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TUURSDAI, I Alt 1ST 26, 1888.
The (wo aspirants for Congressional
honor in this district are making an
active canvass and it ii attricting
much attention outside of the district.
The Little Bock Gatette tayi: "Mr.
James Fhelaq, chief owner of the
Memphis Avalanchf, tnd one df the
ablest young men in Tennessee, is a
Democratic candidate for Congress
from the Tenth Congressional District.
Hie leading opponent Is Mr. James M.
Hatrif, a young man of recognised
ability, . who was defeated aa Demo
cratic nominee in 1831 by Zch Taylor,
Republican. There will be a close
contest for the nomination, and a hot
fight afterward for election. Taylor
will be tbe Republican nominee."
Tbe Ait-sal would remark tfiat in
the contact between Harris and The
lan Greek has met Greek, and the
conflict will be thrillinKly Interoi!
ing. Both the aspirants ate yoong,
talontedand enthusiastic. Both am
the proprietor of nervous, billons
temperaments, strong motive power,
positive rather than negative;
have strong likes and dislikes ;
always know their own minds; lisle
compromises and shams ; believe what
is worth doing at all is worth doing
well, and honce tbey do nothing by
halve?. The bnmp of combattiveaejs
is well developed on the craniutus of
both, and while tbey can be ai cauttic
as aqia fortis, they are kind, gentle and
benevolent, finch characters relieve
human nature of insipidity impart
the variety that gives spice ti life. II
tbey aie good haters they a'so love
much, for tho temperament that in
spires one increase' the o'.hsr, and the
world cares not bow much a man
hates the mean and meanness so he
loves tho true and noble. James M.
Harris Is incorruplibly honest, gener
ous to a f ult, a gonial companion, a
sturdy patriot and a devoted friend,
lie made a vigorous canvass for Con
grats two years ago, and if he wai de
le aUd the fault was not his, for tin
vo'e he received showed that he
vas itronger than his party. James
rhtlin doscenda from a family his
torical for iti talent', social worth and
integrity. Ilia near relations on, bis
mother's side have added 1 aster to the
history of Ahbama, been cousplcnons
in, shaping the politics of the Bute
cince its admiulon into the Union
His father was able and eminent.
Endowed with resplendent gonitis and
extraordinary energy, he left a repu a
tlon which plac him among tbe f ro
niott 'men of the 8outh and his son
promises t) be equal to the father.
The convention, cao mike no mistake
"in nam'maling either Harris or riielar
There are no blanketed dark hones
no Trojan bonus to be. drawn into the
convention, unless th9 cjnvjrrt'on
comes to a deadlock which cannot be
broken. If the convention nominUos
either riiblnn or Hur.ls the Appial
willbe(jriim-F:H him-FOR HIM
and the nominee, liko NapoloOn at
Lilre, will stlr.i the flan o! ljrao;ncy
and by hts valor inspirit desponding
patrio!Sto follow hliu to the charts.
Bat tin re is no ennss for do-pnndoury.
The Democracy of this district intend
t) elect a Democrat to Congress
in November next. H will Arm
ly plant iteelf iquaiely on tbe
fctuts plat'orm and frown down any at
tempt to lug into thecanvrt!S irrltft'lng
issues that concorn only His Individ nut
opinion of (actio as voters. Democrats
oi tho Tenth Tonnesseo Congreeslonal
District, yoa woi a glorious vlctcry io
thercosnteloctionS. The vote stwi
that tho district is Democratic by a
Snajoily o! nearly 4000. By uobn and
harmony we can elect onr nomlnea by
&0C0, tot tho tidal wave sweeps
into its current the floating vote and
when it is demonstrated that a party is
bouud tj win, to rule tho country, it
gains in bulk sb rapidly s the snow
ball descending the sides o( tho mount
ain. The political outlcok fir this
Congressional District is moat en-coursnlng-
WltU a harmonious con
ventloo, this district will be redeemed,
regODerated nul disenthralled from
therutoof Republicanism. The over
whelming victory on the 6lh oi Au
gust is a presage t) a still grander tri
umph in November.
BUKftia, oulivdaxd aruiitN-
1ST A.
The removal of Alexander, of Bal
gaila, by RnsBla Is naturally attracting
great attention in Earope, and tikon
ia connection with ths closing of lbs
lree port of Batoum, is regardod as en
dangering the maintenance of peace.
The only power that appears likely to
object strong'y to the outrage is Eng
land, but England's bands are Mod.
The Irish difficulty is in its way, and
that impediment Is stronger than ever
before owing to the measures expected
from the Tory government, and from
the revival of the odious system of
evictions. But this ia not tho only
shackle upon any epirlted policy by
England, is a very intelligent article
in the New Orleans Picayune points
out, referring to the threaten'
ing attitude Russia is assuming
with respect to Afghanistan, of which
the Arr-KAi on Thursday last gave an
account. Ait'gbanisUn is tbe ally of
England, and tho Russians are now
c'almina territory mverned by Af
ghanistan, and which that people re
fuse to surrender. This may lead to
hostilities, and if England interlerea
with Russia's doings in Bulgaria, Rus
tie will distract its attention to pro
ducing new troubles north of Afghan
istan. The strategy ol Russia holds
England as in a net. To garrlton Ire
land with regiments to enforce co
ercion and evictions and keep down
revolution, and to carry on a war in
Afghanistan also, will be rather more
than even English powtr tan cope
with. Eaglanl has a comparstlTaly
small population to draw its soldiers
from ; Rueaia has exhanstlets millions.
Beside, Raiaia has etcared approaches
to tbe neighborhood of Afghanistan
by a railway that will be finished
by November, and by aid of
wbicb, and of steamboats, troops can
be quickly removed from Petersburg
itself to the head waters of the Oxus,
in tbe neighborhood where tv.e terri
tory Russia claims is sitnatsd. Fog
land has began a railway intended to
reach Herat. It has not been con
structed with the speed tbe Raes'acs
have shown, however, acd only by
crossing lofty mountains conld Kn
gllsh Afghanistan reach the country
Russia ii threatening to seize. The
latter have strengthened themselves
by winning the aid of Khan oi Ba
daksban. This chief is now nnder the
Afghan Government, but desires to be
free of it, and so support) the Russian
claims. Badaksban is on tbe eastern
most portioa of the country lying be
tween thsOxns and tne Hindoo Kueh ;
its extout Is about 2CO miles east and
weft, and ISO miles norib and smth.
It has mountainous turnouts on the
Hindoo Kuh atiajning a h'ght of
15,000 feet. Tbe aspect of matters, it
will bo seen by these details, is not
favorable it the continuance of pee,
and the position of Lapland is espe
cially embarrassing, while Kuesian
tactics appear every whote to be suc
cessful, and thir ultimate object is
tbe possesion of Oonstantinople.
HAT-ran leuklateis won.
A' rumma'-y o( tho pasb twelve
months' legislation in Congress and
SUte Legislatures is glvoa in B'ud
ttreel'i, which contains many interest
ing particular. Lett thau halt the
Legislatures were In sessioa this year,
as in two-thirds of the States they
meet biennally. Labor baa natura'ly
attracted much logit-lative attention.
In Connecticut, Irwa, Kanea, New
York and Massacbusct B tribunals to
arbitrate labor disputes have been au
thorlzud. Massachusetts adopted a
statute requiring corpora' ions to pay
labor wages weekly. Rhob Island
adopted a liw requiring employers to
give notlej of intention to diecbarge
an employe, similar to tbat tbey may
require ol the employe nndur penalty
of forfeiting wag's. New Hampshire
prohibited strikers or others interior
ing with other workmen. New Ycrk,
Ohio, Maryland, New Hampshire,
New Jersey and Iowa pisstd
oleomargarine laws. New Hampshire
regu'a'od the sale of veal. Iowa
prohibited tralllc in decessod bogs
Ohio provided against decaptigns in
dealings in grain; Michigan agaicst
adulteration of honey; Maryland and
Kontucky regula'ed the (aloof feitil
l.ors; Kentucky Imposed a licence cn
lightning rod Boilers; Mai y land le
qu'rod tint plumbers ohould be li
cenced; Kansas Inflic'eJ a fine and
treble damages for doceptloa In sailing
plant, shrubs and tro; MBias'p'
proviJod tbat bills of laJla shall be
conclnsivo evidence of what its 'con
tents reci'e; Ohio infliclod tine and
imprismment on thoss dafroullng
hotels, boarding and outing bouses
whose accommodations they have
n led; New Hampshire adopted n
"valued policy" law which has driven
foreign insurance offices from tbe
State; Iowa,placod foreign inmiranco
companies under special dlsabillt'es;
Michigan authorlzod mutual insuracc
against Iosjos by cyclcne', a'.c," u'hj
minority repioioutation arooru corpo
ration directots: ConreDticnt enabled
corp nations to Bharo profits viith em
ployes; Massachusetts penutttod C3r
p ratior." to bsue special slock ti their
employes; Bouth Cn'ollna lowered tho
individual liability of s'rckholilers in
co'poratloiiR Including banks end
sivuig banks (mm H)ti4 Por cnt.
of tboir shares; Mississippi teUuntph
Cominles wcr wn'le li ihlo to Hue, ia
srliii'lOu to rtc)Vfrab!e damng, tor
unreasonable failure to transmit and
deliver me-sig's; (" inecticnt pro
hibited cjrpotation olllcjra taking com-
mirs oiiP, et., ou pales cnniifctiil with
such corporations. New Hampshire
forbid rrvingj bank ollicurs to act ps
sgentn of othor corpora'inn, or (o re
ceive inducements from borrowurs to
make loans, Laws regulating tho sale
of dnua were pswd by Uoorg a, Ohio,
Ken'ucky, ww Jor.ey ana yiruunn;
rtBulating the practice of medicine by
Michlgaa and Virginia, and of den
til try hylierr(!la; Acw Hamrstiire,
Now Jersey snd Michigan regulating
the ea'e of explosives; Michigau and
Maeeu luiwtts made laws protecting
emp'oyes cn railroads and in manu
fnctoriis. Prohibitive or regu'n ive
arts, or op'bn laws reapocting the
slf, etn , of liquor, were passed by
lows, Kuoda Island, Ohio, UeorgM,
Mlnttiiwirim and Maryland. Mmhss-
cbmetts made womon eligible as over
seers of the poo', New York conferred
upon thorn votes at school meetings.
Connecticut, Michigan and New York
pasted laws respecting tho employ
ment o( minors; Georgia eu'.horiz'd
annexes for i ml tut r ml education;
Maryland. Mrs:i':hnetts a.nl New
Hampshire prohibited selling tobacco
to minors.
Since the Knights of Labor bate
shown employers what immense pw
er labor ctn wield when united, many
of tbe trade journals have had sea h
log ait'cles about the oppression and
wrong trades unions are anllty of. Not
only is the pocket in question in tbess
discussions, but the pride tho senss
of matterBblp was turt. Yet theas
unions bave fir origin and impulse
extortion and harsh grasping among
employers. The telegram has teen
telling us the laet two or thre days of
a railway which, not being allowed by
tho S'ate law tD work their men more
than twelve hours a day, are demand
ing that six trips shall be made each
day where five were made b
fore. If tbe men in making
them are mors than twelve bonrs
that is "their look out" What Is such
an act but an oppressive, extoitiooa'e
chest ? The men have a law for thoir
protect'no against eunh dishonesty and
oppres'ion, and this is the mean, on
deihand way in which ursarupu'ons
kiaspers for profits are guilty of doed
t ant are the very breatu and inspira
tions of unions, strikes an J boycott-
;.-. j.si tne n ip oyer treat me em
i )-.'. yed talrly and honestly, or he
. , i : v
I i'.- in-
elv to gn though the practice is
a ba .1 oae "an oed as he sends."
Debate oi the Address la Reply to
the Qneen's Speech A Lire
ly' Session,
London, August 23. Tbe debate on
The address in reply to tbe Queen's
speech was continned this evening.
Sir Thomas Esmonds (Hems Ru'er)
"3 welt upon the hardships of the Irish
farmeis. Their produce, he said, was
unsalable and It was thereforea cruel
barbarity for the landlords to exact
rents. It was a sound economio doc
trine tbat when profits Irjm land di
minished all concerned should bear
tbe lon, not the farmers alone.
William Redmond (Katitnaiiit) said
it was ueelefs to diecuns a land ecu la
ment now. The question was whether
landlords would be allowed to evict
tenants for not paying imprtmlble
rents, win tber the English would al
low tho Irish t) be cost into the road
sids daring tbe coming winter. If tbe
result was bloodshed, misery and out
rages, tne responsi unity woua rest
with the government, whose only pan
acea was the appointment of a royal
Mr. Ba four, Secretary for Scotland,
arc mod Mr. I'arnell of trying to' make
government impossible by promoting
a general anti-rent s .rike. The Par
nellitee, he said, did nnt wish a settle
ment between landlords and tenants,
but wished ts keep open tbe agrarian
sf re.
Mr. Stuart, nn behalf of tbe
democrats of England, denounced
evic ions, and said that the democrats
would not tolera'e tosrclon. Ireland
mustbs aut'inomour.
Mhj. Saucdeson (Ooraurvative) said
Y e would speak, as a landlord, to re
fute the Parnellite charge that the
landlords or bloideu"kers, as they
were pluteed to call tbe landlords
Parnellite cheers, wero a'raid to
make their voices heard in tbe House
of Commons, lis (Saunderdon) ac
cepted the challenge. Conservative
cheers Irish landlprd", be said, were
nr. t afraid to accept a Parnellite chal
lengo on this or any other point.
Concervative obeers and Parnellite
laughter. Mi). 8underson quot-d
an extract from a speech made in Oc
tober, 1880, bv Mr. Mat! hew Harris,
member for Ear Galway, in which
the latter caid if tbe farmers shot the
landlords like partridges he would not
blame them.
At this point Mr. Harris entered tbo
House and in obedience to a emu
rrions immediately asked Msj. Saun
derson ti repeat the qnota'ion.
Maj. Batinderson replied: "With
the greatest pleasure," and again read
the extract from Mr. Harris's speech.
Mr. Harris Will Maj. Saunders in
ro:d what I said lea Hag up to the ex
tract? Maj. Saunderson This is the only
p rtioa of the ipeech woith repeating.
Conservative laughter and loud Par
nellite cries of "order,"
After an excited ancussion, tbe
Speaker allow id Mr, U'rre; tq make
at xplanatlon.
M-. Harr.'e commenced a discu'siv
itiVetiient to the eQect that in 1844 be
weut into the H.band Lolges in West
Meat h and e'sewhere inai endeavor
to rut down i grarlau ciiino.
Tlo Hpeiker iater;ostd, taying ta1;
Mr. Hurri'i, by indulgence ot the
House, was allowed to make a person
al rxp nnation, but not to make an r
guraentntive speech. Cheer-.
Mai. Saunderqon,' rtsuming, laid:
Mr. liairis dom not d-.'tiy the sccu
ia"y cf the extract.
Mr. Harris (excitedly) I do. Read
Ihu cinti-x'.
Maj. S.snndo sin Mr. lla ris Ins
Informed the lieu e of an interesting
fact that I wns unaware of before,
namo'y, that Le balones to tbe Riband
Order. Ooneerfat'vo laughtir and
Parnellite Hhont-l.
Mr. Hrtrrii excitedly rose and made
a remark that wjs iuaiuli'jle, owing to
the cries of tbe Parnel ites.
Mr. D.ilon roie to a point of 'order
lla asked who'hnr one mctnuer wns
entitled to accii.o another of belong
ing totuoKilami OrJr. Paroeliite
Tho Hpoakt r it is a s nlement, tie
ruth of which Mr. Harris lias ad-
mit'ed. Ti e Ileum must judge.
Mr. Dillon denied that Mr. Hans
had admitted noythir.g of the kind.
Sbout-t ot "order" and lrrolllte
ere rs J
Tt:e Mntaker Ti.e honorable mem
bcra havo heard the statement. Doubt-
lc?s Maj. Sauiulsnon will accept a do
nial. '
Mr. Ha'ris-I repudiate it as an In.
famous falsehood. Cr'os of "Order!"
The 8peaWcr-Mr. Harris will wnti
drawth'tt expression uareervedly.
Mr. Harris obeyed, bat further bick
ering ensued.
'L ao rMiaaner. remising tne u'soruer-
v memhers. euid he honed personal
nViiaiina would cease. fOheers.
M.ai. t-aund-rson. rrsunnnc his
enrecn. said that Pamell had formn
laird a nw canon -rnou snail esu
no ront'Mi'l clawes and trades in ire
land were in a more nr less denresf ed
cindition, excart the nrofees onal
Irish politician. Laughter inai
occupation was never in a more Hour-
lBlllllir Cllliuiiiuil. 1119 XKruuuiLra
were trvinir ti ex'erminete the laiul
lords by terrorism. Heins'anceJ esses
at Gweeilo e, whore tenants paid each
other as much as 100 for ,t-nant
tioht. but refused to pay the landlords
lf Ehiilinga yearly rent because the
parish pries', wbi was pieslder.t
nl the lrcal branch of the
National Legus, had quarreled
with these landlords. Concerning
three's ann outrages during the win
ter. Mr. Parnell was like an engineer
who could tu'n on or shutctl the
team at will. Parnell held the throt
tle valve of crime in Ire'nnd. He had
opened the valve before and could do
It again -ii no pinBu luoamrva no
L Pftvnnllira itri.a rt Al.v "1
cheers and Parnellite cries of "order,
Mr. R-dmond rrss ta a point ol
order, and alter sime discussion
Maior Saunderson said he would with
draw the objc'ionable expreesion but
at the tame time would maintain his
nrlvata ouln'on.
In conclusion Maior Sanndcrsan
Baid that the Parne l.tes would find
before long that they were not denltrg
with a cravon government end thai
that the Bcv.irna ent wr uld not let th
control cf Ireland fall into the hands
cf the lesgu.
The deba'e was adionrced on mo
ion of Mr. Cusmberlain.
Um. Bnlira IrUk Mlmlom
Lospon. August 25. Gen. Sir Red
vers Buller will atsilon his liieh mis
sion tomorrow. eunir: tire' to Dublin
Mr. Edward Kusfcll, Liberal, will
move the adjournment of the debate
on the address in the House of Uoui
mnns tomorrow i a order to elicit the
exact functions uud powers of Gen,
Bailer. Mr. Russell will have the
support of the Parnel'ites and promi
nent Radicals. A section of the op
position believe that the selection of
Gen. liuiier lor tne ixrsa mission is tee
first step toward placing Ireland nnder
martial law.
The House of Commons will proba
bly ait on Saturday.
Ferelga riaahea.
London, August 25. The Radicals
intend to worry the government as
much as poesiblo during Mr. Glad
stones a'csence.
Mostbeal, August 25. Mr. Cor
dingly, proprietor of the "Clock" and
Commercial Grain and Stock. Er
change in Chicago, has taken act'on
against the Montreal Wittiest for $25,
000 for alleged libe1.
Lodo, August 25. By the cjI
lipse of a wall of a steel ingot ware
bouee at Sheffield today a number of
children who had been playing on the
pavement were killed and injured.
Seven dead bodies have already been
recovered from the ruins.
London, Auirost 25. Giovanni
Sued, a gentleman residing in Milan,
aged 45 years, orofeescs to have dis
covered a liquor, a small quantity of
wr icq will enable anybody to last
from tlrry days to two months.
Sutci, as an experiment, agreed to fast
lor thirty days, and began bis tasa on
io 18th. A committee is watching
im day and night.
'the standard says that Prince Alex
ander is travelirc from Lcmberg,
Galtcis, by rail to Darmstadt.
London, August 25. Tbe govern
ment bas rec-ived news confirming
the report that Pdnce Alexander land
ed at R ni, but nothing Las been
heard ot him since Lo landed. Lord
Id'Jtsltiith, Forifiirn Secretary, worked
in his office until la'e this evening.
He exchanged telegrams all day with
Lord Salisbury, who was in his labor-
atory at HatlUld Bouse, engrossed
tn experimenting witn nn eiecinc in
vention of bis own for driving ncri-
cultu al machinery a favorite hob'jy
witn wie rreinler. Lord nansnury re-
nrned ti London at 7 o'clock p.m.,
and was met at tbe station by nieen-
gers with bundles cf dicpatche", which
the Premier read foithwitb.
Bblfast. Auauflt 25. An attempt
was made this evening t J replace the
police in tbe IVo'es'aut quarters of tho
ity, lrom whltli they tied peon wiin
rawn after the beuiuning of ttie riots.
Fifty constables tried to patrol Shank-
hill read. A moi stoned tho police,
and tne latter, afUr vain'y charging
the mob, were forcod to retreat
Several were ipjnred. Tbe streHs
were iinally cleared by troops. S.x
arres's were made.
1 A. if. Daly's tavern, cn Peter s
hit1, has again beeu wrecked. Tbe
mob Uet night placed chains across
ihrt Shunktll ro.td, which tripped the
pol ca and troops when they charged
the mob. 1 wenty arrests bave ben
made. The police were terrioly
Tbe Plumed Hnliilil's EHorts
Korlli Bvrwlrh.
Nc nrn Bkrwick, Me , Augnst 25.
Mr. Blaine made the second speech of
the campaign here today, lie twitted
the Pioh'bitioniets cf inconsistency
sad of ingratitude toward tbe Repub
lican party, which had given the State
all the prohibitive legislation it ever
had. Tae Prohibition ii-U did net ex
pect t" "'ect anybody ol their own
part '. They culd only defeat Re
publicans. Mr. DlftiiiPj therefore,
Bked:"isany gontieinau noe m i-
ing io take trie responsibility of ear
ing in his judgment that it will
pr:tuotethe came o' prohibit! n In
Maine to strike down no ur.a:an;
loader of tbHou-e, who nowreprs-
s-ntsthis disr'.cr? Great applause.
Mf. Elaine ea;d th(n we have (mother
diversion, the labor pErty. Is there
any member cf a labor organiza'ion
here or elsewhere in Maino willing to
say thar. th9 cause c t iDor is ti oe
piomotcu oy eeiidiug u mora to 1.02
gn8 ins'oad of Keed?
Paesinc to tno usiitrns qnoHion.
Mr. Blame said : ''Cacadaia in a very
eculibr rositicn. She wanta to enjoy
the pride and sentiment of belonging
to the Urit sh Enipiro and to packet
tbe profit aod advntitsge3 cf having
the Amrtcan market at tne same
ime. We don't think that fir, Mr,
Blaine read at length (mm tho late
treaty wi ll Canada csminenting as be
proesedtd and ehnwing that tv it
terms the United Stutes were pirtctd
at, a groit diatdvnnt;ig).
Prevailing t Vnrlona Folutx
TbroiiRtionl (he 'ortbn ei(.
St. Paul, Minn., August 25. In-
tenan hf nt linn nrevailed over tbe en
tire Noithwrst lur rig the past throe
dflVH. A o". Vincent dhpatcl iro
notnees yejterday the hottest dav for
yeare, 1hs mercury tour-hipg lt'O" at
i'ort Pembira. At Winnineg the
tberroometer regis'ered 105 today,
and a terrihle simoon lrom the fllon
tana desert, bad a terribly depreminff
etrect. A (irand Forks f pedal tj the
Pioneer i'remi says: A hot wiud, never
beforo known in the Red liver valley,
has been blowicg tortriepast few dve,
and tbe mercury today touched Uui ,
A Devil s Lake special records a tenv
fierarnre of 10(1 todav, but says a cool
ng rain is falling tonight.
The Toaaa- Hen of tbe Month.
Atlanta Surinw Houth: The idea pre.
vails largely in our current litera'ure
that the young men o( the "new
South" are full of force and energy
eaeor to srapple the dilliculties o!
their situation, and qnita prepared to
wrinsr euccess lrom an unwilling lor
tnro. The picture is not one wnolly
of fancy. There are such joung men
among us, ami ttiey are liiustratinit
whet mv be done in the new order of
things amid which they are thrown
But thav ae not very numer
ous a:e, in fsct, pa nfully exception.
a'. The g oat bulk ol our yourg men
are ef tte oppoe ts type. They go
about bnsinees. if they go at at', in
half hear'ed way, as if they regrrded
laliuie as a i.iregjne lunciunuu. i
oreat manv do not engage In an
fteadv vors'ton. but tccept any littl
job by which tucy can earn a lew dot
iar.. Terhaps there never were s
many men who cannot bo said to be
rmrjulne anv regular catling, an am
bition lo set behind a counter or t
secure a traveling agency for a bosi
nties house. Is that which generally
takes possess on of tbe minds of our
vonnB men. xoere is a turning away
from agriculture aa if it wer not
a caliica which promises to patience.
energy and industry the very bet re
wards. We must own it thai the ho d,
ambitious young nun who is willing
to forego present ease and display, ac
who will not be content with any ex
pedientthat may meet the pres-nt
merirncv. is an exception among ns
There is as cood chance ti lay the
fouoda'ion ot a foitune now as there
everwa, if the young men wdl only
exercise the proper industry and
ecouoniy. s
l.nlsvllle Cememt.
rRSTARX roB r loops.
Foundations, cellar walls and build-
incsaubiect to overflow should be c m
strncted with Louisville Cement. It ia
the standard.
The Next Probable Bond Call-The
Hostile Apaches Cleveland
and Rlalae Booms,
Washington. Auaust 25. firtt As.
sistant Postmister General Stevenson
rtturnrd to this CltV tbia mnrnini.
and during tbe absence of Pottmasler
ueneral V ilea will be Acting Postmas
ter General.
RrnUned by Ktqnevt.
WAsnisoroN, Angott 25. Benjamin
Davis, Deputy fourth Auditor of
he Treasury, has tendered his lesis-
nati' n to tbe President, to take eflVitt
Ottobei 1-t. it is understood that be
was requested to resign and that bis
succeesor bas already been celected.
Tbe Iloaille Apnchea.
Washinoton, AuBUst. 25. Adiutant
General Drum has received the follow
ing dispa ch from Gen. Miles, at Fort
Hnacha: "Lieutenant Colonel For
sythe returned to this post yester
day from Fionteras. He reports that
noitiies are in tne mounwius eome '
dUtacce from Fronteras; that tho
Mexican authorities were to aoswer
Gcropiaio's overtures yesterday, acd
that the Indians were apprehensive of
trickery cn tbe part of the Mi xicuns
em lnlonmd by Gen. Jonrs that he
has diracted his officials to offer only
terms of unconditional surrender, the
same as our officers require. All re
port tne Indians much worn out and
red. cant. Law ton s command is in
good condition and be believes he can
kill, rapture or force the Indians to
surrender, and I bave every confidence
ia his ability and nntirioe enerev.
Should be force them near our lino
our troops will aesiat them." The dis
patch is dated August 24th.
The Next Bond Cull.
V BHiNUTON. AuBUBt 23. There
will be snother bood call of $15,0110,-
0CO within a few days. It may rot
me before tee 1st cf September, but
f no' it will certainly come soon afrer.
An official who is close to Acting Sec
retary Fairchild, and who is aeqiuint-
a witn n s pians, said today:
Money is pouring into tbe Treanry
much f'tster than was expected a'
month ago, and it would mm ply be
riminal not to be payina on tbe debt.
Impoitat'ous have been much heavier
thin was expected, and the internal
revenue tax is very heavy. There is
no danger of any shortage in tbe
Treasury, and tbe people evidently
demand that the bonds be called."
"Dies Mr. Fairchild doth s on his
own responsibility?"
wen, he can decide it, ot coats',
so long as he is acting Secretary, but
as a mut'er of fact he is acting in ac
cord with the President's wiehes, ard
he is ia onttant co-respondence with
ocretary Manning."
"Is lreasurer Jordan opposed to
tecs calls?"
"He knows very little about them.
Ho has not particularly bc-n consult
ed. He went to the Hot Springs, in
North Carolina, the day before the
$10,0(i0 000 cull was made, aad he has
not written anything officially upen
the subject since he left. As a matter
of fact, I cupp s, he is not in favor of
tho calls, but hi dots not pio; ose to
interpose any serious objections."
"Will tbtse calls make money morj
pl.nj acd easy?'1
"mere B ems to oe a muunaer
tanding rn that point, and I am glad
j answer that question. A great many
people seem to think that when 1-1 V
0)0,OW bonds are celled $15,0(0 0CO iu
currency is (aid out oi tue ireaeury
acd '.b redttered over the country. Not
so ; only 10 per cent, of that amount is
eo scattered. Tbe banks that hold tho
n'b d cords must deposit iiO per cent.
of the amouut in the vaults as Eecu-
r.ty for their circulaticn, or proceed io
buy other binds. They generally do
the lotiner. eo you eee but rompara
tive'y li t'e money is actually liberated
to c rculiition among the people. 1 be
baoks gO"C ally writa tn to deposit the
t)0prciit ia currency for them and
credit th'm witn tue reiuaicing 10 per
ent. lire tning ot importance that
s a compliehe.i by a bond call is the
payment, of tbat amount of the na
tional debt, and nothing mort'. '
('Icveland and lllitlae lloome.
Wasbincoa special: Toe Star this
cvering puh hI esthe followinu on the
6ul ico. ol 1 r stdential candidates in
Political prophiti are r.ract'cally
uimirm us ia the prollction that 1888
is co re to se Mr. (Jlevel.ind and Mr,
r.!nine ai a;n in the llcld onrjosinz each
other. DemccrViS with whom a Star
reporter talked on tho tuhject from
time io time ogree almost without ex
ec pticn that Cleveland is almost certa n
to be renominated, bince Congress
hes adjourned things bave occurred
which it is thought are such that the
Ihoaidpnt litrriFO f is no ionacr in
doubt ahou entering tbe lists. It is
bvlitved that be bas abandoned the
idea of serving but one term. The
popularity he ha pa'ned among the
he neoplo at lanre, his s access in
holding the favor o! the Mugwumps
without a!trgethcr ulienating his own
party leader?, and the fact tbat be bas
no rival in the fluid seem to point to
his rensminatiou almost as a certainty.
lieaulep, it is tr ought tbat he bat added
to his chances by the appointment
of Masons ai Collector of tbe
port of New ork and by the appai
ent chamre of policy in tbe Trea-ury
JJ partment, I r, ia maintained by Sec
retary FaircLiU that there is really no
change of policy and that the largd
bond cal's are ooly in accordance with
the views noiu lrom the lirst. At an
evrnts the fact that there have been
large calls and that the silver is being
circulat ed to a greater extent than ever
before has silenced much of tbe moot
bitter opposition' agaiiiBt the adminia
tr.tthn in tbe rany and made the
We s'ern element more willing to ac
cept Cleveland aj a candidate.
M'. B'aine'a friends think his
chances lor setu'irg the Kpohllcan
nomination are greatly increased by
h's being our cf politics jast now.
Tbey think tbo rivalry betweon the
other candidates who have been
bruthing rgainst each other dnrioa
the past winter puti them all ont ot
tbe qius ion and out of tbe way.
Blaine hai not irritated his riva's by
protrusive ambition, and he bas been
left alone, while Sherman, Logan, Ed
munds and the rest were cutting earn
others threat. Meanwhile Mr.
Blaine's friends have very adroitly
shaped t hi rim a a to make tbe cam
paign ieaues thoae with wbicb the
Maine knight is meet directly associ
ated aa a champion. The issues
made In tbs MnPberton cam
paign book are sail to represent
Mr. Blaine throughout, and are prac
tically what ho will make a point on
in his speeches in Maine this tall. The
campaign this fall, it is said, will io!
low a line marked out by Mr. Blaine,
and will bring to the front the ques
tions on which he is particularly
strong. His closest friends make no
concealment of the fact tbat they con-
Steam Engines, Boilers,
L. D. LIMB, ef UU J. R. Godwin A Co. JAS. TONGB, 1U of J. W. Caldwell A (X ,
Cotton Factors &Commission fjlerchanti-
No. 1 IIoTTard'a Bow, Cor. Front and Union, Memphis.
Corner Adams
UAKBLK. Wo an prepurtil tofurnub Dw work lrom luteal deiina on short llotice.
In arery rsiect and to rIto entire aatlifaotion.
We solicit yonr DutronnBe and rBoneit th&t tou eall. flZRmlna our stock, nrieoi. cto.b
hefore rurchiin eltewhnre.
sider him the most available candi
date in tbo .party, and tha thry ex
pect circumbtai c js to lead to his r.om
inatiop. It is predicted tbat his
speeches In Maine daring the coming
cimpaign will emphaeizj tbia.
TheSnlclde of Dr. L I.. Bitting, of
Baltimore, Md., August 25. The
causes leading to the suicide of LK
Li. L. Bitting, son of the Rev. Dr.
Bitting, Traveling .Secretary ol tbe
Baptist Boari of Missions, were ac
first suppoaed to bs disappointment in
lovo and passion for strong drink.
Now, however, a staitllng story is told
in connection with the yonng man's
suicide, A close ot.fidential Mend
ol .the Doctor tells tbe fo'lowirg
as the reason of the yonng
physician's desire ta die.Q!About
year ago ns msde Uie acquaintance
of a young lady well known in tbe
: - . . i !!,. v.
prouiiueui. circle ui aucieiy iu wuiku us
moved. Their acquaintance coon
ripened inti affrclioo, and after a
brief period relations of tbe closest
personal intimacy were maintained
between the two. Trie result of this
was that the yourg woman became
enceinte. Frightened at the prospect
of the disgrace that would overwhelm
her shonld she Income a mother, she
prevailed upon the doctor to perform
en abortion. The operation was nit
tuccesaful, and for a long time tbe
young woman's conditio! was ex
tremely critical. Tbe dector loved tne
woman and broadid oyer a pox-ibls
fatal termina'ion of ber illness. He
wa in one of thoe despondent nnods
on Saturday. Tbe hither of tbe girl
knew nor'su'pected nothing of the
relations between his daughter and
tbe doctor, but; thorgit sb.9 was ill
from aa entirely diffjier.t ems'. Dnr
inga relapse in tho young woman's
condition tie father he6tuy sent for
ths doctor to cimo lo h's house, siy
ing that his daughter vas eppaieutly
dsing. Tbe dcc'or became grja'lr
alarmed, and immtd'at:fy juonped
to the conilasioo tbat the young
woman had corjasfed everything.
Believing that sho Lad done B", and
realizing that bis reputation wou'd
be blasted, acd that, with fear
ful prospest of'bsing arreetsd and
tried for causing bis loved one's ilealli,
he did what no doubt appealed to be
tho best thing ti do undf r tbe circum
stances he killed himee f. Bat eventi
have row pmved that hh ;ife una but
anidl9 saeriSce, becausa tbo joung
woman hss greatly improved, and is
now in a fair way to recover. Ths
news of his suicide has been kept care
fully from her, and htr fa'her does
not yet kcow what :s the m .ttvr with
her. Tho funeral of the (kctor took
place in Philadelphia today, ani was
kfend. d bv many hiends Iiom Balti
more and New York.
A lfew Mcana of Merente Adopted
by InSspeadcnt TonnK Women
Cloveland Journal: Tbe baby s'sr
is all tha rage in Cleveland among
young gentlewomen who have been
annoyed by the iiupertii ent cg'ing of
ignorant young men. For example,
three young society belies enter a
street car, and on taking their re-its
tluy find theinsrtlves contrjLtfd by
three or more candy dudes, who ut
nnce heain to oe e ih m. iiuil!U-
neously the young lad ei triin their
batteries. With eyes opcnd to their
utmost extent they s srs intent
ly, .each at her vis-a-vis. iDe
Bhe is absolutely expreseiooh at. The
g.eat handsome orbs convey nothing,
suKeest nothing but a steadfas , im
penetrable "b.by ftire." nree cji
Mrs. Jarley's wax fignr-s would be
every bit as impreseible as th: si ihree
beautnui ana Dninanr. yoang iuun
wbo bave assumed the "baby sta'e"
for protection. Inttead of quietly sob
mitting to the imprndent egling that
would nave beon inevitab'e utidor or
riinarvciramstances, tbey havstikeo
arms against 1 and by an aitist c em
ployment of tho unconquerable oaoy
s'ate, they have put their would
be persecutors to flisht. , For a mo
imAnt the impreseible foos aro pleased
at co soon attracting the atteuton of
the fair trio. Experience Las taught
them tbat there is some meaning in
catching and holding the eye ot
strange young lady, and they endeavor
to extract a meaning from (Instead
hut craze tbat tbey now encounter. It
is the first time that tbey have met
with tbe "baby stare," and they are at
aloes what to maker fir. They strive
to meet it with comnoeure and retnrn
tare for i tare, bnttnev make a dreary
failure of it. They make the effort
again and acain, but with no better
results: the nxed. unchangeao e and
mysterious ge zo is still upon them, but
whether it include! them in its view
they cscnot determine. Then they
become cervou. res'less and em bar
nssed, and sweat bagics to gather
under their high collar?. Tbey apply
their handkerchiefs t) their flashed
faces, and being unable to endnre tbe
trying ordeal any longer tbey find an
excuee to retire to the front platform,
and endeavor to sslace themselvei
with ctgarettee.
TerrlMe Railroad Calllalaw.
CoLi'iiBcrs, O , Aoaust 23. Vague
mformatioa bas ben received of
and Second Sfs.
terrible co'li-ioa which occurred e
twen 10 and 11 o'clock tonight at the
crosng of the Bee Lire and tho Chi
cago, 8c. Linis and Piubnrg railway
at Milford Center. A Panhandle freight
war standing oa tbe track when a Bae
Line throt-gh passenger train from
Cinc;nnati daehed into it a', fullsoeed.
Tne Marabal of Milford and a ci'izen
etundirg near by wer etruck with,
tbe dobris end the Marshal killed and
the other serionsly wounded. One
paseiigar was instantly killed ami
several severely wcundid. The fire
man of tbe pasrenger is missing, and
it is thought he is beneath the wreck.
ThA Ilenr!Ml Haman la a Han and l
stent to frmoa fur Brlov Urnuk.
Naw York, August 25. Rum bas
done a deal of mischief in is time,
and it was responsible for a terrible
revelation here today. Barnum's
"bearded woman," Madvme Augusta,
who has been exhibited ts a wonder
ful phenomenon for ten years, has
Lepentmuchof her off hours in dissi
pation durirg the lost s x months, and
bas been in the hands of tbe police
several times for being drunk and
ditorder'y. She painted Union t-Yjuare
Vermillion on Thursday night, and a
park policeman gathered be' into the
s ation. The Coort ordered Dr. Bg
rjll, prison pby.-ician, to make an .ex
tm:naiicn ui tbe besrd d lady, and
be did so, submitting h s report tbia
morning, lis dpc'ared that Mme.
Augusta, tbe bearded hdy, was a man
and bad alwa;s been. When tbe
Conit end recovered fr. m the effect
of this announcement it tuned tbe ac
cused, who bad been arm gaed under
the ut ms cl Berca do U. Berrian,
what she or he had to say for
bimfe'f or herself. Brniao, who was
dicss.d in a neat bU:ck drees, a
black straw h-t and veil, and hr.d long
black hair hangicg down bid cr her
back, proteitea vein niently agiinst the
finding rfihe d cor. Finally Justice
Ford es.id: "Well, now, sir, or inadin,
ate yo;i a manor a wenjan?" Berrian
conmdtired for awhile, with his or her
eyes oa the floor. Tt.cn ha or she
sa d, simply: "I don't know." Tho
cut ordered him or bcr to be drested
io male cttneaod committed him or
Lor to the )nhnd for ihieo months in
default of JSOO bond f' rgrod behavior.
The moral ot all this ine dent is s ip
poie l to he tnat besrjed ladies slion'd
no: drir.k rum.
Hi k tlru-t, BandrufT, Uczcina
All Scalp Humors Cared
by Cntlcura.
T AST NOVEMhKR my little boy. unci
three yenrs, fell sitnintt the stove whito
be w&s runninr, na oui li is nuiia. and rigur,
alter that, li) broke out all over bm head,
l'acoeud loltei'r. I had a Rood doctor, Dr.
, to attond him, but be got worse, and
the doctor could not ourehiui. Ilia thole
head, face and left ear were in a fearful state,
and be suffered tornbly. I cauuht the dis
ease from him, acd it spread all over myraoe
ant neck and oven got into uiretes No
body thoucht we would ever irei oerrnr.
i'oltfure we wore disfigured lor life. I hoard
of the CuTicuKA bKMKiiiKH, nud procured a
boltleot Octiccr Kkhih.vkkt, a box of Cc
Ticm, and a cuko of Ccticcra Voav and,
ined them eons tly day and night. A tier
ufirs two bottles of Kksolvknt, lour boxes
ol tUTii;uRand four cakes of Soap, wsare.
perfeotls ourd without a s;rnr. Mv boy's
skin is now like satin. MLLIH EV TINli.
371UrnU street, Jersey uny, jn. j.
hwom to before "e this 27th day of March.
1845. GILBERT iVllOMNSON, J. r.
Have beon tn thedrug and medicine busi
ness twenty five years. Have beon selling;
ynur Cu luigA XKHicniKg since iney rnmo
West. They load alt others in their line.
Weeonld nut write nor eould you wint all
we have beard said in favor ol tbe Cl i hkjra.
Hkukoiks One year sgoiue ittiocr ana
bOAP cured little g'ri In our bouie ot tbe
worst so.-c head we ever saw, and I lie Rkbol-,
v est an! CuTici'Kt are now caring a young
gentleman of a lore leg, while the physicians
are tning to bave It mpu:nted. It will save
his leg, and perhaps his life. Too much can--not
be satd in favor ot Ccncriu Rrmkdisb.
a, Covington, Ky S. B. OMIIU ft 1JKO.
Ci-ticl'ra RiHRnma are a positive cure for'
every lorm of Bkin and Blood D.sesses..
from Pimples totscrofula. Bold everywhere.
Prior CunriSA, 6u cts : Soir, 25 ots.; Hi
sm.vKKT. $1.00. Prepared by the Potteb
Dana and Cukuioai. Co., Boston, Miss.
Send for "Mow to 'nre Mklu Vturnnt."
C1TTV Bleralsheg, Pimples, Blackheads-
and Baby Humors, use Cuticura.
rtILL of AC HI.H and PAINS
which no human skill seems able
to alleviate, is the condition ol
thAn.ftnfi. wen as vet knot? nr,ihinK
of that new and elegant antidote to
in n and inlUmmatton, tne luti-
CIRA ATI-Prv Pi, IBTFR. ifffl.
Xon-Rchldent 5otI:e.
No. 623S, B. D -In the Chancery Court of
bhelhy County.Tenn. TheSupreme Lodge
ot the Ancient Order of united Workmen
ve. A. W. Johnstow etal.
It appearing from tbe bill which is sworn
to in this camp that the defendants. John R.
Wcodlock, W. Woodlook and Maggie Wood
lack, are non resident ot the State of Ten
nessee, and that the residence of the defend-
tnt, Ueo Woodlock. is unknown and cannot
e ascertained ill-r diligent inquiry :
It is ttieret'ore ordered, That said feur de
fendants last abuve named make their ap-,
peAranoe herein, at the t'onrthouseof Shelby
county, in Afemphis, Tenn., on of before,
the (list Monday in t-'eptember, 1SS6, and
tlcad, answer or demur to complainant's
ill, T the same will be ttken for confessed
as to them, -Bid Jihu K. Woodlcck, W.
AS oodlook, M iii V, oodlockand Leo Wood-
lock, ana set I .r hoanogci parte; and that
ciov ol
week, for i
July, lUf .
6. I .V.
By H. K
vobo r .-:
ruer oe puoiitued once a
juocesive Toeks. in tbe
'fpi-al. Tuii lyth day of ,
U.h.U.-kand Mailer.
Derm: v'. and M.
1. tor cuupl'U.

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