunson, of Atlanta, had nmpited
yesterday. The Atlanta directors re-
nlied. etuting that they had received
notice l orn neaiuuni rrouunr, tuai
Whitlock bad been appointed, and
would renort for duty. Haai there
upon refund tj let bis men go to the
urounits. tie was unwilling, oeiore
rtcaivins notice ot v mtiock a ap'
poiutment, to play under either of the
ceils as tubstitutttS as required by the
rules in the absence of a designated
league umpire, and raid he would enly
olav with one of his men as umpire.
blio will forfeit the three games, and
Atlanta will leceive the floe that the
league irnnov-s unon her. The pen
ally is $500 per game. Atlanta's
pun of the receipts of yesterday srame
was nearly $1000, in spit -of ihb rkin,
and would have been more per hus-
ceedimr game. The acsicn if ban
nah will probably cist iht league
frannhise. ' Tonight when the fevin
nah club went to t le dopot to leave,
SHVrl of tnem we e fall and created
a g'eat dUturbance, carting, drawing
pistols uod taking pobsesiun if the
t ain. Tbos) ant-ted are HoUliag,
MiiLr, Tng Aru: del, O'L'fy rnd bat
c ifT-?. They will be triwl tomorrow.
Later. The Savannah plnwrj were
released from iail at tLe urgent re
quett of the Atlanta directors. They
say that they wanted t iay. but
Haas wouldn't let th-m. They think
ttiLt they were In duty bound to play.
Tr. ia siin t at it is DrobabVe Savannah
wiil Bend her club back to finish the
Am Excising Maine at Helen
larioiai. to thi arriAb.1
Hklina, Ark., August 19 One of
the moet exciting and interesting
games of baseball ibat ever woke the
sleepy den.zens of Helena was the
gam today between the;Friarj Points
and Grindlers of Helena. Jt ws evi
dent from thn very first that Helena
had caught a Tartar in the Point boys,
tha firat four innings being played
without a score on either side. At
this ftage of the game aa unseemly
. ;! . u
quabbie arose over a decision of the
i. tn amwi Tim oflmn frnm
to make two scores. The same Irom
that ont was one of intense interest to
,ae crowd, who would on the smallest
K.vochtion throw up their hats and
yei vn.ifrtrousiy. The game was
playd to a finish with a ecore of 8 to
7 in vnr ni tha Friars f oinls. Ar
rangeminte have been completed to
match tbi twoclusfiirjauo.
A 'tin Unnn wills shIi lll T"ter
y-tllrb.- Clfecllve Work.
The result of yeeterday'd game be
tween Kashvilit and Mempbis was a
tie. a result that miirht have been
averted but for a rank dOiision of
Umpire Meritt. In the seventh in-
ninir. with the bases full. Sromrhton
cent a bet liner in the direciiun of
third base, which struck the. ground
inside tne fuul line and sped oui to left
fidid, Sneed and Andrews tearing but
Merritt declared ttie bit "icui" ana
sent the men back to their bases. At
other points of the game Merritt also
made aecitions against tne nome nine
in which he was clearly "off," but the
other side suffered about equally with
onra in this rest ect. and but 'for the
two runs lost as above described
Mr rritt evened things no with impar
tial discrimination. It'tia blessing for
Merritt that he did not go as directed,
to umpire the Savannah- Atlanta gamer
There wouldn't have been enough of
him left to indicate where the execu
tion had occurred
Bob Black surprised his friends by
pitching an excellent game, a better
Same man Jttiier pitcnea, as is.evi
enced by the fact that no earned runs
were made off him, while Baker was
nonnded for two. The Mikado is avi
dently not at himtelf, suffering from a
tore finger, bnt he gave very satn.'ac-
tory evidence that, though somewhat
j&Htignred, be is still in tne diamonu
The game was a nip and turk cod
test all tne way throusn. first mem'
nhia led. then Nashville, then Mean'
nh led strain for half an inning, then
a tie, and in that .shape it ended. It.
was a better game, however, than the
score would indicete, both pitchers
being hit freely, but good fielding pre
vents g base getting. Broughton
especially distinguished himself by
eorae brilliant workio lelt field, white
Graham and Sneed also took in a puir
of beauties. McSortcy and Bittrnao
both failed lo play up to their usual
level, and made errer upoo top of
error. It is n t unlikely that if tfitt
man had not fumblud en many balls
Mempbis u.ig jt have auslained a de
feat. McSoriey'a tnan, howrver,
were more than ;cmptLHtea
for by brilliant work at ether
times. In the second inninf heshowed
a coil besd and a sure hatW. Bittman
was at thiid, when Baker get in chase
between first and second. MoSorley
held the ball and made several feints to
throw to firs". Bittman kept edging
toward the p'ate and wheo AlcSorley
got him whre he wanted him, he de
livered the bail to Fui-elbach in ample
time to retire Bittman, who had made
break for home. Mcdorley also made
some splendid stops of red hot linf"8
f ufselbach caught a good game, bt
with his usual bad luck all bis errors
were costly. Two paesed bells: are
charged against him, each ot which
coet a run.
The tie will be played off today and
Memphis has a morijr8 on the game,
becaaw Edward K'jooff will twirl the
sphere lor me iocau. rue nasn vines
will probably -present Dundon and
Hellman. r
Graham, & I-..
A.B. K. B.H. P.O. A, B.
6 0 11 10
.5 1115 3
.. 5 0 1 10 2 0
..4 1 2 6 10
.. 4 1 0 3 4 0
..3 110 2 0
...35 6 9 27 17 4
A.B. R. B.H. P.O. A. B.
..4 110 0 0
..4 0 0 2 0 0
..4 10 12 0
..4 0 2 12 0 0
..3 1 0 4 4 3
...4 110 2 0
...3 0 1 52 0
...34 "o 7 27 14 3
Andrews, 1st b.
Broughton, 1. 1 .
Black, p
Fusselbacb, c.
Manning, 2d b.
Phelan, s. 8...-.
Goldsby, I. f
Marr, t.L
Sowders, c. f...
Beard, s .........
Hiiiery, 3d D..
O'Brien, Istb..
Bittman, 2d b..
Baker, p
Schellhatt, c...
Total .'
Memphis I 0 0 1 1 1 2 0 0-6
Nashville 0 2 1 0 2 0 1 0 0-B
Summary : Earned runs Mcmphh,
2; Nashville, 0. Two bsse hite-Mc-Sorley,
Black, Phelan, Goldsby, Benrd,
Andrews. Passed faliB tus'oiDacn.zj
Schellhgse, 2. First base on baVs By
Baker, 3. Struck out By rsaaer, o;
by Black, 3. Double plays Bi'tman,
Beard and u Brien. lilt oy nitcner
By Baker, 1 ; by Black, 1. Umpire
Same ait Frinra Point Wlib a
1'ruleMluaal fltcher.
Friars Point. Miss., August 17.
The second of the series of games cf
baseball between the Friars Point
B'ues and the Leland-Greenvllle Com
bination Baseball Club for the cham
pionship of the Ya.oi delta, was t)
nave been played on the ltith inettnt
at Greenville, but resulted in "no
game." But fjr the fact that the
tireenviiies were neaien so uajty
here on the 10th instant by the ecore
of 24 to 13, they would not have triid
to run in a proferiinal pitcher on our
club. Daring the hnt inning our
club discovered in their pitcher a pro
feesional, and deatred to quit, but wure
told the game would be c aimed 9 to 0.
In justice to toe Da:Kers ot tne u.uei,
both in Greenville and fr jm our town,
they offered to fii-Uh the game if the
LelanJ Greenv 1 C,)uil,ii a ion w.iuid
withdraw the profnesioual or put hi:n
out of the Mtclitr s liox. ai t ,ey c mil
not bat hie wo'ideriui ci ris. iuib
they refused to do, h n, as an
ast of couitesv to tie crowd ol
epoctatois. our club agreed to til ay
tturn, even wim tne'r proirs ioiui
nitiiher m the box, It tiiey wou u ui'
low all beta wi'.hdiawn. This th y at
s ) refused i) do, as same of the (x. &
L. C. c ub xpected to reap a narvatt
of filtbv lncra from tin profesttioual
effort. Hut :hiwia was his name, and
it was c'almed be was a nsirjent ef
Gieenville. yet b une of his own club
d.d not know him. and ni i'hi r did
maloritv of the citizens of Greenville,
Finally it leaked out that be had been
"a resident for three or fonr days, and
waa to be for several days mora." Our
clnb then decided to pro ongthe game
until after dark, and make it a drawn
game. While all this was going on
four or five irentlemen got up a purse
of 11000. and offered to bet it on tin
Blues, conditional that Hutchison was
removed Irom the pitcher's box.
Our club having the sympathy of the
spectators, our pitcher pi ched snow
drop balls and our fielders walked af er
ttie nies, causing tneir nrei inning u.
& G. O ) to be prolonged nearly three-
quarters of an hour. It being nearly
train time some of the Greenville club
had to eo to the depot, as they beld
positions on the Valley road, an J so
the umpire, Mr. S. H. King, decided
the game a draw. Oar club declined
to have their expenses paid, thnUKh
some were guests of piivate families
nuu worn nt uuviiraunv, nuu i
ion q hvhin M bil!i
. , b
".. . . . . 1 ...
and were at no expense, witntneex
s were
and the
GrBenville club rrceived all gate
money. In c wclu-ion, we regrtt th
affair and beg leave to aesura the
Greenville peoplo our charming
sponsor and maid of honor and
some members of the G. L. C. Club
that we cherish no ill feeling attains'
them, and do not blame thorn for the
nmions ot some few who were kickers,
and merely secured this pitcher Jfor
the monoy there would be in winniDg
bets on the game Rer-pfct'u'lv.
Tbe Philadelpbia Club defeated the
Nrw York Cub easily in today's
game, r-cjre:
Pniladebhia 00000400 1-5
New York 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-1
Earned runs Philadelphia, 2 Two
base hiti Mulvey, 1 ; B.stian, 1 : Con
ner. 1 ; aillespie, 1. Three basi ltits
Malvey. 1. Errors Puiladelpbia, 2;
New York, 6. Umpire Fulmer.
Tha Cbicagis defeated 6t Louis with
the pony battery and by cleverly
bnnehing their hits together with good
baas running. Tbe errors of the home
team were inexpensive for tbe most
part. Pfefier and Moolie made bril
liant plays. The visitors were off both
at the bat and in the field. Score:
Chicago 30400200 -9
8t. Louis 00011100 0-3
Earned runs Chicago, 3; St. Louis,
1. Three base bits Dalrymple, Mc
Kinnon, Cahlll. Two base hits An
bod. Errors Chicago, 5 ; St. Umis, 7.
Umpire- 4'ierce.
The Boston and National rlnbi
played a great game of ball hero to
day, which was won by the vhitors.
Shaw and Radbonrne pitched very
effectively. Score:
Washington. A 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 1-3
.Boston .....0 0 0 0 1 0 3 0 -4
Earned rnns Washington, 1. Two
base h.ts C ane, Farrell (2), Honnk,
Daily. Ihree ha'-e bits Crane, fcr
rors Bofton, 2j Washington, 6. Um
pire Gaffney.
The Louisvilles defeated itbe Cincin
naii.c ul) today in an interes ing con'
test hi fore an immenre crowd Tne
visitors could do nothing with Ram
sey's delivery, only one ecratch bsing
made uutil the ninth inning. Kerins
hurt bis band in tbe third inninp, aod
Croea played a splendid gems in his
stead, innings:
Cincinnati. 0 3 0 1 1 0 0 1 06
Louisville.. 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 13
Esrnsd rnns -Louisvilles, 2. Two
base hits Werrick, lj Sylvester, 1.
Three base hiia Kerins, 1; Mack, 1;
Carpenter, 1. Double plas Fen
nelly, McPhee nd Reilly, 1 ; McPhee
and Fennelly. 1 ; Fennelly and Reilly,
1. Umpire Kelly.
Thirty-five hundred people saw the
smoky city aggregation shut out the
champions this afternoon. The Browns
scattered tneir niu, wane tne ruu
burya slugged Caiutiiera bard. The
visitors play ed a beautiful fielding game
Carroll's catch of hard hit irom Kob
inson'a bat, and Whitney, Barkley and
Shomburg ' play being especially fine.
O'Neill, Shomburg and Knehne did
the best work at the bat. There were
a number of brilliant doable plays.
Score by innings:
Browns- 00000000 0-0
Pitteburgs- 1 0 0 1 0 2 0 2 0-6
Earned rnns Pittsburg, 4 Two bate
bits Welch. Three b.to htte
Kuehne. Total baea on bits
Brawns, 8; Pittaburg", 15. Umpiie
Waleh. AT KW YORK,
The Metropolitan Ciub defeated the
Brooklyns at Staten Island today in
the first game that the clubs played
since ther return norae. mn
pitched with his old time power, and
Hendori on did cleverly, not a run be
ing earned from bis curves. Melam
mini trirtd tn nlav but bad to give it
Mpinthe thiid inning, Terry taking
his place. McLaughlin's p ay a short
was the feature ot me gme. c?ute.
Brooklyn 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-1
Metropolitan 0 1 0 0 3 0 1 0 -6
Home run Hankinson, 1. r. rors
B.ooklyc, 0;Mets, 3. Ump;ro-HnJy.
Kennedy had no control of the ball
May, giving tin men hrst bases on
balls and etriking two, and when he
got it over the platn the Baltimore
men hit It liaru. Iliroy wan mcu
rather wild, but tl.e Athletics were
outplayui at every point.
Baltimore 50400002 2-1:1
Athletic 11000010 0-3
Earned rnnB Baltimore, 3. T-o
base hl:s-Maoning, Muldoon, Bier-
bau r. Three bae hits-flianntng,
Muldoon. Errors Baltimore, 4 ; Ath
letics, 4. Umpire Valentine.
RnorniiTos is a ronu'ar favorite, and
deservedly 83. He plays ball kr all
th ! in it evprv day. and don't care
a cent f .r his Individual record, but
alwavs nlavs 'or the stneess of the
Rnrkd bai lived down his former
urn niili;i v rnd is now received with
annlarNi whouevcr he comes to the
bit. 11 s rrcr ts as a tie'der aud battel
rn o -n : :d and apnreciatad. Mem
I his ki.owa a good, pa n'tiktng ball
ilavnr whn inev see one, and ere
onus; ti rjutur nim uuu urau ui
. . , . ? .i i i
ural e.
Ye tkkihy'b game was a fort of "II
.... i . r . ..1.1
cnnn. f or H (tir.CO. li niuuiuuii uuuiu
mi fatter he c- nlrt have made second
h ,si in tun h iihth inning. If ussol-
baob baJ not i l ovied two balls to pass
h m, Nanhville would not have made
hut. four riinn. If Umpire Merritt
cuii'd Boemore distinctly u wou'd not
ha e dt-c areda fair bit "foul," ana
Memph's would have scored runs, and
eo on, e;c,
Snralosra Baeea.
Sabatooa. N. Y.. August 19. Firtt
Roe. For two year olds, three quar-
tnrsi nf a mile. Oonnemare won ; ab
nes scond, Lizs'e Krepps third. T,me
Seccmd Race Mile and a half. Bar
niim won: Jim Guest second. Elk
wood third. Time-2:43.
Third Race Three-quarters of
mile hfate. Firtt Ileal Lady Way,
ward won; Gleaner eecond, Billy Gil
more third. Time 1:17.
Second Heat Billy Gihnore won
Lord Lorna second. Gleaner third
Time 1:174.
Third Ileal. Lady Wayward b.a4.
Tiillv Uilmnra in
Fourth Race.-Ooe mile. Eitella
won: Bess second, Matinee third.
Time 1:14 J.
Fifth Race Two miles and nn
ouaiter. steeplechase. Oneida Chief
won; Abraham second, Mystic thh'd
Monuioalli s?ark Raoeia.
Monmouth Park. N J. AuKiwt 10
Firtt 7i'aci Hindtcapswertp-' takes, for
n l aire, mile. Peniosa won by
lenoti: Dry Monooole second, Mark
larirt third. Time 1:44.
&rmid Race Hanilicepsweeptikes
for two vear olds, three-quarters oi
mile. Montrosn won by a neck ; Queen
of E zabei h second, a neck ahead i
.lnlietiii Colt, third. Time 1 :15.
Third Race. Select stakes, for tw
voarolde. thre-auarieM of a mile.
Kingston won by a heal; King F. x
second, Alcalde third. Time 1:14)
Fourth Race. Handicap sweep-
(take, fur all airer, mile and three-six
teenths, liupeit won oy tntee lenguis.
Mink pecoad, Springfield third, iime
Fifth Race Soiling purae, for three
year old and tip ward, mi e aid three
sixteen In. Pdokskill won by half a
length; Pasha second,' Ballot third.
Sixth Race. Steeplechasit, short
course. Palanca won.; Judge Griffith
8'Cind, White Star third. Time
Ex,lorlDsj Pntuitua Klver Heard
froin Tttelr Wsacoverlee.
San Frahcisco-Cal., August 19.
Tne steamer St. Paul, which arrived
yesterday from Alaska, brought down
a private letter from a member of
Lieut. Btoney'a expedition, sent out by
the United States Government t) ex
plore Pntnam river, discovered by
Storey in 1883. The letter is dated
from Fort Coama, Putnam river, head
quarters of the expedition, lati
tude 07 10' nortb, 150 61 west, and
was written last Christmas day. Tbe
writer reports that Stoney had dis
covered a river to tbe north which
natives say empties into the Arctic
near Pjint Barrow. The river is sup
posed to be the same as the one at the
mouth ot which Lieut. Ray estab
lisbed his headquarter during his ob
serving expedition. Along the banks
of talis river were Indians who
bad never before . eeeu white
men. Stoney alttrward explored
the Koatak river to headqiiaiter
and found it longer than
Tumam. He intended starting last
January on a series of explorations
east and north. The Itt'.er waa
brought to St. Michael's from Fort
Co.-mos, adis'anco cf 450 miles, by a
party under command of Eogineer
Lue. It concludes by statin that
Emign Read remained at Fort Cosmos
on account of dcl cito health. The
ensign, however, would accompany
Stuney in 1 ii uleUbii g j urney.
A nan Willi Two Hartsj.
Salem, Mass, August 17. King
George, a colored ttamp, epent the
night at the statiou houpe. Ueclaims
to hail from Worcester and to be 300
years old. Ho is very muscular, and
bent an iron bar three-quarters cf an
inch in diameter by stnkin; it upon
bis bare arm. His ribs were evidently
movable, as he would throw them
down over his abdomen, and claimed
that he had two haarta.one on each
side, and they could plainly be heard.
He said the latt time be was in Salem
they were hanging a man for making
two tube from a barrel, as a witch. He
was fitted out with some clothing and
started on bis tramp again.
Captured by the Felloe aad Large
Quantity of Stolen Goods
It is an enterprising burglar indeed
who goes a burgling for any length of
time in Memphis without being
caught. Not one has been able to get
entirely away wun uis uouiy biuvb
Chitf Davis has been at the nead of
tbe department Lately the city has
been singularly free from the depreda
tions ot tbieViS ana no orgauiat-u
gang has operated here (or a yesr or
Two or three weeks apo reports be
gan to be made at tbe Station House of
small robberies, and the utual inspec
tion of second bacd and pawn shops
was made without result, la a lime
bile the reports began to pour in.
Every night a new burglary was re
nrteil, and some careiws en imp
orted nearly evoty tay a men com
mitted in the broad light of the
sun. liouros were enwea at an
hours, and suiis of clothee,
women s drersos, shoes, now anu
hen a wa'ch or ring, and sometimes a
ittla ready money, were earned away.
Winds were cut. window fastoniniis
broken, lattice climbed, but there were
no evidences ol tho use oi skeleton
keys. Twice the thief was sjen, onca
by two ladies a'one in a house in Chel
am. who awakened when tho thief en
tetedandweie forced to sit in the
middle of the 11 jc r wt: no he sucked
thn linllR.
The detectives were put on regular
niaht duty, and alter awhile the turn
keys were taken from the Statuu
. . . . . . . m .. ..
Utilise anu put on wa tu, inn ow
seants stationed theinstlvos a'l night
in localities where tl.e thief was ex
pected to operate, but still he mau-
itgol to evade tho embrace ot theeo
arms of the law.
A few daya Btnco a couple ot young
men purchased f otne stuff from a ne
gro and when he had departed found
it ww marked. They notitlod the po
lice and ware able to give a good de
script on of him and of a colored hoy
. ' . .. . 1. 1 1 II..
WHO troiteu a , ma n !eio wan a uumuo,
The dcsciiplion was given t j all the
police and yesterday evening about 2
o'clock Capt. O'Haver met with a
utreak ol his UBiial luck. While riding
out Poplar street he noticed a negro
man on the siuewaix wnom it struct
him at once answered t the descrip
tion given of, the ubiqiv.tous thief. He
wore a ring with a m-iy set on ins lit
tle finger, and was accompanied by a
small boy. Capt. O'Haver lost no
time in putting thorn both under ar
rest, tel ing tiie man he was wanted
as aa eecaped convict from Arkansas.
He submitted, but when noar tho Sta
tion House halted and remarked that
he believed the Captain was looting
him. He made no attempt to run,
however, and man and boy were safely
landed at the Station House. He
gave his rame as Tom Lawrence and
declined to talk. Capt. Ollaver re-
marked that he would get all the in
formation be wanted from the boy,
who. was admonished by Lawrence
to keen his inou'h shut. He
Hi.l not obey, however, and
mailn a clean brertat of all
he knew. He sit d lie had been hire,!
tiv the man to deliver goods where be
sold then and Indicated twei ty-6ve
nr thirty nieces toe hit li he tad taken
clothirir and rtasr thlnw. Nene 1 1
than ! ere made in the city limits
nil of tbe gi oJn bti .g dit posed of to
puraons living in tbe euburne, tome of
them six vr eight milts away. The
olllrers got a wag m and gathered them
np jestordBy. Two bolU of silk were
l.ir.id hid in Barme's vineyard on
Waidran avenue, and a b!g lot of
r-lntliiiie at Lawrence's) room in the
Katoa fiats on t. Aiattin street. Tho
articles recovered belot ged tO.W. II.
Goodman, J. M. Galbtcath, W. N.
Merrimna, J. A. Warwick aud numer
ous others.
Lawrence had on a pair of ranta
loor'S which he eaid at first he bought
In Chicago. When the name of a
local tailor on the buttons was shown
him he weakened, and explained that
lie bought them ir -in a white man in
Memphis. Tho pantaloons were the
pioperty of Mr. Goodman, and the
nhirt and ring he wore belonged to Mr.
M -rritnan. Thn boy a id tha'. Liw
renc was otr day and night, th ugh
all of the thingi found yesterday are
known to have been stolon in the day
time. Lawrence is about 27 years old,
black and repulsive. Until about five
years auo be lived in Memphis. He
married and dt-patted a few days
afterward, and h s wife did not Bee or
bear of him again until about a month
ego. The police think he baa boen
serving in a penitentiary somewhere
but be says he has been in Florida.
The Bjsvd Reaalt or lalcrvlewlng a
Mahyvillh, Mo., August 17. Our
citizens were considerably shocked at
hearing today that William Thomas
was manifesting signs of violent Insan
ity at his residence, on South Buchan
an street. Soon alter dinner Mr. J.
Woodson Smith appeared in the
Probate Courtroom and made
affidavit that Mr. Thomas was
of unsound mind and so furious
ly mad as lo endanger his own person
and tbe lives and property of others.
The Probate Judge the Hon. E. A.
Vineonbaler, therefore Issued war
rant for his arrest, and delivered the
same to Sheriff James Anderson, who
soon returned with Mr. Thomas, hav
ing boen enabled, by the aid of neigh
bors, to inducelbim under some pretext
to come to tbe courtroom. A jury
of twelve of the btst men in Mary
ville was then impaneled, and
af er listening to the testimony of four
witnerse. aa well as hearing the rav
ings of Mr. Thomas, who was on
Mantly receiving epirtttial mswgis
while in iou.t, they atljudged him in
sane, and tbe Court ordered him to
le taken to ttie 8 ate Intane At-ylutn
No. 2, at H. Ji seph, which w" done
by Sheriff Auilerjon at 5 o'clock th
aft rnoon
William Thoinaa wat a mm about
(10 yea s old birn in Engia- d, t ut
moved ti Wach'ngton emm'y, O.,
about t'liity ytA'S ago. He was a
painier by trade, and fml iwed liH oc
enpatiju ia 'ii and at Pa,ko'tburr,
W. Va., until 187H, when ho moved t)
this c tv, where he hai since refilled,
lie had always been cmeidored
eccentric, but since his adop
tion cf p;rl'aaltsm about eight
years ago be was even more ro. This
spring Mr. Thomas went to Sin Fran
cisco, and there interviewed a medium,
who revealed to him that be must be
developed into a writing medium, and
sines bis return to Maryville he his
devoted nearly all bis time to this de
velopment. Abont two months ago
tbe spirit of bis mother in
formed - Mr. Thomas that be should
qnit fooling with spiritualiem
and Join the Methodist Cbnrcb, and
lead a good life. Ia accordance with
this revelation, be applied for admis
sion into the First Methodist Episco
pal Church of the city, as he had once
been member of that church In
Ohio. Some difficulties In the matter
cf rules arising, Mr. Thomas became
Indignant at tne aeiay ana inlnBU
the Methodist Episcopal Church,
South, but he did not obey the
other pan oi me miuucnuu m uuu
fooling with spirltualiem, and being
confinid to the house with sMatita
soon after, he has brocded and re
ceived messages until he has lost his
mind. Today, during bis trial, he
would close his eyes for a minute and
then say the spirits instructed hfm to
do so and so. He cursed the jury
with all manner of evil wiahes, but
soon after retracted all he said at tbe
instigation of the spirit.
Mr. Thomas was a man of great
benevolence considering hie means, a
fine workman and a great reader; in
fact, jtift the kind of a man whose
downf ill through spiritualism is re
gretted by every one.
I orlimnrhil Taushl lo Flifht One
Aaotner ACoateat at Chlvasro
Chicago, III., August 18.-Chinese
sporting circles haveb"Ci greatly ex
ti ed over the ott'cime ot a cockroach
tournament which has been going on
in the basement cf a down t;wn laun
dry nnd Chinesa clubhouse for tin
laxt three n iotits. It is the II r4 toti'iia
mentof th'a klud ever lv.ldcat of
the Patitio coast. It h is b -en con
ducted bylOhltoje (ports who left
San Fraud ico neatly ttiiee we?ks ao
with nearly fifty trained tijhting
cockroaches. Last night it was
report d thnt tho Sjin Fran
cisco men had left Chicago for New
York, having won several ihou-aml
dollars from local Chinese betting men.
In Chinatown, at San Francisco, an old
Chinaman has maintained a huge
number of flghtirg cockionehee. He
wai ordered to prepare titty ot 'tin
nobloHt tlghtars, which he t once did,
delivering the in in a wicker haki t
made espi dally Mr lite purpose, in
this bisket each roach was kept
in a coll separate from its
companions. The Chinamen ar
rived here wun tneir lutein wttiioui
miehap 'nst Monday. Iti two hmirs it
wtw known to every Chinaman in the
tv that he tournament wotuu uegin
Wvilnndnv niaht. About 1 1 o c!o:k
thn tournnmoDt was oneiud. a feather
weight lighter being matched agsinst
a middlo weight cockroach. Before
the insects were pitted against each
otbor they were handled by Q'iriig, a
Chinaman, who had some experi
ence in this line in Uhtna. wim
minute pair ot eclstora no
clipped their wingn, and then,
juBt bafore putting them face to face
greased their bodies with salve. This
Is done to prevent the insects catching
ono another, aa they will not touch
the creased portions of each other's
bodies. At a algoal the two ctim
plons were dropped into the pit. This
was a largo urn, suapeu iiae a uuuu
bowl, and greased on tbe edge . Tne
first tight was one of the beat of the
whole tournamon'. No sioner werj
tha two roaches dropped iito the
bowl than they sprang at eaoti otner
with the fiorcenees of bu'ldoss breaft
ing. Just eleven mluutci alter the
flhtb'gao the big ronch was dead;
before be died, howtver, he In
Acted a mortal wound npoi his
aav. K cut b t'tles w e long it tie
flratnlght.it bMng 2 o'clock before
Uo battle wus fiiilshed. Te betting
w a heavy, and many ot tbe local men
were winners. Tne next night only
four battles were got through with,
hiit thev were all deRpernte contests
and laalnd an hour each. On the third
night thore were eleven battles, and
when the tournament concluded the
San Francisco Chinamen had near!
nil the tnnnev of the local sports.
was reported last eveuing that the
Chinaman timing, who handled the
fluh irir loaches, had played Into the
hands of the visitor and druggetl
some of tbe bugs.
Mrs. Lola Vcrli.lnea anil Her Nlaler
Fn tally Nhut.
Dover. Tens.. August 18 Stewart
nnnntv has a sensation. About two
weeks ago Mr'. Ll Verhaines, of the
Indian Mound neighborhood, sued her
husband. William Vethaines, lor di-
vorc?, alleging aa grounds therefor
cruel and inhuman treatment. A
shott separation preceded the eult for
l v irno. durina which timo Mrs. Ver-
hnires staved n'. the house
nf 1ier father, a Mr. Keats,
Last Saturday Mr. Keats and
his family attended a barbecue near
by, Mia. Verhaines going with thorn
Verhaines, hearing of this, took a po
sit on on the roadside, in the evening,
where he knew the Keats would pass,
He did not wait long before the wagon
name bv with Mr. and Mrs. Keats, sn
unmarried daughter, Mrs. Verhaines
and eevoral children. They were
stopped by Verliainee, who com
raanded his wife to gut out and go
home with him. This she refused to
do and he at onne opened fire npon
the party with two tevolvers,
tirina ten shots at them, one of
whioh struck Mrs. Verhaines in the
hit aide, near the heart, aod which
will nrobably prove fatal. Another
shot struck MIbs Keats In the thigh
makintr a serious, II not fatal wound
During the firing Keats 'a team became
panic sti icken and unmanageaDie, piao
inir iha nartv entirely at thn mercy of
Verhaines. Verhaines was arrested
shortly after the shooting, bnt soon
Iter escaped. Great excitement pre
vails, and scores of men are scouring
the woods lor tne woum e ss-aasin.
Should he be cap'ured Judge Lynch
will relieve the S ate of the trouble
and expense of a prosecution.
Eloped Willi a Ulrl of 16.
Wooweock-rr, R. I , Angust 17.
Tha elonemetit (f a married man of
40 with a tr rl of '10 ia causing co aid
erable gossip In Bluckniouu. lue
man's name is Napoleon Erie and the
crirl'a Einore Jover. Erie loaves
wife and several children behind him,
and tli" girl Joyer a comfortable home.
Both are mill operatives, and were re
cently discharged fr mi the Blackt-tone
cotton mill car ling department on nc
rouiitof fie intimacy which exi-t"d
hut een them Erie drew his whole
f.ir'tinp, cons sting of $413, from a
Wooiiw rkot t ank, and !.e girl 'hV
175 helongirg to her parents. B th
left fr parts unknown on Saturday.
They have since bten seeu in Worces
ter, Mass , but it is now thought both
are in Canada. Both are Fionch Ca
nadians. The family of E ie ia lelt in
destitute tircumstanco', and the in
dignation expressed against him is
great. .
Fatally Blabbed.
Cincinnati, O., August 19. Dis
latches from Aurora, Ind , state that
Louis Uolbert was stabbed and killed
by Wm. Watkios in Aurora distillery
today. Watklus was arrested and
shortly a'terwards was taken from jail
and buns to the sha ting in tbe dietil
lery. We' kins bad demanded time
from Ho'bert; which the latter refused.
Holbsrt is from St. Louis and Watklus
from Loulsvllls.
Mr. 1. J. Knapp Goes Back to His
First Love-Sparks aad
A meeting i d the stockholders of the
various roads known by tbe common
name Louisville, New Orleans and
Teies. was held yesterdsy for tbe pur
pole of coming to some terms of agree
ment and settlement ol all differences
now ex sting between a:d parties, and
if possible avoid any futther litigation,
thereby relieving the securities of that
road ot any cloud that might possibly
be on them, reu'tiiw from tales in
March, 18H2. Martin and others aold
all charters, land grants and other
privileges held by them nuder the
charters to R. T. Wilson, of New York,
for a crtiin amount ol bonds, s o?ks,
o'c Mr. Wilson immediately con
structed the road row known as tbe
Louisville, New O.lerns and Texas
railroad under the charters as he'd by
Martin and others.
in 1882 soma d'UYreroe in r. giid to
the terms of talearo'e, aud on the 7th
of September, 18SH, suit was brought
by Mr. Martin aud oth sis to ro npol,
as cUiuied, K. T. Wilson ar:d cthe-H to
comply with the tauns of the oiiginul
ag cement, which, it is enid, was that
li r. Wilson shouM pay. on the cim
ple i n of the road from Memphis to
New Orleans, $2,MXVM' in Bto :k and
bor.de to K. MattinanJ ottnr owners
for all their right, titles, charters.Hnme
750,000 acres of land In the Ym del
ta, alro about twenty livo miles of nnr
row gauge railroad constructed and
running eouth from Vickshurg. In
Angnst, 1884, a compromise waa made
in which Mr. E. Martin and ot' e-s
agreed to receivo in full sititfic ion
f -',000 000 In s.c r.d mnrtgng bonds
and stock, which was to bn dtvidtd as
folows: E. Martin, S 500.(100; ee a o
i t L. A. Campbell, $IOO,OJt); Gun..
N.. II. Hart h, $150,000; estate
of Williiuu P. Hunt i f M s'tiit, Ma s.. ,
Jl.oll.OOO; llobnr. A Sm:tt of
New Yo k, JolKl.dOJ; es ate of Geo'ge
M. K ito, ISO.tHlii; A. B. P tttnat-,.
attorney's f-is, J'J'iO.OOO. On Febru
ary in, inno, mi, i i-uuiui, suvmrj.
tiled an snnniiing supp eininai
bill In the Chancery Cotitt at Vifka
btug and in the United Sta'ts Oit'iiit
Court for the Southern 1) st'ii t ol Mu
sirsippi, BOfking to csnc l the tint
mortgage bonds ol tho i.uhnvi i. .'w
Orleans and Texts railway, an ount ng
to $-'0,51)0 .000, as biinjitsool m vio
lation of the coinpromitf aod ol pel d-
ing Injunctions. Tteie the in-nor lias
rested and it Is now th ntgh' a ni al
compromise will be made
lintus-ae to Ale Flrat I nve.
Kv r since the withdra val of Mr,
M. Burke from the l-ou'svlile, jn w
Oi leans ai d Texas Railroad Company
a d h s retiiru to the rill e nl sup in-
tendent of the Mlaeus piil ana n nies-
see, whluli he beld lor eo muny yeis,
it lias been regatuea as nn"is
little time when he wou'd be f i lowed
by Mr. A. J. Knapp. Mr. Knapp has
been MsJ. Burke's right bower lor so
manyyearj that their separation for
any length o' time was h.oked upon
as an oddity. Thry went into the
Valley roai very nearly at the tame
time and return within a few
weeks of each other to the Missis
sippi and Tenno-see, now a rwl
of the great Illinois Central. The
rumor of the change gained cur
rency several days ago but was not
confirmed until list night. Mr.
Knapp's resignation will take place
Saturday night and he will be sue
ceedod by Mr. A. W. Howe, at present ,
in tbe employ of the Morgan Line at
New Orleans, and who is highly
spoken of by railroad men.
Knllruail lor C'arllimte.
On account of lbs failure of the
Chesapeake and Nashville ti build
from Gallatin to Nashville, the road
from CaitlmgPi to Gallatin has been
practically abandoned. Tho proposi
tion now ih to build from Gordonv.lle
by way of New Middluton and Giant
to Lehiniin, with an arm extending
from Gordon 'ille ti Carthage. Mnj.
Negley is working up the matter, and
the pi ople along the proposed rotito
are very much nronsod ov r the pros
pect. It iH understood that J3l),(MK)
additional stoik Is to be raised for the
purpose. Th's route would be a direct
line to Lsbanon nod a very desirable
route, but a great nituy people have
lo.it o inildonoe, to a considerah'e ex
tent, in tht entire scheme.
Hnnivills's Brw tine.
A Knoxville special to tho Nash
ville (Won says: K. R. Chapman, of
New York, who recently purchased
large luteresta In Eist Tenno-see coal
fields at Wiutei's Gap and Pup ar
Creek, ban purchased the controlling
stock In Walden's Ridge railroad, of
which he is the president. He bought ,
it for an Eastern party of capitalists,
and in connection with them will ex
tend the road to Knoxville. This
givts Knoxville the leng desired con
nection with tbe Cinclnniti S uthern
railroad and a new load to the coal
fields over Fvnory G.tp route The
Richmond and Dint ille road will meet
tha Emory Gap ra lrtad at Knoxville
and form part ol the proposed irnnk
line from Knoxville to St. Louis, Mo.
C1IHTKRNB Dollt and repaired and war
J ranted. Invsntur of the Man iter Port
land Ceineut l'ump. Contractor and hriok-
larer. Telephone
IS ana. 1 turn, uuniiinn.
10W Owner oanlave by prorlni property
- .. . -j - - - .
nil d.wlnir nli.r.n..
A KB AND MULE One bay Texas mare.
Taxas brands on did. Also, on
Also, one black
rnnded with db
horse mule, IS months old, branded i
ure 7 on rtsDl snouiuer. a noerai rewaru
will be paid to any one returnlni above stock
to Mthara k Co., 7 miles west of Hernando,
Miss , or to T. W. WIMTK. at Hernando.
At 72 Madison street.
OOMS AND BOARD Newly furnished.
rooms, with boaxl, at St' started S'reni.
T EATJTIFUL fmnt rooms, slnle or a
O suite, furniibeil or unlurnlhd. with or
without board; other roiu, lot lli Juuitst..
0") MS With or withont board; terms
nmln. 1IJ1 sjuito.s si
ROOM8-One lane front room with bl
eonr and one lunio bm-k room with
lur aressirii-rnuii, and ithsrs as good as
.aab.louudiuthe.lly. v gT
ROOM Furnished room, with or without
hoard, at Hit t;ourt stroet;
OAKl) With excellent room
:reiieni riMiin,
NICH Hooms, lurnished or unturnlsbed,
with or without board, at 1S7 Madison st.
ternoon, Au. Hth. A reward will be
Eaid for its delivery at this office, or to
T. V. NKKli. White Uaven.Tenn
SBTTER-Return my lemon and white set
ter bitoh "Florence," known by most
Memphis sportsmen, and mlssins sinoe Jul
15th, to tut Vane, street, an fffiflfiffif'

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