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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, August 21, 1886, Image 8

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fcfjTile,pw OrlrMi Tt R'j
and titer Mar i. 1So. tmnioa
Memphis - A
4: p.m
(I: SB p.m
:! a.m
7:21 .m
4:07 a.m
1:13 a.m
llilB p.m
SiM p.m
7iM p.m
6:(i p.m
land. C
lea.barg.....- D-
arrison "'
lihel.., F
.a ton Rurt...
10:3 p.m
l:u e.m
i:M a.m
6:26 a.m
6:14 a.m
Raw Orleans H....J
9:(D a.m
A-Wlth all lines nteringMemphli.
fi-With M. A N. W. R. ft. lorllelena.
5 For tJreenville and Huntintton, and all
Arkansas polnU.
B-With V. A if. and Vu B. k P. Rallroadi.
1-With V.. J. AC. R. R. ior Natchei and
For Points on the Branch.
With staamers tor uayou Bar.
With railroadi diverging lor Florida,
Teias and Coastlpotnta.
J AS. M. EDWARDS, V. P.andO. M.
A. J.KNAPP. 0. P. A.
HlaalMlppI em TraaniM.-Tralni
nova u Inflows: New Orleans mail arrival
iaily at 9:25 a.m.) leavei daily at 6:00 p.m.
wMrtNwaaad MUalulppI Vl
y. Trains move ai follows: Feat line
leaves at 10:00 a.m.: bt. Louis faat lina
leaves at 5:30 n.m.i Fait lina arrival at 1:30
p.m. I St. Lonli fait lina arrival at Y: Oft a.m.
oalarllle nd Nnahwllle Trains
?iova at followl t Fait mail arrival daily at
:1ft a.m.: laavai at 10:10 p.m. i mail laaval
daily at 10:10 a.m.; arrival at I:IJ0 p.m.
Brownsville aecommniatiom laavai dally'
loapt 8nnday, at 6:00 p.m. i arrival daily,
leapt Sunday, at 8:50 a.m. (itandard tiuia).
esaphla And Mule Koett. Tralni
Sove ai followl (central itandard tima) :
0. 1 laavai dally at 4:20' p. in, t arrival at
9U p.m. Mo. 3 laavai at 5:M a.m. : arrival
-at g iM a.m. No. 5 (freight) laavai Iloiwfleld
dally (aioapt Sunday) at 6:00. a.m. I arrival
at 7:10 p.m.
Cinir Ronte (HneM 'ly, Sprlnsr
elil Kaid HempeM) ttralni leave M. and
T. depot ai foltowsi 4,fcnnias City ei
nrass, leave! at 10:4a) JL.L No. 3, Kansas
City aiiress, arrltet t I p.m. No. 2,
Kansas City mail, leavM 4)11:00 p.m. ! No.1,
Kansas City mall, arrtrat (4 8:45 a.Ji. No.
f, Bt. Louis and Chlea express, leaves at
1:00 p.m.) Na. 1, St. LMsTanil Chleaioex
pran, arrlvei at 8:45 i..ln effeot Sunday,
April 18, 1M6.
Memphis asit t'hairlealon Trains
nova aa followl: Throuifh eipress leavei
daily at 10:40 p.m. Mail and express laavai
daily at 10:00 a m. boinerville accommoda
tion leaves daily, eioept Sunday, at fi:M
,m. Through eipress arrives daily at II :i
A.m. Mail and aipreii arrive! daily at 1(.:U)
S.m. Somerville accommodation arrival
ally, axoapt Sunday, at 8:30 a.m.
Hempbfa, HlmiliiRhnnt mid AHnn.
Me Uolly Springs Route Tralni move ai
fellows: No. 1 leavei Memphis dnily at3:4ft
&m.i arrival at Uolly hprlngs at 5:58 p.m. t
0. a leavei Holly Kprinirs dully at 0:00
a.m., arrival at Memphis at II ilSa.m.t No.
6 laavel Memphis daily at 7:16 p.m., arrlvei
at Uolly Springe at 11 :45 p.m. t No. 6 leavei
Dolly Borings dully at 2:16 a.m., arrival at
Memphis at B:4l,m,
WiBHiNOTON, August 21, 188f, la.m.
Indications: For TitnnvBSco local
rains; slightly warmer.
For Arknntn!, local rains; station
ary temporal ure.
For Mitiiji)i; 1 Mai mint; marly
ttatiimari) It mperalnre.
For Imimana, Texan and Arkantat:
Local raiiw; toxdheatterly wimh; warty
ttdtimtary lempcralnrt.
For TinwMrt: hical raint; Kiullterly
wW; tliylitly varmtr.
INftMrulKl'Hl Krporl,
MauPHia, Tw., Aimii't 20, ISHH.
Win.l. W'Uior
H.K Oknr.
"W." VUnr."
"n K." (;i"ar.'"
7:(KI a.m.
11:00 a.m.
8:00 p.m.
iW020 75.0
7:00 p.m.
10:00 p.m.l:i0 0'J7i 80 0
Maximum tempt rat mo, U2,
Minluiuiu tuuipcruturu, 72.
Ozono, 1 1 a m., 2.
Kalnlull, O0O
In Ilia 4'uitou Itoitloii.
HlflNAL SkbVK'B. II. H.ARlir,
Aoiinat 20, 18SU-5 p.m. J
JHvIbio:i of t')l.-niaiiii ami repoita (or
the bBiititli of i:otnmiTi:e and BRrictil
tare. C'.tton rnumn hnllntin for trve
t wHnty-f.mr hours emlin; A niit-t -Oth t
at 6 'Tl'M'ii p.m.
atKHPUlH UIH- SS: i4 J g 5
THIIT. ? S i ? P
Mmuphis 02 72 .00
U rami Junction... 01 71 .00
(joriuUi Hit 7 1 .0.1
Tnacuutiiiu Ill S! .(XI
Ducat lit.. I4 :i .0.1
Ktotteliurn h7 (ill .00
Jioruamlo HI 71 .0)
t.alu3vi,lo til 70 .04
Urnnaila 02 70 .00
Ouviniitt'ii t; (II) .00
DyprslmrK 01 (ill ,20
ArlinKtou o:t IIU .(H)
Biowiisviim Oil 70 .12
Milan 07 71 .00
Pwia 55 .02
olivr 01 71 ,00
Uolly Spring 04 72 .00
Oiford , 74 .00
8nma 17 IM 1349 1.42
Mwan 02 0, 710. .08
Durraici 1 1 g 1 1 g
WllminRton 81 61 .00
Oliarle-io i 80 05 .01
lriKni.U 82 (i(i .00
Bayannah 88 71 .44
Atlanu 83 09 .20
Montgomery 80 74 .3
MobilH 00 73 .04
New Orleans OH 78 .01
GalveBton 88 71 2 89
Vtckslmrn 0 72 .
Little Ko. k 9i 74 .
Mempt'ia 92 71 .08
Soma 10M 838 4 06
Mean 88 70 .34
B.vcba'l a ain today.
Private schools all over the city
re prvpuMiii to tejpen.
Tim summer resort on Custom
House blutl was crowded yea erdsy
Tbs lnyirg of the new block atone
pivemoD1 on Third street is progteat
log rapidly.
Oop reports from all te Burronnd
ing country are very flattering. A
flush business spason teems likely.
The Toboggan n t run to
night, hut will le ume opra(ions to
morrow, beginning at 2 o'clock p.m.
Tlie teufntly elected offtVersJ who
went olT to r cuoerate aft-r the labors
incident to t'm Batt e of Billois are re
turn) ag one by one.
There we e two small fire" early
yesterday morning, one at Jone a
brick kih, the flames sprfaling to the
plankinp, 8ud another at Nu. b8 Sec-
oad 6trset.
The tfiadd Jury is expected to
make iin i,';ort uniiy, wnd judi-ing
from tie lt- trtli ol tiini it has tnken to
wriie it bjihh in.ejvtjuff divol n.enti
may bo ex. rt'! le. t.
It id t.rril io my whioh in of jiksI
Interest to the average citizen, tbe
latest weather or war bulletin. One is
regarded aa of about aa much impor
tance as the other.
IWock.owned by C. II. Brackett
ol this city, won a race at Brighton
Beach yeetwday against a big field.
It was too warm to light bonfires in
honor of tbe event.
The negro thief, Tom Lawrence,
made a clean bieatt yisterday and hid
the police busy all day limiting np va
rious articles be had sold or planted.
It was an excellent catch.
The matter of the aproiutment of
anew Surveyor of Customs, vice Mr.
Uesnen icbigned, is ri"t likely to be
acted upon until after l'reaident Cleve
land's return from the Adirondacks.
The sewer builders on Monroe
street are rapidly nearing the end of
their coutract. The work is very tedi
ous. The wells through which the earth
has to be hauled up in buckets are
from thirty to sixty feet deep.
United etateeJMarsbEl Yancey was
expected in tbe city yerterdsy, but It
is dow laid ho will not arrive until
Monday, by which time it is supposed
he ill have made his bond and will
be ready to assume the duties of tbe
"This is the place for a Turkish
bath," remarked Mr. CulleD, of tbe
County Court, yesterday, as ho held
open the massive inn door of his
vault. "Just mount that ladder and
go np to the top. It is the hottest
place in Shelby county." Tbe invita
tion was declined.
"We can protect our homes
against burglars," eaid Col. Jiinmio
Gallagher, of Clay street, yesterday;
"but we ought to have better id
walks hnd more street lumps. Tho
only thing the Taxing District has
done for us is the laying of half a
dcren narro.w planks."
A larpe force of hands ere em
ployed at tlin new clubrooms of the
Cbickeaw Uuxnla. I'artitions are
torn out. plasteiing, papering and
iteKfoing are g 'inn on nt a lively rate
and several bundsomo mantels buiug
put in. The bi Hard tables sre ex
pected to arrive at any day.
There seeniod to b a soit of
a fatality about the corner of Hernnndo
and Vhiich streets yesterday. A car
riage broke down at the crossing at
noon, a wagon half a iuare awny a
litt'e inter in tho day, and another on
its way to Him cdiintry let down a
block south a sl.oit timn alter, forcing
the driver to camp out for the night.
The indications are gnod for tho
early building of th college in the
First Dihtrict under the provisions ol
tho will of the late W'ado Itolton. On.
Luke K. Wright, aicompuniud by
Dupu'y Olark W.ilaii, woatout yester
day to locate a situ, and as pooh as
their ropoit is acted on by the chan
cellor tho building will be commenced.
A remarkable shower full jetior
luy at tho City 1111. In ihw fiist
whirl of excitement the occupants of
tho building bt lit Vi)d it wai r.dning
human being. The emblem's depart
ment, which is a part ol tne ma n uall,
consists of tlireB sin ill rooms with par
titions ex'oialn g mily half way to tho
ctiling, covered with Intl. a anil plas
ter. About. 3 o'clock n shower ol plas
ter fell in fr nt of Maj Mo riwotner's
desk and swiftly f illoing it the body
of a prowling tlaikry, who tumble I a
distance t f ten fet to the fl ror, lie
did not st iy to tell h w ft was doBe.
l'eabody llotrl Maud,
Uu)ono Hotel .Stand.
Cigar I'ulnce, UIOMulii Street,
lleadiiua't' rH for If .ratio K. Kelley &
Co's fb.o Key West cigrp. The trade
auppbe I at New Votk prices. Cigars
by the box a specialty
I. kamkLson A CO.,
Sole Agaats.
Gem. Job WiikkiBh wai in the city
ytsti r lay.
C. T. UaNHMALi. and bride are stop
ping nt the (lay- ho lintel.
K W. LkIWaiimk, of St. Louis, is
stopping at 'hi Oayoso II Ul.
Mns. Morton and daughters, Misses
Cir, and Nellie, are in utecity.
K. H. Wk4km left yes'e'day for
Koarey Spr nc, to ioin his family.
FmtniNANo r.uititY has returned
from a nwi.tli'a t air tluoiivh Col ra to.
CniKK Ci.kaiiy bai gone to 1'iovi
ileice, it. 1 , to attend a Fire Chit fa'
Attdhnky iKNuitALl'sTKits lelurncd
home e t. rd.iy iroiu aeiiiutlrip to
tho muni tainq.
F F. Johnson, chief rato clerk of
the K .imam i: v, Fort Se.'ti and Gulf
railroad, is stopiniig ut tlm Gayoso
Ciu'n ry Ci.kiik QmoLKY bat loturned
fro it M rehed On v, aj hr wn ss a
berrv anil as full of fiali ttones ns a not
is of iniaJies.
Jamus 1.. Fi.ctciikr, of M'ssisaiopi,
and A. K 1'iilbis aud Miss L Wli t
ten, of MiiM'saippi, are stoppibg a; the
Gayoso Hotel.
Ji'ixig Mahhuall, who was in our
el'y a f w 'as ago, wd are srry to
ear, ! lying very ill at his home at
Catrollton, Mis.
Siikiiikk Cannon returned yesterday
from a brief tr p, but will leave giu
tomorrow for the in untons of Fatt
Ttnneisee in search of health.
A Tm.miRAM to the Appeal from
Mor he d Cny, N. C , say: Col W. L.
V.'iice has not been sick, a d is in hot
ter health than be hsa been for years.
R. F Dow nino chief rat clerk St
Loivs and 8ui Francbco railway, and
N. L. I iiinis, elief rate clerk M ssou l
I'a' ifit: rilwy, a e stopping at the
Gayoso Hot"l.
i HKltev 8.0 Ca'dwoll.a'terab'lef
Vflca ion sre' t at M mteagle, Nash
viIih and J cson hs returned, and
wi 1 bold Ferv cesat Lauderdale 8,reet
Chnrrh Sunday.
S W. TttrsKR, chief clerk of the gen
eral fr-onh' and ticket office, and U B
Conrtnoy. nasnenger clerk of the Mem
phis aid Little Hock rai mad, Little
Kock, are at the Gayoso Hotel.
Call at Ci osappake and Ohio city
and dot nt ticket offices for tie lowest
rats to St Liuis, Kansas Ci'y and the
W. st. Will sell to St, Louis at f 3 25
8 P. Ldbotter and wife to Samuel
H'rsh, trus'eo, to eocn e tbe B'nff
Ci'y Bulletins and Loan Asoc a'loo in
the nun of $(100, lot 23 and east 10 fo-t
of lot 24, Tlion.t a n'a nubdivis on,
south Bide of Adams, near Dunlap
Leon Fol'a and wi'e to Samuel
Hiis h rruette, to secure the Blufl
City Buih'ing a"d L an A'sciat'oa
in the utn of $to00, 1 t No. 2, south
Bid of Poplar site t fi0xl69J feet.
A C. Rogers st ux 'O Hannah Fol's,
same propi rty ss abov, for 15000.
Fine Ktcb reiiatrta at walford'a
ubhorHv ior the MAppeaI.
Tns first bale from Arkansas River
and fourth bale of tbe season, shipped
by W. P. McDM 4 Co., Garrettson's
Landing, Ark., consigned to Mallory,
Crawford & Co., was sold at the Cot
ton Frchange yesterday to Patterson,
Mailer & Co. at 18c per pound. It
clawed strict middling and weighed
460 pounds.
Jno. M. Richardson has made ap
plication for membership in the Cot
ton Exchange.
Mkssrs. S. W. Green & Co. will open
a brokerage and commiseion business
next Monday in the large hall nnder
Cha Merchant's Exchange,
Visitors on 'Change yesterday: Jos.
II. Spearing, Now Orleans; Mr. David
son, St. JiOU s.
Ci.okino prices of September options
at Chicago yeiterday: Pork, rJ 55.
Urd, $7 40. Clear rib eid-s, 0 12.
Corn, 433c Wheat, 7itf. Oate,27Sc.
Opening New Millinery.
Today we display new
White, Brown and Black Narrow
Brim Sailors, also tbe "Waler
itein," "Mad.laine" and "Favor
dale, all now,
We will make tbis a great
ft love ii ml MIU Day.
r0c Milts for S5r.
75c Silk Gloves for 37c.
35c Si'k Mit's for 15c.
Jl 00 Extra Long Mitts, 58c.
$150 1'uro Silk Glovo3, 67c.
Come loilay; open from 8 o'clock
a.m. to 6 o'clock p.m.
Mruphis, Trnn., August 17, 18M.
Acid Iron Earth Company:
Gknti.rmbn Soma time ago a vim
lent abecaes formed in my month, the
rcfult of a decayed tooth, and caused
mfl much pain. Acting on the advice
of my druggist, I applied Extract Acid
Iron Earth t) the atll c'od ptrt and
was at once relioved. I am still using
i', and with such goo! reeults that 1
b el no bositaocy in recommending it
to persons similarly nflcctcd ss a val
uable cure.
Benla itroet, noarDeeulo street.
Ho Shocking.
"Hava you any Ko-Ko Tu'u nbout
you?" ankud a lady of aa acquaintance
tit ing next to ber at a reading club
e ntcrtaiutnont.
"Nj, indeed 1 What made you think
' I didn't think so; I only thought
you might have. I forgot ta bring
somo "
"What do you wish to use Ko-Ko
Tit' u for?"
"Mrp. DeMauvois going to rfad that
nan'y "Ostler Joe,' a id I want somo
t' ing to entertain me and make mo
feal plo.vnnt during the operation."
(Solid Nil verwiire ut Mislford's
And it stimulates and promoto the
growth of the lukir.
Rttrnett'H Flnvoring Ktnluwth
(let KnileilKPA I.nicoiunralHO to lo
your flnullna.
Mackinaw llnte, 70c at Cohen's.
A IJriiKgiHfs Nlory.
Mr. Isaac (!. Chcpman, drnggiet,
Newburg, N. Y., wriien us: "I have
for the liaat ten yesrs sold eeveral
gross of Dr. William Hall's Fair am for
thn Lungs. 1 can sty of it whtt I
cannot sy of any other medicine, I
havo never beard a customer speak el
it but to praise its virtues in the hig'o
est manner. I lave lecomnit-nded it
in a great many cases of whoopimi
cough, with the happiest eflects. I
have used it in my own family for
many years; in fact, always live a
tmtttle in the medicine closet ready for
Mnlforil, JoweVr, 294 Main, so
licit orders from the country.
On to KutlMlare LiiaoiiinrMlna tor
your PlnmbliaK sail Una-tUllBtf
Maceinaw IIatjL70i! at Cohen's.
Ad i loo (o SlothetR.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Svrup
should always be usod when children
are cutting Uteth. It relieves the little
sufferers at once; it produces natural,
quiet sleep by relieving the child
from pain, and the little cherub
awakes as "bright as a button." It is
very pleasant to taste. It soothes the
child, softens the gums, allays all
Cain, relieves wind, regulates the
owels, and is the bcj. known remedy
for diarrhoea, whether arising from
teething or other causes. Twenty
five cents a bottle.
Monogram lluiigie Nulford.
Mackinaw IIaU, 70c at Cohen's.
Cheap If iillrond llatea.
The rates of the Gulf road between
Memphis and St. Louis and Chicago
will in no cs be higher than those
iftVrrd bv couipeti'ois. and oureervice
will continue to be superior as in the
pas'. Call at ticket olilce, 31 Madison
btrott, before bnytntr vour t'ekets.
n.D. KUUS.Tickat Ant.
Dr. M'ard'M Seinliiary,
Nashville, Tmn., the Uadii g school
for young ladies in the Mou h, and
tqntd to any in the North, opens its
twenty-second yar September 1st.
This school is teo well known by lis
grand sucio s and tbe noble line of
women It h s educated to need any
ormment. Pareut will also find it fan
mt ressonabln in its terms for such
rot m, snt h accompllthed teachers,
and soch superior music, FKnth and
ait dvn agLB. Addres
im. W. K. WARD.
OrderMMnlttrd Made Metlalf.
(Hit Ion!
Din'ttake sny Tobacco forOaely'a
nnlese each out Is stamped "G aveiy'a
Superior." OtberwiBeit is not gauuitie.
The Sew Uaroia.
Ratal, t2 SO to 14 par day, aocordim to L ca
tion of room..
0 L Roblnon. Ala W B Davi. Va
B Winston, NY C T Mairhall 4w,Tnn
JCHini'b, Mo DCMaad, NY
U Becker. Mo W A Hullock. Ho
M Brievle, Tenn J C Payne, Misa
J L Hmith, Ark J B Vhd Ar.dala, Ohio
W I) Barrett, Ky N M Couk, Tenn
U M-raball. Mo J II Se ring, La
t II Dorsey.Misa S M Jackson. Ky
W H 1'hen.i, Ky K H J.incn, Mo
U 1 Wilson, ko J B Perkint, La
1'. T Watkins. Ark E II James. Ark
' L Jordan, Ark KB Polk, Miss
li L JJeonif, Mo R K Downing, Mo
K K Johnson, Mo J L Miner, ienn
(1 h Our ey, Miss J J Fletcher, .Miss
MisAH Phillips, Miss Miss L Whitteo, Mils
8 W Tucker, Ark K B Courtney, Ark
JCLewis.SO J Davis, Tonn
ADKIedito As, Misi Miss B Leftwick, Mill
J K Brown, Mm J II Wehb, Miss
R (i Ball, Tenn C II Foote, Mo
K L Hanniman, Ohio W Uerwer, Ohio
J M Reed, Mils C Ueudereun, Miss.
Unmnn'e Hotel.
Earoi enn plan. Knlarsed aod refurnished.
Prices acoonlmg to sir. and loca
tion of rooms.
L Robinson, Ark J Ortrnin A w, Tenn
K Blanton, Miss C E Bruoks, Tenn
Mrs 6 V Castleu, La K Castlen, La
W A .loplln, Mo W W Murray, Tenn
J h Matthews. Miss B W Kthetidne, Tenn
B K I.vman, Ky .T M Lowe, Ala
J W McDonald, Ark Mrs 11 McDonald, Tenn
J E Beittloy, Tenn H M Price, Tex
Miss L Jones, lena Mifs M B Dhipp.Tenn
K C! tiwoope, Miss ) B Peters, jr., Tenn
W A Farias, Tenn M C Jordan A w, Ark
S A Nelson, Mia J Hchutt. Ill
W Willey, Tenn M 8 Jay, Tenn
li li Lewis, Tenn J 8 Touilinson, Tenn
HBalti, Mica N Moriwether, Tenn
0 Gobi), Mo Mrs Jordan, Ala
Mrs RU Hoe J, Tenn TLLonv, Ala
W LUrahain, Tenn Wm Ylnrtin, Ark
J K Knell, Ark O l Bustainenta, Miss
J U Kheffy, Ala E B Stevens At, Ark
T J Kowe'l Aw, Miss WS lloudlette, Ark
T L Martin, Ten a J Brod, Ark
0 Klnine, Ark O A Jnnnson Aw. Ark
Mrs Van Meter, Ark Mrs M B agios. Ark
Miss Lucy Ount, Ark MissDOant, Ark
Mrs PenoeAs, Ark Miss II Winter, Miss
Miss Nicholson, Mist Miss W Blmiton, Miss
Mrs 8 K Mebane, Va Mrs Oweus, Ark.
PdHhoity Hotel.
C. B. OALLOWAV A CO Pftorancioss.
Kates ti Ml and (3 per day, aoonr.Mni to
iaa and looation of room Speoial
rates made.
(i A Wood, Mo Mm Storn. Ohio
JCLewia.St! (J K Fossick, Ala
W A Curroll. Tenn J It Finney. Mo
PT h'utlon. Mis:
J II Liwrenco, Ark
D A l.inthicuiu, Ark
O A Wo (1 on, Ky
Mrs Miicholl, Ark
F W Cohen, P
W A Frunr Aw, Ark
J Buyer, 'lenn
A Prny, La
HO M t-elilon, Tex
L Moshy, Va
Piss Bell, La
J V iMc.Brido, Tenn
J H lllalte, Miss
WO Baker, Ms
WrKainsey.N Y
W E Schwing, Ky
ui m 'r n
bo one, ra
P TUrithn, Ky
J K Fruur, Ark
Mrs L 0 Pray, La
K II Arnolil, Tex
A tlreen, N Y
M Be I. La
A H Vorster.N Y
A M Co.io, Tenn
R K Hennolus, city
A Draper, jr. N Y
T A Laninr, N Y
L White Ky
I ,T IIHIH'i A "llil
F T Anderson, Tenn
Mrs BSulibKchsr.AluJ MoKonald, Mo
W r, t lynn, hm u li fitts, Hi if s
A F Lanier, Ky T Ilartman, Ark
J Anderson, Tenn P June', Ala
II Dowdy Aw, Ala W 8 Mooro, Tonn.
Dnfly'a Karopean Hotl,
Ooraernf Adams and Main streets. Roomi,
5Uo, 75o and II per day: American Plan,
ti per dny.
Fir't-clnps Restaurant in the Hotel.
J. M. PUFFY (10 years witbPeaoody Uotel)
ACDona'dson.IU W T Williams, lit
ALCooiier, Mo RLF1 tcher, I'ex
M ' ate. Ark W p llayden.Teuo
E L Oeorge, Misi RLl.exton. Tci
a M Scott, Ark W O Moore, Mo
HT Jamison, Ohio X MFrankiyn,Ky
CCArch.Tex W A Andrews, lenn
A M Miller, Misi II II CffKcr, Tex
11 W (Inker, Tex J F (loode, Tenn
A (I Lawson, Ark J It Hooper, Tex
B M Hnnrd, Mo N Pylos, Mo
A A Mnnnes, Ind T II Harvey, Ohio
T L Kingharn, Tenn II C Needham, Kaa
J W Crocker, Mo R H Arnold, Tex
ROM -elden.Tcnn W 0 VcLeun Aw, Mo
R 11 Miller, Tenn J P Smith, Tenn
W M Smith, lenn Miss S'ondtbrd, Tonn
KliLinderman.OhioN D Williams, La
TjOOAL notices.
Dk. C. D. Smith, Veterinary Sur
geon, No. 01 Monroo street.
P. M. Stanley, funeral tlirector and
emba iner, 55 Madison street.
W. A. Faihks, No. 50 Union street,
has just received an A 1 lot of good
Kentucky saddle and harness horses.
Ti Herbu. ii; Ouw, tbe beet
tonioaral iitl-,'j:iv,!Iu Known. A ecrtain
and sure euro for mi'JU. Price tl por bot
tle. Send stsL'its ir"uinri, Ar.y nf
arence gixon. -1 John C. ltuckor.
LytiChliarg, Va.
Tho teit r. guihi..r of digesiive or
gans end thobn't nrpptiaer known is
Ansoatu'a Hitte's I :y it, but beware
cf ioiititi ns. Get from your grocer
rr ibngut tlm eenninn nrtic e, m;inu
fiiituied by Dr. J. G, J3. Si'gjit A
Studies ai St. Ague Academy will
be re-uruid on illnndny, ths'titb of
repUinliev. As an inceLt vo ts the
imliitrv of tb puoils, a brndsomo
gold wilt-:)) t re"ei,t d bv M.-.T ylo'ns
tbo '-Jliggie It u lli -l M-mOiial Pre
niitini" will be awarded to' thw young
1 otv boarder h o, ln.vn g atiHine i ber
Inutt euth yar, bai ixceWel in all
Ec!f ol ditties aul rcqulrimeDt".
Tub wt'stit g fiiH.nsos of infants and
chiliben are by no nn-at s copti ed to
a i iesutliciitnt ftipply of food. Tbo
trouble is thi:t the f n d is irju.licioup
ly selected, and the limited dig stive
power of the child is unib'e to aj
similfltfl it. Mellin's food, when pre
pared according to tbe directions,
iorms the best Bubt-titute for mother's
milk that has ever b -en proluced.
Ely's Cram Balm wasr commend
ed to me by my drnvuist as a prtventa
tive to hy inver. Have been using it
as dire e e l eince the H h of August and
have found it a specific for that, mnch
A ea.led and loathsome dis-iate. For
ten years or more I have been a great
tnflf-rereach year, friim August Dtb
till frost, a-id Lave tried rnatiy a'leged
remedies for its cure, but E.y's Oream
Bairn it the only pr vent t've I hive
ever found. Ilav fever tuflerets ought
to know of iti elll -scy.
Of F. B. Alnswnrth A Co., Publishers, lndi-
anapoils, Ind.
Vicisbuko, August 20. Night De
parted: Ausie P. Silver, New Orleans.
riTT.-Boao, Vs., Angus: 20. N'gbt
2 feet 7 inches tho fcAiino and tailing
Weather clear snv! -warm.
Cihoinnati, O , Angust 20. Night
River 10 feet 8 iuches on ttie gauite and
fulling. Wettur lair aud Wiirm.
WHKEHNo,W.VA.,Augmt 20-Night
River 0 fei 6 inches on the gauge and
falling. Weatuer clear and p'easant.
New Orleans, Augast 20. Night
Arrived: Oitv of St. Louis, St Louis.
Departed: City of St. Louis, St. Lonis.
Cairo, August 20. Night-River 9
feet 0 inches on tbe gauge and falling.
No arrivals or departures of regular
1Ooisvill,Ky., Aunust 20. Night
River falling, with (5 feet 6 inches in the
canal and 4 i ot 4 inches on the falls.
Business dull. Weather clear and
St.Locis, August 20 Night River
risen 4-lOinchev, nd sUni's 8610 feet
on the gauge. Went her clear aud
pleasant. Arrived: City of Natchez,
New Orleans. No dn a turns of TUtfU
lar narke-t".
WHNlFfl A.J t.,V na Woiu.a
IIAlilCU , M ..Tlnf CHILD'
IB LK " Intro luetic a bv Ha.J 11. Via
eent, l).k. On Kk-c-' has H S in a tow;
of ("i popie: ,ii,t- ..i i'i i r;il,e, of 714 on
new awnt ie ( ,j. r t - two s iwq.
livaweer': li ip i'nv M two dlffiret
timet. ltxi"t','ic 'ii incaS'TV Atdrur
C a .u ;L't'rl,
WIjuh fis illil. Cbionio.
J AMEN C. HELL, l'resldeut.
Between & Betwixt
Too Early for the Fall Too
Late for Summer.
Hints How to Save tyoney.
aflg- It Is between season! in tbo clothing
trade- The denand lor summer roods is
now over, and 'juyers are not yet thinking
of fall goods.
Tba Misfit Clothing Parlors, 2fi2 Soeond
street, do not believe in dull seasons. Goods
can always ba sold, provided prices are
placed low enough. Tbe way to do business
is to do It. If trade it dull force it. That's
what wo now propose doing. Of course wo
till have goodi on band which we do no
oare to oarryover. Now we propose to sell
these goods. How? Why, by soiling them
much lower than they cost us.
Medium-Weight Suiti-Just the Things
for Fall Woar.
Light-Weight Suits Below Cost.
Fine Medium-Weight rants carr'ed from
the Spring.
lloavy-Weight Pant for Winter Woar
at Half Winter Prices.
A General Clearing Sale.
Wo Intend to sell all our present stock be
fore our Fall Goods arrive. Now Is the
chance to secure great bargains. It will pay
you to stock ap now with tbo Salts and Pants
you may not need until the fall. Fall will
soon bo here, and what you can save now
will be a lucky inves1 ment.
Kl'Ktlal. ftOTM.'E-0dd and Ends of
Suits, and Odd Coata and Vests, at remarka
bly low prices.
Misfit Clothing Parlors,
282 Second Street,
OppORit Court Hqunr Blcnipblg.
7 Open Evening;, until 7; Hut nr.
nrilHya.nullI 11.
err Ml alterations to insure a perfect fit,
done free of chtrire.
Devllvri TraltM, Nlirlmn,
NhIiiioii, 1'renu I nn Machrrel,
siidliiPK, l.oliNlrra,
llrooU Trent, OyatrrM,
.W'tckcrnl In 'loninto C'nnp,
Saeel MnnXI Plrklra,
Sonr Ftchlea by th gnl. nntl in Jar,
PirklMl Wnlunw, Hot Kolluli,
Woohivi- Hnni-o, lomalo Uatanp,
t'n-rn, MuNlnnl, Curry l"owl-r,
-NhIhiI ltreNhlug, Ollvra, Olive Oil,
1'reniu ( bene, Olrrjr Nance,
Celery Salt, tie , Ele.
Ji E
a r S
N H 1
E N p
I o.
5 1
G I !l
Boiler Works.
U0, U2, 144 Front, Memphis.
in the South, tu-i the only compleU
Boiler and Sieet-lron Works in the city,
Mnnariturr of heavy nlate Iron
war of every tliwiriptlon. Rpeoia1
attention vf t n'l-ta'ion work.
' &tfis4rs'
Importer! ami dealers In Quna, Ammn.
nlllou and I'lahlnK Tftekle, Bnlldera'
Hardware, l.lerlrle Hells and An
nnrlaf i,r. tor liotols and Kesldences,)l4n
Mala alreet, Humiilili, ream. Eleotric
supplies always on hand. Rapalrtn naath
tSurjB, Anitnnnitlon, Ftnhlng Tacklf
and ltant-Ha!l Hoodg.
0114 Mala N I reel, Tleniphla, Tenaii
Manufacturing and Repairing of Guns a
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers
SIM Mala Nl MeuipUissTeni
Lacroix's Mineral Colors,
Artists' Materials,
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealer In
Mum, MlitK l irtlf and por
ium1i Miiirllou. kjt "i-eoial atteolior
fiven to MAN OFAti'LKlStf nd RB
113 Mtu rttBltiapht,Ten
ant levee Confractorg for Wagon, Scraper and Cart Harness. -0
Jamea H. Good bar I Win. E,, ciarkl KaKene J. Carrluglon 1 Frank e. Ion
insjtAbllajlteci XOeO.l i
319 Main Street, Memphis, Teun.
WE offer to MEKt HAWTS ONI.T th largest and best stock of Boots and Bhoel wa
l 0 Vr brou'1,t ,0 tbil market, and which cannot be sarpasted in quality aaj
styles by any house in this or any other oity. In addition to a complete line at Eastert
made foods, inoludina tee t tLKllli TKU IOODBAU CO. KKOIJA Ntt, wehar.dla
a large and select stock of Custom-made Goods for Mon, Women, Misses and Children. Wa
Ojrry a nuni berof tke best makes in tho country, in overv variety ind atrle, and amont
tbemittia well known Men's Oalf Boots and Shoes manufactured by Oco. llocker for cur
STJIf lj lo carry a ohoice line of Ladies' and Misses' Custom Kid, Ooat ana
Calf Seods, manufactared by Krippendorf, Dittman to Ce. We invite the trade to examine)
onrstook before buying elaewhere, and we guarantee everything we sell to give satisfaction.
J II H It t MJ
1 o tils Trsis (Mif! kniors
Have attained, his irduced unprincipled manufacturers to plai-e in tho innrfcet a basa
imitation. We hrrebv cnulion the publio that all Genuine Cinnrros will boar A KEI teal
on ench box. and our Factory uioher, liDIl, :tl Itiktrirt, IV Y.
Ihe only all long Havana filler oinar on the market for S cents.
GEO, X9. XjX33 Sa GO.,
Factory 200, Sl JUsti I t, JV. Y.
100M & J0YHEB, Wholesale genls,
T. JA W5sa!swi
sN - hi tar
S7-:i78-:iS().:W'2-:i.S4.386 SecoDd street, south Uayoso,
Coots, Siish, Blinds, Flucriny, Ceiling, St;-irn, Shingling
titnlrtliiir. I.h. V1ar VnHtm l i-
J. H. IT,
Lite of J. S. Day A Son.
W. II. IltSRTOf,
Late of Moacham & Horton.
360.362 rront Strft Memphis Tenn..
A. YACCAR0 fe Co
(8C0CESS0R9 TO at
Old Stand, No. 9 Uniou St., Memphis.
Manufacturer of
NFWEB pipf. roriAn cemfnt,
FIiUK MIGS, BOsiEDilr; 'K.f ET,
TILE, I'llti: IAY,
1 Unrlvaledn v,iv i t .il-;e tor highest
linloCHlinn h. :l htii.0--i. h iwjmlurts anu training.
1 TKKMS PErt Ai-l -l'i -ihle Uali in Advaone Bosrd. Bedd.nir, Washing, Tuition
I Ennlirh lu.ie. l ie .1 i-t- i, t . Vocal Musioin Class, taoo.
" lor particulu, apply to .SUi'ERIOR.
F. MEYER, ff'j aiMlrrea.
Latest Novelties in Footwear
1.41 M V or VUtCkSl
W. L. Douglas S t (K) Calf SboeS
In Button, Lac. and Congrast.
Illustrated Catalogue and Price-Llfl
Mailed Fre- r, Ri,i,Ilo.i'ion -
Manulacinrer'i Agents for
Dauifl I 'lit (i ('oil ati Gins,
S51JM:V. f.73!TfJ CO.,
.V:niii?.i''iurur. of
I'ra" l",i-!"!.. Ilu .inn. FeI-t-i-m
itii l.n. i.t-pi.treiN,
l)S to 101 i'liiiluf S ., Mciiubfs
BferPratt hcvi.lving-Iiend Gins une
iU ,!ed. .-t" k n ,oiuilote. Prioei
roiioccd. Curro (n'tiili-nne ana orders
njioited. ' It i'i" Hopairedin First
lfis' rdw 4t -i-W KitJir.-inioO''-
Late of Utiluy 4 Covingtoll
six miles from Frankfort,, Ky., optns d Annual Session
September 6, 1HHH, under more lav rahle auspices than
tor twenty years. The Superintendent and Faculty give un
divided attention during all hours ot i very day to the gov
ernment and instruction of the pupils, all of whom are or
ganised into one family. Before placing your ton elsewhere,
send for Catalogue and Circular of Information to
HOBT. IP. AI I.EN Nnperlnlenrtent.
Alabama LimeJ
UAIK and! ll.EUKICK.Etoj
instruction In Langu gn, Music, Art, but all
1 ,

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