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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, August 24, 1886, Image 7

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Cotton (Jolet and Unchanged Mid
dling, 0 l-4c Sales Yester
day, 50 Rale.
Money in gjod demand at 8 per
cent. Local securities ara steady and
' tending upward.
In the cotton market there is little
doing. The c!o:e yesterday was quiet ;
middling, Uc; nale", 50 bales. At
New York yesterday fpota closed
steady; m'ddling, 5)5-103. Futures
dull, August, 0.149.15. A leading New
York cjtton circular eays: "Light
deal'iig', mostly withiu the room, have
chsracter:'z?d the nitiiket today, with
continued pressure ol nearby mon'h,
leading to further declint'3. Liverpool
appeared very dioappoiEted.and there
appeer.?(i a rtroig inclination to keep
away from aciual cotton, though
mouths hevMid Septjmber wero taken
tJsomeext .-r.t on the sediment of the
mrkei is r.ow in a natural order
alnut ripe for reaction."
At Nex Orl'..ani spots were dul;
middling, !je; fatuT3st?ady ; August,
S.Ttic biii.
At L;v..r o 1 spots Wiri dull in buy.
ers' favor; middling oJJj futures
steady ; August, 5 4 GU1.
In the "'ia' mr.ct corn is lower;
white f "L ci,. ire, 54c; mixed, S2o.
EggMteidy, llj12e.
Tho foil wi)ig shows the amount of
praiu received, withdrawn and in utora
by regul.'.r elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Exchan;;j today : Corn
received, ,;': ha; withdrawn, (,bi;
iu store, Will bu. Oats received
2s21 bu: withdrawn, 2s'J; m
Ftoro, :I,5 bu. Wheal received
none; v.'.tiulrawn, lone; in store,
blHU UU.
Three br is applei, "931 rls hauirinj;,
1S5 pkgs tvw'ti, tOO bu corn, 10 pkgs
chewe, li7 siis otlVe, ;i cars cotton
E3ed, 050 i kb c jtton cead, 1U3 brls cib
tan seed o.i, 100 blh cotton tics, 197
pkgs dry eoT.ds, CO ttg, eggg, 13S2
riris Hour, -III) bales- nay, 3 pkgs hat1?,
2 hd cattle, 1702 pkgs lard, 80,000
n lumt e in pkgi liquors, 33o oris
ir.ea', 1U0 Ica naiN, 7213 bn cats
100 brls onions, 177 brls potatoes,
3 cars pork fidts, 104 brls sugar, 3S7
1KP,8 tODarifo
9 Madi.-.oi! St., Memphis, Tenn,,
A. .till KUAN C OTIOX,
Oil, : It IS f :C1UTFICATES,
Money in ia iddonaod at 8 per cent.
i u& uieiVis' uouso report its ts lot
mommy, vignst 23 i, $71,383 GO;
tame nay week, ji:i,2o2; tame clay
in l.sfcn, i'.o,!i,,i Uj; tame day m 1SS4,
300,010 20.
Monday, A 'VURt 23d,fl 7,205 02 ; same
-da? lapt w,l,,, o,.,tif Jli; same Jav in
&: si.'j -il ; same dav in 1S84
J 18,1 07.
New Y'::i. isight on all points, na
bnyina, premium seiiinir; NeK
England d ijund, J discount buying
New ng'..Aii:i sigiit, J discount; Now
Orleans, i c,...ount buying, par Killing.
Bank of' C.imiasrce.lt'i bid, MO asked
inrstJNati ":(.; ian bid. lo, asfced
German B.u k Iti.hid, 200 abked
MateNaticnti 1 t.r bid, lot) askod
Union au '. '.auter?..l."i0 bid, l.:i asked
Kcrcantiiie ".ink....! 03 bid, 137 asked
Llafl CUr 100 hid, ... asked
Hernandi 1C0 bid nsknd
Home 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis (.'i.t 102 bid, ICS asked
Peoplea 80 bid, 83 asked
Phtenix i 08 bid, 100 a.'iked
Tiantera 107 bid, ... ttskud
anderbi:: 25 bid, 20 asked
Arlington 30 bid, ... aekud
Factor.-- 20 psked
:.share;4..3li bid, ... atked
hr? 45 bill, 50 naked
)l3, 7'3...1l!l bid, ... P.sbed
iu. 8s... 105 bid, ... asked
n. mui o.
M. b O. c
cj,A....1U bid, 113 asked
MiM.&T.K.r: .c?,U..10:i hid, 103 asked
Toan. w'ts. :r. D Oil bid, 03 asked
Twin. w1?. 's-r. K to J..83 bid, 83 asked
JPhclbv Co. IDS bid, 110 asked
las. i)i6t. 4. 0?, " bid, 18 asked
'fax. Disi. 101 bid, 1135 asked
P'em. (ias bonds 104 bid, ... asked
Mem. WV-r honde 07 bid, ... asked
iiauanar OJ Works bid, 05 askod
Am. Cot. O ! tmst',....17 bid, 4S !a-kad
Pioneer Cot'on Mills 25 bid, 30 asked
Mera.Stor.Cjai.Co..l02 bid, 103 asked
Mem. Gas n:o.k 75 bid, 80 asked
New Yokk, August 2:. Money on
all easy, ranging froin2to ((per cent.,
clcKing at 4 per cent. Prime Mer
cantile paper, 45 ppr cent. Sterling
exchange froig and unsettled; ac'nal
Tales 481 J f r 00 day bills and 4S4 for
Bonds 'Government bondi have
been du l ?nd steady. Ftate bands
have been neglected. Railroad bonds
have been vry dnll and steady, fc'alei
$309,000. The trading was entirely
devoid of featura and final changes
nre generally for insignificant amounts.
Vabash trut receipts are np 2 at
62, and Chicago, Bnrlinglon and
(uiccy, 'Denver 'division fours, da
c'.med 2j ar .,
(Stocks Tae sock market today wai
dull and featureless The political
disturbances of Europe caused some
selling by foreign houses here, and in
response to the higher rates for money
prevailing in London there wai an ad
vance in 6trling exchange rates,
which wer then slightly aoove the
gold imposing point. The action of
the Pennsylvania railroad in refusing
to vote on tb proposition to give the
Baltimore and Ohio a per centege had
a bad effect, which was aided by m
luors that the tickets were being sold
at the cut rate. There was little feat
ure throughout the day, fluctuating
being confined within a narrow range
and bneines exceedingly dull. The
street wan flooded with rumors with
regard to Nickel Plate, but the stock
as very quiet. There were advances
in a few of the inactive stocks, such
as Manhattan, Louisville, New Albany
and Chicago and the San Francisco
shares. Firspriceitbis niorningwere
uowu nom tois per cent., ins
latter decline be:na in Lake Shore,
KflnPHK unit Ttrm Wont am TTninn
Tand Union Pac fie. The market wm
dull except for Lackawatina. although
there wrs a fair besinen in Erie and
Lake Shore. Pric- 7 declined from the
opening, but fo- only small fractiooe,
Like fctiore hmg nohceabiv firm at
its time. The j w "i a s miewbnt bet
ter feeling in the ffiernoon, but with
outep;r'al iroveinent tiniil tho last
hour, when pric : were hid up by the
rojt'n t-ade. , the rnarkot closing
stfady at quov lions. Tho bcaintsa of
tbe dav 8'uouLt'd 'o 123,500 shan
Lickawaoca we: ih oulj -ctiva
stock, ii ; 1 . ai'irecatms 27.730
slnrts. ft. Paul wrs the only other
stoi k in wh en the talcs exceeded 10,'
C) shares, l's Citsiii s am.untirg t3
ju,slj snam. itionet result ol toe
day's bnsiresi ia that everything en
inuac ml is', is irautinnally !ower,
Tae doclin-J in Ciiiuda .SouiliHrn, how
ever, ranched 1 1 per c-nt. New York
and New Ergland ebowi an advance
ol j er cell'.
The total tales of stocks today were
JtiJ.ob- spares, incunting Delaware
lack3wi'iim and Wtt-tTn. 2,7o0
Er e, S233: Lake snore, y.'10;Louisvillo
and JNshvillo,4.05; .New ork Uen
tral, U07(i; Pe Tin. Docatur and Fvani
vill', 3720: S:. Paul, 10.8 W; Union
l aeiut!, diuu; ueitnrn Luiod, 3010.
(.jnuationswcre es luiiows:
U.S. r., WC 4s. coop.ldi'i.
l,aJ,cyuii, l!(i'. i'ac -lioui 01 11!').
La. tin)tf, 4s,7T. Vissonri, da.lCO'S.
Ceut. I'nc. lis, II.".: j. I'ss.&K.li.kt'.itS.
I oniHi)U'.l.-i.,M K-ii Jtcirnis, 116.
M.ii. A i'.,iipn lis."'.7 ,. 'urh. I mo. lst,ll(1.
.Nurtli. I'a. Alii.ti.'!-,. Is. M o.iorn pn.. Ill
N.VVm.dol. os. H".1 St. l,...J'.in..l, lll'T;
Si. I'.iul. e-a.. I 1 :.!'.. 0. .t I', l.ita.l.'l.
T.H. lan'l fun:,-' e. i;.i. ex omi. till.
U. I'. In, llV-... tt-c.-t M..re. H4'.
lonn.tis, fist'int.lO". Xo.iu. tet'iiil, ill).
Tonn. J-, btl'nit,
Adam! Excre, 1'. Morri? K.,offil.,140.
AlleKluiiiv Co:)..
r :t.in :tle ,k U. ''O
ii.;-. A '.. ii:'u..4:1?4
Nurti.t-rri l':-,c. St.
Nu ili.-n C. il.l..5S'.j,
i ' a . in7..
Allun i I . 11 , J ..
A X X. II.. mil..
Ali'orii'iii' tlx., Ili'i.
II. 0. K. in
C-m.'uU r.u, i
CilliHil i .m.. 41' h.
Cemiul I'.icii.'. I ,'.
Cnr.iieiika .V ii , S
C. A u., lMfl.1, lii. ;
U. .V U..V4 i.'i., 111.
C. A- A., il1.,.
C. ii A . I!U., 1".
v., u. a q . r i',..
C, Si. I a X. ii.. -
o.,:t.ii..v i'., j j'.'..
I'., Sl. I,. P. i..oK.
C. S. .V C.,i7.
C.JtC, .7.
Di.l. i II .11! . 0" '.
Del., I . W., I S";,
lion. A- Kto U.,
Kvie. i.-"s.
Krie iH.,
Kast I'enn., i'.
F.-ist I con. pl'l. M i.
Kort Wayne, l 'S.
Panniiil it St. -lo.,-H.
St. .In.. pTU.,
Harloin, 1' :0.
Houston .U f ., ''"i.
Jllinoi On., l.'-'1
lnd., Ii. ,V W.. Mi'a.
Kniinai i X., .'.
Lake K. k W.. "U.
hake S'lore. So' .
Lou. .t MhsIi., 414.
Lou. ii N'. A., i t.
M.AC. firU id..
M. iiC. lif.l., -.
Mem. Ji Olia-.. :17.
Miou. Cun., 7:' i
Miu. Jt St. L.. 1!-' :.
(.'. A ..V p;d.,HiH.
.. . .emral, JIM!
N. V. C. A Sl. L..1
C'..'..'it. U 21 a
' "no 1 ?!tirn, .
ll'ro A Mist., Z'H.
'I. u li-J.. I'M., 111.
C it inu A Ve.-t.. l'JJi
llreiioi Sw.i II H i.
"-i'i:on ' nun.. 'Mv'a.
'ire'.u I mil., 2U' -j.
I'.e il e Mail, &(i;4.
J'a'ia 11 a. "S.
j'f. ,- 3, U. & V.,WH
I'aiiuiir.'. !M.'.i.
Pullman I'. C, l.'.V.i
Kfiiiliiu, r,'i.
Kock 1-,..D,I. 12A.
Si. I,. A . V.. r,i.
St. L. A S. i'.. i.,5,''-5
Sr. I, A S. K..lat n.UU.'v
I!. M. A M. H..91H.
0. M. ii St. P.,n.l&lU.
St. P., M.Si M., U2.
hi. '. , Itiuaha. 4.V:.
St.l'.i.ilA'J.plii., los.4
1 en. Coal A: Iron.Ut,
Textn Pacific, 1 1.
Vnion ('.iciltr, M 'j,,
I', s. K.virps (5;i.
V., St. I.. A- P., 18'4.
" 1.. A l'.,n.,.iy. j
iv . .1 f . I- .v.. IViO.
Cnlormli. Coal. !il.
Jlotucjtnko, 18'i.
Iron tiilvnr, lii. .
ii t.i rio. il'.'a.
j.Vuiokiilver. 1.
iju'fsnilver.pfj, 2.'!,
Konth Pacilio, . '
, Kutro,7.
Min.A St. L.l'fi.t
Miniouri I'HOtiio.l! ..'
Mobile i Onio. I !
M. L. N. A- Wei.
JI. L.S.W.,iifl,S9,
London, August 23, 4 p.m. Consols,
1U1 a-lti lor bo'h money anil tho ac
count. Bar silver, 42id per ounce.
The amount of bullion withthawn
from tho B?nk of England today is
Paris, August 23. Threo per cent,
rentes, S2 4."iu for the account.
Nkw York, August 23 Exchange?,
10, 472,100; balance!?, 3,!i30,ol0.
Boston, Mass., August 23. Ex
change, $10,085,718; b-'nncc3, J034,
81ti. Baltimohk, Mn.. AiiBiist 23. I'.ank
c'euiings, Jl,t)i:t;,70(i; balances, ?338,-
PitiLADELrniA, Pa., August 23.
Bank clearing', j,Vi"'i,5ii7; babmces,
CmcAtio, III., August 23. Tho
cle.rii:g3 of the emaciated la'iki to
day wero fS,540,f.:;).
St. Loch, Mo., Angunt 23. Bank
cle nines, !?2,o80,935; balance.!, $053,
53S. Exchantgu cn New York 50 to 75
cents discount.
Boj.ton, Mass., AiiEiint 23. The fol
lowing table, compiled from dispatches
1 mint tin leading clearing bouses of lhe
United S ates, shows the clearances of
the wsek endinir Ausnet 21,1880, as
comparsd with those of the correspond
ing wtek last year:
New York, 5(111,522,801; inc., 13.5.
Boston, r38,().r.ft,77i); inc., 10.0.
Philadelphia, ?"!.() 3,01 ); inc., 17.1
Chicago, $4'.,784,000; inc., 15.5.
.St. Louis, $15,011,40:5 inc., 1.0.
San Fiancisci, f.l2,'i71,(198; iuc.,T11.2.
Baltimore, Jll.Cl.OSl ; inc., 0 8.
New Orleann, 1.154,9004 inc., 9.4.
P.tisburg, 17,0!iH,922: inc , 5.K.
Kansas Cilv, f 1,754 70S; inc., 20.N.
Louisville, V'!,8S4,272: inc., 8.5.
Providence, $3,012,51)0; inc., 4.0.
Milwaukee, i3,430,000; ice, Vi.4.
Omaha, 53,975,515; inc., 00.2.
Minr.etpolip, S3,138,Ci; inc., 07 5.
Denver, i2,7!i: 0.1.
tiitlveston, 1830,18!).
Detroit, f 2,)20,752 ; dec , 4.1.
Cleveland. J 2,435,001; inc., 8.4.
Indianapolis, $1,308,000; doc, 8,1.
Memphis, $783,338; inc., 37.S.
Columbus, $1,033,08); inc., CO.O.
Hartford. S1.278 002? rlw . ft 4.
M..iv Hnrnn 1 fllO.1!!. I-., 11 R
,. ......... . ,i.,iu. , J ..'J.
Peoria, 1721,230; doc , 8.4.
Portland, $7S5,C(M; inc., 1.7.
.Springfield, $820,805; inc., 31 9.
St. Joseph, $922,10;); inc., 50.7.
Worcester, $860,037; inc., 33.9.
Lowell, J514 059; in-., 4.9.
t-ivracuse, $470,027 ; inc., 4 9.
Totals, $884,074,323; ino., 18 9
Outside of New York, $270,531,439;
inc., 14.51.
Philadelphia and Indianapolis partly
Uaiveston and Denver not included
iu totals.
The local cotton market onened
quiet, aud close! quiet; middling,
)Jc. fsales, 0 JOale to spinners.
urdinary 7
Good Ordinary. ... 8f
I-ow Middling 8i
Middling 94
iool Middling.... V'i
Middling Fair 10
Fair. Nom.
Dusty Oj8ii
Stains, tinges - 7Jc8;
MkiiphiSi AugujtiJ, lasfi.
Stock Sept. 1, 1SS5 1,392
Received to-day 45
Received previously. ..545,137 540,574
Shipped to-day 65
Shipped previously....641,875
Home consumption to
date 309
Stock running account
Tuna far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st..
M. 4 C. R. R
M. & T. R R ,
L., N. O. & T. R. R
Wagons and other sources..
Thus far this week
Thus f last week
Since September 1st
L. A N. R. i:
C, O.&S. W.R.R
New York snots opened easy, and
cloed steady. ISalep, 2100 bales.
Quotations wero as follows:
rdinary 0 11-10
Good ordinary. 8 1 10
6 11 io
8 Mt
! 5-10
onenid easy
Low middling. 81
Middling 9 5-10
Good middling
Middling (air-.10j
Fair 11
New York futures
and closed dull. Nales, 4S,M)J bales.
lbe closing quotht'.ons were as fol
Angnst 9.14(ii) 9.15
Sopi inber...9 15 p.lu
October 9 14(.i 9.15
November... 9.15(4 p.lti
D;c:ixihfr...9.2(Vii) 9 21
January 9.2K(.i) 9 20
February 9.!i'i;Vi ) 37
9.13 9.1 S
9 17ia 9.18
9.170) 9.18
9.17'iil 9. IS
9.2!(.i) 9 22
9 2'K") 11.30
9 3Sdi !l.3!l
9. !')(') 11.47
9.5 tM) 9 55
9 08(.i 9.04
9 72(h) 9.78
9.80;) 9 SI
Mai eh
9 V,i 9.10
.53f) 9.54
9.01m) !i 02
9.7Of-0 9.71
9.790' 9.81
.1 nne .
fioly .
' New Orleans
epot marVrt
opened dull, ami clrsed
midd'ing, '.ij.i. fiilci, rione,
t'oin were as toiiow3:
Yesterdav. Sf.turdav.
Ordinary.. 7 3 10 7
CiO';d ordinary...... lo-l t
Low middling.
.8 9 10 hi
.94 Hi
(I.I I)'
Good middling
The New Orleans lulu re market
opened steidy, and clercd steady,
.Niiea, ii too bales. Ciuota'.loiia wero
aa follows:
August 8.ib bid
Sapteuiber..S.Ct)ro 8.71
October 8.09(it) 8 70
November ..8 .09 8.70
December 8.73;) 8.74
Jannary 8 8I(.T) 8 85
February...S.9ii('i) 8.97
March O.OOOd 9.0S
April .9.17C") 9.19
May 9.28-. 4 9 30
June 9.39 9.40
S.70 bid
8.700 8.71
8.09(.i S.70
8i'lC"D 8.70
8 7;(-0 8 7 4
8.S3fA 8.85
3 !)0(i) 8 97
9.0G(i 1) 9.07
9.17( 9.18
9.2S 9.29
9.3SC'i) 9 89
S Orleans.
Not folk....
New York
8t. Louis...
9 8-10
9 5-10
Receipts at ports, this day, 1880.. 8.078
Receipts at ports, this day, 1385... 1,918
I 1380.
R'ts U. ' I
p'rtsSdai. 4,444
Ex. Or. 1 . 8,085
8 ('5'
1 5,59:i
Stick 181,530
li'is Sept. 1,5,384,558
For'gn Ex.,4,2s:-J,97r
4.727,538; 4,77!),979
!,8lii,280':V 15,34(1
Increase in receipts tliia year, (i:(!,820
At noon: Liverpool M);.t3 worn
du'i in Luyoia' favcr. Saie.a. ;0u0
bales, of which Anieriean 7101) bales.
Keceipts, 10(0 bales, of which Amer
ican 500 ba'ee.
Clming ur,tatioao wore ns follow,:
Oidinsry, 41d; good ordinary, IJ;
Ion- midiilin, 4 15-iOd : rood n!;dilliiu
5d; middling uplands, 58d; niiJdling
(Jrltans, ba.
J he prim an atven in rtenceoml (il,7(.i.
that: 4 0.'! wmta i 03 04(; ami 5 01
rn"iii 5 l-tib'.l
At noon: Liverpool futures were,
steady at decline; August, 503(55 Old ;
Aucii3t-Miptpmiar, 5 L'lfaiS 030: Sou-
tembor-October. 5 Old; October-
November, OfOl 03d: Noveiuber-
iecembei, 4 02(4 Old; Dcember-
.lamiary, 4 024; Jannary-tubiuarv,
1 (JJ( i4 t.ilt J ; i''ebrunrv-Marclj.5 0lM"d :
September, 5 Old.
At 2 p.tn: J.iverpool futures wero
iniet rud steady ; A'juiist. 5 Old eelleis;
August 'eplember,5 Oil sellers: Sen-
teiiiber-October, 5 Old buyers ; October-
is ovember, 4 b.id buyers; November
December, 4 02d buyers; December-
January, 4 b'-'d buers ; .January-tebru-
ary, 4 i'-y 1 UJd buyers; February
March, 5 Old buyers ; September, 5 0 id
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
steady; August, 5 04J vr'ue; August-September,
5 04d value; Sor
tumber-October, 5 Old buyers; Oeto
her-November, 4 03d buyers; Novem-
ber-liecnmiier, 1 .id sellers; December-January,
4 C3d sellers; January
Febi nary, 4 03d buveis: Fcbr.mrv-
Maich, 50U1 buyers; iseptembor, 5 Old
The foilowing iiuolations aia the of
ficial quotations of the Merchant-)'
Coa.sMEAL Standard. $2 43; uoarl.
J3 50; roller, 2 00.
Hay Choice, from store, 73(V;S0c;
car load from levee or depot, $18 50ft
14; prime, from etore, 7075c; car
load from levee or depot, $13; prairie,
from store, '50c; car load from levee
or depot, $8 5U9.
Corn Fromatore, whiteis; mixed,
52c, from levee or depot; white, in
hulk, 49c; in sacks, 52o; mixed, in
bulk, 47c: in sacka, EOc.
Oats From store, wliito. 40c ; mixed,
38c; from levee or depot, white, in
bulk, 85c; in sacks. 37c mixed, in
bulk, 33c; in sacks, 30c.
Bhan From Btore, 75QS0c; from
loveo or depot, $1813 50.
Flocr From more, No. 8, $3; fam
ily. 38 50 ; choice, $8 757)4 ; fancy, $ Idi
4 25; extra fancy, fl 60; patents, $)
5 50.
Beans Navy, $2; medium, $1 50rt)
1 75; common, 2 25; German millet,
$t 20(i)l 40.
Ricb Louisiana, 4"ji; Carolina,
Oatmkal In half-barrels, $3(3)3 25
from store.
CBAcxsn Wheat In half-barrels,
$4 25 from store.
IIomiht and Grits From store,
$3 153 25.
Cbackibs Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra. 4jc; lemon crackers,
extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7c; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 6c; as
sorted jumbles, 9c.
Kansas City, Mo., August 23.
Whet qniet; No. 2, red, cash, OOJc
bid, G7c asked; September, 07c bid,
67c aked. Corn Btronger; No. 2,
CbbIi, 32jc; Scptemloer, 88 j(-il335c; Oc
tober, STio bid, Sole asked. Oats nom
hul; 27 Jc asked, cash.
St. Locis, Mo., August 23. Flour
firm, but not active. Wheat opened
higher under the icilueneeof foreiirn
news; suhsequently'tbe market weak
ened some and became somewhat un-s-Htied,
but pricei rloied mnJc above
Saturday; No. 2 red, c-ash.'stlj,); Sep
tember,' 80i!(o- s0;e, ploting t S05c;
Oi tober, S22'82ic, closing at 82,'c;
November, 843(if,8 1 ji', cloiiing at 84 u
843. Corn opened firm aud advanced
K?Je, but later sold down Hnd elrsed
jc below Saturday; chsIi, I'.lijc; Sop
remher, 39V'i-39e, t-loidnu 3n!c r'iked;
October, 40jO?411c, c'o iti Id jo. Owla
lower and plow; cash, 2ii;(.727c; Sep
tember, 27 Jc: Mav, "3!m8:;.. Ry
:ow aud ay ; c?n, 51 'cv; (ctober,
5iije. Barley dull ; fails W's.'onsin
Se it h at C7jc. lly-l iniiio lower;
choice new, 9Ji)10; libinthy firm at
f U)(iVj13 5J. Plaxsi ed dull ; $1 (!7 bid,
but held higher. Brm er ier; 19tii
50c Cotn-incal s'enlv, $ 10'ij2 20.
Bereipts Flour, O00O brls; wheat,
179,000 bu; corn, 32,000 bu; oat', 72,
000 bu; rye. 2000 im; barley, none.
Shipmen'-Flour, 2000 brls"; wheat.
183,000 bu; com, oliOJ bu ; oat?, 8000
bu ; rye, r.ooe ; barley, no; o.
Ciuc.MHi, III., Amju-t 23. The
whe.tt market opone.i etiong tbla
morning, pr es btoitiug r hiuhor,
with September nt 79je, en tleitio
clino in foreiun nM'imti 1 and the
general warlike tendency of th'i cable
intelligence. Tim pi ice diopped oil
to 79,;, r ?to 79c, but under ree
ctloiiiigH aid tho publication of the
vifihlo. s'lpt ly rep it, Hlmwing rn in
crcasticl l,77s,CC J.dr.vipid 0:1 to 78 i,c,
r.iliie 1 mid c'osad r.t 79 3 h e. Vesicl
room w. s taken for los,roo biisheis.
On the curb, in the ail.irnoon, tho
prieu had i.dvnuced sgain to 79c
Corn was dt pr,::';ed and lower
througho'.it, owing to favorable
weather repot t.i and inereiiHing r
ceint '. and closed for tho day j)e under
Saturday. There was veiy iinle doing
in oats, and thegener.il tone as eniicr.
Flour quiet nnd nnclmngad. Wheat
active and firmer, Clcs iiir Ac higher
thau on Kntnrduy. Saios ranged:
Aucust, 77i785c, dossil nt 78,;c;
Si-pio nhor, 78J(ii)7'9c, closed at
79 .'-10c; October, 80:j(.'l !b, closed
at 81 1-10 :; No. 2 sp.ing, 78Je;
No. 2 rod, 79J Corn weak and
lower; casb, 41 5 i ; August, 41 J(.
42c, closed at4i;; Heptemhar, 42ii(n)
43c, closed at 42 7-10,;; October, 4i'..;(L0
410, closed at 43 15 10c Oats ' ;
rash, 20c; August, 20 l-IOfiWoic, cloH'd
2i! 1 IOj; September. 2(iadi,.27c, closed
nt. 20lc; October, 27ii(n;28lc, closed r.
8jc. Rye quiet; No. 2, 00c. Bar
ley hcavv; No. 2, 59c. Flaxseed
weak; No. 1, $1 10. Keceipts
Flour, 11,000 br's; wheat, 57,00) bu;
corn, 293,000 bu; oati, 201,000 bu;
rye, 4000 bu ; barley, 49,000 bu. Ship
ments Fiour, 11,000 brls ; wheat, 1 Oil,
000 bu; corn, 474,000 bu; oatB, 13s,
000 bu; rye, ICC); barley, 20,000 bu.
Better Buttorine, 12c; cream
ery, 22(i)25c; dairy, J0('U7c; couulry
butter, 15(:4 (ic.
CiiEssK Piime tin's, 8c, nominal ;
New Yoik factory, 9j, liomiual; fail
cream, lOUc; i'ouug America, 13
Iloa rKonwrrs Moss pork, $11;
sugar cured hums, 18(.'11 4c; break fait
bacon, b(ii)I0c; no.tr rib s dM liacm,
4 Hi1'!' ic : buccn eboiil.tmn, 1 W, c
bulk )iork, clear side, 7c; clear lib
side, CJc; shouldcw, Ojc ; lung clear,
Lard Tiercel, 7Je; haif-lunels an J
ke.sfs, it: choice ke'.l'e, S'lc
Faesu Meats No. 1 beof, 7c; Mnt
ton, 7c; hind qnaiieu of uejf, 8b;;
lam1'?, f2 50553 50.
Sr. Locis, Mo., August 2i. PiO'
visions qniet but firm. Pork, jobbing,
$10 lof-iUO 80. Lard -small lota of
cm fiht make, salahio at 0 02 ; round
Io!s worth more. Iby P'dt meals and
long cleais, boxed, ?(i 80; stunt ribs,
jii 35; short clear. $0 55. Bacon
long cleav $0 OOOCO 95; short rili!,
id 85(.i,0 90 ; eliort clear, $7 J0(n)7 20.
Uanie, 124(.rt)3e. Butter steiily;
cieamoiy, 17(3)22c; dairy, lOWl.Sc,
Kggs otoady ; fr. :h, IOClHOc-
Cmc.uio, III., August 28. Mcb
1 ork steady and a shaoo higher ; imhIi,
to 02;(";'.) 00; stptoiiiber1.' "-("jo 72),
flowed 'ntJ!J 05: ( b loiit r. Jll 7.'iW. Kll.
cloned nt $9 75, Lard firm; c?n!i and
AuKimt, !.- 40: Suntcmhor, i7 42J;
October, l-i. 876i)0 t.0, closed at $0 90.
Short :ili Biilea htendy; csnli, 15C.i)
0 17J. Boxed nif-ats quiet; dry taHud
fhouitlers, 75f;5 87-1 ; ehoit clear
sides. 0 COMO 05. On tho Produce
Kxchange bntle: ruled liimjcream-
crv. J(((ii224i:; dauv, 10(.i)li;c. j-.a-s,
Copkke Common ,l).!(W)!)Jc;ordi nary,
lOI-OIO'.c; prime Bio, 1 !( lie; cho te
to (unci', 12C'i)l2'.f!; old govt ritmeL'.,
2ICi25c"; Oevbn;i8(ii22c. '
Soap 8j:"i5jc per poind.
Slhar Puro while, fiJ55!'.ilc ; oft
wlii'o, OJfu'.HJc; yellow, ('.JWOjc : open
kettle, 5.i(ij0c; refined A, (tU.MJc;
grannlated, OjWlc; pnvdered, 7(''-
7jc; nit iriaf, 7K'!'8c.
tjM.r if l 2o per barrel; paces, line,
$1 450iU 50; coaroe, II 15 4-20; pock
ets, bleached, 2j(ii7c; car-loads from
kvoo or depot, 6c cheaper.
1 'a n in tea SMckn, all sizes, in boxos,
poi Is and barrels, 8(;9c.
Casiu.es 1 all weight, UjriijlOc.
Canned Goonr.ET.". Prices tier doz
en: Pineapples, I 35Ciiil f5; peaclui,
2-!b, standard, Jl 35('il 55; seconds,
if I MM 15; tomatoes. 2-lb, standard,
$1 23(1)1 35;3-ib. $1 )31 80; Htraw
borries, fl 33fi)l 40; r.rp!;errie,
$1 15(i)l 25; blr-ckberries, ?1(7,)
1 13; creorgnrco, fl OOfiil 75;
pears, $2G2 25: nlums, fl (iOC'i)
1 70; asparagus, $2 'il; green corn,
f Il 35 ; green peas, $1 55($1 05 ; cove
oysters, full weight, 1-ib, flrttl 10;
cove oysters, full woight. 2-!b, $1 IbC'i)
1 85; cove oysters, liitbu weight, 1-ln,
Hoc; cove oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
i : condensed milk-Crown, f5 50
035 75 ; Eaile,i7 51 (7 75 ; Daisy, 1 75.
Molahski Louisiana, common to
fair, l.st)25c; prime to choice, 28(a)35c;
eyrup, 2440c; common to fair, 20ej)
25c; primo to choice, 305')33c; contrif
ngal, fancy, 32(-t;34c.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 1Y'Ji
282; other grades and ntyles, 35;''483c.
Snnff Garrett's, $IC 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per care ; R. R., .) 50
Oi) 10 25.
Santos, August 21. Coffee receipts
during the week 30.0C3 hags ;purchases
for the United Statep, 40JJ); clear
ances for the United State?, 4000
bags ; stock, 00,000 b2gs.
Rio pe Janeiro, August 21. Coffee
Regular lirit, 4100 reis per 10 kiios;
good eeconu, 3700 rels ; receipts dur
ing the past week, 101,000 baits; pur
chases for United States, 87,000 bags;
clearances for the United States, 73,000
bans; Block 171,000 bagd.
New York, August 23. Coffee spot
fair Rio firm; options steady and fairly
active: sales, 41,500 bags; September,
8.35(To8.40c; October, 8.308.35c;
November, 8.308.35c; December,
8 308.35c; Jannary, 8 35(5)8.40c; Feb
ruary, 8 35c. Sngar fteady; demand
moderite; English Island. 3i('i3jc;
centii(tigal,5 3-10c;fairtogond refining
quoted at 4S4Jc; refined dull confec
tionets, 5jc ; grannlated, 6c. Molasees
qniot. Rice steady.
Havana, Aogust 21. Sugar The
market has been quieter. Tho sales
were insignificant and pricos dined
weaker and nominal. The markets at
tho outpori were the same. Stock
iu Havana and Matoiutn, S0.500 bxs,
(3)0 010 bags aud 10,500 litnls. Ra
cnipts during tho week, 551 bx,
4700 bags and 57 hhda; expoits dur
ing the week, 673 bxs, 5020 bags, ol
which 21,50 l agj toh United State.
Malas'ts suitar. regular to good polar!
xitien, $1 fiO-j'.l 871 pir quintal; Miu
cuvado fair to good refining, 85 to
90 Diilar'zatinn. $1 f.0(?)l 81J; centrif
ugal, 92 to '.Hi0 polurza'ion, in hhds,
bugs aud bxa, $2 lL'!l;o2 43h
Ari'LKS Apples, $1 75'i2 60; from
levee or de rot, it I 50(a)l 75; dried ap
dies, 2i(n:iJo per pound from store.
Dried poaches, 2j(;i).!Jc from store.
Vk,ktahi.m Onioiis, $2 75(n)3 from
etore; $2(i'VJ 25 trom levee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 50; per head, 10c;
fl 73 from levee or depot er crate;
Garlic, 40(,)o0o per 100. TnrnipB, 50c
per biiehnl.
FauiT -Orar-es, LouKlanf mini
nal, $0. Lemons, $S(,i)3 50 por,
box. tlansnas, fli'uVJ per bunch.
Cocoannto, $5 per 100. Peanuts Yir
liinia, 7Jc; Tenaenei-e, farmer's stock.
3('t)4c; inai-led, 24i) higher; Duelled,
Ice. Almonds, KSiiy-.'Oi!.
1! MIS8 IjOihIoii layera, $.1 '0 ; lay
ers, $2 75; Gatitiirua, J Imperial,
$8 f0(i4.
Piini.ivM In jam, pinls, 95c; quarta
$11)0; half uaili'iiH, it 7;i; pllonr,
37'; loose, baireib (i 50: half-parrels,
$ 75; mixed, bMie o, $10 80; mixed,
Im1 1 -panels, So.
Potatob No', $t 25(1? I 73; North
ern i-t'iek, $2.
Ciper Now Wi t , SO 50 per barrel
an I $.1 73 per luil-bani;! ; Vinegar, 10
per gallon.
Pkcan.i Ta.h. 8;7(I0e forsmall to
lu.-u, H)t i,i lc lor i-ii go ; Arkancas,
Fipii Mackerel, ba'Miarti'ls, No. 1,
$4 . i'(.tvi; Nr.. 2, .18 2'(C8 50; No. 8,
2 7."nn;;t; 10-H) N.j. 1, Mc; No. 2,
70.:; lo-'b, No. 8, fcOc, Dry herriuH,
l.iinily, 80 j per heir.
W.M NOri l''ieiH:ii,12c; Naples.lDc ;
Gieunle:!, I5e. Fiibflrta. I2e.
PoiiTiiv Chickens, $ln)2 25; old
liens, $2 25.
Game Game tWi, ll$ri:lc.
4 0110 m::i I'litMil liK,
In car load lots: l'tiine crude cotton
seed oil, 28.ii.23c; oil' crude coltoll seed
oil, 2ik'rt2lc; prima niniiner yellow
cotton seed oil, "4(3. "5c; oil summer
yellow col Ion seed oil, 2S(ii)80c;
inineta' Bininnera yellow totlou Died
oil, 82c; piimn Diimieer white cot
ton seed oil, 81c; choice cooking yl
low colt on good nd, 8,'i(.i:iilc; ptiine cot
ton seed meal, $14 5ll(i)15; oil cotton
coed meal, $12(.i13 00.
B.UKii.s-a Jute. 2 lb5, 8'c; 1J lbs,
7jc; 11 lbs, 7c. Flax, 8 lbs, 7jc,
;iks-$i ti(.i)i i,ri.
Nails $2 13.
llllK A Kit TALLOW.
TImirs Dry flint, 12i(iiil0t;; dry
salt, 10(.A12e; green s:ilt,7Ri)Sje; given,
ftO-iiie; deer skins, )(.iU7e. Beeswax
dullal 200021c; tallow, :'.(:)(8j(!.
l'l'.l ICO Ml I'M lUAKIiTT.
Com. Oil Primo white, wholesalo
lols, 1 lc per gallon.
Ci.tivi:i.ANP, )., Anguet H.'t Polrole
tun ipiie', s. w!, l!Ou, 7c.
PiTTsin iKi, Pa., August 23. Pelro
leii'ii irregnla'-; opened firm at (lljc
advamed to b-'c, broke to OOJc on
heiiriph new j,li!it recovered at 1 o'clock
lii. a afternoon to 01 ;c.
Wnisk-v Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, ijl ."Si.if.iJ .j ; rcdis'lille.l goodH from
8 it; m J 1 30, act: jnling to proof; rye
$1 751.1,';.
CiiicAco, 111., Aunat 23. Whisky
sii'S'iy, 10.
Sr. Loitii, Mo., August 23. Whipky
su any, ti hi.
Cinhnna ri, O ,Augu it, 2:1. Whisky
aelivo and linn ; Miles of I580 barrrls
of llirf.heil goods on a basis of $1 10,
(J.vn i k Choice to extra corn fed,
9C0 to 1050 ll.s, nono receivnd; good,
nntin received ; choice grafis cattle, 31.(;i)
gomi, u' jdOJic; tm r to medium,
2(id2c; Kcalinwaga, Kiel c.
1 1 (ins Choice,! ( Tjl Jo ;"good,3 Ic ;
common, .".(ii)8.h:.
S11 .kv Clioico, 31(Tii8Jc ; medium, 2J
C.ViIc; common, J4(.f)l 00. Choice
lambs, per iiound, 41(uilic
Kansas City, Mo., August 2.1 The
Lire Kwk hulimtnr reports: Cattle
Keceipts, 1275 head; phipnienlB Satur
day, 1278 head ; market slow and weak;
native shipping nb? tit steady; grrs
Te- 1 and rango cntle 10c lower than
Silii'day; cows steadv; common to
choice r".iiv 1, i3 -K"iil 00; cows,
f I 7' 2 75; grans Tcxph, $2 05( 8 00;
slockeiH and feeders, $2 00(5 1 " I f 0; s
Keceipts, 370J head ; maiket weak;
10c lower, f! 60f4 95. Sheep 1
ceiptj), none; market steady. jKJ
Ciiicaho, III., Augnht23. Tlio Drov
rr.i' Jnurntil retiorts: Cattle Receipts,
9208 bead; Hliipmeiits, 100) head;
niarliot active ami prices about steadv;
shipping steers, 9")0 to 1000 II m, $! 511
C'4 10; deckers and fenliirs, $2 25C)
3 50; cows, bulls nnd mixed, $1 7i
Mi 70; bulk, i2 25 2 75; through
Texas cattle, 2 75(.i)3 05 ; Wcutern
rangers firm at S3(Vi)8 90. Hogs lie
ceipis, 10,(1)0 head';- ehipments, OOCO
heal ; market etoady and unchanged ;
rough and mixed, iVa 75; packing
and cbippir", s?4 50C)5 01 j light, $3 sn
(4 25; skn.s,$2 50(.i)3 50. Sheep
Koceitils, 8200 head : sin omenta. 100
tiead; market iu good demand and
prions steady; nnuvetf, $2 50()4 4();
Western, $3 2.i(aJ3 Oo. lexans. 2 554
3 10; lambs, $3 25 por 100 lbs.
Nkw Youk, AiiLrust 23. Jobbers
ha' had a voiy busy day. With
Bite""! tho demand has been moderate,
but the disUibution of goods on orders
of p'ovious proportions. Wool drrss
go.il a id flannels are in good request,
Stori'i roo nominal and piic s firm.
Pennyroyal Pills.
Hip OrlKlunl 11 nl Only Uvntilne,
8(o n4 alwaya Knllnhls. llawnrcof rih.
I t.luiitationa. Inibmirniabls'.n I. A Jll UN.
A-k your UrnnKlst for " Ui li.Mi-r'a
I.ni(li-i"anl tak bo oth.r, or inoloie 4e
(tani) to un for partiouln'i ia' r.TTb
rrliirn until. n. eAI'f.K, b.
rbealrr limnlrHl I n.,
H il l HiMllKan NUHr, Fhllmln., V
WliolynlB A Blon, Mn
To Real Estate Owners aid Agents.
FARTlESVhaTlni iidwlki U put down
will flnil It to their Intorait to apply to
W. B. liOCKBT, 32 Madinoo, or tboi, 348
Bsennd. Contractor for Btcwart'l UriBO
litklo fkTtm.Bti, IcUrhono Hi.
Arkanaaa RlverH. L. Ciicn, 5 p.m.
Cinciiinatl...M..M....OB.ixiTH Stats, 5 p.ia.
New Orleani Cirvur Ntchi3, VI m.
8t. Louii....- Arkansas Citv, 0 p.m.
Frlari Point .....Jiiiita Lkr.'S p.m.
Wbilo Kivor Chu kasait, 5 p.m.
Oiooola. Coahoma, S p.m.
Arkamaa City Katk Akahs, 5 p.m.
Xiptonvill. Oatsso, .') p.m.
MOVr.MMMS AT nu; Mini:
.Im'm'i. James Lee, Friars Point ;
ill c. liays. ArkRiHts Oitv; Uello
Memphis, Vickohiirg; It. L. Cobb,
Arkansas river; Oavoto, Tiptonville ;
D. K. Powell, Si. Luiis; City of New
(.Irleans, St. Louis.
Jkparlurt's HAe Memphis, St.
Louia; l.. Ji. Powell. Vicksburs: Citv
i f Now Orleans, New OileanS; Kato
A iiams, Arltans.is City ; James l.ce.
Fiiais Point; Coahoma, Os.'eola; Gay
oso, j iptonviiio.
JiMtsin Perl. 15. L. Cobb and EJ
Ji't.n'a )u Im-n. Granite State,
City of Cairo and City of Natchez.
iun(a Pue lp. CiuckaMiw and Ciiy
of St. Louip.
lt'Tll YCNli nlny.
D. B. Powell 90 tens of merchan
dise. B.-llo M emphis Ii 3 brl.i r.f banning,
41 bales of cotton. 11 1) h.lln of tins.
Will S. lUys-2 bales ol cotton, 920
fks of seed, 12 b 11a of t,kd nnd lot if
s ii'idriea.
Jaitiei 1ie 2 bales of cot'.on, 103
brls ot oil end lot of sundries.
Gayosa 305 tks of corn.
n n itn urn K.11 11 mm.
Tiik Lee I.iiie packe a tomoiiow
evi mug am the James Lea fur Friars
Point uml tho Cuahouin (or O.'coola.
Tijk Anchor Line slonmer City of
Cn 10 is duo down for Vic keluny, and
the t'ity of St. Louis in ilua up for St.
Tiik Ch'cki'saw, Cap'. K. C. I'n'U',
is the Wplnosday packet for White
river. V. M. Pi it nl and John Chil
li reas are her clurko.
Tiik AiVans.iH City, Cant. II. W,
Pmla-'ki, is the Aucrler Linn packet
this evening a' 0 o'clock for Cairo and
St. Louis. W. II. Priti'hart is Uiv
Tim Kate Adams, Capt. Mark I!.
Cheek, is the United S.atos mail
packet TluiKiUy evening at 5 o'clock
ior Helena, Arkausaa City and all way
hiudir.gs. W. C. Blanker tins charge
ol her ollice,
Tnic Giiyoso. Capt. W. P. Hall, is
tho packet Thursday evening at 5
o'clock for Hale's Point. Tintonville
and all way landings. B. O. Michel! is
in her ollice.
Tun Anchor Line H'eanior City of
Natchez, Cnpt. I'.eck Jolly, wid pass
down to-day at 12 o'clock for New Or
leans and all way pointt. II. K, Cor
byn is her clerk.
Tim K. L. Cobb, Cnpt. R B. Smith,
in tha packet this evening at 5 o'clock
for nil points on Arknsnn river, going
thiOiigli to Pine Blnll'. I'ha?. Miissei
maii lias charge ol her ollice, cs's'ed
by lt'ifus Foster.
Tim Grnnile State, Capt. A. J. Lind
en', is the packet this evening at 5
o'clock for Cairo, Louisville, Cinciu.
nati and all way landing! on the Ohio
liver. The Gni'iite Mate will give
ebeap la'es to all point' North and
11 Ml K A I. M1H8.
Bi sini'.ks quiet.
Weathkh clear rod cooler.
Hkaw rains Sunday night.
Tnu Lee Lino packot i wero la and
out on ti n 1 0 yesterday.
Tin: Belle Memphis pi ced up .Sun
day morning for St. Lqiph.
FltASK P.IIICNNAN WCIlt Otlt UlHtu Irtjt
evening on tho Kate A dime.
Bu mils by rivor yesterday, 43 bales
of cot tun end 920 sack.i uf seed.
l'i:Nir Mii.i.kr, a former e'erk on
tho steamer Maiy Mouitou, died r.t
Cinciinm i on Thursday la it.
Tm: GayoBo arrived Sunday from
Tiptonvillowith 3o5 tncku of com, and
returned on tinio la"t evening.
Tub Ed Foster, Capt. O. K. Joplin,
lays over until next TueFilay to mako
sumo repaira to her machinery.
Tim I!. L. Cobb ntilved ycBterday
niornhiK from Arkan 1 river, and re
turns this evening at tliu usual hour.
Tiik D. K. Powell passed down Sun
day morning for Yic.kshurg. She dis
charged hero lij tonn of freight and
added 20 tons.
Tiik City of New Orleans passed
down Siiinliiy evening for New Or
leans wilh a big trip. She added here
o ld empty bai rels and 20 tons of snn
diics. Tiik Will S. Hays nin'ved Sunday
morning f'om Arkansas City with 2
bnloor.l con on, MM sacks ot seed and
a lot of Mimlrio3, and bus laid up for
tho present, the Kato Ad nre! having
resiimiid Ier place In tho Arkansas
City tr.ido.
Tiik liin L Baseball Club, com
posed of the crow of that Btnaincr, are
goimr to play a (lame of baseball with
the I II 'ii-i. of Friars Point, on next
Thnr.niay, and thoso from Memphis
and along fha route wifihintf to witness
this came will ba taken to Friars Point
and back at half price. A big crowd
is expected.
Okkh u Sional Skuvick, U. S. A.,
M km en is,' August 28, I p.m.
Tho following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75" meridian
time, which ifl 0110 hour faster than
Memphis tune
Ab'vo Ixiw
Feet. KltliH
9 9
12 4
3 "s"
2 I)
7 !
4 2
0 4
7 N
5 it
3 0
8 5
1 1
7 3
2 5
2 3
0 7
Kiscl Fall
lOthM lOths
ihattanooma ...
Fort Smith
La ('rosso
Little Kock
Nash vi I In
New Orleans...
Omaha :
St. IOU1U.
St. Paul....
above tero of rauiro:
Cairn, 40 feet. CliattanooKa, 3.1 teet.
Ulnmnnau. nu. liavenpori, n.
Duliuiiue, 16. Fort tmlth, 'ii.
Keokuk. 14. Helena, .
La Croe, 24. Leavenworth, 20
Little Hock, 23. Lonlaville, 25.
Memphif.34. Now Orleans 13.2.
Nuhville.lU. Pittuhurt, '!.
Omaha, la. tit. Paul, 7.
Ht. Louli, 32. Vlokehurg, 41.
Shrereport, 2S. Yankton. 24.
CiHciHATi,Au(rut 23 Noon-Biyei
1 2 feet 6 inches on the gao ge and falling.
Weather cloudy aud warm ; thermom
eter 78.
Eva!I8Villb,Id., August 23. Nc on
Kivor falling, with 9 feet 6 inches on
the gange.
PnrsBrrRO, August 23. Noon
River 1 foot 10 inches on the gangs and
stationary. Weather cloudy and warm.
Whxkuno, W.Va., August 23 N oon
Itiver 3 'eeto inches on the sangeand
falling. Weather cloudy and pleasant,
with lijtht riu this morning.
Lot!isviLLi,Aneiitt23 Noon River
River rising, w itbOfoet G inches in the
canal and 4 feet 4 inches on the (alls.
Woathor cloudy, with occasional show
ers. Business dull. Departed: Desoto,
C.uiio, August 23. Noon River 9
feet 5 inches on the nangeand rising.
Weather cloudy and pleasant. Ar
rived: City of Cairo, St. Louis, 0 p.m. ;
Ohio, Memphis, 4 a.m.; City of Nat
cheii, St. Louie, 7 a.m. Departed:
City of Baton Konge, St.Lnnis, 1 a.m.;
( ity of Cairo, Ytcksbnrg, 3 a.m. ; Ohio,
Cincinnati, 5 a.m.
M I.imiI" mill Nrw rlna Anchor
I.lur-r. N. Mitll-CAlKOAbl. I.Oi; 13.
Arkansas City,
Tlrolacki ..maMrr. ?S'jis!
Will loo tho Klcvainr TPK8U.M , Aim.
i'lth, at ii p.m. I' or might or puFiiaiia u'l
C. I,. II II I.. P-I-... Air'!. A II S I'Olt M. S'M.'l.
(SI. I. onto ami New Oilrnn. Aprlior
I.I.K--I .H. MiiiI-piik MiV 0ULK.AN4
City of Natchez, .
11. K. Uitliy ..(k.lmn.o.r.a'Wi(iSiriV'ir'
Will leave tile Kli 'il r Til IS U, Aumt
IMlli, at U in, l'r innl:l or i ikhio io i ly
O. I,. II .
i'-M. 4.1
M ' mi o . r-i'i1 i.
1LoliJ-(J1 !iS 'LKj'kJl.J! Nt .'! N N'.VTt
ro i.oi iHVii.i.r. aiiiii i.v.v i ri.
1r:i!ilto iiHto,;
A. .1. I.ln.l py . . in i'ler.
Wid ica ti I'll 18 li A i , Anir. .'Ith. at ' p. in.
For Ircialit or pasdaaa apply loC. B. hi 8
M' Ll., U. I-. Ji f. ., U M-..li.on t. It-
.h..n. .pill I' A H It. I'l : Au'l.
Knu win it; i;it:k.
MUMPius x winr;; r.ivr.i: pk'T.
FrediiiQ Koblnscn. iSSo
IV' ill llnrry ni i-trr ,
For llul"i:a, I'prrotio. HtVili, lllio!. l' Art",
AilvillU. CI'iriMhlnn, Ncivi lt. al.l
I'.ato 1 1.
Will Ic.rue i.i nli a II'KIMV a' p.m.
ThrotH-h r'iia to ad ooml.. 4'rnih! n-
H'K'OJil t',1 Mill llr.rrv I. no., ,llolM M '. rill i,o
liriiuipllT .rar,ld. .IAS. II Ki'HllUS.
Oiro-i.7 M-l.ii-ol! ', 'l'rli'"v. :f ''"?.
- - 1
For Otpoola. llnlna Point, Ctirtithor'Till..
Uavo and Tipionvlllo-'i'hs new .i"i i.er
W.V. Hull muster I II. O. M!.-iiii...cl.r.
Will louva a i'Ijovii, and all wiy polnn.
BVBKY MuXUAY nnd llll ibAl at 5
p.m. Hor I ro iyhl or .t -row, hq: 'v "t l"'ir t
" l.l'.l. LINK."
Urmpniii.t'rlari 1'nlril itixl SCritit hie
mui aifei-ixlrt 1'iicU 1 1 I or.ni j .
lorltelina. (Jl.nda'e, I nn"' I'li'-'t jj til
W . I.t .l .-.-Hf .imrt,
III 111 ON lift", Jiufdl
.1. 41. Cooper, mafUT I. W. tjiioiiieti.oluVll
Will leav m above on i,vi.rr Mli.NOAT,
WKb.NlibPAV ani FtUOAY, at i o'clock.
For Ranlolpb, KuHo.i. Oi.'octa s4 Waf
t'oalionin, ZamJt
K.T. Cliii,lt...inni"ti,r I I'latt Itlu.di'K ierlt
ami 41(1 PA V at 5 p.m. The tuiata ol tbie
I trio rop-prva I hi rijrbt to pan all landing!
the i' iptiibi may ilopiii iin.nfa. Ullli'e, No. i
Nmli.i.iifl. .MM IIS I, UK, Jn , Snp't.
Meiiiphira.V UliHo Kivor Pkt.t'o
for 4 liirrlKluii. Drvnllx lllnfl., 0
Art", A'ltuiila, elly. Nowpi rt. JaolnoO
iMirt, lluinavilln nn. I nil W uj LanJinn,
Mil, (IIIIUAMW, rr -
B. 0. I'ontlll ma.lar.
Will lonvo liVLUY WKIiNEsllAY at 5 p.m.
NTH. Al.llllKT.V ISO. 3,
Alitor! ). .Smith m'Ur i,JS2,tt1IBC
Will loava K VKI'Y M A'l I' ItHA at i.in.
'4 hro'iK-h rutn cicn to nil point.-t. I'rfight
fotiMi-tii-J to t bo Mcint'hiu ai"l hite ltier
I'm'kot Co., nt JMniei'liii or Terrene, will be
lorwiinldil proinpily. For k-ennral inlorma
lion apply at o"'o', S. a Mmliion rt
Cull 'tVloplvii II. C 1.IIWK, At't.
The M.FrniiflH Niter 'I ransptirlatlos)
Co. 'a Klne Hhle-W heel U. ti. Mall Htirl
lid VuHtvv, zjrn!.-,
0. K . .Ic, tin ...H H'tar,
hil l i.HAir. M; .ill-) KVSHI
'I I FS1I A ,
at 5 (I'oP.ek, for .V.ariam . tl:e Cnt-O.T, ttti
tiiterait.llnto U'lJi'ini on Ht. Fian -li riter.
The oupiain rntorvoi the rltht to i.ni al
I nn.lt n ,.i he iIikmiiii uriiuja. JA.H. LKtf, jr..
Soo.rinl..n,l,.ril OiSfrt. n. 4 Mn.:. 'fl
Men. pills unit YicLxburg Packet Com
jaiiT U.S. Mull Lino,
For Ilelona. Conennlia, Torrenean I Arkan
fai l.'ily-The ulevatit paiieeuKer Iiramer
M. K. Cl'eilt.uia'.or I W. C. Ttlat,ier....:erlr,
l.e'.voa NlamoliU
KV1UIY MONDAY ami lliUKt HAY, al S
p. in., roforvniK the rittht to pnnt nil 1 ,1 o 1 1 n
theoup'.'i.n mayilcom tinnulo, K ir rereral
Inl .nuiition ni'Pty nl oS"e, No, Mi litoa
ti. H. IVALWOHTU, A'.il.
.lull ; CA 'I. Ph'r Air-nt. Ti-i-' i r:
Arkansas Iliver Pk't To.
Str. R. L COBB, L.fSn,
IC. II. timith....m:uler. aril'Ki WLm
Leave I Metui hie 1'viry TliK:-lA , at : P.ia
II. f. LU'A 0, Aiiont,
nmn. No. .1 M4!.in . Tali-eh-ra N'-v ;
Electric Ball f reo
rpo Intro'lic-a It an I nh!:iin agonli 10 will
I for iho noxt siaty ihiv gn imjr, fre
ol I'hiirito, (ti on.'h iouniy 111 the 1. K. a Inn
I tail tin in hor ol our IJitniiih l.l'i'ln JI
vnulc SiisKiiHiirt li. l. 1'rioe (.': a
positive inil unf'iibnir evrn for Nervoun i)
hiltty, Varir "i-l, KiniaaloBt, imivlenoy,
etn. fj.'vio.iiii hUwnrJ fui.l if Te:y Uelt m
piar.uia.3tnm d. w art iiierait a ctnjin
el'tna rnrrent. Ai.l-iuj at oc-t KLflO-
nii'j hiit acVncy, p. :o. im.i ;ith.
Iroi.kl'n.N. Y .
(lUtll 14 WM l.lll. IU. E. C.
VlT'. lVTHTt iatl llyil.1 Tf-KATVIM',
acoarantee4 rpei'ifi? for II f tori A, Linii
no.., Cnnvuldoota, Kit. Neiv.'Ui Neural
itin, itoaiiaebr, Nt'in Prostration, "nifel
liv tiie uie ot alcohol or ti.ba.";o; wke
fulneM, Mental liepre'aiun, to I toning of tho
brain, ronulttio; in liTiaiiity and lo-t tug Ut
mlnery, (loony anil ili-ath; l're'uatnre oid
Age, llarrnur.oiM, Loi oi Power in either
oi; Jr.voIun!ary l.osio ani Mernator-
ruea, canatlby over -exertion M the brain,
lelf-abnao orovorintluU-cnoo. Ka-h bog 00a
taing one n'onth'l trnituiart. l a bog, or
lix bogei for C3, tent by rntil prerai'l, on
reoeipt of t rioe. We KUiiri'ntce Six Hose
to oure any ease. With e.n-h orier rrciirei
by naforelx bote", aoompaniei wlti (I,
we wilt ennJ the rurtfbmcr our writton
guariiotce to refun J the money If the treat
ment doe' not olo-t a onre. tluaranteea
iMued only bv A. HfNK.IU i' U., t:aa
g'nt. Memphig, Tenn.
ALL pe.-aoni are lierohy warnel not to
pnrc.i t-oi'ortili.'ito No.'.iilor tin sitirca
Miitonlc Te mole Stork, iisncd to K. W. hliel- .
ton, April II, 174., a it hiti been Inst or uiia
laiit, and 1 havoaop led lor a duplicate.
S. 1;. Sll Kl.TON. A lministrntor.
liven If Yon liny a Woaeu
eoninion poroui plasters whioh you oia (ct
for a nong at any if the Cheap Joiiu.drun
glatg ynu have morely thrown aw.iy your
money, for one Lenon'i Capolno l'lastcr Ig
worth t b 0 1 11 all. The rcaaon t this i lien
non'e In the only porona pla.-ter iu the market
that ii Icnostlv and ikillfully made and sci
entifically medicated. Other are no n ore
than noaiinal iniitutioni of llonion'i. They
are cheap because they possess none ot the
ingredients which render lienson's valua
ble. The latter ere prompt to act, pleas
ant to wear, and cure in few hours ail
ments which others will not even relieve.
The public are especially warned against so
called "l apsiciu," " Capsicum," " Lapu
oin," or "Capsioine " plasters, as worthies
articles Intended to deceive. Ask lor Ben
son's, and look for the " Three Seals" trade
mark and the word "Capcine " out In the

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