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The Di'fcndiuiU Fonnd Gnlltj of Mur
der, as Charged, With a
Single Exception.
How th Verdht Wa UecclTed by
the Prlconers-Excltliig: Scenes
In the Courtroom.
Chicago, III, AuUBt 20. Many
rumors were afloat this morning re
garding the verdict of the jury in tbo
an-chiet casee, end ut every hour peo
ni hnian to anther about the court
house, which wan cleanly guarded by
police, as was also ine iwvere iiuimb,
where the jury spent the night. At 9
o'clock there wore twenty police in
uniform in the courlroom, and several
representatives ol the presp. It was
nnderetood that very lew spectators,
If any, would be permiltid to enter
the courtroom this forenoon. Tt e
court ollicials doiided that the rula
tivreofthe priuonorg nhou'd he al
lowed in the courtroom, and at 0:15
o'clock the sister of fcjit, with a
young nin, mit-le her appearance.
feUe moved a though alio would plo
wed to the close proximity of tho
chairs here'ofure rccupii'd hv the pris
oners, hut she whs motioned to a Stat
on the opposite side of the court room,
in the rear of a line of police ofliclrs,
thu? indic.tinK tlmt the prmnois are
not to be surrounded by their admir
ers this forenoon. Short y afterward
tin mother of Spies accompanied by
a yunntter son, also entered the court
room and twk a Boat on the back
bsne.h. The jury left their hotel at
0:1(1 o'clock, ami under the guidance
of ten bailifls, took their way to tho
courthonse and were conducted to an
inner room, immediately adjoining
the main courlroom. At 0:'J0
entered the cmirtrtiom with her reti-
u e, accompanied by a woman who
has attended her throughout tho trial.
Him was iriven a seat bet ween two po
licemen, and with two policemen im
mediatulv in her lear. Whether this
pn caution was to tftiard against any
extraordinary exploit in the court
room, or nor, Is, of course, not known,
but tho Mat accorded tho f. male an
archist was deemed insignificant. By
9:30 o'clock the crowd in tho court
room numbered shout 100, hut was
still composed, wita the exception oi
the persons named, of police, court
bailing and press representatives. Mrs.
Blaek. the wife of Ihe chief counsel
for the defenre, who 1ms boon In court
daily, I roceeded to take her former
seat, near the ptisoners, hnt was re
qneted to take her s?t on the oppo
site side of the courtroom. Mrs
Mailt remarked to a newspaper re-
nortar. as she laid her piekage of
newspapers asida: "Well, they say it
has all koiih BuiuntiL our men. llioy
take it very well though ; they seem to
expect i'." The HheiilT has rtfu ed to
allow ai one to see the prisonnrs, and
no one hi., heen permitted to enter
the jail mnu the aim was given to tho
Jury, yesienuy ai ernoon.
taken in tho out'ome of tho trial and
the tun! 1 1' if of the jury is illustrated by
ti e crowd which had gathered in front
of the courthouse to awnt t'io an
nouneeraunt. " Nrinrly L't!00 peoplo
were itatl'ered on Miehign street, In
froi.t of the main entrance to the
building, par.lng up nt the windows,
but the p.ilice kept the crowd mov
ing, however, and It appeared to l
coinp'.sed almost entirely of B'lr.rily
curiotH people. Mr. Fustwr wilt the
firt of ilio counsel to put 'n an ap
pes ance, Htriving a' 9:-i.r o'c'ock. lie
w h to 1 owed shortly afterward by Mr.
Haininon. Judge. Cinry a rived ntft:17
o'clock, end nlnioe.t nt the sume mo
ment CUpt. HI ick Mil Mr. Zoi-iler,
complo ing tho tnaro!ttt of the iIh
fotuhmtN'iunsol, arrived, ('ap'. Muck
remarket to Ins wife, whii ho in
ttr.d, "I l ave just ha-i a tu'k.witti tho
priconnrs. '1 hey hnvo iwn tho pjpnra
and know wlut will be the prohahl
onhoiiio. They vtU laugh at dea'h,"
mid t' e'otoruey, with a half Inigc
air. He declared Hint they would
show no eicit'Miient. Q i.to a num
ber of attorneys woio allowed
to tome within tin tailing, which
eotvud to give tho mom a somewhat
moio novuled r.ppcara: ('.. The piis
oners Wrirt breuiiiit into tl.ecourtr lom
at !):52 o'clock and were stated nt the
nonhead corner of the v mtrooin.on
si inn sii'e hencl es the coii't was
c.il'ed to rdo' n' 1:M. Tho pi tanner
Were n..t observable to the ryes of hut
very f.iw m tho couniojin. 1,'hey pro
sr.; ted h nt tho umhiI appumance,
though ISpies and l'huhor looked
l- iitti-y i ale. The jury arrived at
0:iSi c.Vl'M'k. There was impressive
eile M e bs tlii y tiled in. AYhen the
jury appeared Judg Gary enjoined
aim ii ute hilente. There wne a whis
pxri., oniult itton between tho Judge
end the clerk, when the verdict, as
foil ias, wi:s read:
' Wo, the jury, fled tl at the defend
nlK, Auyust Hpi.'s, Michael Schwab,
Samuel Kieldoo, Allier; K. I'ur.'Oiie,
Ad ilph Kl chur, Georgs K gel and
L'liiis Linrg, guilty of murder as
charged in t ie ludicttnent, and tlx tho
p -ra iy at I'eath. We tind the de
lenlsn'. tl.cnr W. Ne b i guilty of mur
dtr 1:-. manner aii't form-as f luigd in
t'.e md c uieiit, and fix the penalty nt
impr s nmeiit in the peniteutiary for
liftoen yeard."
Ca;.'. H ack aikeJ that tl jury be
pod'4 The jurymen aii8lteJ "with
tirm voice-".
Capt. l'.Uck said ho would desire to
in ika ui'iti'm for a new trial.
State's Atirny tirinnell said It
would be irnpoo lhle lo di o o of the
-!o at tno rejerit term, but by
ygriietneni tin mo'ionci uld te Rrgiimi
hi tho hepten'.Der term. Hub wjs
auri-o t to by the dciense.
The Oonrt I.e the motion he
ntirt-d a' (1 cot'tc n d until the next
term and the dufendrtnte taken back
t j il
"i'li- C urt then a'os J Bi;d address d
tl.o jii'y as folio we :
(jentlemon ot '.be jury, you have
li'iihhed this lorg and eriuous trial
which h '8 required n very coimidera
ble su'r liie oi rime und te-mo hard
ehips. 1 hopi ;hat every t-iing has
bs'en done that c u'd poib'y bed me
1 1 iiinlie ih ho 6 ii r th't s and haidsliit s
ss mild as in ght he perm tVd. h
Tocsn-.t become me ti ray anything
n rcua d to ihe a o thnt yon huva
tri d, o' the verdict you have ion
drnl; fu' iv.cn compu'sori y serving
as jurors as you have dotiu (lesiuve
sonio ri cOtiiiti n of" tho s rvice you
have po'foruied bc-ido the menger
ton-pensA'don you I arc icceived.
Th foreman cf the jury said: "The
r - hny. deputed to ti.e the only
, v uty that it Is oar province
; and Hut istM,"jik the
Coutt and the connsal for defense and
for the prosecution for your kindly
care to make us comfortable as pos
sible during our confinement. We
thank you."
Tbo court responded very briefly.
had filed ont during this interim
under the gnidance of tho bailifls.
Hardly bad the jury left tbe room
when a p'crcirig thiiuk wa heard, fol
lowed by the heavy falling of the wife
of Schwab to the floor, to whom the
result of the verdict had been inter
pret! d.She is also the Bister of Schnau
relt, the alleged bomb thrower. She
was carried out to the air by the po
lice, snd soon revived. Mrs. l'ais jns
looked haggard as she started to leve
the courtroom, but maimained a mod
erate degree ol composure. Thecrowd
retnsined outside for an hour after the
reading of the verdict.
It is understood that the authorities
now contemplate the immediate arrcs,
of all persons even indirectly connect
ed with the hay market tragedy for
conspiracy, and that in this knowledge
many of the active leaders hearing the
outcome of the verdict are preparing
to leave tbe git y.
All of tbe relatives and personal
friends of the condemned auarchieti
immediately left the courtroom short
ly after the swooning of Mm. Schwab,
with the exception of Mrs. Parsons
and hor female companion, who after
leaving tbe c jurt room, returned and
seated themselves by lion. W. 11.
Parsonr, of Texa, a brother of onecf
the condemned. The trio iliscuHeed
tho outcome among themselves and
dwelt upon the poBsibility of a tever
sid of the verdict by the Supreme
were conveyed ttiiongh the covored
iron way which leads from tho court
room to the jail and were at once
placed in the "cage," a email compart
ment near the entrance to the jail,
which lahenvily barred and very com
pletely covered with a thick wire net
ting. They were joined there shortly
,by their four nttornjyn, who extended
tathodiwhat encinriigniient wai in
their power of relief on an npp a .
Spits had divested himself of Ins cont
end seemed to be tho m'.Rt thoroughly
compojed of the eight. Ilo declined to
convene to any one hut his attorneys,
but it is stated he had a premonit.on
thnt his fato was sealed. Kngol, who
lies maintained a very quiet air
throughout the trial, appeared lo ha
tho most depressed one of tho lot. He
sat on a bench w ith his hands clenched
in front of him looking at tho tl or.
He did not even look up to rtspond
to a remark from one of his compan
ions. LlttgKi the young bomb tnuker,
walked about the "cage" somewhat
nervously said would pot respond to a
salutation by a newspaper reporter.
He had lopt his smile and he displayed
the effect of the excitement ol t'io or
deal of the morning by a complete li ss
of color. Pttrsms, who had given
himse'f up for trial, looked disconso
late and broken down, but j.iim'd in
at intervals with questions directed to
the attorneys. Fischer, win had
looked very badly during the trial,
having an almost absolutely c lorle?H
face, had in a measure recovered him
dolf, and smoked a ciger as he listened
to the Interchange of views between
counsel and Spie, Fiolden, the Kn-gli-dimaa,
sat on a box at the side of
Engel, and offered very little comment
during the talk. Schwab Bio d ner
Sixes, taking in the conversation but
offered no remark. Met be, who was
given fifteen years in the penitentiary,
whb thoroughly composed and seemed
to appear as though ho was grateful
thnt no bad esiaped the death penult y.
None of Ihe friends or ro'nlives of
tho prisonera luul npi'iured at the jail
up to the noon hour.
A Iter the att orneys hail departed tho
prisoners woo faen from their form
er cells and placed in cells on what is
n-iwn m iniiruerors row.
Tho j n i y , after having re oived their
P'y, were driven away in carriages to
escape the Jingeiing crowuu out-awe
tl. o jail.
of counsel for the defense, Huhl that tho
ver.tict wns "nguinet ai nrchy, and not
the anaichisU on trial." Us thought
the verdict uib a great stlipris-) to
S ntti's Attoiin y (iriiinu l hiiiuHf.
People M iod in groups on all tho
B'.reo's loading bi the courlroom and
e.'geiiy purohi'Hi'd the various editions
of, the pnpoiH, which fallowed o;ieli
other rapidly.
Hilling Uih Hiding of t'o verdict
the prisoneis were complit-dy hidden
from tho view of evt-iyone in tho
cour rjeni, n conlon i f police com
ple'ely Hiiirnnndiiig them, and what
ever immediate cfl'e. t the rending of
the verdict hud uiinu them c.mld not
be iliHcerne.l.
tub ritKCACTio.ss oi' tuk touch
were iippveitly directed so as to
giiK'd i-gocst any demonstration by
lbo p'-soiierH or their friends of any
charHcter whi'ti ver.
The motion (or a new tiial, it is ex
peeled, wid be he ml e.irly next month.
If it is overrul- d Judge Uary will pro
iK unee sntanee and tix tho dute for
the Crtirying out of the death penalty.
Tho case will then go to tho Supreme
Court for rev ew.
It is tho generally t xpreswd view of
lawyers that the Supreme Court will
not interfere if Judge Cinry refuses a
new trial, ss Hie Court, it is contended,
ruled wit i grant Ijbetality toward the
defeod-tnts' ci.unsel, and read to tho
jury nearly every in-triiction asked
lor on behulf of the defendants.
"We had our verdict made up be
fore 7 o'clock lan night," said O. B.
Todd, who wns one of ihe first four
jurjrs accepted. "1 don't think I
ought to tell vo;i why we didn't
reach a conclusion Burner, for we re
solved not to make public our delib
ir.it'ons." "What speech had the grea'eit
weiubt with the jury V"
"lirinnellV. Is wasn't an ornate
speech, but it showed the honesty of
the mini j showed how earcest he was.
lie nude ever)tbing to p'ain that we
foil into his way ol looking at the
cuss, but in doifg that wa v.ero only
obeying oar judgment. I think that
kt the coi.c'nsion cf the evidence, and
w ine-in nriy spawn mating ttt u, we
wm'd luve srrived st the same con
in front of tho couith uise was eoine
tlnitg intense while tho verdict was
being awai'ed. There was none of tho
j dung and laughing that is heard on
ih.e only other occasion that brings
mob 1 1 sUnd without those dreary
walls-the execution of a cnuviuted
or liun.r. l'ach mnn seemed to be
1 o'.lmg Lis brta'h. iin.1 such ronversa-
i ioi s m wci l o ;t were in
C ;! WttrH in a l.tur t-itto
and relnted solely to the one topic
the probable, conviction ol tho eight
p:inoners win wore nwn tinij for the
hour which was to mean life or death
to them, 'lh-ro was a cordon of "police
(.fetched alotiHtht. sideWdU In front
of tho outer sWira of ihe building. A
dozen blue coats inincld uiih .v
ciowdB,and more stood gni.nl over the
lilt'e gate in tt-e alley tht leads to
the jail yard. l)jUctives and polico -
men io tit'Kens elbthea were every -
where 'o bfl toe n. ThciO was aleo
tie regulsr guard at the street
entiance to the bui dinar, and a
deputy Bheriff and two otticera wer
Bta'ioned on the iron stairway leading
to the courlroom. A young man, hat
less and with his coat buttoned up
light around him, stood at tbe door of '
the court. He Lad no sooner heard
the verdict than he fairly hurled him-,
self down the clanging iron stairs, and,
rushing np to one of toe t flieors at the
door, tie breathlessly yelled: "They
bung ssvon." Those in the front
ranks of tho crowd beard the words,
and they gave a cheer, and the rest of
the woitms took np the burraa when
the news was commuuicitod io them,
and repeated it many times over. It
sounded like a knell to ths prisoners,
but it was an aeBurante to the tired
jurors of what they must have almost
known almost all along, that tbe in
twflt of Chicago in the trial had not
abited since tbe morning of May 5th.
At 2 o'clock this afternoon a large
force of police was gathered at tue
Chicago Avenue Police Station under
tbe command of Capt. Schaack and a
litde later Chief Kbersold arrived. It
is current rumor around town that
the police luve a list containing the
panics of nearly 300 men who were in
the anarchist conspiracy, and that
hem (forth wholesale arrests will be in
It is reoorted that tho names of Mrs.
Lncy Parsons and Mr. Lizz e Holmes
am am;)cg those for whom warrants
have been issuod charing them with
A newsman end bootblack known
as ' Corky," who has been a familiar
tignro at the corner of Washington
and Stnte btreota, nnd who it is ex
plained, has been blac-ing the boots
of the cQiiiiKul for the ufe,t,se, kept
crying out this morning, "the jury is
no good. I'll throw a bomb in tho
courthouse," was arrested by a police
nirtii (lining one of his flights and
tuken to the station. The man was
in tovicutod.
A f or Hit y hud remained in tho
"i penny two houis, Fischer, at
liini impatiently, raid to a repoitsr,
"No, I have nothing to riy." Then,
as he uk'nin enmo back to tho b -rs, he
leaned upon tho tible placed there,
and snid: "You may sny that this
only begins tho fight Rgaiiiht the rys
lorn. It is the birth of anarchy."
Neebe, upon luing rsked if the ver
dict win a MirpritjB to his companions,
m il he did not know whe'her it was
or not. Ho had not asked them, fiud
t'.iey bad not exprcnod themselves to
him on the subject. This quo-jtion,
1 1 fi-.r si the leaders were concerned,
wa' just then anowered, for Spies and
Paivous wero brought down and
taken into tho "csga" with the others,
wiier'j Hlncf. Fcs'er. Salomon and
Z-i-ler, (ho attorneys for the defocse,
ha I been shown. Spies, as he shook
hands with Capr. iihick, said: "i-tcn-tlemen.
we did not. expect it." Par
s ins wore Irs coat aud his soft Blouch
hnt. but wvi nliuoet p niallv calm.
The twain con 'ultc' ith Black and
Foster, while Nee Fielden and
Linirg hovered a the dhows. Snlo-
ni'in in another orm Ikod with the
gaunt, wretched look Schwab, who,
with hla lank ph ie, unkempt
beard, staring? eves and hollered Mouch
hat. p-escnted toe ideal appsaranco of
a demoralized convict. Kngel and
Fischer were being talked by Attorney
Z lsh r. who crew decidedly empiutic,
and expreseed himself in language
which Bounded strangely like sympa
thy for the auflrchiaecauie.
The lr6i(Vr 'eiluna appears this at
ternoou with the following: Shameful
Seven of tho accused condemned to
death and Noubo to fifteen years in the
penitentiary. Motion for a new trial
made. Commenting on tho verdict
the inner Bavs: "Tho nuwft which
conveiod in the above head lines was
c iminunica'od by Oshorn, the foreman
of the mrv.tu JiuUo Uary. 1 lie spot
lers' w ho mingled among the crowd in
tho street bioKo into a hurrah when
tho iiiinouncemei.t was ma Je, but Ihe
J ude became quite pule not even he
Imnscdf had predicted it. Grinnell
awaited it openly; proumnbly he had
reasons for so dointj. Maishall Field
and men of his stripe have much un
limi'od monoy. Wnat do the people
sny to the vmdicl? It consider it
impossible. We aho could not believe
th tlrsl news Irue until it was con
tinued later, dipt. Itlack at mice
movrd for n new tr.nl; (jrinnell did
not object, nud Jndg.) (.iary will hour
tno motion st the Sep cmber tonn.
Should ho rt fueia it, tuon there io
mutiis notlrng but tl e appeal. We
are ours- Ives too tiftich excited to eny
more toiUy."
Win u tho priBinem euternl the
courtroom they were shown to their
new feats near the esst door. Par
bone, atiiactcd by the crowd in the
stret t, stopped and waved s red fcilk
handkerchief out of the window until
forced into his seat. Schwab, who
wns on the vrge of cillapse, sank,
upon the tench. Rallying a little he
also gliiliced into the sircet, and turn
ing to Parsons, euid in English, "I
wish I could go down and aiaae those
fellows a speech." Just as the jury
was coming in Parsons looked up at
the policemen who were facing him,
and hnlf shouted : "I don't want to be
stared at by these ollicers," following
this with the remark, sotto voce, thnt
"ho did not come here to be made a
rhow of." As tho veidict was read Par
sons turned his face to the window
aadwhis'led softly through his half
c impressed lips. Schwab fell back in
his Be.v, and clutching Pareona's arm,
Sisped in thrman: "My Uod, we
ie and Neeba ge'a but Uiteeu yeare."
As the condemned men were being
led back to the jail through the ele
va'ed Iron presage way tieldeu re
quired support. Lingg aud Engel
wa'ked firmly and showed lit'le emo
tion. Spies ard Fischer looked pale
but retained their s' length. Schwab
tottered behind. But it wis on Nnebo
that the blow fell heav est, as he had
been confident of acquibat. While
seated iu the hailitl's olllce last night
he wns asked by Bailifl Seldon, "Went
will you take right now as a compro
mise siktence?" "Not one hour,"
Rtnndv declared Neebe. Abe enter
ed the jail on the march from the
court he looked like R corpse, his hag
gard countenance speaking unuttera
ble woe. Tbe courtroom waa quickly
emptied, the crowds pouring out to
join the cheering throng In the tree
The i tlect of the verdict upon the
f'iends of the condemned waa as p.st
tive and varying ib upon the defend
an'sthemstdves. The wives of Schwab,
Kngel, Par-sons and Neebe, with the
fpin do reletives of all rave l.itiDff, who
is fiiondle'S in Amtrc, occupiid the
tieraol lisDCbos to tl:0 lelt of t'.lO indges,
Ail werens pale as death when the
finding of tho jury was r ad. No
di'inoiiMiation attended it?clcso f rr m
ibis d eplv interetid qusiter, but
Mrs Sohwiib, the si-tar of Schnauhelt,
and wife of tho . sentenced anarchist
whrss name she beats, grew livid, and
I and sparchless.
i c'.os ng lier eyes sue Bat mouoiucsa
sae mo laiuiou, i
uhh not diacovurcd
thougn tho fact
I until the courtroom was almost emp
1 tied. She was revived with water
aud clmting and reguiaed conscious
ness to moan and shriek for several
moments. Mrs. Eogel asked to s?e
her ill fated husband, and was de
nied tbe privilege. Tbe other ladies
hastily departed with pale cheeks and
compressed lips, ave Mra. Parsons'
the stepped out to the middle of the
room snd, shaking bands with Capt.
ciacK, Bald wearily: "wen, liapiaio,
what of it?" "Oh, never mind," Le
replied, "tbi is nothing but a verdict.
Have paiiepce." Mrs. far-sons re
mained for an hour conversing with
Mrs. Black. The sceie3 in the streets
about the court buiidir g were inter
the great crowd received of a verdict
was brought in a startling li-smon.
The form of a tall young ntan, with an
expression of intense excitement on
his fane, his hat in his band, appeared
running through the door, only to be
seized tbe next instant by a dozen
policemen. "Drop me, I'm a re
porter," gasped the young man, and
being instantly released be resumed
hia mad career only to be caught and
held half a dozen times by pursuing
ofiiceis before hi) rrached the corner.
The crowd had experienced a email
panic at this incident ami was jun re
covering when a man appeared in the
wind w of the Stare's Attorney's of
fice and th'ou'.ed the verdict. A great
cheer was r-ieed. The throngs
preBsod into Michigan street and
stood there for hours. Thrco coin-
i anies of police wero on the ground
and male a wide cordon about the lo
cality through which none were al
lowed to pa;.B. U'.her po:icomen
and nndreis officers mingled iu
(he crowd and kept a vigil
ant eye about. Align t Krumin,
tho anarchirit who t'-e.tifiod that he
had lighted Ids cigar in the alley just
before tbe bomb wns thrown, btood
directly opposite the undo entrance of
ttio building. Ho wns kept under closa
surveillance. A nmn who gave the
card of A. Sin':th, jeweler.No. 75 Madi
son street, created some excitement a3
ihe jury was being laiien irom ine
Iisvere'llouae to t:ie carriage) which
were to take thorn homo. Ha refused
to git out of tbo way, and grow im-
pu iont to tho police, lie waa at once
hustled from the s eoe, while the
c.owd, ripe'.for any excitement, ran in
every direction.
his atudfltnnts, Ingham, Wa'ker and
Furthmnn, Mr. FV-ter and Inspector
Bonfiold. rat in the S'nti-'s Attorney's
oflice chatting an hour ef;er the ver
dict was rendered. "I feel B.irry f- r
the jurors," s lid Mr. Feeler, impres
sively, "If the day ever comes tint
the ropea a o placed about tno necks
of these prisoners, th members of tho
jury will not be out of dniger. I have
urged the piiionerj to have all their
friends exercise Ihe'r influence a?ain-t
violence between now aud the end of
the caie."
"I want t say," intornotcd Inspec
tor Bonlleld, "that if any violence is
done by the friends of thtsa men, that
the lamp posts of Chicago will bear
fruit. In my opinion the police will
be powerless to quell the popular r.ige,
aod public vengeanco will be sum
marily wreaked upon all the friends
and pronounced sympdthiztsrs of an
archy," Joan Capel, one of the anarcbi- ti in
the county jail indict.:d for conspir
aey, wbb reieas'd on $500 hmda to
d y. William Schneider and Thomas
Brown, two other anaicbist prisoners,
were perfectly overcome when the
pews of tho verdict roechfd them in
the Schneider cried: "My Uod,
it is horrible," and continued to mouo
for two hours.
Ilio Vonllil wih It cool veil
New York.
New York, Augmt L'O. The vo'dict
of tne jury iu the case of the Chicago
anarchists is universally c jniuieot'id
up m in this citv.
Tbo Evening Pott says: Tho import
ance of this result can scarcely bo
overestimated. It is a f-rmul nobrl
CAtion to nil anarcl.i t1, in this c nuitry
aud out of it, that they cannot carry
on their lritainnus Inula any more
safely in America than they can at
home. If Spies, Fields, Parsjns,
Litigg, Schwab, Kngel und Fin:her sro
hangud, as they in all probability will
be, their fate will be preby lerti-.iii to
put an end to tho buneajof throwing
bombsiii this country. A 1 niirn-hmtn
Rio nohiriuinly cowahI-, and the dis
semina'i'in of the iiitoil:geti"n that
ilio pui'itice of oniin hy in tlm Uoitr.d
Stati s ha l.i surely on 1 swiftly to the
gnllows w.ll roivt) n vo y deprossiug
etlett op n the pr bSHon. ine na-
tionelity (-1 the Clm:go cr.nin.tls is
sullic enliv varied to carry tho les on
home lo more th -u.oiu! country. Ficl-
don is an l,iii liuian, t a snn is an
American, Mid the others are all tier-
nii-ii-', we h- Iieve.
The Voimnm ial Adv?rliir fay:
This is the death blow to anarc'iy" la
America. The num-iiiing ttnigs of
Lehr und Wchr Vcrein are not ol tha
speries that will risk their lives for
the unholy cause they have heretofore
championed, and now that their Bfsi-
ciettts are doormd 1 1 death the outers
will retire to their slums and tio their
Krowlinir under 'heir breath.
To the judgto, tho proscuting sltor-
neys, iue jury, inn poi-.eo ana ino
witnt Bscs in this gnat tr.nl, the entire
public owes a vote of thanks. But it
is particularly to the jury that puulic
gratitude is due, fcr upon them rested
the responsibility of ths verdict and
against them anaichist venueance
would he wreaked, il the anarchists
had the daring to wreak vengeance at
all. Now the duty of the Chiciwo
municipal authorities should Ine,
nevertheless, to guird against any
poisible anarchist outbreak sgsinet
the brave men who have satiated to
bring tho eight thugs to justx,
and to punish sucb an oiulinnk
so severely that the last remnant of
anarchy in Chicago shall he lorever
Thin medicine, OMiWnlril Iron with rum
reci-mi-n tonic, qtiteitiy na
VJirri PwtM-nnln. I .K-t-rtcillon,
finttrr Itlnml, lllftku'lu,( kills and l-'evrra.
Anil N-ttrnllit.
It Is nti ni i iilitif rmcdy for JMscacs of tb
Klclnox rn. I .IT.
It It Invnlimhlo fur Plpes rx-enllsr to
T-inion, 8iul nil who lend k -lcntnry icn.
liiliM mt tnltiretlMtoeili.oUMihe(laohe.iir
pro-lit' o otpisiti-stton WVt Iron mniicinr tin.
tti'iutchi-isritt puriMos thelilond.nttrauliuoi
rliSHpiM-titp. .'U the vunllnitl-ii of food, ro
lievon llrartlmin snd lu-li litng, iid ttrcugtli
fii tlie uomolpii and nervort.
Fur luiormtrteiil Fevorn LAftfttilds, Lacktl
Porrr?. c. It h no e-iual.
t P Th jft-nnlne h ntnive tntrl murk 3
eov4 rMlliK- on wrapper. Take nouthei.
tot fill I
m : - ij
The most wonderful Pain-Carer the world ha3 ever
known. Its effects ane instantaneous.
Children Cry for
HlltTIIIHfiiHl mujuni)!'!'-'
About twenty years ago I discovered a little sore on my cheek, and tho doctors pro
nounced it cancer. I have tried a number of physician?, bin without receiving any perma
nent benefit. Among the cumber wero one or two riuli.-tt. Tho medicine tnty applied
was llko Are to tho sore, causing nilcnso pain. I paw a ptat. :- nt in the papers telling ttliat
8. S. S. had dune for others similarly afflicted. I procured i-.'me at or.ee. Berorc I hud uted
tho second bottle the neighbors could notlco thnt. tuy rawer waa liealins up. My Rencral
health had been bad for two or three yonre 1 haa a liaeklruj cou-;ii n;ia npit blood coutln
oally. I had a ncvere imin in my hreat. Aft.-r t iliiic; bo-.tles of S. S. S. my cmi-.'h left
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altltlo siot almut rho size or a half dime, and It is rapidly disappearing. 1 would adviso
every one with cancer to (jivu . S. W. a fair trial.
Mita. NANC'V J. Mot'UNAL'UHEY, As'.io Grove, TipiKicunoe Co., led.
Feb. 18, 1SS6.
Kwlft'a 8icei(lc is entirely vegetable, ami sei ins lo cure canfera by forcinr; out the innu
tiea fruia tho blood. Treatise on Wood and Skin Diseases nmiled free.
THE SW11T srECU' IC CD., Drawer 3, Athinta, la.
mm Mb aKl! (tl-ri ITU
HI Till 1
II Union EHjrwt,
Cotton ekotozro,
No. S Front street. : Mnal8a. Teatv
Z. N. ESTE8.
S. S.
WLalesale Grocers and Cotton Factors
Nos. I) 1-2 and 13 Union Street, Memphis, Tenn.
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ilmte OrocerB
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Qr-li!TVW. t4fTTBI4TV.t
fZ& mJ& Jtik 98 Second St. Memphis. Tr
f v; . rv p. svrrrfi 1 1 a w
m &
urounat Kit Bcro vMit'vwo
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No. 124 Jefferson Street MemPhla. Tennowef ,
tira Bnlti.
And Conmission ercnanif,
232 and 234 Front
Pitcher's Castoria.
i ail If P 1 1 M$
'llf Alalia WW
: : Miwiphla, Ttf.nju
yr . B. DOAN.
i. l. woodsg:
& Cotton F&ste,
lil II L L iJllet
i iiriuetn, Moilern, NhhuiIIIh,
ltradforI Corn ami It'bent MilJ k
ot(ou rret8, C'oltou Uiun.
fShnllliiK. Pnlley, kc.
NFFCIAI. HOTICK W arprparoil to fill orden
onloon notice, for the cole, rated MlRr
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Two Hundred AworteJ mih. .
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xra.v. t'Jrli.
M. J. Cla k.
Grocer, Cotton 5 atr
i, 'i'ons.
Ann ajiv
m. rta iV1(CraAM
it i al. estate.
No. R. D. Chancery Court of Bbelby
connty Caroline illant et al. ri. Atari
Bain et and No. 5613. R. D.-John
Loayue, Adm'r, e'.Q,, ti. Caroline Blani
BeV virtue ol an Interlocutory deoree for
tale entered in tbe above cauie on the
2th day of July. 1, M. B. M, paat
114, 1 will tell, at public auction, to the
highert bidder, in front ot the Clerk, and
Matter'! oD.ce, courthouse of bbelby county,
Uemphit, Tenn., on
KBtardity, aoinul 81, 1898,
within legal bourn, the followina- de
oribed property, tituatedin Taxing Dintriot
of Bhelby oounty. Tennessee, to-wlt: The
one-fourth undivided interest of Joseph Bain
in and te the following lots, vii : One lot of
land being part ot lot 15, block 06 begin
ning at a point 40 feet north of the north
west corner of Linden and Causey street! :
thence north with Cauiey atreet 4tl feet to a
stake; thence west parallel with Linden
etreet 138 test to Bob Price'i line; thence
louth parallel with Causey street 40 feet to a
staKe; tuenoe east parallel wnn uiuuuu
street 138 feet to the beninnini. For title to
wbioh reference is made to deed record' a in
book 30. tin 12. of keuiitor't ofBce. Alto.
one lot lying on the south side of Pontotoc
street, between Causey and Ilernandu streets,
and known at pirt of lot 4, block 43, front
ing 36 feet on the louth side of l'ontotoo
street and running back or south between
two parallel lines 134 leet. For title of which
reference is made to deed recorded in Regis
ter s oflice in book HI, page 303. And also
one other lot, which begins at a state on the
south aide or Linden atreet 54 feet east of
Causey street; thence east with Linden
street 50 feet, thoi.ee south at right angles
with Linden strrel US 'eet; thence west par
allel with Linden street 50 leot; thonoe
north 145 feet to the beginning. For tit e of
which reterence is bad to deed recorded in
Keiister'a office book 34. paa 378. Sold sub
ject to the right of dowry ol defendant, Ma-
riU Uaill, US U3B!UOU UGl iu ,u. IUU-1 IU.
above eet out.
Terms of Salo One half (la) cash; bal
ance in six months; note with good security
fur deferred payment required; lien re
turned to secure same, and equity of re
dumption barred This August 3, liotij.
8. I. MuDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By II. F. Walsh. Deputy 0. and M.
James Oallogher, Uantt & Patterson and
Poston A PoBton, Solicitors.
No. 5432., R.D.-Chmccry Court of Shelby
county State of Tennei-soo vs. J. . Bigo
.tw et nl.
I v' virtue of an interlocutory decree for
J J j sale entered in the above lause on the
iVnday of Junu -ry. Hvtdj, M. B. 51, pnse 1, I
will sell, nt public auction, to the h:ghcst
bidder, in front of the Clerk and Master's
office, courthouse of thelby couuty, Mem
phis, Tennesscoi on
Saturday, AngtiNt 1,
within loiral hr.urs, the following described
pruperty, situuted in bhoiby oounty, Ten
nossee, to'wit:
Lot 14. block 23, fronting JO teet on the
north side of liroadvviiy, nortueasi comer of
alley oast of Sixth street.
Lot 20, block 29, fronting 45 feet on the eu.'t
sidool Mxth street, 90 feet north of Alabinua
stroet, 10th ward, by a depth of 137S tcet.
told a pruperty of E. F. Uuonoy and ii. K.
Lot 28, block 11, fronting 25 feet on the
south side of Broadway rtreet, southeast
cornir of alley east of Second street, 10th
nurd, bv a depth of 170 feet
Lot 29, block 11, fronting 25 feet on the
south sido of Broadway street (adjoining lot
28), by a depth of 170 loot.
Lot 9, J. M. Tate's subdivision, fronting 53
leot on the west side of WilkerJon street,
northwest corner of Urorgii street, by a
depth of 155 leot. Sold as property of Jane
Crawford Davis.
Lo' 25, Polk's subdivision, 50 feet fronton
the smith side of Ueorgia street, 50 feet west
of McKinley stroet, by a depth of 170 feet.
L'jts50nnd 61, block 1, A. Wriirht's subdi
vision, fronting 60 feet on tho soutti sido of
Georgia stroet, 90 'eet west of Wright's ave
nuo, by 157!j feetdeep.
Terms of Sale On a credit of six months s
note with security, bearing interost, re
quired; lien retained ; redemption barred.
This July fO.lrtSfi.
S. I. McDOWELL, Clork and Master.
By B. F. Coloinan, Deputy C. and M.
F. H. Jfc C. W. HoiskoU, Solicitors.
No. 6430, R. D.-Chancery Court of Shelby
county-State ol Tennossee vs. Johanna
Muh'jroy ot nl.
BY virtue of an intorlooutory decree for
sale entered in thi above cause on the
29th day oi January, 1880, M. B. 51, page
159, 1 will se'l nt publi 5 aur-tion, to the high
est biddor, in front of I ho Clork and Master'!
offloe, oourthouno oi fchelby county, Mora
phis, Tenn., on
Nnlnrdn.T, Aii)ii-r al, I'-.Sd,
within legal hours, tho rollowing described
proporty, situated in fcholby couuty, Tenn.
Ens', half of lot 51, country lot 456. front
ing 30 fcut mi tho south fi-te ot Madison et.
2in feet west of Orleans street, by a derthof
148! feet. S. ld r-s proporty ol Jufcuuna Ma
honev and others.
Part of lot 43, l.lnek 57, fronting 37 feet on
the west sido ol Orleans street 03 loot north
of Limlon stroet by a dop'h of 33 feet. Sold
as property ol the BiuM City B. and L. As
sociation. Lot 6, block 51, fronHn35 feet on the east
side of Kuth street 4.v; leet south of Vance
street by a depth f lnr'4 feet. Sold as prop
erty of Siimuel J. Sciui-ks, Mintor Parkor
an! others.
Lot 11, ol .loncn sub livi'ion of lots 32 and
33 Dunn's tract, fronting tlu feet on the north
side of Spring stroet 150 net cast of Brown
etreot by a doi lh on tho west lmo of 2J0 foot
and on the east line of 193 let. Sid aso
proporty of Josephine and J. hn Kelly.
Part of bio -k 31, Dunn's subdi vir-ion.fr on t
ing 40 reet on tile oust tido ol Manassas street
lis toot north of DuIio.se avenue by a depth
of (Hi feet. Sold as property ot Kobt. Tally
and othorn. .....
Part block 5, Dunn s subdivision, frontim
35 feot on tho weit side of Wnlnut street
leot south e.f tho Memphis and Charleston
Railroad and running bae 150 feet in depth,
bold as pr- perf of Joseph VV illiuius.
Part of country lot 4i3, beginning on the
south side of Piceonroost road oi Charleston
avenue 49 leet from tho northeast corner of
lots llnrdaway's subdivision S32s W 92 leet
to Court street: thenco 8 80- E 50 foot;
thonce N 32- k 51 feet to tho Pigeonroost road,
north 29' W 5(J let to tho beginning. Sold u
the property of 11. 0'Noil.
Part of lot 45, country lot 513, fronting 118
feet on the won side of Jones avenue north
west corner of a22-feet alloy north of Brad
ford street, 8th ward, bya depth of 203 foet.
Sold as the property ot IMichaol Pitigibbon.
Port of lot ti, Winchctt-r division, front
ing 25 foet on Ihe truth side of Bass avenue
290 leet wost of Dunlap strait, 8th ward, by
a depth of 21(1 feet. Sold at the property
of W.F. Bcasley. .
Terms of Salt On a credit of six montni:
note bearing interest, with security,- er
ouired: lien rxtained; redemption birred.
This July 20, 1-iKti. ....
S I. MCDOWELL, Clorh and Msstor.
By K. F. Coleman, Deputy C. and M.
F. 11. A C. VVMlkeMoheijori.
Ilgli-e NciI1h1 Anlliorltiee.
Sole Agentt for Memphis,
A Valuable Patent.
nnncy'a (Ilorae) Corn and IVn I'lo
er. aAVlSfl perfected my invention, I wish
:o place it before the public especially
munnfaclurert. Al a Corn Planter, it it a
pertoet succest ot ent tbe drill, distributed
the teed accurately, uniniured, and coverd
the tame, tboreoy one uian performing the
work of threo. The have beon nsed in
this section for over a doien years with per
fect satisfaction. Can give reapot nolo testi
monials. ddrft", .
' J0UN ii. DANCY.Dancyvilte.
ltsvwcr..t county. Tery
Memiiliis Female Seminary.
NHS, FMMA V. H't'HF.R. 1'rlurliml.
) IF in tier 30, lH6.
Best educational srtvantnget afforded to PU
iiill,ocation Ml Linden street.
l'M.FF. OF
riiTsn i! sn m itJi:o.w,
IIAI.I IMllKi:, Sll.
This Schorl otTors to Medical Students un
surpassed cllniosl and other advantage!.
Send for a cnla'ovue to Dr.TIIUMAS 0P1K,
Ds. 't,J- 1 I "troet.
PETERSBl'RO, VA. The Twenty-secon
Annual Session ol this School for Boy
begins tbe first Monday in October. Thr
ough preparations for University of Vir
ginia, leading Knsinoering Schools and
Vnited Hlattt Military and Naval Acade
mies; highly recommended hy Faculty of
llniveriity of Virginia ; full stuff of instruct
ors; situation healthfal. Early applicatinn
advised, as ninber of boarder! is strictly
limited. For catalogue address
W. U0KD0N MoCABK, Uead Muter.

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