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VOL. XL VI NO. 19 3
Jl Falrlj Active SloYOincut of Gen
eral Mercbaadise Kc ported
Tbe Meney Markets.
Nirw Yobk, August 2D. Specinl tel
1 egrams to tiradstreet'i mention a iairly
active movement of general merclmn
diaeat twenty-elRht of tbs larger cities,
ppecial improvement being noted at
Pittabnr, Cincinnati, Cleveland, 1'hi
cago, St Paul, St. Joseph, Kantas Ci'y,
New Orleans, Richmond and Savan
nah. The vol nam of Bales repotted
from almo t all direction? exce.-ds the
totals in Aiigapt in tbe preceding
yeara, tbe distribution .of dry goods
being conspicuous. The business out
look has improved ia Illinois, Iowa,
Nebraska, Mits uri aod Kansas since
the crop ptobpect has been im
proved by the frequent rains,
and country merchant! are buying
more freely. "
The total bank clearing at thirty
cities amount to f88tl.088.233, a tual
gain over lat year of 12 per cmt. The
increased demand for and decreased
supply of funis at the East has been
extending Westward, and Cincinna'.i,
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis and
Kansas City announce strong or ttrin
gent markets, with funds relatively
scarce and ra es higher. At New York
the uncertainty rf the money market
and tronb'e in tha Truuk Line pool
tended to d'pwi he stock market
Later, the ilo 000,000 bind ci'l and
the announcement of lings ehipniMnts
of gold from Europe caused a reaction
and partial recovery. Mon iv on call
ruled firm Bt 67, wi'h vaii itions aa
high as 10(5)15 and as low as 45 pur
cent. Commercial paper firm at 6
Kxchauce ery eak. n
The dry gr o !s trade is satisMicto-y
with jobbers. Au'nma bujuvf 'is
promieing to beiu unusudly early.
All advances have been maintained,
and sme lints t.f cottocs have been
marked up.
Wool is qivet and unchanged from
last week. Bayers rr holding off and
transactions a' si-ailr than a year
ago. Light weight go ids, oo. which
prices of r.uv Wvol aie a-s rted to de
pend, i3 no bighfr.
Best innkoH of tai'ern pig iron had
to buy, the enrrent make being taken
up on contmcty An ad van e next
mcnth is not improbable. At Pit's
bnre 25 cens more has been obtained
' on fome brand', whi'e nt Cincinnati
and Chicagn Srutbern and Ohio irom
have brought 25 cen's more pfr ton in
a number cf instn c
The specn'a'iva wheat market is be
ing influenced ch efly by increased
tains for export. 1 a ked by reuewad
advicf-s of Bsiort c ops abroad.
Indian coin q"it and lower, with
art improved rutlo 'k.
Hcg pr.iflucti fi'iiturelfss, except
lard, in which there is an iflb't to cor
ner the product for Siptember, w hich
retu'ti in a fictitious ndvaca.
The fx rsme bent has not been fa
vorable tn the co tin plant in Louisi
ana and Alabama. Theproupt ciiBnot
to bright in Tex if, for a like reason.
Hiln of tibzcjo Ht New York more
active at unchanerd pr'ces. Western
tobacco markets dud, rain havirg ben
efited the crop.
FatlurCN lor lh Week.
New Yoi:k, Anu t 0. The busi
ness failures recurring during the list
eeven days thringh- ut ihi country, as
n'po'ted ti R (i. Dui A Co , r.umber
for the United Kla'es 101 and for Can
ada tweuty five, or a t tal of 188, aa
compared with a total rf 1&7 lapt weak
and 154 the week previous to the liis.
The increiFe observa'ile this week
arises in the Midd.'e and Pacific Statts
and in Caunda.
Tbe Pujiion AsstKoment.
Bosto.v, Mas9., Angu-t 21. The as
signment of 8. R. Payson, which was
Hied jetar.Iiiv, tdi iwi 'he es et-i to be
over f 1,200,0(10, ai Hi;uinit liabibtioi of
$350,000. J 'lie a-Htinmeot covoveall of
Payeon'sreal and personal property.
Made a Voluntary AKityrnmeiit.
Chicago, III., Augns". 20 Walter
H. JndEOi a -d Jos-Mih V. Golqin, of
the firm of Julfon & Co , tolny mido
a voluntary es iignu- ut to H. P. Kel
logf.of Chicago, of the stock and ac
counts f the carpet estab
lishment lorat'd at. the northwest
corner of Slate and Washing on etraets.
Liabilities 88 scheduled amruat to
$158,050. Assets are given as 4131,
577 36.
Stopped Payment.
Boston, Mass., August 20. The
Weymouih Iron Company, nail manu
fac ureis, stopped payment and manu
facturing today. The trouble was
brought abiut by lo ss caused by the
flood iaet tpring and the suspension of
the Bridgewa er I 'on Company. Fol
lowing i the la it statement of the
company, is tied last year: Assets
Real csta'e, $70,000; machinery, $30,
C00; cash and debts receivubl", $48,
205; ttock, materiil, etc., $12,567;
profit and los, $42,170; to n!, 4312,
.342. Liabili'ies Capital ttjcK, $150,
000; dHbts, $102,342; totl, $312,342.
The officers cla m that the company
can pay its debts if the accounts can
be collected.
Election of OtUcrrn for tbe En. nine
- I Year.
Babatooa, N. Y., Aueut 20. The
American Bir A sociati'iii met this
morning and elcc'ed ihe following oflS
cerj for the enpuing jear: President,
Thomas J. Semmes, of Louidiaca; Sec
retary, Edward Otis Hinckley, of Mary
land; Treasurer, Francis Kawle, rjf
Philadelphia; Executive Committee,
Luke P. Poland of Vermont, C. C.
Bonney of Cnicgo, Simon E. Bald
win cf New Haven. There wag a
banquet this evening at the Grand
Union Hotel, at whicn about 125 mem
bers were preem t. William Allen
Butler, of New York will preside.
An American Drnalter and Hll
DanRhtcr Killed In Bnenoa
Elmiba, N. Y Anguat 20.-The
news wps circulated last nig'.t that
ElbeitP. C -ok and his eldeot daugh
ter were killed at Buenos Ayrea. South
America, on July 11 h lust by pist 1
.hots firrd bv an unknown man. It
appears that Cook, who wa pie'ident
of the bank a' Havana, N Y , and
who pome lime fg empti ed ali tiie
available fandj, drove t t ii" city at
midnight, and '.oka tra nfr Canada,
since which time li.s mo'ementi have
been a rays ery until broognt to light
by the tragedy. Hi Went immediatw y
jroin hers to South America, and
bvhis'lamUyf oSiTstinJ'of hts'w'ife I
and four li. tie cirls, tbe eldest 13 yea-s
of age. A voung mi.n naxed Uluck,
from Indi.tnaopcdis, was on inmate of
the fami.v res d-nce at Buenos Avres.
Oa Jnly "11: h, h le Mr. and Mrs.
Cnok were in the docrway tilking,
Gluck walked out' from another room
where he h.-d been writing,
and wi the siuheft waru-
ing, shot Cook, killing him in
s'antly. He then turned and shot
Mrs. Cook when the e d.-st daugnter,
Thankful, who was np s'aire, came
down and was flnt thrngb the tem
ple, dying instantly. With tbe butt
of his pistol Gluck then inflicted ugly
wounds on Mrs. Cook's bead, which
rendered her inaans ble. He dragged
the bodies to the cellar door, and then
committed suicide by taking chloro
form. It is supposed be was inbuj,
as the family bad never bad any
trouble with him.
Beginning to AMnme a Lndleroaa
Aspect ilKJtlslactioo Kxlat-
Idk in Bolb Parlies.
Helbna, Abk., AiiKust 20. The po
litical muddle in Phillips county is as
suming a ludicrous Bhnpe. The recent
compromise, besides being objected to
by a maj ri y of the Democra s who
would, if they only had an Opportun
ity, repud ate it ia particuUrly ob
jictionable to a laigs number of tue
Kepub'icen. Theie 'e two opinions
exifct ng in the K -publn an rauirp, one
of thtin being that they could have
got mmh more timu they did
had they only a kd fur it,
and tho other is . that the
Hon. Jdcjb Trleber, 'who is a
vary clever little gentleman, thongh
he la a Kepublican, delivered tbe Ke
publican gooia to the Democratic
paity like 63 nuuy idieep, to which
they objec, some of them denying his
author t? to do so and vuoious y at
tacking him f rso J ir.g, Rome of them
making ttie viy impr .bible allega
tion that Mr. Tiiib ir hud been paid
$1000 t"t t.Ke job. So this places both
parties in the county about on a pr
d'SBatislaic'ijn exis iuk in one on ac
ciiint of r.ot enough repre
sentation obt;incd and the
other ohjoct'rg f.j the method
in which it wan i.b'nined. Wh lo all
tnis difSitis'Hit'on exitU in the Dimo
ciatic acd It pnb ican pa'ties it is be
lieve! by Fcvera'. well infirued that
the Wbeelera, tin rg ieuliurxl order ol
Arkansas, are quietly and effectively
orgau'z nx for tnu pu'tp se of slipping
in on elect'on di y, September 6 h, and
carrying all the oilbts In the nunn
time a majority of ell' seom to ignore
any of the p ir.ciplesof their parties,
the whole lna'tnr being an unseemly
scrjnible for ollic!.
On tbe Verdict In tbe I'liicugo An
archlMi Ttll.
Cjicaoo, III, Auguit 20. The
Tit.ia tomorrow will lay editorially:
' ie trial of the eight soc'a'.ist acfaj
fins in this C'ty ha-3 tjnninat3(l iu a
vtrlict cf guilty against all of the de
fendants. The trial bai been in fomo
respects the most remarkable crim
inal trial t jat ever has had p'.aca in
thii country. The tx-cution r.f the
death pecaiiy upon the po 'laliat on'
e'actt rs in Ct.icagi will b in its effect
the execution cf the deiith penaltv up
on the sor-ialiiit p.opaMa"d.i in thin
country. It will stop the attack (f
socialism uoo:i the mil istma of law
and order with dynamite lionibs or any
other dead y mi-sles. I' will clon up
the souiali-t arm iri s a ;d bmhta
toiieii and sell' ols where tie at of
murder is taught ard tbe preachment
of crime in the fa jeof puhlui eutho ity.
The veidict is universally indorsed
by tbe entire ci y press.
At New York.
Nkw York, August 20 The Slants
Zeitumj, commen'inu on the Chicago
verdict, lies tie f llowirg: "l'ho ver
dict is perfectly in kCi-ordnnca with the
letter as well as tbe spirit rf t hi law,
declarin? the fullest rufp ir sibi ity ol
the in'elieitusl author of crim , and
we do not believe there 1j as much ai a
shadow of a chance hf f r the prison
ers to be saved from the gallow.t. The
mats of thi people unrtouhtedly re
joice over the verdic1, which U of the
utmost importance t r the holy name
of humanity and for munkind."
All tbe mo nmg dailiTj will have
editorials iudoisiig the verdict, and
dwell at length oni s efiect in pu'tirg
a stop to tbe growth of socia ism in
the United Smtes.
Tbe Pint Bale or N w Collon-Rnll-road
(bpecul to thi ipfial.I
Aberdeen, Miss',' August 20. The
first bale of co ton of the new crop was
brought in today by H H. and H. N.
Wa sin, who farm in the prairie belt
just west of Aberdeen. It was tt?red
in tbe Central Warrhon and con
signed to McQuinston & Hei.en, cot
ton fact us, and sold by tbem to Lewin
McKinniu there as 15 cents par
pouud. It c'ased s'ti t middling.
A cit:zeuB meeting was held this
evening at the Mayor's flice for the
purpose of getting an expression with
nfeience to tbe KansaiCity And Bir
mingham railroad. R-wolutions were
unanimously parsed urging the man
agement to bring tbe road through
Aberdeen, thence east to Birming
Arrival and Hale of Ihe rirat Bale nf
Hew Cotton. .
Pinb Bluff, Ark., Auiust 20. The
first new bale of cct'.nn of the season
reached this market today and was
sold at pnblic auction by the con
signees, J. B. t-pters & Co. K. M.
Knox wa'the pnrcha-er. It weighed
415 pounds and clave 1 as etrict mid
dling, and brought 15 cents.
No Trading- After 'Chanice Honra.
New Yok, August 10. Fir some
time past aeveral of tbe members of
the Produce Exchange have been in
the habit ot tradirg a'ter and before
exchanne hours. Tue Gorn Commit
te instructed the caller todav to no
tify the memt er of the grain trade
that unless they ceased th -y would be
vigorou-ly proee' u e t.
Have Biven Toniralin- a fur tlJ in
tr..,,. . 111,1 of tinrnl ,1 iin.i ihi mi..
tiom, and fi id it ihs oily rdiiable
remedf fo-thete corfp'-iniH
UR3. IERKY mi KE1THXY, Milfoti, Mo.
Many Buildings Destroyed and Six
Lives Lot A Vaft Amount of
Damage Reported.
Galveston, Tex., August 20, 1:45
a.m. A violent easterly pal a prevails
here The wind is blowing at the rate
of forty-five miles an hour, and is con
stantly increasing iu velocity. The
whole southern and southeastern por
tion of the city is inundated by water,
and many families have been driven
out and compelled to seek safety and
shelt r at hotels down town. The
street railway along the beach has
been torn up and tbe waters of the
Gulf are now breaking over the lower
gallery of tho Bench Hotel. Much
apprehension is felt f r the families
residing at exposed points and for the
shipping anchoied in tho outer roads.
Heavy dashes of rain era falling occa
sionally, aud the night is intensely
The storm absolutely wrecked about
150 buildinjis, aad flooded and under
mined and otherwise damaged aB many
more The central portion of tbe ciiy
is not serjnmly danugol. Among the
buildings destroyed are the beach
Kink, where the Slat Democratic Con
vention was held and all th.i buildings
in tbe intent -ite drill grounds.
The to'a! losi will reach $200,000.
Immense MnuiaKe by tbe Ntortn.
6. Louie, Mo., AugnHt 2?. M ager
disptL'he8 lo telegraph oilicts received
t might from Gilvestou Bta'o that a
teiritlc storm of wind and rain hs
prevailed there all day. Itcomn-emed
ahout 4 o'clock this morning and came
from the eat t. At 6 o'clock a.m. the
city is said tohv:i been entirely iu
undated, two feet of water being on
the Bt-and and fifteen fuct on tbe Guif
side cf the city. The ground flaor of
the Beaeh Hotel wes tuhniergd, the
water reaching the eecond fhor.
Houses were 11 a'ing about tho streets
aud immenBe damage lies been done.
All tbe telegraph wires on tbe bey
btidge were wa-hed or blown away,
but some of th- m have I en les ored
and communicaicn with ttie drowned
city was rent-wed about 6 o'clock this
evening. At last sec units the water
was subsiding. Six lives are reported
Keeping; I'p HIM I'minl Luck of One
t'lxh a liny.
Pkosi'KCT Houk, Adikondackh,-N.
Y.. AugUhtEO. Af-er their trpp anil
fi?liing trip t.f yesterday, tbe niembe'S
of tho President's party made no ha te
to throw Cf en their cabin do r this
morning. It wes 11 o'clock before
they hilt the dining ro.tm for a stroll.
Mrs. Fo'som was quite fa igurd with
her first experience in an open bout ell
day under a hot ruii. Mis Cleveland,
on the coi tnirv, wtiu bmio'is for a re
turn cf yfsturdjy!B sport. This af;rr
noin the President Bgin donned
his brown ooiduriy coat, woolen
trousere, flanuel shir; and billy
cock hat, and i-t sited cfT f r a ti ti
pond. The party j r iceeded to Fol
ia sbae Clear, one ot th pio ti-st
shee s of w.itir in the Aduon 'a ts,
dihtant from Saranac Inn a '.unit two
miiae. The greater part of tho cistunre
had to bs trumped on foot. Mm.
Cleveland's hebit on thoe i un's in a
cimfottab'e fitting dresi of brown
woolen ma er al and n broal biimnied
white felt ha;, with a b!id of
11 m'ng red entr-ly nbgciir'nn
the ide of the crown. The Premdcrt
tmd his neual luck t iday. His guiih,
Dave, (ires-ied the fiab, which was a
Htdmrvi trout wiigt.iiig five pou id--.
Toe guid s s.iy heieahou's that it is a
good man who can ia ch a ealmo.i
t-niit every dny at this seas; n ot the
year. A liouse warm.iu and a Pre i
drntinl reiep inn are among the pos i
biliiist au early date. Tue hi tol
guests are gr.idmlly bsromiug ac
quainted with the President and his
Bob Taylor In Favor of Ibe lllalr
r-dncatlon Hill.
Nariivillb, Tens, Aaii't 20. A
special to the Union from KnoxviHo
says: The Hon. Robert L. Ta lir
has said ia the presence of a number
of gentlemen that be is in fav r of the
B air educational bill and that be will
advocate it from tbe ttnmp.
Miss Loui a Vose, a popu'ar young
lady engaged in teaching school in
Kismtt, in Morgan county. itl sud
denly and under very pecu ir c'ruum
stances today. About noon nh-learned
that her mother was ill at home and
not expected to live. The younc lady
ran nearly the entire dis auce home,
nearly a mile, and as she was ascend
ing the steps she fell dead, corpse,
from heart disease. Mrj. Vo s also
died in a few moments.
Germany In Patn(onla.
London-, Augu't 20 The Berlin
tr.,.ii, ain ...i... k.t i..r
craKenunBcu nas maue a large annex
ation in South Pataitonia on behalf of
Germany. Tbe Standard, commenting
on thi?, says it tcioks that Bismarck
will have ti reckon with Chili and the
Argentine Republic. One hundred
and twenty members of the House of
Commons have signed the memnial
asking the governme.it to appoint a
commission to inquire into the cur
rency qusetion.
Lcnobobo's perfume, Edenis
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lr.ndborg'a perfume, Lily of the
Lundborg's perfume, Marchal Nile
Oreenvllle'a Flr.t Bute.
Jspioial to Ta appial.1
Gbeenvilli, Miss., August 20. The
first bala of new cotton wa received
here yestrdav by Weiss & Goldstein.
It vi raised by Mrs. M. O. Metcalfe.
It was sold to Carter 4 Co., for 1PJ
Loal.Tllle Cement.
Foundations, cellar walls and build
ings subjcttooverfl iw should be c m
stiucted wito Louisville Cement. It is
the standard
orrnr.ner xronoie a. lldr.-t.
Belfast, Angust M. A nnm i !
j ProteeUnv rowdiig have halhiu-v!
Ca hones t fig'it tomorrow. A'U i)
uDeasinees is felt in contetiueneo.
"THE qulin'of TABLE WATERS."
"Water foliuUJ :.:V se-wrte is
New York Tines, July 23,1885.
" The purity f APOHTXAKIS
ctft-rs the b. st se- urHy ajiiinst the
c'j:crrs vhiiA are ccn:nion to most
cf the ordinary tirinli: waters."
London KeJicil Reccrd.
CaU Cro.-a Dree '". t- n. II 'at. Pf.itrt.
Bonle to Ihe Vlty nt Mexico
What lie Raja r 111. Ml.
Kl Paso, August 20 Hnec'al F.nvoy
Sedgwick arrived at Kl Pasi this
eveiiins at 4 o'clock and was escorted
immediately across the river to Pneo
del Norte, to ton hi Br gimm s ouice,
where a secret coi ference of about an
hour's duration tcok place. From
there he was escorted to the Mexican
Ceutral d poi. where he took the train
Inr the City of Mexico, at 7 o'clock.
He says his nvssioa is to Minister
Jackfton alone; that his crede!it;als
tt'e directed to tliHt geutloman.
After a conference wth him,
he will return to I'irio del
Nnrfe and cuter upon a minute and
thorough invest'gdion of tho Cutting
we The Department of State at Wash
ington will take no eh p! unt'l h re
turns and makes his report. Mr. Sedg
wick's bacgage was thoroughly ex
amined by the Mexlian cus ems in
soec'or at th Mexirai Central depot
at, Paso Del Nnrto, altbongh hii escort
aiin "imc'iil him as a speci.d envoy
tr in the United Slate. A k'ge en
velop cintaiiiii'g his ceilmiliaU and
instructions ws ,espca'!y seruti
nized. He reports that the niiss'oi is Lot a
diploma'ic cne, but simply onoof con
feretic with Minister Jac pou aud af
ternvnrds one of iuve.t gntion at Pasi
(Jot Norte.
Letter from Keen lury Bityard.
New London, Conn., Anvust 20. At
the meeting of the Un v..rnal IVaie
Union this aftirnoin a let e' waa read
frnm Srirretsrv HHaul refeMinj to
article 21 of the treaty ol 1S4S wi'h
Mexico. Mr. Uriyu'd s-ya thi-tnjiiBt
regrd of the juiiadictioiiai power of
other governnients was the ha is of
hhacti n in theCot ing case, in which
no demand or muxO iuii had bei n
m(!ia on behalf ol ih't government
not warranted and icqui'-ed by a ron
s deration of rai nai duty, founded
upon price pi's of 'n v and jnHiioe.
A t'onnter Movement AKnlnt the
Btcxlc. Hi.
Sr. Louis, Mo., August 2.'. Sews
having arrived h r i thet 'h'. Mexicsn
aut' ori ios have for', flfd a email town
unriie (if v tnilea no the river c tiled
P..n, and paced a di tachment of
hix y tonps tt er, t' e co'imandant i f
ti r Mclntoi.1. Co' is ri,ara net na
a body of twenty men fio:n this i ost
who lott horn jest vdav. ami w.li tc
main forth- preBi nt i.t Patalox, rpjo
B'tuPan, on this side (f tho rivr, aa
rumors find anivod lo ih" eff. ct toat
the Mexicrs had c os'td the river ti
th 8 Bi le. PaUfox ib a d.veit d nun
iiutown wth t ut, lew ini ahiimi's,
hut la go ranches on a 'jiceiit 1 1 it
a id cou.d e. soy l" phi itereit.
I'ouirrcwNinnn Iteairnn on ilia t iitllnK
Galveston, Tbx., Ang'iet 20 In an
in eiv ew p'ibliKliel today, the Hoi.
J ;!i!i 11. Reman, o' tin Htt n d Con
gr' Hsiooal Lnet'ict of Txa ', niPrtku g
i f be M' x ii n iiubp glio, ail lie as
no' tl-or.-ugbty p ttjd thou . it e l.itict
dn"'op!Sif tits o' ttie cie, nut, te
a Id 'd : "From actu d knowl ilg f
t e facts, I can toll you what nu mi-(ir.ti-ioos
uro of ttie (luit'iu case.
F:r-t, tlifl fact, as s'a'ed bv the Mexi
can Jui'ge, that Colt ng'H lihrlons ar.i
clo was fiis", puhlithcd in M xho,
ae ins lo me to lUiike him absolutely
aiiienKb'e to the Mexican law, a. d it
d es not teem to ni that there is any
thing in the cas tht.t abou'd givti riao
to lniern-tional trouble." Jude
Reagan, alhuling to the Arie-.itiB
alfnir at Kagle Pas, raid:
"II I undersand tbe facta cor
rrtct'y, Arrei-iss was a Mexicm c:t:zen
some years ago. After being appre
hended in I orss st-aliug he came into
Texas and declartd his ii t'iition to
hi come a cit zsn cf tho United 8iaea.
Then he went btck into Mexico,
srved in the Mexican army two or
three years, again toot to horse steal
ing and ran on to move into Tex.a,
and being demanded for extradition,
be was aurrendered by the bheiifTand
left to tbe ludgmsnt ot tbe Mexican
orficisls, If this statement of facts is
c irrect, I think it 1m the poorest and
scklitst cause for international trou
ble that I have ever known, and in
ray opinion is a sul joct hsidly worth
a minute's discu si n. Should the
United States go to war with a nelgh
boiing friendly nation because tbe
peoplH of that country choBe to pun
ish a horse thief whiwis one of its
own citizen? It a Texan stole a borsB
aud then lied into Mexico, be would
be compantiv-'ly safe es long as he
piudently rema ned in obscurity. But
biippO'C he was di covered and de
manded by tt.is country for ex'radi
tipn, and heevei.timlly returned to the
fcene of his misdemeanor, wou d nut
this country have the right to punish
liim forthe violation of one of ite laws?
That is precisely the view I take of tbe
reader, and if the United States wixheg
to dc jlare war pgiin.it a sister Repub
lic for execut'ng its laws to the best of
its ability, It will be a decidedly ridicu
loui and absurd proceeding, not to
esy unjust, and ihe should b'ueh to
think of going to war for such a cause
which, when looked at with unpreju
diced eyes, hard y cornea within tier
Mr. R'gin stated that be thought
that Secretary Bavard was hasty in
making a peremptory demand for the
inetant release of Cutting before being
familiar with the facts in the case, ami
that he approved the policy cf rend
ing an envov to Mexico to thoroughly
jilt ths matter. He is confident that
when the fact are fully known and
understood by the people of both na
tions the cloud will suddenly disap
pear. .
PULLIAM At Itnrtlatt, Tenn., Aaa(2fl,
W. MAii I). FutLim, ua ol U. K. Pul-
hervicei at Klmwoot Ccaatarjr this (BAT
t'RDA V) mnrninr at 10 o'o'ook. I rlendi of
tli lamllr ar Invited to attend.
ents' Furnishing Goods
229 - - 231
Ppoimrntnrv to liniltlliis a Nov
w hnvn lnnvoil our HULKS i
Clay lliiildiitf?, HI ami 2.'W
until the nW ItOUSO in romiiiriru. tiiwunr nun nueiii.ueiiim ueiirr
lies than wo It ml in tli oal store., and ran asntiroour patrons and tho
are in a hotter position to serve them than ever.
nnr KiiwU nremiirh larcer than any we have ever had, and nearly
l.if( nilvniu'Ks wrn made in itrlrts
our customers. Kememher, we
can ho bought In tho United
33. "tr owea.sfeiii
and H.WK lH:i'OSir t'ONPANV Lavo
renuved lo No. 4J3 Mlln Mreel,
formally oocupli d hr tho PACIFIC EX
ifW-M. J, III.M'li '. bavo removed
H. M. UAIKM. a. l. TOO
.C.TOOF & C!
BUiik Cook Manufacturers,
No. 272 Second Street,
(Ayrei lllockij
' ew mid Latest Styles Stock. New
Type, New Machinery.
Trices iih low us anywhere, North
or bust,
lumped facilitliB for dolnic nil
kludM I.ltliiiKraiililiiir.
School of Languages
IJ 1 ts 11 . Jnnlruoiiun In Im ur i.tlvale
bylemom. For term , nddre-a ;
I.K N I.ANHSIlliRU, (Inyoao Hulol.
J. P. 110LST & into.
Funeral Directors,
Ko. 330) (SECOND ST., MKMPHIf.
ArtJLLi and eoiopiote itoik of iVood and
Mutallto Oaiiai and CaVeii, lotti4Jov
ered Oaikotn aud Ilnrial Robe, always rn
hand, anr.llrdari tiv Ulfttraoh lrnuiptiy
Tlllt HTOMAl'H.
Sick Headache. V
iliniiliie (lata Ouiiiakii Halt, In
i'iiIimI pv km. at Inc. and J6c. Mo
mink: linn ui iwh twrnxiiuiiw.
ui'iiuluo Haiti mill Iu DulK
Crab Orchard Water Co., Prop'rt.
N. fONFI. Mn.if-T. I-ouU1lle, KT
Virginia Military Institute,
I 6 In fall and ianoeiarul operation and inp-
JL fl lea Ite enlarieil eoume of ny.ionauo
Infltruettftn at a flout tnunh halew that of in-
atituttoni of like arade in tbli oounuy. For
eatalnaaeii, adilreee
KRANOIrt H. 8MITH, Hnperlntondent.
KatOOULTN.N. T.-Bnardon the Ulll
Mn. It. 0. Howard, 2il Wafblnvto.
Park. Uooma laraai lonatlon delightful
Convenient to oare to Manhattan Jieacb,
enney Inland, Loot Beach and Central Park i
alaoto IMew Irork iilaoeeof amuiemenr.. .
DR. 11. L. LAisKI,
rbjalclan, Sarceon tod Accoacher,
313 Halo Ktreet, Jinnr Union
Telephone Wo. up.
W. IK lllKMEY,
Office, 596 Main Streitt,
Pint Door South of Englnehoaae.
arStriot attention given to all builnen In
runted lo hll oare.
Fdjreworth Hoarding and Day
FCiHK)I for Yoani Ladle and LUtleOtrla.
Mr.. II. P. LKKKUVRK, Principal, o. OH
Krniiklln Nlrtt, Hnlllixorr, Ml. The
Ultlh ichonl year will begin on Thumday,
arpi,roa.r iNHe.
VntilMeTVaiNai !: PA H T KKT.
" " WllHHII.r UNlVKtaftllY,
nviiie, irni. 'JhurouKh Inntrai-tlon
in diitlnot ooureeeof ivll, Mechanioal nnd
Mininf Knilneerina '(Anuu.il Tuiiiun "''),
end in Manual Technoinrv Vrel. Full
Faculty. Kit.nilve equipiuenU and lacili
tin in drant htlng-roonie, faboratur en, ihopt
ana noia practice, entrance nx mtnaliuni
bept.lt, lo and in. For otrnulare addresa
VV1X.3 WXLLUilti, livaiue,
1 mwm ll iTO
3 it -I nl I! 'i vi "i II li",! Wv
h PI h p
- - 233 MAIN STREET.
SU) elivMisn ilium our lot on tho corner ot
I.M htock to tho spurious wnrrliouws li
Main strort, where wo will coiitiiuio our
an advantHKO that we have
Riiarunteo the price ol every
OEFICE Boom 1 (now) Cotton Ik hange UuildliiK. Tolcphon OK.
Harlh Brltlah aud Her. Fqnlfftblo er Miuihvllltt ...f 17,1
rniKllfl (nearly) $Sft,OI0.0no Hunaellinof Mtiomllle. laMa)
We.teknl.ror ra terU l,le J,n I I'huenla nt Hrualtljn (Ma-
Uulou ol Oltloruin l,l4H,Voa rlne Department) m,l,n
Amnrlcnn Mnrety Cuuinanjr, Muklnic Honda of Snretjahln.
All olaiiioi of property Inured. rieolal Attention given to lniurlng Country OUrajt.
Hew York Life Insurance Co.
ILiMMl FLIll (Ml
JUtirjNI mU M
rule, to thn.o who dc.lre l try it. i..-liil
ImttliiiK out ol Mniiiilila.
IN & m
I'AllMlH AND ClUrKI STYLKS, 525.00 AND rrVAliI;
r TERMS Caeh, or eiay Monthly Inatallmenti. Write !r Illuatratel Cataleue.-n
o. kl- x-3:otto:e. oo.
140.0(10 I"WTt-. Ut
. 11 I HlimMlrril, NnahtllK'.-
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000,
I. K. 0t) WIN, Pris't, J. M. H00lIUK, Vlce-Pres't. C. U. RAJNE, Cashled
X3oaarct of
T. B.TT'RI''T.
f . B.llrlUCB.
f . B. HI MS,
W. I. WII.KfcRflON,
mm' A 0f)pMilt4rjr mt th mif of TnM'M4Mtv TruMiMt uurM limmhmt
MaamciM mm.4 fttv-M SMlal AllaaUM to XllMtHHM.M
III10I & Mil
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery
Nos. 328 and 328 Main
CO.Mfl.KTK THAN VC rlBOKC. and our rrice9ill oo in pare wito those cf any toaiaj
la the United Hiaiea. We are Aaenti for
TeueMM ManarrtBrls Co.'s Plaids, Drills, Sheeting, Shlrtluir, Etc,
XaXHVX3VC07J est OA1.1J.
R. GODn k go
And Commission Merchants,
Jfoa. 34 and 8C CTailUon UireeU IMTcmplilij
Send for CaUlofUrtowlnxceptionallriuperl..radvantate,ln(laonce ud environment.
IDA K HOOD, p ..,...
Main and Jellerson Sts.
eretof'ore known as the
WKOLKNALK hiisiiics
facilities for doini; busl
trade generally that we
all purchased before ihe
ed to at least share with
article w
e sell to be aa low as it
gr Bro?
hnrrel InU delivered In the oily at very lo
HMtv lo ll n.ilnla on Mnllisjld
iVtomnltl". Tosixi.
IVo. Iioo Olive Mree,
Nt. VomK
J. R. 80DWIH,
e FT jr n HUD,
t ur n i t a
aifMii n ijunvai
Ha T uuup-in. 11. Be uuFrin.
St., MeraphHIToni.

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