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VOL. XL VI NO. 202
mmm politics.
-Joint Debate and CanYASB tbe State
Together Bob Taylor Dtflucs
His Position.
Nashville-, Tbnn., August 25. The
members of the Si ate Democ ratio Lsec
utive Committee mot bere today and
, agreed to have a joint discussion be
itweea tbe Gubernatorial candidate'.
They addressed a letter to the Kepub
Mican Executive Committee, asking a
conference" to alter some of the dates,
but could not find any ol the members
of tbe Republican Committee, so the
matter was left to Chairman McCoa'
:Uell to attend to.
-was tendered a serenade at the Max-
vwell HooBd tonight Ke received a
peifect ovation, and was kept buey
-ahakirg hands for a long time.
; Seldom has greater or more
cordial reception been given any pub
-lie man in Ka3hville. Mr. Taylor
..made a ringing speech, as also did
other prominent Democrat!. In his
speech Mr. Taylor said : "For my Re
publican opponent I have the highest
regard. He is a lightoned gentleman,
f lor he is my brother. I have told him
-to come aloog and I would introduce
him into goad society. I would say
-hftt if the people expect personal
. abuse of him from me they are badly
mistaken. The man who bears tLe
Republican banner I love as man can
only lore a brother. This is not a
family fight, but this people are the
great ejectment court, and my brother
;a the a'.torney for the Republican
--party and I do not believe be can
-.make a case. If the Democratic party
cannot stand on principle it cannot on
prejudice and if I cannot succeed cn
principle alone let me go down.
-Of the Bev. James V. Beech rr, of
Elinlra, H. Y,
Elmira, N. Y., August 25. The
Rev. James C. Beecher, of Coecob,
'Conn., brother of the Revs. Henry
"Ward Beecher and Thos. K. Beecher.
' of this city, committed suicide at the
Water Cure this evening, by ehooting
hirxse'f through the head with a rifle.
He had been suffering under revere
mental troubles for a number of years,
and for a tine was under treatment at
the Middletown Asylum. He came
there recently in the care of a special
.attendant. ,At the cure.be appeared
to be in pretty fair heaT,T.',Tfiif today
enjoyed himself with others in shoot
nx at a target. During the evening,
while conversing tin the piazza, be
suddenly went to Lis room, and taking
a rillo placed the muzzle to his moutii
and fired, killing himself instantly.
Mr. Beecher. was about 59 years o'd,
and was the youngest son of Dr.
Lyman Biecher. He was graduated
from Dartmouth College and Andover
Seminary. He was chaplain of the
Seamen's Bethel in China, chaplain cf
"the Brcoklyn regiment during the
war cf the nbellion, became a Co'onel
and wea mustered out 88 a Brevet
Brigadier General, was pastor of the
Congregational church at Oswego and
Pcuzhkcepsie, sod also had charge of
Bethel mission in Brooklyn. Of late
-yea: a he has lived on a farm in Ulster
Bjr a Kambfr.ot' Masked Men InMan-
Chicago, III , August 25. The
Tinus' Calgary, Manitoba special 'rays:
Yesterday at 12:45 o'clock tbe Edmon
ton stage was stopped by two masked
men on the road eighteen miles from
Calgary. There were in the etage be
sides the driver, Teto Campbe.l, pas
sengers J. Bnrns, a traveler for Mrs.
Down, of Winnipeg, A. Massy Co.'s
traveler and a Frenchman, name vin-
'known. The marked men wore stripes
from the Union Jack over their lnees
and canied caibines and tevolveie.
"They were on foot and jumped out of
-'the long grasi end s opped the horse'.
They ordered tbe party to descend ;
they then marched the prisoners into
-Coulee, where they went through their
pockeis. Burns lost $0, but another
seventy no n&a on nun was over
looktd. Maeey's traveler lost f 30, the
Frenchman $135 and ihe ttage driver
f200. The robbers then returned to
the stage and went through the lug'
gage and opened the mail bogs. A
'mail bag containing registered letters
was overlooked. The stage horecs
were then taken out and driven away
and the highwaymen disappeared.
The footpads were evidently new in
the business and nervous. Thev took
none of the passenger's watches. Last
mgat twenty five mounted police
went out to search for them, but have
found no trace. This is tbe second
time within a month tbe northwest
'in ail has been robbed.
Io Defend the America
Against the Ualatea.
Nbw Yore, Angnet 25. The Becond
-and last trial race between the four
'big sloops yachts, Maflower, Puritan,
Priecilla and Atlantic, to decide which
f hall tail against Lieut. Henn's British
cntter, Galatea, in September,, was
successfully sailed today over a thirty
mile course, outside of Sandy Hook.
It resulted in another victory for the
-new Boston sloop, Mayflower, and in
her selection by the committee to de
fend the cup. She defeated the Purl
tan 3 minutes 51 second?, the Priscilla
8 minutes 45 seconds, bed the Atlantic
'9 minntes 47 seconds, corrected time.
The Puritan, which took eecond place,
beat the Priscilla 4 minutes 14 sec
ondrj, and the Atlantic 5 minutes 50
seconds. For the first five miles tbe
positions of the s'ocps did not change
much. When off Monmouth Beach,
at 10:40, the Puritan made one trem
endous ro'l to port. Her spinnaker
'boom was buried in a sea, the foot of
the eail filled and its weight snapped
p the boom oil six feet from tbe out
board end.
The "outer mirk" was gibbed
around in the following order: Atlan
tic, Mayflower, Puritan and Priscilla.
Now began the bitt'e of the giant
eloops to windward. Tbe Mayflower
tojn began both outpointing and out
voting the Atlantic. Off L?j g Branch
pier, it 3:15, she iu ) her
quarter o! a mile to wndward. T ie
Puritan pasted the Broiklyn sloop at
o:-iu. Ane Dreeze .resumed consider
able now, and canted a point to the
ms.warj. at. :us, wnei on me up
per Highlands, with ;be liehtsbit
bearing east one-quarbr north, the
Maj flower tacked to the eastward, the
For tan following suit t 4:10. The
Atlantic and PiaciiU Utked at 4:31
and 4:35 respectfully. "Die Mayflower
t ced tor tue nusa at 4.41, and came
d. shing across the lineat 4:50:45 in
erand style, hr crew waving cans and
cheering as she "sqnarsd away" for
home, cheered by huadnds on the at-
President Beverly's Annual Ad'
dress The Urgent necessity
for Organisation.
St. Paul, Miss., August 25. Over
200 delegates were present at the
opening of the sixth setsion of tbe
Farms a' Congress ot tbe United
States at the titate fairground this
The meeting was callel to order by
the President, CjI. Robert Beverly, of
Virginia, the Rev. Henry Wallace, of
lows, ontrirg prayer.
An address of welcome was delivered
by Gov. Hubbard, who snoke aoDrov.
ingly of the farmers' effort to obtain
relief from the unnatural burdens of
monopolists and their exactions and
Col. Beve ly epoke briefly in reply,
In tbe course of his annual address
President Baverlv on behalf of the
farmers, thanked President Cleveland
for recommendation to Congress to
inqii're whether legislation might be
considered in the interest of agricul
tuie. It is for ns to cocsider whether
we thall contmne to deliver our But
friges on demand at tbe ballot box for
machine made candidates of any
party or pledged to tbe great mess
urea we deem essential to our pros
perity and progress. "Organize! Or
gan! I beseecn you," concluded
Col. Beverly; ' not tomorrow, but to
day, combine and e'aiid together as
one man in defense of your interests
and in behalf of tbe general welfare."
committees on amend menu ana
resolutions were than annointed.
The Committee on Resolutions is as
follows: Illinoie, 8. W. Ellerton j Vir
ginia, R. W. T. Duke; Mississippi, J,
Harris Field; Georgia, R J. Raddin
Dakota, C. A. Bliss ; Arkansas. J. .
Adams: Indiana. J. B. Connor: Iowa
Edward Campbell, jr.; Kansae, J. W.
Johnson; Kentucky, J. D. Clardy;
LouisianR, T. G. Bird ; Maine, J. W.
Deermg : MUsonri, Oobndge Horsey j
Minnesota, W. C. Leduc; Nebraska,
C. Berry; Nevada, E. W. Crutcher;
New 'Jersey, A. Q. Cutler; New York,
li. u. i,ewis; Uaio, V. LMlaro: 1'enn
sylvania, Herman Handell; South
Carolina, J. T. Sloane. ir.: Texa.
John M. Cross ; Tennessee, D F. Oock-
i.ir, jnwwKr-?.' Jiotntdaj 'iVwconsin,
N. D. Ftallj Vermont, N. Cutting;
iissoun, u. m. UAmpDeii.
In the Barren of Sorth Alabama,
Kenr llkiuoat Spriugs.
Nasiivili.k, Thnn., August 25. A
special to the Union from Pulaski,
says: The Elkmotit Springs stage was
robped tnis morning in the barrens ot
iNonh Alabama, hull way between Elk
mont S ation and the Springs. Five
or six men f urrounded it, dragged the
driver out and cut and beat him so
that his death is foared. A posse is in
pu:suit. Tbe driver recognized two
oi mo men as oarremtes wnom tie
saw at the Springs recently. The
ma.l was robbed and come money
California Hepnbllcans.
Los Anoelks, Cal August 25. The
Republican Siato Convention met
here this afternoon. United States
Senator A. P. Williams wrs in the
cbair. The convention nominated
a full State and Congressional ticket
and throe Justices of tho Snnreme
Oonrr. W. U. L Birnes was elected
temporary chairman.
After tho appointment of the usual
committees, the convention adjourned
uriu tomorrow morning.
The platloim. which will be ore-
sented tomorrow, favors free, intelli
gent labor, that on its wise d.rection.
depends the prosperity of the nation
and approves tne to-oneration anions
laborers; favors tho free coinage of
silver; denounces the Democratic
national administration for seeking to
deprive tho people of silver bb a circu
lating modinm; Rdvocatea the paHSHira
of laws absolutely restricting tho fur
ther immigration of Chinese, but
claims for thore now in the country
ondor trea'y stipulations, the pro
tection of tho law.
Labor Troubles In England.
London, August 25. The Master
Cotton Spinners' Association, of Bol
ton, representing 5,000 000 spindles,
bee unanimously moved a 5 per cont.
reduction in wages, providing tbat
three-quarters of the spinners of Ash
ton and Oldham ngree to do likewuo.
The reduction, if made, will affect
60,000 operatives. The operatives
threaten to strike if their wages are
Senator Evarts Berlontljr Injured.
Windsor. Vt., August 25. A car
riage containing Senator Evarts, of
New Yerk, Charles C. Perkins, of Bos
ton, and Miss Mattheas, daughter of
Judee Stanley Matthews, of Ohio, was
overturned this evening. Mr. Per-
cins was instantly killed, and Senator
EvArta anH ATi.a Mattliaw. mw
Verelv brained, thouch nnt. cnriniulv
orlh Carolina Democrats.
Ralkigh. N. C Aueunt 25. Tbe
Democratic State Convention met here
today and nominated W. N. H. Smith
for Chief Justice ; Thomas S. Ashe and
A. S. Merrvnian for Associate Jcidcea.
There are the present Supreme Court
Justices. The convention adopted no
political platform or resolutions. Tbe
imprecsion is that the Republicans
will make no nominations for these of
Kew Tor Canal Colon.
Syracuse. N. Y., August 25. The
State Canal Union which has been in
session here for two days, passed reso
lutions declaring tbat it is the duty el
the State to at once enlarge tbe canals
and docks. Amendments looking to
government bids were voted down by
huge majorities. George Clinton, of
Buffalo, a descendant of DeWilt Clin
ton, was elected President of the
union, vice ex-Gov. Seymour, de-ceaeed.
Tbe Mob Finally Dispersed and the
Curs Started No Loss of
Life Reported.
Naw York, Augnst 25. Cars will he
run today oter the Broadway main
line, that decision having been arrived
at yesterday alternoonby tbe managers
of the Broadway road. No ntterapt
will be made to run cars over the Uui
versity Place or Seventh Avenus
branches. Serious trouble is antici
pated when the new drivers and con
ductors attempt to take out these cars.
To avert this, if poesible, the police
authorities have made arrangements
to have all the reserve! massed near
the stables and scattered along Broad
way as far aa Bowling Green, ro tbat
such protection as is possible will be
afforded. The chief trouble is expect
ed between Thirty-fourth street and
tha atablee, where the strikers and
their friendrliving in the vicinity, and
who make up one of the toughest
crowds in New York, congrrgate.
They bays threatened to kill anyone
who attempts to run out a car. Capt.
Killilea said he expected that with
the assistance furniehed him from
headquarters ths police wo'ild prob
ably be able to prevent any riot.
It was far advanced- into the early
bourn of today when District Assem
bly No. 4 deci Jed not to "tie up" the
croat town cars on Forty-second street.
The headquarters of the assembly wsi
open throughout the night. The mea
on a strike say that the tie np of the
Broadway and Seventh avenue lines
will be short lived, ot that tlinre will
be a general tie up. MaHer Workman
John Maiuire hai retired tempora
rily from the direction of the assembly,
owing to sickness. At 0 o'clock this
morning nearly 300 policemen were
marched to the stables oftbe Broad
way line and dispersed the men who
had gathered on the adjacent corner.
Police and people were good natuied,
and there wat no trouble. No men
bave yet applied, bo far as conld be
learned, for the places vacated by the
strikers. Up to 11 o'clock a.m. all was
quiet. The presence of the police,
however, is believed to mean tbat an
attempt yill be made to run out a car,
At 10:37 a m. "car No. 15S, In cbarga
of Driver Wickleeee nd Ccnduttor
Smith, rolled out of the depot and
started on its trip down town. A yell
arose from the loungers on Seventh
avenue, and men began to pour in
from the side streets and the neighbor
ing saloons until in a few minutes a
mob of excited men filled tho wide
avenue and started after the car. Tbe
car went along for about six blocks
easily, with an occasional stone, until
the Broadway switch was reached.
Here an effort was made to derail tbe
car by placing a piece of wood in tbe
switch. This proved unsuccessful,
but a few minutes later a collision oc
curred at Forty-second street with a
car of the Forty-second street and
Boulevard line. The two cars came
together with great force, bus no in
jury beyond a Bhakiog up occurred.
The mob hooted and jeered the driver
and several stones were thrown
against tbe car.
and dispersed them for a moment. In
the attempt to got away from the po
lice the glass door of a large wine
ttore was smashed. Further on tbe
mob again appeared and .overturned a
large dry goods truck on the track.
This the police lifted by msin force
from the track and tho cir pro
ceeded on its way amid the yo'ln and
deiisive hooting of the crowds. Stor.es
aod bricks were sga'n thrown t'gainst
the car, smashing a ventilator. At
the junction of Sixth avenue and
Broadway and Thirty third s' rests an
other delav was caused by a Sixth av
enue car croe sing in front ot the Kto id
way car filled with men and women.
Stoma were again thrown, one btvik
ing the Sixth aveoue or. Tho
women screamed and tiid to
get out of tbe car. At this mo
ment Capt. William1) with a 'ft'ge
cquad of police appeared and clubb ;d
the crowd right and If-ft. They were
diivon into the side Htreete. They
did cot again collect and the car pro
ceeded on its way unmolKrted. It
reached Bowling Green at 11 o'clock
a. in., and then started on tbe return
trip to tho stables. In the meantime
other cars were ttarted and mado
regular trips. At noon s!x cars were
running, wore trouble is leared ttiis
afternoon and evening, at a large
number of new drivers are expected
to arrive from Philadelphia this after
A crowd of fifteen or twenlv slrikeis
seized one of the Third avenue cars as
it was passing Forty-seventh street
this afternoon and after driving the
passengers oat turned it over on its
side. An open car which followed
was attacked and upset. When the
driver showed fiirht a revolver was
pointed at him. Great excitement at
tended these acts. Tbe appearance of
policemen set the rioting etrikers to
fli&rht. They were chased, but only
one, Edward McEwing, a conductor,
was overtaken. He aas locked np.
A posse of police arrived and cot the
cars aright, after which travel was re
It is believed that the local assem
blies of horse car men were in seesion
tonight to receive orders for a general
tie np tomorrow morning. The mon
on the Forty-second street road will
tie up tomorrow. . Possibly also the
Sixth and Eighth avenue roads.
Frightful Accident.
Abbeville. N. C. Almost 25. This
afternoon part of a construction train
on the Asheville and Spartanburg rail
road, while ascending a heavy grade
on the mountain section between
Tryon City and Saluda, broke loose,
flying down tbe mountain with fright
ful speed. Overseer Swift and lour ,
convicts were hurled from the flat cars
and killed. A guard was seriously in
jured and seven convicts were injured.
The cars did not leave the track but
did not stop until they reached Tryon
City. '
The Minneapolis Flonr Trade.
Minneapolis. Miks., August 25.
The Northwatern Miller says: The mills
started Thu:sUy after three days'
stoppage to clean the canal. Besides
three mills which ran all the week,
fourteea otberB got in three days. The
total product of tbe week was 79,481)
barrels! averaging 19,247 barrels daily,
..... , - - i i. , l. -
against 11,1 unrrum buo preueuiuK
week and US, 590 barrels the correspond
ing time of 1835. Tbe mills np to this
noon eojoyed fair power. The water
in the canal, however, has receded
about eighteen.lncbis tince Monday,
and unless heavy' tins come soon
there will be ehort power. The flour
market is fairly active; quite a good
demand from abroad at elightly better
prices. Some orders bave come for
patents for export account eoaiething
nn usual of late. Tb direct experts
laat week were 37,600 barrel". Re
ceipts tbe p-s'. week wheat, 398,750
boBhels. Shipment Hour. f3 tto
barrels; wheat, 40,750 bushels; mill
stuff, 2288 tone. Wheat in store
Minneapolis, 2,208,100 bushels; Du
lnth, 2,808,802 bushels; St Paul, 470,
000 bushels.
Increased Activity In Railroad
Circle Hew Elevator Company.
Birmingham, Ala., August 25. A
le ter was rectived nere today from
one of the lanrest stockholders of the
Mobile and West Alabama railroad,
who says it will be pushed through to
Birmingham as fast as men and money
can do the work. Grading hai already
begun on the extension. The iutla
ence of tbe Kansas City railroad is
alrea ly seen. Work was begun today
on the six mile3 extension of the
Anniston and Atlantic railroad. Th s
will bring it into Sylacouga oi the
line of the Georgia Central's projected
exteneion (rooiGoodwaterto this city.
In a fracaiat a negio ball at Warrior
last night, one man received a pi at 1
ba'l in the side which is thought will
probably kill him. Another got a
flesh wound in the leg.
A special to the Ait from Fayette
Court House Bays: A farmer named
Mills Harris was RS?asiuflted in-tho
southern part of Fayette county sev
eral days ago. He was plowing in bis
cornfield when lomebody fired a load
of shut into him from a biding place
acroes the fence. The asraiein got
away without leaving a clew.
In the organization of the Birming
ham Warehouse Mills K evator Com
pany eevcrjl of the solidest
men in ths city were in the
scheme, including two officers of the
Georgia Pacific railroad. The com
pany lias already bought ground in the
northeastern suburbs aud will build a
large grain elevator and warehouse
right away.
Uen, John Newton Appointed to
Nncceea squire.
New York, August 25, Mayor
Grace tcdiy appointed Gen. John
Newtin, of the United States army,
s Commissioner of Public Works,
vwe Squire removed. Tbe Mayor ar
rived at his office at tbe City Hall
shortly before 4 o'clock in tbe after
noon and met Gen. Newton, who eaid
that l.o would accept the poeitiou.
Tne General then hurried away, in
time to take the -1:30 p m. train for
Washington, where he will make ar
rangements to bo placed upon the re
tired list of the army. Ilia term of
office as Commissioner of Public
Works will expire ou May 1, 1SS9.
Tho PrcNldentlel i.ic Party,
Saranac Injj, N. Y Augutt 25.
This has been the quietest day punt
l y tbe President's! party in the Adi
rondacks. None of tbe party either
flehed, rowed or handled the rif '.
President Cleveland entertained eome
acquaintances on ti e piazza of bis log
cabin, while Mrs. Cleveland visited the
ladies at Saranac Inn. With the
younger ladies ernicially, ehe has bo-
come a grat favorite. The guides toi
a gill not for minnows tonight, and the
sport at fishing with live bu t will bs
gin tomorrow.
Attempt to Wreck au Excnrslon
I rein.
t JoLiKr, III , Aug ist 25 Au excur
sion train of tiva tuautiee, having on
b'B'dabut 300 pafHsrg n f om An
rrrr, arrived in th's city toduy ov r
tho new lo.id, the J ilin', Aumm and
Northern. Ties and l' gi were dtKcov
ered in throe different places on tin
track iu time to prevetit a wrec. Tho
obstructions wore all diBCoverid wi'ii
iu n mile ot each other. The radread
cfliceis think they wtra pla ed theie
by lomo orio whore property wai cin
ihmned or puicbu'cd at toj low a
pr;'(H by the company. This is tho
iret excursion over trio read.
Will Probnbljr K.vll ills HokIii.
I lluu.
Louihvillr, Ky., Aui'Uft 25. Tne
diilorenca between Marshal Gro-s
Judito Burr Ih e.rd to be (list Judge
llarr refused to sign tho Marshal's re
quisition for fundu to run his office,
faying that the Marsha' and bis depu
ties were making tio many arrints.
Marshal Gross. replied that he only
servfcd tho wan.v,ts which were
placed In his bauds, and Kent in tin
resignation. Judge Barr bus since
signed the money requisition.
Uprnian-Aiuerlrau JonrnnllsM.
New York, Angiint 25. Tbe 8?9ion
of tho tier mau-American Journalistu'
Association came to an end today.
Toeir next meeting will bo held in
eome Westorn city. Among the offi
cers elected were the fo lowing: Vice
President H.Siirel, WieeoOHiu ;Tbos,
Kerchkotl, California; ('. von Hein
felden, Illinois; lr. K. Pretoriun, Mis
souri; F. Essennenkft, Olr'o.
Tho Delta Tan Delia fraternity.
Louuvii.lk, Ky., August 25. The
twenty-eighth anmrO session of the
Bolt Tau Delta Colleite Fraternity
met here today with a good attend
ance. J. B. Warr, of Grand Rapids,
Mich., was chosen chairmai and ad
drives were made by T. H. Smcky
and Oliver Ma'son, of Louisville. Ihe
meeting continues tomorrow.
LrjNDBoaa's perfume, Edenis
Lnndhorg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Landborg'i perfume, Lily ol the
Lundborg'a perfume, Marchal Nile
Bose. .
ado an Assignment.
Milwaukee, Wis., August 25. The
Wisconsin Glees Company assigned to
day for the benefit of its creditors.
Assets, $125,000; liabilities unknown.
Numerous attachments recently ex
ecuted was the immediate cause of the
failure. About 100 men are thrown
out of work.
Herman Evangelical Nynod.
Boffalo, N. Y., August 25. Tbe
triennial General Conference of the
German Evangelical Synod of North
America opened bere today. Tbe Rev,
John Z mmerinan, of Burlington, Ja,
is president.
Died of Old Ace,
Lima, August 25. The Archbishop
of Lima died last night at an extreme
old age.
Where I have need Tonga'ine In
cases of nonralgA it has worked very
satisfactorily bo far.
K. W. JJRADV,M.D.,Il';no(daIc,ra.
i On
Grants' Furnishing1 Goods
229 - 231
Preparatory to buildins a Nnw Morehouse upon our lot on the eorner ol Main and Jefferson Sts.
we have moved our WHOLESALE stock to the spacious warehouses heretofore known as the
Clay Building, 231 and 333 Main Hfreet, where we will continue our WHOLESALE busiuess
until the new house Is completed. We have now more space and better facilities lor doint; busi
ness than we had In the old store, and can assure our patrons and tho trade generally that we
are in a better position to serve them than ever. 5
OurBtocks are much larger than any we have ever had, and nearly all purchased before the
late advances were made iu prices an advantage that we have determined to at least share with
our customers. Hemember, we guarantee the price ol every article we sell to be as low as it
can be bought In Jhe United States.
CU AMBLKK At Urenbak, Ark.,Tue
dar, Aiuuit 'U, m, in th thiriiath jr of
her tkg, Licti.bolovtd wife of J. W. Cham
blea anil dnofrliUr of J, A. FarUy.
DurWl will talis ptaca st Klmwood Cems
terr this (THURSDAY) morning at IOiHO
o'dwlt Frltiit ff tho fmnltT ar tnvltoit.
Ij. C. TYLKIt.
W. T. BT0NE.
(Succoinori to Eokerli, Stons A Co.)
Cotton Factors
268 Front Street Memphis,
Notice of Dissolution.
rpilK Ann of Mapl It Co. (J. M. Mnplai
x and I.. B. Marimui). UoliiarvMlo, ieun.
In thin dar dlinulTol br mutual onnfent
Mr. J. M. Mai'lM will onnt nua, and i an
tkoiiied to ouilc.'t all dobta duo tho old Uriu
snr R. ferririf to abo? notice. T tnk tliii
oeovlon tn thank mv friesda and the Dublin
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Arm, ud to luliolt a. oiniinunra f ths
tame. J. M. MAl'liKH.
PtiTBlclan, Surroo aud Accouched
Si:t MHlnNlroet. nr Union
Telenh'in Nn. M.
Tho only prrfont substltut for Mothnr's
mllH. lnvMuobla lu Cholera Infnntum
au4 TAAthlns;. A pre.diireatetlfooil fur Dyar
pentlos, Consumptlvna, Oonvaleacsnts.
Vmtwi nutrient In all Wasting Dlasnass.
l;eqalrna no coohln. Our Untik; The Cars
And Fending of Infants, maiud rive.
IWUBBlt. UOOUAUi CO., Boaton. Mass.
W. 11. BATE". sj. , TOr
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. 272 Second Street,
(Ayrei Block)'
N ew and Latest Styles (stork. New
Type, Ken MacLluery.
Priceg as low as anywhere, North
or East.
lucreased" facilities for doing- all
kinilg Llthotrraiihlna;.
For Sale Engine and Boiler.
O K HORSE POWKR-Nasrly naw. Alio,
iO imokeltAfk, beltlns, rulley, ihalt
Inc. tooli, eto.Api'lv to or addrent
Onice, 51)0 Halu Street,
Flnt Door Booth of Kncinehouie.
as-Strict Rtten lion jlvan to all buiinaai in-
ratted lo bis oare
Evan If Ton Bny n Itositu
common poroui pi m ten which you can nt
for t mm if at snr of tha Cheap John drui
Itists tcu havs merely thrown awajr your
money, for ona Uenson'i Capcina l'laater ii
worth tliein all. Tha reaann la this : Men
Bon'i ie the only porom planter in ttia inarkat
that ii hone'tlr and tkilirnlly mads and id
entically medicated. Other, are no rxore
than nominal Imitation, of Demon's. They
ara cheap became they rofieat none ot the
ingredients which render Konion'a Talua
ble. Tha latter era prompt to set, pleat
ant to wear, and cure in s few hour ail
ment, which other, will not eren relieve.
The public are especially warned nialn.t to
called "Capeioin," " Caplcuui.'r " Capo
ein," or ''Capaicins " plastera. at worthloti
article! intended to deceive. Atk lor lien
on't, and look for Ihe "Three Reali" tratle
mark aud ths word "Cupcine" cut in ths
s i&ra
ts o t ijTfmmni
..t mm
v iOl sL i i .Ol 11 1 1 i L I 111
- - 233 MAIN STREET.
OEFICK-Boom 1 (now) Cotton Exchange Building. Telephone tM.
rlh Rrltlah and Man
aaaUla (nearly) IS,000,000
Waaukeaterof lew ttsrk l,l44,nA)t
Vulen of tiallforaln.. .... l,UI,Bo
Atnerloaa Hnrety Company, Unking Bonds of Hnrctjahlp,
AU elaiiei of property iniurad. Epeolal Attention iWan to Ininrinf Conntrr Bursa.
New York Life Insurance Go.
rate to tle who rtetira to try it, Specliil Hairs to all nslula on Mnllroaal
litailluir out ol MtiuilllN.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000,
J. K.HOOWIJf.rres't. J. M. 00UUAU, Vleo-Prea't. C.U.lRAOE.Caahlee.
" o
J3oard of Slraotorsj.
W. H.ltRllOK. M. OAVIN. J. W. FALL8. '
f. M. ifELHoif, T. B. HIMtT, W. P. DUNHAM
W. N. WII-KBUflON, K. T. 0O01'R, II. K. onrriH,
srA DcpMltory of trie) (Mate ol TwaMMe, Transarta a Wnurrul Bansjasf
Hnslntisa anal a lees Hnealal Alteiatlon to tiollewtUMta.'TMS
Bill I III!
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery
AXD- -
Noi. 328 and 328 Main St.. MemphlCZenn.
arorw aiTOeBa OP rtl.l. AHB WINTER OODl in a. A Rural AND fflrU
PLKTK THAN if Mil Blkl. and our
in us uauau oiaiei. ns ars agenu lor
Teuouee Manaractarlsg Co.'B rialds. Drills, Sheeting, ghlrthkff,
HIioIchaJo Dealer
6ole Anentj for the following
VIAXOM Kranich & Bach. Gab! sr. and Wheelock.
OICGAS Clough '& Warren, and Smith American.
Wrlto for Cstalotrnoa. IVon. 221 and
j. . mm k
And Commission Merchants.
goi. 84 nnd SO MadUon Streets IlempbLrj
BuiMingi, well li.lited, healed and vontilato.1: fine librnr. api.aratui and rmant: 17
teaober.. Tin.rouiih and complete cour.e or Inatraolioa. Beit sdvanuje. in M u; lo, t ocu
tlon, Painting, eto. No .ecUrlanism. nn Annual S.Mlon bagina AlUAVAl. tsul.
la-Hj. 1'ricas raaionabU, IllustraUd Catalogue lrea. .
Kqnltabla of IfnaliTlllo
Huoaslll of Hnaiyllle.
fliueiils af Broakilirn (Ma
rine Department) s),tli8s
barrel Iota delivered In ths city at rerv low
tirLoai will aumDSra with those afe. I
and Fabllsherei,
Firit-Cls.) Imtrumenti:
323 Nocoml Hlrfot. lftewiplittaw
a sM iioei. for Yorxu
1.1. Kits, 1'olnuabla. less.
Healthy Location; liandsouis
iir..n,l. (U a.raa)t Cai-etiona

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