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CONCILIATION Between the Kalian Government and
the Papacy British Politics
General Forelra Note.
Some, Aneut 20. There is a ramor
afloat thht Queen Margharita is rising
tier influence to bring about a recon
ciliation between the Italian Govern
ment and the I'apacy. Under the ar
rangement contemplated, it is said the
Pope will receive from Italy arrears of
. endowment to a large amount which
will be devoted to extending Catholic
Tin- Dnblln Pre (oinmrnta on the
;ovrrniiit-ul'i Irlali 1'ollrjr.
Di'BLiN, AugUbt 20. The Freimnn't
Journal, commonting on the govern
Rent's Irteh policy, as indicated by
, the Marquis of Salisbury in the House
01 Lorus ibm evening", says: "Tho bov
ernment's Irish policy should be one
of immediate action. The Ministers
have given no reason why they should
not he forced from their present driv
elling attitude 01 procrastination. The
Jnsb party listened to JLord Kandoloh
Churchill last evening in tbe House
ui vuiumoos wim uiBguBi ana muigoa
Froleatnot Irritation at Itrlfnul.
Eklfast, August 20. The Protest'
ants hers are very runch irrit itnd over
Lord Randolph Churchill's defense of
the police who have been cnunirrd
here during the riois. The I'rotsstauts
afseit that the police officials have
contrivtd to mislead Lard Randolph,
and declare that the met 8 ol tbe nun
warrant the suspicion that a conspir
acy exirts netween the police and
vatuoiii'S oi neiiaat.
la lb foiuiiioua.
London, August 20. In the Honss
o! tommons Uiih afternoon, Mr. lUu-
car, Parnellito, moved tlmt a new writ
be Issued 1 r an clwtion in Hie Sontu
Division of f?Jigo, in p'ace of Mr. N- x
ton, who, having brim elscted bdlh fur
that Bfat and fnr tho West I'ivision of
Ht-lfaH', decided to sit for the latter.
The Speaker rfueJ to recoivo tlin
inotioo, slating that a petition had
been rt:mled against granting a coat
to Mr.lN-xt'm lor vc-t Belfast.
Sir J. Fergns3ii, Under Secretary for
Foreign Aflairs, rfplying in the House
ci uommons tins evening lo K r.tiur
ley, GlbJs oniuo member for Sunder
land, s'atod that negotiations for tho
amicable seit'ement of tho Noituwest
Atlantic fislierioi) ilisnn'os wur.t pro-
ceeiling-helwteii Knglaiid, the United
Mitts and (Jaiiiicla. it was not inleiiil
ed by either Use United Stntos or Kng
laiid, a ldi d the Under Seen tury, to
appoint a j tint coinnrjiwiior) tj amend
tliH tivnty of 181S.
It-plying to Frederick Soager Hunt,
Gonad vntivf member for Wwt Miiry
lehone, Sir J. Ferguson hviI the gov
ernment win utiuwaro tl.'nt ltii: lia
Lad, s al cued, cither occupied or
threatHiitd to cccupv P rt i z;nif.
M. leOitr-', Huss nn Foreign Miniutor,
lied, pil. IimI ilie Under Necrrlnry, iu
foniieil K.r R. I. Mrri-r, Hritirili Am
bas nd ji to St. Petershiug, ou the 25th,
tlmt the Hiat'inwit tliat Kutsia had oc
cupied or intended to occupy Port
Laraf win unfonn lml.
Thomas i'owtr O'Connor niniiihiinod
that Loid Rindolph Churchill's
sneer! cs wcm tiie original cause of
the Rellnst troubles. Cheer.". Every
man who had Ion li s life in the lioti
wa th. dupe ud victim of Churchill.
Coulinivng, Mr O'Connor said that a
commis-i iu ought lo be aripoiuteiit to
inquire into the actions of the Prim,
rosu Leflgue, which, he mill, wasguiliy
at the lii'l elect iu of boycotting and
inlirulila'irg to ao uuLieiiril of extent.
Hi miJ thrtt a vat majority of the
L'hfroii supported Mr. G ailttnnu'a
echsmo, winch, although it lia lbiou
temp i'aiily checked, would ine itahly
n-ei-t with ulliinaip siiecevsps. The
CunsrrvhtivfR aoio too sanguine if they
thought that tho electoral dud'tou
upo i a policy supported by throe ot
the four cimnbii's was 11 rial andiire
vocablo. Ho further sid tint the nol
le) ol the government of inquiring
inti the ju 'tidal ran; wis illegal and
iuipractich'ie, becuum thi) coiiiinimlim
could not omp'oie its rep rt ln-foro
spiiuir. whila ttiwevi! enl-.ttd not? aad
tho gripis wuuhl c uin in November.
Many men and wonen in Ireland
would ha beyond relief before epring.
Regarding the government's plan tf
aiding public works in Irulund, hu
raid it wo ild cat mor- than Mr.
Gladstone's much ahmed scheme.
Mr. O'Connor objected to "difgnissd
liii'." The (olcy ol tho govain
intnt, he said, wai a decimation ol
. war against the ticM repeated verdict
of th Iri h people ; it wns a decree
ol s'arv .t'on lor nundreds of thou
sands of tenants; it would lead to
jobbery, dt'moia'izn'ion and tho
Squandering of public monevs, and
British taxpayers would be the ulti
mate losers. Ohoeis.
Sir Win. Vernon Ha court said that
boycotting was one of tho greatest sn
c'.al crimes. Lird Salisbury in his
spereU at Newp nt had sild that the
ordinary law was inadequate to sup
prefs boycotting. How then did the
government propwo to snpprees it
without coercion ? The only way was
by removing the cause. The people
mutt bs in sympathy and harmony
with the givernuient. The Irhh na
tional sentiment mut be gratified.
The root of the evil would not bs
reached until the source of the social
disorder was removed. Ireland must
be treated like Canada. The people
knew what they wanted. He accused
Lord Randolph Churchill of inciting
landlords in his speech last evening to
exact the u'inost farthing ol rents by
promising the eistanca of tho whole
armed lor eta of the kingdom. Such
langnaga was the greatest possi
ble incfuivo to 'disorder Cheers!
The late government, however
faulty it was in other re
enevt", never encouraged evictions.
The Tory Government seemed to have
only onB panacea namely, royal
commissions. It was impossible any
longer to bribe Ireland with gold to
abandon her national demand. Ho
(Harconrt) believed that the principle
of equd local self government for tde
three Kingdom) was false principle,
lie quoted opinions of Disraeli and
Silisoury to the eflect that the system
of government for Ireland should ba
the rever e of that governing Eng
laod. He(Uarcourt) contended that
Ireland did not want such local self
government as was propored. The
Liberals intended to continue to ap
peal agiiinst the recent election ver
dict The policy of lbs government
was bassd upon great errors of prin
ciple, and was altogether inapplicable
and ImpiactieabV. I Painellite cheers.
Thi) TarblKh-BulcarlanCominUnloa
Sofia, August 20. The sitting! of
the iu.k'su li:ilg"ria'i Commission to
revise the Koumehan organic btaUHe
Lave liei-n temporarily suspended,
lowii g to a d.vergenca of views be
tween tbe Bulgarian and Turkish
members. The Turkish Coin misei on
ers, before resuming work on the com
mission, will await instructions from
Constantinople. Despite te split of
the commission, a most friendly spirit
prvaU amonit;the members.
Foanderml la Ibe China Nra.
LoNDOif, Aognst 20 The British
steamer Aberdeen, from Hankow tor
London, with 5510 tons of tea. lonnd'
ered while leaving the China ees. The
late ol the crew is unknown.
Petroleum Barnrd at Ionilon.
London, August 20. At 3:40o'eloek
p.m. a fire broke out on Dudgeon's
wharf.on which are store 40,C)0 barrels
of netrolum. rive tboucand barrels
have already been destroyed and it is
leared tlmt trie rabt cannot be saved.
The petroleum market has become
fiimer since the ou'lirenk of the fire.
llie I.ouiloa Murk Hnrkel.
Ixindon, Anguat 20. The stock
market is buoyant tiday umler the in
fluence of the epeeclies made by the
Ministers in ParliKrnont laH night.
Arranxlus to Nrll HI Hllilnre Efc
Di iii.ii, Angust 20. The Duke of
T.ainbtuT hna arrantywl tl null lo h(H
tenanM a lure portion of his KilJare
esiaresoa me eiuteeu year puruuana
The London "Newn" on the ('lileaajo
font nnllou.
R furring to the Irish convention at
Chicago, the Jw says: llio conven
tion IB becoming sliuhtlv ridiculous
When Mr. O'Brien represents England
as straining for a rifiin the convention
he overacts his part. Perhaps on tLe
whole it would be a1 well if the con
vention should mind its own busin s
which seems mainly to be the collec
tion of funds, aad leavo us to manage
The t'harirp I pua Whlrh lie Wan
Tried by the AnKuntn l'r't lery
Following is the indictinaut.upon
which Dr. Woodrow wes tried and an-
Jnittad on Tnedy by the Augusta
'resh)tery, the vote standing 11 yr-as
to 13 rays on the first count, with
large); major ties for Dr. vVo.idrow ou
the remaking counts:
Waynkbiioro, Oa., April 17, IS" i.
To the Prsnbylery of Auttuitu, (in. :
Dkar Bhktiihbn In the nnmnofthe
Presbyterian Church of the United
StV'3, 1, Williiun AdaniP, a member
and minister of the Augustt J'roby
tery, do hereby cliargs ami a cine the
Rev. James Woodroar, D 1) , a moni
ber and minister of the snine Presby
tery, with the following r flenrea:
I. Teaehiugnnd promulg iting ojiin
ioi.s and il ;trinis in coi.lhct with t!in
Btcrod Scriptnr j, a interpreted in
the Confeimi'i of Faith anil the
1 vger anil Shinier Catechiems of tho
WeHimiustor Aeinbly.
In that tho siid James Woodrow, on
the 7th day of May, lss, in an ad
dn :s on evolution, lslivered before
the Alumni A' -ocin'inn of tlia Cotnin
bin Theolouical Seminary and in the
Sjutheril Prpshyterinn newspnp rs of
August 21, 1.S84, August 23, 1SS1, and
October II), 1SS5, and in sp'-eclius
made in the syno;lsof South Carolina,
(4eorgia, Alabama, South (J.iorg'a and
Florida; also in nn article pibhshod
in the Southern 1'ieiiliiiUrUm Jutiemot
January, 18S5. did teach and promnN
gnto that the body of Adam yvis prob
ably the product of evolution from the
body of some lower annual.
2. That the s ud Jamr. i Wordrow. in
tho pnblica'ions and speeches re fern el
to, did tench and promulgate opinions
which sre of a dangerous teniieiicy,
nnd which are calculated to unsettle
the mind of tho church re ipecting the
nceu'scy nnd nut'ioiity of the Holy
Sciriptures es an infallible rule of
In that he did liMcluuid promulcnte
tho opiniiui that the body of Adiini
wrs probably not undo orerest'dot
the dust of tho ground, ns is univer
sally understood by tho church to.be
the tloc'aratii n of ttio word of Ood,
but of orgnnli! mii'tjr pra exls iag in
the b :dy of a brute.
Against ths peace and iviritv of the
church ami tin honor and mnjetty ot
i no i.;r i juims unrnt ts King nud
Head thereof.
Witnewes:-The Rev. J. L tiirar
loau, 1) D., of CMnnibii. S O.: tho
Rev. J. L. KngeiF, of Atlanta, Gu.:
Mr. J. W. WalUce, of Augusta, a.
The Nrw York " Morlil'" TlewN on
tho I'ollileiil Nliiimlon lu
Ken Tork Mule.
Naw Yokk. Auirutt Id. The fob
lowing appears upon the editorial
page of the HVM tiiU m ooing:
uio rsew iork World is engaged
In an ei'Oit to throw Olovelnnd over.
bo rd and hoist Gov. Hill as the New
York Democratic candidate for the
Presidency. If the World wants a
New York man for Pr: .blent ' had
better fre?o on to Clevoland. No
other New Yoik Pernor .it stands a
irhost of a chane-o. Thin is not a threat,
but a predictioii.' (i'(iiv,i((in Htm.
" Thank you.but the national conven
tion will cunainly never nominata any
body against the delegation of his own
Mate. Aud the interesting but absolute
truth la, that if a State conven'ion ha I
to elect delegates todav it would unan
imously indorse Cleveland's adminis
tration, but chxt Hilt dele-gates. The
frlemis of Gov. Hill control tho party
organ'sttion ccmiletelv eve l more
so than they did lat yt'ar when they
secured his nomination aga'ost tl a
peifectly well under.;toid wiihes oT
Mr. Cleveland, Manning, Wh tney,
etc. This Is the inten ting cimation
today, and in statu g it tiie World is
simp y free ami independent, not in
the least committed io Mr. Hdlorany
other candid it a. 01 curs, a year
hence the situatio.i may be el ll-r-en.
lu Inc', it is ve y apt tn be
diUVreit if the now, ali o po'-t'ca1
Djrs lrom the Canadian border will
nee the custom housn (and is army of
1500 olliee holders) for all it is worth.
But even in that c"ie the yonnj Gov
ernor, with his personal popularity,
eagecity and emrgy, will prove him
Blf quite a power in the Mate invin
cible, we believe il he should n.omnt-
ly remove Squire and convince the
people ihat he is under no obligation
to political contract rs and jobbers and
wl 1 throttle corruption wherever he
Bees It."
They Are Sot Sorry.
Thero is one thing nobody ever re
gretsthat is, the day ihey tlrst adopt
ed Parker's Tonic as their regular lam
Uy medicine, lis range is so wide
and its good effects so sure, that noth
tng elee, except good miming, an
needed in a ureat nutmritv i
Buy it, try it, and afterward it will not
require any praise rom us.
Hew TorkTaa Kl.
Nw Yokk, Aumu. :0 -At tl i
meeting of the Board of Ai ie n.-. ti
elay the icp irt of thehu un, e to...
mit'ee wai read fixing i. i x r.-1 fo
1 SS7 nt i'l "fl. N.in,.ii.. . n
The rate is fixed eu i :ti:!.t4 MY
woiiu i i reat estate aud 7.027.21
of jmraond projierty.
Kegroes to Biro the Town on Ac
count of the Lynching of
Eliza Woods. .
lsrs:uL to ths iprnL.l
Jackson, Tkmn., Angus. 20. The ex
citement caused by tbe lynching of
the negro woman, Eliza Woods,
Wednesday n!ght, hn not died ont
yet. carter name, a ngro moon
keeper, and a lewo.- among tho col
ored people, has been making incen
diary speeches to crowds of negro"!.
inciting them to despeia'.ion. He says
the town should be burned at once.
A committee of our citizens notified
him to leave the city, and today be
did leave on the cars, but it is thought
lie got oil at tbe brat station, and will
lo'.urn to the city and endeavor to ac
compli ih his threat, but the city is
wide awake and on tue losKom lor
Seirro Knot at Newbrn, Tenu.
Ibmoial to ras iprtiL.I
NawnsRS, Tknn., August 20. Night
before last two negroes decoyed tho
Marshal of Newbsru, Sol Rice, tome
paces from the square in the dark, and
then mads an attack on him, knocking
him down twice nnd attacking him
with a knifu. Rice panied off the
thrusts of the knife, and drawing his
n'-t'd, shot one ol the nogroon, Miller
McKinney, three timos, and it is
thought be will die. Snm Jonc;, the
other negro, tan and mode his escape
Rice was cut on tho erm in one or two
place?, but not seriously.
Knot HlmNcir Through the Head.
Louisville, Kv., August 20. Fred
Pippenbeimer, sou of a New York to
bacco buyer, who came here some time
time ago to purchase teibacco, suicided
this morning ot 2 o'clock at bis board
ing house by shooting himsolf through
the heid twice. No caine is known,
lie is about 23 ye.trs old.
A tlruphlo Areoiint of the l.iixlrr-JuliiiHon-t'liilejr
Vicltsburg (Mies.) Herald, ;:0:h:
From a gentleman who was well ac
quainted w th and friendly to a'l the
the psrliej connected with ihe recent
terrible tragedy at Cayuga, aud who
ramo in from that p'ace yes'erdav, a
C.-H. reporter gbans the following
particulars of the difficulty at Cayuga
a few days since, which resulted in
the killing of Mr. lien Johnson, whose
wife keepB the postnllice at that plaae
and Mr. W. C. Finley, a fewiDg
machine aont, by Dr. Luster. A
moling of tho Democratic club of
Cayuga was called to meet at 3 o'clock
Saturday evening for the purpose of
eolet tiufi delegates to the county con
vention cjlli d tl elect deb gates to
the district Congressional Convention.
At the npooin'ed hour a number of
cit'zens who wera present, entered
tho bouse or hull and org-iuinud
the club by elec'ing Dr. Walter
Luster, a Hooker man, as chair
man. The majority of thoee present
wure Hooker men and they selected
Hooker dulega ei. There waB perfect
harmony in the meeting, end the bus
ineis w as coon finished and adionrned.
jii"tei Mr. Bin Johnson and a number
ot othor Usrasdala men came up and
insiued lint the meeting had been
held ahead cf time, and Mr. Johnson
c'n'.med that lie was the president of
tiie c ub and was anno authorized to
rail tho club to order. The ll.oker
men held to their position. The
uaiksdalo men lield another meet our.
appointed KarkadHle dleca'oi and ad
iourned. An altercation took placo
between two of the rival delegated
shortly after ths lUrksdalo meetinir
adjourned. Othois attempted to stop
me row, arm in turn iruy ttionisclvcs
were drawn into it. atd cur informant
thinks there were some eight or ten
m; n mix'd up in tlie row before
it cou'd bo stopped. Mr. Ben John
non wai proininout on ono
eido atd Dr. Luster on the
otlir. This was between 3
and 4 o'e'ock. Aboil! G o'ekek Dr.
Luster had a call to sen a patient
which required him to lide by John
son's residence, which was no.tr tho
street or road. Jo.mso'i wan sitting
on Ills porch, in comptinv with James
C.iuk. Geo i go Parka, V. U. Finlty,
Mr'. Johnson nnd othois. As soon as
Johns ui r-aw Dr. Luster coming he
he 8 ni ted tnvard the road and re
marked: '1 have got nn account to
sl'U'o with you," or wordo to that ef
fi ct. He wns accompanied as far as
the gate by Fa by, who, uf'er coining
out o! the gate, walkad amund to tho
head of Luster's hnr.ie, When John-
on came oat of the ga e she pulled an
old fashionfd 32 enliber pistol froin
his pucktt and cout'iined walking
towards Luster, who wasjust tl'on op-
poeito the gate. When Luster fa
the pistol lis jumped off his horee on
tho opposite side from Johnson and
drew his pietd. As he did so he was
confronted by Finley, who run his
band in nn bosom and drew a knl'e.
and at tha same time with an oath,
commanded Luster to drop his pistol
or he would kill him, at tbe same time
pushing fotward on him. Luster re
treated some ten leet lrom Ins bone
with Finley following him ud. Chang
ing his plst 1 to Irs left hand with tho
intentioo, it is thought, of warding off
Finley'a blow and trying to disarm
him in which he failed, receiving the
thrust in the left arm just above the
wrist, the knife going clear through,
aud a second thrust in the samo arm
near the shoulder. At tbis juncture
Luster placed the muzzle of his piftol
close to Fiuley's body at d pulled the
trigger fnur times with his le't hand,
wt'en Ftuley fell to the ground an t ex
p red without a struggle, turning
towards Johnr on Luster raw that that
geut'Anan had him coveted with bis
pistol, when ha immetlia ely fired at
Johnson, totli firing loneih r. Luster
then turned to hi i brother Miles Lus
ter and bis brother-in-law George
Anderson, who came ui,and said "my
pistol is emptv, some of vnu give me
another." George Ander.-ou pulled
his pistol. Dr. Luster stepped across
the road ten feet and got it and re
crorsedthe read to his old position
when he fired four times in rapid
succession at Johnson, when he held
up his hands and raid to Mr. Geo go
Parks, who had come nut to try to
stop the row, "He has g t me," and
fell. Dr. Luster mou iied his home
and rode away, giving h mit-lf op Lr
trial. George Andeison wa al-o ar
rested and charged will fi'ing at
Jo n son, but wa disehmg d for want
ofevideice sgainet hiin Dr Luster
was Tied Monday, and vcqui ted. it
bemg a cbar ca e of self defense.' For
e m-r.afou Mr. Char e-i Join son, a
br-ither of tho deceased, and Mrs.
Johnpoir, his wife, wiibheld all evi
dence iu their power from the prelim
irary heari g, ' wliVh fact, our in
fo niant ras, g v a r s to : h in.pr
(tiou that he wi l ither Kerve n lor
t e grand Jny er iicchu. lo
- t le it t: r ut'h di ,ai:.
Tt i later Hup ceil n ii ',. .. . -, -1 : i
c dor hy t etau ment u ri Mr (.': ar c
Johnsou, when the g.aVv '.ati l.voo..
over his brother, stuck a stick down
in the soft earth, having on the end of
it a piece of paper containing the
name of his brother and denonncing
Walter Lieter. This was taken off by
a young lady. The imprefsion pre
vails that the inat'er ij not a tried, yet
all are thankful that It did not occnr
during the row at the meeting at 3
o clock, as it is feared that many more
w.m d have been killod.
Luster fired ten shots and Johnson
fir-d four shots. He was hit six times,
t' c i in the le.'t side of the back.twice
under tLe right nipple and once in
front of the right Bhoulder, below the
rrpprx1 with (rirt n-tmnl to Purity, Rtrrnpt atii
llniilthfulneiiii. llr. l'l'lr.' n.iklntf I'nwdtr n.nlrtiii
no Aininanln.l.lmo.Aliim or 1'luiBi'hnt.i!. Ir. 1'rlcn
ICilruts, Vanilla, Lunuu, Ht, Uuvur dtliclumlj.
Forty fears a Sufferer from
"FOR POKTY YEARSIhavobenavto
tiin to CATAKRII thro-fourthi nf the time
a KufTorer from EXClttlClA FINH PAINS
TRILS, Tbe diacharites were so offensive
that 1 keailate to mention it.etcont lor the
good it may do aomo other JuAoror. I, hare
spent a younK tortune from my earninca
aurlug my forty yours of ru Bering to obtain
relief Iroin the doctora. I hare tried patont
medioinoB every one I oouM learn of lrom
the tour oornem of tbe earth, with no relief.
And AT LAST (f7 yeara of aK) hive met
with a remedy that han cured uie entirely
made me ft new man. I weinhed pounds,
and now wci-b I used thirtoon bottles
of the medioino, and the only regret I have
in, that being in the humble walas of lile I
may not have influonco to prevail on nil en
tarrh sufJerera to ue what has cured me
Gulun's Pioneer Blood Itenewcr.
"No. 267Se3ondstrst, Macoa.tla."
" Mr. Ilenry Cbeei. the writer of the
above, formerly cf Crawford eoanty, now of
niacon, Uo., menu the conldonre ot a 1 in
terested in cuturrb. ,W. A. II'IF.
"Ex-Mayor of Macon."
diolnn's I'lotieer Klood Benewer.
Cures all Illood and Skin Diseases, Rhftuma
tiani, Scrolula, OU Sores. A perfeot Spring
II not in your market, it will be forwnrded
on receipt of price. Small bottles, (1, large,
II "ft.
Essay on Blood and Skin Diseases mallod
Niirun, ejeorula.
rim -77. rv
t iiV.'i ir'
la nn nqnnou eolutlmi of ihe atrl
liblv matter In a mineral earth
found In Choctaw couniy. Ala.,
nnr the fninon lllndon in In era;
prlnirn. 'I'hla eatt Ii bad itrout lo
cal celebrity n " Honors' i:arlh.'
from Ibe name ot the dlecororer
f Ihe bed or mine, now owned by
(be Acid Iron i:arlh l ompany, ol
mobile, Ala.
For Drprla,all derangement!
ol tbe Dlgeatire Organ and Ihe
Liver, Skin OUeanee, I'nta, Hume,
Scald and Krnlara, A II II IKON
EAIIT11 la a apeclflc. Rheuma
tlaul asid other rhronlo diseases
yield to Ha curative power with,
at fall.
Entirety (ree from Alcohol er any drug what
ever, AC10 IRON EARTH fully deserves the.
words embraced In Us trademark, "NATURI'l
PWH REMtDY." Sea tree pamphlet, to be
had of all Drugglsli.
At. Wholt Hiile Iit Van Tirol & Co.
.run HXi4i:.
rOn account of other engagements re
quiring my entire personal attention, I'.hav
oonoluded to quit the mercantile part ot my
ustnens.and now Tor my entire stock of
ii v.s Hit ai, n i:m 11 ax iisc
for sals. Will rent or lease to purchaser,
desired, my two-story Iron-front buildioi
contalnlnc stock, on reasonabts terms. An
one wishing to go into busineae can secure a
bargain by calling on (Ite, 1.AKK,
JulyB. last, (IHffN APA. M193.
;. BICE,
Tot v-! "outt riac.; nor tit
l-.M Market St i-
Met Third ani hourtt
Aud SI
th reH f Mi-eWmt id ytwik weitiftk i.-m it b-
urn yr t vir, a.ut. tij pnntmln jrno. .i 16
kPtB fffrtrHi Metvru(H- HemiQtl KmiW-ni i.aa
4iiiM I if Jrriin, Uiiiiuf ot Mtl. tVfri'tlv tietl " T-?
ttt't,) . fuiit'ift nn Kn.t Avrf'"U hi H.wihu i! PrtTiK1
"onrush' ' L.M Heiukl Pat, W. rnil ,.14
Umrlfcsje ill ''T fr i.t, ! thMVtlth't eJIW
VnttT flUIT.i. SYPHltlS kW,,utp' ,,urMI
-Cl iV"a '""' Gonorrhoi-,
ULaLabl. Uli. iutu .lirlltUi Afruit, . Kn'.'v
T'e- nd oilit - itnrtM ,lien qulcllj -mrwA
Ulvartf-vvttlvul lint i nlcUu tit wte frrtl.Tvfw
Mrtaln i-lm of J K , nut trtlii U-i.niilt tarv
til?, Altrrt M ." . PBlm. 0"tn(thl fa-H
.VHxnrufii- (1 1 .. t. .it- ht t :! vitti a
tKl Iir t -
Cnrft Ut
I JIM (?
' ..Ik.
Sim a...-, t ..
J 3
.1 ZPZZs
I NATntt.rP.UlT
1 APOLIOX HILL, President.
iff i.". 'n'i tu
Wmml L i rlrri k Ml M. (I
Olliee It) MaflUnn Street, Memphis, Teiiii
M. JOSES, Preident.
kVT. 1). K. tiAWRIE,
(hnrcraanra to
PpanrDW Pot
Ul UbKbl 11. uui
30 3S and 40 JeOeraon Street.
W. M. JONKS. JNO. K. rPBEr. I. P. PVtTRtg, OEO. ARNOtP, W. B. ?. BAWRTB.
till la t be market,
meat uf
111lmaP lBlhAinl'An fJL Pa
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocery
Cotton Factors & Commission ierch'ts,
ffattoa Warsheaif-Mes ft bbI!0, Ilalon 8tret
SLEDGE BROS., of Comth Mlgg,
Mog. 350 and 358 Front Street MaimpbJa Tenn.
And ComraUiion McrchanU. Hay, Corn Oats, Brai, Coop Food, Oil-Meal,
Llfr, Cement, Flaetor, Bntldlng and Fire Brick, t.
Cor. Front and Union, l Howard's Row. Memphis.
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
S0G-S9S Front St., HcrapliU, Tenn.
Cotton Factors, Commission Oerchante,
Ho. 116 South Main St.. Rt. buU.
Gi ocers & Cotton Factors,
JWo. 883 Htnln tro?t. Omr Block.
Cottom Factors
ttllG Srrond Street, Memphis.
.1 Alenals. i'tiiu.s. lirive Walls, Iron, Lead
Tf. V. WILKEBS05, TIePretMe b
n n e
I. F. PETERS, Vice-President.
Becretary and Treasurer.
Peters 8iwrle,
CillQ Pnnfn
wills a fall aasort
New and
Flu lined
F. M. NOKFLEET, Bosldent Partner.
o. w. tomlin:
Tomlin. & Beaes,
179 Main St., Meuiiihls.
Offer special indacoments in Open Tluseii
of our own uinke, at ttw; T'it buaitis c
our uwn make, at Jlai, All wurk Wii
ranted. Call before you bay.
;r IlnrlnK disr )8ed of enr entire stoolt
Velii.'k'S nud I'.o MaiivrriOUirinK lo.i.rt
:nnt iu MiHi-n T'l.MMN Jt 1: t?.'J S, m
l.fpf tit tur rl.wMi h . iinnce cr til'
r.f.H:C f1 ' ll.',t I.U'- tfi 'if!.
Vhi,;.iI"H .!,!VF'(.
PMrHlAK,t- ( 1 !' Iili'.i c v i'.im'aVV
. E. WITT.
and btone Pi. Oaa Futures, tilooea, Lto
E m GOi
The Higbee School
Education of Young Ladies,
BeaJe, Landerdale and Jessamine Bii.,
ilKlliViUS, TKHS.
Incorporated wlih rolletclat. Prlv.
Fall Term Opens Monday, Sept, 20.
vaThoroah English and Classical Course).
Modern LanKtiages hj Foreign Teachers.
Book-keening, bcoit-hand and Type
writing, taught.
Schools ot Art. Mime and Elocution noted
for exceptional advantages.
Special studenu received in erery depart
ruent. A new and elegant building will heer eted
during the snniwer and tall, wherein will be
lurnisbed a spacious itudr hull, large pri
mary school-rooms. clu?s-rooiiis, laboratory,
library, gymnasium and art gallery, which,
with the elegant mansion used or boarding
pupils and tbe wooded pleasure grounds
will form one ot the most complete school
foundations in the South.
Cataloaues ready August 4th.
For information addrrss
Memphis, Tenn.
Clara Comvay Institute.
Monday, October 4, 1886.
Enrollment Ltti-t Term, 322.
A SCHOOL for the develnprnent of rigor
ous, thoughiui, noble womanhood.
This result is reached by breadth anoS
thoroughness of Instruction and the awaken
ing of patient, earnest endeavor. A new
and commodious boarding department h
just been completed.
Tbe department of dress making and uiil
linory Is added tor tbe first time.
Jn the absence of the Principal who is in
Europe fcr the summor, catalogues will b.
furni.-hed on application to Mrs. E. P. Mor
ton, 223 Aduins street, or they will be found
at any of the city book store .
St. Agnes Female Academy,
THIS Institution is delightfully situated
in s retired and health part of the city
of Momphis, oommnnilintt ths advnnnee of
town and country. The entire surroundings
breathe an air of peacefiJl teclu.ion. which
ever eierts so powerful ao influence ovot tho
moral, physicil and intellectual lile. The
courte of study embraces the various
branches of a solid and useful education.
In the regular English coure, tbe iujils on
entering nre ranked according to tneir pro
ficiency in Orihography, Grammar and Arith
metic. Particular attention is given to Sa
cred and Profane History. Rhetorio and
Composition. Latin and l'ronch enter into
the regular course. A portion of time is al
lowed to each pupil for 1'lnin and Ornamen
tal Needlework, Shell. Flowers, etc. lerms,-
er bession, ptiyac-lo nalt-ytaily, invariably
advance. For boar.t and tuition in nil
branches taught in the hivhest schools,
Pl.ain Scwiug, Mnrking.otc , Bid, Bedding.
Stationery and Washing, flOU and 81, ao
cotding to tho age or class of the pupil.
Special terms when several members ot tha
save lumily attend the school. No allow
ance is made tor partial nosence or witn
drawal belore the expiration of the te m. ex
cept iu oases of serimuor protracted illness.
r.xTKAB tiermun, minim, no., eacii siz;
Music on l'inno nnd use of insTTtitr.ont. 'Ul
Drawing and Water Colors, UlU; Oil Paint
ing. -u: Embroiderv and Ornnoifntnl Work.
$11); Itseif Library, i'i; Voc.il Music in class,
it't; Private Lea.'ons, $lfi. Board per month
during vacation, il Fpe'it at the Academy,
wash ni.O'Ciil'i. Medicine and physician's
fees will form extra oburttes Terms for day
pupils, J'l, J4,io or tflpor month. For lur
ther particulars apply to the
JHEntt'AI. SK9.YflK!Vr
Tulane University of Louisiana.
lFormorly, 1J-4T-1RS4, tho University of
TTS advantages for practical instruction in
lllmnEA. nl til- U..lltl...Act nr- nn.lni.l.J
as the law secures it superal undant materi
als from the great Charity Hospitul with its
7UU beds, and 20,0X4) patients annually. Stu
dents have no hosp tal-fecs to pay and spe
cial instruction is daily given at the bedside
otthesick.as in no othr institution. For
catalogue or inf rinntion, address
i'rof. S. JS. t;ilAlLt.h, M. U., Dean,
P. 0. Drawer S'U. Now Orleans, La.
"ATILL reopen Sept. 1.1, 18S0. Located In
VV a healthful and delightful suburb, ao
crsib'e by car lines to and from nil parts of
ctty. Instruction thorough, and according
to the most approved educa'ionul methods.
Superior and trained snoninli.sts in the va
rious Departments of Music, Art. Elocution.
Modern Luntuages, Science Classics una
Primary Teaching. .
for turther pirtiru ars apply t
Mempbis, Teen.
IIoililu.snic Iflcli bcliool.
riHF. fmirtecnth seholft'tic yenr of this woll
1- established, linii'cd, m v t .''bnol for
bovsurd y 11 ng nn-n wil' In. in MONDAY,
Aiiuu't :i(),lKti. Inst'm-ti'.it. i.i-.en in a
lu'l cnura f Engttth. I.a'ln. tircek. Oer-
i.i.inllibir iillr uint'Cf and L'n'ikl.(,oi ing.
'J bo:- ui;h tcacliiiig and ttrict ai-oi.'linechar-
aoinriie th4! n'i I.
'i'orni.i lor .-ession of 40 Weeks Tuition,
Jiidi Tuition and Hoard, SJi1!. Boarding pu
pilt nre re'iuir.td to biani in tho family ot the
frincioal. f ur further inniTniation address
J. 0. KERUELL. lliii.kinsrille, Ky.
in irotti ci , vintiiM V.
Ihe 21st Annnnl rO'Milnti lti)N Hep
K inbrr l,1), iHU.
For catalogue or spocinl information, ap
ply to HHIfvnn F. U V.
W. It. HIHT. I'rlixliiMl,
" Kahhvlllr, Teuii Real Southers
Iloico lor Uirls. 35il GitUthis year. A non
soctarian school. Putroniicd by men of lib
eral minds in all churches. Unsurpassed in
Music, Art and Languages. For Catalogue
ddress tUl. W. K H Kll.
Seven Distinct Departments : endemic
Engineering, lliblicl, Law. Pharmacy,
.Mniiieal. Dental. Free tuition' to sta-
denss in Theology and Manual Toohnologr.
Catalogue sent free on apidication to WIL8
WILLI A MS, Secretary, Nashville. Tenn.
'Business Education
t'5. Commercial College tZ&l"iT'-
lllgfaeal Iloaor and Gold Medal o'er all other College.,
at tlie Wrld'. Eipoaltlra, tut Sr.teDof Hook.keeplaa .na
Oeneral llnalnee.Edacatlon. ami Unduu. la lln.l.
eat. io TcachertemployeiJ. o.lofKnll Hulae C'our.e.
Inc)uting Tuition. Sutionery and Bnard, atiout VO. hhoi I
Ha.d. T7p..WrHI. and T.lraphr speci.ltiet. Urn Va.
fttlan. Kaler How. Urft.a.u. Un.raatead SnereM. l-. r
circulars addiew W. It. N.U1 Til, Vres't, LeltBatoD.hj-
Georgetown College, D. C.
t'oti. lel I7M1.
M IMlOl.x open September U, !Si. Apply
to Presidontof the Coil'go.
Sept. 20, iW. Apply to Prol. J. W. II.
Lovejoy, M. D., '.K)0 12th street, IS. W.,
Washington, D. 0.
THE k HiiUL F l W opens on the
First "Vednesday in October. Apply to
Saml. M. Yeatman, Seo'y, corner tittt and
jY. streets, N. W., Wa.hington, D, C,
JAViKS A. DOONAN, S. J., Pres't.
Deshler Feikiale Institute
BobbmIIiik "l ly "rlinol lor Tonnfx
Lncllf. Tnaonmbla, Alnhutnn.
i OTH ANNUAL RFSS ON onensWednes
X.L day. Seut. 1, lS8o. Full Faculty of ex
perienced and accomnlithed teachera. Char
tered institution. First-class in all its ap-
riointmenta. Board, including fuel and
ights, tuition in entire Literary Depart
ment, embracing Ancient and Modern Lan
guages, with Music, will be furnished the
entire year for tVQ in advance : the above,
with Art, $225. Catalogues, containing full
particulars, sent on apidication.
N. A. FLOURNuY. A.M.. Prinol.al.
A CLASSICAL SCHOOL of binh giade for
Boja and Uirls. r nglish Course. Latin,
Greek, Musie and Art thoroughly taught;
Book keeping also. Boys fltwd tor college.
For catalosues address the Prlnoinsl.
R K. CHKW. toine'ville. Tenn.
St Mary's School,
No. 359 Pllar Mreel,
A BORDlNfland DaySchool foronng
A. Ladies and Children, under tbe chorge
of the Sisters ol St. Mry. ol the Kngli.il
Churih. Number of pupils limited to 100.
K.l, ."hool term begins fc.-plfii.bT '"
For Boys and Young Men. t end tor catalogue
JOUN R. SAMPSON. A AI.. Principal.
R.KT. FDOAR WOODS, Ph. D., Asooiat.

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