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AT ClaTatEBiS' P1KK,
Wednesday, Thursday, Satnrday and
Monday, Ang. 25-8G-28-30.
Tflm fillet! nroninll'r tt 4 o'clock p.m.
O eary terms, and. ahop lor rent. Apply at
nn"e nt H Poplnr stri-et
CISTERNS Built and repaired and war
ranted. Inventor of the banitary Port
land Cement Fop. rraViiRBrw!?
Suter. Telei-hone T HQS. Oil BBIN3.
N THURSDAY NIG HT From the tarn
) ol Anthony Netherland, Hernando roa.
Mad on oolUr with the name "Thonat
Grerory" n it. The under will be liberally
rewarded on returning her to ntEce of
W B. HATES, l Front street.
MEMORANDUM BOOli-On Katurfiay af
ternoon, Aug. 11th. A reward will 04.
raid for its delivery at thlr office, or'tv
T. V. KEEL. White fiaven.Tenn.
SEITER Return my lemon andNrhlte t
tor bitch " Florence," known by in Mt
Memphis sportsmen, and missing since J aly
15th, to 408 Vanoe street, and roo-iverew rd.
T 8. JMVA ,T.
HOTEL-The Ptnnewall HXitel an J "Ra'.-I-road
Eating rlouie at brand Jujatftien,
Tenn. Apple to J. 8 Day. Rereiv ar. Hw.
Kl and 3-ii Front itreet, Metaphi , Tfw.n.
!Pos'ess!on given Immeoiately.
-STORY HOb'SU-Ton mom', ct rner'AIa-
bama at. and Thornton avenue , Apply
JAM. McNAMAK., Rn'wngft.
OFFICER Oo the loutheait ei n-norTIain
and Union tireete, over J..M. Eill &
Co.'i hoe store.
Offices and a 8teepieg-room oer0. A.
Dauinann's atore, No.'13 Main etrert.
Apply to libUH A. II M ILTON,
No. 8t A faor.e '.reet.
OUSE W Wvshngton l rt;. rooms.
Apply at 133 ropier tre tt.
VRNISHED P.OfM-Sul'jabl for three
gentlemen. tvi' w z u mr n street.
Sine rooms eaob.
Jj Apply at 334 Vanoe str set.
NO. lt6 MAIN STREI JT-O) posito tbe
Court House, llavin a frant on Ma n
and i tie onVopltn street re-den this prop
erty very deiratln. Call on
JAMES 1.KB. Jr.. Wo 4 Madison St.
(OTTAGBS-54-o.nd 55 Fourth street, neat
I ottnges Ai pW to K . Corttffl.17 Talbot st.
HOUSE No.-E7Court. street, from Septem
ber 1st. A-ply to J. W. Iiailiy, at
Day. Ilnrtm ajle . Wi-W2 Froit street
"XTICE NEW COTT AGE Seven rooms,
IX large hall.o. 455 Pontotoo street. Ap
ply at o? un-wi am ....
UillerStat-.nn, la te'y oeoupie-l by Cant.
VI. h UaaMMtn, is for rent. Everything
aboutihe preuriseaisr first elassoriier; abont
three acres of land. '.urge garden, bandsoma
lawn i plenty Vf arod. etstern water and every
convenience, rotsnsion ran oe rua iinuie
Siately. AW ry to 'fV, P. DON A VANT,
No 11 Cotton Exchange.
HOUSES-On and near Walker aven",
on-'tvlrcerood street ear line, from tie
l.t Pt,rniT. never! houses, from two to
eight TOBtr.s, in good repair. Apply J-
Union taeet. JUb. ishuw .
CHOICE OFFICES On Fecond stoy. oc
oufiled'for many years by Dr J. W. Kel
son. Denrs' corner llnioo snd Main streots.
Also,utrle KLKEfl NU-KOOMS aooi.
Also. illKtfCE OFFICE on second-story
old CoOeoo xohsnue, corner Maoison wu
front airecU. Apply at3S I'nion street.
DEIRABbE ROOMS-oitahle for IVht
hot!Sekoepin. N.cor. Sto'ndand Mnrtm
HOCE-Comor of Adnnis nd Orlw-.n,
etreeCs; and ' oltsge on Warhington
street. MRS. M. A. M030MB,
370 Adams st'et.
DEfe'IRrXlLH OFFinE-'-In the new Cot
ton fcxchanpe Bttildinv, stnfrln rr in
suites, nn -very rd.isonahle tori. Building
faeaied breufthout by Kteira. Klovat.-r 1 an
nios Irum beenient tn nt'ic. Ap)ly to
UKN'HV HOtTKR. Secretsry.
"EW fti.'.OOM -HOI'SE-Nn. 112 Jnnee nv
X en:e. Also, two new housef, outu side
Poplfir. eert ol 1 unlnp. wilt bo finihod by
1st SepUmber. ' Apply to i. C. II KIN,
!iM Front e treat.
STOREHOUSE From 1 t September, ono
four-atvry Main erect strrhnun.
J" ARGR KXOKE First lln.r and cs'.lnr.
-J with viae and rar ep)rncc, N-on. -Si 3
and 305 Main ttreet. Pusrens on Octutiorlsl.
trooner, if roiuired.
Offices aid Htore-roouif . No 282 Spccnd t.
Hnnms MT-itfibt l.ooselteeping, No 3vi: top
Ur street, orrr dru sto e. A' ply to
R. 11. BNCWDEN or J. h. OOOOLOE,
38 Mndison treet.
streeC; cotton-rooin and offiqev ec. ins
moderate. tl-i'Ply to
00MS--'ith privilege of bath.
4S3 ami 4tn f liolhy street.
OUSE No. 102 Robinson stroct.fi rooms,
in g-pd reps'', iood c.ietern wter.
m:Rfl & s.N Eton, sin So-ond at.
OFFICE-'The desirable front offioes on
Feooo41eor of 42 Madron street, nVoin-
InaCotton trf-ohanKO. MUNKh'NtJO. ;
tnURN'tSBB-y )OMS-A"t66 Munroe at.",
J? one square from Peubody Hotel.
0USE-4JJ seven rooms.
. puly utyj Maiiison strew.
ROOMS A suit of rooms in MnsonJo Icsi
Pie. Apply to H1;N F. PKICB.
OOMS Fnwished, rinele or en unite, at
13S Madison St. Kocrenoes requirwd.
BTOREHOUBK- -No. 9 Union street, fit's
new cottoocosm, tOx&i feet.
WORK Of oj kind by a boy 13 yews of
n Lr a uttjitm tn rffi flinftnlnirtn huln a
. irjk mother; (Pd ricf-renres. A'lilre s
T. M . No. 11 B-QWPs street. I
XLi at once to LOW. 4 Ml'OK'S Shirt lac
toryt." 13 Main itreel. ,
work in Saw mill. s nd Lumber Yarel, W)
milestrom Memnfcia Hoed wage" andrtady
employment to the rithi men. For psrticu
lars rm -ytt OKI4ILL BH"THKH.S t 00-
flr(t(..laf house; liberal sa ary expected
as be io quite able ti-Hll the bill; highest
recommeudation S; Addws 27, AppeU.
W0OBW0RKER-P irtt-elass one wanted
at Qi:nningham'i lqn, corner Monroe
.nd Des4tc streets'
'KVERTCODY To er.ll 4d see the cele-
JS2i bratad. Qypsv Clair.voy.mt, at 177 Third
stree, nosm-oi'isr.
OARDBtS At No. 7 Union s'reet '
HUe. J. C. F1ZBR.
"HOI'D WBiTr WOMAN Ta ottok and do
V.J generaiekOuewora ; must nave recom
toeneatiotiS. Apply at 7 Mnlbjrry street.
A WOMAH OF KESSK Snersy and re
urt.iliilt' for our busineM in her lo
.caTity. Sslttry about 0 per. monti. Perma-
tientpMitiott. aV-lerenees eroliagod. L.J
JOHN SOM. Maavmer, 10 Barclay bu. N. Y
PARTI Wi'thf loft to tskethe.i
ageocr in ,tmthii of a bnainei
so naive
jOpertni. net prot. AMre
AGttNT, this office.
.CTnf in .Mill mil u n 'u.iuki mvins
XADY AJENT8-Kor Mrt. Carmell'a
J New " liter - l llt-r, Btwtlo, Uoop
akirtand Up!erskirttomMned. lloopti can
fje remo-ed nd skiH lanndried. Atuusta
lie to anyaito. Very 'esliionaole.nnd sells
for 82 to every ereU-arecaed ldy as goc.n as
hown. Agents douolerjisir meney. Alo,
lull liru of new lurtiUWig goods for ladMkf
nd children. Andrew, iih sumo, f.. b..
CAMPBELL A CO., No. 4 West Randolph
tract, Chicago. III.
SALESMEN In everv Otat it i the D' ton
to represent a PAINT M aji UFACTLB
INJ KSTALLIijUilENT haw ng aoverttl
fcPSiJULTiis thaUiw popular aj. e:.sy sell
ing. Can be handled alone or in ionneotion
with other goods. Address TUB WM . B.
Pf.iua MAJStw. t-.. nabimoi "i".
t ffC LBS. FKATUER8 llishei't can
1UUU pnee paid by GABAY. Men'Phia.
?48 Main treat. .
OLD tOll MLVKR-For cash ores
chtoge. JdULFOKD. Jr r, 2a4Ma p
r jThoyauiiobi VJ
Absolutely Pure.
rhis powder never verier. A marvel of
ferity, strength end whoktomenesa. Mora
tvonomical than the ordinary kinds, and
cannot be aold In eomretition wi'.b. tbe
viultitnde el Irvr test, stiort weight lus or
tjhosphate powders. SoUi only wcuas. Kmtal
Birtwo Pnvn f'o . 1"t Wilrt .NewVneV.
13AY MAB MULE From C. F. Smith
J) Horn Lake Landing, one hay mare mule
aoout eitcEK years Old, nitenn nanus nign
must rersntly trimmed. Bring to V. A
Jones Or;'s stable and be rewrded.
lOWS- Tuesday. Auauit 17. 1886. tw
J cows one red cow, with right hand horn
eiiuiieu ; vne unrit unuuie cow. WUI19 uhk
tail aoc race: both old. Fivedollars rewai
will belpald lot the ri urn of them to
-corner Main and Union streets.
T5DMS AND BOARD N.wlv furnlshe.
X' rootn'j with boa-d, at 4H Market street,
At 72 Mitdisnn street.
KSAUTlrUli front rooms, sincle or en
suite, furnished or unlurntthed, with or
wrthout board; otier rooms, lul-llth Couit st.
T30V8 With or without board: terms
liv roasonahle. 14I M AJ1S().N bi.
DOOMS One large front room with bsl
A V cony and one large hurk room with
largs dressing-rcom, aud others as good as
sen oe lonna in toe city.
COM Furnif lied room, with or without
board, at I1U court street.
OAKD With egcellent room,
p: NICE Rooms, tnrmshed or unfurnished
' wtth or witnout hoard, at !;i7 Madison st
TLTOllC For the purpose of winding up
an estate 1 will, as aitent, sell a desira
ble bricK House on Union street.
tt. L. (lUION. Agent. li Madison tt.
XI mill an i gin, two-storv building, with
mi. none enitlne ana roller, at IsslesviUe
miss. Address J. i,. r Lb It'll Ert,
one thoroughbred Kunninir Uorsei fee
120. One Trotti nit Horse; fee, 810. One Jer
sey mm; lee, r-.w him !al-;-:i) Horses,
3 Milod Cows, 15 bead Butcher Cuttle, Pea
oooks and NewfouHUnd Pups. Horses on
pasture, f per month : Texus hordes. Km per
Usy. leloohone JUtihl'li Ul'KiNKY, 852.
IjNGINE Ml-Uorse Power Atlas Engine,
It with Boiler. Smoke-stack and dre. -ch
ina- complete; in perfect running order;
win oe sola at a narguin. ".ppiy to
G. T. HASSKTT, 155 Seoond ft.
UPKIOIIT PIANO-flood as new, ohei
for oash; or will exchange for board
Address K --18. Appe.ilfWprt
KnrrttotTW Knott.
Saratoga, N. Y.. Au.ust 5. Tim
utterdaucB an to lay's rac s was fur;
weatner ciouttv, thrcbttmng and
warm : ir'K la t.
Fint Race. Pane, for two voir old',
maiaeti aiiowaDcef, fiv-e'Rtif.bH til a
mile. H:r-fsa wn; l'ytjiahtr "fr
ond, Villain B.ir third. Time 1:04 J
Mm rial' ipid S'-iO.
Scronil liace. Purso. beaten unrl
ma.d-ia hll jwncep, tbren-quanert. of a
nnl-t neatp. Jxrrt io-n won camlv in
straight heite; Brooktull eactod, Wi
nona tl.i . liuib 1:18
Hum Jlace. rorte, l r threo vRr
o da B"d uuwa'd. niiln nJ an eicnth,
It d Girl w .u; I. II. D -couil, Ulti
nianim third, lima 2'00.
Fourth VkOCCVotm', lor maidens,
mi.e. J.itiio Minn o won; iNct'le dec
ond. Priuia Donna third. Time
1 :44.V. Mu'iialfl ra d 838 20.
Fifth lltxee. Sfe- plcc'iato, ono mile
and one nr. ftlvht c won; Distru'.
anceS' cnd, Hindatnird. liaie 2:54
Brighton Bench Kncan.
J'riohton Behch. N. Y.. Ancrigt 25
First Race. Oae mile. Fawa won
by hi-lf o enath; Leonor eooond,
L toy 11. teird. Time 1:4 j. UurtiU
chtea paid $24.
Second Race. Fcr to yar ol.is,
threo qurtuis of a mil'. IiellKview
wou try a now; rnror seooin), Jt'y
uak thiiti. lime 1:1(1;. tje.'tjht'at
piitl $22 'J.r.
77itrd Rice Mile aud an pielith.
Hairy R.:s)n.'l w-n bv ha I abend;
Poetz Hfcnixl, Marma luke thirl. Time
2:C0 C-n-.ticitea paid I23H0.
fourth Race. Saveu eitlithsof amilff,
Eva K. woo by a neck; Ben Thomp-ar-n
socond, Eroughton tbwd. Tiu.e
Fifth Race.-rO na m'le. Mentor won
ty tbreo lenfthp; Staudifurd Keliar
Srcond, Kam l.at tturd. Iim 1 ;17.
Ceitificat-s pnid $10 60 tright and
tllb 40 lor R aatiiltrd Klr for a
.fUxw Race. Mile and a half. ov?r
six bnrdlea. Will Davis won I.-three
i-inntiia; wu?fiirook: a-fiond. Ulitriey
JppataiiU. tw-Z:52J.
Khc Told Iter. t and Uol Lft
Lptiuviu.E, ILr. , Anii8t 23 Pit
Han!n7 is willice to mikn ain.iavit
that tie coarue ol ti Jdlove runafuv-
thippj tbut smooth;'. For some tiae
pnet be lias been couit'Dg pretty Mary
Seyller, decpite tUe.- pposifion of bor
Utrnily. Tneir tryst. ri,i placi wnBn
ttto.ne.ar. bridge, and yester day found
tea- at lhair u-ual placo. Tb young
peop'.e talked over their difficulties
and finallj- concluded lo go to Jeffec
aocvillA.aad tbui oat wit tbe o d folks.
Tbe ftirl .arnt bome it) mnke ber
prepairdtion4 for the ikip. On her
wayhe mot.agirl friend, and, being
nnabUt to reaCst tbe tern'rtatioD, told
her aii iut t ie elopement the and ber
lover had plantied. The ftiJ tbounhtit
was "jtMit tooifanny for .anything,"
and iwwe etci-nnl secrecy. The two
then parted, Mi: Syller ocn'inning
toward borne and ker lady frioad going
a ftw doors awiy la make an evPDin
call. - Tbe la.il er mat several firieods.
and of court- related wtat rail
jnst heard, binding rfl lo secrecy, and
to tLe secrnt ipnad abont the noUn
borbood ti 1 it 'W9 to Mamma reyl
le'e f arp, who at ace vent to Jeflrf
sonilleby way oi tbe frry. Mici
t'lLer, having made hex preparations,
met young Haoley and tW went to :
eflerwnville by tbe way of the train.
When tbey stepped off at tb Jefler
sonville depot they were met ace to
face by the angry mother, who seized
berdauchtatbv the arm and mar 'ted
her home, i
And Apply WfaKewash 'o. 1 to the
Browns How Many More
Will They Glte Utt
If Graham bad been properly
coached in the first inning ytsterday
Memphis would have mai'e an earned
run and smashed the g -ose rgg that
was pwsanted to ber. Graham, who
waa the first of tbe local baiters t-i face
Shaffer, sent the ball to left debitor
two bays, and MeSjrley f llovreJ wi b
a B ngle. Graham made third easily
on McSorley's bit, but ioiprnJouily
tried to coiro home oa it aud wna
fairly caught cut at tbe p'ate. There
waa no excaso for such raahntsa as
thero waa no one cut aud Granain
could easily have eerie ia on a tauri
nes. Tbe strongest battms in the nine
followed McSorley, and Graham might
safely have r el ltd up-in them .ti
pat the ball somewhere that
would enab'.o him to reach
bome saijly. As it ws, the II y
to Pureed by Andrews, and Broug'i
ton's fafe bit tt right tield availed the
tome tt am nothing, when by proper
ccaching (hey wore certain lo scoie at
least one run. At bet-t, however, tha
home nine was not in condition to
win yebtarday. Sneed was tick, and
his place in right field was occupied
by a brother of Bob Black's, who
made a ccstly errrr. Black himsolf
was not ia the best of form, as he wta
hit for eigbt singles and two doubles,
enough to give Atlanta the game.
The run getting was coutiued to tho
second and fourth innings, la te
former btrk'.kbr 'ruado a double, ad
vanced ti third on a passed ball, and
bcored on George 8hatl'er'd gtoundur
to eft ii-)ld.
In the fourth inning Lyons hit safe
ly to center Held and exomi oq r-trick-er's
double. Suali'er retirtd on a lly
to Manning. Strieker was naught at
tempting to btnal third. Mapnea gut
to first base on called balls. )V imams
hit to right field for two brsB. and
both he und Mappes scored on right
hei.ier wild throw lo tniru.
Tlio foatarei of the name wero Gra
ham's fje-diH at d a beautiful c-itch by
Lynch t-f a 'foul fly from Andrewn'a
bat. The oauienoe was tbe target on
the grounds binco tbe return ol the
notue team.
Toter Jtuonff will pitch and hia op
pr.nent will be Wells. Bnetd will be
in condition to resume his place in
right field, and a close game nuy bo
Graham, c. f 4 0 1 2 0 0
McSorley,3db.... 4 0 1 1 ' 0
Atidrews, 1st b... 4 0 0 9 0-0
Broughton.c 4 0 1 7 3 0
Black, p 4 0 0 0 2 -0
KnomT.l. L 3 0 0 1 0 0
Manning, 2d b... 1 0 0 4 4 1
Phelan. s. s 3 0 0 0 0 0
Black, 6. r. f 2 0 0 0 0 1
Total. ..29 0 3 24 12 2
ATLANTA. A .13. R. B n. P 0. A. B
Pancell, r.f 4 0 0 0 1 0
Lvnch.lstb 4 0 2 13 0 0
Cli-ee. s. a 4 0 2 1 5 1
Lvois,3d b....... 4 1 1 0 0 rO
K'ricker, 2d b 4 1 2 3 3 0
Shaffer, G,l. f.. . 3 0 1 1 0 0
Maw'-B, c 2 10 8 10
Wiliume.c.f 3 1110 0
gJiefier, p 3 0 10 10
Total 31 4 10 27 11 1
ac.aa hy imnin;s.
Memphis 0 00000000-0
Atlaut 0 1 0 3 0 0 0 0 "-e4
Biimmary: Earned runs Atlmtii,
1. IHvo Dfsq hits-Grab" m, Glinc,
Strieker. Wild pitches -BUck, .
Fir-t base cn halls By Black, 1; bv
Bhafltr, 2. Htruek out By Slialbr, 0 ;
by Black, 4. . Hit by pitcher lly
Sna.l'er, 1. Umpire Merritt.
J9 M hlli'' Tram 1-frill oil.
Fort bimi, Auk., August 25. The
MeruphtH ltils wete defoatsd today
by trie KottStni'h Athleties by a ai-ore
ol 10 lo 0. ' -K glit innings tver.' playi.il.
That. Hainn nt Helena Aittln.
Fbiaks Point, Mi?s., Augut 23
Your torreap ndent at Helena dunbt
la& hat K od 'n eations toward our
c in in writing of the game thfre on
the 19'lii losfant, but makfS an error
ia his statement. He snyi in the fifth
liuni g an uitip miy stpinui) e arm)
over a ' odrionoi tne ump.rewuicii
eanm i -yriars Point to iuako two
pco r." While noiiB of Friurs Piiint's
sc jreu were squabbled over, some que-
ik.bi were raised Dy the Helena cluli
regutdiot; dto'Bions ol the umpire!
RlgaiLrHb tii'-cui, uutr 111 iiin ixiaia taiee
being a nstn declared out for running
over ihree fiet on', of tbe l-n, coming
in h'-in't. Was tot ttyi thedtc Biun t f
tne leaene umpire eiauoneu uc mem
phis early in the season? Following
ia liia t)hu'a ed score by innings. The
Friar- Point Bluei on ecoiing (heir
eivh b run bed the game called, with
twertv-fix outs tnd twenty-seven for
the lleleuaa:
Fr'ara P'. Bloee,..0 0 2 1 1 0 2 0 2-8
llelenA'Griudlers.O 0 0 0 8 1 2 1 37
The game va exc'tltig thtonghout
At tinite the crowd would rush upon
the grounds in their extit ment and
et p the Lnme I r h few minutes. The
Fria-s Point .Bines now claim tbe
championship of theluzoo dlta.
n. u. n.
Ka.livllle Xwkeia m Itlfei r pciarle
aoaa ruuainar.
Isrwcui. TO wa irriiL I
Nashvili-s, Tbsn.. Aufrnst 25. The
lota's ba'teit lloiactier g curves el. over
the field and won bv a score ol 6 to 1.
Saunders pi cho.l for the hoys in gray.
Ha was very etlecuvA, ellowlDK the
visitord but our .scaltericg eiogles.
Thouirh a tnfie -niid. ke dinplavod a
siealy nerve at critical roomeutp, no!a-
bly in tho sevenin inning, wnen tne
visi'ors had men co the second tt.d
third, with no one out. Molacher was
re ely botttd, the jjcore ehowirg thier-
Uien hits. Willi a toiai oi lourieen.
The game wes intetreeting and eiciiing
and several pruiiant pwys were iouuij
applauded by the tinall Audience.
tscoie oy lnnioiia:
Kaekville 0 0 A 0 2 iO 3 0 0-0,
Chauliston 0 0 0 O 0 0 1 0 01
Summary Earned runs Nashville,
6; Charleston, 1. iwo bfe hit
Biard. First ou balls By Holacher,
J I it by pitcher By liolachtr, 1.
by Saundets, 1. Stmck out By
Holacher, 1 ; by S unden?, 4. Tassed
balla Hineif, 1. Wild piuhes Saun
dwn, 4. Double p ays Crowley to
Powell. Ump:re Whitlock. Scorer
Cheatham. Time cf game 2.10.
tAMK Benin mt t'hfeaso.
Chicago, III , A ognst 25. Tbe Na
onal Lee cue baseball delegates had
an infjimal meeting this f jrenoon,
bat owing to tbe notvariival of Sec
retary Young, no arinn resptctirg the
atoa oi ne su ti- uia cinn nas been
taken. It ia ex pentad that Mr. Young
wilj tny in time to bld s KBaionj
today." Secretary Toung artived at 11
o'clock and the delegate I at once went
into BfBsion, which was tecret. The
Philadelphia club was the only one
not represen'ed, but it will be this
afternoon. The showing made by the
Louis club was considered soch as
will probably result In tbe rlub fin
ishing the present ieoo. The St.
Lonia rtpresentative was very urgent
in favor of Sunday grmea. and tre
entire question may be decided oa
that issue. It is considered certain,
however, that the Chicago and Kitt
em clubs will vote aclnat Suaday
games. Ths mettiog laa aJj urned
to 2 r nr.
This ftfterncon's aewion was short.
To-night, a seion lasting till 11 p.m.
was held. The ra-ult w the asrage
of a resolution that tbe St. Looi.t club
should be coDtiued nnder the manage
ment of tbe league through tbe sea
eon, fs at present orgamr.ed, and be
required to play out the trhedulo. A
committee was appointed t) app;rdon
the Sc. Louis players among the vari
ous ciuVs at tbe ehd of the season.
Tne proposition to inangurite a bwiea
of Sunday games was snoitnarily voied
down. Su Lnois and Kansas C:ty
were the on'y cities favoring such a
departure. .
s Alloa A L, l.KAUli:.
The Waehiogions defeated the Ma
rco i today in one of the prettitt and
mint sharply contested fames seen
be-re. Ciane, thuir right fielder,
pitched finely, aud belli the Marnons
down to two hits. Hmly pitched in
fino form, and not upul ti e eixtli
inning as a hit mad. But five
Washington men reached first, two of
whom on two baggera and a sing'e,
aud acored two runs. Glaascjck's
error was excusable. The bast features
cf the game was Crana'a wondeiful
5 itching aud Graves'i support of
lealy. Score :
St. Lonis 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Washington 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0-2
Kerned runs Waehitgtjn. 2 Two
ba-e bits Haye-, Crane and Baker.
Umpire Piuru.
The Ciiicagos wou the game by su
perior hat ing and clever b ee run
ning. The visitors were unable ti hit
MoUormicke pitching. Burns wa tlw
star i-layer of tbe dav and made a
great rtcird all around. The errors
t.f the home team wer excu-iable.
Johns on and Gunning mad- brilliaut
cvclies at criiicil points saving ins.
Chicago 0 0 0 0 1 0 5 0 0-0
Boston 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-1
Karned runs. Chicago, 4 ; B ittin, 1
Tl une runs Sutton 1. Two bate tiibt.
Bump, Kelly, Johuston. Y row-Ohi
C go, 0; Hston, 0. ump.-e iwen
The Xew Yorkers won today's gam
by bunching their hits in the fourth
and tilth innlnss. Both pitc'-ei
were batted hard and brilliant fial.ling
alone kept the r core down lomngs
Kansas Cltv 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1
New York 0 0 1 3 0 2 4) 0 '-0
Earned rnna-New Ycrk, 3; JTatiHgs
City, 1. Two ban hits Mytrs, lias
sett. McUunrv. KmiM 12 . Uillenn
and Keele. Three base hiva Enter
brook aud Keefe. UnipliJ Folmw,
The visitors could do rje'-hing with
Baldwin todav. no- an earned run be
ing tnadn, while the home team found
t'.e ball without, uifhoul'V. Hanlon
l ome run m th aecoiid " brotight in
to men, end Ditnlnp'a th'ee bgg
in the third and Tnompsnu'a home rut
in the eighth, wi'h the basts full each
time, ware tlie leitures ol me gnin
The errora oa both mles weie cjstiy
Pbiladenha.....! 1 0 1 2 0 0 0 0-
Detroit 0 3 5 0 0 0 1 5 -14
Earne-i runs D, ;roit,fl. Home tuna
Hanlon, Thntnpa i'. 'I hree bas iiitH
Ihiniop.llKr'oiH Det'oi', H: Phil
adelphia, iD. Umpire-tinrot.
AltlRUltlitN AKMWtlATlO".
The Brooklyns won a tleciddly lino
Etmij lrom the Mo rc ti ilitanaat Nvaali
ington Park to. ay. Hend"'Sn wne
iu ti'io lotm end neld tho iuts i.owa
to thr;te hit. CiiHtiniAU was l it
hard, but tin Liia wee fcitt(reil
Tne field worn ou bt.th sides ws vory
bharp and at times bnllimt. At eud
ance2000. Sore:
MotroprHtsn OOOlOflOOl
Brooklyn 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-1
Knnird ruiiB Bronklvn, 2; Meti, 1
TwobPO rit Mi C:eilan,'4)rr. Three
base t.it Orr. I1 tnp'ro Biwdlt y. Kr
rors JJrcoklyn, 3; Aiet , I.
AT I'llll.AIIKI rniA.
The AthMicB and B ,Uim-rtis played
two cninoJ hero induv. Fjllowing is
the scoro cl the first game:
Athletics 2 0000300 0
iBaUimore 0 0 0 0 8 0 0 0 1-4
Karned tuns AUili-tirs. 3: Babi
nore,-2 Two b"8 1 bits C linao and
sV-fitt. Three base hit' Mubloon a
Scoit. Errors Alb" tic, 7; Balii
snore, '3. Umpire Valentine.
Tkc old time "inability to h;t at the
proper time" explains the deftnt of
ttueih'-niB clnb today. The cb'mrions
found no difficulty in baiting Pechiney
easily, r-'ome ttuiml playing was dt.no
by both chit s, Bnd the content was far
from bnlllcnt. Score:
St. Louis 1 0 1 2 0 1 1 fl 00
CincinnaM 0 0 0 1 0 0 2.0 02
Earned .-rura St. Louis, 1 Cuinin,
na'l, I. Two base bits Cartsnter
Hnliicson. Thto" best hit GJ'Neil,
vveisn. J-.rrors Mt. ixmia, 4; Uncin
nati, 5. 'timpire Walsh. ,
LoufoviLiii:. Augut 25. The Kttt-
burg club woo the third consecutive
victory worn 'the L ulsville fgg'H-a-
linn. RAmflw was bit freely, aad h's
wild throwiofr tt bas"s gave the gitve
away.' Osly-five iniiiaga lrertt piaj-d
on account oi raic. ;
L-iu!sville.... 0 10 0 14
Pitlaburg 0 0 5 2 0-7
Earned runs LouNviile, 1; Pi's
burg, 1. Two bnie Lit Miller, 1;
(jarron, Kinrn. i rree naite inf Uai
ro 1, 1 j Wolfe, 1. Umpire Kelly.
The second gimn wss rlow, and on
the whole, better plaved than the Brut.
The tame wa nallod at tbe end of the
eighth inning r n aoconnt of (darkness.
Score by inn ngs: j
Athletics 1 0 1 0 0 0 0- 4
Laltimotes 0 OOOqOiO 2
1Ktrrid ron Athletics 2. Home
run Gracr. Two hHte hit Manning.
Thaee base bit Scott. Frrora-Athle-tics,
3; B-iltimore, 3, Umpire Yal-
entiLe. '
B INF. II A LI. KOto1.
Thb Savannah club defea'ad the
Mscons at Savann-h in a 12 inning
game yesterday by a srtre of 4 to 2.
Wi take fijeasnro In di recti' ft the
attention of ioedltal tuianU o tbe
advantage oftored at tie SU:n ph's
Hospital Medjrgl College a 1 ii.vise
correspondnce Tith the D -in f r foil
The FaTemeat of the Future A
Good Beginning Made oa
, Third Street.
"This will be tbe finest piete of
pavement in the city," rumarktd a
member of tbe engineering corps, yes
terday, to an Aitial man who hap
pened to pass the corner of Union and
Third streets.
"And the most expensive," waa the
"Yes, it comes blub, bnt we must
have it. I speak aerioiuly. The time
is coming when wo must quit laying
the old style block stono pavements.
With tbe heavy traffic the city does
they don't last any t'mo. Look at
Mum street. It ia all iu boles. Soo
ond tttoet was well laid, tut it begins
to look already as if it would not lat
forever. Tbe blocks are not cut ex
actly square, aud are laid on sand,
which is piled up or hollowed out by
the paver to suit the s'zoof eich ptr
t'cular block as ha adjusts the top Mir
fate to the grade of the (treat. They
are not all of the lame depth, conse
quently the rami foundation is not the
tame nnder each block, and the result
ia that it give way in planes, and tho
cmtonr once broken gnat holes
wear in it Now here, you
see, we are laying a solid
foundation oi concrete. It will b
perfectly smooth and in strict kemng
with the contour of the s reet. Upon
this we will lay those granite blocks
you ee piled over there. They nre
all of uniform sine, about ciuht inches
long live inches wide aud of the same
depth. They are kid upon the con
crete and after the interjlicfs buve
been tl.led with coarse giavcl, pi cb
will bo poured in bo as t h.ild each
block firmly in its place. We are nut
going to pave the whole attest iu lluit
way, you understand, but simply this
btiio place, abont 150 feet, up to the
alley, it will begin the gtod woik
''What do yon figure tbe cort?'1
Tho concrete foundation will cojt
abt ut $1 05 a square yaid. Tho gran
ite blocks at 13 cents t-a h would
wake the ttone about $3 20, aad 1 nip
pote gravel and pitch might he Uguieti
at 25 cents rooro, making the wnolo
cost, pr suture yard, about $4 50. A
good block stone pavement can be
built for about i'2 50, or even le e, ami
the concrete and gravel block, you
lee, costa nearly double. But it makes
ton times the best pavement, and is
the cheapest, too, rb it lasU indefi
nitely. The bl cks can be changed
baif a down I loots and new ones put
in on the foundation. Cedar blocks
may be euhtt tated, if neoesaary. The
lirit cot t is niu ih greater, but if the
city bad t'-e money it would bo a great
savir.g in the end'
Pretldent Had Jen inspesking of the
paving umtior later in the day said ho
thought Tithoiuingo gravel would
matte about rs good a concre'e (ouii'la-t-on
as could be desired, lie called
a tention to the recent intersections
i n Third htron', at Munroe and Co utt
streets, wh-.ie tu or twelve liu-hes of
Tishomingo w-s put down under stono
b ocks oi nniform Bite, making us
pre ty a pavement as could he detailed.
"We will have to do southing with
main street u-'ioro vety loug," n t said
"HJd when we tackle it again it wi
have to be with concrete and giat.ii
nhicks. Several unrojtftijt ctiatigto
will have ti bs made In the grade,
Things iU bnvn lo he chuiiiied aruund
lively tden at the corner of Main an
Madison. We will have lo takeoff 1 1
crown cf the c'titern I expect, a ccsMy
job in itself. Yes, concrete and granite
Olocks trs the pinper mat-rial'.) for
buuitiecs streets iu Ihaiutnro. ''
To llo Held In I IKJ t lly ou 1'rldiiy
Hrteinber 17ili.
The IVmooia'io Conitremional Kx
eeutive Commit'ee of tbe Tenth Iis-
trict in' t at 11 o'cicck jPHtordny fore
noon ticlioHefl time and place for
holding thuC ngresii tnal Convention
There were pr. sent t. A. htiunbat-k
of Fayt-t'e. tho chairman of ttiti mm
mittee; N. VV. PaM,iit,oi T ptou ; F.T
fdmonitson, ol oneitsy, and W.
Yopp, as proxy for O. A. Miller,
On motion of Mr. Kdunonrlstn. the
hour cl noon on rrldty. the lh
September, was cbojen as tbe tinu
hoiiling the c mvrntion.
The question of location then eame
up ami Mr. Stain I nek presented the
( Minis ol Somerviile. He sa il that
Memphis hnd had tho convention fo
twelve years p-ifet, end ho 'thought it
was nn more than ritrlit to give some
ottmr rice a chance.
Mr. Yopp su'd thn1; Mr. Miller ha
lnttrntt'tl him to vots for Memphis
in accordance with thn en-iresnetl wish
of the Hardeman County Convention
He thoromro moved that Memphis ho
roll clcd as the place for 'holding the
Mr. Bnotist and Mr. Edrnontlnon
supportid the motion, ind It was car
ried, tho chairman roruoriimr that
three against ono were too much odds
for him.
Oo motion of Mr. Kdmomlson, (he
oasis cl representation in tlie cunven
tinn was lix.-d at one del g ite for every
loo Deinociatic votes ca-tt at the last
Conureetional elec'icin. and ono dt le
gate lor every '.-action over w) votes,
jvieiir8. I'Almnnilgon mid liantut
werA atinointed A ommittee to telect
a hail in wti ch tn bo d the c.inveotioD
Tbe committee then adjourned.
Tlie New Wrinkle Marled by tlie
fawn tuaMer Uesteral.
There ia general Innu'rv in refer
ence ) the new ieeua by the poiloffico
dntar ni nit. the combined letter sbeot
and envolope. It ia ityled a letter
ahee.t envalnpe and is of only cno
dooomlnalion, 2 cents. Tuey will be
farnisbod iu B'qarati shoe's, and abo
la pads or tibials of 25.50 a-d 1C0.
r the liferent it it deemed exnedimit
b7 the I'oBtniBS er Goucril to confine
ton issue ri tne lettur saeat envelope
ti a lew (I tbe principal pottotlico.
luey coram ot a single sheet oi
paper, Zt8 lochia, and simi ar lo the
pobtal cariJ. Tbe address will be on
one aide ai d the communication on
theottiir. On the upper tdjo and
along the two sides perforated line
Lai De n made bijou ono quarter ol
an idea irotn the ede. This Is for
fo'dingit easily, a'ld the instructions
to opsn it after it tai b.en sealed are
to teiroffthe ends The upper edge
gummed, and Ittaa be sealed in
the same manner ai an envelope In
tbe upi er right hand corner la the 2
cent stamp, which contains a very
gaud likeneat of Gen. Grant.
I he vlla ot rker rieelaa.
Kwchange: Poker nlayini is more
than doing its share in leading the
ru; -"yofour young men to ruin
goU satin, jl man may atop drink.
ing, atop smoking, stop chasing after
frail women, but if he has once fairly
got in tbe habit of playing poker he
will find it rather uphill work to
check himself. It is a terrible disease,
to say the least, and once rooted In a
man s makeup ail the doctors in tbe
laud cannot save him. Very few know
to what a great extjnt poker plaing
ia being carried on. cot only in this
city, but in every city atd town in this
country. There is hardly a ssloon
anywhere but what has its back ro m
where a private game of poker is being
plated during afternoons and even
ings. And no matter bow pri
vate and respectable the par
tes who indulge in the gmie
may be, the raid sharp somehow or
other always manages lobe on band
and get his work in. Between the
card sharp and tte kit! y the man who
plays poker jmt to whilo the honri
away, and l-o.ausi he is in love with
the game, is sure to prove the sucke'.
No man who p'aya poker regularly
once a week simply as an amustnetit
can sty at tbe eud of tho yt ar that he
is a winner, and the char ces are nine
to ono that lie is a big loser. It would
be all r'ght if only men of rr.cii-is in
du'god in poker, but moneyed merr
seldom monkey with the gtmo. They
are a'together too (burp lor that. The
clanc04 are Basinet ilium and thty
have just too much bitiiutss tact tb
run any ritk A buaiimts man who
is overfond of pktr is not a cafe
man to tie to. The chances
are, if ho has not an un
limited amount of capital, bo will
go to the wall eoouer or later. But it's
i lie man cf salary that poker catches
for all that's out. The clerks and tho
hard oi king mechanic, f illowcdnp
by the gay and festive b.ti'tender and
tbe reckltsy drnstcd barber, are the
wil ing vIciiin.N of the seductive game.
Once only ate r6)'d ami It's g.iod-hv to
the victim. There is lo let up. ftot
( lily will ho play in alt his own hon
est earnlrgt, but he w 111 bvrow fr in
whom he cut, and in tho end wind tip
by r jhhiug his employer, end in his
arrett, dirgraco aud ruir. This is the
a ory ol more than ono yourg lnsn,
and will bo ol a good mHiiy more
While poker continues it) deadiy giip
on the AmeriUi.n public.
two mokisTfikst kales
KK ittr.n rnainoi K nkiuiirok.
J. H. Hodwln et to. and ruder.
Frank A Co, Ilia tlonalitneee
Where tlie Cotton waa Kalsied.
The first bales coniinao to arr've
The latest is the fir. t bale marketed
ftoni Bolivar county, Mine., and wss
received here yesterday, consigned t
thet sterilng and reliab e firm, Fade-,
Frank & Co., who had the horoi" lntt
season of receiving the Urtt bale from
Bolivar county, Mim. Tne nrrsmt
bale wag abipp-d by Mr. J. T. (iiistor
rf Bivetton, Misr. Fader, Frank tV
Co. will l e r?metncered ai the din
who during the putt seofon received
nor s'oamer will S. Hats the la'gt"t
shipment of cotton ever brought to
Memphis cooitigned to one firm. Tuey
have been long isUblisliod bore and
by faithful devotion to the Intereati (if
their pntrona have built up a husinnjs
tijiit entlibs tiitir tliin t he clained as
among tho leading houses cf Memphis
from Tallalialrliln Cimnly, Mlaale
Fiom one of the Noithwcat conntle
of MisaiHiippi, Tullahatiiiie, comes an-
oilier ii'nt b.il" to Memphis, stupiMd
hy l'. n. and 1". hhertnati, of liar-
ritun Stalioo, and consigned to ttiat
prnurrBuive und wideawake linn, John
11. uolwinifc Cj. The enterpriau of
III. e II in tn 8 ciuing B :lUr.OlltB ol c it
tnutntliiN nitirkit f rum a turritoiy
lliat wns unlil within a year or to
bjo ci.uo!)d-d to Now OrleuiiH tiiiinot
be toohiglily coinmendi d. 'Ibis ii the
tort of Npiiit that. buiMu in cities, the
tleteraiinalion rot to b lontcnt with
old miitho Is aud old c.liHr.utili nt biiiii
riiip, hut to bo roRrtautly on ths aleit
lor new Ii- Uirt oi emerpr'H ', and to dti
vhIhii flu iu iiclim'riouiy when found
MuinpliiH bun but t reach out her
hand to grixp tho rich tiuin of the
YiU'io Valley, Hid J. It, Gnditia A
C-. ar. eutitlod to praise for point'iig
Uie way.
An Kilort lo tiet in on Iho Hill of
Nale to Btiixwrll 1- Co.
Mr. Jiiiubs lciiiaii ictiirr.e.l yetter-
1 y iiKirnii.g roiu Chintgo, wheto he
his been for several days negotiating
with bis crtditorn. S. A. Maxwell, ol
the tinn ol 8. A, Maxwell A Co. rf
that city, to whom he gave a bill ol
tale on lhursday last, cumn back wl li
him. and during the course ol the day
an at ncliiiu nt was run on his paint
and wall paper eHtahlishment in the
Lie Bloc i by DanO'Dont.cll, who wai
lnd ifror on u note for which yuh
all iwtd to fo to proUst. Slock wts
lieirg ttken yesterday with a view to
reselling eome bat H ol toilK ment, and
tho books were turned over to Mr. 1
A. Odium to be hrduueed up in propr
hIihiio. Maxwell JtOo.'e claim anion n' 8
to a little over i'M)0. There aio a
number ot other creditors abroad ar.d
at home, among them P. llcllornun,
K. I). Jordan, J. t. McCullim aud G
B. Prttein. For tho lust year or moru
Mr. Deiiiian bas b-.cn in strmteiud
circumitrinces, and during the pa-it
few weeks li-te been catching at every
s'raw to suttaiu himself, auung tlicm
the iiominatinn for the office of Clerk
of Ibe Criminul Couit. He is reported
to have g'ine a little out of the beaU n
track to obtain lumli In some Inetancts,
bnt tleclart s it to he bis purprise to pay
every d-iHar he owea antl start in auiiw,
He has conlldencu in bis ability to ar
range everything to tbe satisfaction of
hi crtdi'nrs.
Orrlitlna on a Nuusmer Heaorl.
Ilewi ntuuto a fo'mcr who bad a
lotnlcf pilatoesoa the market yes
terday, and sain:
"1 usdDiBianu you nave a noo i. nu
a few ndles out. How would you like
to take a few tuinmor boarders?
"Would they sleep in the uara cn
tbe hay .' queried tue Krmtr.
"1)1. vts.
"Tiyuputon style over my fain-
"Not a D r.
"Thi-k they 'd find fault If we didn't
have tah'o napkins or i hlny dtslies ' '
No. sir. They are not ihat kind of
"Won't exprc. fresh eg. 8, cream or
mtich frii t, will they 7 Can they set
along e it'J lbit'3 kticks of Ko-Ko lulu
" I hey can, in the country."
" Weil, if lha ' tho kind of peocle
they are, and they'd pay in advance
and keep to t' cixs-Uea, we may take
five or six of them st (7 or 18 a piece "
naunu;er Colvllle'a Funeral.
Nxw York, Acg'ist 25 The funeral
of Manager Culvllle occurred this after
n on at the ' Little Chinch Arouad
the Corner." and wae at'ended by a
great crowd, Including all the leading
actor and actresses io town. A dele
gation of tbe order of Elk, from Louia-Tillf,Tprect.
The Mcniphl and Ctiarlrston'a Big
Scheme The Irea Mountain
Being; Built.
A cla'ter hai been ob'gined for the
Memphis, Arkutuai and Kansrs rail
riad, which is tUtigncd as a combina
tion ot the Memplii and Charleston
and Fa t Tennessee svstem. Tht capf
tal ttock SlO.OfOjOPO, divided into
shares off 100 each. The incorpora
tors are Calvin S. Brice and CharleB
M. Lamlkcn, of Lima, All?n county,
Oi.i.i ; Samuel Thomas and John G.
Moo'e, of New York; Jaruis Fuseell,
L. Billiwage, W. H. Mt l)(r,ial, J. W.
Wynte ond N. W. Nrr on, of Forrest
Ci.y. Tbe roid wldch the corpora
t cm propoms to tu M id rommence
at a point on '.ha Mite-i-sippi river op
podiu tlie (itv cf Mtinphis, in the
county of Critic nlen, thence Itv the
most pia'jtiiablo route ti-irongh the
count itii of Cntteiiilcu. Cross, St.
Fiavcls, White, Cii l'nr.ip, Van
Buren, Stone, Searcy, Marion, New
ton, Boouu ar.d Carroll to a ncitit on
tl:o lire c'ividiiia the Statei of Arkan
sas and J1iouti, live unit s last of the
nortliwett ccrner of Ca'ioll county.
The length cf the road. a t ear as ran
be estimated, will be 250 miles. The
following portops have been appointed
to open nooks cf subscription to tho
capital stock; A. O. Bo b.', L. M.
Schwaii, H. L. Torrel', Snmuil Short
lidge, of Now York, art! C. M. Mc
Ghte, ol Knoxville, Tenn. Kh of
the iucorporat-rs has fubicribed for
one ehi ro of stock and S. F. Snllivan,
a inpiralist of l' ooklvt , N, Y., baa
Biibacrilied for f.'SO.OOilof tho strck.
The Litt'o li ck, Fort Smith ond
Texa t railroad has also been inccrpora
ted by Powell Clavton, of Eureka
Sprinjre; Ligau II. K-nte, P. K. Hoi
nud W. P. Davidson, of L itleKockj
.lan.es I!r iz.ilaia, W. M. H. Clavton,
B, Biuir and A. M. Fotf, of 'Fort
Siui li. T. ocatilrtl stuck ol the cor
potation ;s J5.000.0u0, d.vided into
hO.on) chares ol the ai- va'tm of tlOO
jiei' share. The prupoNtil rotiio com
m"iii;e at a po nt rn the wett-ra
houiidur of tito Suite, r e ir Ileckett
City, S-diiiet nu couiuy, rumiiug thence
in mi e s erly direction thnngh tho
loun icii n( Sebnttiiip, Scott. Franklin,
Logan, Yell, IVtrv, Ciinwnv, Sa ine
and Pu'akl to L tile ltotk, u dietanro
of 150 miles.
The Iron Motinlau,
Very litil-i has been k'uI Ut.l.val out
tlie Iron Motv tiiu, but, the wi.rk of
ontt'iict'on in bitig pu lied wi'h the
preat it p"i! In dia)a eh frvm Bald
Kn'b ti Mempli s and it hni irme
si it that preperiitlors are nM be
ing ma .o fiinn'raiice intithe city
and for a belt roml.
( lileiigo llalea lo Urmphlai.
CiiK Aoo. Angtift 25. A meeting oi
tho K-HtiorHl freiaht ager ts ol the ruada
Inle'es'eJ in traffic going from here to
Memphis was held today. The nib
ject ot diicnsHinn wm the riemornliza-.
ti-in in ra'o?. It wah agretd to rut the
following new rate in ell'ect and keep
them In foicefnr the protect: Canned
mi a:s 15c per 100 p tindtt, tin icgilar
rntfl bolrg 22c ; grain 15c per 100
pounds, ttin regular late being flic,
aud ll'inr 30c per barrel, t'ie regular
iote being 10c. It was decided to
cburpo full laridratfaon other articles
and to milks no change without J infc
ection. For some time prist a ten oent
cut ra'e hta prevailed for tho articlea
named above. Tho roads represented
went the Illinois Central, Hie Altor,
the Chicago attl Jiis'crn Illinois, tb
Wiibanh, the Liuisvillo, e N( .
All my, und t'h'cigo and lb IYi
I iilrnl Iritlllo Aaaoelallou.
Saratooa, N. Y., August 25. Tbe
coT'iintt .'tt appointed by the Central
Traffic AiMociation, coiioistliig of II. IJ.
L:'dymd, prisidont ol the Michigan
Cetiinil railri.ad; L. .). Sirgnt,' tr.Mlio
macng'tr of the Ginnd Trunk ntilrosd :
Judge Moplienpoii Burke, preniih-nt ol
the Clcveiard, Columbus, Clncicnitl
nd In Imnapolis rnl road ; G iorgo O.
Co.ibnin, repieieniing the Krie rail
road; M. 10. Ingalla, president ot the
Cinoiiu-ii'i, fudianapolie, S'. Ivonia ami
Chicago rniliond ; A. A. TiOmage, gen
erol nianagHr of tho Wnhii'ti railr:ad;
(l.Ui do Smith, vico president of the
tiiltiiiioio tt'Hl ( Miio railroad; 1). A,
Gray, of the Pennsylvania railroad,
a"d G, K. Blarchard, commlBsioiier of
tho Central Traffic A'sociation, met at
the United Sta'ca Hottd heio to
day. Tho object cf the rucet
lig was to prepare a report cn the
ri'viaion of the contract whic'i 8
author'.sd by the association. It was
learned on good authority that the re
port will lecirnmetid that contra. ts in
clude mire short haul traffic and re
garding freight so ns to decroate the
c'liirges on c r;in cIshsch of fre'ght.
A Is-.-, tli" nppr influent of a ptnna
nent arbitration, whojo power will ex
tend over pa's ngcr traffic as w'l is
freight. This is fur the pnrpoie of
avoiding in the (utire di'astroui t orn
petition. Tho committee ailldircuss
the h ii hj oct of west bound limitless,
which has never tit font bee acted
uj-on by the aH'ociutiou. Tne dulib
eiatinna will be secret and tho meet
Iiik will list several davs, during which
other important propositions liaviug a
tendency to harmony will be discussed
and acted upon.
vastus Underwood and wife to S.
Lead, trustee1, to serine the Work
Ingmen's Building and Loan Associa
tion in tliesnm uf $2000, lots 103 and
1(14, Prnvine'a snbdivialon. north Bide
Williams avenue, 50x150 (utt each. ,
J. J. Livn to 1 . IJ. Jones, trustee.
ti secure Overton A Groevonor in the
sum of J.'IOO, lot 90x76 feet on west tide.
IJcrrjnnuo street.
Cincinnati, O., August 25. Night
Rivet 13 feet on the gauge and tailing.
Wetther clear and pleasant. Deptrted:
Deioto, Memphis.
Cairo. August 25. Night River U
feet on the gauge and rising. Weather
clear and warm. No arrival or do
pa'tnrcs of regular packets.
Lodihvii,l,Ky., Angtut 25. Night
River stationary, with ( feet 5 Inchea in
tho caniil and 4 feet 3 inchea on the
fall?. Business dull. Weather clear
and be t.
St. Louts, August 25. Night River
fullhii 3-10 inches, and stands 6 9-10 feet
ou the gangs. Weather clear and pleas
a'it. Arrived: Beile Memphis, Vicks
horg; Oakland and barge", New Or
leanr . Departed : City of Baton Rouge,
New Orleans.
KROOKITX, ST. T.-Boarden the HilU
Mrs. II. C. llewarJ. 14 si Wuhin.lns
Park. Kooma large) location delightful
Convenient to eart to Manhattan bearh
etieav Irlanrl. Lene Beaeh a&J (lntrKl P.rk a
alie tv y tw lork plaoea of smuteiaeDU

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