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VDiUnmi,irw Orleans u4 Texai R'j
aajaaaaSirPI VALfcatf BOtlTE.
Hi alter aa7 i. iw, punnnr i v
tail road will ran ai tollowi:
4:30 p.m
a.tt D.m
9: a.m
7:21 a.m
4:17 a.m
1 :1 a.m
10:W p.m
1 :UU a.m
1:44 a.m
5:25 a.m
A. 14 &.m
J arrlioa ,
11:1 p.m
7:M p.m
8:tl p.m
Viab RnDft.
Jw Orteani..
:00 .m
f-Wlth all lines enUringMemphs.
B-With M. IN. W.K. a. lor Helena.
5-for Ureenville and Huntington, and all
Arkmiai point.
JwWIth V. A MVand Vtf 8. A P. Railroads.
f'-With K.i J. AC. K.R. ior Hatches and
J action.
TFor Pointt on the Branch.
! .-With iteamen lor Bayou Bara.
'-With railroedi diverging tor Florida,
Teas and CoMtlpolnta.
JAb. M. EDWARDS, V. P.andGL M.
A. J.KNAPP, W. P. A.
Italnlppl na Ttobmw.-Tralni
faore as tollown New Orleans mall arrival
daily at 9:25 a.m. loaves daily at 5:00 p.m.
BearportNewaaad Nlealaal)l Vnl
y. Train! mora at follow! i Fait 'Ina
leaves at 10:00 a.m.) bt. bonis fait lina
leaves at 5 :30 p.m. I Fait lina arrival at 1 : JO
p.m. ; bt. Louii fait lina arrival at t :0b a.m.
l4atavlll and Katiwlll Traim
fiova aa followit Kast mail arrival daily at
lift a.m.: laavai at 10:10 p.m. I mail laavei
daily at 10:10 a.m.) arrival at 4:00 p.m.
Brownsville aoeomroodetlom laavai daily'
aoapt Sunday, at 6:00 p.m. ( arrival daily,
leapt Sunday, at 8:50 a.m. (itandard tima).
Moaaphla and Mill Bock. Tralni
no ova aa followi (santral Itandard tima):
No. 1 laavai daily at 4:V p.m.! arrival at
tofip.m. No. i laavai at 6 :55 a.m.) arrival
at 8 :50 a.m. No. 6 ( freight) laavai Uopefleld
daily (exoept bandar) at 6:00. a.m.i arrival
at 7:10 p.m.
finlf Bi (Kstneeus 'lty, Hprloa:
ld and Mompbia) Tralni leeve.M. and
I. depot as follows: No. 4, Kansas City ai
raai, laavaaat 10:45 aja.: No. 8, Kaniai
City aipreii, arrival at t P.m. No. 2,
Kaniai City mail, leave a6:00 p.m.i No ll,
Kansai City mail, arrive! at 8:46 a.m. No.
i,Bt. Loaii and Chloaso ipre, laavai at
UiftO p.m. I Na. 1, Bt. Loaaia and Chioagoei-
Xreis, arrival at 8:45 a.m. Ia effect Sunday,
Cril 1K.1RM.
Memphta and rbrIHoai Train!
nova a follown Through aipreii laavai
daily at 10:40 p.m. Mail and aipreii laavai
daily at 10:00 a m. Somerville aooommoda
tion laavei daily, except Sunday, at S :.K)
.m. Toronto, eipresi arrival daily at 5:25
a.m. Mail and aipreii arrival daily at 1C:00
S.m. Bomarrille accommodation arrival
ally, eioept Sunday, at 8:30 a.m.
Hrmttliia. Hlrmlattliain and Allan
Holly Sprint! Route Tralni mova ai
followit No.l laavei Metnphli daily at 8:46
m.t arrival at Holly fcpringi at 6:58 p.m.t
Wo. t laavai Unity Boring! dnily at 9:00
a.m., arrival at Memphii at 11:15 a.m. I No.
(laavai Memphii daily at 7:15 p.m., arrival
Hnllv Hnrinri at 11:45 u.m.1 No. (I laavai
lolly Bprinai daily at 8:15 a.m., arrival at
smpats at w. .w.
For Mimttippv Fair weaUier ; north
rly wind), beaming eatterly; dightly
For Louisiana and Texat: Fair weath
er; eatterly windi, becoming toutheaiterly ;
Mlightly warmer.
For Arlantai: Fair weather; Kiith
easterly uindi ; tlightly warmer.
For Tennmee, Kentucky, Indiana and
lllinoit: Fair weather; northerly windt,
lecomir.g touthtatterly, itationary temper'
aturt; ilightly warmer.
MniMrolocloal Keport.
Mixrn-tB, Tuna., Amu-t 31, 1HM.
Time. Bur. Ther. Wiiid. W'tlier
'7:00 A.m. 30 037 62.0. NAV. Clear.
11:00 a.m -
8:00 p.m. 30 057 80.0 Clear.
7:00 p.m '
10:00 p.m. 30.102 tii)0 Calm Clsar.
"Mmunain tomperature, til.0.
Minlmwa temperature, u.u.
Oione, 11 a m., 1.
Balnfall. om
la the On to a Hngma,
8ioai SsnvicB. U. S.ARMr,
Anttust 31, 1880-5 p.m.
Divioion of taleKrama aod reports for
the benefit of coinraurce and apicul
ture. Cotton region bulletin for the
twenty-lour hoars ending Auguet3Ut,
lit 6 o'clock p.m.
BBBFHIB MS- C ftg g S.
? b ? e p
Memphis 81 00 .00
Nashville 70 00 .00
Grand Junction... 80 5(1 .00
Oorinth 81 G7 .00
Toscumbla 82 68 .00
Decatur 83 03 .00
Bcottaboro 80 (14 .00
Fernando 70 62 .00
ateeville 80 01 .00
OovinRton 80 63 .00
Dersburg 83 53 .00
Arlington 81 6!) .00
Brownsville 78 64 .00
Milan,- 82 65 .00
Paris.-............... 80 41 M
Bolivar.-......... 81 67 .00
Holly Springs.-... 79 67 .00
Oxford 81 69 .00
Bums 144S 1017 .00
Means - 80 50 .00
Drapers, g f b g.
? ' I ? ' g P
WilminKton SO 70 .19
Autosta 83 70 .30
tSavannah 87 72 .15
Atlanta. .... 84 03 .20
Montgomery 83 6i .23
Mobile 83 04 .00
New Orleans. 85 t0 .00
Galveston.. 05 71 .00
VhksbnrR 85 05 .
Little Rock 84 68 .00
Memphis 80 6t) .00
' Sums 037 722 4.07
Means 85 0 (10 0 .10
Wm. Persley and Annis Matthews
uere licensed to marry yesterday.
All the recent'y elected olHceis
enter upon the duties oi ttioir cilice
The well at the Courthouse is now
270 feet deep and is being cut out at
tbe rate ot tweuty loet a day.
Suit for divorcs was filed in the
Chancery Court yestsrrtay by Harriet
vs. lsaic Hutchinson, tor cruelty.
Sevrral county- Repuhl'can officials
retired from cilice list nitiht. They
had nothing to do with tbe earth
cmke, however.
No words except those cf praise
can bs laid Inr the cltrki, Meiers. Uhl,
Oallen and Vaughn, whose term of of
fice expires today.
in inquest was hold by Jos'.i e
liourke yeaterday on tbe Indyof a col
ored b:y named Jamrs Picket, who
-wai drowned while bathing near tbe
mouth of woU rver.
Mr. W. I. Yopp has re igned his
position in mi romcllice ti accepts
iiatteiiot; oiler i ado mm by a mer-
cantde firm. Uo will be sue; es Jed by
Mr. Eobcrt LoDuey, jr.
Vr. R. LTwylor liai been elected
president tf the Vrgia'a Oonstiuc
tionCompiiy vce W. O. Watts, re
aimed, and Mr. T. X. latleyHias been
appoiotad auditor vice J. W. Daniel,
reai an td.
Inspector Lane, of the 8ociety for
tbo Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,
reporta the number of aore aod die
abltd mnlaa and horses relieved in
August, 80; cows shot, 1; children
protected, 3; parsons arrested, 40;
found gnilty, 45; discharged, 1.
Fiom 1:45 until 2 o'clock tais
morning several ineffectual attempts
were mide nt the Appral oflice to
ring np the Telephone Excbanire on
impcr ant businers. Frequently of
la'.e CTnsiderable trouble, annoyance
and delay has bt-en occasioned by tbe
inrfllcinncy of the night service.
"Uncle Charlie" Stewart wai 69
year of age yesterday, and looks ai
bale and hearty now tn be did ten
yeeniKO. He is the oldest deputy
sbe'riil in the city, having been con
s autly in tbeseivice for the past twelve
yatrs. 11 it friends insist that he shall
become a candidate for Congress.
The residence of Col. J. A.
Hughes, superintendent of the Tall
maa bleeping Car Com puny at- this
point, eitua'ed at No. 413 Union street,
was badly tlamegHl by fire yesterday
morning. The total ri by fire and
water will amount to f S00 or $ 000, on
which there was an inrurance of f 10UO.
Henry Williams, workbouss con
vict, sentence suspended ; Tom Jones
and Henrietta Williams, for abdaction
of Agnes Letter, released; Tom Van
Huron, carrying pistol, IX) and sixty
days, suspended; Bill Coopwood, as
sault to murder, ten months in work,
bouse; L. O. Lord, keeping gaming
house, (10.
Io tbe Chancery Court yesterday
suit for divorce was begun by Mrs.
Klla Moore Dyche against Kink P.
DychP, to whom she was married at
Grenada, Miss., eight years ago, and
who deserted her two years since.
She accuses him of habitual drunken
ness, gambling, cruolty nod failure to
provide for her support and that of
their child.
The Braditreet Agency repirti
150 failures in the United bta'es dur
ing the week ending August 27, 1SH0.
againt 139 in the preceding week aid
140,1119, 120 aod 132 in the enrra
spending weeks cf 1885, 1884, 1883 and
1882 reipectivfly. Middle Mate?, 37;
New England States, 25; Southern
States, 18 ; Wf storn Statfe, ; Pacific
Eta'es and Territories, 22; Cnada, 20;
totul in the United States end Canada,
Peabody Hotel Ntund,
Hayuso Hotel Stand,
Cigar Puluce, 810 Main Street,
Headquarters for Horace K. Kelley &
Co's fine Key West cigars. The trade
supplied at New York prices. Cigars
by the box a specialty.
Sola Aganti.
W, A. Gaob returned yesterday.
D. DuBosk, of Waahlnfton, Ga.,
can he found at the Gayoso Hotel.
A. H. GAnnNEnand wife, of Detroit,
Mich., are stepping at tbe. Gayoso
J. 8. Wiu.iam, B. S. It'cks and 1?.
Bowman, nf YazDO City, ara at the
Gayoso Hotel.
M. P. Mktca!.k, of St. Louis, and
Morris D. Hacks, of Louisville, are ttop
ping at the Gayosa Hotel.
A. II Hanson, genoral ticket sgent
of the Illinois Ceutral railroad at Chi
cago, is at the Gnytsj Hotel.
J. N. Ooi.tMAN, general ticket aent
of the-Illiuois Cjiitral railroad nt Saw
Orleanr, is at ths Gsyoso Hotel.
Mis Bkttib C. Yakcby having re
turned will resume her school Wed
nesday, September 15th, at 612 Main
Mr. R. Goldsmith, the nnvlsion
"King" of the "Yf zoo Delta," is stop
ring at the Gayoso while in the city.
He is bnving an outfit for the New St.
Charles Ilotol at GrosnvilK of which
he is owner. Cj). T. A. Newman is
manner of the hotel. It will open
the lUth of Sf ptembor.
Tanmir lloixHNnsito, who has charge
of his lutl.er'a buiinets during his ao
sonce at the factory ia NewTToik, hai
just toceivod invoices oftbroe i'arlor
Giand HoUenberg PinnDr, wh'ch were
made for especial orders, one ot them
bairg for one of our merchant, ono
for a swet t giil graduite, "God b'es3
her," and one for the- pianist, Piof.
Anymt Huflman.
Wboleaale flrm'crn and 4'onuiila.
alon Merrhnata, Ko. 39'4 Main
Tho ptognss o( this firm durirg the
past year has betn something almost
phenomenal. With a largj capital
and a wide business experience they
have evtry facility for handling the
large trade which they have Fecurod,
arid the indications nra that ths pres
ent seaton will show a still further in
creane. Mtssrs. ;Kelly, lioptr &
Keilly purchase for cieh, and are
thus able to ofi'er bo'ter ioducemonts
to purchasers than their loss fortnna'e
competitors, and country merchants
should not fail to visit their establish
ment whon they coins to the ritv to
buy goods. Liberal advances will be
undo ou consignments of cotton, and
the planter may res', assured that he
will get the "top of the market" and
quick re' urns on all cotton consigned
to this reliable and trustworthy firm.
The Memphis Fertilizer Co.
Farmers will be needing foitilizors
for their wheat soon, llmemoalin
any quantiiies c.n be hi.d of this cam
rnny. See their carj in today's papBr.
Mr. A K. Ward, Herniary, will give
all needed 1'iforuiatlon abmt tin kind
oi f'rtil i t leiiuired for the various
ct ops.
Xew Ntore-ew Mtoek.
Everything new huttiie old reliable
nme aad repu atinn of II. G. Hollon
Verg (who enters this month ou ths
thirty-third anniversary of his career
as the leading spirit nf the music busi
ness of Memphii). His hongs In this
city, trg.tber with i-s llourlehing
brauch houss in Liitlo Rock, is known
fur and wide as having the largest and
bst stock of pianos, organs, ehevt
nius'c, music books,, mandol.nes, gui
tars, banjos, scccrdeons and every in
strument known tt the trade. A
prominent fsV.ire of his trade is the
"Uollenberx" t iauos, which ws notice
is exteniting its popularity far and
wide, aa tu fo'lowinu letter from the
Indian Territory thows:
II. O. llollenben:
Dab Sia-Gfn. B udiuot's piano
pisn-j has arrived, and they are all
highly ploa-ed whh it. As to myielf,
sfieralongand va-ied experience in
handling the verv h-ft mates known
to the t-ad in Chicair ami 8t. lymia.
I mn tay thut .h- ' llolnberg
Piano" is wiihont A nht ihn most
pmfuit in tote, ti it h ami wnrkman
ship that I liave e.f. r iuulled. I am
lul y and truly c nivi r cd io ihe Hoi
lenlio.-g pi 'n a u. terctfter I shall
rtcrnmi'iid tin-in nlv..v- un mhers "as
the erv b ' i nn tn v,
X. K. M0KA.. .Vurk .ot, lea. T.
1. SAMILS05 k CO
Inepartera of and tnaalera im Fiae
Cifara aad Tabaae.
L Smelson A Co.'s cigar palace at
310 Main street, is one of ins sboar
places of the city, ami is uoiveraally
conceded to be the handsomeat eetab
liabment of the kind sootti of the
Ohio river. Meeers. Sam-lson 4s, Co
carry the largest stock of fine cigars in
trie city, and is toe only House mat
Imports direct from Havana through
the Memphis custom houre. They also
bacdle an extensive line of domestic
cigars and all ths best brands of chew
ing and smoking tobacco;, and have
special facilities for sopplyirg tbe
country trade, of which they are
securing a full share. Messrs. Sarnol
ron & Co. a'so control the cigar stands
at the Pfubody aod Gyti botils,
and carry on a general tic-t broker
age businers at their Main atreet lioosi
at No. 310. Persons visiting Memihis
should uot fail to visit tuij elegu'it
eetablishment and make the acquaint
atica of the genial and dnterprieing
propria t8, Mhcn. banifelsou and
B ;Benthah
Flrat Class aooda-Loweat rrlcra
I.ateat HIjIm. al Bo. 910 Hain
Mr. Cohen has been selling bats in
tiiis city for many years. His business
grows steadily and a very large pro
portion of the popnlation of Memphis
and the surrounding conn try never
think of anybody but Cohen when
contemplating the purchase of new
head gear, lis is practical hatter
and a first class judge of goods. When
selecting stock he obtains the very
beat that can be had for tbe
money. lie long since learned to
ba satisfied wlta smal profits and
never a tempts to sell cheap goods at
high pr ces. He does ai extsnsive
bu inees and in such a wsy as to give
aaiiafactiou to his customers.
Nitcoeaaora Ivates, Dona k Co.,
WUnleaale Oroeers and Cotton
I'aelora, Koa. II 1-9 and
13 I'alon Street.
The sen'or' member of this firm is
tio well known to ihepnblic to require
any introduction in this connection.
1 he new membeis of tbe firm are S.S.
Spicer, who haj long bfon with tbe
firm, and is extensively known ai a
gentleman of superior 0U3inees quali
fication', and W. II. Don (son of the
la e J. II. Doan), a young man of rare
business qualities. The bouse is poe
sessed of a large crpi'al, carries great
quantities of groceiirs and p'autution
hupplies, and is well prepared for
hand ing cotton. Couutry mercban's
will find in this house one that can do
well for theau in telling cotton tv-jd
supplying grocerite.
Tub Call Board of the Merchants'
Exchange, after a yaca'ion of two
months, will resume its sessions today.
Globing prices of Octiber options
at Chicago ye-tcrday: Pork, $10 02.
Lard, f(i 75. Cltar rib sides, JG37J.
Corn, 43 Jo. Wheat, 7a. Oats,27jc
Visitohs on 'OhaDge ysterday:
Miss Matt e Bice, Covington, Tenn;
Miss Lula Evans, ci'y; Miss Adela
Menefee, Covinston ; W. L. Ketthley,
Covington; A. L Aydelott, Arkansas;
W. O. ltoMy, Naw York; J. C. J. Wil
Hams, Knoxville, Tenn; W. A. Po'
lock, Greenville, Miss.
Ciiari.iv CiiBiHMAN, late nf N. B.
Litten & C, and Iinlph Wormeley.
for maoy years rotton salesman of
Brooks, NVely A Co., hav formed a
copartnership to promote the btipiaesj
of cotton buy'ng Thtir expnrienre,
wotth, energy iud "bustling" ability
will infallibly n found to their success.
Merchant's Kxchange QioUtim
Oommitte' S for 8eptiu',er : Gro
ctries and FrovUiont W. B. Mai lory',
chairman; Jcs. Fader, Hugh Pettit.
Protfnr L. Lawhorn, chairman ; Mar
tin Wait. Grain-D. O. McDougal,
chsirmau; O. II. Taylor. Flour-L. K.
DonelBon, chairman; v. M, f srsber.
Cotton Sted I'rodue B. G. Letting,
chairman; F. W. B.-ode.
Tub Memphis Citton Excl aige is
fo-ttinateln tbe poss s-ion of a corps
of olliecrs who tms-ct bnpinets wit'i
promptn'ss and Bk ll, snd never de
part fiom that uniform urbanity ot de
portment thitt nnrk s the perfect gen
tlmau. Secretrry Hotter and his
abls ileutenaot, Mr, LaU lie, though
gouerally full of tuKiucss, are never
toobnsyto itaswer all questions po
litely, and are evor ready to furnish
iny information at their commend.
Mr. Bobert Vigg3,tbe jun'or assiat
aut, is also a very courteous and capa
ble young gentleinxn, and haJ made a
hos. of fnends ou 'Cbauge.
Tub officers of tho Merchants' Ex
changfl, Stcre'ary K. A. Keeling aud
his polite assietauiB, Dan J. Shriver
and W, J. Booker, scorn to vie with
ttit ir confreres at the other end of the
building in rendering themselves uni
veraally popular with all who have
occaaion to inet thsm in business in
tercourse. Mr. Keeliiig's intimate
knowledge of the Riain trade hns
made him ah aulhcrity cn that sub
ject whom tbe numbers of the Ex
change dolUiht to couvilt, end tlfe
reidiness with which ne furnishes in
formatiop has conttibti'ed materially
to his popularity. Messrs. Mirlver
and Booker are also mode's of court
e"y, and seem to tke phamre in serv
ing the (a'ronscf the Etchnnge and
fci Ititing the labcrs of the commer
cial press.
l ineWaleu repilrirtt at Halford's
Htl Kmlnlre A tbaajomarsluo to do
your I'lnmhlna
I'o Our f ustomers).
We have juit received a large litis
cf s-mpiei cf pifre oods from the
great tailoring hotiss of
and our compretiennive aud libd
gna-antee enables the cus:oufcr to
order from an' agent withcut risk oi
any sott, and as it cannot cost the cue
t uner anything whatever, if he is not
cat slled wl'h the clothing his money
will be letunded at once. Prices cx
tremelv low tor first c'aa woik.
T1103. KANPOLIMl It CO., Aranti,
No. 15 Wnt Court itreet.
Nolltl Sliver vvstre at Mnlfr4l'9
Ho lo Batlvdajro 4 l.aaomaralao for
four riaaiUaa aaa Maa-riltlaar
Bfosclej'B Xew Cotton Oln.
This institution has taken St high
rank under the able management of
its onergetlc young propiielor. Using
the latest improved machinery, the
best turnout and r.tmplo Is guaran
teed. Sicks are furnished on ap
plication, and a single trial is all
that is itecesaary to make a man a
r. gular patron. All cotton consigned
to Moeiey's g'n is inemed while In
trnneit at.d In tbe g'n. G o I weiphts
and prompt remittance ao features
of this einlilishmeiit, which will bo
appreciated by the plsnter.
ilOlEL AKiaVAlaS.
Tbo Bear eJavoao.
. PaoraiiTiias.
Ratal, 12 50 to H par d.v, aeoordint to leca
tiun of roumi.
A B Clarke, Mo ' J J Storla, Tana
A M Miller, Tenn RDCunnver, Kr
I W T.ady, Tana C II UorTheimer, Ohio
II I) Ii.nrr, Mini J N Fotter. Mifl
MPM-tcalf,Mo y Chew, K Y
J C J Wiliiaim, Tenn J H'.owau, Mini
M'M 8 Cowan, Miai J II Havel, Ala
J W Kailer, Teon L N GrdnerJe,Mich
SMPhelan.NO M Frank, N I
P M Harding, Mill J ti Williams. Mill
1) 8 Kiclci, Mil R Knman. Miai
J N C'olemun, N 0 A llaomn, III
(' Coljier.w.e&n.Miii Mi'a J Catron, Vici
RCNicholi, Kj a H Mcltuvtn. Mill
K J llarrif, Mm T Clark Aw, MiM .
MiaC Trice, in J N Ja-kton, K Y
11 11 Ilarrii. Mls M pointer, Miai
A M Weit, Miai W 1) Sledne, Mis!
M 1) haoki, Ky F A iieni, Tenn
V Kimtirounh, Tenn J K Illajdt!. Tenn
.1 E Dodmao, Tenn E L Muiith, Tenn
L II McFarland, Tenn S J Armi ronir. lnn
J Tbompioo. Teuu C II Trimble, 1'Bnn
I) Ouliuae. Ua MriS51nl, Teno
E Uivie, l'eun J M Uotrner, Mo.
JKPowall, Illnei,
Crnwley, Ilro.inan,
MpMeer, tiiluiiin,
l'hillii-i, hullivan,
liolucuer, Kappol.
4vaaona IIu)rl.
W.H.BINtJHAM Misioia.
iSaropean plan. Enlaraed and returniihed.
Pricei aooordina to liie and loca
tion or rooiui.
A B Roiell.MlM Mini D Pfnrlnor, N Y
II A Cherry, Mill - J C Humphrey, Teno
P Caeaia;, Ml J P Barnard, Ky
L Taylor, Tel. E B Mtrukei, 111
A L Aydelott. f.ArkJ L Dunn. Mini
Miel B ttaree, tin A Norrii, Tenn
J Frieberi, Pa (i Ljnth, Tenn
W O hoblv, kill J MnCerty, Mo
R 1, Baxhei, Tenn J P lUcklen, Ark
It G Meaebam, Mill 11 O M.acbam, Miss
W Quinu, Mill K Turley, Ark
T Traoy, Tvnn II R Field, Tenn
M 8 Jay, Tenn TPolk.Tonn
W L Manhall, Va J 11 McWborien, Miss
II C Kairuian. Ala MOilall.Ark
E I, Hniith, Tonn 11 B Jiibine, Ark
L P Pipkin 0 h Hutue, Tenn
J L Button, Mill L Ktevoni & w, Mils
II llenaenon, Tenn (' F Wnitht, Tenn
J Kinraan, 'lenn J W Odorn A w, Miss
Mini J. liray, Mis A h Lowon-tein, Mies
A VV Ulniter, Tenn J Pforlner A w, N Y
Mini 6 (ioodwin, Ark A K Klusier, Tenn
P Jihnion, Tenn R A Jonci, Mini
K Q Wither!, Mia Min KoJiiiiure, Ark
T Boyd, IV n a J C Wa ker, Tenn
J 11 Bernard, Mill J T Loinmiiiood, Miss
Mrs h Crump, Ark. J M Uibi, Pa
W BMovall.Tenn R L Cluck, Ky
R M Leech, Tenn E W French. Mo
J Brady, Ark C B Clark, M:
R F McCroy, Mill t! W WeCroy, Miss
U T Black, Ark
PeatMMly Hotel.
0. B. GALLOWAY A CO Propriitoss.
Ratal 12 50 and (3 par day, according to
sisa and location of ruom Special
ratal made.
L S Robertson, Tonn J C Seymour, On
W Vf Tracy, Mich T A Konitig, V 0
DBO'Biirtey, Ky J W CradUock, Va
V McKenne Aw, Mill J E Ou brie, La
L Von BletiiDK, Ohio J P Moore Aw, Ark
MIm E MuOomb, Ala Mrs Wisely, Tx
Mi'i Anna Stuart. La T Hartman, Ark
K A tiarriion. Ark II J Boltou. llisi
Win Black. Ark
W T Uoiton, ArK
W Hunter, Toon
A BCarrior, Tenn
R II Lacoy, Tenn
M Sonneheiser, Pa
M P Myers, Midi
T C Case, N Y
E M Hrown, Tenn
b A Pepper, Tenn
T B Yanoey, Tena
T L Foefick, Ala
It Murdock, Mo
M 1 Roberta, Tenn
O II Innerson, Tena
V F Boysen, Mo
J M Smith, Va
J C Forter, Tenn
V b htainback, Tenn
E P bni'lh, Tenn
L Powell, N Y
K Mctiinty, Miti
N Ke sny, Oh o
W J Brown, Va
W H Farlei. Ark
d 11 frlnce, N 1
Miss M Dickinson, Tn K Ezioll, Ky
A T McNeul, Mill
J V Mayhoy, Ky
bbOlivtr, Mips
L K H'risht, Tann
J B Mackoy. Tonn
W LBoyd. Ky
Isaac Joseph. Ohio
V H Flynn. Ky
J P Barnard, Ky
R Bailey, Tonn
EO Clarke, Ky
T Brown, Chicago,
0 N tSwrn, Pa
V Turuer. Ill
C B VanPolt, Tnd
CU Wado, N Y
RRUye. -.o
(1 Swinson, Ind
J D Morrison, 111
u Kunver, Dubuque
5 W Malvin.lil
J W atillor.Orogon
J 8 Moore, Tenn
W Lawrence, Tenn
R bullin, Tenn
Misi Crulit, Ark
F T Young, Ala
C C lUird. N Y
u ma. or, n l
W llunnavon, Ky
W M Pollock, Miss
(i W Ammons, Mo.
W W bviins, Ohio
AChilders Ky
J An n ia. Ill
Mrs Britics, Mo
J Smith, Pa
U W Mnton lll
11 Wulkor, Mo
M E Cos, Ky
F II Uess, Mo
U V Richardson, Ohio
H L Ihn dan, Ind
T J McAllister, NY
J W Kinney. Ill
C M. Swilt, Ind
J W Anderson, Tenn
Joe Ornham, Tenn
J Craig A wile, Ark
J V Boyilen, Ala
J Siuiuio&s, Cil
Wui Johnston, N V
C B Shinlun, Ala
v Joniiings, Ala
0 B Jackson, Ala
nnllj'a Knropean Uotel,
Corner of Adann and Main stroots. Roomi,
60o, 75o and 11 per day : American Plan,
U per day.
First-nlnis Restaurant in ths Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY (1U yean with Peabody Hotel)
JT Crane, Ohio
T M Allt n, Ark
C L Pi ters, Tenn
M A lti xers, Me
M K Colby. Mm
11 Watts, Mo
T M Chorry, Tex
T F Oraham, Ky
W U Fostor, Tex
C L Attoway, Ohio
L Crowe, Tenn
J L Bup.rd, V
R B Huoilo.i, Tonn
R J Land, Ark
J L Phillips, Mo
J J Farria, Ua
A M llarri-, Miss
RLWest. Ky
II II Mason, Ark
11 X Weaver, Miss
E J llnnson, Ala
M S Austin, Mo
C C Heduck, Ky
W Wobb, Tonn
D P Worren, Mii
A M Kiug, Ark
W N Stevenson. Tenn Mrs Lvni h. Ala
A T llnrin, Tenn A E Surnuiyes, Tann
E L William., Ark J Miies. Tex
J F Noil, Ky J C llriokloy, Tenn
B B Comma:, Ark A 4 Martin, Tonn
N W Safloid Aw.TounW R Johasou, Tenn
yW Nye, Misi J 8 Murks Aw, Tenn
Van ilook, Tnn K M Jones, Teuu
R Thomas, Ky 1) L hoa' b, Va
W P Hail, Tonn.
, For Sald The stcamor Freddie
Robinson. For particulars iatjutre of
11. V. Jabine, on be ard eaid boat.
Nbw Oiu.hans, A uiist 31. Night
Departed: City ot Natchez, St. Louis.
Cincinnati, O., August 81. Night
River 7 feet 2 inthf s on tbe-p auge and
about stationary. Weather clear aud
very cool.
'"Uairo, Auguet 31. Night River 10
feet 5 iocbeiyin the gauge and fusing.
Weathor clear and pleasant. No ar
rivals or depnttures.
St. Louis, August 31. Night River
falling, and staijt feet 3 ir.choi on
the gauge. Weather clear and cool.
Arrived: City nf Cairo, Vickhurg.
Departed: D. R. Fuwell, Vicksburg.
Lpcihv: li.b.Kv., Auamt 81. Night
River falling, wilt 4 leet 11 inches in
tho canal aud 2 -!et 0 iochfs on the
fall'. Business dull. We.uher clear
and pleasant. Arrived: Granite 8 1 ate,
Memphis. Departed: John J. Brwn,
llatou lioojte.
Mnirord, Jeweler, 2'Jt Main, so
llclts orders from the eountrj.
All members of P.nson'B Rgiment
(First Misiicsippi Ca-ary) are re
quested to meet at Grenada, Miss,,
September 13. ,iJiSUCKi
J.il. K1M1.
And others.
D. CJanale aV Co.
Tbe general public of the Bouth and
Southwest are well aware that this is
the oldwtand largeat Iruit boure in
the conntiy, without flxoeption. It is
not out of palce to av that this firm
handles the bulk of forvigo and do
met;o fruit told in this market; be
sides, they ca rya full and fresh as
sortment of all k nds of foreign pro
ducts, ard the larks' a sortmont of
Imported wims aud cordials aud the
Urn-si liqtors thBt lonir expeiience can
procure, on which th-y erjoy a large
'nmily trade They feel well rewarded
for tr.o gnai srs euiol fair dealing,
qu'ck sa'es and small punts which
havo characters d tiiis Urm for nearly
a quarter cf a century.
ill Sffl s
HonoKrani ItHiti'ca ftlalfortl.
JAMES C. HELL, President.
aT KfECIAL PKICES t Railroad
aarOnr Fall and Winter Btoek of llOOTl A BID HIIOKA-the largest In thii marks, and one of the arirnt to ba !innd In any market
is now complete, and wa tnvita the Merchant! Tlsitina Memnhia to 011 nA .ran, in th kn,.. Fh. fsnt th&t wn .ell mnrn rhn ,
house here, and perhaps more than any home
fha trad. We itill earry a large lina of
umijiiinw, 1 lyaaies B.ia, uoat ana wall,
any hone. Mlve oi a cell.
James Martin rt al to Mrs. Jennie
A. Fisher' lot 50x145 feet, scnth side
IJndrn street just west of bayou, for
Minter Parker ami wife to Mattio J.
G rard, lots 9 and 10, Parktr'a subdi
vision, f jr $400.
Dr. O. D. Smith, Veterinary Sur
geon, No. 61 Monroe street.
P. M. Stanlbt, funeral director and
emba'mer, 65 Madison street.
8kb card of Qoldbaum Broi., whole
sale dea era in jeans clothing.
OsTR'cn Plumes Cleansed, Colored
and (Juiled at No. 44 North Contt
Mb. Bkcktkl's, No. 72 Madison,
is an excellent bonrding house for
regniar boarders or transients.
For Stamping and Embroidery go to
No. 44 North (Juurt street. Satisfac
tion guaranteed.
Wanted To borrow, $2000 on im
proved city property, for tvto to five
yeHrs. Address J., ttiia office.
Ladies will find tbe finest assort
ment of Stamping: I'a' terns and the
best work at No. 44 North Couitstreet.
G. W. Miller & Oo.,Patent Asbestr s
Fire Proof Koofers. For durability,
eqiMled by nrne, Used on wond, tin,
iron, frit and gravel roofs. No. 55
Madison street.
St. Maby's Parochial School, Mar
ket s reet, will r-open Wednrsday,
Sfpteml.or lsv. Patrons thould be
prompt in having their children re
torn at the o;enh g.
Tub Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tonioand aiiti-re.-iodie known. A. certain
and mra oue tor ohilii. Price ti per bot
tle, fiend st iicu tor ciroulari. Any ref
aronra gixen. AdOrois John 0. Kuoker.
brnohberg, Va.
Tonoalink las had a mo3t excellent
e ffsct in my caw r-f chronic rheuma
t sin. It is without doubt ai efficient
Fort V.lloy, Houston county, Ua.
Studies at St. Agne t Academy -va ill
be reumfd on Monday, the Cth of
e'eptembor. As an inceut ve t3 the
indu;try of the. ptipili, a handsome
gold watjh t icent'd bv Mr. Titylorai
the "Maggie Eufli Mfmo'ial Pre
mium" wdt be awarded to the young
l.dy boarder vh , havirgatiaited her
fourt'enili yar, l at excelled in all
Eclicol duties and rcquirtmeiitt.
Dr. E. E. Francis has removed his
office to No. 27UJ Main, over Floyd's.
Order "Mullrl 91hIo !IIlnl.
Between & Betwixt
Too Early for the FallToo
Late for Summer.
Hints Kow to Save Money.
ar It li between loasons In tha clothing
trade. Tha demand tor summer goods is
now over, and "luyers are not yet thinking
of fall goods.
The Mis&t Clothing Parlon, 2G2 Beoond
street, do not believe in dull seasons, floods
oan always ba sold, provided price! ara
placed low enough. The way to do buiinen
li to do It. If trade Is dull lorca it. That's
ahatne now propose doing. Of coarse wa
still have goods on hand which wa do so
eara to earry over. Now wa propose to sell
I' these goodi. How? Why, by lolling them
much lower than they cost ui.
Medium-Weight Buits-JuBt tha Things
for Fall Wear.
Light-Weiuht Suits Below Cost.
Fina Medium-Wiitht PanU carried from
the Spring.
Heavy-Waight Pants-for TVintar Wear
at Half Winter Prioei.
A General Clearing Sale.
Wa Intend to sell all our present stock be
fore our Fall Ooods arrive. Now Is tha
ehanoa to secure great targaini. It will pay
yon to stock np now with the Suits and Pants
yoa may not need until tha fall. Fall will
soon ba here, and what you oaa lavs now
will be a lucky investment.
Nl'Etiai. NtiTH'E-Oddl and Endiof
Suit, aad Odd Coats and Vaiti, at remarka
bly low prioei.
Misilt Clothing Parlors,
262 second Street,
t'eni t Moaara M emiftlllS.
Open Evening! nntll 7( ajntar.
. . , .
All altoratlom to iniura a parfaot lit,
fra cf chsree
Deviled abi, nhrlna t,
(salmon, I'rrsn ri Haekerel,
Rardliiea, I.obalfra,
It rook Trout, Oyaters,
Mnrkerel In Tomato Cataap,
Nsl (stalTrd I'iclilew,
Monr rlcklea hy the cl. and ! Jars,
Pickled Onlone, Hot Rellnh,
Wonater Bancs', Tomnto t ataop,
('ssper, Jlwatsinl, Curry Powder,
Rwlad Drrsalnc, OIItch, Olive Oil,
t'rrniu Clseeae, t'clcry Stance,
t'tletjr Salt, 'o , Ere.
J. r. BUCKHAM is CO.
E. F.
ant lereo Contractors for Wagon, Scraper aud Cart Harness.
snn'h ot the Ohio river, I. luSnieit evidence
VVHTOM - HAOE tHiOltH. innluding tha oa'ebraud (leo. Hooker Calf Boot!, Kriprendor).
Desidel a larre variety of other makes. Our
Have at.talnsd, has Induced unprincipled msnnfacturers to place on the market I baia
imitation. We hersbv caution ihe imblic that .11 Uenaine Cinarroi will bear BtU teal
on esch box. and our Factory Aumber, -J, 3l IHKlrlct, S. Y.
The only all long Havana filler cigar on the market lor a cents.
GrX. 3F. IjIES cto CO.,
Factory 200, d lisrit t, JV. Y.
MOON & JOYKER, Wholesale Agents,
MASON k Hill mm
arTERMS Cash, or eosy Monthly Installments. Writa (or Illustrated Catalogue.-
No, BOO 3Vt.ln tat., TVEexxitPlilsst. Teuu.
o. 1C1 VBlonMlrent, MaalivlIlP. I Ko. 1100 Olive Ktreet, ua. Ixuslf
jl'ST Kti:iviJf asn ix s tore,
1 OOO lings A'otr ( roi (Soiiwon lssft), If io C'ofl'ec.
8,000 Uvkh Iron nuI Kfcel AkIIs btst brands).
1,000 barrclt Kofined Sustir-ull pradoN.
lOO biirryUt'w ror (-eason lss), l(Icc.
1,500 pkftM. iat mid lCcflnl Lard.
ISO if?r'os 4 anrawsod vtaniH.
lOO boxes IlrcftkfNt llaooii.
1,000 Iiujjh filtoi, l'owdor anrl Caps.
laMMIO lxt's Cantu'd lood.s, Nardlnvi?, Of stern, F(c.
l.tMlO rxs. pure Sew Cream C:hewi Miver maou ISrand.
1,000 baghad-picked Virgluiaand TeuuesMee Peanuts.
lrSannfaeturern of tiie ot-Iebrated brands of NIL
VER MOO. ntul flli-.Slt-m lire Httck Candy, and Raking
Iniportertt or Foreign Fruits, Lemons. Oranges?,
Raisins, Tints, JKte.
Nos. 284 and 28f Main Street, : Memphis. Trim.
R. 0. CRAIO, President.
-i.w -ia- : .i,
t0TIiii Company U extendlnR Hat trade t several States of
our liilo and Miilpplnx Hone Meal to Kiirope. Its Fertili
zers bar proved a KueeeiM. It Is backed by eoiueof ihe bet
men of our city. I hey havo large new works aud improved
niarhtwcrv. .
272 Front Rtrcet, JIcipliin, Tenn.
Speer's Cotton Gin
lluliug from Mnlberry to St. Martin StrcctSa
IS" Insurance and Sacks free.
HaS-The Largest and only Complete Gin inte city,
Iffi-Best Vield. Best Sample
Goldbaniii Bros-
Dlannfaetnrera nnd Ifholesstfe Dealcs in
No. 344 Main Street Memphis, l enn..
METEIt, ff ec'y and Xreaa.
r a. joxr.s.
that oar goos and prices ara satisfactory ta-
Hasten maie coods csnnot ie surpassed
A. K. WARD, Soc'y and Tress.
- ---

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