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JUL , 11 u
Knlebts of Lubor Declare for
the Democrats Oliver's
Bad Ktcord.
Little Rock, Auk, August 2G.
Tie eyas of the Stite are turned upon
the ptobable outcome of the result of
the forthcoming elec'ioa iu this
county. Since trie (kcapi'ation of the
head of the Republican party, )uck
has run hard againtt the faithful cf
that party everywhere. Here they
are becoming despnate. Bill Oliver,
their candidate for Sheriff1, ia a poli
tician cf the vilest k'nd, and nothing
16 too low for bim 10 stoop to in ordur
to carry bis point. No sooner did tbe
Democrats gn out the dates and
places at which tbty would hold politi
cal gatherings iu t'ae county, than their
action was takea up by Oliver and
bis henchmen, and dates Bad placB
pablUhed t) orrespood with tbosa f
the Democrats. 1; is ucelesi to cay
things are unplrasactly warm iu
Pulaski. Just now the speakers of
both factions di-cu-8 the niomentous
questions from the same rostrum, in
the beat 0! spiiits. Rumors here
have gone forth that the militia
would be calitd out on election
day tt preserve order, and that tbe
Republ;cans were determined not
to be euchred out of the election, eta.,
but from interviews today had with
prominent men in the Democratic
iaitb, your correspondent is prapared
to say that no trouble ie apprehended
and that if there was tbe militia would
not be needed to quell it.
of this citT today unanimously adopt
ed the following strong resolution con
demning the labor ticket recently
nominated in this city and running
far toe purpose of aiding the Republi
cans: Resolved, That we repudiate the so
called labor ticket now in the field for
county officers and regard it as a trick
of tbe enemy (tfce Republicans) well
calculated to deceive onr brother
Knights of Labor. The Knights of
.Labor are in sympathy with the
Democrats and are using every effort
to further the perpetuation of the
mode cf government at present in
"vogue in this county.
candidate for Trfa-urer on the Repub
lican ti ket, raid iu a speech the otner
night that every man who voted the
Democratic tnk?t was a rascal, aDd at'
vi-td the coloied people not lo spend
a dollar of their earnings with a mem
ber of that party. He also advised tbe
negraes not to pick the cottm of Dem
ocrat1, but lea it for the Democrats
to pick themselves.
know how to sustain tbe character, for
and confidential with the dignified
colored waiter at the buffet, who re
quires all his native polituaesB to
maintain tbe character 0! ageitleman
lor two.
If these men had millions, conld
thpy get any more enjoyment, out of
it ? lo have hoe clothe-, drink cbnnv
psgne and po:e in fastiionaMe bar
room in the hiightof the saon is not
tbistbe apotlieMia of the 'heeler'
ana ttio wd "worier : Thi scune
bad a fascination for the artist, who
declared that be never tired watching
the evolutions o! the foieipn element
m'o tbe full bloom cf American citi
zenahip. i
The Prepf ct of theXnvy-An Ovn
. worked onicUl-VHti.Ml
Washixgiox, Augrst 28. During
the aoeenca of the CommitsioDer of
Indian Affa!n and tbe aiatant secr-
tary of tbe Fame, Miss Minnie . Cook
is acting as the head of tbe Indian
Will Probably Accept the Place.
WASHfSGTO.v, Anguht 26. Gen.
Jewton, Chief of hnsineers, who ar
rived in Washington last evening,
says be has not definitely decided to
acc?pt the positioaof Commissioner of
Public Works of New York, but there
is every probability that he will do so
It is likely that Col. J amen C. Dunn,
President cf the Board of Engineer
Utflce'son or locations, stationed In
New York, will b selected to succeed
Gen. Newton as Chief of Eaginiers.
is receiving the most thorough can
vass it has nad sine the war, an'.bo
people i r !'ji-t'.ibat,t' rntune to lieer
tr.e mi r ts cf fcot'a skie. AVatt
Wcrtbea, the pi-:S;nt S-htriff cf the
Cinnty, makes it a point to show up
O ivr'doM racor J as Collector of the
ccunty.whfrsin tbe couirv s dues baa
to hi collected from Olivtr by the
County Court, at.d also that he rj-
toraed a'l his own prop-r y s delia
quent aunnz bis entire reign ns
BSer fl and to lector. So fur, tne
Demi crats have the 1 st of the race
and there is little doubt as to tae end-
, ing. Tte Democracy is just aud must
The Tricks aunt Manner Wllb
Which They Airrt Importance
at Saratoga.
Charles Du iley Warner In Septern
ber Harper: Tuere ii a certain tort of
life wLether it is worth seeing is a
question that we can see nowhere
eis?, and for an hour Mr. Glow aDd
King and Forbes, sipping their raf-p
bctry shrub in a retired corner of tae
barroom, were interested spectators of
tbe fwiie. Through the padded swlr.g
in doors entered, as in a play, char
acter after character. E-uh acor bj
he entered stopped i r a moment and
stared about him, aud in thia act re
vealed his character- his conceit, his
slynete, bia bravado, bis self impor
tance. There was great variety, bnt
practically one prevailing type, and
that the New Yoik politician. Most of
them were from the city, though
the country politician sps tbe city
Iiolitician a much as possible, but he
acks the exact air, notwithstanding
the black broadcloth and white hat.
The city men are of two varieties the
smart, perky nosed, vulgar young
ward worker, and the heavy featured,
gros?, fat old fellow. One after an
other they glide in, with an always
conscious 'r, swagger off to tbe bar,
strike attitudes ia groups, one with his
legs spread, another wi'.h a foot behind
on tij-toe, another leaning agaicBt the
counter and nodose and drink "My
respecti" all rather solemn and stiff,
impressed, perbapj, by the decorous
noes of the place, and conscious of
tbeir good c'o.hts. Enter together
three stout men, a yard scroes the
ehonldeis, each with an enormous de
velopment in front, waddle up to the
bar, attempt to forma triangular group
for conversation, but find themselves
too far apart to Ulk in that posi
tion, and so arrange themselves side by
side a most distinguished looking
party, like a portion of a swell front
street in B.ston. To them ewacgera
np a young sport, like one of Thack
eray's figures in the Irish Sketch Book,
shorr. in a white ha-, poor face, im
pudent manner, poses b.-fore the swell
fronts and tosses off bis glass. About
a little table in one corner ate three
excessively "ugly mugs," leering at
each other and pouring down cham
pagne. These men are all dressed as
nearly like gentlemen as the tailor can
make them, bnt even hs cannot change
their bard, brutal faces. It is not
their fault that money and clothes do
not make a gentlemen ; they are well
fed and vulgarly prosperoue, and if
yon inquire yen will find that their
women are in silks and laces. This
is a good place to study the
rulers of New York; and impres
sive as they are in appearance, it
is a relief to notice that they unbend
to each other, and hail one another
familiarly ss "Billy" and ' Tommy."
Do they nut ape what is most prosper
ous and successful in Ametiun Ufa ?
There is one who, in make np, form
and air, even te tbe cnt of his side
whiskers, is an exact, counterpart of
the great railway king. Here is a
heavy faced young fellow in evening
dress, perhaps endeavoring to act the
part of a gentleman, who has come
from an evening party nnfortunately a
iiitle "slewed," but who does not
Pro.pecta of the .vr.
Washington special: "In lew than
five years," said a navy ctlicer tot'ay,
"there will be a complete revolution
in tbe floating property of the navy.
The outlook is that wiihin that tim
there will be an entirely new navy
with modern (teal guns, ft hai been
tbe cry since the war thkt the navy
was too heavy, there being too many
officers for the number of vessels.
Naval officers of a practical turn o
mind sav tbat this state of thine? will
soon be reversed. It will be the ves
sel that a'e too many and the officer
too few. lieside?, the new vessels will
be of a type that none of the present
officers understand. The old oillcfcrs
hsve pastel the aea when new
ideas can be taken. The only source
from which officers for the new navy
can be drawn is young men, and in
order to render these capable and tfQ
cient efficers of modern ttael vessels it
will bo necessary to give them an ex
tended course of instruction in the
mn;gement of such vrs-'els. The old
officers are reconciled to the fact that
tnese young cflicers will have to be
dipenid on fcr command in the fu
ture, and think preparations should be
oi minenced at once to fit them for the
inrnorfant dt'.ti's soon to b Ipjowi.
jT-pyVi iiwn.
An Over Worked Official.
TV A8HISGT0X, August 24. Judgs
uaraam, iirat comptroller oj tin
Treasury, is quite sick wirh neuralgia
of toe k;daeyi. He has been very
niucn owr worsea tor tne paet few
weeks while ssttliDg up the accounts
of the Alabama Court. There were
sime very fine points raised for bim
to deride, and in certain instances he
waj oblige i to listen to long arguments
by rival attorneys, who held that
they each ought to have draft j for
payment of claims made out in their
namee. One of the mott trouble
some casts cf th s nature arot-e
from the disbarment by the
Alabama Court of Lawyer
J, F. Manning, of Boston, who bad
muny ces before the court. I: was
held that tbo drdfta ehould be made
out to the attorney of record, but as
JK Manning was disbarred, he did
not in some coses apt-ear on the re
cord. The Comptroller knew, how
ever, that Manning bad in raanv in
stances carried the caee3 through to
successful termination, and believed
that he should have the draft. When
any controversy arose over the mat
ter, the Comptroller held that parties
must comn to an nndersianding before
drafts could be aivon to any one. n
effort was made to get Secretary Fair
child to overrule thia decision, and
while the Secretary was at one time
disposed to do so, he dtcided at laat
that the Comptroller was r ght.
Towa or South rittsburg, Sold to a
Sew York Com puny Plans for
Its Development.
Nawvii.lk, Tenn., August 2G. Mr.
W. M. Duncan, of tnis rity, while on
arecfliit visit to New Yor, sold for
the Te.nneK.ee Coal, Iron aad Kailroad
company 4000 acres of land, including
the town if South Pitlsbuitr. to New
Yorkers for the sum of $300,000 cash.
The new company will at once begin
the expenditure of a large sun of
money in davelnplng thetiwnaml
other properly. Tee town will be laid
off acsordiug to the moat approved
plana fcr a city. This is one of the
fineet locations for a city in the Couth,
situated as it is in a fertile section
lying on the line of tbe Jasper branch
of the Nashville, Chattanooga and St.
Louis railway and tbe ptojected line
of tbe Memphis and Charleston rail'
road, which will undoubtedly be built
this year. It is upon the Tennessee
river, which, by the pasagn of the
river and harbor bill, will h-i made
navigable for the largest river steam
ers at all seasons of the year. The
facilities for handling coal and iron
are not exceeded by Birmingham.
There are now two krge furnaces and
one foundry at South 1'ittebnrg which
a-e turning out 300 tons of iron per
day, and arrangements have been
made fr the immediate erection of
three more furnaces. One iB to be
baiit by the Tennessee Coal, Iron and
Railroad Company, and tbe other two
by Eastern compauies. Tbis, within
itself, is a sufficient guarantee of the
success of the place.
A Bad State or Aim Ira Bepsrled
From tbe Drontli Klrlckeu
Heeling of tbe State Convention at
Waco, Tbx.. Augnat 20. The Re
publican State Convention todav nom
inated a full ticket, headed for Gov
ernor by A. M. Cochrane, of Dallas,
Tbe platf rm tavcrs tbe submission of
a prohibition anisndinent. to the con
stitution to the vote of the people, op
poses th? leasing of cmvicts, de
nounces the oppression of the mercan
tile and laboring interetts by monoplv,
and favors the Bla'r educational bill.
Resolutions of raepect to the memory
of Judge Benckluy, ,Gen. Grant and
Samuel J. Tilden were adopted.
Dade Crook Arrested at Hi. Loala.
St. Louis, Mo.. Aug. 26 Dtectives
arretted here today a trio of dude
Crooks who are known all over the
countrv, one or all of whom may be
wanted at reveral places. One of the
gang, Jimaie Carroll, is known as an
expett back sneak. Some yeats sgo
be . did time in Canada and
different States. Bartley Kellv.
another of the party, is kaown sea
bank robber b all detectives.
The third member of the trio gave bis
name as R. A. Sampson. lie says be
cme from Montreal. They were all
stopping over here on their return
from tbe Grand Army of the Republic
Eocampment at San Francisco, they
say, but the belief is tbey came here
ti get tbe lay of things to work during
tbe Knights Templar Conclave and
fall festivities which are to be given
next month, extending through fair
week early in October. They were
placed in the police "hold-over" to
await developments, and are about the
maddest dudes in America.
Fobt Wobth, Tir,. August 2,r).
Col. Hunt CSutmaD, of Etstiand
county, gives s full account of the
condition of the people in the drouth
stricken district, the counties of Calla
han, Uolemat). Eastland. Steohers.
Young and pans of Brown and Jack.
The tieople are not starving now, bnt
will ba in a very short time, unless
aided. The farmers are nowreadvto
plow for wheat, If tbev knew thev
could get seed. They are waiting for
the seed to be given them, and if
thia ia not doue there will ba a hegira
from the counties mentioned, and tbe
improvement by theni will be lost.
They have the land, which is now in
nna condition trom late rams: thev
have the teams and the implemen's
all they ak is seed and breadutuilB
and a little bason on which to live.
The ptopis atk that an account be
kept of everythirg fttrniahed tuem.
aud when able thty will return the
same or pay for it.
TcTto -0);tff airMTrTJwhEt thev
can, hut the meichantj and farmers iu
the districts say the gwat c ties of St.
Louis acd Chicago might aid them.
Tbe raiiroaJ companies have agreed
to carry seed and nrnvisions. The
need is pros:ng, and if anything ia
furnlahfid, it mu-t bo soon U be of any
bem-tit. Forth Worth has done some
thing for the dittre3eed people by in
diridud donations, and will hold masB
imetiug to take roncerted action in
the matter. Cant. Win.. Neal, of Ste
vens county, will visit St. Louis and
Chicago end lay the matter btfora the
citiz-ns of thca'3 places, while Sheriff
Dounlass gooj to Austin to do what he
can thera.
to admit that they had a day's fi jhing.
Tneone unhappy moment of the jour
ney was when they pa'sd Col. A. II.
Be o, of the Galveston iV', on Long
rond, who held np lor tueir inflec
tion a four pmnd salmon front. A
deer got into the Uke in frout of Sara
nac while the Presidjrt wra eating his
breakfast Mb morning.and it was pro
posed to drive it aibote aud give Mr.
Cleveland a shot at it. Two guides
pulled toward the animal with all
tbeir mght, hut like he bear which
was in the lake tbe day b fore, it not
a'hoi-e unhurt, notwithsianding that
thiee balls fiom a Winchttr title
skirted over trie water coae to it.
This afternoon Mis. Cleveland enter
tinnd at'ie cabin Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Corn-.;, of Cleveland, relatives of
Ssnat:r Payne.
Blaine Deliver MH Third Kperch
at Lewlitno.
1 1 ffiiraswiMfiiP
0 )5) W
Liwiston, Mb., August 26. Abou
4000 umons attended a Jtapuhiiran
campaign meeting at South Paris this
evening, which, was aldrecsed lv the
Hon. Jarnrs G. B aine and Gen. Gil
eon, of Ohio. Mr. Blaine ridiculed
the idea that the Democratic partv
wonld be inttrjmenUl in proiuot:ng
the cause of 1 tohiti tion or the inttr-
esis cf American In lor. lie decUred
that the Republican party had never
wavered in its support ol prohib tior.
Mr. Blaine predie.ed that within fix
months Gen. Dow and other third
patty "leideis would be sorry for
their present course and wonld be
willing to acknowledge their mistake.
The speaker d d not wUh to 1 unt'er
stco i as saying that tbe rf cetit labor
troubles were the result of th Demo
cratic adminittration, but th.lt there
was a suspicioutcontemporanKiusncss
eliont the two which the DemoctAts
should bs called oa to explain. He
said why was it thut as soon as they
got into power and h'gan to agitate
the tariff question thete were labor
discords For fifty years tbe Demo-
cata hal loniiht against protection
and were still fighting it, aud m long
as they had a chance of success
there would be Islur troubles. He
rtfened to the dangers that menaced
American Ubor in the South, and then
spoking of the benefits of a protective
tariff, took as an ilhnl ration the
growth of the fteel rail Indus' ry. Dis
ciusing tbe surplus reeolutioc, Mr,
iilaine (aid the Kspuldicans were ac
cused of something heinous dtir.ng tbe
last PreildeniUI canvass in that they
bad $100,000,000 locked up in the
Treasury, and tber wss a great hue
and cry'ovn- ir. The speaker w?s not
sura that the State of Indiana was not
lost to the Republic ins on that icsue.
Death of an Old and Well Known
River .Man.
Complaint From America!
Owner In Mexico.
even Tears In tbe Pealtrntlarj.
Xsw Obi.kans, La., August 20. Dr.
Emanuel Dreyfus, convi; ted of subor
nation of perjory in the Ford case,
was sentenced today by Jndge Baker
to seven years in the penitentiary.
One More Murder In Hentacb j.
LonpviLLK, Ky., AngU6t 20. A
Courier-Journal special says: Sam
Btrnard shot and ins'antly killed New
ton Harris near London, Ky., today.
The two had quarreled about a dog.
Eo'.h are farmers,
Galvbetox, Tex., Acgnst 23. A
special to the iVeirj from Eagle Pacs
says: Robatt B. Allen. Superintend
ent of the Coabuiia mines ByndicaW.
makes complaint to Consul Lynn cf
the constant ond persistent annoy
ances inflicted upon the mining com
pany by Mexnan oflioers at Unutro
Uienegai ana San 1'ablo, imposing un
just fanes for floating the Amican
flag on American oronertv without
first obtaining permission from the au
thorities at r-an 1'ablo, for which of
fense the company wa fined 120. and
eiupiug uiiuiuk uitrauuDa on several
occasions lor trivial causes. Mr. Allen
states that since the Cut. ing and Ar
raseurs aflairs tbe annoyance has been
constant and the ill treatment of
the Americans in bia locality more
pewistent. Mr. Allen represents a
Philadelphia company that has spent
large sums of money at Cua'ro Ciene-
gas and San Pablo. His statements
are coiroboratsd by five other Ameri
An Knraad Woman Cowhides Iler
LoTiisviLM, Ky., August 24. New
Albany is enjoying qnite a sensation
today because Mrs. Amerirus Dngiiics
publicly cowhided Mr. James ClafT
ney, at S,xth and Market strce s. It
appears tbat the husband of the former
lady is rather a handsome man, and is
well thought of by the opposite sex.
Among this gentleman's admirtrs is
the wife of James Claffney. Tney
frequently met, and each repiesonted
to tne titber that they were unmar
ried. Last Sunday the couple took a
ride on the street cas out Vincennes
street to the Fair Grounds and spent
an hour or more under the inviting
shade trees. Several of the acquaint
ances of Mrs. Dodging chanced to pass
by and noticed ttie numerous atten
tions paid to Mir. ClaQney by Mr.
Dnggios. These were all reported in
full to Mrs. Dugkinr. Arming hetself
with a cowhide and a box of cayenne
pepper, the neglected wife started out
in sea ch of the rival for ber husband's
affections. They met st the corner cf
Sixth and Market. Quick ss a flash
Mrs. Dufrglcs ilung the pepper into
Mrs. Ciarfhey's face and began apply
ing the cowhide with fearful effect.
When she finally deaibtod the blood
was streaming from the handsome
face of her rival, wboee screams could
be heard several tquaras away. A
large crowd of men and women con
gregated at tbe scene, but none made
an effoit to stop the proceedings, ihe
parties rre highly respectable and
move in tbe beat society and the affair
is the sole topic of conversation npon
the streets today.
Tbe President's Bovemrnln.
PnosPEcr Hccob, N. Y'., Anenst 20.
The Prtsident was wearyj'onigbt,
f .r, In company with Dr. "w ard, he
had explored a Lalf dozan lakes and
ponds, traveling in all twenty nii tB,
one-foutth of the journey bing made
on foot. They tcok their trnllirg lini s
alonir, but as tbey returned without
any tish, neither of them was willing I
special to tbi arrixL.l
Litti.s Rock Ark., August 26.
dpt. W. H. Fu'ton, one lime owner
anil conttoller ol a majority of the steam
craft of Arkansas river, wto It wall
Known to river men everywhere, qW
at tbe residence of hi daughter, Mrs.
Rvan, in this city, at 1 o'clock this
mo.ning, sgal 70 years. He wai at
one timo oao of the wealthiest niu of
L:ttle Rock, He was a native of Ohio,
bu: moved to Missouri when quite
young, coinirjg to Arkansas befrr.) the
1'iee Ilomeopaihic Hoapltnl at Nt.
Detroit, August 2d. Sewral years
ago a lot valued at 125,0110 ws do.
nattd by Amos Chuffee as a site for
the proposed free hoepitd tobeon
t rolled by tho horr copn'.bit.' physiciitns
cf ibis city, xottay it is announced
that John C. Newberry am) Jamu.t Mc.
Millan have ech donated $100,000 for
a free ImFpitel fund. Woik will be
commenced at soon as the plr.ns Ato
drawc The hoipital isdesijned f. r
worthy poor and vic ims of acciden's
whotinnot aJ'ord to pay for surgical
aid. No charge will be made for any
service rendered.
the Hooper Failure at iHilllniorS
Butimore, Mi)., August 2'l. The
lialdli ies of Wrr. J. Il.oper A Sonf,
wr.orerrn'lv failed, ars iOj.tKM); as
83's, S;(i.!,0tn, including lf K'P't s in
terest in lho. Morning lleraid. The
creditors have appointed a loattniueo
to arr.tt gd for a settlement.
Gents' Furnishing Goods
229-231-233 MAIN STREET.
Preparatory to biilltlina: a Now Storphouso njion our lot on tho comer of Main and Jefferson Sts.
we iiave moved our U'HOLKSALK stock to the spacloim warehouses heretofore known as the
Clay Building, 2i!, i'M and ZVi Main street, where we will continue onr WHOLKSALK husfness
nntil the new house i completed. We have now more space and better facilities lor doiiis busi
neHsthnnwe had in t he otd store, and can assure our patrons and the trade generally that we
are iu a belter position to serve them than ever.
Our stocks are much larger than any we have ever had, and nearly all purchased before the
late advances were made In price.s-an advantago that we have determined to at least slinro with
our customers. Ueniemher, we guarantee the price oi every article we sell to he as low as it
can be bought in the United States.
Exccntrtx. Mot loo.
ALL pononi hiving " account" nJ ile
mnd" agalmt th ett of C. 0. Gra
ham, dec eil, ar notified to bring thm to
ui lor payment.
M. E. flRAHAM, Kiootr!i.
J. F. OKAHAM, Krsculur.
Mmph!i, Auyu't W, I "'"
SliEliltT'S KALE.
UNDEK authority of writ, of atlarhmtnt
and order of tnl iincd to uie by lleni j
Buttnherii, Krg., Jnitif of th Pcao.de
fondantf and vlrintifl wuivinr niutl tan
duya' cotlrt, I will procsed and i 1 at lua ui.
I rl'lny, Annual U7, lha.
at No. ZtO Second street, a lot of Job Print
ing Machinery, including one luivo Job
PrtHK. l'ai.er Cutter. Iinnoiini Kt.me.CaMa.
Job Type, Cabinet', et. fernn of lu'o, Oarh.
n. l UAAAua, inerm.
By S. M. Biibinaon, Deputy Sluriff.
Jlo m phli, Tenn., Auguit iW,
OEf ICE Boom 1 (new) Cotton Ezrhange Ilnlldlng. Teleplwa CM.
A Tried Remedy tor DIUonn an.
Thone whoiutTcr from diiordor or Inao
tiom ot th ltrer will never get the upper
band of tbe unrtily organ to long ai iheynx
luch irrational remedies ai blue pill, calo
mel and poduphjllin. But from the tried
and popular medicine, Hoiretter'a Hoinaeh
Blttera, they may espect relief with a cer
tnlnty nf obtaining It. The Influence o! the
Bitter upon '.he great hillnry g'nnd ia direct.
powerful and apeedily telt. "Ihe relief af
forded ii not apaauiodlo, but complete and
icruiunont. iu aallwnea ot the ,kin,
tarred appearance ot tne tunKUe, innigei
tion, cociivenefi, hendache, Duunoa, paina
through the right tide and thoulder in lact,
every accompaniment of the oi.ittinate com
plaint are entirely ard rrnmptlr remuTed by
court of thia inostiinahle luedloine, in he
half of which tntimntiy ia ei'tiituntly euia
nutii.g from (very quarter, and from all
olastea of aooiety.
L C. IVLlilt.
ANsrrs. I
Rrtllah atod fter- KqultaM r Dnxlivllle.,
enntlle (naarlyl ISS.0OO.000
WMiiiiiriirr r t mb l.iau.naw
Union of 1'aililurnln
ii. fa
Hnslll or Hnemllle... las
l'huula r llrooklTn IMa.
.1.... 1, 14.1, Ufa rln Department). . S.llt.SOT
Anaerlean Unretr Vmpny, Mnkfn; Bonds of Hnretyabln.
AU elanei of property lniarl. f peclal Attention ilren to lmurlng Countxy'crtaT.
How York Life Insurance Co.
ii y tiik nRiti:i. ok ah-b or it
harrnl lota delivered In th nltv ai verv low
ratea to tlin'e who dc-Ire tn try It. Rperlnl Hate to nil atolnlit ou atnllroml
lemliiiK out l Mriiilila).
TIDWKLL At realdenceon Sujette afreet,
Iburaday, Augu't l-H). at V .', t'ciock
p.m., hatik bucu.N TiDWiLL, aged 20 years,
wile of T. L. X'idarell.
Funeral will take place from residence to
morrow (SATURDAY) morning at 9-.J0
o'olock. Friend, of the family are invited
to attend. Service! at t. Fatrick'a Church.
RAINE At th reaidenc of her ion Gil
bert Heine, tin. 11 t'ninn ,'reet, on th
morning of Auguat 2A, 1HH), in the 47th rear
of her age, .Vahv Rainb, mother of (ailbert
and Iluiitnr Knlne. (Lynchburg (Va.) and
Philadelphia (fa.) paper plenae oopy.l
Funeral Iron. St. Mary't Kpiicopal Church
tomorrow (SATl'KLAY) morning at lo
o'clock. Friendi of the family are invited
to attend.
n ALI.0WF-At Argents, Ark., Auguit 2S,
ISnO, at l'J o'clock p.m., Ann IJai lows.
Feneral will take place frnm reildcnre of
kor daughter, Mrf. Frank Shearon, No. 10
Raybnrn avenue, thi (FRIDAY) morning
at 9 o'clock. Friendi of th lankily are ln
Tited to attend.
Exicrnva Orficit. NAfHvu.i.i, T.
W11ERBAS, The Forty-Fourfh Oeneral
As einbly of the Htate of Tenneaaee,
at ita reaular aeaiion of 18M, and on toe 3ith
day of March, 1"S5, by a joint reinlution
which wai agreed to hy both th Semite and
the Houae of Kepreaentativea, did n ropoa
an amendment to the Constitution f the
State: and whereat, the Conetituti n, Arti
cle XI, Section d, require, aaid propoaed
amendment to be referred to th Ueneral
Aareoibly neit to be choien. by which (Jen
rai Aaiembly it ihlill be agreed to by two
third of all the member, elected to each
llouie, before being aubmitted to a direct
vote of the people i and whereaa, it ia re
quired by law that aeid propoied amendment
ahall be pnblithed for aix montha previou,
to tbe tun of making luch choice ol th
next (ieneral Aateuibly I
Now therefore. I, Wm. B. Bat. Governor
of the State of Tenneaaee, do hereby caui
to ba published the aaid pronoaed amend
ment to the Constitution of the State oi
Tenneenee, which la aa follow, : "To add aa
Section Utt) eighteen, Article (11) eleven, ot
laid Conatitution, the following:
"Sio. IS. No- perion (ball mannfaetnr
for tale, or tell, or keep for aule, aa a bev
erage, any intoxicating Ixjuora whatever,
Including wine. ale. and beer. The General
Aaaeuibly ahull by law preacrlbe regulatinni
for the enforcement of the Tirohihitinn herein
contained, and tha.ll thereby provide auita
bie penalties for the violation of the pto
viaiona hereof."
In tealiiuony whereof, I bnv hereunto aet
my band and caused to be affixed th great
leal of ihe Stt of Tennonee.
iun at ibe city of Nafhville, thia 2"'.th
day ot April, in the year of our Lord one
tbi.uaand eight hundred end eighty-six. ot
the Independence of the United fcuile the
on bunured aod tenth.
8IiL. Oovcrni r f Tonne's.
fcecreretay of htnte.
A MONTH, ait'i -ui1 voi-wi.it
ti. tf m'l' ' i , ; :' " r -t' I '.irn'i. frrr.
iut..JAJ UU?UM.Ucirelba1Uta.
(Successor, to Eckerly, Stone & Co.)
Cotton Factors
268 Front Street, Memphis.
Pbfsiclan, Sarreon and lecoocber,
313 Mitlu N(ret. Xe'tr linion.
Telephone No. m.
Th only DArfect subt(tutA fur MnthAi'a
ail V(tltlUjn IS
vniiR uv
C h n I Ma Infnntnin
A pr0r1lftMtrl food for Dy
psDtlos, Ooniumptlves, Convnlsonta.
rarfiBot DOtrtwDt in u W nit Ing Dlnn,
111 DB DO OQURlDK' lMir 1SOOK, Cllf
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000,
J. K. GODWIN, Prea't. J. M. UOODBAK, Vlee-Presn. C. U.;R1LE, Ctfiklen
w. t. iinuuK
Boiira off Xlrootor
J. M. (iOODBAft. J.
u fi k)mj itu t ur lit .
Jin., An.
. P. DUN A
D T 111 AlU
! vunvn.
aj im, vr r it'.
A. W. NKW80M.
trl jrepeaHwry f lb Htetaa r Tauaixnoe. Trawaweia a weawirnl ataMak(a
atauiaieee uaai civea aateeuai Ataeainoai to jeiiiiiavi
try Goods, Notions, Hosiery
Nob. 326 and 328 Main St., Momphli,:Tenn.
M. V.
Blank Book Manufacturers.
No. 272 Second Street,
(Ay ret Block )
New BndLntfKt Styles Stock. Sew
Type, Xew Machinery.
Prices as Ion as anywhere, North
or East.
Increased facilities for doing all
kinds Llthoirrarihlnir.
For Sale Engine and Boiler.
Of? HORSE POWER Nearly new. Alao,
4L1O aenokettac):. belting, pulley,, ahalt-
toola. etfl.'Anrilv to or allreaa
Hl'lV, McHOWAM k CO.
Ofllce, 590 Main Street,
First Door South of Englnehoaa.
BirStrict attention ivq to all buiineai In-
lutteu to bu car.
(HaMPLKTK THAN KVIK BU0M. and oor rrioea will compare wlta tuo of any boaiO
lo the United States. We ar Agent, fur
TeiinosMO JHanatacltuing Co.'i Plnlds, Drills, Hltoetlti(r, Nhirtlar, Etr
WhoIcMiWo Dealem ami FubH(lirrM,
Sule Agent, for th following Firit-Claai Initruxentf i
lIJLXO.S Kranich St Bach, Gabler, and Wheelock.
OIIOANS Clough tl Warren, and Smith American.
Write for Ctlogno. Xo. 281 ami 2:t Nconl hireot. MompliU
(Ootton Faotora
And Commission Mcrchanta,
Uoa. 84 and 3C Ilfaellwon Street FfenaplifsJ
A rllI, FOK TOI'M.
I.AItl i:H, olnuililn, 1'xun-
Healthy Lnoation: lUnil-ouie
Union J, (14 a re): t'auactou.
huitaiOK,, well lighted, heau.l auU veuiuateat ttn lilinrv, apparatua and e'ltilpinent : 17
teachera. Thorough and ooinplete eourie rf ln,tructutn. Iteat advaniaae in .ituic, Klccu
tton, Tainting, etc. No lactarianiam. 8rtltt Annual tlion begun M0MAV, bepU V
1SS0. Frioei reasunahl. ill uatrateU Catalogue lree.

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