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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, August 26, 1886, Image 7

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vuiiAja viuri iiui jjuti er jiiuuiins,
He Sales Yesterday,
200 Bales.
Money ia gio& demand at 8 por
cent. Local s curliiea are s'eady and
tending upward.
In the cotton market there ii little
doing. The clo:e yesterday was quiet
and Jc lover; middlicg, 9c; tale', 200
bales. At New York yesterday spots
closed s'eady and 1-183 lower; mid
dling, 91c. Futures steady; August,
9.109.12. A leading New York cotton
circular says : "A more liberal amount
of trading Has taken place, with an
unsetthd tone. At first the tendency
was generally downward, under con
tinued efloits to realize, especially on
September; bui finding that month
taken fr;e'y by one or two leading op
erators, and considerable reinvestment
in later options, the feeling utiffaned,
ciosing steady at 12 poinls below
lait evening. There appeared to be a
Tenewal of the sentiment that the
inatKe: was on tee eve ot recovery
sufficient to offsr oppcirtun .ty for a fair
margin on the long side."
At New Orleans spots were qult-t
and I-I63 lower; middling, 9c; future j
Bteaiy; August, nominal.
At Liver, o:l spots ware dull and un
changed; middling, 53 J: futures
steady; August, 5 13-04d.
In the general market thtra are no
I Jttures of note. Egs, 12J(213Ja.
Tea bill arple?, 17 brls beans and
psas, 1S50 tolls bacmoR, 90 pkgs bacon,
icy pigi coo's ani snoas.olX) bu corn.
8 pkgs cheete, 553 sks cotton sed,
bi pKiis ury ROiUs, 7 prsri eiiaa, llisi
brls Hour, 631 bel-s bay. 1 uku bats.
45 hd cuttle, 41 hd horse a ad inn leu.
10 pkea lard. 18,000 ft lumber. 23
pkgi liquors, 75 brls ural, 17tU kes
nans, Mi(J(i uu cats, 50 brls bugar, 310
pkgs tobacco, 10C0 bt wbiat..
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
Dy regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Exchango today: Corn
received, 14!if) bu; withdrawn, 1430;
In store, 0255 bu. Oata received,
4540 bu; withdrawn, 983: in
store, 35,221 bu. Wheat leceived,
none; wunarawn. l.'ia; in store,
cyo du.
9 Madison St., Memplils, Tenn.,
Money in g iod demand at 8 per cent.
rne Uieanng iioaae report is as fol
fins far ttiis week, J312 941 32; tame
time last week, $486 897 12 ; bante lime
in 1S85, $333,50 4 61; same lime in
18S4, 1183,972 59.
Wednesday.Auuust 25th. 151.03302:
thus far this w-k, $111,426 4 1; eame
time last week, $214,399 89; same time
in 1835, 142,485 61 j tame time in 1881,
SRI ) 7 .
New York eight on all points, oar
buying, i premina eeliing; Now
Kngland demand, J diacauni buying;
New England sig'it, t dsoouut; New
Orleans, discount baying, par Bulling.
Bank of Commerce .146 bid, 149 asked
nrst nations' 15U bid, 155 asked
German Bank 195 bid, 200 anted
Htata JNationtti Uo bid, I K) aaked
Union and Plauterc.150 bid, 13 asked
Mercantile Bin k.... 135 bid, 137 asked
Bluff City
Home -.
Memphis City....
....100 bid, ... asked
...100 hid, .... awked
75 bid, 80 asked
.102 bid, 10 ) anked
....80 bid, 83 asked
...93 bid, 100 asked
.-107 bid, ... asked
25 bid, 26 asked
30 bid, ... asked
20 asked
M. and O. R.K.shares..36 bid, ... anked
M.& T. R.R. ehrs 45 bid, 50 asked
M. A O. consols, 7s. ..119 bid, ... asued
M. & L. R. lot m. 8s... 105 bid, ... asked
Miss.A T.R.R. cs.A. ...Ill bid, 113 aaked
Miss. AT.R.R.w,B10i bid, 103 aeked
Tenn. wts. eer. I) 90 bid, 93 aaked
Tenn. wts. ser. E to J..83 bid, 85 asked
8halbr Co. 6). 108 bid, 110 aaked
Tax. Diet. 4, 6.', 87 bid, 98 asked
Tax. Dist 6 104 bid, 105 asked
Mem. Gs bonds. 104 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bonds 97 bid, ... aaked
Hanauer Oil Works. b'd, 65 asked
Am. Got. Oil trust',... 49 bid. 49 at-ked
Pioneer Oottoa Mills 25 bid, 30 asked
Mem.H:or.Oom.Oo..l02 bid, 103 asked
Mem. (inn sto 75 bid. 80 aoked
Naw York, August 25 Money on
cal1 loar.ed ireni 3 to 8 per rent.,
closing at 3 fev cent, aeked. Prime
mercant'le paper, 4(i)5 p-r cjii. Ster
ling excherge dull but s!eady ; no uil
rates 481 for 60 day bills ft:.d 4S3 for
Bonds Government and State bonds
dclUnd Hea-iy. Railrr.ad bands h"v
been dull and gene'a ly heavy. - Tne
t aling, excep: in Erie second, wts of
an ir sigaifi. a'it character. The total
day's soles, 804,5O0. Of thn atununt
E'ie setonds fuinislied170,5CO. Clos
ing figu te generally thow d cliuex,
. NorihwesieJij eiokinz-funl fivei are
down 2, at 10S; lions on and Ti-xaq,
Western DiviBicn.coapcns off.t.at li 8
Manitoba ccohoIs 2, at 120, and W
) ash lir.ts extended 1. at 111: St.
Pitul and Minroipolis flrjrrgained 1,
at 129, and Denver and Rio Grande
western at sen ted b .nds 3, at 80.
S:ccks Tne money market in Lon
. don is working hnriter, and in resnnnsi
to the s.'tu?tion ihera the New York
stock run ki-t op-ned wiak abd lower.
TLera waatothing new in t'ie at:er
neon except declara'i n of a divicead
on the Ddla-era and Hudson and tbe
ie ue of tbe Like Shore ttatementor
the qnert-r. The latter was geLeral'y
considered favorable, and tbe influ
ence exerted upon tbe market was 1 jr
the better. Tbe market still continues
within very narrow limite, room trad
ers di iog mrst of the businesi. Dar
ing the ear y part of the day Like
Shore, New York and New England,
'.. P.ol sad Lackiwanns were the
featnres In the trading;. Omaha wai
at this time ' coaspicaoui for the
etreng'h dsplsyed, but it afterward
Fielded with the remainder of thollst.
rices at the opening were lower for
everytnirg except Omaha, and de
clines ranged from J to j per cent.
The market, wa wak from the open
ing ana oa comparatively moderate
basinets by noon, were down from
to i per ceuu iater there was a
decrease In activity, but prices
continued heavy notil the laet
hour, when there was a e ight rally;
me mnu urjauy closing, steady, at
prices wnicn are a n.uo better man
the loweit of the day. The t.tal
hnainets amounted t) 142.641 eh ares.
trie was the niott ective stock todev,
bnt its sales amonntttd to only 17.645
shares. It was followed by Lke
bocre. Lackawanna, New York and
New Eng and, and S I'.ut in tha
order named, the five stocks men
tioned furnishing over one half of the
total day's business. There was no
special movement in the inactive
ttjcka today and ti al pricea show de
clines, rar.gmg from J to 1 per cm'
the lat er in Lake Siore and New
lork Cen;ra'. Cloiine uuotatiuns:
60 j, roH to 60 j and c oped at 61 ; low
eet. 60J Halm, 8.158.001).
The t tal talei of st cks toJay wfro
142, 631 starts, iiiplmlinir Delaware.
Lackawanna and W-st-rn, 15,050;
JJelawaro una lluuf oa, 34(0; Erie. 17,-
615; Lake Shore, 1(5,100 ; Louisville
and NashviMe, olOl ; N Mtdweitern,
t)Oi; lcw lorn Uei.tra!, 4075; Si
rail, 14 315; iv. Fiv.ii and Om.iba.
4120; Union Pasitic, 4(520; Western
U. S. S. m'i 4. conn
lHa, cuap, HoT-m. Pacilio ('. ol ISvS, 125)i.
La. itn.mii.
Cunt. Wo. Ins.
, Php. Ins, bou. a H.U.lflwalUH.
PoniRW.Ms,!1. Kru nueonrii. 115.
M.k.AT..ilen tif North. Pa. l.ti.ttSU.
North. Ph.O. 2(I.1K:,..N. W.tr ,n li 'U.
N.Walt, deb. 6a. lm'W.St.L.S P.cJ.n.M. lifi"..'.
;i.rii oon., i.iii,. ni.t'.,i;.at f.HM,!.
i.r. tana grtn,M,-,.x.f..K.u.ex?nu 163.
ii. V. lt. USH. West shor. lulK.
lona.i..', ct mi.lP;?. Tuua. bi, ael'uit, 100.
itiun. ij, sot uit, iH.
Adann Kiprail. 1:S. Morr'mA R ..nff'.l .Uil
Alton & T. II , 2:.
A X. U., nfj.. M.
American hx., 1U8.
B. 1). H. AlN..ii0.
N. J. Central, 53'4.
Nor. x , nfj.,.
ISorliitrn Pao.. 'n.
Northern P. M.&fP,i.
Canada P;u:., ii.'i.
Canada Sou., 4.i'-i.
Central Pacirix. 42
CbeaaitaakH it 0 . H
v. at . V 1J3J4
C. ai .V'.. iild .140.
N. Y. Central, MVt.
N. Y. C. 4 St. L..J.
C. AO., 1st Did, l"-1!;.
0. & O., 2d Kid., 10.
C. ic A., 141.
C. & A .ld.. IW.
C..B. Jtg..l::ii.
C, St. h.Ji V.p.M.
0..8. 4C..27.
N.Y. C.AKt.u.,p.,aO!4
'inio ucn'rai, .
Ohio A Mi.. 23.
0. ifc Mini-., nfd.. 91.
oregon innr., ill.
Crenou Trana.. 'MVi.
ureKun lmp.,i'!1,1
Piioifio Mail, 5i;"4.
Panamn. US.
Del. k Had.. 100
Peoria. D. Jk R..2
Del.. L. A W.. liSVi. Pittalmri.. 'Mi-
Den. & Kio O., 2J4. Pullman P. 0., 134.
Krin. Sl. H.L,lin. UV.
Erie nfd., 74. Rock Iaianil, 125
Eaat Tenn. .6.
St. U. A s. V.. '11 Va.
KastTann. ifd. Vl
Fort Wayne, 147.
Hannibal ii St Jo.,-
Ht. L. A S. V.. u.. Mi
C. M. A St. P.,91?,.
CM. A St. P.,p.l2.M.
U. 4 8t.J.i.,pfd.,
Harlem. 230.
Hnmton A T., SS
Illinolf Cen.,l34S.
Ind., B. A W.,
Kanias k T,. 30.
l.aks R. k W., ID.
Lake Shore. KU.
ei. r., m.a m., lis.
St. P. A O.n.li. Ai.
St.PanlA0.pfd., 109V.
Jen. vniu x iron ,03.
Tolas Pacifie, 14
Union Paoifia, 64
V. H. Eiureiii. 63.
Lou. A Nah., i
Lon. AN. A., .V.'2.
M. A C. 8rt pi..
M. AC. pfd., -.
Mem. k Char., 36.
W Kt. L. A P.. 18M.
w. r. kx., u4.
W. U. Tel.,65'.
Colorado Coal. Ii74.
Mien. Uen.. 70
llomevtaKe, IK.
Mm. A 8t. L., W. Iron Silver, 180,
M'taouri Priflo,10J4.Quiokiiver, 4
Mobile k flbio. U- tiuickiilvcMifd, 22,
M. L. 8. A- W 63. Houth Paoiflo, -.
min. at. L..litd.4.llnt.rin. 1.
04. L. B.aW.,i)ld,88.'i.Sutro.7. "
Pabib, August 25. Three ner cent.
rentes, tfji lojc tor ine account.
Lokdoh. Aacust 25 The stock mar.
set cioet ii Mat on ta cerious aspect of
the sitUKtiou iu Bulgaria, and antic!
paiion of a higher bauk rale tomorro.
Ixjxdom, August 254 p. m. Con
suls 100 1-10 for monetr and K0
lor the account. United Siates.bonds.
43, iiiJi; united Ktatca bonds, 4i,
Berlin. Aueupt 25. The Bourse
closed t d iy with a general dcclin'
owing to ibe gloomy views of the p
urcai situation expressed by the Ki
glith and Uasslan press. Ru'sian anil
iitinB'.nau scares c osed M noints
Paris, Ancust 25. The liiurie was
depteee1 n tlie close, owing to the
rp rted restor.vion of tip Alexin-
dnn Miuistrvio BultfRria. 8ue canal
stock fell 12 Uvnej per Hlar. OttO'
man bank aiiarc-s and Eavnlun uni-
n.'a stocteacn ciofoa & pjinu ltwer.
St. Lwis, Mo.. August 25. Bank
e!.rinia.s:.43.L-9B: bJanco. 539.-
Chicago, .111., August 25. The
ce.nniraol ti-e aitociated bauks to
day weie $7,420,000.
Nkw York. Autrust 25. ClesiinL's
nnupe Bta'emcnte: Wxctiances. 180.-
4',i:iu; D.auceB, 4,13O,!j0J.
Boston, Mass.. Auirost' 25 Clear-
inci House etatement: Exchanees.
js,rjju,dt)u; d ancee, 1,C41,12'J.
Baltimork, Md.. Auirnst 25. Bank
e'eartngs, f 1,631,769: balances, 1280,-
PntLADBLPniA, Pa.. Auirnst 25.
Jiank clearliB--, 7,980.332; balances.
Nkw OiLKAtf". La.. Auirnst 25.
Clearings of Ibe banke, $569,425.
The local cotton market opened
quiet, and close d quiet and Jclowtr;
middling,. 9c Sles, 200 balw to
Good Ordinary.
Low Middling...
Good Middling.
Middling Fair.
fj tains, tinges....
MiHrsis, AuKUit 2f, 18S45.
Stock Sept. 1, 1885...... 1,392
Keceived to-day 13
Received provioualy...G45,230 540 6J5
fhipped to-day 50
Shipped previously.. ..541 940
uome cousnmption to
date auit ovs.it)
Stock running account 4,330
Thns far this ween 1 151
Thus far last week 03
Since September lat 545.243
M. and C. P.. R 1
M. A L. R. K. R 1
L., N. O. & T. R. R :'
titfanrera 4
Wagons and other soutcoe 5
Total.. 13
Thns far this week 24;
Thus far last week SO?
Since September 1st 541,900
Steamers North 60
New York spots opened quiat sad
easy, and'cfoWHl steady 'anil f-1'6 loweA
Midding, 91c. r Baleo, lSOl.tale.
notations were m follows i '
T C Yesterday,
rdinary 6 i '
Good ordinary. 8 ? f
Low middling. S 13 16
Middlinz...... 9J
GoodmiddUtig 9 11 10
Middling fair.,10 5-16
Fair 10 15-16
t f ir-:
6 1-18
9 "546
New York futures
and closed eteady.
opened etesdv
bales, 110,400
Dales, ine cioaiug
were as follows:
An gust
9.10 9.12
9.11 9.12
9 11 9.12
9.13$ 9.14
9.12(3) 9.14
9 14'4 9.15
0.14(a) 9.15
9.15 9.1(1
0.KK5) 9 20
Paceraber ...9 17fA 9.18
r 9.2.v:i) 9 26
9.27 9.2:
...9.33 9.34
9.35(54 9.36
9.44fi) 9.45
...9 42i'
,.-9.50(3) 9.51
..9.5S(o) 9.5!)
,...9.66 9 67
....9.74 9.78
9.51ft) 9 6
0 9 61
9.77(04 9.
The NowOrle.tns spot market opened
quiot, and closd . quiet and
1-lGc lower; middling, 9j. Sales
3a0 Lalea. Q-.totationj were as follows
Yesterday: Tuasiiay,
Ordinary 7 M6 7 3 1(
Good ordinary 7 13-16 7 15 It
Low middling. ,..8J 8 911
Middling -...9 ' 9 1-16
Good middling-. ..92 " 9
The Iew Orleaaij futtM market
opened steady, and cloned steady. Sale
20,700 bales. Quotations were as lot
lows :
Yestrrday. Tuo3dav
August Nomiunl 8.75(a) 8.80
H?pteuiDer..S blim ri.67 8 695 8.71
Octobar....8.tr)(i) S.ti6 8.09(a) 8.70
November ..8 65 8.66 8 ti:)(o) 8.70
December .8.69;) 8 71 8 73 8 74
January s SJ(-a 8X1 8.S3 m 8.S
February ...8 91 8.93 8 95,3) 8 IM
March 9.02 9.03 9.0(i 9.0'
April 9.14 9)5 9.1S(a 9.1!
May 9.24 n fi 2tt 9.2S 9.30
Jun 9 35 9.36 9 3S 0 3:t
July...N 0 45 9.47 9 480 9 50
I'one Kec. Prices Stock.
GalvpBten f)u:t. 3;4 9J 4,612
NOrlans. quit-t. 14W 91-16 18 35
Mobilfl.... quiet. 9 3,379
Htvannah quiet. 91 8 3 67S
Ciarl'stob ooati. 31 8j 1,6!4
Wilm'ton. steady 9 203
Norfolk.... dull 91-16 3,307
Baltimore qu et 9J 9 2Si
New York siedy 9 HH.'iOO
Boston quiet. 26 93 6,310
Philad'a... quiet. 91 11,019
fit. Louis... quie'. 47 9 11,111
Augusta... quiet. 27 8
Receipts at porta, this day, 1886. 2,193
Keceipta at porta, this day, 1885... 2,24
B'ts V. 8,
6,31 1
tlr. (Jr. lir
For'gn Ex k.287,844
It crease in receipts this year, 656,653
At noon: Liverpool spotj were
dull in buyer)' favor. Sales, 8000
bales, of which American 6500 bales.
Keceipts. 4O0O balev. of which Amer
ican 3400 bales.
Olo ling quotations wernai follows:
Ordinary, 4 I; irord ordinary, 4lj
low miudlma. 4 15-10d : sovl middlme
5d; middling uplands, &1; middling
Urleans. 5 3 161.
I J7i ptvft art mnen t?i ieri'! and 641n,
lAw 4 63 mearti 4 63-bW; ami 5 lil
mean 5 l-64(.l
At noon: Liverpool futurea were
sUady; Auriis 6 (t35 t'4; Aignst
Soptembtfr, 5 03d; Septumbi-Oct ilior,
5 01(S5 02.1; O. t ber-Novmber.4 6'.Y,()
4 63d; November-D"ieini)or. 4 62d;
Ddteuiber-Jannarv, 4 621; January
pDruary,4 62M4 63: February-March,
5d ; September, 5 04d
At i p.m: Liverpool futuree wee
easy ; A must, 5 03d value: August
September, ( 03d value; Se;.tini tier
October, 6J bnytr): Oitober-Novem-ber,
4 6Id buyers; Novemier Decem
ber, 4 64d bayf-To; Daoetuber-Jaauary,
4 60.1 bafrj; Janury-Februry, 4 6:'d
huyerj; February March, 6d uuysrs;
Beptemtier, 5 03d value.
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool future wtre
et.ady; Auynst, 5 03J sellora ; Aujust-f-'eptt'inber,
5 031 te lerj; Keptemlier-
October, 51 hnyi-rs; October Nn-
vomber, 4 62d burets: November De
cember, 4 6ld bayern; Decembcr-Jau-
nary, 4 iu nuyers; Jaauary-Febiua-
ry, . 4 (j:ji imyers; t liniary-March,
6d buyers; Saptember, 5 03d eallcM.
The INiMM'litater .tfarht.
Manchb-.tkr, Atrrnst 25. Tha
Guardian in ils c mmerc al er.iclo
r-ay: llmr.arket m un-t; a moderate
amount ot onsir.eha lias tf-en done,
Iu some dpprimi?nt4 the divereeace
in tn views ot tt:e tiuyors and sellers
tits di mi ul li'.'ii. Tae i'.wern lm
no lus not been larue. Producers
who are unwilling lo n ake concessions
prasr.s? pojriy; others whothnwa
diRpos tion t3 concide a tr tie make
fur ea'cs. La ge transactions are
Bcarce thnngb tuero is a quiet but
(teauy pusinese in pmaiier lots Jor
Mgn and li mie triide buying, th tub
hra'tby, is conducted in a baud t
im.uth laihion. A further rise in fx
change or an advabce In the pr ce of
iupes is nfltessary u etiiirg onw
te a. Tneie is but little doing in ex
port yams; the presents to sell dt-
preests prcs. la the cloth market
there is a moderate bnsinfss. There
have beti small pales of India and
Cuina c bitiincs with occasional slight
conceseluns in prices. Dhootus, ikc
conets, ninlls, p-intlng snd other tin
telunir r lotl n are stetuy with modot-
ute sales.
The following qiotaUoos are the of
ficial qnoUtium of tha . Merchants
Exchange: '
Cobhmbal Standard. f2 45: Dearl.
$3 50; roller, f 2 60.
Hay Choice, from store, 75fS0e;
car lsad from levee or depot, $1350
14: pri'ne, trom storp, 70(760; car
load from levee ordaput, 113; nairie,
f'om store, 50.;; car load fom lsvae
or depot, 8 5t)fe!- ' .
4JOBW f ro in store, w mto,54j : mixed.
52 from levee or depo! ; while, in
hulk, 4c; in aaakn. 52c j mixed, in
balk, 47c? in fackp, 50j.
Oats r rom 6tore, w lute, 40c ; mixed,
Ma: frrn levee or deoot. white, in
bulk, 35c; in sacks 37c mixed, ia
bulk, 33;: in mickp, 36c
Bban Irorn st .re. 75(5,,83cs from
lovee rr der.ot, $1313 50.
Flodk iroin a-nr. Hx3. 13: fam
ily. J3 50 ; choi e, 13 75(.)4 ; fancy, tt(i)
4 25 ; extra fancy, 11 50 : pMeatp. tOfJil
5 5).
Buans Navy- $2; medium. II 50()
1 75: rornmriD, f2 25: German millet,
$1 20 1 40.
R:cs Louisiana, 4(j,5;; Carolina,
Oatmeal in naii-barreli. 13(33 25
from store.
Cbacxbbs-'So'Is. extra, 4c; sods,
treble extra, 41c ; lemon crackers,
lemon cream ' ' crackers.
treble extra. 71c : jdngax soaps, exits.
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 6c; ts
sarted lumbles, 9c. '
CBArxto Wheat In half-barre!,
$4 2) from store.
Hominy and Gkits From store,
.$3 15($3 25.
Kassas City, Mo., August 25.
Wheat ready; Nt. 2, red, cash, 65 c
bid ; September, 65s bid, 61 c asked ;
October, 6(c bid. Com stronger ; No.
2, cash, 32i; September, :;i;ijc;
Octobfr, 3Mc hid, 3oj2 asked. O.ta
comiual, 25c bid cash.
St. Louis, Mo., August 2". Flour
qu etbur. s'csdy; XXX, J2 35(i2 45;
family, i 2 55(ft2 75; ct.o'ce, J3 20tT
3 40; ficy, $3 SOfW 60 ; oxtra f.mrv,
53 753 95; pat'ente, Si 2 '(;()4 50.
Wheat higher; declined early from
quieter cables 'lc, but recovered on
rep.rt4 of a decline in consols aud an
increa-e of 150.000 buflh.elu on page,
closing .Jc bilow yi'strday. Sales
rangd: No 2 red, cash, 7!' jo .'Septem
ber, 7980Jc, doting at SOjc bid;
Octob-r, 882c, clobing at 822 1;
November; 83(u)84j cloiing at 84 jj
Corn dull, wilh very little trading, but
firm and higher, in evmpalhy wi h
wheat. Salej rangad: No. 2, mixed,
cash, 3S;c aked; September, 38c. ;
cl-ia at 36ic bid; October, 40 (j
40f!(;, c:o ing a'. 4( 5 s; Nnvember, i'
f')413c, closing at 41 u bid. Oalb baie-
ivs'ea 'y. raits rngeu: (. -j, cna'.i
2tJSi27c; Sei-tt'iiibtr, 26',c; lictolier
27 Ac; May, 33 Jc bid, 3.14;: asked. Rvh
qU'Ct but e eady ; No. 2, null, 52c bid
.)'jc a-k(i. n-ir oy ilill.; Iowa Nt'Olrh
45c. 11 iy iiuet and easy; ehoicn
prai'ie, J8 50iil0; limothy, $H(
13 SO Flaxseed lower; nominally
H IM iirn wo i, cics-ng at dc
tbe c'ty mil s. Ooinmeal sieadv
i'2 10tn2 20. Receipts Flour, SIKH)
btls; wlk'Ht, 90.00J hu ; com, 32,000
bu; oat1, 33,000 nu; rye, 1KXI mi; imr
lev, 'JOO ) bit. .Siipments Flour, 7000
brls; whnt. 1000 bu; corn, 10000 bu
oats, 2000 bu ; rye, nun ; b.vley, no
Chii'aho, III., Auuti't 25. There
wjs n wtak rpeniug in wheat tdv
but tint warlike tiinor oi tlie cable in
ducid goid luving hter on. wliic
cained October f om 7!lii!, the insid
figure, ti 80 Jc. Tlo foreign houses
bouiilii freely if the ops-unu, aUhong
tfo ttmper it tne ioc! iienrmd was
boirieh. A flight ilucllilP m cotto
and liia.er iiuotations fir when'
Lo i.),m and L.vernool turn Jd the tide
in fhvn' of tha Ivil.e, and tiio tempi!
reniaiiieM mod irately strong to tb
clone. Tin li'iish Wds within 3-! of
outside p: it ei. Corn was fairly tra led
in, and wi h moderately free buying
u.o price anviticod jc l.ir the day
(.( i showed little change. Flou
quiet aud uucliar'ged. Wheat opened
wvati, iicclii.ej lie, auvanced llo, an
C osd 3c higher thin yeeterdav. Sales
ranged: August. 76K'Ui8ic, closed
7jc; Sjptomber. 7(i'u78jc, closed at
SSk; Ott'ibor, "OSfeSMe, closed at
80 9 10c: No. 2 spring, 77Jc; No. 2 red
rJt'i. Virt Ur-nier; CA8U, 41J(i)42ji
Autrmt, 4H(al42c, cloitd at 4140; 8n
tetubor. 42ifti4.'i(-, eloped at 4'.'c; 0
tober, iWfWio, closed at 44 i. Oats
quiet and iady: cash, 2tl(i)208c
cloeed at 26Jc; Ootober, 27J28c,
c osed at 28c live nuiot: JNn. -i, 59
Barley quiet; No 2, 60u. FWseed
eteady ; No. 1, $1 09(i)l 10. Rec-ipto
Fionr, I0.IXX) brs: whpat. 86.00J bn
core, 435,000 bu ; oats, 319,000 bu : rv,
10 0O0 bu; barley, 83,0.H) bu. Bnip.
meuM D.onr, 6COO brlp; wheat, 109,
O0O bu; corn, 356,000 bu: na s, 166,-
OOO bu; rye, none; barley, 9'JOO bu
lictTTBB-iiutwrlue, 124c: cream
f-rv, 22Ci5e; dairy, 16('i)17c; coun'ry
butter, liMiMOi.
I'HEKss 1' una lla's. 84c, nominal
New Vo-k factory, Mc, nominal; full
cremi, luQl 1; Youug America, id
llliO 1'HontTCTS Mms poik, 111
sugcrcu'eu n ms, i;4fi)i lc; liriiklast
haroa, hiO'JlOc; clei rib sidw lucon
iCic; Cacon ehoulders, IWlc
bulk pork, clear side, 7c; clear lib
moo, 6iu; shoulderj, (He; long clear,
l.ARn-Tierce8, 71c; half -barrels and
keirs, c; clioicu ke;t e, hlc.
lhKsu MvatoNu. 1 liLf, c; Mut
ton, 7c; bind q iarleiS ul beef, 8j
lambs, f2 50(3 60.
St. Louis, Mo., Ang'ist 25 Pio
visions quiet bir. tt'iner, Willi ai 11 1-
whi d ttudxncv. Po k job lols, flO 15
(W)IO 2o. Iru turn 1 lo o; c nretit
uiRo (piniab e in al 6: 4, but livid
irr. itulK inea's long e'ear, tb zl
('i.O 3 i; ulio t r.ln, JO 3)(!'.0 37 ; abort
it'. a( ;". li.c-ii icngc ciir, V 00;
Short ul)', f(l Si4(n',6 90; Phnrt clHr
VoO',7 20. llaui-. 12M)i3io. Cit-
tor rtailv; dairy, 10(.'M8(S cennery,
18(422i:. i'.rKa U 111; Iieeli, 114c.
Ckicaoo, Ii.i... Ati'nbt 25. Pork
11 drBtjly Bifvn arid firm; c mh,f!l57J
(.t)!) 00 ; September, J9 47 (u9 60, c!oh.i
I!M'7(it (Ul: Ortolier, 67 !( 70.
Closed ut 9 65049 674. Uinlbteadv:
csh $7 3d: Ai'utis', $7 b(V.i7 32,
closed at7 30; K0tembur,t7 30 7 A5.
closed at 7 307 32 ; October, $6 72
6 80, clotod at Id 72. Short rib
sides steady : cish,f41 IV it'Dtl 20. Coxed
mtats siOBdy; dry pa'ted phouMer,
$5 76(i)5 87 ; short clfar sides, $0 60
(n6 to. Un the Produce Jixchango hul
tt rued fim; crfntnery. 17(r22jc;
dairy, laaidi. Kgs, nan.iu
Coffsh lommon,0(3i9c; ordinary,
1010s; prime Rio, ll(llc; choice
to fancy, 12CA12,); old govornment,
2425o; Ceylon, 18($22a.
Soap 3(ak5e per pound.
Salt $125 per barrel; eacks, One,
tl45Cril 50; coarse, tl 15(1 20; pock
eta, bleached, 2'.'t7c; car-loads from
levee or depot, 6c cheaper.
Candixb Sicks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 8(flj9j.
Cakpi.bb Full weight, 9(310c.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices per doz
en: Pineapples, II 35fH 65; peaches,
2-th. standard, ft 351 55; seconds,
II J(Hal 15; tomatoes, 2-lb, standard,
11 25(cil 35; 3 lb, tl 1501 SO; straw
borrion, II 35f'i)l 40; rawpberriea,
II 15$1 25; "blackborrlea. flf
1 15; greengages, il 6tXl 76;
pears, $22 25; plnms, II 60(3
1 70 : asparagus, 12 WttaA ; green corn,
fll 35; green peao.fi 65(1 6; cove
eysters, lull weight, 1-lb, $la)l 10;
cove oysters, full woight, 2-lb, 11 75rf)
1 85; cove oys:ers, light weight, 1-lb,
65c; cove oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
11: condensed milk0"iwu, $5 fid
f.i)5 75; Eagle,7 51(ii)7 75; Diisy, f 1 75.
Molasski Louieiani. common to
fair, 18'J5c; prime to choice, 2335o ;
eyrup, 24S'10.i; common to fair, 'M'CH
25c; primo to choice, 34X:433c; cenfri
ngal, fancy, 32.'J4c.
Tob :o (Common, 11-inch, 27 5
28:; other grades and styles, 35(8;c.
Unnff (iarrett's, 110 85 per caes;
Ralph'4, flO 25 per cane; R. R., f9 50
010 25
StJGAR-Pnre white, 36cj off
white, flK'DOJj; yellow, 6j(!i6c: onn
kettle, 5iio,6:: refined A, 66r;
granulated, 6j(ci)7c; powdered, 7i(a
7c; cut loaf, 7Gi,8o.
New Orleans. La.. Annus 25.
Coffee strong and higher ; R:o -irgoe.',
common ti primp, tslVl: Rice
drill, weak and lower; fair i ne, 31
Nsw Yoar. Ascmt 25. '"1 :U -r-r.ot
fair Rio firm; ot t.ong t 1 . 1. her )
AUGUST 20, 1880.
and Jalry active : sales, 89,750 bigs; I
. A0grau.,8.gyc; uctoner, 8.40S.15c:
November, 8 40c; December, 8 40(t)
8.45o; January, 8.45(S,8 50e; February,
8 508 65c; March, 8.5508.60?. Sngr
stronger out quiet ; retinea firm ; V. 41
04c:, extra C, 6(n)5-16c; white extra
C, OlQiac; yellow, 40Hc; mould A,
6c; confectioners' A, tic; off A,5o;
s'aeiiara a, 0j.i;cut loalan.l crushed,
6 5-1606c; powdered, 6 5-16($ic;
granulated, 6 Kc06c. Molatse. quiet
uuu rioau. nao ului, ueuisnu lair.
A pplks Apples, $1 75'S)2 50; from
leveeor de;iot, II oOidJl 75: dried Bo
dies, 2J03o per pound from store.
Dried neacnes, Ll.oWic from store.
VKOK-rAni.ica Onions; $2 753 from
store; -(; 2 L'a from levee or
depot. Cabbage. 12 50: per head. 10c:
II 75 fr.nn levee or depot per crate ;
Garlic, 40(;t)0o por 100. Turnips, 6O0
per buanol.
Fbuit Oranges, Louisiana nomi
nal, ti. lemons, 7 oii(r()8 per,
tiox. iianauae, l- per bnncb.
Cocoonnts, f ier 100. reanuts Vir
ginia, 7c; leuneesce, farmer's stock.
3(i)4c; roasted, 2n higher; stielled,
10c. Almonds, lS(ii.0c.
Raipixs London layers, 13 10; lav-
ore, 2 75; California, ; Imperial,
Pickles Tn JaM, pints, 95c; quarts
II 50; half gallons, ti 75; callonp,
$375; knee, barrols.lO 50 ; half-harrelp,
ii 75; rcixed, barrels, 110 60; mixed,
1ijI harrelri, m.
PoTATOKs New, $1 251 75; North-
ein tt icr,
CinuB New York, 16 60 per barrel
and 13 75 per half-barrel ; Vinegar, 10
por gtllon.
Pecans Texas, 801Oo for small to
medium, IOC"; 14c for large; Arkansas,
Fisit Mackerel, half-harrela, No. 1,
IIXC05; No. 2, 253 50; No. 3,
fa 75(.i 3;10-lb tit, No. 1, 8c; No. 2,
70.! ; 15-lh, No. 3, 5()c. Dry hcrrlngp,
lainilv, o0j per Pox,
Walnuts French, 12c ; Nnploa,15c ;
Urenooiee, I'm:, riioerts, lUe.
1'oiUTKv Cuitkens, 1102 25; o'd
beuH, if-2 25.
(4amu tlame fiah, 11012c.
Kims 12Ci)13o.
Iii cir load loie: Piime crude cot'on
seed oil, 73025c; of! crude oit.ui snd
oil, 206!!2lc; prime nttnnmr yellow
cotton Bee I oil, 340 35c; oil summer
yellow cotton soed oil, 280)3iicj
miners' summers yellow cot ton Orel
oil, 32c; prime sumnier wh to co'-
ton seed oil, 31c; choice cooking yrl
low co t in poeu oil, HoWftit: prime cot
ton seed metl, 114 50015; ofl cotton
seed meal, T'fetl3 u.
Baooinq Jme. 2 lb, 8jc; 1
7it; 1 lha, 7c. Flax, 8 lbn, 7Jc.
TiKs-fl K'01 15.
Ha nf2 15.
Hinicn Dry flint, 1201Oc; dry
salt, 10(ou2o ; green salt,7i08c; green,
606c; deerskins, 15017c Beeswax
doll at 20021c; tallow, 303c.
Coal Oil rrlmo white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Cleveland, O., Angnst 25. Petrole
um steady s. w., ill), 7jc.
. PirraBDBo, Pa., Augn-t125. Petro
leum farm and trading uirly active.
Fie'd news drchledlv bearish: opened
at 00c and declined , then rallied and
advanced to 61 1c at 1 0 clock th a alter-
nonn. The Marks well, at Shanopin,
idirg65 barr's an hour; .Union
No.3, at Washinuton, 100 barrels an
honr, and Divis No. 2, 40 barrel.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, 11 5005; redistilled go ids from
85c to II 60, acc.irding to proof; ryo,
tl 7506.
Ciiicaoo, III., August 25. Whisky
steady, i 10
St. Lotjis, Mo., August 25. Whieky
sfaJy, 41 10.
Cincinsati, O .August 25. Wbleky
steady ; ta'es of 6(13 Parrels of finished
good 0:1 a basin ot fl 10.
Live nrocit.
(Jatti.k Choice ti extra corn fed.
900 to 1050 lbs, none received; g'od,
none r .-cm vd ; choice grass cattle, 346i)
3o;gool, 2!i4.tc; fair to medium,
2irr.24c; scai'nwiu's, IK-Hc.
lions (Jlioico,4403Hc; K00d,3i(.i lc;
common, dfui.iic.
Siiunr- Choice, 31(irt34o ; medium, 2J
03c; common, 10rtl 60. Choke
lainbp, per pound, 4104c.
Kansas Citv, Mo., August 25. The
Live 'Stork fnilkalor roports: Cattle
Keceipts, 3100 head ; shipments none;
go dtichoice nitives steady; rarge
slow and 10c lower; s ockersnod feel
ers seady; good to choice, $104 50;
common t mn4inm, 13 40(i3 00;
Blockers, 2 3002 75; feeders,
$2 800 3 40; ows, $1 60W2 75;
grt84 range s eers, f J 40(")3 40.
iiogB Keceipts, 6054 bead; market
weak and IrreinNr: oommon to graps
hard to sell; good sesorttd, (4 600
80; common to medium, $4 300
63; skips and piim. 12 65(ii4 20.
Sheep Receipts, 5 10 bead : shipments,
none; market etsady; medium, fl 50
( zo.
Chicago, III., AuKnst25. The Droti-
erf Journal reports: Cattle Receipts,
lu.uuu Lena; stilpments, 20J0 Lead;
markot slow, 10c lowor: shipping
stefrs, i.iiu to won ins, $1 oua 10;
J2UU t j:i.u 11.9. 14(014 60: 950 to 1200
11)4, S3 5004 10: stickers aud feeders.
$203 60; cows, bulls and mixed,
tl U(3)3 UU; bulk, JZ 252 7U;
through Texas cattle. 42 6003 0):
mostly $303 30; Western inngera
weak; natives a d balf-breeds. 13 10
04 ; tows, $2 7o03 ; wintered Toxanw,
$303 70. Hogs--Recoipts, 15,500
head; sfiipments. 3000 head: market
slow, 10c loaor; roiiah aud mixed,
$3 OD04 05; packing and shipping,
1 ro j.iu ins, si u((iio; ngnt wngins,
. iiii'M u; egins, fis BOC'iiJ 00.
She;'p Receipls, 4100 head; ship
ments, none; market weak and
shade lower: naive. 100 to 120 Ibi
and over. 3 6004 50: 80 to 05 Ibe.
$3 .3 40; 65 to 8J lbs. $203; lambs,
Nkw Yohk. Inmist 25. The ihar-
a tor of the demand witb saentH cjn-
noei of the moderate' oroDoitions of
tie pr coding repirf, while with job-
(its ii snows a Biaay improvement.
W any' laava and liiia 1 aaiTMiNT,
aauaiaatoea apuclllj lor liyiteria, bitil-
on. t'n7Diiioov, a ua, iNervout neural-
Hoedaohe, ero- Pronratlon, oaorel
v tne uae ol aloohnl or Inbaoeoi Wftki.
fulneaa. Venial bepreaaion, K.'tenlni of tbe
Brain, reiultiny in Intanity and lea Inyto
mieery, deoay and death) I'rematnre n d
Ato, Iiarrepneaa, Lnaa of Power In either
involantary Loaaea and spermator
rhea, oana. i by over-exertion of tha brain,
nlf.abnee orovorindulrence. Kaoh boa eon
t ilna one month a treatment. II a boa, or
an ooiea lor ao, lent nt mail prepaid, on
reeelptot nrlue. We (oarenu Six Boiei
tn oar any owe. With eaoh order reoeifed
by oi for ail aoiea, aoeomptnled wlln 1,
are ill eead th parcbaaer ear written
Kuamc tw o refnn d the money if the treat
meot doe .it ffmftt euro. Saaranteea
1. 1 L. . l .v. b 1 1 a , .
iu, nempnia, lena.
Arkansas City .KTt ADtga, $ p.m.
Vickiburg .
y ep VHKKr.caii.C t'.in
(4itio,5 p.m.
....BrcktYK STiia, 5 p.m.
...Jav i Lai,S p.m.
...CoANKMt, 5 p.m.
...D. R. I'nwii.L.llOa.m.
Frlari Point.,
St. Louii........
Whit Kiver..
White River ..
...Fatiipii Roan8nt, S p.m.
..Ai.hkht No. 3, S p.m.
Arrim'f. James I.o. Friars Point:
City of Na'chcz, St. Louis; Arkansas
City, icksburc.
iivanurfs. v tv 01 nfatcnez. ew
4");leans; James Lee. FriaM Point;
Chickapaw, White River: Arkansas
Ci'v, St. Louis; Conhoma, (Vejla.
Ykxim in l(iTt. l.d. roster.
Uoats Vu 1)xai- G.ivosa. Biickee
Mate and Uity ol lckabnrg.
jboat Jue (p Kate Adams.
Iterelple Yenirrrtny.
Jamen Loo 132 ska toed and lot of
Calhoun 2 bales co ton, 11 bags
siotes and lot nipilr i.
Arkacrits City 2bnUs cotton.
Tub Alho.ti No. 3, dipt. A. 11
Smith, is the packet Sfitimluy evening
tor w lute river.
Tub Loo Line packe's tomonow
evrnmgaio the James Lee for Friars
Point and the Coahoma lor Ojconls.
Tim 1). R. Piwell. Capt. George W
Vickore, will pats up tomorrow morn
ing at 10 o clock for Uairo and St.
Tub Milt Harry Line steamer Fied-
dje Robinpon, Capt. Milt U. Hairy, is
tho Satii'ditv packet for all points on
into ami liiact rivers.
Tub City of Vicksburg, Capt. Dan
Able, ii the Anchor Lin packet tins
evening nt 6 o'clock for Vicksburg uml
the bends, tiej. alton is her clerk.
Tub tiayr.ao, Cant. W. P. Hall, is
the packet thij cvfiiing at 6
o'clock for llalea Foint, Tiptonvillc
and all way laud iijc". ll.O. Mitchell has
charge ol lior ollicb.
The Kate Adams, dpt. Mark R.
Cheek, ia the Unilrd Stntos mail
pacrot t'liH evcnlrg at 5 0 clock
for Helena, Arhatisns City and a'l way
landings. W. C. blanker has charge
ol hr office, a sltted by Lew Price
and Morns Or tip.
Tub Bunkeye Slate. Capt. H. j'. Via-
t n, is tbe picket this event's
a'. 6 o'clcck for Cairo, Loniaville, Cin
cinnati nod all way land'ngs on the
Ohio river. Oeorgs W. Hendrlckaon
and ChnrleB Vinton are her clerkp.
The Buckeye State will give cheep
ia ei to all points North and Knt.
Bi'aiNiss qule.
Wsatbirck"; r ind ooalor.
Thh Lee Line jackets were in sod
out yesterday wi h fair trips.
Tni Arkansas 3ity passsd nn yes
terday morning ,or St. Ixiuis.
Tns Chickasaw cleared lastevnlna
f. r White river with a good showing
of freight.
RucEiiTa by rlv.-r yesterdav, 4 bales
cf c it.on, 11 bsgs of motes and 432
sacks of reed.
Cact Sam'F. Uiltzdeim. agent ol
the MempbU aid Arkansaa IVytt
Pricket Company, at Pine Bind, is in
the c'ty.
Thb City of Nntchfi tusted down
at a Into hour Tunaday nigbt for New
Orleans, with a big trip. She added
hero 1240 empty barrels, 761 bundles
handles and a good lot of cundries.
Oppick Sional Sebvics, U. H. A.,1
MEMi'nio, August 2), 1 p.m.
The following observations are takou
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Cniro .
Cliattanooia .,
Dubui)ue ,
Fort Smith
La Crosse
Invcn worth..,
Littlo Rock
Nanhville ,
New Orleans...
St. liOuis..
St. Paul..,
lHuer l.lue Feel end tenth! ol eloot
above ero or intuit I
Cairo, 40 feet.
Cincinnati, M.
Chattanooga. J3 (eet.
llarenport, n.
Kort bmlth, 112.
llelena, .
heaven worth, 20
hnniavllle, 2.
Ne Orleana, 13.2.
Pittibura, ti.
8t. Paul, 7.
Vlckiburg, II.
Yankton. 24.
Dubuque, lo.
Keokuk. 14.
ta Croaae, l4.
ittla Kock. Z).
Meiuphla, 34.
Naahvllle. II).
Omaha, li
8t. Lnula, 32.
Bhreveport, 'li.
KvANHVii.i.E.lNn., Ansust 25. Noon
Kiver stationary, with 8 feet 0 inches
on the gauge.
CtmnNHATLAnircAt 25 Noon Hlvei
13 leet 4 inch! son the gtngo anil falling.
Weather cloar,'; thermometer 80,
PiTrsBOHO, AuguHt 25. Noon-
River 1 foot 8 Inches on the nanus and
stationary. Weather clear and warm.
WHKKi.iNO,W.VA.,Auiiuit 25 Nocn
Kiv.'r 2 fnpt 10 inches on tbe gauge
aad falling. Weather cloudy and pleas
ant, Lorisviu.s.AngnsI 25 Noon Blver
KIvhi s'alio.iary, with 0 feet 5 inches in
the canal and 4 feot 3 inohrs on th
(alia. Weather clear and hot. litis!
noes dull.
Cairo, August 25. Noon River 11
feet f inches on the nature and riaiutt.
Weather clonr. Arrived: City of St.
Louis, New Orleans 1 a.m.: Bnckeye
State, Cincinnati, 3 s.m. Detiartnd:
City of St. Louie, St. Louis, 2 a.m. ;
Unckeye Mtstp, Memphis, iu s.m.
urn. yorn ntnllnr tar Hie Orltrlnol 93 HKo.
lwrmtof Itnluilofie, . ftw.M
Stone Ormolu anleeeb'urlngtbl8tmp.
pi 1 1". viirjaiwiMu iii i'ri ii ty
liiUy, Comjtyri u itil Apin-ar-Civy.
A (MMta.iril wnt t'
im will hrlna you Infurmi
Hon JKmtotT'tthli bhou lu
t twj tiiHtuorltirriior.
41 Unooln hi.
L. .JK., eeaxl htrW In Ibe eelliuaaiim nt
'tortn " aun oil" in we workL TUo
Satatctib) Ur tbe MApwJ.'
Ab've Low - -
Water. Change. I? J
iioths V
i 5-r :::::::: mMmL "
'? .1... ::::::: fefegs t O
3 7 ii 'w'ii'l'-fiyrrri 5
........ 2 WiMV!:l&llj3i
5 3 n .u -frnfrsar ry
3 5 4 V;r lfe v
? M v T-PT O
Freddie Robinson.
nilb jirrr. n....M. ul tr
For llileaa, Ternme, De Valli bluff, Dei Ak,
AunatU, Clarendon, Newportand
Will Itere aa above SATURDAY at 5 p.m.
Tnronth ratea to all nolsta. Freliht 0011
iunJ to Milt Derry Line, Memphia, will b
promptly forwarder!. JAS. B. RoUERS.
OrVe7 Vmli'nn rt. Taleptinne 71.
ISuckcye Stale r-"iT
11. J. Vinton muter.
Will lenre TUP KSDAY, Aur. 2'Uh, at 5 p.m.
Vor irelnbl or paifa(e apply to C. B. KUS
IShLI., (4. F. A T. 12 ,Sdiion at. Tela-l-hoi.
No. 2-7. .IQIIV CAHK. Pn'r Ar't.
Nt. I.nnle nml .ew (Irlennit Anrliur
Uiir-i:.. MhII-HiK VICkSBLKi.
City of Vicksburg, .ssv
Im- Able mitr. Bt&iZA&SSZ
M il! UAve Klerntor i llt'RSDAV, Aum.t
2oih, at li p.m. K,ir froijht or initiate apply
C, I,. II . Ayt. All STl'HM. Sup't.
For Ul''kmnn, Cnlro, St. t.ouls un I nil Way
Iiuntlimr-Tlio oteiiiint ktujiuer
Vicker mauler. W
"ill letve the Mavot.r KltlI)A, Au.unt
UTih,nt 10 a.m. ForfrelKhi or nsnace npnly
C. 1,. Him,. INj. A't. ;a!i KT"WM. ..'.
For Oceol. H nine 1'olnt, Cnruihersvllla,
Uayoau ari'l Tiptnnvllle Tha new rlenmer
W. P. Il.ill niaalerllJ.il. Mihnll...o.orkl
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J. H. Cooptr, Di.'Ur....J. W. .- uiitne.i.cierll
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Will louvo KVKKY WUIiAKhUATaTt iMU.
NTH. Al.liritIA NO a. .
Albert II. .Smith inartrrJ
Will leave KVKHV bAJlKIA at r,
i'hrounh ratea aiven to all point. Freight
eoniiied to tho Meinphia and IVhtte River
Packet Co., at Momphi or Terrene, will be
furrnrlii promiillr. For cenoral inlurma
tlon apoly at olllre. No 8 Madiion at., ort
I'nll Trlophone r.'J. H. O. 1,0 WK, A't.
The Kt. Francis Itlvor TrauHuortatloi
Co.'l fine Uirle-W heel U. 8. Mall fiteamel
IS1 FoNtcr, r a-vTr
0. K. Joplln mailer,
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I & o'oloek, for Marianne,, the Cat-Off, aa4
InUrmaJlne Undluaton 8t. Franolt rlvtr.
The captain reaeMea the rlilit to pan aj
laniiir uf !ie deetne anaafo. JAS. LIE, Jr..
Hmerlnti.n.1et No. 4 M,Tlion at.
Meinphls nml Vicksburg Packet Com
panv V. M.Mali Line.
For Helena, ''ononritla. Terrene and Arkan
aai Cltr The eleaant paaaeoaer a tea met
M. K. UhM)k...n.Mtr I W. O. BUnkor..,oUrl
LaTei Maimtihli
fi.m.,roaervln (hermht to peat all landing!
he (inntuin uinrdeom nnaafe. Kot nnaral
Information apply at offioe. No.4 AfadlaoS
itrent. K. WALWOHTU, Aaent.
IIH P A I1 H. Pi"r A pent, Teleohone 1'
Arkiuieas Hlycr l'k't Co.
Str. R, L COBB,
V II U.nl.k ........
Learai Meun hil Every Tl) KHDAi , at 5 p.i
mmi r., Aaeni,
Ofttoe. No !. Mndlann at.
Teleiibone No. S.'
pp"22 a 3 i
$7X ft S f
JOHN r. KAMlI E A- CO,, Agcnto,
Wnthl. Teno
Electric Belt Freo
TO Introiliine It and obtain acenti we will
for the nxit aixty dura aive away, free
nf eharve, In eaoh county In tbe U. 8. a lira .
Itd nuuibnr o( our Uorniiin fcloclrn Ueil. '
vaeln NarniMry llxlla. Prio w
oaitive and untnuinsr cure for N ervoua 11
ility, Varicocele, timianlcni, Ianotenoy,
etn. MH.I) Rawer 1 raid If erry Belt w
niartma'tnre dee i atcarale a ranaln
InotriJ oarreat. A.ll'-n at race CLrO.
KIO BILT AG EjlL'V. P "O. IBox .179.
lirpoklrn. N. Y.
...ft .a. Nfiai)TTllalrm JOiu.I(i IHS
V ,Vrflrv?, tliuMr.ewrprUMl. am n.t,
I .t'.tflL: ," .''. niu.nui ot I'll Kaw.OrwU
tnm. PiW.taa lo. No tmilttftft.
Pennyroyal Pills,
11m ttiiiclurtl anal Only Ununlue,
bale) and olwu-i Iteliable. llevareot w..rili.
I. Jlnlutl ,n. liiiliaienialletnLaiiirj.
your UruKKlal tor "It-ltbratir'a
f:nicl '.and take no othec. op lnc.ft i.
(atampf) to us fur partlculrra 'aianmby
r-inrn mnil. it .Alt.ti, i, la I.
eh-tr i li.lreil l's9 .
atHllmn Ninare, PhtlaxlM.,
sTKAOKiuppllad by HK0. C.UOODWIN
w't.ilfeil Hraiie. Hoatww. Meie
ALL paraoni are hereby warned not to
purciiaaftrenifloate Ko.t tvr ten aliarea
Maaonlc Temple Stock, UauedtoK. W. Mbel
Wn, April II, 1NT4, a It hai bean loator dip
aid, kLd IttaTeaiiji led lor a daplieale.
B. K.SI1KLTIJN, AdmmUtrator.

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