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Wednesday, Tliuisdsy, Saturday aud
Monday, Aug. 1S-19-21-23.
wnm called pr-mr.ny at 4 o'clock p.m.
Xjl rears' experiei.ee and llii.ttv to r-T.uuu,
would like to buy an interest in an estab
lished Wf '"A'TWa. 19 MaJtiN.il it.
C- Owner can bare by proving property
and paving charges.
T. p. N A HO H H. Pigoonjrjvtjrori j.
BAY MARK MULK-From C. P. Builth,
Uorn Lake Lai. V...-. . n bay mare aula,
about eight yea- ' 1 "'teen bauds high;
mane recently llrinn to . A.
Jones A Co.' rl ' ' " rewarded.
ni'o - I
oe r.i
:ui: 177 Rota
l'ib street.
lulls Station, latn'y occupied by Capt.
iv l. r.Ti..rnn. la i..r rent. l'.verything
fboutiho prairiscsin firt class ordor; i about
broe acres of lii'idi !nri,-e gardon, handsome
lawn, plenty of od oiftorn water and every
convenience. Possession ran bo bd imme
diately. A?piy t.. w. i mJ!AVA;M,
No 11 Cotton Exchange
HOUl -S-On and near Walker avn"e,
on K'iiiwoku street car line, frou the
1.. L.'. I..,. ..r.r.l liniima. from tWO to
eiisbt rooms, in ir-.od tot. fSr!&
I nir.n sroet.
(lUOI'Jl! UrKILtt on rennuiwii.
J nninrl fr umuv vcars by Dr J. W . Nel-
lon. Dentist, corn r Union and Main streets,
,0? i.i i l l kPI(.UOOM8 above,
Vi. ' .iMii'i-' oVBiriK on aecond-storv
old Cotton Kxuhanre, corner .Madison and
Froat street. Andy t 3 "g
IMiSlKABoK ROOM a suitable tor Hint
I J hnnake'. inc. N.ccr. Sec nd ami 11 arket
HOUSE-Cirr.er of Ad.irns and Orleans
strootsi ii nd ( ottu-e on IVaFlnngton
street. A'.l'-S. M. A. McCOMH,
DES1KABLK Ofl'I"K-In the new Cot
ti.n Kxchnm-e Ituiidinu, single or in
suite", on vorv rbi8onuhle tems. .Buildnip
heated tbronsh'ut by f team. Elovat.ir run
ning troui bfl-o'iint to attic. Apply to
,11 t;s hV iluTTHR. .Secretary.
C COTTAGE !'n K:iybnrn avo.: nicely re
i alrcd. Apply Mr', Moore. 10(1 Rayburn.
2 -STORY UOIIK Ton room", rornor Ala
bama St. and Thornton avonuo. Apply
JA. V.cN AM AltA, S3 Uohoson at.
TV i'EW 8-ROOM 110' SE No. 112 Jones av
XN enue. Alo, two new homes, south nilo
Poplar, east ol Funlap, will be finished by
letSeptember, Apply to C. 0. 11 KIN,
Fron t i-treot.
FF1CES 213 Main street, cornor Jcflor-
Son. . liiv. rf. X7. nulla.
STOREIIOUSH-Krom l't Sertomber, one
four-story Main s'rcot storehouse.
T AROK STORE-Flrst floor and cellar.
J. J with side and ri-ar entrances, Nos. 3C3
and 305 Main street. Possession October 1st,
or aooner, if required.
Offices and Store-rooms, No. 282 Reoond st.
Rooms for light housekeeping, No- 376 Pop
lar street, over drug store. Ai plv to
38 Madison street.
' streot; cotton-room and ofSce; term!
moderate. A "'oF Mcft0WAy A CQ.
0OMS With privilege of hath.
4W and no g.ueioy street.
TJOUSB-No. 1P2 Robinson strecW .
XX in good ropuir, fcood oistern spa., u
1VE RS&SNEFD. 310cye
OFFICES The dosirable IrontfcfW
seootid floor of 42 Madison strict, a"JT;
in.gCotton Eichange. MENKEN JcWs
TjiURNlSHED itOOMS-AtMjMonroe St.,
J one square from Peabody Hotel.
HOUSE Of seven rooms.
Aprly atiil7 Madison street.
OOMS-A suit of rooms In Masonic Tern.
pie. Appiy to mm . j ...wn.
ROOMS Furnished, single or en suite, at
138 Madison st. References required.
1T0REI10USE No. 9 Union street, with
5 new cotton-room, tgfAAnlTM.
Court Pdiiare A. R. B., this office.
silt and arantlo huggy or
XX rockawi
able lor lady
rockawayhnrse, perfectly fearless, auit-
1'ncf , wiirronggy. i;ai; norse
alono.SUtf. Inquire o s. C. OORUO,
Chicsasuw Cooperage Co , City.
BOILER One Ihtkb stonra hoi or and at
tachment coBip'cts. This boiler is made
of OO.lmO poond iron, Ti-llith inch thickness,
and one of tho best ever mad" in Tonnotteo.
Chairman County Court.
By D. O'fionnel'. Courthouse Engineer.
mill an t pin, tivo-story building, with
50-horse enaine and boiler, at liatoavillo,
Miss. Addr-.s J. L. FLETCHKK..
Batesvillc, Mis".
)TT OODL A W N STOCK FA R M- In lhe stud,
VV ono thorounlilired Runaing 11 or so; 'oe,
$20. OneTrotiint li.r;e; tee, 810. (JneJer
soy Bull: fee, S2.M Fo Si.k 30 Horses,
3 Milch Cows, li bend Butcher Cottle, Pea
cocks and Newfoundland Pups. Horses on
pasture, f5 per month: Texas horses, Mle per
day. Telephone JOSEPH HURNEY. Wli. .
i ENGINE 'O-llnrse Power Atlas Engine,
U with Ftoilcr, Soioko-stack and brc-ch-ing
couiploto: in porfuct running Older;
will be sold it a bit'g;iin. Apply ; to
O. T. U AShBTT, Second ft.
CI IN A good E. Can or (fill) saw gin in
X fine running order and ready lor work.
Price tW, Apily at Oeorge B. Metcalrs,
Howard's Row
TTPHIOHT PIANO Good as low, cheap
LJ for oaih; or will exchange for hoard.
Addr.-S K Appeal oflico.
1 00D MAN To put up engine and boiler
at Piue Bluff,
n, Arg
Aoolv to
No. 4 West Cou't streot.
O OR4 Furnished Rooms 'or light house
O kecpit gnr small 1 nrni' hed house, by fam
1 y without children: refe oniif,t P, Appeal,
-i(ifr WOMAN To wish and do house-
T work: re.leretces required. Apply at
2Si8 Vanne street;
rpo BUY An eligible BUILDING LOT;
-L gotd neighborhood; 40 to 5) 'et front.
A. C. R., Appeal omoo.
001) W niTK WOMAN To cook and do
X ganeral hoework; must have recom
mendations. Apply at 70 Mulhorry atreet.
From 18 to 20 years old, to learn the trade
of St.ive Molding. Inquiro at the
LBVERYHODY To call nnd see the cele
JlJ brated Gypsy Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
stjsot, near Poplar.
A WOMAN OF SENSB-Energy and re
spectability lor our business in her lo
cality, oalary :ibnut f).0 per month. Perma
nent position. Ro'ernnr'eH exchanged. K.J.
JOHNSON, Manager, lfi Barclay fc-t.. N. Y.
TJARTY With 81(0 to take the exclusive
L agency in Memphis of a business paying
50 Percent, not profit. Address
AUt' Ni'. this office.
AGENTS For Mrs. Campbell'
Maw T-ilnr ''a 'filter. Bustle. Hood-
skirt and Vm'.nrsklrt combined. Hoops can
be remove! arii skirt laundried. Adjusta
hie to any also. V v faahionaole, and sells
for 82 to every well-dre'sed lidy as soon as
shown. Agonts double their money. Al'o,
a lull line of new furnishing goods for ladies
hil,lrn A .Idrp'S. wi'h StaiOP. K. H
CAMPBELL A CO., No. 484 V.'ost Randolph
s'reet, Cliieago, I II.
SALESMEN Ir every State In the ion
to rerre'ent. a VAlST MANUFACTUR
ING KSTAI.LIHU.VtfNT having several
Ci'iiiIAl.TlaS lhaiare popular end ensy sell
Inf. Can be handled !nne r n ronncctirn
with otl er a ,ods. Addrc-s IHE W V.. II.
1 Aflfi LBS. FETUi;RS-Hifhest cash
1 U U U price paid hv OA BAY . Memphis.
n.it thirty da,, for tl -A WE,SOSf
243 Main sroet.
Ll GOLD SlLER-For cash or et
change. MLLtOitO, Jew r, xviaaia
Absolutely Pure.
Thi powder never varies. A marvel el
purity, strength aid wholesomenese. More
economical than the ordi oars kin It, and
cannot he sold In competition w.-hr the
multitude oi low tost, short woight Blitn or
phosphate powders. AoJ en'y victi RoTAL
JisgllsO Potkitv Co., lii 'U st.,wei r.
KTifUVM Ttuitt Rn.l rmiairod and war-
W r-nto.i. Inventor of the BaniVu-y Port
land Ceti.ent 1'uuip. Contractor aiidbrlplc
iBvor. Tnicphcra hrt. TIP'S. OT'ilBINb.
At 72 Madison street.
ROOMS AND BOARD Niwly furnishod
rooms, with board, at, Market street.
BEAUTIFUL front rooms, sinsle or en
suilo, furni;bod or unfurnished, with or
without board; other rooms, HH ItiO Court st.
ROrfMS With or without board: terms
reasonable. lid M AIHSON bf.
ROOMS One largo front room with bal
cony snd one large back room with
largi dressing-rcom, and tthcrs as good as
cau be tound ia the oi.y. rNT0N gT
O00M Furnished room, with or without
XV board, at Hit Court etrnat.
NICK Roou.8, inrnisUcdor uuiurniahed,
i W4th r without hoard, at 137 Madison st.
from the (arm
W ol ,
Anthony Netherlands Ilernando road.
Had on a collar wiih tho name "Thomas
tlrcgory" on it. The tinder will be liberally
rewarded on returning her to office of
VV. B. OATKS, llhti Front street.
ternoon, Aug. 14th. A reward will be
paid for its dulivory at this office, or to
T. V. KEEL, White Haven, Tenn.
SETTER-Return my lemon and white set
ter bitch " Florence," known by most
Memphis sportsmen, and missing sinoe July
15th, to 10 Vance street, and receive reward.
T- o. lAVA?il.
The Carlona Vpebot ol s Marrlnife
Engagement Contracted by
Indianapolis. Ind, AtiRUBt 17.
Tjini Dowiu. a wealthy youne man
luiiyr near Milmine, III., is endurina
0stiB dieappoiotanent bfcause he
w.SWn Road looking. "When M.
i "-JiluB wont to Illino's with his
fiji m, faw years ago, he found in
1 town 8 a friena. to -whom he became
much attached. Having wou the
aUectiocs of a cbarminK yonng lady
with a pretty WB"er, before coming
West, Timmons intoiesieu nimaeu in
getting up a correspondence between
D.iwriH and the cirl.
Finally a graud double wedding was
arranged, and the two young men left
on the first of the month for Mount
Sterling, O., where preparations had
been made to Uiriy uaiz e inecommu'
nil v with the brilliancy of the nup'
t;!H. When the voiina men arrived
th clrl Downa was to marry failed to
lind iu him the realization of her ideal
lnve r nnd declined lo ko on w th the
weddiug. rereuaeion until ncnapge
her mind and then Timmons said she
mutt, k hi-n hrtr encaBHment with Downs
rr 1m would not niarrv her sisttr. The
cirl ri- fiiHi'd to rolcnt aud Timmons ac
rnmnatiied Downs back home. The
prueo are all weaitny.
The Smillnrj sjomllttou of 4'heNen,
To the Editors of tho Appeal :
I hope you will give this letter a
Rmall Epace in your moat voluaDle
neper. I wish to call the atteutioa of
nurcitv fathp to the eaniUry tondt
(inn ol Chalsta. Inthefirat place, if
thero is ar ything around that has to'
hi moved by a citizen the nolice force
and health ifliccM give said citizen no
rest until it is raited away. If a little
grass grows on cur sidewalks we have
to cut it off or be fined by the Police
Courf. Kow I know a elop box that
stood in one yard until it had to be
tied with a rope to keep it still. I
could find other places jtwt as bad,
eti'.l we bave oU of carts for that pur
pose. I have lived in one house in
Chelsea for about three months and
the boxes in the closet have never
been emptied that I know of. They
have overflowed for the last six or
Bevnn weeke. I hailed a cart as it
papsed the other day, the nrst 1 nave
seen in our part of the city, and
ilia driver said he wonld stop
on his next trip, as ho then
bad a full lod. Well, tbat is the laet
that I have poen of bim. This morning
1 talnnrinntd to tho Bnard of Health
oflico and was told that they could not
help me, as there was, no number on
ray house and tho driver could not
fi nd it, then the t-lphone was rang
off. Now theie is only r.ne house on
the corner of the rtreot that I live on
and tbat is the ono I live in, but I was
not adowed to explain lhat. Now why
can't onrcity do this worn aeit should
be done; a It is done in othrr citiee,
at night? I think that all of the mer
chants on Front treat will bay lhe
eaine thing, f s. ec'nlly when lhe wind
is from the wes', alto thrsn that live
where tberj is no sewer nyHtem. Just
irragine one cf those panels landing
at your back Kate or passing by your
front door just about the time you are
Bitting tlown ti at your dinner. All
vnli havn to ilo in to tell the Ciok to
put tbat dinuer in the slop box, as
there ia no one that wants to "ftt for
some time after one. of H idden h city
jackets pitses our door; so hoping I
am mt imi oaing oa yot t03 much I
elsemiin. I'ii.ot.
Aieinpuis, Augusi-u, iwi,
A C'orreedun.
To the Editors of the Appeal : v
An error occurs in your is.ue of yes
terday which you a ill pler.s correct.
My came appears in connection with
Judgs U A. Hill's and John II. Kitn
mons's as an arb.trator in arranging
the Hoa. C. B. Howry's bond. I had
nothing t ) do with the matter further
than to report the same for the readerB
of the ArpKAL. n. h. Archibald.
OxroiD, Miss., August 20, 1886.
Sabiicrl.e tor, lh "AppoaL '
An Almottt Faultless. Maine cf Ball
Played Yesterday Detroit Downs
Cntcajro-Other Games.
The Nashville clnb hts about made
Lip its mind that il'd lighting agatnat
e to try and win a tame Leio, witn
KnoutTin the box. To be shut out
twice in one week is a new expert' nee
to them, bu' it mutt bo admitted that
it was only by the sharpest of fielding
that they were ptevoutrd from mak
ing a run yesterday. Tuo credit for
the shut out balongs to Biack, who
eltctrified the audience in the eighth
hiking by a roarvelouBly neat play.
Marr hai reached llttt in Bit ty cn a
fumble by Pheiao, and Bto'en sveond.
Sowdera bit tafily paet third base
into left field, and Marr cut liko a
deer lrom etcond to third, and thence
to home plate. Black quickly
captnred the ball, and st-nt
it like a rifle fhot iu the
dimr.i. n of homo plate.- where
Brough'on took it in btforo Marr had
got to within tiftorn feat of the plats.
But for Black's alerturaa nnd sine
throw Marr would have fenn-d ewily.
Thoplayiugof botn sidi-swRS almost
perfect up to the B'.-venth iimiug, and
nearly every inning is an marked by
HOino brilliant play on eithor Bide. In
the foutth inii'n, with nobody out
and Beard at fiiet, Hillery knocked a
fiy to renter Held. Harney was tr.ora,
bowover, and not only retired Hillery
but doubled np Beaid ht lirst befgre ho
conld return from second, for which
base he bad starred on thwhit. U brien,
tho next batter, flew out to McSorley.
In the B'xtu lnnintr, witu nouoay
out and Marr at fin-t, Sowdera hit to
Maoninc, who touclu'd the iMg snd
doubled Howders at ft ret. Btard, the
next batter, ws retired on a neat
pick np by McSorley and thiow to
The first run B'ored was in tho
seventh inning, when Andrews got
his base on bulls, made tei-ond on
Bronahton's brc iuco and scored on
Sowdera s mull and bad throw iu ol a
ltng fly from Black'a bat. in the
ninth inning the BrownB scored two
mrs. Andrews made a Binnle, stole
sstond and tored on Broughton's
sinolo to left hold. Bionahton then
made second ou ueura a nimuie oi
r- ,, , i i t
Itiack'a i?roundr and scored on
M onnincr'fi BinL'lH to left UC'd.
l he batteties today will ba O'Leary
pnrl Ttrfiiichton for Merauhla and
Tinker and Bcbollha'e far Nashville. If
Dan cau get away with the game the
hnva on tho bleaching board will look
virion him as a beo, while the grand
Btand will ring witu applause,
official scons.
R. B.H. P.O. A, B.
0 0 110
0 10 0 0
0 113 0
2 2 15 0 0
1 .1 7 1 0
0 0 0 2 0
0 12 3 1
0 0 12 1
0 0 0 1 0
3 0 27 13 2
a. B.II. P.O. A, B.
0 0 2 1 0
0 2 0 0 0
0 2 4 0 1
0 14 4 2
0 12 4 0
0 1 10 0 0
0 13 2 0
0 0 2 1 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 8 27 12 3
Graham, c. f - 4
Sneed, r. f 4
McBorloy, 3d b.... 4
Androws, 1st b... 3
Broughton, c 4
Black, 1. t
Manning, -'d D... 4
Phelan, a. b 3
Knouff, p 3
. 4
. 4
. 4
. 4
Marr, r. I
Sowdors, c. f..
Beard, s. s
Hillery, 3d b.,
O'Briou, 1st b,
Bittman. 2d b
Hellman, c z
Dundon.p 3
Memphis 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2-3
Nashville 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Summary: Earned tuns Memphis,
2: Nahville, 0. Firet base on errors
Memphis, 3: Nashville, 2. First
base on called balls Memphis, 2;
Naahville. 1. Struck out By Knoun,
6; by Dundon, 1. Left oa bases
Memphis. 0; Nashville, 7. Two hsse
hits Sneed. Double plays-Graham
to Andrews, Manning to An
drews. Passed balls Broughton, 2;
Hellman, 0. Wild pitches Knoufl', 1.
Umpire Mertitt.
The New Utile Keck ISiiaennll flub,
Little Rock, Ark., August 20 A
meeting cf the Little lin k Baseball
Associaiion was told tonul.t, and a
permanent org-an'z ition eilectod, with
Ed Lefevre, secretary, and U.:ar Da
vis, treasurer. Tho lollowirg are the
ArfiCtors: J. M. Dill, C, A. Andrews,
f,n. Wing, . IJavia. tui iyievro, r.
jiager and William Cahoon, jr. The
secretary reported that the stock of
the association had ail been taken,
and that the league waa now ready for
action. Hartford, Ct., furnishes a
catcher and pitcher, while the other
members of the local club rate as flrtt
class in the baseball world.
The exhibition given by the Wash
ington Club today was very tiresome
on, i iininterogtiiiir. The visitors out-
niavml the home club everywhere and
find no difficulty in winning. Crane
iu wild aud ineffective, and wks sup
norted ruisorably. Buflinlon was vory
afiuffive. Scori:
w.ahinoton 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11
ttnatnn 2 3 0 0 3 2 1 0 -11
Earned runs Washington, 1 ; Bos
tr,n 1. Two bate h ta Carr ill, John
ston and Sutton. Errors Boaton, 3;
Washington, 14. Umpire I)eay.
The Maroons letu'ied Lome today
and took Kansas Ody into crr.p in a
,ionide.dl one sided game. The Ma
roons fielded brilliantly and batted
hard at times when hiis wero most
needed. Healy pitched maa;nificently,
holding bis opponents down to four
hits. 1 ue nest itattires wero me neiu'
ing of Glasscock, Crarm, Seroy, Me
Kinnon, Donnelly and B iody's catch
ing, aud the oattiug ol Cabin, ocore
St. Louis 3 3 1 0 3 0 0 0 -10
Kansas City 0 1000001 0-2
Earned runs St. Lr,u:s, 4; Kansas
fl.tv. 1. Two bate hrs Denny, ftlc
(it achy. Cahill (2), GlafHtock, Rad
ford. Stolon bases Cahiil 2, Crane,
Total bzsi-s on hita Ht. Louis, 18
Kansas City, 6. Umpire Urace
The Chicago champions wero beaten
today by the league leaders in a closely
played andexcitirg gamein which the
borne club did the bot work. The
visitors had great trouhli in trying to
hat Baldwin, be-fora whom eleven ol
them weiit cut on ttiikes, while only
five hits were made. A home run,' wo
aunties and a fielder a error, gave lit-
trnit three as a sttr'er in tho scond
In the filth a double and a Bingie gave
ous more, and in the uinth toe two
ltu-t rans wero bronght in by William'
.nn's nnrif throw. BrriUlheis'B dnuh't
nnd ThomiMon's 6irgle. A eingloand
a triple in the third gave the visitors
their only tarnea run. in tue iouiuj
Kwe fumbled aud gav Tfeflor fluU
Williamson hit down the right fonl
line and rftfler crossed the plate, al
though tte umpire had called "foul,"
and when the Detroit niue gathered
about the plate to protest, Williamson
ran for second Baldwin threw to Kowe
to cstoh him, bnt threw wild, and as
no one was in ceutor to stop the ball,
Widiauiwn came home, and fie um
pire tsaid it wai right Kc re:
Detroit 0 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 2-0
Chicago 0 0 1 2 1 0 0 0 0-4
Earned runs Detroit, 4; Chicago,
1. Home jun Duulap. Two base
hits liichaidson and Bibuthers.
Three base hita Flywn. Kirora-D.
troit,4; Caicago, 7. Umpire-rowers.
Caaf y, whi was so effective against
ew York yesterday, was put in again
this nf lernoon at his Own Kqtiest, and
ha waa almot-t slaughtoted by the
g ants in the fi st five inniuisa, ten hits,
including a home run and a double by
Esterbiook being made in tbat brief
perloi. Then tergaeon wts "bronght
in, and he was hand ed just ai rough
ly, a homo run beiuis made Lv Ewing,
ami two doubles and HsiaA being
mailrtniriiim In the ece Tfining he
pitcbed. Cifey then resumed bis po
hition in the box, aud wai not bit
rgiiiu'mitil the ninth inning, when he
was touched up for two sirg es. Out
side of the heavy batting of ilia visit
ors there were no ica'ims. tn'ore:
Sew York 0 1 2 0 3 4 0 0 2-12
I'u:ladelphia 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0-3
E-rned runs New York, 7; Phila
delphia, 2. Home runs-I;, .tomfools
aud Effing, lwo na'o iniH-rjiiir-brook,
Dorgan; Conner. Irwin and An
drews. Krrois-New York, 1 ; Pttila
delpbia, 0. Umpire Fuliiur.
Todav'a Baltiuiore-AtMotic K'ne
wts a contest of pitchers, in winch
Kiiroy had "lightly tie advautaga.
fi.ilv nun hit was made by eit'n-r club,
and the eiegle run mado win by Man-
lllllg 111 tllo nrst, llll.ll'K umeuiiiuio
bv MiFarr and ft pass'.-d ball. The
fielding ws Bha:p and nt liniej
brill.aut, and i s a whole the game was
tho moat interesting played here this
Sanson. A one hand st p oi an ap
parently sale hit by Muldojn was tue
foulure. biiore:
llAliimoro 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-1
Athlelic 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Two ba-e hits D-ivis. Eriora
Baltimore, 2; Athletics, 2. Umpire
Tbn rittibnres cave the Browns an
nthfir i oat of whilewush this afternoon
Morris and Oairoll wers in the pointo
fur the visitors and their worn was
parftct, the Browns only gett ng three
hits oil Morris's delivery. Tho game
was played in very Bhort time nnd the
l'ittHburirs aain p'Byeiari unuinw
oamp K.-.iiix was also someiwhat ef
fective, striking out Boven men, but
the Pittsburgs bunched their bits aud
won by the following score:
Browns 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Pittaburgs 0 2 0 0 () 0 0 1 -3
Earnod runs Pittsburg, 3 Two baf o
hits-Barkley. Three bane .hits
O'Neill and Kuebne. Total bases on
him Browns. 6: Pittsbtirga, 10. Urn
pire Walsh.
Th Motrnnolitan club again de
feated the Brooklyn club tuiay afler
an exciiing game oi ten innings
Metropolitan....O 200010101 5
Brooklyn 0 0 0 2 1 0 0 1 0 0-4
Eirned runs Mets, 3. Three b we
hi a Orr and Roaeman. Two baso
hit Uolbert.
CnARLBSTOM 6, Macon 2.
Tub battlo of pitchere today will be
between a MicK ana a luica-u uou.
'Rah for O'Leary,
. t 11 1 11 ll.ot
TitEHB are mighty few fly balls, that
get away from Goldsby, buu in lis
eyes or no sun in his eye",
Kn.i v HnAifKupRARg must have had
Nashville in mind when he framed the
remarkable words: "And dainueu oe
be who tiist cried hold! h. Knoull.
Neithkr Goldsbv nor Billy O Brien
has made an error in the tbreo games
plnyod here this week. On the JVlem
nliia nine, in the sjnino soties, Graham,
Sneed, Andrews ai.d Broughton also
escaped without an error,
Anmukwh never played in grreater
form than be has exhibited this week.
Ilea ejfor everything wi Inn a mre
ot hllll I'llll gHUetllliy euuojm it. ,
. . . , . . .ii :. ' '.. b-
about grand stand players, nan rie.ui,
r,f Savannnh. Andrews is worm a
iii7.ua oi them.
Tim above dinning appeared in tho
Charleston Newuni Uouritrtt August
18-h W ilna re to call the attention
of the AW and Courier to the fact
that the above did not appear in trie
Appeal and does not repiesent 1110
Appkal's views.
Ttv tbo time the Southern League
schedule ia over, Ed KiKtiff will have
abcut fifteen oilers lrom league ami
Association clubs. It is raid tuat Lew
Simmons pulls his hair out by the
handlul wiion ne iiiuiari wusi
chump be was to lot Knouff go.
Mivinns Appeal: Charleston has
taken the right step in the right direiv
tion. She refuses to go into the South
next visr if At'anta is a
member. Let all who oesire nnni st
baseball do the same, and if Atlanta
cannot be expelled, let th 'se citiea
who want biwlmll and not dishonesty
withdraw. What a circuit, uuariesion
Savannah Mobile. New Oilcans, Mem.
phis, Nashville, Chattanooga and ffia
coin would uiako.
It is a sur iecl of gcnoral remark that
the Nashville cim pi'ys netier uau
l orn than in any other leagno town.
If they had p ayeil hall so well at S-
i. al . . faA..n I tl.tilt innnoA
yannun, iinnt, 1...V.V,., ...w-n-and
Char'eslou as they are now play
in., t.. ro tlini w.mld have a walk over
fnr aocond n'a:e. What is tho reason?
t i aihnon v league town w uro
Na-hville can get a luir eIiow ? Jud
i., frn,.i t'le i.ini'rience of the Mem
ph:s nine abroad that is probably the
caee. It must have tukon rather bold
robbery to have defeated Nahville as
often as elie has not'n ueieateu.
M. R. Soanlan. manager of (he Na
tional Base Ball Club, yesterday ten
l.rd bis resignation to President
;it ami it wfis very reluctantly
minted. On tlie recoinmondation of
Mr Knonlan Ilmnira Gall'noy was ap-
nni'nt..l to tliH vacanrv. and will tike
ci aroH toilav. Mr. Sean'nn ret res of
his own free will, hut will continue as
ono ol the stockholders of the club.
Mr. Oollhey sent in irs resignation
yesterday to Preeident Young, of the
league, who resets Mr. Gafluey's ac-
'inn vprtr nilicll. as 10 cnr.Biuom inm
one of the best umpires in 1I19 league
Mr. Gafl'ney, it is si!d, will maae a
fw changes in the team, but relusee
at present to tay anytnmg
Wa fihe tdnaanre in directing the
attention of medical students to the
,lar.tPOM offered at the Memph s
Hospital Mediial College and advise
correspondence witn tne aiean lor iuu
AUGUST 21 188G.
Memphis Maintaining Her Reputation
lhe October Meeting dolnir
to t'larksvlllo.
Memphis is making rapid stti !f s
toward a reputation in a race horse
wav, a largo numbr of fliers owned
here doing excellent work elsewhere.
Cant. Sam T. Crn s. who is doing
as much ia a qniet way to eultivaie n
n tiAi.inn Virirona till Til Mitlit
ery (loes (or rUDiierB, is naturally
tlu, tlme mn,i0 t)y 0. F. O. at
Maysville, Ky., yerterday. There
worn eiuht etnrterp, lhe time being
2:23,2:241,2:24 and 2:22. O. F. C.
was third in Uio race, mating me mat
heat in 2:23. This is the fasust time
he ties ever made, and Capt. Carnes
thinks he will bs able to do a mile iu
2:'.0 beforo the eeasoa is over. lie
was not taken out of stt;d until July
1st, and consequently has not Dad
anything like the training given
is competitors, itciore ne uu
here Capti Carnea drovo him in 2 :28
and started him on the road, feeling
very hopeful of victory. O. F. C, so
named becaune he was the celebrated
On woo i'a first colt, is a hands' me bey,
five years old, a xleen liamis ingn atui
very lioavy. na recovers anuosv m
slantly from a brertk and Irots clean
limbed, Iree ol Doots nnd weigins, pro
Bentiug a pplendid ajipearance in har
ness, dipt. Oarnes ws ollerod Jol'OO
for him a year ago, but flunks be is
worth a good deal more than that to
biin. lie comes of splendid st"ck.
Capt. H. P. Pepper, of Frankfort, Ky.,
the owner oi unwoou, cut-rn to nut
him and four of hia tela aiminat
other sire and a niniilar nunibHr of his
.rogeny lor .ihio a emu, nun ins ourr
as riot yet been accepted. He watches
Capt. Carnes's bay colt w ith the gn lit
est intnrei-t. O. F. 0. as a two year old,
won a stake race rare at l.'xingt'ju and
in ins throa year old fnriu was second
ill the s'ake th- ro, win'iiing ono heat
in 2:30. As a four year o d be stsited
in St. Louis, loii g the third beat,
which whs miulo in 2:2S, by a nofe.
Tue S'inie seaMiii ha won in tho 2:3o
class at Macon, capturing three (.Uaight
heats from sesen starters, atn.ing them
the pot.fd Griiby who two weeks be
fore was third in a tact when the
heats were done in 2:1!), 2:211 and
211. The race at Macon was in the
iiimliind the time necesaatily slow.
Katie Isler's crowd not being able fo
do any belter than 2:31. O. r , U will
go from Maysvtlle lo Covington,
tlieilCH to luvlonlim. niurireesuoro
and Lexiegton, and alterwards to tho
St. Louis luir.
Hhorliiu n Uolim to ( Inrkat llle.
Tho Meuiiihis Cvcle Club has so
e.nred a vorv low round Irlp rate to
attend the bicvole races nt Clarksvillo,
and any who wish to attend will ploase
give their nanus to Mr. A. Friedman,
at Friedman & nros., aa soou as posei
hits, bb only those whose names are
given in prior to Monday will bo able
to irat t its rate, ooverai oi mu moiu-
phis wheelman will go up to lake part
in the rjces. The party leaves here
Monday night and returns Wednes
day morning, only taking thorn away
lrom their uusiners one uay,
Local TarlleU,
Capt. Caiinis has a number of
promising ones on pasture
Evrbvtminq indicates a bin success
for the tour days' race meeting of lhe
Jockey Club, to be held at Montgom
ery Park iu Ottober.
Hattik L., a green but game little
mare belonging to air. .Laurence
Lamb, is on the pasture now but will
be put in activo training for work on
the track next spring,
RAvnoi.n. who looks afler Capt
Carnes'a trotting Interests, ia one of
tJBrilOB B IIUUUIH miciwn, .o
the b()Bt B ftronll,i turfmen mid one
of the cleverest fellows who ever drew
a rein in Memphis.
Gai.i.ina's Adelina Palti not filth
place in the 2 :2H class raco Wednesday
at Maysvillo, but is very green yet
and will do something lor her owner
to'ore tho season closes'.
Cm.. A. Ii Tukadwki.l has a very
handsome and promising; five year old
mare, unnamed, who is entered to
Blart in the throo minute clasj Bt Lex
ington, Ky,, week alter next.
Lambs ga'lunt little g'liy nmri
k'ntiit In'i r. who took so weill at 1 racy
iiientiiiur laet Tear, is not lining lunch
this reason, Slie has B'urW taico in
the 2:23 cm shut 1ms not been able to
Tkxas Bill was distanced in tho
race in which u. r.i). run wnru at
. . i , . ,r. . i I . t
Maysville yeU-nlay. lhe pace was
too hot for bim, anyway. Texas has
riot been mncti good since lis wai urtu
last spring. .
Fourkht'h atring of four is pushing
hard for the s'ringj'on the Kentucky
racecourse-. Belle lie has Bometning
the matter with one of hor lent and
can't go, but atiol her one rf the four
is doing excellent work and can maae
a mile now in 2:24.
.eii-rnl NiiorilnB; Notea.
Mintino bus been scratohed for the
Engbeh St Leger.
Pilot Knox is off, and probably Will
not trot again this year.
Thr Montimoth Park sunitiu r rac-
ir g en Is on Tnoadiiy next.
Volantb pulled up dead tired after
his race for the Saratoga grand pr.zo.
Tixas Tom got 403 days in the Chi-
cego workhonsH fr attempting to (loan
Ed Corrigau'a horses. 0
Ohrin IIk kok vainly offsred $10,000
for the b. c. Palo A1U.4, 2:201, belote
theyi'Unghtnr started East.
.1. E. Cook has bought tho bay mare
MiHt eroe. by King Alfonso Bomba
zine, and elm is now in Sarah gn.
It was J. II. Feiiton, the great tun
goods mail of Chicago, who put Ed
Cor igan on tho scent cf the d.ndiig ol
h's h'jrsa.
Tub u refits on the Moiitnoutb Park
mfo'iofis bave been eo laro Ibis tea-
son tlial a couHiiniraoie iimriHf m
adileil inoLcy may be expected in x'
W. O. Fkanck lias purchased the
Hotting V ld;ng J t. from Joe li'iis
enhery, f Paris, Ky., for 7000. J. Q
won tho 2:10 pu se at lloihester in
2:20, 2:174 and 2:171. He is eu'.orcd
to trot at Ulica, N. Y., today.
I. Eir-Kiiorr and the Hon. W. Itu
dolf arrived this morning with sven
mrefiilly Iced owls shot hy them eur-
ing four days' labsr on the Ohio nd
Mii.lppi. The weather was too l ot
for much "hooting and their two hfst
ui'Pit k ouud iii.
A i.hkat itiwkroach tournament has
been fought during the lat fow days
at Chicago between fifty of thees in
secta owned by Chinese in Sua Fr'in
ciaco and the fume number from Chi
cago. The Wei tern men won a p lo of
money and have gone on to take in
the Celewtiala of New York.
The Nnralotra Knee.
Baratooa.N. Y,, August 20,-The
attandBoce 'at' te races be-e' today
was good for an extra day. The
weather was clear and pleasant and
the track in fair condition:
Fint AW. Purse ol :!00, of which
(.ri0 to eeeond horse; for maiden two
ytar old; five furlongs. Mahonev
won, with Vil'ago Boy second and
Losbia third. Time-1 ;0.'t.
Stroud v'tw. Pur;o of $300; for
hcrses which have not won a rare
(sellirg ra 't-s excep'ed) since July 2d;
apodal allowiiivve, oi e in le. HaUie
Carlisle got the best of thoBtift, w hich
was a bad one, and was never hea led,
winuing by a length and a half; I'ua
B. second, half a length before tirniia
dier, third. Time 1 :4P.
Third Wire Purse : 0, of wb'ih
$.')0 to socoud; eutianoe fr. e; lor
maiden three yeais old to crrv 118
pounds, three quarters rf a nitle. Birth
day was the firat away, and wes never
hetddd, winning by a length and a
half; Uleu Almond second, half a
length before Patronets, third. Time
1:18. '
Fourth Erne. One mile. Shamrock
started off with the lead, and was
never headed, winning; by half a
lrngthj Ltlille noeoiid, Fairmount
third. Time 1:45.
Fifth A'iicc Selling allownnof s, mile
and "three-sixteenths. John Davis and
rhli-kahmiiinv alternated in tbo lead
ti the half mile vole, wlioro joe
Mifcboll shoaed in front. Zamoia took
the lea.l in the homestretch, lapped
by JYo Mitchell and Or'uudo. Iu the
last luibuig Orlando ran up into the
lead, end, holding the ndvanl'gfl to
the finish, won by a length; Ziunora
:conJ, a reck before Joe Mitchell,
third. Tinm-2;0'.J.
Itrlf.lilou llearh Knee.
BmiiiiTON Bkacii.N. V., August 20.
'(( Hart I'utse, throe-q natters ol a
mile. Gov. Kobo'ti won bv a length;
Knoiir second, Barbara third. I nun
Stnm Hurt. I urro, tt.rce quiirierd
of a mile. lVniiot k won by h.ill a
lencth: llattlodoor rewivl, Eiiibnrjn
third. Time 1:17. Certili aU s paid
Third litirc. 1 in ho, Novoneigiilii'i ( l
a mile. Miller won bv eight lengths
Moritnnk second. I.va h. llurd. Iimo
1:31 i.
1'onrth liarr. Soiling pti'se, one mile.
1)0111111 won by two lengths; Cathcirt
Bei'oml, Pilot third. Tune 1:43L
JfVlh Hurt. 1 nirte, cue nine nun a
qiiaiter. Tronrmrer wou oy one lengiii
Hilda half J Windi'iiil second, Mentor
third. Time-2:1 1.
S'i'.i(i ace. Purse, ono iniio and n
iiixleentli. Exile won by two lengths
andalnilf ;O iveUe second, King Vic
tor third. Time l:f2.
I'ltsHeiiKer Kale 'omuniiee sn e.
len-The Mnrahnll nail Norlli
weatern Weneral Bote.
H. N. Van Praag. secretary of tho
Ponsiu-ola nnd Memphis road, states
that the surveys are completed to tue
Bigbeo river from l'ensaroia una tne
road expects lo break dirt in
December and complete the en
lire line to Grenabn, Miss .
320 miles, in two end a nail
years. At Greuadn they will couuect
wilh the Miseiasippl and Tennessee
railroad, connecting with eighteen
diflerent roads, all mostly trunk lines,
snd will run through the alluvia
belt of Alabama, tapping cotloa, coal
and limber.
I'aitenger Hnlea.
The Arkansas I'atsonger Rale Com
mittee was in Betsion eeveral bourj
yerjterday at the Gayoso Hotel.
narahnl and Norlhwealern.
L. W. lLoyd, general superinten
dent of the Marshal, l'aiis and North
western railway, Ib in St. Louis in the
interest of the road. He will buy
standard gauge locomotive engines for
tho n nd. Theenginei nra expeited
to nrrivo here by the tituo tne wora 01
( hanging the gaugeof the road begins.
The company iH liaving eight cars
made st tho car shops in this p'ate,
which will also be icady in tlmo for
the change.
I'ollou forwnrded.
The first two balea of Memphis dis
trict cot' on were forwarded yesterday
via the l'ivsville and N, shvillo rtiil
ronJ and White and Midland lino0.
An Knrly Mtoriilnfr Itrlvrr'a Kougli
f:aierli'U- Dear lhe I Mj.
"Is there any luw to putiijh too
criminal carelessness of tho.,e whose
duly it is to keep the county iPiiugs
in order V" asked a well known busi
m as man yesterday. "II theie is," be
continued, "I want it enforced. 1 had
an experience this morning which 1
might have expecledto meet with had
I been exploring the steppes of Rus
sia, mounted upon lbs back of a wild,
untamed Tartary etecd, but I did not
and had no right to expect that I
would encounter it during the course
of an early morning diivo, within the
sound of the busy streets of a city
euch as Memphis Even Mazeppa had
better luck than I did."
k Pressed to explain, hosnid: "I drove
ont Union avenuo, and taking a wide
fin nit wilh the intention of s riking
the boulevard from the other side near
the brad cf Poplar street, found my
road obstruct"! by a piece ol plank
stuck endways at the end of a bridge.
The planking was torn ell for a epac.o
r,f three feet at either end, making it
out of lhe question t think of driving
over It. I inrned back and got into
WMetsai avenue, rafely reaching the
pike- (Tr tho beer garden. I bud
divfc'Mit a short dis'ancc, bow
ever, Vfcen I" pfsiiig over a
rnl M&dim. annatentlv whole, my
1. ...n airm.it nun of bis hind 'f t
n.rniuli lhe roLtnu planking .and (
I iiiHiiiotly sprang out of my buggy
and (eating thBt the bon e would break
ha h.ir if bo attempted to rite, I forced
hia head over to one side and sit on
I . Ho got away from me two orthn e
but 1 neisovoied. nnd the ani
mal was llnaliy so mr.cr- oru um
that I hold blm down with Vfry Utllo
.liilirtiliv. I sat tbeio for over
half an Lour wlmn a couple of darkl.;8
cn'iie along and 1 hired t' em to help
ni'j. They unliarnersed tne uorse, go
an ax and ch otqied out a plank cr
two and found his hoof firmly im
bediliid in one of the lot'ca sillo. Wc
pot b tn up without bieaking sny
boiic ibut when 1 g it him back to
town his leg was badly ewoUe 1 and
shinned from the haunch to the bock.
The grand jury ought to take Iiotn 01
a Hung liko that it seems to me. I
atn willing to prosocuta if 1 ran find
m y way to do it,
Thin word, which has beon eUring
evenb-dy in tho face fi r tho pnet
years, and is now getting irlo every
body's mouth, is a preparation 'or
-i,..,.ir, h..ntifuiri nnd nreaerving
the t-etb, sweotening the I renth, and
ntrtEting tho rrogremof t'ecay.
1ay (ilro a Detailed Descrlptloa of
he Works as Tfcej Found
1 hem.
Mevrs. Ross and Kennett, the Ea
giniers chosen by the city to inspect
the water workp, yesterday reported as
Oriii i EKiitaaKK Takino Distkict,)
Shu.hy Coi'xty, Tasa.. f
Mum-ins, August 2l, 1188. J
To the Hon. David P. Ha Iden, President:
Ai'crding to your orderi we pro
ceede'd to the Memphis Water Works
and made a thorough examination.
On our arrival (afternoon, August
I81I1) at the works, we found thte
pumps of the new plant and four
pumps of the old plant at work, with
a water pressure in the pipes of
twsnly-twu pounds.
During the afternoon one of the
valves of the new plant gave way,
which was repaired the folio wn g night
between 1 and 4 o'clock a 111. The
preesure in pipes reached in the Bfter
ncon of August 10th from thiity.five
to thirty-eight pounds.
The nine auxiliary B'ake pnuipB put
np during a former breakdow n could
rot he u'ed on n' com t of the decayed
condition of th timber foumla ion.
Tlie c mipany i1 now at work mair
ing tho Biini'i. Tney ar tlso putting a
Bixtien incu plunger iu one of the
pump?, w hich work is greatly de'ajed
tt'id liindoivd by tho criMiip' d condi
tion of the well, Too plui'ger had to
lei lowered nnd r.iifi I eevetnl timet to
g d ii pas ed tluoiuh the network of
iion which intervened, only two or
three men btiitig ii'ilu lu work a a
t'uio ai the bottom of t'e wd , near
the pump, where tho plunger bra to
We found 110 modern f.icil'tbs for
t'Piiovil of any per.if 1 he nwic'iinery.
An ovmli'nd travelling cram w old
suvi' 11 great oeal 01 incur arm inn-,
whlc'u would Iih n gie t advantage to
the o inpiioy. We think it would
have pi-.d tl.i (vinpiviv to put one up
while they wor:; orci lit g the iiiiu-hic-1
ry oiiginull.y.
. Aafarasilie pnnip'i ere rorceraed,
tin y et't'in to whiU ! i hir tocx iiiiine
them critically on I "ie imd '0 Would re
qniie Ihecovo's t 'p'tiikcn oil', whl 'h
c. u d ni t be il H:e nt pn'l eiit. We do
not think ihev a e proponv wort- d
aetonl ng I ' their c paetiy. 1'ottiig
c ur ham s iu'o the ci.ni e. tien p'pi,
1 ol ween one pump nnd vulv chciu'n-f,
we found about :t quarter of a-i n eti of
mud ol the coiia'S'i licit of Koap ; n ' w
can tell b nv ibis all.-cte tli v;:er.
Ti e engities wee built 'o ptini 1 1 lo i-wat-r,
hut puiup i g muddy wa'er w II
make a g''eat deal o! cillrrenee iu t' e
number of gallons dt livered, as son.e
of the st cay mud must c'og the
valves nod leave somo of tip in
open, when they thould be cloced,
thns tho pump ivston moving a'ways
does not acvniuppHll w hut it iiiou'd do
and w hat .it is intended to do in rais
ing wa er.
It ia common prnctico whenever
machinery Is mod and which cannot
be Btoppeil long ononRh for repairs, to
have duplicates of those pieces which
are most liable to break.
No provision seems to Lave been
made for this, with the exception ot
extra valves and (lacking.
Now plant, number ol pumps 4
Old plant, number ol pumps 8
Auxiliary pumps (Blake's) 2
Disabled by broken gearing
Dieobled by decaying foundation.
. 1
. 4
. 2
Total 1
According to our calculations the
present three new and four old pnmps
should pump 4,500,000 gallons of c;eau
water, but now much of the muddy
wator no ono can tell, oa account of
the ollei t of the mud on the valves.
K"Bpect'ully nitunitted.
I'HKSH KKMNr.i 1, I, r.ny
I'lcnnM'd, l'lirlllt'il nnd Hennlltled by
the t'lilleisrn Ki'iiiedlea.
It aflnrda ma plr inre to aive jou this re
port of die cum of our little Kninili'Uil.l ny
yaur t!i rii'i it a Kr.MKt.lKH. W hen six inonlhs
old his loll liuiid Imnni to swell and had
every api o iriin .o ol a i.irno boll, it e ;ul
tlejil I, but oil to no purposn. About live
11 onilis n lor It iirciiiue a riitininirsoro. ra
other tores formed Ho man 11a 1 iwo 01
I lie 111 on each hand, and as his blood became
more ami ui"io Impure, 11 100a io-s nine
them la li o.ik out. A c rooiino on tho chin,
ImncuOi the under lip. which was very i flon-
aive. ins neuii was oiio ..nni n, .
inn a meal deal, I ins was uia coiiuitniu
Iwoutv two uioiiths old, when I undertook;
the cam of III in, his luolhcr liniiia died
when ho wiia a little more man a year
of coiisuieplinn (scroluia 01 courier. u
could walk a nine, niit oouiu vn o. -i-
he loll down, and could not in. no when II
bed, havlnt no ue of his hands. I lui "edl
atoly commenced with the Cr riceaA R
iiikk, usiiiB tl.o Ci'TKiraA and Li ticuba hoae
fronlv, and when ho bad taken one bottle ol
lhe CiiTiruitA Kaaiu.vSNT his head was com
pletely cured, and he was Improved in every
way. Wewereverv much eiicouraaed, ana
ooiiilnuad tho uso of '.ho Remedies lor a year
and a half. One sore alter another healeil,
a bony matter forming in each one of these
Ove de.ip ones just bofore heahri. wlitch
would Ihiallyrow loose and wore takon.outi
thon they won d heal mindly, tine ol tl.es.
unly boue fornialimn I preserved. Alter
taking a dos-oti and a half bottles he. was
completely cured, and is now, at tlie a.eof
six years, a slroiif "I'd healthy child. Aha
scarson his hands must always remain I hie
hands are strong, Hi. ugh we onco loared he
would never be ab'e to use them. All that
pliy.ioinns did lor him did him no good.
All who saw iho child before using the ti'TI
ci a tynisa. aod see lhe child now, eon
aider it a won.lerlul euro. If the shove facta
.re of any use ) Va'JtL ri to
use ihoi.i. , A1HS. K.S. DRIOOS.
ill'! K. Clay St., Bloomington, 111.
May (1, IHjK). ....
The chil l was really in a worse condition
than he nppoared to his grandmother, who,
being with hiiu every day, hocame accus
,o,u.dtotl,.d.1o.MAO()lRuoliplKa Sold everywhere. Price: Ccticha, f0i
Cotioiika Soap, an exquisite r-kin iloauiitier.
?ic: CniicuitA ltKrouvsKr, the new Blood
Purifier, ll.u". Prej.ared by the Portia
Uauii A ai) CliaaiOAL Co., l!oto,Mas.
Pcndfor"How to t'nresllsln Olaeiwea.
INO, Scaly, Pimply and Oily OXIB
"beautified by CunciaA SoAf.
WMH HKIi, Vllf and
J JSUL Weuknoaa acn m tho Kidneys,
ZS. Hhooting Pains llitongh the Loius,
yif'Fiiturino Pains, Lack of Mrengih
a w la ... l.i.nllw m n flat
LI inJ Hiijt.il' curctl ly thy Citi-
. . . a ll.iu li .UTlff! AT lirilKB!-lf.
,,rl lhe tlenr. l..e rllele -Thearesia
, , ulnritv of "Wilhor's Compound of Cod
Oil and Lime" bas induced -.nt ;
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,ticle of .their own nianulaoturat
but am-1
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i-.in.iimiitlon. should b. carolul
wh.ro IbeV purotlBS. mis article, iuw.w
. ,U, of is use are Its best re.-oanuendations ,
1 id the proprietor has ample .viilenoe on
I. of its e eat success in rulmonary com.
"i . Th Phosphate ot Lime MM' J
, st marvelous healing power. '"!'
w h th. P"r. Cod-Liver Oil b; lr W ilbor.
U is prT hed by the medic J faculty. SJ1
by A. 11. Wu.aiia, Chemist, lUwten. ani

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