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rouTics it mai
Both Kepublirum aud Democrats
lIsnslcil-Tlic Urgent cp8
oitj for a Compromise.
iHI'F.rUt. TO THIPriiI..l
llitl.tiNA, Ai.n., August 2X The ptv
litiril situation in l'hillipi county
rar.timins in a mndillo, and unlifs
eointth rp 'fl Hone. ni) very quickly,
too, to lit al tlio breach in the Damo
critic psrtycaufftd hy line odious rom
jiromis?, tl)i'-county will he turned
ovtrtst'ie K?pullirans. Pillow's ac
tion in advocacy of the compromise fa
launinB ureatf numberj to extnets
thoma-lvts realDHt him, and will be
ios'ru mental in (liveitin to the lml
pendents a vary reHpectabla vote. In
the meantime one rinir ol the Kepub-
lican pty in niakitiK preparations to
put out a lull Uepunlican ticuei, who
all cole rid mentxctpt one or two on
the ticktt.
win h;l Mi.scoNeTiU'iTtotf.
Thtoio weio uuito a uumlier id eiti
cra here who were so ohtttae as to
lOiutrun tlis report niat'e in the Ai'
VKAt. Saturday to read th'.t Mr. Jacob
Triiber had recflvcn Jl( .'() for the
job of diMvfrinir the Republican msm
uii Htms to tlio l.inioi'uuio company,
wlim iioltiinit of the kind was meant.
We Bimi'ly mid that tlio tumor was
luting 111a Jn to crtire (Ii'hii ns oits in
tlie K-pnlilicm party, which wi"i so,
nud 11s to tlicn win) ini'C'inHt.riied the
miiile. wo helicve. willfully and
u.tt io oiiily have been diatoiting it
for t!;o pnrpoHe of wjiiriii": JMr,
Triibjr. Wo deiMU it ilun htm to
ii-itu that we do nut boiieve that
thpia v..u any truth in the rumor.
0'. F Ml)H V. lil'IIIKB AN 1) .IOIKIK 1.
(i 111X11 i,
landiiUtts for Governor on tl.o litmo
c iat c and Usptililii'iui tickets, reapect
(ive'v, will uddreHN the piople hero
lit'XtTtiureday, the 2dth instant, limit
preparntiutiH are biiint uiadu aud an
ia'i ensa ciowd in anlidputud.
ii you en jrou'loinan of excellent buai
mm qualitica'loiiK, connected with the
dry koo.Is homo of Simon ruely, difd
Hi a nioinint; and wis buried thia
Tlio parliiiulnra of a most unfortu
nate nud honid death of an excellent
ladv named Mrd. K. K Trotter, at
Holly lirove, Ark., wns received hero
today. Sho wri cookitiK pr lervos in
an ore" kettle, mil by some means
had dropped tome of the pr mrves on
tholloor. Klia went t) the kettle for
tLo purpose of ati.iinnils contents and
wan Btnopinn over, when her feat
slipped out from under hor and alio
full forward into the boiling nm i of
pr erve", completely BubiuurjrjnK her
lieml. She died sjon after in Rrcat
A Ml'CII KUirilKI) It A IN
vimtsd this Hectiou ol the coantry lait
uiitlit and reporla iudicalo that it was
Kcneral. It will a Rri-at blevinR to
the fn.nen from the Uot that splen
didly fruited catt m Btslks had heunn
tn Blind Umir miuares and lilojun,
wh'c'i the farmuid think the rr'u will
dULKN Vlbl.K, N. ( .
questioned she relnctantly and with I
distress told a story of the Rrievoua
wrong done her and the terrible crime
of her father. Tbe flret anault wai
committed about three yeawigo, when
har mother waa absent from home.
The father sunt her to an attic on an
errand, and followed, threw her down
and committed the a siult. (Since
then lie has repeatedly aaktd her to
orcupv a room with him, and beiause
ehe hts leluaed hn driven her from
the house. Her mo'her also tried to
induce her ti occupy the Bum room
with her buhband and heiHclf. The
Kirl ma le a aworn at'itement and her
mother corroborate her. Ciir iulo was
Birt-Rted today, and on the plea of not
izuilly wri hnld held for tiinl on Tues
day, no bail boinis allowed. The allmr
is not Kennrally known toiiayL
t i i i.v M inis mi:
ferllonN JTonrny In n t arU. Vel
II In .Narrow Krn I'rolll
The KaiKhts or Labor and the So-clullhtH-Feara
of Another
Ueep Laid Stheme.
Niagara J'ai.lh. O.nt, AiidiiHt 23.
Wi. J. Kendall, cf Ucaton, ye-terday
swam Buccetafully in a cork vent the
whirlpool rapids ot Niajiarn river.
Tlio trial was to Bottle a waner f
$IO,f Ol) mado by Boston parties, ho to
receivo $101)0 of the tUuu. Tiiew
wcrti few rpoctatora of tlm allair, i'.
having been kfjit quiet. Kendall re
late i tlie following experiences when
he reached tbe tpot whore ( apt. Webb
wns supposed to have luat his life:
The water aeniiod to go fr.'in under
him and a himo wave struck him on
tlio head and shouldnra, knocking 1-im
unconf cious fur a few momenta. He
found hiH HwiinruiiiK abilitiua of no
ii'O whatever, and never ix pouted to
conw out alive. When onterini? tlie
whirlpool be was to bpnnnibed nnd
partly nnaonacloiis tlmt he could not
uhb a limb and did net know wha' lie
waadt)in. The cuneiit tiok him
riitht int'i the main eddy and ano'ied
him down like a llaih, keep'nji him
under fully fifteen Becouih. L'(on
machine tt.o uuderciirivnt ho wbb
sliotoutof the peol fully li ft y feat
fiom ita canter. Wlmn he io:ic!imi
the purfneo of tlie water ho h vl partly
regained coimciounirH', and ki:ow
ine thi!ro wai no time to epare
before bo wi.uld bo carr'ed doivn the
lower rapids ho aain to the fboro.
While landln he wns ao overcame
that ho annin became nnconacioui (tml
his asaistanta Wiiro fully half an hou'
occupied in revivii'K him with the aid
of Btimulanta and by rubliini;. When
asked if ho would ever make another
trip he said, inott emphatically: "No;
there 1b not enough minify in the
world to induce me t repent this
afternoon's oxperienci). A clii'd would
have the same chance to go through
the rapids and ooiuo out nil right as an
expert Hwimmer."
It took him three minuten to go
from the rniboad hridgu to tliB whirl
nool. Kondall ia 24 years of uiie, six
feet two inches in height, we'glia 1(1(1
pounds, and n well proportione j. lie
was bom in New York but bna upon'
moat of h's lifo in lioBton. Tne cork
vest consisted of live nieces ot cork
sixteen Inches long, four inches wide
and two inches thick, which were
sewn in white canvas, similar to a lifo
A llcilllijr lloily unit
A lMcHinnl Trl Friiin Itleiiiphlit l
tlie Mounlnlim.
lcuimiiKi'iiNiiKNci nr thkTai-1-kai..I
(inKKNVii.i.K, N. V., Augeit 15. I
led Memphis on the night of the 10th
im.U into anivt'd hmo at I o'clock
p.m. Sntnrday following, altera very
plea-nt t'il- by tt'ipping over every
night 1 wai enabled to otmaiva th'Mgii
closely on tho lino Ol tlio read.
The crops on the lineof tlio M, 0.
U R. are apnlted. OucaMomi'ly a good
crop could be Been, but t-lieiii'sa
whola the crops aie vei r aoriy, rape-
ly tho cotton cr.ip. In crowing
tho iiiounti'na a uood cr ip could 1m
aeon o. I'atioiirtllv in the va'leys of the
l-'rench liroa.il jiver.
After leaving the moe'iUins and
ppisring stlcavillo I found tlie pour- t
country 1 overuaw. 1 iMiinot see how
the pe iple live. Cotton will not aver
ai: "dd pounds to the aero. Corn wi 1
not iniiki) live bushels to the aero as
fur as tioMahoic. Atti-r It living (iold
buio lur larboro I found n much he
tor country, or at lee t much better
r.ipH. In l oiniiui from T.irhoio to this
piace 1 travele.il tlirinitih a giiod corn
t y w ith us nijihl cr.j's lis wo have in
Ti-niren. T.kiiu everMt''nB into
i nns deration the advance tn iutei.iHl
i n'roveiiien'M. haliitH of tha people
noil nn'iiiH of local transportation, 1
i in only uiv that iiii a i ho ia It cited
in Wei Teni c?aee, and eapiciAliv
Shelby county, may call fiie-ieif
h!e:n"!. .Mom tiniiii. n c. r
i.i li t. !;i:.vs in.ii r.
Clrnr llratl.
If itnlincilinn.conttii ntiua and bil.uu."neF!
torment lbs boils', tlio liciu Mnnot In c oir.
Tlia riiinrdnri reurt upon tin lrnin im st
hurllullv, unit i". ilnon a ctuuillncn iii th
nrirnn of tliiiorli! rial I'lrpnutlrcl HV it
htiiililiy mnn, 1 1 i : t y 1 tir no bruin nppri'.n
Inr liiHhiilint ti :t y "o en'iir!.v tl-npn'ieit lif
lhitlirprlf" Hi o .i .io. Iluitntltr'n Mohkhmi
liitto'p, wlnrii t'lifoi . rcrptbrt itntl inviu.i
ri ilm br.iin nn.l tinrven. wliilo t rrulnlr"
liio itrLni of d'vt'-ti'in. nv:oiiiimion nnd
liilimiN rarre'.itin. li I'M oN lito morliiil till-
morn wlorli iioIkoh tlio m:.u;ui IhrniiLli :ho
Iw.wmIr itml ii -in.ir v on 5'Htrr.l. and rn:l
t.nuAr'iil lni-ii'or:i'iiiL Inllnitnro nhtvell. 1U
iMttliarliit action ii cover irr Miiri;. t iuluni
or i;iin(nl but flvon, muui.il and irirts
liy. At an iieinM.or ami p'ocp rroiroier
liio llillpra i uni iv jicil: it tn!lii. i'o the in
riMintmof hli. rivivi4 tlio a huolit.-i l-ePU-
liar to Ihc Ki-nt'er tt , .irrotit eromntu-e do-
ay, and builds up an -,-. Icolilc I ibyai'iio.
(Jeruian Joiu-iiiiIInIm hoi! Aulliiirii.
Nkw Yoiik. Aiifii,t:2. Tho nation
al convention of (Itttman joarnalista
ami anthers wnl begin "iw I'lis n: '
HHF.Hion in this cilv t )dny. Am ngtln
delegates now b'oeare: rhi.adelphia
Herman lMeck. C. Ileppner, Pr,
Joseph Hoi ml. Win. llegriiapurger,
liruua ahl. Max S.uiniit unit U. 11
Meyer. Milwaukee Jrrmmi Snigel,
Dr. l'.nnl Knnti"., Julius (toiiistintti,
Dr. l.eo Stern, D.-. Iludolph Kos, Kx
Congrc-iiun 1'. V. DtUHt'ir, (tto
KniiHli, li. A. Abraham anil Arbor
Koeuii!. Uiillrtlo U. Nobel. l'.elle
.lle, 111. Curt von MciDfolden.
ltibirg A. SchmieJ. Carl Sclinra
w.is pien'iit al a lMcinet to the v ia
i' ira tli B evening.
lie Sii.vs II o it litter to llri.
itkiitln itiitl llitt'k.
Nun Yoiik, Augtn-t ": --1. cu' llenn
t m u.i'iwti tliiwu the uw of but le t
t1 e f ti" b n l oiiiic. lie invited them
ti tn J t t tn (iaiu ca in in open nice
1 ; j 1 1 1 -a d" 11 ok to HenuiiiU and
1 ac'i 1 u a cop. 1 1 ifi liu ! Cat he t h.tl-i.'Ul'.-s
any aiiigie ni'ited American
v.i.iit, b it it i. in ill liiir. he M ait' :ug
I tir' i ",ii l.M 'i'inss. 1 ;eir. llenu
Mima i : at ni' .i u ma'ih would be
i 'vilv ti iVv th i mao'iig iUii'itii a of
l'.e vioel.t pii'tiiiii.it iu', and to tb's
oyi.ion tie wi.l lind nutty backera. A
t.i'-.t M i't'rn u.1.1 and ti.uk mi Co hill
is a ytli : l' bu' a ii iii..'. e p cially if
t'.i b u.iH 't c Hint: r out' cf the old
tn d.itined mien wiiich haven kunckef
t nm : a ivoiind tlie ibia'id and hiirn'
iii mi I ten luvy. A iiMmhcr of the
New York O.nb says he did not tliink
l i c ti i wou'il M"iiO'iH y cons. der the
ci'.a' eiuo, no" only hiciuiH long il'u-
t.tii.'f i.i.-t-a had gone nil'. (.1 laHhlon,
but t ic 'iti.e liieiit;otii'tl for it is " o
late t' t f yn.ir. TIih lb null r-e
o.or SOO nii'.t-aH.iiit'i 'in nSintly Hook.
I- iii ii..t tiiucli use gm Minn how long
:t wuui 1 'ate tW'i jnc'itB to git t'lere
aad I at k They would bo likely to
-tac'ti 'In guif at'ciim juit in lime to
in it all tiie f out her y gal-R and a linr
;itii, or two, pciha. 8. The l'r'.Bcilla
ii tin- f.i.-3t r.icr j Imv lor a.icii a
i hi n y, aitlruzli llicru U to doubt
iii thu hii' oii'i o! the fart yacht
t oild iiuike th voviiie.
r. iii KrMnrrtt lu Huniluriia.
Ntw Youk, AngiiHt -Consul
! iieialllaia. ol Hocidiiraf, tat ay re
leivcd t'u filiowin? from riesidmt
iiog.ae.o! Hondr.Me, in regird to the
nii-diiou (..,' that country by a body of
l tvnlu'io urn: "Invrsion Coniiiered.
Mor y outl va-iou chiels killed.
Penc-i couipli to y rest ired."
All I nrltnleil ltrrtl.
A'lcoik's l'orou l'laBlsra have, in
tho lat tnenty live yeare, proved
tlienifelvts the "lent, safest etui mrst
ellcc'iial remedy foraoina! complii iUP,
iniiri'in iiiniiiiplit.il, iliavihioi,
pleiir ay, liimors, ckthnm, brorchitia,
enih tv, lii'iit iun, debility, rheuiua
tis'ii, itant, seialu',1, losi ot vigor,
dr 'i f-y, pa iily s, lcsi ol voic;, hyste
ria, tU'rvotiHu'o-s, indigcHtion, piilpita-
Out Nltl nl riillHrtt'lplilit.
1'iiu AiiKi.i niA, Pa., Augmt 211.
Th't Knglisli i-teainer Craig-ndoiu,
which ariived here Saturday, liroiight
a leier Bt:icken crew. lo.Iay h:x nion
were renmed to the lioapital. The
cap'imi called the complaint Chagrea
fever, allhongh lie admitted that the
men have Byinpt una ciiinniou 1 1 yol
low lever.
Sroll'a t:mnlltii,
(i nine Cod Liver Oil. with Hypo-
iitioapl.iti'a, ia a uios; valuabla rintdy
for c itistuopt'oa, ecrofula, wailing dia
wti ot I'l ililien. cJlila anil chronic
cotiiihs, and in all conditions where
there is a less of tkish, a lack ol norve
power and a general debility of the
Seorr Our lur Wlillt lnw.
Nkw York. August 2:'. The follow
ins from Mr. Whitolaw Reid. who is
siiiiiiiifiinu at Mdlbrae. Cala.. was re'
ccived yestrday :
Mi i.i i a u, CiLi., Auauttai, 1M'.
W. 1'. Tliiiiupftin, tlio lnbune, Now York.
AiiviiicB the rate of composition to
Chicago, August 2U Petectivf s
Siif', liohni, Loweiiftein, Hoffman and
Schuettler Bnent a largH p rtion of
their time veuerdav in the naighbor
hood of No. f5 North Clork Btreet,
and clrscly fcrntiniz d the delegates
to the Central Labor Union tueetingat
that place J uring tlie proceedings
Ilettctive Liwensein Bought admia
sion to the hall, but wns promptly
shown down staire. Latir on th
other detectives went up and told
Chairman Hipp that no seditious reso
lution must b pretentod, and laid
stto.'S upon rfB'ilntions abont tho ver
dict in the crae of the anaichisti. To
tbia the chairman replied that they
had lie such object, and intimated that
thHpiiniery iuienti"nof tho meeting
wi8 for till the non-Knglish speaking
members to bec.jme citi.oi.s rnd
vottrs at once. The meeting
thereupon passed a retolution rtc
oniuiending that ull meiubeis imme
diately ap!ly f rnituralizition papera.
It was Btato l that the Cential Labor
LTnion bad fomo 1 (J.000 nieinb-r', of
wh'iin about cno-lulf werovottra. A
ilele.alH hinteJ that tho anarchist
liiuslioii had bepii disuisaed, nnd that
a reioliitiim had been puc-Btd w hich
whr reserved for the present fr.im pub
lication. Tlie chairman denied that
money had be?n la'ssd to aid the eii
spent their entiio time yeftorday hi
the seclution and quiet of their will.
Cilleraaro excluded on Sundays by
the rules of the jail. Clergymen are
the only exception to the ruin and tbe
customary Minday viflit was paid tho
i t'ler prinm ors by a minister of tlio
U spel. The nnnrcliists were omititd,
,iy their own ordure. Tliy WHtited no
elisions cons 'lation tiny aa d.
THU KNIlill'IS OK LAllMt "and ths socialists.
Titn Newt Ibin niorning bb: Tho
KniuhtB of Labor in this city have
titially engaged in battle with sictal
imii in tooir own ranks. The fiiht bo
can a mouth iico. but fo w-dl trained
were air. rowoerij a toiiiiers inai n
hi a been kept from the puhlt.! until
yetterday, allhoiigh known to the rank
and tile of two en ire a-ieinblie. The
troublo b?pm imtnediatoly aftr the
h-y niArliel not. Many 01 the otticiais
of the Kniulits had betore taken coun
8f I concerning the dangerous foothold
the B'jcialiBtB had obtain-! in itte or
di r. leaders in the two Bicialistiu
a-sembliea, howeV. r, kept their mem
bers aligned, uud uo reasonable came
was given for attack. lho two assem
blies moBt feared by the uJiuinibtra-
tion to lira district, which is No. 21,
were the cojporp. No. 2.SIK), and the
mixed BB!embly, No 130". Tne coop
era had a leader in Guo. A. Kchi ling
a pronounced socialist; Ni. li'.OT had
Parsons, now llliuer senieuceoi tieam
for murder. Joseph Gruetihnt and
others. These men knw the adven
tage of remiiining allied with a power
ful and respectable order having
the svmuatbv of tlie read
iug public. When the bomb
exploded in hay market stuaro, the
Kiitglilfl c.t i.a Dor everyvriiHre ut
niaudod that the sood name of tne or
iler bo in some way redeemed from
the taint of dynamite. The res ill hi
tho giving to tho public cf the resolu
ti.ms ol July 2d. Anarchy was de
nounced and the order openly con
dttmued the work of the hay market
aHja'3ine". So severely did they ar
raign tho perpe'ratora of the bomb
that Schilling ami Giun'Mit could no
loiKcr retain their followers in As
semblies 2:107 aud l:J07. The two as-
S'liiLhea most infected with eoniHiitm
ciimplained to tlie general ctlicera.
Tnis gave J. H. Mc.rphy, tiie Matter
Workman of District Assembly 21 an
opportunity to do what bo long hi I
desired to do to suspend tho two
assemblies. This ha did with Mm
utmofit d'Spatth. He cut them oil
fio ii nil benctin of ineiuberMiip in the
order, and sent ollicial notice of his
atep to tlie general clliccra. TheaMsjin
blit a appealed the c.is to the National
Kxocutive JtiMtd. That body, it is
staled, appointed Mr. Carb t m, tli"ir
lira ml Ltc'.uier, to proceed to Chi
cago to tako testimony in the case.
Ha came ostensibly to invettivrate
the McCormick trouble and save that
tn ittjr some attention. M ' Powderiy
himself, it ie reported, came screl y
to the city and t ippud wr.h irumils
ttint he might poraonaliy examine into
tho Ciiise ol the trouble, unu mo leme
dy. Noue of tho petsona moH inter
i st;d would say anything today which
would paea as a prediction of ttie prob
able result of the investigation. It is
quite caitain, however, that the
Knigh'B inChicag) nieau exteriniua
.ion of eocial sm. On Wedne-day
nxt tho election of delegates to Rich
mond will occur. In the canvas',
which has bean going on for some
time, the tiitht has been between tlmt-e
Tho Buppnit Master Workman M)'r-
iiliy in ins iiuivuimtui, I'liaiun Buittit-
otic Order Sous of America ws held
after the jury returned the verdict ia
the anarchist cae. Resolutions ex
pressing the lessons taught the Ameri
can public by the t il were unan
imously adopted. J'fce reno'utions
were preceded by a pieaojble Bf.tttng
forth that the agitation by alien, s
journets under the names of national
lets, s'c alists, anarchists at d nihilist!
and the flaunting cf the rd aud of tie
black flags is trea-ou aad rebellion
against law; that this foreigners in
trying to make a weap n of the labor
ing people have done great ir.juaiito
and iriutTtothalatttr; andthat muih
of the evil is dua to the lack of dis
crimination in Ameii an iruuiig ation
and nsturaliaatioa lawB. The rtsolu
tions are as follows:
Himlveil, By this union meeting ot
the Pat iotic Order .Sons of America,
that the verdict of t e jury in the an
archist cases meets our b arty apnroval
as na iye horn citizens, Bed will aJd
inn. h t tbe respect in wliicti our be
loved country is held tlnougbout the
world as a nation ol law anil orut r.
Rrmlved. That the police cf Chicago,
for Ueir tatrit tic de.'ense of the city
and law, on Havmarkct Simare, May
4th, deserve and xeceivo our hiartlelt
JimiletJ, 1 hat we call up:n u-'ngrew
tr limit foicigo inini untnn acd nuke
ten yeart' continuous P idcnce, and
abil ty to (peak ihe Kngiiah language,
neco?fary uualilica'.ioua for citi.;n-
CKKIl Ki'.S.
ItisB'idbv olliicrs at the Hinman
ut.ition that Frank Si eman, who mar-
don d h's w.i'tl ami then sl ot huii'ell
Saturday, was an nutrul anarchist
and that he f pared uo pairs to declare
ins minions against nio rouco a--u
capitalists. I", is lso ailegnd t,-a'. bt-cam-oof
these renia is Oil Ctrs West
end Donomn were tett io gain
what inform -ton t'uty could rgrtinst
the man for thepurp'S) cl ar-ett
ing lini. If ifl sad the olli'trs
met .-eu:an t relay ni'.truoou auu
w.-re asked by nim to tnke a
glsss of li1er. The itivi(3tioi was
iccep ed, pnd it is mid that tlm cfli
orsd.aiik the beer ami shortly n't'i
wji J were taken dee.t .ly Bick. The
d -ctor who waa called proni.nuced the
BymptoiCH to be th j.'e which apprar
when a p.-rson Ijih been poiac.ned
end at onto applied tbe usual remo
du s. Wlwn the pinup was U8?d, it is
said, the contents it the ttomach
showed iha' poieon had been admin
istered, ai;d as both otlictrj were in
the eame condition it is thought that
S oman dioppcd tiie poiion in the
glas'tM while a;amlii p; at tho bar. The
cHicors ara Biti J to lu ell riht and do
not attach any pirt'.cular importance
to the matter
was lefi ro Justice IMeech in tho
Armorv Police Court today, charged
with carrying cinceab'id weapons. The
nrisorier was arrested yesterday. The
cllicers noticid lluppock ncting bus
piciously, near the corner ol Twanty
sixth and Arnold btreetf, and iUas-
tioned him as to his butines". HUP'
cock said he whs a printer in the ollice
ot the Arbdltr ., ii'iug. The oiiiner no
ticed a revolver in his packet nnd
asked him why he carriud it. Tho
m if oner a. id lie was au anarchist and
lid the we8p.in ior pro'ection. Justice
Meech con ti seated thu revolver and
lined If uppeck $10 aud costs.
now unuibers four, and there are three
denuties cooaantlv near the row
where the eight cundemr;od anarch
is ts are lodged. The gusid of police
on tiie other aide of the building con-
Sig"8 r.f live othc T'.
(GMWreii n
i E3
Centaur Liniment is tho mos wonderful Pain-Curer
tho world has ever knovn.
l.nnkluic Al'lrr tllfl AllltrtlllllH lU
p lork.
New Yoiik, August 2:1. Pobce Cap
(nin i'!im hev. in whcsi nrecinct Irv
inn Hall is Bitui'ed, was summoned
to the iJif.tr cl Attorney's ollice today
auil nutt'Ored at itn-at length by As
R-sUnt I etrict A tor. ey Nic.oll es to
tlit rnMire of the eneei hoi made Fri
tlay ing-.t by the anarchists at ine
meeting called io eyriia'uue wim uiu
conili-ninul Chicago Lrinb tnroweis.
The cap'sin w '8 ae-ompanied by sav
e-al of bis ctllte'S Hil l gave tlm in
formation reou red. Mr. Nicoll a(tr
war t turned over the enpta n and his
men to Assistant Dist.ict Attorney
Sent eb) that the latter tO'g'.it go into
1... miiftor morn fnllv Mr. Scmnll!
duties pmV.raca the' presentation of
matters before the t'tand jury and tho
.Iran imr 11 n nf indict llietllt. It is DTOb
able that the afenttcil cf tbe grand
inrv. wb.ib will h Bwoin in next
monlh. will be celled to the eubject
and the prc-vai'itin opinion is that
those most ronsiucnously idint'litid
wi'.h tho mooting will be indicted tin
dor the law rela ing tn unlawful M-
Hcmtilies. on wh'ch Htrr Mos', was
. . n .,iu,HU.u,u .-..miilnmt if
n. lift .. tt - . .".-,.. il, iu
ri-HMltf I lUt f'lHt Ul (UW w .'. "
it lupia ivwii'i".
nil cent per
With today.
thousand, commencing
linrvrtl y III
Willi lurl-hl,
Nmvi-ouT, H. I, August 2ii The
community was a artlnl yestsrday by
the arrest of Horace CailiBlo, a well
known citizen and bualnt si man, on
the complaint cf hiB daughter for in
cest. Hts IS year old daughter, Al
xaida, complained at the police Btation
i.t nieht that her father would not
let her remain in theVhonse. UelngjCued.
"Our Unit)' I lrl Imr,"
bv Marion Harland, with other yalua
blu in'otmation; fiirty-eight page book
Sent free on receiot nf 2 cent stainn
Addrfss Ked Carnrick, Mercantile
Kxi li.ioge liuililini!. New YorkCity
llroMortl lu Lake Mlnnrlonkit,
Minnkai'olis. Minn.. Auaust 23.
snmll br was unset on Lake Minne-
tonka during a storm last oveniDg'and
three of the four men in it were
tirownorl. Those drowned were Robt
Thurbutt, a prominent real estate
(lnaler- W. I! .In.-Lnnn. ir.. eectetary
and treasurer of tho Monitor Plow
Wo ka Company, and a hired man in
the employ of the plow works. Jacob
Stone, tbe fourth of thspnrty, was res-
ti nnil 1 lilfto WIIOSH bVlllllltlllliin me
witu the t wo ost'iuised assemblies and
indirectly with Parsons, Schiil'iu and
Tho election, it is uenera ly believed,
ill ro'iib in an emphatic iudoisc-
mcnt of Mr. Murphy a action In sua-
pendtng the socialistic at-soiuuiics.
are veiy positive that the anarchists
iii.l Home ileen v laid aciiBiue ou iiii'm
nith tbe r outs tie Inen tB on mo
nnrniiiir when the verdict was re-
iirned hv t ie HUT. but jnsi wnaiii
- tiipv urn not aide to determine.
I . nU "ani.l hii nllicer who naa oeou
,i .liit. ihioii.thout tho trial, that tha
arratisonients, whatovcr they might
have been.had U0311 coudUCieu ly lire
condemned men and conveyed ty
th.. r r ativea to tuo aiiartllBls who
aranntin i.iil. You will remember
that when they men inio uie couri-
room for the last time rrinay morning
Paisous took a red silK nanauercuiei.
i.ih 1,0,1 iiMitn mven mm ov ans.
T,.ririR the day previous, out of his
hat and waved it at the crowd in the
street, neaisonau wnuu unuu..
l.i..l tlmt iiinrninir. mill 1 noiieve inn
...... p, ;l.l.
if tl.a unril i-t had been U:l riiiai no
...t,i ii.vo ntitii it lor a siaiiai. ior
oi,.nl was siirn for something
1 am Hire, and there would have been
an outbreak if there had been enough
.,i i.ia (rinnda in tho big crowd.
"That reminds me," suggested another
.i-,. .or "time Mm. Tarsons. for an
hour before the verdict w is brought
in. atoe at least six times from her
nut ami went to the window, men
gazing at the crowd, as u io bizc h up,
the would return to her seat. I at
once became suspicious of hor actiouB,
and informed her that she must not
gr to tho window any more. This
nrrio.l hr. but I parried my point.
The ctowd had evidently not panned
out to suit her. If it had, I am honest
in saying there would have been sonio
soit of trouble."
of all the Chicaso camps ol the fatrl-
Fcr Fifty Years ths jrcat Kemedy for
Blood Poison ana Skm Diseases. S
For 5pl3flK52 It never i S
Interesting Treatise onBiood and Skin Diseases ji
'moilBt frf tn oil wrVin Irtrdv. It should be
M..VU A. WV. . ' - fcj"; -
carefully read by everybody. Address
I rW
Bartlett Normal School
SEXES A ichool noted lor it .rogri
aive methods and ill thorough, honest anil
prictiral instruction. Cour-e ot study ar
ranged ts meet the demands of the timet.
Dmrees conferred, tuition choao. board fiom
ti la j:2.5! Ier month, locntion pleafant,
rehool well equiiteed. Students received
anr timi. Firet Term opens Aiicast a.lil.
eo'lr,d Terin, October 23 Hi. Addre'S
MTH A KPT A S bb HA KPT. BartitU.Tenn
ci.tFRK or
THs School oilers to Meilinal fjtudentf un
snri.a.se.1 elinictil an.l oter a'vantairi.
t-end for catalteue to Ilti.'ntOMAS Ol'Ib,
Vtis. 17 ai?5J?r,,J'JJrl'.'.,-: .
TxiVeismi v miiool,
PETERSBURG, VA. The Twenty-second
Annual fcfflion ot this School lor Bo J a
bedim Uie tirJt M.inilny in October. I.ir
oush iireparatiots ior I niveiaity ot V ir
linia. !eadir Knpinetrin K'hooli anti
t niled Slates Military and Navjl Acsde-
mioi; hiahly racominenJe bjr faculty oi
VniTeniiy cf Virxiniii : lu I stnffof inntrnct
jrt situation hraltbtcl. Eiirly apiilicntion
jdrised, as LumSer ot bimrde is ttriotly
iuiiltti. For rataWie nddra-ia
W . 0 H DON ploCAtib:. Me.id Mqttter.
Sthool ofLanguages
J.iH. Instruclic in clat-a or piiwe
by lcB!ton!(. Fur term . ftdtlroa
!iK"V LA.NHSHKHO. Itny t f Hotel.
Virginia Military Institute,
iS in full and successful opemt on nd sup
plies in enlareod conrt:o ot fydeinatis
inlructi.Hi at a cost muon oolow tti:i.t ol in
stitutions of like (trade in ilin o tumry. For
caulocuei-. nutircn ...
t- KAaOls II. a it 1 1 iv ftii'eMTiii;- r!--ir.
Ktlsrowortli Uoanlivs. mid Day
SCUdtil. for Y.iunir bathos m.d Li'lie lurls.
Mr-. 11. -P.bkFEUVKB. Htircipal. ).
t roukliu rlr-l, Hum i more. Mil. Tlie
KBili school ymw will becin on Thursdiy,
-ii(ftit-r ti l. 1-HHB.
jHfclivllle, ieun. Xhnroueb mstruclM,n
in distinct courses of ivil, Mechanical nnd
Jlininf Ennineerirtr (Annu-.l Tumon !.
r.cd in M inuat 'i'tclinoioi.'y ilrcoi. luil
"acuity. Kxteiislva eojiiujiiients una muin
tieB'.n drauKhtir.i-rtiOiiis. labor .itortes, fnoiu
and field ttractittfl. Fntrancc i'.x tiitinntiitns
Soitt.H, laan.il'i. Fnr circu:rs jblress
N. II ITaion Street.
Cotton Ii
Mo. SOO Front Street
Z. N. ESTE3.
(NVttEnnoun tu jstes, do an a co.i
WLolasale Grocers and Cotton FacSors
Kos. II 1-2 and 13 Union Street, Memphis, Tenn.
J.T. ?AR9AS0N,
J. T. FAR6AS0N & 00.
L. T0OD3O:
Grscers &
litf&m Fosters,
S5 Frosit SSreol, JSJasapMctf TeaTa
CottB oonoigned to as will hare onr tsarefnl attention. We ce.rr at oil time, a well
selected stock ot
Stspla & Fancy Groceries, vinsa, UquorsJobftces & Ciesr
wffll mP !nr x y.nprt
a tHAn . bniBHL n uu.v
It I, A I iS H T A T i:.
Ko. 4iMl, R. D.-Cbincery rnurt ot 'etny
county Caroline uiana n
l!in et al.: ami No. Sol!. lv- U. .lohn
Lo.T.:ue, Adui'r, e 0., vs. Cirolme bluni
t! "'virtue cl on interlocutory decree for
J sale entered in tlio ar.ove cause on the
nh dn of July. JSvi. Al. H. SI, paite
1(4, I will sell, at public r.uctton, to the
btiihct bidder, in front ot the Clerk and
Muster's ollice, courthouse of Shelby county,
Memphis, Tenn., on
KHinrilHT. Annual 8S.
within legal bouts, the to'lowini de
scribed proporty, stt'iatedin 1 asinc Uistnct
of bhelby counly. 'Tennessee, lo-wit: ihe
one-fourth undivided interest of Jofepn Bam
in end t tlio lo'lowinit loi?, viz : ino iuv m
lurid bcin p.irt oi lot in. nw uikiu
ninn at a point 4;l feet north ol the north
weft corner of Linden and Causey street:
thence ninth with Causoy street 4' leet to a
stake: thenco wrt pnrnl'el with Linden
strcnt l:i Icet Io IJ.ib I'rico s line; thence
f.iuth parallel with Onuscy street '0 fcet to a
Blnko: thenco enst pnnillol wi'b V'T ,n
street !? leet to the t'SKinnios,. For tt'letu
which relVerce is inndo to died recorded In
hook :;, into til-', ot Ketiiter a offi.-e. Also,
ono lot lyloit on the south ri.ia of Pontotoc
iireei, between Causey and Hernando streets,
nnd known ns nrt ol lot 4,, block 4- , Iront
init Sti leet on tlio mu h sido of 1 ortotoc
street an.l runninc b,.k or soutn between
two parallel Hne.i l:'.l (net. Ior ttt'n of which
rcri ren-o is mmlolo deed tecor.led in Ketris
ter's ollioe in book HI, pniio ;K"-I. And also
ore oilier lot, which burins it a ft.ike on tho
po.ilh side o bintlen street 64 leet east ol
Causey street: thence e.i-t with Lintien
slri-et .". "eet thenfo south '. riu-ht ansles
with Linden ftr-d 1 :ett "hence we't par
allel with Linden stroet r") tect: tbence
north 145 !c?t t' liie be. inriaie. lor tit e pt
wbich ro'oreneo is had to d-cd ro-or. ej in
KcKister'n officii book "II. pBKeH.a. f
jort to the right ot dowry ot delendnnt, .Ma
ria Pain, as assigned, ber ia tao third lot
above set out. - i ,
Terms of Ssle One uulf ( .-l nn: hal
nnce in six months; noto wil'i iiood -ecunty
lor dolo-ied payiiinnt rtqu ;ren ; . i : i
ttined to secure iiim, nr.d cnn'vot ro
denjptioQ barred "(hiB Aunust d. pvt.
Fit 1. .llt'Ut'll r.Lli. il-.rit iitft .'..a.-.-..
ByU. F. Walsh, lionu'y 0. a' d M.
Jnrues Hr.lbiRher, Uanlt i: l'.utercon and
Pnston ,fe l'miiin. H.'licitors.
HI KK KM" tK V '.-v r-,''i',-V- - 1 "
HlKllcM Sic.llfrtl Alill)(irlti".
Sole Aconts f-r 'emii.
M.niis uAitJir.rT.
Wholesale (xiocers, Got, Factors avaioaWo Patent.
WMfil! fMOvlll ! VMM
Darn'r's (llorsr! Corn anil IrVm Plnn-
HAVlNUperfectod my inrentlon, I wisn
to Pbice it beforo the pnolic, especially
..,-nt.is.,r. Ai a. corn rianrer, ii i.
f S V
- rr1
mm P I
Vtiickly nrt fffl fWWy i Hri" l.ii'Nhi in nil
it inntt, llfuribiirn, Hfl. hliiH, Tn-iliig flio
f' ol. tc It nn licr4 ml iurili nn ).. t mm
fvl Uitt ntM"V wiiii'l' ( tKt
lirv J T KtwHiTKii, t lionnJ i"inUir of Ui
'i. Ii....nli4.1 Chiin'h. BnitiliinriS. A d.. WiVfi:
linvina "Mil Brown's Iron Hittv fur lT,H'Hi
And Intliffwihin I tnlt pn-M lltx-trnj tn nvom
nifiulinB fl hut-lily. A.co imnwulcr it n unli'mlid tuulo
hud inv'vrtt.ir. Ami rry MrMi)(iniimiB
1 ON. J
f M. I In llllt MVN
ni.'ity tn th iftio4jjr of liruwu'
lirt'iuiiiH' Im lKtve lYmi Mum ina rrwoa na nn i
Oil rlit'r. I nKr 1H "tlli re mn-n- miij i
In liKl.MJn. 1 (HWr mUKt ClKHTtlirtUMl
inn. Hit turn U t
President n( tlio flreat LtU'lSVlLt C0U
HIER-J01HNAL CO.. tolls mat
he knows of
Wintersmith'8 Chill Cure.
Orricmr thi CoraiKR-JumsAi.,
Li. in vn. i.i. Kv.
Or. WiiiW trrila, Sir 1 an e a rule I have
obsorred tot many years, the value ol your
remedy prmitin nie to say.ia rop 5 ' to
your re'iuesl. what I know of your thill
Tura. The irtvate assuran of its cllicacy
I had, and the good resulti t in enacts I
had observed on Kr. R. H . -.eredith, who,
r... ....... than iiimi raars.lh.d iteen fore
man of my ofico, indocd to'.t U in
. (.,ti. The ra-Blu haeben entirely
.atislaotiiry. T 6rt fM':u of two
venrs' tadin. m which 1 beller, every
known remedy had been tried with tempo
rary reliet the ehllls returning periodically
... l kk i..miniil increaieil severity
Your onre broke thein at once, aud there has
been no recurrence of them for moro than
,K. Thi. nthtir ease was ot a milder
form, and yielded more readily to other
....... .i!A. hut th chills would return at in
tervals untUaTour medicine waa used, lino,
-l,;,.h time, how several months, they have
entirely disappeared. From the opportu
nity 1 have bad to judr, I do not hesitate to
express my blif that your Chill Cure i
valuable specific, and perform! all yol
promise tor it. ''riALDKAI AN.
ARTHUR rBTSA X CO., AaeuU, lroui
villa, Kr.
- -V- if V'.vy' -i-
CMckasw Ironwork?
J0I1X E. KAM)LE & CO., I'llOPH'S,
JM)' nry r-. 1 PI 7T , 1. 3 n Tn,l. n
Wil AW . . . i niTiTicirilti
v i!-'liie. KoiU'J'H, K win IHS
KrtuUorJl Corn aud WHiat 5Ii,t i
( oiltin I'resis oltou iiinr..
KhiUliJip., rnlleyfr, i nc.
ntiia.l. lUmrK'K We are prepared to 11 orderi
, iiiirihuted
ice Genu t-,: 1. 1 . .
t; e same, 'boroi.y one man per.orniiaif the
work ol turce. "inev nave w;.
this section lor over a doien yeurs w-.tn ircr
Ic'it satisfaction, l-au sivo responsible tefltl
motiial Ad'lress
, U. l.tn.ini".tit'";i
llavwootl notintv. lenr
VPecrrttlJltly rerofnoifl4
-yonrti as t!.e!.est ,etnrt
knon to usf-lO'.roif.'i jta
an.l lilect.
W'eli.ive soi l ctrsi-lcr.
St ic, ami in every l.vo It
t.W 1 TO 5 IIATS.l
,:-IGti.r.Qtsp'l D"t tov
cauae Hlrloura,
Via onlly lb.
Alcott & Lt.L-.
IluJs:n. N". V.
Sold by nnx:'""'
J. F. H0LST & iUW.
tvroiilti.i-' intle'r. Wo carry in stock over
Two Hundred Assorted -if a. ,
,r sit.4 rnr (Vtal(na nntl P-lce-lj-t.
rciiooi. roil iiu'M)
inlin. t'nlmullin. l-iin
llcilthv Locution; ll.mdsnino
lirounds (14 acres): Caracious
inio iiOnire, apoaratua and riiuipineyti
. m rsrVf-'rs-TJ. ."?i3""cini
rii1'0vS- .;.i-.N tMS.''i."i F'i
ii uu. we. I in-tiled. Iio.utu una tiniaie;i. .""."""",. .'.'' , ",. in Mmie
teachers, Thoro.ua snd comio coge nt --.--'V-;' " uO.NDAV. Bept. .
!.. nt.n X.a fcAPl.i 1.1 II I 4 lit .lll."a v - -
..' P'ict" reaorrb. Tllil'tratc l ratnlnclic Irce.
a-Atrt ". V' '
Funeral Directors,
MA aaoi sfcod sr.. ait-ui'.
RrinVlRT Car Wnrts a MaHUfact'iT CD
iiim X.J.U v- ii w-- - z-
ii.ii.iv. Ark.. Slaunlaciarera
itn TIF A I.F.llN IM i
. ... ..'-...I 1'
MM.ia. Dro.tf.il KlOOrlne. leillllp;, tuniuoriwaiuiu,!
wiiiiio-IH. Lalka. DtC.
sawmill in tne soutn ior i.iiiu.iifi-u,r.,.
. . ....i .flV.n.l.fl.l
A FULL and complete iota v.-"-
rt. Metallic Oaias aud CasHen.
ered. Caskets ,,nd 1 u r al w... ""J "
bnad. iruroers pt
Bllei .
And Iron iiooung.
Uoore, Stwh,
a 111 2 I
OorfaclHHel r. nniurpMSea oy " 'i';,. i .necialtv al.0:Fran.iM
an. .. i Mti .. L::.l.fl- SIAii l.nmriaiT anu V. r 'in" wimmaww - : - J , i . . .
Lumbi of all
iuiin.y. i
holesala Busmesl a iptfital feature.
niinii.! and nromptly filled.
MJKIU',1 j'-'.V,j-,j;. M
13m. 124 Jefferson Street MomJhi TenneMe
lm a.Ualllwsm.
mo?. Clark.
, aOlauk.
7holesale Grocer, Cotton factors
And Commission Merchants,
232 and 234 Front St., Ocmpliis, Jeia
BRWKXa ADAM a jmiwoi.
riro, Wlnil, Walpr ml I iKlitnlnaj
rroof. Kuitabfo for all kinds of buildinaa.
For prices and estimatoa at faotory ratea,
call on or address
4T8 A 410 Main at., and 21 A 23 Mulberry at.,
Headquarters lor Iron Fences and CTestlnt,
Halvanlwd IronCnrnife.Tm Roofs A Movea.
tillltTrn AGENTS, Men and WoiMt)
WANlC-U to sell " TUB CHILD' ,
IB LE " Introduotion by B-.J; "-Viij
cent, D.D. One aaent has aold 8 inatowS
Sf 674 riople; onV73 in villa, e. of ot
new went 85 tn lu oayat one ':
lire weeks i one 40 in 3 daya at two differel
timM.iliPrin?, notnecaasary. A idrea
CAbaSLL m Cw. iL t rt.
40 Deaiboin itrl. ChicaaC

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