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"T flT T7l
1L iLLLJlld
a n
FIftj to One Hundred tires Lost ftuil
Thousands of People Uendercd
Ilomel &-:
$5,000,000 TO $10,000,001).
Almost Every House ia the City Dam
aged Beyond Repair Scenes
, Daring One
All Railroads Deslrojed, aud the CItj
Practically Isolated From the
Outbide World.
Charleston, P. C, September 1, 11
a.m. An earthquake, such aa his
never befora been knowa iq tha his
tory of thia city, swept over Charles
ton lei-t n'ght shortly after 10 o'clock,
causing more lcs3 and injury to prop
erty and far more loss of life than the
cyclone of a year before. The city ia
wrecked, the streets are encumbered
nith mseses of fa'lan bricks and tan
gled telegraph and telephone wires,
and np to an early hour it wis alracst
impassible to pass fiomone part of
the city to another. The first sbeck
was by far tho most revere. Meat of
the people with their famries pva d
the night ia the streets, which even
this morning Are cro wed with people
afraid to re-enter their houses. More
than eixty persons were tilled and
wounded, cbi fly enloied. Amonirthe
whitts killed and fatally injured are
II. J. Lynch, Dr. B. Alexander Ham
mond aud Airjsley Robinson. Fires
broke out in different parts of the c ty
immediately after the earthquake, and
some are still burning, bat no danger
of spreading. There is no way of leav
ing the city a, present.
Another Account.
CHABLBiTon, 8. C, Septembfrl.
There was a terrible earthqnalte lest
night at 0:50 o'clock. The principal
bueinees paitioa of the ci'y was
fctroyed, and hundrads of persons
were rendered homolesa. M?n were
fraalio, women wee bi seeching
mercy from the A'tnieh'y, and chi -dren
were in tean. The main tt-ttion
house, the Oity Hall, Hibernian Hail,
and many othar well kuown puril c
building;, including 85." Mi'chast'
church, were irreparably daung d
Many pe pie were sriomly, if n it
fatally, iujured. Broad streol pre
sented a spectaclo of the ntm if t
horror. Even women, armed wi h
hatcheiB, fought viliantly to rts;ue
the imprisoned nn'ortuaatrs. Mee -ing
street, from B ond to Hazel, ii a
wrick, and is lin.d with unfortunates.
To aid to the hirror of the scene,
many fires brofce out, nd wore In
effectually fought by the Fire Ddpart
meut. Tue night was hideous with'
the groanB of ths dying, the screams
of the wounded, and the prayers of
the uninjured. It is impossible to
estimate the losses of persons or prop
erty at present. Up to 10 o'clcck
a.m. today there had be.n ten dis
tinct shocks.
Still Another Wave.
Charleston, 8. C, September 11
p.m. At 8.25 o'clock a.m. precisely
this morning another wave tvuvi over
the city, comiaf, as the other did, from
the aouihea-.t, and goiog in-a north
westerly direction. By that tiina tbe
people who hsd b:en out on the pub
lic parks and open places all ninht bad
ventured into the'r houaos t) get
clothing and eoinetUing to ett. The
approach of tha qmke was herald-id
by the nsjal rumbling eound reie.n
bling distant thunder. Then it grad
ua'ly approached the eartii, quiverei
and heaved, a:id in threi setonlu it
hai piESP.d, the eound dying out in
the distance. T.i'h is the only nave
felt siuee2:30 o'clock ill's in iriti ig. It
was not des'rnc'ivt1, ail the destruc
tion having bean lixio at 9:55 o'clock
last n'ght. Tho city ia a comph'tj
wreck. St. Michael'o.Chu ch and S .
Philip's Church, two of the mo3t h a
torio churches In the city, era in roins,
aa is also' the H hernial Hal). The
Police Station and many othar public
buildings, ani fully two-thirds of the
residences ii tha city, aro uninhabit
able wrecked ei her tctilly or par
tially. It is impossible at this tUns to give
a correct es'.imats of the ciaaal'.ies. It
ia expected that between fifty aud a
hunorjd peraons have been killed and
feverai hundred wounded. At the
time of the first shock fires broke out
in five diflerent parts of the city.
About twenty housei were destroyed
.by fire. Scarcely a hundred houses In
the city are occupied at this time. Tbe
people ara all encamped in the open
p'acea. All tha a'lOrea .are closed and
scarcity of provisions is feared, not
from want of provisions, but because
no one can be got to reach the stores
to sell them.
The city is wrapped in g'oom and
business suspended. People generally
remain in tha street", in tents, and
nnder improvised thaltera and will
camp out tonight, faaring another
hock. The gis worka are injured,
and probably the city will be without
light tonight. St. Michaal'a Church
ia shattered and ths stefple wi'.l come
down, likewise tha steepla of St. Phil
lip's. The steeple of tha Unitarian
Church has 'fallen. The porticos of
Hibernian Hitll and the main station
- house are demolished. There is much
injury to mansions on the Etst aud
and South Baltary. Tre portico of
the Ra venal m melon ia down.
Hardly a hr.u-o i'i the tity escaped
injury, and many ere to thaken and
cracked tLat a hatd.b ow aould biing
them to t'ae ground. The (-bock was
oevera at Suuimervilt and M . Pleas
ant and Sullivan's idund, bnt no los
of life is reported (tore. Fissures in
the earth are noticed, from which a
fine aand, apparei.t'y Loot a are t
depth, exudes. ) Af ulpliurous smell ia
vt ry noticeably Tires or four Area
started in as mary's?ctioie wi'h the
first shock and the City was illuminated
with flames, thus lending all to KhVve
what waa left by the earthquake would
bedevonnd by fire. However, tbe
fire department was so well divided
and bandied that ths fires were nnder
control by daylight. From fifteen to
thirty residence and stores were con
sumed. The loss by fire and earth
quake cannot be accurately estimated
but can be placed uafrly at $5,000,000
' As far as could be aecertatoed during
the n ght fifteen or twenty were killed
and a much greater number woundtd
in all sorts of wys. The loss of hu
man life will be large and it will take
days to get at the accurate number.
Shocks tqiklly ai severe were felt at a
distance of thirty-Uva miles, and have
done Inestimable damage to railroad
and telegraph property. Charleston
is now entirely iaolated from tho out
side world.
Two alight shoika of earthquake
have been felt here since, the first at
8:25 this more irg aod one at about
1:30 p. m., neither doing any further
destruction. Not even duriog Gen.
Gilmore's bombardmsnt of the city
has there ever been such a deplorable
ctate of affairs here. The city is liter
ally in ruins, and the pe ple are living
ia the open cquareB and public parks.
Tiers ia a great luih to the
railroad depots ti get away, but
owing to the eaitbqnakss no trains
have been able to be ctisi atched from
thecit. Telegraphic communication
ia a'so cut off, sve one wire of tha
Southern Telegraph Company, which
is crowded with anx oua private mes
t ag?s. It ia impoaiihla to depict tbe
ru n and desolation that prevail here.
Not a single p'aue of bueiutss in the
city is rpeu, save one drug (tore,
which ia busy prep.r ng prescripiions
for tho wounded. It ia impossible also
to give any correct tstimate of the
kill d and wounded, as bodies are con
stantly bting disinterred fioai the de
bris of wrecked he usee, pne undertaker
who waa interviewed, stated that he
bad famished eigot eofiibs up to rooo
today. Many ot the drtad are lyii-g
nnbuiied, those being of tha po irer
c'assra of colored people who await
burial by the contty. There ae not
a half dozen tents ia the city and tbe
women and children areexpereECing
great privat.ons in ccinsequcc9.
moct heads of families are trying to
construct tenta out of bed sheet", epa-e
awuin.s and any ether material th.t
comes in their hands. The sun U
about to tet upon anothrr r Uit ol
horror .or pior Cha'Uston ; heaven
onlv k'.ows what it may brine foitii.
Wi'houl an" violent stiocli i f erth
quak'i jt :s calculated that at lees:
three onrthi of the city will hve to
be rebuilt en'iiely if the houees are
to be inhabited.
The Lateat Detail..
Chaele9Ton, 8. C. fceptfmber 1
The compt:itors of the News and Cou
rier decline to wok toaiht expecting
fresh shocks Of earthquake, and tha
paper cannot, therefore iMsue tomor
row. The following a'tic e we pre
pared for publication iu the News and
Courier, and ia telegraphed almost in
the writer's own words:.
. Nocer'.arily tha only deecription
that can be given of the disaster
which has befal en oor city consul ts
in the narration of t'ie experiences and
observations of au individual, and tha
subject being tha rams at-d the ex
piriences of all buing neaily alike,
the aiory by one careful t bs-nvr mi-y
well stand for a buudied etnerp,
wita slight variations. Probub y the
lie. t idea that . can be had of
tho chaiactar of the (Lsturbaues,
lhre orp, may bo obtained frjni a nnr
rntion of the evnts and steins of
Tueidsy night ps thy were pro
senU d to a f-iotile pereon. While en
gaged in his nsusl duMcs in thn -cond
i-tory room of ths New and Cnuri'r
offlce at the time of the first etioi k, the
writei'a attention ws vaguely a trai t
ed by a sound which sienicd to come
from the ofhoe bel iw and which ws
supposed for a moment to bj caused
by the rapid rolling of a heavy I ody,
88 aa iron safe or a heavily laden truck,
over the tijor. Accent pauymg the
sound was a percp idle tremor of the
building, not more marked, howevep,
tt.au would be cauted by the passage
of a street car or dray along tha ttreet.
For perhaps two or three seconds the
occurrence excited no sorpriee or
comment. Then by swift duro."1, or
perhaps all at once, it is difficult to
say which, the eound deepened , in
volume, the tremor became more 'de
cided, the ear caught tbe ratt e of
window rashes, gas fixtures and other
looe objects. The men in rflices,
with, perhaps, a simultaneous flam of
recollections of the disturbance of tbe
Friday before, glanced hurriedlvat
each other and sprang to their feet
with startled quett'ons and answers
"WhaVs that?'' "Earthquake?" and
then all waa
Then the long roll deepened and
spread until an awfurl roar, that
Beamed to pervade at once the troub
led earth and the still air above and
around. The tremer was now a rude,
rapid quiver that agitated the whole
lofty, strong walled building aa though
it were bsirgehakon by the band of
an immeasurable powr with in'ent
to tear its joint asuneler and ecitUr
i s etones and briuks abroad es a tree
ras's its over ripened fruit btora tha
breath of tbe gale. Thera was no in
termission in the vibra'ioi cf the
mighty subterranean engine. From the
first to the last it wasaonrinuoue jr,
oily adding force at every moment,
and as it approached and reached the
climax of its ma oifei t it ions it teemed
for a few terrible seconds that no work
ol human hands could survive the
atieHks. Ttie floors were heaving
undr fr.ot, the surrounding wails and
petitions swaying to and fro, the
crash of la.l'ng ma w of stone and
br ck aud morur was heard overhead,
and without the terrible rojr filled
the para and s emed to till tbe mind
and heart, d zing perception, bewilder
ing thougbt, and lor a lew pant
ing, breatia, or while you held
yonrbreaih in dreadfal at cipsti n
of im mil tote cruel death, you fcol
thtit life was already past anil wuitd
for the end aa the victim with bis
bead 01 the block awaiia the fail of
the np ifted ax. It is not g:ven to any
man to look iutotue face of the de
stroyer and yet live, but it is littlo to
say th-ttthgnupof strongmen who
shared the experience above faintly
described will ca ry with them the
reco lu tinn of tl-at supreme moment
to their dying day.
A sudden rush waa simultaueoosly
made to endeavor to attain the open
air and flee to a place of eaffty, hut
before the door was reached all reeled
together to the tottering wall and
topp-d, fe-Lnif that hope was vain;
that it was only a qucsti in of d a h
within tha building or without; to be
bu i d by the sinking roof or cru-ibed
by the tcppling walls. The upMar
slowly died away ia seeming distance.
The earth was ttill.snd nh! the bleracd
rrel ef of tht stillnes. H it how rude
ly the silence was broken! As we
dashed down the stairway and out
into ths street, already on every side
arose the eureka, the cries of p in
and fear, the prayers and wail
inira of terrified women and children,
commingled with the hoarse shouts
of tz . ited men out in the street. The
air was fi led to the higbt ot the
houses with a whitish cloud of dry,
stifling dust f om the lime and mortar
and shattered ma onry wbijb, falling
upon the pavement and stone road
way, had been reduced to - dust.
Thtoogh this clond, densaas fog, tbe
gihlight flickered dimly, to that you
s umbled at every step on the pile s of
brick or became entangled in the lines
of telegraph wires tht depended in
every d rection fiom their broken sop
poita. On every aide were huriyin
forms of men and women baroheaded,
partially dressed, some almost nude,
and many of whom were
Here woman is supported, hall
fainting, in tha arms of her husband,
who vainly tries to soothe her while
he carries bur into the opon space at
the 8'reet corner, where present stfe'y
seems assured; there a woman lies on
the pavement with upturned face and
ootrtretcbei limbs, and the crowd
passes ber by for the time, not pa is
in to see whether she he alive or
ded. A sudden light fia-ea tr r.uh
a window overlooking ihs street; it
becomes momentarily brighter, aud
tbe cry of fire resounds from thn mul
titude; a rush is made toward
the spot; a nian is seen
doubled np and helpless against
the - wal1, bat at this moment
somewhere out at sea, overhead, deep
In triergTuund 1 heard' gv.n 1L low,
otuiuousroil which is aheady tco well
known to be mietaken. It giows
louder and nearer like the growl o a
wild bast swiftly app'oachipg his
piey, a.d forgotten aMiu in the
In nz.td with for the open srae
where alone there is hope of seer ty,
fiit though it be. Trie ta 1 bui dinus
m liohirhand b'ot rut tho skieiand
tiie htara are eeeu to overnaog every
fnot ot wround betw"a t!.em. 'Iheir
etiutti red corijioi 8 nd ':opil gs,tlm t ps
of their frowning walls seemed p ie 1
from both 8 des to tbe center of t:ie
street. It seems that a touch would
now eenu tha ehat ored masses left
Maading down upon the people below
who look upon the-ni and stiri-.ik t
gether as t'ae tremor of the earthquake
agitin passes nnder them and the mys
terious reverberations swell aDd rjll
alorg like some infernal Cram be at
and it pes -a away, aod attain is ex
perienced the blessed fee;irg of de
liverance frcm impending calamity,
which, it may well be believed,
evokes a mute but earnest ofle'ing oi
mingled prayer and thanksgiving fmm
eyry heart in the throng. Again,
far along tbe street, and up fi om the
alleyways tint lead into it on either
side, is hesid that chorus of wailing
and Ismentation which, tuough it hod
dot ceast d, waa scarcely noticed a mo
ment before. It is a dreadful sound,
the sound of holples, horror ttr cken
humanity, old and young, I ho et ong
and the feeble alike where all re so
fueb'e, calling for help from their fel
low creatures, aud their voices in pe
t tiun to heaven for mercy, where no
human aid ccuid avail. It is not a
scene to be oe.cribed by any nir rtal
long ;e cr pen. It iuot a scone to be
fornoiten, when onco it has been wit
nessed, and when the witless has
altered all its (larger nnd feeis all it)
occumd at 9:53 o'clock and was in
dicated this motning by the public
clocks, the hands on all of which, bad
stoi psd at that fateful hour, as though
to uia-k the end of time for so many
who had heard ths trec diDg hour
pea'ed forth by St. Michan's chime1,
without a thougt.t but of long and
hsppy life. The second shock, woich
waa but a faint and criep echo of the
Bret, was felt eight minutes later. As
it passed away tho writer started
homeward to find the tceces enuct'd
on Broad street around ths jYt'tea and
Courier office repeated at every step of
the way. St, Michael's B'eeple towered
high, aid while above the gloom,
reemingly uninjured. Tbe ISta'ion
House, a massive brick bnilding,
across th street hnd apparently 1 stita
rof, which lal fallen around it. A
little fur her on the reyif of the portico
of the Hibernian Hall, handsome
building in tbe Grecian Byle, had
Clashed to ths ground, carrying down
part of tbe massive granite pi 'a a with
it. All the way np Meeiiug e'rset,
which in respect of its general dirsc
tion and impoitanca may be called tbe
Broadway of Charleston, the roadway
was piled with debris from the tops of
the walls. Ia passing tbe Charleston
Hotel, wh'ch to carry out the compari
eion above indicated ocenpiea tbe
position of Stewart's uptown
Btore in New Yoik, tbe tbird
shock was felt about ten minutes
after the second, and of course caused
the greatest alarm in tbat neighbor
hood and elsewhere. At Mirion
Squire (corresponding with Union
Square, New York,) a great crowd had
pmlerted. as even the edires of the
wide spaces embraced in it couid not
hi reached bv tha nearest huildiuti in
the event of their fad. From this
crowd, composed of men, women aid
children of both races, arose incessant
while oer tha motley, helf dressed
throng was shed the lurid light of the
co' fl 'gradon whxh bad bioken ont
just beyend the eqnare imnwlL.trly
a'ter the first shock, and l ad now
wholly envelcpsd several buildings io
three O'.htT quarters of the towo. At
the sune lime similxr Isre ti es were
ob.erved under full head wry, and the
awful signal :ance of the earthquake
ms be fuhy appreciated wlen it ib
sad with the ia treipeiidous tires blaa
inii up all at once around them and
threatening thee ty withtotal de true
tion, the people whom yru mot oo the
el ects ot faw gtl ered togptru-r in
groopsin tbrt ope-u places ev d-.-ut y
did not give them a thoi'glit. No one
wa died tbe tuddy fla.utsor the pihar
of clouds tieiug high into tha s i 1
iiightair. All were 'n'ent on betjf.
it g with straiued sena a for the dread
ed recurrence of ihht hoir ble giowlcr
gron of the power under Hie sa
and under the Lnd to give a thought
t the new terror, thongh it had
threatened his owa Lome and many
homes in the doomed city. The
crowds ponrrd from every direction to
tbe eqnare ju t des.ribed, as though it
had been indeed a charmed circle
and life dopeudod on pawing within
its grasey bounds. Streetcais.cairiageB,
and otner vehicles were ringed in
lines on the etraeta turround ng the
eqnare, while hoises eto id aa though
sn lllag the ground in anxious inquiry.
The colored people ever where were
loud and increas ng in their declama
tions of alarm, in trie singh g of
hymns and in fervent appeals fir
Goi'a mercy, in which appeals God
knows many a proud hear, who heard
th ir ont'rya iu the niht and in tho
htur t f ber wondious might devontly
anr humbly and s merely join.
Danger brinKS all of os to the level t.f
the lowliest. There were no dis'.inc
ions of pUce or power, pride or caste
in the assembleg) that were gathered
together in CuarleEton on Tuesday
night. It was
to look back upon. It is a good one
to remember for white end b aek alike.
Here were Instances of ULSulliih devo
tion, of kind and lovirg regard be
tween master and servant, mistress
and maid in the presence of a common
ill and of threatened ruin that showed
aa nothing ebecculd thow how strong
Is tbe tie that binds of our white peo
ple and our black people together, and
thia lesson of tbe dread vieitor wo may
hope, too, will nevor be forg.tten.
Arrived at bis home the wr tsr found
tbe same scenes of destruction and
wreck which marked nearly every
home in the city. All the hons-s
in the neighborhood had sutTored se
riously, and streets, yard's and gardens
were filled with the fallen chimneys
and fraginnnia of ' wa Is, while ti o
walla that were left fetanding were
rent Rsuuder in many cases from top
to bottom, and wefebidly Bba terediu
every in-tancs. Women and childr-n,
routed 1'iom sleep or intemiuto I in
their eveninjt pursu'ta by tho eound o'
tha rnia being eflected about and
around- them, rnshed out into the
streets, and hu-ldled t g thsr awii'ir.g
the end, whatever it might be. In
valids were brought out on ma treses,
and deposit d in tho roadway. Mo
thought waa given 1 1 tr a urcs lelt
behind la tbu etlo.'tlii eav.i tha pecu
liar treasnro of life ir.--el', sul-d-nly
b coma so pr. cions in
ths eyes of all, the inval d
women and r bust mm ulke. U; til
long after midnight ths ttreats wo'o
filled with lugniv.8 ia sitiht ofttieir'
h iuub. Thrcuh the lorg hours that
followed few were the e y.-s, even of
ciiildhoo I, tbat were tlostd in Bleep.
Charleeton is full if ihoio who
watched for the m rn'ng, and never
in any oity in any lar d did first gray
shades that mark the npproico of
dawn appear so baudfiil and eo wel
come to eyes as they apiearcd to the
tlicu ands of people who hailed them
this morning from the midst of the
cmrjtlers wrecked hons-o in our
thrice scourged but still patient, sti l
brave, still hopeful, etill beau'if al city
by ths Bta.
are lunDiug about iu the open air tor
riby agitated. There are ihree or four
B'esmers in port, including the buoy
tenders, and many of the inhabitants
b o crotided with berths en these
boats. Fortunately the weather hai
beea good, and the hardshii a are not
as tevere as they might have bu,
the fl:tU8tion Is. hoever, beioming
terrible. Cut off from conirr-unlcation
with the rest of the world, i Hin ted
ni.d bauntsd with the prospect of im
mediate death ttiat is alio ,t the con-
di'ioa of this community. No trains
have tl ) a ted er arrived here In
twenty-four hours. It is said ttiat all
the railroads leading into the city are
crippled. The etatemet.t i mtde tbat
all the railaay tracks ars twitted into
the sliape o! ent'iot.
The eflec s of the eartl (imiks enn be
jndgod by iheexperience' f C-pt. Dtt
son, of ttie Newiand Courier, who hvea
in a uiatwvp t r ck io ldcnce in Hall
street leur Ru;l. ge street, (apt Dtvs
sou was in his ro in on tho wc'ind
etorywlicn tbe fliB'. shock ccruired.
The housf feemed literally to Mini on
i'saxs. The fir t shock was fodowed
by a tecond and third, less severe than
the fiiit. The air wai filled kh crioa
and shrieks of women and children.
From every side r.f tht quiet neigh
bchnod came the cry, "Clod, help
ns!" "God, save usl" ' Oh, my God 1"
It was woibs than tha wont uginy of
war. When the first agony was over
it was f Mind that the ceiling of every
room in the house was ciacked, the
big cittern was broken epsrt, the
huge tank in the attic was pouring
its flood of water into tbe bedrooms.
In tha parlors the statues had been,
wrenched from their bases and
thrown to the floor. In the hall the
massive lamp hai actually been
turned around. In front of the house
waa a large porch, with heavy p, liars
and solid ma-b!e steps. All this was
swept away as though it had been
shaved off withar.i.r. And wbat
was Capt. Dawson's experience was
tbat of hundreds of others ta Charles
ton. There were, in all, five shocks,
diminishing in violence from the
The sidewalks In tbe streets wert
lined with mothers, wives and daugh
ters, with their -protectors, awaiting
in anxious expectatioa still another
agony. The air was thick with horrid
rumors, and the livid glart'of tbe fire
but heightened tbe general ruin.
Among the casualties are tbe follow
ing: Mrs. Williams jumpd from the
second atorv of her reeidenca at the
corner of Wentworth aad Meeting
B'reets. iriurine her soine badl v : Mrs.
E Galiot, colored, waa struck by a
b'itk, oppotbethe Pavilion Hotel, and
ber tipad was badly iniuied; ber
daughter ws alio badly hurt in the
ssrue was; Mrs. Robert Martin, wife
of the "hos merchant rn Market street
rear K'nv, tm radlv liT': M. J
jt'omilDaed on rvnnh I'ane.J
1 I II I
ents' Fnrnisliiiisr
229 - 231
Preparatory to buildlne a New Nforplionso npott our lotou tho corner ot Main and Jefferson Stft.
w liave moved onr WH0LHSA1.K Ktoek to tho spacious wareliouses horetolore known as the
Clay iSuildiiiR, 221, 231 and 2:W Main street, w here we will contintio our WIIOLKSALK bnsliiesfi
until tho new houe i-i completed. We have now more space and better lacillties tor doing bnsi
nessthanwe had in tho od store, and can assure our patrons and the trade generally that we
are in a belter position to serve theni than ever. ... , .
Our stocks aro much larger than any wo bavo ever bad, ana nearly all pnrchased before the
lale advances were made in prices an advantage that we bavo determined to at least share witb,
our customers. Keincmber, wo guarantee the price ot every article we sell to ho at low as it
can be bought in tho United States.
After a thorough trial i f I orgnline,
I add my testimony to it' area' fhey
aa a remedy in rheumatism an I neu
ralg'a, and can heaitily recmimend it
in the abov diseases.
A. II. MOSP, M D.. I.ako Charlaa, La.
The ft rat New Haln nt Jaefeaou,
J! Ian.
laranut, to th ppi..
Jackion, Mies., K. p cmb-'r 1. The
fietbtleot liewco't n of this Hia on
whs so d here today by J. A. Siithn
laod, of Hinds, -to A. Virdoa for 9
A woBt) to the wis". If jmi nri
troubled ait h cough or cold prrcmn
Dr. Bull's Ojugh Kyruo at etico. It.
uao may nave yoa from bavi re s'es
ne i".
Fti W IK BS-l.OMB A It U-A t tb Lom hard
FUoa. Boliraroounty, Mialntl'pin Tea
ixy, Auguat 31, b lha Kav. Oeomo
ratternon, 1) D., Raitor of Orima C'hnrcb,
JapTUA M.Fowi.ata. of Mamplm, and Ansib
Goi.ky l.MHAn, of Miir!'l.
HTEWART On Thumday. 8oitinnler a.
1S6, at tha renldenoeot her narenta. Nn HI
Mulborry .Irnet, at 12:15 a ro.. Suhis Mat.
dmit.-htor of Jamea A. aou xioieo oiownri,
aaad 11 months.
Funeral from the reildonoa this (TUIIU3
TIAVl iftarnoon al 3 o'olook. Frlendl und
arqnnintflnfti aro tnTlred to nttooit.
Onnnliig nnel Troll I np; Clnl.
TUKKB willba a oatlod meeting or tun
Club hold at my office KK1UAV , Kept.
8d, At 4 o'olook p.m. All momoeri arn r-
QUODtefl 10 Da prOni. imprrll, iiuniiiaaa.
IHAVEiold v y ontira tntereat In tho druir
atora, oi.rner Hernando and Vanoe, tu
M.tEnuuilerB. lie will collect all outrtana
Ingolaiun. tlabilitlei none, ,
Leipzig Conservatory,
on the (lrt of Beptembnr. Voice Training
und Vosaliiatlon a iieo'.alt! .
Apply t K. Wimnann tt Co. 'a, fc'econd
trou',or(). K. Honnlc, Mnin atroet.
ISIAULlSlltl) 1872.
Fashionable Footwear!
Have adilnl llile uaaon a I nil
Hue or t beaitvr Wrailvaof
Jobbing and Supply Trade.
Mikado and
Wigwam Shoes.
arOataloaaea nailed free to anyaddrcn
on appltcat'oa to
300 MAIN ST.
rbyslclau, Sorgpon and Accoocher,
S13 Malu Ntreet, Jlear Union.
Telephon No. 83.
12.1 IV
OKTICE Boom 1 (new) Cotton Exchange Itnlldlng. Telephone,
akmkth. Aaarri
Harth Rrltlen and Hr Fqnllahla of Waahvilla ...t lOT.oan
I'aoftla tnearly) H 0(10 OOO KnnTlll of Huallla. laaoo
Wmlimealornf Bw Terk l,MJ,A I'lioamx or llrwokt; n (Ma-
Vuloai of Ulioriliv. .......... I,l4n,tt4 rine Department) 4,1,M
Anacrleaa Surely Company, Making Boada of Barrtyahlp.
All oImioI of property lniurad. - Ui'.otal Attention itrao to Inturlai Country Stare.
ew York Life insurance Go.
ASSETS $66,800,000.
loot Iciowan & Co.
Wholesale Grocers and Cotton Factor i
Ami llenlorM In LcvochihI Kallioad Siillcs
No. Front Street Memphis. Tennessee.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000,
I. IU GOOff Ot Prest. J. M. HOODtUK, Vlee-Pres't. C. U. EAINE, Caikltc,
' 0
Board of Dlreotorah
W. 8. BBUCB,
J. M. N ft 1. HON,
. m. HMrrn.
11 a
MT-A ttopoaimry of the Rtata ol TanaivaaM. Traaaaota a Meatrnl
Hid.u au4 alvaa NMilal Atfeatloa lo KlleUm.-eo
-QY MUTUAL CONSENT, the Arm of Aluton,
rtt A L CONSENT, the firm of Alaton, Wowell uo. ia tnjj nay iiiaeniTaii. r.. " .
ell retiring. The romli'inr pArinern. P. S Aliton and 11. II. Maury, will ooa
hn.li hk at tho old a and, corner Frout and Uuion ilreeta, aurnjna all Mnibilinea
ting all outataudina aoouunta. , H H tlS'ON
JJ t'roarell
tintie the hn
und collentin
, vi. t... n.ni.mi,.. i. man
BiarOn rntirina ' aiovo, I beapenk for my
am. liAintnfiira extendou 1110 Old llrin.
IT ,1?0TT
linn a mi
ry Goods, notions,
Nos. 826 and 328 Main St., Mempbls.Tonn.
ar-ora jTrK or rai l. aii wihiter ooona ia i.ARora Attn moil
COMPLKTK THAN Ift UttK, and our pricea will compare with tboie cf any boat
la the United tttalae. We are Afenta for
TmaeaiM Mannractarlag t'o.'a TlaMa, Drllla, MhreMng, Shlrtlaj, Etc,
1 xjUmmon' j ow.Xjisi.
CPotttonai IPajrOtoira
And Commission Merchanta.
'Non. 34 and 8Q Maillaon tltrfet. gfemphli
TWaHHrW T? "rjlT" ir.'' It
El9 iH ft ial I JlIfc--
rate! to the W io re n Iry It. Sp -
lending out oi Muap!ll.
T.'B.ABlMk W. P-. tllNAAH
11. n. urr Fin,
i A IM .
Meatrni autaaaf
Crowoll Co. In thlj AY jllaolail. K. W.
luoomori a oonllnuatlun of the I ,"r.'.,, ,i,"ilr,0E"
1J- " viwi.u.,
ll '
0.,r-r tl d.liv.".d in the eity ftt T.rr lf
lal Kae tu all Molina on alirol

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