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fetTtDJrw Orlfai ua Texu R'
iumiimSippi vallkv bouts.
ad artar May l", pumnr train oa
thi rrd will run a tollown
ki&l MAIL. I bo. Ik. I. Aorta."
4:D p.m
fl:SV B.B
10:03 .m
1 :() e.m
: a.m
7l.il e.m
4t7 a.m
1:13 a.m
11 :1 p.m
Jifl p.m
oilio p.m
Ii44 a.aa
:2S a.m
:14 a.ui
Jew Orleana
1 With all linntrin(Mmph.
4-Wltb M. A N. W. H. R. lor ll.lena.
O or (4rnvill and Huntington, and all
Arkansa point.
1 -With V. A M. and V., B. P. Railroad.
-With N.. J. AC. R. R. lor Match! and
-For Point oa th Branch.
--With ateamera lor Bayou Sara.
-With railroad dlr.rilnt or Florida,
Tolas ami Coaatlnolnt.
JAB. M. KDWARDS, V. P. and 3. M.
A. J.KNAPP.tt. P. A.
laalaalppl and TtnamM -Train
Iiov a follow: Mew Orleana nail arrir
ail j at :J6a.m.t Uaru daily at 5:00 p.m.
wjaortMewaaaad Miaalaelppl Val
y. Train! mor a follow i Fat in
Iaave at 10:00 a.mj bt. Louli last llu
hth at 5:30 p.m.: Fait lino arrir.a at 1:30
p.m. t St. Louli fut Ho arm at l:(J6 a.m.
Lantavllla aad Kaahvllla-Train
mora a follow) t Vat mail arrir daily at
lift a.m. I leave at 10: 10 p.m.: mall learei
dally at 10:10 a.m.: arrir at 4:00 p.m.
Itrownivlll aooommodatiom luru daily'
eioeut Hunday, at oiOOp.m.t arrir daily,
leapt Sunday, at 8:60 a.m. (atandard time).
Meaaphl and LI III af,-Train
fior a follow (oontral itandard tlmeli
I. 1 laarai daily at 4:l' p.m.i arrive at
iWr.m. No. S leave at 6:nSa.m. arrival
at 8 tho a.m. No. 6 (frei ht) leaves IlopBald
daily (aioapt Sunday) at 6:00. a.m.t arrive
at 7:10 p.m.
ajnir Rente IHhiiih 1ly, Jprla
Held and Meinplata) Trains leer M. and
I. dapot a follow: No. 4, Kanta City ei
tmi, leaves at lOito ejn-iNo. 8, Kama
City eipresa, arrir allies) p.m. No. '2,
Kama City mail, leawo:O0 p.m. I No. HI,
Sanaa City mall, arrir at 8:4ft a.m. No.
i, Ht. Louis and Chioaeo eipr.ni. lv at
1:00 p.m.; N. 1, Ht. Lkii end Chlnaoi
presa, arrlrei at 8:46 a.m. la (fftot Sunday,
April IK, IRHrt.
Memphis Bad rtiarleetoa Train
Jiove a follow I Through eiprell leave
ally at 10:40 p.m. Mail and axpreaa leaves
daily at 10:00 a. in. Somarvlll aenommoda
Uon lear dally, aioapt Sunday, at 6:30
m. Through eipreaa arrlraa daily at 5:2.1
a.m. Mail and expreai arrival daily at 10:00
S.m. Somervlllo accommodation arrlraa
ally, (inept Bunday, at H::in a.m.
emitlil., HlrauliiKham Hiid Atlna.
le Uolly Sprint Ronta Train mora a
fallow I No. 1 laara Meinphia dully at 3:45
&m.i arrir at Unlly Springs etSiM p.m.:
0. leaves Holly Springs dally at :00
8.m., arrlraa at Memphla at II tin a.m. t No.
Iave Memphis dally at 7:14 p.m., arrlraa
p Holly Springs at 11 i4f p.m. i No. laara
Holly Springs dally at Sil6 a.m., arrlraa at
lUmphl at:4.S a.m.
The annual trade rtview qf Qt AP-
PEA I will be publMied on the 11 qf
bfptrmbrr. It will be in evrry reaped re
plcte with , fijuret and logical com
ment and ftJuctioti of interett to th tuii
nrw iiUtrerit of ifemph't, and in order
to accommodate vierclutntt and otheri a
mammoth edition will be iuiud on tliat
day. 1'e adviee advertitm of lite fact in
order that they may prejvire their notic.ee
and advertitemenle for it, and avail them,
telvnof it immrnee circulation among the
planten uho make Memphi their marl-el.
Order for advertiennenti or pa peri $hould
t left at the counting room at early at
potsiMe, inordirto tecure prompt attention.
Far ilimuippi: Fair weather ; north--crly
wimlt; ntarly ttalionary tempera
ture. For iMtitianaand Texas: Fair weath
er; northerly windi, becoming easterly;
nearly ttationary temperature.
For .lrjciinan ari Tennenee: Fair
weatiur, northerly wind; no decided
change in temperature.
MetoorolOB-lcnl Report.
MnrHin, TN., Aiiini't 311, IBM.
........ !).....
Time. liar. I Tliur. Wind. W'tlier
7:00 .m. 29.801 CD.O N V. TLr't'g
11:00 a. in -
8:00 p.m. 29.840 7(1.0 N.W llaiy.
7:00 p.m
10 :00 p.m. 211.927 7l 0 N.W. Uloar.
Minimum tomporaturo, 01) 0.
Clzoue, 11 a m., 1.
RaJufnll, (100.
la tit iiuttiia Hdiciua.
Siohai, 8iivic. U. 8. Abut,
Anuust 30, 1880-5 p.m.
Dlvlsiou of telegrams and roporta for
tha beneflt of commerce and Krioul
lure. Cotton nimou bnllolin lor tha
twenty-four hour ending August 30lh,
Ht 6 o'clock p.m.
Hk fc.
ifiMrina dis- J g g a
TR1CT ?5,?B g
Memphis 80 111) ,72
Bashvillo 7(1 (17 .G2
Orand Junction... 81 (17 .Oi)
Oorjnth 82 (ID .(X)
Tnacrtmbia 83 (17 .03
Decatur Ki 70 .03
HcottBboro 81 (.7 .31
Hernando 81 64 ,:t2
Uwv,lle.. ......... 81 70 .18
Jrmiivla 85 (18 M
povlunton 81 fi!) .00
tlyersburg 80 (IS .08
lirlinKtou., 84 Oil .02
Browusville. 81 07 .10
Milan '8.r 08 .
Paris- 8S 65 .00
Bolivar.... 82 (18 .00
Holly Springs 81 07 .32
Oxford 82 70 .08
Bums ... 1552 127(1 2.81
Muana 82 07 .15
Is I-iii g.
Wilmington 80 70 .12
Cbarleaton 81) (17 .27
Augusta 88 70 .22
(Savannah 80 72 .40
Atlanta. 87 70 .21
Montgomery 84 08 .37
MobiU 85 70 .21
New Orleans. 88 70 .45
Galveston 03 71 .24
Vhkebnrg 88 08 .2(1
Lif.lu Kock 87 06 .17
Memphis 82 07 .15
lum... 1040 829 3.07
Wean 87.0 01) 0 .2(1
dpt. EdR.II ut is back from the
North and East.
The grand jury makes its final re
port to-morrow.
Tho United Slates Marahalnlilp
matter ii settled at last.
J. 1). Clinton was sworn in as at
torney by Judge Doug'ass yesterday.
-Jiii'gJt Douglass will hear motions
tsdav, wflicu will wind np his admin
istriton. Tre Citiy.9Ds' Siraet Riilrcad will
throw open the Shelby street line for
travel en October 1st.
The Jtt'Jgf a and Attorney Genera 1 j
hare recalled tLeir commliuJqnf and
will be sworn in tomorrow,
Col. B. F. Mitchell, general freight
ftgent of the Newport News and Mis
sissippi Valley railroad, is at the Pea
body. Mr. J. M. Harris, in a card which
will appear In the Avalanche this morn
ing, announces himself oat of the race
for CoDgrer a.
Moorehead City has been a lead
ing nsitt for Memnhiaos this season.
Tneie were about fifty there from this
city, and they were all delighted.
Will Cope wood, Rm Johmton.W
Phi')Ips,Dick Sheetin, Eli Wells, II.
U. Shearer and Tom Van Burcn will
bs tried to-dy in the Criminal Court.
Gen. Nettleton is in thee tr busily
engaged in maklnir arrangement to
take charge of the Memphis, Birming
ham and Atlantic on the 5th of Sep
tember. The railing in the Criminal Court
room has been moved back nearer the
door, leaving (ewer seats for specta
tors and considerably more rojni for
the lawyers.
Licenses fo marry were insued
yesterday to Wm. Foster and Henriet
ta McKee, Frederick Chapman and
Carrie P. Nelais, W. C. fcteeling and
Fannie Moaney.
An improvement is being made
on the Toboggan, with a view to give
passengers a lound trip without get
ting olf the cars. The idea is a good
one and will draw a crowd.
What interests Memphis is not so
much the prospect for new railioida
a to know whit buterirt) she will
have next season and this ia a time
of peace. Also of baseball.
"We will need the Exposition for
onr convention two years from now,"
said Co). Mike Garwin yesterday.
"The old Third alone will have be
tween thirty and finy delegates."
Mulltr'a jewelry store, 122 Beala
street, was entered Saturday niithtai d
robbed of about eighty watclns. The
thief is supposed t j have seen t'nl him
self in the sloro, as no doors wue
The ball and the bat and the in
flated rubber cuehion will soon be
sadly laid away. The umpire is about
to siug his last tong, and he may tl en
rotire to toughen his hide for next
The storm came np just as the
steamer Enquirer whs about to take in
passengers at Inland Park for the
return trip and severnl persons fell
Into the river In the scramble to get
aboard. Nubady was hurt, however.
Several prisoners were found cot
Sullty in the Criminal Onnrt yeeter
ay, as follows: Calvin Galveston, lar
ceny ; Angela Melon-), fraudulent
breach of truet; Albort Ilamtll, ob
taining money bv UUti pretenses, and
Molly Johnson, for larceny.
Geo. R. Wright, an engineer on
the Mississippi ami Tennessee rail
road, iOt luti a dispute with Ed.
MoKoynolds, a brakeman, at Como
Sunday night and received a blow on
the head fiom a sledge bummer which
killed him. Wright is report n to
have drawn a pistol on Multcynolds.
In the Criminal Court yesterday
Lawaoti Jones was s'ntencod to two
year for larceny and $0 and sixty
days fur carrying a pistol. W. 1'.
Thompson's bond for forgery was AxmI
at flOCJ and his case continued. Will
Dickens was fined $45 and sealencod
to eleven months for throwing hit) a
Chesapeake ana Ohio train.
Henrietta Alexander, Murtriftt A
Kerr, Mary A. Walsh, Lvicla llrooks,
K izuUhiIi Ilarrinutoti, Kts I'urbeo,
Murgiiret 1 arrell, t iinnie Cooper, KI 1 za
both Uughis, Matti'U McClure, Mary
F. Well, Amanda M. (irtidcer and
Fanny Gotlechalk applied fur a d ar
ter yestorday to incorporate the Eu
reka Mannlactnringtompany ot Mom
phis, Tenn. They will Ibhub eti ck to
the amount ot f 1U.UU0.
W. T. Thorpe, a planter, who
came here from Helona abut two
months ago, lost hla life while bathing
in the river about four miles above
the city Sunday evening. He would
have been rescued by his companion,
Stephen Mason, except for the fact
that a ekifl in which two clumsy no
groes had pushed out to their rescue
louiod and separated tnem.
In view ot the lnrge amount ot
pipe lnylnm coirir on the city it may
be of internet to plumbers to know
something cf forroid. the new material
lor pipe jo nts that ties made a some
what icmsrknble record. Joints made
with it have roeisted a water pressure
of from 60 to 200 pounds per square
inch, and a steam pressure o( 75
pounds. It has a tensile strength of
from 850 to 1200 pounds, requiring a
force ol 1)000 pounds to crush tt. It is
easily melted and tadly handled,
flowing in the molttn state like water.
I'd rperltlc gravity is 2.7, being one-
third as heavy as iron, and it success
fully resists the attacks of air, water
and oaitQ.
The Fohliti Brewing Company
celetna'ed the opening of their new
bottling and c:ld Horago etaabliRh
nier.t last night by giving a promenade
conrert snd free iunoh and beer in
the large ball of their new ImildiuK.
Arnold's lull band was in attendance
Biid disrotirsed delightful mum
There were upward of 1000 peraous
present, Rinl in ten minutes after the
doors were opened 1500 sandwiches
liad disappeared, as ll by eucnunt
ment. lt.tr also (lowed in copious
streams, and all who cared t ) drank
to their hearts' content. It was nearly
midnight when the festivlt'ea were
concluded, A full description of the
works will appear in tomorrow 8 edi
tion. 1'eabody Hotel Stand,
Uayoxo Hotel Stand,
Cigar Palace, tl 10 Main Street,
Headquarters for Horace R. Kelley A
Go's tine Key West cigars. The trade
supplied at ftcw York prices. Cigars
by the box a specialty.
I. sameLson A CO.,
Nile AgaoU.
A DrnRgura Mory.
Mr. Isaac ( Chapman, druggist,
Newbnrg, N. Y writes us: "I have
for the past len years sold several
gross of l)r. William Hall's Baltaru for
the Lunga. I can say of it what I
cannot say of any other medicine, I
have never heard a customer speak ot
it bnt to praise its virtues in the high
est manner. I have recommended it
in a great many cases of whooping
congh, with the happiest e flee (a. I
have naed it in my own family for
many years; in fact, always have a
ttotble in the medicine closet ready for
To Our CiiMtomcra.
We have just received a large line
ct simples of piece goods from the
great tailoring house ol
and our comprehensive and libl
gua aatee enables the customer to
otdur from an saent without risk of
any to it, and b ii cannot cost the ens
tamer anything whatever, if he ia not
affiled with the clothing his money
will be letumlecl at once. 1 rices ex
tremely low for first c'afs work.
i UU3. 11AM0LPI1 3c CO., A Kent i.
Is o. 15 Vint Court (treat.
Mas. J. P. Dat has returned frtm
Moorehead City.
Tbi Hon. Iibam G. Hanis arrived
in the city last evening.
E Blaoib has returned from a trip
to New York and Boston.
H. Hbnocbsbibo left for the Ett
last night on a business trip.
J. W. BccnARAM, of the Grenada
(Miss.), Sentinel, is in the city.
H. B. Rchloss bas returned from a
tonr of Eastern watering places.
Mibi Sos is and Ella Hick returned
home yesterday after a trip to Macon,
John Rom, railroad ontrsc'or of St,
Paul, Minn., isetopping at the Gayes t
Mrs. T. C. Bkttis of Chelsea has rc
turned from a visit to relatives at Den
ton, Texae.
J. S. Day has returned from More
land City. N. C, leaving his family
there till later in the season.
A. T. Northcboss and wife left yes
terday lor Trenton, Tenn., where they
win spend tneir Honeymoon.
J. A lo go, M. T. Garvin aod J. J.
Duffy returned yesterday from Moore
head City, delighted with their trip.
J. M. Ackib, L. E. Houston, Baxter
Mcf arland, Jacob Uottman and J-;. U.
Hikes, of Aberdeen, Miss., are at the
uayoM Hotel. ,
Mb. and Mas. 0. W. Schdltb and
Mr. and Mrs. George U. Blood ar
rived in New York, Sunday, from a
two months' trip In Europe.
Gbobui II. Nbttlbton, general su
perintendent: M. L. Sartront, general
freight agenr, and W. W. Prett, attor
ney, of the Memphis, Springfield, Fort
Scutt and Gull railroad, are stooping
at tne uayoeo Hotel.
J. J. WorrHl. editor of the Jackson
Ditpatch is in the city in the interett
of lis pup sr. The Ditpalch ia one of
the best advertising mediums in the
interior of West Tennessee tor the
Memphis merchants.
Mr. A J. Martin leaves this morn
ing for a visit to his old home at Kan
sas City, alter an absence oftwen.y
yearp. Mr. Martin woh tbe editor ot
the first paper ever published
in Kansas Ci'y, the Knterprite.
and was prominently identified with
the early history of Kansas City.
All members of Pinson'a Regiment
(First Mississippi Cavalry) are re
quested to meet at Grenada, Miss.,
Heptember IS.
3. J. 8MCK,
1. B. KINIi,
And other. '.
Alabama Npllat Coal. 1
Messrs. P. M. Pattereou & Co. have
recentlyaccepted the Memphis aiencr
of the Virginia and Alabama Mining
and i Manufacturing uompany, for
the sale of their celebrated
Alabama Splint Coal, which
is of very superior quality for both
steam and domestic usee. It is a
luivlit, clean, dry, tree burning coal.
makrs no clinker, but burns to a
white esb, and will retain fire in a
grate all night.
The mines of this company are situ
ated in the woclern part of Walker
county, Ala., about 200 miles from
Memphis, on the Goorgia Pacific and
Memphis, Dirminghnm and Atlantic
Uii'rotds. Mr. T. C. Leake, jr., presi
dent of tho Virginia and Alabama
Mining and Manufacturing Company,
informs us that he expects at an early
ditto to make Memphis the dixtrib
uting point for 500 to 1,000 tons of
rol per day from their mines. Messrs.
P. M. Put'erton & Co. are now prepared
to fill orders for Memphis consum
ers in any quantity desired.
The introduc'ion of this coal marks
a new era for Memphis, and merits
the pntronngo of our people, as it in
sures butter and cheaper fuel, besides
the money pr.'d by the consumer does
not go to the Pennsylvania operators
to whom this city has been forced to
py tribute for eo many years, hut is
d'etribi d in a territory tributary to
Memph i and returns here to onr
manu'c turers and merchant. The
introduction of the Alabama splint
coal here will prove to bo one of tho
meat impcrtint factors in making
Memphis a cheap manufacturing city,
and the chief coal distributing piint
on the Mis3lseippiriver.
l ine Watch repairing at Mulford'g
NulWribe for tho "Appeal"
Mnlford, Jeweler, 2U4 Main, go
llcdts orders from the country.
Fiii'ultiire and CarpHu:
I am now receiving one of tho
largest and best assorted stork of
furniture and carpets ever brought to
this city. My assortment of carpets,
Irdroom and parlor suits is especially
fine, nnd of new designs. The Wind
sir folding bad, olexaut book ensoe,
chiffoniers and hat racks in cherry
and walnut. Those wishing anything
in furniture, carpets, ehadue, lace cur
tains and m my other novelties, are
cordially invited to call nnd see my
stock before pu.cbasng elsewhere.
Goods, styles and prices not to bo ex
celled. Everything fold at lowest casii
lignres, or on easy mouthly or weekly
ho. 2.1boind St., oiiaite Court Square.
U( Knilixia-e k LagoninralUQ l do
yonr flnnahluaj
NoIldMUrrware at Mitlford'a
And it stimulates and promote the
growth of the hair.
Harriett's Flavoring Bxiraata are the
Order "Mnl lord Made Medals.
nlMcribe Tor the "Appeal.
Ha to KnllfMl; Laaranartao for
fan riamblaaat Maut-ritilaa;
Monogram Itanarlea Mnlford.
VicasBDBO, Angnst 30. Night Ar
rived: City of Vickeburg, Bu Louis,
Bbe returned at noon.
Pittsbcro, Pa., August 30. Night
River 3-10 of a foot on the gauge and
falling. Weather clear and warm.
Cincinnati, O., Angust 80. Nightr
River 7 feet 4 inches on the gauge and
falling. Weather cloudy and cool.
Bt. Louts, Auirust 30. Night River
stationary, and stands 6 4-10 feet on the
Bnuiie. Weather clear. No arrivals or
departures of tegular packets.
LooiaviLLa,Kr., Angust 30. Night
Rivor falling, with 6 feet I inch in the
canal and 2 teet 11 inches on the fail le.
Business dull. Weather cloudy and
Cairo, Augatt 30. Night River 10
feet 1 inch on the gauge and falling.
Weather clear and cool. Arrived:
Arkansas City, St. Louis, 3 pm. No
ilOTUJi AKltlYAltb.
Gaatoa'a Hotel.
W. H. BIHOHAM .Miriin.
Buropaan plan. Kniartaa and reforniahtd.
riioa aeeordini to ia and loca
tion of room.
W nnha. M ai R R Carotlar, Ala
E Horn Aw, Ala T Y Cain Aw, Ala
J Urofy. Ala Mia Brofy, Ala
Mr M Miller, Col Mr h C Cnyre, Col
B 11 Wabator, Ark J W Foater, Mil
Jboa Clark, Mill F 8 Latham. Mia
K Branch, Ark Ur Lindany, Tnn
A B Hoiell, Mifa J 11 Anilemon, Xtnn
J llamiihrer, Ark 8 Allen, Miaa
E 11 Moor, Miia (1 P Melchion, Mix
T Chanbnra. I.NOiT 0 Jonea, Mo
D A Merrell.T.nn J A lOKan,Tonn
Miti lrrell, Mia 11 !S Darlelun, Ark
A Dockorr jr. Miaa J C lliil, Misa
B O Mitchell, Ark H K Webaiar, Ark
A Durkary, Mia W II Wnnldridiie, Ark
K (i Chew, Ala U W Bellamy, I enn
I N Patton, Tnn I I) Anthony, Miaa
J W Uuohanan, Mil JM Ilarr'a Aw, Miaa
ti W price, Mi K 8 MoCowun, MiF
J W Ktwart, Tenn Ma K Stewart, lenn
W JKyl. Mifb R. J O'Loughlin, Ark
(1 'taHn, Tenn W II .lolinxm, Mi-
P 11 llryaon AT, Tana W K Sle' rackon, Mia
J 0 Walker, Tenn TKhai.hard, Tenn
W Read, Tenn A 8 (Stanley, Ala
W L8Unly,Ala i V Dunarant, Tenn
A Crohn, Pa J M Lot e, Ten
C 8 8oleo, Ky W B Robert, Mir
IXlurdner.Ky L R Tui nor, Mia
J II Farmer, Mil R Ripen, Miaa
PDLawia, I,a Mr M E Kngrutn, Ark
J Will Aw, Mia J B Howard, Miaa
JAMoaa, Mia P S Alliion, Mil
J Brandt, Tenn w 1) Qrady, Tenn
W A Farri, Tonn J T Hamblet, Ark
P 8 Alaton, Tenn SJBoen.Ttnn
BCMank.Ga W I Mevani, Miaa
W F Byram, Oa W U Blotter, Ua
H HCullen.Tenn A T Ore, Miaa
P D Clack, Miaa Miia h Cameron, Miaa
MraOarland Aa, Ark JO Gray, Ark
T M MePaniel, Mo J M Lowe, Tenn
B OoldaUin. Mia C T T mua, Mia
T Oarn.r. Miaa W fi (lanonf, Mia
(1 F McMurchy, Ark T J Forxuaon, Mia
KM Bank. Mia F P Coliini. Mia
W I) Hray, Tenn T F McKmt, Ark
D M Dal Aw, Tenn A Frier, Miaa
Mr Friar A to, Miaa R Wilaon, Miia
M rat Holier, Ua Miaa L McNally, Oa
Miaa L Doiier, (ia J K Moore, Tenn
MMoTish, Ark TCflooch.Ky
J A May, Ala W 11 Thoinai if. Tex
C F Wrifht, Tenn M R Harry, Ark
J D Driver, Ark 8 W Kn pper, Mas
DW Peek, Ark HCTilaonArk
1)8 Doogherty, Tenn
Tbe New dlavoao.
Ratal, 12 50 to H per dy, acoordinf to loca
tion of rooma.
II B Toaoy, Tonn TBPiun, Tenn
J H Kirkliam.Mn Mm K Hubert Ac, Misa
Mia A iiiniMm, Mia I) A Trice, Mia
J J 8turla, Tenn Ueo M Jonea, Mo
Wm A Mitchell, Ala A J Wilaon, Ala
Wra M Wood, Ala W J Walling, Ala
L U Caronboll, Ohio U W Willis, Tenn
MrsJ II Mild! Aa.Ark J N Beckwitb, Va
J I) Blakemore.N V 11 Uilbronner, Pa
F Ilnwkinair, Miaa J C l'urnell, Mia
S (i Marahall, Mo E K Atherton, Mo
W W Wood, Ky U W Norton, Mo
A L Speneer, Mo A .1 Hutchiion, Mo
L H Jonea, Miaa T D Kobinaon, Ark
R J Ilaloin, Ark L K Sim paon, Tenn
T N Lydieak, Mo E U Hrown, Tenn
J 8 William, Min 1) N Ricks, Miaa
II C Downing-, Mis E ScbWer, Mia
M Kenig, Miaa R V l'owora, Miaa
W C Craif, Miia E T Clark, Mia
R Bowman jr, Mini J (i Poindexter, Miaa
T 8 Maye, Mill T W W bite, Miaa
P Yeukel, NY U Y Freeman, Miss
F F Thomas, Ohio R T Harria, Mis
P M Harding, Mia J M Anker, Miaa
, E Hownton. Miaa B MoKarland, Mis
J Uottmon, Miia E 0 tiykea, Miaa
BAyora, Tenn W D Sneed, Miaa
(i 8 8nod, Miaa A .1 Moaeley, Mil
W.Uoadrington, Ml JU Wobb, Ky
CUFoote.Mo H CVillii.i.ue.Ga
J Marx. Ohio JnoRoaa, Minn
Wallace Pratt, Mo M L Pnrgent, Mn
Ueo II Nettleton, Mo Oco B Matcalf, Tonn
K O Field, Miss J M Reed, Miia
11 F Hicka, Ky J D Blukeinore.Tenn
J P Mohawa, Mia M 8nuudora, Mils
KFTato, Tenn T A Divino, Tenn
T 11 Siii.a. Tenn W w hite, Tonn
It R flummer.Tenn W C Miorrod. A,a
H Volenoe, Ark F N Ly.liok, Mo
R Fink, Tenn J J Stiirln, Tenn
L Q Simmons, Tonn J Leedingcr. Ohio
KJ l'urnell, Ark I'haa Lewis, N Y
WTArringtonJrTonn E C Jolinaon, Ky
A H Clark, Ky R F Kledue. Miaa
It Shrnpahiro, Tenn F L Mitchell, Ark
F. D Merrell, DC M lienale, Tenn
J 1) Felaenthal, Ky II II Washburn, Mo
Maator Washburn, Mo L Bluok, La
K Aaron, Miaa P I'apicr, La
J K Oohn, Ohio M l)reylu. Miss
8 Goldsmith, Mi" M (loldsiuith, Mill
Mrs l'ortwuod, Miss Miai Purtwood, Min
Mrs. MoLood, Mils L Hurley, Misa
8 PSymonds, La J C Pritchott, Mias
P LiLtlmm, Tonn Kd D Peobloj, Tonn
E E Moachuiu,Tenn J 8 Cooke, Miaa
N hat, Tenn A W Darraah, Tenn
W li Love, Tonn 8 Will, Miss
A M Wrat, Miaa C V Vanoe, Min
den R V Neelny.Tonn L E Heath, Tonn
C T Fargaion J lUixbaum.w A O.Ton
II W MoUorry.Tonn A 8 Watkins, Miss
PealMMly Ilolol.
0. B. GALLOWAY A CO Promthtoes.
Ratei tl 50 and 13 per day, according to
ail and looation of room tpeoiaj
ratei made.
A M MoMilliin, NY P O'Mara. N Y
J 8 Jackson, fa Mrs ( R Donnoll.Miaa
JJ Uulour, Pa CR Borruui, 'lonu
H R Walbridge, NY A J Vinoent, Ohio
CCUoya.Ohio H Uoodman. Ky
W (lay, Tnn W Wh to, Tenn
II R McVeigh. Ark J I) Mollride, III
E 0 Justhe, Mias W F Browne. Ohio
8 8 Kinatoin, Va Wm Vu-k, Ky
J C Bimering, Md J 0 McMuater, Oa
F W Duviill. Tenn 11 M Colo, Ky
R A Williuma.Tenn MaxMoyaoa, Mias
R J Nugent, Miss Mrs 8 T KboHea, Mill
J W Drahelle. Mo J W Fullor, Tenn
11 F Mitchell. Ky J J Martin, La
Miaa Martin, La W J Crawford, Tenn
II T Kidd, Ky F Orgill, Tonn
ii W Curtia, Mo (1 F Merritt, Md
C C Eatell, Tenn 0 Grave. Tenn
J MoDonald, Mo U 8 Kriiioll. Mo
O U Ingerion, Tenn E B Kinsman, N Y
F A Franoiion, NY O M Dunn Aw, La
J 8 Ulenn, 111 C 11 Am horn, Miaa
J Burke, Mias W D Hunton, N Y
J Ilaweyoutler, N X Crnuldon, Ky
C Small. Jr. N Y L U Winsiruok, N Y
L Fisliel, llias L Wridit. Va
P T Hu ton, Va 0 E 8cottA w, Tonn
0 W Breagh, Ky W 0 Baker, Mias
L Wbite, Ky H H Beard, Tonn
Al Childor. Ky P J Hrillin, Ky
DKKnaehnroUKliiMiai C B Keavia, Mo
W K Mudd, Mo .1 E (Inrdiner, N Y
M O Andrawa. Ky (I ESooit, Tonn
B T Sinilhi Miaa .1 Ornham, Tenn
W Lawrence, Tenn W S Moore, Tenn
T P Johnston, Tenn J W Anderaon, N Y
J B Uolley, Tenn E ltohinaon, La
W II l'lynn, Ky 1 1) MoorcAw, Miss
i) M 11 at ton, Mias URAtiernathy.Cauada
J F Millor, Ky W L SurpriJo, Teuu
J B Surpriao, Tenn All Plant, Tenn
W J Friedman, Tenn R M Cnatlo, Tonn
F Hawkioa. Tonn WYhykes, Mias
I) 11 1'itta, Mias J McCulloeh, (Gotland
W L Nelson, Ark W CJonoa, N Y
1) Y Lake, Tonn Mra SVan, Ark
Mrs Andoraon, Ark Mra Phillips, Ark
JC K cove", Tonn 11 J McKulty. Ill
W H Gnrdoor, N Y FA Handle, 111
A Kalinan, La W J Wallace, N Y
8 W Calhoun. Mo M A (Irrgg. Mo
A C l.oittln Miaa W Jonoa, Mia
RPduthne. Miaa 11 Levy, N" Y
J H Ballard, Ky II Spier, N Y
J Carter Aw, Mial Mrs Craig Af, Mias
J II Laurence, Ark L 11 Rnliinaon Aw, Miss
U II Marks, La DKYonng.NY
G W John, ton, Tenn W C Swoopo.Tcnn
W Colcamp. Tenn U W Bardina, Tenn
F L Mitchell, Ark J R Day, Tenn
AM McMillan, Tenn KJ Carrington, Tenn
K II Moore. Ark G P Molchara. Ark
j A Saogiton, Tonn R 8 Thompson, Ark
Colli DMcIlonry.Ky.
ImBy'B Enropeitii Hotel,
Corner of Adami and Main street. Room,
60o, Too and 11 per day : American nan,
Si per day.
Flrat-llmi Reitaurant in th Hotel.
J, M. DUFFY (10 veara with Paabody Uotal)
RT Adams, Mo W B 'darns. Mn
W M tll. Ga J A Ab ahiina, Mil;
JHGue, Via Ml'aina, Fla
RHOope, Ky GC Cop, Ky
R H Cnrr, Miaa B OTuckor, Ohio
RM llaly, Ohio CJ Alexander, Ohio
H M Compton, Tenn J M Stokes, La
t U PotU, Mo R R Cam. then, Tola
R M Wilaon, Ind J, M. Ball, Tnn
M T Lamolt, Miia C L Goodrich, Tela
ON Ilarreyman, NY TM Lewie, N Y
UN Warren. Tenn A 8 Cain, Ark
11 Kurker. NY XL Marshall, Ohio
W P Thoma, Mo W Overton, Mich
W P Hell, T.nn P M Morri. Tenn
G W Humphry, Tenn A B Seward. Tenn
J U Snyder, Tenn B 8terna, Tona
Mr Williami.Teon W G Klenk, Ark
MiaaN Taylor. Ark J A Cunninihim. Tann
J St)gleatr, Tenn A Dickinaoa, Ark
J Crowe, T.nn A E Lymu.a, Tenn
R W Carroll, Tenn A r Tuck a w. Teas
J C Urickey, loon u L, Munaon, mo
FJCalawell, Tenn G N Mono, Tenn
T A Downing, Tens
J V Nowell, Tenn
J W Turner. N Y
11 Hook. Alo
J Burner, Tenn
I. I'.rlc.n.. T.nn J 11 Hi lev. Ua
J ;
W P Thomas. Mo T L Bin, ham. Tenn
?D Good well, Tenn 0 O Bryan, Tens
BJoye, Ky B Stevana, Tenn
J K Wataoa.Mlaa W C Graham A d. Mill
W W Corley, Ala WO McNutt, Ark
P (lleann, Ark A M Hein, III
D Melrose, V A M Taylor. Pa
G K Fiahar. Tena J Hall Aw, Tenn
A B Swift, Miaa OI.eiih, Tex
Mia Kula Leigh, Tax A Walker, Va
J J Worrell, Tonn J T William. Tna
A A Martin, Tenn J II Backler, Tenn
RCaah,.Tenn J L llenning, Tenn
MJ Lone. Ark WMWaltun.Ark
JAMES C. BIX, President.
Noa. 290 and 292 SECOND STREET, MEMPHIS,' TENN..
Saddles, Harness. Coll
t&" SPECIAL PBICES U Kallroad ant leree Conlractora for Wagon, Scraper and Cart Harness.
Between & Betwixt
Too Early for the Fall Too
Late for Summer.
Hints How to Save Money.
r It if between laaaoni in th clothing
trad. Tha demand tor lummer food ia
now OTr, and Suyen are not yet thinking
of fail (ood.
Th MiaSt Clothing Parlora, 262 Second
atroet, do not believe In dull le&aoni. Goods
oan alway ba iold, provided prloei are
plaeed low enouih. The way to do boiineai
iatodo.it. If trade ii dull force it. That'
what we now propoie doing. Of coune we
till have good on hand which we do do
oar to oarry over. Now we propose to aoll
thai good. BowT Why, by. Belling them
much lower than they coat ni.
Medium-Woight Bulta-Juit the Thing
for Fall Wear.
Llght-Weliht Bulti-Below Coat.
Pine Medium-Weight Pant oarried from
th Spring.
Heavy-Weight Panti-for Winter Wear
at Half Winter, Price.
A General Clearing Sale.
We intend to aell ail onr preient itock be
fore onr Fall Good arrive. Now ia tha
obance to leoure great bargain. It will pay
yon to (took np now with the Bolt and Pant
yon may not need until tha fall. Fall will
loon b her,, and what yon can lav now
will be a lucky in vail ment.
ft FECIAL NOTICE-Oddi and End of
Sulti, and Odd Coat and Veati, at remarka
bly low price.
Misflt Clothing Parlors,
262 Second Street,
Opposite Conrt Sqnar Memphis.
grOpen Evening- until 7; ftatnr
inlay, until 11.
"All alteration! to insure a perfect fit,
done free of ehargo.
Dh.' O. D. Smith, Veterinary Sur
geon, No. 61 Monroe street.
P. M. Stanley, funeral director and
embahner, 55 Madison street.
G. W. Mili.ek A Co., Patent Asbestcs
Fire Vroof Koolera. For durability,
equaled by none. Used on wood, tin,
iron, f-jlt and (i ravel roofa. No. 55
Madison street.
Thb Herbal Ohtll Cure, the beat
tonioand anti-perindio known. K certain
nnd aura eare for chills. Price tl per bob
tie. Kenit atuuipa lor ciroulara. Any ref
erence gixen. Addren John 0. Hacker,
Lynohber. Va.
A sound nvod goes very seldom
without a sound digeetion, and noth
ing contributes toward it more than
the nee of Angostura Bittbbs, the
world renowned appetizer and invit
rvator, manufactured only by Dr. J. G,
B. fiieijert & Sons.
Thk membei-s cf the Women's
Christian Tempetacce Union are ear
nestly renucs od to meet at their roornj
No. 273 Main street, tomorrow afier
noon at 4 o'clock. BusineFB that can
not be deferred will be transacted. A
full attendance is desired.
Thi wasting diseases of infants and
children are by no means confined to
an insufficient supply of food. Tbe
trouble is that the fond is injudicious
ly gelec'ed, and tbe limited digestive
power ot the child is unable to as
similate it. Mellin's food, when pre
pared according to the directions,
forma the best substitute tor mother's
milk that has ever been pro luced.
Stcdiks at St. Agnes Academy ill
be roauined on Monday, the 6th of
September. As an incentive t3 the
industry of the pupil", o hnndsjmo
gold watch nrerented bv Mr. Taylor as
the "Maggie Kuffln Meraotial Tre
mium" will be awarded to the young
lady boarder who, having attained her
fourteenth year, has excelled in all
echcol duties and requirements.
Forty Tears a Sufferer from
"FOR POrtTY TEARS I hav been a vto
tim to CATARRH three-fourtna of the time
a aufferer from KXORUClATINd PAINS
TRILS, The diaoharge were ao offeniire
that I heaitate to mention lt.eioept lor th
(ood tt may do aome other aufferer. I hav
int a yonni fortune from my earnlnia
daring my forty year of tufferin to obtain
relief from th dootor. I hav tried patent
medioine every one I could learn of Irom
the lour corner of th earth, with no relief.
And AT LAST (67 year of age) hav met
with a remedy that ha cured me entirely
made m a new man. I weighed 12H pound,
and now weigh Hti. I med thirteen bottle
of th medioine, and the only regret I have
ia, that being in tb humble walk of lil I
may not hav influenoe to prevail on all ca
tarrh luffertr to na what ha onrad me
Gnlnn'g Pioneer Blood Eenewer.
" No. 267 Beeond atrt, Macoa, a."
" Mr. Ilenry Ckv, th writer of th
above, formerly cf Crawford eoanty, now of
Macon, Ua., merit th ennldeno of all la
tere ted la eatarrh. W. A. Ill FF. ..
" Ei-Mayor of Maoon."
Uolan'i rioncer Blood Benewer.
Cure alt Blood and Skin Diaeaaea, Rbeama
tiam, Sorolula, Old bore. A prfot Spring
II not in yonr market, tt wiR be forwarded
on receipt ol price. Small bottlaa, fl, large,
II 7.
Eaaay on Blood and Skin Dlieaiei mailed
Bacon, Veers U.
E. F
Janaca m. Good bar Wm. I, tlnrk ( j. OrrlDcton Frank G. )
maaitalollaab.ecS. 1BQO.I '
319 Main Street, Memphis, TenA.
TPTI offer to IlcniBTH OBIT thlargeat and beat itock of Booti anJShoaiww
Tv Bavo aver brought to thi market, and which cannot be aurpaaaed in quality aa4
tytMkwany.honae ia thi or any other city.
urteceodl, Inclnding tk CKLKBAAXKl GOOUBAK at CO. KKOUAMS, wehaadl
a IsnraanditleotaUck of Cuitom-made (Joodi for Men, Women. Miuei and Children. Wa
parry a number of tk beat makea in the
toem Baa well known Man', o.if Pnnb,
SpT?Vf Trade. We alio carry a ohoiee line of Ladiea' and Miaaee' Custom Kid, Goat an4
Caif Soed, manufactured by Kripptndorf, Dittman k Ce. We invite the trad to eiamina
our Itoek before buying eliewhere, and w guarantee everythin we aell to give intialaetion.
HllBAIt fc ).. j
Ilav attained, ha Induced unprincipled manufacturers to place on the market a bate
imitation. We hereby caution the Dublin that all Genuine Ciitarro will bear A KCU beat
on each hox, and our Factory Number, BOO, 8l laiatrlrt, N. Y.
The only all Ion Harana filler oigar on tb market for 5 cents.
GKBO. J. XjXSS cj CO.,
Factory 800, 3d ViNtrict, N. Y.
MOON & JOYNEB, Wholesale Agents,
sj-IERMS-Cash, or aay Monthly Installment. Write for Illustrated Catalofu.-wi
O. HOUOK c&s GO.
Wo, OQiO IMCaIxx St., nXomphla, Teiixx.
Mo. 11 Union Ml reel, BlaaalTllle. Mo. 1IOO Olive Street, St. iMmttS
All Cotton Covered by Insurance on Seaworthy Vessels o;
in Ginhouse. Sacks furnished to responsible parties.
- '-'.'. - ! mm m.je a. a-. Aaiu.1. -M-A-M-KJ w
NAPOLEON HILL, President. W. N. WILKEItSOlf, TIce-PJMjWeit.
II. J. LTNN, ;Ca8bler. ,
MemuMs CitrFire & Gen'I Ids. Ca
fl. MANSnitD, D. . MTXR3, if, D. BITJUtXLIT. "
Oraee--19 JlailUon Street, HXeiatpbLi; Tealb
Deviled Craba, fibrlmp,
Salmon, Frran fan Mackerel,
Nardlnea, l.tilialer.
Ilrook Trout, Ojatera,
Markerel In Tomato t'atanp,
Sweet Mnfftfl Picklva,
Sour Plrklva by Illegal. nnl In Jars,
lMvkled Oulon. Hot Kellnh,
Wooater Sanve, Tomato Valanp,
( apcra, JHnMinrd, Carry Powder,
Siilad Drea,lnir, Olives, Olive Oil,
Cream I'heoae, 'elcry Saace,
Celery Suit, tic , tic.
Boiler Works.
siiEi k McCarthy, rropr's,
140,14,141 Front, Memphis.
in th t-outh. and tb only oomplat
Boiler and Soeet-Irnn Wurki in th.oity.
M an ante tare rs of Heavy Viate Iroa
work of every Ucarrlpllon. Bpeola:
atuntln (. nU.tation work.
Importeri anil dealer! In ona, Ammn.
nlllna and Flahlaiar Taekle, Builders'
Hardware, Kleeirle Bella aaad Aa
nnnelaionfor Hotela and Reaidnoi,S4S
Mala alreet, eiwahla, Teasa. Kl.otrle
uppliu alway oa hand. Bapalrln: neatly
WANTFil AvKNTS.Menand Womei
IB LI " Introdnotion by R.-.J. 51. Vii
oent, D.D. On atent ha sold in a tow:
of 671 people; on 73 In avillaie. of 704 0:
... I B In M Amwm. n . . a.
inweekat on 40 In 8 daya at two differ
tim.Kiprienoe notnecaaaary. Aldrxi
CASWKLL k CU. (L't'd.
40 Daarbnra straai Chioate.
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealtr (a
Saaa, Flakln; Taekle and Sporia
mea,a Snppllea. smt Spoial atteatlo
riven to M ANCFACIURLNd and BS
PAIRING. 413 Utaln HtM onapiila. Tenn
For Said Engine and Boiler.
O K HORSE POWER-Nar!y new. Alio,
AJ snokeatack, belting, pulley, (halt
lnc, tools, etc. Apply to or aitdrea
METEB, Kec'y and ireaa.
In addition to a oooiplete line af Eaitertt
eountry, in ever variety and ttyl, and amonaj
nd KIia. tn.nr..inr.il k iiMkHf.....
and Smokers
No. 5 H, R. D. Chanoery Court of Bhelby
county. Stato oi iennesiee vs. Sarah
Morrison et al.
By virtu of an Interlocutory decree for
sale entored in the shore cauae on tha
8th day ot Ie-emlor. im. M. U. 60, page
321, 1 will sell at imblio auotion, to tha high
est bidder, in Inmt of tbe Clerk and Mat
ter' ofEi-o. onunhnua ol Bhelby county,
iMempbla, Tenneaxee. on
Batcirday, Hepti mber 25, 1S6,
within lexal hnn'a, the following deaoribed
roperty, aituated in Shelby county, Ter
neaaee. to wit:
N. mufil, fronting; 21 feet on the east
sideot Chirkasaw atreet by a depth of Hh
leot, aaid lot beini 74 '4 feet south of Win
chester street. Sold as property of th un
known leiraof J. A.tiaakett.
Part of oountry lot S28, fronting 37 feet on
tbe norih aide of Auotion atreet, by a depth
of I4HI4 Teet. Sild as property of Sarah Mor
rison and other. -
Lot 170, frontiri 37H feet on tho eaetslda
ol Main street, by 14tt'. leot deep, 71.' foot
north of Auotion atreet.
Terms ol Sale On a credit of tlx month,
note bearing intereat, with aeeority, r-
quired; lien retained; redemption barred,
Ihili7lh day oT Autuit, 1886..
a. I. MoUOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
R B. F. Coleman, Deputy C. andM.
F. H. A C. W. Heiakell. .olid ora.
1L1 U
m 0
A.4 jj
VJ G 9
Tonng & Brolher,
Booksellers and Stationers,
a IS Mala St., Memphis, Teni
Lacroix's Mineral Colors,
Artists' Haterials,

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